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Dress Goods , Silks , Velvets , Cloaks ,
2fSO pieces Dress Goods In Fancy mixtures , DiagonalsHomespuns ,
Fancy Novelties , Stripe ? , Checks and 1'lald Armttrcs , Silk and Wool Fab
rics , etc. In fact , all the latest and newest weaves * All on one special
counter and all at one price to close the lot
Monday , 500 a yard
'Ihcscgoods have sold at 7ilcS3c , 98cl , , * 1.1O , $1.20 , * 1.2ff. We put
this ridiculous price on the lot simply to reduce our very large Dress Goods
slock. Remember , the price Monday I * GO rents a yard.
We will also close out on Monday all of our Combination Suits at less
than half cost. Look at the prices.
Monday ,
Monday ,
Monday ,
20 elegant braided
Combination Suits
li eleyant embroidered
Combination Suits ,
toilise *
y elegant fancy
Combination Suits ,
Beautiful designs.
A. Quiet But Pleasant Week in Omaha So
ciety Circles ,
The Y , > L H. A. Hall-Miss Isaacs'
JMuslcalo Mrs. MuentcforlnR's
Treat News and Gossip of a
Bocial Nature.
A nrlllinnt Affair.
In the heart of the Jewish community there
Is formed a society composed of young and ,
In the maln.umnarrled men. This society Is
known as the Voting Men's Hebrew assocla
About one year ace a party of young men
met in the vestry ot the Jewish temple for
the purposa of forming a society , the object
of which should bo the social and literary
advancement of Its members. At that time
there was , among Immediate circles , much
speculation as to what the result ot
this association would be , whether it would
succeed In its laudable elforts , or moot the
name fate so many like societies have en
countered In tlm past. After struggling as
such organisations must for some time , this
association has prospered and to-day stands
as an example ot what can be done by In
dustrious and vlgorou ? elforts.
The ball given by this association at the
Exposition hall Thursday evening was a
brilliant affair. Throughout Its every feature
was one ot ported success , and tlm
pleasures of the occasion will bo long
remembered by the many participants.
There wore many brilliant and beautiful
costumes worn , some of which were ordered
from New York and Chicago especially for
the occasionseveral guests from other cities ,
coming for the special purpose ot attending
the alTalr , were present and enjoyed them
selves thoroughly. The executive committee
was as follows : Julius Meyer , president :
Milton M. Sloman , vice president ; hum
Guiu , secretary ; I. Kahn , treasurer. Floor
managers : Dr. E. E. Stnmtiti , chairman ;
Charles Goldsmith , M. llosenhock , A. / under
der , A. J. Abrams and Julius linger. Belosv
Is given a meager mention of a tew of the cos
tumes worn :
Mrs , Meyer Heltman , black silk on train , jet
ornaments and diamonds ; Mrs. David Kaulf-
man , uslies ot roses silk , Irride.scont beaded
ornaments , corsage bouuuet ; Mrs. Morris H.
Sloman , cream and blue brocaded velvet
combined with cream and blue crepe de sliivn
real lace , diamonds : Mrs. Sonnenberi ; , black
silk en train ; Mrs. Sam Sloman , delic.ue
shrimp silk , with tasteful plush tilm-
mlngs ; Mrs. Arnstem , pure white satin
Mrs. A. Lewis , white satin , real
lace , corsage bouquet , diamonds ; Miss
Sarah Kosenberg , Chicago , black silk
moro iintliiuu ; Miss Abrams , delicate violet
nllk , olive plush trimmings ; Miss Sarali
Branders , black silk dccollette , black
lace trimmings , coisaiju bouquet ; Miss
Schlosslnger. black silk , white and black
fiont ; MUs Mary Goldman , white silk com
bined with brocaded satin , corsage bouquet ;
Miss Cora IJendlt. lavender silk , purple vol-
\et and pearl beaded trimmings ; Miss
Bortlm Alpmia , canary satin , Brussels net
trimmings , corsage bouquet ; Miss Clara
Kendskoir , pink satin covered with white
tulle ; Miss Morse man , black satin en train
with jet ornaments ; Miss Goldsmith ,
white liL'urcd lace goods. Miss Minnie Uoths
child , old gold satin with fancy lace trim-
mines ; Miss Etta Newman , blue snUn , pearl
trimmings ; Miss Mollie Morris , light green
silk , satin tiimmlntis , corsage bouquet ; Miss
Miller , pink satin , lace trimmings : Miss
Flora Salv , black silk eji tram ; Miss lllrscli-
stein , garnet silk , garnet plush trimmings ;
Miss Mono , blue silk en train ; Miss Strauss
of Titusvllle. garnet with old gold ;
Miss Jennie Morris , blue and canary silk ;
Miss Bernstein , black silk cardinal sisti ,
silver chain girdle ; Miss Isaacs , pink surah
silk ; Miss OUa Drandois , black silk.
