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Eolations Between the National League and
the Ball Flayers' ' Brotherhood.
WhatMr. Hpnldlnglhlnksof Forming
Another Amoclat Ion Two CrushIng -
Ing Defeat * For Lincoln-
Ilia ifocal Parody ,
A Talk With President Spalillng.
CIIICAQO , Sept. 93. [ Special Telegram to
the UKK.I A reporter to-day talked with
President Spsldlnir , of the Chicago base ball
club , regarding the reported remarks of John
Ward , Now York's short stop , on the Brother
hood of Ball Players. Ward was reported to
have said that President Young , ot the Na
tional league , , has declined to receive any
communication from the Brotherhood as nn
organi/atlon , and has In other ways made
plain his purpose of totally Ignoring It That
. President Young would act In this manner
unless his course was directed by the other
members of the League , Mr. Ward does not
President Spaldlng , In the course of his
talk about this , said : "The matter was
brought up Informally while we were at
Asbury Park a month ago. Mr. Young said
he had received a personal letter from Ward
wanting to know If the League would moot
the players In convention. The matter WAS
Informally discussed nnd It was the prevail
ing opinion that there was no objection ; In
fact , the League would like to do ft"
"I suppose they answered that missive ? "
"I suppose so. The rest of my Informa
tion came through the press. "
"Do you think It would bo possible for
capitalists to step In between now and next
spring or summer and organize a base ball
association with these crack players , pro
vided they got enough of them , in big cities ,
like Chicago and New York and obtain
grounds that would be accessibleto the
public ? "
"That Is a business question that every
man would have to answer for himself. My
experience would not warrant mo In Invest
ing much money In the scheme. "
lu further talk about League affairs Mr.
Spaldlnu said the limit on salaries had
been a dead letter fur some time , lie has
heard nothing about Clarkson'H alleged In
tention to go to lioston next year and says
the talk about letting Burns out Is entirely
A Base Dall Trureaty.
A handful ot people witnessed a very
poorly played exhibition game between the
Omabas and Hastings yesterday afternoon.
The local team , as usual , opened up In a
promising way and scored two runs. Then
they were unable to knock a man across the
plate until the eighth Inning , when on three
safe hits , two ot them being three-baagera ,
they piled up live tallies. In the ninth they
were whitewashed. The Hastings scored
one In the first , four In the third , two In the
ntth , and the winning rnn In the ninth.
Both teams played In a listless , careless
manner , and the game was a travesty on the
great national pastime. The players of these
two teams evidently think this Is the last
year of professional ball playing and that It
doesn't make any difference ) what kind of a
game they put up. Probably , very likely In
foot , It Is thn last j ear for the majority of
them. Following Is the score :
OMAHA. ros. ATI. it. in. ns. ro. A. R.
Totals . . . . . 41 7 10 1 at 15 3
11AB1INOB. 1'OS. All. It. 111. n8. I'O. A. E.
Curtis . ru
Whitehead. . 3D
Welch . 2b
Knlstnir . lb 5 i i o W l o
KbrlKht. . > .c 5 S a 1 1 0 0
Lnuman . rf
Peoples . P3
Welsh . If
Wchrle. . p
.Totals . . . . 43 B IflT l" 27 17 5
Omaha . 8 0 0 o o 0 0 5 0 7
Hastings. . 1.0 403000 1-3
Earned runs Ouiaha 5 , Hastings 7.
Two-base hits Launiau , Welsh.
Three-base hits Dwyer , Dandle , Jant/en ,
Lauman , KbrlKht.
.Left on bases Omaha 0 , Hastings 8.
fctruck out Wehrlo 1.
liases on bolls by ilooley I.
Time of game 2 hours.
Umpire Unrtson.
The following are the positions for
tOsdaya'icamo :
OMAHA. . 1 > OS. UA8TINU8.
Krohroerdr . c. . Ueynolds
Bartson . p . Nicholson
Dwyer . 1 . Kclslng
Messltt . 3 . Welch
Pusselbaoh . 3 . Whitehead
Walsh . s . Pceples
? Uader . 1 . Welsh
Oenlns . . . . .m . Curtis
, , Handle . . . .r. . . . Lnuman
Topeka Defeat ! Lincoln Twice.
Torx.KA , Sept -Special [ Telegram to
the UKK.J The Topekss and Llncolns
played two championship canies to-day , the
result being a crushing defeat to the vlsltois.
Blx lanlugs wera played In each game by
agreement. In the first lame Swartzel and
Dover constituted the battery for iilncoln
and Conway nnd Guusou ( or Topeka. Following -
lowing 1s the score :
Topeka . 10307 0 11
Lincoln . 0 00314 7
lluns earned Topelca 0 , Lincoln 1 , Two
base hits Maeullar , Sneed , Hemp. Urn-
plro fount : .
In the second pamo Hart and Dolvn worn
the battery for Lincoln and Couwav and
Guiison for the home team. The result was
shutout for the vlsltois. Following Is the
Topeka . 0 1083 0-22
Lincoln . 0 00000 0
Runs earned Topeka 3 , Lincoln 0. Two
base hits Ardncr. Three base hlta-IIalll-
' day , Snood. liouble play Uunson to Ard-
nor. Umpire Young.
K nsa City IT , Denver 3.
KANSAS Crrv , Sept 10. | Special Tolo-
Itram to the DEK. | The worst ball game wlt-
' nessoJ at L amio park this season was the
( ame Denver clayed ' to-day. Most of the
errors m < ' hv the visitors worn Inexcusable
and until Kansas City , after making seventeen -
teen runs purposely let down in baiting ,
they hit Eliret whenever they chose. Kansas
City played almost an errorless game , wnlte
the visitors are credited with twelve errors.
The score by Innings Is as follows :
Kansas City . 4 1337100 0-11
Denver. . 0 00011001 a
Karucd runs Kansas City 3 , DonverS.
Two-base hlU-LllllH , Henele (2) ) , Hansel ,
llasamaer , 1'hilllps (2) ( ) . hlts-
llasauiiwr , Ulngo. Struck out-HyNlchola , 1.
