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A 0ooked : Lumber Agent Skips Prom
Lindsiy With Company Funds.
A Mnrolintit nt Colon Confcssrn to tlio
Crlinn of Arson Trlnl ofKreil
Mitnolirnth nt Sioux
Skipped U'ttli Companr Funds.
I'lii'.Mo.vr , Ncli. , Sept 7 , [ Special to tlio
BKK. I It 1ms just developed tlutt tlio Nye ,
"Wilson , Morehouso company nro losers
through tno skulduggery of H. II. Giles , who
lias been maniutlnir tlio train ntul lumber
buslnesi for the company nt Lindsay. Tlio
company hnd been suspecting Olios for some
time anil hnd just completed arrangements
for ri-llovlntt him by tlio selection of another
nmti for tlui pl\co. ; But tlio action Is too
tnnlv. ns Olios skipped tlm country , leaving
Hnturday evening or Sunday. On Saturday
the company forwarded hint SI,000 from tlio
Uf nc nil olllco here. Ho took this with what
rash he had on hand , and It Is estimated that
lie must have got nwnv with somewhere be
tween 81,500 and fa.OOO In nddltlon to prob-
oblo u4 real u mini nt various times In the
past. , llo Iravcs behind him n wlfo nnd llvo
children. It H thought ho haa cone cither to
Calltornla or Canada.
City Councilmnn Boritp.
NKiittAsicA CITY , Neb. , Sept. 7. ( Special
Tcloeram to tlio Br.K.J II. II.Bartllnif and
if. W. Uottman , two inombora of our city
council , Indulged In a street light hero to
day. Thn trouble originated bv Mr. Bartllng
connecting a newer frotn hlsstoro with that
of the Grand 1'acldc Hotel company , In
which the combatants are members. Mr.
Kottman Insisted that the work should stop ,
ntuli said that Il.irtllng had no moro sense
tlmn a doc , wlieromnm liartllng promptlv
fcnnckrd the talkatlvo eentlemnn down and
W piopnrmic to follow up this advnntaeo
When the combatants were suparatod. Hntt-
man made no defense , but saya that ho will
Admitted tlio Crime of Arson.
FIIKMONT , Neb. , Sept 7. ISpecIal to the
HKK.J The adjusters of the insurance com
panies carrying policies on Frank Ilnag-
land's store , burned at Colon last week , have
been hero and elfected a settlement with
Jionglnnd. Thov found concluslvn evidence
showing that ho lireil the store to not the
inmmtnre , amounting to sa.200. Hrmelniid
finally admitted the crime nnd surrendered
Ills pollc'cs. ' thus destroying his reputation
nnd his lot tune. <
TracyMpnflolil. .
PAWNEK Cirv , Neb. , Bunt. 7. ( Special
Telegram to tlio I5ni : . | At 8:30 : o'clock this
evening Will Tracy , n popular young dry
goods clerk , and Miss Kvu Mcnlielrt were
married. Uev. Adams ofllclatlng. It was
the griiuil ovcnt of the season. Ono hun
dred Invitations Issued , and the pres
ents were most elegant. Hoth parties nro
well known hero and will uiako this their
future homo. _
Flro nt NVbrnnkn City.
NniuiABKA CITV , Neb. , Sept. 7. [ Special
Telegram to the liKn.J Dr. Kcnncr's resi
dence , corner of Thirteenth and 1'nwnoo
street. " , was destroyed bv Ilio at 7 o'clock this
evening. Loss S'.OOO. No insurance. fi cargo
West was beverely injured by falling bricks.
PAWJJKK CITV , Nob. , Sept. 7. ( Special
Telegram to tlio lii ! : : . ] At the AnJress show
last night n storm canto up < while a crowd
were In the tent. In the rush to get out A.
C. LclbenderfiT got his leg broken above the
nnkle. It will bo some time butoro ho can
Off Kor tlio HiMinlon ,
I'AWNEK CITV , Neb. , Sept. 7. [ Special
Telegram to the IJm : . ] About lifty old sol
dier's friends loft on the early train to-day
for the reunion at Omaha. Tiioy were ac
companied by the opera band of twenty
The town State Fair.
DKS itoiNis : , la. , Sept. 7. The state fair
to-day had cool and beautiful weather drawIng -
Ing the largest crowds over seen on a cones-
pondlnc day. It Is estimated that 85,000
persons were iiresptit. Tlio exhibits of line
tock nro said to bo tlio best ever brought to
gether In the wost. It Is estimated that thn
value of the llvo stock on the giouiid will
amount to Si,7M > , uoo.
Dissatisfaction Kxprunscd nt thn 13
tortnliiiiiont ArrnimiMiioiitx.
WASUINGI ox , Sept. 7. I Special Telegi am
to the Unit. ] Thi ) nttuiulancQ upon tlio
tnodlcal congress , which seemed rather small
In comparison with expectations , lias prown
astonishingly blncoMondaynoon. There were
yet many arrivals to-day and about 5,500 are
now registered. Appaieutly there nro too
innny for the managers to handle , lor whllo
all coes orderly enough In the professional
features of tlio congress , the social arrange
ments have been eluiotle from the beginning
and ills-usi and Indignation are expressed
on every hand. This is only one of the
many consequences of the factional quar
rels that have IIDOII wnged for two years
over the question of management ,
Hoarly nil of the doctors who hnd
attended the congress abroad , retired fron
the directory , nnd nft'alis were left princi
pally In the hands of persons totally lacking
experience In mich mutters. The so-enllod
"Conversiulono , " nt the pension building
Monday evening , marked the beginning of
the dissatisfaction. Instead of hhuttliig the
doors of the great hall against all except the
doctors nnd their Immi'dlatu frltnitls tht !
