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CBbo Star Obnmbor Oonforouco Con-
tlnuod Yesterday.
> Clic llnllronil O/flelnlH DlHincltncd to
I'nvor the Public With tlio Pro
ceedings New H l < 'rom Ihe
Capital City.
frnoM tun nr.rM i.ixcor.x
The star clinmbor bossion between the
tiUlroml innnngcra nnd tho.atuto board
of IrnriBiiCri oa conUnuod yesterday ,
nnd the request of the railrcfda to huvo
Iho roportorn barred waa respected by
ilio board. There lias been so much
light let in upon the railroad question
in the pat > t ( ow months that the Kira-
hallH ot ul. don't propose to dlnuiss the
question iuk-lllt'ently before the public.
The roiidH have propositions to make ,
hut it is very evident that they nro not
of a character to satisfy the public , cl&o
the pleas for ncerocy would not bo brought
to hear upon the sessions. The roads
are iiot only simply presenting concca-
BioiiB that lliey are willing to make , but
they are ! H > making demands on their
part for the board to agree to. Ono of
tli CM ) demands is that the present action
in the courts tending to test the validity
of the law bo squelched or withdrawn.
The people of the state , however , want
to know if the law and the board are of
power and effect or if the law is a
force , as the roads attempted to create
it. On the eve of having this very
important question settled , after three
inoiithu' time in working up to n test
case , it is very natural that the corpora
tions bond their energies to have the
proceedings squelched and the law re
main a mystery. From very good au
thority , however , , it is safe to say that
the board will bo content to lot the CIIBO
proceed to ita hearing and iln decision ,
und as the case is in the hands of the at-
tornov general , who is absent from the
city , it is not probable that the demands
of the roads to have it withdrawn will
IK ) agreed to. If the roads nnd board
should agree upon a reduction of rates
upon a basis mutually agreed to , it is
probable that the proceedings would
not bo pushed beyond a decision of the
powers of the board under the present
law. The .secret sessions of the board
and managers are very largely devoted
to a discusnion of the rate question.
The roads olTor a roduulion on the in
and out rales on coal , lumber and grain
to all points in the state and a change
in the turllT on several clniwoHof freights.
The propositions of the roads are moro ,
however , on a basis oi equalizing present
rates than any reduction of a general
character , although the proposition ] !
n few instances cut present rates quite
extensively. An attempt to ascertain
the per cent of the reduction was not
satisfactory and it will probably not IHJ
divulged unless the negotiations pend
ing are agreed upon. The hoard evi
dently recognizes that a compromise is
not exactly what the people have been
Ipd to expect and the roads are not ,
evidently , from what can he ascertained ,
making overtures that are very accept
able to the board. It wan generally un
derstood that at noon yesterday the two
wore further apart than when they
commenced and the time of adjourn
ment did not seem to bo near at hand.
There was one question asked after ad
journment at noon yesterday that re
ceived iv straight answer srom members
of the board , and that was the question
. if thn negotiations wore for the state
entire and not for any localities. The
response was that there was no proposi
tions being entertained by the board
that in any way favored any one locality ,
and this has boon the position the hoard
lias taken heretofore.
The state convention of 'tho Homo foi
the Friendless closed its work and ad
journed after electing the following of-
licors for the ensuing year : President
Mrs. It. C. Mahloy , Lincoln ; recording
secretary , Mrs. C. VV. Pool , Tecumseh :
corresponding secretary , Miss P. L
Elliott , Lincoln ; treasurer , Mrs. Louii
Ilelmor , Lincoln ; board of directors
Mrs. O. C. r.ell. Mrs. W. S. Latta , Mrs
II. ' A. Babcoek , Lincoln ; Mrs. G. S
Alexander , Syracuse ; Mrs. A. 1) . Yoeum
Hastings ; Mrs. Tiehnor , Ucatrico ; Mrs
Burrows , Molroy ; Mrs. E. M. .1. Cooley
slalo organizer. Resolutions wen
j-assed thanking the retiring state organizer
ganizor , the state olncenja.mlendor iii }
the Homo News , the organ of the asso
riioiiuis AT AVOUK.
