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by carrier in nny pnrt of the city at
twenty centt per woofc
JLW.Tu.Toir , . . . Mann er.
fttitNiM Omcc. No. 43.
N. T. Plumbing Co.
Belter , tailor. Fall goods cheap.
Ladies , sco combined writing desk and
lowing machine. Domestic ofllcc , 105
Permit to wed was yesterday given to
B. A. Frisbce , of Omaha , and Minnie
Benson , of this city.
At the rate the gas ordinances are be
ing presented to the council , this city is
assured of cheap gas nt some future day.
John W. Ossler was brought in from
Wheeler Grove yesterday by his brother
and a neighbor , ho being violently in-
Dane. Ho was taken to Mt. Pleasant last
Mr. Paulgravcs , of the Richmond ( Ire
nla'rm , was in the city yesterday , and is
eaid to bo quietly looking over the line to
Bee how the system is working and
wherein it can bo bettered.
The grand jury was not In session yes
terday , as there are ( our secretaries of
school boards on it. and yesterday being
the day upon which the school boards
bold their meetings , the Jury took n
reccs .
The Institution for the deaf and dumb
opens with 218 pupils. Everything starts
off smoothlv , and all scum pleased with
the manner in which Superintendent
Kothort starts in. Mrs. Uothcrt arrived
At the meeting hold last evening the
Chautauqua assembly was reorganized ,
about twenty-live joining for this year.
Rev. Dr. Phelps is to bo the leader. The
next meeting will ho on Monday ovoulng ,
at the Y. M. C. A. hall.
Ella Fitzgibbon yesterday filed her pe
tltion for matrimonial freedom from , K.
W. Fitzgibbon , who , she claims , has been
00 given to drink as to forget all her
claims upon him. They were married in
1808 , and matters have" boon going from
.bad to worse until she can stand it no-
A genuine surprise wns given those in
the council chamber -hist night by hear
ing Alderman Keller's name read , as
being one who signed the document
Betting forth the fact that the lire alarm
system was working unsatisfactorily to
the city. This is what many supposed
but an acknowledgment it has been im
possible to get heretofore. The report
was signed by Motcalf and Wells also.
The Ulllingham divorce suit has come
to n , close , and the case has been decided
In favor of Mrs. Uillingham , who is
restored to her maidenly rights and
name. Hov. Mr. Gillingham is the pas
tor of the Presbyterian church at Logan ,
and the prominence of the parties has
caused tlui case to attract wide attention.
As the ceremony was performed hero ,
and the bride was a well known society
young lady of this city , the local interest
has also been great.
In the district court yesterday the
trial of Morse was commenced , ho being
jointly indicted with llothcry. There
was considerabledilllculty in so cur
ing a jury , and the whole forenoon
was taken up with this dreary task. The
trial will probably last all of to-day.
Ilothory has not turned up yet , but his
friends predict that ho will do so when
ho gets a good ready , and that ho wil °
iilo bonds for an appeal.
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
Watches , clocks , jewelry , etc. , the bos
In the city. C. Voss , jeweler , No. 415
Broadway. Repairs u specialty.
City Jail Rnpnirs.
After being brought to the attention of
the city council several times during the
past two years , thn bunk question in the
city jail has ( in ally ended by the special
committee , to whom the question was
referred ordering the same put In. Iho
bunks have boon made and arc now at
the jail. They are of iron and each eel
is to bo provided with three except the
Btoei cell which will hixvo two. They
will not bo put up until the sewerage o
the jail has been improved , but should
it take two years to gef this attended to ,
the bunks would bo of little value. After
the sewerage is in shape now lloors wil
bo put In the cells , probably of Hag
stones , as the concrete is too sou and too
many attempts have been made to break
jail by digging through it.
J. W. and K. L. Squire lend money.
Wanted Tinners , at Cole & Colo's
No. 41 Main street.
Personal Paragraphs.
Congressman A. U. Anderson was ii
the city yesturdtiy.
Sliorill' Garrison , of Harrison county
was in the city yesterday.
Woostcr Fay , of Keg Creek , was at th
Crcston house yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Champ hav
arrived in New York after a plcasan
European trip , and are expected homo
Dr. J. T. Van Ness , physician and sur
geon , oilco ! room ! ) , Opera House block ,
will attend professional calls day or
iiieht. Residence corner Eighth avenue
and Fifteenth street.
Marie Prescott.
