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Delivered by carrier in any part of the city at
twenty ccntu per wtek.
II. W TIUION , . . . Mannger.
TKI.Kl'HONKSs orncr. . jvn. tt.
NiniiTKnmm KO.SO.
Ni Y. Plumbing Co.
Roller , tailor , Full goods chcnp.
William Arnold paid $4.00 yesterday
afternoon for peddling singing birds
without a license.
Next Wedncbdiiy IB the only chance
r that now remains for unregistered vot-
cro to put their names on record.
The entertainment at the Baptist
church which was to have taken place
this evening has been postponed.
The next chapter in the Jones mur
der case in the motion for a now trial ,
which will bo argued to-morrow.
Three drunks were before the bar yes
terday morning. Ono of them paid the
necessary $7.00 , and the others were
sent to jail.
The Swnnson Piano company have
invented a piano truck which makes
t the movement of this unwieldy instru
ment a pleasure1.
The Strcetsvillo Sabbath school asso
ciation will give a sociable Saturday
evening at the residence of Mrs. A.
Richardson , near the transfer.
'Two young men desiring va pleasant
room , in central location , private family ,
can secure wimo at moderate rental by
nddressing , with references , II. 12 , BEK
Thcro will bo an entire chungo of
programme at the Ida Clark : concert
this evening , so these who wont last
evening will have a now treat and a
rich one.
The oporotUi of "Jack , the Giant-
Killer , " will bo reproduced at the
Masonic temple Saturday afternoon to
give the school children an opportunity
of seeing it.
Kid Grant wns run in by the police
last evening for the larceny of some
overcoats from a houno on South Main
Btreot. The coats were found in his
J. 11. Sovereign , of Atlantic , will
speak in this city Friday evening at 8
o'clock , at Dolmny's old opera house , in
the intorcst of the Knights of Labor und
the Union Labor league.
Marriage licenses wore granted , yes
terday , to James H. marineof Council
Bluffs , and May Hartwell. of Hard in
township , and to Frank C. Simmons and
Laura S. Troup , both of this city.
Mrs. Conrad Goiso has been a sufferer
from pleurisy for some time. Tuesday
Dr. Macrae tapped her side and took
about two quarts of lluid from her left
lung. Ho thinks her recovery is now
Steam pipes are being laid between
the now court house and the county jail.
The work of getting the heating appar-
ratus in readiness is hindered by a
scarcity of mabons to prepare the
The funeral of Mr. Ed. Irons occurs
this afternoon at 2:30 : o'clock from his
residence. The members of the Bap
tist Sunday school will meet at the
church at the same hour and attend the
funeral in a body.
It seems that some steps should betaken
taken so that the steps of these who pass
through Bayliss park in the wet seasons
will not be attended by so much damp
ness. The walks are very muddy , when
there is mud anywhere. It is suggested
that the walks should bo paved with
cedar blocks.
The club rooms are serving well ono
of the purposes for which they were
fitted up the entertaining of strangers
visiting the city. Within the last month
thcro have been over two hundred vis
itors from out of the city. No ono is
admitted except on being introduced by
Bomo member , and the risitors all regis
teringan interefating record is thus pre
The Clark concert company arrived
yesterday. Miss Clark is accompanied
by her mother. The little lady wno has
already won the reputation of being the
finest conotist in th land , took a
drive about the city and expressed her
self ae being greatly delighted with the
appearance of the city , and especially
with the grand scenery of the bluff sand
Little Lutio , six years of ago , ono of
the inmates of the homo for the friend
less , died Tuesday after a short illness
of membraneous croup. The funeral took
place yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock
from the chapel of the home. This is
the first death that has occurred there
in over a year. Lutio's mother died at
Wintorsot several months ago of con
sumption , and since that time the little
orphan has been cared for at this insti
The Japanese wedding , which hits
been several times postponed on ac
count of the failure of the costumes to
"materialize" from the importing
house , will bo given on Friday evening
at the Congregational church in connec
tion with an oyster supper served by
the young Indies' society. The musical
programme , consisting of selections
from the opera of "Tho Mikado , " and
the wedding , will bo given at 8:80. : A
treat may be expected by all who wit
ness this novel entertainment.
