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Delivered t > r carrier in nny part of the city a
twenty cents per w ck.
H. W. TILTOW , . . . Manager.
BTMKFKR OmcE. No. 43.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Keller , tailor. Fall goods cheap.
QThere is an increased activity in re a
Oliver & Graham have taken the ngcnc1
for an eastern boat manufactory.
Wanted Olrl for general housework
Mrs. P. M. Pryor , 700 , Sixth avenue.
The Y. M. C. A. to-night opens ita sea
son of Tuesday evening entertainments
Machine oil. needles , embroidery silks
publications. Domestic agency , 105 Main
Fine coupes for ladies callintr. Wm
Lewis , telephone 138. Ofllce 41U Broad
There was no business transacted in tin
office of Justice of the Peace Uijrps , thi
Vtiire ) being conliued to his homo by ill
Sam Dobsou , while at work excavatinj
for a sewer yesterday , was caught by i
caving in of the dirt. Ho escaped with i
broken collar bone.
The wife of James Christerferson diet
yesterday morning at her home , No. 1011
avenue E. The funeral will bo held this
Afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The Dodge light guards band will givi
an open air concert in liaylics park 01
Saturday night. It will probably bo tin
last of its kind this season.
There was a "coon" light on JJroad
way , between Sixth and Seventh streets
last night. Lloyd Wilson was arrestct
and placed behind the bars.
August W. Klappina , of Weston , ant
Louisa deiso , of Council Hind's. 'yester
day obtained from the county clerk per
mission to commit matrimony.
D. K. lilackburn , ono of the Fourtt
street Sunday shooters , was taken to the
county jail for safe keeping last evening
He couldn't find a | 500 bond.
1 The work of compiling the city ordi
nances has been completed by Judge
Aylcsworth and City Attorney Holmes
and the printers will soon hayo the vol
ume out.
t Little Hossio , infant daughter of Mr ,
and Mrs. A. Thornton , died Sundav
night , at their home , jfo. 2025 Wesl
Uroadway. The f uuoral was held yester
day afternoon.
Sopbia , wife of Ambrose Sorrenson ,
died yesterday morning at her homo on
Eighteenth avenue. Shu leaves besides
her husband , live sons. The funeral will
take place Wednesday afternoon.
Ira Malvorn was yesterday placed under
arrest , being charged with appropriating
some hay for his own use. He adjusted
matters on the appearance of the con
stable by paying the costs aa well as for
the hay.
The Adventists closed their meetings
her Sunday , and focr converts wore bap
tised oby i immersion. 'At tiio Baptist
church there was also one emersion Sun
day. The pastor of the colored Baptist
church also immersed ono convert.
It is amusing to watch the positions
taken by the evening prohibition organ.
It holds up its hands in holy horror at the
least intimation that the city should oven
think of collecting a license from saloons.
the state law prohibiting the business. In
the same issue it urges tno city to license
the gambling houses , notwithstanding the
fact that there is a state law against that
vice also.
Yesterday morning as F. Sperling and
Mr. lioimer were riuing along Avenue E
the horse booamo frightened aiid in the
run turned n corner sharply , tipping
over the buggy and throwing both to
the ground. Mr. Rciraor escaped with
out injury , but Mr. Sperling received
Bomo bruises which may trouble him for
Eorno weeks , although no bones were
broken ,
The cases of those charged with creat
ing nuisances along Indian creek were
disposed of yesterday. A judgment of
guilty was entered , but the tines wore
suspended , on condition that the tlefeii
dents pay the costs , and restrain them-
pelves in the future fro m further viol *
tion of the ordinance. It is thought that
there will bo no further reason for com
plaint concerning the creek , which has
been used heretofore rather freely as f
[ lumping place for all sorts of olfal am
List your property with Cooper & Jud
ton , No. 120 Main street.
When you are in the city stop at th <
Pacific house. Street cars pass the dooi
every fifteen minutes for all the depots
Meals 50 cents each.
