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Delivered ty cniricr in nny part of the cltjr at
twenty ccnU per waek.
H.W.TH.TOK , . . * Manager.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Hcltcr , tnllor. Fall goods cheap.
Tim now sewer is being laid on Willow
The river is falling about fin inch every
six hours. .
The United Stntcs court opens its term
hero next Tuesday.
Ladies , sco combined writing desk and
Rowing machine. Domestic olllcc , 105
Colonel Dally and , T. J. Stcndman nre
to address tliu mutual protection picnic
next Saturday.
AH the incoming trains yesterday
morning were Into from hall to three-
quarters of an hour.
Twelve passenger conches filled with
harvester excursionists came in over the
Hock Island yesterday.
John Stngcman , of Garner township ,
has raised a squash which weighs It7 !
pounds. Ho has placed it on exhibition
at the Boston tea store. /
Justice Hchur/ has discharged John J.
Alciregory ( and A. Hitchcock , who were
arrested for robbing John Williams on
the island north of the city.
The Harmony mission entertainment
that was to have been given Friday evening -
ing , this week , at the residence of Mrs.
Smith , Frank street , hus been deferred
until next Tuesday evening , the STtli
Mrs. frank E. Irwin and family desire
to express their most heartfelt thanks to
the Odd Fellows and the Switchmcns'
association , as well as to many friends
ami neighbors who so kindly assisted
them in their late sad bereavement.
The same old stench arises from the
abandoned and vaults of the
old court house. The county board
Hhould get on tan injunction and then pro
ceed to have the county lined for con
tempt for maintaining such a nuisance.
The grand jury was at work yesterday
on some saloon CHSCH. One justice was
among those subpoenaed to prove that
drinks were being sold in ono place , but
luckily he had never slacked his thirst
there , and hence was not obliged to go
on record.
The delay in having the sewerage of
the city jail attended to causes much In
convenience. Prisoners have to be taken
to the county jail , and there kept , and
marched backwards and forwards to
court while their cases are being tried.
The now sewerage must be provided be
fore the new floor can bo put in , and the
now lloor must precede the putting in
of the now bunks.
It has been reported that when the
Jancsvillo. Wis. , visitors wore hero look
ing at the fire and police alarm system ,
Mayor Gronoweg tried to turn in a police
call , but could not make it work. The
critics of the Richmond made much ado
about this , but the fact seems to bo clear
that the mayor did not turn the key the
right way , and that was all the trouble.
Bradley , the electrician , came to the box ,
turned in the alarm all right and the
mayor then saw his mistake.
The county republican convention is
called to moot in this city Wednesday ,
October 10 , at 11 o'clock to nominate
candidates for state senator , two repre
sentatives in the lower house , shcritF ,
treasurer , auditor , county superintendent
of schools , surveyor , coroner and one
member of the board of supervisors. The
First and Second wards of the city have
seven votes each , and the Third ward
tivo , and the Fourth eight. The cau
cuses of wards and townships will bo
hold Saturday evening Octobtir 15.
Yesterday afternoon the Salvation
army conducted the first funeral ser
vices ever held by them in this city. The
funeral was that of Miss Anna M. Clou-
son , who died at the residence of II. J.
Volght , on Sixteenth avenue. She had
no relatives or friends in this city , and
the members of the Salvation array cared
for her remains , she having been an at
tendant upon their meetings. The army
marched from headquarters to the house ,
where llov. Henry UoLong olllciated ,
songs being sung , scripture road , prayer
offered and briot remarks made. The
Salvationists turned out in full uniform ,
with band and banners , and each wore
upon the right arm a white ribbon , the
conventional black being avoided strictly.
Visit the now jeweler , C. Voss , No. 415
Uroadway , if you wish anything in his
lino. He has a line assortment of the best
Watches , clocks , jewelry , etc. , the best
in the city. C. Voss , jeweler. No. 415
Broadway. Repairs a specialty.
Cruintu From Court.
