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Senator Hawley's Lovely Bride-Elect An
Attractive Woman ,
The Romanon of a Hired Man An
Unkind Typewriter Girt
A Queer Colorado
Winning th World.
C. C. Loril.
At once to fame his sone addressed ,
Ho Imped by ono ascending stnr ,
Ills Klfta in grateful themes expressed ,
To all tlio nates of pr.ilso unbar
And win tlio world.
Time pressed , yet IIP , tlioti li seeklnc still
Tliroiuli patient yearn , ns each rolled on ,
N < > mlithty pi.tco on eartn could till ,
Tliouirli falling not ; somewhat lie won ,
But not tlio world.
Then n rnro maiden , fair as Hwect ,
Approached nun smiled and fain to hear ,
tint down In raptures nt his feet ;
Then all life's plnmlits filled bis ear
She was the world.
How Mlllan Smith AVnn Man-led.
London Topical Times : All visitors to
the "Wild West" tire acquainted with this
remarkable young lady. She anil Miss
Annie Oakley curry the palm between
them as "shootists. " Mfss Smith is of
medium height , ns plump as n partridge ,
and as good natured assho is brisk in her
murry prattle.
"Now , Miss Smith , " I remarked ,
"when I say the word 'go ! ' will you just
start oil'and tell niti IIB much about your
self as you would care to let the public
know ? "
"Certainly ; the public can know all
about mo that it wants. "
"Very well. Are you ready ? flo ! "
"tVefl , 1 guess you know I'm mar
ried ? "
" 1 guess I do. and that Jim Kid is thn
happy possessor of a charming and tal
ented llttlu wifo. "
" ( Jet iilong ! Shall I tell you how I got
married ? "
"Yes , I hhould like to know all about
it. "
"Well , in the lirst place , my parents
were very much averse to my receiving
any attention from thn opposite sex ;
they said I was very much too yotinjr. I
didn't think so. You SPP , .since my birth
1 had always associated with my elders ;
I never had any children playmates , so 1
I suppose J nmy consider myself prema
turely old. Well , now , I'll just take you
Into my confidence. My mother was
determined 1 Hhould not marry anyone ,
and my father seemed to have taken a
decided aversion to 'my Jim. ' They
tried everything to prevent my seeing
him , and I used to worry myself to death
about it. This wits at Erustma , Staten
Island , N. Y. . last August , Hut I soon
hit upon a plan.A .
" 1 suddenly developed a mania for
ice creams , which were sold in camp ,
right below the line of tents , and I used
to bo always down there eating them.
Jim's tout was down at that end and
when my father anil mother thought I
was lllllng up and making myself ill
with creams I used to drop them like a
shot when they'wero ' not looking and
pop into Jim's tent and have a quiet
llirtation. Jim had a boy scout always
ou the watch and when mother or father
was coming down the walk ho would
give a whistle and I would dive into the
leo cream shanty again. This sort of
thing went on until tlio 27th of Septem
ber , when wo made up our minds some
thing had to bo dona. Alt' the camp
knew Hint I was dead in love with Jim ,
and ho with mo. My parents wouldn't
listen to anvthing Jim had to say , so we
had to decide for ourselves. Well , on
this night I got a lady friend to como and
Btay with mo , and it was arranged that
the marriage should take nlaco the next
morning. Duck Taylor had his tent
moved in the opposite direction to mine ,
nnd constituted himself master of the
ceremonies. You will see what he had
his tent moved for. Well , the next morn-
1111 ; , the 28th I shall never forget it as
we wore going to breakfast , my father
caught mo talking to Jim , which nearly
sent him mad ; ho got into a terrible rage
and forbade mo over speaking to Jfm
again. This was very lunny , you will
admit , considering wo were just on the
point of getting married.
"As to Jim , my father said ho would
shoot htm with a shotgun if ho over
caught us together again. Unly fancy ;
and this hardly an hour before ho was
going to take mo for butter or worse ,
Things were getting vorv uncomfortable ,
when Buck Taylor strolled tin and asked
mo to come and look at the nice way in
which ho had tixcd up his tent. Father
lot mo go anil when wo got there we
found Jim and all the cowboys assembled
with the justice in the middle of them ,
nnd ho married us straight away. Just
tnink , it was all over in a minute. We
don't waste much time on the other
Hide , do wo ?
" 1 wont back to my parents anil never
Faid a word. Jim made himself scarce.
I meant to let them ( ind out for themselves -
selves , nud so they did , for the papers
got hold of it and the lirst thing I saw
my father reading the next day was "A
Marriage in Camp. ' There was a scene ,
you bet. My mother said she would kill
herself if it was true , and my father
promptly whisked mo 200 miles away
mom Now York ami put mo in soli
tary confinement , where I remained for
weeks Eventually I got permission to
go out ono day to buy some ribbons , and
I at once took the opportunity of jump
ing on the cars. After about fifty miles
of the journey was done a policeman
came looking into all the cars. My par
ents hud telegraphed to stop mo. tor-
innately a gentleman , who subsequently
turned out to bo a friend of Jim's and ,
strange to say , know me , but I didn't
know htm got hold of the policeman
and told him ho would point out Lillian
Smith ; and when ho came to me ho told
the policeman that I was not a bit like
her , so ho never even asked my name. I
was glad when 1 got to Now lork. I can
toll you. 1 went straight away and
Joined my husband. This was the 22d of
November last , and I was married Sop\
tcmber 2o. Quite a long time back
was't it ? When wo left for England a
reconciliation was effected witli my par
ents , anil wo are all very happy'now. .
You know there is an old saying , "Marry
in haste , repent at leisure. " Old sayings
are not always true , and I have proved
this one to bo so , for I would not part
with my Jim for anything , "
Horn nn oo or n Hired BInn.
lltttliurg Td < t/nip/i.
