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J ) lJmed by enj-rlcr ) n nnr part of the cltr at
twenty cents per wook.
II. W. TILTON , . . . Manager.
9riTKii > fl Omcc. No. .
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Kcltor , tailor. Fall goods cheap.
The city fathnrs meet this evening.
United States court convenes to-mor
Ladles , sblncd wrltlco comnc desk and
Bowing m Domcsticachinu. oflicc , 105
A well known Broadway butcher in
teen to bo joined in wedlock to ono of the
fair daughters of this city.
tOne of Council Bluffs' favorite lady vo
calists is to be united in marriage to a
Broadway merchant on the llth proximo.
There is a fine sorrel nuiro in the pound
that hns been there for a week. It is
thought that It was stolen by some one ,
who after riding it to the city , abun-
donod it.
Yesterday was the first Sundnv for Tim
Club. The rooms were visited by many
of the members who enjoyed the luxuri
ously furnished apartmcuts hugely us a
quiet resting place.
Kov. E. U. McCreary preached last
ulcht at the Broadway Methodist church ,
it being his last sermon previous to his
going to his new charge in California the
latter part of this week.
Saturday night just before the time of
shutting down the electric light works
( or the night the connecting rod of the
engine broke , in consequence of which
the electric lights were not lighted last
night. It is expected that the damage
will bo repaired by to-night in time to
light up again.
The work of grading Tenth avenue for
the Union Pacific railway begins this
morning under the contract of John C.
I/ci ( , provided the weather is favorable.
Work will be pushed rapidly by Mr. Leo ,
nnd ho expects to have his entire force
put upon it , provided ho can take them
away from his other work , someol which
is about completed.
The Berkoy & Gay furniture is sold
only by C. A. Becbe < & Co.
List your property with Cooper &
Juuson.Mo. 120 Main st.
Pcnonal Paragraphs.
Charles L. Hnss is homo from Chicago.
Mrs. J. C. Mitchell has returned from
her visit at Pacific Junction.
Miss May Hazard loft Saturday for
Tabor , where she will attend school.
Walter Beobo has returned from n trip
in Nebraska for the house of C. A. Bucbe
Ac Co.
Dave Stubbs is the father of a boy. and
Bays he weighs just cightcen'pounds and
& naff.
James Sacnln is among the proud
fathers now , as ho uossus&cs a bran now
baby girl.
Bert , Evans. Oscar K-joline.'Bort Sar
gent and George Brown arc camped on
Honey creek.
J. D. Warren , of St. Louis , owner of
the Warren flats on Fifth avenue , is at
the Bcchtelojiotol.
L. 'Harris received a present at 2 o'clock
yesterday morning in the shape of a
bouncing girl baby.
L. Simmons , Singer sowing machine
ngont , returned from a trip on the road
Saturday night.v
Mrs. Chris , lludio and children have
RTlved from Bufl'alo , fs. JT. , and will
make this city their future home , as Mr.
lludio has located hero.
C. L. Hammel , late ot the Marseilles
manufacturing company , has gone in
with the Haworth check mower , to till
the vacancy caused by the promotion
DickHaworth. .
D. O. Finch , United States district at
torney , of DCS Moines. arrived last night
and is at the Option with W. T. Kankm ,
his assistant. Thov are the first United
States court ofllcials to arrive.
Lester and Daisy , children of E. E.
Haruness , returned homo yesterday , ac
companied by their grandmother , Mrs.
Lester , with whom they have been spen'l-
. ing the summer at Binghamton , N. Y.
F. B. Sullivan , an employe of the
Union Pacific railroad , and a prominent
citizen of Omaha , spent Saturday on this
side. After transacting some business
with the county auditor , John Clansur ,
ho drove about the city and took in Coun
cil Blufl's. After having visited the most
prominent places and seeing the many
improvements , ho came to the conclusion
Unit Council Hlufl's was booming , and so
made up his mind to build a I mo resi
dence on this side in the spring.
Church hassocks at Bcobo & Co.'s
Money to loan. Cooper & Judsou.
