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    * " * Jf ' a rOTE
, ,
The Annual Reunion Now Being Held at
Ihcy Wnnt Afore Snlrtrj and IICM I3x-
l onsc Colonel Alllo Smith 1C Ire-
ted of 'tlic Sol-
llomo Iowa.
Crocker' * Itrltcadn Reunion.
DAVF.NTOIIT , la. , Sept. 21. ( Special Tele-
pram to the HIIK.J Thennunal reunion of the
celeliratcd Crocker's Iowa brigade , composed
of | Eleven Infantry regiments , com
menced hero to-day under the presidency of
General Uelknap , ex-secrntary of war. The
llmidnncB of members Is largo and an Inter-
tstlnit programme Is bejnn carried out The
brlirado was formed nt Shlloh under General
Crocker nud toinalned as n brlgada In thn
f6urth division until the end of the war. It
was subsequently commanded bv General
Hugh Treld. Colonel William Hall. Colonel
John Spano. General Alexander Chambers ,
of the regular army , nnd General Del knap.
It took part In Sherman's battles nnd
marches. These four regiments remained
In the army of the Tennessee from the be
ginning to the end of the rebellion. The or
ganization In social and non-political. There
nro about seven hundred veterans attending
thn reunion , nnd many prominent visitors ,
Including Senator Allison , ex-Governors Gear
nnd Sherman and others. This evuntnc thu
opera homo was packed , when Mayor
Clnussen delivered the speech of welcome , to
which response was mnilo by General Bel-
knan. Thmi followed n camp ( ire with many
brUllant short speeches.
Counterfeiters Arrosted.
Dr.gMoi.XK8 , la. , Sept. 21. ( Special Tele-
grain to thn Uui : . | Late this ovonlug tl.u
particulars of the arrest ot a couple of coun
terfeiters In Marshall county was made pub
lic. Last Saturday afternoon a merchant of
Ituono discovered that ho had taken counter
feit silver dollars and could recall the person
leaving It as a well dressed laUy who he
thouirht had done no by mistake. In hunt
ing her up some suspicious circumstances
were noted and on Monday she was observed
to be nbout to take the train much disguised.
Hhe was arrested and searched and thlrty-
nevcn counterfeit silver dollars were found
oecreted In heriiross. She was put in jail
and after several hours Imprisonment
gave her name as Anderson and confessed
that she had been sen thy her husband to pass
oir this bouus money In the town , stating
that he lived in Ithodes , Marshall county
The federal ollicers went ( hero nnd arrested
him. He admitted that his wife had gone
to dispose ot the bogus coin but refused to
reveal moro. A careful search ot the
promises failed to find anv tools or contra
band property but it Is believed that the
couple are old offenders and have hid thulr
machinery. They were brought to this city
nnd the woman was put In jail. Doth wore
bound over to the grand jury ,
' * Iowa Nasbys Organize.
DKS Mounts , la. , Sept SI. ( Special Tele
gram to the UKI : . ] Twenty-livo postmasters
of thn third or fourth class from the Seventh
congressional district met hero to-day nnd
organized a district association , electing D.
C. West , of Perry , as president Their
grievance Is in regard to their salaries , and
they have organlzen In harmony with * a na
tional movement to petition congress to raise
thulr salaries and relieve thorn irom the bur
den of clerk hire and ollico rent. They
elected their chairman ns a delegate to the
national convention of postmasters , which
meets in Washington Iu December.
Knltcrs Moot.
CUNTON , In. , Sept 31. ( Special Telegram
to the Jim : . | The Mississippi Hivnr Logging
company ouo ot the most extensive rafters on
the Mississippi and Its tributaries , hold its
annual meeting hero to-day , ratifying the
purchase of the Eau Claim Lumber company
property nnd leaving the amount of logs to
lie. banked this winter to the officers. The
following ollicers wnre elected : F. Wvlien-
liauser , of Uocl : Island , HI. , president ;
Artemu.i Lamb , of Clinton , la. , vlco presi
dent ; Thomas Irvln , of Beef Slough ,
secretary. _
Kleotert Commandant ,
DKS MOINKS , In. , Sept 21. | Special Tele
gram to the UKK. | The board of tiustccsof
the now soldiers' homo have elected as com
mandant Colonel Milo Smith , of Clinton. IIo
was the colonel of the old Second Iowa that
made thu famous charge at the battle nf
Donclsuii ; the redtnent which numbered
nmong its commanders General Ttittlo nnd
General Crocker. The selection glvoa very
general satisfaction and thn homo will bo
opened for occupants on November 1.
Two Convict * Awnltlnir Dcnth ,
ANAMOSA , la. , Sept. 21. ( Special to the
UKK. | Two men now confined In thn peni
tentiary nt this place , are to bo hung , ono
next January nnd the other in Ui'coinbeu.
Doth nro sentenced for murder. Ono Is
playing the crazy dodge nnd claims to be endowed
dewed with the faculty of Berlin : lib departed -
parted friends , nnd whan asked by the war
den of the prison if ho could see bis murdered
victim his insanity Immediately vanished.
Narrowly Eaoaped Drowning.
KKOKUIC , In. , Sept. 21. iSpeclal Telegram
to the UKK.I Miss Alice King , a daughter of
U. II. King , a prominent merchant , acci
dentally fell into the basin of an artesian
well In Itecd park this morning. She was
taken out and her lifo was saved vrMb dif
Killed in a llunnwajr.
KKOKUIC , la. , Sept 21. [ Special Telegram
to the Hun. ] William Cason , a hluhly re
spected young farmer , was thrown from a
wagon near La Grange , Mo. , to-day In a run
away nnd killed.
Is Morlnrlty ?
NEW YOUK , Sept. 21. ( Special1 Telegram
Id thu Him. ] Tlio action brought by Mrs.
Morlarltv to have her husband declared a
lunatlo was the subject of nn argument in
the supreme court chambers this morning.
Phillip Morlnrlty Is a brother of a
well known Kast Side furniture dealer ,
for whom lie used to work as n
collector. It was while on a round
of collecting that Phillip Morlarltvmet Frlda
Huno , n pretty little German girl whoso
sister Louisa owed the Morlarity's a bill.
The Huuos lived nt 4.r > 5 First avunuo , and
Phillip called there often enough In the early
part of thu summer to make thn neighbors
bellovo that Louisa wns n poor hand at setll-
lmf. Hut iu fact Phillip had fallen In love
wltl. Frltla nnd they \\ero married on July
" 4. liut the honeymoon a brief one.
Morlarlty had an earlier wife , who. when she.
learned nt her husband's second innrriaze
appealed to thu laws , claiming that Phillips
was Insane. Frldn's lawyer asked that
A commission be appointed to oxamlno
inro Morlnrity'B sanity nnd asserted
that the action beiruu by Mrs. Morlnrlty
tlm first was only for the purpose of savlni :
her husb.ui < t from prosecution on a charge of
bigamy. Judge Van liruiit listened to both
sldns with much p.Ulonce and then decided
to reserve his decision.
