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1 The Presidential Party Bids a Hearty Fare
well to the Cream City.
A Cordial Welcome Extended at the
Capital of Wisconsin A. Visit
Made to the Fair
Farewell to Milwaukee.
MII.WAUKKK , Oct. 7. The day opened
bright and beautiful after a regular down
pour of rain during the night , and every
thing tended to make the few remaining
hours of the president's stay In Milwaukee
of the most pleasant nature. About 8:30 :
B. m. carriages containing the presidential
party and reception committee left the
I'lanklnton house and proceeded to the sol
diers' homo by way ot the Grand avenue
and Blue Mound road. The sides of the
uvcn no weio lined with people
who doffed tholr hats and waved
handkerchief ; , while an occasional chcci
broke forth as some enthusiastic individual
caught sight of his political chief , and im
parted his enthusiasm to these around.
When the cavalcade arrived at the soldiers' '
home , the maimed veterans were drawn up
In line and saluted the president and wlfo a ;
tiny drove down the line through the
grounds. The cannon In front of the home
building meanwhile boomed forth the presi
dential salute. The tlmolottboforo the depar
ture of the tram was so brief that no stet
was maelo , and the carriage drove very rapIdly -
Idly through the streets of the south side
up Into the residence portion of the Seventh
ward to Laki nark , wboro a hand
some drive way led down to the Northwestern
depot. A largo crowd had crowded
around the decorated pavllllon on
the platfoim for fully an hour be
fore the distinguished party arrived ,
and when the president's carriage came Intc
view it was greeted with a round of cheers ,
which continued until the train left the
depot. The appearance of Mrs. Cleveland
on the platform was a signal for a special
outburst of enthusiasm from the ladles , whc
waved tholr handkerch'cfs ' and parasols In
accompaniment to the cheering. Mrs.
Cleveland looked bright aim fresh ,
notwithstanding the continual round pf re
ceptions and lovoca which she lias undergone ,
and smiled sweetly as she accompanied hei
husband to the car. Colonel Vllas was also
the recipient of an outburstof applause as he
stopped out of his carriage and vanished
, into the president's car. The train pulled oul
; of the depot at 10:110 : , tully halt an
i hour later thnn was Intended.
No stops are to bo made between hero and
Madison , b.A the train will slow up at target
stations to give the people a chance to sue
the president and his wifo. No accident 01
any other disagreeable feature has Intoferrei
to mar the president's pleasure In this city
and the entire party were highly dellghtce
With their treatment and admirable arrange
incuts which characterized tholr receptlor
and entertainment.
Cleveland In Wisconsin's Capital.
MADISON , Wls. , Oct. 7 , On the arrival o
the presidential train hero this afternoon th <
party was accorded an enthusiastic receotloi
and wore escorted to the cnpltol grounds
where tbo welcoming address was made b ;
Judge Cole , chief justice of Wisconsin.
In reply President Cleveland said : "Afto
a week spent in travel and In visiting tin
people of the great west wo have como to res
while at the capital of Wisconsin , known a
the most beautiful In location and scenery o
all the cities of this region. Though wo sei
the people of Madison at tholr homo for th <
first time , they are not unknown to us. W <
know you at the seat of the national government
mont through your fellow-townsman win
has done honor to his homo and to his neigh
born by a most successful and consclcntlou
performance of Important public duty am
who has oariiud , as ho has received , tin
respect and esteem of every citizen wli
desires the welfare of his country. So ou
desire to actually see you and to knov
you better is perfectly natural. It seemei
to mo whnn 1 planned th
trip wo have undertaken tha
Madison would be a proper place at which t <
inako our first stop for rest When I con
cclvcd the Idea of staying at Madison eve
1 Sunday and testing the kindness ofhorcltl
ZOUB and the hospitality of the postrnaste
general , all 1 had to do WPS to Imagine tha
wo would bo very much fatigued when wi
reached hero and in need of the rest I wa
determined we should havo. Thus wo ari
here and tired enough to justify my plans.1
After speaking further lu pralso ot tin
beauty of the city , its surroundings and th <
university , the president concluded : " 1 expect
pect to heartily enjoy my stay hero and t
always hereafter cherish pleasing recollec
tlons of your city and its Inhabitants. "
Upon the conclusion of the spocchmaklni
the party entered the capltol milldlng , tin
doors of which wore closed for a few minute
while the reception committee and ladle
were presented to the president and Mrs
Cleveland. After this the doors were openet
nnd for about two hours the people poured ii
and passed by the president. The town
, thouirh not very large Itself , was crowded t
overflowing with people from all the sur
rounding country. When the roceptloi
ended Mrs. Cleveland went at one
to the residence of Postmaster Genera
Vllas , where she spent the res
of the afternoon In quiet. The president , ac
rompanled by Governor Rusk and Colone
Vilau , went to the Dane county fair croundt
where again the people had an opportunlt
to see him. This evening Mr. and Mrs. Vila
gave a dinner to the president , It being
< iulet affair of twelve or tltteon cover :
Among the guests were Governor and Mr :
Jtusk , Chief Justice Cole and Mayor Conkll
and wlfo. The town Is gorgeously decorate
la all conceivable styles , the adornment ei
the grounds and mansion ot Colonel Vila
being superb.
Crowning Triumph of Telegraphy.
NKW Vouic , Ont. 7. Two hundred person
interested In electrical matters left yesterda
k'ora trip On the Now Jersey division of th
i.elitgh Valley railroad The trip was for tli
purpose of witnessing a special exhlbltlo
of the Consolidated Hallway Telegraph con
V pan's system ot telegraphing to and froi
' moving trains by electrical Inductive actlot
now in dally use on that Una The appn
ratns was an ordlnaiy telegraph Instrumer.
attached to a wire which rau trom cs
to car from the top of the train , and froi
thli ) wlro the message was thrown to a spi
clal wiierunnmc along the road , and it \ \ < i
caught up at the nearest station and sent b
the operator to its proper destination. Th
lulKo.ul men were astonished at the facillt
with which dispatches could bo sent from
train moving at the rate of lilty miles a
hour. Dispatches weio received at the var
oiis nowspaoer olllccs during the afternon
fiom representatives on board the train , n
agreeing that the experiment was a complcl
A Waterways' Convention.
MKMPIUS , Tonn. , Oct. 7. Extensive prer
nrallons arc being made for the conventlo
to bo held In this city October J and Ul , fc
the improvement of western waterways. * li
vltatlons have been extended to many prou
Inent public nien throughout the country I
bo present and address the convention. Mi
Dlclnal. county and state authorities ai
earnestly requested to send delegates.