door was open to all comers , and wns fairly
overrun by a mob of all SOXIH , conditions
nnd colors. Last evening there was no
better management of the reception nt' the
whlo ( house. A crowding , jostling , miscel
laneous mob was tin line , without police
to keep them In order. The doc
tors nnd their famllKn were forced far
uaoK out of tlm ciirrlnea way and down I'enn
fwlv.uila. avenue. Kmlnunt foroliiuora wltii
thulr elegantly costumed wives nnd daugh
ters who drove to thoentrancu In canlnges
Were forced to lUUht and taKe tlmlr places
In Ilnu far down the street car tracks and
hundreds were so dlhgiutod with tliolr mal
treatment that they went home vowing they
would abandon all alleged social entertain
ments provided for the The climax
of management leached to-day when
It was nnnoutived that the tlokutn for the
grand banquet to ho held to-morrow evening
at thn pension building had nil boon arui-
celled nud nuw one > would bo Issued. This
order \\as u result of n dNeovery that several
tickets hud mynU'rmifh lallun Into ilui liiuuU
of members who had distributed them to
their own sot and to outsiders \\hom they
lindmotaml to the moro disgraceful dis
covery that gay young doctors who had been
seeing the town had metuntcd tickets to
persons of. decidedly shady morals ,
who llvo In \\lmt Is popularly
known as "Hooker's Division. " Tills In
cident hna been the talk of the divv. The
terlous attulrs of the congress , however , ) v vo
gone on with very little fi lotion. Tlio papers
lead nro pronounced to bo of unusual o\r l-
leuce. The and imthuslustlu few
attend the lectuies assiduously while tlm
majority , who f.elzt < d upon the congress as a
good opportunity for a visit to Washington ,
liavo been devoting their tlmu to Ihu
museums , dep.\itment and other objects ot
At the openhi ! ! of the medk-al eon -
cress to-day I'roildent D.ivU culled [
Prof. Durante , of Koine , to tlu > chair
as vice-president tioni Italy topie Ido while
hUoomp.Urlot from Xnples. 1'rof. bemmolA ,
Hlumlcl read the in per of the day , 1'rof.
Si'imiiola took tlio giound that modern
tendencies y < wo In the direction ot hypothe
sis nud abstract theory anil urued u return to
thu safer and moro conservative , though pui
Imps slower methods of experimentation 1
und exact ascertainment uf farts. Tim
fundamental scope of medicine , he saul , was
A euro ot disease. Tlmpro-Mi'ssto-du- tnu
nrt was hindered by n tendency to ba twrt
ology. which thri'Atvni'd ' to grow Into
* sjfitfm ot Ili-elf , Instead 'of ivnmhliu tdo
auil auxiliary of applied 'm.4 cliu1.
Certainly n microscopic world does exist.tho
exploration of which brought to light
myriads of enemies of mankind , but the
solution of the problems thus presented to the
practitioner , nro as yet unattainable. Many
of the theories presented for the destruction
of tlio microbe which causes disease , would ,
If acted upon , first kill the patient nnd then
doubtless destroy tlm microbe. Doctors
should omancltmto themselves from the
unproved theories of tlio present as well as
tlio unfounded dogmas of the past. The
iirofe-ssor was tendered n votn of thanks for
his paper. The general assembly then ad
journed for the day.
Porter Tenders Ills ICoHlznntlon.
WASHINGTON , Sept.7. [ Special Telegram
to the line. } It Is aitd that Governor James
D. I'ortcr , of Tennessee , has tendered his
resignation to the president as first assist-
nut secretary of state. The Intention of Porter
ter to take this step has boon the subject ot
moro or less speculation In dlplomatlcclrcloi
for Bcvcrnl days. No reason la assigned for
Porter's unexpected notion , except that the
duties are not congenial , and that possibly
the lelattons between himself and Hayard
Invo grown n trlllo strained. The assistant
secretary of state , when nskcd nbout the re
port that ho proposed to resign , replied thai
lie would do ao In n few days. Ho leaves the
department , ho says , with the best feeling
for all of Us ollichls nnd employes. Hols
Inlluencod. ho adds , by the condition of
Mrs. Porter's health nnd other purely private
reisons. Mr. Poiter does not siv that his
reasons for resiirnlng are solely of a private
character. On the contrary , the above statc-
iient of his Intentions , which was written by
.ilinself. avoids the use of thoad\eib"solely. "
There Is no doubt that his relations with
Hcoretaiy llaynrd nro very pleasant socially ,
but It Is known that there nre very serious
IIITerences of opinion between the two pen-
'lumen upon questions relating to the fish-
ries. This question had nothing to do with
ills contemplated resignation , nt least until
Mr. Uayard detcndcd his policy , which wns
'ho opposite to that of Governor Porter.
Last week the latter had no thought of ro-
I'oWdorly I'rotrHta Against Delegate
JMItfiCll's JlcROlHtlOII.
CHICAGO , Sept. 7. The German lioinan
Jathollo convention ended to-day. The
chief Interest of the day's session centered In
n dispatch from General Master Workman
'owderly ' , of the KnUhts of Labor , protest-
ng against the > Mltsch resolutions ngnlnst
.ho Knights of Libur as unkind , unjust nnd
based on misrepresentation. lie said ho is
not nn enemy of the Germans and nothing
n his career can so be construed unless his
advice to worklugmen to bo sober nud tem
perate can bear that construction.
"The Knights of Labor , " ho said , "aro
neither anarchists , socialists nor prohibition-
; sts , but they are temperate. "
The secretary wns Instructed
o Inform Mr. Powderlv that the resolution
mil been rejected , and to add the statement ,
midn by Mr. Mltsch. that he did not mean to
ittack the entire order of Knights of Labor.
He hated anarchists , revolutionary socialists
and prohibitionists , und wanted to have them
In the afternoon the officers for the ensu-
ng year were elected. The only now man
.n the list Is Second Vice President Throden
Scholten , of Chicago. Cincinnati was
selected as the place for holding the next
nnnunlcouventlon. An executive committee
was also elected , nnd n vice-president named
for each state. Heforo adjournment mem
bers of the society ol priests were given n re
ception In convention nnd several ot them
undo nddresses. President Spannhorst iln-
llveied n speech as a welcome to the priests
and n wind-up to the convention. lie re
ferred to the repmtcd attempts mndo to draw
Uio German Catholics Into a controversy ,
and the charges of their attempting to give
undue prominence to Germans and their
language , etc. , which had resulted In falluie.