Trl-Stnto Undnrwrltar * .
KANSAS CITV , Mo. , Sept. 31. ( Special
Telegram to tlio HKK. ( The Flro Under
writers association of Missouri , Kansas mid
Nebraska , concluded Its twelfth annual con
vention hero this afternoon. All the routine
business WHS finished up In coed shape.
Just before the adjournment of the morning
session .Mr. S. K Waggner , of thin city. In
tlio name of the association , presented the
retiring secretary , Mr. Kdgar lUiss , of St.
Joseph , with a handsome gold watch and
chain ns n testimonial of their lilnh apprecia
tion of Ills services. Mr. Wairguer accom
panied the testimonial with n neat speech
and Mr. lloss replied In an appropriate man
ner. The election of officers nnd Uxing tlio
next place of meeting were the twouts of the
afternoon , The following officers were
elected for the ensulne year : President ,
Walter Scott. Kansas City ; vlco president ,
Thomas Ii. Tuttle , Kansas City ; secretary
ana treasurer , tlenry 0. Stewart , Kansas
Cltv. Quito n spirited contest nrosn over tlo :
l- next place ot meeting. Kansas City , Omaha
- and Topeka wore the candidates and Kansas
City won on the second ballot Tlio nnxt
meeting of the msoclatioti will be held about
lie middle ol March ,
Complete Programme of Illn Tour nf
thn Went.
WASHI-VOTCS , Sept 21. President and
Mrs. Cleveland will leave Washington next
Friday fur an absence of thrco weeks In thn
vi pst and south. They will bo accompanied
by no ofllclals , the other members of the party
bt'lmr the president's private aecrctary ,
Colonel Lainont , nnd personal friends of the
president , .MM. WlUon S. iilsscl , of UulTaln ,
his forme ; law partner , nnd Joseph D. Hry-
nnt , ot New York , whto was a member of his
military Htulf while governor.
The following Is the Inlteiancv of the Jour *
noyi heavlne Wnshlnuton by the Pennsyl
vania railroad Friday , September 80. nt 10
n. m. , nrrlvo at In til an npol Is Saturday , Octo
ber 0 , at U a. m. ; leave nt ' ) p. m. , arrive at
Terra Haute at fi:50 : p.m. : leave nt 0:15 : p. m. ,
arrive nt St. l.otils Saturday , October 1 , at. 13
o'clock iiildtilirht ; Icnvo by the Chicago it
Alton road Ttiesdav , October 4 , nt4p. in. ,
nrrlvo at Chlcaeo Wednesday , October 5 , at
2 a. ni. ; leave bv Chicago & Northwest *
crn raj road Thursday , October , G ,
at IU n. m. ; nrrlve nt Milwaukee
at t p. m. ; leave Friday , October 7 , at 10 a.
in. : nrrlvo nt Madison at 1 p.'in. ; leave by
Chicago , Milwaukee ft St. Paul railroad Oc
tober 10 at 9 a. m. ; afrivo nt St. Pnul at 12:30 :
p. m , ; leave Thursday. October 11 , at 12
noon , arrive at Minneapolis at 1 p. in. : Icavo
bv Chicago , Ot. Paul , Minneapolis A Omaha
railroad nt 8 n. m. ; nrrlve at Omaha \Vcdno.H-
dny. October 12 , at 11 a. m. , leaving by the
Chicago , UurlliiKton & Qtilncy railroad at 13
noon , arrive at St. Joseph at 5:15 : p. nt. , leave
at .1:45 : p. m. , nrrlvo ut Kansas City at 9 p. m.f
leave by tbo Kansas City , Fort. Scott it Gulf
railroad Thursday , October 14 , nt 1 p. m. , ar
rive nt Memphis Friday , October 14 , at 0
p. in. ; leave by the Louisville * Nashville
railroad Saturday , October 15 , nt 10 p. m. , ar
rive at Nahlivllio , at 11 a. m. ; leave by
Nashville , ClmtanoKa & St. Louis and
Western & Atlanta railways Monday , nt 11
n. m. , arrive at Atlanta nt 11 p. m. ; leave
Tuesday , October IU. at 12 o'clock mldnhht ,
arrive at Montgomery Thursday , October 20 ,
nt S a m. ; leave by the Kunusaw < fc Eastern
North Carolina routes at 1 p. m. ; arrive nt
\Vi Hliint'toii Saturday , October 22 , nt 0 a. m.
There will be no stops between the points
abuvo mentioned , and In no instance can the
time given to the cities where stops are to bo
made bo extended. The fact that llio journey
Is timed to meet lixed emraifements will prevent -
vent any exception to this determination ,
but through the day , In passing all places of
any considerable slzo. tun train will be run
at a very alow rnto of speed. At tbo suirgtm-
tlou of the president much proposed speech
making at the places to be visited has been
abandoned , and Instead an Important feat-
turoof. the programme at each place will be
carriage rides about the cities over previ
ously announced routes.
Tlio Notorloui Impostor Discovered
In a New Hole.
NEW YOHK , Sept. 21 [ Special Telesratn
to tlioBEE.l There Is reason to believe that
tlu witness , George W. Anderson , upon
whose testimony chiefly the indictments of
manslaughter were obtained against Keepers
Clcary and McCtio , of the Wards Island In
sane asylum , for causing the death of the
patient Ferrlsh some time ago , is no other
than Commancho George , & notorious
swindler In this vicinity sorao ten years
ago. In this case his testimony
against the Indicted keepers will
have very little weight with a jury , It Is
thoticht. The Rtory Is that Comanche George
came east nbout ten years ago with some In
dians , lie told a story of iiow he had been
detained a captive many years among the
Indians In Arizona. While there he secured
some seeds of the sacred Locatil plant , which
he brought with him. The plant was
a magnificent flowering growth , ho
claimed , and he offered them for sale
to many persons. lie succeeded In Imposing
upon President Hayes , Mr. Blalne. General
Logan and William M. Kvarts In Washing
ton , and William T , Walters , of Baltimore ,
George W. Child ? , Mrs. Urexel and the
Vaiiderbilts , Asters and Jay Gould in this
city. Ho was a victim to the drinking habit ,
however , and soon found his way down to
the slums , and In tluut became nu Inmate of
the lunatic asylum on Ward's Island. It is
said that there can bo no doubt about the fact
that tlio two ure Identical.
i : MUIiUEK.