Jjeft on base * Kansas City 8 , Denver 10.
liases on balls Off Mchols 8. offKbrotfi.
errors Kansas City 0 , Denver 3.
Paused U-xlls-lUniro 1 , JJriKtrs 3. Time ol
fame 3 hours and 5 minutes. Umpire
llagan. Unttorleu Kansas City : Nichols ,
Illopo and Graves. Denver : Elirot ,
National lieaicue Games.
CHICAGO , Sept. 20. Tlio game between
the Chicago and Washington teams to-day re-
aulted as follows :
Chicago . 0 0003030 0-f
vYashineton . 0 0000000 0-t
Pitchers Van llnltron and O'Day. Unst
hlts-Chcaco ! 11 , Washington 4. Krrors-
Chicago 3. Washington S. Umpire-Powers ,
PiTTsnuito , Sept. SO. The game between
the Pittsburg and New Vork teams to-day
resulted aa follows :
Plttsburp . a 03100000 t
iSewYork . 0 0700000 * 1
Pitcherb-Ualvln and Welch , liase hlts-
Pittsouht ll. New York 14. Errors-Pitts
burs 0 , Now York 1. Umpire Doe clier.
DRTIIOIT , Sent 20. The game bot\\cen
the Detroit and Philadelphia teams to-day ro-
nultMl ag follows :
Detroit . 0 01010000- : :
Philadelphia . n 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - - .l
ritchew-Ceawaj- Casey liase bits
Detrolts ? , Philadelphia 8. Enron Detroit
1 , Philadelphia t Umpire Daniels.
lifDiAKAroMi , Sept 90. The game be
tween the Indianapolis and Boston teams
to-day resulted as follows :
Indianapolis . 0 00400101 0
Boston . 4 2100000 * 7
Pltcliers MofTetand Hadbourno. Base hits
Indianapolis 9. Boston It. Errors In-
dlnnapolls 3 , Boston 7. Umpire Valen
tino. _ _ _ _
American Association.
IAITIMOIIF ! , Sept 20. The game botwocn
thn Brooklyn and Baltimore teams to-day re
sulted ns follows :
Baltimore . 3 1 0 0 0 3 - 0
Brooklyn . : . . .0 0 S 0 0 0 0 3
Seven Innings account of darkness.
NEW YOIIK , Kent. 20. The game be
tween the Metropolitans and Athletics to
day resulted as follows :
Metropolitans . 0040000 1 11
Athletics . 0 2000010 5
Uame called account of darkness.
CINCINNATI , Sent , 20. The game between
the Cincinnati and Louisville teams to-day
resulted as follows :
Cincinnati . 0 00101002 4
Louisville . o 01100000-
DE/J / MOINF.S , Hept 20. The Northwestern
longuo games to-day worn as follows : At
DCS Mohics-Des Molnes 4. Duluth 0. At
Milwaukee Milwaukee 8 , St Paul 3. At
Oshkoah Mln ncapolls 9 , Ushkosh 3.
W Brooklyn Jockry Club Meeting.
NKW Yontc , Sept 20. The fall meeting of
the Brooklyn Jocttoy club bepan to-day.
The track was In excellent condition and the
attendance was very large , fully 10.000 people
being present
Five furlongs : Cyclops won , Burch second
end , Ballston third. Time l:02Jf. :
One mile and sixteenth : Lelax won. Es
quimaux second. Hosaltnd third. Time
1K. :
For two-year-old * , six furlongs : Ucraldlne
won. Kmperor of Norfolk second , Satisfac
tion third. Tlrae-l:15K.
One mile nnd n quarter : Euno won , Exllo
second , Klchmotul third. Tlmo 3:09. :
For two-year-olds , live furlongs : Leo H.
won , Groriro Oyster second , Speedwell third.
Ono mile- : Little Minnie won , Redstone
second , Nellie Van third. Time-l:44 : # .
Itacrn nt Liontavlllo.
Louis vir.T.i5 , Sept. 30. One mile : Po
teen won , Estrella second , Dorochtnent
third. Tlm , ) :43 : f.
Three-quarters of a mile : Eva K. won ,
Qlonlmm second. Bankrupt and Itlvett ran
a dead heat for third place. Third money
was divided. Tlmo , IrlO.
Two miles , for three-year-olds : Montrose
won. Libretto second. Procrastination beaten
oir. Time. 8:39. :
Five furlongs , for two-year-olds : Ker-
rnpsee won , Tudor second , Ilattle D. third.
Time. 1:03. :
Seven furlon s : Lofv w won , Catalpa
second , Panama third. Time , 1:33 : ,
Kilrnln to Halt Thursday.
NKW YonK , Sept 20. [ Special Telegram
to the BEH.I Jake Kllrain and Charley
Mitchell will sail for England on the Auranln
next Saturday. They will be followed by
William E. Harding about Ootobor 15. The
latter will represent Kiclianl K. Fox , KII-
raln's backer.
A UeinarKablo Score.
BKLT.EVUE , Neb. , Sept 20. | Special Tele
gram to the BhK. | The second day of the
distinguished marksmans' competition was
devoted to skirmish firing and with the ex
ception of Sergeant Stcnvens' score of 109
and Sergeant Griffiths' score of 103 , the
scores were below the average. Sergeant
Stevens1 score is the best that bos ever been
made on this range. Sergeant Uriflilths made
103 In the forenoon and WAS congratulated
by all for maklnij the score , but Sergeant
Stevens put It In shade In the afternoon by
maklni ; the beautiful score of 103. This puts
him 10 points abend of the team and elves
him a splendid showing for the gold medal.
Following are the scores of to-day , counting
the two skirmish runs :
Sergeant Slovens , Platte 1S4
Sergeant Oiimths , Texas 17C
Sergeant Walford , Texas ITS
Sergeant King , Dakota I3fl
Sergeant Stay , Arizona 127
Sunrean t1 Jar , Missouri ISM
Sergeant Weeks , Platte 113
Sergeant Nlhlll , East 130
Soreeant Hudson , Columbia 133
Private Houklns , California. 110
Sergeant Hudelson , East 116
Sergeant Casey , Platte 02
The above names are In their order , as the
following totals tor the two days firing will
Indicate :
Sergeant Stevens , Platte B48
Sergeant Griffiths. Texas 328
Sergeant Wnllord. Texas 507
Sergeant King , Dakota 807
SprgenntSt > xy , Arizona 803
Sergeant 11v , Missouri 287
Sergeant Weeks. Platte. . . . . .385
Sergeant Nlhlll , East 280
Sergeant Hudson , Columbia 378
1'rlvate Hopkins , California 371
Sergeant Hudloson , East 258
Sergeant Casey , Plattn 250
PonroHO nnd Hardin Ulflo Club.