It Is Surprising ! !
But a fact. You can got an elegant up
holstered rocker , spring seat and sends
for nothing , 105 Main St.
Cranberries lOc qt , Troxoll Bros.
Only ono faro for the round trip to
Ilorimon to-day.
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire ol
A. J. Greonnmayor , C23 Mynblor Bt. ,
telephone 121.
The Clark Concert.
Last evening there was a fair-sized
nudlonco at the concert given by the
Ida Chirk company. This young cor-
notist wns enthusiastically received
and her solos wore heartily applauded
Iler playing of the musical glasses wni
also very pleasing. Little Daisy Dixon
n mere child , gave several recitation !
which showed wonderful talent for OIK
of her ago. Miss Lulu Frank , the pian
1st of the company , is a very fair wusi
cian. The programme was quito variei
and was of a popular character. Then
was also in the company a soprano
Miss Mamio Frnnoy , wno gave sovora
bolos. To-night the same company ap
pears with au entire change of pro
1 lb Price's baking powder 45c pecan
can , Troxoll Bros.
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
1 lb Royal baking powder 45o , Tro.xol
E. II. Sheafo loans money on clmttc
security of every description. Privivt
consulting rooms. All business strictl
confidential , Ofilco , 600Broadway , coi
ncr Main street , up stairs.
Work Going Right Along On the
Broadway Bridge.
Another Day of Injnnct Inns , Contempt
ntul Motions TIic Horse
Binding Cnsc Accidents
Personal Mention.
Glimpse * oflinpi-ovcincnt.
The work on the approach of the
Broadway bridge is being delayed a little
tlo by the material not arriving as soon
as expected , but there is no waiting or
idling , the energies being directed to
other work in the meantime. Yesterday
the work of excavating for the first pier
wns being pushed right along. The first
pier is on the west bank of the river ,
about ten feet from the water cdgo , and
the excavation will be to bed rock , a
depth of thirty-seven feet only. It was
not the intention originally to sink this
pier to bed rock , but under the later
plans this is to bo done , making it as
solid as the everlasting hills. There
were also soundings being made for the
pier in the middle of the river , a boat
being thcro with a gang of men. It is
evident that the bridge company and
the contractors arc pushing the work as
rapidly as possible , and their promise to
hnro the bridge completed early next
summer bids fair to bo promptly mot. It
scorns that in less than a year from this
time this now communication between
the two cities will bo in active use by
the public.
Those who have stuck closely to their
stores and homes in the central part of
the city have little realization of the
changes that are going on in the vicin
ity of the transfer. One old resident
who , in company with a BEE man ,
drove about there yesterday , expressed
the surprise felt by many when ho said :
"If anybody had told mo u year ago
that I would have seen so many now
roofs in this part of town , I wouldn't
have believed it. I have always
thought that these lands would bo used
sooner or later , but somehow I got to
thinking it would bo a good deal later
than sooner. It don't beom possible. "
The number of improvements can only
bo realized by a personal inspection ,
and it scorns strange that so many citi
zens rest quietly up town , without see
ing for themselves the many changes
going on day by day.
The new round house of the Union
Pacific , one of the largest in the west , is
rapidly approaching completion. The
brick work will be done by the first of
November , and it is expected that the
house will be ready for occupancy a
month later. A number of the railway
men are planning to take up their
residences on tnis side about that time ,
as their will be over hero , and there is
not a day passes but what there are
numerous inquiries for lots and homes.
It is now announced that as soon as
the engines are housed herOj a.nd trains
kept and made up on this side , the
building of shops will follow at once ,
the work on the Buildings to commence
this winter. It is whispered among the
railroaders , who keep close track
of such matters , that the Union
Pacific intends having its main
machine building at least six hundred
feet long. There are other improve
ments to bo made , besides the extension
up Tenth avenue. It seems that there
are now being worked as _ largo forces as
possible , and the prediction is made that
greater things than these are yet to
follow. ,
The building activity in Council
BlutTs this season seems to be chiefly in
regard to residence property. There is
such a demand for homos , for houses to
rent , for rooms , etc. , that it is evident
thcro are many new-comers here. It is
difficult to get the exact number of new
residences built here this season , but
they certainly exceed the record of any
previous year in the history of the city.