This charming artist appeared hist
evening at the opera house. The
audience was not so largo as the enter
tainment merited. The Merchant of
Venice was presented in avcry creditable
manner. Miss Prcscott proved a charm
ing Portia , with u bcautifu 1 face , with
grace in every movement , a perfect
enunciator , she carried her part easily
and naturally , so as to impress all most
favorably and incite a dcsiro to see her
in other roles. The company , as a
whole , was very fairly balanced , was
well costumed and the play moved off
very smoothly and without any of the
delays so common and so annoying. This
afternoon thn same pleasing actress and
her company appear a < ralu in Ingoraar ,
and this evening in As You Like It.
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A.
J. Grecuaraayer , 023 Mynstcr nt. , tele-
List your property with Cooper &
Judsou , No. 120 Main st.
His Boimlura.
Last evening Jailor O'Ncil lost several
of his boarders. Deputy Sheriffs William
Curry and Clay Reel , son of ShcriQ
Reel , served us escorts for four men in
Irons , who left on the evening train for
Ft. Madison. Ono was "Texas , " who
leaves behind him n wife who will
shortly be taken to Anamosa for a still
longer sentence. Ho is to servo eighteen
months and she two years , so ho will bo
nut six mouths before she is released anil
hate time to get the house settled and
put to rights For her reception. The oth
ers taken to the penitentiary last night
were Jo Adams , Frank Ashton and B , J ,
Sheriff Reel took the Huff boy last
mning t < ? the reform school at Eldora
The Drum Major Married to the Sensa
tional Witness.
It Shown Council BlufTt to De Grow
ing In Population and Halld-
In * * A Dlvo Broken Up
The Drum Major Married1.
Drum Major Carbeo would bo nothing
It not sensational. After his liashy
career here , his trial , his conviction and
sentence to the penitentiary , ho has been
spending his time rather dully in jail ,
awaiting transportation over the road.
Yesterday the monotony was broken.
Ho served as brldcgroom'ln a wedding ,
the woman thus becoming his better half
being none other than Mrs , Alta Arnold ,
whose name has become almost as fa
miliar as that of Carbeo , alias Hawk.
She first attracted attention as a promi
nent witness in behalf of Dr. Cross when
that gentleman was on trial for the mur
der of Dr. McKune. She was not at the
lirst trial , but on the second she appeared
and her evidence , sho.claiming to bo an
eye-witness of the tragedy , did much
toward saving Cross from the noose. She
has had several suits , ono against n sat
loon man ior causing her husband's
dcatli through drink , and lately she sued
an old citizen , Charles Baughan , for
slander. She has also been trying to got
a pension from the government on ac
count' of her husband's service in the
army. From the time Carbeo was brought
buck hero and lodged in jail , she has
been a constant visitor and has cared.for
his wants daily. Yesterday She procured
a marriage license , ho not being con
veniently situated for attending to this
business , and proceeding to the jail the
ceremony was there performed which
made hero the wife of the gallant major.
Rev. Henry DoLong , who has been
just enough enthused by the Salvation
army work to have n Hieing for the mili
tary dash , was the officiating clergyman.
The ceremony was performed in the par
lor of the jail , there being four or live
witnesses. Mrs. Arnold Carbeo was per
mitted to enjoy a private chat with her
new husband , but her honeymoon was
exceedingly brief ami unsatisfactory , as
it was not strictly private.
The School Census.
The taking of the school census has
just been completed , and the showing is
one which corroborates the other proofs
that the city is gaining iu population
steadily and surely. The following is
the census by wards :
First NttS
Second 3V73
Third 1783
Fourth 2C3t
Total 8024
Last year 71)63 )
Increase GUI
In many cities the school census is used
as a basis of figuring out the population
on the ratio of live to ono. At the usual
basis of three and a half , however , the
showing is sufliciently encouraging. By
this rate it would that Council
Bluffs has a population of 30,181 , and that
it has gained in population during the
past year 2il3. : If figured out in accor
dance ; with the boom way of estimating ,
so prevalent in other cities , Council Bluffs
can claim u population of 43,130 , and an
increase of 3,303 during the past year. *
Those who took the census also made a
count of the number of houses in process
of construction or just being finished
during the time the census was being
taken , a period of two or three weeks. It
was found that the number reached 209.
This is , of course , much smaller than the
number of now houses put up during the
year , and embraces only those as stated.