The Dead Hotly of a Lcnvcitworth
Citizen Found at St. Panl.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , Sept. 21. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKK.I A case which has the ap
pearance of being a murder was developed
last night In the afternoon some workmen
llshod a "floater" out of the canal at the
Washburn "A" mill. The remains were re
moved to the morgue , where a post-mortem
examination was held to-day with startling
developments. The doctors expressed
the opinion that death was cot
caused by drowning , as no water
was found In the lungs , Indicating
that death occurred before the body reached
the water. TIM condition of the remains was
such M to indicate that the deceased came to
his death by foul play. The scalp was
bruised , the sixtli and seventh ribs frac
tured , the left wrist broken , and there were
several other injuries. The man was about
forty years of ace , and his hair and whiskers
wcro tinged with uray. Another peculiar
circumstance was the absence of anything by
which the remains con It ) be identilied. A large
number of persons viewed the remains , but
Identification was made all the more difllcult
on account of his features being disligured.
Finally a trunk check was found In one of
his trousers pockets issued by the Milwaukee
road. The trunk was found at the depot. In
It were two stamps marked , "M. W. O'Con
nor , merchant tailor. 31U Fifth street , South
Leaven worth , Kan. "
General William Preston , a distinguished
Kontncklnn , died yesterday afternoon , aged
Twenty-two house * and the railroad sta
tion nt Dauby , Quebec , were destrojed by
lire yesterdr.y.
Governor Larraboo , staff and the Gover
nor's ( irnvs culled on the president yester
day and left tor homo last' night.
The employes of the West Division rail-
loadnt'Ciilcago have compromised with the
company and no strike will occur.
The coroner's jury In the case of the rail
road accident near Canton , Dale , returned a
verdict censuring tlm railroad company.
Two section men were killed yesterday bv
the caving In of a tunnel on the Dayton &
Irontou road , twelve miles from Wells-
ton , O.
Gladstone has written a letter deploring
thu nets of the police at Mltcholstnwii ant
still more sr > the approval of these acts by the
govern munt.
A disastrous collision occurred on the
Southern Kansas railroad near Arkansas
Citv last night nnd oiuht or ten persons are
repotted killed.
llou. E. 0. Wnsliburne , formerly United
States minister to France , Is In ft very criti
cal condition at his son's residence In Chicago
cage with an attack of congestion.
Investiuntion Into the failure of the New
Haven tlrm of E. S. Wheeler & Co. , shows
considerable crookedness in the conduct of
the business by the head of the lirm.
The jury In thn case of ex-Secretnry of
State Strong , nt Baton liouge , La. , has re
turned a verdict of cullty. Strong was
charged with embezzling about W.OOOot state
Thn committee of lines east nnd west of
Chicago reached n auroemont on a new clas-
blticallon of freight rates yesterday which
will prove of great benefit to the commercia
The report of the Xew Hampshire senate
Investigating commute * on the alleged at
tempted bribery nf Senator Sawyer by Kirk
Pk'rcti ha * reached the conclusion that Saw
yer was Justified In the belrof that Plorco In
tended to oiler a bribe.
The United Stales minister at Madrid
has been authorized to negotiate
HO as to place commercial rela
tions between the United States and
Spain on a permanent footing advanta
geous to both countries.
In the divorce case of D.wld Debonsaudot
against his wife , Violet Cameron , tlio actress
in London yesterday , the court Issued nn in
Junction restraining him from molesting hnr
The Marquis of Lonstlale admitted having
had Impru per relations with her.
Fred' Herrmann & Co. , cor. 14th anil
Lonvenworth , have opened a ahool.n ; . '
wiignn nnil repair shop in connootiot
with thuir bonrillug ami sale stable. Al
work guaranteed aud at lowest prices.
? ho Tlnfortnnato Woman YTandera Away at
Night in Scanty Garments.
Slio I'loarts AVIth lior Discoverer to
Help llor Klco the Country to
Hide Her Shame Her
A Sensational Episode.
Mrs. Mury Jnckmnn , who was arrested
Sunday at the Instance of Mrs. Foster
Jeffs , of 1U11 Farnum street , chnrired
vitli having stolen a ring nnd some
underclothing , nnd who was found
ruilty of this oflunso in the police court
L'tiosday , nnd ruloitsed by the jutlpo on
account of her pltiablo mental condition ,
iaa created another sensation. Oa
icr liberation she went to the
esidenco of Mrs. Dr. John A'
Cuscadon , 2015 Cnss street , nnd was
generously taken in nnd cared for. It
will he remembered she claims to bo the
laughter of ox-Governor English of
Connecticut , and that the sudden death
of her husband , the Hon. W. T. Jnckman ,
of Now York City , and hur subsequent
apid descent from nlllunnco to penury ,
hrcw her upon her own resources , nnd
ho came to Omaha nnd got up-
a musio class. The sting of her dlsgrucu
icro was moro than she could boar , and
L'ucsday , when the God's wcro badger-
ng her for n , confession , she came near
swooning two or three limes. Her dis-
ractiou and wrought-up condition was
ndecd calculated to incite compassion
and pity in any heart. Her notions ,
iftor reaching Dr. Cuscadon'3 ,
ivoro so unnatural that a watch
was kept upon her. In the
evening she grow moro oalm , nnd at an
early hour retired. At 10 o'clock she
was apparently sleeping peacefully and
soundly , but sometime between that hour
ind midnight , she nroso noiselessly from
lor bed and with equal stealth loft the
muse. She had nothing on but her night
IreiW. She loft the housn by the
jack door and the promises by
the back ulloy gato. Her dis-
aoDcarnuco was discovered about 11
o'clock , but diligent search by a largo
number of the neighbors failed to dis
cover any clue as to whore she had gono.
At the alloy gate her'purse containing
$1.50 was found , and that was all. Her
clothes , with the exception of her night
dress and slippers , wcro all found upon a
chair in her room , just where she had
deposited thorn on retiring. The general
Doliof was that rhn womnn hud mndo
way with her herself , nnd Ollicor Turn-
bull , with ii posse of police , went to work
) n the case' uarly yesterday morning.
Nothing of her whereabouts was learned
by the ollicers , and at nightfall the search
was abandoned , nearly everybody bo-
iioving that the unfortunate woman had
ondeahor uifhappy lifo in the muddy
waters of the Missouri rivor.
These widely &proad rumors , however ,
wore quashed nt a late hour last
evening , nnd the facts relating to the
woman's ' disappearance came to light.
L , C. Thompson , n young colored man
who cares for horses in three different
stables near Hanscom park , shortly
after 8 o'clock yesterday morning entered
ouo of the barns , and hurrodly ran up to
the loft for the purpose of shaking some
hay down to the horses in the two stalls
below. To hia amazement ho heard the
words uttered from some person beneath -
neath the hay : "Oh , my Godl will you
aid me. I am in trouble , am friendless ,
and everybody is persecuting mo. "
Thomson started back with amaze
ment , and as he stood looking with blank
astonishment nt the big pile of hay where
the words had come from , he was almost
torrilied upon seeing the tall form of
a woman arise. She was clad
simply in a pure white night ,
dress , nnd her foot were covered with
tastily ornamented worsted slippers ,
with figltt leather solos. Thompson began
to believe that it wassomo insane woman
from the poor house. Ho mustered cour
age , however , and asked , "Who nro
"I am a poor , unfortunate creature , "
she replied. "lam accused of stealing.
