Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 30, 1887, Page 10, Image 10

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Advertisements tinder thin head , 10 cents per
ltM for the first Insertion , 7 cents for each mib-
Mqnent Insertion , and llJiO a line per month.
Vo advertisement taken for less than 23 rnnts
for the first Insertion. 8 ven words will be
counted to the line ; they must run consecu
tively and must be paid In advance. All ad-
srertlmnents must IMS Imnded In before 1 : :
o'clock p. m. , and under no circumstances will
they be taken or discontinued by telephone. .
Parties advertising In these columns and hav
ing the answers addressed In euro of the lice ,
will jilcase ask for n check to ennble them to
get their letters , ns nonn will be delivered ex
cept on presentation of check. All aaswers to
advertisements should be enclosed In envelopes.
AH advertlcements In these columns nro pub-
wthed In both morning and evening editions of
the lice , the circulation of which aggregates
more than 14.000 papers dally , nnd gives the ad-
rertlsers the benefit , not only of the city circu
lation of the Hoc. but also of Council IllulTs ,
Lincoln and other cities and towns throughout
this part of the w eat.
I TtflDLAND Guarantee and Trust Co. . ISflfi
jjlL Farnam street Complete abstracts fur
f < nished , and titles to real estate examined , per
fected and guaranteed. 210
"E11NK business chance oi > cn in Colorado for s
A1 light manufacturing buMnoss ; largo profit :
and small capital required. Particulars at A ,
F. Mayne's , NVW.cor. _ 16th and Farnam. ux
WAN'J'l ! ! ) Mon to JiandTo an agency in othci
towns or Omaha ; big money made , small
capital required. Mutual Agency , 1007 Fnniam
TftoH EXCHANGE Houses and lots , farms ,
A1 hotels , lots , merchandise , homos , cattle
nnd in fact nuythlng you want. If you have any.
thing to trade cnll on or wrlto to ns. Olllco open
evenings. H. E. Cole , ! ] 8.16th st. i < Cl
71HKYENNE , Wyo. , ilie future"Plttsburg ol
W the west. At present a railroad center
Tlie Host built and wealthiest rlty of its size Ir
United States. Wyoming. The great mineral
fitorolioiiRHOf America und its innxhnuHtnble
oil and coal Holds. For full particulars as to re
pourcos.ctc. , address K.F. Stnlile.siHirctnry Cheyenne
enno Hoard of Trade , Cheyenne , Wyo.814n27J
fllEA BA LF.H.M EN of experience nnd having ni
A established trade among the Grocery Mer
chants of the Westwlllllnd It tothelr ndvantnge
to corrccpond w Ith us when in w ant of good sit
uation. First-class places open. State the U-rrl
tory in which you hnvn n t rude , whnt houses you
have represented , and how long , what arrange
jnents you desire to mnko ; nlso send your refer
MUCH. Communications confidential , Address
P. O. Uox 3691 , Now York City ,
txrcut this out nnd keep it. Cll-31
Ol..SINESST'lmncos-Hc.stnurant on 10th nni
A > Farnnm for nalo ; lease on building. Thl >
restaurBnt in In good location , nnd can-bo madt
llrst claHH. It Is owned by us , nnd being out ol
onr Hue of luislnoss we nre bound to sell. Cooperative -
operative Land k Lot Co , 205 N-JGth st. 873 3 (
" "
"rflO"EXCflANOB-flKW stock general mcr
A chandlso for gno < l Omahu property ; small
Incnmbrnnco ; must Bell or cxchango quick , b
fl. Campbell nnd G. W , Hcrvcj310 Board ol
Trade. 48(1. (
OH BALE AKl.MX ) stock of groceriesnnil
( jueenswiiro. In best locution In York , elolnp
n business of * 20iOO. ( Stock Hourly now. A ran
chance to n Iho iinan. Address , drawer 161
York. Nob. 7J9 1
CSPLilNDID Chance for good business mnn
K5 partnership in small but paying concern ,
capital of $60 required , present owner cannot
run It nlone. K. fti lice ollice. 833 gj
T ) THADE Two Improved farms In Iowa foi
Omaha property or Nebraska lands. Me
Culloch & Co. , cur ; 15th nnd Farnum. 333
IIHEK drug stocks nnd fixtures of $1.MO ,
f2,700 , $0,000 in finest Ncbuiwka towns. Foi
Bale or real estate exchange. Address K. 2 , Heo ,
BUSINESS Chnncon class restaurant
In first clnra location , feeding nn nnnj
rerv day , prl < e $2,000. $1. ( Hcash. Co-operative
Land and Lot Co. , 205 N. ItHhst. 87231
GOOD opening for hardware or drv good'
Htoro In Fitch block on Purk nvo. Bplondic1
etoie room. Cheap rent. F. L. Giegory. J'C'.i E
16th ht. (00
"Btoll BALE-W.OflO stock of gonernl merclmn
A1 disc lu good rnllrond town in Southern Ne
brasku. Host location. Double room. Low
rent. A rare chance for some one to Men Inti
n good bnslneba. Address F. J , Stnnoslitck
Odell. Nob. 857 Nil
FOH SAIfE First > clnss two-story brick hole
doing excellent business ; routs for $85 pel
mouth ; owner going out to Cal. Address H.S
Lilly , llroken How , Neb. 226 n 10
TTIOH SALE A 300 ucio stock farm. inSnrp ;
A' county , just 25 miles from Omnhn , with !
fine quarry on It , only V5 n , acre. A. F
Mnyno. N. w. cor. ieth nnd Wl
WANTED Stock of boots nnd Miocs in ex
chnnge for Inside Omnhn property. Ad
drvi > HFatten > on& Moore.lGlJ 1'nruum Ht , Omaha
TC10H TRADE ,00l ( ncres of choice wosten
A1 land to e > xchnngo for general merchandise
Jno. F. Toft. 824 N. 15th st. 813
rpyou hnvo nny thing to exchange , write us
wo have improved nnd unimproved Ne
braflkn , Kansas and lown lands , conl mines , hn
tels , stocks of , horsey , cattle , hoga
Bheet ) , otc. , to exchniigo. 8. S. Campbell nnd G
yy. Hen-ey , 310 Hoard ot Trade. 4S7
BUSINESS Clmnces Clgur nnd tobacco store- -
paying well , $ ; tr > o per month. Stock and fix
lures for sale or trude. Cnll nud see it. CO-OL
eratlva lj > nd Jk Lot Co. . SOB N. ICth st. 878 31
USINE88 Chance Desirous of retiring fron
business , w o will bell the balance of on
Block of dry goods , etc. , w 1th three years leas
and fixtures of store by January or Mnrcl
next. Merchants meaning to ptirchnso addres
John H. F. Lchmmm & Co. , 1J10-1312 : Farnam si
; 601 ns
B USINESS Chance There is n fine opnnln
i for a confectioner , restaurant nnabakc
right near the entrance of Ilnnscom parl
New storeroom , cheap rent. F. L. Gregory , 30
B. ICth st. ; 6Q !
TjWR 8ALE-Or trade a No. 1 hotel propertj
A' doing good trade ) , in ono of the best town
In Nebraska. B. 8. Campbell niid 0. W. Horvoi
010 Cliiunber of Commerce. 487
" \\rANTED A stock of gi ocorlos nnd genen
mdse , for city lots paid for. C. J. Csnai
_ _ ICT )
FOK SALK A complete steam Inundnhm
inn twenty horse power engine. J. S. Hoi
nett. Suundora nnd Clark sts. 020
US. DUHANT-Clurivoynnt from Hostonl
reliable In nil affairs of life , unites sepn :
tted lovers. 322 N. ICth st. . room 1. 71.0 Dec. 1
DH. NANNIE V. Warren , clairvoyant. Mm
tcnl bUBlnefis nnd trht medium. Ofilcoll
North lUth btictt : rooms 2 S3 , Telephone 94
TWrANTED-S tlnerd familiar with furnut
T work , Lincoln Hnrdwnre Co. , Lincoln. Nol
WANTED lint salesmen who have an o
tabllshed trade for a tlrst clnss wholosal
hat house opening In Chlcngo. Good sular
olteied. State aiuoiint miles nud terrltorjtrn'
cled . Cook , Lymau , Smith & . Co. , 247 Monroe Ht
Chicago. M230J
W'ANTllD-Men to handle a light nrtlclo pa'
ing $5 to $15 per day. Mutual Acenc1
1007 Farnam. _ KiiPij
WANTED-S men to drive teams. $22 nS
boanl ; Oshovelers for city , $1.75 ; boy t
wash iMittles , $250 pvr week ; bell boy , $12 ;
coed w ult era ( Gonnan ) , $ < ) ; 1 good Gcnnan coo
All for city. City Intelligence offlco , freight *
block. u"il
WANTED ! BALESMAN-Small line of sar ,
Jilojt from manufacturing con > onitlo ;