The prohibitionists of Lancastoi
county are at work in the campaign
and are riding the county over booming
the county ticket. The third party
being in a hopeless minority , expect ti
increase their vote if nothing else. Yesterday
torday there was a prohibition picnic a
Waverly , twelve miles east of Lincoln
Ex-Governor Hardy and Rev. C. F
Creighton wore the speakers and i
largo crowd .was in attendance. Thi
campaign committee huvo the count ;
billed and dates made in different localities
itios up to election day.
The Presbyterian synod , of Nebraska
is noxy in session at the First Prosby
terian church , whore it will continue 11
session over Sunday. There wore som
one hundred ministers and lay delegate
at the opening of the session , Dt
Harsha , of Omaha , preaching the open
ing sermon. Yesterday Dr. Noyes , c
Chicago , addressed the nynod on th
cbntennial fund. There are man
prominent ( Urines in attondunco froi
outside the state and the women'
homo and Foreign mission societies als
hold business meetings during the con
tlnuution of the synod.
Major General Carnahan , of the Uni
form llank Knights of Pythias , accoii
pimiod General Dayton and Coloiu
Downs homo from Omaha yesterday an
was the guest of the Lincoln knighti
who mot him at the depot and accordc
him a pleasant reception. Th
members of the different divisions i
the city have returned from the gran
lodge , bringing ootn honors and cosl
and the Lincoln people are proud <
them. The Uniform Knights , of Lii
coin , are the pride of the city , an
Pythianism at the state capital ia coi
ptantly increasing in numbers and ii
ituence. General Carnahan's visit wt
therefore greatly appreciated.
The Now York and Omaha Tru :
company has tiled articles of incorpon
tion with the secretary of state. Tl ;
capital stock of this cor ] > oration
$110,000 * , in shares of $100 , fully paid u
$500 to bo taken before the commono
mont of business. The corporatk
commences business with the filing i
incorporation and continues until Apr
SO , lim. The indebtedness is limiu
to two-thirds of the capital stock su
scribed and the following are the inco
poratora : Milton Hendria , Jacob 1
Hendrieks , Joshua S. Stowinan ar
Mcrideth M , Green.
The Clarke Coffee company of Oinah
Jiua filed its articles with the sccrotai
of state. The capital n.lock ia ? 100,000.
in shares of 8100 each , each one-half of
which Is to bo paid up before business
commflnw-fl. The expiration of the cor
poration is flxGd at August 1 , 1097. in
debtedness limited to t ro-tblrds of the
capital stock and the following named
are incorporators ; W. E. Clarke. John
T. Clarice , B. Gallagher , Henry Meyer ,
0. 1' . Wymun , A. L. Nlelds and J. E.
The McCook creamery flics articles in-
cori > orating with the secretary of state ,
the capital stock being $7.600. business
to commence when two-thirds of the
Block is subscribed , the Indebtedness
limited to ono-thlrd of the capital stock ,
the corporation commencing business
last Juno and continuing for thirty-five
years. Among the incorporators are F.
L. Brown , George E. Johnson , O. T.
Brewer , B. F. Babcoek , J. Engel ,
Thomas Golfer , R. H. Williams , P.
Stranger and Joseph Monard.
In the secretary of state's office the
force is busily engaged sending out
blanks for the coining ClcsVlno * u list
being forwarded to each county.
The supreme court moots on Monday
to hear the mandamus case brought by
the board of transportation against the
Elkhorn rond. On Tuesday the court
continues the hearing of cases from the
Third district.
John Jenkins , of the labor bureau ,
came down from Omaha yesterday for
olllce work at the capitol.
The Matter to IJe Dlsousseil in Wash-
liiKlon-Next Month.
Some time ago a number of merchants
of this city wont to Minneapolis where
they made arguments before the inter
state railway commission ngalnst the
demand of eastern jobbers to do away
with the shipment to the west of freight
in car load quantities. The bureau of
the board has not lost sight of the sub
ject because a further hearing has been
bet for the llth of next month in Wash
ington. In view of this fact the bureau
wrote to the state railway commission
at Lincoln asking if they would not
take action in the promises. The com
mission , it seems , favorably considered
the subject and yesterday Commissioner
Griflllts received from Secretary O. P.