The Penrose and Uardin rlfla club hold
their weekly shoot yesterday , with the fol
lowing scores :
ci.un SHOOT.
Penrose ItlU 11110 neil mil 11011 22
Urnwer. . . Oliot loon lion lioio loon u
.Kills um onu win 1111111110 2 :
Urucki-r 0010110110 11010 lone inn 10
Parmolee. . . . 11011 11011 mil 11001 01111 2C
Hiithlngton..oom ooooo 10100 10010 onu n
Pi-tty loon um into 11011 iom-2c
King onn itioi 11110 10010 mil n
Cotter 11111 10100 01300 11000 01101 If
Hughes ooioo oono onoi ooiii moi-i ;
Parmcloe 11101111101 1 1C
Kills 11111111100 1-K
King 11111011111 1 11
Hughes 001010011011 (
Hoathlngton 000000000000 (
PmnobO 11101111111 1 11
Uruwer 11111111111 1 1 !
Cotter 111110010111-1
Kennedy OOOOllOlHOO- (
Oadd 100111001101 1
Peurosn 1111111011 '
Parmelee loilioioil ;
Total , i (
Brewer 001110110 1
King 1011001110 (
Total. . . ' . . . i :
Easterly winds continue at NowXrleani
and Die city Is threatened with a Hood.
Twenty-four loaded coal Doats wore sunl
near New Orleans Monday night.
Fifty thousand residents of Messina , Italy-
have lied from the city on account of th <
Only routine business was transacted bj
thn sovereign grand lodge ot Odtl Fellow ;
at Denver jrsterday ,
Frank E. Harris was the successful con'
tostant at the Des Molnea examination for i
West Point cadetshlp.
It Is reported that a third mortgage loan ol
from 83,000,000 to 810,000.000 Is about to be
initde by the Northern Pacific.
Governor Larrabee and his staff returned
to Washington from New York last nlghi
and will call on the president to-dny.
The porte has sent out a proposition to the
power * that a general appointed bv Turkey
and Uiissla settle the Bulgarian attain
Premier Norquar has failed to raise the
monev to build the Ktxl Ulver Valluy road In
New York ami left for Winnipeg last nlgnt
The fifteenth annual session of the Na-
tlonul Association ot Fire Engineers opened
at Atlanta yasterday with a tull attendance
Colonel Hughes H allot has come out will
a denial ot the charges made In the Pall
Mall , ( iazetto that ho had seduced his step
An Intimate friend of Anarchist Xunbo re
ports that the rondi mniut men have bvuun tc
weaken and wish they had shown repent
ance earlier.
Arllllorymen stationed nt llil-n , India ,
mutinied at an order yesterday and went on
a riot In which u number of people wort
eterely Injured.
Urcat Interest is manifested in the city o
Mexico over the duel announced , for to-daj
Several other sanguinary encounters art
anticipated In the near future.
The plow manufacturers of the northwps
held a mcctliiR in Chicago jtuterday for thi
purpose of duvlaliii ; a scheme to tin awaj
with excessive middlemen's commissions.
The socialist and Uonry ( fcorge patties I :
Now York city are preparing to apply for
writs of mandamus to compel the appoint
ment of their men as Inspector ! of election.
The weather Indications for to-day In Ne
braska and Iowa are cooler , light rains , light
to fresh northerly winds , becoming variable ,
shifting to warmer , southeasterly o\cr Ne
The Dublin Telegraph announces that the
government Is about to put In force tlio
' 'suppression" clauses of the coercion act.
This will prohibit 200 branches ot the league
from holding meetings.
The first day ot the reunion of the blue
and the gray at Evansvlllo , Ind. , was auspic
ious , The reunion was formally opened
with prayer and an olorjuent address of wel
come was delivered by General Jatuus M.
The fifth series of tests of automatic air
brakes for freight trains at Uurllngton , la. ,
was concluded yesterday. The tests demon
strated that a fifty-car train , 1,000 feet long
equipped with WestlnKhoitso brakes and
running at a speed of forty miles an hour ,
can bo brought to a stand In a distance of
659foet without a shock ; at seventy miles an
hour In 1C5 feet without any shock , which U
without a precedent.
The Fcaat Given By the Doeriug Com *
pnny to Tholr Men.
Ono of the most on joyablo little dinner
parties that ever occurred in Omaha was
held on Sunday evening. Besides the
bounteous ronast served , the object for
which the entertainment was given de
serves particular mention. It was a
testimonial from William Dcorlng & Co. ,
the famous grain und grass cutting
machinery manufacturers of Chicago , to
their representatives In Nebraska for
good and faithful services during the
season of 1887. The dinner was given at
Robert Laws1 cafe in the board of trade
building , and among those who partlci- ,
pated wcro Dion Goraldmo , manager of
the company's business in this state , and
his office force and traveling men as fol
lows : D. B. Smith , J.V. . Kelly , J. A.
Burnett , George H. Cbeevor , 1) . P. Owen ,
Charles A. Foster. W. P. Gavin. D. C.
Callahan , J. H. Lindcrman ana A. R.
Brown. The party sat down at 8 o'clock
nnd it was nearly 11 when the festivities
were over. The entertainment will long
bo remembered , especially by Manager
Gcraldlne , who , besides tiie good feeling
manifested by the manufacturers and
the gentlemen of whom he has charge ,
was the recipient of a Holirt gold watch
and chain from those present.
The Doenng company did well to give
a social nnd practical manifestation of
its appreciation of Nebraska workers.