.offered a live man. One traveller ban earned s
nvrrugA of $350 per month for six years past. 1
O. Hex 1.371. New York _ 17 0 * .
WANTED A first-class workman phot
grapher , Plattsmoutli , Neb. Address ]
C. Johng. UAKU * .
ANTED-Cook at Fremont , Neb. inqiil
of Adlur & Heller. 1114 Farnam st 851
WANTED A music teacher for S pupils , pa
tuition in l > oard. 4W N 15th. ub 31 *
TirANTED-nuker A position will be opt
f T for a good baker on Deceml > er 1st. Noi
but a single man of excellent moral characti
and sober hablto need apply. Wages $4H ) n ye ;
and exjMinses. For furuier particular addre
uperiuteudent Industrial School , Keurney.Ne'
ANTRD 600 men for Kansas and Mlfsou
fair paid , Moori'i employment Hgoncy.ti
BlOth. _ gaiiuj
A N intelligent mnn can find steady nnd i
, tnmuenutve employment by ni > plylug
yosto mcoboxTua. fla * 112 *
* fl'ANTKD ) aw railroad men for Missouri ai
W Kansas. $1.73 to $2JS5 per day , Uonj- H
"Verweek. Scandinavian Employment burea
faiO Farnam Kt , tide door. _ tjll 3
Men can make mcney by cunvassln
SMART a , 1810 Fnniam. _ b8i 31 ]
* f7" ] "ANTKD Men for railroad work. J
TT tfrighfa Labor Agency. 1130 Farnam. 80 (
N ICth st ,
W : ANTED 100 men of cpod appeamnce
try our 16c meal * * t Nocris restaurant , JJ
BuiiUi 14th rtrtrt. ( oU Lite * * JL
[ XTANTEO Agents In Nebraska for Gen.
? John A. Logan's last work , "Volunteer
Holdlcr. " lust published. Address J. M. Frenqfc
* Co. , Omaha , tfeb. Z39
l\fANTKI teamsters for city. * B , and
T board. City Intelligence offloe , Crelghton
block. 783
salesmen for
WANTKO-Sevcral flrst-class
clothing , hat nnd furnishing goods. Only
hose with first-class reference need address
lox 229 , Omaha. 419
WANTED Men for Mlmourl and Knnsns.
Scandinavian Employment bureau , 1010
'nnmm st , side door. Wl S
WANTED-fi Rood carpenters for South
Omaha , second cook and dishwasher for
ted Oak. camp Cook , $45 : laborers for city ,
1.75 ; man ami wife on farm near city. $2ii ;
roung man ( Ucnnan ) for real estate office. $40 In
commence on ; must spenk nnd write. English
nnd Ucrman. Mrs. Ilrega ft Bon , Sin Bo. 16th
t Wl 80 *
WANTED MB ncents ; good salary or com
mission ; rare clmncc. Address with stamp
or terms , Weaver Mfr.,34 N. Btute St. , Chicago ,
II. 03.ul2
W ANTED 4 Herman boys to carry papers.
Hfi-MW 8.12th st. , up-stalrs. Btfl
\XTANTED-15 girls for private families 1 girl
T T for chamber work , 1 girl for kitchen. Rl.60 |
laundress for hotel , $4. All for city. City In-
elllgonco otllce , Crelghton block. 952
WANTED-Good girl for general housework ,
nt 12219 Cassst ,
"IXrANTED T > < o prepossessing young ladles
VT to Koltclt subscriptions for the best week-
y paper In the city , cnll between 8 nnd in Mon
day morning at room 4 , Crelghton block.
Dining room girl for Colorado.
$20 ; ono for Norfolk , fares paid ; second
rlrl out of city , 14 ; women cooks for Salem ,
> cto and Central City ; girls for housework in
neighboring towns nnd different parts of city ;
women coolis in city , Wand $7 ; laundresses for
mtols. Canadian Employment odlro , Mrs.
Jlrega & San , 81U S 15th , tel. KM. Ml 30 *
WANTED Good girl for general housework.
0188.17th street. WW
\\rANTED-Ladlos for clonk figures , m bust.
TT Hcyman & Dclclics , 1513 and 1KM Farnam
St. 88830
W ANTED A first class cook and laundress ,
TT ( lermau preferred. Mrs.Milton Hogers ,
7218 19th bt. 720
WANTED .1 dining room girls , 1 cook , girls
for private families. City Intelligence
Office , Crelghton lllk. UO
"VVTANTED Bnlesladles for cloak nnd suit do-
TT pnrtment. None but experienced need
apply. Ileyman & Delchea , 1518 and 1520 Far-
unm st. 867 UO
W ANTED-Dlning room girl nt 101M N Ifltu St.
w IANTElV-Dining room girl. Dornn house ,
422 B. ISthjicar St. Mary's avenue. 4J4
'XTT'ANTEI ) f > 0 Indies to try our IV : meals at
T T Norris' restaurant ( old Live nnd Let Live ) ,
3U nnd 313 8.14th st. 01)4 )
W Cook nnd laundress. Dr. Coff-
mnn cor. St. Mnry's nve and 27th st. 558
(1ANADIAN Emyloyment Olllce. Orders for
\J parties to till positions of i tnist filled free-
Male help supplied free to all. Domestic help
'nrnlslied on short notice. Male nnd female
"lelp nont to nil parts If fore is paid. Eight years'
; xperionco enables us to fill orders satlsfac-
lorily. Iteference , Omaha Nutlonal Hank. Mrs.
Hrega * Son , 31B 8. 15th , tcl. 884. 434 31 *
Ladles who nre desirous of obtaining
taining competent servents of all nation
alities to fill every required position to lenvo
heir orders nt Scandinavian Einp bureau , 1010
I'urnum st , sldo door. 6X1 UO
WANTED Situations. If you want a coach
man , strtblo boy or porter , we have them
> y the dozen with good references. No otllco
'ee. Canadian Employment otllro , Mrs.
Hrega & Son. 310 8.15th street. Telephone 8S4.
f.94 30 *
WANTED Situation for 2 first class eastern
gfrls ns cook nnd second girl , have nLso
lome No. 1 Swede and German girls. Our otllco
IB full of nlco girls every day from 10 n. in. to 5
[ > . m. , Canadian Kmp. otDce , Mrs. Hrega ft Son ,
llfl 8.15th , telephone 884. 4J 30J
THE City Intelligence Ofhre hns the only prop
erly organized employment ncency In the
west. It Is the largest , most tellable nnd Its
terms the most liberal. If you are out of em
ployment or wish to make n chanro , why do
you delay In securing the best pos liilo nld thnt
can bo given you. Persons xhould carefully
consider whom they nro dealing with as there
me mnny new catch-penny concerns coming
into existence dally. Full particulars concern.
Ing our methods will bo given upon nppllca.
tlon. All orders ( oxcnpt from private families
filled free nnd sent to any partof the west w her
fare is paid. Vours respectfully , Chan. L
Hart , manager. Inferences : John L. McCaguo
president McCnguo Bros' , bank ; Dexter L'
Thomas , cashier Nebraska savings bunk ; lion'
J. H. McCulloch , county Judge. 571.
IOST See the handsome decorated stand
J lamps at reduced prices nt Moody's China
Btore , 3ft ! North loth bt. 820,30.
