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Dettmtd by carrier m any p rt or the cltr t
twenty ccoUpcr neot *
E. W. TILTOX. Manager.
H lam KDITOH No. 23.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Roller , ' tailor. Fall goods clifcap.
H. Friedman's opening Monday night.
Ladies , sec combined writing desk and
Revving machine. Domestic olllce , 105
Main street.
The Mikado sociable being arranged
by the Congregational ladles has been
postponed until next week.
The Congregational Sunday school is
to have a social in the church parlors
Friday evening from 5:30 : o'clock.
Mo newa tins yet been received of
Joseph Tayon , who stopped down and
out to mysteriously , last Friday Illorn-
H. Friedman. No. 400 Hroadway. An-
nnal fall opening. Monday night. Great
est display ot French pattern bonnuts
find tine millinery.
Judge Van Kirk , of Silver City , has
just purchased 141 head of cattle at South
Omaha for feeding purposes and shipped
them to his largo stock farm , where ho
already had several hundred head.
Thu Council liluffs library now has the
names of over 2,000 patrons on its books.
It requires about $100 per month to pay
xpenscs , over and above thu necessary
outlay for periodicals and new books.
J. J. Stcadman is having plans pre
pared tor a | 8OCO residence , which ho
will immediately erect upon Oakland
avenue. It is a prosperous country in
which newspaper men can build houses
of their own.
Lovely. Beautiful. Exquisite. Just
too H weet for anything. To bo continued
at H. Friadman'g millinery opening
Monday evening and Tuesday , day aud
evening , October 10 and 11.
Ono of the new organizations here is a
German conversational club. The mem
bers aru mostly business and professional
men , who desire to learn to speak the
German language. The mother tongue
of Nick Van Stann will bo horribly
butchered for a while at least.
A citizens' committee , constituted
without regard to party lines , with Mayor
Gronuwcg at thu head has issued a call
for a citizens' meeting to bo hold at 8
o'clock to-night in Masonic temple to
complete the details for thu reception of
President Cleveland. Lot every one at
The republican county convention will
bo held at the court house to-morrow
morning at 11 o'clock. Thu friends of
the various candidates are each pushing
the claims of their man , but many aspir
ants for political honors will bu merci
less.y sat down upon when the time
The case of Mrs. Joseph Lyman
Against thu city , in which the plaintiff re
sisted by injunction the collection of
grading taxes , etc. , on the grounds of in
sufficient notice , was oecidud in her favor
by Judgu Deemer. City Solicitor Holmes
immediately filed a notice of an appeal
from the decision.
There was an attempt at burglary Sat
urday night at the residence of W. A.
Maurcr. The domcstio was awakened by
his attempted entrance , and she imme
diately alarmed the household. Mr.
Maurcr descended the stairs just in time
to sco thu fellow make away down street
as fast as his lugs could carry him. There
was no loss.
Work on the now sewer at the city jail
has disclosed a statu of affairs that might
have resulted very unpleasantly for some
ono. Although the jail has been buill
scarcely four years , the floor joists arc
completely rotted out , and the wonder h
that the floor has held the daily attend
ants of the police court. There is nc
ventilation whatever under the floor , anc
the extra amount of dampness is the
cause of this speedy decomposition.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. J. N. Cochrat
and his sister were out driving , whet
near the head of Broadway a gcntlomai
drovu up behind them aud , in attempting
to pass , used his whip , which so fright
cned Cochran's horse that ho iumnci
and broke a hold-back strap , lie tiiei
took a two-mlnuto gatu down Uroad
way , but was fir ally "stopped on Scot
street , just passed the corner. N (
damage other than the incidental fright
On Saturday last Mr. J. W. Klcob soli
his grocery store in Masonic tumplu t <
Troxull liros. Ono of thu new lirm ha
t ! long been in the employ of Doau , Mills S
t Co. , of this city , and is well known toou
y- dealers , whilu the other brother come
hero from Sprlngllold , 111. The latte
has had an extensive experience in thi
business , and brings with him not enl ;
this , but a reputation and enterpris
which makes him a valuable acquisitloi
to any business or social community
The Uir : bespeaks for the now tirru
goodly share of the trade they seek.