This fact coupled with the well-known
fact that there are hardly any houses to
rent , and the difficulty in supplying the
demand for houses , shows that Council
Bluffs is havine a growth far in excess of
most cities. With these figures there is
no need of guess work or of blow. The
growth shows for itself. It is a healthy
growth as well. ,
Sharp Police Points.
Judge Aylesworth had his usual Mon
day morning batch yesterday. A broad
faced , good natured Gorman farmer ,
August Meyer , beamed up before his
honor , booked for being drunk and for
burglary. J. W. Wralkor , the standard
bearer for the Salvation army , was the
ono who caused his arrest. Walker was
awakened Sunday night by hearing someone
ono open his front door , and rushing out
he grabbed this man , and began shouting
for the police , who came and took care
of him. The farmer laughed at the idea
of his being taken for a burglar , and ex
plained that ho had loaded up pretty
freely with boor , and felt like rounding
up the town. Ho waa intending to visit
some frail females , and thought ho had
struck the right place , but when ho
opened the door , which had been loft un
locked , he was grabbed as a burglar.
Some of his friends wore present to give
proof as to .his being a sturdy yeoman ,
and the judge let him go with a line for
being drunk.
Edwin Ducgan was noticed prowling
about the Chicago , Burlington & Quinoy
depot , and as some clothing was missing
from the baggage room ho was arrested
on suspicion. Ho claimed to bo a Knight
of Labor in good1 standing , and had a
traveling canl from Pittsburg. Ho was
held for a little further inquiry , there
being no positive proof of his crooked
There were two John Smiths. One was
a painter and had been doing the town in
red. He paid for a ride in the patrol
wagon. The other was a Swede who had
tramped around the First ward until the
people there had got tired of him. Ho
was sent to jail for thirty days.
James Knox , a youug man arrested on
suspicion and for vagrancy , gave the
judge-a long account of his wanderings.
Ho pretended that ho had boon work
ing on a farm , but when ho was
cross-examined , and told about sowing
oats , and then plowing them under , the
judge rather smiled as ho asked him
if ho waited for the oats to como up.
This follow bad worked steadily but had
to send all his money to a widowed
mother , and there being two such cases
In a day , the usual aver ace , the judge
raised the query as to how it was that all
the boys whoso fathers wcro dead , run
away and leave their mothers when they
think so much of them as to send them
all their wages. No ono being ready to
give the needed information , the young
man was held for further investigation.
Visit the now jeweler , C. Voss , No. 415
Broadway , if you wish anything in his
line. Ho has a flue assortment of the best
goods. \
Down With Dlvea.
Yesterday morning Richard Baker , the
swarthy "Texas , " and his still more
swarthy wife , stood before Judge Deo-
mcr to rocoiye their scntenco for keeping
a house of ill-fame. The head of the
house was given eighteen months in the
penitentiary and the female end two
years. Texas had difficulty in keeping his
partner from talking saucily to the judge ,
and , though ho kept whispering to her to
keep still , she muttered , at she marched
off " ' God dls chile mo1 ior
: "Fa' , care , no r
what dat ere jcdgo say than If ho ask mete
to have a glass uv water. Guanelln and
O'Brien , doy think themselves great
'cause dey wear diamonds , but 'fo God ,
I hope I'll sco 'cm In hell wltlt their dia
monds. , ' Despite her boastful ways , bho
was trembling like a leaf , and seemed to
turn a shade or two lighter iu the sen
tence was pronounced upon her.
City Concern * .
An Important session of the council
was held last night. All the aldermen
wcro in their seats at 7:3) : o'clock , and
each ono was busy writing and examin
ing papers. At 7:45 : the mayor entered
and attentively listened to the reading of
the minutes of the previous meeting , as
he was absent in DCS Moincs when the
last session of the council took place.
Hou. George F. Wright was on hand be
fore the session was opened , and was
supposed to have a now gas ordinance in
his pocket that would reduce the
price per thousand feet to oO
cents in order to freexo out
the new comnanics who ask
charters. But it was later discovered
that his company had finally agreed to
reduce the price of gas * I'-J.GO per thou
sand feet. Judge James , as dignified as
ever , again graced the aldermanic cham
ber with his presence. Ho Is interested
in the Omaha and Council Bluffs paving
company , to whom was awarded the
paving. T , R. Polglase , secretary and
general manager oftho Richmond lire
alarm company , was also In attendance.
