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Reports Current That Ho Will Soon
Vendor His Resignation.
Commissioner SuhtnltN HlH An
nual Iteport to the Secretary or
tlio Inter lor National Cap
ital News.
of HrliiK Overruled.
W SHIMITOV , Oct. 14. [ Special Telegram
to tlio JJn : . ] A friend of Commissioner
Spaiks asserts that hols very pore over the
fact that ho was RO completely overruled by
Acting Secretary Muldrow in the matter of
the indemnity lands of the Omalm rallioad
and the Baj field branch nnd that hu is
seriously contemplating the advisability of
tendering his teslgnutlon. Tills friend as
serts positively that the commissioner has
told several of his intimate associates that UH
noon as the president returns ho will tender
his resignation nnd ask that it bo immediately
accepted If the commissioner should take It
Into his head to adopt this course there would
be no on1 more pleased than the secretary of
the interior and his assistants. Since ho was
nplHjinted Sparks has been the thorn in the
side of all the other ofllciuls of the depart
ment. He generally means well , but ho is so
beadstiong that ho frequently arrives at his
own conclusions without a thought or a euro
of the law or the precedents in the case. The
result is that his decisions arc more fre
quently called Into question than those of
any other official In the service of the govern
ment. Sparks realizes this nnd it is thought
that as the acting secietary took occasion to
"rub in" to some extent when overruling
him , there really Is some truth In the rumor
of his cd resignation.
Hpnrkft' Annual Iteport.
WAPIIIMITOV , Oct. 14 [ Special Telegram
to the Bm ] In his repot to the secretary
of the interior Commissioner Spaiks incor
porates the following , among other iemits |
from inspectors and special agents in Ne
braska , showing the disposition of tlio public
Ir.nds in icpicsentutivo townships. Special
Agent Walter AV. Clc.iry in his reports sajs :
The.'ownship selected is arepresentutivoono ,
being Just sixteen miles from Oaidon City.
The claims that have been proved up piop-
erly in this township are woith from 2 ,
to $ : ! ,000. Tlio soil , If propel 1 } tilled , will
piodute most any kind of ciops. Water is
obtained lit a depth of fioin eighteen to
sevcnty-llvo feet. Ono of the great detri
ments In settling up the country with bomi
lido settlers is the practice of what is culled
'Triendly contests. " If the piuctico could
bo successfully stopped a great deal of land
would soon bo under cultivation. A joung
man or lady enteis a piece of land
under the homestead l.iws. Having nix
months to go on the land , nothing is done
'until about that time. The lady is u sehoo
teacher or the man a clerk , and neither can
leave his or her emploj incut to take the land
Ho or she theiefore goes to an attorney , states
the case and a friendly contest Is entered
the dismissal to bo filed If the iclinquishmcn
is sold. These me the facts. It will bo no
ticed that out of eighty-seven homestead 111
Ings at various times , llftj eight of them have
been under contest , and that out of thiity
thrco timber culture filings , twenty-two have
been or ate under contest. It will also bo
noticed that Wi per cent of the claims that
have been proved up were mortgaged and
abandoned immediately after pioof. In a
number of cases the mottgago was Hied before -
fore the llmil receipt issued. In ncnily
uvcry IMSU whcio Html proof wns made the
improvements have gone to ruin , the houses
being cither loin down or sold , and the few
that remain have no loofsonthem. Itisfulrto
piesumo that Iniiveij few j eats the mortgage
and loan companies will own the bulk of the
government land in southwestern Kansas ,
us claimants cannot successfully pay the
huge Inteicst charged by these blood-sucking
coi point Inns. Tor instance , nmanboiiows
fTiOOfinm ono of these coi ignitions , giving
the agent making the loan 10 per cent com
mission and paying the company li ! per cent
intoicst. The moitgago is given lor 7 per
cent , but a second mortgage is given foi the
C per cent , which is counted for the full teim
of the loan , or , if not , that amount of inter
est is taken out of the loan , so after paying
f'WO for proving up , besides tlio Interest nnd
commission , the poor claimant has little more
than enough to take him to his eastern home ,
and when there , with the moitgugo staling
him in the face- and the Hi st Interest coming
duo , ho bids faicwell to his western prulrio
homo. I can tiuthfully say that I do
; uot believe that one timber eultuio filing
I in a bundled is actually madoin good faith
Tor the pin | K > se of cultivation with trees. To
sellanc\ speculate in contests is n pi evident
Iinu-tieo In this district. A party exhausts
till his rights , files n contest and then sells.
There hnvo been in this township at vni ions
times thirty-eight iclinquishmcnU Hied. A
upcciul agent makes u repoit iccommcmling
that u claim bo held for cancellation. The
claimant , who han heaid of the agent visit
ing the land , and knowing his utter non-com-
with the law , lullnqulshes his claim
rt the government , and some of his relations
Immediately lllo on it. If such filing could
bo uifuscd until the case Is finally disused of
ut Washington , considerable fraud would bo
Special Agent Ocorgo B Coburn in his re
port states : The township examined is believed -
liovod to boa fair example of those in the
McCook dlstiict , which nro hugely used for
iigiicultural pin poses The soil is iichnnd
" In all iKiitioim of the township which 1110 cu-
pablo of beiUg tilled , the giovvthof vegeta
tion is rapid when the water supply is abund
ant. The conveyances and mortgages shovui
uro about an average ) of the townships which
huvo becu. no longer settled than this , It
will bo sooi. that they mo numerous ; that
sotno of the ronvpyuni4s aio of even date
wit u the receiver's u'coipt , nnd that in homo
instances the mortgages auto ditto the same.
The agent added : My repoit shows that
sixty-four timber cultuio entries in all have
been filed , or an averngoof u fraction less than
two for HU h section available ! for such entries.
