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Delivered by carrier In any part of the city nt
twenty cents per week.
H. W TILTOW , Manngcr.
ItoRiNEM Orricr. , No. 4.1.
NiniiT KDITOU No. M.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Roller , tailor , Full goods chcnp.
"Little Bossl" The best r c clgnr in
the city. Troxell Bros. , ngents.
Judge Ayclesworth Is milking nbout a
half dozen American citizens daily.
"William Lewis Is In St. Louis jiurelms-
Ing now carriages ( or his 'bus and hack
The real estate firm of Cook it Mor
gan have dissolved , Mr. Morgan retir
The Bechtole hotel registered about
fifty persons on Thursday , which isn't
bad for the opening day.
The new tile floor in Officer & Pusey's
brink is completed , and the room is
greatly bcautitlcd thereby.
Permit to wed was yesterday granted
to William Purrctt and May Gallagher ,
both of Boomer township.
II. C. Hartwell and Lucimla Hart-
well , both of this county , were yester
day granted leave to wed.
The saloon , which wns located in the
room north of the Creston liotibo block ,
la no more. Its doors were clotod yes
C. II. Anderson and Mrs. Nlckoy
were taken in by the police yesterday ,
both being in ti very jubilant frame of
The arguments in the injunction case
of the Hock Inland railroad against the
motor line will be heard by Judge Dce-
mor to-day.
Married , on the 27lh lust. , by the
Rev. .1. Finlc , Mr , James 11. Kincrino ,
of this city , and Miss May Hartwoll , of
Hardin township.
Work has commenced on the first of
the series of houses to bo built by C. J.
Colby near the transfer. It is to bo a
handsome two-story residence.
A pair of horses belonging to a
farmer by the name of Giles became
frightened at the transfer yesterday
morning and completely demolished the
wagon bed.
DR. Dewin , John Mclro.y and A. M.
Bennett were before "his honor" yes
terday morning for disturbing the
pence. Melry was lined $10.10 and the
others discharged.
The recent cold snap made it dinioult ,
for the decorators to { ; < > ahead with the
fancy work on the interior of the new
court house , so they put in their time
doing the plainer painting.
George P'uhriimn ' was arrested yes
terday morning in a craxy drunk con
dition , lie was sent to Hie county jail
for a fo\v days to sober up , and will
then bo invited to leavojxwn.
The Crystnl mills company arc about
to build a largo storehous-e with a ca
pacity of 8,000 bushelb. They are com
pelled to do this as their present accom
modations are inadequate for their in
creasing biibinuMj.
The ladies of the Eastern Star held a
very enjoyable social on Tlnu-Mlay
evening. There were about one hund
red in attendance. The evening was
spent mainly in card playing and boun
tiful refreshments were temptingly
The laying of cedar block paving has
begun on the portion of Fourth street
by the Masonic temple. Some time ago
it was announced that that block was to
bo paved with bricks in order to test
the question of the practicability' of
using tills material instead of wood.
The trying of the experiment will have
to bo located ols-owhoro now.
The city clerk was busy yesterday
registering grading bonds. Fourteen
hundred dollars' worth have been issued
to Mitchell & Sweeney , and $1,600 worth
to M. Ciilliihun for work done on Fifth ,
Seventh , Eighth and Ninth avenues
and Ninth street. The bonds are dateiT
October 21 and arc payable in from one
to four years.
lion. J. P. Dolliver will address the
citixpnsof this city to-night upon polit
ical issues. He is one of the best sneak
ers in the state and will bo chielly re
membered by liis work during the last
presidential campaign , when his labors
were in demand throughout the east as
yvoll as the west.
The registry boards in the various
wards have posted alphabetically ar
ranged lists of the names of voters
already registered in conspicuous places
near the registry ollices. This is to
show who have not yet taken the
necessiry steps for voting at the next
election , and remind them that next
Wednesday is now their only chance.