When the school census was recently
taken these engaged in that work cure-
fully noted down all the houses which
they saw in course of construc
tion during the two weeks they wore
making the canvass. They counted 288.
It appears from the postolllco reports ,
the carriers be ng notified when a now
house is occupied , to guide them in the
delivery of mail , that over 400 now
houses have boon thus completed and
are now being occupied. A contractor ,
who has been keeping close watch , has
been making an enumeration , and ho
fixes the total number of residences
built or contracted for this season as
over 720.
It appears that while some other
cities in Iowa , notably Des Moines , lost
voters , as shown by the registry this
full , Council Bluffs has gamed , and
when the last day of registry is closed ,
so that the accurate count can bo made ,
it is believed that the showing will be
ono which will bear out the showing oi
the school census , by which it is esti
mated that between four or live thou
sand inhabitants huvo been added tc
this city's population during the year ,
"Real estate is looking up , undthoro'i
more activity than ever before at this
time of year , " remarked ono of the
prominent dealers yesterday , and thii
sumo assertion is frequently hoard bj
these concerned. Most of the sales
like the building improvements , are o !
resilience property. The largest salt
this week is that made by O. II. Gor
don and J. W. Paul , of Omaha , to Potter
tor & Cobb , of Omaha , it being twenty
two acres just cast of the fair grpundi
and north of AvonucG , the considers
tion being over $18,000.
Prunes 20 Ibs $1.00Troxoll Bros.
At Cost mill Less Than Cost.
Wo are closing out our toys and fanci
goods. Dealers in Christmas and holf
day goods will find it to their advantngi
to give us a call , ns wo are bound t <
close out our entire stock of over $30,00 *
regardless of cost. Come and get bij
bargains. MUKI/LEU Music Co. ,
108 Main street , Council Bluffs.
Barring the Bars.
In the district court yesterday then
was a further round-up of the saloons
There wns little in the proceedings t
interest the public generally , and ther
wore but few listeners to the tcchnica
motions and arguments which attom
every stop in the proceedings. It i
chielly in the results that the interes
now lies , the public having bccom
pretty familiar with the main question
in the contest. A writ of permanon
injunction has been issued against A
Rittor , The case of Jacob Apfol hn
boon dismissed. A permanent injunc
tion has been issued against Fre
Bokempcr. The cases against th
following were heard and Bubmitte
yesterday : John Larson , J. Ncumoyor ,
Rink , William Bohning , William Mr
lonoy. The attorneys presented thoi
authorities , and Judge Dcomcr will lee
these over before deciding. The cor
tempt case against Mike Nolan is to I
heard to-day. That against Mrs. Koj
the owner of the building former !
occupied by Nolan , has been dismisse (
, Tbo case of the State vi. Dun Carrig
was continued. As a ground for the
continuance an affidavit wns filed ,
signed by Dr. Bellinger , Btntlng that
Carrigg is confined to his room by ill
ness and will not be able to bo out for
ten days or more.
The contempt case against George L.
Smith is to bo taken up this morning.
Gt > to Kei'nttim iC-ur.y.
Wadsworth , Etnyre & Co. , 230 Main
street , make reliable abstracts of prop
erty in Pottawattamio county.
Full cream cheese 17c , Troxell Bros.
Pants ! Pouts ! !
Just received , a largo new stock of
pants goods , on which special bargains
are now offered , at present reduced
prices. Pants made to order can bo had
as cheap as ready made.
Rcitcr , the Tailor ,
No. 810 Broadway.
Not of Ono Mind.
The twelve men called upon to decide
whether Harry Witmcyer is a horse
thief or not were locked in a room
Monday night about 7 o'clock. They
were in one sense a disagreeable sot of
fellows , for after staying together for
fourteen hours they could not agree ,
and asked the judge for further In
structions. Even with this enlighten
ment they could not agree , and they re
mained in their room for forty hours.