God knows that 1 never stole anything in
my lifo. I have not a friend in the world ,
mid 1 want to got out of the way where
uobody will over see mo again. "
Thompson then took in the situation ,
and' the woman became quite ra
tional nnd told him her story.
She begged him not to tell
anybody where she was , nnd plead
for him to help her to get out west where
she would bo nwuy from everybody who
knew her. She told the story of her mid
night departure from the residence of Dr.
Cuscadcn ; how she had aimlessly walked
in the darkness , and becoming weary as
daylight commenced to break she en
tered the barn by an open door , crept UP
to the loft and buried herself beneath
the hay. She stated that the ring that
she was accused of stealing was only
taken by her for a few hours' use ,
and that she was honest about
it and hud intended to re
turn it to the owner. She
plead for him not to tell anything about
tier to anybody , but to help her to get
away. Thompson thought the mutter
over , nnd in the meantime furnished her
with some ot his wife's clothing. All day
ho tried to porsundu her to return to Dr.
( Jusoadcn's rusidonce , but she did not
wish to do this. All day long she tossed
in a feverish manner in the hay. nnd nt
times her trembling would shako the
little barn. She could not cat any
thing , and she could not bo persuaded to
Toward evening she consented to ride
down to Dr. Cuscadon's with Thompson
for tlio purpose ot obtaining her clothing.
Shortly after 10 o'clock they started in a
buggy on the trip , nnd at 11:20 : o'clock
they arrived nt their destination. After
some moro persuasion slio entered the
doctor's residence , Everybody was sur
prised to see her , and it cannot bo said
that they were glad. They immediate ! } *
sent Thompson to the police headquar
ters to sco if some nrrunguments could
not bo iniiclii to cnru for her there through
the night. Her condition was inquired
into , and the ollicers , upon learning thai
she was very feeble and nervous ,
advised that she bo cared for nt the
doctor's rcsidouco. Dr. Cuscadon con
sented to do this , and Thompso'n left for
homo. _
Two Doctors With Ono Rite Cause a
Yesterday , about noon , Dr. Ayrci , hav
ing business in the Kstabrook block , on
Sixteenth street , drove up in front of that
building and tied his horse. About tlio
same time IJr. Barusdalc , who has un of *
lice in that block , had sent nu order to the
Jefferson Square stable to send him
horse nnd buggy. * Coming down a few
minutes later , Dr. Barnsdnlo got into
what ho supposed was the buggy ho had
ordered nnd drove off. Still later Dr
Ayrcs appeared and discovered his horao
missing. Ho could find him nowhere
and a party volunteering the information
that ho saw a suspicious looking charao
tor driving .furiously down the street will
the missing steed , the doctor rushoc
to the polioo station and com
plained that hla horse was stolen. Jin
Stephenson , the ownernl thu.quadruped
> Yls ; apprised of his disappearance , am
turned to the scene with blood in Macro.
Ibout the tmto Jim's anger had reached
over heat. Dr. liftrnidnTo cnrno driving
IP with tlm missing horse nnd buggy ,
md was astonished' ' at the Hood ol bit-
ingsgalo poured on him by Stophenadn
ami Ayors. After , it' ' while ho began to
mdorsfand the sitVaJion , when duo npol-
> t los and scrnpin followed , nnd Dr.
lurus'Ulo acknowledged that ho owed
ho crowd Iho treatsft / * *
An Old Blan FlAihd Wounded Who
Tolls Ifwo Stories.
About 0 o'clock this morning Samuel
Mundy , n man of 'ttlJmit fifty , received a
possibly fntnl wound in the right side
nbout the base of the lung. Mundy tolls
wo stories nbout the affair , tbc first that
10 was held up nnd shot by hlghway-
neti ; the second that ho accidentally
hot himself while getting out
of the car in which the steal irang , of
vhich ha claims to bo n member , was
looping. When found this morning by
Juntaiii Green ho was at Harry Bran-
lios' boarding house on Tenth street ,
ust below the tracks , where ho has been
topping for the past week. In his overeat -
; oat pocket was found a thirtv-two-cali-
> ro revolver , with one barrel discharged.
Mundy 's bandit arc soft nnd white , un-
Iko n worker in stool , and ho doubtless
s withholding the truth of the affair.
The engagement of the Rag Baby nt
Boyd's , and the Cronies at the Grand
Opera , closed last night. This evening
ililton Nobles opens a three nights' ' enragement -
ragomont nt the former , appearing Iu
'Siro and Son"nnd Tom Knono com-
nonces a similar engagement nt thu
Grand , playing to-night in "Richelieu. "
The Dons & Colvin circus will exhibit
icro to-day , giving two performances ,
one at 3 p. m. , niul ono at 8 p. m. , in the
spacious grounds at _ the corner of Twenty-
btirth and Cuniiug strent. The -street
parade will bo seen on the main thor
oughfares about 10 o'clock a. in. , and
this prelude to the wonders iu store is
laid to bo on the magnificent order ,
> eing nearly two miles iu length ,
and. composed of many new i a-
turcs , which , judging by exchanges ,
strike the people as being pleasing inno
There will bo an Indian and a cowboy
) aml , which rather incongruous elements
will discourse mellillous strains injn man-
icr equal to some of the classic per-
'ormors. ' Tncrc was sono difliculty ex-
) oricnccd by the agents in finding
( rounds spacious enough for the big
.cuts . , owing to the fact that the big show
needs nearly a quarter of a milo race
.rack for the Roman liipnotlroino , and
.ho great thirty-ono horse act , a perform
ance , by tho'.way , Which is said to bo very
iniquo and quite exciting. The show
bills speak of it us being a master piece
of equestrianism , nncj such is will prove ,
no doubt.
In addition to the tiiirty-ono horse act ,
and the trotting and running races ,
there will be presented a series of Roman
chariot races , en i&Mtumo , with chariots
and trappings historically correct , such
as "Ye Anciotit RohVans" delighted in.
The Wild West department of thn big
circus is said to be jrftther on the enor
mous order and consists of many games ,
sports and historic representations of the
Tontior. Chief among the latter will be
found the massacreo , ) General ( Jtistor at
Uittlo Big Horn , Itf- which the gallant
Custer and his brave .band lost their Jives.
This is n dramatically thrilling epoch
n pur country's ihmtory , and has es
pecial attraction for Omaha ,
Ample street car'nccommodations ' will
30 found on tho'Green , and Red car
linos. Doors'will ' bo ; ouen nt the .usual
time , and the tents bo sure to hold
twelve thousand.