"This hired man had In ml her long ,
Una loved her bust nnd aid last ,
llor very cnrinonts us she passed
For him had symphony and i
So I quoted to myself the other night
as 1 heard this story. A dozen or so years
ago a young man in llarrisburg was vm-
ployodiis man of all work about lib
t * house. Ho was a comely youth as to face
# " and shape , and he was intelligent. There
- was something in him above the menial ,
nnd , as subsequently transpired , all that
ha wanted was a chance , aud ho would
fo up higher. It happened that in the
gentleman's house was a very prottv
ftughter accomplished and gay ,
quite n society girl , but sensible for
all that. Seeing her every day it was
the most natural thing in the world for
the young fellow tlio "hired man"
to fall 1 in f love with her , and one bright
, , day ho braced himself and told his love
I told her that to him
y "She was the ono and only lady , " . ,
? M ho had said it wKa all his heart , Hut
the clrl was not looklnc with fnvor on
hired men just tbfcn. She was shocked.
"She told her Mre.
The portly squire , "
ixftcr rcprovliiR tlio younc fellow , and
tlio venerable parent tired him. But the
younfj nmn had blood. Ho authored to *
Bother his earthly possessions and faced
toward the west. lie took Orccloy'a ad
vice and landed in ouo of the mining
towns of Colorado. There ho went to
work as n prospector. Do you know
what the life of a proapcctor 'means ? It
means hope deferred it means continual
disappointments hard work , toiling and
digging ntul hunting until death itself
would bo a welcome release.
The young man went through it all
He didn't miss a trick. Manvatimo ho
wanted to lay right down an < "l pass in hw
checks right then and there , but the
sand in him wouldn't let him. He kept
digging away in n perfunctory sort of
way , until one day lie struck pay dirt ,
and all at once ho found himself the
possessor of great riches. Struck It fat ,
just like many another poor devil in tlio
last ditch , lie sold out well , and then sat
down to think. His llrst thoughts were
of the llarrisburg girl who refused him.
Ah , the old lovu WAH still there , brethren ,
still there. Ho resolved to tr.v again.
Gathering together a nice wallet full of
boodle he hied him east , and at last
landed in llarrisburg. The girl ho loved
was still there , but turning the corner of
old maidism. lather was dead , and tliincrf
had not gone right. She was poor. The
young follow hunted her up. There was
a scene that I hope you will not Insist
upon my describing , and last week there
was a quiet wedding that did notgot into
the papers. And tins is why 1 begin this
story witli the quotation from ono of
Joaquin Miller's poems.
Senator llmvloy's Orldc-Kloct.
Philadelphia Times : Social circles ,
not only in 1'lilladolphia , but in Wash-
ingtoti and other cities , have taken a
special interest in the announcement of
the engagement and prospective early
maJriagu of Miss Kdltli A. Horner , of
Philadelphia , to United Status Senator
Joseph U. Hawlcy , of Connecticut. Gen
eral Hawley , who was at the Mead of the
centennial celebration in 1870 in Phila
delphia , has celebrated the constitutional
centennial of 1887 by finding in Philadel
phia the lady who is to share in his fu
ture donors and successes. They met on
shipboard during Miss Hornor's visit to
her relatives in Kngland during the sum
mer , and it was at the constitutional
.celebration festivities of week before
lust that the engagement was ar
ranged and announced. Miss IJornor
will retain her position at the Hloekloy
hospital until Novemberand tlio wedding
will take place soon afterwards. There
are few chapters in real life that surpass
in romance the history of this bravo ,
well-born and well-bred English girl ,
who has devoted so much of Tier life to
the alleviation of human sullering , and
who from a homo of luxury crossed the
sea to enter the pauper hospital of Phila
delphia to help make it a pleasant nur-
sury for the neglected sick of a great ,
citv , and who is now about to wed an
eloquent and honored United Stales sena
tor , the foremost man of his stale.
Miss Kditli A. Homer is now about
thirty years of age , but in consequence
of an active life unit much out-of-door
oxerclso , like most English women , she
docs not look her ago. She is above the
medium height , with a good , rather full
liguro and well poised head. With gray
blue eyes , li lit chestnut hair , slightly in
clined to curl , very pleasing features and
a most charming manner. Miss llorncr
is recognized wherever she goes as an at
tractive English gentlewoman of tlio
highest type.
An Unkind Typewriter CJIrl.
Detroit Free Press : Lawyer Leonard
Swctt , of Chicago , has returned home
from his wedding tour witli his bride ,
who used to bo a typewriter girl in his
ofliee , and they are enjoying the reading
of several hundred letters ot congratula
tion which accumulated during their ab
sence. The gem of the collection is the
following :
LKONAm > SMITH , Esq. , DKA.H Sin : Your
typewriter Is kinder than man. OA the hitter'
1 can only any :
Slie clicks the keys
And she tickles the boll
With < \ practiced ease
NotoiiK'uo can tell.
Her nimble lingers lly ,
And 1 ?
Well , I sit by
And watch the Ctrl ,
So sweet , so shv :
And my brain's awhirl.
For 1 love her tenderly ,
And she ?
Well , stio tickles the boll
And she clicks the keys ,
And if 1 should ti'll
My love , sho'd frciuo
Aly blood with a scornful "You , "
And so I conuratnlato you.
Pacified Mis Motlior-ln-tiitw.
San Francisco Report : Johnnie D.
Thompson , clerk in a Montgomery street
clothing house , becoming doperatcly in
love with a Jewish youtitj lady of "this
city , recently married her without his
mother's consent. After the marriage ho
telegraphed her the news , for she was
living in Sacramento. Vowing that she
would never forgive her rash son the
lady arrived at Jackson street wharf
aboard the Apache last night. The
young couple were there to grtiot hor.but
as they wore about to walk aboard the
steamer the escaping steam and dark
ness caused them to miss their footing.