Among other business transacted was
the following :
The paving contract with the Omaha
and CounoiF Bluffs paving company was
brought up. On reading it quite a dis
cussion arose , during winch the report of
the recommending the letting of the
paving was asked for. It was dis
covered the report was not on the
minutes , which had previously been
read , in full , and it excluded
the very streets from being paved that
were intended being paved. The minutes
were.amonded to correspond with the
report. Judge James agreed to begin
paving by September 25 and January 1 ,
1838 , was fixed as the dateof completion ,
after which they agree to pay a forfeit of
$10 per day. Alderman Wells offered a
resolution excluding certain streets from
the contract as ho didn't believe in
creating a debt for the next council to
meet that was beyond the limit of the
law. Ha'dldn't want to onticiso the last
council by this , but did not want
to do as they had dono.
Judge James said if such was the case
perhaps it would bo well to caucel the
whoio contract.
On a vote , Wells' resolution was agreed
to by a split in the usual vote , Danforth ,
Hammer , Keller and Wells voting aye ,
and Motcalf and Lacy nay.
The resolution excludes Fourth street
from Worth street to Eleventh avenue :
Harrison street from Washington avenue
to lot No. 51 ; Washington avenue from
the west side of Harrison street to the cast
side of Harrison street ; Glen avenue from
High School avenue to the reservoir. It
was then stated that the paving company
hud already signed the contract and it
was awaiting the signature of the mayor.
Judge James then said ho didn't know
as the company would accept the charge
and wanted until this evening to decide.
The committee reported favorably
upon the bid of G. S. Lawson for build
ing the patrol house for $1,830. Con
curred in. It is to be built upon the lot
between the city hall and the city jail.
A committee composed of Metcaif ,
Wells and Keller recommended
that the Richmond lire alarm
company settlement be deferred , as the
system is not working at all satisfactorily.
It was passed unanimously.
An ordinance granting right of way to
the Pacific and Pacilic Mutual telegraph' '
company , was read a iirst and second
time and passed unanimously , in order
to allow of the building of the line im
mediately , as the company have some of
their material in the city now.
An ordinance granting the right of
way to the Burdetto & Loomis gas and
electric company was read a hrst and
second time and referred to the commit
tee of the whole. The prices are $3 to
the public and $1.75 to the city for gas.
Keller said this was n new ordinance
and several others would probably bo
presented. This created quite a laugh ,
which was enjoyed by George F. Wright.
An ordinance granting the right of
way to the Council Bluffs Gas Light
company was road a tirst and second
time and referred to committea of the
whole. The prices are $ 'J to the public
and $1.75 to the city , this being qaite a
reduction in the present price , which is
$4.50 with 50 cents reduction , provided
the bills are settled upon presentation.
The democratic and republican regis
ters of election were selected as follows :
First ward II. Shoemaker , D ; E. J.
Abbott , R.
Second ward W. F. Patton , D ; John
Fox , R.
' Third ward--L. Swearingen , D ; G. F.
Smith , R.
Fourth ward , first precinct Ed. Tront-
Tnan , D.
Fourth ward , second precinct T. L.
Smith , D ; T. C. Jackson , R.
Switchmen AttentlonI
All members of the Switchmen's Mu
tual Aid association are requested to
moot at G. A. R. hall at 1:30 : sharp to
day , to attend the funeral of Frank
Irwin. * By order of the master.
Lltcrnrjr and Nodal.
For n pleasant time attend the meeting
at the Y. M. C. A. to bo hold this even
ing at 8 o'clock. Both ladies and gentle
men are invited.
Appropriately Named ,
Colgate's Cashmere Bouquet perfume
co mbining the odors of many sweet How
Gnorgla Rattlesnakes.
. Dalton , Ga. , Citizen : Several rattle
snakes have been killed in Murray
county this summer , measuring nearly
live feet in length and about two inches
in diamatcr in the middle.
Tulbotton , Ga. , Era : A largo rattle
snake was killed in the corporate limits
of Talbotton last wood. It was seen iu a
branch by a negro man , who promptly
dispatched it. It had nine rattles and a
Sumtor , Gn. , Republican : Friday
evening Jim Murray , of the twenty-
eighth district , killed another large rat
tlesnake on his place. Ho says it was
the prettiest thing in the way of a snake
that he over saw , the stripes around it
being pure white. It was as largo around
as a man's arm , about six feet long and
spotted ; only six rattles.
