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    W * * * '
DtUrercd by cirrlcr in nny pnrt of tbo city at
twenty cents per week
H.W.TiLTox. - Manager ,
BvtiHcdgOmcc. No. U
MiaiiT EoiTon No , S3.
N. Y. Plumbing Co.
Shoes , Shoes , ' Shoes , 1
At Adams' , 417 Broadway.
Rotter , tailor. Fall goods cheap.
Adams will sell shoes cheapest for 20
Remember Adams when you are ready
to buy school shoes.
A special reduction In prices for 20
days .it Adams' shoe store.
II. Shoemaker has sold a number of
lots In Frcny's addition to Omaha par-
Fine coupes for ladles calling. Wm.
Lewis , telephone 138. Ulllco 410 Broad-
Machine oil , needles , embroidery silks ,
publications , etc. Domestic agency 105
Peter McCahnot , an old soldier , yester
day received his pension , the amount
being the snug little sum of $1,131.
A. D. I'ortluck niul Sarah Atkinson , of
Vlllisca. were yesterday afternoon mar
ried by 'Squire ilrlggs In his ollico.
The outbuildings back of the now court
house should bo attended to , as the nuis
ance is a terror to all in that vicinity.
Emma Dye , daughter of Sylvester Dye ,
of Macedonia , died yesterday morning
after a week's Illness. The funeral will
take place to-day.
The funeral of" Miss Edith Grahl will
lake placn this afternoon at 3 o'clock at
the residence of the family , corner of
North Sixth and Mynster streets.
The republican statn "convention opens
In Uos Moines on Wednesday nuxt and
thn railroads will carry those wishing to
attend , at one furo for the round trip.
A real estate deal was recently made
through the agency of J. G. Tiptou by
which C. J. Colby becomes the owner of
a number of lots in Pluming & Davis'
In the shoot at the driving park , out of
A possible 15 , Dr. West made a straight
score , J. J. Shea took 11 and M. H. Brown
10. In the pigeon shoot , out of 25 liar-
din scored 22 and Shea 10.
The degree team of Hawkeye lodge
Odd Fellows went to Malvern last eve
ning for initiatory work and to visit their
brethren In that locality. They will re
turn this morning.
As Judge Aylcsworth's time Is occu
pied on the index to the city ordinances
compiled by him and City Attorney
Holmes , ho will not reach a decision in
the case in which Justice of the Peace
Schawrz sues the county for his fees.
The only passeil r elevator In the city
starts in with a fair patronage. It is lo
cated in the Brown building , and hag ag
gregated the past week 181 trips a day.
Other elevators will now come into use ,
as it appears that there is public demand
for them.
N. E. Tyson , who failed to got reelected -
elected janitor of the high school build
ing , seems sadly disappointed and is try
ing to got the board to reconsider Us ac
tion by circulating a petition asking for
his reinstatement. It is much easier
to ge.t signers to any petition than to got
the petition granted. Mr. Tyson has lit
tle occasion to complain about being fa
vored with public appointments , for ho
has been in service in different positions
for many years.
Work is progressing fairly on the new
county court house. lno of the ceilings
of the court rooms is decorated and the
decoration of the other will bo finished
Monday. The slate has arrived for -the
tower and this will bo out up on next
week. There IB as largo a force of car
penters and masons at work as can well
bo used to advantage. It is expected
that the building will bo ready for oc
cupancy by the lirst of January.
Harknoss Brothers have just received a
few choice things in silks , which they
will offer this week nt unusually low
Choice residence property a specialty.
Cooper & Judson , 180 Main.
One thousand head of one , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A.
J. Greenamayor , 023 Mynster st. , tele-
Why pay fabulous prices for Omaha
property when cooper & Judson , No. 180
Main street , can sell you choice hill and
glen lots so cheap.
Personal Paragrapho.
C. E. Chandler , of St. Louis , is at the
Ogden house.
Otto Vooglor rejoices In the arrival of
a twelve-pound boy.
F. G. Fletcher , ot Burlington , Vt. . is
the guest of B. Mi Sargent.
