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Jjfllvtretl toy fftrrlrr In nny part of the clly nt
twenty c nt P T wtik.
II. V ! TILTH * ,
prgiKr.sR Orm-E. No. 41.
Kiuiit KniTon No. .
A ctoocrful home.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
The Warren hoiibo for rent.
Heller , tailor. Full go i ? chofip.
The North Second struct cut \n \ being
pUiLed through raiilly. ]
Secure a new , cheerful residcneo by
renting a house in the Warren block.
The Salvation army IH morn prosper-
OUH now. It is indulging in oyster sup
Much complaint has been made lately
About the condition oj .South .Main
George Francis Trnin throalonH to
"iliBtnre in Council Bluffs the last of this *
Cody's wood-working establishment
tin "Washington sticet is being enlarged
by an addition.
LadicH see combined writing desk
Anil Hcuin'g machine. Domestic olllce ,
105 Main street.
A. E. Cooper and Ida Monroe , both of
Omaha , were carofull.v spliced yester
day by 'Squire BiggH.
The miicliinory IH being put in po-1-
tion for tlie tower electric lights. The
system will bo complete in a few days.
Al Clark tfoos to Lewis , la. ne.\t week ,
\vliuro lie will oen ) ti bank , and transact
u general loan and banking business.
There is a bad break in the Third
street culvert near Fourteenth street
which should reecho immediate atten
A perfectly constructed house pro-
Tents sickness. ( Jet the new house in
tlio Warren block , for rent by Odell
Mr. John J. O'ilerne and Miss Cath
erine LalTcrty were married yesterday
at8 o'clock a. m. by Itev. B. P. Mc-
Laborers are at work on Harrison
nnd Bancroft streets raising them to
grade and putting them in shape for
public use.
Chaplain Lo/ior , JIWII'H fighting par
son , IH to be here on the 19th at a campfire -
fire entertainment to bo given by the
Union Voloran legion.
A marriage licence was granted yes-
lorilay to U. M. Williams and Alice
McCombs. the former of 1'ottawattamie ,
and ( he latter of Ibis city.
Mayor Groneweg is in favor of lifjht
and sunshine , at least he is having
Mime of the shade trees around his resi
dence on Washington street removed.
11. M. Williams , of Hockford town
ship , and Alice Combs , of Harrison
county , were united iu the bonds of
double blessedness. . esterda.v. bj 'Squire
Charles .1. Hcckman is lining tin
artistic job putting bis patent fence
around llie now residence of Henry
Spetimin , corner fourth avenue anil
Tenth street.
The Knights of \ibias l . may well feel
proud of the splendid showing they
made tit the president's reception' .
They were certainly the lluest appear
ing company in the line.
Mr. Luther Hovell , who was severely
injured by the fulling sign on Broad
way a few davs ago , iu able to bo out of
doors. It will be some time before ho
can resume his daily labors.
The funeral of the little son of Mr.
and Mrs1. C. I ) . Walters took place yes
terday afternoon at the home , 1U1 Grace
street. The remains were taken to
Fairllcld , la. , for interment.
Weightman is pushing the work on
the Vine street sewer. The pipe is al
ready laid more than half the length of
the street , and part of the force are now
working on the side connections.
The Manhattan hotting board yester
day offered $ i ) to $10 on Gronoweg and
Plumer , % 2 t to $10 on Hart , Wyman and
Copper , $ i" to % ) on O'Noil and llon-
dricks , $10 even on AVatorman.
Miss Ada M. Clark died at the institu
tion for the deaf and'dumb Tuesday of
malarial fever. She was aged eighteen
yours. Her mother arrived yesterday ,
and the body was taken to Clariiida fin
The city council will meet in ad
journed session this evening. Efforts
are being made to complete the public
improvements already begun before
cold weather sets in. which necessitated
much work by our city fathers.
Judge Aylesworth held court yester
day evening upstairs in the city jail ,
owing to the unfinished state of allairs
in the lower story. Tlio needed repairs
arc now completed , and his honor will
uow assess taxes at the usual' place , to
day.A .