Mason a copv of the argument which
that board will advance before the inter
state commission in Washington. This
argument of course is in favor of a con
tinuation of the shipping of car load
lots , and displays not only the intelli
gence of the commission on the subject
but at the sauio time the interest that
body takes in matters pertaining to
merchants in this stato.
lie AVI 11 Not Kim for County Superin
tendent ol' Kdiicatlon.
Charles Conoyer , who was nominated
on Tuesday last by the democratic
county convention for the position of
superintendent of county schools , told a
BKK reiKM'tcr that ho intended
to decline the nomination , and will
do so when the county cen
tral committee next meets.
Ho said that ho had requested that his
name bo not presented to the 'conven
tion , but that his request had been dis
regarded. Speaking of the report mudu
to the council last evening by the com
mittee appointed to examine into his
reports , Mr. Conovor said that though
$1,000,000 of school funds
bad been handled by him ninco
188J5 , a period covering the olllcial life
of four city treasurers there was a dis
crepancy of but one cent , and then that
was not his fault. Ho claimed that ,
though it wiis not shown in the pub
lished reports of the council proceed
ings , that the committee stated that not
tv warrant had boon drawn without the
authority of the board.
Contract H Let.
The board of public works let the con
tracts for grading that part of Jones
street from a point 300 feet east of Twen
ty-fourth street to Twenty-sixth street
to Fitch & Co. at 17 } cents per cubic
yard ; Howard street from Twenty-sec
end street to Twenty-fourth street , G.
W. McKinney at 20 cents per cubic
yard ; for grading Seventeenth avenue
Jackson to Loavonworth to Fitch & Co.
at 1 ! ) cents per cubic yard ; alloy in block
10 , Kountzo & Rulh's addition , in the
city of Omaha , G. W. McKinney at S2i
cents per cubic yard ; Grace street from
Sixteenth street to Belt line tracks , G ,
W. McKinney at 10 cents per cubic
The contract for constructing sewers
in district No. 02 was awarded to Hugli
Murphy at 90 cents per lineal foot foi
eight inch newer pipe.
On motion of Mr. Mayno the city hall
bids wore rejected and the chairman in
structed to readvortiso for -three weeks
for bids , and that the bond bo incrcasot
from $ ij,000 to $100,000.
The bill of D. Woodworth for reset
ting curbing on the cast end of Daven
port was rejected by the board , as the
work had not been accepted by the citj
at the time the curbing had been washci
out by rain. _
An Kxprcs ? Deliverer DUapjicarH.
George Hall , the delivery elqrlc o
Wolls-Fargo's express company 1ms no
been seen since last Wednesday oven
ing. Ho boarded on Seventeenth stroo
between Capitol avenue and Dodg <
street , where was found his clothes am
other effects. It is not though
that ho has gone on a visit
because ho would not have dom
so without notifying the agent , Mr
Demeth. Besides , ho was dressed ii
his old clothes which ho had spociall ;
put on on the day of his disappearance
because of the dirty work of handling
old freight in which ho was thei
engaged. Hall is a temporalo youn ;
man , weighing about 145 pounds , am
between live and six foot in height. Hi
wore a light pants , iv dark vest , a blacl
hat , dark hair , full face and sandy mun
tacho. It is not believed that bis par
cuts are alive and his only relative is i
maternal uncle living eight miles north
west of Arapahoe in this stato.
Bank Clearings.
The bank clearances yesterday wcr
KREUS August , son of Krnst nnd Mar
Kroba , used 0 yours and four months , n
the residence of his parents , Melrose Hill
Funeral will bo mmounccil hereafter.
Mayor Broatch returned from th
Philadelphia centennial yesterday. II
would have been hero for the Cleveland
land reception were it not that ho hate
to go to Middloton , Conn. , to visit hi
ntred mother , who was very ill. _
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby was sick , we gave her Castorla.
When the * M a. Child , the cried for CutorU ,
When she became Muu , slid clung to Castor ! * ,
When shehad Children , iha gave them CoctorU.
.T. Cohen and son have started up a
tailoring establishment on N , street.
