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Heal Estate Picks Up at the Prospect of a
New Bailroad.
Ho Delivers a Characteristic Address
to 1OOOO 1'eoplo MTH. Overtoil
On Trial For tlio Murder of
Her Husband.
A Now Ilnail For Onkland.
OAKLAND , Nob. , Sept. 1. [ Special to tlio
Di'.K.I The citizens of Oakland are very
much elated at tlio prospect of a now rail-
oad. And what nnktis the outlook In this
respect doubly encouraging Is the tict : that
tlio proposed line is not a stub mail throvfn
out ns a feeder from the main line but an ex
tension of ono of tlio loading rallrouds of the
west , his said , nn the bet nut Imrltr , that
the Illinois Central will build a line from
Onawn , la. , to Dccatur In the northwest part
of Hurt county , bol'oro the 1st of October.
Oraders are. now at work between tlicsn two
liolnts and surveyors have begun setting
grade stakes between Oaklaiul and Docatur.
Thcro Is littlu doubt that Oanland will pet
the road and thus have a competing line. As
a consequence real estate Is growing very
nctlvo not only hero but all over Decatur
county. _
Senator Van AVyck at Wayne.
WAYNH , Neb. , Hept. 1 , ( Special Telegram
to the HKK. ( - General Van Wyck made a
characteristic address to the people \Vayno
county at the fair to-day. About 16,000 people
ple wcro In attendance ami the general's re
marks were loudly applauded. The ex-sena
tor has a warm place In the hearts of the people
ple of this county.
Court at Ilrokcn Dow.
UitoKKN Bow , Nob.Sept. 1. ( Special Tel
egram to the HKK.I Court convened this
morning with Judge llnmer In the chair.
Judge T. O. C. Harrison , has been occupying
the bench since Monday "night on account of
the unavoidable absence of Judge llainer.
The jirst casu brought up before the court
lo-dav was that of the State of Nebraska vs.
Mrs. Sarah J. Overtoil , charged with shootIng -
Ing her husband with Intent to kilt. After
Eovon hours laboring with the Information
nnd competency of several citizens of this
county to sit on a trial of the case , a jury
\vas chosen and the case was stated to them
by County Attorney Klrkpatrlck. The state
expects to prove that the defendant committed
n premeditated murder by shooting her
husband ; that lid was iisleep on the
floor when killed ; tlmt ho was
constantly In fear while living that his wife
would kill him seine day ; that slio previously
arranged the furniture and gun so as to
mnko a Hiiro thin ? of It , and that tlio plans
wcro made nnd carried out by her alone.
That when the gun was tired It aroused the
two sons who wern sleeping In another
apartment , and when they got Into the room
where the shooting was done they saw their
mother putting a stick In their dead father's
hands and pressing his lingers down so as to
hold it , thereby hoplne to create the Impres
sion that ho committed suicide. The state
also expects to prove that the defendant was
cruel and abusive to her husband , , nnd
that bhe never forgot to indulge In very pro-
iano language when an opportunity offered
itself. That while the two sons were absent
Informing a neighbor , the mother changed
her every day clothes for her nlgnt clothes ,
that the daughter saw her fire the
shot as alleged , and that after
tiring the shot she arranged , during the ab
sence of Her sous , the chairs and gun so that
It would bo Impossible to believe but what
she was Innocent. Tlio three principal wlt-
nssses in behalf of the state are the three chil
dren of the murdered man ana the dofend-
nnt , being two sons aged respectively liftcen
nnd twelve years , and a daughter aged about
ton years. Attorneys Baldwin of Omaha ,
and Led wick and Klllott of this city are for
the defense , while Attorneys Kirkpatrlck
and llalcomb are for the state. A great deal
of interest Is being manifested , and tlin court
room Is crowded to its utmost. Several
other Important cases under the head of
criminal i\111 bo tried this term. . Tiioy are
as follows : State of Nebraska VH. It. K. Mar
tin , criminal libel ; Id. , vs. G. W. Ashbnrn ,
Miootlug with Intent to kill ; Id. , vs. Amanda
J. Miller , blgauiy.
Judicial Nominees.
NOIIFOI.K , Neb. , Sept. t | Special Telo-
jjram to the BKK. ] The republican judicial
convention of the Seventh district met hero
to-night and nominated Isaac Powers of this
city nnd W. F. Norrls of Dixon county as
candidates for judges. Each were selected
on lirst ballot. Central committee : William
Itobertson of Madison , chairman ; Antelope ,
Kob rt Wilson ; Cedar , J. II. Young ; Cum-
mini : , O. 1) . Hnssfniier ; Dakota , J. 1. Spen
cer ; Dixon , C. W. Murney ; Madison , 1) . A.
Holmes ; I'lcrco , W.V. . Quiucy ; Stnuton , 0.
L. Lamb ; Wnyue , Charles Brltton.
Unprofessional Conduct.
BnoKK.v BowNeb.Septl. [ Special Telt-
eram to the BKK. | Last evening J.C.Naylor ,
prominent lawyer of Calloway.was arrested
knd cootined In the Jail for unbecoming con
duct. The payment of a moderate line and
costs set him free again.
The O. & O. Exiircfltt Stile.
BAI.TIMOIU : , Sept , L Vice President
Spencer , In answer to Inquiries on the sub
ject to-day , confirmed the disposal of the
plant of the Baltimore < fc Ohio express com'
pany. and of the execution of a contract be
tween the railroad company and the United
States express company for thirty years , but
declined to give any further particulars , lie ,
hownvcr , regarded the arrangement as ouho
advantageous to the Interest both of the rail
road company and express company.
Spencer stated that there was no truth what
ever In the statements as to the negotiations
with London oankeis for control ot the rail
road company , or that the house
of Ilobcrt Carrutt & Sons was selling ,
or Intending to sell Its holdings , and he
knew of no such Intentions on the part of
other largo holders. Ho treated as absurd
the statement that the Pennsylvania railroad
hail advanced or WAS advancing any moneys
to the Baltimore it Ohio company looking to
Us control , or for any other purposes. Tno con
trol of the company hnd not passed and would
not pass Into any rival hand * . It would
continue as an independent trunk line , with
the Interests of nil classes ot stockholder *
fully and amply cared for , working , It Is
hoped In such harmony with connecting and
competing Interests as would "eeuro the best
result * tor all. The company Is doing n large
business and has met and was prepared to
meet presently all Its obligations of ev ry
More II. & O. Deals.
BALTIMCIIK , Mil. , Sept. 1. It Is now very
generally believed hero that the sale of the
express company is not the last of the deals
of the B.iltlmnro te Ohio rallroid company.
Special dispatches from New York render It
.conclusive to the minds of many prominent
business men that the telegraph
system of the company will soon pass Into
other hands If the negotiations nro not al
ready concluded. The impression also prevails -
vails that Garrutt Is anxious to dispose of tl.o
road , and the announcement of its sale will
not create any surprise here.