T OST Oct. 2fith , gentlemen's moonstone
J-J scarf pin with four small diamonds on sides ,
Bultnble reward for party returning same to
Mnrtln Cahn , 1:122 : Farnamst. 81131
T OST Ijist Monday , ladles' cable chain gold
-LJ bracelet , $10 reward for leturn to the ollice
of S. P. Morse & Co. 878 30
THOUND tLBO will buy ono set of trtpplo
Jj plated ten spoons.fniicy patternat Moody's
China Btore , KB North 10th st. 930,30.
WANTED Married couple w tthout childret
to occupy il furnished rooms nnd pay foi
same by boarding two persons. Itcfereuces re
quired. For particulars call Monday or Tiles
day nt the City Intelligence ofllce , . Cretuhtoi
block. 950 30
WANTED Hoard and room Inprlvnto famltj
for man , wife and baby. Money alwnyi
paid promptly In advance. Inferences ex
changed. Address L 2 , Hoe office. 057 31J
LIST your rooms nt the City Intelligence of
lice. Crolghton block. IM'JilO
"WANTED About 30 out-of-town parties t (
Hend ton dollars to 310 South 15th Bt. nu <
soLiiro a warranty deed to ono of those ten del
lur lots ; $10 Is payment In full. Itememucr
only a few left , 1127-1
WANTED-Ollloe space by a loan broker. Ad
dress stating location and price. K HI , He *
Olllce. h 4UU *
WANTKD-TobuylOOor200 acres of chenj
land near Omaha. Co-operative Land am
Lot Co. , 20T. N. 10th st. B7S 31
J1ST your rooms at the City Intelligence ol
tlce.Crelghton block. 94U30
WANTED A person to tench shorthand nm
type-writing In a business college , Muu
son's sjstem. Lock Hex 12U , York , Neb.
85430 *
" 1/17ANTED / Nicely situated unfurnlshei
TI loom , within lOsquaiesot 10th and Fm
nnm. J. H. . 101,1 Fnniam. 85H 30 *
\ \ Set of books to post nt night
Address K 47 , Hee olllco. 75030 *
\\7ANTEI ) Good family horse in oxelmngi
for lot , McCulloch & Co. , cor 15th nm
Funiara. IftO
LIST your rooms at the City Intelligence ol
lU-o. Crt'lghton block. t l)30
WANTED 2 or 3 boarders in private family
Rrlng references. 510 South 21st st , neai
corner St. Mary's ave. _ 704 30 *
WANTED Farm lands in exchange fo
stocks of merchandise. St. John i Ely
Room 13 , Frenzcr block , opp. P.O KW
LIST your rooms at the City Intelligence office
Crelthton ; block. uiaao
\VANTKD-Proporty of all kinds to exchnng
TT Special attention given to trading. C.C
Spotbwood , 30fii ) S 10th. C55
WANTED Good farms In exchange fo
Omaha property , C. C. Spotawooit , 305- !
8 ICth. C53
WANTED Farms to oxch.mg6 .for Omahi
proiK-ity and stocks of merchandise. C
L. llrown i Co. , room 13 Frcnrer block. Omahi
_ _ _ _
" \VANTKn To buy the furniture of a smal
T T nr Urge house crntrnlly located , Co-npero
tive Land ic Lot Co. . 2U6 N IttU st. 13S
\\TANTED-Farm lands In exchange for clt
* * IJToperty. bt.Johii * Ely , Room 13 , Freii
MONEY to Loan-Sums of $5ao ntid upward-
. . , H t motRagcs , Improved city propertj
li. S. UUbee , 4Ji lluiuge liuUdlug , Oinalm.
N > 4 K a *
MONEY To loan on chattels. Co-oporatlv
I nd nnd Lot Co. , AGNo. ICth street.
_ _
" \roney on hand to loan ou Improved pronerti
' * J. A. UeUtanO , Arllmrtuu block. 025u5
NEY tntuird on furniture , plamis ,
MffSSV * * ' ' "wraua. J. J. WJlktoiou
Co , 1324 farnaui , over Rurllui ou Uckjet oltlce
, , to loan. n. K. Cole , 316 S. 15th. First
mortgage notes bought. 379
tTfO.OOO to loan at 0 percent. . Llnaban 4Ma-
P honey , 1500 Farnam , _ . _ SS7
MO.OQO to loan in any amount at lowest rate of
$ Interest. 11. B. Ircy. 1-Yenier block. 13
to loan to parties wishing to build.
MONEY . Campbell , U10S ICth at * Chamber of
Jtommerco. 814
to loan. Notes nnd 11. R. tickets
MONEY nhd sold. A. Forrnan , (13 8 13t h st.
time loans mnno on nny nvnu.ible
security , in reasonable amounts. Secured
notes bought , sold or exchanged. General
Inanclal business of any kind transacted
iromptly , quietly and fairly nt the Omaha Fl-
innclal Exchange , N , W. cor. 15th and Itar-
noy sts. , overstate National baud. Corbett ,
manager. 127
; ONKV to Ioan O. F. favls Co. , real estate
M nnd loan agents , IftOTi Karnam st. 2U
CENT Money.
Patterson & Knwcett IMh nnd Ilarnoy. K3
TVTONEY td loan on Improved real estate ; no
I'-L commission charged. Lcavltt llurnhnm ,
room 1 , Crelghtoa block. ! Kl
; ONEY In stims of fc-0 and over to load at
low rates. Itussell & llarrett , 3K S inth st.
, To loan on Omaha elty property nt 0
$500,000 cent. G. W. lay , 8. K. cor. Kx. Hid.
! )
T1O LOAN Money T/oans placed on 1m-
-L proved real estate In city or county for
Wew England Loan Si Trust Co. , by Douglas
County liank , 16th nnd Chicago sts. S19
ONBY To loan. Lowest rates. No delay.
,1. L. lllco & Co. , over Commercial Nu-
: lonal bank ! ! 18
ONKY to loan on city property. Will buy
good notes. Beaver & Whltcomb , 1 K
b'amiim. 7T
to loan on city property , and also
MONEY In Nebraska and low a. Odcll Bros.
.V Co. , loan , real estate nnd Insurance agents , 11X1
Pearl street. Council lllulls , la. ; 1DJ3 Fnrnnm
street. Omaha. S08
to Loan By the undersigned , who
MONEY the only properly organized loan
agency In Omaha. Loans of $10 to tine made on
furniture , pianos , organs , horses , wrgons , ma
chinery , etc. , without removal. No delays. All
business strictly confidential. Loans bo made
tlmt any part can be paid nt nny time , each pay
ment reducing thn cost Tire rata. Advances
made on line watches nnd diamonds. Persons
should carefully consider who they nro dealing
w 1th , as many new concerns nro dally coming
Into existence. Should you need money call and
POO me. W. It. Croft , room 4 Wlthnell building ,
15th and llarney. 'j
MONRY to Loan On Improved city property
nt lowest rates of Intciest. No commis
sion charged. Bholos & Crumb , room 1 , Ilarker
block , cor. 15th and Farnum sts. " 16
ONKY LOANED nt C. F. Heed * Co.'s Loan
Olllcn. on farnltmc , pianos , horses , wngons ,
personnl jiroperty of nil kinds , nnd nil other nr-
llcles of vnluo without removal. 318 8. 13th ,
over IHngham's commission store. All bust-
ness strictly confidential. a > )
$300,000 to loan , special rates on farm property.
Sobotker & 1'errlgo. 1521 Fnrnam st. 251
M ONKY to loan , rush on hand , no delay. J.
