Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 28, 1887, Page 8, Image 8

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fWKMI" : rVW * * ? " ! * WjfSpft1pjjrnlfr - rr' yf * * * * fr"r.wwiv-1 - > TT" TV" j . . . - : , . f"JS V jSJpjl . - - , jMHFfm - . . - . flP ) PpV . . Pl | -i { :
. , - . _ „
'iftjr Tbonsand Dollars Worth of Goods on
, Ealo To-Morrow.
Neither Pillows Drctts Goods Slus-
lln Crinkles Fancy Braid * and
Trimmings Comrortcrs
and Blankets Way
Down 1'rlccs Monday.
On Monday , to-morrow , wo plnco on
Mle for the first time f 50,000 worth of
Hew goods , which wo nro busy opening
daily. They were nil bought for spot
Mh and you know wo don't buy goods
to look ut , but our motto Is to "Sell
them cheap. " Wo close them out Mon
day mornlnc.
GOO pillows put up in 3 } pounds cnch , in
the best ticking ,
'At $1.20 a pair for that day only.
They would bo good value at $2.25 a
1.000 yards of Dress Goods in Buntmtrs
.BU . Alpacas , mostly black. To close the
> t quick ,
161 yards of heavy brown muslin for
12 yards extra line bleached muslin ,
Much better than Lousdalo or Fruits ,
for f 1.00.
CO pieces solid-colored Crinkles , also
Itripos. The last lot ,
fie a yard.
Monday morning GO pieces colored
cashmeres ,
2"c , worth 40c.
CO cleccs. colored and black cashmeres
_ at Uc ! ) : i yard.
Quoted as a great bargain by our com-
potltors at fiOc.
IT 25 pieces Lady's cloth 54 inches wide
ft 25 pieces Lady's sackings ,
48c , worth 75u.
Our BOc Tricots arc ucknowledged by
ho closest buyers as the greatest viluo
ver shown. Look at them and bo con-
fVo will receive u largo invoice of braids
ind trimmings from a largo importer
ifho lias consigned the lot to us in order
o introduce the latest designs in dress
rJtnmings. We shall sell them at prices
o make room for our regular purchases.
100 Huck Towels , BI/.C 45x20
nchcs. lac each.
100 dozen Huck Towels , size 20x30 , 15c
Bach , or $1.05 a do/.en.
20 pieces colored scrims , 7c n yard.
25 pieces cream scrims , lOc , worth inc.
Don't buy any Comforters or Blankets
ntil you ECU ours.
ours.BENNISON miOS. ,
-15'J1 Douglas.
Fair Exhibitors.
( Parties wishing their pictures framed
r exlnbition will please call early and
kvold disappointment. A. llospe. jr. ,
| G18 Douglas. _
Hcnnoy Buggies at Armstrong , Pcttis
5 Co.'s 1U08 Izard st.
At the last meeting of the Omaha
Clothing Salesmen's association , held at
heir rooms August 23 , the folio wing Yes-
| lutions were adopted :
W herons , Wo , both as an association
nd in our own private capacity , have
adeavored to induce the clothing dcul-
rs of this city to close their respective
laces of business on Sundays , nnd ,
Whereas , All have expressed their
rilllngncss to do so. with the exception
ft one or two , and ,
Whereas. It is contrary to the laws of
lie state of Nebraska to so keep open on
punday , therefore , it is
: Resolved that we , the Omaha Clothing
* lesmon's association , do tile complaint
gainst each and every clothing dealer
ho shall keep his place of business open
i Sunday , August 28 , 1887 , or any Sun-
ay thereafter , and furthermore , it is
I Resolved that these resolutions bo pub-
| ahcd in the Omaha lint : on Friday , Sat-
rday and Sunday.
Giaud Action.
| Have you examined the Grand Action
kid new patent Agratlb bridge in the
lillct f Davis Pianos. The finest.
A : iiosi-E ,
1513 Douglas , State Agent.
Before you order your hard coal call on
f. L. Cotton , 813 N. 10th St.
