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. ' " ( CHE OMAHA DAILT BEE ; / MONDAY. AUGUST ' 29 , ' . 1387 ;
Two Accounts of the Difficulty Between
Governors Forakor and Wilaon.
Ohlo'ft Gorcrnor Tolls I tow lie
I'rrnchnil It to the Ilebel Soldiers
of Virginia Tlio Citizens
t .Mnko an Apology.
i A War of Word * .
* riTTSmmo , Augustas. tapeclal Tel CKrntn
to the JJKiiJ 'i'fto clilot topic of conversation
among the Plttsburg crand army veterans
Who nttomlod tlio parade at Wheeling , Fri
day , la over the w onln between the repub
lican Kovernor , Forakcr of Ohio , and the
, democratic governor , Wilson , at the serenade
given them and Governor liuavcr , of Penn
sylvania. General A. L. Pearson , vUio Is a
democrat , saya ttmt at his request Wilson
Bpoko after tlie other governors and adds :
"Ills manner was qulto as objectionable aa
Ills language , lla pitched his volco and
chopped oil his sentences In a very bitter
manner. Pointing down to the right , ho
said , 'hook up this street ; there arc banners
and flans and streamers ; look down that
street and you will see lluifs , banners nnd
streamers from houses of republicans and
democrats , and : i creat many democrats. 1
tell you , and make no mistake , the blue and
the prey are here together. The roy was en
titled to as much credit as the blues. ' At
this point , younc Lambert , a son of the 1ftto
Comptroller Lambert , of I'lttsburg , said :
"Hut were they not traitors ? '
Governor Wilson stopped and seemingly
Catherine bitterness by the pausnsald : 'That
is an Impertinent remark to make twenty
yeais after thu war has boon ended/ Captain
A. 11. Hay took exception to Governor \V11-
fion's fipcech and Governor Forakor was
brouirht back. Ho scored Wilson and ended
by Raving that such talk troui that quarter
inado him tired.
"Wilson then shouted : ' .Wo will make you
more tired. ' "
Captain Hay to-dav said that Governor
Forakrr explained his position upon the
rebel flag business as follows :
"It the southerners are loyal , what do they
want with the nags ? Most of us think that
the north should nave the Hags. If the south
Is disloyal , that Is all the moro reason for our
retention of the Hags. Let the south rome
and take the llaxs If they wantthem. [ Cheers
and hisses. ] The north conquered the south
With bayonets once ; the north Is now con
quering the south with capital and enter-
prize. "
"How about the time when Charleston was
rocked In the throes of eartliquakeV' Inquired
a southern sympathiser.
Dr. Selp , another member of the Union
Veteran loelon , says that the citizens of
"Wheeling offered every apology for Wilson's
remarks , saying It was only "Windy Wil
son" opening his mouth and putting his foot
ill it again.
GoTornnr Porakcp's Version.
COMJMIJUS , O. , August 28. [ Special Tele-
grain to the DUE. | Governor Forakor was
asked this evening about the trouble between
Governor Wilson and himself In Wheeling ,
W. Va. , at the soldiers' reunion. IIo denied
that the soldiers reiusod to walk uuder a pic
ture of President Cleveland hung on the ban
ners across the street. The picture , he said ,
hung to one side a little , but the soldiers paid
no attention to It.
As to the political fooling between himself
and Governor Wilson , Governor Foraker
said , "Thrro was a great reunion of soldiers
there and a tremendous outpouring of the
people. In thoovoulng , while sitting at our
hotel talking to Governor Heaver , of Penn
sylvania , and Governor Wilson , ot West
Virginia , the latter Kcntlonmii was called on
for a speech , and ho salrff amonii other
things , that those who wore the grey wore as
brave as these who wore the blue. Some one
In the street said , 'Yes , but they were rebels ,
weron'tthoyy Governor Wilson answered
they wore brought UD to believe that under
thn constitution a state had the right to se
cede. "
"We shot tliot Idea to death on the battle
field , " I said.
"After Wilson got through they called on
me. I epoko pleasantly awhile , as also did
Governor Heaver. Governor Wilson again
Bpokeand made a political speech , saying
that the G. A. K. was a republican institu
tion , and the republican party , a party of sec
tionalism. I answered that when called on ,
and 1 bet I ttilued more republicanism to
these fellows down there than they had ever
heard before. There was a good deal of feel
ing and loud noise , but no badges were pulled
off , nor was there any lighting. "
How The Finh Commission Has De-
iVaudett Undo Sam.
WASHINGTON , August ! 3S.-Special [ Tele
gram to the BEE. ! It Is expected that there
will shortly bo a complete overhauling of the
accounts of the fish commission. As a rule
scientific bureaus of the government are dis
posed to squander the public money lavishly
and the fish commission has been no excep
tion to the rule. For years there have been
grave charges made against the methods em
ployed by the uoputy commissioner , Major
Ferguson. This gentleman Is an old-time
democrat and an ox-officer of the confederate
array. Ho has had practical control of the
finances of the bureau. He owned a low
marshy Island In the vicinity of Havre do
Grace , Maryland , and because ft was an ex
cellent location for a lish hatchery he
'loaned" it to the government. Since the
'loan" wont Into effect ho has succeeded in
getting It Idled In two feet above low water
mark at the expense of the United States and
as It Is In the midst of thu celebrated Chosa-
. peakQ ducKlng grounds ho nnd his friends
nave line sport In the shooting season.
Their shooting box , maintained nt nubile
expense , Is said to be one ot the linost in the
country. Ferguaon also succeeded In ' 'loan
ing" to the government , for the use of tlio
fish commission , a small Htenm yacht called
the "Lockout. " The only consideration Is
that the government must pay the running
expenses and cost of repairs. The yacht is
Of no value except to carry pleasure parties ,
yet It has been supplied with new boilers and
machinery. Within the past year this jacht
lias been cut In two , lengthened out , related
In birds-eye maple and mahogany and Is now
one of the Unest pleasure boats plyine be
tween Newport and other pleasure resorts
along the Atlantic. In short , It is charged
tbat many thousands of dollars have been ex
pended out ot the funds ot the commission
ostanslbly for tint benefit ot the government ,
but really for tun bonetitot Major Ferguson.
{ two Curious Specimens of tlio Ani
mal llaoo Pound In Africa.