W. nnd n. L. Bqulro , 1413 Furnam st. Paxton -
ton hotel building. 225
LIST houses , furnished nnd unfurnished
rooms with us. Wo will rent them. Olllce
open evenings. II. E. Cole , 31B S. 15th st. tO5
WILL pay six mouths rent In ndvnncofor
cottage or small house S to 7 rooms In
first class neighborhood , possession Dec. 1 ; nd-
dicss J , K. . P. O. box 470 , Omaha , N6b. OUU 30
FOH SALK Fine hcntlng stoves , very cheap ,
apply 64U South 2fltll at. 808
EW YOHK Piano Co , , mnnufncturers of nn-
rlght pianos ; pianos on time at wholesale
price. Cor Capital ave and loth st. 783
K FKOSIATI C , gout , paralysis and neuralgia
complaints. Try the new treatment of
Mnssngo & Uobblug. practical operators from
New York ; address K IM Uee. 840 31J
EENTAL DAGENCY F. L. Gregory will bo
found nfter November 1st nt : South Ifltu
St. , opp. Hoard of Trade. Ground lloor. 510
LIST YOUU HOOMS nt the City Intelligence
Office , Ciolghtou lllock. More jieoplo call
dally at our olllco than nt any other place In the
city , except the postofflce. 685
plush parlor sots nt immense sac
rifice to pay storage charges. New York
storage Co. , cor Capitol live nud 15th ot. 7 J
DU. J. AV. HAUNSDALL'S surgical and ob
stetrical home , 17S4 Capitol avo. Omaha ,
Neb. Telephone 080. 54.1 n 21J
T 1ST your rooms nt the City Intelligence of-
-Ulice , Crelghton block. 84 ! ) 30
- | f\ TEASING Love Letters read two ways.lOc
-1A' Drab them quick. Hex 52 , Ualtlmore. Md
2UO n 17 *
TO EXCHANGE-For cattle. I have 640 acres
of good western land to trade for cattle ,
nnd a good house and lot near the capital ; will
exchange for cattle. Address 8. G. Urynn , Ash
land , Nob. 889
TTIOIt HENT Organs , $3 per month. Itospe ,
JD 1513 Douglas. 228
Ol C House furnishing goods , nil kinds ;
cnsh or installment ; lowest pi Ices at 3. lion-
ner , 1315 Douglas st. 10
FOH KENT Square piano. $4 monthly. A ,
HoHpo , 1513 Douglas. 223
TJIOIl HENT Snuaro Piano 13 monthly. A ,
J Hospe , 1513 Douglas. 228
"IT * LEG ANT parlor sots cheap. Immense sac-
4i rlnce to pay ndvnnces. New York Btorngc
Co. , cor Capitol ave and Ifith st. 701
DH. CHASE'S new Receipt Hook nnd House
hold Physician , the "Memorial Edition" ol
over 800 pages. The "Crowning Life Work" ol
the greatest author and benefactor that evei
lived. Just out. Agents making Imnieiist
sales. Hlg terms. Address F. II. Dlckersou &
Co. , Detroit , Mich. Mention this paper.
St4nov4 *
A MIDDLE aged widow w Ithout children , whc
Is now nnd hns been for several years a com
mercinl traveler , Holirlts correspondence with t
good dlsposltlonod lady of refinement , wltfc
means , bend photos If convenient. Address li :
stilctest confidence. K 70 , Heo. U313JC.
A W1DOWEK , 35 , with means and good busl
- i- ness ability would like to form the nc
qunlntnnce of n lady with means. Object
nmtiimony. Address K 71 , Heo 0251 *
AMIDDLE-agod widow lady would like a few
boarders for the winter. Address KOS
Bee olllco. K51 31 *
PEHSONAL JSnOVill buy a nlco hnugln ?
lamp with 14 Inch shade ut Sloody's Chliu
Store , IKtf North 10th bt , 1)20,30.
PEHSONAL 13 00 w 111 buy a handsome hang
ing lamp , with decorated 14 inch shade au <
the celebrated Amazon burner , nt Moody1 !
China Store , 3UU North 10th st. U20.UO.
PEIISONAL Wanted , music teachers , plam
buyers , call and nee line stock pianos am
organs nt uianufuctuiors' prices , on easy pay
ments. Pianos nt factory prices. New Yorl
Piano Co. , Cnpltol ave. and 15th St. , over Ren
nctt's Haznr.
T3KHSONAI * The Indies of Omaha cnn secun
Jtho services of competent nud reliable do
mebtlc help nnd have u room full to choosi
from by culling at the Canadian Einploymen
office. Mrs. Hrega Ic Son , 310 S 15th. Tel. 884.
71H U0
PEKSONAL-Mlss Hello Turner , styllsl
modiste , willaccommodato private fnmtllo ;
by the day. Call at 2115 Grunt ut. ; sutlsftictloi
guaranteed. UU2
PEKBONAI * A young lady of good addres
nnd plenty of means would advlso ever
young or old gentleman to call at 310 South 15tl
bt. Monday , Oct. 31. nnd purchase one of thos <
ten (10) ( ) dollar lots ; a few more are left. Itlelies
KKSONAlf-l'rlTntehome for lailles durlni
confinement , strictly confidential , infant
adopted. Address K 42 lice ollice. 107 n 8 *
NE hundred nnd fifty dollars will buy a new
and cigar stand. E08 Bouth IBth st. toa.
) ! BALE-Plnno,11allet & Davis upright
Owner wishes to leave the city. Cost MOD
Will sell for $3UO. Address L 1. Hee. U04
is n bargain Hosewood Piano enl ;
HEUK retail price $4O ) , full wale , ttnlen
did tone and UniHlu Pianos and organs nt whole
bale price. Call Monday. New Yotk Piano Co
Entire buUdint' , cor. Capitol ave. nnd 11th st
UU 30
TJIANOSnt wholesale prices A car load o
J niagnltlcont upright and grand squar * piano
nt factory priced. No fancy prlivs charged
Direct from factory at prices lower than th
lowest price ever named uy nny dealer or agout
nnd on easy payments. Call early Monday. Ne
York Piano Co. . manufacturrrM of PUnas , > ntlr
block , cor. Cupltitl nvo. and 15th tt , " > i)143U
TTWK 8ALR-Flrst class phoU > gallery. Platta
JD mouth Neb. Poor health the caiib fo
belling. H.C. Johns. g ai *
00 K here , sea thl * . Upright piano only 18"
worth KCO,7 ! octuvc.trii lestrtngFrenchrt
peatlnc action , only $187 , retail price $ TiO. Bpe
clalsnTeof pianos 5londay at wholesale prlcoi
Cull. NewTork Piano Co , piano manufactures
entire block. Cor. CapltoUy. and 15th st.
BEAUTIFUL onOANft-143 nnd 5T up.
Plano.s $14.1 up. Nofancy prices asked.
N'ew York Piano Co , . ttholMale dealers , corner
Capitol avenue and i&tb , itt VlfKJO ,
TT10R SALK Cheaps " 1 bard , 8 soft conl stoves
JD North side LenvcnwGrtll st bet 17th nnd 18th ,
PAHI/OK furniture great sacrifice . Elegant
plush parlor Rets..handsome easy chairs ,
beautiful sofa all at less than cost of material to
? ay ndvanco charges , call fttid see them. Now
York Storage Co. , cor Cltpltol ave and IMh st.
I 810 30
T710U 8ALE-A Wilkshotj water heater nnd
J : 200 feet of 3 Inch pipe cheap. P. O. box
102. Omaha. 8504J
IHAYK a car load of , cho.lco fresh cows for
sale , cor 22d nnd Nicholas sts. John W.
L'ciiny. . 898 81
T.OOK HEUBIokihcre. . lounges nt $3.85.
-IU worth $ Special sale Monday to nay
ndvnnccs. Now York Storage Co , corner Cnpltol
Avenue and 15th st , 01730.
T710H SALK Almost new calngraph. Cheap.
JD K. H. Hall. 211 Bouth 15th St. 1118,30 * .
FOU BALK Lease and furnltnro of 7-room
flat , full of first-class tenants , thnt pay rent
nnd hnva handsome profit. Kent $50 per mo.
Apply 410 Karbacu lllock , Sd lloor , left hand
bell. TOO 81 *
OHGAN8 at wholesale prices on easy pay
ments. Hoaittlful goods , one-lialf retail
price on easy payments. Hare chance for deal
ers. Entire block , Capitol nvo. , cor. 15th St. ,
New York Music Co. 808.30
FOR BALK Cheap , horse and phaeton. In
quire ! of D. F. Cooper , Western Union
Telegraph office. 693 nl
FOH SAT/E Span of good draught mules and
nlco harness , or w ill trade for Inside prop
erty. Address J. H , Lniuur , care Gees hotel ,
city. 11007 *
LIVEHY outfit for sale or trade for Insldo
real estate ; good barn on pnved street ; a
rare bargain for a practical man. J. H. Lnmnr ,
cnro Gees hotel , city , 800 7 *
FOH BALE Two elegant imported stallions ;
will sell or trndo for Insldo property or
good livery stock. Address J. H. Lamnr , cnro
Gees hotel , city. 800 7 *
"tpOH SALE Drug store , $2,000 , doing good
X' business on one of the best streets in
Omnhn , or wlllexchnnge It with some choice
Innd for larger stock of drugs in good country
town. Address K 27 , Boo ofllce , Omaha.
