Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 04, 1887, Part I, Page 8, Image 8

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Healthy Location , Easy of Access , Moderate Prices , Liberal Terms !
The "Glioice
Is the largest and most valuable addition to
SOUTH CXM.A.E3.A. : : : .
It lies on the line of the Union Pacific and B.
tfe M. Railways.
It ad joins the Iocatioii4 > the great industrial
enterprises. It has a
Perfect Natural Drainage ,
and is therefore healthy. It has the most fa-
voiable train seivica of any suburban residence -
. dence location any place near Omaha.
For these and other reasons an investment
here will more surely yield satisfactory re
turns than any other locality.
lits Ch oice.
The accompanying cuts show the elevation n
ground floor plans'of cottages now being -
built in
Albright's Choice , ;
South Omaha , for the benefit of persona ojj
limited means who desire to secure COMKWN
easy access of the city. The very favorably
hourly train service between Albright Stat
tion and the city , for Eighteen Hours Dail $
makes this the most desirable location for su
burban residences near Omaha. A number off
these cottages are now completed and ready
for sale on such EASY TERMS that no one
can afford to be without a home. Should the
plan shown hero not be suitable in size op ,
arrangement , we have others to show , ana
will make every reasonable effort to suit
purchasers. ' '
For full particulars , prices and terms , call upon \
W. G. L IGHT , outh 15th Street
Thousands of People Attracted by L < 0.
Jones & OO.'B Fall Opening.
Kvcryuody Delighted and Hun-
clrcdH oT Callers Ciury Away
Subittaiitlal Souvenirsof ,
the OccoBlon.
During August the American CJotliiors
were "busy us beavers" enlarging and
decorating their famous clothing house
nt I'M ) Fsirnam. Yeatorday , with its
profuse decorations of bunting , nuwly
decorated nulls unil ceilings , and its
myriad of substantial tables fairly groan
ing with their feast for the outer ruun , it
presented u most inviting anpearanco
which was clearly evidenced by tlio
throng of Omuhn'fl bust citizens that
crowded its aisles ulinost contin
ually , from early morning until
lalo in the evening. Us windows too ,
Wore gazed into by thousands of persona
and many were llio complimentary re
marks rnudo about the attractive show-
ings.L. O. Jones & Co. , open the fall sea-
on with their clerical force doubled in
si/o nnd still customers were
compelled frequently to await
their turn so great was the
crowd of eager buyers. Tills week will
bo a great week for Omaha and equally
BO for L. O , Jones it Co , , and no stranger
should leave the city until they have
Visited this wonderful establishment for
the clothing of malu mankind.
To Grand Army lluiinlna Grounds
nnd Oninha Fair Ground * .
The Union 1'acitic Hallway Company
will run special trains September 5th to
10th Inclusive , betwpon 10th and Leaven-
worth streets and Grand Army Reunion
grounds , stopping at foot of Davenport
street and at Fair grounds station each
wny as follows :
Uoiug out Leave 10th and Loaven-
cnworth streets at 8tO ; a. in. and every
hour thereafter until and including 11:10 :
p. m. , arriving Davenport bt. G minutes
later , arriving Fair ground station 20
minutes later , arriving at tlio Kuunion
grounds 25 minutes later.
Returning Leave reunion grounds at
8-l : ( ) a. in. , and every hour thereafter un
til 11:40 : p , m. , arriving at Fair grounds
station live minutes later , arriving Daven
port street twenty minutes later and ar
riving at Tenth and Lcavcuworth streets
twoniy-flvo minutes later. Faro single
trip ton cents ; round trip llftcun cunts.
On and after Aug. 28 , the Missouri Pa-
citlo railway will rim two trains daily to
Nebraska City , leaving Omaha ! t 10:45a. :
m. nnd 0:10 p. m. , from their depot at
15th and Webster sts , arriving at Ne
braska City at 117 : ! p. in. and 11:55 : p. in.
For further information call at city
ticket otlico , 218 So. lUh ! Bt.
Brown & Crclghton , ono of the most
olid nnd progressive real estate linns in
the city , have recently issued a very
haudsouio pocket map of Omaha in con
nection with u email pamphlet giving
statistics of the remarkable growth and
prosperity of the city. These maps are
for frco distribution and can bo obtained
at the ollico of the firm , a. e , corner lUth
nd Douglas streets.