I'erHonnl Paragraphs.
Mrs. D. W. Bushnoll has gone t <
S. C. Digglo , of Shenandoah.was in thi
city yesterday.
William Moore , of Porogoy & Moore , n
recreating at Colfax.
Miss Julia Sullivan has returned from i
Visit to eastern Iowa.
Mrs , S. Swanson has gone to Ashland
Nob. , to visit her brother.
J. W. Lyons and wife , of DCS Moiucs
wore guests at the Paciiic yesterday.
Miss Eva Ingorsoll , of Canton , 111. , I
Visiting the family of the Rev. Dr.Cooloy
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Edmundson havi
landed in Now York from their Europeai
W. W. Chapman leit last evening foi
his old homo in Pennsylvania , expecting
to bo absent two weeks or more.
Miss Emma Fox has returned from lie
two months1 vacation , and is a "ain occu
pylng her former place at the desk a
Bono a.
L. U. Crafts has returned from i
month's trin northward. Ho spent mos
of his time in the lumber and mining dis
tricts , going about a hundred miles nortl
of Lhiluth.
Mrs. Gaj lord and Mrs. J. R. Rico are
visiting friends nt Marysvillo , Mo. I
appears by a letter from there that thii
is not the dr.ycst spot on earth. The :
write that there has boon so little raif
there that most people have to buy watoi
by the barrel.
J. R. llaworthwho has been associate *
with Harry Haworth , of the Hawortl
chock rower , has gene to Decatur , 111.
and will take charea of tii.o managomon
of the Kansas City branch house , Hnrr
Haworth retaining the management ii
this city. _
Money to loan. Cooper & Judson.
Literary anil Social.
The Y. M. C. A. literary and social wil
be resumed this evening at 8 o'clock , i
good titno may bo oxpectod. All , botl
ladies and gentlemen , are invited to b
Instrumental Music
Recitation . MlssTaylo
Personal Kecollectious
Ulscriptlvo Uy Young Men.
Music. . .
Heading 8. K. Cuttl
Kfcsty J. M. Ualladu
Heading . _ . J. E. Matlienj
At the Pacific houie you will save fret
fOc to $1 per day. Try it and be coo
The Gamblers Satisfied With Having Omal
Competition Again Started *
The Usual Group of Offender * In F <
lice Court the Manor to bo
Brought In IJy the Mew Tax
Levy Drtef News Bits.
As Hcen fly a Gambler.
"I understand that the boys arc gem
to open up in Omaha with the lirst of th
month,1' remarked one of the well kuow
sporting men.
"Will they open up all the games ? "
"Yes , I guess BO , everything will g <
They will run with closed doors though
Just as they do in Chicago. It don
mean anything though. Of course tb
doors are locked , but then anybody ca
get in that wants to. It's better anywa
to have the doors locked , especially in
city where there arc roughs , who caus
trouble in a house. They can bo kc |
out this way. Of course when a strange
comes up , or anybody who has alwaj
acted straight by the house , thcv can gc
in. The only fellows who are barred 01
am those who have done something ,
can toll you too , that Chicago will ope
up too on the first of the month. "
"What cll'ect has the closing of garni
ling houses m Omaha hud upon the bus !
ness hero ? "
"It hasn't any bpccial effect. A goo
many said that when the houses aero ;
the river were closed , there would be
rush hero , but I knew better , ana it hs
proved so. Of course , the floating clas
and tno gamblers would como here , be
the business men wouldn't , not to an
extent. The business men , who gambl <
lind it is too much trouble to come aero ;
the river. You see , if they got stuck on
game , they would not got back in lira
for business , and this class who pin
don't go out of their way a great deal , a
though they amount to a good deal , an
it is the business which pays pretty wel
No , the closing of the games in Omah
has not made much diflcrance here , nl
though it has helped some. It won'
make much difference with us if they d
open up again. "
"But the law across Ihoriverisafctron
isn't it "
one , ?
