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38 Inch All Wool Dress Flannels at 290. worth 500 , 54 Inch All Wooj
3 Grey Mixed Flannels at 47 I-2C , worth 750. \l \ 1
I. . .
\f \ ine Silks , Aprons and Books ,
Dress Flannelsl
Dress Flannelsl
8OO yards of 38-inch all-wool
Butting Flannels ,
This is the biggest bargain of
n the season , and will never be duplicated -
plicated at this price. We have
f. . 8OOO yards of this splendid flan-
'nel ' , and will sell the lotonMon-
8OOO yards of 38-inch all wool
-tress , ) Flannels in the following
I-colors : Navy blue , myrtle green ,
brown , wine and black ; at 29c
per yard ; worth BOc.
t We will place on sale just one
case of 44-inch Camel's Hair Colored -
ored Striped Suitings at 37 l-2c
'per yard ; worth 80c ; only one
dress pattern to each customer.
j FLANNELS 47 1-2C.
4O pieces 84-inch all-wool
JDress Flannels , In grey and
Jjrown mixtures ; also navy blue ,
myrtle , brown and wine colors ;
all at 47 l-2c ; worth 7Bc.
English Tweed Suit
ings 65c.
r 48 pieces English Tweed Suit-
Ings at 03c ; worth $1.
This the St. Los XTUS Must Do
, to Boat Detroit.
the Main Credit of the Victory Duo to
the Detroit IMtchor Preparing
For the Great Pigeon
Detroit O , St. I/oiiln O.
New YOIIK , Oct. 15. [ Special Telegram to
! pHK BUD. ] The game at the polo grounds
to-day was played under circumstances to
Impel the players to do their best work. The
Spectators who came out to see a good gumo
Of haso hall without friend or favor , num
bered ten thousand. They were not disap-
Vpolnted. They expected to see the St. Louis
men muko'n closer light than they did , hut
M they witnessed the splendid Holding exhi
bition of the Strait City cluh and tlio wonder
ful pitching of their Gotzeln , they could only
admit that the victors were invincible this
flay and St. Louis must wait till some other
flay. To Gotzoln belongs the principal honor
Of the victory. Ills delivery was too much
for the ordinarily clever batters in the oppos
ing team. When it is considered thut of the
Whole nlno from St , Louis only two men
made clean hits and those in the last inning ,
Jt will bo soon that Gotzeln was out as a
pitcher und got thcro. On the other liirid
Foutz was hit frequently and hard , and v nile
the Dotroits earned six of their nine r.'ns ,
Iho 8ii | > i > ort Duvo received at certain periods
Wits discouraging.
TUB scour. :
DCTIIOIT. A. n. n. In. s.n. r.o. A. E.
Richardson , 1. f. . . . 5 ! i 2 1 3 0 0
Canzell , Ib 5 'J 4 0 9J 0
nowes.s 5
Thompson , r. f 5
\Vhlte , lib 5
Dunlap. 8b 4
Bennett , o
Hanlon.c. f 4 0 0 0 H 0 0
Oetzeln , p
Total 41 U 15 4 37 14 1
ST. LOUIS. A. n. it. In. s. n. r. o. A. n.
Latham , 3b 4 0 1 1 3 3 0
Gleason , s. s 4
O'Neill , 1. f 4 0 1 0 10 0 0
Caruthors r.f 4
Foutz , p. . . 3 0 1 0 1 1 0
Welch , o. f
Robinson , lib 3
Bushoug , c 3 0 0 J ) JJ J3
Total 33 0 5 1 27 10 8
Detroit 3 3000000 3 0
fet. Louis 0.0 000000 0--0
Earned runs Detroit 0 , St. Louis 0.
Three-baso hits Kielumlson.
Double plays BushonK nnd Hoblnson ,
O'Neill nnd Robinson and Uumlskey.
First base on balls Latham , Howe , Rob
inson , Getruin , Bennett.
First base on errors Detroit 3 , St. Louis 1.
Struck out Detroit 1 , St. Louis 4.
"Wild pitehcH Gctzein 1 , Foutz 1.
Umpires Goffnoy und Kelly.
The Bnso Bull Situation.