Mr. Graham , tbo agent at Albright ,
is able to bo out after a short illness.
The wrecking train was called west
on the Union Pacific yesterday.
Frank IColsch , vrclgh-mn&tor at Few
ler's packing house hud taken n trip to
The South Omahn Gun club will iva
n grand ball and game supper on next
Paul Stevens , n clerk In P. W. Hod-
Bon's Htoro , narrowly escaped being
burned yesterday morning. Ho was
smoking n cigar and dropped It on his
clothing , setting it on tiro. It took sev
eral buckets of water to subdue the
The estimated expense of grading N.
ntrcot to within two of grade will
ba 4,000.
In Judge Reuthor's court yesterday
morning John Londy , charged with dis
turbing the JKWCO was lined $5 nnd costs
urn , Jn.n L.'t"1' * * * ci"c with"ottHii"q
Fred Schwartz with a beer glass , was
lined $10 nnd costs.
C. M. Hunt is making arrangements
to erect a brick building 2-5x66 , four
stories high on the corner of N and
Twenty-sixth strcot , adjoining the ono
just completed. Both buildings will bo
built to the same height and the fourth
"oor will bo mudo into a largo hall.
John Barr , a carnontor employed on
Vnnour's Packing liouso , foil from the
Lop of the building , u distance of twonty-
"vo feet , and alighted on his head on a
lie of bricks. Ho was picked up un-
onscious , and on the arrival of Dr.
' 'nson , who was summoned , it was
bund the scalp was torn open about
levcn inches over the lop of his bead.
The wound was stitched and ho may
Hibly recover , though it is feared ho
s injured internally.
AN Uiii
The Presence ol' n Nc ! > rankiui "Which
Calls Up Memoirs.
J. F. Rugsloy , of Riverton , Neb. , and
it ono time a leading democratic poli-
ieian of this county , is in the city. Mr.
ugsloy used to reside in Florence ,
ind is the first man who over got up a ,
political barbecue in Nebraska. This
ivtm in 1803 when Horatio Seymour ran
gainst General Grant. The excite
ment in Nabra&Ua wns great because it
urns the first vote in the state
hat was ca t for president. Kvery-
iody was out electioneering and
t might truthfully be said the whole
tate was in Omaha for a day. The
Seymour guards ( mounted ) were a prom-
.ncnt feature of the campaign and it
ivns in honor of them that Mr. Pugsley
gave his "ox-roast" at Florence. At
ho time mentioned the "guards" rode
o Belle vuo and on their return through
the city they received a great ovation
Tor the o days. In the evening both
parties had processions , and wore It not
for the consideration and common sense
; if Iho democratic and republican com-
nittccs in arranging the line of inarch
10 that no conflict would occur , there
certainly would have boon a local war
"or party feeling ran very high then.
Police Court Grind.
Charlie Bell , a colored youth , charged
with stoning different parties , was put
tndcr a bond to keep the peace.
harlcs Edwards went up for fifteen
days for lounging about disreputable
louses. Albert Plummer , suspicious
iharactor , five days. Hills Rogers , for
working u drunken man , forty days ,
last twelve on bread and water.
'Sleepy" Jowett , a young sneak-thief ,
fifteen days on broad and wntor , steal
ing grapes. Frank Albron , disturbing
the pcaco , ten days.
All the Trains Late.
The trains wore all late yesterday.
The morning overland came in at mid
day , when it should have arrived at 7:50 :
n. in. The K. C. was two hours behind
time and the eastern connections wore
all out of gear. The cause of delay with
trains from the west was the Central
Pacific's failure to bo on time ; the main
eastern trains were behind hand be
cause of another mammoth "Harvest
Homo" excursion to Nebraska. Seven
trains loft Chicago with passengers for
this city and the state Thursday.
In another column of this issue will
bo found an entirely now and novel
specimen of attractive advertising. It
is ono of the neatest over placed in our
paper , and wo think our readers will bo
well repaid for examining the supposed
display loiters in the advertisement of
Prioldy Ash Bitters.
Don't AVuiit To Re Taxed.