During the present year its business has
doubled In the stato. April 1 Mr. Geraldine -
dine shipped over 150 cars of the
company's wares to Nebraska. Five
solid trains , consisting of 125 cars , were
shipped as one consignment direct to
dealers throughout the stato. This is ac
knowledged to be the largest consign
ment of machinery over made at any
one time In any country , with perhaps
the exception of n shipment of American
machinery to Japan some years ago.
Hero is the notable difference , however :
In. the former cose the invoice came from
one establishment in the latter there
were the combined shipments of many
houses in the United States. This large
transfer of machinery excited great at
tention nt the time and Mr. Gor-
nhlino's boldness was the wonder
of the day. Many predicted
that Deering & Co. would lind their
machines a drug on the Nebraska market
The result was just the reverse. Wet
only was the entire consignment dis
posed of. but additional orders came in
so rapidly and numerously that the com
pany was unable to meet the demand.
Truly the year 1887 has been n great sea
son for the Deering company and its
representatives in this part of the west ,
and the dinner of Sunday meant much
more than a feast of reason and a How of
soul. " 4
Superintendent James KnthusUntlc
Over Tholr Prosperous Condition.
A BEE reporter had a brief interview
with Superintendent James , of the public
schools , yesterday morning. He is in
high state of spirits and says the schools
never wcro in such a wonderfully tine
condition as they arc just now. This conj
dition of things , too , ho says is especially
remarkable when it is taken into consid
eration that this fall has witnessed an
unprecedented Increase in attendance ,
that about fifty now teachers
have been employed , and other
changes have taken place , which
under ordinary circumstances would
at least temporarily interfere with
the prosperity and smooth running of
these institutions. The schools that have
opened have at lost been fully equipped
with furniture , etc. , and are running like
clock work. There are , however a num
ber of suburban schools that have not
yet opened. Among these are the Ban
croft , Forest Park. Amber Place. West
Side. West Omaha , Walnut Hill and
Orchard Hill schools. Buildings for
these are in course of construction ,
though , nnd will be pushed to
completion with all possible expedition ,
and the 1st of October , will find the en
tire system throughout the city in oper
ation. As nearly as the superintendent
could get at it there will bo , when all the
schools are in progress , an attendance of
7.800 pupils , or 2,300 moro than last year.
Una is un increase of 40 per cent , which
is also , taking statistics as a basis , about
the ratio of increase of the city's
population , furnishing indisputable
proof of the astonishing rapiditv
with which Omaha is assuming
the dimensions of one of the largest com
mercial cities in the country. The super
intendent says there are now about 180
teachers employed. Ho thinks they are
a superior lot , as they have boon selected
from hundreds of applicants after the
most careful personal investigation nnd
examination. The now board has taken
hold of things with the most praiseworthy
energy , and has already demonstrated
that it is fully capable to maintain a
Ntuudard in our public schools surpassed
Do You Know ?
The inimitable manner in which this
question is propoun led by the ' 'Private
Secretary" is known to all. But do you
know that you are missing the chance of
your life if you fail to call upon Air. W. ,
( i. Albright at 218 South 15th street , nnd
examine his list of Omaha property. lie
will show you the best property in the
city that is , the most money for you.
JMothodmt Ministers Meet.
The Omaha Methodist '
preachers' meet
ing was opened for thu first time this
year yesterday morning at the First
Methodist church. Rev. Dr. J. I ) . Max-
field presided , and an organisation was
formed with the following otlleors : Rev.
J. W. Phclps , president ; Rev. T. M.
House , vice president ; Rev. Alfred H.
Hoary , secretary ; Roy. George M.
Brown , treasurer.
Yesterday's Internal revenue collec
tions amounted to $0,375.83.
Lizzie Westgate , n hardened .young
colored sinner of about sixteen , struck a
little boy named liddio Shecley over the
head with a boor bottle yesterday morn
ing , inflicting a long wound on the scalp
and knocking the boy senseless. Shu
was taken before Judge Berk a and fined
$10 and costs.
The K , of P. had a regimental drill at
the ball pirk yesterday afternoon. About
4'jO ' participated. Tholr marching , coun-
tor-m.trching ana evolutions worn par-
formed with most praiseworthy decision ,
and were enjoyed by a large audiencu ,
principally laJio * .
rreparatlonn Made For the Open Ins ;
of thlfftulliUnR.
The directors ' 6/ / the board of trnifo
hold n tncotini ; ixt. ljoir rooms Inst oven-
ing. President fdoyor anuMessrs. . llor ,
Mnrtln , Wnkolioltl , Kvnns nnd Hullman
wore present. TiA jtlcdioatory exercises
wore discussed nt Iplnjjlh , and many now
suggestions wore ts'urcu. It was decided
that the opening Of the rooms for in
spection by the ( noral pttblio bo on
f )
Monday , October , ) \ until 7 p. m. At 8
o'clock formal cworclsos will bo given ,
admission to wHtcVi will bo by ticKct
only. During the Afternoon nnd evening -
ing a promenade concert will bo given.
The bnnqunt for members nnd invited
guests will occur the ntixt evening. The
following committees were appointed to
rnnko arrangements :
Dedication Exorcises John Kvans , chair
man : Clark Woodman , O. M. Llnlngcr , .
Hose water , J. M. Wool worth.
Kvenlncr ontertnlnmontnhn / A. Walse-
field , clmlrman ; B. F. Troxlll. ( i. M. Hitch-
cook. John S. Urnily , Charles K. Squires.
Music Kuclid Martin , chairman : Adolph
Meyer , Louts Helmrod , Thomas F. Tuttle ,
W. A. L. Gibbon.
Uanquet Peter R. Her , chairman ; H , H.
Meday , Joseph Oarneau , W. V. Moray , C. 11.
The committee on invitation1) ) consists
of the complete board of directors.
President Meyer presented an inqiry In
regard to President Cleveland's visit to
Omaha. The matter was discussed for a
few momenta and it was decided to wait
until a doiinito ( Into and length of visit is
announced before action bo taken.
Work on the Gigantic Knterprine at
South Otnahn.