A German band rendered.somo very
fine music on the streets yesterday , coii-
bidoring the small number of pieces.
The amount of money contributed by
this city to build up different bands
would amount to a very considerable
As an evidence of the unscetarian
character of the public library , wo refer
to the fact that Rev. B. P.MoMonomy is
ono of its trustees , and a work has been
lately added to its well filled shelve *
which is explanatory of the Catholic
D. C. Noonan has a force of twenty
mou busily at work getting the streets
in readiness for the block paving. The
surfacing on north Eighth street will bo
completed to-night , and the full force
will bo mil at work on Fourth street ,
which will have tobecut down nineteen
inches from its present grado.
Voters should make a note of it that
the board of registry moots next Tues
day. As every voter , whether regis
tered before or not , must ap
pear in person , traveling men am'
others expecting to bo absent more or
less should arrange their business so as
to bo hero while the board is in session ,
otherwise they cannot got their vote
Last evening A. B. ITowo , familiarly
known as "Bruco" Howe , was happily
married , the bride being Miss Fannie
Westcott , the accomplished musician
nnd organist of the Presbyterian
church. The ceremony took place at
the residence of the bride's parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Westcott , No. GOO
Washington avenue , only a few inti-
inato friends being present. Uov. Ur.
Phelps olllciatcd.
Mr. John Ililditeh and Miss Clara A.
Ililditeh were married Wednesday
evening in St. Paul's church by Kov. T.
J. Mackay. The ceremony was wit
nessed only by a few intimate friends.
Mr. Ililditeh is an employe of the
Union Pacific , belonging to the transfer
fotvo. The brldo arrived from Eng
land but a few hours before the cere
mony , having made the voyngo alone.
She was married in her traveling cos-
sumo , and appeared as a beautiful , sen
sible young woman , more than ordinar
ily attractive. They will make their
homo in this city.
List your property w.Ith .Cooper &
The Jones Murilor Cnso Conies Up
For a Fourth Trlnl.
of Tat 'I'lltrs--Tln %
llcl'iiiitU -
J'ollco Jlur-ll : .i4 of All
The .Tour * .Murder Case.
In the district court jo-terday the
case of Jonathan Jones was called , and
the afternoon spent , in empanelling a
jury. This case has dragged along
until it is decidedly chestnulty. and still
ilis one of great importance , and one
wnlch has greatly interested the public.
David Hobert.s was killed in KS7 , and
Jonathan Jones , a neighbor , was arrested -
rested charged with nun dor. On the
Jlrsl trial ho was found guilty of man
slaughter , and sentenced to fourteen
years In the penitentiary. After serv
ing a short time ho secured a new trial ,
and was the second time found guilty ,
but was sentenced to only seven years.
In May last ho was tried a third time ,
and again found guilty , but Judge
Carson granted a new trial , and
now the ease comes ui > again. The de
fense has been that there was no suffi
ciency of evidence , and further that
Jones was not in such mental condition
as to be responsible for his acts. Jones
has certaint.v for several years been in
a partially insane or demented condi
tion , and this has been apparent to
many. It is claimed that this shadow
upon him 1ms rested since childhood ,
and that he has always been queer.
The state will endeavor to show that
even if he is insane now , he was not seat
at the time of the tragedy. Jones is in
court , but as on the previous , trial ho
seems as unconcerned as though he was
made of wood. He ib past the prime of
life , and seems to bo much of a wreck
mentally and physically.
W. A. Mynster is conducting the
prosecution , and Colonel O. R. Scott , of
Omaha , is for the defense. The case
will occupy several days.
Judge leemcr announces that he will
hold court day and night until the
criminal business is disposed of. The
evening sessions are therefore in order ,
and all concerned are being compelled
to put in full hours.
The case of Morse , indicted with
Kother.v in the'stealing of the Burhorn
diamond , was tfivon to the jury about ! >
o'clock yesterday afternoon. The pre
diction was quite freely made that there
would bo a disagreement , as on the
previous trial.
Heroic the liar.