NEW Yonic , August 'Ji [ Special Tele
gram to the 13EK.1 Charles Holch , an animal
. dealer In this city , recently bought In Lon
don three children stolen from n trlbo of
hairy savages near the 'Xamblgl river , South
Africa , two maltu and ono female , but the
female died before starting for this country.
Their heads are about as well formed and de
veloped as a two-year-old child's. The foro-
hoau Is straight , the eyes brown , large and
bright , tlin nose flat like an African's and
the mouth much llko a Chimpanzee's. Thu
body IS well formed , with a paunch llKe the
Imnuna-fiHl children of southern countries.
The hands and feet are human in suapo , but
the toes are longer than a child's and more
moveable. The back and limbs are covered
with long rod h lr ot a growth , but
the front of the body , which U of a tan color ,
is entirely hairless. They Imvo no sign of a
tall , are extremely affectionate , and took
quickly to Mrs. Sparow. thu colored nurao
woo tends them. An elfort will bo rnado to
teach them to talk.
The Platform of Virginia Democrats
JlBi\Htrou to the Slnto'n Finances.
NK\V YOKK , August 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the HUE. ] A special to the Tribune
from Itlchmond , Va. , says ; The chairman
Of the tiu nco committee of the city council
Bald last night that the city has no money in
hand and has not been able to borrow on Its
4 per ( ent bonds In New York. In response
to an Inquiry as to the cause of the clt'a In *
ability to effect the loan it was learned thai
the platform adopted by the democrats at
'Itoanoko stopped all credit to Virginia and
ier cities. .
What Coulrt Have Induced tiockwooil
to Aooept tlio Trivial Position ?
WASHINGTON , August 23. [ Special to the
UKK. ] Politicians from western New York
lave been guessing for months over a con-
indrum which they are still unable to solve.
That riddle Is : What could have Induced
Dan Lockwood to accept the comparatively
.nvlal position of United States district at-
; ornoy for the northern district of Now York ?
Nock wood wanted a place In the diplomatic
corps. Ho did not care for ono of the first
class missions , but ho thought that ho could
fill the place as minister to Spain ns well as
anyone olso. Ho did not get the place and
as a consequence he never called upon the
resident after the week of the Inauguration.
It was a longtime before ho was recognized
at all , and when the president finally did
nake up his mind to recognize the man who
md nominated him tor every political of
fice to which ho had been elected , ho selected
ono of the mostlnslzntticant In the list. A
gentleman from Builalo who is generally
well posted on the Inside history of political
events In the western end of the empire state
solves the conundrum In this way : Lock-
wood Is a staunch natty man. Ho lull rather
disappointed over the manner in which the
inesiiicnt Ignored him , but ho was not the
lUnd of man to allow his personal feelings
lo Influence his loyalty to his party. When
it became evident that the president was
fishing for a renomlnatlon Lockwood could
ice that ho would be expected by these who
< new him to mount the rostrum and to
igaln present the name of the man of destiny
for the votes of the delegates in the next
democratic national1 ( invention. As a
private citizen he could not \erv well refuse
to do this when called upon. Hut the prosi-
ilont had Issued positive orders to the federal
ofllcD-holdt-rs that they must not mix up in
| ) ollttcs. Here was the chance. He was
ollered the position of United States district
attorney and accepted tin * oilor. That re
moves him from the political liold. To mnko
the removal more emoh.itlc ho icslgnod his
place as member of tlio New York democratic
itate committee. After that ho was asked it
lie would perform the nominating ceiemony
Tor Cleveland In 1833. Ho replied that under
the orders of the chief magistrate no federal
onice-holder would be allotted to take any
l > art In politics. For that reason .It would bo
impossible lor him to do any moro nomi
nating during his service to thu nation , If
Cleveland is rcnomlnatcd therefore , he will
iiavo to get some ono else to present his
name. Ordinarily this might not make anv
dlllurcnco , so long as his name Is presented
jy sonic0110. . liut another Now Yoik poli
tician Is authority for the statement that in
the present Instance it will make a great deal
ot difference. Soon alter the adjournment
3f congress the president appointed the Hon.
"Dick" bchooluy. of Uochestor. to a small
consulate In Canada. When Schooloy came
on to Washington to receive his instructions
lie was asked how I ho differ on cos between
Lockwood and the president were patched
up. He replied : "Well , you sco , the presi
dent Is n fatalist and believer in foreordlua-
tlon ( sic ) . Ho thinks that In order to bo
successful next year ho must be nominated
by the man who has nominated him for all
the offices troui sheriff to president. So ho
sent for Lockwood , ( who did not come , by
the way ) , and his brother-in-law , Tom
itrown , ot Rochester , and a truce was or-
tanged. Lockwood was to bo the district at
torney for the northern district of New York
nnd Drown was to name the collector of cus
toms for the Kochestnr district. Lockwood
' 'kismet' all
accepted and the president's was
right again. " It the Honorable Dick's ideas
are sound Graver Cleveland Is doomed , and
no matter who nominates him bo will not
expect to bo elected.
An Economical Move.
WASHINGTON , August 28. [ Special to the
BKIJ.J Within n short time the United States
lias adopted a system for the transmission ot
documents to our consuls which has resulted
In the saving of a great many hundreds of
dollars In the course of the year. Formerly
t was the custom to send books and publlca-
; lens intended for the various consulates in
Europe , Asia and Atrlca to the United States
distributing a'ent In London. Ho would
make up the packages for tlio different con
suls , and would mall them in London , pay-
up the Kngllsh postage rates on each bundle.
This caused the bills ot thodlstrlbutln ? agent
; o bo materially Increased. It was discovered
iti the department that United States postage
stamps could toe printed at very small cost ,
and as these stamps would carry packages
anywhere in the world if they were affixed in
America and sent through the American uost-
ofllce , It was determined to adopt a new sys
tem. Now instead of paying into the British
exchccquer several thousand ot dollars each
year in postaeo upon public documents , the
department orders an additional supply of
postage stamps , and every book Intended for
American consuls in towns on the European
continent In sent directly by mall from Wash
ington instead of through the distributing
office in London.
Tradu Dollars.