"Pshaw , no. You see it's optional wtt
the judge whether there is line or impris
onmeut. No. they can open if they wan
to and run all right. Why , in Pennsy !
vania there's a stronger law than anj
where else , and they're dealing ban
right along. There hasn't ' been but on
couvictiou there. I don't believe there' ]
bo any trouble to speak ot. "
The Story of the Chaso.
Deputy Sheriff O'Neill had a bluoMon
day. Ho did not got his accustomed Sut
day rest , and' was unable to attend churc
as usual. Ho was busy with others watcto
ing for prize fighters , and making road ,
to capture the whole gang should the ;
attempt to land on the pure soil of lowii
Although the law here makes it a vor ,
serious offense to fight chickens , it take
a twist to make even a misdemeanor o
lighting men. It was determined to giv
the fellows the beneht of this twist , how
ever , and stop the brutal show , if the at
tempt was made to pitch the ring in thi
county. O'Neill could write a book on hi
experiences. "Man alive , you don't kno\
what it is to travel along the river bol
toms for twenty miles. We got so tireci
so dirty , and almost lousy , that I felt lik
applying for a pension. Do I think the
wanted to have the fight on this side ?
don't know , but I do know we wante
them to try it. I never was so anxiou
in my life to have the law violated. Ther
would have been some satisfaction thei
for the long tramp througli the willow
and sand. You sen I had a big satchc
filled with handcuffs and a big revolve
in the other , and if you think Us oas
crawling through the brush with an :
ouch load , just trv it. My face was a
red as n boiled lobster , and th
electric light on the court hous
wasn't a single candle power ii
comparison. 1 tell you 1 was hot. Whei
wo got where there was a house I tell vo' '
1 never kncwtnat shingles could look"
good. 1 just made up my mind that i
there was a team I was through walking
The man hesitated about hitching \ \ \
and began asking who wanted the tear
and what for. 1 told him that I wante <
it , and to servo a warrant with , if I got
chance , and that the best thing ho coal
do was to hitch up about as quick as hi
hands and the good Lord wouli
lot him. Ho let us have n pai
of bronchos. Talk about run
ning. Well , I never saw bronchos wh
could run like those fellows. We koi :
chasing that steamboat up and down th
river all day , and then to thinlr that th
rascals never gave us a chance to arref
them. You sco wo had to keep bac
where they wouldn't see us , and 8om <
times lay in the dirt and watch , ana w
just kept going till night. You see w
thought when tlioy landed on the othc
side that that was just for a sham an
that they would como back ami land o
this side. So wo waited and watchoc
but wo had no such good luck. "
Police Court Budget.
Business in the police court yestcrda
morning was not ovorhoavy.
The police business for Saturday nigl
and Sunday was not as great as o
some previous occasions.
Judge Aylesworth didn't arrive until
half hour after his accustomed time an
the spacious court room was filled wit
an anxious audience.
Several attorneys were in attondanc
hoping to bo called on by some of the di
fondants and given a chance to sho'
their legal abilities as well as got th
promise of a few dollars.
The first ono called to the front was ;
locomotive engineer , sixty-four years cage
ago , with a silvery white board. II
gave the name of J. U. Lessor , said h
was an American by birth , aud livoi
wherever he could find worl
Ho was charged with being lutoxicatci
and admitted ho had drank sonio.but sal
ho had a heavy burden on his mind , hs\
ing just como from Lower Cahforni :
where ho had buried his wife and liv
children in less than five weeks. Who
asked what his plea was ho admitttod h
was cuilty as charged , and for all h
claiming ho had line recommendations o
his porson.ho was given a line of $8.10. i
default of which ho was returned to tb
John Murphy , a farm hand , arroste
Sunday on suspicion of haying robbe
Vornou Troynor , of a silver watch , wt
discharged for want of evidence , at U :
rcmicst of the prosecution.
r R. B. Rohart , laborer , aged twontj
night , American birth , of Wintorset , la
pleaded guilty of intoxication. Ho n
ceivod the usual fine for a ride in the pi
trol wagon , | 8.10 , but could not pay i
only having 60 cents when arrcstei
Rehart was arrested Saturday nigl
and had $33.05 on his persoi
ho pleaded guilty , and putting up his fir
loft the jail , only to return in a drunko
condition Sunday night , aud penniless.