Situations Scoured.
Valentine's Shorthand Institute never
tnils to secure situations for its graduates.
Cull or send for circulars , 1515 Dodge st , ,
Omaha. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
lx > ok out for the auction sale of lots on
Sept. Oth in Lake Side , Ulehlleld & Hell-
Man's addition , bv the D. 'A. Allen
Eitato & Auction Co. . . '
John Ik MilfH at the Head of n Now
U in nil a Savings Uank K A. Dcnsou
a Director.
Davenport Democrat : Dnvenuort busi
ness talent is making itself felt in the
financial circles of Orauha fn an energetic
manner. Last Monday the Nebraska Sav
ings bank went into permanent organisa
tion. Honest John Miles , as lie was culled
when lie ran away ahead of his ticket
while running for mayor , has , in his short
residence in Omaha where ho wont for
the summer only , become the
of one ot tiic biggest financial institutions
in tlie state of Nebraska , lie will make
a president whom his associates will
respect , and n citizen us public-spirited
and worty as any on earth.JI K. A. Henson -
son , also of this city , is ono of his a&so-
ciutes in the directory of tlio bank.
A tinne Foil Want at Ijast Supplied.
Something important to tlio residents
in tlio southern part of the city. Satur
day. Snpt. 10th , a now and enterprising
linn , Mostollcr , Scott & Co. , will open in
the now building , corner 15th and Vinton
streets , a nosv and well selected stock of
staple and fancy Dry Ciqods , Groceries ,
Provisions , &c. Tim active members of
the linn are experienced and wide-awake
young men. The head of the firm , Mr.
L. F. Mostoller , has been identified with
the retail Dry Goods trade for tiftcen
years. The past two years has been at
the head of the silk nnd goods de
partment with the popular firm of O'Don-
ahoo & Sliorfy. The grocery department
will bo in charge of ono of the best posted
grocery men in I lie city. The location is
ono of the best in Omaha , nnd we pre
dict wonderful success for the firm of
Mostollor , Scott & Co. Hemembnr the
date of their opening. Saturday , Sept.
10th. New store cor. 15th and "Vinton
_ _
Visitor. * to the Fair.
Wo have the reputation of carrying
the largest and linest stock. Finest BO-
lection of Trimmed Hats and Honnets.
Selling goods cheaper than any house
west of Chicago.
Selling the most goods and satisfy all
of our customers. Do not fail to call
when yon are in Omaha.
Douglas St. , bet. 14th and 15th , Omaha.
Iowa State Fair ,
Held at Dos Moines from September 3 to
0. Tickets for the round trip from Coun
cil IiluH'8 , including admission to tlio fair ,
$4.45 , on sale from September 1 to 0 , in
clusive , goodto return on or before Sep
tember 13. Tickets will bo on saio nt the
Chicago , Hock Island & Pacific ticket of-
lice , ia05 I'lirnam street. S. S. Stevens ,
general agent.
Uonutllul Cllltou Hill.
HANDSOME Grammercy park , lots only
$725 and $750 and your choice. flOO
CASH , balance live semiannual payments.
This is an opportunity to double your
money before any further payments uro
required. Secure ono now.
1324 Faruam st.
Fair Inhibitors.
Parties wishing their pictures framed
for exhibition will please call early nnd
avoid disappointment. A. llospo , jr. .
1513 Douglas. _
Cutting School , 1O13 Howard.
Lessons given in scientUio dress cutting
free of charge for a few days. Visitors
73 aero lots September 0 , Lake Side
add ; flab on the grounds ; abstracts far-
The G. A. R. Reunion
at Omaha next week is an assured suc
cess. The preparations are on a mag
nificent scale -in Keeping with the city
andit Hvo population. Hut when you
talk of rushes and jams you should call
at the Chicago Bargain Shoo Store , 1318
Doujtlas street. The place is littcrally
overrun with customers. The genial
proprietor has just returned from the
east where ho has been assisting their
regular buyer , who is constantly in the
east securing bargain ? . The immense
clock purchased is now being unpacked.
