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The Murderer of Marie Regnault Expiates
His Crime.
The "Executor of Great Deeds" Ac-
coiiipllHhcM His Tank In a
Highly Satisfactory Manner
Foreign NOIVH.
Marie Ilnenault Avenged.
' | Copyrtuh 1t&87 by Jamct floi ilun Itcnncl M
PAIIIS. August 30. | New York Herald
Cable Special to the BKK. ! The crowd
fduce midnight has grown and multiplied ,
and there nro now 30,000 people gathered
about Alt the rlif-rnff nnd scum of Belle
ville , nil the disreputable women and Idlers
nf the Boulevard Montumrtrc , all the morbid
foreigners at prcsentsojournlug In Paris nnd
all the iourna'.ists , whom duty compels to bo
hero , are gathered about the approaches to
the grim , frowning prison ot this
dnrk and solemn night in the Plnco
do In Raucuietto. The feublo glimmer of a
dozen gas lamps sheds a dismal light upon
this crowds pacing up aud down in front of
the prison. The trees which dot the place
nro filled with jeering gammons who defy
the Injunctions of the police , "Come down
out of that. " In cairiages there
nro hundreds of cocottcs In gay
toilets , drinking cbampngno and smoking
cigarettes. Hero and there a weary tramp Is
curled up nnd asleep against the wall or on
n bench. How any ouo can sleep nt all In
such a turmoil Is strange Indeed nnd yet long
habit enables scores of them to do It. Every
now and then a fresh gang of black guards
arrives , swearing , smoking and shouting , era
a carriage draws up , loaded with passen
gers relatively respectable , and Is greeted
with a derisive chorus of "Viola Praiulnl
qul arrive. " To while away the tlmo the
crowd makes occasional excursions around
the corner to a shed In the Run des Folles
Kengault , n predestined uani * , surely.
When M. ; Dclbler , the executioner , nnd
his drended assistants , wore picparlng the
guillotine during the evening long after the
regulation police hours , the wine shops In the
neighborhood of the tcrrlblo machine
wcro crowded with customers. Once or
twice the "Executor of Lofty Deeds , " as they
call the executioner hero , and Ills underlings ,
steal In to refresh themselves with a drop of
drink , but very few of tlio idlers recognize
them and those who do , of course , fall to
gain any information out of them.
Now couplets have been added to the lu-
gubiloussoiig :
C1 est sa tote ,
Qu Ml nous fnut
Oh ! ohloh !
fit Is his head which we desire. " ]
Shortly after midnight the rntllo of hoof
and clanking of sabers announced the arrival
of the mounted gendarmes nnd Gardes do
Paix. In a twinkle the place before the prison
was cleared of all but a few journalists and
the police ngcnts. The crowd , driven back ou
all sides , formed again nt either end ot
the place , shouting nud singing.
Then came a long pause. About
3 o'clock the rumble of wheels
was heard In the direction of the Rue des
Folles Kecnault. A few minutes afterward
a cart came jolting over the paving stones
towards the entrance of the llttlo avenue fac
ing the prison gate. There It halted and the
executioners assistants jumped off. .Then
for half an hour a dreadful sound of hammer
ing rose above the songs and cat calls.
"Monsieur do Paris" and his mon were pre
paring the Inn woods of justice for the tragic
business before them. As the hammering
ceased , a cab drove up In the place and tlio
prison chaplain , Abbo Fauro , stepped out
with tlio procureur de In rcpublHiuc and hur
rying past the guillotluo disappeared In the
prison door.
A IS o'clock precisely the priest was scon
Issuing fiom the prison gnte. Behind him
came Pran/Iul , gnastly pale , led by four
executioner's assistants. As ho neared the
scaffold ho faltered for n moment , then
turning with n dreadful smile of hgotiy
kissed the crucifix nnd walked forward
steadfastly. The next Instant the kulfo tell.
Prnnzlni had expiated his crime.
Meeting of the League In Dublin.
DUIILIN , August S ) . William O'Brlon
editor of United Ireland , presided to-day
over thu fortnightly meeting of the Irish Na
tional league in this city. The meeting was
unusually largo. A number of Catholic cler
gymen were present Mr. Hartington an
nounced that Charles Augustus Yanslttart
Conybeare , radical , member of parliament
( or North west Cornwall , and Charles Ernest
Bchwnnn , liberal , member for North Man
chester , had joined the league. O'Brien
laid that the first branch of the league against
which ttio government should issue the
proclamation would hold its meeting with
closed doors and refuse to open them for the
police , even If they demanded admittance.
This would leave the police nothing to debut
but to break their way In if they were de
termined to enter. As the police would
probably resort to this violence , the central
branch of the league would then ask the lord
mayor to grant them the use of the city hall ,
wltli special police to defend it during thu
league meetings therein. A majority of the
Dublin city council , as well ns the lord
mayor , are strong nationalists and leadois In
the league.
What the "Standard" Has to Say
About It.
LONDON. August 30. The Stindard , re
ferring to tlio Manitoba railway trouble ,
lays : "Tho moro clearly the rleliu of the
question are understood the moro emphatic
will bo the opinion here that the Mauitouans
re trying to derive unfair ndvnntago from
their geographical position. The best prospect
tor settlement lies In the direction of a com
promise ot which the piellminarr ought to
bo the Immediate suspension ot work on thu
Manitoba lallwav lino. No effort shall be
snared to conciliate tlio Manltobans but
limy must be made to conform to thulr duties
is British subjects nnd Canadian citUons. "
Business Failure.
PHILADELPHIA , August BO. Tlio assign
ment of Robert Hare Powell's Sons & Co. ,
e.\tensl\o coal nnd iron operators , lias just
been announced.
John C. Brndloy , who Is manager and
partner In both firms of Robert 11 are Powell
it Co nnd Robert Hare Powell Sous it Co. ,
Mated that the talluro was thu result of the
suspension of Charles E. Pemwk , of Co.its-
vllle. nu extensive Iron plato merchant , \\lioo
paucr bore the eudoisomeut ot both the
iirius of Robert Ilaro Powell & Co.
nnd the junior one of Robert Hare Powell
Sons ACo. . The liabilities nro placed at
CIjuO,000 ! , which is assumed to bo the nigre-
gnto amount ot which they became endorsers
ot Pen nock's notes thnt were pro
tested ye.steid.iv , while the ns.sots , cou-
Blstln ? ofnst tracts otaluablo
coal lands nud appurtenances , nro fixed at
4,000,000. A circular Issued by Messrs.