There was a loud splash and the bride
and groom seemed in danger of drown *
injr but the bride is a good swimmerand
while the husband lustily yelled for help
as ho lloundercd about , she grabbed him
by the hair and held him up until assis
tance came. The brave act pacified his
angry mothor-in-lay , and there was a
hearty "God bless you , my children , "
when the wet pair landed.
Itnnlity In Dreninlnnd.
Oakland Tribune : Twenty years ago
a bachelor in Oakland dreamed of visit
ing a family consisting of parents and
two little girls , who were unknown to
him in his waking hours.
From that time forth he continued to
dream of them for a score of years. Ho
saw the children grow from childhood to
womanhood. Ho was present at the
closing exercises when they graduated.
In fact , ho shared all the pleasures and
griefs of this family.
His friendship to the dreamland friends
seemed so real that ho often remarked
that ho felt certain ho would know them
in reality at some future time.
Two months ago he saw in n dream the
husband die , and from that time he
ceased to dream of them for the tlrst
time in n ucriod of twenty years. About
six weeks ago he was astonished at re
ceiving a letter from Now York city , the
writer being the widow of a cousin of
ills , with whom ho had never had any
intercourse since his boyhood , over
thirty years. The widow wrbto that she
wished to make San Francisco her future
homo. After exchanging a few lotrera it
was arranged for him to meet her and
thu two daughters at the Oakland wharf
upon the arrival of an eastern tram on a
certain day. On their arrival imagine his
surprise to see his dream friends. They
were equally so when ho related his
strange series of dreams in which they
ligured. Ho told them incidents con
nected with their past lives which ho
could not have known under ordinary
oircumstaiicos. Ho described their for
mer homo , even to the furniture and
household ormimonts , which was cor
rect in every particular. The sequel is
that hit recently married the widow and
is living happily in this city.
Wane Kco Will Wctl.
Chicago Herald : Wang Kco , a moon-
eyed Celestial , who works nt llio Com-
mcrcial hotel , smiled n sweet , celestial
cmlle as ho tip-toed up to Clerk Sslmou-
" affftl tttTUtffftST * !
son , ot the rrmrrlngc license department
of the clerk's ofllce yesterday , and asked
if ha was Cupid. ' Ho WAS accompanied
by n lawyer named Abbott , nnd soon
was In possession of a license to marry
Augusta Smytho , a twonty-four-yoar-old
German girl.Vaug said ho was twenty-
six years of age , and promised the clerk
that ho would adhere to American cus
toms and raise his family without pig
tails. The asttita Chinaman pretended
to have been converted , but when ho
removed his hat to swear his cue was
scon to have been neatly folded in n knot
on top of his head.
Queer Colorado Wrddlng.
Lcadvlllo Democrat : On the arrival
of the Salt Lake express at Hallila an
aged-looking man of dissipated appear
ance , accompanied by a handsome young
woman , stopped from the train , and , re
pairing to the Monte Crlsto hotel , re
quested that a minister bo summoned , as
tney desired to bo njarricd. This was
complied with , and soon the twain were
made ono. I ho newly married wife re
tired to the privacy of the chamber
which had neon assigned to the couple.
Not so , however , with the husband. He
proceeded to till up on whisky.
On returning to the hotel the man ac
tually forgot that ho had boon married.
Ho went up to the parlor and sank into a
drunken slumber on the sofa , entirely
forgetting that his young wife was in an
agonizing suspense on account of his not
Next morning when she learned the
true state of all'airs , she paid the hotel
bill and left the town in disgust , before
her nowl.v made husband was awake ,
Miss Bishop , ncoil fourteen , eloped tlio
other day with John Leo , of Oconee , ( in.
The groum Is sixty-three years old.
The bleeps ! wedding In slirht In liiiropo Is
that of Hulen Hetty do Rothschild with
U.iron Giistavus Van < ln Haar. The lady has
a snnc fortune of
Mr. J. K Wrluht , who advertised fora wife
about a year ago , Is now the croud lather of
a bouncing bov. Our ndvoitUln.i ; rate-scan
bn ascertained bv Inquiry nt the counting-
room , says the Minneapolis Tribune.
It Is rumored In Paris that Count and
Countess Teltcnor have separated. Countess
Telfener Is the younircr sister of Mrs.
Mnckny , and on her marriage with the count
she icceivt'd a handsome dowry from her
brotlipr-m-lnw , Mr. Maukay.
Miss Mary llurst 1'urnoll , eldest dnushter
of Uttleton U. I'uniBll. and Dr. Kluin Ril-
ston Lovell tiould , of Washington , D. 0. ,
statistician In the United States bureau ot
labor nnd lecturer nt Johns Hopkins univer
sity , were inarilcd Tuesday atternoon at
Woodland , ISnltimore county , the residence
of the brides iatliur.
A very romantic marrlneo has Just taken
place at Stark-'s station , On. II. b. Halnes ,
a telegraph operator at Dalton , and MKs
Klia Phillips , an operator at Sugar Valley ,
courted over the wires and met by appoint
ment nt StarUe's station , where thov were
married under n big hickory tieo. Thov wont
t'lom there to Dalton and then departed tor
their respective posts ot duty.
There la a young man In Dakota In hard
luck. He fell in love with a Ctrl , blither
parents did not like him. In attempting an
elopement Mo succeeded In getting Ids sweet
heart out of tlio house only to be arrested for
burglary by tlio cruel parent when he stole
back after her clothes , nnd to bo com
mitted to jail by the justice of the peace
whom ho had retained to marry him.
Edwin McEIroy , who was'married Suudnv
nlilit on the ctngo of the Hucklmiham thea
ter. in Louisville , to Miss Amies McDonald-
Fuller , of Chicago , Is spending his honey
moon rather lonesomcly In n celt nt the jail.