The outside of this store is not as impos
ing as that of some others , but in amount
and variety of stock the Chicago Bargain
Shoo Store is the equal of any store in
ttio city. They have a line line especially
suited to school children. Dd not fail to
see them.
They have boots , slices and slippers ,
from medium to the finest quality , and
the ladies and gentlemen of Omaha can
rest assured that they need not go farther
than 1318 Douglas street to got any Kind
of footwear they may desire. Their
motto is , ' 'Honest goods and square deal
ing , " and they mark every article in
plain figures and have one price for
every customer. They will not allow of
any misrepresentation whatever , and
when they tell you a shoe is calfskin , you
can rely on it being just as represented.
The immense volume of trade done by
them , coupled with their unexcelled
facilities for buying , make it possible for
ttiem to oiler the low prices which tlioy
are making. Among the diflcrcnt first
class manufacturers' goods always in
this stock are the following : George W.
Ludlow , Chicago ; P. Cox Shoo company ,
Hochostcr , N. 1. ; Reynolds Bros. , Utica ,
N. V. ; Xoiglcr Bros. , Philadelphia ; Rob
ert Couch Co. , N. 1) . Dodge , George
K. Keith , Wallace Elliott it Co. , William
Dorscli it Co. , Newark , N. J ; A. I.
Smith , Lynn , Mass. ; Bay State Shoo
Co. , Now York City. Their street sign
is a mammoth gilded shoo on wheels ,
which , if you inspect closely , is num
bered 1318 Douglas street , its busy homo.
Auction or Koal Kstnte.
On Thursday , September 8 , at 10 a. m. ,
in front of our ollirc , corner Kith and
Dougjas streets , wo will sell to tlio high
est bidder at auction 20 lots in Irene
place , which is a sub of Weiss' subdivision
sion , and joins Central park on tlio west.
Tht'Mj are good lots and well located in a
rapidly growing part of the town. Also ,
at the same time , wo will sell lot 2li , of
Tuttlo's sub-division , containing 5 acres ,
more or less. This tract Is finely situated
for platting into lots. Tarms easy.
Brown & Creighton , Auctioneers , south
east cor. 10th and Douglas.
Fair Gronnrta and Imposition.
The Missouri Pacific ll'y will run trains
to and from tno fair grounds , daily , from
their depot , 15th and Webster sts. Trains
will run every half hour commencing at
0 o'clock a. m. Round trip tickets will
bo 15 cents ; ono way tickets 10 cents.
Kveryboily 8utintlort.
Money cheerfully refunded to an3ono
bujing a $10 lot at 1415 Farnam street
who will not acknowledge all lots to bo
worth many times more than prices
asked. Sale commences Sept. 5th at 1115
Farnam street.
Fair Exhibitors.
Parties wishing their pictures framed
for exhibition will please call early and
avoid disappointment. A llospo , jr. ,
1518 Douglas. _
Insure in the Nebraska & Iowa Insur
ance Co. of Omaha , the oldest and largest
company m the state.
Boys wanted Ten good reliable boys
wanted at American District Telegraph
Co. , li04 ! Douglas street , Good wanes ;
steady. ' -
Wild West and Hippodrome A Great
Show VoHtcrday.
Kansas City had yesterday afternoon
and evening the very best nnd biggest
show that ever exhibited here , including
all the circuses Harnum's , Foropaugh's
and the rest. It is a wonderful show.
The circus proper is entirely complete ,
with more actors than three ordinary
shows. 'J ho menagerie H also wonder
fully oonpieto and includes a great va
riety of wild boasts. The hippodrome
has many exciting races. It is without
an equal. The races are um on their
own merits. The Wild West is rcpleto
with wonders , the Custer massacre , the
stage coach robbery and Leon riding
thirty-one horses at ouo time being the
leading acts. The Custer battle is indeed
grout. The whole show stands unequaled.
Twenty-five thousand persons attended
hero. [ Kansas Ciiy Times , August 2 ,
The above named show , in all its great
ness , will positively exhibit at Omaha
Thursday , September 22. Wo advise all
to sco it.
In Twenty ! M juntos.