Of tho'-o twenty eight nro now intact upon
thoiocords. Though the number Is not so
largo as some tow nships w ill show , it is evi
dent that there entiies have been laigcly
availed of to keep laud eweied for specula
tion or until pal ties found It convenient Co
pluco entries of another class on the tracts
respectively , or , what is a moro common
method , until the lolinimishmcnt can bo
Inspector Hobbs in his report says : Of the
twenty-sev en timber culture entries now in
forcoonly seven have any growing timber
upon them and ono of thcso w as about to bo
relinquished. The onto man infoiincd mo
that ho intended to make u homestead eutiy
of the sumo tract. To show the length of
tlmo land Is often held under this law vari
ous entrjmon without any timber of any
\alua being raised , attention Is Invited to the
fact that in section 2 , H50 acics have been
held since Am 1110 , IbM ) , the last entry hav
ing been made February 2.1 , lbs . In section
! 1 u quarter was held from March 2 l , ISM ) , to
October 10 , Ibbe ) , and the tract was then en
tered under another law ; in section 5 from
February 14 , ISM ) , to April IV , IbSTj
in section 7 from October 14 , l Si , to
May 17 , 16S7 , when It was enteied under
u different law : in section 8 from December
21,1 ( > 5 3 , to April 10 , ifcistl , when it was entered
uudcr a different law ; in section 12 from
.lanuury 1,1SSO. to the present tlmo ; in sec
tion 23 from Aprils , ibtO. to March 4 , ls > s' > ;
In section 24 from July 7,1870 , to February 1 ,
IbM , when It was entered under another law ;
In section 25 from October 1 , lb0 , to Novem-
Jpr IP , iSfcO , ut which Umg it wua entered
under another law ; in section 82 fiom Julys ,
! * < < > , to September 2:1 : , Ik-i5 , when It was
again entered by another party under the
p.imo law. Attention Is ul o invited to the
fuct that of the twenty-three cancelled en
tries , all but five were cancelled for iclln-
The following Is n comparative statement
of original pre-emptions tilings to final en-
tiles In Ncbiuska for the . \ears named :
Yeais. No.niNo. . Final
ings. Entries.
ISSTi . N4''S 2.IHIS
1837 . t'/iiVS 4,1'JS '
Total . W.U-'J ! .4.1T
[ I'm. * * . ] Thoiepoit goes on to show that
since March 4 , 1&SV 31.WUM ucies have been
rcstoi cd to the public domain. The sales , en
tries and selections for the iKeal .veur ended
Juno : ) ,1NS7 , embrace 25,111,41X1 acies anil of
Indian land 740lU7 acres , making a total of
2."iHV)10.'lS ) , an increase over the jear l vi ; of
! t,7.I,4i ! ! I acres and an Increase of 4.H > J.i24
compared with the fiscal year 18M : receipts
from ellsiKHals of public lands. * 10ib.'ltil ( ;
from sales of Indian lands , * l,4Miirj : ; total ,
? I'.Y-'iW , ' ; incieaso over 1 1 , W'J.17,727 ;
compared with fiscal jear I N'I , $ .liHV
ti25. to which Is to bo added
fS,20l on account of timber depiedations and
? 12,4li 1 for cci tilled copies of icuiids , making
ho total icceipts from all sources 12.2MIHJ8 (
n Aibomi frauds In favor of the Atlantic &
'acillc in a block of land M ) by ItXI miles , by
which the load is given all the'good land , nro
alleged by the surveyor gencial in his 10-
l ) it to the commissioner. The development
: > f Tiaudnlcnt returns of swamp lands In the
suiveys lu-retofoio made in Minnesota len
der a thorough examination in this state
> i matter of impoitanco. Stones of fraudulent
work also tome from New Mexico , Nevada
and Wjomlng suiveyois genoial 'Tiled
examinations , " continues the report , "have
[ loveloped fraudulent and defectlvo smvoj's
tieretofoio returned to an extent which len
ders apparent the necessity for an inspection
of all preceding survcjs , and fully justifies
'he conclusions reached by this office to defer
myinont of accounts for past survevs until
.ho true ehaiucter of the work shall bo ascer
tained. "
In discussing swamp land giants the com-
nissioner sujs the claims under these giants
uivo already reached 77.VK,000 ) acres and that
> atents have been Issued for ncuily Mi,7.V !
KK ) acres. Investigations dm ing the past
jear have demonstrated the fact that munj
iwampland claims me fraudulent.
On the foifoituroof lailiond land giants
ho commissioner renews his iccommcnda-
tlon that foifciluiobo dechued in nil cases
n which the roads weie not completed itc-
loiding to the giant.
Of fraudulent hind cutties , as the icsult of
, i j ear's investigation , 2)12 ! ) entries , eovciiiig
about il70NX ( ) aucs , wcic held for cancella
tion , and 1,15'ientiies , covering about 0iKiO
ncies , cancelled for fraud This subject he
ursues at some length. Ho sujs that sue.h a
ictord of cilmo and bold , leckless and gi
gantic schemes to rob the government of its
land is i.uely to bo found. Thei huvo been
discovered and exposed in every state and
teiutory containing public lands , and the
commissioner thinks he can truthfully MIV
that in eveiy land distiiet and count ) which
a special has visited men of intelligence and
high standing in the cominunit.v , in many
instances milliomiiie's , weie the leadcis in
thcso unlawful tiansactions. Over five
thousand cases have beendisroveied wheiem
perjnrv or snboidination of pc-rjuiy was com
mitted. In the majoiitj of eases the officers
befoio whom the pi oofs or othof papeis vveio
executed w eio largelv state and temtorial
oftkeis , not diiectl.v icsponsiblo to the land
depaitment and WCIP cogni/ant of fr.iud or
could have become so by culinary
diligence. While the aiea of
fiaudulcnt entnes is giadualU becoming
ciicumsciibed , theie still icmains much to do
and an entile or geneuil cessation of fraud
cannot he expected so long as the facilities
offered for its peipetuntion by the existing
laws mo so gieat and the means provided for
their pi eventiem so small. Upward of ten
thousand iinexaminccl eases nro now on file
in which finud has beenchaiged or indicated
One thousand and eleven cases of timber
depredations or trespass vvcio ipportod 01 ;
dm ing the joar , involving in timber am ;
products ? ilH ( > , lU" > iccovciable to the Uniteii
States. The amount actual iccoveicd was
? 12S.H2. (
On the subject of "Itcfoim In the public lane'
laws , " the commissionersavsullelfoits to so
cuio a lefoim by the lepetil or amendment of
jiaiticular ac.ts and luovisions havefailcil
thiough the opposition of inteiosts at vari
unco with the pioposed legiblation. What i <
needed , in his opinion , is an entire lefoima-
tlon in the eMstinglawsjrotainlnganabxoluto
homestead nnd obsolotmg all other foims o
disposal of ngiieultninl lands. Ac
tual residence , improvement and cultivation
of a homestead for a period of live j em s
should bo the exclusive condition of uc.qulr-
ing title to such lands. It would also appear
that the time has , u lived when the piivikgo
of appi opt luting public lands should bo con
fined to citizens of tlio United States. The
mineral laws should bo so amended as to
preseive the light of mineial cxploiations to
citi/cns of the United States and to pi event n
monopoly of native mineial wealth bj Indi
viduals and eoipoiations.
Two Timber Culture Dec'lsions.