Yesterday morning they were as far
from reaching a verdict as over and
consequently wore discharged.
Recollect the excursion this morning
to the gas region.
List your property with Cooper &
Judson'No. 120 Main nt.
Best New Orleans molasses , 20c qt. ,
75c gal. , Troxell Bros.
Given Away !
For one week $16.00 Marquette rugs
to purchasers of the Domestic Combined
Sowing Machine and Writing Desk , lUo
Main St.
Didn't See the Saw.
A deaf mute by the name of Roche
was badly injured on Tuesday. He was
at work with a cross-cut saw in the car
penter shop of the institution when his
hand came in contact with the paw ,
which severed his thumb and badly lac
erated his hand and wrist. It was a
very severe injury and may necessitate
the amputation of the hand.
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
The excursion train will leave over
the Milwaukee this morning at 9:15. :
Good potatoes , 65c to 75c bu. at Trox-
ell Bros.
Greatly reduced in price so you can save
$10.00 to $15.00 on a coat , far better and
cheaper than you can buy ready made.
Reiter , the Tailor ,
No. 310 Broadway.
Took a Tumble.
M. E. Weatherbec , proprietor of a
Main street livery stable , met with an
accident Tuesday afternoon. In climb
ing to the hay loft ho slipped from the
ladder and fell to the floor , striking
upon his head and shoulder. Ho was
saverely bruised and considerably
shaken up , but fortunately escaped with
out any broken bones.
Take your cards and cribbage boards
and go on the excursion this morning.
Good Japan tea 25c lb. good Gunpow
der tea 35c lb at Troxoll Bros.
Personal Paragraphs.
L. B. North , of Avoca , was at the
Creston yesterday.
The Clark Concert company nro nt
the Pacific house.
J. Colby returned yesterday from an
extended eastern trip.
T. B. Jackson and wife , of Carson ,
wore in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Do Long and Mrs. J. E. Hnrk-
ne&s are visiting in Shcnandoah for a
few days.
J. F. Record , a well known Glenwood
merchant , was yesterday at the Kiel
hotel , in company with Seth Dean , of
the same place.
Mrs. James Craig and Mrs. James
Hickey , of Hay Springs , Neb. , are visit
ing with their sinter , Mrs. William
Patton , of this city.
Ed Watts , of the Republican force ,
has returned from Jacksonville , 111. ,
where ho has been with his wife on a
visit to her mother.
Frank Ycnawino showed himself in
the neighboring marshes yesterday af
ternoon .and scared several ducks to
death. Ho claims to have shot them.
Mr. Fred S. Kidder , formerly of Now
York city , has entered the employ of
H. F. Field as foreman. Mr. Kidder
has removed his family here and will
make this city his home.
The Ladies' Fair.
The Catholic bazaar is receiving very
liberal patronage. Last evening's en
tertainment by Miss Sophie Corner ,
elocutionist , assisted by Misses Claroy ,
Moore , Keating , Tholl , Drees , Lacy and
Mergen , was well received by the largo
audience present. Dancing will bo
indulged in this and to-morrow oven-
ing. The sum cleared for the now
church will amount to considerable.
Every ono making a cash purchase of
25 cents at T. D. King & Co's. cigar
store gets a chance in the annual prize
drawing. Twenty elegant prizes.
Now currants 8 Ibs for 25c , London
layers 18c lb at Troxell Bros.
D. H , McDANELD & CO , ,
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
KO and 8 ! Main Strcet.Councll Bluffn.Iowa.
Latest Novelties ,
In Amber , tor
toise shell , etc.
II air ornaments
as well as the
in hair goods.
Hair goods
Made to order
Mrs. O. L. Gillette ,
i : 89 Main Street , Council Bluffs. Out of town
work solicited , and all mall orders promptly
el HUndcd to ,
Dross Goods , iDlnck Goods , Silks
"Winter Umlrruoar Thin AVrt-k Al
l'f < ) | ilc'H Store.
You arc never wife in buying dry
goods unless you fii-nt n'o what \\c huvo
to oiler.