Htnno Cutter * Strike.
JtKAiUNO , Pa. , Sept. 1. About ono hun
dred stone cutters employed by the Penn
sylvania granite Works at the falls of French
Creek , are on a strike , The firm has a con
tract to dress the granite base for the Meade
monument In Philadelphia , and fearing that
their present force would not complete the
work in time , they hired three men and put
Hum ) to work. The old hands objected to
this because the men were not members of
the National Stouo Cutters' union and thu
Iroublo ensued.
Ohio Wool Men Preparing Measures
For Their 1'rotcctlon.
COI.UMHUS , O. , Sept. 1. The Ohio Wool
( .rowers' association a' their meeting to-day
adopted n scries of resolutions respecting the
correspondence held between the president
ot the association and the president of the
association of wool manufacturers , and fully
endorsed the action ot the president of the
association , The resolutions clto that the
manufacturers who consume largo quantities
of foreign wools are not In sympathy with
domestic producers nnd are unwilling to
sco them protected by national legislation
so as to onnblo them to compete with the
products of forolen nations ; that It was by
heir advice that tlio tarltr legislation of 183 J
vas Initiated and consummated. Uy this
ct they claim that shorn husbandry In the
United States has ceased to be remunerative.
I'hey therefore resolve that it is the sense of
his association that the wool growers of Ohio ,
vlthout exception , desire the prosperity of
he wool manufacturers , and therefore invor
inch economic national legislation as will
tilly protect their Important Industry and
uch just rulings by the treasury department
, s will glvu legitimate force and effect to all
aws In aid of the same : that In tlio opinion
if the association nil mnnutncttirors ot wool
, vhodo not consume considerable quantities
f foreign production are lullv in sympathy
vitli the producers of wool in the
United States and lire willing
' ; o son domestic wools fully pru-
ected , that the parties who have caused
his oppression to the wool growers oiuht to
ccogtmo the facts brlelly stated and admit
.he justice of their claim to equal and nde-
imato protection boforn calling upon them to
unite in ulforts to procure enactments favor-
bio to their Interests and to correct the
iilsconstructlon of economic laws and the
rroneous rulings ot the treasury depart
ment on them. The resolutions concur In nil
resolutions adopted by this convention ,
nd especially the one proposing that a com-
ultteo bo selected by the president of the
National Wool Growers' association to con-
or with n committee Irom the Wool Manu-
'acturers * association. The national president
and the president of the Ohio association ,
ivlll visit the east and ascertain If the iimnu-
acturers ore willing to co-ouorate with a
rlow to harmony between producers and
Ilattroads Called to Time.
r.i ) , Ills. , Sept. 1. Aii Import
ant meeting of the railroad and warehouse
ommlsslon was held hero to-day , nt which
ivcro present some twenty or thirty manu-
acturers and shippers ot Peorla , Decatur ,
Bloomlngton , Mollne , Hock Island and
Quiucy to urge n reduction of maximum
relght rates in Illinois as fixed by the board
it railroad and warehouse commissioners
ivhlcu It had been charted were In excess of
uter-s.tato rates , voluntarily established and
maintained by the railroad companies. All
lie railroad companies in the state with the
xceptlou of the Lake Erie &
Western and nnd Indiana , iiloom-
'ngton & Western hnd representatives
n attendance , and the commission urged a
'till discussion to the and that nil possible
.Ight might bosprend on the vexed question
find If possible nn amicable and fair solution
cached. W. A. Brubaker , manager ot the
A'orla freight bureau , opened the bull for the
[ iiniiufncturers nnd shippers , and presented
rates from the state and Inter-state tariff ,
which showed conclusively that the former
, vero greatly In excess of the latter , nnd In
lOino instances nearly or quite tlueo times as
; rcnt. He spoke of thn hardships to which
.lllnois iminufactuiers and shippers were sub
ected under the existing conditions and In
sisted that as the lower luter-sUto rates
tixeu by the railroad companies themselves
were presumably was plainly
the duty of the commission to reduce the
maximum rates that the roads might lawfully
exact. Others spoke on the same line and
afterwards several of the railroad men spoke.
They wore decidedly wnryand | Insisted In ireri-
oral terms that they were unable to elve Interstate
ter-state rates on Illinois business , that they
ivero forced to adopt the lower rates on inter
state traffic , ana that if they attempted to hold
out niralnst these they would bo shut ot from
outside business. The discussion was pro
tracted to n Into hour nnd an adjournment
was then taken until to-morrow.
HacinK at Hartford.
IlAirrrortD , Sept. 1. The third day of the
rand circuit meeting nt Charter Oak park
was marked by perfect weather. The crowd
was fully 7,000 , and there wcro three ex
ceptionally good races. During the after
noon Major Dickinson's pair , Flora llotf and
Cora Boll wcro sent on an exhibition inilo in
21X. '
First race , 2:27 : class : Jessie won , Jesse
second , Gruyllgut thiid , Faro fourth. Time ,
iMW *
Second race , free-for-all : J. O. won ,
Kitetoot second , Spollord third. Besslo
fourth. Time. 2ltf. :
Third race,2:20class : : Bon Star won. W.
K. secoiid , Aleroy third , Sir Walter fourth
Time , 2:21J4' : .
Fall Mooting nt Coney Island.
Niw : YOIIK , Sept. 1. The tall meeting of
the Coney Island Jockey club at Sheepshead
Bay began to-day. The weather was line ,
the nttendanco largo and the track In good
Five-elehts mile : Little Mlnch won , Mona
second , Brittanic third. Time l:0l : f.
Ono and one-quarter miles , all aues : Elk-
wood won. Saxony second , Bauburg till rd.
Time-2:08. :
Onomllo : Eolian won , Pearl Jcnnlncs
second , Florence K third. Tlinn 1:40 : %
only ono second behind the best record for
three-year-olds nnd upwards.
Onn and three-sixteenth miles , on turf.
Joe Cotton won , Pomona second , Blnnette
third. Tlmo-3OOK. ;
An Aeronaut's Fatal Fall.
PmxcKTOX , Mo. , Sept 1. At the Mercer
county fair yesterday afternoon , Randal
Blakeslee , a hnlf-brccd Indian , made a bal
loon ascension , hanging to the trapeze bar
In the ascent he was unable to pull hlinsol
on the bar , but managed to hold himsel
up bv n loop which ho had drawn
around his wrist. After reaching an altitude
of 2,000 feet the balloon descended , and when
within 500 feiit of the earth Hlakeslee's grasr
relaxed and ho tell to the earth , lie III on his
feet In a corn Held , his thk-lis being broken
and driven into the trunk ot his body.