WASIIINOTOV , Oct. 14. [ Special Telegiau
to the HER. ] The acting sec ictaij of the in
tenor has decided the timber cultuio contcs
of Askel Hanscn vs David 11. Spanaglo anil
in his letter to the commission about the case
ho sajs : "I have considered the case o
Askel Hanscn David 13 , Sianagle ) , involv
ing the hitter's timber cultuio entry in the
nwj.4 of sec 10 , t ! 1 , n r 12 w , Hloomlngton
Neb. , appealed b.v the former from the dcei
sion of jour onii.o dated November 25 , I
aniiming the decision of the local oftlcers
dismissing the contest. Sp.uniglo's entrj
was niado July 1 , IbM , contest was initiated
September 15. IhM , and the registci's and u >
ceivcr's decision dismissing the c-ontestwa
loveised rebiuaii It , IsSI. The contest i
based on the giound that the cntij
man failed to plow and c ultivuto tin
land In the manner piescubcd in the stntnti
duiing the second and thiid jenr after entiy
H s.itisf.utoulj appeals fiom the evidenc
that at some icccnt pcnod puerto cntr.v fnllj
ten acres of the land in eontiovcisj had beer
plowed ; that this ten acics was rultlvatci'
to crops the Hist year aft enti.v : that dur
ing the second year two and a half or thicc
acics weio planted to timber ; that duiing
the three j ears the giound so planted was a !
least partially cultivated , several additinnu
act et plowed nnd plitted to timber and thai
at the end of the thiid .vcar theie was a gooc'
set of small glowing timber tices on nbou
six acics. It also appeals that the pait o
said ten acies which was not planted to tim
ber lemuined uncultivated dm ing the sen out !
and thiid after entij. exc'cpt that i
smull | irtion of it had been plowed once , nni
this , it Is iiiklsti'd b\ , the c-oi'tc'stant ' , is sllel
non e-onipllanco with the lequuemcnt
of the statute as foiftits thei enti
man's rights to MIU ! hmd. It eat
hardly bo said that the * diicctions < i [ tin
statute have been stnctl.v followed in till
case , for on u full lonsuleiatlon of the lav
and facts shown bv the te'stimony no snfil
clout leuson e-au be disovoicd for interfer
ing with .vour decision dismissing the contest ,
and the same is alHimcd "
In the appeal of Malcolm McLean from
Commissioner Spai Us' dei Islon , holding for
caneullalum his dei laiatoij statement for the
nw ' 4 sec 21. tp 15 , n r , 22- west , Noith
1'latte distiiet. Noluaska , the acting sccie-
tary sa.vs "After a e-aieful re-examination of
the icconl , I bee no icason for disturbing the
decision of .v our ofllce , and the same is ac-
.v alllimcd "
Yellow 1'ever.
WIIINTOS , Oc-t 14. A telegram was i e-
celved tit the Maiino hospital buicau this
aftei noon fiom Li Toiler , president of the
ICey West boaid of hculth , c.oiiccinlng his ar-
riv'nl at Tampa last evening and saj ing that
the dlscaso is undoubtedly yellow fever.
Health onieer Straussc * . of I'.ilatka , telc-
graphs as follows ; " A icfugeo , six dajs from
Tamp i , died hero this moining , the UHh , of
jellow fever. Tlio piemUcs me under sli let
quarantine. " ,
Not Guilty. '
NEV > YOIIK , Oct. 14 The Jury In the case
of 1'ollc'cman Halm , on trial for murder of
Life Saver Hussey , returned 'a verdjct of not
guilt j this uU u gjj ,
A London Mooting OfTors Consola
tion to Chicago's Condemned.
He-solutions Adopted "DeinnmlliiR"
tlio llelouNC of Spies and Coin-
liunlons Tlic
Case rorclRti XCWH.
Plenty of Sympathy
le"o lui loilW / / liiiJnmrr ( Ionian
I.OMIOV , Oct. II ( New York Herald
Cable Special to the BIR. : ] Southplace
chapel , In London city , near Finsbury circus ,
is pel haps best known as the pluce where for
> eais Hey. Moncic-r D. Conway pi cached. It
is now used as u place of public meetings and
lectures. Passing it this morning I noticed a
bill on the door stating that "All wishing to
extend sympathy to the condemed Chicago
anarchists aie Invited to meet hero this evenIng -
Ing , " and at S o'clock I went. I found several
hundred well diesscd auditors , including a
scoio of ladies , listening to the opening
speee-h of the chairman , Hcv. Stewart D.
Headlam , lately notoiiousas a eurato for
bidden to pi each by the bishop of London be
cause ho hud wiitten a pamphlet praising the
ballet and defending the coryphc. His
speech gave the keynote to the prominent
eiiorof the meeting In the prevalent Idea
that Spies and the other anarchists were to
be executed for holding meetings nnd mak
ing Incendiary speeches. Bcsido him on the
platform sat William Morris , the poet , best
known by his poem called "Earthly Paradise , "
Prince Krapotkin , Stepney , the Russian ni
hilist , and Mrs. Annie Bessant , each of whom
n turn uddrcssed the uudjenee on the follow
ing resolution : "That the English workers
of this meeting earnestly desire to ui go on
their fellow-woikers in America the gieat
[ lunger to public liboitj that ai iscs from suf
fering citizens to bo punished foriesisting
attempts to suppiess the right of public ;
meeting and flee speech ; that the fate of the
men now under sentence of death for holding
a public meeting in Chicago , at which ceitain
lolicemen were killed for attempting to
forcibly disperse the people and silence the
speakers , is of deep conceit ! to us as English
workers because theirs is the case of our
comiades in lie-land , and is likely to bo ems
to-inonow unless the workers from both
ides of the Atlantic declare with one
voice that all who interfoie with the
lights of public meeting and fiec speech
act at their own pciil. Wo piotcst against
their sentence , which , if earned out , will
piuetically make the holding of meetings by
workingmen in their own interests a capital
offense tluoughout the United States. Since
it is nlvvajs possible for the authoiitics to
provoke a ciovvd to icpiisals involving danger
to life , wo look to our American comrades to
demand an unconditional iclcaso of the seven
men in whoso poisons the liberties of all
woikers me now in peril. "
Poet Mori is spoke in u dignified manner ,
evidently thinking the Chicago cases similni
to those of O'Brien or Mitchellstovvn. Ho
was followed by Stepney in vciy chostii
English , also misunderstanding the Chicago
matter nnd likening the legal decision theie
to the icccnt ono in Iiclund in sentencing
A local oiator named Blackwell next
spoke. He hud ieeentlv returned fiom Chi
cago. He was sm prised that there was no
more violence in the United States by the
workingmen against capitalists and the capi
talist press of the United States. Ho pre
dicted that the pi ess of England would soon
follow the lead of the United States picss. He
bitteily attacked the London Daily Telegrapi
for exaggeration in sajing that bombs were
flying about Chicago in all diiections ,
A Mr. George no iclation of Henry made
a passionate appeal for the unemployed
seeming to thing that this was n meeting for
The c hail man cut him shoitnnd Intioducci
Prince Kiapotkme , who was icceivcd will
immense cheering. Ho looked picturesque in
n long black bcuid , sallow face , wieic
eyes and bald head. He , like Step
ney , dislocated his English. Ho culogirec
f ice speech as it used to bo in the Unitec
States , attacked Piukerton's agency men as
Hussian bloodhounds and biauchod oft into
sti ikes. Ho criticised the Chicago c-ourt as n
despotic tribunal and ended by piedicting n
civil war in the United States between the
Knights of Labor nnd capitalists.