WASira'aTON. August 23. [ Special to the
BER. | Although the flow ot trade dollars to
ward the treasury of the United States has
practically coasua , It Is believed tlmt there
are still a great many ot these coins In the
hands of the people which will probably
never bo redeemed. Up to the present time
there have been about 7.r 00,000 "trades" ex
changed tor standard dollars. This sum ex
ceeds by only a few thousands the figures
which were estimated to represent the num
ber held In the country. The date for the
final redemption ot the coins wns fixed by
con cress , and the time cannot be extended
except by concessional action. This will ,
in all probability , not bo civon , and holders
of tno debased coins who fall to return them
to the treasury beioio next Saturday will
have to sell them for old silver. It is be
lieved that the greater number of those
which will not come in by next Saturday are
hold by people who hoard their savings in
old stockings and other outof the way places ,
and that those people will not be heard from
because of their ignorance of the law. No ono
can judge with any certainty of the number
so held , but good guessers tieuro that there
will bo several hundred thousand unre
deemed "trades" after September 3.
WASHINGTON , August 23. [ Special to the
BEE.J Scientific circles are greatly stirred
up over the problem , "Who will succeed
Prof. Balrd as commissioner ot fish and fish
eries ? " The law Is such that the field of eli
gible candidates is exceedingly circum
scribed. It is thought that the only man who
can fill all the requirements of the law is
Major Ferguson , and It he Is appointed he
would have to servo without any compensa
tion whatever. Ho Is at present tbe deputy
commissioner and his salary Is paid out ol
the general appropriation. Tills could nol
bo done If ho were promoted. In consequence
it Is thought that me vacancy may not bi
filled until congress amends the law.
Probability That Havana Will Be
Declared In n > State of Slogo.
NKW Ont.EANS , August 23. A. special tc
the Plcayuno from Key West , Fla. , siys : A.A-
vices received hero last night state that the
greatest excitement prevails In Havana , oc
casioned by the receut acts ot Captain General
oral Marine in taking possession ol
the custom house and placing the of
flclals under arrest. The city ii
In charge of regular troops and the situation
becomes dally moro desperate , recall inn
events In 1S71. A rolgn or terror prevails
and it la expected that Havana will ba do
dared In a state of siege. Already
several conflicts have occurred bctwnou
troops and civilians , resulting In the klllluj
of some and the wounding or others. Cap
tain General Marine has Issued a proclama
tion calllug on the rioters to maintain order
Otherwise severe measures will bo adopted
to uphold the taw. The volunteers , wlu
are opposed to Marln , and are oncouraget
therein by political bodies desirous of his re
moral have joined the rioters. Several meet
tugs have been held In the park , whore
cheers ot "viva Salamanca"
were given , am )
cries o t "down with Marlu. " "Tho city i ;
placarded with a call lor a goii
er l moss meeting at . the park to
nlcut and requosltnc all to brlni
nrm.3. .The call Is believed to have emanate *
from the volunteers , and terlous trouble L
expected. So far the captain general con
crob the situation wltu regular troops
which have been distributed throughout
the city prepared for any emergency.
Troops stationed In towns adjoining Havana
are kept under arms ready to move at a mo *
incut's notice. These acquainted with Gen
eral Marln state that ho will carry out his
policy of purifying the public sorvlco regard
less of consequences , and a feeling of un
easiness permeates every branch thereof.
Fears That the Utca Will he Joined
lljr the UncntnpabitrGS.
DHNVKII , Colo. . August 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the BER. ] As far aa can bo learned ,
the Ute war is unchanged. A courier ar
rived from Meeker yesterday , bringing tlio
information that COO Utcs were camped on
the lUngloy battle grounds nnd were being
held back by two companies of colored
troops from Fort Duchesnc. General Hear-
don has obtained Infouuatlon that there wore
four tribes of Ulos In tha battlo. They nro
White river , Ulntah , true Utos nnd Uncom-
pahgres. There arc 1,800 bucks on the reser
vation. Some of the Indians In the battle
were UncouiDaligro policemen , and If any
of them were killed trouble will result , as
the Uncouipihgros are n wild , excita
ble trlbo and would readily show
light. Estos , the chief ot the Uncompahgre
reservation Is expected to turn out as soon as
Information of the light reached thorn and
as the tsvo places are only thirty miles apart
t has already been carried. Tim situation
s really critical and the requests of officers
n tin ) field and General Huardo'u , for troops
are justified as the Indians are nearer rein
forcements by a hundred miles than the
state troops arc. If further trouble can bo
avoided until Governor Adams and General
Jroolc arrive to-morrow they may possibly
ret the Indians to consent to go b.tck to
Jlntali without fuithor war. Some think if
Colorow does go biol : to Uintili ho will re
main only until the soldiers return to tholr
> est and the inllltii men to their homes when
10 will descend upon the unprotected settlers
and avenge death of his oUht bucks. Lieu-
tfnant Folsom who was fatally wounded
Thursday died at 11 o'clock Filday mornliu.
His body will bo taken to Aspou for btuial .
The Project For It Talcing DullnHo
Shape In Now York.
NEW YOUK , Austujt 23. [ Special Tele
gram to tlio UEE. ] The suggestions for a big
national convention of ronubllcan clubs has
crystallzod into definite plans. It has been
decided that such a gathering shall be had
shortly after tin ; election for the purpose ot
discussing the plans and the platform ot
next year's campaign. The convention will
> e hold here , probably in the Academy of
Music. In a talk with Henry Gloasou , secre
tary of the special committee on the subject
appointed by the New York Republican club ,
the fact was developed that already theio are
assurances of an attendance of from H.OiX ) to
10,1'DO delegates , representing over 200 clubs.
An important tact In connection with the
movement , and ono which has greatly en
couraged its promoters , Is that since the sub-
| oct has been acltatod , between thirty and
forty now republican clubs have been or-
TanUed , all of which wrlto In onthusi.istlc
terms of the Idea nnd promise icpreaeiit.itiou.
l-'OH HOME 11UIJ5.
A Reception Givoii To the Ifon. Put-
rick A. Collins In Itomou.
BosTON.August 23. A recoutlon under the
auspices of the Municipal Council ot the Irish
National league was tendered the lion. Pat
rick A. Collins , In Boston theatei to-ulght.
Collinswho made a lengthy address upon the
Irish situation , predicted a triumph foi home
rule and a change In the government in lie-
land within two voars. Uefenlng to the pres
ent condition ot Ireland , ho sild ho found It
much improved since his previous visit.
Besolutious weie adopted dnnounclng the
proclamation ot the league by the Kngllsh
Government , pledging the meeting to the
support of the home uile movement and de
claring linn faith in thi'comingoverthrow of
tjie "sfiiftlesj , shuffling , shany , tory govern
ment. "
During the evening Piesldenc Brady , of
the municipal council , announced the start
ing ot another popular 51 tuud to be known
as the "autl-cotfrciou fund. "
Jiow Mrs. lintta Dofondcrt Home and
Honor atChadroii.