Sandersvillo ( Ga. ) Herald : Ten rattle
snakes wore killed the past week by Mr.
Harmon Field and his sons. On Friday
a large snake was seen by his little sons
in a field , with four young ones , but the
old ono made its escape under nn "old
clay root. " A day or two afterwards
Mr. Field and his sons dug up the
root and found the snake ready for bat
tle. They killed the old ono and five
other young ones , making ten in all. The
old snake was about three and a half
feet long , and had nine rattles and n but
ton , making it about ten years old , the
voting snakes were about eighteen inches
in length.
It Is rumored that the supply of Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup is not equal to the de
mand. Druggists should prepare thorn-
solves for all emergencies , as the people
rely ou them for this remedy.
No could have made such
prenaratlon . _ . _ _ _ _ . .
* A ! O-.lll /\ll I. * * M * lli
a reputation aa Salvation Oil has , with
out intrinsic merit ot the highest order.
It kills pain. .Price 25 eta.
- -
A Man With a Peculiar Penchant for Train
ing .fepiders.
"Jim BlalnoV Peculiarities Some
Well Trained 'Spiders Iho PC *
oullar imiuxtry of an
Eccentric Man.
Alta California : "That's Tom Schand-
ley , the tarantula trainer , " said Charley
Rhodes , the urbane clerk of the Grand
hotel , to an Alta reporter yesterday. As
ho spoke he pointed to a short , stout man
dressed in n light suit , who stood at the
other end of the hotel counter.
"A tarantula trainer , " remarked the
reporter , inquiringly.
"That's it exactly , " wns the reply , "ho
makes u specialty ol training tarantulas
and spiders. He was almost crazy on
snakes , but now ho appears to bo
wrapped up in the education of spiders.
Talk to him ; ho can probably tell you an
interesting story. "
The reporter acted upon the sugges
tion. An introduction to Mr. Sclmndley
"Yes , " said Mr. Schandloy , "I must
admit that I'm what some people term
me a crank on spiders , i like tins crea
tures and never tire of studying their
habits. Solomon of old advised the lazy
man to study the ways and manners of
the ant. 1 don't care to pose as u rival
of Solomon as a dispenser of wisdotn.but
I will maintain that the spider can teach
a bettor idea of industry than any ant
that ever lived. 1'vo watched the crea
tures. An ant runs about all day and
puts in all its time hunting for the hole
where It lives. In contrast to the actions
oi the ant , the spider spins a- web , and at
least makes a showing us to what it can
doI' you will come to my room I'll
show you some of my pets. "
The reporter willingly accepted the in
vitation , and before an hour had expired
he did not regret the time which he de
voted to his new acquaintance.
"Hero's my favorite spider , " said Mr.
Schaudley , us he placed H cigar box with
holes bored in the top on the table. He
threw back the lid and disclosed the oc
cupant of the box , which was an ugly ,
hairy turantula. As the light was thrown
upou the tarantula it began to move its
joints and cavort arouuu the box m a
manner that would cause a timid woman
to go into hysterics. The reporter drew
back as the savage looking creature dis
played a tcudcucy to-creop out ot the
rom his nippers. , , , Como , Tim , " aud to
the horror ot the reporter , Mr. Schandley
reached his hand out and aljoweil the
tarantula to crawl put upon it. A tar-
uutula is not u very handsome or pleas
ing specimen of an annual under any
circumstances , but ! it causes a sluuklcr to
come over the ordinary man to see one
dragging its hairy form over the hand of
a human being. ( Mr. Schandlcy alloweil
the creature to crawl around his lingers
and it worked its way up his coat sleeve.
it stopped when near Mr. Schandley's
Ibow ana cocked its eyes up at the re-
orier in what the , latter considered a
wicked manner.
"Uo back to your box , Tim , " com-
namlcd Tim's master in harsh tones ,
uU to the reporter's surprise the animal
meU.y turucU aud smelled over its own-
r'd hand anil dropped into the cigar box.
"i haye him well trained , you sco , "
augheil the trainer of tarantulas as he
losed the lid on Mr. O'Brien , "but I'll
how you another specimen. Hero is
im Blaine. " Mr. Seandley opened an
ther box und exposed to view a redilish-
jrown tarantula. It was a lively cus-
omer , and as soon as the lid of lite box
was thrown oil'it tairly leaped out upon
he table. The reporter sprang back.