AT 70c run YAun ,
13 iicccs ) hcnvy blnuk groa grain bill ; ,
regular price In olhur lioiibcs $ l.l2'5 jior
yard. Our price this week "Oc.
AT $1.00 PKU YARD ,
15 pieces black gr < w grain regatta
silk , wurriuitotl io wear lifst class.
Other houses ask $1.05 for name goods.
AT $1.25 AND $1.50 ,
25 pieces best qualities of French
silks , worth from $2.00 to 92.AOpcr.viml.
Our price for this week , 81.25 and $1.50.
AT $1.00 AND $1.25 PER YARD.
27 pieces Colored Falle Franenlso in
all new and do.-ruble * ! shades. These
are extra value and must be seen to l > o >
appreciated. Our price this week $1.25
per yard.
A grand bargain this week at 50c per
yard. MO pieces Fancy Trimming Vel
vets in till btyles , suitable for any com
bination and trimmings , at 60c per yard.
These goods nro worth 51.25 per yard ,
and are selling for that price in other
AT $1,00 , $1.25 , $1.60 PKH YARD.
"VVe offer this week a full line of over
100 styles plain and fancy Velvets and
Plushes in all shades , which never have
been bold for less than $2.00 to $3.00 per
yard. Come to the People's Store , und
don't delay to face these goods , as they
will go fast at the prices wo oiler them
at in this great bale.
We "carry the war into Africa , " and
reach out for trade not usually con
trolled by this city.
And our reliable qualities help it out
All-Wool , doublefold , 38-inch , Flan
nel Suiting atI0o a yard.
All-Wool 50-inch Habit Cloth atlio /
a yard.
All-Wool 40-inch French Armures at
60 < 5 a yard.
All-Wool 40-inch French
- - large
double , worth 85o , at 65c a yard.
Big assortment 40-inch , all wool , im
ported Drap d'alina , Melrose cloths ,
urmures , diagonals ) serges , taconnies ,
etc. . all at 75c u yard.
All wool imported Drap do France ,
cashmere do haxe , French serges , etc. ,
all at See a yard.
About fifty different wears in im
ported French black goods at $1.00 a
Best , imported at $1.00 , $1.50 , $2.00 ,
$2.50 and $2.75.
Our superb assortment of imported
broadcloths for ladies tailor-made
dresses is attracting universal attention.
Ladies tell us there is no such line of
shades or qualities to bo found outside
our house.
At $1.00 , splendid quality , all wool
broadcloth , fifty inches wide , in the
newest colorings , at $1.00 a yard.
At $1.35 splendid quality , All-Wool
Camel's Hair Twilled Broadcloth , all
the new bhades at $1.35 per yard.
At $1.50 All-Wool , Imported French
Broadcloth , 62 inches wide , twilled
back , all colors at $1.60 per yard.
At $2.00 , All-Wool , very fine Imported
French Broadcloth , Princess quality ,
62 inches wide. All the late shades at
$2.00 per yard.
At $2.50 , very best quality of French
Broadcloth , imported , quality ,
richest colorings , sponged , ready for
use , warranted not to shrink or spot ,
full 62 inches wide and not surpassed at
any price at $2.50 per yard.
Ten cases or 600 pieces of All-Wool
Imported Dress Goods , from 38 to 60
inches wide , in plain Tricotts , fancy
mixtures , and plaids and stripes , all to
bo sold at 60c per yard. Never before
have any such goods been sold for less
than 85c to $1.25. We bought them at
half-price for spot cash , and propose to
give our customers the benefit of our
purchase. Come early and got your
first choice.
in Silks , Velvets , Plushes and Dress
Goods will bo offered on our remnant
counters at less than one-half of former
prices. They must go. Wo have no
room for them , so come and take them
away at any price. They run from one
to ten yards in each piece and are very
suitable for combinations and children's
wear , or trimmings. No house in the
west sells remnants half so cheap as wo
do. Wo believe in making room for full
pieces , and lot remnants go at whatever
they bring. So come to the People's
Store for remnants to-morrow and this
We will place on sale this week a
grand purchase of western all-wool
blankets , from a leading manufacturer ,
at the lowest prices over quoted for
strictly all-wool goods. Remember that
every blanket advertised below wo
guarantee pure wool.