Golncn Ijong Way for Water.
Joseph II. McConnell , of the Strang
company , has returned from Green
lliver , Wyo. Ho says his comutiny is
auilding a sixteen-mile water pipe for the
Union Pacific reaching from Green River
to Rock Springs , where five of the coal
mines of the company are located.
Through this pipe , water will bo forced
from the former to the latter place for
the use of the mines and the citizens of
the place. There are nbout ono thousand
miners engaged and the town comprises
about one thousand live hundred
inhabitants. The consumption ot
water daily is about ono hun
dred and fitly thousand gallons.
The supply ior the last eighteen years ,
with the exception of that of a spring at
the place which supplies nbout 80,000 gallons
lens daily , has been by means of water
trains , which run almost daily between
the two places. Those generally consist
of twelve cars , each car containing about
3,500 gallons. The cost of the pipe line
will ho about $100,000. It is laid five and
a half foot in the ground and about ono
hundred and fifty men are cncraged in
the work. Thu pipe is eight inches in di
ameter and ascends a grade of 340 feot.
The engines to force the water up this
incline are located at Green Rivor. At
Rock Springs a reservoir is now being
built which will contain 8,000,000 gallons ,
MO.OOO of which may bo forced through
the pipe daily.
The Nebraska Soldiers' Home.
W. F. Scott , the builder of Kearney ,
was in town yesterday with the plans for
the new soldiers' homo in Grand Island ,
which is now in course of construction ,
The homo comprises a structure , two
stores and a basement , of brick and
stone trimmings. It is ornate in design
and seemingly of massive walls and ex
cellent material. The basement com-
pnses the kitchen , pantry , laundry , iron
ing and other necessary rooms , while
thu upper stores will bo used temporarily
for wards and administration rooms.
Tlio building is to cost $30,000 , and will
bo used exclusively for the commandant ,
after the cottages contemplated for the
private use of the soldiers and their fam
ilies are erected. ' . „ Tljuse will nof bo
built however , nnt' tbr the next Jugis-
laturo , which will lie called on to make
another appropriation , as the amount ,
ordered at the last Cession will bo ex
pended in thu buildirr * above referred to.
That Awjrtyl Motor.
E. J. Benson , the.projectorof . the motor
line to Benson , northwestot the city , sale
that ho was araazc''fjt , the action of the
council in declarinsr-his motor a nuisance
nnd claimed that ino Chicago , where the
business was grcatqc in two blocks than
it was on the motor line in throe miles
motors are tolerated 'jwithout objection.
However , just aspoon as an electrical
motor can arrive , i ' yill bo placed on the
track. j'vj
The motor line sot a force of men at
wet k yesterday morning laying the cross
ing nt Fourteenth and Douglas streets to
connect the tracks already laid on botl
those thoroughfares.
The Metropolitan cable company yes
terday morning completed the grading of
one mile of its road on Underwood ave
nue nnd the projectors expect in a shor
time to begin the laying of rails.
A Pretty Trophy.
The Collins Gun company have Riven c
beautiful medal which Is to bo shot for by
the members of the Omaha Ulfle club , tin
party making the highest score at one of
the weekly meeting * , holding tlio same untl
his score U beaten by another competitor
Tlm holder of the medal , which Is a boautlfu
emtxMsed target , ' surrounded by a wreath ol
liiurol and surmounted by a iialr of crossed
rlttus. Is Mr. Clark on , who olds faU- also t (
carry .oil tin ) tropuy at the end of the sea-
sun. .
His Intrigue With Anolhor Man's ' Wife
Costs tbo Latter tier Life ,
The Womnn Hliot In Court hy llor
Deceived Husband nnd Dies
Almost Instnnlly I < elccs-
ter Under Arrost.
A Tale or. Intrlcun nnd Murder.
S. II. Leicester was formerly a well
mown character in this city. Ho was
ostensibly nn architect nnd draftsman ,
but really n loafer , n suspicious nnd
nystcrlous character , Ho had an ollico
n Grucnig block , Thirteenth street , north
of the Millard. His place of residence
vas West Lcavonworth street , whore ho
occupied n cottjigo with n woman who
insscd as his wife , but in truth was noth-
ng moro nor less than Ills mistress. Her
name was Edna Denting , and for n period
of two years riho was a conspicuous fig
ure on the promenades hero every pleas
ant afternoon. She was nbout , thirty-
hreo years of ngo , tall and stately , with
ttminous blue eyes , nnd n muss of golden
inir , which she invariably wore in n
tcavy coil high up on the back of her
tend , n hnnddomn dresser , llucnt talker
nnd a personage who had undoubtedly
> cen accustomed to the usages of re lined
nnd cultured society. For n long time
joicestor nnd his fair consort were under
ho surveillance of the police , but
nothing of a criminal or culpable nature
was ever discovered against either of
hem , other than the notorious fnot that
hey were unlawfully living togetner ns
man nnd wife.
Some sixteen months ago this psuedo
tlrs. Leicester's attention was attracted
.o : m iidvbrtisomcnt in the St. Louis
Globe-Democrat's pcrsonalcolumu. It
was signed hy ( ho nnmo of John L.
Jones , who wanted a wife. The advertise-
nent stated in n succinct way that John
j. Jones was the advertiser's right
name , that ho was a ranchman , living
wo miles out of Dallas , Tex. , that ho
vas fifty years old , well off , and wanted
x wife , bo answers excepting from those
that meant actual business wcro desired.
This advertisement Mrs. Leicester
mswcrcd. Her missive produced a
tnppy ollcct for she was shortly in re
ceipt of n lengthy reply , couched in
itlcctionato language , nnd detailing the
ranchman's wishes nnd terms. The corre
spondence was continued for the period
of two or three monthsnud finally photo-
; rnphs were oxchnunod. The woman's
landsouio face nnd clegiint figure settled
the mnttor. Jones immediately there
after sent her n draft on the Now York
National 1'nrk bank for $200 , with the
irgenl request that she lose no timu in
visiting him , adding , if after mooting ,
either party was not satisfied that nt-
egianpo with the other'wotrld bo con
clusive of benclicial results , they could
separate as friends at least. Leicester
and his paramour talked the
matter nil over , and came
: o n definite understanding that
if Jones was found to be * n person of
meiftis , she wns to marry him , nnd to
gether they would work him for nil ho
was worth. Miss Denting went to Dallas ,
was met by Jones , and it was a case of
i'hoy were married the following morn
ing , the Rov. R. L. Mnynard , of the First
Methodist church of Dallas , performing
the ceremony. For n month the domes
tic lifo of the ranchman and his
wife llowod along like a summer
stream. The wife wits dutiful nnd lov
ing , the husband lavish , gentle and ador
ing , in fact they wcro a modal couple ,
and Jones' neighbors were unanimous in
the belief that his advertising venture
had indeed been fraught with felicitous
results. In the interim Leicester , the
architect , wns loading a lifo of
1EIOTOUS LUXUltV His whilom seedy raiment had
been replaced with showy gar
ments of the latest fashion
able make ; ho sported a two
karat diamond stud , elegant watch
and chum , and in fact gave every evi
dence of being a man of elegant leisure.