TJ1OR BALK Three young cllull dogs at 618
JD South 14th st. 88030 *
EW YOUR PIANO CO. Manufacturers of
pianos. Pianos at wholesale prices , on easy
payments. One-half retail piles. 1508.1510,1518
( 'npitol nvo. , cor. 15th St. . over llennett's. New
York Music Co. 808.30
OH SALE-Flfty hot bed sash. Cash or tlmo
P. O. Hex ti02. 817 31J
TjlOH BALE Fresh milch cows , 1 flno Jersey.
JD Corner 10th and Capitol nvonuo. 014 31 *
OHGAN3 at wholesale prices , on easy pay
ments. New York Plnuo Co. , cor Capitol
nve nnd 15th st. 700.
T710H THADE 100 ncres of good land , lionso'
-I ? 14 ncres cultivated in llnwllns County ,
Kansns. Will trndo for lots , mcrchnndlso or
other vnlnnblo property. Address J. Kllno ,
2717 Cumlng St. , city. 667-H23
POH SALE 47 hend of flno mnres' colts nnd
gentle riding ponies , at N. 2Uth nud Locust
sts. , near base ball grounds. C80 00 *
OH SALE-Good boarding business. 212 8.
10th st. 60930 *
OH SALE | Good piano. $1(15 ( if sold Iri 10days ,
Also room for rent , 1821 Farnam st. 62 ! )
FOR SALE Team , harness , wagon , $150. Mrs.
E. C. Barr.S 13th kt ) blks from st car track.
, 388novS
T710K SALE 1 feed njlll , 84 in. French burrs.
Jt ! 1 Victor sheller. To bit per hour.
1 bolt for buckwheat ; or tneaU
40ft.Kin. shafting.)8 ) hangers , elevator belt ,
etc. Address 200 S 2 th St. , Omnhn , Neb. 1B3 n 1 *
F IOH HENT Several houses , fi nnd 6 rooms
Inquire of H. F. Hamanu , 2815 Leavenworth
. ' 6801 *
FOH HKNT New 4 nnd room houses $10 per
month. Olllco open evenings. II. E. Cole ,
8108. 15th st. , , 831
o LKT A largo feed and livery stable on
JL Locust Kt. , between 20th nnd 21st sts. , oppo-
fcito ICountze placo. Apply to John Hamltn , 311
South HUi st. , 955-1 *
LIST houses , furnished nnd unfurnished
rooms with us. We will rent them. Office
open evenings. H. E. Cole , 8108. 15th bt. 03o
TjlOK HENT 3 houses nnd rooms for offices.
A' Inquire of Cunningham & Her , room 7. Ar
lington block. Cunningham & Her. 8604
T71OR HENT Store on Phil Sheridan , between
A1 Lcnvenworth nnd St. Mnry's nvenue. neat
salesroom , storage above nnd nlso four living
rooms , npply to Win , Fleming & Co. , 1401 Doug-
Ins st. 87U 31 }
FOR RENT Six flats , furniture for sale on
easy terms , nil centrally located ; twenty-
five houses , fmnlturo cheap nnd easy terms ,
centrally locntod ; live restaurants in first class
locution , elolug a fine business , ono feeding one
hundred people regularly ; hotel In Ashland ,
Neb , for sale or trade , price $9.000 ; household
goods nnd lease of house for sale on 17th st ;
houses nnd lots for rent or sale In nil parts oi
the cltv. Cnll before you Invest. Co-operntlvc
Land ic Lot Co. , 205 N 10th st , . 872 31
FOH RENT Flvo room house In Omaha
Now eight room house N W cor. Grace nnd 23d
Btivets , only $ . ) . > per month.
New nlno room house , with modern conven
iences , S E cor. 22nd nnd Clark , $45 per month.
Two seven room houses , $25 per month each.
Two seven room houses. $30 per month each.
Ono nine room house , $40 per month.
These houses are all new , and have modern
Potter Ac Cobb , 1001 Farnam St.Board of Trade
building. 870 31
fTWO new houses for rent , ono of seven rooms.
A nnd ono of eight , city Mater and good
cistern , situated nenr Hauscom park , on street
car line. Kent J.TO and Slr > n month. Iftnkcnnl
once , will rent for $25 nnd $30 n month for the
winter. Inquire for particular ! ) nt 413 8. 13tli
st. , Homan'sllvcry office. 8S ol *
HBNT-0 room house 829 S 21st st.
FOH 84C31J
TIIOH KENT HoHidcneo on St. Mnry's avenue
A' Including , if desired , stoves , carpets , window
and lamp fixtures , for 0 mos.W. J. Connell.
HENT 6 room new house 7th nnd Han
croft sta. 818 30J
FOH HENT Good , new house , 7 rooms , clo
etH , etc. , north part of town , $35 per month
Graham , Crolghton Hlk. 71121
"plOIl RENT 2nd and 3d lloors nt 1417 Dongla )
A' st. , with leaf-o of three years. Kennedy a
Ulbblus , 1300 Douglas St. 707
T7IOU HENT-V5 the office 305V4 8 10th St. , af toi
A' the lHh ! of tlds month. Apply early.
Charles C. Spotswood , 305tf 8 15th st. 600
F IOH HENT If you % vlsh to rent a house cal
on Ueuuwn & Co. , 15th St. , opposite P.p.
T71OR RENT Severn new 7 room houses
A1 block from street car , ready for occupnnej
November 1. C. F. Harrison , 418 8.15th st. SK
OH RENT 5 room furnished flat , * 00 poi
month. 3 rooms rented , $43. Apply 608 S
Kith st. 80t
TjTOH RENT Nov. 15 , new eight-room house
A' nil modern Improvements. 2218 Chicago st
$ CO. J. It. Rlngwnlt.gfoaiSthst. 777
TT10R HENT R room cottage , largo lot , good
A" barn. In delightful legation. Furniture foi
Bale ; call at Kiusler's drug store , 1307 Farnam si
! 784
RENT Small house on California Ht.
EiOH 20th. $20. 8. Lehman , 1108 Farnam
, 770
HKNT A new 11 room house , closets and
FOH , hard and soft water. $30 a month
2 th st. close to Farnam st. Address K ! il > , Hee
olllco. , 73730 *
TJ10H RENT A convenient B room house bo
JD tween Farnam and Dodge sts. Address K
38 Hee ofllce. . 740 30J
iTIOK RENT Houso. of ,9 , rooms , hwcor 17tlJ
JD nnd Dorcas , $33 l > er month. W. M. Hush
mnn. 483
_ _ _
TTWH HKNT-New 5-room cottage. 24 h am' '
JD Hancroft st , first door west ot shot tower
well , cistern. i4 ! per inonth. 478
THOH RENT Handsome new reafdenco'w ith'ii
JD u ; miles of P.O. ; ten rooms , barn , etc.
with all conveniences. Will reut cheap. Address
J. 11. Lniiiar , care Pees hotel , city. WO 7 *
THOU RENT 7 room flat and the furniture foi
-C hule. Inquire 1033 Howard bt. 3d ttoor
Mrs. Parker. 7I1-N.1 *
OH RENT-Storo room 20iflO feet cor 8tli
wid Hownnl , with 11. A : M. Hldctrack in reur ,
ouly $33 per mouth. Iiifiulro WW I toward st.
715 30j
RENT 3 Hats and furniture for sale , al
FOIt 18th. A. F. Mnyne , N. W. cor. Ifith and
Faruam. 991
K RENT 11 room house on Sherman ave
A. F. Muyne , N. W. cor. ICth and Furuam.
9il )
T710K RBNT-A ew 7-rooin cottajte with al
JD modern ImurovouienU. on 25th and Frank
lin sts. Inquire of P. J. Creedon , Uoyd's oper
house block , third floor. VOJ M
TpOR RENTPoom houseNo.MSN 1Mb. .
-C . f073
TJ10H.HENT-Largo oIBce on Famam 9fc Good
A' place for cljrar store or tailor shop. K.F.