CIIAUHON , Neb. , { August 23. [ Special
Telegram to the BEK. | Tills place was
thrown Into great excitement over .1 shoot
ing affair which took place this evening at 7
p. in. Two men , bndeo workmen , attempted
an entrance Into a house occupied by John
Bolts , a barber. Mr. liotts noi belli : ; at home ,
Mrs. Bolts told them to keep out , but this
they rctused to do , andjupon their continuing
to force an entrance into the bouse ,
she fired at them with a 44-callbre revolver
and hltjthem both.the same bill passing
through both men In tlio neighborhood of the
groins. The wounded men were taken to
Dr. Jackson's office and attended by him.
Sheriff Clark investigated the matter , and lie
and the public are ot tlio opinion that the
lady was justified iu shooting two strangers
who thus attempted a forcible entrance into
a private dwelling.
Tim Firm Train.
AUBUISN , Neb , , August 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to the BEE. ] The first through passen
ger train on the now branch of the Missouri
Pacific from here to Lincoln arrived at 2:33 :
p. m. to-day , and Is side tracked awaiting thu
St. Louis express. This will ba the southern
terminus of the Nebioaka , Southern & Lin
coln extension , also the Talmage-Crete
branch , and movements aio on font to build
extensive sidetracks ana warehouses. It is
hopiui that ground will be broken for a round
house and repair shops before many months.
Thu facilities for furnishing water and fuel
for locomotives , etc. , are baing improved and
repaired. A new well has been dug and the
wind engine replaced by stoiin power. Rail
road men and capitalists from nil directions
are" turning their attention to this point.
Franklin County Fnotival.
FIUNKLIN , Neb. , August 23. | Special to
the BUE.J A harvest homo picnic of the
farmers of Franklin county , yesterday , was
attended by a large crowd. Kx-nepresenta-
tlve Bush , of Napoull , Franklin county ; Uev.
Mr. Harrison , Mr. Lo Clurj and ex-Senator
VanWjck delivered addresses. General
Van Wick was received with great enthusi
asm , lie spoke of Representatives Bailey
and Calkins , who were present , in the high
est terms , saying that they were men who
had passed through the fire unscathed. In
the evening General VauWycfc was sere
naded nt the Commercial hotel. Ho re
sponded iu a brief speech.
Tha Nebraska City Camp Montinir.
AUIIUUN , Neb. , August 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the BET. | The Nebrask-j City dis
trict camp meeting Is attended to-day oy a
very larco crowd. Owing to a recent rain
the grounds are cool and pleasant. Jud.Mng
from the present Interest It will probably last
until next Sunday. Tno grounds are cov
ered with tents and tomporury shelter and
present ix very picturesque appearance. It
the number iu attendance continues to In
crease by next Sunday the woods will bo
- >
A Wreck OH tlio Wont Shore Iload.
UTIOA , N. Y , , August 23. A passenger
train on the West Shore railroad collided
with a freight train near Port Byron to-day.
The express messenger was killed and Ku-
ginoer Miller of thu passenger train , and
Ludwig , ot the freight train , were injured ,
Three Finlandorg Drowned.
MiNNE.vrous , Aujust 23. A Special from
Duluth , Mlun. , to the Tribune says : Four
Fiulanders wore cap-sUed In n sail boat on
the Wisconsin shore near Connors Point
to-day , drowning three of them. Ono body
bas been recovered.
Firemen Arrested for Arson.
NEWAHK , N. J. ( August 23. Eight men ,
all members of No. 2 englno compnnyol
Plalnfleld , were arrested in that * city to-day
on a charze of arson. One of them , George
Jackson , confessed that'he hail set fire to I
umber ot places by using kerosene.
Ho Thinks the Pobltlo Commission \
Accomplishing Something.
CHICAGO , August K9.-tavld ) T. Littler , of
the Pacific railroad .commission , arrived In
the city to-day withjlils , family from Call *
fornla. To a reporter ha said the commis
sion was getting along- with Its work as rap
idly as possible , mid , he thinks Is accom
plishing something. The president Is giving
them his hearty suppttVt.1 Being asked how
they got along with Senator Stanford , Littler
said : "Tho commission , found him a very
pleasant gentleman. , ' Of course ho
acts under the advice ot the best
counsel on the Paclltc jgoast , and they are
maklnz a very hard flitlii , but wo are giving
them the best wo havo.Mr. . Littler said he
would hold nn Investigation here September
12 Into the affairs of tlio old Sioux Cltv &
Pacific road. The commission meets in Now
York about September 20 , when a few more
witnesses will bo heard and the taking of
testimony will then c a < < e. After day
the report will bo made to the president ns
speedily as possible.
An Adventurous fainter Hides Safely
Throueh Niagara's Kaplds.
BUFFALO , N. Y. , August 23. Charles
Alexander Percy , a young man twenty-seven
years old , and by trade , a wagon-maker , rar-
riaso trimmer and painter , made a safe trip
through the whirlpool rapids to-day In a life
joat built by himself , and upon the construc
tion ot which he lus been engaged during
the past summer. The boil Is seventeen feet
long with air chambers at this nnd , In one of
which Percy made thu vovnge. This Is ringed
with it seat , so that a navigator can .strap himself -
self in It and travel outside It ho wishes.
The keel Is weighted with 240 pounds
of Iron and bags or sand carried In tlio hold
so chat It will right llself. An Iron weight Is
attached to a long rope trailed from the stern
so as to keep the bow straight ahead. Thouirh
It keeled in a threatening manner , the cr.ift
rode thu brcakt'is and great waves
without once upsetting. The sight
was a very pretty ono to those
in sho'D. After eiiteilng the whhlnool
basin Peicy came out and loued himself
ishore. His object Is notfor glen % lie sajs ;
the jourupy was simply nn experiment and
the bout having come through all rizht ho
will now model a life boat nn a largo scale
ftom It and apply lot a patent.
Condition of tno Orops.