Ho lounged around the hotel ofliccs and
lashionablo bars , and seemed to have
nothing to do but to make lito ns toler-
h.blo as money and ease could do. Butte
to return to Texas. Jones , after a couple
of months of unalloyed happiness with
his northern bride , bogim to
cudgel his dull brain to find
out what was becoming of
all the money his wife was continually
drawing on'him for. She dressed mag
nificently that was true , itnd mnde frequent -
quont trips to Austin , Galveston nnd
Now Orleans. Still that was not suill-
cient to lap up the stream of ducats
which ho was unceasingly paving with
her unsatittblp purse. Ho made several
casual inquiries , but she was coy , artful
and evasive , and invariably forced him
to acknowledge that ho know
nothing of n fashionable lady's
capacity to make the lucre Illy. And as
ho had plenty of it , what mattered a few
hundreds moro or loss , any way.
Leicester , lust ono yeur ago , after ho
had drawn through the banks hero , on
Mrs. J. L. Jonus , of Dallas , Tex. , for
moneys amounting to2,500 , moro or
Joss , suddenly disappeared and was
known no moro in ins wonted hanntn.
IIo went to Ttixns. Mrs. Jones met
bun at the depot. She took him
in her phiuton to her homo.
Ho was mtroduccd to the husband as a
cousin front Minneapolis. Ho was 're
ceived with open arms and told to make
himself nt homo. Ho did so , to the limit ,
it is needless to ndd. Jones , though ho
may lack ordinary perspicuity , is not
nearly as blind as a bat. Ho saw things
that made him think. Ho didn't just ex
actly like his wifu'a and her cousin's
frequent visits to the city ,
nor their long walks , in the gloaming
ing about the ranch. And then , too , his
wit'o'w demands for money were moro
frequent and extravagant than ever.
Ho began an espionage upon the couple
plo ; Ho followed their nocturnal rumbles -
blos , nnd on divers occasions saw Leices
ter withhis ; arms about his wifo. Ho was
nursing ills wrath. He wanted to bo
sure. But it is a long &tory. Ono day
during the absence of his wife nnd
her alleged cousin , ho wont to Leicester's
room , opened his trunk and there found
giving away tlio whole snap. Thcso dee
umonts revealed to Jones what a colossal
sucker ho was. They also accounted for
the largo amounts of money his wife had
disposed of , is well as the mode and
manner of her lifo in Omaha , the identity
of Leicester nnd innumerable
other tilings calculated to rtif-
Ilo a loving and confiding
husband's temper. Leicester was kicked
off the ranch. Mrs. Jones , renh/Jng
that all was nl ait end , abandoned her
home the following day and joined her
paramour in Dallas , 'ihoy were prepar
ing to depart for the north when Jonc ?
had them arrested on a charge of
coNsriitAor ANI > IIOIIHKUV.
Mrs. Jones' trial began in the common
pleas court of Dallas , August ID. She
was placed on the stand in Iho afternoon.
All the morning Jones had been deporting
himself queerly , ami his intimate friends
did not hesitate to say that they thought
the man was crazy. His wife was in the
midst of her testimony when Jones en
tered the court room immediately after
the convening of the afternoon session.
There was a wild look in his n-ye.s and
his hair was unkempt nnd disheveled.
Ho wnlkcd across the room , pait the
sheriff nnd his attendants , and up behind
the witness box. licforo his intention
could bo defined , or any interference
could bo made , ho pulled a revolver and
She feli forward upon her face , deud.
Jones was seized nud thrown into jail.
The grand jury was impaneled the fol
lowing day and lie was Indicted for mur
der in the llrst degree. Ills trial comes
up next Wetincsday , and the authorities
lioro nro in receipt of nn cxhauMivo letter
from Hon. J. C. Kcarboy , Jones' counsel ,
of Dallas , inquiring for information as to
Mrs. Jones' antecedents. Leicester was
convicted of conspiracy and .santanrod tea
a term in the penitentiary. Ha is ono of
the witnesses in the murder case against
Jones , nnd information In rvgnrd to his
past history lias also boon solicited.
Will They U er Ro 1'alil ?
Chief of Police Soavoy is not n little
annoyed by the notion of the city council
in again referring the bills of the special
policemen. These men were selected
and appointed by the council , yet they
seem to hold the chief responsible for
their pay , and ho is button-holed every
lay by OHO or moro of them with refer
ence to it. The chief has issued time cer
tificates to all of them , and a majority of
them have sold their claims at a sacrifice.
Thu council pave assurance that the bills
would bo ordered paid last night , but instead - '
stead Duty wcro a secoud time referred
to the judiciary committee.
llOHcnll Falls to Show Up.
Tuesday evening n mooting was ar
ranged between the special committee of
the board of trade , the police commission
nnd n committee from the council , witli
tlascnll as chairman. The meeting waste
to have occurred yesterday afternoon nt
tlio board of trade rooms. At the np-
Dointcd time the board of trndo commit
tee nnd police commissioners were there ,
bnt Ilaseall and his committee failed to
show up. In consequence the meeting to
discuss the best means of settling the
itolico muddle had to ho postponed. Kf-
torts will bo made to-day to have another
meeting hold.
The Numbering Hnokol.
Mr. Maynard and E. II. Homing , the
follows arrested on n charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses , were beFore -
Fore the police court yesterday morning.
These two sharpers have been reap
ing a big harvest in the outskirts of
the city. Their game was to call at nn
unnumbdrcd house , and representing that
they had been appointed by the city
council to number all unnumbered
houses , they would proceed to tack on a
number rudely painted on n piece of tin.
For this service they collected in each
case a fee of $1. Maynard was lined $15
and costs but Homing was released with
out fine.
Frank Drake , of Kansas City , is in
Judge Hopewcll is staying at the Coz-
Ex-Governor Dawcs came in from the
west yesterday.
George . Holdrojro. general inaniigcr
of the B. & M. , went to Denver yester
day .
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Croft , of Balti
more , are visjting Mrs. Ida Lawrence ,
2203 I'opploton avenue.
Mr. N. E. Leainnu nnd Miss Noliic
Shceley , daughter of J. F. Sheoloy , were
quietly married on Friday , Sept. 10th.
Miss Rose A. Ford , niece of Council
man Ford , arrived from Cumberland ,
Md. , on a visit to her undo and aunt
Gon. C. H . Van \Vyck passed through
the city yesterday on his way to Fullurton ,
Nob. , where ho delivers an address at the
Nance county fair to-day .