Leo veil worth Ht ,
. Ono year ace Loavcnworth st was the
ery worst , roughest , miserable street in
so city. Wo predicted that it would be
no of the very best before the close of
J87. The grading has been somewhat
clayed , but eno.ugh work has been done
k convince the most skeptical that Lcuv-
aworth ftreot will bo a beautiful tlior-
aehfaro. Business houses arc being built
liar westas the Holt line and in n few
ears , the whole street will bo occupied
business blocks. Wo have a few lots
Iff In "Mayno Place" that are very nice
( these lots uro only two blocks from the
resent street car line and almost n mile
earor the postolllce than Hanscom park.
pr a beautiful residence site or for spec-
fttion no better bargain can bo found in
. city. | 3,000 to $3,000 each , easy
Inns. Cull and investigate.
Fair Exhibitor * .
[ Parties wishing their pictures framed
> F , exhibition will please call early android
reid disappointment. A. llospe , jr. ,
113 Douglas.
Notice to the Public.
[ The Chicago Clothing house at South
uaha. in the building known as the
Flld West , is now open with a full line
! Mons and Hoys Clothing , Gents Furn-
inng , Hoots and Shoes , and Quilts and
Hankets. Remember the Wild West.
Shot-hand nnd Typewriting.
[ Business men arc constantly calling at
Alontino's Shorthand Institute for sten-
Tnphors anil type writer operators. We
ivo had over one hundred students dur-
u the past year , and liavo placed more
Ruinates in good paying positions than
" ' other shorthand school in the coun-
_ The demand for shorthand writers
„ largely in oxccss of the supply.
| This school is under the direction of C ,
, Valentino , olllcial stenographer of the
istrict court for the third judicial dis-
lot of Nebraska , and is the largest and
m equipped shorthand school in the
Feet. Wo have day and evening ses <
pns. Send for circular containing list
graduates , what they are doincr , out
nn of teaching shorthand by mail , and
rrtnformution concerning the Institute.
duress Valentino Shorthand Institute ,
IQ.Dodgo street , Omaha , Neb.
Stores For Ronr.
4 'Five large wholesale stores on cornet
thund , Howard ; also ono coed retail
' -ier. Apply to Dr. S. D. Mercer , cor
land Howard. "
Wanted , to rent furnished house. Ad-
< W. U. . llox 30 , city.
[ Architect * mid Suneilntondonu.
ulodgson & Son , 26 Iron Hank : brand
' " ami Kansas .
"i Minneapolis City.
n .Harvest Kxcuralon to Dakota
lalf-faro rates via ChicagoMilwaukci
" 4.'Paul Uy , for round trip tickets t <
its in southern , central and northcri
lot * . Excursion train starts Angus
I , ' Don't forgot the date , Apply a
rTicket OOlce. 1401 Farnum street
P. A. NASH , General ugunt.
Brought Right up to the very Threshold of the Best Residence Property of Omaha , by the Metropoli
tan Cable Railway ,
I I I I I I III JTW I t t I I I I t
Sagygnezxff&zwM WQY *
Of the noted Patrick Farm , lying between Underwood and Dodge streets , platted in lots BOxlSS , recently purchased by us , is now offered to the public at prices that cannot
taut meet the wants of the people for Cheap Lots Conveniently Located. BUY A HOME WHILE LOTS AIIB Ili.4l ; , You can never buy them cheaper than wo will offer Ihem
to you D VltING THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. These lots are all High and Dry , gently rolling , just enough to insure Perfect Drainage.
IT'D'KTH'T on which the cablollne is to be built , Is now being graded to connect with California street , and within a very short time there
1 IVJC , Z , 1 , will be a finely graded street extending from the city to the west line of DUM > CK PLAGE.
TOAT" ) 'V"0" ' completed will insure you rapid transit to all this property. It will bring you to the very heart of the city , from any lot in this
LjLJ , property In Lest thdtt , thirty At ! nutes. We do not ask you to buy realty without an actual value. With you we know the necessity of a
HAII WAV. We offer you these lots at a fair valuation and the benefits to be derived by the construction of the Cable Road , win accrue to the purchaser. We do not
ASK FAItULOVS PltlCES. They are offered at much less price , than any other property of like value in Omaha. YOU TAKE NO CIIAXC'E IN THIS PUKCIIASE. THE CA-
IILE KOAI ) IS AN ASSUKEO FACT. ALL CONTRACTS MAI > E ON THIS BASIS. The original owners of this tract , THE PATIIWK LAXD CO. , obligate themselves with
us , as well as with every purchases , that the Cable liond will lie constructed and operated to within 63O feet of the western line of Dundee Place , within 18 months from August
2d , 1887. The agreement Is of such a character that all money paid over in the purchase of this property , together with notes for deferred payments , WILL BE REFUNDED
HY THE PALKICK LAND CO. , the builders of the cable road. If they fail to carry out their agreement with the Gate City Land Co , as well as with the purchaser of anypor-
ion of the property above referred to. As a Guarantee to Every Purchaser , we furnish each with a contract from the Patrick Land Company , to read as follows :
THK PATRICK LAND COMPANY , by N. D. Allen , Vice President. Attest : J. L. Butterfielcl , Secretary.