The woodwork on the interior of the
now court house is exciting much ad
miration. It is to bo finished in the
natural wood , and will bo very hand
some. One of the chief points of merit
is , however , the workmanship , every
joint being as close as on n piece of line
furniture. The work is pronounced by
carpenters as being the best over seen
in a public building of this kind.
The operetta of "Jack the Giant
Killer" is to bo matinee
given as a to
day in connection with the Catholic
fair. The hall is crowded every evening -
ing , and to-night there will doubtless
bo a larger attendance than over , as it
is the closing night. It is a very pleas
ant way of helping along a worthy en
terprise , the funds realized to apply
towards building the now church.
The democratic organ announces that
the now government building will be
now completed "so soon as possible. "
Among the "po.viblo" things is that the
work will bo prolonged as much as pos
sible in order to allow the non-partisan
democrats who arc on the pay roll i\ \
chance to draw salaries for looking aftet
work which is not going on. It's a grcal
feed , and the boys don't want to be
called away from the table in a hurry ,
On Wednesday evening last a lire
was discovered in the woods about twc
miles north of this city upon the lam ;
and near the dwelling of Mrs. Mvnstor
Under the prcsiuro of a strong wind the
llnmcs wore driven into the wooijs foi
several miles , and though they wort
fought vigorously by the people in tha
locality aided by some from the city
the dbtruetion was great. No building ;
or lives wore lost , but it was a close cal
for Mrs. Mynstor's dwelling and othc :
buildings. The loss is in the limbo
destroyed , which covers quite an extensive
sivo area.
Wo arc western agents for the cole
bratcd ' 'Little Boss" cigar. The bus
6e cigar in the eity-Troxpll Bros.
Greatly reduced in price so you can sav
f 10.00 to $15.00 on a coat , far bettor am
cheaper than you can buy ready made
Roller , the Tailor ,
No. S10 Broadway.
E. II. Sheafo loans money on qhatte
security of every description. Privat
coiit-ulting rooms. All business fatrlctl ,
confidential , Olllco , 600Broadway , corner
nor Main street , up stairs.
Best Now Orleans molasses , Qc qt ,
76cgul. , Trokcll Bros. . ' .
Judge Doomor Preparing For Final
Adjournment To-day.
They Hoc n Month Old City
With On Another Ijnuorer
Cniiht Ity a Jjnntl-
Crmnlm From Court.
Judge Dcomer is clearing up his
docket , preparatory to closing the term ,
which will probably end to-day. Judge
Loofbourow is to open court hero Tues
Ycstorday the motion for a new trial
in the case of Jonathan Jones , found
guilty of manslaughter , was brought up ,
but a hearing was put over until to-day ,
when a further continuance will doubt
less be had , as the attorneys for the state
desire to prepare some affidavits. The
understanding is that the motion will
not be finally decided for Porno months
to come , as it will have to wait until
Judge Deemor is again hero. In the
meantime Jones is out on bail.
Several of the keepers of gambling
bouses bomo time ago entered their
pleas of guilty , and yesterday Judge
Dcerner announced the penalty in two
of the cases , that of William Linebergor
and Dan Carrigg , the line in each being
The financial troubles of the Manawa
hotel came up on motions , but were
taken under advisement by the court.
Mrs. Hay wants to have her lien for the
original purchase money of the land on
which the hotel stands worked in ahead
of the lien of the Chicago Lumber coin-
pony for material furnished.
In the case of T. P. Casey , found
guilty of stealing a steer , : i now trial
was granted.
In the saloon cases permanent injunc
tions were issued against William Bohu-
ing , A. Hitter and William Malonoy.
The last named has a sample room in
connection with the Pacific house , and
the injunction is made to apply only to
that portion of the hotel thus occupied.
In the case brought against Jacob Apfel
t'o injunction was dismissed.
In the case of John T. Stewart against
the Nebraska telephone company a de
cision was rondcred in favor of the de
fendant. The plaintitT ( lied a motion for
the reopening of the case for the pre
sentation of some nowevidoncoand , this
is not decided.