C , H. Boynton , a switchman , ago 21
resident of Missouri Valley , pleade
guilty to being drunk , and was line
(8.10 , having ridden in the patrol.
D. E. Blackburn , aged 39 , and Hem
Hall , aged 57. wore each charged wit
assault with intent to kill. Their case
were continued until this morning , bet
beinc put under | 500 bail.
. Ira Merriam , a-49-year-old gardtu
charged with drunkeucss , was fined | 7 , <
which ho promised to pay this morning
and was lot go on that account.
The case of Jim McCaulcy , chargec
with disturbing the pcaco Satur
day night with O. E. Mitts
when the pinto glass window a
Joe Bncharach's clothing store wai
broken , was continued until afternoon a :
McCaulcy pleaded not guilty. In tin
afternoon the trial took place , and it wai
quickly shown that McCaulcy was tin
aggressor ; that ho followed Mitts to ii
front of the Manhattan where the tlgh
began. As Mitts did as almost every on <
else would , when attacked , the judge Ic
him go and lined Mcl'aulcy $5 and costs
in default of which ho will spend a fen
days in jail.
Dave Thompson , American , papei
hanger , hnd three charges against him
viz. : drunk , disturbing the peace ant
vagrancy. He plcadednot cuilty to eaci
and was allowed his freedom by puttitu
up f 25 to appear for trial on Ihursday
A $2 Jeraey For 05o.
Nlirgcrhead Jerseys , nil sizes and col
ors , will soli this week for C5c. J. Gold
berg , 18tMaln st.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to th <
majority of real estate ofllccs in the city
| 2 per day.
* Malvorn Mattora.
MALVEKN , August 20. [ Correspond.
cnco of the BEE. ] For some weeks
past Mulvern has been the scene of con
siderable activity , and some very good
improvements are now under way oi
construction. L. W. Boohner & Co. ami
.Mungor & Goodwin each have the foun
dation in for five two-story brick store
buildings that will be ornaments to the
town. The former is a double bulldlnc
40x102 feet in dimensions , and the lattei
a single structure 22x102 feet. When
completed in accordance with plans , thej
will be two as nice buildings as are often
met with in towns of 2,000 or 3,000 in
A feed mill is also being erected bj
Mr. Suger , and other improvements arc
being talked of.
Politically , the citizens are enjoying the
calm before the storm. The republicans
last week made their nominations , put
ting up a good ticket , which stands a good
chance of being successful at the polls.
Colonel A. J. Chantry , the candidate for
representative , is a man of ability and
personal popularity and will poll his party
strength and draw some from the demo
cratic party. Ho is a farmer , and a good
ono too , is thoroughly sound on the issues
before the people and will make a useful
and influential member of the assembly.
His opponent , Mr. B. E. F. Kelley , is
also a farmer , but in point of ability is
far from being Mr. Chantry's equal.
Colonel Chantry was a member of the
Granger house and' made a record of
which ho and his friends need not bo
The nomination convention of the
eighth senatorial district , composed of
Mills and Montgomery counties , will beheld
hold in the Malvcrn opera house ,
Wednesday , August 31 , at 1 o'clock.
Mills county has no candidate for
senatorial honors and her eight votes
will doubtless be thrown to some good
Montgomery county man. Mont
gomery's ton delegates have boon in
structed for Thomas Weidman , ( a
farmer ) , and it is probable that ho will be
nominated without a contest.
Fred Deitchler , member of the board
of supervisors , was thrown from his
wagon by a run away team , a day or
two ago and sustained quite serious
injuries. Throe ribs were broken , ono in
two places , and it is feared that ho is also
injured internally.