Among the spectators wore Mr. and Mrs.
J. L. Braudols , Mr , 1. Isaacs and Mr. and
Mrs. Miller. The gentlemen besides the
bovo mentioned comprising the lloor com-
E-J iiiltt'je were : Messrs. Friend and Lon Wesel ,
of Lincoln ; Messrs. Arthur lirandels.Elgutter
A. Lewis , Simon and Martin Oberfelder , Will
Heller , Sam Schlesslmser , W. Wolff , Fred
lU'llgsobn , 1. Schlll , Geo. Heyu , Morns H.
worth $10.00
tvorth f 15.00.
$ lo.75
worth § 2G.OO.
These are rare
bargain * and the
prUe the ladies
must appreciate.
Slomau. Simon J. Fisher , Mr. Itotholy ,
lee Uanbaum , Henry Frey , Henry
llorschstoin , Hmiry Newman , Ike New ,
Mr. Abrams , Mr. Frank , Henry Plumb ,
Meyer Kahn , S. Uothschild. Mr. Urown ,
Mark Koseustock , 11. llosenbenr , S. A.
Slonmn. Samuel Freednun , M.
Kyplnslti , Vandeles Keubcn , Max liuu ,
Joe Mandelbcrg , S. J. Harils , Abraham ,
Leon Jtlock , Arthur Kendskoif.Mr. Arnstem.
Last year , aided by subscriptions from out
side parties , tlio society was enabled to clvo
an entertainment for Its very commence
ment , composed of Its literary , musical and
social talent. Tills year It has become
sufficiently strong to Rive an entertainment
based simply upon Its own resources and to
Invite as participators those who had , In the
society's commencement , lent their hand in
tlio society's aid. Tlio meetings of the asso
ciation are held the tirst ot every month at
the rooms of their president , Julius Meyer ,
but the organization Is looking forward
confidently to the near future to have a
separate suite of rooms for their own use ,
and already there Is In formation quite an
extensive library for the use of its members
as soon as they enter their now quarters.
Judging the future of the society by Its past ,
it b'.ds fair to become a solid and stationary
headpiece of the Jewish '
young man's for
Miss MAY McKnxxA. save a party at her
home , 1402 Parkwllde avenue , Monday. Tl.o
occasion was the nineteenth birthday of the
youni ; hostess , nnd twenty-live couples en
joyed the pleasures of the evening.
# #
Miss HAKI-.U pave a party to a number of
lier friends Tuesday evening at her home ,
1430 North Emhteenth street. Twenty-live
couples were present and a pleasant evening
was spent bv all.
* %
A I'L.vv has been cast from thn ranks of
the society people of Omaha and will be
Kiven 6omo evening next month for the
beaelit of the Trinity cathedral.
THE llYi-KiiioN club will give Us first
party of the season Tuesday evening at
Metropolitan hall.
Miss ANN'A MKUKII.I , , well Known In
Omaha , will bo married Tuesday at St. 1'aul'H
church , Council lilutfs , to Mr. Frank 11.
Evans of that city.
* *
MRS. J. W. COTTO.V entertained a number
of her musical triends at her homo on St.
Mary's avenue Wednesday evening.
* *
A I.ITTI.K excursion party wont to Seymour
Parkin a special car Monday. The party
comprised Mr. and Mrs. Itlall , Mr. and Mrs.
McDonald , Dean Gardner and wife , Mrs.