Mis. Bcssant then spoko. She w'ore a
heavy elnrk-red dress and looked and talkec
like the i evolutionary woman in the tale o
"Two Cities" by Dickens. Her thcmo was
"Judicial Murder , " the icsolution being tu
multuously can led.
It was announced that on Monday the so
eiul democratic club would hold another
inert ing of protest usrainst the monstious ju assassination of the Chicago unaichlsts
when a comrade just an Ivcd from Chicago
would also bo piesent and reveal staitllnt ,
disclosuies. _
The General is Not Permitted to Sei
[ rupi/i/yiil / IKS ? ] iy Ji .ic * ( lotdun llennclf ]
Cl.l.llMO.NT Fl.UIHXI ) , Oct. 11. [ NOW Vfllk
Heiald Cable Special to the Br.n. ] I callcc
to day upon General Boulanger ut 4 ho head
quuitcis of the Thirteen iiuny coips. The
autc-room was in disorder. Parcels , packa
ges and valises w ere all packed up as if a
sudden departmo was Imminent. I sent mj
c.ud to the gcneial , who ut once sent hisuide
de-cump. Captain Dilant , to explain that as ho
wus in close m icstund that ho was over i
slave to discipline , he could not iufi mgo upoi
the military rules by icceiving any ono
not on milituiy service Captain Drian
explained to mo that General Uoulanger hue
m ranged to in t as a pall-beurer to day at the
funeial of M. Bomgct , K ctor of the colic-go
at Cleimont , hut had Just sent woul to
Madame Bourget , widow of the deceased
that h was unublo to fulfill his piomlso
The general had Intended to stint to-moriow
to make a tour of inspection of all the troop
of his command at Itiom Koanno , in the
vichy of Billon r.nd Auiiliac. Captain Diiun
explained to me that ho had just telcgraphei
countermanding all the inspections , whiel
have been postponed till the end of the year
as his anest will not expire till Novcmbe
ID , only n foitnight before Genera
Boulangor will have to go to Paris to tak
part in the council for the promotion of Hole
onicers , of which General Boulangcr Is a
member in his capacity of coips commander
General Boulangcr in close urrest is not ai
lowed to wear his sword , which ho has been
obliged to baud over to hli chief of start. Th
general is in good health , but is too inuied t
discipline , Captain Driant assured mo , t
show the slightest temper nt the blow thu
has been Inflicted u | > on him.
Siitpiised Over tlio Appointment.
Dim.i.v , Oct. 4. Much surprise has been
caused by the announcement of the appoint
ment of Valentino Hints as land commls
sionor. Hines is a bailiff on the Lansdown
Luirgacurrun proi > orty and managed the ro
cxut eviction gi ci
V New York Man Makes n Tool of
lllinseirin t < oiidon.
[ Copyn'y'it ' J&S71 > U Jamtt Gonlnn llciinttt. ]
Loviiov , Oct. 14. [ Xew York Hciuld
Cable Special to the BKI : . ] The old mutual
rlcnd of the New York liquor dealers ,
rimlnal couits and excise boaid , William H.
Munday , came to the fore two days npo in n
cttcr to the Times about O'Brien's c-uso and
claiming that ho gnva Hairlngtoii u point
vhlch discharged the lord mayor. The letter
ilso grew learned about the duplicity In the
ndictmcnt. Munday described himself us
nn American lawyer. Ho at once dicw the
ilood of corrcsi > ondcnts by his reckless shots
at facts nnd legal principles , nnd two of
hose thinking him n confrere of such jurists
us Evurts or Coukllng , Immediately criticised
ilm seriously. But it was reserved for Lord
Brumwcll in to-duy's Times to full into a
similar error and tuko the pains to fairly
lulvcrlzo Munday. This distinguished Jurist
Irst shows up Munduj's want of grammar ,
then his misuse of the jihruse "non constal"
and net his tautology use of the word "case , "
reminding his lordship of the learned counsel
who once said , "If ever a case wus a hard
case this case is that caso. " Lord Bramwcll
finally pokes fun at Munday's assertion as to
duplicity in two courts , showing him that
such an eiror e-an only exist in ono court. He
ihus concludes : "Mr. Munday says ho was
sorry to see such things in nn English court.
Will it console him to remember that the
court was Irish. He says : 'When I return to
America I shall be compelled to t cll our people
ple dreadful things about the English. " Of
one thing ho sajs : 'If It was not horrible It
would bo laughable. " I will borrow his words
with a change. His Ibttcr , If it was not
laughable , would bo horrible if his people
agreed with it. It is perhaps a wonder that
Lord Bramwcll , In signing his name , for he
is u wit , did not quote "sic transit gloria
mundi , " as an offset to Munduy's "non
constut. "
The Unemployed of London.
LONDOV , Oct. 14. The uncmploicd per
sons who frequent Trafalgar square formed in
a body to-day and inarched to the Mansion
house , wheio they demanded an interview
with the lord major , which was refused
them. Thej1 denounced the lord mayor , and
afterward stopped al the office of the Stand
nrd and hooted and jeered. The police at
tempted to move the crowd , but wore met
with resistance. They then charged the
mob and cuptm ed a black flag and a number
of red flags , which wore recaptured by the
mob. The ] > olice soon after chaiged the mob
a'ld dispel scd it ,
Appeal From Mrs
LONDONOct. . 14. Mrs. Hughcs-Hullctt
bus addressed an npjeal to the conservative
committee of Hochestcr , asking them not to
cull upon h or husband to resign his seat in
parliament. She says she , best knowing the
facts , sees her way clear to condone her hus
band's offense and the electors should do so
also. She offers to visit personally all her
husband's supiwrtcrs. The committee has
sent u sympathetic response , but do not favor
her pioposal to visit the electors.
Uiuiiitliorl/ed Kxpcnditiirc
PAHI , Oct. 14. At meeting of the budget
committee to-day Csvnrgnao stated that
General Boulungcrm | December last , ordered
an outlay of 8115OOOjWncs { ! for clothing for
territoi iul reserves. T ls expenditure , Cav-
argnac said , had not bo'im authorised by the
chamber of deputies -Tud wus thoieforo il
legal. ?
For tlio Itcncli.