When court adjourned Tuesday even
ing Colonel Daily had just closed his
opening argument in the case of William
Morse , charged with being a partner of
Kothory in the stealing of a diamond
Irom Mrs. Durham's jewelry store. It
was expected that his attorneys , Mynstcr
& Lindt , would spend a good portion
of yesterday in orating to the jury , but to
the surprise of all they concluded to sub
mit the case without argument. This
hands of the jury. They retired with
the general prediction that they would
disagree. t
The case of T. W. Castor was called ,
but as he did not annpear his bonds of
f 00 were1 forfeited. This was an appeal
case from Noola , the defendant having
there been found guilty of assault and
battery and havinc taken an anneal.
The grand jury found no bill against
Emma Cole and Andrews , charged with
adultery. The husband of the woman
was the complaining witness and he had
been hold in jail hero until the case could
be reached , lie was lately released to
go over to Omaha and secure his other
witnesses and not returning the defend
ants were discharged. This family mix-
up has been in the courts ono way and
another until the taxpayers are tired of
paying costs. They had bettor move.
Dr. J , T. Van Ness , physician and sur
geon , ollico room 3 , Opera House block ,
will attend professional calls day or
night. Residence corner Eighth avenue
and Fifteenth street.
One thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
rredit to reliable parties. Enquire of A.
J. Greenauiayer , 623 Mynstcr St. , tele-
J. W. Poregoy , Henry Ersoman , D. F.
Etcher and others left ycbterilay to attend
the Dcnison fair.
Mrs. J. W. Chapman has gone east to
there meet her daughter Miss Marie who
alls for Germany on the SiOth.
E. II. Merriam , of Omaha , who has
largo property interests hero , was m the
city yesterday. Ho has not decided about
building yet on the Catholic church
which was purchased by him
Property spring.
List your property with Cooper &
\ Judwn , No. 130 Main tt. . . ,
i. W ; and . L. Squlra lend money. , ' .
Some Eiccntrio Sinners Have Their Affairs
Adjusted In Court.
Competition Promliei Very Cheap
Gas The Temple of
Crowned With a hying
Clock Fnce Personal ,
Rcccntrlo Sinner * .
When Judge Aylesworth mounted the
woolsack yesterday morning and called
for the prisoners to bu brought forth , the
first to anpcar was a distinguished look
ing , clerical sort of a young man , having
a smooth shaven face , an abundance of
curly locks , his eyes peering through a
pair of gold-bowed spectacles , and ho
leaned himself against the lire pressure
apparatus with the air of one poslnp for
a portrait. Ho gave his name as Ses
sions and told his story in : i manner
which caused much merriment at his ex.
penso. His position was unfortunate ,
lie was a comedian. The company ho
lind been with had "busted , " through no
fault of his , leaving him in a rather
rocky road. He struck to Chicago , but
found that there were about sev
enty-two others in like condition , from
other companies , who had got there
before him. Every lamp post was taken ,
and if tiiero had been a vacancy , ho could
not have ailbrded to hold it up until ho
could secure a place with a salary. Chicago
cage having a surplus of art. he pushed
towards "Omlha , " as ho called It. Ho
bought two mileage books , ono holding a
few miles , the other for several hundred.
When ho came to give them up to the
conductor ho discovered that ono was
lost. Of course it was the long term one ,
so he had to put up cash for the rest of
the journey. Ho landed hero with ono
silver quarter as his only friend. Ho
wonttotho Kiel house , registered , handed
over his grip , and thought ho would stroll
out nnd find ono of the Prcscott troupe
to effect a loan until ho could got across
the river , where ho expected $50 , which ho
had notilied one of his debtors to
send to him to that point. Ho didn't find
the fellow-actor whom he hoped to
strike , and returning to the hotel told
Ills condition and offered to leave his
grip and overcoat for security until he
sould arrange his finances more satisfac
torily. He concluded that ho could oc
cupy a chair until morning , and then
catch the troupe as they started for the
Jo pot , and get relief. While thus wrest
ling witli the problem whether life was
worth living , a policeman picked him up ,
conducted him to the station , and booked
liim for vagrancy. Ho searched him ,
and found m the watch
pocket of his pantaloons $1.80.
lie said it must have been there
n long time and been overlooked by him.