Thomas Swobo , Mrs. Cooper , Mrs. Cancer ,
A. M. Kitchen. II. O. Dorries , 11. U. Tailor ,
( i. M. Hall. Z , Thomason. Will Crary. Mr.
Phillips , J. Hodgson , L. luchardsou and Dr.
A i-i.KASAXT party was given bv Miss
Opal Touzalln at her home , S20S Chicago
street , Friday niclit ,
A MTMiiiu : of the friends of Mr. nnd Mrs ,
T. U. Ferguson were onteitalned at their
jtlcasant home , Oil North Seventeenth street ,
Thursday evening. Those present were :
Mbse.s Uelle Standlsh. E. Kodurbeck ot
Vlnton , la. , Lena Kelly , Joslo Crouch ,
Eultli Davis , Sadlo Pittman. l.Ulio Durnall ,
Clara Lawton , Calllo Standlsh , Messrs. F ,
Datley , C. K. Xlmmcrman , Isaac Adams ,
Frank Standlsh , J. 11. Van Clostcr , J. U.
Hums. Charles Urnuhart , O. ISiackburn. llert
Lawton , ( ! . T. Walker , of Napa City , Cal.
"A Mi1 MO At. entertainment will bo given
Thursday evening at tlio llanscom park M.
K. church under the auspices of the Young
People's society. An excellent proerammo
has been arranged and all who attend may
expect a treat.
O.v Wnn.VKsnAY MrGeorge W. Tlllson ,
city engineer , Kits married to Miss Mary E.
Abbott , of Lancaster , N. 11. , at the homo of
the brldti's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tlllson will
arrive In Omaha about the middle of October
and will make their homo at No. COS South
Twenty-eUhth street.
WKDXKSDAY EVENING at 7:80 : o'clock Mr ,
John C. Heltemeier and Miss Nellie O'Meara
were united In marrlavo at St. Phltomena's
cathedral. Father McCarthy olllciatlu ? . The
reception was held at the residence of Mrs.
Marks , sister ot the bride , 1TO3 Capitol ave
nue , commencing at t ) o'clock. A larce num
ber of friends -were present. Uefieshments
were served In abundance ana cougratula-
Fifty pieces
Puritan Black
Gros Grain Silks ,
Ou nalc Monday at away do ion
prices. We invite special attention
to these silks , and we guarantee
every yard , and if found different
from what we regresent we will
cheerfully refund money or give an
other dress ,
JVc. 1 , at ysc yard , worth $1,25
" 2 " % 1.18 " 1.50
" a 1.48 " .00
" 4 ' 1.75 ' " 2.25
" . G 2MO " 2.00
0 " 2.GO " 3.50
Remember , we take no backseat on
thete goods. We lead , never follow
On Monday we will place on sale
Seventy-five pieces
Colored Faille
Francaise Silks
at $1.25 yd.
And guarantee them the best value
ever offered in Omaha.
Forty-five pieces
Fancy Stripe
Checked Velvets ,
69c yd.
worth $1.50 ami f .00
: lens showered upon the contracting parties.
The presents were numerous and costly.
# #
THE r.NTEHT.viNMENT elven by the young
people ot the Castellar church Thursday
evening was a success. Thu progiamme ,
which had been prepared , was can led out
with credit to all the participants. A ulauo
solo by Miss Wilson , and ono by Miss Lillian
Case were special features of the evening.
A comedy In several acts , entitled "Ihe
I'hronologist , " by Messrs , Koopman and
Pickering , tiio former as the phrenologl&t
and the latter as the victim , created much
merriment. After tlio programme , refresh
ments wore served and a very enjoyable
evening was spent by all present.
Stairctt. or Central City , was married to Miss
Emma Lindcrholm , of Omaha , at the resid
ence ot the bride's parents. Kov. II. S. Hil
ton , of Central City , olllclatcd. Mr. Starrett
Is cashier of the Platte Valley bank and a
young business man , and the bride a
very popular voting lady of this city and
daughter of Mr. John Linderholm.