In the case of Hutlor vs Archer the
court decided that the defendant must
comply with his contract and take thp
eighty feet on Broadway , near Scott
street , at the price agreed upon , 817o a
front foot.
A writ of abatement , was issued
against the saloon kept by Clans Thomp
son on Main street , but , it has not yet
been placed in the shcrill's hands.
Given Away !
For one week sH/i.OO iUoruetto | rugs
i ) purchasers of the Domestic Combined
owing Machine and Writing Desk , 103
lain St. _
_ _
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
Good potatoes , 05o to 75c bu. at Trox-
11 Bros.
Nature's < us
The excitement over the discovery of
aturnl gas at Herndon has been felt , to
onio extent , in Council BlutTs , and an
xeursion party loft hero Thursday
norning to see the place for themselves ,
.ml if they thought the outlook suf-
iciently promising to invest in some of
, ho town lots to bo disposed of at auction
in that day. The cheap rates for the
ound trip induced a party of about fifty
o go from hero , and the regular east
lound train on the Chicago , Milwaukee
St. Paul took them from the Mil
waukee depot at a few minutes before 10
A-loek. The party arrived at Herndon
it 2-10 : in the afternoon to find a largo
lumber of Des Monica people already
on IJio ground. After looking over the
ground and getting considerable in-
'ormation in regard to the How of gas
: md its utility , all were invited to give
heir attention to the sale of lots by II.
I. Inman , of this city. Sonic business
ots were first disposed of at prices
angiag from $150 to SttSj. The resi
dence lots , situated a little farther out ,
rought from $80 to $17o. In all
sixty-threo lots were sold at an aggrc-
ate price of J8WO. ?
The plan adopted by the company in
belling the lots was to sell only a few in
each block , hoping that the improve
ment of the ones sold would increase
the value of the adjoining ones. Mr.
Inman acted as auctioneer , and was very
successful in selling the lots at good
prices. Although Herndon ivas noth
ing but a railroad fetation until six
weeks ago , it is now experiencing a de
cided boom. Considerable grading has
been done and several lamp posts
erected in tie way of public improve
ments. The olllcials of the Herndon
Land and Gas company are very prod
igal in the use of their gas ( natural ) ,
and keep it flowing at full blast day and
night. The discovery of this cheap
healing and illuminating agent was
purely accidental. Early in November ,
ISSti , Mr. II. C. Booth , a farmer living
near the depot , in boring for water , first
found the gas. Since that timoho.luu
used it for fuel altogether , and says the
gas How is stronger now than a vein
ago. The gas company had a threshing
machine running , the fuel being ol > -
tained from Mr. Rooth's well. The Bier
man , who accompanied the party , &oughl
some information concerning the present
and future of Iloriulon , from Mr , Hasty ,
the president of the company , and was
introduced to Mr. J. L. Beadle , of DCS
Moines , who has the boring of the wells
in charge , as the men who could toll
him all ho wanted to know. "Let's gc
over here and sit down where wo can
talk comfortably , " said this allablogoii'
tlonian , "and I'll fell you all about it
Now then , as you already know , borinp
for gas is by no means new to mo , as ]
am from the gas and oil regions o :
Pennsylvania. When I first heard thai
Mr. Booth had struck gas , I came or
with my own men from DCS Moines t (
see if there was anything in it. O
cour o , I easily obtained permission t <
put down a well , and did to , but don'
for a moment suppose that I 'gav <
away' the result of my investigation. ' .