100 pairs 4-pound nil-wool white
blankets , at $3 a pair.
100 pairs 4-pound all-wool scarlet
blankets , at $3 a pair.
100 pairs 6-pound all-wool white
blankets , at $3.75 a pair.
100 pairs 6-pound all-wool scarlet
blankets , at $3.75 a pair.
100 pairs 0-pound all-wool white
blankets , at $4.60 a pair.
100 pairs 6-pound all-wool scarlet
blankets , at $4.60 a pair.
10-4 all-wool white California blankets
at $5.00 pair.
10-4 all-wool scarlet Californiablankots
at $5.00 pair.
11-4 all-wool white Californiablankots
$0.00 pair.
11-4 all-wool scarlet Calif orniablauketi
at 10,00 pair.
Elegant all wool white lamb's wool
blankets at 0.76 , JS.OO , $9.00 , $10.00 ,
Elegant all wqol scarlet lamb's wool
blankets at $0.75" , $8.00 , $ ! ) .t)0 ) , $10.00 ,
LorgcBt and cheapest stock In the
city. Splondld cot comforts at 60c each.
Full bl/c bed comforts at Too , S5c , $1.00 ,
$1.25 , $1.50 , $2.00.
Novell low in line French flannels , for
ladies house wear , jackets , wrappers ,
etc. , regular price everywhere else 85e.
Our price 60o.
'I IMU-CH all wool , full size Flannel
skirts , all colorjt , $1.00 each.
4-button , embroidered back , worth
8-button length , Mousquctaire , worth
4-button undressed kid , worth $1.00.
0-buttons , worth $1.50.
All to IHJ closed out at SOo a pair.
Only 2 pairs will be sold to any one
customer. This is the greatest bargain
over oflercci in kid gloves.
Our low prices and complete assortment
of cloaks and suits cause the great rush
and mifcess we are having in our cloak
department , and the ladies will readily
appreciate upon booing our stock
the great care we have taken in
selecting only garments made up in the
very best style , finish and cut to fit.
We cordially invite every lady inter
ested to call and look through our block.
We promise to show a larger variety
than can bo found in any other house in
the west , besides saving you at least 25
per cent from prices asked elsewhere.
Do not permit yourself to buy a cloak
until you have first noon what wo have
to offer. We will save you money and
fcuit you better than any competitor at
People's Store ,
31 1 , 31 , 318 and ! ! 20 Broadway , Council
Bluffs , In.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
Samples sent on application. Wo are
exclusive agents for Huttoriek Patterns.
Fashion catalogues forwarded to any ad
dress , upon application , free of charge.
SPEC ! AT < ailv rtl cmt > nts. ouch as IoM , Found ,
To I/oan , Kor Palt > , To lient. Wants , Hoarding ,
etc. , will be Inserted In this column lit the low
latoofTKN CIKNTS PKK LINK for thu tlrst In
sertion and live Cents Vtr Line for t > nch mibxe-
< l\i > nt Insertion. Lcme advertisements nt our
< ifli < No. 1" Pearl Street , ncur Broudwuy , Coun
cil Illutlo , lo\\u.
IiW memlk'rs for our nmnteur orchestra.
TOOK HKNT Dwelling No. 717 First avenue ; 10
-I ? rooms ; rent MO. Apply to K. II. Sheufu ,
Broadway , cor. Mulu street , up-htulr.s.
) ItKNT An cljjht room honso centrally
lorututl. Enquire ofV. . T. Cole , 501 Pearl
FOH HKNT House * mid furnished rooms. J.
It. Davidson , 825I'ltUi uvouue.
rpOKXCHANCJK For Council Bluffs or Omaha
- Ipioperty , a nil all stock of boots and shoes ,
amount , WOU ) . Call at utore. No. WIS liroadway ,
or address II. Mnrtln , Council Binds , Iowa.
TOOK SALE Second-linnd Columbia bicycle
.1 ? very clieup , 63-Inch , at llee oflice.
hundred thousand dollars to loan on
ONE estate and chattels by K. J. Day , U9
"I3UILDINO lots and acre property for sale by
J3 F.J. Day , 3 Pearl St.