Thu quartette choir at the Congrcgc
tional church is constituted as follow !
Mrs. Wadsworthboprano ; Mrs. Ware
alto ; Mr. Wuscott , tenor ; Prof. McDoi
mid , bass. Thu musio rendered durin
yesterday's service was ! of a very hig
order , and received many encomium :
The solo and quartette "Nearer My Go
to Thee , " the canon between prayers an
the solo and duet "I hoard thu voice c
Jesus say , " were artistically rondurei
thu phrasing , shading and elocutio
bringing out perfectly the sentiment <
the words. The solos and duet combine
the beautiful voices of Mrs. Wadswort
and Mrs. Ward , and their reuderin
touched the sympathies of the audienc
with the keenest sunso of worship an
devotion. Next to an eloquent , practici
sermon , its musical accompaniment coi
tains the truest inspiration , and th :
church does its work the best which con
blues botli of a high order. Let us ha\
the best musio as well as the bcstthougl
in our churcuus.
Masonic. .
Exculsmr lodge , No. 259 , A. F. A : A. M
will hold its regular communication th
( Monday ) evening , October 10 , Visitii :
brethren Invited , By order W. M.
Every ono making a cash purch o i
25 cents at T. D. King & Co.'s cigar stoi
guts a chance m the auuual prize dra\ \
ing. Twenty elegant prizes ,
J , W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
First on the Mat.
On Saturday last , in Judge Deomer
court , thu casoof The State vs. F. Keeiu
( James Wilson ) was called for trial. 1
was indicted for keeping a gatnblii
house on Uroadway , and on trial pluadt
guilty to the charge. Ho was -forthwi
sentenced to pay a line of $150 or stiff
imprisonment in the county jail for
term of forty-livo days. Other simil ;
cases will soon follow , and it is cxpecti
thuy will all bu contested. Those wl
lead in the prosecution of these cas
claim to possess testimony in each sul
cient to convict , and some startling d
volopmenU may bo expected ,
List your property with Cooper
Judson.No. 120 Maiust.
Ono thousand head of ouo , two ai
three-year-old steers for sale. Will ci
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of
J. Grccnaiuayer , 623 Myuster St. , lol
( Money , to lonu. Cooper & JoUsou.
j ' ' . ' .
: t , . ' . . ' ' .
The Churches Command a Goodly Share
of. the Day.
Night's Clinutauqua Meeting
The I'urposcs of St. Bernard' *
Hospital Attempted Burglary
Other Bits of New * .
Pnt to the Test.
Rev. I ) . 1) . Do Long , late president of
Lebanon Valley ( Pa. ) college , occupied
the pulpit of the Congregational church
yesterday. As ho was visiting friends in
this city , the golden opportunity of secur
ing for the public a discourse from him
was improved. It was indeed a rhetor'
leal , intellectual and spiritual feast of
good tilings.
The speaker has n pleasing address , a
round toned strong , yet sweet voice. His
sermon was brainy , The topic was the
inllucnco of Christianity upon the intel
lectual as well as the spiritual world.
His text was : "Prove all things ; hold fast
to that which is good. "
He spoke iirst of the nature of Chris
tianity as a system calculated to call forth
the full intellectual powers of man and
exorcise them into further develop
ment. Christianity had directly in
fluenced nightly the history of
the world lor nineteen cnn-
turics. Its principles had intermingled
with the history of experiences of the
human race from its incipicncy. As a
system it claimed to contain principles
to govern human lifo in all conditions ,
and the problems of spiritual life , in time
and in eternity. With such an mlinite
scope revealed religion was a study to
command the attention , excite the exer
cise i and prove an inspiration to the
greatest intellects.
Honest doubt was not a sin. It was
dangerous to doubt , but to the honest
seeker after truth , a doubt was often the
portal through which one entered into
the clear sunlight. Christ had among his
disciples one honest doubter , so consti
tuted that he could not help but dnubt.
Christ's treatment of Thomas should
serve as an example to the church. It
should not turn away from doubters , or
rebuke them , but urge them to seek hon
estly for the truth , and tb acknowledge
it when found.