Mr. McKlroy Is manager of the Stetson
Vaudeville company , whllo Miss Fnllerwas
ono of the stais. The ceremony was per
formed on the stage of the theater In the
presence of nn enthusiastic audience. A
supper nnd congratulations followed , and It
wns about - o'clock In the morning when the
newly wedded couple retired. Theio wns .a
knock nt the door , which the groom opened
only to bo confronted by n const ibie armed
with a writ , who insisted on McKloy paying
n week's board for his company nt oncn.
This ho could not do and ho wns led nwny to
j.til , leaving his bride to meditate alone.
Xow trays have n basket-linisfiod surface
and scalloped edge. Others are in satin lin < . nnd a novelty has what is called a spun
Many of the most elegant sets of fine tabla
waio arc done by private order , nnd uro al
most unknown outside of the circle of
friends who dine trom them.
Ice cream sets nro cither In oblong or
square sh.ipes. . Cream is frequently .served
in long bars , In which case the oblong dish
with square corners Is preferable.
Cut glass Is growing In favor , and Is very
generally used. There are , however , some
specimens of pressed class that only an ex-
peitcan distinguish from that which Is cut.
I'Icklo castors and regular castors for sea
soning vary but little In style from those with
which wo nro familiar. A new pattern Is In
the shape of a wlieel.o and Is exceedingly
Vegetable dishes nro shown in several
shapes. The square , low dishes are perforrcd
for breakfast uses. They hnve covers , nnd
art ) either In solid color with bauds of gold ,
or In white body with colored decorations.
New oatmeal seta have cream pitcher ,
bowl , nnd the plain upon which the bowl Is
placed. The now decorations nro In cole"
and til kreo upon dark grounds ; brick led
chocolate color and blue clay color are popu
At family breakfast the hostess pours the
colfeo and sends it bv the waiter , or , If the ta
bla be small and the family iclatlons Intimate ,
the cups are handed about by those who sit
tiftxt to the hostess and the servant Is dis
missed ,
Water sets nrn In basket pattern and also
In satin surtnco with lloial decorations. The
newest sets Imvo pitcher , drinking cup. slop
bowl and tray. New leu pitchers uro larger
nt the bottom nnd smaller at the top than
formerly. Very few have procolaln linings.
Dishes for sauces of various sorts , bon'o
dishes , roll ttavs , dishes lor boiled corn
served on the o. r , nsparacus dishes , cheese
dishes , sard I no , scolloped oyster , pudding
and butter dishes nro but n few of the lesser
pieces that go to make up the harmonious
and complete whole.
New celery dishes are In long slender boat
shapes , with ends turned up gondola wise.
Kerry dishes are shown in Various elegant
decorations , many of them with the kind of
fruit they nro intended to hold , either on the
stalks or in masses : small deep plates or
dishes como to match the bowl.
The foundation of the table service Is laid
by what Is ordinarily known as the Knellsh
dinner set , which may consist ot about 12to
lB ! pieces , accoiding to fancy. To this num
ber Is added every variety and form of dish ,
plain or fancy , that Ingenuity can suggest.
Again , thi ) dinner set ; there nro some hun
dreds of pieces that must bo added to make
up thu fashionable complement.
For breakfast sets there are fruit plates on
which oranges or grapes nio served. Ther.o
nre otten dune In most elaborate style. Ono
handsome set has n truit bowl and twelve
plates. Tim bowl has a wreath of grnpo
leaves and fruit around the upper edge , and
oianges. poaches , pears and other fruits In
the most periect colorliusand with the vary
ing green of their respective foliage.
Game sets have been the subject of no lit
tle care and labor , with what results the su-
perb specimens now on exhibition will host
IlIllStKlbU. The deer , UUIK1IU . wild boar ,
pheasant , turkey , grouse nnd w.itcr fowl of
nil sorts nro used In the decorations. They
nrn tor the Jmost part shown In tliclr native
wilds , tbo forest , hillside , stieam and
mountain lake , forming thP most charming
and appropriate background and surround
Fish sets show some attractive novelties In
design. Among the most benutitnl ar/i / bor
ders of sea green , with sea weeds , coral
shells , the lotus , and almost every form of
m.irlno plant nnd ( lower. An order recently
tilled by n private artist of note was for a llsh
set In water blooms , sea lilies , pond lilies ,
and similar ( lowers were shown In uulto
lar.-osize , and below went miniature lisa of
various sorts.
Them Is a difference of opinion nstotho
must desirable term for the plates on which
oj store nro served. Some ultra esthetic people -
plo insist that the Indented plate with thu
place for each of the oysters Is too much like
the restaurant , and they servo the oystnrs on
a plain plate. This Is , however , a matter of
Individual opinion , and does not prevent
the use of any elegant and costlv oyster
plates upon the most fashionable tables.
Cotfoo cups have returned to the old form
With straight sides. The wide daring slmpo
.was beautiful , and preferred br some people
We call fpcctttl attention to our
ciiot'inoux stock of
Suits for $ l.r,0 , $1.7S , f2 , $ ! i.5O
and upward * .
Onr large line of single pants , for
fiOc , < i > c , 75c , HSc , fJ , $ l.lii and
Our targe line of flannel shirt waists.
Our large lineof ! > < > ! / * hats and caps
from itr c upward.
Fall Overcoats ,
Our'r.r 0$1.50 , $ { ) ( ind 910 fall
ovci'cont * aretticgreatcot wonder
to our competitors , tt-ho cannot
ini < lct't < t > nl how we can do it. lint
never ntlnd , "we yet there just the
Mtnic , " and nobody need yo wlth-
ont < t fall overcoat when then can
bun < l # l > lcndld worsted coat for
. .
Our hat dcnartnii'nt Lt Ktmplfm ; -
this XCKHOII , and for $1.23
can jntrchaaca yoott stiff hat
equal to hats lioin/ht elsewhere for
$2. Other stiff h at * for 91.00 , f ,
$ % .HO , f'l.