Powell t Co. , to their creditors says they
hnvo conveyed their property nnd claims to
tlio Guarantee. Trust nnd Sato Deposit com
pany of this city.
Threshing Machine Kxcciulon.
FLINT , Mich , August SO. A threshing ma-
Shlno was blown up live miles In the country
ind several people are reported killed nnd
kins aud stock are burning. .
Four Mon Shot nnd Killed In a New
Mexico Vendetta *
SANTA FK , N. M. , August 80. Two yenra
ngo Albert A. Mcado came from Iowa nnd
located mines at Goodhopo , N. M. A short
time after locating these claims , Mcadc , in
company with Fred and Harvey Meade ,
from Aledo , Ills. , Frank lUedol and O.
Smith , of Chicago , Incorporated
the property under tbo laws of
Illinois under the name of Las Luces
Milling and Mining company. A few
months ngo Albert Mcade became dissatisfied
claiming that the company was attempting
to swindle him out of his share of tuo prop
erty , lie brought suit to regain possession
of the property nnd went to Santa Fe to
live. On Wednesday ho left
Santa Fo for Meadovlllo Gump for the
purK)3o | of securing papers he had
left When Mead first made known his pur
pose , Fred nud Mr. Hands weru absent On
Friday morning they returned to camp.
When their team was waiting about fifty
yards from the company's cabin , Albert
stepped out from beiilnd a busti with n Win
chester in his hand and ordered a halt.
Albert called Hands and ordered him to call
Harvey Mead and Joe Downing out of the
cabin , saying he desired them to keep out
until ho could search for some
money and papers which ho had
concealed. About this tlmo Harvey
Meade and Downing came out
of the cabin. As they appeared Albert fired
and Downing tell dead. A second shot
killed Harvey Meade. Turning towards the
wagon Albert then opened tire on Its
occupants , the third shot fatally
wounding Hands. By this tlmo
Fred a Meade had secured a six
shooter which Hands had , and attempted o
tire at Albert Mende , but the weapon snapped.
Albert fired at Fred five times In rapid suc
cession and while thus engaged
Fred 1 Mcade was running towards
him. Finally they clutched nnd a desperate
struggle ensued for the possession of the
weapon. At last Fred Meade pot the
Winchester from Albert and with It knocked
him down and shot him through the heart.
Hands died five hours later. Albert
A. Meado's body was buried face downward
and the remains ot the other three were In
terred at Trespledras , Tliocoronor's Investi
gation resulted in the acquittal of Fred
A Compromise Is Effected by the Iowa
CmcAno , Aug. 30. Chairman Fnlthorn ot
tlio Northwestern Height bureau announces
that ho has cllected a compromise with Mr.
Potter , In the interests of the Iowa roads ,
relative to the proposed raise of brldgo toll
rates , which is understood to bo 3 cents per
100 pounds , and not to exceed 85.00 n car
load , which moans nn addition of SI.OU per
cor lend , instead of S4.00 as proposed ,
Accounts of a Big Cattle
Syndicate's Manager.
CHICAGO , August 30. A rumor reached
this city to-day from Fort Worth , Tex. , that
Burton 11. Campbell , manager of the Texas
State Cattle syndicate's ranch , had been
arrested herechar ed with tlio embezzlement
of 8300,000. Inquiry at the office of the syn
dicate In this city elicited a denial of the ar
rest of Campbell. It was learned , however ,
thnt the syndicate had become dissatisfied
with Campbell's management and had de
posed him. An investigation of his accounts
Is now in progress , but the officers of the
syndicate refuse to make nny statement as to
the result. Campbell lives nt WlchitaKan. ,
and Is said to have accumulated a good deal
of property slnco ho has been In charge of
the Si iidicato's affairs.
The Crops of the South.
BALTIMOHE , August 30. The Manufact
urer's Record ot this week contains about
live pages of special reports from the entire
south as to crops ind tlio condition of busi
ness. The corn crop of the south is unpreco-
dontodly largo , exceeding tlio yield of IbSG by
over50,000,000 bushels , the yield of 18S3 by
70,000,000 bushels nnd the yield of lfaS4 by
107,000,000 bushels. The south will this year ,
It is said , bo iiearlv self-supporting in tlio
matter of corn , .ind many millions of dollars
thnt have heretofore gone west for corn will
this season bo saved to southern farmers.
The advanced prices for tobacco will , it is
claimed , counterbalance to farmers the de
crease in the yield , duo mainly to decreased
acreage. Other ctops have , with a few x-
ceutions. been very good , and it is said that
farmers will enjoy creator prosperity than
tor many seasons. Business prospects are
reported brighter than over before and one
corresondcnt predicts that this will bo noted
as ndcbt paying year.
A nig ICailrond Scheme.
CHICAGO , August 30. It was reported hero
to-day that the Wisconsin Central company
Is heavily Interested In the deal on foot to
oust the present management of the North
ern Pacific , the purpose being to turn the
Northern Pacific traffic over to the Wiscon
sin Central lines aud to make the Central's
Chicago terminus moro valuable. The latter
property represents an outlay of 5000,000 nnd
the larger part of the money wns advanced
by J. A. Uockafellcr , of the
Standard Oil . company. At pres
ent but two companies are using
the facilities , the Wisconsin and Minnesota
& Northern , and their business is not suf
ficient to pay the interest on the bonds. Rock-
afoilor owns 3500.000 ot Union Pacific stock ,
is a largo shareholder in Oregon Transconti
nental , and with Elijah Smith has pooled is
sues to secure control of tlio Northern Pacific ,
as stated. Both partlosjaro actively canvass
ing among the Chicago shareholders of the
last mentioned company to secure the use of
proxies at the coming election.
Going For Bank Directors.
CINCINNATI , AuguslSO. An evening paper
says that Receiver Armstrong , who is in
charge of the Fidelity National bank , has pre
pared a petition to bo filed against the late
directors of that bank for a sum aggregating
bet ween 83,000,000 and 83,000.000. They will
bo charged with betrayal o ! tholr trusts as di
rectors aud with having becomo'lndlvidually
liable for the losses of depositors.
Heath ot'a St. Joe Iluslncss Man.
ST. Josr.pit , Mo. , August 30. | Special
Telegram to the BEK. I Robert Claop , aged
twenty-six years , of the linn of Musser A
Clnpp , oxteiislve lumber dealers In St Joe
died this morning at the residence of his
parents in Iowa City after nn illness of ten
days of tvplioid fever. Ho was taken sick in
this city and went to Iowa city in company
with his wifo. to whom ho wns married n few
weeks ago. Ho was ono nf the representative
young business men of St. Joo.