He concluded it was a good thing to bo
rounded up once in a while so as to get
the police to discover assets which ho had
Failed to lind and which ho needed badly.
lie thought his experience behind the
bars might servo to help him in the moro
naturally taking such parts on the stage ,
but still objected to the school of instruc
tion. He was lot go with the one lesson
and started out into free air , not forgot-
Ling to warn the reporters not to give
him away , as "tho boys would devil the
life out of him" if they got onto it. Hence
nothing will appear about it in the pa
Charles Meyers was arrested for lar
ceny. Ho had been at work in Dave
Gray's harness shop , and on leaving
some tools were missing. Gray found
them among Meyers' effects , and Movers
claimed that they got mixed by mistake.
On being arrested Meyers gave his name
as Haincs , and was booked accordingly.
When the judge asked him why ho gave
the wrong name ho explained that ho did
not want his wife to hear about it and
was afraid she might road it in the pa
pers. Ho expected to get the matter sat
isfactorily arranged with Gray and get
out of the trouble. "A married man , "
said the judge , "should never hide his
troubles from his wifo. She should bo
the first ono for him to go to when in
trouble , except , perhaps , when ho gets in
trouble witli another woman. " Meyers
came to some understanding with Gray ,
nnd went homo to consider the advice.
Cheaper Gas Coming.
There are several gas companies seek
ing to get charters for supplying Council
Uluffs. The time draws near for the ex
piration of the charter of the old com
pany , and this company asks for a re
newal of its charter and offers to rcduco
the price from the present high rates of
$1 a thousand , CO cents of for cash , down
to $3 cash for prlvato consumers and
11.75 for the city. The water gas com
pany is promising to put in an applica
tion with rates as low as f 1 a thousand ,
and several other companies arc figuring
on supplying the city at prices as low or
lower than the old company offers. The
ciluons are delighted at the prospect of
emancipation from the oxhorbitant rates
which have reigned for years hero. This
city has been paying more for light than
any other city in this part of the country ,
and the result has been that the city has
concluded to use electric lights , on masts ,
for the streets , and thus get moro nnd
better light , oven if there is no reduction
ih the total expense. Private consumers
are still left to cither submit to the ex
orbitant gas rates , or substitute Kerosene
or something else for gas. The outlook
is now beginning to look favorable for
gas at rates which como within the roach
of many who have been unable to use it
The competition between the several
companies seeking charters is sharp
enough to bring about a radical change.
It seems that the result must bo that gas
consumers In this city will get rates very
low as compared with the prices which
have prevailed for years hero. The people
ple are feeling good on seeing that there
is nn opening of competition. They care
little for the details ot the light , but are
looking forward with intense interest to
tno outcome , beUovmg that it will prove
favorable to the pocketbooks of all , ex
cept those who own the old plant.
The County's New Home.
The prospect Is good for the comple
tion of the new county court house by
the 1st of January. The work on the
wood finishing is progressing well. The
casements in ono room are already
rubbed down so that the grain of the
notural wood shows up finely , and gives
an idea of how the interior of the whole
building will appear. The artists are busy
on the decorations , and in this respect the
building will bo moro attractive than
was expected. The ceilings in the court
rooms have already boon seen bv many ,
and have won much praise , The walls
of ouo ot these rooms have been
also decorated , the design being
drapery , witli a border above and
a dado. In the rotunda there is some ex
cellent work being done in marble finish.
The painters are at work also upon the
colling of the tower. The tiles are being
laid on the main lloor , and the change
by which a stronger contrast is gained be
tween the white and dark squares give ?
a much moro pleasing effect than that
which was first laid in the hallway as a
sample. Outside the building the work
men are also busy. The stone stops and
flagging are being put in place , with
strong foundations of masonry. Mr.
Carter , the superintendent , Ji vigilant ,
tnd it seems that if ever a public bwld-
ng was put on honor , and without any
smell of booitlcrism , this county hus
such a one.