CHICAGO , 111. , August 23. The following
ciop summary will appear In this week's
edition of the Farmers' liuvlew : Reports
now Indicate , as expected , that only late
planted corn has been materially btmelltted
jy the rains. The average yield of winter
wheat In the different states as shown by
; hreshlng returns Is as follows : Sixteen
Illinois counties , lo ; bushel" ; tan U Isconsln
counties , 1C 7-10 bushels ; ten Indiana coun
ties , 142-l5bushtl3 : thirteen Michigan coun
ties , 12 1-0 bushels ; thirteen Ohio counties ,
13 3-W bushels ; eleven Mlssouil counties ,
M li-ll bushels , and eleven Kansas counties ,
13 7-11 bushels. The average yield of sprlnir
wheat : Seven counties in Mlniiesata , 10 1-17
bushels ; seventeen counties in iowa , 11 3-4
bu < < iiols , and nine counties In Nebraska ,
107-U bushels. The average yield of oits :
Eight Illinois countlesJ3oi-10 bushuls ; ten
Wisconsin counties , 31 'f-6 } bushels ; ten In
diana counties , ! ' , ! ) 1-15 bushels ; twelve Mich
igan counties , 277-llibimhels ; eleven Mis
souri counties , 30 011bushels ; twelve
Kansas counties. 291-3 buihels ; twenty-
two iowa counties , ,31 10-11 bushels ;
seven Minnesota conntln4117 ! bushels and
nine Nebraska counties 2'J ' 2-0 bushels. Av
erage condition of the coin crop : Seventeen
Illinois counties reporfthe average condition
of the crop at 54.7 percfcrfl : ten counties in
Wisconsin , 7i percent ; ten Indiana counties ,
51 pot cent ; twelve conuHcb In Michigan , .7J
percent ; thirteen couutles In Ohio , C/.7 per
cunt ; ninu Missouri enmities. 73 pel cunt ;
nine Kaiibas counties , G-Yi per cent ; twenty-
two Iowa counties , 7J.7lrtr | ; cent ; nine Min
nesota counties 70 per cent aim ten Nebiaska
counties , 01 per crfnt. The pistures me now
doing well and the prospect tor full feed Is
consequently better. ' °
Bocchor'a So'
NKW YOKK , August 23. Kov. Dr. Parker ,
of thu City temple , London , who for joais
was a boaoiu friend of Henry Ward Beechor ,
arrived hero this morning on the steamer
Uinbrla. Ho was driven from the dock to
the Everett house , where he was met by Mrs.
Beechor. They breakfasted together. Dr.
Parker denied that he had come over here In
response to a call to till the pulpit ot Ply
mouth church rendered vacant bv Mr. Ucejh-
or's death. He said : "I was under contract
betoio Becchoi's death to come ovei this
fall on a lecture tour. Pilmarly , my trip Is
for the purpose of delivering an eulogy on
Beecher at the Academy. Brooklyn , on Oc
tober 4 , next , under the auspices of the
Beecher status fund. 1 left Kiulaud amidst
n chorous approval of my mission. Our people
ple feel that Beec'ier's memory nhould bo
willingly commemorated. The day 1 luft I
iccelvod a letter from Gladstone \\hlchhe
closed with the following vtotds , 'I sincerely
wish you a sate and happy expedition.1 "
Wcnthov Crop IHilli'tin.
WAHIIXOTON , August S3. The weather
has been unusually cold In tne central
valleys and lake leu'lon. The dally average
of temperature ranged trom 0 to 12 degrees
below normal. During the week the rain
fall has been in excess on the eastern slope
of the Rocky mountains , ns far east as the
Missouri valley and Aikansis , and from
Lake Erie westward to lowu. During tlio
past month over 100 per cent of the usual
amount of rain occurred In thu districts of
tint Atlantic coast , mid In Nebraska , Colorado
rado , southern Minnesota and Northern
The Bulgarian Trouble.
BEUI.IN , Auzust 23. It is rumored here
that Russia has decided to take independent
action in Bulgaria nnd to send a governor
there unless Turkey intervenes quickly and
puts an nnd to the crisis. According to a
published Interview , Pi 1 nee Ferdinand com
plains bitterly that ho Is In a difficult posi
tion , having been deserted by those who ad
vised him to go to Bulgaria.
Btld Knohbors In Court.
ST. Louis , Auirust 28. A dispatch from
Ozark says twenty-three of the Bald Knob-
bers who pleaded guilty of misdemeanor
were brought into court yesterday and fined.
They ranzed from sevonteun to sixty years
of age. ami represented the best families In
the country. They were lined an average of
$20 each and put under bonds to Keep the
Bulgaria Krady to Pay Tribute.
CoxsTANTiNoi'r.K , August 23. Vulkooltch ,
the Bulgarian e , has informed
the porto that the Bulgarian government is
ready to piy IMl.OOO pounds' ' on account and
to negotiate Cor the remainder of the Rou-
mellan tribute and contribution to the Tuik-
ish debt charge. < >
Weather Indlqationa.
For Iowa : Local showers , southerly winds ,
blowing , variable , warmer , .followed In west
ern portion bv a fall In temperature.
For Nebraska : Local ! > fiowors , southerly
winds , becoming variable , pooler.
For Dak ota : Local rainsy cooler , callable
winds. Wisconsin : Local rains , warmer ,
southerly winds. , r „ " .
* n y
Starting For the ( Encampment ,
CIIADUON , Neb. , Auul24. | Special Tele
gram to the BEi.l : Company 0. , Nebraska
national guards , leaves licro for Lincoln at
10:30 : p. m. to attend the state encampment
nt that place. _ _
Huslnoss Failure.
ST. Louis , August 23. Rodney D. Wells ,
proprietor ot the oldest qucenswaro and
gloss house In the citv , maile an assignment
yesterday. The assets consist ot stock
valu d at 920,000 ; liabilities not stated.
Tlio Death Itecord.
CUICAOO , August 28. Hon. George Gard
ner , tor several years a jud e In the superloi
court In this city , died to-day aged sixty-
one. _
. Blichacl Davit t Speaks.
DUIU.IN , August 23. Michael Davltt ad-
dresed the Bray branch of the league to-day.
.Ho said If Rutland Imprisoned men for re
sisting the' Injustice of landlordism and ex
ercising the rights of free speech the country
would bo bteoiicd to Us lips Iu crime. '
The city was thronged with visitors
from Omaha.
The Union Pacific received 150 cars of
stock this mornlnjr.
A Uoliomlnn picnic was hold to-day
about eight miles southwest of the city ,
mid hnu n InrRo attendance.
Dr. StniTor. of Tomplcton , In. , wns n
guest of Dr , Glasgow.
The frame-work of tlio second story of
Swift's beef house is up.