Charles E. Lynclmrd , of Mount Pleas
ant , is visiting his brother , W. H. Lynch-
Misses Clara nud Lone Bedlson leave
this morning for llortou , Kas. , to visit
Mrs. Day and Mrs. II. A. Thomas , of
Costona , la. , are hero visiting their sister -
tor , Mrs. James T. Anderson.
Charlie Bray is paying a visit to his
parents before going into New Mexico.
Ho is paymaster for J. J. Brown , the
contractor , and covers considerable ter
Colonel Kohtloy. on receiving tele
graphic notice of Ills appointment to a
position in the United States treasury ,
asked for two weeks time in which to re
port. Another message has boon re
ceived granting the request , but urging
him to come sooner if possible. Colonel
Keatly now expects to leave hero for
.Washington next Friday.
See J. G. Tiptou , the real estate broker ,
for line business situs.
Bargains in now choice silks at Hark-
ness Brothers this week.
Cheap tlrst-cluss storage at Nos. 23 , 24
and 20 Pearl street.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate oflices in the city ;
93 per day. _ _
For Sale Harry Smith's photograph
gallery cheap. Inquire of Harry Smith.
Thn Smart Thins to no
And say , just because you can't buy a
homo by the side of Mary Ann or Peggy
Jane , that you wont buy at all. The
mart thing to ilojs to go and see J. G.
"Tipton the broker and secure a homo
Whore you can , Tiptou says that the
N bridge will bo built by this time next
unmior , and that property will go to
double its present value hero before wo
know It , and then Iiku the boy that wont
a enlpln we will be loft to hold the bar.
Buy now and get the bonolit of the ad
vance. That's the smart thing to do.
At the Pacific house you will save from
60o to if 1 per day. Try it and be con
carpets and now goods at Hark-
lieu Brothers. _
When you are in the city atop at the
Pacific house. Street cars pass the door
Bvery lit teen minutes for all tbo depots.
Ueau 00 cents each.
What They are Doing to Eoguluto Conn *
oil Bluffs ,
llcnsotia For So Slow Progress A
Uubo Found In the Creole A
Prisoner's Scheme For Got *
Roast Cblckcn.
Sunday Services.
There will bo preaching nt the Scandi
navian liaptlst church thii morning by
Kcv. Mr. Lollyeroth , of Oakland , Cal. ,
who will preach In the Swedish language.
In the evening the pastor will preach on
"Tho Christian Sabbath. "
The pastor of the First Haptist church
will preach nt 10:30 : a. m. on "God's Jew
els. " In the evening nt 8 n. m. on "Tho
Intermediate Stale of the Dead. "
No service nt Presbyterian church to
day , Rev. Dr. I'helps being absent from
the city. Snbbitth school nt the usual
hour ,
There will bo preaching nt the North
Main street colored church nt 8:20 : o'clock
this evening.
No services nt the Congregational
church to-day. Sunday school as usual.
The Second Adventists will baptize n
number of new converts in Spoon lake ,
near the elevator , this afternoon.
Topic nt the Methodist church this
morninc "The Host Country. " Evening
subject , "Rules For Christian Conduct , '
followed by the reception of probation-
ists into full membership.
Rev. C. Hoover will preach at Har
mony this afternoon at 8 o'clock. Sab
bath school ut 4 o'clock.
Potloo Pickings.
The usual numbur of nrrosted men
worn brought before Judge Ayles worth
yesterday morning.
Among them was John Rnfferty , who
claimed to have boon working for the
Omaha waterworks for the past two
weeks. Ho was booked as n vagrant ,
having been arrested m a box car the
previous night. Ho denied the charge ,
saying he came to this city with the in
tention of obtaining work on the scwets
being constructed hero. He wore over-
nils itnd had the appearance of being n
working man , but ho was without money
or property , which did not please the
judge. His case was continued nnd ho
went back to jail.