Secretary Snyder informs us that the
prospects for a successful fair this year
are quite flattering. Our people take
great pride in these annual exhibitions
and nothing would please them bettor
than that the fair should bo a booming
The corn crop in this vicinity is badly
injured and some pieces will bo very
light. Other Holds will bo pretty fair.
Considering the fearful drought , it is re
markable that there Is any corn at all.
The general health of the community
is good , _
For Sale Harry Smith's photograph
gallery cheap. Inquire of Harry Smith.
Having decided not to receive any pu
pils this year , I will devote my time to
the execution of orders for paintings. All
orders for mo may bo left at the art store
of vV. W. Chapman , 107 Main street ,
Miss S. D. Rehsc.
The City llovonncH.
The levy made for city purposes for
this year amounts to 34 } mills. The reve
nue figures are as follows :
General fund . 10 mills 545.678.8 $
Judgement . 10 " 45.CT8.8S1
Water tax . 5 " 22,843.M
Parks . 1 " 4,5T,8.7ti
Library . y. " 8,420.56
1'avirnr bonds . a . .
Sewerbonds . 2 " K.137.57
General sewer . 2 " 9.I37.B7
Loanfund . a "
Total . 8158,747.31
To a person not familiar with the
financial restrictions of cities in Iowa , it
appears strange that this city should levy
as largo a tax tax for judgments against
the city as for general fund
purposes. In other words , the eitj
raises this year 145,000 for gen
eral purposes , and 145,000 to pay of )
judgments. This is ono of the peculiar
results of the Iowa law which prohibits
cities from levying moro than 10 mills
for general fund purposes. As this
amount is not suflicientwith the low rate
of assessed valuation , which does not ax-
erago 40 per cent of the cash valuation ,
cities are obliged to issue warrants to
pay bills and allow these warrants to be
put into judgment against the city , after
which the city can levy a tax sumclont to
pay these judgments. It is an expensive
way of whipping the devil around the
stump , but it seems to bo the best that
can bo devised. The coming legislature
will bo asked to remedy this evident de
fect in the laws governing cities of the
first class.
Wo are handling the celebrated Home
Base-burner again this year. The grand'
cst stove on top of the earth. Our sales
last year justify every claim made for it ,
Cole & Cole , 41 Main st.
A Child llun Over.
R. P. Ofllcor thought ho had a good
sized find yesterday , but ho doesn't par
ticularly care to have it generally known ,
As ho was about thinking of getting his
noon day meal and walking along Broad
way in front of the Bechtelo hotel , he
saw something laying on the pavement
about ten feet from the sidewalk that al
most made his hair curl. It resembled
it human form , and Mr. Officer , as he
glanced at it the second time , made B
jump for it , seeing that it was a child ap
parently about a month old. It was plain ,
to him. that the child had boon run over
and allowed to remain there , no ono hav
ing scon the occurrence. How a child
that ago had got there never entered his
mind , ho didn't stop to think of anythmc
except that the child bad been killed and
it was his place to notify the coroner. As
ho stooped to pick the child up , imagine
his surprise to find it simply a doll bab\
that was nicolv clothed and allowed tc
bo run over.
Visit the new jeweler , C. Voss , No. 41 (
Broadway. If ypu wish anything in his
lino. Ho has a hue assortment of the bcsl
Watches , clocks , jewelry , etc. ; the. bos :
in the city ; O. Voss , jeweler , No.,41 !
Broadway. Repairs a specialty , . '
Ycntcrflay'8 Knee.
The roadster rnco took place ycstorda ;
afternoon at the driving park as per an
nouncomcnt for all the weather , nt th
time of the start , looked very unf&vorabl
for horse racing. In consequence of th
signal service prediction for rain enl
four starters , out of the ton , put in n
appearance. There werconly three heat
trotted although they startoi
out for the best thrco in live
Just us the third heat was about complc
ted rain set in. and although Seibnrt an
Hoist protested against allowing Shea th
last heat , they finally acquiesced , and th
race was given to Shea , ho Imviug com
in first m both the second ami third heat ;
while Seibcrt won the first heat.