Against Hugo and Cholera.
OTTAWA , Out. , Oct.7. Owing to the pro1
Blenco of Astatic cholera lit Europe , an ordi
In council has boon passed prohibiting th
Imporutlou of rags from Mcdltcrrancu
A Doutilo llnnclng.
Four SMITU , Ark. , Oct. 7. bllasllampto
ttid Saaborn Green w re hung to-day ) u tl
United SUtce jail yard for murder.
Lamentation ! oi Tory Papers on the
Acquittal of Sullivan.
\CopvriuhtlS87buJamt \ * Oonlnn HemutM
LONDON , Oct. 7.-New | York llersld Cable
Special to the BEE. I The government
organ says of the Irish fizzle : "It Is Impos
sible to deny that the breakdown ot the tlrst
prosecution under the crimes act must seri
ously damage the prestige of the Irish gov
ernment From the report wo publish this
morning It will bo seen not only that the
summons Issued against the lord mayor has
been dismissed but that the whole case
against him seems to have been prepared by
Dublin castlolas If they were stage managers
In one of the farclal scenes in an opera
DoufTo. What makes matters worse Is that
In this Instance wo cannot blame a partisan
Jury for such an untoward failure of justice.
The acquittal of the lord mayor , was ordered
by the paid magistrate of the crown whoso
professional inteiests could not possibly
tempt him to bo lenient to the prisoner
against whom the crown was proceeding. "
The Post , government organ , also linds
fault , and says : "The counsel for the
defense very properly insisted up
on every part of the case being
strictly proved , and through what wo cannot
'ielp thinking was Inexcusable mismanage
ment , the case of the crown broue down.
The Telegraph glows humorous over the
The Times says : "It remains to be seen
whether the legal advisors ot the govern
ment hnvo lelt themselves equally unpro
vided with evidence which would settle the
Issue In their favor in the case ot the meet
ings Illegally reported In this wook's Parnell-
Ite journals. It so , It cannot bK denied that
a grave error In judgment has been com
mitted. "
Lord Salisbury's right-hand organ , the
Standard , begins a long , whining editorial
thus : "The nationalists and their friends
have a perfect right to rejoice at the ridicu
lous collapse of the proceedings against Mr.
Sullivan. "
The News has a witty editorial , and says
the dismissal was because the legal talent ot
Dublin castle was unable to comply with the.
requirements of the law.
There Is not a word of comfort for Dai-
four In any journal.
London' * ) Small Quota of Socialists.
[ CojjyrfyMciJ 1SS7 hiJama Gordon Ilemiett ]
LONDON , Oct. 7. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the UEE. [ There are only
300 anarchists In London , at least only that
number responded last evening to an adver
tisement for "All anarchists to meet at
Cleveland hall , Fitzroy square , to sympathize
and to protest against tno execution ol the
11-fatod Chicago anarchists. " It is duo to
Mrs. Cleveland's husband to say that this
hall was so named before he became conspic
uous and not because the anarchists fancy
him. 1 went to the locality In search ot the
meeting. It is a Bohemian locality. I found
the doors padlocked. A janitor Informed me
that the anarchists who had hired the hall
were to-day refused its use by the timid cock ,
noy landlord , who Is far from belief in
anarchy. A Samsonlan-looklng man , os
peclally in strength of hair , coining to the
door , said ho could take mo where the meet
ing would bo held. It was not far away , in t
sluminy spot toward Soho. Approaching
this a state of apparentsloge showed Itself in
cordons of policemen. Sir Charles Warren ,
commissioner of police , is as wary of an
arclilsts as ho used to bo ot socialists. W <
arrlvedat what turned out to be an anarchlsi
lodxo. The thickly-haired wont In. No on <
except members could enter. After waltlnf
an hour I heard that resolutions of sympathy
and protest were passed with hopes that tin
United States court would bavo the courage
to do its duty. 1 told my thick-haired In
forraant that Americans wore quite- sure o
that. So ended the charge of the anarchist' !
London light brigade as up towards aChlcagc
gallows marched the throe hundred.
Disaster to the DacoltH.
LONDON , Oct. 7. Advices from Rangoon
say : The British troops have surprised thi
Bahshwey's chief camp , killed Bahsluvoy
himself , and completely dispersed thi
O'Flrlen'H Case Postponed.
Drill.IN' , Oct. 7. The hearing In the cast
of William O'Brien has been adjcurnee
pending the decision of the appeal to tin
superior court by the crown in the cast
against Lord Mayor Sullivan.
Summon * Dismissed.
LONDON. Oct. 7. The summons obtalnet
by Key. P. D. O'Keagan against Cantalt
I'lunkett for trespass lias been dismissed b ]
the magistrate * on the ground of irregularity
Desperate Battle With a Noted In
dian Territory Desperado.
FOUT SMiTir , Ark. , Oct. 7. A desperate
fight occurred yesterday morning on the line
of the Choctaw nation , sixty-live miles soutl
of hero , between Deputy United States Mar
shal George Williams and a posse of three
men on one side , and a notorious outlaw
named Bill Frazler , on tno other. Frazler li
wanted In the United States court on varloui
charges , horse-stealing and an assault wltt
Intent to kill being among them. The officer :
have had several rounds with him during
the past summer , and yesterday brougtv
him to bay In a farm house. Ills sur
render was demanded , when ho threv
open the door and tired on the rmrty with i
shotgun , wounding Abe Barnlilll severely In
the left ankle. The officers returned the tire
and sought cover , when Frazler ran out will
a six-shooter in each hand and broke for tin
brush , lirluc on the officers as ho ran. Barn
hill received two pistol balls in the left knee
ono ot them shattering the bone , dcspiti
which ho kept up the light with his compan
ions until Frazier disappeared In a thicket
whcro it is reported ho died soon afterward o
wounds received In the tight.
The wounded marshal was placed In i
hack and conveyed twenty-eight miles on tin
Frisco road , arriving hero on the train a
midnight Ills wounds are quite serious am
may ie.sult In the loss of his leg , if not hi :
life. Deputy Williams and ono of his possi
remained at the place where the tight oc
curied , and up to a late hour this ovenlni
have not arrived here , Frazlor killed i
deputy constable at Enterprise , In thi
county , several years ago , and has since wen
from bad to worse , being considered ono o
ttio most dangerous men in the Indian tcrrl
Employing Printers to Meet.