Visit the now jeweler , C. Voss , No. 415
Broadway , if you wish anything in his
lino. Ho lias u fine assortment of the best
goods. _ _
J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
Special Cloak Sale.
For this week you can get a good 43
inch long plush cloak for f 15 , u lustre
seal plusn cloak 44 inches long for f 33.
the best seal plush cloaks from $35 to | 40
each. A good Newmarket for f 3 , | 4. f 0 ,
| 8 and flo each. A good jacket with
hoods for (1 , | 3 , | 3. | i , | 5 , $5 up to f 10
Special bargains in short wraps and
Misses' and children's garments. Ladies' ,
Misses' and children's dresses at less than
half the urico it costs to make hero.
Como to the People's store this week
nnd see what a dollar will buy for you.
Special bargains will bo offered in
men' , boy's and children's clothing ,
cent's furnishing goods , underwear ami
boots and shoes.
Kemnant sale Monday and during this
week , at less than one-half the cost. Bo
on hand early.
H I\HY : EISEMA'NS it Go's. ,
People's Store.
C. A. Beobu & Co. , shipped three' cat
loads of furniture last week.
Watches , clocks , jewelry , etc. , the best
in the city. C. Voss , jeweler , No. 410
Broadway. Ucpalrsu _ specialty.
Dr. J , T. Van Ness , physician and sur
geon , otlico room 3 , Opera House block ,
will attend professional calls day 01
uicht. Residence corner Eighth avenue
and Fifteenth street.
One thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquiie of A.
J. Grccnamayor , C23 Mynstor St. , Vole-
nil I y
Doris & Colvin's circus loft ono of their
largo elephants with William howls to
keep nnd take care of for Forepaugh
when ho arrives Thursday. Lewis baa il
In his stables , nnd yesterday morning ,
when Matt Harlo arrived , Lewis sent him
to sco his new thoroughbred. Hark
opened the door , and us ho did so the
elephant stuck his trunk into his face ,
The fright was so great that it took , him
most of the , day to recover from the
shock. _ _
The elegant furniture for the iluslnes ;
Men's club was furnished by C. A. Bccbc
ft Co.
The Irate Husband Hnots Up the Ag
grieved Wife and Das Her Arrested.
IntorpHtlng Tint-vent Homo Services
lliu New Mcthodlit I'antoi Xlio
Silver City Mcrchantfl Trying
to Pacify Creditors.
She Didn't Quail.
Snm Quail , of Tlum Creek , Nob. , ar
rived in this city ynstordny at 13:80 :
o'clock in search of his wife , whom ho
claimed , had refused to live with him. As
lie was walking up Broadway , directly
after his arrival in this city , ho met the
object of his search just entering a res
taurant at No. 803 Broadway. Quail wont
to police headquarters and there in
formed Duputv Marshal White that ho
wished his wife placed under immediate
arrest : that she was a fugitive from jus-
tlca ; that an officer in Omaha held a
warrant for her arrest and she was want
ed for numerous other causes. '
The deputy marshal and a representa-
tlvo of thu HER proceeded to the restau
rant in company with Quail. On the
expedition it was learned that Quail
wanted to obtain possession of his tlve-
year-old son more than ho wanted pos
session of his wife.
After locatins the restaurant , Quail
retired into seclusion , while the deputy
marshal and the HIK : man introduced
themselves to Mrs. Quail , who had boon
goijig under the name of Francis J. Gil
When made aware of the fact that her
husband requested her arrest , Mrs. Quail
said she had committed no offense and
saw no reason for being placed under
arrest. The deputy marshal informed
her that Quail was swear out a
warrant provided , she would not
acquiesce in remaining in the custody of
the police until his warrant from the
other side of the river arrived. Also
that ho had no authority to piaca her
under arrest , but if she wished , she could
go to the station and remain there until
the warrant arrived. She concluded she
would go us she had no fear of any war-
runt ho might have had issued.
When she was ushered into the police
men's parlor she. freely gave full ac
count of her unhappy union with Quail
eight years ago and the treatment she
had received at his hands since then.
She Is a blonde of rather small stature
and above the avciago Intellectually.