Thrco boys had a half nillo pony run
nlng mce. They came in as follows
Kaldano , McO.irgar and Leonard.
J J. W. and E. L. Squire lend money.
Union tinhor Convention.
The union labor party convention me
in the nldermanic chamber last night t
select delegates to attend the county convention
vontion , which takes ( place at Avoca tc
morrow. There were present four moi
and a boy. George Loucks was sclectoi
as chairman , while George Hunter wa
secretary. They chosn the following del
cgatcs : M. A. Moran , George LOUCHE
George Hunter , , Wm. McLaughlin.
Arthur Zipp's name was placed n
nomination and that gentleman bcinj
present , delivered a short address to th
audieuco in the interest of the unloi
labor party and then , with a polite bow
gracefully declined the honor will
The IiadlcH Choral.
The Ladies Choral society ( and all whi
received invitations to join ) are requestci
to meet at Muoller's music hall thii
evening at 7i30 o'clock to take part in tin
nrst rehearsal of an opera to be given un
der the management of the Misses Robin
son aud Hatcher , and for the benefit o
those ladies. A full attendance is desired
Mia. D. W. BUSHNELL , Secretary
One thousand head of one , two am
three-year-old steers for sale. Will eiv <
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A
J. Greenamayer , 023 Mynster st. , tele
A nugget of gold weighing 150 ounce :
and 5 pennyweights was recently founi
neard Brcckeubridgo. It is worth i
specimen close to $ fi.OOO. It is said to b <
the largest lump of gold ever found ir
California , but one almost , if not quite ai
targe , was taken from the little Annii
mine in Summit district , Rio Grandi
county , late in 1800. Australia produced
the largest nugget of gold ever discovered
It weighed 180 pounds , and was found al
Ballorat , near Geelong.
Thirty Tons Preswnro
is given to every cake of Colgate & Go's ,
Cashmere Bouquet toilet soap. It wean
away very slowly.
An immense drainage work under
taken by the Russian government con
templates the recovery of the vast regioi
known as the Pinsk marshesin the south
( vest of Russia , near the borders of Galll
3ia , and which hitherto has preventei
communication , not only between thi
Russian districts on cither side , but alsc
between Russia and Austro-Germany
Dp to the present time about 4,000,00 (
lores have been reclaimed by means o :
the construction of several thousand mile :
af ditches and canals.
[ n the combination , proportion , and pre
paration of its ingredients , Hood's Sar
saparilla accomplishes cures where
sther preparations entirely fail. Pcculiai
in its good name at home , which is :
"tower of strength abroad , " peculiar in
the phenomenal sales it has attained ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla is the moH success
ful medicine for purifying the blood
giving strength , and creating an appe
Cor. 5th Ave. & 7th St. , Council Bluffs.
One of the best Educational Institu
tions in the west. Hoarding and daj
school conducted by the Sisters of Char
ity , B. V. M.
Board and tuition for a term of fw
months , $75. For further particular !
St. Francis Acedomy ,
Council Bluft's , la.
Attorneys at Law ,
Practice in the State and Federal Cour
Rooms 7 and 8 Shugart-Beno Block.
Justice o ± the Peace ,
415 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in th <
city. Collections p specialty.
Justice of the Peace.
Office over American Express.
Star Safe Stables and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council muffs , Opp. Dummy Depo
Horses and mules constantly on hanc
for siilo at retail or in car load lots
Orders promptly filled by contract or
short notice. Stock sold on commission
Telephone 114. SHLUTKK & BOLEY.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Counci Bluff f
( bit Tlllil ! I * Ca
UiU < f Ctti.L
Owing to the DliGOIiL ( I4IT1CITT of the cloth ( which
oar iiatenti cover iclu iT fy ) will ft porfK-tlr flr l
llm. worn. KtqnlrM no vr'iktni & BOIM
v . . . SHOTTY B OI. , CMMWO , III.
adrcrtla mont , such is Lost , Founi
lo Loan , For Bnle , To Hont , Hants , Boot-dint
etc. , trill bolntertod In thii column at the lot
Ion rind VlvaCentlPcrlilnofofoKchiubicciuen
Insertion. Lenre advertisements i\t our ofBci
No. U Fcirl tticett near llroadwa/ , Council
UlulU. _
. .