CHICAGO , Oct. 7. An International con
ventlon of the employing printers of th
United States and Canada has been callei
to meet In Chicago , Tuesday , October 19 ,
1SS7 , for the purpose of devising plans fo
united action upon the recent demand ot th
International Typographical union that nln
hours shall constitute a day's labor. Othe
important matters will be presented for th
consideration of tlio coaymtiou. The cal
recommends that In towns where there arne
no existlnz bodies ot employers meetings b
hold at once and delegates named , or. If thi
action Is not practicable , that Individua
firms be represented.
Weather Indications ,
For Nebraska : Italn or snow , followed b ;
fair weather , colder , followed by higher tuni
perattiro , fresh to brisk northerly winds.
For Iowa : Fair weather , followed by rain
collier , trosh to brisk northerly winds. *
For Dakota : Snow , followed tnfa !
weather , lower , followed by higher tempers
turt > , fresh to brisk northerly winds , becotn
Ing variable.
The Volunteer Overdue.
MAiuii.EiiEAi ) . Mass. , Oct. 7. There 1
considerable anxiety among the people tin
morning concerning the Volunteer. OL
servatlon was made from Abbott Hal
tower this morning , but she could not b
sighted. Sue Is considerably overdue ,
Hho Denver Anarchist Was Unanimously
Bounced By the Knights.
Secretary Iittohman Thinks They
Should lie Boycotted Mrs. Harry's
Report on the Condition of
Working Women.
Buchanan's Bounce.
MINNEAPOLIS , Oct. 7. J. P. MeGaughoy ,
iecretary of the co-oporativo board of the
Knlehts of Labor , said this morning that the
'csultof ' the vote In the case of James I } ,
Juclianan , rejected delegate from District
issombly 89 , of Denver , as given by the
alter , was false and that the vote was
mammons against Buchanan.
General Secretary Lltchtnan presented his
report to-day. It was very voluminous. It
ihows that the number of members reported
n good standing at the last session of the
; cneral assembly was 703,000. The receipts
'or ' the fiscal year ending July 1 are shown
; o be 838S.7UO , giving , with the balance ou
land , a grand total of S" < 08,000. The consid
eration of the question of establishing
co-ooeratlve savings association was recotn-
nendod ; also that assemblies oo made com
pulsory Instead of permissive. Mr. Litch-
uau figured the decrease In membership
since the lust general assembly as 10.i,000.
He Intimates that the bulk of this decrease
was composed of material that had proved
itself weakness rather than strength.
Among the recommendations made by the
general secretary Is one that the subject of
ehtaoiishlng a co-operative savings associa
tion be carefully considered by the commit
tee on the stain ot the order and If deemed
advisable , proper authority be given to secure
on act of Incoiporatlon for the organisation
and management ot such institution. The
secretary further recommends that state as
semblies bo made compulsory Instead of
permissive ; thatthero be legislation which
will ninko more stringent tha prohibition of
the use of the name ot the order or any ot Its
symbols for business purposes. On this
point the secretary says the general assembly
would bo justified in passing a law placing
a boycott on every article upon which tin
Initials ot the order or any ol
Its BViuboIs were used without the
sanction of the general executive
board. Regarding the embezzlement ol
tunds by local ollieers who subsequently ab
scond , the secretary recommends it b <
stated in the constitution that a notice o :
tiialbesent to the last known address 01
the absconding officer bo considered lo-ra
summons. Mrs. L. M. Barry , general iuvestl
gator , made her annual report embracing thi
result of her Inquiries into the condition ol
the working women of the country. Havlni
no legal authority she lias been unable ti
make as thorough an Investigation in manj
places as she would like , but upon tin
strength of her observation and her expert
ence Hho asks that more consideration b <
given to , and more thorough educatlona
measures bo adopted , on behalf of worklni
women , the majority of whom are entire ! ;
lnr.orant ot ecomonlc and Industrial ques
tions. She recommends : that It bo raadi
compulsory upon every district
state or national assembly , to havi
one or more educators ; tha
organizers be urged to put forth greater el
forts to Inculcate the true principles ot thi
order In the minds of newly organl/ed locals
that the order turn its whole undevlded at
tention to the forming of co-operative eutet
prises , particularly in manufacturing men's
women's and children's garments , as in till :
branch women suffer most from poor wages
That we hero and now , " says the report
"adopt a practical line of policy for uproot
Ing corrupt and unjuit systems , in pursuit o
which there will be no time lor making th
order the battle field wherein to avenue rea
or imaginary or personal grievances. In
stances of cruel treatment of working womei
are cited.
The report of the general executive bean
is very long. The committee takes up li
regular order l.bK ) eases on which It hai
passed during the year. Most of those an
insignificant and few have any public iutOl
est. Among the most Important document
referred to Is the report ot the commute * 01
conspiracy appointed at tlio Richmond con
ventlon. Alter preliminary report of Invos
tigatlons and results , the committee has till
to say ou bo-calted ' uiacKBsts : " "You
committee are unammoii.-jly of the opinloi
that a speedy example should be made n
some way of the tnanv cases ot consplracj
that are constantly arising , as It is very ovl
dent the laws are being used forintlmldatloi
of our brothers everywhere , with scarcely ai
exception , and that the sooner such oxampl
Is successfully made the hotter It will be , no
only tor the Knights ot Labor , but for societ1
generally. Employers should bo made to tin
durstand that laws are not akiuo made fo
their special use and benefit. "
The members of the order are recommendoi
to refuse to purchase crockery made b'
Knowlos , Taylor it Co. , of East Liverpool
O. , on account of tno concern's opposition t <
the order. A great number of other firm
goods for similar reasons are "not recom
mended. " The report from the committee 01
the state of the order rehearsed a dlscussloi
with a similar committee from i
trades union last December when ai
attempt was made to settle grievance
between the unions and the Knights. li
closing the committee said : Onr opinion i
that the so-called grievances , if they do ex
1st , are rather acceptable than otherwise t
some persons in their organizations , bein
used by them to accomplish selfish purpose.1
and wo believe a circular fsom our order sen
to all trade and labor organizations explain
ing our position on the question o
trade organisation within th
order would result In much good
At the afternoon session reports were re
co I veil from the committees on education t < n
compilation ot conspiracy laws. The sec re
tary of the co-optjratlvo board presented It
repoit which manes many valuable sugge ;
tions. Among other things It Is asked thn
the board b given power to establish
co-operativo agricultural and macliiner
manufactory to bo run on a gram
scale. The supposition Is that shouli
the convention ratify this rccommoi :
datlon , the headquarters of the concern
corn will bo in this city and Its works ad
jacent. Another recommendation Is t
adopt a co-operative farm In Minnesota , ii
Crow Wing county. The statement of th
executive board with reference to the dllll
culty with district assembly 120 makes , lirsi
the point that John Morrison , the prim
mover In thu trouble. Is not a member i
good standing. The Richmond conventlo
sustained this decision. Ho has ha
opportunities to reinstate himself , but ha
not taken advantage of them. The distrU
steadily refused to obey orders , oven nfti
the Hlgglus & Co. strike was settled , an
resolved In Its meeting not to comply wit
the order of the board. Mr. Powderly sal
to-night : "This Is the best convention tli
knights ever held. They are live days ohea
ot the Klchmoud convention In point (
time. "