The motor line had for passengers yes
terday several of the stockholders of the
now "Military Avenue Building and Sav
ins association. " Their trip was for two
purposes to examine their property and
to sco at what speed the motor line
made. They wore more than pleased
with both the property and the quick
time made in getting there. The trip
each way was made in just live minutes
and when llio connection is made with
the city linoj parties owning houses in
this association can bo Inndod at the ex
position building in twenty minutes.
Shares are being rapidly taken , and W.
K. Gratton , the secretary , is moro than
uleased with llio success ho is meeting
with. Call on him nt121 Douglas street.
Omaha Commercial College ,
Farnam St.
_ Night school opens Monday evening.
Same brunches taught in the day are
taught in the evening school. Besides
those , shorthand , typo writing nnd Ger
man. An excellent chance for those engaged -
gaged through the day. Many iiavo ar
ranged already nnd n largo attendance
is certain. Any ono can outer. A full
corps of teachers are present every oven-
ing. Time spent lioro is cheaper and in
finitely better spent than in profitless
picasure. Begin at once. Call and talk
it over with us or send for circular.
Auction t Auction !
Tuesdav , Sept. Oth , at 10 o'clock a. m. ,
at southeast corner of 21th and Leaven-
worth , All the furniture of a 0-rooin
house , carpets , beds , parlor suit , cook
stoves , heutors , dishes , everything must
bo sold without reserve.
A. W. COWAN & Co. ,
To avoid confusion at the $10 lot sale
at 1415 Farnam st. . commencing Monday ,
Sept. 0 , numbered tickets will bo issued
entitling the holder to choice of lots ns
to order of numbers held , providing ho
answers promptly to his call.
The property owners of Nebraska
should natronizo home by insuring in the
Nebraska & Iowa Insurance Co. of
Omaha , the oldest and the largest com
pany m Nebraska.
No Taxes ! Nice Groves !
And lots at Ten Dollars each. A war
ranty deed eiven to each 40x125 foot lot
for exactly Ten Dollars , at 1415 Farnam
street. Sale September S to 10.
On tlio groundH'fuesilay Clh , at 10 a , m.
140 city lots in Lake Side addition.
Don't forget that F. L. Cotton sells
hard nui soft rosil. 813 N. 10th st.
The Homo Fire.
It may be of interest to the pcoplo of
this city nnd state to know that among
the most successfully conducted and
prosperous institutions in Nebraska is
the Homo Fire Insurance company of
The company's premium receipts
amount to $175,000 , nnd its business is In
creasing. Its assets now nro about
Over 200 losses Iiavo boon paid by tlio
"Homo Fire , " to people of Nobrask'a.nnd
the company has a receipt in full for satis
factory settlement , and a complimentary
letter for prompt and honorable dealing
in every case. The company has never
boon sued.
There is no reason why a worthy homo
insurance company should not receive
tlio patronage and support of tlio people
of this state , nnd judging from the high
standing of the ollicers nnd directors of
the "Homo Fire , " and tlio care it oxer-
pises in the selection and management of
its business , and the fair nnd honorable
way it has paid its losses , and dealt with
the public , this company is worthy of the
largo patronage it is receiving.
A Now Photographer.
To-morrow the IMclx photograph gallery -
lory opens for business at 1406 Farnam.
Mr. H. Pietz , tlio proprietor , has had
a life experience in his busbies ? , and for
the last ( iftcon years has been at Spring-
lieUl , III. He had heard so much of
Omaha that last July ho came lioro to sco
the city and was so much taken with the
city that ho concluded to locate here. Ho
holds several diplomas from the etato of
Illinois , and ono from the World's ' expo
sition at Now Orleans for the best work
from Illinois , Chicago included. His
work is extensively used in illustrating
artistic work in photographing journals.
Ho will do a good business hero.
Warranty Dord
Given and every lot a building lot , high ,
dry and level , 40x125 feet in si/.e , free
from encumbrances. Ten dollars pays
in full for tlio lot , remember. M15 Far
nam street from Sept. 5 to 10.
nipthcrla Cured with "Jo-Ho" Oil.
The oil lias tlio power of eliminating
all tlio poisons from the system , hence
the wonderful cures. With this remedy
at hand every mother could uo her own
physician , and diptheria , croup , and all
infantile ailments would vanish , and no
more empty cradles to grieve the moth
ers of the nation.
The above is from Mrs. Mary F.