There were several parties before
Judge Aylesworth yesterday morning
for being ke ed up too highly.
M. E. Foaling deposited * 7.(10 ( to bal
ance his account. An-on Hill was fined
ifS.10 and William Emmett $ l. < > 0. Andy
Rogers paid $3.00 and promised to send
the balance of the $7.70 as soon as he
could earn it. Samuel Allen pleaded
not guilty and was sent out to find the
prosecuting witness. Tlie judge said ho
had no fears but what he would come
mek. as the magnetism of his jug of
vhisky , which was hed ) at the police
itation , would prevent him from yoing
'ar. AVilliam Lauren was discharged ,
vith instructions to get out of the city
nside of two hours.
The cases of the three men. Turner ,
Monroe and Wilson , charged with the
arceny of a rubber coat from M. Marcus
cus , c'anio before Judge Aylesworth
yesterday afternoon. After examining
t few witnesses the cascb were contin
ued until this morning.
The cato of 11. A. Parett was also
'ailed ' , and after pleading guilty to
several charges' , ho said that ho would
start for Colorado within an hour if re-
eascd , as all ho wanted to do was just
, o go home and get Rome clothes. His
wife was afraid to trust him , as ho had
: hrcatened her life , so he was remanded
ojail. This morning she will bring
lis clothing to the ijolico station , and
10 will bo escorted out ot town by an
olllcer. Mrs. Parett had applied fora
divorce before his arrest , and will bo
satisfied if he will only stay away , and
cause no more trouble. IIo has shame
fully abused his family and they have
livt-d in constant terror lest ho should
xeeute his oft-repeated threats to kill
them. He is useless as a citizen and a
urso to his family , and if again found
in the oily , will be promptly locked up ,
where ho'will have no opportunity to
gratify his increasing appolito for
liuman gore.
Mr. and Mrs. Parott were wedded in
Atehison. Kan. , in 18iS. ( They have
live children. Parott came here three
years ago , and played upon the sym
pathy of veterans , claiming to have
lieen a valiant himself. IIo gained
quito generous contributions to relieve
liis distress , but ho was soon discovered
to be tv fraud , and has since been mak
ing a general nuisance of himself. The
woman seems to bo hardworking , and to
have suffered much at his hands.
Not lee to Claim 1'i-nprrty.
The owners of certain restaurant
property and tents , sent to Lincoln ,
Nob. , during the state fair , by the team
of M. K. Matherbeo , of Council BlulTs ,
la. , can have same by calling on him
and paying charges ; if not. same will bo
sold November 1,1887 , for said charges.
Tax Title Questions.
Judge Aylesworth rendered a decision
in regard to a tax deed which interests
many , lib the saino question involves a
great many similar deeds. H appears
that the treasurer has been in the habit
of carrying the delinquent ttiNos on a
separate book instead of having them
appear on the regular tax list , as re
quired by law , under the construction
given to it by Judge Aylesworth. The
judge deems that this requirement of
law is for the purpose of protecting the
property owner , for if the delinquent
taxes appear in another column , on
the same book , the treasurer is
reminded that there are delinquent
taxes , and the property owner , when
he goes to pay his taxes , is very likely to
como into possession of the unmo im
portant bit of information. By keeping
the delinquent tax list on a separate
book , the taxes are overlooked and the
property may bo sold for taxes without
the knowledge of the owner. ' Ilonco
the purpose of the law requiring delin
quent taxes to bo kept on the same book ,
in an additional column. The Mime
question is pending in the district
court in some cases brought there , to
quiet title , and omo further decisions
tire being looked for. The mnttor is iv
very important ono , and the courts may
cause quito a change in tax titles by
their decisions.
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
Kvory ono.making a cash purchase of
SSeciltbatT. U. King . & Co's. cigar
store goU , ' a cluutco in tlio annual prize
dravrinjf. Twenty < olcc u t '
H. A. Price , of Hnrdln , was ut Kiel's
Postmaster Lavcnbnrg. of Armour ,
was nt Kiel's hotel yesterday.