Onr soft crusher * sell for GOc and
7 < Tc.
Sofi Hats from 75c Upwards ,
Underwear ,
Oitrllneof iintlcrivntr Is selling at
lower price.t than has crerbccn
seen before. We call inntr attention
to the unotln t-ltown in our window
which XT arc selling at
75 Per Gent Gheap&r than other
Houses can Sell Them for ,
1308 Farnam Street.
on account of its graceful curves , but it cools
ttio cotlen too rapidly , nnd the straight hhnpu
has tor this reason superseded it in popular
favor. Saucers r rattier small and shal
low , broad on the bottom , nnd cm vo sharply
up nt the ed es. Breakfast plates are smaller
than fonnerlv , nnd the latest shapes nro very
Jlcat sets ordinarily 'consist of sixteen or
eighteen pieces. The platter , ono or three
vegetable dishes ( the former Is the usual
number , although some dinners Imvo more
than ono vegetnblo served with the roast ) , n
jxruvy tureen nnd sauce boat If two kinds of
sauce nro served , and twulvo plate * . Accessories
series In the way ot bnno dishes and the like
may bo mndo to match or not , accardlim to
fancy. The colors nro strictly In accord with
life , nud the rims of the dishes nrc either in
solid color with gold decoration or in fancy
Designers nnd manufacturers of fine ehlnn
seem to bo nt variance upon the subject ot
soup plates. New samples nro shown In
deep shapes with broad bottoms , whllo others
are very Mat , so shallow , indeed , that there
Is theMreatest dlllicultv In handlini : them
when Tilled. They vary In size also , but the
best tuhte and Judgment approves the deeper
platti of medium sl/.u as tlio more sensible
and It will doubtless supersede the other al
together. New tureens nro In bowl Shanes or
square. In the former style are sumo beauti
ful specimens In decorative designs. Somn
if them are not unlike punch bowls or salad
Meat sets are handsome and characteristic.
Ono that has attracted 11 great deal of atten
tion Is done In landscape with domestic nni-
nials grazing , lleeves. tat and sleek , stand
In n shallow pool crdririklng from a running
stream , wtille others lie about on the grassy
banks wrni looks of dontentment on their
ccntlo faces. Sheet ) nnd lambs .stand nt a
wntcrlng trough. Small and half crown piss I
gambol on a lawn , /ono / .particularly tat and
mischievous fellow , bavins overturned a poi
of plants at which ho looks In evident sur
prise. Several calves stand by a low gate ,
ono resting his head on the shoulder of his
Whllo decorated china has for r.omo years
past been the object of 'n ' moderate degree of
interest , yet nrtiatlo taste has done Its utmost
toward the production , o ( slnglo pieces and
ontlro sets that nro In a truly artistic sense
masterpieces of decoration. Since regular
courses have bccqmo customary , not alone
for dinner , but for breakfast and otlicrmcaN ,
the cultivated tastes of the hostess have de
manded vailety and profusion in tableware ,
the former as a gratification to hersnlt and
entertainment fur her friends , thn latter for
convenience and safety , as hasty washing of
plates Is necessarily attended with delay
nnd danger from too rapid handling. It has ,
therefore , como to be the custom In well-to-do
households where the formalities of fashion
nre observed to have the service fur each
course as distinct and characteristic as pos
sible , every effort bnlng made to secure dec
orative designs and shapes that shall best
suit the purpose for which the ware Is In
The largest university In the world Is Ox
ford , In Kngland. ft consists of twenty-one
colleges and live halls.
Miss Koso Cleveland has begun her duties
as teacher of American History In a young
ladles' boarding school near Central Park ,
New York.
Prof. Newton , of Yale , says that the fresh
man class this year will nnnibor over'JOO and
be the largest on record. Tiioscientllic school
will Imvo 100 students In the new class.
The election of the wife of Senator Hlair
to bo n trustee ot the New Hampshire normal
school , Is said to bo the lirst Instance of n
woman being chosen to a state Institution
Professor Lucy M. Salmon , the now occu
pant of the chair of history at Vu.ssar college ,
began her canter as an educator In Iowa ,
having boon tor six years the principal of
the McGregor high school.
Prof. Dana , of 'Yale college , reached San
Francisco last week trom Hawaii , where he
spent ono week studying thu crater ot Kil-
nuea. Ho had examined the volcano forty-
seven years ago , and found on bis recent
visit that It had not need n ? much as ho had
In tlio Intervening years.
Hufiis Mngee , our minlstor to Norway and
Sweden , has given the Indiana state univer
sity , In which ho was oiicu n student , a copy
of a map made In U33 and 14bO , showing the
geographer's Idea of the world at that per
iod. The original was found In an old Rus
sian library by liaron Nordensklold , the
Arctic explorer , and the only other copy In
this country is owned by Harvard university.
The Indian children of Alaska no ionirer
wear n tag ot tin with a number , In order
that If truant trom school they might bo
idontlMed. School commences In September ,
ana continues foity-lour weeks. In
addition to primary Kngllsli branches ,
the boys are t.iuzht hlacksmithlng ,
cooperage , carpentry and cabinet mak
ing , and the irls nro instructed
In sowing , knitting , cooking and different
household duties.
It Is stated on gooil authority that there
are now In Now Kngland I' people who
can neither read nor write ; a , uOO In Penn
sylvania and 241.0JO In Now York , while.thu
total of tlio wliolu country readies nearly , or ton percent of the population.
It is reasonable to believe that , otitsklu of thu
great cities which have public libraries , sixty
per cent of the population never read anv
thing but tlie personal items nnd locals In
the newspapers.
Ono ot the boys at the Hyran , Tex , , agri
cultural nnd mechanical college has been
paying his own way by. working on n farm.