Nfcvv YOIIK , Oct. 14.f-Special [ Telegram to
the BLE. ] The Times says : "According to
most excellent authoritj- speculation over
the successorship to aiscat on the bench of
the United States supreme court made vacant
bj' the death of Justice Woods , may ns well
end , for L. Q. C. Laraar , secretarj' of the
interior , has been soloctcd for the place.
Ever since Louisiana amo into the union it
has been represented In this court. Tlio law
in that stuto is , in some respects , peculiar. It
is an old civil and canon luw. As Louisiana
lawyers are the onlj' persons who arc sup-
jiosed to undei stand the laws of that state , it
lias been the custom to keep ono of them ul-
wujBontho highest bench. According to
tlio uuthonty upon which the announcement
of Scciotury Lamur's selection is based , the
president Is not impressed with the neccssitj'
of looking to Louisiana for a now Justico. Ho
feels that the state will DO quite as well pio-
tected by n lesldcnt of an adjoining state , am
that Lamai's appointment will bo moro widely
acceptable ) than that of any man whom ho
might choose from Louisiana.
W\sniMiro.v , Oct. 14. [ Special Telegram
to the Hn : . ] John O Lcarj' has been com
missioned postmaster at La Platte , Neb.
Star schedule changes in Iowa : Mnrtimei
to Tmglcy Lc.ivo Martimer Tuesdaj's ani
Saturdaj's at 0 a. m ; uriivo at Tmglcy bj
11:30 : a.m. Leave JTingloy Tucsdaj's ant'
Saturdajs at 1 p. m.i ; arrive at Mortimer bj
4p.m. Fail field to Hcdiick Leave Fairfield -
field daily cxi ept Sundays at 12 m. ; ai rive al
Abingdon by ! J p. m. j Leave Abingdon dail.v
except Sundays ut 7 Um. . ; ariivo at Fuiiiielc ;
by 10 a. m. }
Nebraska : Everett to Nickcrson Lcavo
Everett Tuesdaj's , Tuuisdujs and Satuidays
at 8 a. m ; arrive uti Niekeison by It u. m
LcuvoNie-keison Tuesdnjs , Thuisdaj-s am
Saturduj s at 1'J m.arrive / at Everett bj'
1 > . "I. .
The ClilnoA ) Concessions.
PliiLUin.iMiM.Oct ! II. [ Special Telcgian
to the Bin : . ] Concerning the ic-poit fion
London that the Chinese govci nment hie
withdrawn its concessions to the Chinese
Amciican bank , What ton Baikcr savs
"Neither the Chinese special envoy , Mr
Makiet Chang , nor myself , have unj * infoima
tion of the character mentioned in the dis
patch fiom Tientsin Jo the London Times , "
Canada's Fish Commissioner.
OTTAVV i , Oct. 14. [ Special Telegram to the
Bin : ] A meeting of the Dominion cabinei
was hold last oveningat which it was decidee
that Sir Charles Tnppcr , minister of finance
should i epic-scut Canada on the foithcomiii (
ilshciies commission ut Washington.
Army Marksmen.
1 W\eiusT.TONOct. 14. Agencialorder was
Issued from the arm.y headquaiters jester
day showing the results of the competition
this j ear of distinguished marksmen , am1
announces the names of twentv-nino ofllcers
and men who have been placed in the class
of distinguished marksmen and avvaulcc
handsome badges.
Distinct Koads.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 14 ? The secietary of the
Illinois Central railroad company announces
that the lease of Iowa lines terminated Octo
ber 1 , The management of the Dubuque &
Kioux City , Cedar Falls JL Minneapolis. low.
Fulls , t Sioux City .roads nro now dlstlnc
from the Illinois Central.
Funeral of Minister Manning.
NEW YORK , Oct. } 4. Tlio funeral services
over the remains of the lute Minister Man
nine were held this morning in Trinitj
chapel. Bishop Whlpplo officiated. Aftci
the ceiemonics the body was sent bj' the
Adams express to New Orleans , w hero i
will bo Interred.
Steamship Arrivals.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 14. [ Sicial Telegram to
the BEE. ] Arrived The Gel-mania , fioii
Liverpool , and the Tra\e , from Bremen.
QUEEN-STOW .v , Oct. 14. Arrived The Wyo
ming , fioui New York.
rvtfiiTn iv pppnt T nr'ppiAV
jlght Lot in On the Doings of tbo
Chlcago'H Contingent CeiiNtire tlio
Oenernl MiiNter Workman and
i\rcutho : Hoard 1'or Order
ing on't lie Strike.
KnlghtH ot'ljiilior.
Mi.svDArm.tx , Oct. U. The details of the
secret session of the Knights of Labor as
sembly on Thursday afternoon have just
leaked out and show that ono of the liveliest
discussions of the convention was indulged
in. The committee- bojTotts Intioduced a
it-solution favoring the net ion of Master
Woikman Powdcrly and the executive board
in declaring the big Chicago stock jards
strike off. Some of the delegates from dis
tricts 24 and U7 , of Chic'ngo , had
como hero with n feeling of bitterness
against Povvderly and all of
the executive board , except Hariy. They
offered to substitute a resolution loundly cen
suring the action of the general master woik-
man and the executive ! board. Charles V.
Sicb and George V. Schilling made vehement
speeches sustaining the substitute and
loundly scoring 1'owderly. They claimed
that the action of Povvderly had de
feated the purposes of the strik
ers. Mr. Uarry , in his remarks , stated that
ho thought the men would have gained
their point without any expense to the order
and would have been successful hud they
been allowed to stand out. Mr. Powderly
took the floor and went over the mutter from
beginning to end. Ho made the statement
that the action of the executive board was
advised by him , nnd if there was uuy blame
in the mutter it bclpngcd to him.
The ayes and nays were called for. and
the substitute was lost. The committee's
resolutions then passed by 110 to 40.
The committee on law retried to the gen
eral assembly this morning and It was found
there was no disposition to make any im-
ixjrtant changes in the machinery or methods
of the order. A number of amendments and
propositions were rejected as being
unnecessary or ahcady coveied.
A rule pcimltting dlstiict , or
national trade assemblies , to legulato the
time of the doliveiy of ch.irteis to newly
organized local assemblies was adopted. The
motion to sti iko out that part of the consti
tution which gives power to the general exj
ecutive board to submit an amendment to
local assemblies at any time , was met b.v u
substitute that only on request of five district
assemblies should the board submit an
amendment. The law qualifying the mem-
heisoftho general assembly was slightly
alteicd , so that delegates must hoicafter
show a record of attendance at thiee sessions
of the district assembly instead of four. The
report of the committee is onlj about half
Diivitt nnd tlio' , Oct. 11. 111 an Intel view to
day Powderly denied that Michael Davitt
hud any secret pi ojcct when ho visited Min
neapolis and the general assembly last week.