B. B. Young , the new director of the
Apollo club club , arrived yesterday
from Salt Lake , and will hereafter take
up his residence in this city.
T. K. Sudborough , chief clerk ot the
auditor's department of the Union
Pacific , and wife returned from Sun
Francisco yesterday morning
Rov. J. N. Boul , editor of the Clins-
tian Hour , left last night to attend the
sessions of tlio Omaha Presbytery , which
are now being hold at Wnhoo.
Mrs. M. A. MoNamara has returned
from Dcirvcr , having been called hero by
the dangerous illness of her little daugh
ter , Anna , who is seriously ill nt the conTent -
Tent of the Sacred Henri iu this city.
Rov. T. C. Hull , formerly of the South
west Presbyterian church , is expected in
this city on next Tuesday to marry Miss
Allco Rogers and Mr. Oscur Williams ,
which event will take place on Wednes
day next at the residence of tlio bride's
S. P. Morse has returned from the cast
where ho has been for the last six weeks.
Two of these were spent in Now York , in
placing orders for the full and winter
goods , and the remainder of the time
was spent in Now Brunswick , and Nova
Scotia , where Mr. Morse had one of the
most delightful times imaginable.
Dr. S. R. Patten , who for the past flvo
years has boon .ocatcd nt Fremont , this
state , in the practice pf dentistry , has re
moved to Omaha and opened an ollico in
the Ramgo building. The doctor comes
to this city with the best wishes of hosts
of friends whom ho left at his former
Tbo Theatrical t'rofegdloii.
Morlt will win nnilrcoclvo public recognition anil
pralso. Tacts , wblcli arc tbo outcome of Ki'ncrnl ox *
] icrlcicc , growing through years ot critical anJ
practical tc t , boconio &a rooted anil Immutablenfl
tlio rock of Gibraltar In public oplulon , unJ licuco-
forth neoil no further 6ua n' 'o nslo tliclr gonu
lnonei.3. The Indisputable fact tluitSwIft'j Spicldo
It the best blood purl Her In the world , Ii one of Ilioso
Immovable Olbniltnr rocte fncts of vthlcli "nlmvo
cnuken , Hint every day'u experience room thUcoii-
Mctlou deeper uml Uct per lu public opinion. Kvory
cla : of our piopLo III America and In Kuropo.
oviry trailn , culling and profiiolou. Including thu
mrdlcal piofesilon , Imve borne voluntary toitl-
monr uitha remurkabla tlrlucs of 8. S. 6. and
Its lufalllblo ulllcacy Iu curing all dltrasrg of the
blood. Tliexo testimonials nro on fllo by the thou
sands , Odd oK > n to tlio Inspection of alt Nowcoinn ,
unsolicited , two dUtluiiulMiud im-mbcrs of the meat-
rlcal profession , who Kratefiilly testify to the wonderful -
ful curatlvo < | Uuilcs ot the Specma in their Indi
vidual cases. Thdr'tcsUmoiilaU f herewithsul > -
inlttcd to thapublla without further comment lot
them speak fnr themwlvcs. The lady Ii n mouiixT of
the famous Thalia Thontro Company , of Now 1m If ,
nud formerly of fho llrildmce Tiicafrr , Berlin , ut-o
many , anil of iloVlckcr'sKtock Company , of Chicago.
The Krntlrnmn Is u well known member of thu New
York Thalia Thoat r Company. Jlotu are well known
Iu theatrical circle * lu this country and lii Europe.
Chiirlolto Itandow'i Tcillmony.
Knv Vouic , llay 3 , 1BS7.
Swift Specific Company , Atlanta , ( la. t
Ucnlleinon-lIavliiK been nnnoyed with rlmplrn ,
eruptions and roughness of the sklu , from bad con
dition of my blooil , for moro than a jrir , I ust d it
leading preparation of sinaimrlllaaud other udvtr *
tlscdreinrdlFDta norffi'Ct- Icon Iconiultedn prom-
Inotit physician , and from Mi treatment rwtlvod
BO benefit. I then concluded to try thn M. B. U. rem-
tdy for the blood , and tire or Hi packages , by a
thorouiih eradication ot my trouble and restoring
ninovumrss to my sklu , hLvo made mo happy , und
1 cheerfully give you IhU testimonial for fluui us1)
aud publicity as j uu wUh to naLo : ot It.
152 Bowery , near Canal bcroet ,
Hugo IlniakeiTu Testimony ,
The Ewltt Specific Company , Atlanta. Oo. i
Gentlemen For two } earn I hailn tevero cajuinf
ecii'iim. I used tar soaps , sulphur soapsnnd vnrlmn
oILxr remedies , and was prexcrlUit lor by nnmUj-H
of physicians , but found no relief , At last Iilitur-
joined to try the 8.0.H. remrdand ecvenorelKht
buttles have thoroughly relieved me , and you can
use tills cvrtlllcalg Iu any roanuer ou wish.
11 ton lUkSKKHI.
Mamber of 1 balla Tueatr *
how York , Way S , 1SJ7.
Tr tttUe in UlooM anil Ukln plseas mills' ! free.
. , TB Bprirr/Brcfiin'o / 'Co. ,
* . ' ' Drawer 3. Atluit * . Ol. ' I
All Interview \VHhOncorOma.
ltu'.i VcKclublv Gardeners ,
An Article of Interest to All The Life ot
a Sailor J low the GoodShip"Heallh"
was Foundered , Etc. . Etc.
Tlict llfn of a imllorM often vorr lntoroilln
rrmllnir to ttioultlrcni ortliuuuMern country.
Knowing thl to bo tlio rnct reporter riioiil *
tUTinirliH note book niul Kubor No. S , otnrtod
out to tlml an oM sailor , nml mtorvlmr film on
tlio mutter. Tlio ruiiotlur inut Mr. llornanl
Cnrslciis. who rcMitos in ' 'cntnil 1'itrk tionr the
city limits. Mr. Cnrstoti'g , a tluriiiitn liy lilrth
Is lt < tm lnp < > s ns Kttrilnnr am ) truokor niul
Biiillosltio | | liotdla nml roMnurnnu of Unmlin
with froili votfutHbli'R uvoi y innrnlnir. On bolnj
itccojtod liy tlio reporter hositUt : "Ves , 1 nailed
tlie sons for nbout ton Your * , nnd In Hint vlntt-
ml nlmosiovory country In the world. 1 have to
Clilna , Anttriilm , Now /unlntnl , thn Knst In *
illus , mid utmost every aonport along thu Modi-
lomuumn fen. Tlio llfoor miUor is n hard ono
HI well ns iKliuiRinoiH one , and only n man
jltltn vury peed constitution can stftnil It very
IOIIR. 1 enjoyed my llfti oti the seas mid wan
nlwnys healthy thoro. In fnctl never lintt a days
sleknoM until nbout ono yonr niro. "
"Thou you hnvo boon sick lately , " asked tht
lVVo3.1 wni taken lick lost full. T lost my np-
nctlto , could not cut onoiiKh to keep
child nllvo , Imd night awoats , would KOt up In
the mornliiK roollnir otso than n iniin who
liml not slept nt nil , couM only oitt it little
bronkfnst , iitul would hnvo to vomit that up
vorr foonnltor oatltiK It. .1 was uttaukcd with
n bad bucking couirh which would cntiso mo
Intense pnln in tny cho t nnJ liinifg , would hnvo
uhllNnntl fever ovury three or four days. My
condition huciimo nlarmltiK. 1 could scarcely
Hit ns much as n child. At I snlil before I bo-
ciimo iilnrtnoil , nnd hearing nnd romllnp 0011-
BlUurnblotibont lire. MoCoy nnd Henry I con
cluded to call upon them , which 1 did nbout
three weeks niro mid wns examined. Tboy
told mo I find c.tturrhnl consumption and
promised to euro mo In two months. Not unite
u month tins olausdil nnd I nm well nirnlii. I
hnvo no moroulKht ewoiits , no moro chills nnd
fever , do not vomit nny moro In the morning ,
nnd to loll the truth fool llko n now man nlto-
KCthcr. I reel ns tliouich I could not my onoiif h
for lrn , McCoy and Hnnry for they have !