An Iowa Man .Suicides.
BOSTONSept. . 1. A man nbout thirty
three years old , supposed , from papers found
on hislperson , to bo Derby ( } . tirach , ot 1011
North Boundary street , Burlington , In.
committed suicide on the common yesteulay
by shooting Himself In the left breast. The
man was about live feet oUht Inches In
height , dark complexionedand had evidently
been sick with consumption. The body lies
ut the undertaker's awaiting Identification
Nr.w YORK , Sept. 1. The Commercial
Cable company this morning Issued a clrcu
lar , giving a reduction ot cable rates. On
and after September IS , 1SS7 , the tariff will
be twelve cents per word to Great Ilrltaln ,
Ireland and Fr.xnee , and tifteen cents per
word to Cermauy. At a meeting ot the di
rectors of the Commercial Cable company It
was resolved to Increase the capital block
from 5 ,000,000 to SO.000,000.
Tolllvcr's KtllcrH Cleared.
LKXI.VUTO.Y , Ky. , Sept. 1. In the Uowan
circuit court at Mooicliead , to-day , Pigiuan
nnd IVrry , charged \\itli the murder of Craig
Tolllver , were cleared after two hours delib
eration by a jury. K\orythlngnt Moorohead
In quiet , and no danger Is apprehended from
_ _
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Cool , threatening weather ,
rain , light to fresh winds , generally easterly.
For Iowa : 'Cooler , threatening weather ,
local rains. light to fresh winds , generally
Boutheatfrly. .
l-'or Cciltial and Eastern Dakota : Cooler ,
followed bv warmer , fair weather , except
local rains In 'oiitheni portions , light to
fresh winds , generally northeasterly , voer-
lug to easterly. . .
The Fish
WASHINGTON , Sept. 1. ( Special Telegram
to the BKK.I All sorts of rumors are current
to-nleht relative to tlio appointment of the
English llshsrles commission and the prob
able course ot the Udlted States In the prem
ises , Only ono thing Is certain up to this
time , that Is that the United States will do
nothing whatever until olllclnlly Informed as
to the action of Great Brltlan , The commis
sioners will come to Washington and will
bo accredited representatives of their gov
ernment to enter Into such negotiations as
can bo agreed upon. The secretary of state
may treat with them directly In person or
throngh the commissioners appointed
by the president for the purpose.
In the latter event the American com
missioners will bo simply representatives
of the state department and will not form
part of n "joint high commission. " It Is
thought probable , that the president mny
deem it best to appoint three commissioner *
to represent the United States , although
Governor Porter , the assistant * ecretnry of
state , Is of the opinion that this course is en
tirely unnecessary. Whether there Is a
"commission" or not , there will undoubtedly
bo n convention prepared before the mooting
of congress to bo submitted to the senate for
ratllicatlou. What the action ot the senate
will bo Is problematical , but unless there Is a
marked cliaut'o of sentiment In that body
from that which existed last year , any treaty
Is likely to fall.
I'nhllo Debt Statement.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 1. The following Is n
recapitulation ot the debt statement Issued
to-day : Interest bearing debt , principal ,
81,060,853,712 ; interest , 810,114,3'M ; total
81,070tOS,048 ) ; debt on which Interest has
ceased since maturity , principal , 84W > 7,715 ;
Interest , 8180,031 ; total. S4.581.M7 ; debt bear
ing no Interest , S5'J7,453,840 ; Interest prepaid
not accrued per department circulars , 81,075-
80 ; total debt , principal , SIVVj,705,2C7 ( ; In
terest , SU,37fl,513 : total , 81,674,081,815 ; less
cash items available for reduction of the debt
8250,543,540 ; total debt , less available cash
Items. 91,314,53.1.275 ; net cash In treasury ,
841,700,903 ; debt loss cash In treasury Sep
tember 1 , 1887. S1,20'J,774,3GO ; debt , less cash
In treasury August 1 , 1887 , 1.274,5S3H 2 ; decrease -
crease of debt during month. 84W ,4T5 ; total
available for reduction of debt , $250,540,540 ;
reserve fund , held for redemption of United
States notes , 8100,000,000 ; unavailable for ro.
ductlonof the debt , 820,1350,331 : certificates
held as cash , 83li , 424,950 ; net cash balance on
hand , S44,7GOU 0 ; total cash in treasury as
shown by treasurer's general account , 8459-
Ill-Treatment of a Missionary.
WASHINGTON , Sept 1. A long commun
ication has boon received at the department
ot state from the American commissioners
of foreign missions at Boston containing
substantially the sauio account as given in
the press dispatches of the nrrest
nun Ill-treatment of Missionary Doane
at Ponopc , Caroline Islands , by the Suanish
government. The complaint will at once be
transmitted to United States Consul Volzht ,
nt Manilla , with instructions to ascertain
the facts In the case , nnd take the necessary
steps to nrotcct the missionary from any un
just treatment. _
Gone to Moot Crook.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 1. Major Gen
eral Terry Informs the war department of
the receipt of the following telegram from
Major Itandlett , dated Fort Duchosne , Aug
ust SO :
Dawson , with his troops , Indian Agent
Byrnes and the head men of the Utes started
yesterday to meet General Crook and Gov
ernor Adams at Meeker. The Utos are allen
on tno reservation. There are no fears of
their leaving It. This can bo assured to the
people of Colorado. _
Nebraska and Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Sept. l.- | Special Telegram
to the BEC.J The following Iowa pensions
were granted to-day : Catharine , mother of
John M. McClelland , Knoxville ; Alauson O
Moore , Manchester ; Samuel Kdgerton , Illv-
orton ; Peter Koberts , Washington ; Peter
Bolenbauch , Tunnel ; David M. Strain ,
Pralrio City ; Michael Hayes , Council Bluffs ;
John W , Mahonev , Forest City ; Emerson
Benson , Albla. He-Issue James U. King ,
Nebraska-George Crinuon , Bonkelraan ;
Andrew T. Drewbergcr , t'urdum.
General Allies' IIOK Brokon.
WASHINGTON , Sept 1. General McKee-
ver , under date of San Francisco , Informs
the war department of the receipt of a dis
patch from General Miles say ing lie hnd his
leg broken In n runnwnv , and that ho would
be confined to his room for several days.
A New Civil Service Plan.
WASHINGTON , Sept t The civil service
commissioners have Under consideration n
plan for n moro uniform classification of the
clerical force in the government depart
Joslnh Jerked.
Coi.u.Mnus , O. , Sept , 1. Joslah Terrlll
was executed at half past 13 o'clock this
morning. Ho proclaimed his innocence after
ho had been brought upon the scaffold. The
execution took place In the annex at
the penitentiary , and there were about
fifty persons to witness It HP slept up to 11
a. in. and then ate a lunch and after smok
ing was ready to proceed to the scaffold.