"PATJtICK TJAND COMPANY , " an Incorporated company , of Omaha , Nebraska , 6y Ua ojjlccrs , duly authorized to execute an agree
ment , Hereby enters Into an obligation wltlt , , tlic iturchttscr of lots numbered in block number
located In an addition to Omaha , and known as "Dundee Place" as follows :
fJRSI That the said PATJiWK LAXD CO. binds itself to construct or cause to be constructed , a aood cable line of railway , from the business
center of Omaha , to the af'orcfald addition known as "Dundee Place , " and to pass through the same on Underwooa Avc. , to a point six hundred and
thirty feet cast of the went line of the property conveyed to the Gate City Land Company.
SECOND Tliat the said cable railway shall be completed and cars running on a scliedulettmc at intervals of not less than one hour , except when
prevented by accident or blockades , within tighteeninontlis from Aitguit Xd , 1887 } time lost by reason of legal proceedings not to be computed.
TniKD Tltc PATRICK LAND CO. further agrees with the aforsald purchaser that the cash payments made and
the notes given to secure deferred payments bythesuld are In consideration of thy aforesaid agreement , subscribed by
the PATlllCK LAND CO. , and for a failure on the part of the PATltlUK LAND COte carry out the provision * of this contract made by and be
tween. , and the GATE CITY LAND CO. , this agreement Is hereby declared null and void , If the purchaser may so elect , and
that the PATJIICK LAND CO. agree with the said purchaser to refund the casli payment and deliver over to tliu said
the notes given for deferred payment.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF , the PATRICK LAND CO. , of Omaha , has caused this agreement to be signed by Its ofllccr * , and Its corporate seal to
be hereto annexed , this day of. 1SS7.
By > Vice President. Attest , , Secretary.
There Is every probability that the construction of the cable road will be built in Much Less Time than stipulated in contract , and we hope to be able to announce very soon
that a contract for its construction has been made. The lots in "Dundee Place" are unsurpassed for LOCATION and the "Lay of the Land" and no property in Omaha is
More Sure to Enhance In Value. We ask you to inspect it , "size it up" and compare it with other values. Come to our office and we will take pleasure in showing you the
Best Residence Property in Omaha. We are "always open"and "ever ready" to show property whether you invest or not. Correspondence from non-residents solicited. In
formation concerning Omaha , past , present and future , freely given. Call on or address ,
On the C. , M. & St. P. Hallway.
The opening sale of lots in the now
owns of Buck Grove , Boll and Kenwood
vill occur on August 81 , September 1 and
, respectively. These towns are located
> n the Sioux'City and Manilla branch of
ho C. , M. & St. P. railway , and afford an
excellent opportunity for safe invest
ment 0. A , PADLKY ,
Gen. Lund Agent , Milwaukee , Wis.
H. G. HAUOAN , Land Com'r C. , M. &
St. P. railway , Milwaukee , Wis.
Grand Larceny.
The most during robbery over at
tempted in Omaha is that some of our
neighbor groccrymen try to steal our
character and slaughter us for selling
{ oods at such low cash prices that they
ire unable to meet them. But wo meet
.ho demand of all who want to ocono- .
nizo by selling good goods and no trash
as follows :
0 loaves of bread ? .25
100 Ibs best Minn. Pat. Flour 3.75
1 bars Laundry Soap , Kirks 85
2 good Brooms 25
.IsTea 1.00
4 Ibs good Colli e 1.00
1 Ib O. N. Chewing Tobacco 40
i Ib can Baking Powder 05
i Ibcan Baking Powder 10
1 Ib can Baking Powder 15
4 Ibs Prunes 25
G Ib box Gloss Starch 50
Ibsllieo 25
A full line of vegetables always on hand.