William Tripp claimed he was not a
vag ; that he'd left home in Itochester be
cause of his inability to agree with his
stop-mother. Ho said hia f.ithcr gave
him | 00 to come west on nnd he had just
run out of money in Omaha nnd came
over the river with Itafl'urty to hunt tor
work. He also was remanded to jail
after a lecture from the jiulgo In which
lie was given some sound advice.
Frank Cooper , ns ho claimed his name
was. ndmitted that during his drunken
spoil he probably gave n fictitious name.
His case was continued until to-morrow
in order to give him a chance to get out
of town in the meantime. Ho has been
arrested four times for drunkenness
within the past forty-five days. His first
sentence being live days , his second five ,
and his third thirty days. Ho got out of
fail and within a low bourn was again
arrested on the same charge.
A man who was arrested in Bayliss
Dark charged with drunkenness wiis al
lowed his freedom , ns the otlicer who
took charge of him after the park police
made the arrest , believed him sick. "
A. Li. Freeze , a hanger-on about the
gambling houses since Omaha gambling
lias supposed to have been stopped , ap
peared after having spent the night ont
if jail through the assistance of a friend ,
who put up 150 for his appearance. Ho
pleaded not guilty nnd his hearing was
8. T. Kearns was fined $ 7.GO cents for
canvassing without a license.
Nelso Jncobson charged with fighting
with his neighbor George Ross , had his
ease continued in order to allow him to
procure the necessary witnesses to exon
erate him. In the nfternoon the trial
took place. It proved to bo a neighborly
row caused by chickens and children.
Jacobson was fined $5 nnd costs.
Undo Snm'a Slowness.
There has been much wondering at
the slowness with which work on the
government building is proceeding. Ex-
Congressman Pusoy recently wrote to
Washington about the matter nnd in re
ply received the following report :
10. The Honorable , The Hecretiry of the
Treasury : Sir Koforrlnir to letter from Uon.
W. II. M. Fusoy , of the 12th Inst. , addressed
to vou , I have the honor to state that this
ofllce has used Its best endeavors to wish the
work on the government building now being
erected at Council Hluirs , Iowa. Bids were
recently opened for the iron stairs , but
being in excess of the oflico estimates ,
they were rejected and a modilicatlon ot the
drawings has been made , and the work will
l > e ro-advertlsod as soon as possible. The
drawings for the plumbing and eas fitting
have been completed , nnd the speclticatlon Is
now bolng prepared and the work will bo ad
vertised In a short tune. Urawlntrs for the
joiner work , plastering , and the Interior
linlsh of the building have been completed ,
and tbo specification is now being prepared ,
and this work will bo advertised as soon as
possible , and every effort made to have the
building In such condition that active opera
tion may go on during the win
ter. The delay In the work on this buildIng -
Ing Is not nearly so serious as on
mnny others , which Is occasioned by the fact
that the appropriation for the working force
ot this ollico is entirely Inadequate to em
ploy a Bulllcient number ot technical men to
push the work ns rapidly as U ought to be.
Although congress has made appropriations
tor the construction of many new buildings ,
thereby ure.itly. Increasing the volume of
work In this ollico , there has been but n very
slight Increase ot the appropriation to em-
plov the necessary force to perform said
work. Respectfully yours ,
Acting Supervising Architect.
The new steamer Nellie Keller , jus
launched on LakeMauawn by Vic. Keller ,
has been carefully inspected by the citi
zens' committee and pronounced staunch
nnd perfectly safe for 100 passengers.
The steamer is run by an engineer who
does not drink n drop of liquor and who
is licensed by tbo United States govern
ment. Under all circumstances the safety
of the passengers will be made the first
Threatening the Police.
There have been numerous complaints
made about manure nnd rubbish being
thrown into the crook. Several times ,
suits have been commenced , but they
have never resulted in any apparent re
lief , Lately Mayor Gronoweg has put a.
special odicor on the wateh , nnd yester
day morning this ofilcor claimed to have
discovered a boy who Is in the employ of
Maso Wise , wheeling manure into the
creek or depositing it on the bank. Ho
arrcclcd the boy and soon after Mr.