Don't be alarmed , " said the ttaiueraud
10 seized "Jim Blame" around the body ,
. 'he namesake of the republican leader
cicked and struggled as hard as his hu
man prototype aid in 1884 , when he
loard that New York had gone back on
"Jim is a Texas boy and the dandy of
us kind. Just teol him. " The reporter
eriuested to be excused from leeling
'Jim. " "Tho only failing that Jim has
s that of drinuing whisky ana ho is a
conlirmed toper. "
"Drinks wmsky ? "
" 1'es , sirreo. I'll prove it. " Mr.
Schaudley laid Jim back iu his box and
: losed the lid. Ho took a bottle ot whisky
: rom the stand , and saturatad u small
ipongo with the alcoholic stimulant. "I'll
put tais in with Jim auii lot him wrestle
ivjth it , " said Mr. Schaudloy. Aud he
dropped the sponge in the box.
"A queer business I'm ' in ? " said the
tarantula trainer , in reply to a question
thrown out by the reporter , "ies , it is.
Money in it ? Yes. 1 was a snake hunter
n Bucks county , Pennsylvania , about
ifteen years ago. I maue considerable
money out of it , but the rattlers got kind
of scarce , and 1 followed Horace Greo-
ey's advice and came west. When 1
was in Texas 1 got an Idea that tarantu
las could bo trained , and I started iu. i
was successful , und soon had about iitty
of the ugliest devils of tarantulas that
would uo almost anything. Of couiso I
drew their poison , so that there was no
danger to be incurred in handling them.
1 took 'em to New York aua sold 'em.
Who bought them ? Well the greater
part of them v. wore purchased by
saloonkeepers , who wanteU to attract
custom by exhibiting them on their bars.
Some of them 1 sold to ladies who had
a bent of mind something like Beruhardt.
I'lioy made pets out of tliem. I tell you
that there are at least a do/.en Murray
Hill belles who Keep their pot tarantulas
with their lap dogs how. 1 got very aood
prices from them for a tarantula that
was well trained and would not betray
any viciousness. Some of the brutes can
never be trained. They will bite. No ; 1
don't exactly make a living out of selling
tarantulas , but I Him always willing to
accommodate any quo who wants ono of
the animals. I've got about eighteen taran
tulas now. I hope , to inaugurate a craze
among the ladies ior the creatures. If I
can got up a boom you'll see women
promenading on "Market street on Satur
days with their < T > fit tarantulas on their
arms A small blue ribbon around their
waists is what keeps them in .place. The
novelty or the thing is taking. By the
way let us look'-at Jim Blame. " Mr
Sohandley opened the Blaine box. The
sponge and Mn > - Blaine were lying ei
rapport. Mr. Blairio was helpless. TThi
sponge was dry. Ho had eucked overj
drop of liquor from it. Mr. Schandley
turned Mr. Blaine out upon the table , bu
ho was like a chunk of wood. OnVy a
spasmodic quivering of his jointed leg
showed that ho was alive.
"Ah , he's royally drunk , " said Mr
Schandley , laughing. "HoM get tin
way every day if Id let him. But it'
only about once a week I give him liquor
I always think that it must bavo been an
animal like Jim that gave rise to the
name tarantula juice. Ho is the only
spider I over hud out of many that 1
could get to touch liquor. How long
does it take to train a tarantula ? Oh ,
not over two weeks. You'd be surprised
to know what a comprehension the ugly
brutes have. They can bo trained easier
than a dog. "
Mr. Schandloy then showed the reporter
Ight other tarantulas that were under-
going courses of training. They all
seemed to recognize certain sounds which
ho made. *
"Jim Ulalno won't bo sober until morn *
ing , " said Mr. Schandloy , as the reporter
edged toward the door to escape three or
four tarantulas that were running around
loose. "If you know nny one who wants
a pet tarantula just refer him to mo , I'll
be in town several weeks. "
The reporter promised to see that any
friend of his'who wns hungering to
become the master of a trained tarantula
should get a "tip" whore to go to pur
chase one.
What Would The World Have Done
Without Them ?