While others have been selling- grapes 3
Ibs for 35c , we have been selling at 5c ,
and by the basket 4o. Fine mellons at
lOo. Everything at rock bottom cash
prices at Coovor & Watts , N. E. cor. St.
Marys Ave and 19th st.
P. L. Cotton handles only the best
grades of coal 81 ! N. IQth St.
OMAHA , August 20,1837.
I have this day sold my interest in the
street decorating to Goo. E. Kay , and
shall continue to take orders for decorat
ing buildings. O. H. Gordon , 422 S. 15th.
CuttliiK School , 1O1H Howard.
Lessons given in scientific itress
cutting free of charge for the next Jif-
teen days. Visitors Tnvit/d.
Fair Exhibitors.
Parties wishing their pictures framed
for exhibition will please call early and
avoid disappointment. A. Ilospc , jr. ,
151U Douglas.
The Omnha Kalr Auction.
There will bo sold during the coming
fair at auction liftoen head of high bred
trotting stock ono grandson of George
Wllkes , Gil ) , line high bred mares now in
foal to Black Wilkes , 3,511 , son of George
Wilkes , 51t ) ; also seven head of ponies , a
draft from N. 1. D. Solomon's stock farm.
My pasture being all sold for city lots ,
am obliged to close out my stock. N. I.
D. Solomau.
New Fall Millinery
And Autumn shadings at
ALMA E. Kimis. :
Select your hat or bonnet for the fair
from our stock. New Shapes , New Shndn
Ribbons. Plush Wings and Ornaments
Lowest price * and Lost quality of goods ut
AI.MA KHurra's. .
Ill and 101) ) 15th St. , oP | > P. O.
llair Switch * , Bangs , &o.
Private school A select school for boya
and girls and u class for young ladles In
English literature and history will bo
opened September 'Jth by Mrs. Fannie
U. Edgar. Enquire at 514 North 22nd
Urn ml Action.
Have you examined tlui Grand Action
and the new patent Agratle Bridijo in the
llallel Dnvis Pianos. The finest. ' '
A. Ifosi'E ,
1513 Douglas , . Statu Agent.
Attracting Attention.
The wonderful growth of Omaha is at-
racting attention all over the country ,
ind strangers are beginning to pour in
rom all directions. When they see the
nagnilicent structures in course of croc-
ion ; uul the hundred of dwellings being
milt in all parts of the city , the miles ol
new street rail ways , the immense amount
) f paving going forward , they wonder
low it is possible for any ono to think
hat Omaha's real estate boom is at an
end. Now is tlio time to make pur
chases. Sixty days from now , when him-
I re els of thousands of dollars of eastern
capital has been invested in Omaha prop
erty , thcrp will be considerable of an
advance in every direction. Wo are
ircpared to show intending purchasers
? reat bargains. Our advice and assist
ance is at the service of all whether they
uurchaso through us or not. Call and
see us. C. E , MAYNE.
Fair exhibitors.
Parties wishing their pictures framed
[ or exhibition will please call early and
avoid disappointment. A. IIospo jr. ,
15ia Douglas.
Not the Slightest Cine.
1'orry Selden , an old Omaha resident ,
son of the O. I ) . Selden , arrived hero
yesterday. Ho lias been for seine time a
teacher at the Yankton agency , Im
mediately on the news being received of
liis father's death ho went to Manville ,
Wyo. Since then ho has remained there
investigating the cause of his father's
murder. He said on reaching the city
yesterday that there was not the
Now Conl Vard.
I1. L. Cotton , a gentleman well and
favorably known In Omaha , having car
ried on business on Cuming street , and
also on 10th street , has opened a first-
class coal otllcc at 813 North 16th street ,
where he will keep first-class hard and
soft coal. .
The character of Mr. Cotton Is a guar
antee of the kind of business he will con
duct. Being n thorough business man
and posted in the coal business , lie can
and will guarantee to his customers the
bust article to bo had at the most reason
able price consistent with first-class
goods. Call at his ollicc , 813 North 10th
Wanted , More and Larger Cars.
There is a great deal of dissatisfaction
entertained by residents along South
Thirteenth street over the lack of ac
commodation furnished them by the City
Horse railway company in goincr to town
and returning homo. The cars used are
the smallest in the service and are al
ways full , so much so that frequently
walking lias to bu resorted to to roach
either place. Mr. Baled , of the Barker
house , says it is often impossible for his
guests to ride to town , while on Sunday
people whowish to take an airing be
yond the thickly settled part of the city
must either walk there or suffer boijig
packed into little boxes like sardines.