A dizzy bit of work was done yesterday
n the painting of the clock dials in the
ower. The workman stood on a narrow
) oard , 150 feet above the ground , and
with no railing or other protection
mlntml time on the white face , without
ipparently any thought that in making
Ime ho stood on the brink of eternity. It
s too bad that the noble temple of justice
ms to bo crowned with a lie , for such in
'act ' it is , us the mock clock tells the pco-
ilo that it Is ever fifteen minutes to
welve. A clock , a real ouo , should bo
mi Into the tower , and the hands should
) o made to toll the truth , so that the god
dess below might not bo put to shame.
Fur Sale Cheap Lots near the bridco
o parties who will build at once. Ad-
Iross or cull on J. U. Kicc , No. 110 Main
street , Council Bluffs.
The Club.
An important mooting of the Club is
called for this evening at 8 o'clock. All
members are requested to bo present at
the rooms promptly. The rooms are
nearly complete now , in furnishings and
llttlngs , and the formal opening will soon
bo announced.
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
A. Clouded 8Ky Prevented Observa
tions In Japnu.
Yokohama correspondence : America
sent out two expeditions to observe this
eclipse of the sun , total in parts of Rus
sia , across Siberia , and in parts of Japan.
Duo went under the charge of Prof.
Young , of Princeton , to establish them
selves near Moscow. The other came
to Japan under the load of 1'rof. Todd ,
of Amhcrst college. Neither expedition
was at government expense , although
L'rof. Todd had government sanction
and aid to the extent of the navy depart
ment lending him instruments and the
state department authorizing the United
States minister in Japan to assist the sci
entists in securing a place for the ob
servatory and to transmit their report by
the department's cable code and at its
jxpouse to Washington. The expense of
Prof. Todd and his assistant , Dr.Holland ,
wore mot by $2.000 given from the Bache
fund of the NationafAcadcmy of Sciences
and by private contributions. On their
arrival here the Japanese government
set apart the old Daimio castle at Shiri-
kawu for Prof. Todd's observatory , and
several weeks were taken to put the
great telescope , the siderostadts , the
jhoto-hcliogruph , the coronograph and
other instruments in position. After com
ing 10,000 miles to see the eclipse of
August 10 , the scientist awoke
hut morning to lind the air
heavy and stilling , the sky nil thick , solid
: louds , the thermometer up. and the
Barometer down. By noon it cleared
and the spirits ot the party rose to exul
tation , but as the eclipse began a thunder
storm began also. Black clouds and
vivid lightning afforded a spectacle in
the heavens , but not the ono desired. A
patch of blue sky here and there , a bit of
sunlight falling on the other side of the
mountain , raised their hopes , but after
brief glimpses of the half-obscured sun.
thick clouds came over and settled the
fate of the expedition.
At nearly all places in the totality
region the weather was bad , and no ob
servations were made by the numerous
observers stationed by the Japanese
Vokonama was deserted for the day ,
and if any people wore left in town they
remained indoors , so that the vacant
streets gave ono a queer fooling witheut
the greenish-yellow dusk that came on
just before 4 o'clock. A few of the street
coolies went home with their jinrickishas
because the sun was sick and its light
would make them sick if it fell upon
them. The natives as a rule wore too
well prepared for what was to como and
had their smoked glass and colored glass
ready long beforehand. A few old men
betook themselves to the temples and
prayed fervently while the changes were
passing across the face of the sun , but
Japan is too advanced and too progress
ive to have this modern eclipse terrify
its people as did the last eclipse in 188G.
Description of the Cleveland and Hill
Prize Bnhlca.
EAST Auuoiu , N. Y. , Sept. 16. The
talk of the county , and for that matter of
the middle and eastern states during the
present week , has been the baby show
held in connection with the fair here.