A. Horrible Death.
SiiEHMAN' , Tex. , Oct. 7. A horrible deal
is reported to have taken placn at Prostor
thirty miles northwest of Sherman , las
night. The deceased , G. M. Crouch , a n
spected farmer , seventy-six years of agi
VS * literally eaten to death by a pecull :
style of maggot , fcpovvu as the screw worn
w'hicii Is bred by a fly whiea ! * very trotibh
some to cattln In tills state , and wliicu ! , "
their eggs only in tresh blood. They woi
deposited In Crouch's nostrils while ho w ;
asleep , hisnoso having bled just previous ! '
His tout-in ) and the palate ot his mouth uei
eaten out , and tlio throat literally cut t
their incessant workings.
Competitive Drill.
CmcAfio , Oct. 7. The following troot
took part In the competitive drill to-day
Company A , Thirteenth Ohio , (
Firbt Illinois , Toledo Cadet , Company I
Third Wisconsin , and Company K , Fir
Colorado. The Veteran Fife and Dru
corps , of. New York gave n portormanc
Major Kuott canvluz thn famous drill
which was carried by his grandfather at tl
surrender of Lord Corn w\llls and utterwan
by UU tattler lu the \yar ot
Secretary Lamar Hestoro * 020,000
Acres tn the St. I'anl lload.
WA HINOTOX , Oct. 7 , The secretary of
he Interior to-day rendered two Important
decisions affecting tha rigfit of land grant
railroads to Indemnity lands , the question
being the extent to which the right of sclec-
Ion to such lands can bo oxnrclsed. The
question arose upon the adjustment made by
ho commission of the general land officeof
hograntof the Chicago , bt. Paul , Minneap
olis * Omaha railway. The Siocietary re
verses the proposition ot the commissioner
hat the company was not entitled to
ndemnlty on account of prior grants for
other purposes , Including swamp grants ,
Indian reservations , and moieties of othei
toads under contemporaneous grants. The
commissioner also changed the terminal Hin
ts of the grant so as to exclude thcrnfrom
several thousand ncrrs which wore
'ormerly Included therein. 1'hls , the secre
tary holds , cannot bo done. The commis
sioner treated tlio grant to the Wisconsin
Ccntial road as contemporaneous with that
of the Omaha road , and deducted from the
atter's gran tone-halt the lands within and
overlapping the ten tulle limit of thu formet
and the six mlle limit of the latter , amount-
nr to about lU'J.OOO acres. The secretary
loTds that the grant to the Omaha company
within Its six mlle limit was prior In date
and awards that company all hinds within
.lie . conflicting limits. He also restores to
the company 65,000 acres deducted bv the
commissioner for the Wisconsin Farm Mort-
! Rgo company. Tlio second decision nppllef
o the Haylicld branch and deals witti the
company's fatluro to construct Its road upon
a line of definite location. The secretary
Inds ample reason for deflection on account
of engineering difficulties , etc. ThoelTectol
ho decisions Is to allow the company aboul
204ouo acres additional indemnity for the
naln line and l' > ,000 acres for the Bayllold
Utah Commission Minority Report
\VA8iiiNflTON , Oct. 7. John A. McClor-
nand and A. B. Carlton , of the Utah com
ntssion , have submitted a minority report
llssontlng from some ot the views of th <
majority of the commission , recently sub
mitted. The dissent Is partlculaily as regard ;
the general animus and propriety of Intro
luclng theological discussion Into a seculai
document The dlssontera say that early Ir
the present year they thought they discov
ered a disposition among the Mormons t <
clvo up the practice of polygamy and liavi
used tholr influence to Induce the Mormons ti
take such a step. The commissioner
disclaim any interference In the question o
statehood for Utah , but consider that a stroni
advanced position Is gained when the mas
ot the people arc Induced to place themsulve
on record hi opposition to polygamy. Tin
dissenters say that while the great mass o
the Mormon people are making efforts to
the abandonment ot polygamy , they dcclln
to recommend further legislation of a hostll
and aggressive character , almost if not en
tlrely destructive to salt-govern mont and In
dieting punishment on tno Innocent as wel
as the eullty. The commissioners Insteai
recommend the adoption of an amcndinen
to tfle constitution prohibiting polygamy ii
any form.
Nebraska and Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Oct. 7. [ Special Telegrai :
to the BKK.J Nebraska pensions : Lucy An :
Pratt , former widow of Stacy Shortt , Hari
Ington. Original : Stacy Shortt | deceased ,
llartlngton ; JohnWhlttemyor , West Union
Increase : Dennis Dorsheiuier , Nellgh.
Iowa pensions Mexican war : G. S. Bllsi
Durango. Original : J. M. Porter , Alula
Frank Egleston. Falrbank ; William C. Car
ter. Atlantic ; William J. Davis , Iowa Falls
J. H. Schuneman , Bodhsboro ; L.C. Mecheiii
Contorvillo ; NlckalaurvWoDer , Hockdalo , II
K. Ackerman , LineiUle. Increase : P. C
Hewitt , Leaiido ; John Cherry Holmes
Crawfordvillo. I
Postal Chnnfiei.
WASHINGTON , Oct ] 7. [ Special Telegrar
to the BEE.I A posto'flico was established a
Mystic , Appanoose cdunty , la. , to-day an
Dennis M. Vandike' was appointed post
The postolTico at Last Chance. Luea
county , has been established , with David NY
Ulan as postmaster.
The following changes In star schedules li
Iowa were announced to-day : Durango t
Luxtimburgli : Leave Durango daily , cxcec
Sundays , at'J p. m. , arriving at Luxemburg
bv 8 p. in. ; leave Luxemburg ) ! dally , oxcoc
Sundays , at 6 a. in. , arrive at Durango by
p. in. From October S , 18S7.