J. A. Tra/lor , a stock dealer of Sioux
Clly , was among those at Kiel's \ester-
Hon. I ? . S. Hart , of Avoca. wiii. in tlio
city yesterday looking ufier his political
' 55" ? Ilia Sluirp. who has bceu vi-lt-
ing Mis * Phillips , ha * returned to her
Omaha home.
I ) . \V. Townsend. of LoMars , la. , the
contractor for the carpenter work of the
new court house , Is at the Kiel hotel ,
A. W. Wyman , of Keg Creek , is
making his headquarters at Kiel's hotel.
\\bile looking after his political
K. Null , formerly of Glenwood and of
Pacific Junction , and now located in
Kdwards connly. Kansas , was yesterday
at the Creston greeting his many
Council BlulTs friends.
Mr. Hugh Smith writes to his fallier ,
H v. Thomas Smith , a glowing letter
from Los Angeles , Cala. Hois full of
enthusiasm over that new and rapidly
developing country.
Mrs. W. H. Lynehard , who .sustained
a very severe dislocation of her hip by
being thrown from a street car , , is im
proving , although still sullering greatly.
She was able to walk a little yesterday
with the aid of crutches , and it is hoped
she will entirely recover in a short
At the Ogden house yesterday : ! ' . A.
Hayden , Chicago : K. J. Mcinbcrg. Phil
adelphia ; W. F. Bliss and wife , San
Francisco ; H. M. McCourtnoy , New
York ; M. H. FaTrell , Cresrton. and C.
K. Mead. Dos Moines. At the Pacillc :
George Robinson , New York ; H. M.
Wood , Dos Moines : Fred D. Smith ,
Rochester ; A. J. Pickott and C. D.
Domoritt , Chicago.
Tin * Heelitcle House.
The financial troubles of the Beehtcle
hotel have resulted in thesheritV taking
possession. There is a first mortgage
on tlio building and real estate for about
$0.000 in favor of II. L. Knowles , New
York , and foreclosure proceedings have
commenced. There was a second mort
gage , and a chattel mortgage on the
furniture to secure a claim of about
$0,000 more , owned by Charles Straub
and Herman Brown , of this city. It was
under this chattel mortgage that the
sheriff took possession , and the work of
inventorying began. Thus it seems
that the liabilities are from
$18,000 to 920.000. It is thought
that arrangements can be made by
which Mr. Bechtole will continue in
possession of the property , or will se
cure for him the rental income. His
long residence hero , his wide circle of
"rionds. his known integrity and his
'ormer prosperity causes much sympa-
by for him in his present financial
roubles. Ho lays the cause of his pres
ent misfortunes to prohibition , by which
lis bar hnfi boon closed and the income
> f the hotel greatly reduced. Others
"o not agree with him in this , but what-
ver may be the cause the fact re-
nains. much as it may bo regr tted.
hat bo is in a stress of financial , bad
Kememher the Radiant homo stove
lias had the test of years in every vital
: > art. It is no new experiment , but the
icst stove made. See our goods at 41
Main street. COLI : & COLU.
Shorthand exclusively Tuesday and
Minrsday evenings at Western" Iowa
Joe Eisinlauer , of Lewis townbhip ,
vas brought before Justice Schurx , yes-
erday , charged with assault and bat-
ory and with releasing stock from re
straint by force. He furnished bonds
n the sum of $100 on the lirst charge
ind $150 on the second , for his appear-
ineo next Monday.
One thousand head of one , two and
.hrce-yeiir-old . steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of
A. J. Greenamayer , 623 Mynster st. ,
telephone ill.
When the new county jail was first
milt it took only eighteen pounds'
weight to turn the great iron cylinder.
Now it requires two as strong men as
can got at the crank , and then it will
"lardly budge.
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
John Miller has returned from the
, vest and is planning on opening a meat
narkct on South Main street , about
Dctober 1 , in company with Michael
O'Connor. Mr. Miller has had a large
experience in this business , and enjoys
in extensive acquaintance m the city.
1'ho new linn will undoubtedly do well.