There shall be no indifference on the
one hand and no tenacious clinging to
error on the other hand. Doubts shall
naturally arise , and should bo put aside
so soon as ono could discover the real
Christianity was not without Ha proofs.
It had evidences which would stand ex
amination. It should be tested by every
one , for BO surely as this was done would
the honest seeker after truth iind it.
Many of these tests were familiar. The
variety of matter contained in the re
vealed word tlio history , the philosophy ,
human experiences , teachings by par
ables , miracles , the sacred poetry a
wonderful variety , written by different
men in dillbrent ages , yet all agreeing
in spirit. There was infinite variety and
yet a grand unity. It was to bo expected
that with tiiis wonderful variety , some
of those who searched lor the truth ad
mired ono gem of doctrine more than
another , got clearer glimpses of some
truths than others. Human conceptions
varied greatly , and errors crept into
human internrctations and explanations
of what the inspired teachings were.
Hence there arose various sects , and < lit-
fcrcnt views at different ages and
in different climes. Some had criticised
Christianity because of this. There have
been outrages committed in the name of
Christianity , but they are the result of
weak human conceptions , and the sys
tem itself was not responsible , as it
taught no such acts.
One of the chief tests of Christianity
was its tendency. A system claiming to
so groatljinlluence human life should
submit to such a test. It coulu stand the
test. Its tendency was apparent. Chris
tianity and the highest civilization went
hand and hand. History showed that
thu time , growth and prosperity of a
nation ran parallel with the growth and
prosperity of Christian institutions.
The adaptability of the system was
another test. In this too , Christianity
proved itself to be divine.
' The speaker urged also the necessity
of retention. In the social life , wealth
was often acquired by ono generation ,
only to be squandered by another.
Nations were founded on truth , justice
and virtue , only to fall in years alter by
an undermining ot voluptuousness and
pleasure. In tlio spiritual life there were
also waxings and waning * . It wad the
duty of every one to exert himself dili
gently in discovering truth , and having
discovered it to hold fast to the treasure.
Retention was as necessary as acquisi
tion. The honest doubter should bcarch
for the truth , aud , finding it , should cling
to it as more precious than gold or silver ,
Tlio Purpose of tlio Hospital.
St. Bernard's hospital , situated at the
corner of Ninth avenue and Fourth
street , is now open. It combined a hos
pital aud sanlturiuni , and is complete in
ail its departments. While under the
supervision of the sisters of charity , it i ;
in no sense , a charity institution. In its
nature it is the same as is seen in largei
cities , and is intended as an auxiliary tc
the benilicent work of that order of noble
women whose labors in alleviating dis
tress and caring for the sick have mack
their names a house-word everywhere.
Their work is humanitarian , it is true ,
for where thu sick are unabiu to dufraj
personal expense it is no bar to then
proper care , but those who can pay , arc
charged a moderate rate for the attend-
they receive.
The advantages such an mstitutioi
present are numberless. A few , how
evur , may bu mentioned : It frequently
happens that a person needs thu dailj
attendance of a physician but from hit
living far away from tlio city ho is uuabli
to secure it. Thu hospital is for him
Should one bu suffering from n chronic
disease and wish to avail himself of tin
is best medical treatment , which cannot b <
had here , thu hospital is for him. It i ;
for tlio invalid whosu physical conditioi
demands quiet and rest ; for the mentall ;
worn who need diversion and treatment
in short , for thu sick and suffering of al
Thu institution already has quite ;
number of patients , and possesses capac
ity for tlio accommodation of many more
It is ono of thu few things which does it
work so quietly that thu world hanll.
knows of its existence. Council li lulls i
fortunate in this possession and our pco
pie' should sco that all needed encourage
input Is given to these who have thi
work actively in hand.
I'erionnl Paragraphs.
( ieorgo Rice , son of Rev. G. G. Rice
a has returned from a visit to his father' '
ir old home in the Green Mountain state.
Ml Mp. and Mrs. Geddes , of Grand Islam
10 Nub. , send glad tidings to H. 11. Fiulc
us father of the lady. A little one has latel
lie - arrived at that household and Mr. Fiel
e- suiilo tin
wears a glad , grand-fatherly
can bo heard a block away.