He waul It was just these attacks from
certain quarters that had helped to make the
convention n success. After tlio adjourn
ment about two hundred and llfty German
Catholic priests met nt Uhlrlch's hall In re
sponse to n call for a meeting of the society.
The object of the society wns defined to bo
to make cenornl Gorman Catholic conven
tions n permanent Institution , to help carry
out their resolutions nnd draw closer thn
hands of union and brotherly love. An ap
peal was made on behalf of the Leo housu tor
German-American Immigrants , which Is to
bo built In the harbor of Now York.
1'ort Ijtv Union IH Itctrayod null Cap-
tut oil Dv liiHurtioiits.
PANAMA , ( vis. Galveston ) Sept. 7. The
Star ana Herald savs : A revolutionary
force under liahana last night surprised and
took possession of Port La Union , San Salva
dor. The garrison wns betrayed by two of
the The lisht between the revolu
tionists und the government troops Is re
ported to have been verv severe. A general
commotion is teared In San Salvador , Gunta-
mala and Honduras.
The Sivltolinipn'H Strike Endcil.
MILWAUKEE , Sept. 7. A Waukesha spec
ial says : Tlio switchmen's strike Is virtu illy
over on tlio Wisconsin Central load , lllgh-
teim new men wore secured from Chicago
this mornlii ! ; aud freight trains nro running
ns usiml. Thi'iu has been no disturbance at
any place on tlio Hue. Manager Merrill says
lie will not emnlnv any of tlm strikers , hut It
Is icpnrtcd from Steven's point that several
of the uld mun liave rcturnrd to work.
A Itlu Suit Hociin.
MiLWAUicni : , Hont 7. The jnuors were
placed In the hands of the sheriff to-ilay In n
suit for a large amount begun by the Third
National hank of Now York ngalnst John K.
linrton , thn ( logobick Iron King. The exact
amount involved is not known as panrrs
could not be beivod. Kurt on Is In New
York City.
Jlcntli of Kv-CJovornor A Ikon.
OiiAiiLUbroN , S. C. , Sept. 7. K < c-Gavernor
William Alkon died to-day nt his country
placeat Flat Hock , N. 0. , used elghty-oni > .
lie was governor of South Caiollualn 1S11
and congressman from tbfd to 1S > 7. Iln was
the largest slaveholder in the state huforo
the war. lie consistently opposed nulllliea-
thin and secession , and took no part in poli
tics after leaving congress.
Turkey Old Not Consent.
CoxsTAuriNoi'Li : , Sept. 7. The statement
that Turkey had consented to the principle
of Huajlan Intervuntlon in Bulgaria is olllo-
lally contiadlctoil.
I'ostjil Climinrs.
WASHINGTONSept. . 7. | Special Telosrnm
to the llirJ : J.V. \ . Stam was to-dav ap
pointed postmaster at Jlawkeye , Kayotto
countv , lo\ui , VIcoThomai Cumnilnss. re
A postofllco lias been established nt Boo ,
Seunnl county , Neb. , nud .Mlnnlu I ) . Dun-
liigiin appointed
TbMitArit : XOTKH.
Itnpld proirn-sa Is being made on the new
Eteul crulMvr at l-'r.uicisco.
A panic tiy a falsp nl.irm of Urn was nar
rowly n\i-rted nt the Casino theater , Xew
York City.
Tlio Mexican National railroad will , with
out doubt , be ciiinpliUi'il to the City uf Mexico
ice within twelve mouths , .
The HarrtMi Foik Cod eoiupanj'.s enulne
liiiiiso nnd mauhlnu hhap.s nt boniorset , Ky. ,
were ilestroyod hy lire j rsterday.
The estubllfthiiiiuu of Nnlllo A. Cro < s& Co. ,
pl.uio dealer.uf ChliM-zo , has been cloied bv
the sherllf umler coni't-stioni of judgL-ment
ngcregaling S. . , OOJ.
Tlie newsuperiiueniU'iit of llnnncaslth
exporhuici'd cmtoim ollU-luN , started from
Miiilrid fur ( 'ub.i yestenlay to U'lorm the administration ,
Kxpciitlens nsuro atlns 510,03 were usucd
yesteulay agalnt-t Mcl-\ill , liet/.hl iV Co. , of
I'lttslmrg , extensive lumlicr dealers. The
liabilities nnt not known.
The acting fwretiry ot the Interior has
leiiiieatisl the nttoiney general to uittltute
MI ft HjiAlint several parties In Muntaim r'or
unUwlul fenc n , of nubile JantK
Thn goveinor giniral'deputy Is now In-
oiting ] ! tlio ciiitoiiij tiiuiio at Ceiiiir.o : ,
t'litii , miller ordei.s to mnko scruimloua e\-
nmln.itioii of thu.iirali.s : uf that otlluit.
Actlir/ Secretary Thompson yesterday
opitiii'd tm | ItfAli lot uf iioxibaN | lur tlio b.iln
ot 0 | w'rc nt liauili to tlvegovernmuut. All
ot them weie rejected as being too high.
, Klec'rlo ' Lustre Starch will' not stick to
tint'iron. It Is tju > bust staroh.
'JLho Mohlllzntlon Ucnth or the Yls-
coinit dc I-htcintitirch.