The directors of the Omaha Base Ball asso
ciation hold a meeting at Penroso ft Hnrdln's
porting goods house last evening , but as
usual no actual business was transacted. The
plans for next year , however , were exhaust
ively discussed , and the secretary , Mr. Kay ,
Instructed to proceed with the negotiations
for u new manager , nnd If iwsalblo to secuio
nacUott , manager the past season of the
Newark , New Jersey , team , an cx | > oricnced
nnd competent hand at the business. No
etops have been taken yet towunl the en-
payment of employes , and It this is not at-
, Ijndrd to at pnce the managers rnuy expect
V to piny a losing game npvt year. Omaha's
f , spat year's team must wake u showing at the
' ' V ry outlet of the season , or the Jig is up.
We open Monday the finest line
of 84-inch English Tweed Suit
ings that is manufactured nt $1.25
per yard ; they are worth $1.9B.
Bengaline Silks ,
Bengaline Silks.
We open Monday the finest line
of colored and black Bengaline
Silks that can be found in this
country. These silks are Wool
filled , giving the silk an elegance
in draping obtained in no other
silks. Every yard guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction in wear.
The pride of this excellent silk is
only $2.23 per yard ; it is well
worth $3.
$1.87 1-2C.
Black BengalineSilk at $1.87 l-2c
worth $2.25.
Black Bengaline Silk at $3.25 ,
worth $4.
Colored Faille Francaise at $1 ,
Another lot of fine colored
Faille Francaise Silks , 21 inches
wide ; elegant goods , that have
never been sold at less than $1.BO ;
on Monday the price is $1 per
Base ball enthusiasm roac'lic B gii 5 lOTr cob
by the execrable y ; Oj the late team to-
"wiri ! v o latter part of the summer that the
game will require a vast deal of bolstering to
gain the vantage lost.
The Joroino Park Meeting.
NHW YOHK , Oct. 15. The weather at
Jerome Paik was cool and the track fast.
Seven fuilongs : Mamie Hunt won , Harry
Russell second , Rosalind third. Time 1:31. :
Three-quarters rnilo : George Oyster won ,
Thora second , Speedwell third. Time
'Mile and a furlong : Laggard won , Richmond
mend second , King of Norfollf , third. Time
lBSf. : )
Mlle and a half : Linden won. Nnlanto
second , Lolcgos third. Time 2 : ! ) jf.
Three-quarter milo : Phil Leo won , Choctaw -
taw second , Miss Mouse third. Time 1:17J : .
Steeple chase , over-full course : Justin
Mubo won , Retribution second , John Henry
third. Time uot taken.
Races ut I ,
CINCINNATI , Oct. 15. At Latonla there
vusfiuo weather , an excellent tiack and
good racing.
Five furlongs : Kitty Guun won , Brunette
econd , Elmlru third. Time 1:04. :
Seven furlongs : Lemon won , Elsie B sce-
md. Tom O'Shantcr third. Time 1:31. :
Six furlongs : Evangolino won , Mishap
second , Calcutta third. Time 1:17. :
Ono inilo : Gold Flea won , Duloy Oaks second
end , Jim Nave third. Time 1:43. :
Nine f urlpngs : Klrklln won , Dad second ,
Paseen third. Time 1:50. :
Probably the last game of the season was
) layed yesterday on the old ball grounds , be-
Aveen the Omaha and St. George clubs. The
esult was a victory for the Omahos by 54
nms. For the victors the batting of Messrs.
Taylor , Roberts and .lopp was especially
worthy of notice , the latter gentleman initi
ating his perfoinmnco with n mnsnillcent hit
to les for 0. Mr. Taylor's contribution of 11
Wai the result of his usual euro. The defeat
of the St. Georges was mainly duo to their
lack of practice , as that , they have llnt class
iilayors among them cannot bo denied , of
which the bowling of Mr. Douglas and the
, batting of Mr. Robinson gives ample proof.
Had the weather been a llttlo loss boisterous
the scores on both sides would have been
larger. There is every evidence that next
year , if the club can procure aground , cricket
will prosper in Omaha.
Below is the score ot yesterday's match in
ST. auonon' ? CLUII.