Several ilnnccs took plnco nt the nnnox
Saturday night.
Six hundred tlukots were sold at ttio
Union Pncllio ticket olllco Sunday.
Lnst evening HOT. Air. lllltou deliv
ered nn eloquent pcrmoii on "Prohibition
In Politics. "
The Prosbytorlnn church society hold
services in the sclioql house Inst evening.
The Odd Fellows will hold a meeting
Four nnd n half acres lying south of
O'Borno & Hoosnc's packing house worn
sold to nn eastern syndicate wnloh will
soon establish n new packing houso.
The real catnto transfers for the pnst
Week nggregatcd $ J7UOO.
There nro now In tlio city eighteen
hotels , cnch with nn average of thirty
beds nnd still nil the transients cannot bo
A ton-montli-olil child of S. U. llnthn-
way wns buried .ycstcrduy.
Union and Cnrpentcr nro nboutto orcct
n no xv food nnd sale stable C0\150 , on
Txvonly-sovonth street.
Invitations for bids for grading N
street have been published , the money
being secured by tno council.
H. Hardy , of the Oil-cent store , has pur
chased property , and xvill soon erect n
double two story store room , 50.\GO , on
Kast N street.
Mr. ( Jotild , of the city , wns out hero
looking over his real estate interests.
A few drunks were picked up on the
streets Saturday night nnd given quar
ters In thu hotel De Rico.
! \ Foxxvorthy , of Lincoln , is visiting
her father , C. M. Hunt.
A larue mini her of young men had an
nuiiitcur .shooLing match on the summit
west of the stoekyanlsSiinclay afternoon ,
and n few coed records were irwde.
M. H. Ish , who recently sold out his
stock of merchandise to J. E. Freeman ,
lias engaged himself exclusively in the
real estate business.
A small sensation exploded last week
at n prominent hote in this city , which
will keep the gossips in something to talk
about for a _ fexv weekto come. Like
all sensations it was kept in
the dark until it leaked out.
On Sunday last a man called at the
hotel , accompanied by n woman , whom
he olnimcd to bo his wife , and occupied
the room. They departed in tlio
morning , and a few days after the same
man returned , accompanied by another
woman , but not the same one he had the
first evening. No one paid attention or
noticed the transformation , until the de
velopments that followed recalled to the
hotel guests the fact that the women were
not the same in any particular , excent
that both were claimed by the man as his
A loom was assigned them and they
retired for a time and woio forgotten
until a loud noise was heard issuing from
their room , the man callimi for assist
ance. On going to the room the proprie
tor found the woman prostrated either
from the efleels ot liquor or by an epc-
letic lit and the man nimble to do any
thing for her. Then the denouement
name when ho acknowledged that she no relation of Ins. The woman was
restored and botli were bounced fiom the
( Justuv Ilart/.hoim , the German come
dian , entot lainod a eroxvdod audience last
night at Mot/'s garden in German
comedy. "Die Schwabin1 ; played for the
first time in Omaha , proved n success.
After the entertainment , proper , a ball
was held until midnight.
At the Casino , Mr. llaydon Tilla sang
various songs. Among the number most
eliective was thu solo "La donria o
Mobile , " from Verdi's Rigollotto. The
zithcrsolo , by Uxvor ak , was thoroughly
Married ,
At Atelmon , Kns. , August 18 , 1887 , Ur.
Mary B. Chapman , of Omaha , to Air. J.
S. Fri tolicr , late clerk in the auditor's of
fice of the B. & 15. railroad. They will
reside at S.iu Diego , Cal. , wluiro Mr.
Kitcher takes a similar position with the
Atchison , Tonoka & Santa Fe railway.
Poumled at Lmkn Vleiv.
Last night a light occurred nt the Lake
View house on the northern boundary of
the city , in which it is stated half a doen
hard customers tooK patt. A cigar-
maker and tobacco dealer named Smith
is reported to have been badly pounded.
A Denial of the Report That lhelpa
Will lo Displaced.
NEW Yomc , August 23. ISpecial Tele
gram to the BKI : . | Speak'ng ' of the report
published to-day that Minister Lathrop was
about to roilgn his post at St. Petersburg and
be assigned to the Kngllsh mission In place
of Mr. I'hclps , Don Dickinson , of Michigan ,
who seemed the Russian mission for La
throp , said to-day : "I've heard nothing
whatever on the subject , either from Minis
ter Lathrop or his sons , who I see almost
dally at home. There has been some tnlk
about Mr. Lathrop cumin ; back before the
end of his term , but It is untrue that he Is on
hl'j way to the United States , and I don't be
lieve he has any designs on the Kngllsh mis
sion. In short you may quote mo as saying
that the whole tiling Is a jam. "
Morno Bros , liurnod Out.
Cr.Kvr.i.ANi ) , August 23 , Tne extensive
bridge works of Morsn Bros. , at Hazteton , a
suburb of Youngstown , O. , woio this morn
ing destroyed D > lire. Loss 3100,000 , with in
surance c'J3,000.
JudiO Hale , of Gooruin , Dnad.
ATLANTA , Ga. , August 23. Judge Samuel
Hale , of the state supreme court , died nt
midnight at his sumncr residence at Mt.
Airy. _
Causes Its victims to be miserable , hopeless ,
confused , and depressed la mind , very Irrita
ble , languid , and diowsy. U is disease
which does not get well of Itself. It requires
careful , persistent attention , and a remedy to
throvf oft the cau es and tone up tlio diges
tive orgms till they perform their duties
willingly. Hood's Sarsap-ullla lias proven
just the required remedy In hundreds of cases.
' Sarsaparilla for dyspepsia
' I have taken Hood's
pepsia , from uhlch I have suffered two j cars.
I tried many other medicines , but none proved
' . "
so satlsfactoiy as Hood's Barwparllla.
TIIOMAB COOK , Brush Klcctric Light Co. ,
NBW York City.
Sick Headache
Tor the r t two years I hare been
afflicted with severe headaches and dyspep-
eh. I was induced to try Hood's Baisapa-
rllla , and have found &ct relief. I cheer.
fully recommend it to all. " M" . K. *
ANHADLE , New Haven , Conn.
Mrs. JIary C. Smith , CambrUlgeport , Mass. ,
and sick head-
was a sufferer from dyspepsia
nche. She took Hood's Harsaparllla aud
found It the best remedy she ever used.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
' Bold by ill druftsliU. lislxfores. Made
. only by 0. 1. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
.100 Poses One Dollar.