A few weeks ago ho found that ho
must abandon his studies for a time or run
In debt. Some of the other boys learned uf
the situation , put their heads together ,
raised Stou. and loaned It to him for six
years without Interest. They also voted that
the money , when paid , should bo loft with
the treasurer of the colleiru as a permanent
loaning fund for use In sindlnr cases.
A Dummy AVnvlntr a Handkerchief.
Newark News : It is a custom among
railroad men whoso homes are eituated
within vlow of their passing trains to bo
always on thn platform of the oars and to
salute their wives or other members of
the family , who are generally at the
window at the time when the trains
pass. The conductors nnd brakemen
have como to regard it as a duty on the
part of their families to bo at the window.
A certain conductor on tlio Delaware ,
Lackawnnna \Vostoru railroad , whoso
homo is near urauge , is very particular
to have this custom observed , and only
discovered jesterday that his wifo.for an
indefinite periodhas been circumventing
him by having a dummy dressed in her
olothva near the window with a Muttering
handkerchief that gave her husband . the
dua she was thort waiting to salute him.
An Old Omalian Describaa the Baautisj of
The St. J dim's Itlvor The Products of
tlio Country Some Tootle
Nooks The Delightful
AsrATfLA. Lake county , Fin. , Oct 0.--
To the Editor of the liii : : : Having been
a resident of your prosperous city for
some years past , and now a resident of
this state , and having numerous friends
among your readers , who are ignorant
ot the vast and fertile country contained
iu this peninsula , I wish to give them
few facts in regard to our part of the
sunny south , which conies us near being
a poor man's country as it is possible for
any land to be.
Lake county is an offspring of the old
counties of Orange and Sumptor , and is
now only about three months old , but is
taking many steps forward in the line of
It is situated in what is known as the
lake region or orange bolt of
moncmg with the St. John river on Lake
George on the norlli and east , extending
bonlli and west embracing the sheets of
water called Lakes Kustls , Dora , Beau-
clairrc , Harris , Ciridin , Lady and little
Lake Harris , with Lake Apopkn , an
inland sea as it can truly be called ,
twenty-nine miles in length and seven
teen in width , aftbrding a protection
from the cold north winds and frost ,
containing as it does , a decidedly fertile
and healthy section ot country.
run ST.
witli its magnificent steamers servo as
ono of the many outlets to the north , and
with live lines of railroad connecting for
all points at Tavares wo find no trou
ble in regard to transnortation , and the
traveler , produccrand business man can-
find ample and good means of trausit for
their lines of merchandise.
Lying directly south of little Lake
Harris" and 'vest of Lake Apopka , wo
lind a continuous chain of high laud or
hills called Apopka mountains.
Standing on the crest of tlio highest we
see some twenty miles to the northwest
the growing city of Lccsburg , nt the head
ot Luke Harris. Then directly in front
we lind the enterprising town of Astatula
looming up out of the pines. To the enst
is seen Tavarus , the great railroad center
of south Florida , and Mount Dora , n
beautiful village , both overlooking Lake
On the south we lind the broad expanse
of open county around Lake Apopka.
while in the distant haze the shape and
smoke of two handsome steamers are to
bo seen plowing their way around the
shores , gathering up the products of the
market gardener and orange grower , and
distributing supplies for thu numerous
business houses to bo found at each land
Here on this crest the most fastidious
critic of nature can stop for hours , and ,
resting in the cool shade of the pines ,
fanned by gentle bruozcs wafted from
the gulf and ocean , and when his reverie
is over , ho descends with ever the sumo
Down the mountain side wo wander , at
each turn finding some now BCOUO or
Mower to attract and divert. Through
the Double Hun , with its cool and mossy
banks and lisli innumerable , on through
the dense Hammock , where we lind the
magnolia , sweet , bay palmetto of every
description , and ferns of all varieties ,
from the delicate maiden hair to the
larger varieties , whoso leaves measure
fully six feet to the top. Everything is to
bo found here that is looked upon with
wonder and admiration in thu green
houses and conservatories of the north.
Coming out of the Hammock we pass
through n , bolt of live oajx gnarled and
twisted and into the high pines once
more with fragrant brce/.es blowing the
scent of the sweet bay berries toward us ,
wo arrive at last nt the village of Asta
tula , named very justly from the Seminole -
nole language ( Astatula meaning sun
beams. )
In the evening the sun going to rest
over the western hills sheds Its beams for
miles across the waters of tlio little Lake
Harris , and dirict to the lull ou the cast
side where the town is situated.
This prosoeroiis village , located In the
dense pine and Hammock land , has
steadily improved in spite of the hard
freeze of two years 1120 , and with good
railroad and lake transportation bids fair
to become ouo of the most prominon
towns in south Florida.
Wo Hud hero the rich pine 'and ' of first
grade for orange and other mombnra of
the Cetrus family and thu hammocks
abound with decayed vegetable matter
and nearer the lake the much beds which
are so buneticlal to thu market gardou.
Among the crops that are raised hero
for proht and home use wo lind the
orange , lemon , Jimo shaddock or grape
fruit guava , baunana , pineapple , pinto
poach , LaConto , pear , Japanese persim
mon , Muscatel grape and last but not
by any means lean the strawberry.
people arc giving especial attention to
the following : Corn , cotton , jute , hemp ,
artichoke , asparagus , cassava , tomatoes ,
strinir.and lima beanspoassquash , water
melons ami others of the sumo nature.
Ono of our citizens out trom a Musca
tel grape , two years old tins summer ,
over ono ton of the frtiit.and found ready
sahi for snmo at twelve and a half cunts
per pound. Another picked from a throo-
cur-old Pinto peach tree two and a
nuir bushels of fine grade fruit , and aa
this peach comes in bearing in May the
product linds ready sale at $1J ! per
bushel in Jacksonville ,
Not wishing to weary my friends with
too much of a good thing 1 will simoly
hay. corun down and spend a few week' )
tliis winter with us. and while those gen-
tie forty miles an hour thirty-live below
/ero zephyrs are blowing across the Ne
braska plains , you can pull off your _ coat
and go lishing , or eat oranges with us.