The crime was the murder of Charles Phelps ,
about sixty years of ago , who lived near 1'oni-
eroy , Meigs county. _
A Short Strike.
CHICAGO , Soot 1. Ninety-three car
vers employed by the Pullman Palace Car
company nt Pullman , , went on a strike this
morning because their most remunerative
work was taken from them and clven to the
cabinet makers , who would do It cheaper.
The company decided to accede to their de
mands and they wl'l ' return to work to
Candidates For Clilofof thn O. A. R
ST. Louis Sept. 1. It Is freely asserted In
Grand Army circles here that tr.o question
who shall bo the next commander-ln-chief o
the order Is an all-absorblne one. It is said
now that there are practically but two candi
dates in the field for the oilico General Slo
cum , representing the east , and Genera'
Gieen , of St. Louis , ronrnsimtlng the west
Coffee Jumps Twenty Points.
NKW YoitK , Sept 1. To-day colfee jumped
twenty points above the closing last night
The feeling Is bullish because reports from
South America have every Indication of a
short crop this year and next. The bears
say tnat there IB moro colfoo In the market
now than there ever was at any ono time ,
with cheaper prices.
An Official Copy.
Piiir.ADKi.iniiA , Sopt. 1. An ofi .l copy
of the order ot the president dlrocftnr tha
Lieutenant General Sheridan take command
of the United States troops participating In
tlui celebration of this month , was received
by the Constitutional Centennial commis
sion to-day.
Uarnod to Death.
WATKUVII.I.K , Mo. , Sept. 1. The Oa
Grove seminary , at Yassalboro , was burned
to the ground early this morning. The soi :
ot Stephen Jones , aged sixteen , perished In
tbollame.s. The building vtas occupied ai a
school by the Society ot Friends.
Canada's Escaped Convicts.
OSWEOO , N. Y. , Sept. 1. Tho'two con
victs who escaped in the steam yacht from
Kingston penitentiary landed near here.
They had sunk the yacht No trace of them
can oe touud.
Memphis K Llttlo Hook Road Sold.
LITTLE Kocic , Ark , , Sept. 1. The Mem
phis & Little Rock railroad was sold under a
mortgage this aftcruoon to It. Kk Dow , of
New York , the price paid being $2.800,000.
The road will Jw cxteniltU to Dallas , Tex.
Proceedings of the lowi Democratic Con
vention at Des Moinea.
Cleveland's Dccord Endorsed and a
Few Word * Added Kor the Sot *
Ulor Vote Not Exactly
lowa'a Democratic Convention.
DKS Momus , la. , Sopt. 1 , | Special Tele-
cram to the line. ] The democratic con
vention to-uay was a comparatively quiet
and listless gathering. Although the com
mittee reported every county represented ,
there were several counties that never voted.
Thcro was neither the enthusiasm nor the
sharp contest for places which distinguished
the Cedar Knplds convention two years ago ,
nnd though federal olllcoholilcrs were on
hand In full force to shout for democracy ,
they could not invoke the same applause that
the republicans can. The only speeches of
note were those by the chairman. Senator
Dodge carried of the honors In an eloquent
address reoleto with majestic similes and
rounded sentences long drawn out , while
Colonel Sells gave a ten minutes'
exhortation , well calculated to provoke en
thusiasm by reminding the delegates of their
obligations to the national admlnlitratlon ,
and the obligation they owe to the "Jonah of
JhifTalo. " Every reference to the great office
distributer was cheered heartily , and the
platform utterances on this subject were the
only ones that were really Inspiring to the
COO delegates. The liquor nlank provoked a
irreat controversy , a strong following ObjectIng -
Ing to the local option features , and In favor
of a single barreled platform , and others
favoring IncAl option without license. The
committee was divided , and n strong minor
ity report brought in , but It could not be
passed. There was nio open attemnt at
fusion , nor any reference to the labor and
anti-monopoly party followers , though It Is
understood that Anderson is very friendly
with General Weaver. There was n
bitter contest over the nomination.
The nominee for govonor , Major
Anderson , Is n native ot Fulton county , Illi
nois , and titty years old , Ho was ralsod on
a farm , but studied law , served In the For
tieth Iowa infantry , and has lived at Knox-
vlllo many years , where he has held various
county ollicos. James M. Kldcr , the nom
inee for lleutenaut governor , Is n lawyer of
Llancock county , and has held county offices.
Charles P. Fogg , the nominee for judge Is n
common-place lawyer of Stuart nnd not
known in state politics , while Prof. Sawyer ,
of Fremont county , Is proprietor of a private
cliool at Hamburg , nnd Is said to have boon
a drummer boy in an Iowa regiment.
DKS MOI.NKS , la. , Sept 1. Before the
opening of the democratic state convention
his morning district caucuses mot and prepared -
pared committees to bo reported later and at
11 o'clock Chairman Hunter called the con
vention to order nnd Introduced the tem
porary officers as follows : Chairman , Sena
tor W. W. Dodge ; secretary , John C. Kelley ;
assistants. J. D. Iliill. Henry Shaver nnd J.
13. Adams ; roadlne clerk , J. U. Walker.
At the close of Senator Dodge's address ,
the following committees were announced :
Permanent organization W. A. Luck-
worth. N. H. Ilelbreck , W. A. Chnuser , K.
J. Miller , K. C. Holt J. 11. Uolton. II. M.
Munson , J. W. Frooland , W. S. Cleveland ,
Martin Cooner , W. A. Wells.
KesoIutlons-J. D. M. Hamilton , W. O.
Schmidt , K. W. Carr , M. U. Jackson , C. H.
Mackoy , F. W. Lelunann , J. U. Sullivan , W.
C. Jones , J. F. Duncan , A. Van Waggoner.
Credentials K. * K Vanclift. John
Sprineer , John Sognln , W. C. Eatlo , A. D.
Fox , L D. Klnnoy , H. McNeal , Samuel
Chandler , F.C.Clark , O. S. Hayzlett , It. C.
State Central Committee C. D. Fuller
Sa.mucl Colin , J. J. Demwon. M. J. Carter ,
John Vaughn , P. G. Ballingall , J. U. Klllott ,
E. F. Miller , 0. J. Wylaud , G. W. Uleatt , G.
U. Hcaley.
After the announcement of committees
the convention adjourned until this after
On assembling in the afternoon Captain
Sells was made permanent chairman and the
other temporary officers wore made perma
nent , with , the addition of John Sprinter as
secretary , The committee on credentials
reported every county represented and with
very few exceptions , full i'legatlons. Tnere
are CIO delegates present.