Barnes , of Davenport , la. , n lady who
has no interest in this great remedy , only
to see sull'ering alleviated and life saved.
Sold onlv in Omaha by
Hoom K , Gruenig block.
Cor. 13lli and Dodge street.
A Scramble ,
There will bo n scramble for those Ten
Dollar South Oninha lots ai 1415 Farnam
street. Think of it ! A 46x125 foot lot
free from incumbranco for only Ton
Dollars : No contract ! No mortgage !
? 10 is payment in full nnd you walK off
with a warranty dectl in your pocket.
Sale commences September 5.
Frcn Admission.
Every day during the fair to tlio great
$10 lot salu at 1415 Farnnm street ,
300 South Omaha lots to bo sold for10
each. Warranty deed given with eacli
lot. Size of lot"40x125 , 1115 Farnam St.
% BM i
An Old Rnllahlo HOIIBO.
It you want to buy or soil farm or city
property 1 will bo pleased to sco you and
cau oflcr as good trades as the market
affords , M. M. I'Aititisu ,
1507 i'arnam st.
John Grant , the slogolitio sidewalk
paver , has his office in room 120 , Hamgo
block. Telephone 824.
' 'We ' Are Doming , Father Abraham , " Prom
Every Part of Nebraska and Iowa.
The Great Mass Gathering of Vet
erans Which [ logins in the
City To-morrow Vast
Scene * at Camp L/oijnn.
Flanked on the north by a dark , men corn
Held with a fringe of heavy , large willows on
the west , on n green plain stands Camp Lo
gan. It is not without good reason that old
veterans and participants In reunions say no
superior as to location and topography has
over been found in the country. Immedi
ately to the south Is the new depot and bag
gage loom of the Union Facllic Hallway
company , the track comes up to this nnd a
largo new platform Is for the accommodation
of visitors to the camp. Just beyond to the
south is Cut-oil lake , across which sail boats
skim and around which reeds nod.
There are twenty-four streets in the camp ,
known by letters Ironi A to X. These streets
run troin east to west , and there are two rows
ot tents between the btreet1 ! . There are
throe thoroughfares running north and south ,
\Vebt n\enue , which Is the main street. Cen
tral avenue and iHast avenue. Oil Central
avenue is the dining room , also other places
of accommodations. The Indies of the Meth-
odUt church have a dining hall on headquar
ters row In which meals will bo regularlr
served during the WCOK. The sneaking nnd
musical platforms are on K , .M. nnd N
The pipes which co.ivoy the drinking water
around the camp aio novel and effective.
There are 4,000 feet ot them , and thirty-five
faucets , either of the latter giving a stioam as
strong as any hydrant In the city. A barrel
Is stationed at each faucet , to bo filled with
lee packed away lu water. Thus each person
attending the encampment will have plenty
of leo water. The white "army duck" habit
ations in their neat tiimness and regular
rows present a very enlivening appearance ,
while away to the south and cast strains ot
music are wafted from the camp
of regulars who are llvlnc their
regular lite. Just east ot them Is tlio boiler
niid the engine on the hank ot the lake , that
pumps the wtitor to the grounds through the
Northeast of Camp Logan In Its fresh
plank array. Is an amphitheatre 400 roet long
with a seating capacity of ' _ ' , MK ) , which fionts
to tlui north , where .stretches a well adapted
plain , the parade ground. On this will be
fought the sham battle and will bo executed
the maiietivros that always bewilder everyone
except a soldier.
t. There Is a dancing pavlillon 100x10 feet in
which the dltciples ot Terpsichore ran
double discount "Cutty bark" eighteen hours
out of the twenty-four , to the tunes of the
Musical Union. An Immense commissary
department under the charge of Keavis
and Kaufman.