O.v TIIUIISDAY evening a large number of
ladies and gentlemen gathered at the resi
dence ot Mr. Thornton Blown , 2434 Parker
street , the occasion being a surprise party to
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beatty who leave
Omaha to miiko their future homo In Chad-
ron , Neb. Mr. and Mrs. lioatty are old and
respected residents of this city. For many
years Mr , Bealty has been prominent In
Omaha's commercial and railroad circles ,
while his estimable wife , who is a sister of
Mr. Brown , has lor years been an cltlelnnt
worker In the Scwaid street M. E. church.
A very happy evening was enjoyed with
music and relreshments. At the close Mr.
Beatty and wile were presented with a
beautiful engraving. The presentation
speech was made bv Kov. C. W. Savulge.
The departure of Mr. and Mrs. Beatty will
bu regretted and the best wishes of a host
of friends will follow them.
A MUSICAL WAS elven Wednesday evenIng -
Ing by Miss Ll/.zlo Isaacs , at 11' : South
T\venty-lourth street , and was a delightful
allnir. Miss Ida Isaacs gave a number of
recitations , and Mr. 1) , 1) . McDonald ren
dered several vocal selections. The young
hostess rendered the following on the piano ,
which were well received :
Toccata Pai adies
Polonaise Herolnuo , K major Liszt
Kl.'andou Half
Humorcske No. I ' . Kroeger
Traucieswlrroiid ' . . . .Schumann
Ballade , ( J minor Chopin
Among thosn present were the following :
Dr. and Mrs. Hanchett. Mr , and Mrs. Hunt ,
Mr. and Mrs. Halnos , Mr. and Mrs. Cody ,
Mr. and Mrs. Woods , Dr. and Mrs. Stone ,
Mr. and Mrs. 1'iatt , Mr. and Mrs. Hartman ,
Mr. and Mrs. Max Meyer , Mr. and Mrs ,
Adolph Meyer , Mr. and Mrs. Moritz Meyer ,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Field , Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Swobe. Mr. and Mrs , Fiod McConnell , Mr.
and Mrs. Martin , Mr. and .Mrs. Kahn , Mr.
and Mrs. Brady , Mr. and Mrs. Coe , Mr. and
.Mrs. Carlisle , Mr. and Mrs. Lally , Mr. and
Mrs. Cully , Mr. and Mrs. llaly , Mr. and
Mrs. Kothchlld , Mr. and Mrs. Yost , Mr. and
Mrs Barker , Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Council ,
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Godtrey , Mr. and Mrs.
llowcll , Dr. and Mrs. Mooie , Mrs. Botkln ,
Mrs. Anna Yates. Mrs. Preston. Misses
Walker , Bntterlleld , Parker , Yates , Stone ,
Rosenberg , Newman , and Mensrs. Fisher ,
McDonald , Kratz , Moris , Melnbcrg , Drukker.
# #
A soci.uii.K was given at the First Chris
tian church on Thursday evening. It was
largely attended by the members and friends
ot the church and was In all respects a very
pleasant atfalr.
TIIK semi-monthly party of the
Parnell Social club will be given at Hibernian
hall next Wednesday evening. The club Is
now entering uuon Its second year with an
enviable record of pleasure as a guarantee of
future success. Every detail necessary to
make these terpslchorlan meetings enjoy
able are carctully looked after , and nothing
loft undone that adds to the pleasure of mem
bers and friends.
A suurnisK party.loaded for ploasure.took
possession of the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Klnney , on Seventieth street , near
Clark , Tuesday evening , and hold the Itoor
for nearly four hours , The surprise was a
success In plan and execution and was en
joyed by all participants.
THB HAPPY Houits club has been rerfr-
ganized for the season , and will give the
lirst of a series ot live parties at an early
date. ,
Monday only 1OO dozen Latllcs'
Scolloped Top,5-button Kid Gloves ,
87c pair ; worth fl.
Grand Sale Monday
All at One Price , 75c ,
Each ; worth f 1 , $ * .2t and up ,
conslstliw of fine White Merino ,
White Knit , fine Camel's Hair all
wool scarlets , cPc.
Sale Contined Monday
Of 2 O dozen Children's Jersey
Ribbed/ull regular made
All Stzrs ,
25c Per Pair.
Would be cJiettp at 40c.
Monday , 100 dozen Ladles' Plain
Also Fancy , Borders ,
8 l-3c Each.