She acknowledged having left her hus
band in May last , and claimed ho not
alone drank excessively , but gambled
away even her hard earned money. That
the child was in an institution in Omaha
and she proposed to keep it there. If
Quail got the child ho'd have her with it ,
but she preferred to be allowed to re
main away from him. She had gone
under an assumed name because she
didn't want him to follow her up. She
had worked hard since she had left him ,
as well as she hud boon compelled to do ,
even when they had lived together. She
had worked at the restaurant for two
days and her employer know the facts
connected with her case thoroughly ,
showing she hud no disposition to de
ceive him.
Quail offered the HEE man a five dollar
bill and requested it bo handed to his
wife , which she refused to accept , al
though pho only had 50 cents in her
pocket and her two days' pay comiiin
from her employer. She said ho couldn't
make it appear that ho was supporting
her by thus oll'eriiig her monoy. She said
lie was well able to support her
and their sou , would ho lot dissipation
alono. as although ho had no extensive
education , ho was naturally smart and a
very fair lawyer.
QuaiFsent to Omaha for the warrant ,
saying ho simply wanted to reclaim his
wife and obtain possession ot his child ,
llo appeared with a now suit of store
clothes , a new pair of shoos and a silk
hut , which caused his wife to smile whim
she saw him out of the window as she re
marked , that he was becoming quite gay
in his now costume , after having been
walking upon his uppers for sometime
uast. 'Sho disliked the newspaper notoriety
riety which would of necessity bo caused ,
but thought Mr. Quail would rather en
joy it. She chatted with the chief of
police and city marshal and apparently
tried to hide her humiliation at being
confined in the station , after whicli she
busied horsclf by writing
Many moo of many minds ;
Many birds of many kinds.
Many tishcs in the sea , and
Many folks who cant's nicreo.
Besides the above , Quail charges her
with lowliness and being intimate with a
traveling man at Vinton , la. His cilargos
were received with a grain of allowance ,
as parties who know him in Sac county
considered him rather a worthless man ,
principally on account of drink.
During the latter hours of the after
noon Sheriff Taylor , of Plum Creek , ar
rived , and Mrs. Quail consented to go
across the river without a requisition
upon the warrant in the sheriff's posses
sion charging her with assault with in
tent to kill. She did not deny having
struck her husband upon the forehead
just previous to her leaving him.
The Hnrvent Homo.
The harvest homo services at the First
Baptist church yesterday morning were
very interesting and well attended. The
platform was completely bidden by the
profuse display of cereals , fruits , vege
tables and llowers , which were very
tastefully arranged , and showed to the
best advantage. Kov. Dr. Cooley , the
pastor , entertained his hearers with a
very interesting discourse , taking as his
text , Dout. 10:10. : He said that the whole
Jowibh people , pious klncs , and also
Christ and his apostles- observed the
three great vcarly festivals spoken of in
the text. When faithful in their observ
ance of those periods of thanksgiving ,
peace and prosperity rolgned , while on
the other side , if not observed , the pro *
tccting hand wus withdrawn , and as a
result fumin stared them in the face ,
and they wono given into the hands o !
their enemies.
Now at this season of harvest. God
wants us to bo especially thankful for his
bounty in providing for us. Various
articles of beauty erect the eve and sup
ply our wants. The wants of the brute
arc few : how varied are ours. It has
boon said that ' 'the more wants a man
has , the higher is his civilization. " How
very much wo are above the savages.
Various fruits , grains and vegetables add
to our joy. Who would not thank God
for the chemistry of the sun and air in
preparing all thcso things for us ? Do
you realize that what wo oat and drink
as well as our clothing , the cotton am !
the wool , all come , directly or indirectly ,
from the soil ? Wo could do nothing
should God withhold his blessing. Shouli
Ho send famine for a single Reason , the
loom would bo idle and the world in dis
tress , All is dependent on His bounty.