\fniruftaMISSJliyJamt \ * ( Jonlnn Jlcnnttt. ]
PAIIIS , Sept. 7-INew York Herald Cablo-
bpecint to the IKK. ) | The continued success
of the mobilization ' experiment Is still filling
the hcnrts'of nil French patriots with exulta
tion. Each telegram frotn the ' 'scat of war"
Is read with feelings ot prldo and satisfac
tion. The general relief felt Is doubled by
the hostile criticisms of the German pa
pers , some of which persist In regarding
the -tvholo experiment as a prearranged
comedy and M. Laqucurc , n hot-he.vled young
radical member of the house of deputies ,
who , cairled away by his personal friendship
for Boulanger , had been Imprudent enough
to telegraph nn Injurious comment on the
mobilization to a journalistic friend , has
been roughly handled in the columtis ot al
most every Kronen paper roeardless of party
distinction. Hero nnd there , ot course ,
flaws and short comings have been noticed
In the execution ot the military plans ot the
Seventeenth army corps. From time to
time some petty mayor Is found to bo unequal
to tho'demands made upon him for troops.
Now nnd ngnln a slight delay occurs Inlload-
Ing or unloading trains with their living
freight , nnd occasionally n spy Is caught
taking notes for trnns-lthlne or trans-Alpine
neighbors , but very rarely. These acci
dents only make the general success of the
mobilization moro striking. Out of a total ,
roughly estimated at 83,000 men liable to
serve , the Seventeenth army corps' statistics
published show tint between 33,000 and
SS.CO'J nro actuilly now doing duty. Taking
nil tilings Into consideration , this Is a result
of which Franco may well bo proud.
It ts suggested tnat henceforth spies
should not only bo exempted from arrest ,
but allowed to feast their eyes upon the mag-
nlliccnt spectacle of French military equip
Poor General lloulnngcr's friends , who
have all along been his worst enemies , seem
likely to end by making him the most un
popular man In tlio country. As to tlio
lioulnngist war song , "En Kevonant do La
HeviiP , " It has become n stand
ing Joke. A travesty of the famous
composition , arranged ns n funeral march ,
Is being privately played with great success
In Toulons , The effect Is said to bo lugu
brious , like the present turn In the gallant
general's fortunes.
The death and burial of Victor Nicholas
Iteubsnct , Ylcomto do Kstcmburgh , best
known of late years as Duke doCnmposellee ,
has removed ono'of the most curious figures
of Paris. The Duke can hardly bo said to
have over played a great part in the social
world. His marriage with the wealthy
widow singer has not made people
forgetful of his huinblo origin ,
and though ho had spent
a fortune trying to cot himself accepted by
society he hnd never leslly got much beyond
fringe of It. The funeral service was cele
brated atthochuich of St. Pierre de Chaillott
where only five weeks ago Miss Winnretta ,
tlio singer , was married to Prince do Secy-
mon Helisro. Few ot those who were so
prompt to respond to Invitations to tlio dead
man's li-les and concerts , thought It worth
whllo to attend his funeral.
The church was handsomely draped In
black und silver hangings , each arch In the
aisles being separated by n composltlco
of his arms , three lions rampant
above a knight's casque and a sword point
ing upwards. Thulotty catafalque occupied
the center of the chuich nnd nrouiul It burnt
four silver toiches which throw n green
flickering light upon the scene. Among
those present were members of the ltalnn |
musical society whom the dead duke , mind
ful of his artistic origin , had often assisted
with money. On the bier lay n huge
black nnd white wreath relieved
by the Italian colois nnd a golden
lyre. Ilesldes this , an enormous
number of wieaths of floral tributes adorned
the hcarso. After solemn music was sung
the bier was temporarily deposited in the
vault , pending Its final inteimcnt nt Uloss-
vllle , near Tronvllle , the duke's summer icsl-
dence. The chief mourner wns Mr. Franklin ,
the singer , on whoso right was noticed the
Marques do Tliunircs , on his left the Com to
do Dognon , who came nil the way from
Milan tortho ceremony. Scattered hero nnd
thiiwero Mine , de Enrin , M. "Von
'do llnen , director of tlio Hrus-
so couseivatoire. Several musicians' '
widows were too overcome by giiof to bo
present. The prominent teatnro of the fu
neral procession wns the dukn'.s footman
bcnilng Ills master's cocked lint nnd cushion
on which were the duke's star ordeis. The
dead man's nd Is said to have been hast
ened by a cniol trick of Ids enemies , who , It
appears , six weeks ago sent ancmplojo of
Pompes Funebrua to his house to take meas
urements for Ills coilln. Thu duke was then
Bull'crlng from a serious Illness.
Ycr.lnrdny'H Hall On inc.
The game between thu Denver nud Omaha
nines yesterday WAS the llnest of the year ,
and was witnessed by nearly l.-iCO spectators ,
the largest of any week day attendance
this season. The pitchers of both nines did
finely , Healoy particularly deserving com
mendation. Uader-played n good loft field
and Jantzen throw nicely to bases. Three
clean hits were made by Denver and six by
Omaha , Messitt making four ot them , Gor
man , of the Denver nine , did not play on
account of his thumb being fractured in the
game nt Lincoln the day before. Khrot took
his place. Itclow is the score :
OMAHA , ros. AH. u. in. TII. us. ro. A. i :
\VtiUh ss 5 i o o i i a
Messltt 2 ! )
Dwyer ID
Fusselbach.b : !
Under If
Handle rf
Genius cf
.innt/on u
Totals 38 3 0 8 4 27 11 3 ros. AH. n. in. TII. us. ro. A. K ,
Sliuh rt
Smith ib 4 o i i o 11 u i
'JYlvau ! ib
lllirot If
Kiilnzlo cf : i i o o o i o f
McSiirluy..2u U 0 l ! i 0 0 4
1'lillllps ss
Hrlggs e 0 0 0 0 4 1
Yo&i _ . .p : i o o o o o 3 .0
Totals 31 T * 5 "a f. 87 18
M.'OIIH ll1NM.VU3. .
Omaha 0 o a o o 0 1 o 0
Denver 0 10000000-
si MMAKV :
Uunsoarncd Omahi 1.
T\\o-ba ohitsMessltt2 , McSorloy 1.
Lett on buses Uiualia 0 , Denver 4.