Beaver. 160DH Farnam st. 317
"CWR IlRNT-PnrnWiM room for mnn nnd
A1 wife or one or two men. 1413 8. 13th st.
W 3lj
TIWH HKNT PliiKlo or suite of rooms with
A' board nt Shelton House , cor. 25th and
Dodgo. Mrs. M. U. Wilbur. tO ) 1
OH HKNT-Nlcely furnished rooms. ! No !
2214 Fnriiam st. 010 1 *
TJOOMS and bonrd for gentlemen in prlvnto
AV family. Address 1C 72. Hee. VjKi *
TTIOH RENT Largo front room nnd smnll
A' room , bath , modern conveniences , 401 N 15th
st. K1331 *
TllOn RENT-Furnlshed nud unfurnished
A1 rooms In oil paru of the city. When you
want n house vre can accommodate you. Car
riage ready to show houses. Olllce open even-
ings. H. B. Cole , 310 8.15th Bt. KU
LARGE nnd smnll front room , all convcn-
icnccs. 8423 Farnam St. , B e corner. 918-6 * .
FOR' RENT Two pleasant furnished front
rooms , first lloor , $23 ; also ono single room ,
$10. 217 Cnpltol nvo. P43 30 *
T710R RENT-Wlth bonrd , nicely furnished
A1 single nnd double room. Kuqulro 1014
Fnrnnm st. 647 1 *
TiTOH RENT A largo front room , well fur-
J nlshed. 1811 California st iBUt *
ONE nicely furnished room for rent ; to gen
tlemen only. Day board if desired. ( i2l N.
SOth st. gJ2 1 *
T710K RENT Largo fnrnlshed or unfurnished
A1 parlor. 8. E. cor. 20th nnd Chlcngo Bta 100
FOH HKNT Two rooms with bnth , gns nnrl
furnnce , sultnblo for 2 or 4 gentlemon.north
Bldo of Lenvcuworth , betweenlith uud 18th sts-
K.4 31 ]
U10 31
TJ1OR RENT 4 unfurnished rooms , suitable
J } for housekeeping. 2022 Hnrney st. 81H ) 1J
TI10R HENT-Furnlshed room , 11)00 ) Fnrimm it.
J ? m 31
FOR RENT Elegnnt now furnished rooms in
private family , boarding house just
opened , Avenue Place , 1015 and 1613 Cap. nvo.
'J4 ' 4J
JJ10T RENT Front rooms nt 810 n ICth st.
002 31J
THHKE furnished rooms sultnblo for house
keeping. 2012 Hnrney st. 057 30J
TJIUHN1SHED rooms 1724 Cupltol ave.
E OK RENT Furnished rooms 0 blocks from
pohtofllce , 1707 Cass at. Mil 30J
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms nt 1017
Chicago , cheap. 819 30J
ness. Inquire of Frank J. Ramge , Humgo's
Hlock. 821
FOR RENT Nlco room for millinery depart
ment , on second floor , with best of elevator
service. In Humge's Hlock. 821
FOH RENT-Ofilcos , best lighted and heated
in the city , In Hamgo's lllock , K'.l
FOR RENT Furnished rooms , 1913 Tnrnam.
TjlOH RENT Unturnished largo room with
A1 alcove , 2 large closets , gns , bath and fur
nace. ; apply 202-1 Davenport. 802 30
T710R RENT-Newly furnished rooms , bath
A1 gas , furnace , 631 Pleasant. Ni2 2 *
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms. 810 B
18th St. ' 890 1 *
FOH HENT Furnished looms , 117 S 17th.
1801 3 *
T7IOK RENT Furnished front room with mod-
A1 crn conveniences , for gcntlcmen,1718 Dodge
TTIOR RENT Largo front furnished room nt
J 211U Hnrney st. 871 n4
FURNISHED room to rent , 015 N 14th st.
"I71OK HENT Two nicely furnished rooms ,
JD K2Ui ! S 21bt St. 845 41j
TCTOR HENT New furnished loom 13011 Both.
844 BOJ
FOR RENT Parlor nnd nlcove , ono front
room , ono back room ; gas , bath , Btcnm
heat ; car line , 2317 Douglas st. b74 4j
TT10H HENT Largo furnished room sultnblo
A1 for 2 gentlemen , modern conveniences , 442
B 24th nvo. 80,1 31 *
FOR HENT Two furnished front rooms. 712
N. 18th st , 578-2 *
T71OR RENT Furnished room , modern conJ -
J ? venlcnccs , C21 8 10th. 800 31 *
FDHNISHED front rooms folding bed , good
board , gas nnd bath near two car lines ,
for gentlemen , private family ; address K 63 Heo
ollice. 786 111J
T710R RENT Furnished front rooms for gen-
A1 tlemen , live blocks from postolfice ; mod
ern conveniences , 323 N17th st , 797 30 *
TJIOIl HENT-Furnished front rooms. 032 N.
A1 25th uvo. , one-half block from Cumlng st.
KB fi ) *
TpOR ItKNT Furnished rooms , OU7 N..17thst.
754 31J
FOR HENT J rooms for housekeeping , con
taining nil modern conveniences , on 19th
and Hownrd , St. ; apply to M. F. Martin. 310 B.
15th St. 639
FOH RENT 3 nlco unfurnished rooms sult
nblo for housekeeping , situated on 21st
and Nicholas st. Apply 310 S 15th bt. KW
FOR HKNT Two fnrnlshed rooms with or
w Ithout board suitable for a party of gen
tlemen , 1508 Cnb3. C99 n 1 *
TT10R RENT Furnished room in private
A' family , on paved street , half block from
car line , nine blocks from post olllco. Address
K 46 , Heo otllco. 75730 *
FOR HENT Ground floor otlico room , con-
tinlly located , heated und lighted. C. F.
Harrison , 418 S. 15th st. 719
OH HENT Furnished rooms. 2209 Dodge.
C57 31 *
T710R RENT A suite of rooms over my storo.
JD Price. $23. W. F. Stoetzel. 743
OR RENT Nicely furnished rooms , $10. $12
$15 and $20 , at 11 > 21 Farnam St. 61K )
RENT Elegant suite of rooms nicely
furnished , brick lint , boutu frqut , 141(1 ( Chicago
cage , avr
nicely furnished rooms with first-class
TWO . . . . . board , , . In private family. Apply 8. E.
Cor. 20th and Farnam. U5U 31
Rooms Ladles or gents , week
or month. Mrs. F. Argyle , 311 N. 12th st.
C51 30 *
011 HENT Nlco furnished rooms with
board. 220t Ginning ht. 02930 *
TJIDRNISHED rooms , 2207 Douglas.
Jj C22-31 *
OH HENT Nicely furnished rooms nt 2227
Dodgo. All modern conveniences.
01 ! ) 31
"ITKH HENT Rooms , single and double , every-
JD thing now and first-class , steam heat , 1721
Davenport. 371 nl *
TJ1UHNISHED rooms with board. 1903 Far-
JD nam. 780nlQ *
TjlOH RENT 3 unfurnished rooms suitable for
JU housekeeping. 1104 B. 7th St. 248
TT10R HENT Room Very desirable furnished
A1 room for 2 gentlemen , all conveniences on
same lloor. Apply at 1712 Capital nvo
CVH HENT Elegantly furnished room on
JD first lloor , with modern improvements , 1917
Cas . g& >
T7IOH HENT-3 nicely furnished rooms , 2020 St.
J ? Mary's ayp. 626
RENT Nicely furnished room suitable
FOU gentlemen , Inquire 2011 Bt. Mary's nve.
OH RENT Pleasant rooms , furnished , comer 2Uth and Webster. 318
HENT ruinlwhed rooms In Otounlg blk ,
Foil . 1.1th and Dodge Bis. Inquire of Goo. U.
Davis. Mlllurd luitclblllljrd room. all
17IOH RENT Ollico room , first lloor , at 316 B.