Should wo not thank Him for His groal
goodness the past season ? God forbid
unthankful hearts. Wo enjoy the united
results of the sunshine and tno frost. J
have no sympathy with the man or
woman who can not rejoice m
harvest. To day wo como hero to
return thanks and rejoice for the bless
ings God has bestowed upon us. No
Jew would think of going to the temple-
without an offoriuir. The idea of wor
ship is sacrifice. The heathen would not
appear before his idol , nor the Jew bo-
fora the altar without an offering. Noth
lug should make us rejoice so much as
when we think ot what God has done and
is doing for us.
The speaker then gave a brief hlsiorj
of homo mission work , following which a
collection was taken up.
In the evening the children of the Sab *
) ath school truvo a pleasing entertain
ment. Mrs. 1'rof. McDonald also cave
an Interesting exhibition m sign lan
The Mow I'AHtnr.
The now pastor ot the Broadway Meth
odist Episcopal church , llov. W. H. W.
lees , preached his first sermon yester
day morning. The church was crowded
with a congregation anxious to see and
hoar the now pastor. Mr. llcos is of
middle ago and inspires ono with confi-
lenco as to his integrity of purpose and
earnestness in the work ho has chosen ,
lo is a very pleasing speaker , nrticulat-
ng very pHlnly , at the same time spoak-
ng rattier slowly. Ho has a line llow of
anguage with an ability to
clothe beautiful thoughts In simple
words. " Ho prefaced his remarks
by saying that ho should pursue the
mtlcy so vigorously outlined by his pro-
Icccssor in the suppression of vice and
sin tn all its different phases ; also that ho
hould not hesitate to rcbuko any of the
church members should ho find thorn
derelict In their church duties. Ho hoped
o bo able to comfort them in time of nf-
liction , to advise In business relations
and to cheer in time of trouble.
Ho took us his text Colossians i-33 :
'Whom wo preach , warning every man
ind teaching every man m all wisdom ;
hut wo may present every man perfect
n Jesus Christ. "
Christ is the remedy for nil the errors
.hat wo commit. Not only a belief in
Jhrist and the transaction of Calvary ,
nit n belief in the personal presence of
Jhrist to-day is necessary to save souls.
Jhrist is thu central theme of all lifo re-
ated olosoly to the lifo of all Christians ,
ind this belief in the presence of Jesus
Jhrist is necessary to help you all to bear
the burdens of overyd.vy lifo , of business ,
of social relations , of homo lifo , in fact
Jhrist is the grout burden-bearer of the
niman race. Without this faith in the
personal presence of Jesus Christ , all
abor , faith and work is vain. Ho is ono
to help you in the darkest hour.
The pulpit must give no uncertain
sound against sin. I intend to warn you
against the sin of indifference.
Kesolvo by God's help to guard you
against indifference.
Shun idleness , the church is no place
or Idlers ; let your place at church , class
meetings , Dand services not bo inter
fered with by your business.
Ho Methodists ; God grant that we may
obey the little book as well as the larger
) no ; we live in an ugc of books , when it
s a sin to bo ignorant. The pulpit should
; each the way to knowledge for the road
; o kuowlodgo is the way to Christ : the
Jed of nature is the Gud wn worshiu ,
and wo worship Him more perfectly as
wo become perfected in knowledge. "
The Sllvnr City Sensation ,
The Cases of Brinton & Woodman , the
Silver City general merchants , are at
tracting much attention. They sold
their stock to 11. M. Wilbur
for 13,000 cash , while J. V.
Farwcll .V : Co. , of Chicago , held a mort-
jago against the stock for if STi1) that ,
jy agreement of the interested parties
when it was given July 3 , 1837 was not
lo bo placed upon file , as
lirinton & Woodman feared the
recording of the sarao would
virtually end their business career.