Dr. J. T. Van Ness , physician and
surgeon , otllco room 8 , Opera house
block , will attend professional calls day
or night. 'Residence corner Eighth
avenue and Fifteenth street.
At Cost anil IJCSH Than Cunt.
Wo are closing out our toys and fancy
goods. Dealers in Christmas and holi
day goods will find it to their advantage
to give us a call , as wo are bound to
close out our entire stock of over $30,000
regardless of cost. Como and got big
bargains. MUKLLEK Music Co. ,
103 Main street , Council BlutTs.
For Sale Cheap Lots near the bridge
to parties who will build at once. Address -
dross or call on J. R. Rico , No. 110
Main street , Council BlulTs.
It will pay . .you to take advantage of
the 20 per cent discount on ordered
frames at Chapman's. Only four days
Quito a number partook of Salvation
army oysters last evening. The Omaha
branch of the army was present with a
full band. After the parade everybody
was invited to a goapel feast at 10 cents
per head.
A vag and one drunk were the only
captures made by the police yesterday.
Judge Carson returned last evening
from a judicial trip.
Coaches and Hacks in the City ,
orricr.s :
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan.
Ti'lephono No. 03
No. 615 Main Street , TeU-phono No. .
TOKKOt A victim ol
. . . . . . . . . JouUirunnn > ruJ D Jr uricr
111W U U fr in tttr Dwrny. h rTe
itltlT , Lot Hnhoo4lclc. , h * lDj trtaain T i
rj tno n reroniT. h i dbvov.rad a llmpl
D , H , HcOANELO & CO , ,
Hides , Tajjcw , Peits ,
" Wool and Furs.
Highest Market Prices. Prompt
K.II niul i J Miitn StrouU'oimotl UliilTi.Iown.
TKI , who 111 hlnroM.Ynn < lIU. > < > RA.\ < ' :
luiTRICI.KUawir his VIUORof BOI > Y ,
MINI ) and SIANllOon.riuulnKCxhaiiitliig
drilna upon thi < FOKXTAIMN of I.IFK.
HKAUAOHK. BA ! KA < 'tlt : , DrMilHil
Dreams. WKAKNKNM of Memory , BANIf.
tile FACK. and all the EFFKCTN leading to
EARLY DEtAY ! and perhaps < 'O.\NUMP.
TlOSf or I INANITY , should comnlt at once
the CEIKRRATEI Dr. Clarke , KKtalillolied
IKt. Dr. Clarke lift * made JVKRVOI N DE
BILITY. ! IIRONI < ! and all Diseases of
the UKMTO tRI.\ARY ! Orjtan * * I.He
Study. It makri No illflcrence WHAT you
bare taken nr WHO Imi failed to cure you.
. WFEMAI.ENfufTcrlnRfroradlsfasespeca-
liar to their sex can consult with the assurance
of ipoedy relief ami rure. Send 2 cents postage
for worki on your dUmes.
Kf Send 4 cents postnsc for Olrbrnlcil
Work * on Ohronlc. Ncrvitn * and ll | .
cnfe Diseases. Consultation , personally or by
letter , l > o * . Consult the old Doctor.
Tliuunrtnilin rur < * < l. OHlrrnand iinrlorw
private. 9-1hoao rnntemplatliiR Marrlnee
lend fur Dr. Clnrke'M celsbrutfd guide
Male and Fonmlr , cacti 15c. , lioth " , ' > c.
( stamr * ) . lleforo couflillnc your case , consult
Dr. CLARK K. A friendly letter or call may
save future Buffering and shame , and add golden
years to life. 48-Book " Lir < - ' ( Secret ) Fr.
rorn , " BOc. ( stamps ) . Medicine and writings
lent everywhere , secure from exposure.
Hours , 8 to 8 : Sundays , o to 12. Addrns ,
186 So. Clark St. , CHICAGO , ILL.
Hre of IndliiPHIon'n pnln
Ami ConMlpntlmi's urul re Inn ;
Knr ollf n In Ilielr wnkf > iirnrccil
The "able pull imcl umurncr'n weed ;
Thi'M check these troubled ere an hour ,
In TAIIHANTS HllT/Ull : lies tlie power.