' W. B. Somers , who recently returnc
& from California , will start for his ol
homo at Galesburg , 111. , Weduesdiv
where ho will visit tor a short tlniu , afto
which lie will return to the Pacilio coas
re Ho is very much pleased with the climai
of that section , and is quite enthusiast !
In its praise. .
Jlotol arrivals yesterday afthqQgde
bouse ; YV. M. Trestou , Chloasoj Tli
Pickering , Boone ; T. M.TIpton and lady ,
Hloomington , Neb. At the Ucchtolo : J.
W. Parish. DCS Moines ; William Kollatz ,
St. Joe. At the Pacific : W. D. Howard ,
Kansas City ; T. C. Huff , Missouri Val
ley T. W. Prcscott , Cheyenne ; J. J.
Mcrshon , Chicago.
Mr. H. A. Cole and bride arrived in
this city Saturday morning and are now
stopping with his father , but will soon
bo located at their nlcgantly furnished
rooms at Mrs. J. W. Chapman's. The
lady was formerly Miss Kate Ponn. of
Mt. Pleasant , and is welcomed as a valu-
liable addition to tlio social aud literary
circles ot the city.
Clinutniuitia ICnthnalam.
The opera house was well filled last
evening , about a thousand peonlo being
gathered in a united movement in the in
terest of the Chautauqua assembly.
Shortly before 8 o'clock Chairman L. W.
Tulloys opened the meeting by an-
nounccing a song from gospel hymns.
Dr. Coolcy followed with prayur , after
which the chairman stated the object of
the meeting. Closing , ho said : "As it
had been reported that certain parties
were endeavoring to unload undesirable
property upon the Chautauqua commit
tee , I will call upon Mr. A. S. Hazel-
ton lo state the facts in the case. "
Mr. Hazulton gave a history of tlio
movements of thu committee in relation
to tlio prospective purchase ot the Gar
ner property. He acted as trustee of the
syndicate who own that property , They
paid for it $100 per acre. They asked of
the committee $200 pur aero for 100
acrcr. They themselves had subscribed
for $7,000 of the stock. An incidental
boom always follows the establish
ment of a Chautaiiqua assembly. Upon
the balance of the tract they own thev
propose to reap a financial bonelit not
from this onu hundred acres. They weru
already offered .foOO an aero for a certain
tract and $300 an aero for another. This
does not look liku an unload of undesira
ble property. The tract they now hold
in reserve comprises thirty-four acres.
Colonel Tulleys stated that over $15,000
of stock was taken , but was not binding
until $30,000 was subscribed.
Thu Rov. D. D. Do Long of Harrisburg ,
Pa. , was introduced. Ho gavu his views ,
us an eastern man , of the establishment
of an assembly here. Wo have a natural
location the gate of the west and wo
ought to have it as a safeguard , for no
people are safe who allow their material
interests to crowd out their spiritual in
Dr. T. J. Mackay followed with a
telling speech. The business activities
are crushing the lifo out of our
people. We ought to turn our
united attention to this work. Everywhere
we have empty pews in the churches ,
empty homes while the head of thu house
is scheming for the dollars , early graves
are on every hand. Chautauqua work
brings about a more fraternal feeling
among religious people. Theology is
narrow. Chautaiiqua broadens it and
makes it take its place amonir the other
sciences as the handmaid of God in sav
ing men. Wo want a broadening out of
the religious culture of the day.
Mr. Joplin , of Omaha , was introduced.
They wished an assembly nearer than
Crete. Neb. , and Omaha would undoubt
edly do a liberal share in locating one
Dr. Phulps mailo a ringing speech ,
showing the advantages to accrue from
such : tn enterprise. No other assembly
anywhere had started with -assured
success as this. All others weru success
ful. Ours starts with $ ! ! 0,000 stock and
success is assured from the start. "Tho
safety of the people rests upon -their in
telligence. " Chautauqua educates aud
uluvates all.
Rov. Rues , Methodist , made the clos
ing address , and it was brim full of good
things an argument in favor of the
movement not to bo disputed.
This mooting gave the work a wonder
ful impetus , and it is safe to say that
within a few days the entire stock will bo
A song and benediction by Dr. Mackay
closed the exercises.
