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Healthy Location , Easy of Access * Moderate Prices , Liberal Terms
The "Choice
Is the largest and most valuable addition to
' : It lies on tlie line of the Union Pacific and B
tfeM Railways.
| It adjoins the location of the great industrial
enterprises. It has a
Perfect Natural Drainage ,
and. is therefore healthy. It has the most fa
vorable train service of any suburban resi
dence location any place near Omaha.
For these and. other reasons an investment hero
will more surely yield satisfactory returns
than any other locality.
* AChoice. / . '
The accompanying cut shows the elevation and
ground floor plans of cottages now being
built in
Albright's Choice ,
South Omaha , for Iho benefit of persons of lim
ited means who desire to secure COMFOUTA-
access of the city. The very favorable hour
ly train service between Albright Station
and the city , for eighteen hours daily , makes
this the most desirable location for suburban
residences near Omaha. A number of these
cottages are now completed , and ready for
sale'on such EASY TERMS that no one can
afford to be without a home. Should , the
plan shown here not be suitable in size or
arrangement , wo have others to show , and
will make every reasonable effort to suit
i ; THE OMAHA CARRIAGE AND SLEIGH CO , have located their extensive manufactory on Albright's Choice , and will give employment to
150 men. The proprietors of SL large flouring mill , with capacity from 50 to 200 barrels per day have selected the Choice as their location.
The building is now under roof , and the mill will be completed and in operation within the next sixty days ,
A large two story hotel . has just been completed , and is now running. Fifty neat arid substantial cottages have been built on the Choice and the indications are that 50 more will be completed within the next GO daya
liut tins is not all. Ihe vast industrial enterprises being so rapidly located in South Omaha will soon cover all of the city proper. Even now lots for residence purposes are beyond the reach of the wage-worker
and Albright's Choice is the only available building site within easy reach of the business centers. Go and look it over before deciding where to invest.
For full particulars , prices and terms , call upon
WG. . ALBRI T , 1 outh 15th Street
Properties in all parts of the city for sale or exchange. Carriages free.
t President Cleveland is Hot a Member of
the Order.
A Letter From 11. B. Davenport , K. of
It , and B. of Eagle Lodge No.
CO , Buffalo , N. Y. Colonel IJR-
mom's Message.
Borne tlmo ago It was announced that
President Cleveland was a member ot the
order of Knlt.lits of Pythias. This an
nouncement was hulled with delight by the
many enthusiastic young knights In this
city , and thai was considered a happy streak
of luck which made the visit of the president
to Omaha simultaneous with the convention
of the grand lodge In this city.
The preparations , already extensive , for
tno encampment of tbo uniformed rank and
attendant exercises of thu grand lodge were
nude more thorough and imposing in order
that the gallant knights of Nebraska might
ppear to good advantage before their dis
tinguished and Illustrious brother. In all
tilings liberal , the members of the order an
nounced that they were not disposed to bo
the least bit selllsh In the distribution of the
honors of the occasion , and generously
yielded to those not members ot the order
the ported right to join In the reception to
"Urothor" Cleveland and pay to his excel
lency all the honors duo from a loyal con-
itltuency. The citizens' commllloo fully ap
preciated the ties that bind members of secret
organizations , nnd graciously con
ceded the conspicuous part In the ar
rangements to the order of which Air.
Cleveland was supposed to bo an honored
member. As Is well known the arrange
ments for the reception have boon carried
out most harmoniously and everything Is
complete for a proper greeting to the chief
Desirous of according lo "Knight" Cleve
land a fitting welcome , for one occupying
his position In the lodio as well as the
land , the Knights havu bcun sllmulalcd lo
renewed cllortsatoxcellonco ; the tnrdy mem
bers who had for some time absented them
selves from drill and lodge meeting suddenly
developed a wonderful and renewed Ink-r
est In the welfare ot the order ; the "bright
and older members received frequent and
lengthly visits from the "rusty" ones for the
purpose of burnishing the hitter's knowledge
ot tno secret work ; visions of fraternal and
Individual recognition with the presidential
brother have lighted up the lives of many a
young and enthusiastic 1'ytlihin , and the
anticipation with which thu eiiilro member
ship of this young and progressive.
order has awaited the coming ot Oc
tober 1'J , has been pleasing to note.