J. Upton , b Doyle C
F. Kenmstou , b G. Vaughan 0
W. Gavin , st Taylor 0
J. S. Prince , b Doyle 1
J. F. Robinson , run out 0
A. McPherson , b Doyle 0
J. Douglas , bO. Vaughan 0
W. Mnrchunt , b G. Vaughan 0
S. Nichol , b Doyle 3
O. Hill , not out 0
E. W. Eayres , b G. Vuughan 0
Ex t rus 2
Total 11
W. R. Vaughan , run out 3
R.W.Taylor , b Upton 11
J. Cruikslmnk , b Douglas 3
J. C. Doyle , b Upton 14
( i. II. Vaughan , o KcnnUton , b Douglas . . . 8
W. M. Roberts , b Upton 1
J. T. Mulr , b Upton 3
R. Craig , b Upton 0
J. A. Jopp , b Upton 0
G. W. West , e and b Upton 0
G. H. Roberts , not out 8
Extras J5
Total - ° 5
-j iiii
The Pl PIKCOII Shoot.
All arrangements , for the grand shooting
tournament , under the auspices of Messrs.
Penroso & Hardin , are being rapidly per
fected. The tourney begins on the 2Jth and
continues to the 03th Inclusive. It will bo a
most interesting meet , inasmuch tu the m'a-
Joilty of the crack trap shots ot the country
will bo here including Budd , the champion
wing shot of the world. An Invoice of COO
pigoonj was received from Minnesota yes
terday , which swells the number uf birds
already In coop to .neighborhood of 8,000.
Unlaundried Shifts 75c ,
We will show on our gents'
furnishings counter Monday , 1OO
dozen Men's Unlaundried Shirts
at78c each , that cannot be dupli
cated at less than $1.
DRIED SHIRTS , made of Wam-
sutta Muslin , reinforced back and
front , fine linen bosom , patent
facings on back and sleeves , at
75c each. This shirt is one of the
best in the market , and would be
good value at $1.
Silk Handkerchiefs 68c.
2O dozen Men's Fine Pongee
Silk Handkerchiefs , fancy col
ored borders , at 68c each ; worth
$ t.2B.
Silk Mufflers $1.25 ,
2O dozen Men's Fine White
Pongee Silk Mufflers , 2-inch
hem , at $1.28 each ; worth $2.
We show in our Black Goods
department this week a big line
of all wool Henriettas. They are
an elegant fabric and are silk fin
ished. At the prices we sell them
they are the cheapest and most
desirable goods in the
A largo number of live black birds have al
ready been contracted for , and there is no
dancer of a lack of animated targets. The
number of live birds that will bo necessary
for the different events will bo something
like 15,000 , all of which have been contracted
for. Among the renowned talent that
have already signified their intention
to participate may bo mentioned
Budd. Ruble , Slice , Tucker , Erhardt , Uiloy
and Sheldon , There will be several side
chases for big money , and the tournament
will bo the best affair of the kind. Judging
from present prospects , over held iu the
The Great Fall Hunt.
The Omaha Gun club had made all ar
rangements for the grand annual hunt , ex
cepting fixing a date for the event. Frank
Parmaloo nnd Billy Brewer were elected
captains of the two teams , which are consti
tuted as follows :
Parmeloo's side Pont esc , Petty , Ellis ,
Kennedy , Stubbs , Robertson , Hulott , Dim-
mock , Brucker , Green , Clarke , Elsasser ,
Parr , Mills , Gordon , Simonds and Holmes.
Brower'a side Worley. Smith , Hardin ,
iting , Fields , Cotter , Icken , McCaffrey ,
Stout , Koyo , Hotherington , Foley , Bedford ,
Love , Broatch , Eustis , Nye and Usher.
The count of game will bo made the day
following the hunt , and the banquet will
probably bo spread at the Millard , for which
ho losing side will liquidate.
To-Day'H Athletic Tournament.
The athletic tournament for the benefit of
Fred Cunningham comes off ut the ball park
this afternoon and with auspicious weather a
: argo crowd will assuredly bo present to enJoy -
Joy the sport. Among the athletes who will
appear in the different contests nro some of
the best known in the west. There will bo
running from a fifty yard sprint to n one
inilo race , the hitch nnd kick , high Jump ,
putting the shot , wrestling , dumb-boll lifting
and numerous other interesting events. The
Durant and Thurston hose companies will
close the tourney by a hose coupling contest
for n medal. The beneficiary , Mr. Cunning
ham , is a popular young professional , and de
serving of liberal recognition at the hands of
lovers of athletic sports.