A New Nebraska Bank ,
WASHINGTON , Oct. 7. The comptroller o
the cuirency to-day authorized the Centr ;
Nebraska National bank of David City , Neb
to begin business with a capital ot 3511,000.
Division Superintendent Arrestei
For Re fas I nd to l-'unilHti Cars.
FAUGO , D. T. , Oet. 7. [ Special Telograi
to the BKK.J Tne arrest of Division Supe
Intendent Graham , of the Northern Pacltii
to-day , is the culmination of a blttor light be
tween Mr. Hawks , ot Buffalo , Dak. , and c
this city and of the Northern Pacific road
Mr. Hawks was refused cars for his whca
so he claims , and ho then put the grain int
sacks and delivered them at the depot n
common freight. Hi filled the platform an
piled the bags up In the waiting room unt
the depot aszent couk hardly find room t
breathe. Then the railroad company offerei
him cars to load his 'heat , but he wanted t
empty the sacks and ship the wheat in bulk
The company refuse to allow him this , on
afterwards , Mr. Hav k says , refused to giv
him cars to ship the i acks. Ho then cause
the arrest of Divlslo ; Superintendent Or :
ham. Graham was i crested under the intet
state commerce law , which prohibits nnjii ;
discrimination , Thi grain law of Dakot
makes it the duty ot the railroads to furnis
cars to farmers on ja side track , and Mi
Hawks first made his demand for cars undc
this provision of the law.
More About McGlynn ,
NKW YORK , Octj 7. [ Special Telegrai
to the BKI : . ] The ? Sun says : It becam
known yesterday tlilt Bishop John Moora r
St. Augustine , Fla.iad sent another appl
cation to the pope to , have the case of Di
McGlynn reopened. ) When Cardinal Gil
bous was in Home lip received from Dr. Bur
sell , Dr. McGlynn'sjcounsel , _ the defense c
Dr. McGlynn's counse. It was addressee
not to the prefect uf the propaganda , as
should have been , If it was intended as
formal defense , but It was in the shape of
letter to Cardinal Ulbbnns. Cardinal Gil
bens therefore did not hand the letter to tli
propaganda , but rial communicated Its coi
tents to Cardinal Simeonl as a document i
the case. Cardinal Gibbons was In no wa
authorized to act as Intermediary in the ca
between Dr. rMcGlynn and his archbishn
and scrupulously avpldod Interfering. Blsho
Moore has all alongilnsisted that thu prop ;
ganda should reopen the case and vesterda
lie lorwarded a secopil request to Homo nsl
ing that Dr.McGlynn's counsel bo hoard wll
a view to annulllngjtbo sentence ot ex-con
numlc.itlon. Calhpllo authorities hero nei
of the opinion that' ' Bishop Moore's ell'oi
would bo fruitless , Inasmuch us Dr.McClyn
had refused to obey the mandate calling hi
to Koine ,
A Hanking Klrm
Tnov , N. Y. , Oct 7 Oitfon , Calder & Cc
baukers arirt brokers , made an asslgnmot
this morning. ThoTnrne'Wt. Involved is n
yet known , but it libelieved to ba tjjuvan
of 5500,000. The assignment provide- , for tl
payment of all juU and reasonable cost
salaries of employe- * , payment In full of tl
positors in the savings'department and nether
other debts as far as possible.
A Stoukmun Skip- * .
Toi'KKA , Kan. . Oct. 7. Considerable e
cltomcnt was created to-night by the ai
nouncemont that Frank Jackson , the we
known stock man of the famous Mnple III
live slocic farm , had made a hasty asslgi
ment and sklpjied out for some uukiiou
place. His liabilities are pl.tced at 5-75.0C
Jackson's father I.-t thu heaviestloser.
The Western Union Successfully Swallows
the B , & 0.
The Stouk to Bo Watered to tins Ex
tent of Five Million Dollars
Robert Garrctt Duck
From Europe ,
Bought nt Imst.
fYoiiic , Oct. 7. [ Special Tclosram to
the BEE.J Tlio annual mooting of the West
ern Union Telegraph company occurs next
Wednesday , and In the proxies that have
) een sent out , the shareholders are informed
hat the meeting will bo an unusually Impor
tant one. The capital stock'wlll then bo In-
reased , but it was hinted yesterday that
somethlng"moro than 85,000,000 required for
ho Baltimore & Ohio pmclmso might be
added. It was belloved In some quarters
hat other opposition lines , with the Mackay-
jennott cables , had been secured. In reply
oan Inquiry on this point , Gould said posi
tively that there were no negotiations In pro-
cross , and several directors declared that the
ncreaso of capital would not exceed
55,000,000. There will be no general change
n the rates at present , although there will be
j natural adjustment , now that the
companies have been united. The
10 cent rate may be advanced In
some cases , but this course will
lo pursued only where competition has been
the severest. A member of the executive
committee remarked : "Thero need not bo
the slightest fear that the consolidation will
result In an advance of telegraph rates.
Gould's views on this subject are well
known and the directors are fully satisfied
with the success of his policy. There could
be ) no general advance oven If the com
pany was not making money at present
rates because It would oxclto opposition.
Tlio day of high rates has passed forever. "
II. Victor Nowcomb , talking about the
matter , said : "I think this transaction
changes the whole situation and speculative
temper. It will bo of great benefit to the
street , although I do not look for such an
etfect as would bo produced lu former days.
But the now stock of the Western
Union goes into the hanels of Important for
eign houses , who will not bosatishcd to nego
tiate it at any 5 per cent advance. The prob
abilities aru that It will lead to the listing of
stock on the Louelon stock exchange , tor the
Inlluonco of the syndicate will bo likely to
allay nrevlous opposition. The result of
long telegraph contest demonstrates that
private capital cannot successfully compete
with the Western Union organization at any
rate ? . There is not likely to bo any new en
terprise started in that direction tor a lone
time. "
NEW YOHK , Oct. 7. [ Press | Robert Gar-
rntt returned from Europe this morning ; .
When spoken to in connection witli the sale
ot the Baltimore & Ohio teleirraph Hues he
would say nothing. Dr. Norvln Green dlt !
not want to see the reporters to-day and .laj
Gould was too busy with meetings to talk
S. Mervillo , press acent of the Western
Union , says the particulars of the Baltimore
& Ohio purchase , were , he understood , sub
stantially published. The details have nol
yet been arranged , but the properly will now
be operated for the account of the Western
Union anel as a part ot Its system. There
will be no great advance In fates.
The board of directors of the Westorr
Union have officially ratified the contract toi
tha purchase of the Baltimore & Ohio tele
graph lines , and the company has taken for
mal possession. Garrett has given his ap
proval In legal form.