Iirniding is Immensely popular.
Mrs. Cleveland wears a 5Jf glove.
China crape Is much used for bridesmaids'
dresses this fall.
All the silks of the season are very soft ,
with lustrous surface.
Immense buttons are features in tlio garni
ture of fall costumes.
Uoyal purple will bo the fashionable color
for the coming season.
The rage tor the antique In jewelry Is
every day more mnikcd.
Trim figures would bo moro conspicuous if
some of the trimmings weio discarded.
Itibbed silk underwear grows In laver nnd
is shown in veils nnd union suits of various
A charming house dress fortho winter Is
of gray silk , with llttlu clusters of wine red
Now soft felt bonnets nnd hats are brought
out In all thu fashionable shades to match
Most of the tweed costumes are now made
suitable for utility walking gowns , without
any additional wrap.
A woman waiting for n train In n New Ha
ven railway station the other day had eight
cross-eyed children with her.
Very low-crowned bonnets have appeared
at last , but It Is safe to assort that It will take
lully two seasons and perhaps more to make
them general.
Whole dresses of black or colored Lyons
velvets will bo much wom this winter , and
the handsome now plushes will also be used
in the same way.
Gay IkOmnn-plaldcd or Persian-striped
libhons , about an Inch and n half wide , nro
worn again , but mostly undet velvet or linen
turn-down collars.
A concert toilette has the lull front and
skirt In Henrietta cream-color cloth , with
ruby velvet waist , trimmed with curnot-
bcadcd passementerie.
Miss Francis E. Willard will preside over
the national convention of the .Women's
Christian Tompoianco Unlou at Nashville ,
fonn. , November 10 to Si.
Oreen leather Is a new caprice for bags ,
belts , card cases and purses. This now
leather Is a light green tint nnd Is In raised
designs , like those of icpoiissc silver.
It has boon learned that extremely tight
lacing produces softening ot 4ho brain. It
has long been known that softening of the
brain produces extremely tight Ihclng.
Miss OlolT Krarer , of Ottawa. III. , a native
Esquimau , from the eastern coast of Green
land , has been lecturing In Chicago. Shu Is
thirty years and Is only forty Inches high.
A startling novelty Is the Introduction of
blue gloves. They como in shades of Gobe
lin blue , so fashionable nt present , nnd many
of them have the strips between the Mngers
"Does your wife plav the plauo ? " 'lam
sorry to say she doesn't. " "Does she play
any kind of n musical instrument' ' " "None
whatever. " "Hoy I That's a rate accom
plishment. "
Fur is to bo n popular trimming the com
ing season for Indoor and morning dresses.
Chinchilla tur Is to bo popular for trim
ming gray velvet , with which tt forms n
graceful contrast.
Tlio proportion of men to women In the
medical profession Is tlnrty-llvo to one.
There are now 2r > 00 women holding first-
class medical diplomas , and all of them
have won thuir sheepskins since 1S50.
The 1,000 girls employed In a Liverpool
factory have been organi/.ed into a lire bilg-
ado , with regular apparatus and drill. They
have several times demonstrated their etlf-
ciency when the tactory was tluuatctied with
Mrs. Cleveland Is reported ns saying that
she would never sit for n photograph again
whllo bhe lemalned mistress ot the white
house. Some ot the prints used ns tobacco
sl 'iis nro said to bo tlio cause ot her taking
this resolution.
Stella Davis , a young woman living at
Fort Satinders , Wy.T. , appropriated a hoi be ,
smlillo nnd ueddlng dross nnd started nut to
see thu country last week. She reached Lar-
nmle In time to bo welcomed and cared lor
by the sheriff.
Many of the now plaids are conspicuously
largo nnd gay in pattern , but there nro cases
of other designs , especially among ric ! . ex
pensive materials , that are exceedingly taste
ful nud attractive , blending with plain fab
rics \ > lth excellent ellect ,
The silver girdles which have erown so
rapidly In favor the past season , It Is pre
dicted , are to be superseded by ropes of beads ,
links ot ua semcnterlo nnd tur rolls , match
ing n suit entire from head to foot dress ,
hat , gloves , shoes and stockings is again to
be thu mode.
An odd fancy In stockings Is to wear two
pair , the outer ono lieiun ot silk or net , witli
broad meshes , Ited net Is worn over blnck
silk stockings , blue over gray and pink nnd
heliotrope over white. For thosu In mourning -
ing come black ones , to bo worn over under-
blockings of white.
There Is a revival In the fancy for jorsovs
of both silk and wool , but they are no longer
plain nnd closely titled , tins pioferunco being
tor various gathered waisti , some having
yokes , wlillu others nru shirred on the shoul
ders and drawn down In plaits to meet n
pointed half-girdle of velvet.
Plush mantles tor the autumn nru made In
vlsitu falinpe with hlmg MCO.TS , nnd fancy
vests covered with beading or gimp the
shade ot the plush. Another model Is a slm-
plo .shouldcr-capu reaching to \valst-llno ,
\\lth long scarf-end * that extend In somn
cases quite to thu toot of thu dress-skirt.