Thu song service was ably conducted
Mr. I. M. Treynor.
Dr. J. T. Van Nnss , physician and sur
geon , olllce room 8 , Opera House block ,
will attend professional calls day or
niirht. Residence corner Eighth avenue
and Fifteenth street.
Work Starts on the
Work on the now Rroadway bridge is
to commence to-day. The pile-driver
and engine have boon put in position
and there seems no hindrance in tlio wa\
of proceeding with the work rapidly
The first work will bu on tlio viaduct 5i
Omaha. As soon as material arrives on
this side work will commence here. The
approaches will be thus well under way
soon. When the river freezes thu work
will commence on thu substructure , and
there will be night as well as day gangs.
The bridge company scums determined
to push the work along as rapidly as
The latest and most successful raugo if
the steel oven , round lire prot Fuller tt
Warren range. Thu most astonishing
results from it. It is the tincst lugl :
grade range in use. It beats everything
else. Sue it at our store , 41 Main street
Cole & Colo.
Accidental Shooting.
A report reached this city yesterday
afternoon that onu of the Martin boys
living near Martin's lake , about cigh
miles from here , had been seriously in
jured by thu accidental discharge of i
gun in thq hands of his younger brother
Henry Martin , aged eighteen , and hi :
brother ugud twelve , were out duel
hunting , and while passing along :
slough , onu being on each Hide , the gin
in the hands of the younger boy W.T
accidentally discharged , the cliargi
taKinir effect in his brother's facu am
breast. He was conveyed to his honu
and surgical skill mimnioned. It wa >
found that about thirty shot had untorei
his head and breast , the only dangurou
ono , howover. being in his luft eyu. Tin
doctor dressed the wounds , making Inn
as comfortable as possible , and cxpressei
hopes of his speedy recovery.
Kindly Traits niul Great
of the Sirtnll ICquinoH.
St. Paul Pioneer Press : The little Shetland
land ponies , or "Sholtios"as they an
called in their bleak , native isles , an
making a good dual of headway in tin
northwest. A few years ago there wen
none of them hero. Now there are prob
ably about fifty owned in thu cities of St
Paul aud Minneapolis , with others scat
tured hero and thure throughout tin
statu. The little fellows are becoming
nioro and more popular on acquaintance
and hardly a weuk passes but a ncv
arrival appears in the street , rattlinj
along with a load of jolly children in In
little cart , and both children and pony it
the height of cenuino enjoyment. Tin
latest acquisition in this line is a plum ]
looking pair which are driven by Ur
Lamprey's children. The diminutiv
team is always thu subject of a good dea
of attention whonnvor it appears on th
street , people pausing in their walk t
look after it until it disappears froi :
view around the corner.
Shetland pontas are ot course to b
classed with the luxuries of lifo , Thu
are not good for any work service , or i
thuy are , they are not put to much of i
in this country. Tnoy are the pets c
children , their diminutivu sue niaklu
them not only attractive but also safe ft
the young folks. A very > onng chil
cab bandle ouo with'vase , lliuy tire si
olahlo and dofcllo , and remarkably Intel-
igent in the bargain. Their character- *
sties in those directions make thorn seem
iko large house dogs. In fact , some of
no smaller ones become as thoroughly
domesticated aa n dog. and go into the
louse and follow the children about like
ono of the dog-kinll. E. B. Northrup , of
Ucrrlnm park , has a little pony standing
forty inches high that is about the house
a good deal of the 'time. Ho thinks noth-
ng of walKing Up stairs , and will go
around Into all Forts of nooks and cor
ners. Ono-evenlnn when the young folks
were having a party the pony came m
and Joined the 'company , dancing over
the toilets of thu children with a critical
eye , and eating candy with them in a
perfectly sociable and becoming way.
The Shctlands do not require to be shod ,
ind this is ono reason that they can bo
! > ormitted to como into the house. They
mvo very sharp , hard hoofs , and all that
s necessary to keen the hoofs in good
condition is to trim thorn up occasionnlly.