A Sensational Scene In a St. Ijouli
Police Court.
Sr.'Louis , Oct. 7. The Four Courts was tin
scene of inoro bustle- than usual yesterda :
morning. A mlddlevagcd lady with tear
stained eyes , a defiant daughter and a Pacliii
express messenger were the principal actor
In quite a sensational scene. The middle
aged ladv was Mrs. Alice Anderson , o
Columbus , ' Ky. , the girl was he
young daughter , Jossle , sixteen year
old , and the express messenger wa
Charles Keys , who has a route on the Iroi
Mountain road. On Sunday last Miss Jesse
who had been intimate with the messenger
eloped witli him , riding to this city in a Pa
cllic express car from her Kentucky homo
Mrs. Anderson , who Is the widow of a physl
clan who lived in this city some years ago ,
missed her daughter a few hours after he
departure1 , and located her In this city. She
was found late Wednesday night at 823 lire
men avenue , and Keys , who had taken hoi
from her home , was arrested earlier in tin
evening after ho had chocked oil his run a
the Pacific express ollice. When Mrs. An
derson reached the Four Courts jester-
day morning she was disposed to sene
her daughter to the Good Shopliore
convent anel Keys to the penitentiary
She learned later that her daughter was In i
delicate condition and came to the coneluslor
that it would bo better to let her marry tin
messenger. Several scenes cnsueel befori
tlio license was taken out at the recorder1 !
office , but after many tears were shed , Mrs
Anderson reconciled herself to the situation
Alter the license was taken out , Mrs. Ander
son , accompanied by her daughter and pros
pective son-in-law , went to the residence o
Charles Dnvore.'l&iS Pine street , where tin
ceremony was to have been performed. Late
In the evening , however , they went to tin
residence of one of Keyes' trlends , where In
had arranged to have thu knot tied.
The Transcript In the Anarchist Close
Ready For the Court.
CIIICAOO , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele-gran
to the BEK. ] Tlio work of copying the
record In the anarchist case tor usft In tin
United States supreme coiut is finished , am
tlio copy will now bo sent to Ottawa fo
comparison and certification by tlio clerk o
the Illinois supreme court. Tno work wa
completed In a shorter time than was antic !
pated , and the type-writer lorco was bus ;
arranging the 8,000 pages into volumes to b <
bound betorn belli : ; delivered to Captaii
Black. The record will bo classified accord
mg to subject , the evidence , rulings
speeches , etc. , making separate series
There will be about twenty volumes. Cap
tain Black said : ' 'Wii can do nothing nntl
after the record shall have ) beau leturnei
from Ottawa with the proner certificate o
the court thereon , and just as soon as I cai
get It I will go east in company with Mr
Solomon and begin the ; preparation of tin
petition for presentation to the supreiin
court of the United Steles. ' 1 ho wort o
preparing the petition In its final form wll
be done by nil the counsel jointly. The ele
taiK of the ) action onfore tlio supreme court
or to which justice application shall b
made , we cannot now stite. That will bi
settled later on. " Cuptaln Black will prob
ably start Monday evening.
Yellow Jack In Winter Quarters.
TAMi'A , Flo. , Oct. 7. Pliy sicmns here thi
morning pronounced thu cxlstoncn ot yello\
foyer. There are only two cases , both of
inUil type. There lias been ono death. Th
people aioteiror stricken and the city Is bein
eleserted. Thotevor will not likely becom
epidemic fe > r several days , if at all. ' 1 hero 1
little real cause for general alarm as th
VTfaflier is most favorable to health au
eaily treat Is anticipated.
Cardinal Gibbons in I'ortl.ind.
Poitn.AM ) , Ore. , Oct. 7. Cardinal Git
bous armed In this city this evening isn
WHS escorted to the archeplscoptl resi
deuce by all the Catholic societies In the cltj
Contractor *
CmeJAOo , Oct. 7. Statfoul & Mnrph ;
h\ery men and street contractors , made a
assignment this inornlni ; . Liabilities , ? IC
000 ; assets , nominally ,
Crowds Than Ever Attend
Sioux Clty'i Celebration.
StotfxCirv , ia. , Oct. 7.-Spoclal [ Telegram -
gram to the BKE.J So far as weather , crowds
and success are concerned , to-day has been a
repetition of the previous days ot the week.
The crowd ttkdwv | $ estimated at from
twenty-five to th ty thousand people. The
combined parade of the forenoon was a
grand success. The militia , civil , military
and trade societies , tire department and In
dustrial Interests of the city wort ) fully rep
resented. This afternoon the imposing
ceremonies conducted by the Ma
sonic fraternity of the northwest
in connection wlfh the laying of thp corner
stone ot the chamber of commoico anel opera
house , was witnessed by an Immense crowd.
The olllcers ot the grand oiganlzntlon were
present nnd conducted the exercises. Al
though differently announced , the manage
ment to-day statu that the palace will only
bo opened next week In case President
Cleveland decides to visit the oity. As there
Is considerable doubt as to this , the proba
bilities are that the festivities will end to
morrow night. A war dance by the baud ot
Indians formed an Interesting feature of this
evening's programme.
Supreme Court Decisions.
DES MOINKS , la. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE.J The supreme court filed
the following decisions hero to-day : State
of Iowa vs Elmer Calhoun , Appellant ,
Mahaska district , afllrmod ; City of Waterloo
vs The Union Mill Company , appellant ,
Blackhawk circuit , affirmed ; George M. Kid-
dlo vs Clinton S. Fletcher , appellant , Ida
district , appeal dismissed ; .1. W. Morrison vs
K. K. Spencer and H. li. Emmort , apjiaifants ,
Osceola district , reversed , ' , James Ifbtiars , of
the Cedar Itaplds Insurance Company , ap
pellant , reversed and re-ulal recommended ;
William Drake vs B. Kingsoaker , appellant ,
Wapello district , reversed : Great Western
Printing Company , appellant , vs Tucker ,
Bauson ct al , Kookuk superior , affirmed ;
William liiunson v.s Nicholas , Sheppord &
Co. , appellants , Osceola circuit , ntlinutul ; W.
F. Show , appellant , vs Hoard of Supervisors.
Johnson county , action to test the legality of
a special tax levied on certain lauds , re
versed ; Daniel H. Moody vs J. C. Edwards
etal , appellants , Guthrle circuit , affirmed ;
\ \ . T. Wilson v.s John Hawthorn , appellant ,
Harrison circuit , reversed.