Mannlng's Ilcalth Improving.
NKW Yonic , 'August SO. Ex-Socretary
Manning and family came up from Long
Branch yesterday , and arc at the J lfth Ave
nue hotel , where ho will remain for a few
days. His health has been somowlmt im
proved by Ins stay nt the beach , but ho has
not recovered complete control of his para
lyzed side. _
A Chlnamnu Murdered.
MAIWIALL , Mo , , August SO. The body of
n Chinaman was found lying along the
Chicago aud Alton railway track near ( ill-
liani , this county , with his left arm and neck
bror.en , and a handkerchief stuffed In tils
mouth. It Is thouuht he was robbed and
then thrown from the night train.
Held In $1UOOO nail.
FiiF.r.poiiT , 111. , August 30. U.ivid D.
Shirley , who attempted to murder Charles A.
Wlnshlp , of Minneapolis , a week ngo , was
nealn committed to day In Sio.wvj ball. Win-
( hip could not appear , though ho is getting
The DnrrlHhcH Defeated.
CAIKO. August so. Tlio Kabbablsh tribe
has defeated the Dervishes In the Baggara
countiy , killing 1,300 nf them. The Abys-
slnlaus nru moving against the Dervishes via
Axel Bern Accidentally Killed by a Pistol
Shot at Wahoo ,
Floods Sweep Away Houses anil _
Ilrldgo at rilvcrton Ono Man
Stabs Another at nrownvlllo
Other Nebraska News-
Accidentally Shot.
WAHOO , Neb. , August 30. | Special to the
BEE. I About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon
the hired man of John Born living two miles
west of town , shot nud fatally wounded Axel
Bern , the seventeen year old son of his em
ployer , while tinkering with n 44-callbro re
volver. The ball penetrated the chest Imme
diately under tho' right arm.
Without Foundation.
MASON CITV , Neb. , August 30. [ Special
Telegram to the BKI : . ] Ihero Is no truth
whatever In the dispatch from Broken Bow
In this morning's BEE concerning an alleged
murder near this place last Saturday night.
There has been no murder committed. Mrs.
Kelley , wife of James Kelley , an Industilous
and peaceable farmer , died quite suddenly
last Friday night during her husband's ab
sence. The report was spread that the
woman died from the e ( Toots of a boating
given her by her husband , but upon an in
vestigation by several clti/ens It was found
that the report was without foundation and
the matter was dropped. Upon the arrival
of Mrs. Kelley's parents the rumors were
again circulated that the woman'o death was
caused by cruel treatment , and it was d o-
clded to hold an inquest The sherlit was
called for that puinose , but after Investigat
ing the mnttet fully ho decided there wns no
cnuso for holding on inquest.
Flood at Itlvcrton.
Iliviiivrox , Neb. , August 30. [ Special Tel
egram to the BKI : . | There were heavy rains
hero last night. Thompson creek , running
through town , Is higher than over known be
fore. A number of houses , stables , carpenter
and blacksmith shops were washed down
atiainst the B. & M. brldeo. .Some stock was
drowned. The damage further up tlio creek
Is unknown. No lives were lost as far as
known. The bridge , clshtv-llvo feet long ,
just west of Rlverton , is washed out , but will
bo ready for trains to cross about noon to
day. Trains Nos. 40 and 12 will bo about
eighteen hours late.
A Cyclone Near Naponoe.
REPUDLICAN CITY , Neb. , August 30.
[ Special Telegram to the BKE. | The north
ern part of Phillips county , Kansas , and the
sou them portion of Franklin county , Ne
braska , was visited by a severe cyclone yesterday -
terday afternoon. At 3 o'clock the storm
began forming with a very strongsoutli wind
blowing. At 4 o'clock the formation was
complete. At a point four miles south of
southwest of this city the funnel dropped to
the earth and the destruction became an
active reality. Frame and sod houses , barns ,
trees , crops , stacked grain nnd liny were
raised to the ground for the width of fifty
feet as the storm passed northeast with liglit-
nlnsr rapidity , passing ; n little east ot Napo-
nee , Neb. A considerable amount of ll\o
stock was killed and maimed. One man , it
is reported , was fatally Injured. A heavy
rain fell. It Is impossible , as yet , to get full
Killed While Hunting.
Onn. Neb. , August 30. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE.J J. Meacham , pub
lisher of i'ork , Neb. , was accidentally shot
and killed about S o'clock tills mornlnz. To
gether with A. N. Baker , a friend , nnd a
drummer named N , W. ilalsig , of Kansas
City , ho started out in a buggy to go hunting ,
and , when about n mlle out of town , stood
un to shoot at some birds , when Flnlslc's gun
was accidentally discharged , the sliot passing
through Ills jugular vein , killing him in
stantly. The remains will bo taken uoiue
Serious Cutting Affray.
Bitow.vviu.E , Neb. , August 30. [ Special
to the BKE.J Saturday evening about 12
o'clock two young lads by the name of John
Wilson nnd I. Plasters , attor drinking too
f reclv , proceeded to use each other tin. Wil
son drew a bull dog pistol and while trying to
make It bark Plasters proceeded to cut his
jugular vein In two with n Inrgo knife. After
three or tour gashes the parties were seper-
atcd. Wilson is badly cut up , but will pioba-
ely survive.
Tim Camp Thnycr Programme.
LINCOLN , Neb. , August 30. iSpecInl tele
gram to the BKE.J The further announce
ments at Camp Thaycr are made this evnn-
ng that Thursday at the camp will bo Gov
ernor's day and a grand review of all the
torops and n reception. Friday will bo the
grand parade and marching day , during
which time the the entire brigade of 1,200
will inarch through the principal streets ot
the city. It will be ouo ot the great days ot
tlio encampment.
Jay-Eye-See For the State Fair.
LINCOLX , Neb. , August 30. [ Special Tolo-
giam to the BKE.J The state fair rnanngors
announce to-night that they have secured for
three days at the coming fair , the celebrated
trotter , Jay-Eye-See , tlio first visit of this
celebrated hoi so In the western country. Jay-
Eyo-See will trot Wednesday , September 14 ,
against his record , and will remain on the
grounds and bo exhibited on the track tlio two
following days.
A Large Shipment of Live Stock.
COLUMUUS , Neb. , August 80. [ Special to
the BIE.J : There were shipped from Colum
bus on Saturday 33. " > ,030 worth of fat cattle
and hogs over the Union Pacific nnd B. < te
M. roads nnd 2,000 head wcro brought into
Platta county from Kansas and Iowa to bo
win tered here. The peeler weather nnd fre
quent showers of the uast ton days have im
proved the corn prospect and aio stimulat
ing fail pasturage.