Wise wont in hot haste to tUo
mayor's otlico , whore there
was a storm of words. Mr. Wise
made some wild threats ns to what
ho would do to nny policeman who
came on to his promises. Mayor ( irono-
weir afterwards went to Judge Ayles-
worth's court and filed nn information
charging Wise with making threats. Mr.
Wisn appeared in court and explained
hlmsolf. Ho claimed that ho should not
bo hinglcd out for prosecution , ns there
were others who were coruuilttinii a
nuisance there who wcreuevermoleitcd.
Ho' had made arrangements for havlnj
nil the manure from his stables liaiildt
nwny. The city attorney examined Into
the matter , nnd finding that the threat !
were conditional ones , thought this r
fatal defect in the c&ss , so it wns ds ! <
missed and Mr. Wfso walked forth enc <
more n winner.
The Old nnd the New.
Ho was n short term rann , nnd ns he
settled down to nn acquaintance with
the other bony * inside the big rcuolvina
cylinder m the county jail , ho began
drnwln comparisons between the the old
nnd and tno now. "I was In the old jail
twice. Wo used to have some prettj
good times here , too. For quite a time
the boys llvod on roast chicken. Pretty
good feeding for us follows. The way o"l
It wns this. Shontz , who wns jailer then ,
used to let us short time follows bring in
coal. When wo needed some for the
stoves inside he would tell one of us to
take the bucket nnd go out to
the shod and bring it in ,
Well , wo soon got od to it that there
wore n lot of line chickens which Shont/
was keeping for future use. Wo would
just take one of those chickens , wring its
neck nnd put it in the bottom of the
bottom of the bucket nnd then cover It
over with coal. That's the way wo would
got it inside. Then wo would ronst that
chicken , und you bet yer wo lived high. "
"But wouldn't it smell so as to put
him on ? "
"Smelll I guess you never was in the
old jail. There were more nor n thousand
diflbrent smells , nny ons of which would
knock the smell of a roasting chicken
dizzy. A fellow who stayed there a week
couldn't smell anything.
Democratic Defecates.
The democratic ward caucuses wore
held last evening to cheese delegates to
the county convention , which meets Au
gust 28.
J. H. Jackson , chairman ; U. F. Woods ,
secretary. Delegates ,1. H. Jackson ,
C. M. Maynard ; C. D. Walters , F. II.
fiiianolla , Robert Rain , E. T. Waterman ,
William J. Connor.
W. L. Pnttou , chairman ; A. T. Whittle-
soy , secretary. Delegates William
Groneweg , J. N. Casady , A. T. Whittle-
soy , W. L. Patton , George Holmes , J. C.
DeHaven , W. H. Heck , D. F. Kicher , P.
D. Uurko , Dan Carrigg.
L. Swoaringen , chairman , I ) . S. Mack ,
secretary. Delegates L. Swearingon ,
George Dlnxsim. William Maloney , W.
Ii. Thomas , Pat Lacy , J. Sullivan L.
/urmuohlcn , W. F. Spctman.C. A. Ham
Fouuxn WAKD.
, . W. C. James , chairman ; W. S. Wil
liams , secretary. Delegates W. H. M.
Puscy , W. C. James , J. H. Kuatloy , John
Schcentgen , E. E. Aylesworth , "W. D.
Usher. James Madden , J. R. Deidorich ,
W. S. Williams , J. A. Murphy , Brooks
Yesterday morning a fully developed
boy baby was found in Indian creek bv
the Scott street bridge. A piece of
muslin wns the only covering upon the
romnnnts of the body , part of which had
become badly decayed. It was sent to
the undertaker's for burial , Coroner Faul
deeming it unnecessary to hold an in
Near by the remains wns a package
contniniug'n shirt or two which nt the
time wore thought to have some connec
tion with the find , b'ut as they appeared
o.uite fresh it was concluded they had
been thrown into the creek by innocent
The conclusion from the position of the
body and its condition indicated it had
been either washed down the crook or
had come out of tbo Scoti street sewer ,
which is nn outlet of the Broadway
Sadden Donth.