Interesting Sporting Gossip.
Tommy Hurst , thoEngllsh pugilist , will ar
rive in Oinnlm Wednesday next.
Fvod Cunningham wants to run H. M.
Jolinbon , of Cincinnati , a half mile for fi50to
$1,000 a sido.
The crows are gathering in great flocks
and Hying high , which is a never failing har
binger of cold weather.
Joe Walsh , the Omaha shortstop , has n po
sition ut Hoaglaud's lumber yard. He will
remain here throughout the winter.
Hooks ai'O now being made at the rate of
$100 to $ bO at Stephen & McEldcnuey's pool
rooms cu the world championship games ,
H M. Ryan , a well known St. Paul sportIng -
Ing man and manager , laid over hero several
days this wcuk en route to Los Angeles , Cul.
Messrs. II. A. Penrose and Johnny Thomp
son nro at Baitlett's lake , Iowa , and Messrs.
Dick \Vcrtz and Will Townsend at Honey
A good many blue and green wing teal ,
with an occasional mallard and redhead , are
being knocked over at Cut off Lake these
A flnobr.skct of blank bass and croppies
was made at Horscshoo lake yesterday by
Messrs. Ralph Hammerslcy and Jake Smith ,
of Nebraska City.
C , C. Hulett , Frank McDonald and Frank
Parmolco are cracking uwuy at th'o mallard
and redhead out in tuu marshes along the
Joe Ostrella , the genial troubadour , wa (
presented with n handsome gold watch ami
chain by a number of his admiring friends
last evening.
Thorn will bo a general sweepstakes shool
on the grounds of the Omahu gun club next
Tuesday afternoon and some lively i > ort is
Jack Ilanley , a former Omaha slugger , is a
candUlaJc for city marshal at Anderson , Ind
Jack has been son-ing as assistant marshal
for the past year.
The posting of the balance of the stakes
for the O'Leary-Mlllcr fight by Ed Rotherj
and O'Leary's unknown backer will bo mudo
nt Rothcry's place next Tuesday evening.
J. N. Gonnau and Ed Uothery have posted
Quality 1. 42 inches wide at
Quality II. 42 inches wide at
Quality III. 44 inches "wide at
Black Dress Flannel ,
8 pieces all wool Dress Flannels
at 29c ; worth BOc.
At 2Be.
1OO dozen fine Lawn Aprons ,
with three tucks , at 2Bc ; also a
big lot of cream Scrim Aprons ,
at 2Bc ; worth BOc.
Another shipment of Fair God
at 9Oc.
Ben Hur at 9Oc.
1OO copies Emerson's Essays at
38c ; worth7Bc.
King Solprrmn , Jess , Allan
Quatermaih , Sne , Duchess , Pa
per Covers , at IBc.
3OOO CloVh Books at S0c each ;
regular pricey $1.5O ; by The
Duohess. Bertlra M. Clay , Emilo
a $10 forfeit for a catcli'-as-catch.-eau wrest
ling match between two unknowns. The
bout is to take place in private Saturday
night next.
The go&so decoys are being burnished up
afc Penroso & Hardin's nnd the wondrous
talcs of days on the Platte that are told at
the nightly seances are sufficient to make
one's head swim.
t Krehmoyor , catcher of the late Omaha
club , has an offer to play with the Milwaukee
team next season. Krohmeyerwas not up
to his usual good standard during the past
two months , but expects to come round in
great shape next spring.
The prize medal offered by the Police News
for the middle-weight championship of this
state is on exhibition at Patsy Fallon's place
on Twelfth street. There nro already four
entries for the modal , and the competition
will bo on within a few weeks.
McHenry Johnson , the "Black Star , " left
for Cincinnati yesterday morning , where ho
has an engagement at $100 a week to meet all
comers. The Star has been iu Omaha for
several months and has made many friends.
Ho is the champion colored fighter of the
age , and is capable of making u good show
ing with any of the white pugs.