The Indian school at Genoa received yes
terday an addition of twentv-soven children ,
nil from the Omaha reservntlon. They were
in charge of two Winnebago Indians who
had received their education at the govern
ment schools nt Carlisle In Pennsylvania ,
and at Genoa. They were both intelligent ,
easy of approach , and readily answeted nil
questions asked them , while waiting to
change cars lor their destination ,
Heavy Kiln In Hatindcrx County.
WAHOO , Neb. , August 30. ( Special to tlio
BEI : . ] During the last twenty-four hours it
has rained continuously , Saunders county
experiencing the heaviest rainfall of year * .
Though too late to help the corn crop , it will
prove of great benefit to fall pastures.
A Wrathy Lawyer.
Sioux Cirr , la. , August 30. The defense
In the Haddock murder case came Into court
to-day to plead for delay In the trial of
Munchrath , which Is set for Monday next A
postponement was granted till Wednesday.
In tlio course of the debate this afternoon
O. C. Treadway. attorney tor the defense , de
livered n long tirade against the pulpit , Dress ,
prosecution and public opinion. Ho abused
Judge Lewis , who presided at the trial of
Arensdorf , and charged that there was a con
spiracy to postpone the trial nf Arensdorf
and other conspirators until the legislature
should provide a law for removing the cases
to another county. Tlio argument was pe
culiar. nsTredway was speaking on a motion
for delay , while the state wns urging immedi
ate trial.
Additions to the Faculty.
IOWA CITY , August 30. Prof. Joseph J.
Skinner , of the Massachusetts Institute ot
technology , has been elected to the chair of
civil engineering in the state university. L.
U. Wild was elected to the position of acting
professor of mathematics and astronomy in
place oirra jbtiu , jeslgned.
Ho Denies the Printed Statements and
Gives Uia View * .
CINCINNATIAugust 80. The Commercial-
. Gazette prints communication from Sena
tor Sherman in which ho makes dental of the
views alleged to have been expressed by him
on the fishery question to Senator Ogilvlo , of
the Dominion government , and extensively
printed throughout the United
States. He says : "I had n con
versation wltli Senator Ogllrio In
the nresenco of a number of gentlemen ,
'n which I took exactly the opposite position ,
mt while the Canadian government had
'gally the right to exclude American fisher-
ien within a three-mile limit of their shore ,
t was an act of bad policy to do so , and that
heir dental to American fishermen of com
mercial rights to socle shelter and buy
jalt and supplies In Canadian ports
was Inconsistent with a civilized and goner-
us policy of modern commercial nations ,
ud that 1 hoped It would bo promptly aban-
oncd ns the best preparation for more lutl-
uato relations between the United States nnd
ho Dominion government. These views , In
ubstanco , were published In the papers at
Winnipeg , and I feel quite sure that Senator
) -llvio never authorized the publication of
io statement 1 have quoted. "
Bold Attempt to Wreck a Train on
the Wauanh Roitd.
LAFAYETTE , Ind. , August 30. An at-
empt was made yesterday morning to burn
lie bridge over the culvert on the Wabash
railway one mlle eastof _ this city. A freight
'rain came around the curve at full speed
( , nd the nf ineer ? edhg the tire put on steam
ml pas.sod over safely. The second section
( f the train was flagged and stopped before
t reached the bridge and the train men put
< ) ut the fire. As the engineer of the first
| tain reached the burning bridge , he saw a
man i run out from his hiding place near by
nd disappear In the woods.
Fred May Fighting Fall.
NEWPOUT , R. I. , August 30. [ Special Tel-
gram to the BEE. | Fred May , who once
oreewhipped J. G. Bennett In front of the
Union club , Now York , and has long been
making himself notorious by his destructive
tvays when In cups , has again made himself
onsplcuous. Un Friday ho and liay Miller ,
also of New York , visited Charles Kates ,
who has apartments in Uerkoly , one of New-
iort'8 most fashionable bachelor apartments.
They were under the Influence of liquor , and
beloio morning they were , ns is otten the
case , ready for mischief. Theybroko Into the
npaitments of a strange gentleman , smashed
the furniture and nearly cleaned out the
fipartments. Bates endeavored to srcuro as
sistance from a policeman , but the latter
gave none , being in tearof personal violence.
May and Miller ceased their woric only when
exhausted. .Lieutenant Governor Hovoy ,
who has charge ot the JJerkcly , made com
plaint against the policeman , who was sus
pended. May lied to Nariangausett pier but
Miller icmalns in town.
A Mystery Cleared Up.
MAHSIIALI , , Mo. , August30. About a yea
ngo Mrs. Kllza McAllister , nn elderly ladr of
Terre Haute , Ind. , was mysteriously lost
rora n Chicago & Alton train between St.
Louis and Kansas City. She was noticed
upon the train until It approached this
vicinity , and she was missed. Her relatives
visited here , nnd every effort was made to
find her. Her son In Indiana advertised very
extensively her disappearance and offered
51,000 reward for her discovery , dead or alive.
Hnr remains have been found on the Mis
souri river bank , just below the Saline
boundary. The only umy in which Mia could
bo Identified was by a ting upon her left hand
bearing her name. Tt'o llcsh was entirely
cone , and only her bleached bones were
lound. At the time of her departure she had
a gold watch , money and n check for 6100. It
Is believed she foil or wns thrown from the
train crossing the river nt Glasgow.
Clever Escape of Convicts.
KINGSTON , Ont , , August 80. Two con
victs in the provincial penitentiary named
Kelly and Scoon escaped to-day , tailing to
the lake In a yachf owned by Warden La-
vellc. During the afternoon Warden Lavelle
nnd other officials had been cruising about
the lake with Kelly acting ns enuincor aud
Scoon ns fireman. When the yacht returned
and drew up alongside of the wharf tlio offi
cials stcpund oil' and suddenly the crntt shot
out into the lake with a lull head ot steam.
The officials aud guards on the prison walls
fired , but the convicts escaped the tusllado by
lying down behind the boiler. Before a
steamer could bo procured topuraiio them the
convicts had worked up to Four Mlle Point
and wcro heading for the American side.
Two ollicers in n jaclit wore sent in pursuit ,
followed by the steamer Uiuim Calvin , which
cut through the channel to head oil tha craft
botoro it could reach American waters.
The Plntto Toum Victorious.