The answer of Douglas county and
Treasurer Henry Bolln , in the case of
the Pullman Palace Car company against
the county was lllod by Solicitor Cowin ,
with the cleric of the United States court
yesterday. The suit is to restrain the
county from levying certain taxes oh
the palace car company ,
Itroom WorkH.
The Woodhull Broom Works company
of Woodhull , 111. , represented by R. L.
Wood , are1 desirous of moving to this
city. Ono of the members of the firm is
hero o'ndeuvoring to find encouragement
to do so. The company gives employ
ment to fifty men.
J. Wallace Broatch , son of the mayor
of this city , entered Yale college last
Itssuporlor excellence proven In millions o (
homes for more than a quarter of n century. It
is usud by the United States ( loveniment , Rn.
( lorded by thu heads of the great universities ,
an the btroiiKest , rnrest and Most Ilcsthful ,
Dr. 1'rlce'sthe only IlaVlns Powder that down
not contain Ammoul Utneor Alum , i oldouly
in cuna.
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Ntw York. Chicago. St. I-ouU
Incomparably th BMt.
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Our large line of flannel shirt waists.
Our large line ofboya lints and caps
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pulvcfsiind ttvtt the nniio are conducted nUhmmcaty
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HiitliurlrotUo ( .omjmiiy to 1110 till * ntrtlilfitUi wltli
f HO nlmlles of our signature attached , In Its mlvertne-
uicnta. "
We , tlm umlciTlsncil Bank * and nankorawlll pit ? all
I'rl/i-s drawn In Iho Ixiiilslunn Ntto Lotteries which
iniir bo iircnvntud ul our couiitois.
J.II.OOLKSUV , Pros. Loulilana National Dank.
riUUHK I.ANAUX , rro . Statq National Bank.
A. IIAMJWIN , Pres. Now Orleans National Bank.
GAUL KOI IN , 1'res. Union National Bank.
Louisiana State .Lottery Company ,
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'oreilucntloiial and charitable purposes with a capl-
al of ll.ljuu.UUO to whlolt a reaurve fnnd of over
'ViU.omi has since been added.
lly an overwhelming popular votn Itn franchise
wnanmiloapartof Mm present constitution adopted
December 2d. A. D. IKS ) . ,
The only lottery ever voted ou and endorsed by the
people of any iitnto. i
It never scales or postpone * .
IU ( jrmul Hloile Number Drawings take place
monthly , and the feral-Annual Drawing regularly
every six months ( .luno Hnri Doeotnber.l
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20 VUf/.KH W 1,111) . 2U.UM
60 " a . 83,000
JOO " U..S . Srt ) J
aw " ao. . , . ; . M.uu )
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Mention this paper.
Third Judicial District ,
Neb , National Bank
Paid Up Capital , - $2BOOOo
Surplus , - 42.BOO
H. W. VATKS. President.
LEWIS S. HKEK , Vlco-Presldcnt.
A. E. TOU/AI.IN , Sd Vlco-1'resldent.
W. II. S. IIiraiiKS , Cashier
W. V. Moitsi : , JOHN S. COI.MNS ,
II. W. YATKS. , LRWIS S. Ituuu ,
A. 13. TODZAMN ,
Bauklns Odlce
Cor. 18th ami rnrnain Sts.
A General Banking Uuslnots Transacted.
Remarkable for powerful nympa-
thetlc tono. pllablx action and ob-
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the buHt guarantee of the excel
lence of theao Instrmnentg.
Heware of Indigestion' * pain
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Then check theiia tnmhlfti ere an hour.
In TAHHANT H HELTZKIl 1 1 el tb * power.
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fft .
Who Is WEAK , NRRTOVN. nr.niI.IVA >
Tt : .wholnhIsFOI.I < randI NOttAN < 'H
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MIND and IHANHOOIKcauiInc exhausting
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valuable medical which ahould bo road
by nil young men. Address
DBS , S , & D , DAVIESON ,
1707 Olive St..St. Louis , Ho.
our retailer for the
or the
$3 SHOE ,
according to your needi.