Unheeded Mny Cause AnyAmount
of Trouble *
More Important Testimony Voluntarily Offered
by Ono Who Has Been Through the Mill ,
'Tor the liutt sixteen years "snldM'r.W.O.lIon.
shaw.w ho wa Uty InmpllKlitcr for a number of
yonrs and ts now omplo > od by the Harbor As-
plinlt Pavlnff company , to ttio reporter , " 1 Imvo
Imil nn uphill tlinu In onlor to komi nt mv nork.
\ \ lillo a boy and llvluir nt my fntner'a country
residence on I/oiid Islnnil Sound , Now York , I
mode a practice of itolnir In swimmlnn from ton
to twenty tiroes n dny vrhrii tlio cnlhor was
anltnulr , by this mo mil developed ontnirh Iu
IU' worst form. My throat nnd licud wns stop
ped up at ; time" , t couched nnd hawked up
phlORtn , Imd to blow my uoso constantly , I ! md
n constant dull feelltifr In my licnd , rotuliiK In
tlio onrs , then I got donf gradually but so sure
ly tlmt
wns not nil. 1 found that T tnlkod
thrmiKh my 11080 , nnd nt night 1 could not
breathe through my nostrils nt alt. 1 snwn
doctor and he told mo I Imd n tumor KrowliiK1
In my nose caust-d by the cnturih , wnleh ho
cnllcd n polvpus. I tried nil innnnor of reme
dies to no n\nll , nnd when sit wcoks nuo I
ciuiRht a fiosh cold , which caused tlio catnrili
to KO down on my limits my condition win not
only mimnliip- , but irrontly nlmmcd my wlfo.
Why , sir , 1 felt nt tlmos llko ohoslnir , thnn I
couched PO much 1 could not sleep ht nl htI
would liuvc violent spells of
would ( Miiiooine toomlt. .
"Ail mild bofo.' condition so nlnrmed
my wife tlmt on tlio 15th or tliM month she In
sisted tlmt I KO nnd consult n doctor next dny. I
wnsloth to stop wet k , hut nt lust cunsoiitudnnd
ln t Monday 1 consulted Dr. J. Ciesap McCoy ,
Ilningf Illotk , this cltv.ho ald ho could cmo
tno. Tlili 1 wns ulllliiK to I'ulkno , but ( Ilil not
clrontu of how quick part of my trouble * * could bo
roliovod. Why. slr.ho remmrd this cntlio polv-
pus In two or thrco minutes ; luiro , jou see It In
the bottle I Imvo , mid then nmdu nn implication
to mydlpniisedtlnoat. 1 brent tied tin OUR ! ' my
no-u nt once , something 1 Imvo not done In
jeiir * * . I hn\o been onconstnnt trontmont slnco ,
nnd now Imvo in n l.trKO moiiuro roenlnod my
sense of Miinll. 1 hn\o not boon nblo to Miiull
nm thln heforo for eight yeurs. My cntnirti
la ittoutly beiiclltleo , my noiilnf ? Is cmnlnir
nround nil rlsiht.nndl nm ( Oitnln the doctor
w 111 BOOH Imvo me ns well ns 1 nviT wns. 1 wont
homo Monday Irom tlio doctor's ollico nnd slept
nil nltrht a quiet slotp. bninctliliiK 1 hnve not
done for o lonp n time 1 can't remember. My
stienffth anil de-lro for work hni icturned. I
don't get up In the niornlnir foolhiff ns tired ns
before I went to bed , ns 1 usixl to do. 1 tool
UKO a restored mnn. "
Mr. Henah > w ii well known nbout town , nnd
the truth of hi * * story can cnslly bo voilflcd by
culling upon or addressing him ut bis address
Interesting Evidence of a Condition Net to Be
Trifled With.
When catarrh fans o\i tcd In the head nnd the
upucr part of the tlmmt fnrnny length of time
tie cntiont living in u district where people
are subject to cntarrlial nlTcctlon and the dlh-
enso hni been loit unciiipd , the cntnrili Invnrl-
nbh. sometimes slowly , extends down the
windpipe nnd Into tlio branchial tubes , which
tubesconvoy the air to the lUiroront pirtsof
tholunirv 'Iho tubes become nflectcd from
the swolllng und the mucous arising from
cntnrrh , und , Insomoinstuutus , become plugged
up , eo that the nil cannot gel iu ns Ircoly ns It
should Shortness of breath follows , nnd the
pntlont bionthes with lubornnd dltlleulty.
In ollhnr enso there is 11 sound of crackling
nnd wheo/lng lu&ldo the cbest. At this stngo of
Ihodl"ciih0tho breiithhurls usunlly mete rnpld
limn when In hunltli. 'Iho pnticnt hns uho hot
dnshoHover bli body.
The pain which nteotnpnnles thla condition is
of u dull character , felt in the clien , bolnnd tha
In east bone , or under the shoulder blndo. The
puln niuy como and go lust few dnys nnd tbcn
be nbsont for sovorul otheis. The cough that
occuis In the Iht-t tit apes of Inonchlal catarrh Is
diy , comes on nt Intervals , hacking In chiirnu-
ter. nnd is ifaunlly most tioublesoino In the
mot nlnit on rising , or going to bed ut night nnd
it may bo in the first evidence of the discnso ex
tending Into tbe lungs.
Sometimes tbi re nro flts of coughing Induced
by the tough mucus so violent ns to cause vom
iting. Later on the mucus thnt Is raised. Is
lound to contain small particles of yellow matter -
tor , which Indloitos Hint the small tubes In the
lungs are now affected. With this there nro
elton streaks of blood mixed with the mucus.
In some cases the patient becomes \ery palo ,
bus lever , and expectorates before any cough
In some onsen small massei ot choosv substance -
stance are spit up , wlilUi , whan pi eased between -
twoon the lingers , omit n bnd odor. In other
cacs , pnrtiUes of a hnrd , chnlky nature nro
spit up. The lalslng of oheusy 01 chalky lumps
Indicate soiious mlshlef at woik In the lungs.
A Candid Statement on a Rather Delicate
When n person with n dohcato constitution
1ms n tendency to cntnrrh or consumption
whether this tendency Is Inherited oriosults
from tnklng cold easily , it Is nottconblo that
thnt person Invarmlilj loses llosh nml lo < .cs
strength , showlnjf thnt the nutrition Is lutoi-
ferod with.