President Cleveland's prize triplets bid
fair to become famous. Presents , invita
tions and letters from museum managers ,
photographers , and even that bane of all
celebrated people , cranks , are pouring
in upon the quiet little household ut Fast
Hamburg. All sorts ot suggestions and
advice are in the cranks' epistles , and
Albert Dart , farmer , if his head was not
very level , would soon become Albert
Dart , triplet manager and lunatic.
The effect of President Cleveland's re
ward of merit or stimulus to an infant
industry , whichever it may bo called , has
been unlocked for. In the county where
the beautiful bride of the white house
and her husband were bred and raised ,
the president is loudly applauded for the
direction his liberality has taken. The
fact of the matter is that Mr. Cleveland ,
being importuned to help the new fair
association , put down his name for f 10 ,
and Manager Hubbard turned the act
into the channel through which it reached
nnd made world-famous Ida , Mollle and
Ray Dart , the prize trio.
Little Ida Dart , the rose between two
thorns" ranks first in the group , both by
virtue of her sex and birth. It was
shortly before noon on October 23 , 1885 ,
when Ida was ushered into the world.
The mother was under the influence of
etherand Malcom and Ray were both on
the scene of life by 4 o'clock. When Mrs.
Dart recovered from the effects of the
auiL'stuctic she inquired anxiously : "Is
ray baby born ? "
"You have three children , " answered
the physician , mid the mother fainted.
The triplets weighed 27 pounds at birth
and gained steadily. Scarcely a day of
sickness was credited to thorn , and the
mother says she never expects to have
less trouble with ono baby , should site bo
blessed again , than the "trips" have
given her.
The two boys are hardly distinguishable - ,
able apart , but Ida is not ho largo us her
brothers. Mrs. Dart told your corre
spondent that the throe played to
gether and in most respects acted in
Albert Dart , the proud sire of the fa
mous triplets , is a good-looking young
farmer of thirty years , who has to keep
busy to make both ends meet. The
couple have never exhibited the children
until urged to do so at this fair. It is
possible that the tempting offer from a
uowery museum in Now York will result
in breaking up Mr. Dart's farming plans
In East Hamburg.
Governor Hill's ' prize colored twins ,
Romeo and Juliet , are perhaps the most
interesting pair of infantsto tno bachelor
eye , that over attained fame. The gov
ernor Is a hardened bachelor , but his | 25
was freely given in encouragement of the
colored barber , of Pittsburg , and his
dusky wifo.
George Johnson is the well-to-do pro
prietor of a tonsorlul establishment in
the Smoky City. Like the Dart family ,
Mrs. Johnson's twins were her "tirsl
ollenso , " as Cadeus says in "Ermlnio ,
and no dime museum could ever tempi
Romeo and Juliet or their parents , from
the threshold of their own house. Only
through personal solicitation were the
parents induced to bring their children
to the show here , and then they wore a
dav late.
Romeo .and Juliet 'aro. quiet ,
msscsscd little people of a chocolate1
hit , and with vnry pretty dark blue eyes.
"Homy" and "July" are their pet names ,
nnd they are destined for the stage.
tlrs. Johnson ha'd histrionic ambitions
before her marriage , and intends to cdu-
ate her boy and girl In this direction.
' My husband don't ' want it , " she said
o the Globe-Dciuucrat correspondent ,
'but I'm ' sure they will make a hit just
as soon a over they appear. Colored
wins are very scarce , and when they
.ro . older they will be a beautiful couple.
Just see Romy's forehead. He's going
o be Intellectual1' ' , but n smothered in
clination to laugh caused the correspond
ent to bring the interview to a sudden
\nd Refusing to bo Pulled Out Wna
"My god , Polly is in the well. Someone
ono run for help quinkl Oh ! my darling ,
my child ! " exclaimed a lady residing on
the Courtlaud avenue extension yester
day morning , as she sprang from the ver
anda towards a well in the yard.
In a second the lady wan standing be
side the well peering down the deep
round hole towards the water. The well
was deep and dark , and for a second
nothing could bo seen , but us soon us her
eyes became accustomed to the darkness
she discovered the object of her affection
jobbing up and down in the water.