CAUTION I roiltlrely none genuine nnltM oar
, name ami price anprar | > liiliilronthe toles. Borne
deakra. In order to maka a larger
front , will riccmmcnU the Inferior
coodi n lib which the market ll
ilooilrd. .TAMKS MKANS B4
8IIOK Ii llcht and gtjllih. U
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eat ) ihe flnt time It U worn.
It lll tatlify th rooit
faitldloui ai It U In ttrry
Tllal rt ict | Kjo l to
the hand-ten edO
O j. ? xr A
Aik for the .lam.
Weini'J Shoe for Uo/i " MMa * " Iwenre-
tallod at
$7orK. JAMKS MFANS 83 SHOP. Is theorltl-
nal $3 8ho . and U absolutely the only shoe of IU price
which has ever lxen ? placed exUnihrly on the marked
In which durability Ii considered before mere outward
appearance. Tlmso shots are sold by the beit retailers
throughout the United States , and we will place thoia
eailly within yuur reach In any state or territory If > ou
will send us a postal curd , mentioning this paper.
lamea Bteana A Co. , < 1 Lincoln St. , Iloituti , Uata.
Vull Hue of the above Rhoes for sale In OMAHA
by O. W. Cook , 1300 Furrmm tttreet ; 0. H. Miller ,
BCJ North 10th btrect ; HajTvard Hros. , 4U7 South
1.1th Btreet. In C'ouKuib llLUrra by Bargout &
Evans , 41Broadway. .
'bllt ' ! t.d Dn
5"wi C aUIITllE *
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f linuoji , mild , ( oothlnicurrtnu of
Ity dbKUy Ure.h all k pttti.nitor.
_ . . . . . _ - > .u < k lllniiavicro i tr. tih. ilvctrie
Cumiil5Vtf Hlsiuntly r w.forf.lli > o la caia.
OntUtt Xuprov cmtatiovir alt othtr belli. Wont etiet per *
niMDtly ctirid la IhrH montai. Italxl ptmphl.Ko.UI D
Iho Sand * * EUetrlo C * . I6B UCillo ! „ Chicsai
WK. tTlNTOSn. B. t. tODWILL.
Real Estate Dealers ;
HO South Spring Street ,
Los Angeles , California.
Dealers In city and country property of nil ile-
bcrlptlons. General information to novf-com-
era freely given.
Illack Walnuts , hulls on , f. o. b. . . . COc per bit
HUckWalnuts , hulls elf ,
IJor elder Seed , " lOe p r Ib
Ash Seed , " lOo per Ib
Honey Locust 8ee < l , " 85o per Ib
HiiM-tan Mulberry Seed , " tiJTO t > er Ib
CatalpaBe d , " . . . . 1.00 | > er Hi
AUokll kinds of Fruit and Forest Troofl for
sale. Addreos , Shenandoah Nursery , D
8. LAKE , Proprietor , BHBNAKDOAII , IA.
lla WJ
Ottrtuttdcpartincnl is / ; > ; / / inl-
inciise this scttfion , and for.VJ
you can pnrcJfae a f/ood Ktlfflntt
eqital to hats bottalit elsewhere for
f 2. Other stiff hats for , f x ,
$2.KO , $3.
Our soft crushers sell for OOc ami
Soft Hats from 75c Upwards.
i'i. , order
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1)0 your c
sec the TO Jdjy ° Patior8 ,
Misfit Clot lung
the . It tc
1119 Farnam.
bard lng fifty. earned B uVfor a suit
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or overcoat ,
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* 77'50' Over-
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We a visit-
tion , and your e
And painted and guaranteed tlRht for number
of jrears. Palnta nerer blister. (1KAVKI ,
KUOKINO tnanufactunol and repalrwl. Flro
1'roof Paint applied to Bhlngloo. Fifteen years'
SHI S. 13th St. . liettt ceil Arbor uud Vlnton.
The belt known and mo t popular note ) In the
tat * . Ixx-atlon central , appointments tlr t-clmi.
lleadquartcni for commercial men and all political
ana public gathsrtnn.
K.IMIOGOKN Prnprlotor.