-T IMh M. 445
Sltuutlon by young man attend
ing xchool , where he can do chores morn
ing nnd evening for his board. ( No olllco fee. )
Canadian Employment ollice , 310 Bo. 15th , Tel.
m. 80130J
WANTED-Sltunllon as pastry cook. A 0 ,
Hee ofllce. 9H80 *
Sltunttoas fi r housckeeparB , new-
WANTBD , salesladies , dressinnkorn , mil-
linen , boukkeepori ) , tlerka. etc. We nil your or
ders fre . Mra. Hroga * Hon. Canadian Kmiiloy-
xacnt office , 316 So. 10th. Tel. 684. BS ) tf'j
WANTKD Position with wholesale house or
retail grocery utor * , flvo years experience ,
best ot references. Addrwu K 67 , llco office.
8B71 *
\XrANTED-81tuatlon-ncrnian VritlMiml , In
T f dnitrlous nnd sober , in private family , un
derstands borne * . Small pay but decent treat-
ment. Address K 61 , llco. 807 30 *
WANTED Situation ns traveling man or city
salesman ; fifteen years experience ; best
of reference. Address K 69 , llco oflleo.
P52 30 *
rPAILOItESS wishesKltimtloiiM vest orpant
A maker. Address K 68 Hee. Kt9 2 *
NEW YORK Storage Co. hnvo most extensive
facilities for storage of furniture , pianos ,
buggies , general merchandise , we\st of New
York , Cash ndvnnccs to imy amount ; wure-
house receipts given ; goods insured ; brick
building tire-proof : special arrangements for
commission merchants. Call New York Storage
Co. , Cupltol n\e and N. 15th St. , llennett's block ,
7 ' )
FIRST-CLASS storngo nt 110 N. 13th st.
s 1TOHAOE Merchandise or furniture. Llttlo
* Williams , 1407 Douglas st. 809 nai
S1 TOHAOK for cnrrlngo ntOmnlm fair grounds
nnd horses wintered by A. Thomson.
173-N S0
CTOHAaR-tleo. 8chwnrt7. . Omaha Storage
OWnrchouse , itwi. 1011 Noith l.ltli St. . furnlt-
ure.bugglcs nud mcrchandlso. Olllce 13ir. Dodgo.
STOHAOK Furnlturo , boxed goods , ctc.tomis
reasonable , 714 1'acinc. at )
TfKMl KXCHANOK-neautlful now 10-room
J3 house nnd two lots In lt < s M nines. In. , to
cxchango for vacant lots. Don't miss this. It's
n bonanza. H. K. Cole , 310 S. 15th st. Kit
NKW six room house , closets , pantry , collar ,
well , barn , fruit. lotWKlIt : , sightly S. front
on Pcward st. , mlle and n half from 1' . O. , worth
easily M.OOO for S.,700 , 1-fi cash , balance very onsv
payments. Why pay rent ? J. A. lllc-stand ,
Arlington blk. , 1311 Dodge st. _ w uo
TWO LOTS In syndicate South Omnhu nnd
four lots In llrown Park nt less than cost
for ono week ; nlso , good horse nnd buggy at n
bargain. If you want a snap nnd know n jrood
Imostmontwhon It Is oirciud , Investigate , this ,
Address A 4 , Heo olllco. 040-1
SOUTH OMAHA I hnvo six rcsldenco lots
nonr depot nnd parking houses which I will
sell nt such prices as will tempt you If yon nre
looking for desirable lots nt figures forty pet
cent under the mnrkot. 1 Intend locating else-
whoronndwanttorloso oiB my Interests hero.
Address A 2 , lice ofllco , 04vi
" \TK\V 0-room liouse , closets , pantry , tvllar ,
J- > well , barn , fruit lot COxina , bightly s fumt
onSoward st. , ono mlle and n half from 1' . ( ) . ,
rnslly worth 1,000 , for J2.700 ; ono fifth cash ,
balance very easy payments. Why pay rent !
J. A. lllostnnd , Arlington lllk , 1511 Dodge st.
EOIl SALK Cheap nnd on easy terms. If sold
nt once ; good lot In Onuum View exten
Hlon. Address K tt. , llco onico , 873 2J
FOH SAIiK Or cxchango for real nine
building C0x40 , Including .TO H. P. bailer nnd
! i"i II. P , cnglno , w oed working machinery , etc
Lcaso of lot good for over four years at nominal
rental. Location In southern pait of the city ,
Address K Gi , lleo oflico , 885 4
FOR TUADK-KqiJlty in lots 1 nnd 2 , Union
square next block to Martin , Ensson A ,
llrady ; 14,000 for house nnd lot , or vacant Insldo
lot. Address K CO lice. 7117
ITyoii have anything to sell or exchange list
It with C. C. Bpotswood , 3Uii ! B 10th. H
I WILL sell equity In two full lots In the
best residence section of the city for gilt
edge paper , mnturlng In ono or two years. Those
lots nro a bargain. F. K. Darling , 1505 llow <
iml Kt.
fifl feet on 21th street.fronts on 2llrd also.
Fine business and residence protxirty. paved
street. 8SJO per foot. This la Just Vti per foot les >
tlmnnny In the vicinity. F. K. Darling , 1TO How
ard st. 775-30
LIST houses , furnished nnd unfurnished
rooms with us. Wo will rnnt thorn. OMici !
open evenings. H. K. Cole , aid 8.15th st.m \
Fen BALE i'lnost location for a homo In
West Omaha , adjoining the mansion homos
of Klrkcndall , Coo , Hrady , Kosson and others ,
Nothing finer In the city. Can sell 18fixlH7 or
loss ; for prices nnd terms eco 3. A. Sloman , 1301
Fnniam st. 738
"I710K SALK T\vo houses for sale on Vth st bel
-I ? Capitol nvo nnd Dodge ; w ill boll very chenr
J must have the ground. Apply at 1009 Calif or
nla st. 541
0 SALE-Lot45. Burr Oak. f 1.100. KOO casV
bal. 2 yours.
Ixit 4 , Ilurr Oak , Jl.OOO , 8 , "iO cash , bal ensy.
Lot 47. Ilurr Oak , 1M ) . $400 cash , bal easy.
Lot 10 blk 8. Hillside No ] , S-.BOU , J1.100 cash ,
bnl 11 ycnrs.
Lot 5 blk 7 , Hillside No 1 , $2,500. 81.000 cash ,
bal II years.
Lot 7 blk 10. lloed'slst add , SH.OOO.
Lot 32 , Stmnyiiide , JS.400 , SIO ( cnsh. bnl easy.
Two new 7 room houses with modem conven
lences two blocks wcht Hauscom paik , $ J,40C
each terms easy.
Lot Uo , Fairmont place with live room cottage ,
( .
T\vo good lots w 1th fl vo room cottage on each ,
in blk 10 , Patrick's add , only $2,000 each , terms
very easy.
liuslness lots In South Omaha on N , Q , 21th ,
25th and 20th streets for sale cheat ) .
Aero property near South Omaha for Halo 01
for trade for tnsldo Omaha and Bouth Oinahu
lots. Potter & Cobb , 1GOI Fainam at. , Hoard
Traue building. 877 SI
TQTOU BALE Good housoon Sewnrd street neat
JD scth st. , south front , 13,600 , J700 cash. Ora
ham. Crelghton lllk. _ 7931
FOH SALK Or trtulo , at n bargain , good.largf
now house , corner lot. Graham , Crelghtou
lllk. 701 !
TCTOH BALK At 1800 , house nnd lot , rented at
-L $11 per mouth , on small cash payments , bal'
anco monthly or quarterly , or nil cash at a lust-
tor price and warranted deed. D. D.Bmeaton.lOOE
Dodge St. _ 113
"VTK\V Four room cottage , with pantry , closetf
.lA and collar. Near car line , schools , nud In at
excellent neighborhood , being lot 10 , Hurdettt
court , price Jl.riOO , small cash payment nnd $ lf
per month. Wnllaco , Crelghton block. 408
BALE A beautiful new B-room housu li
block "A , " limlford Place , small rash pay
mcntHnlnnce monthly or to biilt. Charles 0
Spotswood , 3Q5'/t S. IBth st. IKH
FOH SALK or trndo Two bundled nnd eightj
ncros of beautiful louu liuid , imlncum
bcred. Will bell low or trade for Insldo Omnliii
real estate. Address J. H. Lamur , ram ( ioo *
hotel , city. miO 7 *
OH LKASn or Sale-Land nnd lots suitable
for manufacture , ware houses ,
packing houses , mills , cnnnlug fuc-
f01 lew , Ice houses , htablo for wlntcrlna
horses , leedlng yards , poultry raising , milk
darlos , otc. Also suitable for cottages and clienji
homos. Dig inducements to thono who \\uut
suPli ground and mean business. HoggH .t Hill ,
real estate , 1408 Fnrnambtroi't. KM Nil
"VTKW Four room cottage , with pantry , closets
a- > and cellar. Near car line , schools nnd in nn
excellent neighborhood , being lot 10 , llurdnttc
court , price tl.ljOO , small cash payment nnd (1C
per month. Wallace , Creightou block. 4(18 (
milOMPSON , 311 S. llth St. , buys und soils real
JL estate , loans money , purchases Bopurltliis ;
hns n good list of property for sale nnd wants
more. Notary public. 854
1ST your property for sale with Charles C.