"There she is , " she exclaimed. "Lot
ho bucket down quick. Quick , bo
quick. "
Then as the bucket went down , she
caned far over the well , calling out :
"There , my child , got in the bucket
and hold on tight. They will draw you
up. "
The bucket wont down and again the
ady stooped over and repeated her direc-
ion. In a second an answer came back
rom the well. It was :
"No , I Won't got m the bucket. Yon
whipped mo nnu I am going to drown. "
Almost beside herself with grief the
ady called again and again for help.
Finally , a man passing , came in and
jolng down in the well found the dead
jody , and , bringing it out , handed it to
the lady. She grabbed it eagerly , and
pressing it to her lips between her sobs ,
said :
"My child is dead. Oh. what shall I
do ? Mother did scold and slap her , but
she is sorry. In it dead ? "
For the past two or three days , Polly
md been sulky and in a bad humor. The
ady had tried hard to change its temper ,
) ut she could not. Early yesterday morn-
ng she was very cranky , and received a
a slight tan on the jaw. The lick was not
lardi but it wounded Polly's feelings.
Looking the lady in the face , she said :
"You have slapped Polly , but you
won't d it any more. She is going to
kill herself. "
In a second she was flying towards the
well. At the edge she hesitated a min
ute and then leaping over the box went
down to a watery grave.
Polly was a parrot and at the time of
ler death was the property of the grand-
laughter of the lamr who first owned her.
She was a magnificent talker and has
) een in the same family over sixty years.
They Will Not Do It.
Those who once take Dr. Piorco's
"Pleasant Purgative Pellets' will never
consent to use any other cathartic. They
are pleasant to take and mild in their
operation. Smaller than ordinary pills
and inclosed in glass vials ; virtues unim
paired. By druggists.
George ut the Natural Bridge.
The late George Washington has been
icre. George ill. of England granted
; he tract to Thomas Jell'erson , and YV ( Isli
ngton very properly came down in con
sequence and cut his name on the rocks
under the bridge. Colonel Sam Kimberly
of Norfolk , VS. , yesterday inspected the
signature. Colonel Kimberly is a much
greater man in Norfolk , where he holds
all the county oflices , than Washington
ever was us a young man. Ho is stout
and emphatic , with eye-glasses , though
jood natured for an incredulous man.
When aroused ho stammers : "S-seonis
" ho said with
to m-rne , ,
some indignation , "that W-Washington
m-niust have sp-spcnt all his time g-goin'
round the c-country est-tabhshinghoudq-
quarters and c-cuttmg his name. I'll but
twenty d-dollars , " ho continued , "that
h-ho w-was up on the p-piazza all the
t-timo d-drinking p-pouch brandy with
ole J-Jefferson and p-paid s-somobody to
d-do that f-for him. " There is an
American cuglo clearly outlined on the
face of the arch , 200 feet in the air. "Of
course , " said the Norfolk cynic , ' 'tho
o-caglo h-had to f-follow Gcorgo. That
r-rock there will b-break out into his
p-prolilo p-prctty soon. " It is useless ,
however , to dispute the Washington
memento , though how pa did it without
a balloon is a mystery. Colonel Kim-
borly's theory , which is remote enoush to
obtain wide acceptance in scientific
circles , is that the p-presonce of the
eagle is duo to the United States mint
which grows all around.
Council Bluffs , - Iowa
Owln tothe UBO ll lUITIHTTof the rlath < hkh
our | UnU covtr tlcluilTtly ) will At 11 fully flr l
llm.wcrn. K ) lr * aot > r ltnrU. | Mill BKTCRk >
br IUrft rblnrwoni ttndiTtlf not found ih motl
d ( fortabl. CorMl rworn. laid bjr til
Having opened , the time for purchasing
deavy clothing approaches nnd every one
wishes to know where to go to get the best
quality for the least money. If vou will
before you purchase elsewhere , you will be
enabled to sec about what you can pur
chase your ( elections for. It will not be
necessary for you to buy of us , we simply
extend vou an invitation to call and ex
amine the Finest and Best Selected stock
of clothing ever in Council Bluffs. We
offer for sale a large line of
suits , in sack or frock s'yles ' , in the hair
lines , silk mixtures , gray mixtures , brown
mixtures , crimson mixtures , broken plaids
and all the new styles. These to be ap
preciated must be seen. They arc neat
nobby goods. We have a fine line of .