Coroner Fnul early yesterdny morning
received n telegram from Carson saying
n Mr. German , of that place , had died
nnd an inquest was necessary. He re
plied by telegraph to Justice of the Peace
J. G. Stadler to hold an inquest , the cor
oner concluding the expense of his at
tending it being greater than that of the
other method.
Stop I'nylMjj Kent.
Stop paying rent , go nnd see J. G.
Tipton the real estate broker , and buy a
homo while you can get one cheap , and
on easy payments. The amount you pay
put for rent will soon pay for it , besides
it will double in value in a short time.
Ho has nice little homes very cheap just
Cor. 5th Ave. & 7th St. , Council Bluffs.
One of the best Educational Institu
tions in the west. Boarding nnd day
school conducted by the Sisters of Char
ity , B. V. M.
Board and tuition for a term of five
months , | 75. For further particulars
St. Francis Academy ,
Council Blufls. In.
Attorneys at Law *
Practice in the State and Federal Cour t
Rooms 7 and S Shugart-Beno Block.
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
' NO. 23 MAIN ST. ,
| * rmi tur0 Ii lln f ic.r ulticgfrom lixllicrctloiifor
txrr ? . rurwd wltbMt I out * r It M * > dl t .br ill *
Hr l j kook fro . Should U read by Fathtn
' wllb InformMlon of ralue to * ! ' mn.
Special nflvcrtUomonts , uch is Lost , Found
oLrnn.For Bale , To Hint , fxintg , Bo rillnr.
to. , will bolniorttd In tljla rplumn t the loir
rttcorTENCKNT8PBnitNRforth flr tlnier.
Ion and Vlv Centiroi'Lln fore ch lubiequnnt
Iniertlon. I-caro OTell nl6nts nt our offlc *
Ma U Vctrl iticet , ni.if Brodir r , Council
Blutti. 1 "
_ _
'ANTED-A ( rood Rlrlforicook. , Apply nl
once to Sirs. J. I MoPUcrson , No. 12J1
Fierce street.
TTlOlt BALK A now cherry bed roam sots nlio
J- ' carpet , ourtnlng , ohaira find complete fur
nlshlnps for room : room tor rent nnd buyer ol
furnuhlnirs cnn rouin It If , desirable. Mri. S.
M. Hnyt , No. 623 Fourth street. Council Illuffg.
On HKNT Four unrurnHhrd rooms , to
tonnnti without chlldien. No. 437 Bouth
First gtroot. _
TilOK 8ALK-On cosy terms or will tr do for
A ? city property , n complete itock of furni
ture. stovti , also building. It U nltuntcd ZO
miles en t on Wnbwh rnllronrt. Good town : no
opposition. Ooed remain for rolling. Pos
session given nt onco. Will invoice nbout 2,600.
Cnll or address Merchant , 328 Droadwny , Coun-
ell Bluffs.
FOH HENT-Omnhn merchants wishing to
open branch store in Council HluITi ,
have now the opportunity of ( rotting a tlrst-
class store room 18i60 feet , In the henrt of the
city at very low rent. J. C. DoHnvcn.
1/OR SALE Oil THADE.-For Council niuffi
crot'ery V'ff0 acrea ° f T ° wa Bnd N -
brnshn land.J , , HlOc-,110 MalnHU Council
ANTED - Situation ns bookkeeper By
young man who can plvo satisfactory ref
erences ns to experience , habits nud responsl-
bihty. G. D. Bee office , Council tlB > ff , _
TIT ANTED Situation as snlcsmnntn sroeery
TV store. Koferonees given. 1) . U. T. , Doe
office , Council Bluffs.
lUi sell two carriages on long time or will
trade for houcs. William Lewis. _
COO Broadway , Council Bluffs.Iown.
Established 1367.
Hag a complete line of
r * i i fit *
Large batKtuwhlto , black nnd all colors. Pattern
torn bonnetg , IIHIJ and toques , n specialty.
No 1611 Douglas flt. , Omaha.
Creston House ,
Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
Only Hotel in the City
with Fire Escape ,
Electric OaUJBells.
Accommodation * tflrrt ClUMi ,
And Kates kftcnoonnblo
Max Mohn , Proprietor
O A .