The principal color of Shctlands is a
deep brown , approaching blank , but oc
casionally there is to bo seen a chestnut ,
and there are many of the dark onus
spotted with whlto. The ponies run in
a wild state over the heaths and bogs of
the Shetland islands. When llrst im
ported they have a rough , shaggy coat ,
jut by constant grooming this becomes
smooth , and they look very slcok and
pretty. They have to be taken good care
of though , for unless they arc kept
clipped and clean they will become
" " anothur charaetcristio
"mangy" they
liavo in common with the dog. They do
[ lot cat much , so that it costs very littln to
keep them and this is ono of the strong
points in their favor. Dut it is their in
telligence that beats everything. A well
known horseman says they show more
intelligence oven than a trotting horse ,
and tiiat there is no animal to compare
them with in that respect unless it is the
Newfoundland dog.
The experiment of breeding Shetland
ponies has never been tried in this sec
tion on an extensive scale. A few days
ago an importation of forty head of them
was received by a horse breeder having
stables in Reserve town , and ho is appar
ently going into the business of raising
Women on Tholr Alutolc.
Pall Mall Ga/.ctte : An incident dis
playing the value of calisthenics to the
fair sex was witnessed at Highbury sta
tion about 11 p. in. ono night last week.
A young lady , the wife of a well-known
athlete , was making her way up stairs to
the train , when she was rudely accosted
by a half-drunken man , who made sev
eral impertinent remarks , and linally at
tempted to kiss her. This was too much
for the youthful British matron , whoso
training had been of a kind to prompt
reliance upon the muscles of the arm
rather than those of the throat. Sweep
ing off her glove , she turn round , and
dealt the offender a blow between
the eyes which fairly knocked him
off his foot , and reeling backward
he rolled from the top to the bottom of
the stair3 in a series of somersaults pain
ful enough to convince him that caution
in his amatory advances might bo worth
observation in the future. A curious
feature in connection with this incident
is that the lady in question is tlio third
sister who has performed thu feat of
knocking down an insultor. Ono of ho
family , a mure girl , was pursued on
Blnckheath by an unfortunate tramp till
she could run no further , when she
promptly lloorcd her pursuer ; and the
other similarly dealt with a scoundrel who
laid hands on her in Richmond. Wo un
derstand that all these young ladies were
practiced cymnasts ; and thu value to
women of such training could not bu bet
ter exemplified than by the foregoing
advertisements , such us Lost , Found
; o Loan , For Sale , To Kent , Viants , Boardlnir ,
etc.TTil ! lie Inserted in tlili column at tbo low
rntoof TEN CENTSPEK LINE foriho Hret inset-
lonnnd V'lvoContsrerLlnufo.-oacu subsequent
insertion. Leave advertisements at our ofBca
No. 12 I'curl meat , near Uroadwajr , Council
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-L property , a retail stock of boats imd shoes ,
nmonnt $ iUUU. Cnll Ht store No. fiOS llroadw.iy
or uddresa H. Martin , Council Illnllg , lowti.
HUNT 'I wo unfurnished rooms , t No.
1117 Fourth St.
1ANTKD Two dlnlnirioom bojs tit Cretton
- Porno wecln HRO , between No. 11 1'u irl
St. and bovcnth nvcnuc. n book , "Vmlu
ftlociiiii ol NHturo. " 1'lndur | ) luu o leii\o it iit
No. 11 I'eiiil st , and be suitably rewarded.
j > OKSALK 160xoresor ( choice land Imnrcvi" )
aa follows : t-iiiull lieu o and gttiblK , it )
rodsol a-wiro fence,2) ) acres ot break ! ir , tl
ncres of ash trees in thrifty Krowlnir cnn.i tic > i.
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Wilson , Oxford , Nob.
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quire in ; M Main st.
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} Mrs. Welrlch's , No. 112 I'ouitliet.
FOH SAliU Jly residence property corner
8th st. and Uth ave T'lno S-room house ,
two lots , the corner ono vncnnt , Citr water
and sewerage , peed barn , carriage housu , utc.
A biirpiln if taken soon. Apply on promises
or nt No. H 1'oorl St. , Council lllulls. B. T.
FOIt SALK Second-hand Columbia bicycle
very cheap , KMnch , m Boo oflicu.