returned to Dos Moines , and the lonf
and short of it is that there was a com
pany of about a dozen formed and w <
bought 210 acres of land hero , and SOUK
of the members bought more , indl
vidually. This , as you ECO , is nov
platted and in the market. We an
putting down wells all the time , am
the cost of a lot with a small well on i
is but nbout ? 100 moro than one without
ns that is the cost of putting it down
Wo find gas nt a depth of about ono him
drcd and twenty feot. My first wol
1 put down to twlco that dept'
and found three layers of gas
Strata , did you say ? Well , first wo hav
three or four feet of loam and then th
most of the way is-through blue cla
from 75 to 120 feet to the. sandstone tht
bears the gas : Iti my deep well-I fpuu
about two pints of petroleum , but have
found 116110 since. Wo have a man com
ing who will put n well dowii 1,500 feJt ,
and wo expect to strike there n great
deal stronger. Yes. I believe the silp-
ply to bo inexhaustible , is coming
stronger now than it did a year ago ,
and just look at the nmount that comes
through ono of those little pipes. Wo
have applications from over twenty
manufacturing enterprises to come hero ,
and wo are bound to have a big town.
At first they accused mo of having bar
rels of gas stored away somewhere , but
all doubt IB now removed. When wo
get our big well down they can all see
what it it > . Must you go now ? No , no
trouble at all. Call again. Good even
ing. "
The reporter walked out into the
chilly evening air , and as ho gazed at
the great tongues of fire , he pondered
on the ways of an inscrutable Provi
dence , thiitfurnishes , gratis , to moneyed
men , the means of keeping warm , and
denies oven an overcoat to a hard workIng -
Ing news gatherer. At 9 o'clock the
Blullltes were homeward bound , and
many of them wore armed with war
ranty deeds of property in this new city
of natural gas.
Every one making a cash purchase of
25 cents at T. D. King it Co's. cigar
store gets a chance in the annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes.
Down Comforts and Sofa Pillows.
Down and feathers in bulk. Council
BlulTs Carpet Co. , 405 Broadway.
Prunes 20c , Ib. $1.00 , Troxoll Bros.
A "Sovereign" Speech.
Last evening J. R. Sovereign , of
Atlantic , addressed a small audience on
Eisoman's corner where a box did duty
as a rostrum. Ho was introduced by
John Ellis. The speaker prefaced his
speech by saying ho was the candidate
of the labor union party for the oHlco of
lieutenant governor of the state , but ho
did not come asking for any mini's vote.
Ho wanted the people to support that
ticket if they could do it from convic
tion. The audience was made up of
members of all political parties and
gave the closest attention.
It IN Surprising ! !
But a fact. You can get an elegant up
holstered rocker , spring seat and ends
for nothing , 10-5 Main St.
List your property with Cooper &
Judson , No. 120 Main st.
Twin Accidents.
A singular double accident occurred
at the transfer yesterday. A switch
engine ran through an open switch in
the yards and went over on its side ,
smashing it up badly. The engineer
and fireman both jumped in time to
save themselves. A moment later an
other engine on another track , not 100
feet away , went oil at a point directly
opposite the other disabled engine. In
Ibis accident no ono was hurt , ' either.
The two great engines lay there , each
on its side , both disabled , and despite
their injuries seemed to bo making
faces at each other and laughing over
the unfortunate coincidence.
Cranberries lOe qt , Troxcll Bros.
Ono thousand head of one , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit'to reliable parties. Enquire of
A. .7. Greenamayer , 02o Mynster st. ,
telephone 121.
1 Ib Price's baking powder -loc per
can , Troxell Bros.
Wadsworth , Etnyro & Co. , 230 Main
street , make reliable abstracts of prop
erty in Pottawattamio county.
The First Victim.
George Smith , of the Phoenix , who was
fined $1,000 for contempt of court , in
not obeying the injunction forbidding
his soiling of liquors , has not paid in
the cash and it is reported that ho is
lying shady until ho can arrange his
affairs for some fresh move. He has
been out on $700 bail , but no order has
yet been placed in the hands of Sheriff
Reel , and hcnco no attempt has been
made to find Smith , or bring him in.
An attempt will bo made on the part of
his attorney to have the case reviewed
by the higher court , and Smith bo al
lowed to give bonds in the mean time.
Now currants 8 Ibs for 25c , London
layers 18c Ib at Troxell Bros.
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
litirlcd Alive.