The summing up of the season's average of
the Omaha Gun club revealed the fact that
Frank Parmoleo stands No. 1 and wins the
handsome budge with nn average of 19 > ;
John Potty , second , takes the baudsomo
Lofovor gun , average 19) ) ; H. A. Penroso
third , 100 pounds of Sycamore sporting pow
der , average ISJf ; Billy Brewer fourth , a
hunting coat , average 17 f.
Two More Alesla Victims.
Niw : YOIIK , Oct 15. Thcro were two
more deaths from cholera on Swinburne
Island last night among the Alesia's passen
gers. This brings the total number of deaths
up to twenty-eight since the Alesla left
Mediterranean ports.
A Little Blaze.
A small bluzd was discovered in n house on
the southwest corner of Phil Sheridan street
nnd St. Mary's avenue about 3:30 : yesterday
afternoon. The lire was confined to the roof
nnd was the result of n defective Hue. The
damage was slight.
Supreme Court Decision * * .
Dus MOINES , Iu. , Oct. 15. [ Special Tele
gram to the Biii. ] The supreme court filed
the following decisions to-day : James Braniff ,
appellant , vs. the Commissioners of Pharma
cy , Polk district ; mandamus to compel de
fendants to issue the plaintiff a renewal of a
permit to practice pharmacy. The court
holds that according to chap. 187 , which says :
"Druggists nnd pharmacists who were regis
tered without examination forfeit their regis
tration when they have voluntarily sold ,
parted or severed theiy connection with the
drug business for n period of two years
nt the place designated in the cer
tificate. Should ' sueh party wish to
cngngo in the practice of pharmacy
ho is required to be registered by examina
tion. " The facts shown proved plaintiff's
amenability to the .statute and the judgment
was affirmed : George Junpo vs John Bow
man , appellant , Marshall district , affirmed ;
J. M. King , appellant , vs W. II. Parker ,
Montgomery district,1 affirmed ; Andrew
Mitchell , appellant : vs1 John Joyce , Marlon
district , affirmed ; A. Fi-rnbach , appellant , vs
City of Waterloo. Blackhawk district , re
versed ; Louis C. Dcssalnt , appellant , vs
William A. Foster. Scott district , revciscd ;
George E. Pew vs J. CI Buchanan , appellant ,
Plymouth district.'ufflrmod ; J. A. Griffith vs
Burlington. Cedar Rapids & Northern rail
way , appellant , Washington district , re
versed ; James F. Cant vs Lydla F. Wiggins ,
appellant , Wright District , affirmed.
Klllo Competition Completed.
CHICAGO , Oct. 13 , Yesterday's competition
iu rifle shooting at the military encampment
was completed to-day at 500 nnd 600 yard
ranges. The total scores at all four ranges
nro : Second Massachusetts brigade , 17KI :
United States army team , Department of
1557 ; First Michigan , 14W.
A Dry Ticket.
xu , Neb. , Oct. 15. [ Special Tele
gram to the Biii. : ] The Burt county prohi
bitionists met In Tckamuh to duy and nomi
nated a full county ticket.
M & GO'S '
Tlin IAMl > LIflHEn-Mlss Cummimrs.
JIIS3V Ily the Author of ItutledKO.
THK SIinU.WATEU Tragedy by Aldiicli.
A VHltPEOI ADONIS-By Ihe Author of Rut-
LESLIE OOLlTH\VAlTE-lly Mrs. Whitney.
TH13 OtlAHIHAN ANQKL-lly Holmes.
AN OM > MAID'S PAHAI118E llv K. S. Phelps.
J5UHULAHS IN PAUAI > 18K-liy K. 8. Phelps.
And a number of others by lead
ing authors , only 25 cents a vol-
The most reliable edition pub
lishedunabridged and unaltered ,
containing all the illustrations of
the English work , reprinted
from the 1884 edition of Cham
ber's Encyclopedia , with an
elaborate and carefully prepared
American supplement , and forty
full-page maps , beautifully
printed in seven colors , in 0 large
volumes , imperial quarto , size 12
x9 inches , cloth bound , at $9.SO ;
publisher's price , $18.OO. Full
sheep library style , at $13.OO ;
publisher's price $24.OO.