Woodman spent Friday night in the
county jail , and Saturday ho. with his
attorney and Chief of Police Mullen ,
drove to Silver City thereby hoping 10
close up matters so lib could aaiu become
n free man. It appears that ho made ar
rangements to Settle the firm's indebted
ness to Messrs. Grouowcg & Schocntgon ,
of this city , of some ! ? 10 > > , r.nd returned in
company with 11. M. Wilbur , the pur
chaser. The chief of police spent the
entire day and night , in the company
of the prisoner and at midnight , with
his attorney , thu prisoner appeared
at the homo of Justice Scliur/ and usked
to bo released from arrest as arrange
ments to settle the case had boon mudu ,
Mr. Schocntgon had been induced by
Attorney Limit 10 join the midnight
party , but 'Squire richur/ said ho would
give no midnight decisions , nnd that the
chief of police , who had so kindly ac
companied Woodman all day , should
hold the prisoner for appearance Sunday
morning at 0 o'clock at the justice's
Saturday afternoon S. P. Brinton was
arrested and taken from Silver City to
Glonwood , Mills county , upon informa
tion filed by Stone & Sims , attorneys
for J. V. Furwoll is Co. This
part of the proccpilinjw being
looked after by J. _ Y. Stone while
Juoob Sims made attidavit before 'Squire
Sohur/ Saturday evening that a warrant
had been issued for Woodman also : that
ho wanted him hold until the sheriff of
Mills county arrived notwithstanding it
appeared that perhaps the first claim
made would possibly bo satisfied ,
While Wilbur , Llndt , Woodman and
Chief Mullen wore driving into Council
Bluffs Saturday nicht a writ of replevin
was issued in Mills county at the in
stance of Stone & Sims , and the stock of
goods was taken chary o of. It is re
ported that the stock has beun materially
reduced recently.
Yesterday morning C. P. Brinton , of
this city , arranged a bond for his brother
who is under arrest in Glonwood nnd
there imprisoned , as the offense was com
mitted in Mills county , while Woodman's
case under the Gronowep A : Schoontgon
case was committed iu this county.
Sheriff Dan Farrell , of Mills county ,
arrived yesterday. Prosecuting Attorney
Sims requested that Woodman bo de
livered to him nnd Justice Schurz so
ordered , the Gronoweg & Schocntgon
case being continued indefinitely.
Effects of Rnttlpannke Poison.
New York Sun : On August 20 , 1883 , a
livo-vear-old son of George Putnam , who
lives at Stony Ford , Pa. , was returning
homo from driving the cows topastuio ,
and stopped by the roadside to pick some
berries. Ho was barefooted , and sud
denly felt a sharp sting on the instep of
his loft foot. Ho ran crying homo and
told his mother that ho had scratched his
foot on a brier. Thn foot had begun to
swell , and his mother picked from the
flesh what she at first supposed to bo a
brier , but , as the foot continued to swell
and the boy's sufferings were intense , the
alarming fact was apparent that ho had
been bitten by some poisonous snaLe ,
and that the supposed brier was oue of
its fangs that had buried itself in the
wound and been pulled from the snake's
Mrs. Putnam called her husband , who
was at work near the house , nnd alarmed
other members of the family. A live
chicken was cut in two and the warm
flesh applied to the wound. Whisky was
given to the boy in largo quantities , and
a messenger was dispatched for a doctor.
A member of the family went to the spot
where the boy said ho had felt the sharp
sting , and found a rattlesnake coiled
near the roadside. The snake was killed
and one of its fanes was found to bo
missing , which loft no doubt of the na
ture of the boy's injury. The snake was
cut open and laid on the wound in the
boy's foot , which had swollen to more
than double its natural size. The suffer
ings of the boy were so great that ho
could scarcely bo hold down in the bed
by two men. The doctor arrived and
cauterized the wound , but said U was too
lute and that the boy would die.
The swelling had extended up the leg
to his waist , and the leg became spotted.
Antidotes prescribed by the doctor were
administered , but the whisky treatment
was also adhered to. The boy's body
turned black , but after three days of the
most terrible agony the swelling began
.o go down , and In a week the victim
was able to got about. In a month's tlmo
all the effects of1 the poison seemed to
invo disappeared nnd the boy was as well
as over.
On the 20th of August * 1894 , ho wns
seized with n sharp pain In his foot ,
which began to sell , nnd In a short time
its log nnd foot worn swollen to double
.heir sl/o , nnd bncnmo spotted , ns they
hnd on the day tho' ' boy wns bitten by the
snnko Ho experienced the same symp
toms , and suffered for three days almost
ns much agony ns Tie had the year beforn.