FOR SALR OR TRADE-For Council Bluffs
proiwity , 40,000 acres of Iowa and Ne
braska laud. J. It. Rice , 110 Main St. , Council
TOOK BALK My residence property corner 8th
-I-1 st. and dth ave. Kino 8-room house , two
lotx , the corner one vacant. City water and
fioweroKP , good barn , carriage house , etc. A
bargain If taken Hoon. Apply on premises or at
No. U Pearl St. , Council Blurf * . 8. T. Trench.
FOR RENT A finely furnished front room ,
tlrst floor , In private residence near court
house. Water In room , lighted and heated.
Large closet. References required. Address H.
K , flee office. Council muds.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
Ui oadway , Council Bluffs , Opp. Dummy Depot.
Horses and mnles constantly on hand , for
sale at retail or In car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on short
Stock sold on commission.
Telephone 114. 8CHLUTEH & BOLKY.
Opposltu Dummy Depot. Council Bluffs.
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City with Fire Es
cape. Electric Call Bolls.
Accommodations First Class ,
Rates Always Reasonable ,
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
415Broaiway , Council Bluff : .
Refers to any bank or buslncs house In the city
Collections a specialty.
A Case that Baffles Med
ical Science.
"Yes , sir.he is as mad ae a March hare"said one gen
tleman to another , as they were standing on Broad
way yesterday afternoon.
The object of this remark had just passed up the
street , and ever on the alert for news , the reporter
followed him. He was a middle aged man , well dress
ed , and apparently a gentleman of the well to do
class. In his hand he held a memorandum book , and
as he scanned the signs as ho passed them he mutter
ed to himself , "Four Hundred and Onel Four Hun
dred and One ! Four Hundred and One. Yes , that's
the number wife said ; Four Hundred'and One.Broad-
way. ' ' And as he came opposite to Harkness Bro's
store , the look of anxiety passed from his face and he
broke into a laugh. As he passed through the door
he said to himself , "I may be stark mad crazy as a
loon , but I am not crazy enough to pay double prices
for inferior goods , when I can get the best of Hark
ness Bros. , for less money.
The reporter thought lie was not & candidate fop
the Insane Asylum.
And Fine Pottery.
W , S , HOMER & CO , ,
No. 23 Main St. , Council JIUKTs , Iowa.
COO Drouilway , Council RlufTs , Iowa. Established
Justice of the Peace
OOice Over American Express , No. 419 Broad
way , Council Blurts , Iowa.
Real Estate
Vacant Lots , Lands , City Res
idences and Farms.
Acre Property In western part of the city. All
Belling cheap.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent ,
Itoom C , over Officer & Pusey's Bank , Council
Bluffs , Iowa.
Ogden Boiler Works
CARTER & SON , Prop's.
Manufacturer ! of
Orders by malt for repairs promptly attended
to. Satisfaction guaranteed. 10th Avi-mie. Ad .
dress Ogden Iron Works , Council lllulla , Iowa.
Attorneys at Law ,
Practice In the State and Federal Courts. Office ,
Itooius T and 8 8hugart-Beuo Block , Council
Dluff.s , Iowa.
Attorney - at - Law.
Second Floor Brown Building ,
. . . .
Coaches and Hacks in the City ,
No. 418 Ilroadwny The Manhattan.
Tt'lvphonc No.83
No. 015 Main Street , Telephone No. B.
Trotting - Stallions
WADE GARY , - - Council BlnE
P. Midnight ; Shny Stump , there's whiskers on
ze moon. "
S. ( Angrily. ) "There's a fool at the other end of
this wire. "
P. " 'Sail right ; -what 'm I a fool for , shay ? "
S. "Because you sent to Chicago for your car
pets , when you might have got them Just ascheap
of the Council Bluffs Carpet Co. , 4O3 Broadway. "
P. "Sh'cago ? No I never. I bought 'em of the
C. B. Carpet Co. Alnt s'big a fool 'a you took me
for. "