The resolutions were read by F. W. Leh-
mann , and in the report was a recommenda
tion that it be adopted section by section ,
which was adopted. The first resolution
was adopted unanimously and the second
was adopted after the insertion of the words
"and tobacco. " Alter the adoption of the
second resolution , a motion was carried by a
close vote , instructing the officers to send a
cablegram to Gladstone. 'Die other resolu
tions were adopted without dissent until the
liquor plank was read , on which the com
mittee disagreed. Colonel Mackey , In bo-
hall of the minority , presented a substitute
favoring a judicious regulation of the liquor
trafllc , and practical local option. This was
voted down alter a heated discussion , nnd a
motion to strike out local option from the
plank was also lost and the original report
adopted. The rest of the platform was
adopted , and complete Is as follows :
We commend the fidelity of President
Cleveland to the obligations of his hlirii trust
and congratulate the country upon the econ
oniy , courage , honesty and patriotism of hli
administration. We cordially approve tin
public land policy of the president. Unearned
land grunts to the extent of millions of acres
have been restored to thn public domain and
reserved for actual settlers only , and the at
tempts of cattle syndicates to enclose and ap
propriate larce tracts of the nubile domain to
their own uses , have been defeated. A con
tinuance of the democratic administration Is
a euaranty that not another ncre shall be
granted to speculators or corporations. The
civil service of the country has been placed
upon n business basts and federal otllcials no
longer neidect the duties of their office for the
manipulation of party politics. The public
debt has been steadily reduced , and we favor
a continuance of the policy of applying tin
surplus revenues to tne payment of the deb
ns rapidly as possible. Wo commend tin
elllclency , liberality and Impartiality of the
pensfon department In the adjustment o'
claims under the present laws and we favoi
such further legislation as will make gener
ous provisions lor union soldiers and sailors ,
surrounding the same with such safeguard !
and restrictions as will prevent abuv > by any
who are not entitled to the bounty of the
'i. We call upon congress forthelmmedlati
revision of our tariff laws to a revenue basl
to the end that every Industry and every sec
tion may enloy perfect equality under the
law , and we favor tno retention of the inter
nal revenue tax on intoxicating liquors am'
tobacco and protest against its proposed re
ductlon for the purpose of continuing tin
piesent high tariff on the necessaries of life. .
3. We are in favor of continuing the time
honored > pollcy of the democratic party o
welcoming to our shores tha liberty-loving
people of all lands who come here to con
form to our laws and Institutions and become -
come cltUons of this country , but insist thai
strlnccnt regulations be adopted and enforced
to exclude the pauper , vicious and criminal
4. The noble and manly efforts of Glad
stone , Parnell and their associates In behalf
of the cause of representative government
for Ireland commands our unqualified ap
5. Wo commend the action of the demo-
cratlo members of the Twenty-first conernl
assembly In supporting the Cassette bill and
the bill ajalnst the holding of lands bv non
resident aliens and we pludgo our candidates
to the support of these measures In thu next
0. The vigorous prosecution of faithless
officials and thosq who Imo corrupted tliein
now being conducted by democratic prosecu
tion olliccrs In New York and Chicago Is a
hopeful sign of n reform of public morals ,
and wo believe the same mcasuro of justice
that Is visited upon Bribery of the local board
should be visited upon thes.moolTeno ; when
committed In the state and national legisla
7. We favor such legislation by congress
ns will make all corporations for purposes ot
litigation residents and citizens of the state
in which they do business.
8. Wo nro opposed to all sumptuary legisla
tion nnd In favor ot the repeal of the present
prohibitory liquor law and the substitution
In Its stead of n local option and carefully
guarded license law , with n minimum llrenso
fee of 3500 for the bettor control of the liquor
U. Wo believe that railroad companies nro
public corporations and therefore subject to
public control. Wo demand such legislation
by congress nnd the state legislature as 111
npply to state nnd Inter-state transportation
c-t freights nnd passengers the principles of
the Itcairan bill , vU : All rates shall bo rea
sonable and shall bo made public : no dis
crimination against Individuals or localities ;
no rebates or drawbacks ; same charge for
same service to all persons nnd no hlcher
charge for n less than for n creator service :
prohibition ot pooling in every torni ; equal
facilities and opportunities to all shippers.
We oppose the free transportation violation.
10. livery citizen of the state Is entitled to
vote , and his vote should bo as ofTectlvo ns
the vote of any other citUon.Vo denounce
as In violation of this Inherent right , ami ns
a prnctlcnl dlsfranchtsomcnt ot the majority
of our people the Infamous gerrymander
made by the republicans In the last general
assembly by which a small minority of the
people wore vested with full control ot the law
making power , and we pled ire our best endeav
ors to restore representation accrrdlng to pop
ulation and the right of the majority to rule.
We cordially invite the co-operation with us
of nil persons In accord with those principles
"n our endeavor to carry them Into effect.
IL Resolved , fhat wo favor such leelsla-
tlon as will crant to employes of corporations
'Ibertytobuy of whom they please.
The first ballot for governor resulted :
Major T. J. Anderson , 44 ; S. L. lioatow ,
1 < ; Charles K. Whiting , ( i ; J. D. Weaver , 5.
Nominated on th first ballot.
Lieutenant Governor J. H.EIrtor.SOSK ; W.
H. C. Jacques , 283X ; M. L. Wheat , 1. Mr.
Klder was nominated on the first ballot
For judge of the supreme court the only
ballot resulted : Charles S. Fogir , ail ; Daniel
F. Miller , 200. Mr. Fogg was declared the
For superintendent of public Instruction
II. W. Sawyer was nominated by acclama
The convention adjourned sine die.
Illinois Democrats at War.
CHICAOO , Sept 1. The executive committee -
too of the democratic state central committee
net this mornlncr and arranged tlio prelimi
naries for to-morrow's mcotlnu of the gen
eral state committee. It was decided to open
leadquartcrd at once and keep them open
until af tor the national election next year.
Potter P.ilmor has agreed to give the com
mittee the headquarters necessary for busi
ness In hi ? hotel. There were present at the
meeting of the executive committee
Mcss4s. Ersktne M , Phelps , chairman , Sam
uel K. Chase and Charles K. Kejn , of Cook
county ; W. J. Mlzo , secretary , of Macon
county ; J. C. Campbell , of Lasallo ; A.
Goodrich , of Jersey ; W. A. Queen , of Alex
andria : Fred Orendorff , ot Sangamon ;
James S. Kwing , of McLean. Senators J. J.
lligglns , ot Perry ; W. S. Formal ) , of Wash
ington , and Henry Letter , of St. Clalr
county , arrived early In the day. They
came up for the purpose of
pushing the Clendcnnln matter and
urging the committee to take some
action requesting the president to re
move Mr. Clendcnnln from the postolllce at
Hurlnglield on account ot his connection
with the "printing combine. " They sent
notices to all members of the committee that
they intended to appear and ask that they
interfere in the matter by requesting the re
moval of Clenacnnm. They will so before
the committee and mnko out their cnse.