Embody the highest excellencies
Comfort uiul Durability nnd ure tlie
u Fashlnnublp Circle's. ' Our name Is on every
bale. J. & T. Cot.'MNS , New VOIIK.
Hayward , Brothers.
PoiiltltTrTcurrdlnOO daviliTUr.
UarB'iKIt tra.UctleIItlt.
Truucombined. Uutrinttrdlho
ontjr ono latbo world Frcncrfttlne
conllnucml BlntriOit tlagntlu
eurrmt. Scientific.Powerful , Datable ,
-omfort.ble and EffectJre , Avoid frauds.
Orern.OtXl cured. Hendhtitmp for pamphlet.
Illiick Walnuts , hulls on , f. o , b. . . iMcperlm
Ulack Walnut" , hulls oil , " . . fl.S5pur Im
llox rider Seed , " . . . We per Hi
Ash Seed , " . . . Jfle per Ib
Honey Locust Seed. " . . . . ffiio per Ib
Russian .Mulberry Seed , " . . . . 8.110 per Ib
Cntalpa Seed , " . . . . l.dO per Ib
Al o all kinds of Fruit and Forest Tieos for
inlc. Address , Shenandoah Nursery , D
S. IAKK , Proprietor , SHKNANDOAII , IA.
The Theatrical Frofesslon.
Merit will win nnd receive public recognition and
praise. Facts , which are the outcome of general ex *
perlence , growing through years of critical and
praetlcal test , become as rooted and Immovable ai
the rock of Gibraltar Iu public opinion , and hence
forth need no further guarantee as to their genu
Incncts. The Indisputable fact that Swift's Specific
la the bctt blood purifier In the world , Is oneof theie
Immovable Gibraltar rock facts of which wo have
spoken , and every day's experience mots thin eon *
victlou deeper and deeper Iu public opinion. Every
class ot our people Iu America aud In Europe ,
every trade , calling and profession , Including the
medical prufeulon , have borne voluntary testi
mony lo the remarkable virtues of S. B. 8. and
Its Infallible efflcacy In curing all dUrabes of tha
blood. These teitlinonlals are on fllo by the thou
sands , end open to the Inspection of all. Now come ,
unsolicited , tvro distinguished members of the theat
rical profession , who gratefully testify to the wonder
ful curative qualities of the Speclllo in tlielr Indi
vidual eases. Their testimonials are herewith sub
mitted to the public without further comment let
them speak for themwlTes. The lady Is a memlwr of
the famous Thalia Theatre Company , of New York ,
and formerly of the Residence Theatre , Berlin , Germany -
many , and of llcVlclcer's stock Company , of Chicago.
The gentleman Is a well known member of the New
York ThMln Theatre Company , llutb are well known
Iu theatrical circles In this country and In Europe ,
Chnrlotto Ilandow'i Testimony.
> NEW YORK , Hay 3 , 1S87.
Swift Spccltto Company , Atlanta , Oa. :
Gentlemen Having been annoyed with pimples ,
eruptions nnd roughness of the skin , from bad con
dition of rny blood , for more than a year , I used a
leading preparation of sarsaparllla and other odver *
tlsed remedies to no effect. Then I consulted a prom
inent physician , and from his treatment received
no benefit. I then concluded to try tha a. 8. 8. rem
edy for the blood , and five or six packages , by a
thorough eradication ot my trouble and rentorlng
smoothness to my skin , have made me happy , and
I cheerfully give you this testimonial for such us *
Md publicity at you wish to make of It.
IU Bowery , near Canal Street.
lingo Hasskcrl'a Testimony.
The Swift Specific Company , Atlanta. Oa. :
Oentlemen-For two years I had a severs east of
esema. I used tarsoaMsulphursoapsandvarlouit |
other remedies , and was prescribed for by numbers
of physicians , but found no relief. Allan I deter-
m'.D.fd ' J ° try ties. 8.8. remedy , and seven or eight
bottles have thoroughly relieved me , and you can
use this certificate la Buy manner rim wish.