If ono would listen now-a-days to the
alienists and the neurologists , many of
the more noted men of genius wcro
crazy. Dr. C. II. Hughes , once superin
tendent of the Fulton lunatic asylum ,
and a man who ranits among the fore
most in the diagnosis , treatment and
cure of nil remote or nojito nervous
troubles , publishes a quarterly journal In
St. Louis entitled The Alienist and Neu
rologist. In the Julv number Dr. James
G. Kicrnan , of Omimago , has n very pe-
oullar article tinder the head of "Genius
Not a Neurosis. " To illustrate his theory
m this respect and make logically plain
his arguments , he declares that Sappho ,
Lucretius , Marlowe , Bon Johnson , Wych-
orly , Tasso , Moliorc , Swift , Pope , Dofoo ,
Rousseau , Golpsmith , Samuel Johnson ,
Savage , Cowpor , Byron , Walter Scott ,
Colctridgo , DoQuinccT , Rogers Southoy ,
Shelley , Emerson , Saxo , Pee alut Victor
Hugo all suffered from insanity.
Then Dr. Kiernau goes on to analy/.o
the insanity of each , to sustain its Cause
and to show why such insanity was not a
neurosis or nerve trouble.
Bun Johnson's insanity cama from
Sout. Sappho's from sexual perversions ,
unyou's from sexual defects of the
body. W.vchcrley's from debauchery.
Tasso's from heredity. Swift's from an
acute nerve disease of the middle ear.
Molier's from epilepsy. Pope's from a
wunt of physcml development. Dofo's
from ago. Roussoav , like Pope , was the
victim of the unequal dcvelopomunt of
mind and body at boyhood. Samuel
Johnson's from inheritance. Scott's
from white softening of the brain.
Byron's from his family. Southoy's and
Roger's from the breaking down of brain
liber. Coleridge's from opium
and Do Quincey's also. Emer
son's from appopfoxy. Poo's from
strong drink. Saxe'sfrom what is known
ately as "railroad spine. " Victor Hugo's
directly from an Insane ancestry.
After getting through pretty well with
the poets , our doctor next takes up Oliver
Cromwell. Peter the Great , the older Pitt
and Napoleon Bonaparte among states
men. Luthov , Pascal and Swedcnbor
among theologians. Plato , Socrates and
Schoppcnlmuer among philosophers.
Newton among scientists. The elder
Booth , John Wilkes Booth , G. L. Fox.
John McCnllough and Bartley Campbell
among actors ) . Paginini among musi
cians. Cromwell was insane nt times
from malaria. Peter the Great from dis
sipation. Napoleon from epilepsy.
Luther from austerity , overwork and
superstition. Plato aud Socrates from
scxtual perversion , while Schropouhauer
sprang Irom a family of iinbiciles.
Children will freely take Dr. J. II.
McLean's Tar Wine Lung Balm ; unlike
cough syrup * , it contains no opium , will
soothe and heal any disease of the throat
or lungs quicker than any other remedy.
Council Bluffs , - Iowa
feet In sl/a , colored by addition , showing
nil lots and sub-divisions Included In territory
0 miles north and south by 10SS miles east and
west.PKICE $1O.
Address C. K. ALLEN , Publisher.
The Butter house In Missouri Valley ; fur
nished first-class throughout and with a largo
business established. Will bo rented on liberal
term ; to responsible partlo. C.IUo , , ad-
Mtisour Valley
Chicago , Milwaute&St , Paul R )
Tlie Best Route from Omaha and
Council Bluffs to ]
Two Trains Daily Between Omaha and
Council Blufl's
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , CedarRapid *
Rock Island , Freeport , Rockford ,
Clinton , Dubuque , Davenport ,
Elgin , Madison , Janesville ,
Beloit , Winona , La Crosse ,
And all other important points East , Northeait
and Southeast.
For through tickets call on the ticket agent
at HOI Jarnam street , . In 1'uxton Hotel , or at
Union i'aclflo dopot.
Pullman Bloopers and the Oncst DInlnp Cars
In the world are run on the main llnu of the
. CfilcaKO. Milwaukee & St. 1'aul Hallway and i \ -
ery attention Is paid to passengers by courtb
ous employes of the company.
11. MIU.EII , General Manager.
J. F. TUCKGU , Assistant General Manager.
A. V. H. CAKI-KNTKU , General Fastener and
Qa * IHKArronD , AssUtantQeneral Fasten-
get and Ticket Ajrcnt :
J , T. CLI&K , G enU Superintendent
Common Scuso
Greatest Invention of the Age.