They have got the evidence that was
clven before the committee of the
liglslaturu nnd will make requests nnd
arguments orally. Senators lligidns and
Fnrman explained that n false impression
had gone abroad to the effect that the com
mittee of the legislature had exonerated
Clendennin. The committee said that every
printing house In Springfield was impli
cated In thu printing frauds. They
were not making any personal light
upon Clendennin , but he was In the
postofllce , and as he was placed there by a
democratic administration , bo Injured the
party. Therefore he should bo put out. Ho
claimed that If n man In nn oltlco that tie held
nt the will of the administration proved dis
honest it was the duty of the committee to
see that he was removed , and it was not
only right but the duty ot the central
committee to do so. The democrats
came Into oilico clalmlug to be n reform
party and yet here Is one of the highest state
officials , one of their appointees , that Is Im
plicated with his paper In an attempt to
plunder tlm public treasury. Alfred Oren-
dortf is the principal representative of the on-
po.slto side. Ho claims the state central com
mittee has no jurisdiction over the matter.
What Attorney O'Connoll Has to Say
About It.
Bioux CITV , la. , Sept. 1. [ Special Tele
gram to the HKK.J Attorney M. IX O'Con-
nell , of Fort Dodge , was to-day interviewed
by n press reporter regarding the approach
ing Haddock trial. While he had nothing
particularly new to divulge , yet ho plainly
intimated that there would bo considerable
new eviaenco produced , some of which was
of rather a startling nature. The state has
served the defense witn' no notice of now
evidence , and the further fact that the
Methodists have not furnished any means to
assist the prosecution , WAS made apparent
Public interest Is beginning to center nrounc
this case again , and the forthcoming trla
will no doubt see as great interest as the
first one , when Aronsdorf was on trial for
his life. The opinion prevails that the bottom
tom of the great mystery will finally bo sat
isfactorily cleaned up.
The Police Have a Clu ? .
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Sept. 1. | Special Tele
gram to the HKF.J The police believe they
have a clue to the parties who assisted in the
escape of the desperado and horse thief Laws
nnd are shadowing several men. On tlio
nlirht before his escape three men were seen
talking to llalnes , Laws' brother-in-law , at
whoso house ho was shot ono of whom was a
notorious crook , known to the police an
"Rod. " lied Is believed to have assisted in
the escape ot Frank \Vlscott , a bigamist and
forger , some three years ago , while Wlscott
was waiting trial. He was forced to leave
Kansas City on account of his numerous dep
redations and Is a thorough scoundrel , lie
has frequently visited Laws since his con
finement The community here regard Laws'
escape as a disgrace to the constabulary ot
the county. No ono was left to guerdulm ,
although frequently tola by thn attending
physicians he was itolng to get well. The
whole crowd with whom he has been associ
ated arti crooks and are regarded as desper
ate men ,
'FrlHco Wheat Haloi.
SAN FIIANCIKCO , Sent 1. The sale of C.OOO
tons of wheat for the bonetit of tno creditors
of the recent bull operators , Dresbach &
Hosonlield , occurred on the produce exchange
this forenoon. The first sale of 100 tons was
made nt Sl.-Sl'.f per cental. The succeeding
'MO tons sola down to SI. - ! } , after whlcii the
price rose quickly to SI.'JA , and final sales
were made at 81.27. The prices obtained
were considerably better than have burnt
deemed possible. Wheat for seller 'bT Is
Convict Lensoea Itolng Trlnd.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Sept. 1. Governor Gor
don , aided by Attorney General Anderson ,
sat as a court to-day to hear the case against
certain convict lessees as to whether their
leases should not bo annulled. Thu lessees'
attorney made the point that the governor ,
Imvlnir boon n lessee at ono fine himself and
still on thu bond of a lessee , could not hear
the case. Under advice of the attorney gen
eral , the governor held that he had a right to
hear It Testimony as to cruelties practiced
upon the convicts was then clven aim the
court adjourned until uext Tuesday ,
Hnnoas City in , Ktnporla H.
KANSAS CITY , Sopt. l-Spedal Telegram
o the UKK.I Kansas City put an amateur In
ho box to-day Voting Cornell , son of ( Jen
cral D. E. Cornell , general agent of the
Union Pacific In this city , i Ho pitched n
'henotiunial game , striking out live men ,
naklng three hits and an equal number ot
runs , nnd accepting ten chances without an
error , The batting ot the homo was
very heavy , and they pounded Long's deliv
ery for twenty hits with n total of thirty ,
while the visitors got but seven singles. The
score Is ns follows , the game being called In
the eighth inning , on account of darkness :
Kansas City 1 2140-1 ! ) 0-15
Kmporla 5 0 3 0 0 0 1 * 8
Karucd runs Kansas City 11 , Kmporla 3.
Three base hits Mansoll 2. Struck out
Hy Cornell 5 , by Lomr 2. Left on bases-
Kansas City fi , Kmporla 15. First base on
: > alls Off Lone5. First base on errors-
Kansas City 1 , Kmpnria 'J. Pussod balls
Itlngo l , Meek U. Wild pitches-Long 2.
lilt by pitcher Howe , Long. Hatterlos
Kansas City : Cornell and Uliik'O. Kmporla :
Long and Meek. Tlmo of came I hour
nnd 55 minutes. Umpire Ha-nn ,
Topeka O , Wichita 4.
Toi'KKA , Kan. , Sept ; 1. | Special Tele
gram to the Bii.J : : The homo team acaln
detoatod the Wlchltas { this nfternoon ,
the game being called In the seventh Inning
on account ot rnln. The contest was lacking
In brilliant features. The following Is the
score :
Topeka I 0-H
Wichita 1 03010 0-4
Earned runs TopeKa C , Wichita 1. Two-
base hits Halltday , Maccullar , Ardnei ,
Sunday (2) ( ) . Sharranghouso (3) ( ) . Three-base
hits Jolnipon. Umpire Webster. Tlmo of
game 1 hour and 35 minutes.
Lawyers and Doctors 1O , Hankers O.
WAIIOO. Neb. , Sept. 1. ( Special to thu
UKK. ] Yesterday afternoon the bankers on
one side and the Inwyors and doctors on thn
other played the most interesting game of
ball of the season. The ngrcement was for
five Innings , nnd resulted ns follows :
Hankers 3 0301 0
Lawyers nnd doctors 0 371 0 10
The Wichita Club Ordered Homo.
TOPEKA , Sept. 1. [ Special Telegram to the
HKK.J The Wlrhlta base ball club received
olllctal notice here to '
to-day piny to-day's
game with Topeka as per announcement and
then quit nnd come home. Nothing Is known
as to the reason of this condition of affairs
except from the very start the Wichita boys
have been playing In very hard luck and the
management has received verv poor encour
agement from the poopln of Wichita. It mny
bo put down a ; a lact that Wichita Is not n
base ball town.