Thursday afternoon , while Daniel
North was loading his wagon nt the
bank near Weaver's brick yard , it broke
away and catching him , covered him up
completely. When be was rescued from
his perilous position ho was found to bo
severely bruised about the body .mil bis
face cut in several places. His condi
tion is thought to bo extremely critical
on account of probable internal injuries.
Full cream checso 17c , Troxcll Bros.
rants ! Pants ! !
Just received , a largo now stock of
pants goods , on which special bargains
arc now offered , at present reduced
prices. Pants made to order can bo had
as cheap as ready made.
Roller , the Tailor ,
No. IUO Broadway.
A I'ictnro of Oriental TJOVC.
The entertainment at the Congrega
tional church last evening proved a very
pleasing ono and was largely attended.
The Japanese wedding ceremony was
about three quarters of an hour long and
very amusing. The high contracting
parties wore Mr. Ed Fitch and Miss Matio
Joslyn. After the wedding the ladies
had an oyster supper and sociable in the
church parlors below.
Now Silk , Swiss , Brussels , Nottingham
ham lace and drapery curtains in great
variety. Council Bluffs Carpet Co. , 40o
1 Ib Royal baking powder 45c , Troxoll
The Grismer-Davies comuany arc at
the Ogden.
Leo Amy is improving , and the doc
tor thinks ho will bo able to bo out in
about a month.
Dr. and Mrs. O. II. Simmons arc visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. J. Mueller , the par
ents of Mrs. Simmons , for n few days ,
For a year past Mrs. Simmons has boon
in Europe studying music under the
best instructors , and took a course ol
vocal training in the conservatory til
Frankfort. Germany. Her husband inol
her In Now York , and they are no\v
on route homo. They will leave foi
Lcadvillo , Col. , to-morrow.
The Diamond Oak is a parlor sof
coal stove that leads the world. Holdi
fire over night. A daisy. Low in price
COLK & COLK , 41 Mam St.
Alto agents for the Radiant Homo ant
Stewart heaters.
t . . ' Good'Jujian tea 25elb , pooil ( "iunpow
i1 dot ttia 35c Ib at Troxcll Bros. . ; . . .
Goods , Black Goods , ' Silks
Winter Untli'rwcitr This Work At
You nro never Mifb In buying dry
goods unless you first see wlmt wo luivo
to olTor.
AT 70c riu : YAIID ,
13 pieces heavy black gros grain silk ,
regular price in other houses $1.25 per
yard. Our price this week 70c.
AT $1.00 PER YARD ,
15 pieces black gros grain regatta
silk , warranted to wear llrst class.
Other houses ask $1.05 for same goods.
AT $1.25 AND $1.50 ,
25 pieces best qualities of French
silks , worth from $2.00 to $2.60 per yard.
Our price for this week , $1.25 and $1.60.
AT $1.00 AND $1.25 PER YARD.
27 pieces Colored "Failo Francaiso In
all now and desirable shades. These
arc extra value and must bo seen to bo
appreciated. Our price this week $1.25
per yard.
A grand bargain this week ul 50o per
yard. 140 pieces Fancy Trimming Vel
vets in all styles , suitable for any com
bination and trimmings , at 60e per yard.
These goods are worth $1.25 per yard ,
and arc selling for that price in other
AT $1,00 , $1.25$1.50 PER YARD.
Wo offer this week a full line of over
100 styles plain and fancy Velvets and
Plushes In all shades , which never have
been bold for less than $2.X ( ) to $3.00 per
yard. Come to the People's Store , and
don't delay to bee these goods , as they
will go fast at the prices we offer them
at in this great bale.
Wo "carry the war into Africa , " and
reach out for trade not usually con
trolled by this city.
And our reliable qualities help it out
All-Wool , doublcfold , 38-inch , Flan
nel Suiting at 40c a yard.
All-Wool 50-inch Habit Cloth at 45c
i yard.
AllWoollOinch French Armurcs
All-Wool - - at
iOc a yard.
All-Wool 40-inch French largo
louble , worth Soc , atlioo a yard.