Struck out Uy llealeyy , by Voss 1.
liases on balls By llealoy 1.
liases given tor hitting u man with ball-
It y Yoss i
I'liuo of gaiiia Vhour and30 minutes.
Umplte lltuthes.
To-I > ! y'rt Gnnie. ,
Follirwiiu nro the positions In to-day's
game which Is called at 3:30 : o'clock :
OMAHA. ros.
Krehmeyer e Meyers
Hartson p. . . . Spioat
Dwjer I Smith
Mossitt 'J McSorley
Fusselbach ' > Tatvan
Walsh s Phillips
Hutnr 1 Khret
Gttnina m Kcnzlu
ISandle , . .r. . . Sllch
Lincoln U ) , UaHtlii < > 1-1.
LINCOLN , Neb. , Sept. 7. [ Special Tele-
Siatu to the IIK. ) : | Lincoln defeated Must-
Ingd In a ijanio noteworthy tor heavy bat
tlug nud many errors. Hart nnd Dolau , and
Nicholson and Ebright were the batteries.
Score by Innings :
Lincoln .3 1 0 H S 4 0 0-19
UnsIUi:4.'J | 3500300 2-14
Kuus earned Lincoln , Hastings7. Two-
base hlts-Ucckley , Curtis Welch. Whllo-
head 2. llcynolfls. Three-lnsu hits Herr ,
Curtis , Welch , Nlchnlsou. Homo runs Herr
' . ' . Hart. Struck ocft-Hart 4 , Nicholson 1.
liases stolen -Lificoln 8. Errors Lincoln S.
Hasting ! ) ! ) . Tli if * > r giimc 2 hunts nnd 15
inlnutoj. Umpire Mother.
Shnofor stMiicmloiL
KANSAS CITY , Sent , * . ( Special Telecram
to the HIE. : | Thd , Western JJase lall ) lea.uo
met nt the Conlro'itoiis hotel this afternoon.
There were presents W. 11. McCllntock , of
Denver , secretary ; < Elliott Mensnl , ot SU
Joseph ; W. 11. Gelds by , of Topeka , presi
dent ; K. E. Mongol , of Kansas City ; J. U.
Patterson , ofKa sa City , Omaha bolne rep
resented by proxy jr. Menges acting. The
purpose of the meeting was to consider the
status of Kiiiuorla'siiice Wichita disbanded
as , according to the terms of the agreement
made at the time Emporla was mlmltted to
the league , tlio club wns allowed to
exercise their right to withdraw from
the league nt any iltno any other club
should disband. Such a cnso having
arisen by reason of Wichita colnn
to pieces , Emporla cave notice
of her Intention to exercise the right she had
reserved , nnd In consequence the league
found that they could not do otherwise , nnd
so they permitted her to withdraw. Sub
sequently It wns determined that the games
of the outgoing clubs should not bo counted ,
The next question that arose was the adop
tion of anew schedule. Considerable dis
cussion was Indulged In pro nnd con , the
outcome of which wns the conclusion that
the schedule rnmalu as It Is without uny
The case of the nssanlt made by Shaofer. of
the Llncolns , Tuesday , ou Umpire 1'oung
nfter the end of the game played
nt Lincoln on that day with
the Delivers wns brought to
the notice of the meeting by n communica
tion from Young , who gave his version of
tlioallair. After the reading of the charges
an order was made suspending Shaefur trom
the leairtte for the remainder of the season.
The older was not entered , however , without
n sharp debate In which Mr. Townloy waxed
waim and eloquent. This In the face ot tlio
fact that the .Lincoln club had already sus
pended Shaofer and fined him 5100 for the
same offense. Mr. Townloy said that the
suspension ot Shacfer was nn Irre
parable Injury to Lincoln. Ho
said Shnofer was the best base
runner and surest hitter In the club nnd that
his place cannot now be filled , whllo his re
moval will tend to dampen the ardor of 301110
ot the other players , and. "Shaeler , " he re
marked , "is head nnd shoiildeis nbove nny
man In the team. Ills expulsion Is n blnck
eye for Lincoln , but wo can't kick much , be
cause It Is the lirst blow we hnvo received ut
the hands of the league. "
The season will be plnved with the six re
maining clubs and no efforts will bo made to
till the vacancies ot Wichita and Emporla.
National J eiieuo Games.
DKTIIOIT. Sept. 7. The game between the
Detroit and Chicago teams to-day resulted as
follows :
Moinlng game :
Detroit . 0 8
Chicago . 1 00100000 2
Pitchers Conway and Clarkson. Uaso
lilts Detroit 10. Chicago 0. Eirors Detroit
1 , Chicago 5. Umpire Powers.
Afternoon game :
Detroit . 2 03101020 8
Chicago . 3 00010000 4
Pitchers lialdwin and Clarkson. liaso
hits Detroit 20 , Chicago 10. Errors Detroit
2 , Chlraeo 2. Umpire Powers.
Niw : YOIIIC , bupt. 7. The came bo-
' .wceti tlio New YorS nnd Washington team
.o-dv resulted as follows :
New York . 00001001 2
Washington . o , lr 4 0 0 0 0 0 * 5
Pitchers Waleh and O'Day. liaso hits-
New "V ork 8. Washington 7. Errors New-
York 3 , Washington ! . Umpire Valentino.
Hos TON , ISopt. 7i The game between
io Huston and Philadelphia teams to-
resulted as follows :
Uoiton . 0 10000010 2
Philadelphia . 1 00001 10- 3
Pitchers Con wav and Ferguson , liaso lilts
Uostoni ) , Philadelphia 11. Enors Boston
4 , Philadelphia 4. Umpire Doesclier.
American Association.
NEW YOIIK , Sept. 7. Tlio game be
tween the Metropolitans and Louisville
teams to-day resulted ns follows :
Metropolitans. . . .0 4000300 0 13
Louisville . 3 0000000 * 3
Game called on account of darkness.
Pmi.AnixriiiA , Sept. 7. The Athletic-
Cleveland game was postponed on account
of rain.