Wichita Will Disband.
KANSAS CITV , Sept 1. | Special Tel-
eeram to the UEEJ. Manager Grlllin , of the
Wichita club , sent n dispatch to President
Mcnges to-night announcing that his cluu
has disbanded. The club finished Its Topeka
series yesterday , having lost nlno consecu
tive games. A later dispatch from manager
Grlfltn stated that ho would bring his club to
Kansas City for a scries of three games ,
commencing on Saturday , but after that ho
will play ball no moro in the Western league.
Wichita was taken Into the league about n
month ago to fill up the vacancy caused by
the disbandoument ot the Leavenworth
team. It was a very weak member and
lost from the start. The condi
tion upon which Emoorla , the
latest club to bo taken In , was admitted , was
that It should suilender Us franchise when
ever any other club disbanded. In accord
ance with this It will now bo In order for
Kmporla to drop out and leave a six-club
league. The cause of the Wlchltas' disband-
nient Is lack of financial support. For two
weeks the elub has been In a very feeble con
dition In this respect , and the playeis have
been complaining about not iccciving their
salaries. The town , however , scorned able to
support a good team , but was unable to keep
up a losing team. This dlsbandnient
will demoralize the schedule , but It
Is quite certain that ttie season will bo car
ried out with six clubs. Hastings lifts lately
been showing signs of weakness nnd It Is
among the probabilities that It will bo out ot
the league and thus penult Emporia to re
main. Captain Drischell , of the Emporlas ,
said to-night that ho WAS sorry that his club
would bo forced out. as It had good financial
barking and the people tlmro are enthusias
tic. He has hopes , however , that Iliititles ;
will clvo up the ghost , which will allow Em
poria to remain.
National League Gnmoa ,
NKW YOUK , Sopt. 1. Tim came be
tween the Now York and Detroit team to-day
rosultou as follows :
Now York I 1
Detroit 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 0 * fi
Pltchors Keol'o and Get/eln. Haso hits-
New ork 8 , Detroit 12. Errors Now York
4 , Detroit ! ! . Uniplro-Uradv.
WAHIIINOTON. Sept L Tiioacamo to-day
between the Washington aud Pittsburg
teams resulted as follows :
Washington 0 01300000 4
Pittsburg 5 *
Pitchers Gllmuro and Gnlvin 15sohlts
Washington 7. Plttsburi : 0. Errors Wash
ington a , Plttsburg 15. Umpire Daniels.
1'iiiLADKi.i'iiiA , Sept , 1. The game * between -
tween the Philadelphia and Chicago teams
to-day resulted as follows :
Philadelphia 0 o l 0 o 0 2 0 0-i ;
Chicago 0 U100003 1 4
Pitchers Hamilton and Clarkson. li.iso
hits-Philadelphia 12 , Chicago 14. Errors
Philadelphia 3 , Chicago 1. Umpire
HOSTON , Sopt. 1. The eamo between
the Boston and Indianapolis teams to-
resulted as follows :
lioston 3 20000130 9
Indianapolis 0 o o o o l l l 0-
Pitchers Con way and Shrove. Haso
lilts Hoston 14 , Indianapolis S. Errors
Hoston 10 , Indianapolis 13. Umpire Powers.
The Northwestern Ijoauno.
DKS MOINKS , la. Sept. 1. The North
western league games to-day were ns fol
lows : Milwaukee 2 , Des Molnes 1 , nt
Des Molnes. .Minneapolis 4 , Ivui Claire 1 ,
at Enu Clairo. St. Paul U , Dulutli 3 , at bt.
Teenier Wins the Final Heat.
SAIIAIOOA , Sept. I. The final heat In
singles was rowed to-dav , the second day of-
the regatta on Saratoga lake. It was thought
to-day that the regatta would have to close n1
not enough money had been collected to hi
the purses tor the rest of the week. Owing to
this fact the winners of the trial heats
cave the others tliu privilege of competing for
thu linn ] . Koss and 1'lalsted did not euro to
exert themselves , so the race was left wit
the others. Teenier was the first awnv , fol
lowed b > Ilanini , linliear and Lee. Alter f
few lengths Leo passed to third place. Al.
the way down to the turn Teomer
kept nulling nwny from llamm and
Interest was centered In these two. Teenier
turned the bodv In 4:40 : , Hainm in 4:4S : , am
Leo In 5:21. : On fatniiglitening nway for the
return Teenier led bv six lengths , which ho
gradually Increased ami th second turn ho
made In 0:31 : , llamm 0:47 : and Lee 10 : %
Tills was thu position during the
remainder of the race , Teomor keep
Inir n lead ot nbout lilteon tungths eve
llamm , who was an eighth of n mile In ad
vancc of Lee. The race , which was pr.ictl-
cally n walkover for Teuiner , was won by
him In 20OS. : llamm crossed the line twenty
two seconds later followed by Leo , whos
time was 23:15. :
Prohibited the I'liNsion I'l ly
AUGUSTA. Ga. , Sept. 1. [ Special Tele
cram to the HEK. | Thu "Passion Play , '
which has only been performed In A merle ;
ono time , was to IMVH been played by tli >
colored people of Summerville , : i village ad
joining Augusta , last night. At b o'clock ,
after n crowded audience ot Loth white * iiml
colored had congregated , the marshal of thu
village mounted the stngo and warned tlio
actors not to uttumpt to play , ns II they did
so ho would arrest the \\liolu parly. This put
a btop to the perturtuaucu.
. i T mo in i ' 'mi
What the Great Crop Authority Says About
the Corn Yield ,
InvcHtluatlana Made In Indiana Show
That the Outlook Is No llrlyliter
Thuro 1'ho Kalim Oniuo
Too Late. ,
Atiout llnlf a Crop.
OIUCAOO , Suptuiuber L ( Special TelcgrntM
to thu HKK.J Samuel Prime , the crop aili
thorlty , writes U. Dally Huslness froni
Dwlght , Ills. , under dntu of August 31 , asl
follows : "In nnswcr to your Inquiry If Ij
know anything Irom my own experience ns
to the actual outcome. of the corn crop , I
would nnswcr , yes. On Monday morning ofi
the present week 1 commenced "snapping"
ft fluid of lorty ncivs. The land wns nil fall
plowed , leplowed In the spilug , planted
eaily , cultivated four tlmus , nnd was nil
laid by on the last day ot Juno. At that
date 1 estimated thu yield lor ntmut tills time ,
when 1 thought the crop would have ma
tured at fifty bushels per aero. About the
15lti ot July the crop lecelved n chock , then
again on tlm 1st ot August , and It was finally
cooked by the hot winds of August 10 ,
which swept over the country fiom Ohio to
Nebraska. On that date I went nil througli
the corn , It was dead at least two-thirds up.