To-day Armour begins work laying
brick on his new building at South
Omaha. It will bo 300 feet square , and it
is intended to have the structure com
pleted in thirty days. All the men that
can bo pressed into Work will be em
ployed , and the armyr of workmen will
completely cover the structure. This
work will bo , witliou doubt , the quickest
piece ol construction' for a building ot the
size ever done in 'this ' country. As soon
as this building is completed the work of
excavation for the addition to bo erected
next spring will be commenced.
The big in course of con
struction is a mammoth nflair , and
will bo completed this fall. The south
east portion comprises a tunnel six foot
square with a trench at tlio bottom for a
24 inch pipe when necessary. Tina tunnel
forms the principal part of 1,600 feet of
the Mower and penetrates the blufl's. The
surface portion ot the river is 7,000 feet
long and runs from the stock yards to a
point thrcoblocks oist : of A1 bnghts station
wlioro it turns east to connect with the
tunnel portion. , f.
G. A. Kmkol ofiOmaha , and A. Kinkel
of Now York prop'bse to' establish a ren
dering and refining establishment south
of the Swift vackimr house on the line of
the muiu sewer , and to employ liftcon to
twenty men.
The improvem < m | ? at South Omaha
arc , in fact , wonupkjful , and those resi
dents of Omaha w'hp have not visited the
the place the past\summor \ would hardly
recognize it now. ) At the rate of growth
at prcsimt enjoycVI , South Omaha will
have a population' ' 25,000 in two years.
The Club Makes S&mo Changea In Its
The Fourth ward republican club met
at Uermauto hall last evening to make
some important changes in their by-laws
and to listen to tlio reading of laws re
lating to elections. Suction 3 of their
by-laws was amended by giving power
to the vice-president to call special meet
ings in the absence of the president , nnd
aho specifying on request of flvp
members of the club a special meeting
could bo called.
The great debate of the evening was
on the remodoline of section 0 of thu by
laws. It was finally adopted in the fol
io wing form :
The object of this club shall bo to main
tain , support and forward the principles and
Interests of the republican p.irty. and es
pecially In thn fourth ward of the city of
the cltv of Otnahn ; to ratify and support nil
regular nominees ot the republican partv
made In regular state , county , city or ward
conventions , and rack member of this club is
In duty and honor bound to support any
nominee- the party when made In a regu
lar convention ot the republican party , not
only with his vote , but also with his in
fluence , and exnrt himself to the utmost to
secure the election of such nominee. The
penalty for refuslnc to vote for and support
the recular nominee of the republican party
for either national , state , county , cltv or
w rd olllce shall be expulsion from this club ,
on a majority vote of the club.
Next followed the reading of a long
abstract of the election laws by C. 1 .
Brpckonridgo. Ihe one which attracted
the most attention was the law requiring
a person participating In the primaries
to bo a legal voter.
After a few short speeches by visiting
members from other wards , thu club ad
journed to meet on Wednesday evening
ot next week.
Two Kntertninlnu 1'lays at tbe Two
Opr > rn HIMISOH.
There was a decided improvement in
the presentation of the "llag Baby"nt
the lioyd last night , though the warmth
of the evening prevented the attendance
of tlio audience which the piece usually
attracts. Mr. Itccd made a more satis
factory impression in his newly assumed
role of Old Sport , and the march of im
provements , sorno of which may bo at
tributed to sedulous rehearsals , yester
day , oven readied tlio tramps. Thcro
was a little moro music in their singinc ,
and with their contortions no fault could
bo found. Reod's' ipicnl song , "Tele
phones in the Air. ocelved a quadruple
recall , though the star's attempt to say
something origlnnf j"at the phono" was
without marked s < acess. Miss Gcorgio
Parker'rt Venus , si v $ in the clogs , is not
an improvement umin thnt of nomy other
predecessors , thouglitlieClaireUo of Miss
Jenncss is the best Uio play has yet pro
duced. The piece will bo played again
to-night. ' 5 C
The "Old Croni&i" threw a little
more llfo into ic their performance
laat night. There 'woro fewer intervals
In the dialogue , and. the singing and most
of the gags were liitflily appreciated anil
productive of laughtor. There are six
good voices in the troupe and suvoral
pretty girls. Miss Wills lias n prutty stngo
presence und sings well , and in her short
scone from "Gulatea. " while not inaptly
suggesting Mary Anderson in the face , nt
the .same time deliverewhe lines of that
lady's great piece with considerable in
telligence and success. The other Indies
looked pretty and fi.tng and danced with
sweetness nnd clTuct.
Toward the close of tlio last act Mr.
Honauaw , one of the OrooicH , stepped to
thu footlights and presented Mr. Wills ,
tbe other one , in behalf of Oninha fricmU
with A handsome- gold watch in the fol
lowing speech.
Ludies and gentlemen : I crave your In
dulgence for a few moments. I have been
requested by a number of Mr. Wills' Omaha
friends to act as agent in a public prcaenta-
lion , their Innatn mmlwty prevents them
from acting as prlnclpil. My dcnr nld crony ,
allow met In bcli-Ufo ! xotir trlolnlsto Dre.iit )
you with tliis beautiful couvcn Ir M. token
nf their esteem uf l nu as an actor and alt
man. Now square yourself with the au
Mr. Wills seemed taken entirely by
surprise , but replied in a happy manner.
An Knrly Kvcnlnsr t-'lro.
Last evening about 8:15 : the building
belonging to J. J. Brown , on the corner
ot Sixteenth and Douglas streets , was
discovered to bo on lire. The 11 auica
woto promptly extinguished by the , but tlio building was damaged
to the extent of | 500. Tlio lire is sup
posed to have been caused by the explo
sion of a lamp loft burning in the apart
ments of Thomas Erlckaon on the lirst
iloor. Mr. Erickson will suitor about
$200 loss and Mrs. Sohollor and Mrs.
Humgardnor. fwho occupied rooms on
tlio second Iloor. will each suffer about
the aamo loss. The d.tmago to the build
ing is covered by insurance.
Mo Cook Land Prund Gasps.