Rupture or Hernia n Siioriulljr
Cures all kinds of Clironlo Dlicixses that nro cttrnblo with hla most Wonderful VceoUblOtl
Komcaica. IB tlio oldest ami most successful Specialist In the west. Call nnd s o him. '
OFFICK , NO. 11 PKAHL 8TKKKT , r , , -D1.OV. . T _
* > *
Offlco Hours : 8 to 12 a. in. , 1 to S und B to 8 p. in. L/OUHC11 JDlTlllS , J.OW8 * . .
Pianos and Organs
Pei-sons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call on'us.
Instruments Tuned nnd Repaired. We never fall to give sntUfacf Ion *
Over 2O years' Experience In Piano nnd Orgun Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Bluffs , lovra
dpeci.n ! advertisements , sucli RJ Lost , Found
; oLonnFor Sale , To Kent , Wants , Boardinir ,
eto.irlll boinsertod In thl column nt the low
rateof TEN CUNTS I'KK LINE forthonrsclnaor-
ionnnd Vivo Cents PerLlnoforeach subioqueBt
insertion. Leave advertisement ! nt our ottiuo
No. 12 I'curl sheet , near Uroudway , Council
LOST Pnir of ( rold-bnnded BpcotBclea. Ito-
turn to Kolloy's house , Main st. and gut
ru ward.
FOK HUNT-l-'utiilshed front room on second
lioor , No. 117 1'ourtli street.
WANTUU A Rood yhl tor coon. Apply nt
once to Mrs. J. ILMoi'liuteon , No. KSl
'lerco street.
\VANTMJ A girl for frcnoml houspwoik.
V V Sniull laimly , linndy kitchen. 70'J ' bth uvo.
WANOT.D Younor Klrl wbo ants to go to
school and bolp do housework to pay ten
ner board. Address H " 7 , Hue ollicu.
FUJtNlTUUE AND STOVSS-1'or the next : ! 0
days nt tfi'catly reduced uncos to nmko
loom lor lull stock. Parties lurnlshlnfr Rood
rolorences can buy on weekly or monthly pay
ments. A. J. Mandol , 3 'J und 3.5 Ilroadnay.
710K SAtiR A first-class restaurant , best 10-
- cation In olty. limited by btoam. Water
works , excellent patronage : rang-o , Ice house ,
kitchen , everything In llrst-claas stylo. Wish to
sell on account of 111 health. Jfthn Allen , Coun
cil bluffs.
FOR SALE Stock of drugs In central Ne
braska. Will invoice , about * 1,000. In-
qulroof Harlo , llass &Co. , Council Bluffs , la.
PiOIl SALE OU TltADE.-For Connoil Dluffa
property 40,000 acres of Iowa and Ne-
braika mud. J. U. Idee , 110 M m St. Council
Vacant Lots , Lands" , City llcsidonces nnd
Farms. Acre property In western part of city
All selling : cheap.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Koom C , over Officer & Pueey's Dank , Couno
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Market Prices. Promp
Returns ,
820 and 822 Main Street , Council Blufls ,
Attorneys at1 Law ,
Practice in the State and Federal Cour t
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block.
Justice of the Peace.
Office over American Kxprnss.
lu Amber ,
etc.Hair On
namenta , as
well as the
newest nov
elties in bair
Hair gooils
niadeto order
29 Main St. , Council Jllufl'a , lovra. Out
of town work solicited , aud all mail
orders promptly attended to.
COO Broadway , Council .Bluffs , Iowa.
EUt > ll hed 167.
fl B J. J ( l
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
. AjO. 23 MAIX ST. ,
Star Sa/e Stables and Mule Yards
Broiuhrny , Council lllutTs , Opp. Dummy Depot
Itorses und mules constantly on hand
for sale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly lillcd by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission ,
Telephone 114. SHI.UTKU & BOLE * .
Opposite Dummy Depot , Counoi Uluffs
T. F. BRITT M. D. ,
NO. 07
CARTER & SON , Proprietors.
) AND- (
Orders foriopalia by mnll promptly attcndo
to. Satisfaction Kuaruntccd. Tenth Avc , ad
Joining tliu Ot'don Iron Works , Council Ulutti.
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Mar.h-ttan1
Telephone No. 83
Na. 015 Main Street , Telephone No , 9
' R.S. BAltXETT ,
Justice ot the Peace ,
415 Ilroadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Creston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs !
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call Bells.
Acfomiiiotlatlont rir t Class ,
And Kale * Kciuonultlo
Max Mohnt Proprietor
_ : J.i. . ta it'f. , . . . , ' ,