Grand Action.
Have you examined the Grand Action
and new patent Agraffe Bridge in the
llallet Davis Pianos. The finest.
1513 Douglas , State Agent.
Twenty Per Cent Investment.
With | 750 you cr.n buy a house and lot ,
now roT3t ; ' . ! | pa lnc 20 per cent ; tine
property , best ol Iwallty , r.aU a clear
title. D. 1) . Sraoaton , 1003 Dodgdlncat.
On and after Aug. 28 , the Missouri Pa-
citio railway will rim two trains dally to
Nebraska City , leaving Omaha fct 10:45 : & .
rn. and Ulp : p. m. , from tliclr. depot at
15th and Webster stfl , ' arriving at Ne
braska 1:37 : p. in. and 11:55 : p. inFer
For further information call at citj
ticket ottice218. . So. 13th it. " , '
Grates , Tile and Brass Fire Place
T. W. Road's mantel stock is being sold
'or the bcnetit of the mortgages eompris-
ug about 230 mantles in wood , sl.ato and
ron , also a linn line of tile , brass , goods ,
awu vases and steel ranges , all to bo
closed ( Tut within 39 days at almost your
own price. Persons" contemplating
niildiii" or in need of anything in this
ino will find it to their interest to see
this stock. Ill S.14tli st.
Next Saturday.
Next Saturday , September 3 , at 10
o'clock in the forenoon , Mrs. Ish will sell
it guardian sale at auction at the north
door of the court house , an aero of
ground adjoining Kotint/.c place , as well
is her beautiful residence property in
Ambler place. This latter is one of the
jhoiccst pieces of ground with a line res
idence in the southwestern part of the
city , and some one will get it at u bar
Fair Exhibitors.
Parties wishing their pictures framed
for exhibition will please call early and
avoid disappointment. A. IIospo , jr. ,
1513 Douglas.
All those engaged to work at the St.
Cloud will report Monday , 8 a. m. , and
a few more waiters wanted. None but
first-class need apply. C. S. Higgius.
The place to buy your hard coal is at
F. u Cotton's , 813 N. 10th St.
A Cantonn at Fort Omnha.
There was a meeting of the officers of
the several companies at Fort Omaha : i
few nights ago , at which it was resolved
to establish a post "canteen. " such us is
now in vogue in Fort llussell and several
other places. Three of the captains were
appointed to make the necessary ar
rangements for the opening of the place.
The canteen will bo located in the build
ing formerly used as tt tlnshop , near the
guard house , which is now undergoing
tlie necessary repairs. When in readi
ness the "canteen" will dispose of beer ,
light wines and cigars , and enable the
soldiers to enjoy a game of billiards and
pool at low hiruies. The profits of the
"canteen" will be applied to furnishing
the messes of the companies with lux
uries which now seldom lind their way
Omaha'H ItlYal.i
If South Omaha was a little further
away from Omaha she 'would be our
rival , but as it is it forms a part ot our
great city and nil the improvements and
buildings in South Omaha adds to our
own prosperity and enhances the value of
every piece of property m Omaha. Our
citizens cannot realize t the immense
amount of work going on in South
Omaha ; go down there and see packinz
houses , storage warehouses , stores , dwel
lings , etc. , being built on every hand
over 1.000 men and 200 teams are cm-
ployed grading streets. It'will pay any
one that has not visited the "packing
center" of the west lately , to go there
and take a look , try it nnd when you
see what a city South Omaha
is to-day , imagin if you can , what it will
bo two years hence. Then get a plat
showing the unsold lots with prices , and
compare with the prices of lots in any
city of one-half the population ana pros
pects , and see how cheap they are. Wo
are sole agents for the South Omaha
Land company and have buggies ready
at all times to take visitors and purchas
ers to examine the lots. Cull and see us.
. C. E. MAYNK ,
Fifteenth and Hurney.
. FalrExIiJliitOM ,
Parties'wishing their j t'ire * frarncd
for exhibition will plnasu call i\rty : and
avoid- disappointment ! A. ' .IIospo 'Jr. .
1513 '
The Cnunly Attorney Koportn Tor the
January and May Sittings.
OMAHA , Nob. , August27,1837. County
Commissioners Douglas county Gentle
men : Herewith I submit to you my re
port of all criminal cases disposed of
during the January | aud May terms of
the district court.