For the personal feelings of Mr.Clovcland It
is perhaps well that an unfortunate mistake
should bo corrected. It would certainly bo
embarrassing to the distinguished visitor to
be met by domonsiiAlions which would bo as
novel to him as the resignation of a demo
cratic ofllce-holder.
it will bo a surprise lo Iho Pythlans of this
city and the rot-rel of the many friends of the
order to learn that beyond being the chief
magistrate of the nation. Urover Cleveland
Is but a thoughtful civilian , and never at
any tlmo a member of the orderol Knightsof
Just how the report , of the president's
knighthood became current Is not known ; It ,
however , seems to have emlnated from a
source , the authority ot which no ono thought
to question.
7 Kelylng upon the correctness of this report
, th knights have mtutu their preparations
[ > accordingly , and It will bo a buvere dlsap-
Lf nolnttnent to them to learn of the error. The
Ii 11 KB has boon to some trouble to
LV learn the truth ot Iho matter aud
l& Ruiong others has rcccUvd the following
IV letter
In answer to jour request of September SO ,
would say that Mr. Cleveland never Joined
the K. ot P. In lliiindo. Homo ot his former
friends are members ( if Kaglu So. CO. Per-
nans who were funmrmnmbersof ; Acme ( not
In existence now ) t v that ho hover was a
nictaler of that loJju. ; lluemndtfuuqulr -
es and examined records of the four other
odgo.s , and his name docs not appear.
1 ours respectfully ,
ir- . . . . . R. U. UAVKJirOHT ,
K > , of R. and S Eagle Lodge No. C'J , K. of P. ,
liuflulo , N. V.
, . A CMNCIir.U ,
Upon the receipt of this lotlcr the BEE
sent to Colonel D. S. Lament , the president's
private secretary , a telegram In substance as
follows : "Is President Cleveland a Knight
° f Pythias ? Was ho over a member ot the
order/ " The following laconic dispatch ,
which sets all doubt at rest , is tlio reply rep -
, p „ _ , , MADISON , Wls. , Oct. 7.
Omaha BKK :
_ t , . DAN'J. S. LAMOJJT.
This disappointment will of course not
affect the Pythian display on the 12th. Tlio
recnptlon to the president by Its members
will bo as hearty as if ho were a brother
Knlirlit , and the splendid appearance of the
gallant order will nevertheless bu to tha dis
tinguished visitor ono of the most pleasing
features of the occasion.
Preparations Being Alado for A Grand
and Imposing Celebration.
General Wheaton , chief marshal of the
Cleveland reception parade , was at the board
of trade rooms yesterday afternoon , and re
ceived reports from organizations that will
participate. As iar as known , the only
bodies which will take part In the exercises
are the Second regiment of United States
Infantry , from the fort , the First and Second
end regiments K. ot T > . , a division of the
same from Red Oak , la. , the Omaha Turn-
vcroln , tne Platts-L > < ) utscher vorein and the
Indian band from the national school at
Genoa , In this state. Other societies de
sirous of taking part in the reception are re
quested to notify General Wheaton as soon
as possible. The general said that It was not
the intention to have a procession In which
the president would take part , but rather la.
form lines on either sldo of the streets
betwenn which the presidential natty could
bo driven. After the passage of the latler ,
however , If It were decided upon favorably
by the other societies , they could parade
with the Second infantry and the Knights of
Pythias who proposed to follow a certain
line of march.
There not being as yet a sufficient number
of reports to warrant an issue of n detailed
order , the following plan was draughted for
the location ot troops , societies and clues :
Regulars will bo formed on Tenth street ,
right resting on Jackson street : uniformed
Knights of Pythias on left , connecting with
remnant , extending the line to the left along
Tenth street to Harnoy street , cast on liar-
noy street to Ninth , noilh on Ninth to Far
nam , west on Farnam to Sixteenth , and
notth on Sixteenth to Cuming and west on
Cuming street. Civic associations , clubs ,
societies , etc. , will bo assigned to positions
In the linn whenever they leport. They will
bo formed on Douglas and ilarney streets ,
between Fifteenth and Eleventh streets ; on
Dodge , between Fifteenth and Sixteenth ; on
Eleventh , between Harnoy and Douirlas , and
on Fifteenth , between Ilarney and Dndgo
streets , along thu route to ho taken by the
president. All to be In position by 8 o'clock
a. in. , on Wednesday on the Win of October.