UAT.TIMOUK , Sept. 7. Tlio game between
trie Cincinnati and Ualtlmore teams to-day
resulted as follows :
Cincinnati . 0 0000000 t 1
Baltimore . 0 0200130 * 0
BROOKLYN , Sept. 7. The game be
tween the St. Louis and Brooklyn teams
to-dav resulted na follows :
Brooklyn . 2 0304000-0
St. Louis . 0 C 3 3 2 0 1 0 14
Eight Innings. _
Dr.s MOJNUS , la. , Sept. 7. Following Is
thu icsult ot snmi's played by Northwestern
league clubs to-day : At DCS Mollies Des
Molnes fi , LaCrosse 10. At Oshkosh
Oshkosh 0 , Milwaukee 3.
IJnnfoiirir nn Kn < ty "Winner.
SiiEiU'siiKAD UAV , Sppt. 7. The weather
wns cloudy nnd the track fast hut dust } ' . The
ovcnt ot the day wns the match race between
\V. Gratz's chestnut colt. Klkwood , and J ) .
Morrisey's bav golillntr , Uanburg , for 555,000
n side and ? 1,000 milled by the .lookoy olnb.
The distance wns a mile nnd repent. Klk
wood wns ildilen by McLaiuldln and carried
lib ponniK IJanburg hid Hamilton fora
jockey and carried 105 pounds. They went
nway on even terms but Klkwood at once
drew two lengths nway nnd sot thu pure.
KM ISaiiburguiniliially crawled upon him
and was only half a length behind at the
head of thn stretch , and it was scon
that Klkwood was ns good as
bi'atonhon MoLiu hlin began to whip.
Giadimlly , nppnrentlv without effort , Han-
burg drmv m > , parsed Jhls compctlor at the
sixteenth pole , nnd von without touch of
tin1 whip bv nbont n length. Time 3:07J :
Ono niilo Stuvvesant won , Tower second ,
Chociaw third. Time 1MU. This time was
uuur beaten In nn nruml rneo.
For two year olila , live-eighth mile Yan-
leland won. Speedwell second , Daniel
third. Tlme-l:03. :
One nnd three-sixteenth miles. Two
starters .Inn Cotton won , Itennettee second.
Time ! i:00 : > . Heating the record by I
Ono nnd one-eighth miles Swift won ,
Hrown Duke becoiul. Florence M third.
Time -1,0. :
Seu-n-oiglith mile Little Minnie won ,
Patrocles second , Bonnie S third. Time
1 i'JSV , , ' ,
.SuM-n-oIehth mile Ilol D'Or won , Tat
Diner sccona. Malaria third. Time 1:30. :
Itrjan , tlio Sjirlntov.
W. C. JJryan , the splinter , went to Lincoln
to go Into training toranmtch with Hntchin-
8oii. of Sioux City , for 31,000. Thu distance
will be I00 ! vault , nnd tlm racu will tnku plue
Keptember 'J7 at Slonx Cltv. Hrynn has jnit
ili'fented Dobbins , the California champion ,
on a too yaids' bout , the time being 04-5
HnlUviiy ftlal ! Sorvlco Men.
DKTUOIT , Mich. , JScpt. 7. The lailway
mall service rppresontatlvoj conelinled their
business session this noon. OIHcers were
> lwtod as follows : I'ffsldent . U. Mc-
Kef , of Itahwny , > . J. : secretary and treas
urer , S. K. Hanghman. Camp I'olnt , Ills. A
vice pre ldont was elifcloil from each divis
ion. AOW Orleans was di l uated ns the next
place for nieftting. f _
A Wreck On tlio Wwooimlti Central.
MILWAUKKH , 7. Hya collision
of pivssoaeer trains ojhe Wisconsin Cen
tral road this innrnliif at Schlelslnsorvllle ,
the Infant cliild of Mrs.Molm I'ost , of Ciran-
vllle. was seriously iijjuri'il nbout the foro-
| UMI | . The engines aud two coaches were
Tlm Nnw Water Works
Work on the now water works .super
structure at Florence begins to-day , and the
grading contracts will bo let two \yeoks from
to-day. The worse from this on will Im vigor
ously jiroseruK'd , nnd It Is exacted the
tunnel ! to the river , nnd the substructure
will bo completed by oarlv winter , nml the
superstructure by July 1,1SS7.
Tnkes place on Cut OU' Inku Thursday
evening , September 8. ale Puviiforu. The
naval cum bat takes iilaco lit a o'clock p
in. , il'roctly afU'nv irtU the Chicago
opera romp-niv tfiv'1 * I'ln-ifort1. An am-
pie thr 'ti r h\s : \ t > > . -i I iif for this pur-
pose. Adin s-iiun w 1 1 lie 75 touts for
both. . '
From Darkness to Liht !
The Silver Moon shining out from the widows of heaven , gives light , hope and joy to a world !
iu darkness. So do Hie nst junding revelations , commendations , testimonials , praises
sworn evidence , happy results , speedy and permanent cures performed by the
famous Carbolic Smoke Ball.
CATARRH Cured Iu three months ) warranted. The "Dobollator" should also
be taken in chronic cases.
ASTHMA Cured in nearly every c 'n ; relieved in live minutes , but the "Debcl-
later Pncknco" must bo taken with tlio "Smoke Uall. "
HAY FEVER A euro euarantoed if tak-ou in time. No symptoms of tlio dls.
case return UK The "Dobullator Puokazo" must bo taken iu connection with the
"Smoko Uall. "
HUONCIllTIS-Cured in every case ; warranted.The "Dcbollator" should bo
used with tlio "Suioko Uall. "
DEAFNESS Cured in from three to six months if the drums of the oars are not
destroyed. Hot salt water used in connection with special instructions.