An Absurd Story Which Causes Much
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] The report that if Sam. llan-
dall will oppose Carlisle in his contest with
Thoobe ho is assured that ho shall have the
chairmanship of the committee of appropria
tions is the subject of a great deal of amuse
ment among the friends of the Philadelphia
congressman. They assert that the story is
too absurd to warrant the slightest notice ,
and the only reason it is noticed at all is the
persistence with which his enemies reiterate
it. Mr. Randall's friends point out that in
the contest between Frank Hurd and
Joseph Romeis , in which the noted
free trader attempted to secure a seat
to which ho had not been elected ,
the democrats werounablo to unite in favor or
seating the democrat and they nrguo from
this that if an attempt is made to unseat
Carlisle thcro will bo enough republicans
who will not participate lu the movement to
insure Its defeat. They reason out therefore
that if Randall should attempt to defeat
Carlisle on the floor of the house it would bo
impossible , for him to carry enough demo
crats over with him to counteract the votes
which Carlisle would gain from the republi
can nido of the house. Further , they insist
that "Sam" will not plead the baby act but
if Carlisle attempts to displace him ho will
find some other means of evening the score
before the session closes.
Death to Birds.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. [ Special Telegram
to the BEE. ] Professor Ilidgway , the
curator of birds at the Smithsonian institute ,
says that the specimen , birds which were sent
to him from New York , where they were
found dead near the Baitholdl beacon light ,
are nearly all of the specie known as
"Warblers. " They nro insectivorous. These
birds are night migratory in their move
ments , and thousands have been attracted
from all directions by the brilliancy of the
light and killed by flying against the glass.
Ho says that the scientists fear
that the destruction will bo so
great that the species will become extinct
before many years. Ho also reports that
there have been found a great many crows
and wild ducks near the Washington menu
ment. They fly at dawn when the nests are
thickest and are killed by contact with the
monument , which is hidden in the cloud. Ho
early and very bcvero winter.
Pensions Granted.
WASHINGTON , Oct. in. [ Special Telegram
to the Br.n. ] The following Nebraska pen
sions were Issued October 15 : William V.
Banta , Oxford ; William T. Adams , Orange ;
Peter McMullen , Lyons ; David Bracken ,
Stecle City. Increase : Najwleon B. John
ston , Fort Niobrara ; Jacob Rowc , Hebron ;
Robert I. Beatts , Turner ; Ole Gilbert , Hays
Iowa pensions : Jesse , father of Isadoro
Brecs , Knoxvllle ; Isaac J. Fish , Aston Leo
H. Thomas , West Union. Reissued : James
W. Shull , DrakoRVlllo ; Alonzo Owen , Cas-
taliaj Stephen R. Mock , Marshalltown ;
Thomas Johnson , Beacon. Increase : James
II. Pitman , Leon ; Maisona Hurrlatt , Glld-
dcn : Alexis M. Huff , Hancock ; Albert
Phelps , Washington ; John Lyons , Blairs-
town ; Emsloy Cliitkcnbeard. Mondumon ;
Thomas Slmmpncr , Salem ; William C. Sheppard -
pard , Hartford ; Lucas Vunderloriden , Tan-
tas ; George A. Suinmorville , Ottumwa ;
Irvin Oxbcrger , Chesterfield. Reissued :
John Mulherln , South Amuna.
Oltcrly's Action Approved *
WASHINGTON , Oct. ID.-Civil Service Com-
iniKsloncr Obcrly to-day received from the
civil bervlco reform association of New York ,
of which George William Curtis is president ,
a copy of the resolutions which were unani
mously adopted by the executive committee
of that association approving of a letter of
his to the Illinois Democratic association in
Washington for its forcible nnd vigorous re-
bukci of such partisan associations among
employes of the government as tending to
lead tp Violations of the civil service law and
13 vols. , cloth , gilt , at $6.70 ;
publisher's price $10.BO.
The works of John Ruskin ,
popular edition , 12 vols. , with
plates , cloth , gilt , at $9.OO ; pub
lisher's price $24.OO.
16 vols. , cloth , gilt , at $8.BO ;
publisher's price $24.OO.
1O volumes , cloth , gilt , in box ,
at $4.BO ; publisher's price $18.
IB volumes at $8.BO ; publish
er's price $18.78.
Remnants ! Remnants !
Manufacturers' Short Lengths
of Bleached and Cream Damask ,
direct from the mills.
BOO short lengths from 1 to 3 1-2
Sirds of medium and very fine
ouble Damask , at BOc on the $1.