> OK HUNT A new modornciht room house
Ii very convenient , within 2 4 blocks dummy
depot. Inquire of W , H. Ware , ovur Bavln e
bank , Council IlluITa.
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lot * and ftorc propeity for saloby
F. J. Dny , 9 i'cnrl st.
WANTPD-A Klrl for jrenorul housework.
Small family , handy kitchen. 700 6th ave.
1OII SALE OU THADE.-For Conncll Ulufffi
property 40,000 acres of lowu and Ne
braska land. J. K. Itlcr , 110 Mam tit. Council
Hides , Tallow , Pells ,
WOOL AXO runs.
JHyhesl Marlet Prices. Pi-amp
Return * .
820 and 8'22 Main Street , Council JJlufls
A' . SCUU11Z ,
Justice of the Peace.
Office over American Kxprnss.
yalulnfl their complexion should leourea „ J
of the lateit Imported and unanimously acknowl
edged aa the boat
Kn&rnnteed to bo perfectly tiirralMR , Impcr-
cnptlble , durable and Invisible. For Halo every
where. Aekyourdruecistforlt. 1'rlcv , Qoni.a
600 tier Uor. Timie euiM'llfd by
J.F.UOYui.CO CHICAGO Solelmporteri.
Vncnnt I.oli , LnnJi , C\if \ Itcildoncrs nd
Karros. Acre property In western part o ( city
All eeJlln r cheap.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Moom 0 , over Officer It russj's DnnV , Couno
Bluff * .
Prices Very Totv ,
Wl S. HOMER & Co. ,
JVO. A3 JT4/A ST. ,
CARTER & SON , Proprietors.
OK ( '
) ANU {
OrJer * for rcrmlrs by mull promptly attnnilo
to. Satisfaction Kiiariuitccd. Tenth Ave. ad
ho OgOcn Iron Works , tuurallUluda.
Star Safe Stab/es and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council BluBs , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules constantly on hand
for sale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission
Telephone 114. SHLUTHU &
Opposite Dummy Depot , Counci muffs
Creston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs.
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call Bells.
Accommodation * Find Clutm ,
And Kales Kcnsoiiublc
Max Mohn , Proprietor
Finest Landaus
0 oaohesaud Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Mar.lntts : )
Telephone No. Ii3
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 9
500 Broadway , Council BluiTs.Iowa.
Established 1&7.
In Amber ,
etc. , Hair On
nninciits , as
well aa tlio
iiowest noy
'eltiesiu hair
Hair Roods
mailcto order
Mrs. C7 L. Gillette
20 Moiu St. , Council Jilull's , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , and all mail
orders promptly attended to.
New Fall Styles Open.
1514 Do tiglas Ht. OMAJ1A , AV6.
Fall Goods ,
We Jutvc now In stock our new purchase * In Silks , Dress Ooods , Under *
wear. Flannels , Domestic * , etc. , etc. Headquarters for
We Jutve Uic laryest selection and flnest patterns of carpets In the city of ]
the west. They comprise
Axminster ,
Moquettes ,
Body Brussels ,
Tapestry Brussels ,
Three-ply Ingrain ,
Matting ,
Rugs , Etc. , Etc ,
We shall be pleased to meet ami show our customer * these nctu andcholct
. .
fabrics. Do not forget the place.
40 1 Broad way , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa ,
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Both Domestic and Foreign ,
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : Boaiders : : Reduced : : Rates.
NO. 336 & 338 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
K. S. BAKffETT ,
Justice oi the Peace ,
41S Bioadwny , Council Bluffs.
Rcforo to any bank or businets liouf c in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Attorneys at Law.
Practice in the State and Federal Court
7 and 8 ShUBrt-15eno Block.
A. H. Hello , Ccntrnll Give me the Council Bluffs
Carpet Co , No. 4O3 W. Broadway.
C. O. Cnn.'t ; sixteen nheucl waiting for their'
A. H. What's the matter-V Anyhody killed there ?
C , O. No. Three woman fainted in the crush-Aw
ful crowd getting their fall carpets. Big bargains
everybody says.
A. H. Guess I'll go down and not wait for the
C. O. Better do thatif you want to reach them