EYES-Granulated lids , weakness of the optic nerves , etc. , cured in four , to six
weeks. Relieved in llvo minutes. \
CROUP Relieved in three minutes , and cured in twenty-four hours. \ '
ULCKKATION OF THE LUNGS-Rcliovcd in live minutes , aud oumd lr ono
week. The "Uobellator Package" must bo used in addition to "Smoko Uall1 : S ,
NEURALGIA Cured after tlio third dose , anil It will not return if the remedy
is occasionally used. f
SNORING Three doses each night , before retiring , euros this trouble. i
TJic above cut in a good rcprcfienfa- DIPHTHERIA "Carbolic Smoke" destroys the germ of this disease , and should
bo given as a preventive.
lon of the yen nine Carbolic Smoke
Hall , with our patent SinoJiv Einlt- COLD IN THE IlEAD-Curcd in fifteen minutes.
cr of Liberator attached. COLD ON THE CIlEST-Cumd iu twelve hours.
A companion to the famous "Carbolic Smoke Ball" in the successful treatment
of Catarrh , Asthma , Hay Fever , Bronchitis and Ulccralion of the Lungs. Also an
nfnlliblo compound for Liver , Spleen , Kidneys , Bladder , Malaria , Jaundice , Uys-
) ousia , Piles , Moth Patches , Complexion , Suppressed Menses , cto
No household should bo without those infallible remedies.
The price of the C.xrbolic Smoke Ball is $3.00. It has never boon loss than this
price , nnd wo warn the public against any and all Smoke Balls which nro offered
them for less than $2.00. There is only one Carbolic Smoke Ball manufactured in
the United States , viz : at Indianapolis , Indiana. Insist upon getting this Ball and
accept no other. Kacli Uall Is inclosed In an hulivlil-
1C Years Standing.
Carbolic Smoke Uall Co. :
I have Miu'crcd with asthmas sixteen
voars. Many times my life was despaired
of. Physicians in Easton , Pa. , Jersey
City , N. J. , aud in Philadelphia treated
mo and , in fact , spent hundreds of dol-1
lars ; found no relief. I have used your
medicine for over two months ; have not'
had au attack , and feel permanently
cured. You have my sincere thanks for
what your Smoke Hull and Dobullator
has done for mo. PHILLIP C. Ken > ,
42.rl North 'JOtli street , St. Louis , Mo.
Sworn to before mo this ? th day of
Februarv , 1887. A. A. PAYBOX ,
Notary Public. St. Louis , Mo.
Catarrh of fi Years Standing Cured.
OMAHA , Neb. . May 11 , 18S7.
Carbolic Smoke Uall Company Gon-
tleiiicn : I have been a constant sufferer
from catarrh for the last live years. I
have tried many remedies that claimed a
sure cure , but received no benefit from
any of thoin. My head at times would
become so stopped uu with mucous mat
ter that it was impossible to breathe
through my nostrils. My sloop was also ,
brokun by choking s'ensations caused by
the dropping of thu mucous matter into
the throat. I fust received u free test of
your Smoke Uall some three months ago ,
nnd was surprised to lind that it cleared
my head in a fu\v minutes and gave won
derful relief. 1 then purchased a ball ,
which I have been using siuco , and can
now siv : honestly and truthfully THAT
I AM EN'ITRELY CURED. 1 feleop well
nt night , have a good appetite aud foul
like a now man. Yours truly ,
NmvTox HALL ,
With Omr.ha Republican.
Subscribed in my invsunco and sworn
to buiorimo this llth day of Mav , 1887.
W. \ \ , IVRYSOI : , Notary Public.
Carbolic Smoke Uall Company Gen
tlemen : I have used your Carbolic
Smoke Hall for catarrh and throat
troubles , and e-in re.connnniid it as a
pleasant and oHuetlvo remedy. It is a
huiisibln way of treating diseases of the
head and throat. Yours trulv ,
S. A. OitniAKi ) ,
Wholesale and Retail Carpets , Cor. 10th
and Farnam ttrccts.
OK THU iinyr I'HYMCIANS cttii : : > UY IHK
OMAHA , Nob. , Sept. 1 , 1687.
Carbolic Smoke Uall Company Gen-
tlomun : This is to certify that your Car
bolic Smoke Hall has cured mu wl Hay
Fever , a disease that has annually at
tacked mo for the last thruo years. The
attack generally came on about the lirst
of August , but this season it came about
the St'ith of July , and seemed to bu moro
severe than ever. Hruathin < : through
my nostrils was almost impossible , as the
nasal passages appeared to bo entirely
closed. My eyes worn also badly in-
llamcil , nnd my"general health much im
paired. A friend advised mo to try the
Smoke Hall , and I immediately pro
cured one and commenced using it. The
lirst application gave mo relief , and in
loss than a week all symptoms of the
diocasu had disappeared. \ ours truly ,
Supt. MJ. Valley Sand & Gravel Co. ,
Hoard of Trade Huilding
The only relief received was from hypo
dermic injections of morphine the
Smoke Hall cured him. Road :
IXDIANAVOLIS , May 12 , 1887.
Having been a sulleror for more than
twcilvo years with that terrible disease ,
Asthma , which incapacitated mo from
business , and causing much of the time
untold suilbring , I had tried many physi
cians and many remedies from special
ists. Seine of thorn gave mo momentary
relief , but soon it returned with moro
virolonce than over. 1 finally had to re
sort to morphine by hypodermic injo.i-
' tions so as to get some rest while under
its influence. My breast and arms are
all scarred over from those injections ,
and I was completely discouraged. See
ing a circular from the Carbolic Smoke
Ball olllco , I called in to see what now
"humbug" it was , and thought I would
blufl' thorn by requiring a guarantee , and
nt the same time making an oll'or of $100
for a euro. They kiudlv informed mo
that they could cure me. for $3 as well as
$100 , and oll'ered a free test , which gave
mo relief. Yet I was not satisfied , but
called several times , and bought a Ball
and Dnbollator ; commenced using them
according to directions. This was in
September , 1SO. At that time , while
under treatment , I was engaged in ship
ping horses to Buffalo , and was Kreatly
exposed at night , but kept using the
Smoke Ball ; continued to improve , and
in November 1 was a cured man ; and
last winter I worked in the steam , heat
and cold , and have had no symptoms of
a return of the disease , and I certainly
fool grateful to the Carbolic Smoke Ball
for this -miraculous restoration to health.