Monday , WO dozen Ladles' Fancy
Embroidered Corners , also Fancy
Colored Bordered Handkerchiefs
at i
15c Each.
Would ba'ctieap at 30c.
O.v WIDNE : DAY evening n number of
friends of Mr. and ( Mrs. F. B. Baker ten
dered that genial couple n aurjiriso party at
their residence 14UO North Eighteenth street
About forty guests were present and availed
themselves of every opportunity for pleasure.
Many hours weio spent In dancing and
other social pastime , and ( I urine ; the evenIng -
Ing the happy throne did full justice to a
tempting airay of refreshments. Mr. and
Mrs. Baker were on the qul vivo at all times
( or the happiness and comfort ot their
guests , and tlio aftair will bo ono to bo long
ana pleasantly remembered by all in at
Miss Ida Sharp Is visiting In Council Bluffs.
Mrs. Sol Stegel has returned from a visit in
the cast.
Mrs.S. U. Callaway left forXow York City
Thursday evening.
Mrs. S. Warren Clmse has gone east with
her family to spend the winter.
Mrs. Uostwlck and Mrs. X. Meyers , of
Hastings , were in the city Friday.
Mr , and Mrs. Max Meyer have moved to
their now Home , 'JGOS Douglas street.
Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Sutphen returned Thurs
day from St. Louis and Kansas City.
W. A. Kulley and wlto have just returned
after a visit of several weeks to Denver.
Mrs. L. A. Shawvnn , of ICIchmond , Intl. ,
is visiting with Mrs. L. L. Thomas , 1011
Davenport street.
Miss Li Mo D. Nichols returned from
Laramie , Wyo. , on Sunday , accompanied by
Mr , and Mrs , George.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Thomas ( neo Miss
Susie Ulckuts of Ohio ) have come to Omaha
to make their home.
Miss Annie Hotschlld arrived last evening
from Huron , Dak. , after a very pleasant visit
to her sister , Mrs. A. Jacobsen.
Miss Ijams has returned from the sea coast ,
accompanied by Miss Deorine , of Portland ,
Me. , who will be her guest during the winter.
Mrs. W. D. KLumls and Miss Lucy Harris ,
Henry , 111. , slaters of Mrs. J. 11. and J. U.
llairis , have heen visiting In the city guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Harris , 1120 Catherine.
Mrs. 11. a. and Miss Jennie Stitt , of 1115
South Sixth street , have returned home alter
a pleasant trip through Utah and Colorado.
Mr * . Stitt is very niucli Improved in health
and Is very enthusiastic In nor uralse ot Col
orado , and especially the health resorts she
Work Is good medicine.
A man's best friends are his ten fingers.
Society says one tiling , and nature says
Any kind of an honest job Is better than
no job at all.
Take a dollar a day for your work If you
can get no more .
Have a reserve force that will come out
when you need It.
The nonest man who dies poor is rich If ho
only holds his own.
Only those who wako clean money and do
clean things win succos ? .
A good day's work at what you can best do
Is the hard-pan to wnlch all uuibt come.
Sleep oixht hours out of thu twenty-four , oat
three meals a day and walk on the sunny
sldo ot the way.
When country boys come to the nlty if they
can only hold on to the old sweet ways they
can dety the world.
Keep your grip on the hard-pan of princi
ple of Rood conduct , nnd you will be men
of good name and good fortune.
A recent address by Rev. Dr. Collyer to
some college students has met with praise
from the Norfolk Ylrclnlan , which said :
When a boy ( ills a house with bugs lie Is all
rlitht , provided ho don't run after humbugs.
Ho has the making In him of a very great
"Dr. Collyer remarked that ho had worked
on a tarm , carried n hod , shod horses , broke
stone on a turnpike , ireaped and cradled
grain , dug a well , cut wood and preached
sermons that nobody wanted to hear. His
wonderful success Had been achieved by
pure grit and honest Industry , lounin'st
dig down to Imrd'pau , ho said , to lay a foun
dation to tame and fortune. His aphorisms
may bo grouped as follows :
Hank HtMemnnt.
NKW VOIIK , Oct. .7 The weekly bank
statement shows the reserve decreased
? 9.H,000. The banks now hold 55,113,000 In
excess of the legal requirements.-
17 yards 36-inch Unlilcached Mus
lin , splendid quality for $1.