Yesterday a gentleman in conversation
with a HUB reporter said U would bo utterly
Impossible for the president to bo driven
over the route laid out within ono hour. Ho
showed that the line before It reached Cuni-
Ing street was nrarly lortv blocks long , or
moro thiyi three miles , while the line beyond
that point was once and a half as long. It
would bo Imnractlcable to rush the presiden
tial party over such a line in such a time.
In view of the coming visit of the presi
dent , Mr. James has sent the following no
tice to thu several schools In the city.
All the schools may bo dlsmUsed next
Wednesday Irom recess lo noon. Outside
schools may bo dismissed earlier If neces
sary. Pupils present at 0 o'clock may bo
called present the whole motnlng , and tar
diness in the afternoon , duo to the presi
dent's visit need not bo recorded. All the
schools arc expected to bo in session as us
ual in Iho afternoon.
It Is bt'llevo.l that this arrangement will
C\vo \ all the children tlmo to see the presi
dent and his jnriy , and the occasion gives
an excellent opportunity ior valuable in
struction which hliouUI ho humored.
The linu of march 'will bo given In Iho
papers. , Res ; > eetiuly ! , . , It. M , , '
President Cleveland Will Inaugurate
It on the 12th.
An extra force is at work on the wa-
; on portion of the Union Pacific bridge ,
so us to have the entire structure com
pleted when President Cleveland arrives
lore on the 12th inst.
It is stated on good authority that lie
has been invited to the opening
and has accepted. The pro
gramme is to have him and Mrs.
Cleveland leave their train at the
Transfer and take a carriage and they will
bo the first uarty that were over transfer
red across the Missouri river on a wagon
bridge at tins point. A long procession
of carriages will I'ollow.conttiining promi
nent Omaha citizens and invited guests ,
the bridge will be gaily decorated , the
passage of trains will bo stopped and
there will bo a grand time generally.
A llcvlow of the Liist : and a Prospect
of the Conilna Week.
The local amusement world of the past
week has been comparatively uneventful.
John Dillon held the boards at the Ooyd on
Monday night. Ho played to a packed house ,
the largest ho ever appeared before In
Omaha. Financially , the entertainment was
a success , and though John created much
laughter , It was evident that it was aroused
only by efforts which ago has compelled to
supplant the spontanlety of his achievements
of earlier years.
At the same place "Keep it Dark" rolled
away , after three performances Int hn cloud s
of mingled financial success and dramatic
At the Grand , Xeresa. whoever he may be ,
with his troubadours , played to a nne-nlght
appreciative audience. Zeroga played the
mandolin with much skill. He was the star
ot the companv , though the mediocrety of the
others was not s > o pionounced as to destroy
the entertainment of the audience.
The well-known Haulon blethers will pro
duce their farcical absurdity "Lo Voyage cu
Sulsso" at this house , Monday , Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings ot this week. It Is their
lirst appearance hero since their return to
America , having just closed a very successful
thrco years' tour ot the pastern continent.
"Lo Voyage en Sulsso" Is a laughable cre
ation , lepleto with pretty songs , witty say
ings , comical situations and novel stage
The popular comedian Sol Smith Russell
will bo seen at the same place next Friday
and Saturday In his now play "Uewitched. "
Mr. Russell has made , It Is said , a great hit
in the piece , and it Is attracting largo
audiences everywhere.
At the Grand opera house Monday evening ,
October 10 , .Marshall's Japanese Tourists and
American Specialty Company open for a
Hvo-nlghtV engagement. This is a refined
vaudeville combination. There are said to
bo fourteen "Japs , " meii , women and boys ,
who engage in feats of UnnDling , balancing ,
posturing , jucglingand top-spinning. There
is besides a bill of American specialties , in-
trodurlne Hilly Carter. Miss Kstello Welling
ton , Frank Lester , Maude Beverly , now
soir-s , Smith Ac Carl , and the "California
Four" in their burlesque , entitled "Giugor. "
OKllMAN THEATlli : .
The Haurels te Puls company make their
second appearance to-night at lioyd's , in the
cleverly constructed and entertaining com-
pdy entitled "Ultimo.1' This Is transla
tion Into the German of the celebrated piece ,
the "Big Uonanza , " which several seasons
ago made such a great hit at Daly's , in New
York. The piece introduces all the old as
well as many new favorites , who made their
lirst appearance at this iilnco last Sunday
The finturdny llnlf-IIolldnjr.
NKW Yonic , Oct. B. Between three and
four thousand brass workers of this city and
lirooklyn will to-day he out of employment.