HKI.I.KVUI : , Neb. , August 30 [ Special Tele
gram to thelJEE.j The department team
match atknown distances was conducted in a
heavy wind and rain storm. The contest
kept up from 8:30 : a. in. to 3 p. m. without a
moment's delay. The Department of the
Platte team comes out victorious by eighteen
l > olnts the majority a crand display of su-
porlor marksmanship. The followlngaro the
teams In their respective order and their to
tals :
Department of the Platte . 1931
Department of Texas . 1901
Department ot Texas . 1880
Department of the Missouri . 1873
A Horrible Way to Die.
llitooKiiYN , N. V. , August 30 , Last night
at the station of the Brooklyn elevated rail
road at Lexington and Sunnier avenues , just
as a train was arriving at the station , n man
named A. Golly , deliberately threw himself
in front of it , and was literally crround to
pieces , his entrails being strewn along the
pavement below for e distance of twenty
TOPEKA , August 30. Reports from elethty-
seven crop cortespondents show that there Is
sufficient farm produce raised to supply the
homo demand If properly distributed. Forty-
six counties will reduce the wheat acreage be
low last year nnd eleven will Increase It , while
other counties will sow the same acreage ns
last > ear.
Cremated While Insano.
CLAUION , Pa. , August 30. Mrs. Belle
Feely , an insane inmate ot the county jail ,
was cremated In her cell yesterday , the re
sult of a tire which < 3ho had kindled with
paper torn from the walls.
The Lavniiua Fire.
LEVANNA , O. , August 30. Over twenty
dwellings , besides a large mill known as the
Boyd Manufacturing company , were burned
by jesterdays lire. The town is nlmost de
stroyed. Loss , 8100.000 ; Insurance light.
The Now Voile Democrats.
SAKATOOA , N. Y. , Aujust 30. The state
democratic committee issued a call for the
state convention to bo held at Saratoga
Springs Tuesday , September " 7 , to nominate
candidates for state offices.
The Fire Hccord.
RICHMOND , Ky. , August 30. About 12
o'clock last night tire broke out In n livery
stable aud spread to the business portion nf
the elty , which was nearlv destroyed. Loss ,
$60,000 ; Insurance , 820,000.
Threaten to Strike.
WAt'KESiiA , August 80. The Wisconsin
Central locomotive engineers threaten to
strike against tlio superintendent of the ma
chinery In the shops iiete , and ask in n reso
lution to the railroad company that ho bo re
Still Getting Quotatlon < > .
CINCINNATI , August 30. The bucket shops
nre getting quotations from the Chicago
board of trade ns usual tn-day'but their man-
acem nro blind ui to their nay of obUlning
An Indication That Ho Has Lost His In
fluence With Cleveland.
News Front the Ute Trouble Instruc
tions to Governor Adams The
Inter-State Commission
. National New * .
Professor nalrd's Huccr-mor.
WASHINGTON , August 30. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] The appointment by the
president ot Prof. S. Brown Geode to bo
United States commissioner of fish and
fisheries is looked upon as an indication thnt
Senator Gorman , ot Maryland , will not hnvo
as muchc Inlluono with the president from
this time forward ns ho has enjoyed In the
pant Mr. Gorman had a man for this place.
Ho was a warm supporter of the candidacy
of Major Ferguson , the deputy commissioner ,
Ferguson Is the son-in-law of ex-Governor
Swan , of Maryland , and he was very anxious
to secure the promotion. He has boon un
ceasing In his efforts ever since Prof.
Balrd died. Ho became so Importunate that
ho president was distrusted. Gorman and
there were called upon to work In Fer
guson's Interest and on the day before the
resident selected Judge McCue to hold the
> ositton tcra-porurlly , Ferguson's friends told
ilm that the office must DO filled at once , as
he ten davs allowed by law were about to
ixplro. and Major Ferguson would not bo re-
ponslblo for the disbursement of tlio funds
of the commission unless he should bo offi
cially designated to act as commissioner.
This decided the president to act at one * , lie
asked Assistant Secretary Thompson to ac
cept the temporary designation , but that
; entleman said that be should have to do-
illne , as acceptance would bring too much
idlcule upon him because ho had no know-
edee whatever of scientific subjects. Juctpo
McCuo wns out of the city at the time , and It
was pnrtly because of this fact that the presl-
lent decided to name him for tlio place.
When McCuo returned to Washington , ho
considered that the place was meant tor him
> ern > anently. When ho heard unofficially
hat the appointment was only temporary ,
10 was very Indignant , and declared that ho
cnew better , that the president would not
'Insult" him by n temporary appolnt-
uent , and that ho could and would
till the position ns well as nny one else. Last
night the president sent for Professor Geode
and after a brief talk with him he decided
hat he was the best man tor tlio position
that could bo selected. The appointment
was made shortly after noon. An hour be
fore that Judge McCuo said that ho had not
made up his mind whether ho would accept
or decline. It was evident from his manner
that he Intended to accent. When ho heard
of the subsequent action of the president , ho
was veiy much put out and declines to dis
cuss tlio subject at nil. The selection of
Professor Geode Is regarded ns tlio best that
could possibly have been made. Mr. Geode
lias made fish n special study , and under him
the valuable work begun by Professor Balrd
will doubtless be carried ou under thu plan
which that gentleman had laid out. Tlio
onlv persons who criticise the appointment
are the friends of Gorman audlFerguson , who
arc very much disgruntled.
The Ute Trouble.
WASHINGTON , August 30. General Terry
telegraphs from Chicago to the war depart
ment to-day requesting that Indian Agent
Byrnes bo instructed to remove from his
reservation nil intruders , as tlio civil and
military authorities , In tholr excitement , may
forget that state writs do not extend beyond
Lho limit of a state and may precipitate a
general outbreak of the reservation Indians
by crossing the border.
Telegraphic Instructions were sent this
afternoon by the president to Governor
Adams to confine the actions of the civil au
thorities strictly within the limits of the
General Terry telegraphs from Chicago to
the adjutant general that ho has received n
dispatch from Commander Handlett , dntcd
Fort Uu Chesue , saj Ing that Colorow and all
his followers nre now nt Ouiny ngency , and
manifest a disposition to remain on the res
ervation. The militia and cowboys hold n
hundred horses nnd a thousand sheep nnd
gents belonging to Colorow nnd Chlplta ,
Onrny's widow. This stock was cnulng on
land claimed by the Indians as belonging to
their reservation , nnd where they have boon
permitted by their ngent to live for years ,
Colorado settlers have claimed locations there
nnd succeeded in driving the Indians In.