These remnants we secured from
a large manufacturer at a great
sacrifice. The patterns ore all
choice and we will offer them at
such low prices that will effect a
speedy clearance : come early.
LOT I at $1.
LOT II atl.BO.
LOT III at$2.
LOT IV at $2.BO.
LOT V at $3.
LOT VI at $4.BO.
promote abuses which the law was intended
to correct , and which the president has
stiongly condemned.
Yellow Fever In Florida.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. Governor General
Hamilton has received a telegram from the
board of health of Putnam county , saying
that another fugitive from Tampa has died of
yellow fever , this tlino at Interlachcn. The
secretary of the treasury has also received u
message from the governor of Florida , ask
ing such aid as can bo given. The secretary
has replied that orders have been issued for
the hospital service to render all the aid
deemed expedient.
An Inter-State Circular.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. The iiiter-stnto
commissioners have addressed a circular
letter to nil carriers subject to the provi
sions of the organic laws , state railroad com
missioners and others , informing them that
the form and character of the reports re
quired to be made to the commission under
section 20 of the act will bo considered at a
public session of the commission to bo held
at Washington on the 20th inst. , at which
time all persons interested in the subject
will bo allowed to present their views , either
orally or by written or printed statement.
Twenty Clerks Bounced.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. Secretary Fairchild
to-day approved the recommendation of Col
lector Magono for the removal of twenty
$1,400 clerks in the New York custom house.
It is said these clerks huvo failed in two
separate civil service examinations for pro
motion. _ _ _ _ _
A Crooked Indian Agent.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 15. The secretary of
the interior to-day requested the attorney
general to institute criminal proceedings
against Jess Lcchnll , agent for the Klowa ,
Commancho nnd Wichita Indians in the In
dian territory upon the charge of malfeasance
in olllce. Lcchull's defalcation , it is stated ,
will reach r'0,000 or $30,000.
Hall County Democrats.
GnANn ISI.IND , Neb. , Oct. 15. [ Special
Telegram to the BEK. ] The democrats met
in convention hero to-day and nominated
Joseph Mullln for county Judge , Frank
Roboy for treasurer , George Ryan for county
clerk , K. A. Wcdgowood for sheriff , H. A.
Edwards for sui > crintciideiit of schools and
left the ofllco of clerk of court blank. Ono
hundred and one delegates were present.
Soldier Hosiers Wanted.
GiHNblsiAND , Neb. , Oct. 15. [ Special to
the Bun. ] As the corner stone of the
Soldiers' nnd Sailors' homo will bo laid on
the 20th lust. , the sccrctarys of the different
state organizations of soldiers residing In Ne
braska are requested to send their "roster"
to Colonel J. O. West , in order that it maybe
bo placed in the corner stone.
Candidates For Oio Tofja.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Oct. 15. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the BEE. ] The democratic Judicial
district convention for the Second district ,
comprising Cass , Lancaster and Otoo coun
ties , was hold in this city to-day. Hon. A. J.
Sawyer , of this city , and D. S. Hayden , of
Nebraska City , were the unanimous nomi
nees for district Judges. Mr. Sawyer was
present and accepted the nomination.
Determined to Bo a Itoulicr.
NciiiiASKACiTV , Neb.Oct. 15. [ Special Tel
egram to the BEK. ] The thirteen-year-old
son of D. 13. Brand , living at Sterling , loft
his homo Wednesday with the avowed pur
pose of becoming a train robber and load
a ent. Ills father was In the city to day and
olferfd n loword for news of him. The boy's
head was turned by reading dime novels.
Wcntlicr Indication * .
For Nebraska : Cooler , fresh to hrl&Ic
southeasterly winds.
For Iowa : Cooler , rain , fresh to brisk
varlublo winds , becoming northwesterly.
For Dakota : Fair weather , warmer ,
light to fresh northwesterly winds , becom
ing variable.
TURKISH RUGS at half th < M ?
value. Ladies know that therA
is no rug made that has the sarnd
richness in coloring , wear an4
style as the genuine Persian rugs ,
We do not carry rugs in stock ,
and only bought these because-
they were so cheap. As usual ,
we give our customers the full
benefit of this purchase. Thesa
rugs will soil from $2.20 to
4 cases French All Wool Sera *
Dregs Goods , 11 colors , 40 inches1
wide , which we will sell MorvJ
day at 3Bc per yard.