Big assortment 40-inch , all wool , im-
lorted Drap d'alma , Melrose cloths ,
irmurcs , diagonals , serges , taconnies ,
etc. . all ut 75c a yard.
All wool imported Drap do France ,
'ashmoro ' do wixe , French serges , etc. ,
ill at S5c a yard.
About fifty different wears in im-
lortcd French blaelc goods at 81.00 a
Best imported at $1.00 , $1.50 , $2.00 ,
$2.50 ami $2.75.
Our superb assortment of imported
iroaduloths for ladies tailor-made
Irehhca is attracting universal attention ,
iiidies toll us there is no such line of
shades or qualities to be found outaido
our house.
At $1.00 , splendid quality , all wool
jroadcloth , lifty inches wide , in the
newest colorings , at $1.00 a yard.
At $1.35 splendid quality , All-Wool
Gamers Hair Twilled Broadcloth , all
.lie now shades at $1.35 per yard.
At $1.50 All-Wool , Imported French
Broadcloth , 62 inches wide , twilled
jack , all colors at $1.50 per yard.
At $2.00 , All-Wool , very fine Imported
Trench Broadcloth , Princess quality ,
52 inches wido. All the late shades at
$2.00 per yard.
At $2.60 , very best quality of French
3roadcloth , imported , A mazono quality ,
richest colorings , sponged , ready for
.tso , warranted not to shrink or spot ,
iill 62 inches wide and not surpassed at
vny price at $2.50 per yard.
Ten cases or 500 pieces of All-Wool
[ mportcd Dress Goods , from 38 to 60
inches wide , in plain Tricotts , fancy
Mixtures , and plaids and stripes , all to
DO sold at 60c per yard. Never before
liavo any such goods been bold for less
ihan 85c to $1.25. Wo bought thorn at
lialf-prico for spot cash , and propose to
ivo our customers the benolit of our
[ wrchaso. Como early and get your
first choice.
in Silks , Velvets , Plushes and Dress
Goods will bo olTorcd on our remnant
counters at less than otic-half of former
prices. They must go. Wo have no
room for them , bo como and Ufko thorn
away ut any price. They run from ono
to ten yards in each piece and are very
buitablo for combinations and children's
wear , or trimmings. No house in the1
west bells remnants half so cheap as wo
do. Wo believe in making room for full
pieces , and lot remnants go at whatever
they bring. So como to the People's
Store for remnants to-morrow and this
Wo will place on sale this week a
grand purchase of western all-wool
blankets , from a leading manufacturer ,
at the lowest prices over quoted for
strictly all-wool goods. Remember that
every blanket advertised below wo
guarantee pure wool.
100 pairs 4-pound all-wool white
blankets , at $3 a pair.
100 pairs 4-pound all-wool scarlet
blankets , at $3 a pair.
all-wool" white
100 paira 5-pound -
blankets , at $3.75 a pair.
100 pairs 5-pound all-wool ecarlot
blankets , at S3.75 a pair.
100 pairs C-pound all-wool white
blankets , at $4.50 iv pair.
100 pairs 0-pound all-wool scarlet
blankets , at $4.50 a pair.
10-1 all-wool white California blankela
at $5.00 pair.
10-4 all-wool scarlotCallforniablankeU
at $5.00 pair.
11-4 all-vool white California blankets
' ll-4all-.wooiBcari6lCuUfornia blanket !
at $0,00 pair. , - . . ' . : . , .
Elegant all wool white lohib's wool
blankets nt $0.75 , fcj.OO , ' $ .00 , $10.00 ,
$12.60. , .
Elegant all wool ncarlet lamb's wool
blankets ' at JO S , $8.00$0.00 , $10.00 ,
$12.60. . .
Largest and cheapest stock in the
oily. Splendid cot comforts at oOc each.
Full size bed comforts at 76c , 85c , $1.00 ,
$1.2-3 , $1.60 , $2.00.