When the swelling again went down the
pnln subsided and the symptoms disap
peared. Regularly on the 20th of August
jvory year since the same symptoms
liavo n'ppoared , on thn authority of a
woll-known citizen of Tloga countv , nnd
their recurrence this yenr was marked by
more than usual pain and swelling , the
spots on the leg and body strikingly re
sembling thatof n rattlesnake. The
sufferings of the boy were so intense
that ho was not expected to pass through
them with his life , but nt last accounts ho
wns slowly recovering.
It is said that there are three similar
cases on record ono of n girl who was
bitten by n rattlesnake m Livingston
county , Now York , thirty years ago , and
who for twenty-five years , on the anni
versary of the day on which she was
bitten , was subject to the snmo symp-
: ems ns attended the original poisoning.
She died In crcnt agony on the twenty-
fifth recurrence of the terrible symptoms.
Having opened , the time for purchasing
lieavy clothing approaches and every one
wishes to know where to go to get the best
quality for the least money. If vou will
before you purchase elsewhere , you will be
enabled to see about what you can pur
chase ) our selections for. It will not be
necessary for you to buy of us , we simply
extend vou an invitation to call and ex
amine the Finest and Best Selected stock
of clothing ever in Council Bluffs. We
offer for sale a large line of
INGSTONE'S CASHMERE sack or frock s'yles ' , in the hair
lines , silk mixtures , gray mixtures , brown
mixtures , criinsoi'ni\turcs ; ' , broken plaids
and all the new styles. These to be ap
preciated must beiiseen. They are neat
nobby goods.Ve ha\e a fine line of
Coats and Vests , as well as four-button
Cutaways , in all colors. These goods In
cut , fit , finish and 'rimming , are equal to
the best uilor made goods and we offer
them for less than'half a tailor could make
them for. Youths , ' and Clnldiun'b bints
We show a fine line of the.e oods a < s well
as a full assortment of the cheaper grjdes
cr s-chool wear. A full line of knee pants ,
and boi's shirt \\af-ts.
We lia\e everything imaginable in
Including Hats , Caps , the finest line of
NecUwcar ever in the city. Silk , Alnpaca
nnd Gingham Umbrellas. A full line of
White Shirts , besides Percales , Cheviot
and Flannels of all colors.
We are here to show goods and trust
the public \\ill favor us by givinsf us a c.ill
and at least inspect our lines , which \\i-
claim equal to anything ever in this city.
No. 416 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Next Dear to The Manhattan.
Star Sale Stables and Mule Yards
Droadnny , Council Bluffs , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules constantly on hand
for sale nt retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission
Telephone 114. SHLUTKU & HOLIY. :
Opposite Dummy Depot , Counoi Hlufla
A. scnuitz ,
Justice of the Peace.
Ollico o\cr American Kxpross.
E. S. ftARNETT ,
Justice ot the Peace ,
416 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house In the
city. Collections a specialty.
600 Broadway , Council Blufls.Iowa.
Kttnbllshod 1S5T.
Creston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call Bells.
Accommodations Vint Clam ,
Aud Rutei Reasonable
Max Mohn , Proprietor
Commencing , Monday ,
Sept26th ,
For one wcelt only we will give
A curtain pole with each pair of
curtains sold.
In nnlcr to malic this tale lively we
shall cut the prices ilown on every
thing In thedranery department.
Council Bluffs , - Iowa
CARTER & SON , Proprietors.