Colorow , has not in this trouble been ou the
war path , nnd has made his way to the res
ervation avoiding hostilities as lar ns pos
sible. J
WASHINGTON , August 30 , A telegram
from Indian Agent Byrnes to tlio Indian
commissioner says Colorow nnd followers
nro at the agency and do not want to fight.
Major Leslie , who fired on the Indians on
the Dorder reservntlon , took possession and
run elf 300 head of Indian horse ? . The cow
boys are breakinir these horses tor their own
use. The Indians , when attacked , were ou a
peaceable huiUlng expedition nnd believed
they ImdnrigV to hunt on these lands. Ho
requests the war department to instinct the
commander at Fort Duohesno to recover tlio
noises and other property and return them
to the reservation. The Indian commis
sioner lias Instructed Byrnes to remove from
the reservation all persons found thereon
contrary to law , to restore to the Indians all
the property abandoned by thum and that
the military would bo ordered to co-oper.uo
In enforcing the instructions. The secretary
of the intotlor has telegraphed Governor
Adams to deliver to Indian Agent Byrnes
the horses and other property taken by
Major Leslie.
Iowa and Neura ka Pensions.
WASHINGTON , August 30. ( Special lele-
gram to the BEI : . ] The following Iowa and
Nebraska pensions weio granted to-day :
Susan , widow of Jacob Wakelield , Fayctto.
Original : Harvev Church , Mondall ; George
W.Smith. Beaman ; Cyrus S.Baldwin , Mount
Ayr ; Edward F. Wiley , Washington ; Shop-
pord W. Bolts , Saylorvlllo ; Charles O. Lard ,
Grinncll : Aaron R. Lunt. Sully , increases :
Frederick Reed. Elliott ; John Baikor , Win-
tcrsot : Reuben J. Foster , St. Charles ; John
L. Hall , Elkpoit ; Samuel N. Duncan. Ploas-
antvillo ; Frederick Hour , Cherokee. Mexican
war : Wllkcabare M. Leltz , Rowley. Orig
inal Invalids : Samuel Walters , 1aurldcs ;
Edgar Updyke , Red Oak : Henry J. Aukony ,
Corning ; Henry ArnoldOttumwa. Increases :
Georga M. Booton , Sidney ; Henderson C.
Blakely , Imogone ; William R. Grenn. Cairo ;
James Elliott , Gravity ; Benjamin F. Yates ,
P.\lo ; Lachlan McKfnnon. Minerva : James
S. Qulnn. Oxford ; William O. Madison ,
Panora : Charles 11. Evans , Stockhnm : Bar
ney H.RIope.Kontonollo ; Himry 0.Williams ,
Alexandria : Leonides R. Kintian , Cresoo ,
Increase : Marcus L. Latham , Scotia ; Dun
can Clark , Chapman.
Nebraska : Increases : James T. Delaware ,
Falls Cltv ; William S.Stow.irtByron. Restor
ation : I'lillIp C. Richards , Lincoln.
WASHING rev , Auust 'M. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEE.J 'I ho following patents
were Issued to Iowa Inventors to-day : Henry
Di'lcliler , Mlneoia. combined cultivator nnd
harvester ; Philip Hllmer , Clinton , electro
magnetic dental mallet and plupgor ; John
Jellsoot , Onuwa. luy rake , loidcr nud
stacker ; George W. Moignn and S. P. Herri
Creswoll , feed troiuh ; Louis ICUsler. Des
Maine' , Imlro-pnminiiitlo ongluo ; Wcsloy
Klinker , Union Mills , horsu rake ; George
W. Litwton , Center Point , car coupling.
Also the tallowing Nebraska inventors :
David L. Fiindeiburg , Salem , end gate ;
Charles 11. Godfrey , Fremont , water s'ipply
Lands RoHtored to Settlement.
WASHINGTON , Auutut 30. Acting Com
missioner Ktackslager , of the general land
office , lias Issued the necessary instructions
tocarry into eirect Secretary Lamar's recent
order restoring to settlement nnd entry lands
with the indemnity limits of nnd withdrawn
for the benefit of the Chicago , St. Paul ,
Minneapolis A Omaha railroad company ,
excluding those selected on the main line
from Hudson to Superior , the Wisconsin
Farm Mortgage company , and Wisconsin
Central railroad company. About 335,000
acres will bo restored by these orders.
The Intcr-St td Commission.
WASHINGTON , August 30. The parties to
some of tha cases appointed for hearing by
the Inter-state commerce commission In Chicago
cage about the 7th of September , having
asked for postponement until October , It Is
probable that the commission will give Its
assent , and that It will hold no public ses
sions as to concluding Its labors at Rutland ,
Vt. . until the middle ot September at which
tlmo It meets In Minneapolis to hear n sorles
of cases relating chleltv to the movement of
grain. It is expected thnt Its session nt Rut
land will cover thrco or four days. The most
Important case to be heard is one in which all
American trunk lines nro ure.sumably Inter
ested , ns against tlio Grand Trunk , the nllo-
gallon being substantially that the latter , n
foreign corporation , Is making dciurturos in
the matter of through , as compared with local
ates from principles which under the tutor-
itnto law the American roads are compelled
o heed.
The National Military Encampment.
WASHINGTON , August 30. The president
will Isssue to-morrow a proclamation nllow-
ng the tree entry of arms , munition nnd bag-
ago or such foreign military organizations
s may desire to participate In the national
nllltary encampment and drill to bo held In
Jhlcaeo In October next , upon satisfactory
issurnnccs belne given that nonoof the ar-
Iclcs shall bo held or permitted to remain In
his country. _
Promotions In the Nnvjr.
WASHINGTON , August 30. By the retire
ment of Rear Admiral John Leo Davis ,
ivhlch was announced to-day , the following
ironotlons will bo caused : Commander
Bralne , to be rear admiral ; Captain George
Drown , to bo commodore : Commnndor Wll-
lam Whttohead , to bo Captain ; Lieutenant
Joiuinander G. A. Shoiky , to bocommnnder ;
' .lieutenant D. F. Dllly. to be commands ;
jloutenantJ. O. Nicholson ( junior grade ) ,
.o bo lieutenant ; Ensign G. W. ' Dontiold , to
M lieutenant ( junior ) .
Tendered Balrd'a Petition.
WASHINGTON , August 30. The president
o-day appointed Prof. G. Brown Goodc , as-
Istant director of the National museum , to
ie commissioner of fish and fisheries , vice
'rof. F. S. li.Urd , doconscd. Judge McCue ,
lOllcitor of tlio treasury , who was first ton-
lered the position , declined It because of his
'ack ' of science.