We have similar goods in stock
and we have been selling them at
This is a bargain and no mis *
take. Come Monday and get
some of this lot.
Paragraphs About Gould.
[ Ci > vuriuM 1SS7 b\i \ Jamm Qotdrm Uennett. ]
LONDON , Oct. 15. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to the BKH. ] Sunday's Bulf
lionlst contains thcso editorial paragraphs'
Mr. Jay Gould , according to the latest
rumors , is determihed to secure the Coin'
raorclal cable company at any cost , but thcro
are difficulties in the way to bo overcome
which even a Joy Gould may find too U jr.
culean a task.
The MucKay-Bcnnott company maintains
as bold a front as over and has carried the
war into the enemy's camp by lately coming
down to Cd per word to the public. So far
the Commercial cable company has acted la a
fair manner and it is hardly probable that in
n war of rates extending over eighteen
months it will succumb to n one-man attack ,
although that man may bo Mr. Jay Gould.
Wo now so constantly hear these rumors of
the collapse of the Mackoy-Bcnnctt position
that it hardly needs the so constant assertion
to bo made by the New York Herald to as
sure us that the Commercial cable company
has not given in. It Is to bo hoped that
Messrs. Mackey and Bennett will bo able to
stand the racket of tills prolonged war of
rates. If they succeed in their object they
may bo sure of the hearty support of the
British public.
A Fcuil Ilcsulttt In Murder.
GuisnoM ) , la. , Oct. 12. [ Special Telegram
to the Bni : . ] For a number of years past
thcro has been a standing quarrel between
a number of farmers In this county. About
half-past 3 o'clock this afternoon ouo of the
principal participants in the feud , Mr. Law
rence Dolan , trespassed upon the premises
leased by J. J. Donahoc , another of the
parties mixed up in the quarrel , when a dis
pute and angry words between them iol-
lowed und Donahoo shot Dolan with a shot *
gun , the charge taking effect in the stomach ,
causing death instantly. Donahoo at onca
KUrrcndorod hlmsoU to the officials. All the
pai ties involved in the affair ni o wi-althy
farm era and respected and pioinlncnt cijl
Horribly Ilurni-d Ily Gasoline.
Coim.NO , la. , Oct. 15. [ Special Tele
gram to the BIE. : ] While Miss Maude
Kllenwood , a servant girl for Druggist
Twining , of this place , was trying to rcmovo
some grease spots from the kitchen floor ths }
afternoon by the use of gasoline , it bccamo
ignited and hot flio to her clothing , burning
her arms , breast und face In a moH $ horrible
manner before assistance could bo rendered
to her.
Transfer of the It. & O. Tclograpb ,
BAI.TIMOIIB , Oct. 15.-A11 the details tSt
the transfer of the Baltimore & Ohio tele
graph to the Western Union were completed
this afternoon. The pay-roll of the operator *
was made up to 13 o'clock to-night , ana tba $
of the employes up to 0 o'clock this evening ,
and will bo paid by the Baltimore & Ohli )
company. At midnight all the telegraph
property of the Baltimore & Ohio company
passed into the possession of the Wcstcrh
Union company , which will control It Ijl tU | )
A Millionaire Jury Briber Jailed.
SAN FRANCISCO , Oct. 15. Robert F. Mor
row , a millionaire , who is under indictment
on the charge of Jury bribing , was placed
under arrest nnd confined In the county laU
this afternoon by order of Superior Judgf
Sullivan , before whom the case 1s being Uloqj
No icoson was assigned.
Scliuylcr'B First II. &M. Trftth.
ScuuriEii , Nob. , Oct. 15.-SpecIul [ TclCJ
gram to the BEE.-Tho ] long looked for B. ft
M. train arrived hero this afternoop. Thd
truck-layer * will finish the switches fteit
week. Work on the depot will CO COKL *
menccd immediately.
Hank Statement. ,
NEW Yonif , Oct. in.-Tho WfcdiW tanM
filntrir.r t shows the reserve decreased $853
000. The banks now hold r7(2CO,000 la WCUSJl
of the U'srtl requirement.