A Prohibition Reor Seller.
DES MOINKS , la. , Oct. 7. Mr. S. Mowelcr ,
elected justice of the peace by the prohibi
tionists of Klngsloy , la. , has got Into trouble.
A dispatch from Sioux City says that ho was
arrested on a charge of retailing malt and
sphltuous liquors without n license. The
defendant was discharged , but the evidence
went to show that ho kept constantly on
hand an amount of llquor.s. A number ol
witnesses testified to having gotten from
Him beer on several occasions. A
number of others admitted to having
got hold of beer by using a win
dow and crawling Into It where if
was stored and taklni ! as much as a dozen
bottles at a time. The liquor he kept , ho ex
plained , was for the use of an Invalid wife ,
The prosecution tailed to prove that he re
ceived any amount for liquor or beer , and sc
ho was discharged. It seemed a little pecul
iar , however , that the beer could b stolen
trom the cellar so systematically and In sucli
quantities without somn notice or piotesta
lion on his part. That such an amouiii
should have been stored for medical purpose !
also looked a lltclu shy. In company will :
others the prohibition Instlco of the peace Is
engaged In enforcing the prohibition law.
It is Comlne to Omaha to Bee Prcsl
dent Cleveland.
GENOA , Neb.Oct. 7. [ Special to the BEE.
The Indian band of the industrial schoo
has made arrangements to go to Omaha t <
see President Cleveland and party. The :
will leave here Tuesday , and arrive In Onmhi
about 5 p. m. They have lately secured nov
instruments , and uniforms , and make a ver :
fine appearance. Tholr playing Is remark
ably good , and certainly a credit to them
selves and worthy of special commenda
i'ho Fair at Friend.
FRIEND , Nob. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tclocran
to tno BEE. I To-day was the fourth day o
the Filend Fair association. Hon. C. H
Van Wyck delivered a rousing speech to i
largo and appreciative crowd on the fa I
grounds this afternoon. As is usual wltl
Mr. Van Wyck he handled the railroads am
other monopolies without gloves.
The races at the association grounds till :
year have given moro satisfaction than anj
previous year. The entries havei beem largi
with a good showing of stock , vegetables etc
The gate receipts so tar liavobcen nearly om
thousand dollars. Taking eveiythlng li
consideration the fair at Friend has been r
success this year ,
The lndci > nnelnnis or Cherry.
VALENTINE , Neb. , Oct. 7. | Special Telegram
gram to the BEE. ] An Independent party
consisting of both political parties , wa
formed hero last night. A full county tickc
was placed In the Held , as follows : Clerk
George L. Fisher : treasurer , E. McDonald
sheriff. George Lane ; Judge , O. H. Foss
superintendent , J. E. Bowen ; surveyor
Harvey Holsclaw : coroner , Georiro Bryson
commissioner , H. E. Dowoy.
Itralnard O , Dnvid City 7.
BnAiNAitn , Neb. , Oct. 7. [ Special Tele
groin to the BEE. ! The game of ball at tin
Butler county fair at David City between tin
David City and Bramard clubs for a prl/o o
S r > , resulted In a victory tor the Braltiardsb
a score of 0 to 7. Ilundieds ot dollar
chanced hands on the leisult of thu paint
It was the closest contested match eve
played In the city.
Cherry County' * ) Fair.
VALENTINE , Nqn. , Oct. 7 [ Special Tele
cram to the Bin.J : The Cherry county lai
closed yesterday after a most succcssfti
meeting. Fine weather and largo premium
brought a largo crowd nnd many last raceri
from abroad. The agricultural display was
splendid exhibit ot the resources of th
Sewnrd'H Electric flight.
Sr.WAiiu , Neb. , Oct. 7. [ Special' to th
BIK. : I Definite arrangements Imvo beoi
made ID furnish electric light for thu biislnes
places of Seward. Nearly every mcichan
In town has subscribed and thu lights wll
bo put In about December 7.
A Democratic
SEWAKI ) , Neb. , Oct. 7. [ Special to th
UKK. | The democrats havn already begui
to ti.uln other nutn on ilielr ticket for tholi
candidates forcleik and treasurer.
An Old SI.-in Missing.
ViNCENNF.s Ind. , Oct. 7-On the Ifcth e
December , lbS5 , was chronicled the marrlac
ot Hiirriboii Posey , of Sweotwatcr , Tex. , an
a lady whom ho had known and loved lu gir
hood , forty-six years before. The event too
place in Brucoville , near here , and tlio n
manco of tlio event was the gossip of th
neighborhood at thu time , th'i more so as hot
parties had long since passed the merldla
of lite- , The last chapter of tlio story is le-
pleaslng. Mrs. Poiey , owing to lli-healtl
\\as compelled to abandon her souther
home and como north. On the 7th of Set
tnmber her husbind started from Swee
water , Tex. , to Vinconnes. A son wrote t
hihwlto hueseion after his departure ) to h
quire If ho had arrived In safety. Helm
not arrived , and numerous letters have beei
exchanged between herself and son-ln-luv
but no tidings can bo had ot lier mlvsln
Ini liiinil , As bet probably had \\ithlili
a considerable sum of money , there are soui
grounds for tear that he has been robticd i\u
murdcied. All attempts to trace ) him atte
Ills departure ) from home have thus Ix
proved futile. Mrc. I' . oy Is exccedinu'l
anxious to know Ids whereabout * , and
grliit stricken o ver his d' ) II
was eluhty-Uvo years , of a 'c ;
The Farnons Sand Lot Orator On His
to Stump the Eastern States.
Dennis In Fnvor of llclcgntlnK Kvory
Mother's Sun of n MonK"Han
Spalpeen to Ills Native
Jlontli ,
Dennis On" For the IToto ( Knat ,
CiiicAno , Oct 7. [ Special Telegram W
ho BKI : . I Just before Daunts Kearney , ot
San Francisco sand lot fame , started from
Chicago for New York this afternoon , ha
said : "I'm going toarouso the eastern cities
on the question , and before 1 have
inishod I intend to start the ball a-iolllne in
Canada. The antl-Chlneso war Is waging on
ho Pacific coast as it never has before. It la
ho only formidable question that labor 1ms
o contend with to-day. The Chinese have
hrown thousands of Americans out otvorlc
and they still continue to como by the ship-
oad. The Chinese law Is adoad liitter. "
' 'How can that bo ? "
"I'll toll you. There Is a provision in tha
restriction act permitting n Chinaman al
ready here to return to China with a certifi
cate that will penult him to land again In
America. This piovtslon Is used as a loop
tolo to smuggle through Chinamen by tha
.housands. Chinamen who have certificates
give them to these who have none , and as all
Chinamen look alike , no ono Is the wiser. "
"How do the others get through ? "
"They are brought before the court on a
writ of habeas corpus and the courts have do-
clded that they have a right to land , and ,
again , the corruption of the federal courts
out theio tn something appalling. They arc
as venal as was ancient Home. Ervrythluit
is controlled by the bosses and it Is ot no use
to fe-ek tediuss In the courts. "
"How are you come o conduct your cam
paign ? "
" 1 am going to advocate two methods of
redress in New York this fall. In the first
plnco 1 am coin ? to advocate the Mitchell
tilll and urge itsuassairoln the next congress.