* * " * *
New York , May S , 1887.
Trtatlie on Blood aud Skin Diseases mailed free.
Tiu SWIFT SFEcmo Co. ,
Drawer 3. Atlnntn. Oi\
- - HUNGARIAN - r.
Imported and bittled liy Maliavolltch , Kletrh
er & Co. , Cincinnati , O. For nale by the follow-
IUK deali-rs : Hlchardhon IJni Co. , llluko , llruce
.V-Co. , Adl r .t Heller. M.-WolNtvlu , Uladstouo
llros. .V Co. , Trank Dcllone , II. H. Grotte ,
Sample Mottles Free.
ThoT utl-tir t jtearof thiinell known school will
beqlu > t4 o'clock ii.m. , on 1\lDNt > DiT , OCT. J2th. 11.
KIAUINATION forailiincedituudinu MONPATOCT. .tn. , Kntlrncour m T l.eromplol.d In two or
tlir jearn at opt lunot ktudent. lli > Hur
Tuition tHO per uunum. For Catoln < ue , etc. , ddtoe .
of th body Dlaifcd and sttcBgOisBed , Fall partlo-
StT.l'tATi nilvrrtiifmvntK.Klirhn * I.o t.l'outnl ,
'I'n l.o.ui , for Salr.ToltrntVanto , llmivillnir ,
Hr. . III lie ln ort.Ml In thli rntntnn lit tin- low
r t..irTf.v : CUNTS IMH : UNI : for timm-i m-
ci linn imcl Klvc ( Vats ' . .
I'cr t.lnc fur i-ncli - < uli-f.
qucnt Inscitlon. Lruvo navfitlsftiirntH tit our
tiillri ; No. 13 IVatl Stioct , iii-ur llriutdwiiy , Conn.
I'll llltirtx , Iowa.
"I'/Olt SAI.U-rholii' stork of goods In r < iunttr
A' Ktore. I'lno oiu'iiliiit for luminous voith
. 'i..rt ) . Aildri-M Siotte i : fclni ! . , Council llltitrs ,
I own.
-A Koot Rill for kill-lira \ > oik.
T > .Mm. J. Mueller. V- . ' > S Illow uNeiiue.
" \\TANTKO-A peed rook M is. flToniiH Olli-
' ci'r , f > > ! Wllhnv ax wine.
FOR S.M.USocomMiand Cnlumlilu blcyck-
_ \yiy fht-ii p , .VMncli , at lieu otllci1.
T7V1H IIKNT A new innilpi-n plcht-i-ooni house
A1 very < onVHiileut. Ithln : "i blocks of ilunnnr
< lfiot. | Inqultp of W. 11. W.ue. over SaMng's. , Council lllulfM. _
ONKIitliidivd tliiii ( Hiul dollars to liun on
it'iilvMHtuHUtl chattels by K. J. Jay , il'.i
IVarltt. .
BUll.UI.VO lot sand acre properly for sale by
ITUHtSAI.E Oil TUAIM-For : Cuaiiell Illnfts
-L1 prntivity , 40KHI ( acios of lowu nnd Ni-
liruska lanil. J. It. nice , 110 .Mttln bt. , Coum.ll
FOR SAIjlJ ll'iO acres of choice land iintirovi > < 1
us lollcmn : Hinall house and utablf , < MI
Kids of Jl-wlrc fence , ai acres of lireakltty , II
umH of ifli tiw.iii thrifty crowlti ! , ' rondltlou.
I'llroll.Hin. To i nis easy. Addiess CharleH 11.
WIKoti , Oxford , Nob.
T OIt SA M : My residence propel ty roiner 8tl
. . ' st. uiiil mil live. I'lne 8-uiom liou-e. t\Mi
lots , the corner ono vanint. City water and
bain , carrlaKo ho'tise. etc. A
in If taken sunn. Anplv on lu-enilKcs or at
No. M 1'earl st . , touncll ; llliills. H. T. Kruneh.
Spot Cash !