The President's Pinna.
WASHINGTON , August 30. It Is tlio Inton-
ion of the president to spend the next few
weeks nt Oak View. Ho regards this hlsvaca-
Ion tlmo nnd while ho will spend It near the
capltol , so thnt ho can nttend to nctunl public
business , ho will not feel obliged wlusn neo-
essarlly called to the white house to devote
any time to persons seeking places or merely
desirous of paying their respects.
GoncrnI Hlack'fi Condition.
WASHINGTON , August 30. General John
C. Black , commissioner of pensions , has
been confined tolas house since his return
rom Weirs , N. II. . sulTeilng from an nttnck
of rheumatism , and tins been compelled to
caneel all engagements which would neces
sitate his leaving the city during the coming
mouth. _
Yesterday's Cntunor Mooting.
WASHINGTON , August 30. The cabinet
meeting to day was attended by Secretary
Bayard , Acting Secretaries Thompson , Mnc-
focly nnd Muldrow , aud Acting Attorney
General Jeuks.
Yachts Must He Inspected.
WASHINGTON. August 30. Supervising Inspector
specter General Dummontu has decided that
the hulls and boilers oC all steam , yachts , no
matter how sunll , must undergo Inspection
and that their pilots and engineers must be
WASIIINOTOV , August ro. ( Special Tele
gram to the Bni.l A postofllce has been es
tablished nt Vhginln. Gngo county , nud John
Y. Allen appointed postmaster.
The Prince 1'ays Ills Kcspocts.
WASHING TON , August 30. Piluce Tho-
koro Sakib , ot Llmbdl , called nt the white
house this afternoon nnd paid his lespccts to
the president.
Ono Snya Colorow IH Moving on
KaitRely , the Other Contradicts It.
DnNvnn , Colo. , August 30. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bni : . | Xo dolinito news from
the Indian trouble to-day. One report says
the Indians nre moving on Rangcly , nnd n
battle expected ovcry moment if it has not
already taken place. Another , that all the
Indians have been taken to the leservatlon at
Ulntnh by tlio regulars except a few left be
hind to care tor the wounded , unable to bo
moved. One thing , however. Is certain. The
Indians have demanded the surrender ot 400
ponies CHDtured by the militia. This is
agreed upon providing the Utos give up Colo-
row and the two Utes wanted for horse steal
ing which the Indians positively refuse to do.
If the militia attempt to retreat to Meeker as
they are talking of doing- the Utes will attack
them and attempt to recover tha ponies when
another battle will tnko place. Governor
Adams anived nt Camp Adams last night.
General Crook Is expected to day. Governor
Adams has sent a courier to Colorow asking
him to meet him and Crook In council.
Lincoln Doesn't Wane the Presidency.
TOI.KDO , August 30. Tlio Blado'sChlcagc
correspondent has Interviewed Robert T.
Lincoln ns to the use of his name on the next
republican national ticket Mr. Lincoln
says : " 1 simply could not accept the nomi
nation to the vlco presidency. To take any
office nt nil would bo n great flacrllioo of my
business Interests. I most certainly should
not accept a nomination for tlio vlco presi
dency were it tendered. " As to being a can
didate for the presidency Lincoln said : "I
regret the use of my name in connection
with nny public olllco whatever. It
seems d illicit it for the nvorngo American
to understand that it is possible for any ono
not to desire tint presidency , but I most cer
tainly do not I have seen too much of It. I
can well remember the ticmcndoiis burden
my father was called upon to bear. 1 have
seen enough of the Inside ot Washington of
ficial life to have lost all deslro for It. The
presidential otllco Is but a glided prison. Its
cares nud worry out weigh the honor which
surrounds the position. 1 don't think there
Is nny likelihood of my rccolvWg the. nomina
tion. The men who mnko the ticket would
hnidly do so without exacting certain pledges
and those pledges 1 would not give.
Abandoned at Bon.
HALIFAX , N. S. , Auzust SO. Captain
Ilyde , of the Richmond Hill , which arrived
this mornlnz , , reports falling Inltn the
German bark , lllghll } or , of Klstletli , which
ho sighted Saturday. After passing her the
bark ran up signals of distress , nnd bearliu
down on her , Captain Hyde was Informed
that tlioossel was in a helpless .state , nnd
the captain said that the crow ml used to
work. She lias over live thousand barrels of
oil aboard nud Is n valuable prUu.
Chnrtcr Oak Pork Itnuns.
IlAitTFoui ) , Conn. , Augiut 30 , Tlio grand
circuit meeting at Charter Oak opened
tins afternoon.
First iaco'JU'J : class : Billy Freer won.Clnrn
M'cond , Jessie third , Camlllo louitli , Beat
2l8paclug : : Ednnnnn won , Duplex second ,
others distanced. Time - : \ } i.
8:31 : class , three starters : Fnrnna won ,
David L. second. Wallace third. Tlmo-'JUU.
An Old Itcsldont Drmd.
ELGIN , 111. , August 30. William Owen , a
resident of El 'in for forty y M , died this
morning , aged seventy-one. Ho wo * a na
tive of Otsego county , New York.
The Omahas Beaten bj the Lincoln Bati
lessors Yesterday.
A Draw Game Hctwccn Kansas CItf
and Rmporla Annthor Omaha >
Prize Flcht In rrospoot9
All Other BportH. f
Lincoln Downn Omaha. / ,
LINCOLN , Neb. . August 0. ( Special Tolcx
gram to the BKK. ] The Lincoln and Omaha
clubs , In the face ot soft and slippery ground *
and lowering clouds , played their schedule
game of ball to-day to nn audlcnco of 150. '
The wretched condition of the grounds took )
away any interest In the game , for In no'
position outside the batting could good world1
bo done and nny kind of Interesting baso'
running was out of thn question. Had the
grounds allowed running the homo club
batted heavily enough to have had'
four home runs In Instances whoa
the best tlmo that could bo made
only credited two and thrco base hits.