There was no other intention than n seeking
of endoisement of the convention of the ef
forts of the people of Ireland to better their
Failed to Correctly Ueport Him
CLEVELAND , Oct. 14. Chauncoy M. Do-
pew arrived In this city this evening. Ho
was shown a dispatch , which had been
widely circulated , as to an interview with
him in St. Louis in which ho was quoted as
predicting n tcrriblo financial panic about to
overtake the country. This dispatch wasusod
with very good effect on Wall street
by the bears to day. Mr. Depevv said to nn
Associated press representative that the
young man who interviewed him in St. Louis
totally failed to catch the dnftof hlsicmurks.
Ho had spoken disparagingly of the land
speculation fever , and said ho thought the
raihoad constiuction in the northwest this
somewhat ahead of the '
season country's re
quirements. "Hut. " he added , "there is no
moi o danger than theio is of an eaithqinikc
in this respect. "
Tlic I'urnellito Proposal *
LOSDOX , Oe.t. 14. Chauibuilain , speaking
at Bush Mills , County Antrim , to day , said
it was not the upper classes but the poorer
classes of Ulster that opposed the Paincllito
proposals. Ho admitted that a part of North
Ii eland was strongly in favor of homo rule ,
but was certain if ho could infuse into the
people of Donegal the same resolute law-
abiding disposition as that shown by the people
ple of Antrim , the outcry for great constitu
tional changes would become little heard.
If itweio decided ultimately that homo rule
was desirable for south Ii eland , that would
not justify the imposition of homo rule on
Ulster , which under no circumstances would
submit to it.
The British Commission Completed
WASHINGTON , Oct. 14. The depaitmcnt of
state has been ofllcially advised of the ap
pointment of Sir Charles Tuppcr , of Canada ,
as ono of the British fishery commissioners.
This last appointment , it is believed , com
pletes the British commission , which will
consist of Joseph Chambcilain , SirLlonc'
West , Biitish minister to the United States ,
and Sir Cliai Ies Tuppor. It is leal ncd nt the
department of state that the upptoaching
negotiatatlons will bo confined to the subject
of the fisheries and that this government has
never contemplated or proposed a discussion
of the subject of commercial union b.v nego
tiations. Inicspcctto tlio published state
ments that the Butish commissioners intend
to offset our claim of Jurisdiction over the
waters of Hehiing sea by a chum to Canadian
watei s Ij ing between the headlands , it is
stated positively that the depaitment of state
has never taken a position that could bo con
strued as either claiming or den.ving an.v
light of jmisdiction over the wateis of
Belli ing sea.
Iowa and Nclir.iHku 1'cnsloiih.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 11. [ Special Telegram
to the BinThe : ] following Nebraska pen
sions weio granted to-day : John W ,
Douglas , TecumsL-h ; Chailes A. Pond ,
Stella. Incieaso : Fiedeiiek Coble , lied
Cloud ; James S. Ljnch , Fnth ; James B
Clements , Alcove ; David Grisvvcll , Stiatton :
George Men-ill , Taylor ; John H. Tarper
Iowa pensions ; Daniel Maish , Knoxville :
John Longstuff , Sommcrset ; Francis M
Shular , Ilussull ; David 1C. Calhoun , Win
Chester ; Joseph Kichle , DOS Moines ; John
C. Hunter , Fruit hind ; Thomas Bennett , Dow-
City ; Philip Bowman , Clearflold ; Joseph C.
Price , Columbus Junction ; AVllliam Welsh ,
Albia ; Christopher Bunfengton , Baxter ;
William H. Oppel , Hartley ; Stephen H.
Wolwoith , Le.Mars ; Warren W. Wnlbrldgo ,
Anumoso ; John H. Warrington , Dallas Cen
ter ; William M. Willlns , Claikson ; Charles
Stratum , Bismarck ; George Larson , Stoiy
City ; Thomas P. Clogston , Mai ion ; Biudley
W Doano , ICcllopg ; Kllshu C. White , Lconiu ;
Henry Hunt , \Vapello ; James Daniels ,
Sprlngville. _
Tlic Crow Trouble.
BILLINOS , Mont. , Oct. 1 1. General Howard ,
who is making an investigation officially at
the Crow agency , sajs : Unless ordered
otherwise by to-morrow an attempt to anest
the insubordinate Indians will bo made and
bloodshed will follow. "Sword-Bcarcr"attho
head of 200 braves , is camped within gunshot
of the agency , awaiting dovolopmetits ,
"Sword-Bearer" is gaining strength dally.
Much uneasiness Is felt by the settlers. The
Indians at the agency aio sullen uud uncom
municative ,
A Idttlo Flro CJXIIHCH IKIIH of Uiincc-
ONII Worrlmeiit.
Wvin.NOTo.NOct. . 13 , li-'O a. m. Tclo-
graphlc comniunlcatlon with Chnilcston in
every direction , us far as can bo learned , has
been cut off for the last half hour. The
cnuso Is not jet known.
NLVV YOIIK , Oct. 15 , 1:40 : n. in. A message
Just u-cetved from Savannah sajs it is ro-
poited that there Is a lira 'In or near Charles
ton which has caused the Interruption.
WASHINGTON- . 15. 2 a. m. No cuith-
quake symptoms have developed at Augusta
or Savanna , which ate the nearest points to
ChuilesUm with which coinmunie-ution is
open. Trainmen who arrived at Augusta
fiom Chinlestoii this afternoon , repoit indi
cations of u cj-clone , but tclegiuphic column-
ntcation with Charleston was open for
some hours after these men must have left
that city. They also i client u largo
Hio raging ut Magnolia , a suburb of Chailes-
WA HI.MJTOV , Oct. 15 , 5:15 : n. in. Telegraphic
graphic- communication with Sumincivillc ,
twenty miles fiom Chui lesion , is open , but the
telegraph operators thcto huvo no explana
tion to offer of tlio sudden Intel luptlon of the
Charleston wiles. They icport no
atmospheric-or ten ostlal disturbances No
eattliquako shocks have been experienced ut
WASHINGTONt. . Ifi , 2BO : n. m. It is
leiunc-dthat the Wcstein Union wiies at
Charleston are so at ranged that a large tlio
among the extensive phosphate fuctoiiesut
Magnolia might cut Chailcston off for u time.
Such n lira is rc-Hited | by iiiilroad men who
left there this afternoon.
NRW YOIIK , Oct. 15 , ! t a. m. The operator
at Florence , N. C. , reports ho hud communi
cation with St. Stephens. S. C. , fortj- miles
from Churlcstown , mid that the hitter place
reported having felt n slight euithquako.