1't yard > 'iG-lnch Bleached Muslin.
finished by Lonsdalc Company ,
2O yards Cotton Flannel for $1.
IS yard * White Shalfr Flannel for
14 yards Indigo Blue 1'rlnt , war
ranted fas t colors , $1.
11 yards Very Ilcury Siilrtiiigs fo
1C yards Apron Check Ginghams
for $1.
2O yards Xlce Comforter Calico
large figures. $1 ,
Items of Interest to the Members of the
Various Secret Orders.
Oilil Fellows Chat The A. O. U. W.
General I'ythiaii News News anil
Gossip of the Secret Orilcrn
of the State.
THE UATTALiON drill at the base ball
park Friday afternoon of tlio U. U. K.
of P. was well attended by the Sir
Knights. The evolutions were well per
formed nnd show that the few practice
drills have obtained goou results. The
Omaha regiment will bo out in full force
during thu coming grand lodge session.
Divisions will bo detailed for escort duty
for visiting divisions , and to escort arriv
ing divisions from the depot to headquar
ters at the Exposition building.
GE.VEHAI. CAUNAIIAN will arrive Mon
day. A detachment of all the commis
sioned officers of the Omaha regiment
U. it. K. of i' . will coiibtituto the escort
and bo under the command of Colonel
Ihoft. litirrili. Every Sir Knight of the
Omaha regiment should report promptly
Monday morning for duty. Let everyone
ono be on hand , and take their uniforms
to the Exposition building , that they may
have them where they will not have to
run lather and thither to gut them.
IT WAS unfortunate that tlio mistake
should have occurred us regards the
president's membership with the Knights
of Pythias. The members of that order
would be proud of the fellowship of the
chief executive , but their reception to the
distinguished guest wilt bo none the less
hearty , and among tlio pleasant recol
lections of his western visit none will bo
more prominent in the president's
memory than thu imposing display of the
gallant knights of Nebraska.
TIIK ur.GUKi : stall'of State lodge No.
10,1. O. O. F. , will meet at Odd Follows1
hall to-day at 8 p. in. for practice in the
degrees. The first degree will bo con
ferred on two or three candidates in the
above lodge on Monday evening.
* *
Tin : I'Hocu.v.MMK of the Knights of
Pythias in tliin oily during the present
week will be as follows :
MONDAY , ncroiiKit 10.
Reception of Major General C'arnnhan.
TUKSDAY. Orronnii 11.
10 o'clock a. in. Iteceptlon ot ( irntul Lodge
and visiting Knights at Exposition build-
in t , ' .
11 o'clock a. m.--Convention of the Crand
10 o'clock a. m. ( inuul street parade ot all
Knights and Divisions.
2 o'clock p. MI. Competitive prize drill of
class A , free-for-all uniform divisions and
oiien to the world. First prize , 31,000 ;
second pri/.e , fc.MJO.
0 o'clock ) i. m. Giand complimentary ball
at Exposition hall.
THUHMIAY , On0111:111H. :
1IM : o'clock p. m. Competitive prUo drill of
class U , tree-tor-all uniform divisions and
open to the world for uniform divisions
which did not enter for class A. First
prize , S.'XW : second prUc , S3UO.
Immedlittely following this class drill will
bo the competitive prl/.o drill ( if divisions
located In Nebraska only , which did not enter
lor either class A or Ii.
8iO ; ! o'clock p. m. At Grand Opera house
Grand pn/u. band contest , trce-lor-atl
bands of this city and those hands which
accompany and are In tlio hervlce ot visit
ing divisions.
* *
"I NOTICE , " said Colonel John J. Mo-
neil to a HIK : representative , "that tlto
papers of this city refer to the Omaha
regiment K. of P. as the Second regi
ment. It is true that in the numbering
of regiments that tri Omaha was man-
Ladies' Astrachan Short Wraps at $10 ; worth $15.