Two or tlueo days utter this hot wind we
had our first snaking rain , thu field
looked ns If It had been struck by
frost and 1 do not think 1 ovei felt ns slcK
over n crop of corn on the farm ns 1 did thai
day , huncu 1 have continued to ropoit cvd
since that date that the early corn was not
benefited at all by thu rains. Monday niorn-
hi wo commenced to gather this corn , Hoai
In mind , It is LMcen and has thu hiibks oil
and 1 am luedlni : it to thu hojsiuvcry uav nud
that Is all thu corn Is fit for. Mr. E s.'ii
Meyer , of St. Clnlr county , ono of thonuontd
of the agricultural university of Chnmpaicn ,
In speaking of thu cornciop In southern 1111-
lols , uses nu expression which not only
covers the situation with him. but In the
whole corn belt , and that Is this , tlmt white
ivo have lalsed corn this year , \el \ It Is not 111
for'commercial pmposes,1 and tlmt Is just
what this crop Is , no moro or no loss. It la
lit to feed to cattle nud hogs , and as wu pro *
gress and gut to cuttltiL- up tor fucd and
husk It , the country will bo hatlsiled that thu
dnmngo to the crop has not been overesti
mated. 1 have weighed this corn as it came
out of thu field and It has had
every bcnuht of balmgrcon nnd heavy ,
nnd my crop avenged 10J bushels per ncio ,
where on the lirst of July It promised M. I
have just received n lutter fiom Indiana bv
parties who have beun making similar inves
tigations tor mo nud the results aio almost
identical with my own. 1 think 1 ought to
? ive it In order that your readers may understand - '
stand and know tlmt Illinois Is not the only
state whore the drouth has hurt the corn. I
liavc examined , at your request , considerable
corn In the Hold nnd the conclusions 1 havu
coma to from what 1 have seen .ire these : Wo
can count on but little over half n crop ot
corn. The rain ramo too Into to do much
good to the corn except In keeping It trout
crowing worse. Wu thought at first it would
benefit the crop and mnko more corn , but
alter examining Itcniufully wo Imvo come to
the conclusion tlmt the lain only saved what
wo had. The percentage ; of Into corn Is very
small. I do not think thu country will rou-
li/o how light this crop of corn Is until they
commence withering It. "
Method In Ills MndncHq.
SACO , Mo. . Sept. L Some of the friends
of Frank C. McNoilly , thu abscond inn cleric
of the Snco Savings bank , think ho Is de
ranged. They say ho has been acting very
fllicerly and has complained of head trouble.
He has been living beyond his means over
since he worked In the bank. A few days
ago when talking ton friend nbout his future
plans ho snid ho expected to ho n thousand
miles away from here In September. His
mother Is completely prostrated by thu shock.
His brother Harry has gene to Montreal In
search of the absconder. Hank Examiner
Richards will begin work on the books to-day.
Tlio excitement over the robbery has hhowii
no signs ot abatement. No clue toMcNullly's
hiding place has been obtained. To-day the
liank officials tnlnlc McNellly confiscated the
bonds tlm first of August , while engaged In
cutting coupons , and that he did not cot ac
cess to the security vault the day ho loft the
bank. What disposal he has mnde ot thu
ncnotlntable bonds since Aiurust 1 Is not
known , but ho has been mnklnz frequent
Mips to Pot Hand of late and It is supposed ho
was taking steps toward sellliiL'them.
A Vnry Itonuli Voyavc.
Nr.w OIII.KANS , Sept , 1. ( Special Tele
gram to the HKI : . ) Tlio over-duo steamship ,
Knickerbocker , arrived \esterdayin n fear-
tnlly dilapidated condition. She en-
connteiud the first rough weather when oil
11 utter as , and although not damaged by her
contact with heavy seas , she was handled so
roughly that the passengers became very
badly frightened. As tha storm approached .
the hatches were battened down and the
already terrified passengers liuddliid
together In the main saloon in n state of
wildest excitement. On the deck the olllcera
and crow battled manfully acnlnst the storm
with ropes around thulr bodies. They kept
the steamer's head to the wind and at last
weathered the iralo safely. Nine of the crcvi
were lost Thu pashcngois arrived In goodft
The Chniigo Mado. M
HAI.TI.MOIII : , Md. , Sept. L The Baltimore ?
, fe Ohio express passed into thu hands of tha'
United States express company to-day , nnd > ,
its olliccrs were notified of the change. There 1
will bo for the present , nt least , no chances 1
in employes. Speaking of the sale , counsel *
for the llaltlmoru > fe Ohio say : "Tho state * .
ment that the HaltlmoiaA ; Ohio express ha1)
been sold to thu United Stnles express eom j
pany Is not coriect. ' There fins been simply
a contract entered into between thu two com
panies by which the United States express ,
will run the Haltlmorn it Ohio express lor
thirty years , for which tlm former is to pav
the latter company a curtain percentage of
the earnings.
llurrl * Dylni ; .
Nr.w YoiiiiScnt. 1 , ( Special Telegram to
th Hi'.K.I-Hishop William L. Harris , of the
Methodist Episcopal church , Is lying at tlm
point of death nt his residence hero. His
physician says ho cannot live more than
three days. For vear.s the bishop has suffered - '
fered from time to time Irom heart disease
and that Is his ptesent trouble. Ilin present
Illness appeared August 2 , while ho was at
Liverpool , llo sailed lor this city August 1H ,
and when the steamer wns n t iw days out
tiom Knglnnd ho had another very t > uvero
attack , and when ho arilved August U. ! ho'
was so weak ho could not walk without as
A Deadly Feud.
Pitnsrorr , Ariz. , Sept. 1.--A tolngram re- ,
enhed from Klagstnlf states that Sherllf Mill-
yernon , who leit heio lecently with his posse
to nrrust the parties Implicated in the fight lu
the Towkhburv feud , was killed by the droV ,
ham faction. Owing to the lact that Toronto
bislu Ih In nn Isolated district , all news musk1
hrbt bo Hunt tu Holbrook , seventy miles dls4
taut , hv courier. Four deaths had nlrendyl
occulted , growini ; out of the feud ,
A Stiirlllni ; StHtoinent. I
Nr.w YOIIK , Sept 1. Mlvhacl Jiutlor , re
cently dliclmrgi'd fiom the position of keeper'
of the Insane ; iss him on Ward's Inland , has
po.tlUoncd thu fiupremo court for the reluasi
of n numt'cr of pitlcnts as sane. Ho declare }
tlmt ot tin ) 1.700 Inmates no less than 300 arf
pi'irVdly sniio nnd that 1,000 ure entlrdi
lr.11 lilies : * . , V
- ' * *