Spotswood. OOJSK B Ifith Pt. 043
i'KCIAL IIAUQAINS of Cium& ltlshop-5-
room house , good barn , well , Usteni , etc. ,
y block from htreot car , W. < K ) . H rtish , very
cheap. 5-room hoube , 1 block from 2 car lines ,
$2,100 , JfiflO cash , a bargain. Now 4-room house
nnd full lot , tnoo. : > 50 cash , nsnap. Call on
Criim & lllshop. 310 8.15th st. ar.
M O exchange Some money and choice land
J. for firstclnss improved inside pioperty.
U.K. Cole , 111(1 ( HISlli. 411
TJKN ) BALK-124xlflOftcor. Hownrd nnd.T > th
J : Ets. , next block to Kassnn , llrady k Martins -
tins houaes , $7 00. Address li. 3 : ) Itoeonico. BXI
THOU BALK Hovcrnl houses and lots on
J3 eiiiHll puymentii , also some houses and
lots to trade ; several farms for sale ortiado for
Omaha property or for stock. A. F , Mayno. N.
W. cor 10th unil Fnrnnra. Wl
rpo TUANSF15R Account leaving city , valua.
JL. bleplwo of land alongside bolt line , oa
which OuO ban been paid , will accept 210. Apply
K ( ) . lire olllco. * 8iH U )
-m house. t\\o lots. Walnut
Hill , W.fiOO. ( irnliain. CrPkhton lllk. , m 1
ON'T take your oj es off this till you have
read It through : ,
Say , joungmnn. young woman , men whoso
halm nr turning Kruy. women whose beauty
may bo fading , but w hose good sense and sound
Judgment will over remain. Never normit the
Uouds of adversity to cast their Hlmdowg UJKIU
your rented cottage door. Don t allow old ugo
to crec-p over you n homeless wanderer , lluy n
lot w hen yon con. Now Is the time to secure a
lot for n home. Don't delay or you will Barely
IOHO the chance of a lifetime. We will veil you a
beautiful lot , WhclSO feet , for $100 payable 1.
nnd : i years without Interest , provided you build
a cottage on tne property worth $400. Only one
lot wild to each purchaser. Call and see plots.
OlHce open evenings U119 p. in. II. E. Cole. 810
OH BALK-Or exchange , farms In Iowa.
Kansas and Nebraska for Omaha hotiRen
anil lota ; will assume mortgages on houses and
give clear deeds to farms ; will also exchange.
Uty Jots for good farms , well located and as
sume small jnortfc' lte on farms and give clour
deed to city toti. . 1'urni * wanted in Ceotnd Ne-
fcraaka. A. P. Tukey , l'J2i Farnam t. 110
19th anil 8t. Mary's artf.
TitOR SALK-Hy M. A. Upton * Co , ral MtaU
JD broker * , HUD fl. Ifith tr # t , opposite cham
ber of commerce. Extra bargains : South and
east front lot In Oak Chatham , opposite depot
grounds. 8 room house : only $3,800 It gold at
once , 1800 cash. This property is worth | 8M |
22t1.t ! Famam and 22ml street * . $ fl,000 , ehpapei *
proi > crty on the street , will b worth $ su,000 la
three years from now. 741
BAHOA1NS Wo have n few choice bargains
In Orchard Mill , Fnlriiitiunt 1'lnco. Hertford
Place , Meyers , Itlchnnl & Tildon s additions ami
O'NIel'H subdivision. Cllll lUHl 800 Hall
Bponcor , 113N. 10th. HallB3
. . BALK A good lot ( .11 foot ) im Park
enue. low price If sold BOOH. McCulioclf *
Co. . cor liith imd Farnam. itll
fPO THADi : Insldo property for good house ,
A eight or nlno rooms , mid full lut. ' MeCul-
lochk , ( io. . cor 15th and rariiaiu. IBB
0-HOO.M houses south of ] mrk on full south
front lots $2,600. Small monthly payments.
Call and BOP these If you want n good , comforta-
bio homo. 1' , K , Dulling , 1503 cor , Ifith and
Howard. 108 iW
f pwo houses In llanscom place renting for
A $70 p ( > r month to exchange for copd Insldo
vacantproperty. .H. 8. Campbell anilfl.W , Her-
Vey,310S. 10th t. , Chamber of Commerce * 152
San Francisco AlUv : Captain Goo ,
the old sailor , who recently discovered
the wreck of the steamer JJrothor Jotm-
thiui. which was lost on July 30 , 1805 , on
n rock off Crescent City , WHS soon yes-
tortluy by the Alta ro ] > ortor. Captain
Goo's Hrst attempt to locate the sunken
Bteamor was nitulo seven years ngowhon
Wood & Hillard chartered a schooner
nnd attempted to 11 nil the exact sccno o (
the wreck.
"But they pot drunk , " said the sailor ,
"and of course did not succeed , After
wards , every summer. I attempted to
find the vessel. I took two boats , each
with two men , nnd loading my lines
with lead , draped four or Hvo miles up
that portion of the coast. Two years
ngo I succeeded in finding the vessel ,
but the /OR came down and prevented
us taking bearings , so that lust year I
failed to find her. Last September ,
however , I returned to my search , and
after dragging very faithfully two and a
half days came across the wreck , which
lies in thlrty-threo and a half fathoms
of water , about two miles south of
Northwest Seal Rook ' and two miles
northeast of Jonathan Hock , which it
was called after the wreck.
The wreck lies about six hundred feet
from Saddle Hock , which is not laid
down in the chart , hut is well-known to
llshormon. At law water1 there is about
four feet of water on the rock , and at
high tide ton feet. She had evidently
struck this rock and slid off into deep
water. "
"Do you expect to got much treasure ? "
asked the reporter.
"Well , I don't know. It is thought
there wore &J,000,000 on board , and I
believe $700,000 was in greenbacks. At
nny rate , I am going to try , though it is
hard work getting divers. They don't
like going down more than twenty
fathoms , the strain js too great. "
The Flro Record.
Los Axnni.cs , Cnl. , Oct. 09. A flro broke
out nt the California Central railway freight
depot last evening and the whole freight
depot , over nix hundred fcot long , wai con
sumed with its contents. About twenty
freight cms loaded with various clnssos of
poods were burned , and four Pullmans anil
Bovcral passenger couches partly burned.
The IOBB is roughly estimated at fciOO.OOO.
It is understood thuro was no Insurance.
Another Murder Mystery.
EI.MIUA , N. Y. , Oct. 29. Conductor Uay-
inoiul , of a Lcliigh Vnllcy wild tralnrcnorted ,
early this morning the finding of a ninn's
ilcnd body on board his train. The body hud
been cut to pieces und packed into ashoo box ,
All evidences indicate the package was put
on board the train at Elm Ira.
Tlie ItrltUh Army.
LoNtiox , Oct. 29. Sir Charles Dlllto's first
series of articles in the Fortnightly Hcvicw
on the Hritish nnny renews the alarmist
views that Great liiltalu is unprepared to
cope with European powers.
Running Hot ween Council IllulTs nnd South
Oinuhn. In addition to the stations mentioned ,
trains stop nt Twentieth nnd Twenty-fourth
street ; ) , nnd nt the Summit in Omnlm.
" \VcKtwnrtl.
Jt- - < t )