Action has boon brought in thu United
States court Albert W. Katon ,
Jolm P. Dutand , Edward Mi McUlllan
aud the Harlem UaUla company , for al
leged crookedness in securing two quar
ter sections of land near McCook , under
the homestead act. It seems that Durand
and Eaton arc in the employ of the Har
lem Cattle company , and it is claimed
that they perpetrated the fraud at the
bidding of McUillan , the leading member
of the company. Although they have
never resided upon or improved the
quarter sections in question , they made
affidavit that they had lived upon and
cultivated the same for live yours , and
thereby received titles which they turned
over to the Harlem Cattle company.
Suit is now brought to annul those , titles
A lilbcrnl Offer.
Mr. W. G. Albright , the real estate
dealer who has become famous for his
liberality as wull us the certainty with
which ho puts his customers in tlio way
of reasonable and quick profits , again
comes to tlio front with a most liberal
proposition. Ho now proposes to re
fund the faro paid from any point in the
eoet to Omaha to any ono purchasing
renl estate of him to the amount of ono
thousand dollars. This is certainly a
very favorable opportunity for those
visiting our city on the popular harvest
excursions which the railways hnvo lately
inaugurated , to save their furo and at
the samn time make a profitable invest
ment. This offer , Mr. Albright informs
us , is open to any ono nnd he will bo
pleased to moot visitors and show them
Bitten By an Ugly Doc.
Yesterday momma Thomas F. McNa-
mara , the butcher nt 714 North Sixteenth
street , received an ugly bite m the calf
of his left leg by a cross Newfoundland
dog belonging to William Dahlman , the
proprietor of the Now York restaurant
at 711 North Sixteenth street. An exam
ination of t'hf ) wound showed that a
piece of tlcsh had been bltton completely
out of the leg. After the wound was
drosscd McNanmra got out his revolver ,
hunted up the dog and shot him. This
enraged Dahlmnn and last evening ho
caused a warrant to bo issued for MoNa-
mara's arrest.
House Nuwtxjrers Arrested.
Cornelius Hogan , ' of 1624 South Eighth
street , swore out a warrant yesterday for
the arrest of M , Maynurd nnd E. H.
Heming on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses. Tlio men
claim to have been appointed by the city
engineer to put numbers upon all un
numbered houses. Their fee in cnch
case is $1. Hogan had them arrested for
this , but they were released on their own
recognizance to appear for trial this
Governor Kornkor.
The rumor that Governor Fornkor was
snubbed by Mrs. Cleveland is , wo under
stand , entirely without foundation. She
smiled on him ns well -as on governors of
other states. But what is the approba
tion of the mistress of the white house to
the serenity of mind which you experi
ence after having made what you know
is a good investment in Omaha realty.
You can satisfy yourself if you will cullen
on W. G. Albright. 218 South 15th street.
Hello Hanftirrl't ) Victim.
Belie Sauford , the colored cyprian , nnd
Tom McGregor , the white tough , who
came so near killing Eric Hoosir < g early
yesterday morninsr , wore arraigned be
fore Judge Borka yesterday afternoon but
waived examination. Belle was there
fore put under $1,000 bonds and her white
consort under $500. Neither being able
to furnish bail , thuy wcro remanded into
custody. Hoosing regained conscious
ness yesterday afternoon , and will betaken
taken to St. Joseph's hospital this morn-
me. Although terribly bruised and
beaten , it Is thought that he will recover.
Personal Paragrahp < * .
1. J. dialling , of Lincoln , is in town.
Judge Hope well is staying at the Coz-
zens ,
R. J. Milton , of Tokamah , is at the Ar
cade. *
S. P. Morse arrived from the cast yes
W. H. Baker , of Plattsmouth , is at the
1' . J. Burke of Blue Springs , is at the
U. J. Griffin , of Fort Dodge , is at the
Dr. O. S. Wood arrived home yesterday
C. 11. Titus , of Creston , is in town fern
n few days.
J. A. Payne , of Mason City , is a guest
at thy Arcado.
J. T. Woisman , of Valley , was at the
Cozuns yesterday.
D. M. Lewis , of Nebraska City , was at
tlio Millarct yesterday.
S. S. Bartlett and J. J. Allen , of Kear
ney , are nt the Paxton.
Ueorgo R. Coburn , of David City , is
registered at the Paxton ,
Colonel J. J. Dickey returned from the
west josturday morning.
Luke Voorhoos , of Chojonnc , Wyo. , is
registered at tlio Paxton.
Airs. John C. Iligby is visiting her son
and his wife nt the Cozzens.
Fred J. Keisol , a well-known resident
of Ogdcn. Utah , is at the Millard.
Mrs. Clistus Butler has gone on a visit
to bur father in Carthage , Dakota.
Frank Cotton , a prominent man of
Washington , D. C. , is registered at the
W. F. Morris. W. F. Hall and W. L.
Fairwether , ot Lincoln , are at the Mer
W. M. Gore , a well known business
roan of Minneapolis , Minn. , was in town
Colonel Frank Hanlon arrived from
the sea shore on the early train yesterday
morning ,
Mrs. G. M. P. Walker.of NorfolK.Nob.
is in the city on n visit to the sister , Mrs ,
H. L Bcavor.
Mrs. Henry Mathois , of Norwalk ,
Conn. , and Mrs. A. Klein , of Kansas City ,
are visiting Mrs. O. F. Stephens.
E. U. Woodward , of Portland , Ore. ,
nnd a representative nf the Pullman Pal
ace Car company , is at the Millard.
John W. Scott , lately appointed chief
cleric of the passenger department of the
Union Pacific , arrived from Cbicago yes
W. H. Craig , ot Kansas City , ono of
the directors of the Patrick Land com
pany , ' arrived in town yesterday after a
three uioutlia' absence m Alaska. Ho
wilt now assume the active management
of the above named company ,
Patrick O'Connor and wife returned
homo yesterday from Ireland after a
year's visit. Ihcy had a pleasant and in
teresting trip.
J. II. Butler has returned from New
ton , la. , whuro ho has been attending a
reunion of his old regiment the Fifth
Iowa volunteers.
O. V. Gallagher 19 In Lcnvonworth ,
Kan , , In the interests of tlio Kansas and
Nebraska paving company which lias n
contract in that city.
Vice President T. J. Potter , of the
Union Pncillc , departs tills morning for
Now York , on the receipt of a telegram
from President Adams. Ho will bo gone
a week.