Swnrtzell for the homo team pitched In Una
style , only seven actual hits bcingmndo ( off
his delivery , and at the close of the game tca\ \
assists were to his credit Ills two wiloj
pitches wore very costly.'howovor , as tlio two
unearned runs ot the visitors were scored on
them , llealcy wns batted heavily by tha
home team , but his support by Jnntzeu was
perfect. The errors on both sides , had the
grounds been perfect , would have numbered
moro than recorded , but It was Impossible to
handle the ball in either In or outfields elTec <
lively. The following Is the score ;
LIXCOLM8.I'OI. All. 11. III. I'D. A. K.1
Beckley TTTb ft 5 4 10 0
Lang ! ) t )
Schalfer rf 5 0 3 0 0
Dolan lib
Hoover o
Herr ss 4 1 ! 1 0 3 1
Hall et
Reedor If
Swartzcl p 4 1 1 1 10 0
Totals 41 7 17 art liO a
Totals . ! ! 7 'J 1U 'J7 iM
Lincoln . 1 a 0 0J 0 0 2 0-7
Ouuhu . 0 0000101 O-'J
Runs Earned Lincoln 7 , Omaha 0.
Bases ou b.ills-Iloaloy ! 1. SwarUol 3.
Struck out Swart/el B. Ho iley 8.
Lett ou bases Lincoln 7 , Omaha 7.
Two-b.iso hits Buckley , llurr.
Homo run ? Horr.
Double plays Dwyer to Walsh to Dwycr.
Herrto Dolan to Bcckley.
Time of game Two hours.
Umpire Ben Young.
City 7 , Emporln 7.
KANSAS CITY , Aiuust 30. ( Special Tele
gram to the BEK. 1 Kansas City and Em <
poria played an excellent game to-day , but
it proved to bo a tie. Umpire iiairaii calling
the game in ttio ninth , even Innings , on ac
count of darkness. Tlio score Is ns follows :
Kansas City . 0 03010 3 00-1
Emporhi . 1 00880000-1
Earned runs Kansas City 4 , Emporla 3.
Two-base hits Mansell , Long. Raymond 3/
Double play Ho.vo and llonglo. Loft on
bases Kansas City 10 , Kmporln 7. First base
ou balls Manning , llonglo. Mnnseli 3 , llns- <
samaer'J , Ringo , O'Rourko. First base or !
01 ror.s Kansas City a , Kmnorla 4. lilt by ,
pitcher Manning , Lo g. Time of came 'J
hours and 10 minutes. Umpire lla nn,1
Batterlos Kansas City : Nichols and LO& ; .
Emporla Haddock nud Bradley.
Topeka , Wti'lntn 2. '
TOPKKA , Kan. , August KO. | Special Tele <
gram to the Bii.J : Topeka won ngamo front
the WIchltas to-day by superior playing all
around. Tlio Wichitns showed up In good
lorin , however , nnd Daniels , tlioir leitllolderj
made two pretty catches which evoked tilling
ders of applause. The following Is the score (
Topeka . I 300 10000 4f
Wichita . 0 000000 20 ' 4
Earned Run Topeic a 3 , Wichita 3. Errora ,
Topeka 3 , Wichita 3. Base lilts Topeka
\Vichita7. . Two base hits Konyon. Butler - '
ler , Scharinghausc. Thrco b.tso hit John *
sou. _
American Association.
CINCINNATI , Aiuust : . The gaino be
tween the Cincinnati and Athletic teams
to-day resulted ns follows :
Cincinnati . 0 03010040-1
Athletics . 1 10000000 rf
Louisvn.i.i : , August ! ! 0. The gnmo bo- '
twcen ttao Louisville and Metropolitan teams
to-day resulted as follows :
Louisville . 0 1 y.O 0 0 5 1 C-2S
Metropolitans. . . . y 00000030 4
ST. Louis , August M , The game be
tween the St Louis and Brooklyn teams <
to-day re.iiiltt'd ns lollows : '
M. Louis . 3 00111101-7
Brooklyn . 0 01030001 4
CI.KVKI.ANI > , Aiuust 30. The game bo-/
twcen the Cleveland nud Baltimore teams
to-day resulted as follows :
Cleveland . 0 00100001 3
Baltimore . 1 3400000- 8
National Loiiituo Games ,
Nr.w Yoitic , August 30. The game between -
tweon the Now York and Imuananolis teami
to-da > ' resulted as follows : ' i
Now York 0 3
Indianapolis 0 00000000-0
1'ltehers Welch nnd Loitnor. Base
hits Newoik 111 , Indianapolis n.
Krrors Naw York 5 , Indianapolis 6.
Umpire Brady.
PHILADELPHIA , August CO. The g.imo be
tween the Philadelphia and PltUiburg teams
to-day resulted ns follows :
Philadelphia 0 00003010-4
Plttsburg 0 01000000-1
Pitchers Casuv nud McCormack. Base lilts- .
Phllitdolnhla ! > , Pittsburg 0. Errors-Plilhv
delpliiaif , Plttsburg 3. Umpire Cuslck.
Bosro.v , August 30. The gamu be
tween the Boston nnd Detroit teams to-
resulted as follows :
Boston 1 00100001 3
Detroit 0 0030033 * U
1'ltchern .Madden and Cnnway. Ba'a
hits Detroit 14 , Boston 15 , Errors Uotroll
11 , Boston 10. Umpire Powuis.
WASHING ION. August 30. The first game-
between thu Washington nnd Chicago
teams unlay resulted as tollowt- :
Washington 1 (10000000 ( 1
Chicago I 00000000 1
1'itchers Whitney nud Van Hnlticn. Bas
hits Washington ! ) Chicago B. Errors-
Wnshlngtou 3 , Chicago 0. Umpire-
Daniels. Game called at the end of th (
eighth inning on account of darkness.
The NortliwcHtcrn Lonjuo.
Di : < ( MniNis : , I n , August 30. Thi
Northwestern lengito games to-day we re as
lollows : Des Molnes 7. Oshkosh 1 , at Dui
Mollies. St Paul 13 , Eau Claire 3 , nt .St.
Paul , seven Innings , foieuoon game. St
Paid n. Eiiu Claire 0 , afternoon gamu. Du-
lutli-Miniieauolls , rain.
A Famous Htnlllon.
Tito notea stallion McCloud , owned by If.
Chamberlain , of Arapahoo. Neb. , Is at the
fairgrounds. Ho has boon In the great oast-
em circuit and won several races , making
2:10M : In the third heat at Cleveland , and 3:20 :
In each thu fourth and fifth heaH. McCloud
also won thu SJ5.000 sukos nt St. Paul ,
Minn. , wlieroin twelve liorsos started. Wiiou
the stilltou-arrived at ItO'iliealor , N. Y , , lu
the grand circuit , iio became n llttlo orT on account -
count ( it the suddmi cold weather , Conso-
'lut'iitly he wiie withdrawn and brought hcr (
to iccuicrutu. Ho Is now t thu