Coats and Vests , ns well as four-button
Cutaways , in all colors. These goods In
cut. fit , finish and 'rimming , are equal to
the best tailor made goods and we offer
them for less than half a tailor could make
them for. Youths' and Children's b'uits
We show a fine line of these goods as well
as a full assortment of the cheaper grades
or school wear. A full line of knee pants
and boy's shirt waists.
We have everything imaginable in
Including Hats , Caps , the finest line of
Neckwear ever in the city. Silk , Alapaca
and Gingham Umbrellas. A full line of
White Shirts , besides Percales , Cheviot
and Flannels of all colors.
We are here to show goods and trust
the public will favor us by giving us a call
and at least inspect our lines , which we
claim equal to anything ever in this city.
No. 416 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Next Door to The Manhattan.
{ Special idvertliomonti , such HI Lost , Found
I o Loan , For Sale , To Rent , Vtantn , Ronrdliur ,
etc. , will bolnMrttd In thl column at the low
ratootTEN CENTS PER LIKE forthe ttrsc Inser-
ion and V ° lTCentaPerLtnefOt-each tubitquant
Insertion. Leare adrerllitmcnts nt our oBc
Nn. U I'oarl street , near liroadwajr , Council
_ WANTS. _ _ _ _
LOST-Palr of gold-banded spectacles. Re
turn to Kelloy'g house , Main st. and gat
WANTED A good girl for coolc. Apply at
once to Mrs. J. H. Mul'hurson , No. 1:231 :
Pierce street.
WANTKD girl lor irunoriil housework.
Small liuinly , handy kitchen. 7U'J ' ath uvu.
TJ1OR SALE At H bargnln , n tine young Iliun-
-L bleumlan horse , witli uugy uncl harness ,
nearly now. Call ut Weutburby'a stublo or nn
U A. flevinf.
WANTED Youne- girl who wants to go to
school anil help do housework to pay for
her board. Address H 27 , Ileooillco.
| 7UR SALE A Oral-class rostiiurant , best lo-
JL' cation In city. Heated by hteam. Water
works , excellent patronage ; rnngo , Ice house ,
kitchen , everything In llrat-clius stylo. Wish to
sell on account ot 111 hearth. Jalin Allen , Coun
cil Uluffs.
FOR SALE-Stock of drugs In central Ne
braska. Will Invoice nliout $1.000. In-
qulroof Harlo , Hass &Co. , Council Dlulfs , la.
V011 SALK OR THADB.-Por Conncll Illults
J property 40,000 acrei of Iowa and Ne
braska land. J. H. Hice.UO Main St. Council
Justice of the Peace.
Oflice over American Express.
lu Amber ,
Toi toiseShell
etc.Hair On
namcnts , as
well as the
newest nov
elties ia hair
Hair ( foods
nmdcto order
Mr . C. L. Gillette
20 Mr.iu St. , Council lilufl'd , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , and all mail
orders promptly attended to.
7. F. BRITT M. D. ,
NO. 007
1415 DOUGLAS ST. , - . - OMAHA
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.Y
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Both Domestic and Foreign ,
Beats thorn all
for Sample Trunks
and Cases , Theatri
cal and Tourists'
Trunks. Don t fail
to see it. The
Ladles' Favoritn.
This and nil other
kinds ot Trunks
and Cases manu
factured by
Zimmerman &
Young Bros.
And sold at whole *
sale and retail.
Two carloads on
hand at
5IU Ilrotulwny
"Council Bluffs , Iowa
Scud for Circulars ami I'rlccs.
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call onus.
Instrument * Tuned anil Repaired. We never fall to give iwllM'ucUon.