.South of the camp nnd on the north edge
of the shimmering lake the workmen nro
engaged In DulMlng the llotllla
which will realistically represent the passao-o
of the federal llotllla by Vlcksburg April 15.
lbG3. In that frightful and ternhle grand
pilgrimage , the transport Henry Clay with
union soldiers on board was blown up. There
will btf four gunboats on the lake , lien ton the
llagehlp , Carondelt't. Tubcondla. a monitor
and General Jlragg , the maat ship , and the
army transport Henry Clay. 1'llots on tint
boats for the look out , the sleek black bides of
the dread water warriors , the binoko blacks
with their heavy volumes of smoke rolling
hence , the earth-quaking thunders of three
batteries of oitillery , two federal nnd ono
state , the zipping , Incandescent wire rockets
bursting hig'i ' In air , the firing of 3,000 rounds
ot ammunition , the blazoof icd lights nnd
the blazing splashing of hand granades
against the sides of the gunboats as they Fall
past the confederate fortifications ulll make
a spectacle never before seen In the webt ,
short of reility.
A pavllllun to scat about COO on the waters
cdgo IB finished. Just opposite It In the
water a chip Is being built lor the representa
tion of "Pinafore. " Chicago artists and art
istes will help In carrying outthe programm
on board " 11. SI. S. "
The boats In the naval and land encountoi
will bo manned by experienced sallur.s. T
With tlio Hags flofUInz and the marine
ditto , the grand stands tilled with beautlfiijl
women gaylvarrajed na bellti a holiday It-
honor of the grand old veterans , with th
civilians out in foice , with the peaceful ani _
probperoua citizens of to-day , the bankers ,
the lawyers , the doctors and business men or
the country , changed back to their hfo
when they had but passed their t\\o or
three score mile-post on the pll iImago
of life when thev were warriors ready to bo
shot down or sabred to death or moio wllI-
in , ' still , reverse conditions , wltti thvse atilt
mated men lo-onactlngthe scones calculated
to keepalive the lires of patrotlsm in them
selves and furnish the spark to light them In
the now generation. All will continue to
make a gorgeous pageant , a stlning and ad
mirable spectacle.
First National itiink Fnrnlttire.
The contract for furnishing the inter
ior equipment for the First National
Hank building has been awarded to A. II.
Andrews it Co. , of Chicago. The com
petition for the work was very netivo
and , as each competitor submitted his
own sketches , the award hinged largely
upon the merit of the design submitted.- '
The award was made after very careful
consideration , nnd the banking room
will bo handsomely equipped. The
character of the design selected ia
in the Romanesque or Anglo-Norman.
All of tlio wood work will beef
of the choicest mahogany. Marble will
bo cudolythic. All metal will bo of cop
per , and the contract will bo actively
pushed in order that the building may bo
occupied at the earliest posRiblo date. A.
11. Andrews & Co. are also executing all
of the interior fittings for tlio United
States National bank building. In this ,
case the woodwork will bo of iuitiuo |
quarter-sawed oak. All of the metal
parts will bo of electro-plated iron tinibh.
Marble will bo ondolvtliie. The room
will be handsomely decorated , and the
equipment thorough and complete in
every detail.
The progress of the work will bo
watched with much interest , and the ne\v
banks of Omaha will certainly excel any
thing else of their kind either east or west.
Falconer Dnconitea.
N. 15. Falconer is making extensive
preparations for the decoration of his
store in honor oi the Grand Army boys
and will no ilonbt proscnf a very impos
ing view , lie intends to spare no pains
or expense to make this display surpass
anything ho has yet undertaken. Mr.
Falconer is also making great prepara
tions for his opening of fall goods next ;
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Free Kliow.
Commencing Monday , Soptomhor 5 , at
M15 Farnam btreot , ! ! 00 South Omaha
lots to bo sold for $10.00 each. Don't
miss this opportunity. Warranty deed
with each lot. 1415 1-arnam street.
lluy your coal before the advance from
F. L. Cotton. 81 ! ) N. ICtli.
A Itiish.
It will bo Impossible to keep the crowd
back when they find out where the f 10
South Omaha lots are located. Sale
commences Sept. 5 , at M15 Farqam st.
The Nebraska it Iowa Insurance Co. of
Omaha pays its losses immediately and
in full.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
100 lots : Ilcllman'tJ addition. Sale oil
grounds bopt. Olh.
( ico. L. Fisher , Architect , Itoom 4T |
Chamber of Commerce building.
You will find a policy In the Nebraska
< t Iowa Insurance Co. , ol Omaha , a good
tiling in the hour of need ,
I'rotect your property by a policy In
the Nebraska it Iowa Insurance Co , , of