In such n case the sufferer should nt once be
placed under Influences that , will icetaio the
dotcctlvo nutrition nnd tend to Imlgornto the
His to bo remembered that In every case the
presence of cntnrih is 1111 oUdoncoof predis
position to consumption , and no mutter how
sllirhttho attack may bo , It nlionld bo tionted
with the ereatcst enro und the treatment
should be continued until all tiacos of the
catarrh hav dii-appenred.
If the catarrh Is allowcd to roach tbe smaller
tubes in the lungs which condition Is Indi
cated by the spitting up of a yellow material
then Immodluto attention to the malady U de
manded or rerlous lung trouble will loriilt.
Cutnrrh , It Is said , is nine timcsout of ten the
onuso that produces couaumptliin. and hunoo
no ono can ulford to neglect a ease of oiitnrrh ,
however slight. It Is easily cured It taken in
time and tiented legularly and correctly by u
specialist. If loft to Itsoll it Is larely cured
without n clmngoot ollmatc , but with ouch new
oold it gets moro and moro tioublosonio , ex
tending always n little deeper into the lungs ,
until n euro becomes dllllcult aud sometimes
In such a climate as tills , the thront should bens
ns carefully and Jioquently looked nftor nstbo
teeth , Vcs , much moro eiuefnlly looked to , la
tro iblosof the thioiit nro moio numoroua thnn
dental troubles ; und\\lillo tbo latter cause only
annorance and pain , lung disease , usunlly the
result of catarrh , kill ono out of every seven
human beings born on tbe ontlro globo.
J , Cresap M'Coy
Late of BellovuG Hospital , N.Y
AM > BH > CaOK
Have Offlcos
Cor. 15th and JIarnoy Streets ,
Omalia , Neb.
Where all curable cases uro'troHtcd with sue-
ae i Medical dlseat-es treated skilfully. Con
sumption , Ilrlght'rt Disease , Dyspepsia , Itlioii-
matisui.undttllNIIKVOUS DIUKASIH. All ill-
BORses ncunilarto the 6eie9 u specialty. CA <
CONblJLTATKlN at olBco or by mall M.
Olllco hours : 0 to 11 a.m. ; Ute 1p.m. ; 7to
0 p. m. Sundays Included.
Correspondence receives prompt attention.
Many diseases nrs treated successfully bv Ur
McCoy through the nialU , and H Is thus po l.
bio for those uiiublo to make a lournov to ob-
tuln suocomtul hosplUil troutmeilt t tuolr
bomcs. No letioM answered unltss flcoompu-
njed by 4a In etuuips.
Address Hllletturj to Dr , J. C. McCoy , room *
310und 311 JUjiib'O JJuiHluir , OuuiUu , Nub.
For thn VIICP. NcrU , Arm * mid Hnnil * .
U H inatclilFM lilqiilil. lluanmtccil 1'uro ntui
Ktrlcllv llnrniloii. ln > lanllu Applltil nml
KeV r IMivteJ. ulusnMimlcrfulh Hinuolb ,
Boll , I'lliilili. nml llHIrntrMilii. .
A 1'cnrl llko Complexion tlnnul \ > lth the
blush ot tlio Koiu.
Alnbnitcr Necli , Arm * nnd Unmix.
llj-IU use Pimpled. Hlotchm. Sunburn ,
JVuterlHiinlitibrnnb , Uuuuliiit'NN ,
ilnrno , SnllontirKo , and till HK.1N
K.lIlMlIKS nnd aflllctlona nrn rcmmul ,
titurnliiR ( rum n hot wnlk nr drlvo , nno U
mimdlnUlr ruled and nfiouhect nftortulug
t. LaillisMiouM r lie without It ,
filvo Iho 1IAI-.1I n I
Krcry ladywlm ilisiios perfection In st vie and form
should wear them. Minufacturca only by the
Worcester , Muss. , nj iib Market strict , Chicago
About whoio to buy
For Ladles , Men and Children.
riTT this nsido for future roloienco when In
dies' , giMita' nnd chlldroua' shoes you wont
lo buy
HAVK thu Kindness to call nnd Inspect my
selected stocK , jou'll llnd my pilous .110
not hlRh.
IN Indies' nnd chlldioni' flnn shoe * I curry
Sbnw & AlbrlKbt nnd Tims. Kirk goods and
u\ery Icudlnir mnko ns ucll.
T AIM US. voti cun send mo. or loiuc jour or-
J-J dors whether they nrosninllorlnigo.
T GUAltANTCC you courteous nttondnnoo and
J. delivery , It needs be , fieo of ohniKO.
PAYINd sti Icily eitslt to the manufacturers
when I buy , Getting large discounts , 1 biivu
by dobiif
LEby to ray cuMomois Uioso discounts ,
Is I my means of makliujr busriicws grow.
A LLI solicit li a Rhino of vour patronage , us
XV In line boots \ shoos , I have noon huud
N OT only ull the loading tirades , but the finest
styles Iu summer and lull goods that easii
NG ouu command.
IVK that oxcolont hand nnd innchlne inulta
NS gent's shoo ol li. C. VOUIIK X Oo.ot lloston ,
S UPKUIDH North Star Hoot and Shoo Co ,
Minneapolis , Minn. , t hiuo every Kiudooti
HAVING but stuctly ono prlco , and that the
lowest , the bootH and shoes you buy ot meN
/ \N all oLciislous nro Just ns represented , por-
\-S feet In lit , jruido and iiuallty.
EVI'.IIV time you 1011,11 Ire Ladles' , dents'
Misses' und Chllds' Shoesor lepairlnir dona
both well and nont ,
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Shoe Stoio , No. 1320 1'ainam Htreot.
Uvorypalrof boots or st.oo-j sold by Lanff Is
warranted to lit and to bo as represented , or
the money will bo refunded , .lust bear this In
mind , and go to L.uiif , 13JO Furnam , for any
thing needed In his lino.
Men's Hoots Si & 0
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1312 Doticrlas Street.
-Y ?
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MAHSIDt t.lMlVI CO. ID Park I'lace New Yolk.
415 liarncy Street. Telephone No , 59
Cesi Pools and Vaults thoroughly tlcnncd by
Odorless Process.
Orders iirompth filled
M. Jl. JiiSJWS
Merchants' National llanU Hiilhllnif , Uootul
Ui. St.ilrg.
Telephone No JTi. tlmuhii , N
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