The manufacturers have decided to torco tno
issue and see If the Saturday half-holiday
mutter cannot bo settled. want a
rt.ll i.i > ' .s nay fora half dayls work , which
their employers retuie to Riant.
Hnrncy Btrcot Gains a Popular
This popular firm have removed from
1304 Douglas street" and can now be
fuund at 1213 Harnoy street. Their new
quarters have been titled up ox-
prcssly for the accommodation o'f their
business and the convenience of their
employees. Their ouico is supplied with
facilities for exhibiting to their custom
ers the actual workings of the diflbront
apparatus supplied by them. They nro
now better prepared than ever to supply
churches , opera houses , banks , hotels
and private houses witii fire and burglar
alarms , nnmmcaitors , etc. They ajso
lit public and private buildings with
electric cas lighting apparatus. This
company have the exclusive right
for the western states for the only
perfect system of district telegraph
known as the McCulloch System. They
Wish to call the especial attention of
hotel keepers to their new system of tire
alarm and room call , which enables the
clerk to call all of the guests of a hotel
at a moment's warning in case of tire ,
or to arouse any individual tor an curly
train without disturbing others. Their
business extends as far west as Portland ,
Oregon. Among the many contracts for
electric work of different kinds secured
by them the following may be mentioned
as showing the people who patronize
them : The new Pncilic Hotel at Nor
folk , Nob. ] The Newton House at Cen
tral City. The Tou/.alin House at
Wymore , Neb. Hotel Esmond and
Barker Hotel of this city. The
private palacial residence of J. J. 1m-
noil' , of Lincoln , Neb. , which in
point of electrical fittings surpasses any
homo west of Chicago. In Omaha they
have tilted up something over twenty
line residences in Kounl/.o piaco , among
the many private residences , Dr. Pea-
body. T. F. Rogers , C. S. Montgomery ,
W. G. Albright. D. V. Slioles , Morit/
Meyer , Louis Hrcdford , Kills L. Hicr >
bower , J. 11. Millard. They are prepared
to do all kinds of shop work and repair
ing. Those contemplating electric ap
paratus of any kind in their house can
not do better than to call on or correspond
spend with the Midland Klectric Co. ,
1213 Harnoy street. One of their special
ties not mentioned above is the lilting up
of speaking tubca , having put in what
would aggregate some seven or eight
thousand feet within the past year in
Omaha. _ _
P. V. Atwttter & Co.
The enterprising hardware firm at
1603-5 Howard street have , as usual , the
very best lo be had in the market. Their
Howe vontilaling healers are the most
economical , the handsomest and alford
moro neat for the fuel consumed than any
oilier steve and at the same time keep
the air ot the room pure. The ladies go
wild ovc.r their Jewell's Persian ranges ,
and after trying thorn say they are "just
splendid. " If you want a heater , a range
or any other article from a hardware
store go to this store , for in price , quality
and style they lake lirst ulaco.
Notice of Discontinuance.
I desirn lo thank my friends and the
public for their patronage of the past
eight years and deem it proper to say
to them now in advance , that on and after
November 1st 1 shall disconlinuo that
branch of my business known as the
Council Bluffs and Omaha express. After
November 1st my business location will bo
on east sldo of 10th street north of Nicholas
las , where I shall offer for sale or ex
change the largest variety of buggies ,
wagons , phaetons , etc. , lo bo found at
fiuy ono place in this city. Our line will
include tno Studebakor.W.
Corner lllh and Farnam Sttf.
H. V. Powell , special ugont of the Na-
lion Lifo Insurance company , of Ver
mont , hastened all ollico at Kooin , ' . ' ,
Barker Building , corner 15th , , and iar-
uum Sis.
A Boarding Homo For the Vonnt ;
Working Women or thin City.
The ladies of Iho Women's Christian
association have rcnlcd Iho second house
above Ninelccntb on Uodgo street , to bo
opened Nov. 1 for ft homo for young
working girls.
The object of this homo shall bo the
temporal , moral and religious welfare of
young women who are dependent upon
their own exertions for support. It is to
be a Christian homo in every sonsc of the
A pleasant parlor , with a niano or or
gan , and a reading room with the daily
cily papers and maga/.incs and : t few
books will be opened at once. A moder
ate price will bo charged for board , not
over $5 per week nor loss than $3 for
room and board for all the privileges of
this homo. A competent superintendent
bus been secured and goes into the house
on Iho 10th of Oclobor. Furniture , rent ,
coal , etc. , are needed al once. Any per
son wishing lo have a part in this good
work will please send their subscriptions
to Mrs. J. G. Ilaines , 201 South Twenty-
fifth street.