The report does not include many cases
tried in the police and justices' courts
which have been almost innumerable , re
quiring the daily attendance of either
myself or my assistant.
1 have , as will bo seen from the item
ized list accompanying this , tried thirty-
seven (37) ( ) case of which twenty-nine (29) ( )
have been found guilty. Of this number
thirteen (131 ( have been sent to the peni
tentiary , eight (8) ( ) have received jail sen
tences and eight children sent to the 10-
form school. Also eight (8) ( ) have been
admitted and I have nolled thirteen
Two persons , John Koomis and Her
man Mittman , charged with crimes , have
tied and their bail has been forfeited.
John Loomis' bail has been paid to the
clerk of the court , amounting to $900 ,
and I shall brgin suit against the bonds
men of Miltiuuu before the next term of
the court.
The crimes for which the parties were
informed against are as follows :
Larceny 11
bliootlng with intent to kill tt
I Jobbery. ! )
Forgery ' . . . . ' !
Assault and battery. "
Homicide S
Disorderly persons ( children ) 8
Destruction of property 1
Adultery 1
Ar nn 1
I'erjury 1
ItecnivlnR bribe 1
The judges who have tried the criminal
cases , ( he sheriff and clerk have been of
great assistance to me in the performance
of my duties by aiding mo in obtaining
speedy trials and buiitences , thereby
greatly lessening the expenses to the
county. Yours most respectfully ,
County Attorney.
Fair Exhibitors.
Parties wishing tluiir pictures framed
for exhibition will please call early and
avoid disappointment. A. jr. ,
1513 Douglas.
A Strnnecr'H opinion.
Dr. II. E. Palmer from Litchlield ,
Conn. , has been in.tho city several weeks ,
and has decided to locate here. Ho
flunks Omaha is the best city of its size
in the United States. Ho says he had
heard a great deal about Omaha and ex
pected to see a lively city , but ho was
amazed to find such an immense amount
of building , and other improvements
going forward , when all the eastern
cities have been comparatively quiet the
past season. Ho thinks Omaha will have
a population of 500,000 in ten years.
HullUini ; Permits.
The following building permits were
issued yesterday :
A. Remington , three one and one-half
story frame dwelllima , Ohio , near
Twenty-Pl < hthava , to cost tacb..S1,500
John 11. Krck , two-story brick addi
tion to store. iear 013 North Six
teenth , to cost 1,500
Charles Klnneth , one-story frame cot-
lace. Castellar between Twentieth
andTwenty-lirst , tocost 5'JO
W. J. I'aul , one and one-half story
frame dwelllne , Thirty-sixth and
Dodge , to cost > l.aoo
Four permits , aggregating S 7bOO
Fair Exhibitors.
, ' . , Parties wishing their pictures framed
for exhibition WiU'please call early and
avoid disappointment. A. .Hosp < > , jr. . ,
1013" '
To-nitrht the German Comedy company
will appear in this place in "Die Ordreist
Schuarchcn " and "Die "
, Sohwabin , bolh
of which will introduce Mr. Harzheim ,
of 'Davenport , the popular comedian ,
and Jean Baurois , who has recovered
from liis indisposition.
The grand concert which was to bo
given last night by the Omaha Musical
Union orohcstra and which was postponed
on account of the rain , will take place ,
weather permitting , to-morrow evening.
It will introduce , for tho'first time in this
city , the Boiilaniror March , which is lobe
played hero by the Cuppa band , which
escorts the Now York veteran firemen
This is now the most popular French air
and was reccntlv published by the Now
York Herald. .
On next Thursday evening , the eve of
Mr. Franko assuming control of the
opera house orchestra ho will give a
grand concert in the Boyd , in which Mrs.
Frunko , soprano ; Mme. Mtionteforiiig ,
plamsto ; Hayden ' 1 ilia , tenor and him
self , violinist will take part. Mmo.
Mucntcfcring has lately come to reside
in this city and is tlut most eminent plan-
isto in our midst ; Mrs. Franko is an ex
cellent soprano , who has not been heard
as frequently in this city ns she might
have been , Mr. T ilia is the tenor who
has been singing throughout the country
and at the Casino with so much success ,
while , everybody knows who Mr. Franko
is. Mr. Tifla will sing several Irish and
English airs , ono of which is particularly
irresistible , " You'll Foon forget Kathleen. "
this was ono of the celebrated Katharines
Hays'favorite pieces.