Ladies' Seal Plush Short Wraps , plush ball trimming , at $22.5u\ $ \
worth $35 $ ,
200 Ladies' Seal Plush Sacques , 42 inches long , 4 seal ornaments/ /
fine quilted satin lining , chamois skin pockets , This beats
anything in this country at the price. Monday , $1800 , Would
be consideied very cheap at $28 ,
Ladies , It will doour / hearts good to visit our Cloak D.'purtmcnb
We are showing all the latest norclties and guarantee the price on crcrj/4
$3.5O Per Pair.
Look at our Greys , Fancy and Scarlet Blankets ; also Comfort
ers , all at special prices next week. Special inducements offered
in every department next week , It will payjou to Gome out , rain o (
bored 'second ; ' but in view of the fact
that this city is the lirst to have within
its own borders a full regiment , 1 wrote
to General Dayton at Lincoln asking
him lo permit this regiment to be known
as 'Omaha regiment. ' In ( ienurul Day
ton's official communication it will bo
seen that he refers to 'Omaha regiment
( No.thus ) giving ollicial recognition
to the title. This is but simple justice to
Omaha , as it would civo a false impres
sion if this regiment continued under the
number of Second. "
* #
COI.ONKL JOHN .J. MONIM : < has re
turned Irom Detroit in onle.r to bo pres
ent at thi ) session of the Grand Lodge K.
of P. The colonel will visit the cistern
cities after the adjournment of that body.
* *
Tin : roi.i.owixr has been issued by
thoS. C. , K. of P. :
Oprici : OF SrrmiMi : CIIAXC'III.OI ' : ; ,
ciNNA'ii , O. , Sent. 'M. To the order unher-
sal : 1. 1 have this day appointed Past
Grand Chancellor U. L. C. White , of Teu-
nesseo , to till the vacancy occasioned In tiie
olllce ot supreme keeper of seal by the deatli
ot tlio Hon. U. E. Cowan , Kecngni/.ing tlio
vital importance of this olllce to the interests
of the order , 1 have made this appointment
only alter mature di'libeiution and thu most
caretul consideration , and 1 trust and
believe that It will bo entirely satistactory
to tlio order. Brother White's long con-
tinned service as giand keeper of records and
seal has given Mini an experience which will
be of immediate value In the discharge ot
the duties of tlio position which he now as-
Hiimes : while his ability and his services to
the order , both In tint supreme lodge and
elsewhere , have gained tor him general con-
hdence and esteem.
U. For the present , and until further notice.
Past ( hand Chancellor W. It. Kennedy will
remain in charge of tlio ollioe ot supreme
seeietary of the Endowment bank , at No.
11JT ! Washington avenue , St. Louis , Mo.
biipreme Chancellor.
From this it will be Heen that the ollico
of S. K. of It. and S. will be removed from
St. Louis to Nashville.
TIIK ( JuAND LODGE Knights of Pyth
ian of Pennsylvania , at its recent &e.ssion
adopted the following :
Kebolved , That the ieprescntatlves of the
supiome lodge Knights ot Pythias , of the
world , are hereby leiiucbted to call to die at
tention ol thai body at 1U next session thu
piopiietv of Introducing a side rank tor the
ladies , tolncli the wives and daughters over
eighteen years ot ago , ol knights , may bo
admitted. Said rank to bo styled the "Hank
ot Calanthe. "
Jtnxn : JOHN P. UAI : , who has been
clectetl cominaniler-in-eliief of the Grand
Army of the republic , is a native of
Pennsylvania , llu was born in Chester
county , October Ii ) , 1810. His military
history is as follow.s : When a ) iale-faeu
and slender boy in 18(11 ( , pursuing his
studios in ono of thu universities of Ohio ,
he enlisted at the call of troops in
an Ohio eavalry regiment that , under thu
leadttrnhip of Sheridan , Crook , Kil-
patriok ami others , participated in the
battles of Sluloli , Porryvillu ,
Stone Kiver , Clnukamaiiga , Mission
sion Hidgi ) and from Chattanooga to
Atlanta , never being absent from
liis command. He was promoted to the
eaptainuy of his company for meritori
ous conduct on the littld , before tliu elosu
of thu war. At the expiration of his term
liu resumed his .studies and , after gradu
ating with honors , he returned to his
state ami removed to Minneapolis , be
coming editor of The Daily Tribune.