doo4 worked vendors Iu my rnno :
The above cut Is n very jrood portrait of Mr.
Cnrgtons , who resides In Central park , near ths
cltv limits , wbero he will Kindly corronornto tha
nbuve gtatomont to nnyono who will take th *
rouble to cull or address him there.
When catnrrh has existed in the head nml the
upuur part of the throat for nny length of time
tre patient livlnjr In n district where poopla
nro subject to catarrha ! sitrectlon and the dis-
CIIBO has been loit uncnred , the catarrh Invari
ably , sometimes slowly , extends down tup
windpipe nnd Into the bronchial tubes , whlofi
tuboRconvey the ntr to tlio dlircront p.irtaot
the Iniiffs. The tubes boconio niruclod from
the swelling nnd the mucous arlnltiff from
catarrh. nd. In MIIIIO instances , become plucuoil
up. so that the nlr cannot BUI In as iruolynfllt
should , hortnes * of breuth follows , and the
patient bi-eiithcn with labornml dltlluulty.
In either cnso tnoro is it sound ot oruckltir ) |
nnd whcozlnir Inside the chost. At this stngo of
the dlacubotho brmithlniria usually more rapid
than when In health. The nutlent has also hot
daihos ever his body.
Tlio pnln which accompanies this condition Is
of n dull character , felt In the chest , behind tha
breast bone , or under the shoulder blade. The
pain tnnycoinonml KO last few days niul thru
be uhsont forsovornl others. Tht cmiKh thnt
occurs In the Mrdt stapes of bronchial v'atarrh la
dry , comes on nt Intervals , hnckhiK In charac
ter , nnil Is usiinUy * ineRt troublesome In the
mornliuron ri nii ? . or Kolmt to bed nt nltrht and
It may bo In the IIrst evidence of the disease extending -
tending Into tba Inni-'s.
Sometimes there arc fits of coUKlilnff induced
by thu toiiKh mucus BO violent as to cnuso vom
iting. Iliter on the mucus thnt Is raised , l.i
found to contain small particles of yellow mat
ter , which indicates that the email tubes In the
luntrsBre now sSi-otM. With this there are
ortcn Ktirnkt of blood mlxrd with the mucus.
I/i pome cases the patient becomes very pale ,
has lover , nnd expectorates before nny cnuyi-
In some cases smnl Jmasces of oh COST sub
stance nre spit up , which , when pro otl between -
twoon the tlmrors , omit n bud odor. In other
cases , ps.rticles of n hard , chalky nature nro
spit up. Tlio raising of choosy or chalky lumps
indicate serious mlshlof at work In the lungi.
What It Means , Hniu 11 Acts , and
What It 1 * .
You bnoezo when you pot up In the morning , ,
you try to snccro your nose elf every tlruo you
nro exposed to the leant draft of air. You have
a fulluoM over the front of the forohond , anil
tlio nnHo tools at It there wns n plue In each
nostril whluli you cannot dlslodao. Von tilow
your nose until > onr cats crack , but ft don't do
any Rood , aud the only reunite that yon HIIO-
coed In getting up n voiy rod none , mid you so
Irritate the linlnir monihrano or that orjjan
that you nro unable to oreatholhtounh It nt nil.
Tills Is u correct nnd not overdrawn plotuto of
nn acute attack of catarrh , or "Sneorlnif
Caturrh" ns It is called.
Now , whntdoe-i thH condition Indicate ? 1'irnt ,
n cold Unit cause1 * mucus to bo nourcd out by
the KlamU In the nofo ; then those dlbcuficd
Blumfs nro attacked by swarms ot little Korms
HIA en tn nh Korm that lloat In the nlr Inn
locality where the disease Is prevalent. These
iinlina'.cnlao ' , In their ell oils to Hud a lodgment ,
InttntB the sensitive memlirano llnlnir the nose
mm natnro undertakes to rid herself of them
by piodiieln/r / a Iltol Hiioo/lmr.
when the nose becomes filled with thickened
a"nd dii.oa = od niiicm the natural ctimmoln for
Iho Introduction of iilr Into the liuiirs Is Inter-
Ir-rod with , nnd the pcr on BO ended must
brratho through the month , nnd by mich
moans the tliro'it becomes parched nnd dry ,
HiorhiK N produced , und then thu catarrhal
disease gams ready access to the throat and
J , Cresap M'Coy '
Late of Eellovuo Hospital , N.Y
us Henry
Jluvo Olllcea
Cor. 15th mid Harney Streets
Omaha , Nub.
Where all curnblo. cases nro heated nllli sue-
cvsi. Jlodltnl iiltcusostrciitod sKllfillly. Con
sumption , llrlKht'H Ulsi-iiho , llykpopal'i , Hhoii-
niiitlfiil , and nil NKUVOHA UlSKASKS. All dl-
poahcbjiconilarlo the sexes n ypoolally. C.V-
TAllltfl CUUKI ) . ,
( JONbUI/TATUJN nt ollluo or hy mall Jl.
Olllio hours : 0 to 11 , ; 2 to 4 p.m. ; 7 to
Op. in. Bundnjrs Included ,
Correspondence reoolvos prompt attention.
Manydlsoanes nrotrekted ouccoKslnlly by Or
McCoy throujth thonmlU. Riid It U thus possl.
ble for thono uniiblpio make n lyurnov to oli-
.tttln HuoeuHHtuI hospital trontmunt At Iholr
liomcA. Norlottois iinsworvil unlc Bcnowpa-
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Illrtfers to Or.J. C. Mefoy. room *