_ _
WANTPD-A girl for pcnoml hntiaevrork
Small iHmlly , ImiiUy kitchen. 10U 6th nve
WANTKD Younv ( rlrl who wants to RO t
tcliool nnd help do houaework to p y ( o
her board. Address H27 , nooodlco.
IttltJj poll nt pnbllc auction Tuesday after
noon , corner of Main st and llroimwny , ra
entire lot or household furniture. Thl < furnl
turo Is of the very latest quality. D. II. LsKue
H. II. lumitn , Salesman.
SALE-Stock of drugs In central Ne
FOU . Will Invoice about l,000. I |
quire of Harle , Hnis , VCo. , Council llluffs , It
WANTKD An active younir man expei
lonced In city eollcltliiK and colleotmij
Permanent position , modern 19 Halary. Mu ?
furniih references. Address Grocer , Hecortlci
A Rood girl for cook. Apply a
WANTKD to Mrs. J. K. Mcl'hurson , No. 1J3
Fierce street. .
TflOU SALK-Oneasy terms or will trade fo
-L. city property , u complete stock of furnl
ture. stovei , ntao building. It Is situated 2
miles east on Wabash railroad. Good town : ni
opposition , tiood reasons for selling. PDF
session Riven nt onco. Will Inrnlcc about $2,501
Call or nddress Merchant , ! 5 Broadway , Coun
cil Bluffs.
> 'OR SALE OR TKADK.-For Conncll Bluff
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The Butter house In Missouri Valley ; fur
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Missouri Valley.
500 Broadway , Council BIurTs.Iowa.
Established 16S7.
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Midsummer Milliner ? ,
Largehata In white , black and all colors. .Pat
tern bonnets , hmj and toques , a specialty.
No 1611 Douglas Bt. , Omaha.
Creston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric Call Bells.
Accommodations First Clasx ,
And llaten Reasonable
Max Mohn , Proprietor
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
JV'O. 23 MAM ST. ,
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
Telephone No. 3S
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 9
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' Hair goods
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j. Gillette
29 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , aud all mail
orders promptly attended to.
Hides , Tallow , Pelts ,
Highest Market Prices. Pro nip
820 and 8Q2 Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
5x0' ' } foot In fil/c , colored by addition , Ehowlnu
all lots and sub-divisions Included In territory
U miles noitli mid south by 10i } miles cust und
west.PKICE $1O.
' Address 0.11. AU.KN , 1'ubllshor.
Office No. 12 , Main St. , Coupctl Ululls , I * .
Summer Dress Goods , White Goods
Parasols , Gloves , Mitts , Hosiery , Etc. , Etc.
Are Large and Well Selected
Our Patterns are Choice and Quality the Best ,
New Goods are arriving and invite
Work Done by Competent Workmen.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
N. B. Special attention given all orders by
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
cnll on us.
. .
Instrument * Tuned ami Repaired. We never fall to giro gatUI'action.
Over 2O year § ' Experience In Piano and Organ Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : Boaidors : : Reduced : : Rates.
NO. 336 & 338 Broadway , council Bluffs.
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Both Domestic and Foreign ,
The ( Incst of driving horses always ou
baud and for sale by
. - MASE.WISE. . ,
Vacant Lots , Lnnds , City lUllcinncM and
Fartm. Acre property In woiterii purl of cltjr
All cllltir ( clicnp.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent , / * *
Uooia O.orer Officer & l'u r' I.ok ) , CounoJ . '