Pncct Sound Colony.
There will be a special meeting of the
Omaha branch of the Pugct Sound co
operative colony to-day. The colony at
Port Angeles has purchased 1,030 acres
more timber land a week or two ago ,
costing $8.000 , nearly all of which was
paid down. The special meeting is for
the purpose of replenishing the treasury
from the money to bo advanced by the
members of the colony branches. The
new saw mill is now in operation , and
200,000 feet of logs arc on the ground nnd
are now being cut up into lumber for
building and other purposes. Last week
they added a shincle mill of large ca
pacity to their other industries.
Gen. Crook Gene to Colorado.
Yesterday morning General Crook rnj
ccivcd orders to proceed to Garliold
county , Colorado , to join Gov
ernor Adams , of that stale , in a confer
ence with Colorow , with the view of
enabling the latter to return peaceably to
the Uintah reservation in Utah. This
order was issued on the representation of
Governor Adams that Colorow desired
such a conference , Orders were at
the same time issued to Agent Byrnes to
meet both the general and the governor.
The latter loft for the scene in
Garficld county Friday night , and there
awaits the arrival of General Crook.
The general loft for Meeker
last evening , accompanied by his
aide do camp. Lieutenant Keiinon. It is
not known when they will return. Dur
ing the absence of Lieutenant Keiinon ,
who has been acting assistant adjutant
general , the duties of the office will de
volve upon Captain Hay.
Card of Thanks.
Wo desire to tender our most heartfelt
thanks nnd cratitudo to those many kind
and dear friends who assisted us in rar
ing for our sou and brother In his recent
sickness and death , und.m so many Ways
rendered us expressions > 1 sympathy.
Mits M. F ; ATKINS ;
Mitt M. F..BAU.IKT.
William Storrlt had u bay mure.
James W. Wood lias opened n noW
hotel at Albright.
A now lumber depot will bo ostab *
lished in this city , ' 3
Mr. Austin , of Clark ? , Neb. , is In tha , \
city looking up locutions. ' ,
The Sabbath will be observed by thtt '
usual number of picnics. \
II. Iloyman has opened a new clothing
store on Twenty-sixth street.
This evening Kov , Mr. Hilton will dls <
course on "prohibition in politics. "
Up to last account U. Kalbh's abscond'
ing clerk had not been hoard from.
The stone window and door frames fof
C. At Hunt's now building have arrived.
About 110 cars of stock were shipped
out of the Union Pacific yards yesterday.
Heal estate business has boon dull but
is expected to pick up the coming week.
One hundred nnd fifty feeding steers
were shipped by D. Anderson to Colum4
Loads of material are arriving overV
day for the now packing house of Swift
& Co.
Aldman Locsciicr is constructing
hotel and saloon near Swift's packing
A | 300 eight-day clock was bought anil
put in by the N street jeweler to-day. It
is of the Venetian mako.
J. J. McLean , of North Omaha , soltf
out his property there and has loca tea
hero and begun making purchases.
All the frame work for the new depot
is cut nnd ready to bo put up. The worii
of erection will bo begun next week.
The B. & M. freight depot has been ,
moved fifty feet back of the old site , a
commodious now building will soon ba
John nnd Peter Hand , who wcro arj
rested on the charge of refusing to niil
an otllcor and wcro lined yesterday , tooto
an appeal.
An athletic nnd horizontal bar per *
formance was given in South Omaha vcs
terday afternoon by u pair of traveling'
C. W. Vanorsdal returned from thd
North Plutto nnd reports that corn , hay *
and oats have advanced considerable in
price in the last few days.
Before Jiuigo Hcuther yesterday onjj
plain drunk was lined $10 and costs , an *
another drunk was lined $5 and costs , a
man charged with disorderly cauductf
was relieved of $1 and costs.
M. Farrcll and wife were arrested iri
Malvcrn. la. , for complicity in the rob
bery of Geo. S. Chandler of $2 0 nt thd
Benson house , some days ago. Marshal
Rico will go after tliein in the morning , '
D. Anderson yesterday convoved lofj
7 , in block Q , Jctho'a audition to Mrsf
Alice A. Jonas , of St. Louis , for the
consideration of $1200 cash , and lot 7 m
block 8 , Brown's pasture , to D. D. Hard ?
for $700.