JAS. U Ivvn : , 200 Blake St.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
thislUthdayof May , 1887.
[ Seal ] H. F. \ \ i IT , Notary Public.
Croup , Whooniug Cough , etc. Whoop-
Jug Cough Cured in18 Hours.
OMAHA , Nob. , April 22,1S87.
Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. Gentlemen :
Some time ago you induced mo to try
your Smoke Ball. At the time I had a
child sutVoring with a very bad whooping
cough. Ho could hardly lie down , as it
brought on strangulation from the
plilogm , and in his efforts to throw oil'
this stringy nhlesrm he was constantly
vomiting Iiis food as fast as taken in. I
made him inhale the smoke from the ball
three times fur a day , and inside of IS
hours broke the .cough up. From tlio
start the smoke altered tlio character of
the secretions ; they became loose and
easily thrown oil' in tlio form of mutter ,
and the child recovered fully in a lew
days. Since that I have used the Smoke
Ball in mv " family for all ordinary colds ,
for which" it gives instant relief and a
speedy cure. Respectfully. iSic. ,
D. B. BEHMnit.
Commission Merchant , 801 , 803 , 805 , 8J7 ,
Subscribed in my presence and sworn
to before mo this 22d dav of April , 1887.
[ Seal ] \V. W. KIYSOII : ,
Notary Public.
A physician cures his child of croup with
thu Smoke Hall.
Carbolio Smoke Hall Co. , Indianapolis ,
Iiul. : My little child onu night Imd a
severe attack of crouij. I used tlio Car
belie Smoke Ball , which I always keep
in my house , aud it relieved it in a few
moments. It went to sleep and slept
soundly , I have used it for many dis
eases , ind from my own personal expe
rience I can recommend it as wonderful
in its curative ellects.
N. P. CAUTKK , M. D. ,
Mapleton , Ind.
OMAHA , Nob. , Jan. 8 , 1 37.
Carbolic .Smoko Ball Co , ( Juiitlomen :
I have used your Carbolic Smoke Hall for
colds and .sore throat : tnd lind it to bo an
infallible remedy for such troubles. v
Yours truly , Dit. A. S. HII.I.INOS ,
Southeast corner Dodge and 10th Sts.
[ label bearing note at hand.
A Great Family Medicine Headache
and Colds.
OMAHA , Neb. . Deo. 27,1830.
Carbolic Smoke Hall Co. Gentlemen :
Your valuable remedy , Carbolic Smoke ,
as applied through your Carbolic Smoke
Uall , has boon used iu my family apd
lias afforded immediate relief from nuad-
ache , cold and catarrh. Iu fact , if prop
erly applied , I consider it a spocilio for
those complaints , and 1 beliisvo it will
cure any disease of the mucous mem
brane that can bo reached by inhalation.
Yours truly , C. O. Fomiv ,
Trunk Manufacturer , 1100 Douglas St
Carbolic Smoke Uall Company Gen
tleman : This is to certify that I have
been troubled with catarrh for the la t
three years. I have used many remedies ,
but failed to receive relief from any of
them. The disease continued to grow
worse until it affected my voice very
much , and also cnused the breath to
become very offensive. 1 have been
using ono of your Smoke Halls now for
a month , ami can notice A DECIDED
throat has ceased to trouble mo , my Jioad
is perfectly clear , aud 1 am satis lied that
1 can obtain a euro from your remedy ,
Yours Uulv , PHILIP MILLER ,
Uarbor 111 South 15th Street.
Subscribed in my presence and sworn
to before me this 17th day of Juno A. 1) .
Notary Public.
A Remarkable Curo. The Smoke Uall
Saved Her Lite. Mrs. C. A. Newman.
Cor. Cumiiigs unit 27tli Sts. Omaha Says :
( InrbolieSniokoHall Co , Omaha , Neb.
Gentlemen : 1 take pleasnni in recom
mending your remedy , the Carbolic
Smoke Haft , for I believe it has saved my
life. I have been troubled for years
with what was considered to bo an in
curable case of Catarrh. Have boon
under treatment of several well known
physician * ) of Omnha , but could receive
no relief from them. My condition con-
tinned to grow , until at last the
disease began to cat through the mem
branes of thu nosu and mouth , making
breath very ofl'onsivo and causing sev
eral pieces of decayed bone to come from
my mouth , I had given up till hopes of
ever receiving a cure , but decided to try
your remedy for a relief. I not only re
ceived relief , but am happy to state that
lam cured. I have beun using
tlio remedy now for four months ; mv
general health is much improved , and I
am satisfied that the binoko Hall does
all that you claim for it.
Very Respectfully.
Miu. C. A. NKWMAN ,
Res. Cor. 27th and Cuming streets ,
W. L. Adams , Esq. , Completely Cured of
Catarrh and Deafness Road :
ST. Loins , Mo.
Carbolic Smoke Hall Co. Gentlemen :
Catarrh attacked me seven years ago.
My symptoms wore those widen are usu
ally characteristic of thn disease , coupled
with that of Deafness. My hearing was
so impaired ns to render it impossible lo _
hear any ordurirv conversation , lhanta
to your'Carbolic Smoke Hall , my catarrh
is cured , as well as my deafness. lean
hear thn ticking of a watch.
W. L. ADAMS , 7W7 ( S. Water St.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo
this the 18th day of May , 1887.
WAi.'ir.uC. CAUII ,
Notary Public.
to the public from A' a. in. to fi ] > ' "
TeSt Is given all who will take tlio trouble to call.
TIie complete treatment sent to any addiess on receipt of price $3 ,
aiui 4 cents postage. Smoke Ball Si , Decollator * 1. One complete
treatment generally sufficient for a cure.
Over 114 S. 15th St. , fCreighton Block. Omaha , Neb ;