Prices for Groceries
Powdered Sugar , 12 Ibs ! l 00
IlfhtCut Loiif Sugar , 12 Ibs 100
Ornmilated SiiKar , 14 Ibs 1 00
Confectionery A , 14J { Ibs 1 00
Huron A , ir > Ibs 1 00
( Jood Itlo Coffee ( roust ) , per Ib 2T > o
Uooil 1'lour , per fit ) Ibs BOc
Itlreixhle Flour , perbbl 5 CO
Itlverslde I'lour , per sack 1 IK )
Diamond Illiill I'lour , per bbl n ( HJ
Diamond Illjur I'lour , per hack 1 45
White. Hear Soup , : i"i Ibs 1 CO
All other ( joods In saino ratio of discount.
Give Ub a call and examine our prices.
Satisfaction gu.uauteed.
Trotting - Stallions
WADE GARY , Coiincil Blnffs.
And Fine Pottery.
W , S , HOMER & CO , ,
No. 23 Main St. , Council muffs , Iowa.
Latest Novelties ,
In Amber , tor
toise bliell , etc.
Ilalr ornaments
as well as the
In hair goods.
Half goods
Made to Older
Mrs. C. L. Gillette ,
CT Main Street , Council Illuirs. Out of town
work solicited , and all mall outers promptly
attended to ,
Harkness Brosl
New goods , beautiful goods , good value
and cheap. Call and see them.
Wo have now in sleek our new in yilkH.drct-K .
underwear , flannels , domestic , etc. Headquarters for
\Ve have the largest selection and lines ! patterns oi'carpotw in
any city of the west. They comprise
Axminsters Moquettes , Body Brussels ,
Tapestry Brussels ,
3-ply Ingrain , Matting , Ruggs , Etc , Etc ,
We shall be pleased to show our customers these new and
choice fabrics. Do not forget the place ,
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
. RINK , ;
No. 201 Main Street , Council Bluffs5Iowa
Both Domestic and Foreign. .
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel In the City with Fire Es
cape. Electric Call Bolls.
Accommodations First Glass ,
Rates Always Reasonable ,
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
Real Estate
Vacant Lots , Lands , City Res
idences and Farms.
Acre Property Jn western part of tliu tity. All
belling cheiip.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent ,
Hoom 6 , over Olllccr & Piisey'n Hank , Council
11 HiIT , lo\\u.
Attorneys at Law ,
Practice In the State and IVileral fouvts. Olllre ,
Itoouib 7 ami 8 SliUKiirt-IIetm lllock , Council
Illullfc , Iowa.
Justice of the Peace
Olllco Over American Expiess , No.410 llroad-
way , Council mull * , Iowa.
Star Stables and Mule Yards
y , Council HlulTOpp. . Duinno
Ilnii-es imil inuloi constantly on hand , fur
sale at retail or In car loiitl lots.
Orders promptIlllitl ] by contract oii'lic-U
Stock Mild on commission.
Tflfplicine HI. hCIIM'TIlll .V 11(11 r.V.
Opposite Dummy Hopol. Council Hint's.
415 fyoadway , Council Bluffs.
Hefers to any bank or liuslm-s house in thr < lty.
Collections u specially.
Ogden Boiler Works
CARTER & SON , Prop's.
Mniiufuctuiurf of
I )
Order * liy mall for repairs promptly attended
to. HaliNfnctlon guaranteed , loth AVPIIHP. Ail-
diess Ogden Iron \Voiks. Council lIlnlTs , Iowa.
UW HroodXMiy. Council Hlndo , Iowa. Us
A. H. Hello , Central ! Give me the Council Bluffs
Carpet Co , No. 4OB. W Broad way.
C. O. Can't ; sixteen ahead waiting for- their
A. H. What's the matter ? Anybody killed there ?
C , O. No. Three woman fainted in the crush-Aw
ful crowd getting their fall carpets. Big bargains
everybody says.
A. H. Guess I'll go down and not wait for the
C. O. Belter do that if you want to reach them
A3X10UK llUKlf A\l > . CXMIIAL , 01H U.r