A sensation was created Friday after *
noun by a.young lady well known in the
city riding through the streets with an *
abandon air in the company of a marf
ricd man. The city gossips an : consid
erably worked up about it. and furtho *
developments are expected.
A largo number of local sports congre
gated at W.I ) . Eden's saloon last night tq
witness the wrestling match between El
Edwards and Padily Shea , the stike\ :
being $25 a side. At 10o'clockthe , match ,
which was catch-as-catch-can , three bes $
out of livewas calledand the contestants
took places. Dan Hart seconded Kdwardal
and Michael Flaherty stood up lor Shoa.
Thomas McGniro acted as referee anil
Warren Gibson was time keeper. Tha
first round was given to Shea and the second
end and third were awarded to Edwards.
At the conclusion Edwards challenged
Jiny ! ! Pin in the state to wrestle any stylej
for $25 or $40. Shea chsen : ! ! pd to boa
three rounds at any time , and Dan 11 art
challenged any light weight to wrestle ,
but \vas not taken up. The evening's cm
tcrtainment concluded by several matchct
between ametcur local sports.
The Council Mnkes a Sweep of tha
City Hall Contract.
The city council held n special session
last night , and , forming itself into a com
mittee of the whole , decided to recom
mend to the council , at its regular session
next Tuesday night , the rojuetion of all
bids for the erection of the new city hall.
The commktcc proceeded to business
with Alderman Lowry in the chair , and
before the committee had been in session-
fifteen minutes the meeting developed1
into a "go-as-you-please" talking match
between Contractor Ed Bronnan and Mr.
Balcombe , of the board of public works ,
and City Engineer Tillson. The ontiro'
trouble grow out of. the fact that Mr.
Brennan is using limestone in the super
structure when the contract called for
Colorado .sandstone. After the objection
able material had been put in place En
gineer Tillson and Mr. Balcombo went
out oa a tour of inspection , and , seeing ;
the limestone in the foundation , de
sired to know from Mr. Brennan
where lie got ills authority ,
to substitute that stone for Colorado sand
stono. Mr. Brennan euvo Mr. Meyers ,
the architect of the building , as his au
thority , and stated that the council had
been apprised of the fact. This was de
nied by * several of the councilmen , and
the matter brought to tlui attention of
the committee on public buildings and
property. As the matter stands now ,
it is claimed by the city engineer , it
would bo dangerous to place a building
erected after the plans of Mr. Meyers , on
the sub-structure now being erected by
Mr. Brennan.
Things were growing amusing last
night wlion President Bechel moved that
the committee rise and report to the
council as stated above. This will ne
cessitate the advertising for new bids
for the main structure and Contractor
Brennan in all probability will take the
matter into court.
Florida Itcal Kstnto.
The incorporating papersof thcSiithor *
land Land and Improvement company of
this city , were filed in the county clerk's
ollico Into yesterday afternoon. Tha
company is formed for the purpose of
buyintr , solltngand improving real estate
in Hill.sboroiigh , Florida , i'ho capital
slock is a halt million of money , and J.
A. Bovcrlv , C. F. Taylor , Morris Morri
son , W. J. Shiver , A. J. Simpson and W.
W. Lowe are the incorponiluH.
The Central United Presbyterian
church of this city several weeks ago
made out a hearty and unanimous call
for Kov. John Williamson , of Bellofnn-
taino , Ohio , to bo their pastor. A leltorf
received this week from Mr. WilliuniMm
announces his acceptance of tills call anil
that ho will bo in Omaha with his family
by the middle of September. The Cen
tral people are greatly delighted over
tins good news. Ucv. Williamson is n
man about forty-flvo years of age , is pronounced -
nounced an able preacher , u thoroughly
godly man , and a very effective pastor
and organizer. His coming will bo an
addition to the Christian forces of
Queen Victoria is mourning the death
of her old nurse , Miss Skcrritt , who re
cently passed away at the mature age of
ninety-four. Miss Skcrritt had scon ger-
vice undijr Queens Charlotte and Adel
aide , and lui'l ' nnrtcd Queen Victoria , the
Prineo of Wales ( ind ether royal chil
- ' " . collect *
Yes m-diiy's" internal. rnvuuuo
Ions umuiiif.ti'd'.to f7-l 11.17. , . . '