"Thoso of us who , by a kind provi
dence , have been placed above the reach
of need , and wHo have had all our neces
sary wants supplied by the cure of
others , can form very little idea , it is to
bo feared , of what life is to many who
must work from day to live , \\otliink
those who have been brought much in
contact with working women are struck ,
again and again , with the noble ele
ments of character developed in them by
Ihe necessity of exercising their powers
of body and mind in sonic useful work.
Many a girl goes forth to her daily task
bearing upon her heart Iho needs of
parents , brothers and sisK'rs. How can
we do lee much lo throw around their
young lives everything m our newer to
smooth , and cheer , and strengthen them ,
and to make their few hours of leisure
restful and happy ! " This work would
bo very incbmpielo wore it limited to the
outward circumstances , or merely ma
terial well being of Ihose who coino
within its inllucnces. In all ils branches
the ruling , pervading spirit is a Christian
one.Kvcry evening in the Homo llioro will
bo family worship. Biblu classes will soon
be organized.
Low Ilntes to Chlcacn.
PAUL It. K. will , on the -1th , 7thand 10th
of Oct. , sell round trip tickets atgrcally
reduced rales , .tor further information
apply at ticket ollico 1401 Farnam St. ,
Paxlon Hotel. F. A. NASH ,
Gcn'l Ag't.
A Chnnco Vet.
For those that have not had an oppor
tunity to secure a warranty deed for one
of those South Omaha lots for ten del
lars. 100 moro of these lots will be sold
at 310 South 15tn street , commencing
Monday , Oct. 10th.
Hcnnoy Buggies at Armslrong , Pcttis
& Co.'a 1308 Izard st
liSvl'J- Feet South Omaha I/ot.
For oxaclly $10 warranty deed given
Oct. lOt ! i at 310 SouUiJSlh fil.
Tlin Ilrsi Citizens or Oinnhn.
arcamonirt Iho purchasers of $10 lots , 100
moro lo bo sold at $10 each , commenc
ing Monday , Oct. 10 , at 310 S. 15th st.
Warranty dred with each lot.
You will miss a good thing if you faille
lo buy a ion dollar lot. Sale commences
on the 10th lust , at 310 S 10th si.
Gco. L. Fisher , Archllect , Room -17 ,
Chamber of Commerce building.
The great ten dollar lot sale at 310 S.
15th. Do not fail lo gel ono. Sale com
mencing on Iho 10th inst and will con
tinue until the l6th.
A. II. Comstock , who for some time
past has been engaged in the real esttao
business in this city , lias become a mcnir
bcr of the firm of Odell Bros. &Co. , loan ,
real cstalo and insurance agents , at
Council Bluffs and Omaha. Mr. Com
stock will have charge of the Omaha of
fice , which is localed at 1523 Faruara
Smoke Omaha Board of Trade cigar.
Leslie & Leslie , drugs IQlh and Dodge.
The Travel From Council
over the wagon bridge will make Doug
las street Iho best retail uoint in the city.
Wo have some properly on this street
which wo can sell at a great bargain and
on easy terms for len days.
STKVKNS Bicos. , 1513 Farnam.
Knights ofPytlilns Attention
An cleirant assorlmqnt of Hags , ban
ners , streamcs , elc. , suitable for the com
ing week can be had at
A Big Show.
It will bo a big show to see about 500
men scrambling for lirst of flic remaining
few ? 10 lols lo bo sold Monday , Oct. 10th
at 310 South 15th. _ _
The New WnRon ISrideo
will bring all Ihe Iravol between Omaha
and Council Blufl's on Douglas street and
will surely make this a great retail point.
Wo can sell you S3 or 41 feet on this
street at u bargain and on easy terms for
ten daya. STKVESS BROS. .
1513 Farnam bt ,
Cheap Rates to Chicago ,
The Chicago & Northwestern railway
will sell excursion tickets to the Inter-
Stale Industrial Exposition at Chicago
at 110.00 from Council Bluffs to Chicago
and return , including admission lickct to
the exposition. Tickets lo bo sold Ocl.