- ) MANl'tACTUUiUS : Ol (
Ordci ? forrounlra by mall promptly nttemlo
to. Sntlsfnctlon Kiiuruntrcd. Tenth Avo. ad
joining the Ogdnn Iron Works , Council Ulutri.
cpcclft ? ! advertisements , such ni Lost , Fo ind
loLonnKor 8\\c \ , To Rent , Tvnnts , Ronrdlnr ,
etc.ivill bclnrortcd In thin column ut the loir
ratuof TEN LINE rorthoHrsi inaer-
IonnnJ I'lveContal'crLlnefo.'cachaubiaquent
Insettlon. Lcuvo ndvcrlUoraonta nt our t > 0k
No. U I'enrl ttioet , near llrondway , Council
Vl'ANTKD A Rlrl for Kftieral IIOUBO work ;
' must be n competent cook : two In family ;
nlEOvouinn lor child nurse ; Geriimn pro-
fi'irod. Amont's Hat , 7th street , near Willow
uvcfuic ,
WANTED To buy n few lota chenp from
tbuownurs. Cn h or on time , AtUlicss
K. C. , llro ollico. Council lllulla.
1'XCIIAN(1K-I ( ' of und
TIO - nuvo u ftoc't uoot
shocH. Wiint itu\o you trnt In cxclmnKo'
1'or one week only. C.llvo < illloo , Council
LOST Pair of polrt-bamled ppcctiiulc ? . Ito-
turn to Kolloy's house , Muln 8t. nnd get
WANTKD A Kood111 forcooH. Apply nt
onto to Mrs. J. 11. Mcl'lioison , No. l il
I'iorco street.
WANTID-A ( 'IU lur irpiiunil liuiihuwurk.
biinill lumily , hand ) kltchan. 'UUGthtuu.
F Olt PAJ.K At n lniTriifiirn ] lliioyounyr llnm-
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L. A. Uovlnr.
ITTOlt SALn A flrst-claig restaurant , host 10-
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cil limits.
Poll SAl.E-Stocls of ilruRs In central No-
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P'OH 8AI.K OH TIIAUC.-For Conncll Hlntls
property 40,000 acres of Iow nnd Ne-
In Haka bind. J. K. lllce , 110 Main bt. Council
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all lot3 und sub -ill vl-ioiis Included In teullory
U milts nottli und bonth b ) lO'i mlk'3 east and
west.PKICE $1O.
Address C. U. ALLKN , Publisher.
Vacant Lots , Lnnds , City Itceldoneos and
I'm ms. Acre property in western pait of city
All bellin ? cheap.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
lioom 0 , over Officer & 1'usey's Bank , Couno
Finest landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway Tin M t.h'trn
Telephone No. 33
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 9
The Sutler house in Missouri Valley ; fur
nished first-class throughout and with a
large business established. Will be rented
on liberal terms to responsible parties. Call
on oraddress. HUGH PERCY ,
Missouri Valley.
lu Amber ,
etc. , Hair Ou
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elties iu hair
Hair ( foods
niadeto order
20 Mnin St. , Council Ulufls , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , aud all mall
orders promptly attended to ,
Fall Goods ,
Wo have now In stock onrnctv purchases In Silica , Dress Goods , Under *
wear , flannels , Domestics , etc. , etc. Headquarters for
We have the largest selection and finest patterns of carpets In the clty'ot
the west. They comprise
Axminster ,
Moquettes ,
Body Brussels ,
Tapestry Brussels ,
Three-ply Ingrain ,
Matting ,
Rugs , Etc , , Etc.
We shall be pleased to meet and show our customers these new and chotc4-
fabrics. Donotforyet the place.
401 Broad way , Council -Bluffs , Iowa.
Beats thorn all
for Sample Trunks
nnd CUSGS , Theatri
cal nnd Tourists'
Trunks. Uontfail
to sco it. .The * "
Lndies' Favorite.
This and nil other
kinds ot Trunks
und Cases manu
factured by
Zimmerman &
Young Bros.
And sold at whole
sale and retail.
Two carloads on
hand at
542 lirondway
Council Blu ffs , Iowa
Send for Circulars and 1rices.
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call on us.
Instrument ! Tuned nnd Repaired.Vc never fall to give Ruturacllon *
Over 2O yearn' Experience In Piano and Organ Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Bluffn , Iowa
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Ilegular : Boarders : : Jleduced : : Rates.
NO. 336 & 338 Broadway , council Bluffs.
Attorneys at Law *
Practice in ( he fSt tc and Federal Cour t
Ro tu 7 and S Bhugart-Beno Block.
1415 DOUGLAS ST. , . . OMAH
I .