Novelties in fine French flannels , for
ladles house wear , jackets , wrappers ,
etc. , regular price everywhere else 85c.
Our price 60c.
3 cases all yvool , full size Flannel
skirts , all colors , $1.00 cnoh.
OllEAT .7011 AT 60e A 1'Alll.
4-button , embroidered back , yvorth
8-button length , Mousquetaire , worth
4-button undressed kid , yvorth $1.00.
0-buttons , worth $1.60.
All to bo closed out at 50c a pair.
Only 2 pairs yvill bo sold to any ono
customer. This is the greatest bargain
over offered in kid gloves.
Our low prices and complete assortment
of cloaks and suits cause the great rush
and success yvo are having in our cloak
department , and the ladies yvill readily
appreciate upon seeing our stock
the great care wo have taken in
selecting only garments made up in the
very best style , finish and cut to fit.
Wo cordially invite every lady inter
ested to call and look through our stock.
Wo promise to show a larger variety
than can be found in any other house in
the west , besides saving you at least 25
per cent from prices asked elsewhere.
Do not permit yourself to buy a cloak
until you have first scon what yvo have
to offer. Wo yvill save you money and
suit you bettor than any competitor at
People's Store ,
314 , 310 , 318 and 320 Broadway , Council
Bluffs , In.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Samples sent on application. Wo arc
exclusive agents for Buttcrick Patterns.
Fashion catalogues forwarded to any ad
dress , upon application , free of charge.
A SiicceHKful Fair.
Last evening the voting commenced
on the various articles ac the bazaar in
the Masonic temple. A cane is to bo
voted to the most popular conductor
running into the Bluffs , n hat to the popular young lady , and a beauti
ful but impassive bride to the bachelor
who is mo t in need of her. This after
noon the operetta of "Jack , the Giant
Killer , " is to bo reproduced. The ad
mission fee to all parts of the bouse yvill
bo 25 cents. This evening yvill bo the
wind-up of an unusually successful
fair. The lottery drawings yvill then
take place. The piano , portrait , saddle ,
etc. , will this evening be awarded to the
lucky ones.
> Inrrlcd a Mulatto.
Parkersbiirg Journal : Among the
people at the circus to-day yvero a young
married couple from Ohio , of whom the
yvifo is of the negro race and the hus
band of the Caucasian. The very pe
culiar feature of the case is that the
husband does not know that his yvifo
has colored blood in her veins. They
are both quite young , and have been
married less than u year.
The girl formerly'livcd in this city ,
whore she yvns employed as a domestic ,
but caniehorooriginally from out on the
Baltimore & Ohio railroad , somewhere
in the neighborhood of Clarksburg.
She is a good-looking brunette , and
shows but little trace of her African
blood , notwithstanding the fact that
her mother was of the darkest , ebony , as
is well known by plenty of people in
this city.
The young man is a son of a yvell-lo-
do farmer in Ohio. He met the girl
here , became attached to her , and
about a year ago they yvcro married.
It is said that ho has never had the
slightest intimation or suspicion of the
fact that his bride has a drop of colored
blood in-her veins , ns she has been very
careful to conceal the fact from him.
They live happily together , his ease
illustrating the old adage that where
ignorance is bliss 'tis a good deal worse
than folly to know some things that
your neighbors knoyv.
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sertion anil Klvo CentH Per Line for each subse
quent ln-ertlon. Leave advert Ihements at our
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Itefers to any bank or buslnes houseIn the cltjAj
Collections a Hpeclalty. f I
P. ( Midnight ; Shny Stump , there's whiskers on
zo moon. "
S. ( Angrily , ) "There's n fool at the other end of
this wire. "
P. ' "Sail right ; what 'm I a fool for , shayV"
S. "Because you sent to Chicago for your car
pets , when you might have got them justascheap
of the Council Bluffs Carpet Co. , 4OB Broadway. "
P. "Sh'cago ? No 1 never. I bought 'em of the
C. B , Carpet Co. Alnt s'big a fool 's you took me
for. "