It Is for absolute restriction and will receive
the hearty suppoitot the I'aclllo slope. And
then 1 shall advlso the New York laboring
men to vote thn demociatic ticket. It Is a
Ir.ct that the democratic party of Now York
Is the antl-Chlueso party and the laboring
man's party. Kveiy democratic congressman
from that state voted for absolute restriction
and every republican voted against it. "
"Will this agitation over develop Into an
other political party ? "
" 1 think not. The democratic party wll I
ospotibo our cause and will bring the ontlro
Pacific slope into our lines. "
Then you will support Cleveland In
"If ho continues as he has so far. If to-day
were election day ho would carry California
and all the rest of the Pacific states. You
see , we aie just exactly where wo were
twenty years"ago. It has been a gioat back-
set.and is all duo to judicial coiruption. "
"What is the sentiment In San Francisco
In regard to the Paclnc railroad Investiga
tion ? "
"The western people would think a great
deal more e.f congress It It would appoint a
commmittoa to investigate- the acts and cor
ruption of thu federal courts. Oh , that la
such a common thlnir that the people think ;
nothing ot It. The legislature wishes to bo
bribed. They go to Sacramento with that In
tention and everything tn a political line m
managed by the bosses and conducted on a
bribing plan , "
Kenrney arrived from San Francisco this
[ I'rossJ. Dennis Kearney , the agitator ,
arrived In Chicago from the I'aclda
coast this morning and left for Now York
In the afternoon to take part In thu three-
cornered political struggle waging between
the democrats , republicans and followers ot
Henry George. Konrnoy on reaching Chicago
cage made an immediate olTort to see tlio
condemned anarchists , particularly Par
sons. The Pacific const agita
tor was quietly but firmly denied admission
to the jail by tlio managers In chargo. Ho
went away lamenting and telling how four
years ago ho had advised Parsons to leave
bombs alone and take to ballots or ho woulel
suicly get his neck In the halter , but Par
sons only laughed. Kearney says that on
reaching Now York lie will make a scries of
speeches , taking tlio mound that thnque'stion
ot questions lor workmginen at this time Is
not far off the Issue ol land taxation , but
t'io ' laboring people should concentrate ) every
ctlortupon passing a law through tlio very
next session of congress making the exclu
sion of Chinese from the country absolute.
Ho will urge that the Iwnds ot
the democrats bo strengthened , their
rupiesentatlves at present bumi ;
the stioimost null-Chinese advocates.
It will ho an immeasurably greater victory
ho thinks tor the worklngmcn now to help
pass the Mitchell anti-Chinese bill when con
gress assembles for a side Issue than to
weaken the democracy and indirectly
strengthcn tholr prenChlnese republican op
ponents. After leavlnir New York Ke > army
proposes to renew his Chinese agitation In
the principal cities ot Canada.
WnntreJ Ilia Wlfo Murdered.
ItAi.Einii , N. C. , Oct. 7. Yank Allen and
his wlfo , who live near Bingham school , In
Almanac county , have had as a resident m
their house for some tlmo n girl named Ida
Armstrong. Allen paid some attentions to
the girl , and the wife upbraided her husband
for It , threatening also that she would Inform
the neighbor ? . Day before yesterday AI Ion's
wlfo was found In a path near the house.
She had been shot four times with a revolver
ver , the bullets striking her In the breast ,
temple , ear and hand. Suspicion fell on thu
Armstiong Kill , who finally made a lull con-
'lession. ' Sha says that Allen cave her tha
pistol and told her how to shoot his wlfo.
The L-irl waylaid her , as Allen had planned ,
and shot her four times. Both Allen and the
girl are in jail , and the Indignant nuiglibor.-f
tlueatun to lynch them both. Mrs. Allen la
reported to bodying.
Prollnuiry Injunctions I'orpotunl.
KiriiMoND , Va. , Oct. 7. .ludgo Bond , of ;
the Unlteel States court , to-day rendered n
decision in the several coupon cases before
him , In which no makes perpetual In each case )
preliminary Injunctions heretofore granted.
Thu judge ) enjoins the commonwealth's at
torney in the ) state ) trom putting the law
known as the "coupon ciushur" into force
and effect. The opinion is very elaboioto
and in it Judge Bonel character ! ? ) " ) the lo is-
lature of Virginia as acting In elcliatico of
the United States government.
Thn SovPiily-Eliihth Session Cloied.
Si'iNoriEU ) , Mass. , Oct. 7. The liniil
meeting of the Seventy-eighth annual ses
sion ot the American board was hold this
afternoon and was largely attended. Uev.
Dr. Plumb , ot Boston , offered a icsoliitlon { '
for the appointment ot a Hpeclal commltteo
ot seven to Investigate the methods of tlio
prudential committee. This was , debateel
and laid on the table. The next meeting
will bo held in Cleveland , O.
Nchrnqknn'H Ruylni ; Clii'yonnn Dirt.
Cm-.YKNNi : , Wjo. , Oct 7. | .Special Tele
gram to the BEE. I A Ne-braska excursion
party ot real estate buyers , niimbcrlne over
two hundred , reached hero to-day. The ex
cursionists will attend an auction sale of lota
In thet lloldrego addition to Choxeuno to
morrow. On Sunday they will leave foe
I'anlci-StrLnlcmi Hy Earthquakes , '
HAVANA , Oct. 7. Owlpg to the almost
dally shocks of earthquake at Santiago du
Cuba , a panic has sel/.ed the Inhabitants and
business is almost completely suspended ,
'I ho 1'Uli Guard.
Oi iV i A , Out. , Oct. b. Only four cruisers
will I'outiiuiK lu the fisheries protection
> Tvi'd alter the HHli lust. , the reist being
\\itiiilrmn fn ii commission for the remain
der of thu