A. M. .Bnrrou manager of the 1'lsio
Morel Dramatic company with sixteen
members of his troupn passed through to
Ashland yesterday. They will in
Omaha later In the season ,
A Stock man'a Pi lie.
Louis Burke , of the lirrn of M. Burke
& Sons , commission men at South
Omaha , and heavy cattle owners in Nebraska
braska nnd Wyoming , loft last evening
for the east. He will bo married to Miss
Nellie H. Koud , an accomplished young
lady of Brockport , N. Y. , on thn 29th of
this month. Miss Reed has a lanro circle
of acquaintances in Nebraska , made
while visiting hero , who will bo pleased
to see her return.
The Metropolitan C'ablo.
W. U. Craig , one of the managing
directors ot the Metropolitan Cable rail
way company , arrived in town yesterday
from Kansas City. When asked about
thn now cable lines ho said to a BKK re
porter :
"Mr. Underwood , president of the
company , is now in New York making
contracts for the constrnction of our pro
posed lines and will return in about ton
days with full particulars. I can posi
tively state that the work will be com
menced before the end of tlio coming
two months. At Unit time the limit of
our franchise ends , and to hold it we will
have to start tlio work. "
Company D. Seventeenth infantry has
been ordered from duty at Fort I ) . A.
Uussoll. Wyoming , after September 80 ,
and will bo stationed at Fort Bridger ,
Beware of Scrofula
Scrofula Is probably more than any
other disease. It Is Insidious In character ,
and manifests Itself 1mturning sore , pustular
eruptions , bolls , \velllngs , enlarged joints ,
abscesses , sere eyes , etc. Hood's Bmaparllla
expels all trace ot scrofula from the blood ,
leaving It pure , enriched , and healthy.
" I was severely afflicted with scrofula , and
over a year had two running sores on my neck.
Took five bottles Hood's Sars.iparilla , and am
cured. " C. E. Lovxjor , Lowell , Moss.
O. A. Arnold , Arnold , Me. , had scrofulous
tores for seven years , spring and fall , Hood's
Sarsaparllla cured htm.
Salt Rheum
Is one of the most disagreeable diseases caused
by Impure blood. It Is readily cured by Hood's
Barsap.irllla , the great blood purifier.
'William Spies , Elyrln , O. , suffered greatly
from erysipelas and salt rheum , caused by
handling tobacco. At times his hands would
crack open and bleed. Ha tried various prep
arations without aid ; finally took Hood's Sar-
siparllln , nnd now says : " I am entirely well. "
"My son had salt rheum on his hands and
on the c.ilvcs of his legs. He took Hood's
Sarsnparllla and U entirely cured. " J. B.
Etauton , Mt. Ycrnon , Ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold bjr nil druggists. 01 ; tlx f or f J. Made only
t > 7 O. I. HOOD 4 CO , Apothecarlei , Lowell , Mall.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
la exquisitely lorely/'sold Him ) llrowntaher
irlends , u the entered the drawing ronm , after
Uktnj a long , hot , fatiguing Urlvti orer a
anily.diuty rood. "Itj o Pure , Cleiinly
and llerrohlng. lahvaji have UnlUimo ,
and us 'til a Jlarmlrra Liquid , I cnn us
It In a moment and get such Instant relief from
the Reitncnn , ItoUEbneim , hnllnwnrxi ,
Tan , Vrocklen and Horrid Old Hklu
Blcinlihe , c uiodbyallot HuuauilUry.
Ilanlt Wludi. " tadlo. ,
It for Fncc , NccU , Arm * nud Hand * . It
cau't bo Detected TilV IT !
tilery lady wlio deurcs jierfcctiou In et vie anil form
should wc r them. M.inufictiireaonly brtha
WorcciUr , Mjii. , uiiT iS Uuket succt , Clnc go
„ Lincoln , Neb.
Thn best known anil most popular hotel In
thestato. Location cuutral , appoliitmonu first
class. Headquarters for uommcrclnl men nJ
all political ana public gmhnrlnirs.
E.F. UOGUKN. Proprietor.
Flj-yslclaaa. and SMrgreon. ,
Ofllcc , Cor 15th and Farnain kt § .
Residence , iiltil Farnatn ( L
Hours. 9 to 11 a. m. , 2 to 5 p. m.
1518 DODBE ST. 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M.
An Interview With Ono of Omn <
tm's Vegetable atmlcncri.
An Article of Interest to All The Life of
a Sailor How the Good Ship"Icallh" !
was Foundered , Etc. . Etc.
Thollfoof n sailor Is often \err Interesting
reading to the citizens ortliowcstorn. country.
Knowing tills t < > bo tlio tncl n reporter sliinil-
Oerlm-hU note book nml Fubor No started
outto Mini an oM sailor , nml Interview htm on v
tlio matter. Tlio reporter mot Mr. llornard
t'mMonn , who resides In Centrnl 1'ark near the
city limits. Mr. t'nrotoil's , a llormun by birth
Is It' business us M irurdnor und truokor aud
Biipplli'Sttiu hotels nml restaurants of Onmlm
with \oitotabli-suvoiy inoriilnir. Un be I tiff
uccosttxl by tlio icportor lionnlili "Vco , I sailed
the nous for about ton Vi-nrn. mid In that visit-
mi almost every country ID the vrurlit. 1 bavo to
Olilnn , Australia , Now /.onlntul , the r.tist In'
dlas , nnd almost o\ err smport nlonff the Modi *
tcrrnnoan ton. 'JLlio Illoof a sailor In a hard on
ns wull as a dangerous otio , unit only n man
with u very Rood constitution can stand it Tory
Ionic. I enjoyed mv llfo on the ioai nnd WM
alw ays liealthy there. In f nctl noor had n day )
sickness until about one j oar nir . "
"TUon youba\o boon Sick Intolr , " asked tht
reporter. ,
'Yes. I was taken sick last fall. I lost my an-
notlto , could not eat enough to keep
child allro , had nljtbt swonts , would KOI up In
the morning foollnir worgu than n man who
had not nlopt at all , could only oat a little
broukfnst , nnd would have to vomit that up
Very soon attor oatlng It I was attacked with
a bad hacking cough which would cause ma
Intense pain In my chest and lunffi , would hnvo
chills nntl fever every thrco or four days. My
condition boctimo nlornilntr. I could scarcely
lift as much as a child. As t said before I bo >
cuino alarmed , nnd hearing nnd reading con-
SMorablo about Uri. HoCoy and Henry I con-
cludodto call upon them , which 1 did about
three weeks ngo and WHS examined. They
told ma 1 had ontnrrhal consumption and
promised to cure mo In two months. Not quite
a month has olnpnad and I am well niraln. I
have no nioronlKht sweuts , no moro chills and
fever , do not vomit any mot o in the mornlmr ,
and to toll the truth fool Ilko n now man alto-
Rethor. I foci as thoujrh 1 could not say enough
for lrs ) , McCoy and lionry for they have In
deed worked wonders In my case : .