The St. Stephens operator was going to stop
the 8:60 : train from Charlestown , which wus
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 151l.r : a. in. The fol
lowing telegram has Just been iccoived from
Florence. N. C. : "Our iiiilroad force patched
up ono wire and It bus been learned that the
trouble is from a file at Magnolia crossing ,
outside of Chuileston limits , where ) nil the
wires going out center and leave in ono di
rection. A grocery was burned mid every
wiio dcstrojcd. "
A Prominent Citi/eii Suicides.
CoiiNiNO , In , Oct. 14. [ Special Telcgiam
to the Bre ] The sad suicide of L. W.
Lewis , an old nnd prominent rcsideut of this
county and vicinity , occuircd hero this moin
ing. He has been in ill health for some time
and further depressed bj- the loss of his good
wife lust spring. It is believed thcso causes
produced n degrco of iiisanit j' , for ho had
ulvvuj-s been ono of our staunchcst and
strongest citizens. Ho aioso tins morning ,
built the flic , awakened his daughter as
usual , brought a pull of water and then dis
appeared. His absence did not e-auso serious
alarm until towards noon'when useateh was
made. This afternoon his boots and hat wei e
discoveied near the bank of an aitillclnl
lake in the giounds of Gcoigo W. Fiank ,
just east of his own homo. Further search
revealed his lifeless body in about twelve
feet of water , near the dam of the hike.
Around his neck was tied a heavy iion
weight. Mr. Lewis was for many jemsono
of the county supervisors and bridge com
missioners. Ho was an unusually active and
successful official and business mini , ami his
elcmiso slnouds our cntlio community in
gloom. Ho was about sixty-five yeai s of age ,
and leaves three grown sons und a daughter.
Two ycnrs ago his father , aged about eighty-
seven years , suicided by hanging in a bain of
the son who now follows him. Both acts were
committed in periods of mental ubbciution.
Disappointed in Ijovc.
DES Moi.NF.9 , la. , Oct. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] This morning nt an early
hour the police were notified that there was
a cra/y woman at a Fomth stiect boarding
house-whoso violent demonstrations had excited -
cited the fears of the other inmates. Oftlcers
McCuley and Shufcr Went up in the patiol
wagon und found u young girl whoso queer
notions seemed to conoborato the theoij-of
her insanity. She wns taken to the county
jail , where she became so violent that it 10-
quircd the strength of both ofllcers to get her
safely behind the bars. She uftcrwuid ipcvv
quiet , her favorite position being standing
with her hands tightlj- clasped , her head
i.used und thrown back a little , and her eyes
closed , in which position she stands for
horns. Shoisujomig lady who foimeilj-
resided at Beacon , nnd came to this citjto
woik in an ofllco. It is lurnoiod that n few
dajs ago she received n letter fiom an old
lover In which ho Infoimc-d her that his affec
tions were ccnteied in another quarter.
Since the receipt of the letter her actions
huvo been stiungolj' nt vaiiune-o with her
former behavior and it is thought that the
shock of her lovei's faithlessness unbalanced
her mind.
Supreme Court leelsloun.
Drs MOI.M.S , la. , Oct. 11. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the BI.I : . ] The supreme couit filed
the following decisions hero today : A. F.
Harsh vu James GrifUii , appellant , Cieston
superior , reversed ; State of Iowa vs Henry
Winter , appellant , Plymouthdistiictjdefoml-
iint was convicted of mmdcriii tlio first dc
grco in the killing of Hugh Moist ; the de
fense claimed transitory mania , afllrined ; J.
P. Goodman , appellant , vs W. W. Allen ,
ICeokuk district , affirmed ; J. H. Moses , a | > -
polhint , vs W. H. Phcnquit , Jasper disti let ,
affirmed ; John G. Aimstiong , appellant , vs
P. M. Crape , DCS Moines elicnlt , nlllimed ;
Benjamin Bolin , appellant , vs Win. Francis ,
Hingold distiiet , alllrmed ; Henson it Lino-
han , appellants , vs the Taper Slcevo Pulley
Co. , Dubnquo ciicuit , nniimcd ; J. F. Scott vs
Win. Hogan , appellant , Lvon distiiet , af
firmed ; Ira Van Sickle vs Isiah Davves , appel
lant , Louisa dlstiict , dismissed ; A P lloso ,
appellant , vs Chicago & Noi thw cstern i ail-
waj , Kcokuk district , icversed.
Sad Case or Hope Deferred.
Dis Mows , la. , Oct. H [ Special Tele
gram to the Bui : ] A sad case of hope do-
foiled and bliss destroyed came up in the
county clcik's ofllco to day. A loving pair
of tender yeais applied with all the confi
dence of jouth for a marriage license. The
prospective groom's mother had been dead
sixteen years and ho had never seen his
father. As ho had no guaidian nnd being
under age , the soft hearted clink , with tears
in his eyes , was forced to decline to issue the
licenio Ho suggested , however , that ho
might have some ono appointed his guaidian
ami consent given at u piobablo cost of only
( .1 , but the joung couple , with quivering lips
nnd repio.ichful glances , locked arms and
incandeiod away , their joy gone foiover.
Tlio Central's IiY
Sioux CITV , la , Oct. 14. [ Special Tele
gram to the HrE , } Tills morning Superin
tendent M. Gillens and N. II. Schilling , F.
B. Harrison and E. V. Were , of Dubuque , al
ofllciuls of tbo Illinois Central road , orrlvce
in this city from Dubuquo. They loft for
Onavvu. They nro on business connected
with the Central's extensions. Mr. Glllcas
said that a strong effoit was being made to
get the Cherokee-Onawa line ready for oper
ation and that the only delay was on account
of the bridge woi It.
Into Thousands of Pieces.
Sioux CITV , la. , Oct. 14. [ Special Tclo-
gram to the Bi.u. ] The gieat inch thatatooe
at the Intersection of Fifth nnd Jacksoi
Btiects , tlio main entrance to the corn tialaco
fell down this morning , breaking the 40 (
globes into as many thousand pieces ,
Tendered His l
PAIII ? , Oct. 14.-r-Ma7cau Stas has tcndcrcc
hb rcibjimUou 09 minister of justice.
The ProBldont Mnkos No Stop $
Among Gurltuul'B Constituency.
TlieHeccptlon i\peoted Viom
Hawkins" and "Hill AVest"
Fulls to > laterlnll/e Art-It ill
at Memphis.
Tlio Presidential Train. '
SiMiisoiiri.ii , Mo. , Oct. 1 1.- The prcsj >
lent's spe-cial tialn , pie-ceded bya pilot train/
lassccl hero at 5:11) : ) tills inclining. The pas
spongers were all asleep. A crowd of two oif
Ihieo bundled pel sons was nt the station tej
see them. Knglncs and conductois were !
clumped here , but the transfer was made Justl
mtsldo the town and the tinln passed Ihcl
station without stopping. Tj
Through tlio Hear Slate.
KvvT.Mir.v , Aik , Oct. 14. The clay was
might and the temperature ) had moderated.