V * * ' -A4 * X/ * \s\ft\ * * \J M + M.MM ]
Epps's Cocoa
"By a thorough knowlodpe of Ibe natural laws which
corvrn the oiwratloni of dlKvttlon anil nutrition , and
by careful application of the line nropertlea of well-
selected Uocoa , Mr. Kppa has provided our breakfast
tables with a delicately flavored bevurage which may
gave us many hnnvy doctor's bills , it U by thojudf *
clous use of inch articles of diet that a constitution
may bo gradually built up until strong enough to ri
slst every tendency to dlseiuo. Hundreds of aubtlu
maladies are floating around us ready to attack
ithernvor there U a weak point. We may eactpu
tunny fatal shaft by keeping oursolvu * well fortlned
wltli pure blood and a properly nourished frame. "
Civil bervlca OatuUe.
Made simply with boiling watar nr milk. Sold only
In half pound Una by Urocers labelud thus :
Uonnoa this paper.
i * AND
[ Glasgow via Londonderry ,
Liverpool via Qucenstown.
Are HIrletIr Flrat-Clitu , and among
the large * ! , fastest and nnest ID the world !
Saloon , second clnsi ami iieeraire I > uMenircr
AccninnioituttoiK Unrxrrlled. livorf
ruitard for tlm comfort und uonvunloiicn or pa
- " etudlously oonsldarod nud praoilooi
Steamers every Saturday for ( iluneonr. Oily of Item *
sails lor Liverpool October 13. It is the largest unj
Uncut imsscncor atoamer atlont. llaU's of im i > iio lot
ull tlUHius us low in by any other llrst-tlais linr. Bai
looneicurslon tlckpts nt reduiwl rates. Drafts for
Hiiy amount at lowest current riito. Kor book *
of lours , tickets , or further Information , unnlr ( o
i S"4 , ' " ' ! ' "s , cilicSUo. "I ri-\\Kk H !
ICS , Ouiuha , Neb.
ThaTwentr-nrst 7 r of Ilils 11 known > cho < it will
bciln at 4 o clock . on W IDNIMUT , OOT. Jith , MOT.
. KAIIOM foraJtrsucvHrtundlng MoxilTOoT.
lOth , Dam , Kntlra courx mar he c'oaipletnl In ( wo or
thrM reari at option nf student. Diploma admit * to Hit
Tuition IHUiwr annum. For ( ) atulngun , to. . illr ,
Dem of faculty. l 17Luca > Hace. BTI lOUIB. JDJ.
1'OIIT D. A. . W V ( MINO.
SEALED P In frVlli'aTo , HUliJueto
tbe ilBiml conditions , will bo rPffilvot
tills olllc until 12 o'clock , noon , on
October 20 , 1BH7. ut wlUch time and
will be opened In the presence of attending bl < ?
dent , for thii oonsiructlon of the following brick
bulldlnRB u.t tills poht. viz : 2 nU of field oin-
cere' quarters. 4 Mingle bets of otUccrs' quarten.
1 company barrackn. 1 qiiurtornmster B btore-
lioufte. 1 Rtihdlhtencfl ntorehonio. Also for 1
framn coal hhed , und for the convention of two
storelioubtH Into company bnrruckH. 1'ropniUiU
\rttl be couslilert'd for furnishing both nmtorlul
and labor necessary to coinplnte ths work , and
for each separately. Inference Klrtn to artt *
cles of domoMlc prodncture iuid nianufactum.
conditions of jifloranj ( timllty belnu eqnnl , end
such preferuiue boliiK given to articles of Amur-
lean production und manufacture produced oa
the rurIflc coast , to thn extent of. the conininiv
tlon required there. Plans , hpccltlcntlons auij
estimate ot material required ran be neim nt thi
olllcfl of the Chief OiiartermiiHtcr. DeimrtinfJit
ot the I'latte , Umalia , Nebruska , nnd at thlli
olBce. Tnvelopiw containing pmpoiaM to lx >
rnarked " 1'roixriaU for iknistnictlmi of HullU-
liigx , " und uddrnAMid to th uiiflerHlgned at Korl
I ) . A. Kunaell , Wyomlnt ; . Ilio United Stutun it
setrea the rtgrit u > reject any or nil bid * .
l t Lieut. A Q. 1C M. , 17th Infantry. i'OJt Qu * * >