Subsequently hu engaged in the practice
of his profession ( the law ) , ami was
elected judge of probate , serving one
term and declining a re-election , because -
cause his regular practice insured a more
remunerative Held , llu is thu senior
member in thu law linn of ItatuV : Kitchcll ,
TiiK.Si'Piir.Mi : LnoioNof the A. O , U. W ,
has eleeif'd the followiiiKollieer.ij George
Ii. Heed < > . Topeka , Kan. , S , C.-Charles
llaliit of PitUburg , S. V. C. ; Geoi'gu W ,
Howard of Pans , HI. , S. L. T. C. ; U. E ,
J. W. ; t. Loniger of St. Louis , S. U.f
Edward Gillis of New York city , S. T.
Twenty-three new legions nave been ,
added and 5 : ! ! ) new members initiated
since the last general meeting , anil the.
membership now numbers 12,317 , of
which over II(100 ( have been aJdeil in the
last two years.
Tin : INITIAL party of Forest lodge , No
8-1 , K. of P. , Thursday evening , at its
hall , corner of Sixth anil Pierce streets ,
was a pronounced success. Both in the )
number of those present and the enjoy
able features of the occasion , this wa8
one of the social successes in lodge ciri
clcs of the season.
THKKK will bu a special meeting at
division room on Sunday , Oetobor b , of
Division No. : > ( ! , Order of Hallway Con
ductors. All members are o\poetetl to bo
at this meeting.
Tin : ANNi'AL bait of the lirotherliooit
of Locomotive Firemen will be held at
exposition hall , Novumbor 17. The
knights of the footboard expect to seoop
thu record on this occasion and give their
friends thirty rounds and Hiiiares | of
pleasure , Ihe hall will bo lavishly decorated -
orated and a model locomotive with ten
der attached will be given a prominent
place. Invitations have been issued , anil
none will be admitted without them.
Tin : LADIIS' : circle of the Knights ot
Labor assembly will give a literary entertainment
tortainment at the Grand Army hall , on
Douglas street , Wednesday evening ot
this week.
Thu AVI nil.
( Icitnutc Ahier ,
The wind Is awake and away !
Her loose hair btiuams behind her ;
O'er hill and hollow ,
Wlioie none may follow ,
Shn Hies where none may lind her ,
And only God's hand bind her.
Tlio wind Is awake and away I
She has sot all natuie swinging ;
Leal In tlio bower
And stany ( lower
Into the dance itre springing.
The wind Is auako and away !
The great pines roar with laughter ,
And dip like closer ,
AsBlie sweeps o\ur ,
Her wild hair streaming after.
The wind Is awake and away !
Tliu white spray leaps behind her ;
Ocean ami llower
Admit her power
As slm Hies where none may llnd her ,
And only God'.s hand bind her.
A Now I'rrNliytorlnn *
The I'reshyterlans are about toistalillsh.
other branch in North Omalin. The lap'd
growth northward in the past two years has
brought uith It a demand trom Presbyterians
in tliatsectlon , especially Horn tlinte living
on Lake.stieet and beyond , for the opening
ol a house \\or.slilp In their Immediate )
There will Im sol vires In Train's block ,
No. 1'JOS L.ike stieet this alternoon at 1
o'clock : sermon h > Key. Wlllhin. ' U llcndei-
son. pastor ot the .S.umdein Street elairrli.
Sahhalh school at the same place at ' . ' ; . ; u
o'clock p. m.
It iseainestly desired that all Interested In
tills work shall be present at these services.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to all.
Knrt'wull Iteoeiitlon.
The lector and \estry of fat. Barnabas
church have tendered a furuuell reception at
tlin rectory , on Tuesday evening next , to
Mr. Geoigu F. Labagh on tlio eve of his de
parture tor a prolonged ab-cnco In Calllor-
nla. All tlui iM'opIn of St. Itainabas iind-
other friends of Mr. Lab.igh are most cor
dlall Invited.
A Texas newspaper claims to have ro
ceiyed in paymmit of a subscription ' 'lha
oldest lien on record. * ' The editor fay
she W.'IH imported tnnn .Mexico bv this
loual phvijicmu eight or ninu 3 ears ago ,