7lh lo 10th. good returning six days from
dale of sale. Ticket ollicu Mil Farnam
sirccl. W. N. BADCOCK ,
Gon'l Wcslcrn Agt.
Special Snlo.
Three days only , Monday , Tuesday and
Wednesday , Oct. 10 , 11 and 13. Armour's
best Hams at 12Jc per pound at Coovcnt
Walts' . N. K. cor. 10th and St. Mary's
avo. Wo also carry a full line of staple
and fancy groceries , fruits and vegeta
bles , choice creamery bultor 27jc Ib.
Mrs. Magranc'fi school for dancing al
Metropolitan hall , cor. lllh and Dodge ,
class for adults moots every Saturday only
Ibis month , and ( ivory Tuesday and Sat
urday during the rest of the season , ex
cepting thu 3rd Tuesday in each mouth ,
beginning at 8 o'clock. Children's classes
meet Tuesday 4 p. m. and Saturday 2:30 :
p. m.
The Palace Aladdcn Base Burner has
the circulating air attachment , Steel Fire
Pot , thu largest base ; over a doy.on wore
put on triallast winter with all leading
brands , and in every case they were ac
cepted. Everyone- warranted to give
Iho beat of satisfaction , or your money
Will be refunded.
W. F. STor.iv.KL , 1C1 Howard.
Moro students are entering Valentino's
Shorthand Institute than over before.
Tills is becnuso all its graduates are fill
ing good paying situations. Students can
enter at any time. Day and evening ses
sions. Send for circular.
Dr. Bridges' residence removed to
312 N. 2'nd st. Telephone 515.
vVantcd A competent solicitor and col
lector for Iho Building Fund of the Young
Mens Christian Association. Application
in wrlllmg only will be considered. Kof-
crences required. Address C. h. Rey
nolds , sec-rotary building commitlc.c , P.
O. box 811.
Dr. S. II. Patten , dentist , room 313 ,
Kamgo buildiiiK , Omaha. Telephone GO.
Lost Opportunity.
When will you again see the day that
you can buy 42x135 feet of South Omaha
ground for ten dollars ? Never. Go to
310 South loth. si. Ihen immcdialoly and
secure u lol lor $10 before all are gone.
A Ion dollar lot is Iho best bargain ever
offered to the public. Sale commencing
on the lOlh inst. nnd continue until the
15lh , at 310 South 15lh st.
Cleveland Decorations
in great variety at
Smoke Omaha Board of Trade cigar.
Leslie & Leslie , drugs 10th and Dodge.
The len dollar lols arc all level , high
and drv. Kvcry lot a building lot. Call
and bo'convinccd. Only ten dollars. 310
South 15lh st. Sale commencing on the
10th inst. and continue till the 15th.
Attention is called to the want column
of in agent for the U. S. D. P. Associa
Great Auction sale of Turkish and Per
sian Hugs at 409 S. 15th St. , Itange block.
K. J. Oliver , who established in St. Paul ,
Minn. , the largest store of Oriental goods .
in America , will sell at auction a wonder- j
fill collection of Hugs and Draperies on
Monday and Tuesday , the whole day
from U a. m. to 11 p. m. Do not fail lo '
avail yourself of this rare opportunity.
Every ono pronounces these goods the J
most gorgeous ever seen in this country.
Mr. E. . / . Oliver , a native of Smyrna ,
will gladly give information to all thpso
who wish to have a Turkish smoking
Christian Science.
Rev. H. C. Wnddell will begin classss
in Christian Mind Healing al Omaha and
Council HlutllYs on Monday , the 17lh.
For parliculars addrctsCouncil Hlnlfs , la.
Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday ,
October 10 , 11 and 12
In the funniest creation of the staeo , llio I'nr-
elcnl Absurdity ,
A coinimny of brllllunt mtuts. replete with
m-cuy sonir * , witty ni > 'liiK-i. commul situa
tions , iriiind mi'clmnlcrtl imrt fit turn tilTocts.
Tliu upsctlliik' < > f tlio ntninei > aoli. The lull-
nlost i-lcoiiiiitr cur SCUIHJ over wltnossud.
Bccuru adits tit box o'lleu
Tor Ono Week l"xcoil | Thurdixy , Oct 13th.
Cominciiclinj Mninlmj , Oct. 10th.
Marshall's ' Japanese Tourists
Anrt the trrent AMiillC\N Sl'
COAll'\NV. 14 ( icnulno .lnnliillic'lr.Murvol- |
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