Mis.Mitchell.tho widow of Alexander Mitch
ell , thu Milwaukee railroad magnate , has quit
that city and will live In California. She had.
ndlsputu with her BOH , JohnlL. Mitchell , who
decided > o sell the tinu Mltchnll mansion In
.Milwaukee , and that Is said to have prompted
her change of residence. Mrs. Mitchell Is
paid s' , ( Wu a year trom her lain husband's
A pretty girl set up a boot-blacking chair
In Wall street. She was nn alert croaturn of
sixteen or so , dressed In jaunty neatness ,
and altogether an object to make thu brokers
turn around tor n second look. Hut her en
terprise failed. No man had the moral
courage to mount that chair and submit Ids
boots to the brushes uf a girl , and she pot DO
Owllnrtotlio IIUGOXit , rUSIKITVf the clolh fnlilcli
our imtpiili povrr rirlimltrlv ) "III tit iwrfmtlv lli.t
tlliiOKnin KranliMiinliimlitllKlii. - rtM IlKUUMtn
t ) } M-UprnftiTbi-liiir worn -ntlaKlf not 'nmi < lllii > mo t
1'KK FK T FITTBMJ. II I'.A I. I'll rir I.
nml ( 'itntfnrtntite Corset ever noni. bold l v all
Um'lu9 ilcali > r .
Removed one block south to cornet ] ; ; th
and Douglas Sts. New brick building
40 new rooms for patients.
Cor. 13th St. antt Capitol Ave. , OMAHA , NEB.
101 : tin : riii-.MMi.Nr or AM , )
IT.l fnolllllnppimlti. . uM KIU.-.U.4 ftr iii Tr..riillri'ttii : > rtit of
/ firm , . . - iinh IMS ilnliril or ! < iii uln li In nhm HI.
\Rirk ion Imiiitii4 mi Ik rtnnlllc , nn < l Iliurt. , ( lull I , T | ,
Ciir rtliir. ofllw - | ili l I'lip. , 'I ninitrH , Ctiuar , Culurrli , llrtinrlilll. ,
I.llKlllloii , r.lrvlrl1nnll'U ! IV'I-P" ' Kl'lury , MlitliKr , hC , H
JJook on of Women FJtEK.
All Illoml M * * 4 ( . .t ' fully Iri'ittiHl. Hv ) Mlitlr IVi n i. mirM
fmin tin * ft ) l < ni tttlli nit in H ur > Nvv llrMni ntlt < 'Irralim'tit fur
Joi of Vital l'u\\tr. I'tr ni4 iniulila to tlult ti * may ! K > lrmtl nt
li mit * , liv Corir | tt iHiinfii , All ciunimnili n I taut Confiili iitlal > I < li-
rlinor lntntttti nti * > iit l v mullcr tiprfm , nturwlir fmrkftl , n i
luniUlotndiriiM cnnunlinr M n < li r Ouii | H roonul fnli > i ilrtv | irfl.
f. nil Call nmlmiioiill nor n'ii'1 ' liUtury ofj-our CJM , Midi laui | > ,
fliijn Hill mini In jilftlu \\rati ) r ( our
Ujwiti 1'rlviitc SM | < rlii1 aift NVrvout I ti * < * , ftntn | m-nkttCM ,
Hj > f mi il'ii rli-i t , IiiiiHitriiry , H ) pliTIU , tloiwi rliu a , Mcvt , it > \ \ art *
cofHc. Roomi for pullrutt , A'MrrM ' ,
Dr. McHenamy. Cor. 13tti st. & Capitol Avjinaha , Neb.
Cor. IStb aud Dodge Sts. , Oinalia , Neb.
A ICoKiilai' Graduate in Mcdiflne
nnd .Special Pravlllionur ,
Autliorl/.oil to tioat all Chronic , Nor you nml
"tfpccltil Hl .
( Whetlior caused by Iti > | > rmUnico , I'.jcco. " or
Contnulon ) Hutnlnal Weuknos , ( nlKltt losses )
Sexual Dubllity.tlots of ecxuul powur ) , Nurv-
oui Debility , Illoutl Disorder : " , otu. Cunitlocusul :
Kimranu'Oil ' or monuy rurunduil. < 'lmr in low.
Tlioiixiiiiils of ciisus curoil. AKO unit oxporlunou
uro Important , All medicines especially pre
pared lor CHCtl IlldlvlJUIll C' ! ! J ,
\o Injiirioiis or I'oliunom Com
pound * IJxfd.
No time lost from buslne * * . 1'ntlonti ttt n
illstimeo tn-ateilby letter iindoxpre-H. Mtxllcluo
sent everywhere fioo frome or breiiktiifo.
ft < Delay in i-'illfiiK Orders
For 4 routs In Rtiunni , will mull free , all our
printed literature , ombrncliiKin"Syinptoiiil.Ut"
on which toi0t I nil hl-itory of Dl.-eaio , etc.
StfitoyourciiBO aiuUend for terms All wo
n k Is u trial. Secrooy otaurvu'l either In person -
son or hy mull.
9 to 12 11. in. , 2 In fi nml T to 8 p. in. Hundnys In
cluded. CoiiHiillInir room No. 4.
lllooil notion ,
U'licrca ! Ulnt ,
Kit-it Birlctiiru ,
nominal cml-
* ! < > II9 , | 0 8 Of
ox nil powi" * .
wi'akuci * of
the sexual or.
lMB ! ! , UHllt Of
desire In inalo
or f c in n 1 c ,
windier from
i in ii r n do n t
h a li 1 1 a of
ia "r NX.
.1 IIQl ablto In
'i matiiruablto ,
i > r otiy cauiu
I hat ill bltltntcB
the B x n H I
function * .
upmllly anil
ConMiltaliun frio mirt. strictly rniifldrntUI.
Mnllcliin Kent fn from obsonntlon t all pnrUi
of the Unllnl butua. C'orri'epouiluiico riciivea
prompt Mtcntlon. No later * mnwem ] unlcm
accompanied by four cents In utaniM Hcml Icn
cent * In ttampi fur pamphlet nnd IUt ofiucrttoiii. |
'J trini ulrlctly ca > h. Call on or addrrxn
_ No. 3llHou _ i l.llh .St. . O.nal's Kth
A graduate of the Cdlletfn of Jlnslo , Cincin
nati , will IH ) prepnreU after September auh.
to receive puplU In ulntlng nt his oUleorooi
I , Marker block.