Slmo the passage of the O/aik mountains
nrly this morning the president's tiain baa
been running tin ollgh a spin sely settled 10-
gion offering little in the way of jiopular
demonstration. An opportunity was olTcicil
to examine and enjo.v the good things found
in the well chosen library of the car.
HOMK , Ark , , Oct. 14. Among the floral
trophies of the foienoon's rldo is a little
Imnc'li of golden rod pinned to a piece of pink
paper , which was handed In b.v a little girl at
11 water tank stopping plae-e. Tlic picsldcnb
expressed u wish to stop at the mill ked trco
in compliance with the quaint invitation ho
teeclved signed "Davo Hawkins , " promising
a novel and hcnity reception , represent
ing the wild west , which , it won
said , would bo an agreeable- change fiom the
eiand parades ho had seen thus far. "Bill
West , " the letter continued , "is hustling to
get nil his hunting equipments to make u ills'
! > hiy to meet the pi esldent's observation. "
The mill ked tieo pioved to bo a fraud. A
wooden station house , half a doren shanties
ind a scoin of open-mouthed natives wciei
the only signs of inhabitants mill
neither "Dave Hawkins" or "Bill West"
made their appeal anco. The line from
Hoxlo to West Memphis lav in a typical
Aikansas icgion. Theioweio half u dozen
little faultier villages , hut for the most pait
proves of blasted foiests houndc'd the viuvv.
Interspei sc-d wei e openings for c 01 u and col ?
ton fields , in the latter of which the plckint *
was going on. The tiain i cue-hid West
Memphis at 'J ill ) p. m. <
Arrival at Memphis.
MUMIMIIS , Oct. 14 The piesidont is hero
and the largest thiongof civilians ever gath
ered within the city limits is on hand to wel
come him to the south. A delegation boat did
the tiain as It i cached West Memphis and in
formally convojcdthe gicetingsof thosev- committees and invited the puityon
bo.ud the steamer ICato Adams. The vessel
went about tlnco miles up the stream to glvo
the piesldcnt an oppoitunity to see the vvorktf
of the iniiii ovement on the i Ivor , and tlini
tmning , came buck to the custom
house whcio , after a llltlo dela.v , thu
guests were landed. When the pu sident
and Mis. Cleveland were seated in the car
nage the multitude of people in their enthu
siasm broke over all bonds , cuu.ving away
the coloicd militia guaid and following on be
hind the picsidcntiul cuiriugo. The progiess
to the hotel wus by no means the orderly pro
ceeding it wus designed to bo. A miscella
neous procession of trucks , miuket wagons ,
and ten thousand nc'gioes mixing upw ith car
riages. But aside from the delay thei owns no
harm done. The pal ty was assigned comfoit-
able quiii tcis in the Guv o/ohouseytthcio they
lemalned until 8 o'clock , when n eommltteo
of liOO ladies and gcntlemc n assembled to c s-
c 01 1 the president and p.u ly in c ai i iagcs to
see the fhovvoiks. After the exhibition wus
concluded the president and Mis. Cleveland
returned to the hotel and he-Id a ic-ception for
about an hour. Tlio city is handsomely
A Premature Salute.
MOUNT ux Guovr , Mo. , Oct. 14. By the
piemnturo explosion of powder this moining'
while a puity was puip.iring to lite a | it evi
dential salute two ioung men weio fatally in
A Verdict in tlio Koutu Disaster.'-o , Ind , Oct. 14. The veidict of
the c-oioner in the Konts disaster , which
was made publlo today , sajs the inci
dent was the icsult of the negligence of the
tiain dispatcher of the load in pciinittlng u >
passenger train to attempt to run with a dis
abled engine , knowing that a fast freight
tiain was a few minutes behind it , and by
negligence or caiolcssness of Engineer Dor-
soy , of the height , in i mining ills engine at a
high into of spec'd thiongh a fog , knowing
Unit u passenger train was a shoit distuiic-o
in advancuof his tiain with u disabled en
gines. It cc-nsmes tlio company for allowing
u crippled engine pulling 11 passenger train to
bo on the load a few minutes in advance of 4
fast fi eight.
-'H Arrest.
PAIIIS , Oct. 14 Humors aio peisistently
eli diluted to the effect that Gencial Bout
lunger has icslgned his commission in the
army. The order lelieving Gem-nil Hou *
langcrfiom his command and placing him
under anestdiiects that ho bo pluec-d linden
elosenncst for thhtv davs Dining that !
period the ministry will dec-Ida whether 01
not Boulangcr shall bo depilved of his eonij
nnind. Kudical mcmbcns of the chamber as
deputies huvo decided to make General Hou-
langc-r a c andidato for that body if ho usign
or is icmoved fiom his command. Fuithep
complications me imminent. '
Destructive 1'lie.
Pitoviniisci : , H. I , Oct. -Baltic Mill m ,
Baltic , Conn. , owned bv H L Aldilclt&Co. ,
of Piovidc-nco , was totally binned lust niuht.
Loss estimated at { L'J'HMXX ) , Insuianco t-i" > 7 ,
The mill wns n largo five story Mono build *
Ing , 1,0K ( ) feet long by .VK ) feet wldo. Nine
hundred hands aio thiown out of employ
ment The tlio htuitid in tlio card room al
" MO this morning and the entlio building by
ft ! M ) was In ashes. Tha huge gasworks in
tlio i ear wc-io also dostioyod. How the lliq
stinted is us yet unknown.
Holler I.xploslon.
PUIKHHSIILWO , W. Vu , Oct. 14. The Mon
i.ter suwmlll engine boiler exploded ut Cen-
tcrvillo lust night , killing thrco men anil
wieeklng the engine and mill completely. A
man named Kivvino was torn to pieces , hav
ing been caught between the end of the
boiler and u luigolog.
CUINKT , O , Oct II The largo planlnf ;
mill hero burned this morning. Two m < u
were burned and their charted bodies ro-
covcicd from the ruins this morning.
Election .Methods Among Indians.
TAIII.KJUA , 1. T , Oct. 11 Serious troubla
Is anticipated when the Cherokee council
meets next Monday. When the late ch-ction
was over , Joel Muycs was declared elected
nschlofby 14.'l mujoiity. SInce then the re
turns have been BO changed as to count in
Hobcrt Bunch , opjiositioii candidate. Botli
put ties uro gathering in force and drcluro
their icspcctlvo cundidiites will bo fic-atcd.
They aio armed for a pitched battle.
Train on tlio Move. ,
CHICAGO , III. , Oct. 14. George Franc'9 '
Train loft Chicago this morning for Spring
field , 111. , expressing the Intention of speak
ing there this evening. Train attracted no
notice ut the station , arriving there Just in
timeto board the curs before