Over 3O years' Experience In Piano and Organ Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Greatest Invention of the Age.
Rupture oivllernla a Specialty
SENI > roit ii. usTKATii > < jnuur.AU3.
Cures all kinds of Clitonlo Diseases tliat are curable with his most Wonderful VcffOtnbla
Remedies. Is the oldest and most success ! u ! Specialist In the nest. Call and S H > him.
OI-FICK , NO. it ri\ur : , ST KIT , r , , ; i
Offlco Hours : 8 to 12 a. in. , 1 to 5 and a to 8 p. m. V > OU.IlCli
CARTER & SON , Proprietors.
Order * for repairs by mull promptly nttondo
to. Satisfaction guaranteed. Tenth Ave. ad
joining the Ogden Iron Works , Council UluHo.
Crestoii House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call Bells.
Accommodation * I'li > t Clusi ,
And Rale * Kciiioiuihlc
Max Mohn , Proprietor
Star Safe Stabfes and Mule Yards
Uroadway , Council llluITs , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses nnd mules constantly on hand
for sale nt retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly lilled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission
Telephone 114. SHLUTKU & HOLRT.
Opposito.Dummy Depot , Counci hlufls
Attorneys at Law ,
Practice in the State and Federal Cour t
Rooms 7 und 8 Sluig.irt-Deno Block.
Chicago , Mitate&St , Paul B |
27ie Best lionte from Omaha and
Council JHnffn to' .
Two Trains Daily Between Omaha and
Council Blutls
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. 1'aul , Minneapolis , CedarKapids
Rock Island , Frceport , Rockford ,
Clinton , Dubuquc , Da\enport ,
Elgin , Madison , Jancsville ,
Beloit , Winona , I-a Crosse ,
And nil other important points Kust , Nortticutt
and Southeast.
Vor tliroiuili tickets rail on tlio ticket niront
at HUl 1 iirnuin struct , lit I'uxtou llutol , or at
Union I'nclno depot.
Pullman Hoopers and tlio Qncht Dlnlnir Cars
In tlie world uro run on I Ice main line of tut
Ulilcugo , Milwaukee V M. Paul Kulhvar and cv
ery attention is paid to paMcnxors by courtt-
otis employes of the company.
It. MII.I.KII , ( ieneml MatmKcr.
J. F. TUCKBII , Assistant Ccnnral Manager.
A. V. U. UAiii'tMTKH , Uonoral Pujicuyer and
Tiket aicont.
doe. K. HEArroun , Assistant Ueuurnl 1'tiieo-
Her und Ticket AKent.
J , T , CURK , Utoral Bup rlut na nl-
Vacant Lots , I.nnds , City Residences nnd
Taints. Acrn property in western part of city
All selliiur cliciip.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Koom D , over Officer & Pusoy's Bank , Con no
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
ll'Ujlicst Market 1'rlccs. .fYowp
Return * .
820 and 8'22 Msiin Street. Council Uhiffs ,
E. S. BAltXK'fT ,
Justice of the Peace ,
410 Broadway , Council Blurts.
Refers to any bank or business lioube in the
city. Collections n specialty.
Finest Landaus ,
Coaches and Hacks in City. > T
No. 41S Broadway Ths Mar.h-trs '
Telephone No. 33
Na. 015 Main Street , Telephone No , 9
COO Uroadway , Council
Established 1S5T.
1' rices Very fou > ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
jvo. at MAIX ST. ,
* . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
foot In fel/o , colored by addition , showing
a ) lion ( tin ! sub-divisions Ini'ludod in tetiltory
9 lulled north and eouth by 1'JSJ ' Hilled oust and
WOot.PKICE $10.
Address C. U. AlJ.U.V , I'ublishor.
The Hutter IIOURO In Missouri Valleys fur-
hlihod Ilrst-cl 8i tlirnuirhotit mid witli a liincu
Business csttililUlied. Will bu runtud on littoral
Vrm. to re.poulblo ' 'l ft'L. ' " . ' ' .a-
Uliiour V ll r