MR. iiEitNAiin
The above out Is n very peed portrait of Mr.
Curstons , who resides in C'ontrM Park , near th
city limits , where he will gladly corronorato the
abtn statement to anyone who will take the
rouble to call or address him thoro.
When catarrh has existed In the head and the
upoer pait or the throut for any lonuth of tlmo
tre iiatlent living In a district wlioro people
arc subject to cntarrhal nnvcilon ai\l the dis
ease ban been left imoured.tho catarrh Invari
ably , sometimes slowly , extends down tuo
windpipe and Into the bronchial tubes , which
ttiBuHconvey the air to the dltTcrent pirtsof
the luiitfs. The tubes become affected from
the Bwcllluir and the mucous arising from
catarrh , nnd , In some instances , become plugged
up. so that the air cannot gel In as freely ns It
Hhould. dliortness of breath follow * * , and the
patient bruiithes with labor anil dllllculty ,
In either case more is a sound of crackling
and wheorlng Inside the ch st. M this stage of
the disease the breathing 1 9 usually more rapid
than when In health. The patient Una also Iiot
dashes over his body.
Tlio pain which accompanies tills condition Is
of a dull ctmmcter , 1'clt In the chest , behind the
breast bono , or under the shoulder nlado. The
pain may come and go lust few days and thoa
be absent for snvorul othora. The cough that
ouourH In the ( list stnpes of bronchial oatairh Is
dry , comes on at Interval ! , hacking In charac
ter , and Is usually most troublesome In tno
morning on rising , or going to bad at night and
It may bo In the first evidence of the disease ex
tending Into the lungs.
Sometimes there are fits of coughing Induced
by the tough mucus so violent as to cause vom
iting. Later on the mucus that Is
found to contain small particles of yellow mat
ter , which Indicates that the small tubes In the
lutif.'s are now nffeotcrt. With this there an )
niton sti oaks of blood mixed with the mucus.
In some cases the patient becomes very pale ,
Inis lever , and expectorates bolore anyoough
In some cases smal Imasses of cheesy sub
stance nru spit up , which , when pressed be
tween the Oncers , omit H bad odor. In ether
CKSCS , particles of n hard , chalky nature are
pplt up. The raising of cheesy or chalky lumps
indicate serious uilsiilcf at work In the luugi.
What Jt Means , Jfoiv It Acts , and
What It In.
You mioc76 when you got up In the morning ,
you try to sneeze jour nosu off every tlmo you
uro exposed to the least draft of air. You have
a fullness over the front of the forehead , and
the nose tools as If there was a plug In each
nostril whluh > ou cannot dislodge. You blow
your nose untilour ears crack , but It don't do
any gooJ , and the only result la that you suc
ceed In getting up a very red nose , and you no
Irritate the lining ineinlirnno of that organ
that you uro uimblo to D real lie through It at all.
Tnls H a correct and not overdrawn plctuie of
an ucuto attack of catarrh , or "Snoozing
Catarrh" as It is called.
Now , whatdoas this condition indicate ? First ,
ncoldtbat causns mucus to bo poured out bv
the glands In tlio nose ; then those diseased
glands are nllncUod by swarms ot little germs
-the catarrh gonn that lloat In the air In u
locality whore the disease ) s prevalent. These
iinlnia'ciilue ' , In thulr olforU to Und u lodgment.
Irritate the Eonsltlvo mnmbrano lining the nose
and nature undertakes to rid herself of thorn
by producing a lltol siioo/lng.
When the nose becomes filled with thickened
ftnd dlxoasod mucus tlio natural channels fur
the introduction of air Into the lunirn U Inter-
lot cd with , and the person BO ortctod must
broatbo through the mouth , nnd by such
moans the thro it becomes pnrchort and dry ,
snoring IK produced , and then thu catarrlial
disease gtuns ready access to the Uiroataru *
JCresapM'Goy '
Late of Bellevue Hospital , N.1T
Columbus Henry
IU\cOMl < oj
Cor. 15th aud Iluruey Stvuuta
Omaha , Nob.
Where All curable roues nro tioiitivl with ua
CMS. Moillcul dUtanoj I mated GKllfiillj' . ( 'un
gumption , HrUnt's Dltpnua , Dyspninl.i , llliini.
mntlsm , nn < l nil NKHVOI1S IIISKAKS. . All ill-
tntiscK pccnilnrto tlio soxus n BiifOlxlly. CA-
CONSUI/1ATI ( N at o ( lice or by mnll } 1.
Ulllcu hours : U to 11 n m , ; no 4 p. > . ; T to
9p.m. BunclnjrN Induiloil.
Uorrenpniuionce rnccUo1 * prompt nlleiillon.
MxayilUaiiAiiR uro trolled ( iiocoKsfull ) by l > r
McCoy Hi rough tUo mnlln , mill It U tliujxiw. \ .
bin for those unnbleto mak n luimn-y In oli-
lain iiccui fiil hotpltM trrmmnnt nt tliclr
boinei. No lotcors in-rcrc < l unlris uuoompa-
nl * 1 lif 4oln t mpg.
Addrivs lAetterj to Ir. J. a MoC < > ut
3lbaaJ3ll K w uil'llujf , Om Ua , Ncli. ,