EngineerfSunreorMPubllsher } ;
Over 2fo. 12 JTortp Main , St.
Maps , ol cltlos and counties
Hides , Tallow , Pelfs ,
Highest Market Prices. Promp
Return * .
820 and 822 Main Street , Council Bluffs ,
_ _
Justice oi the Peace ,
416 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Justice of the Peace.
Ortico over American Kxpress.
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
i Telephone No. 83
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 9
In Amber ,
3ctc.HaIr ! On
laments , as
vcll as the
newest nov
elties iu hair
i- Hair ( jooda
tiiadcto order
cL. Gillette
29 Moiu St. , Council lu s. Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , and all mail
orders promptly attemied to ,
„ . . ! t
Star Safe Stab/es and Mule Yards
IJroadvrny , Council Bluff * , Opp. Dummy Depot
, .
- M v * ' " mm * * * i I-
Horses and mules constantly on hand
for sale at retail or in car load lots.
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission
Telephone 114. SHLOTEU & UOI.KV.
Opposite Dummy Depot , Counoi IJIuffs
Summer Dress Goods , White Goods
Parasols , Gloves , Mitts , Hosiery , Etc. , Etc.
Are and Well Selected
Our Patterns are Choice and Quality the Best ,
New Goods are arriving and invite
Curtains. ,
Work Done by Competent Workmen.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
N. B. Special attention given all orders by
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call on us.
. .
IiiktrumcntR Tuned nnd Repaired. We never fall to { five ftatUlacllon.
Over 2O ycnrs' Experience In Pltiiio and Organ Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 329 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : Boarders : : Reduced : : Rates.
NO. 336 & 3 8 Broadway , council Bluffs.
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Efoth Domestic and Foreign ,
The of driving horacs
land and for sale by
. . . . . . MASE.WISE.
Vacant Loll , lnnd , Cltr HoJldcnces and
1'urmi. Aero property In western pnrt ol city
All soiling clieap.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
it com fi , over Officer Ic i'uspy't IlauV , Couucl
. . .
< The Tlicutrlcnl Vrofeeeton.
Iterlt will win and recelro puWla recognition and
praljo. Facts , which nro the outcome of general c4 >
I'trlence , crowing through jcars of critic * ! anA
practical test , ticcomo M rooted and Immovable M
the rock of Gibraltar In public opinion , nml henca-
forth need no further Ruaran' < ra nito their gcnu
Incneu. The Indisputable fact that Swift's Specifics
Ii the belt blood runner In the world , Ii ono of thna
Immovable Gibraltar rock facts of which wnhtra
anokvn , and everyi ay. experience rootn thlncon"
yiclloii deeper aiid ilci iwr In public opinion. Kverr
class of our | > .plo In America nml In KurotX
every trade , vailing nnd profculon , Including the
mrdlcnl profession , hare berne loluntnry testi
mony to thu remarkable virtue * of a a 8. an *
tt Infallible efllcary In curln all dlsracrf of th
blood. Thrss testlmunlali are on fllfl by the thou.
RanU .nndoi > cntutlio Innpectlonof nil. Now com *
unsolicited , two dl Unmil 1ic.t members of the tlirac !
rlcalprofesilun , who Knitcfully testify to the wonder
ful curatlro qualitlei of the Snocino in their Indt-
Ili.VJi fffTMr t tlmonloi n" herewith tub.
. f ? L r'1110 without further comment-let
them * peak for i icimclves. The lady Is n memlrof
auurornurly nfiho V , " ' " , ' . " ' Companjr. Tncatrp of , Drrlln New Vi.rlr. , Oer"
TiS ? ' * * MMc1"l < keff | stock Comi uy , > f Chlcaxo.
! SiR52H nlSP u " wc" known niemlwr of the New
i uric Tnaila 1 neat ret Company. ' Iloth are well known
la theatrical clrclciln th'ljc ntry JudlnEur ? !
t'hnrlotto Itnudon's Tcmlmonr. * 1
' NBW YORK , Jlny S , 1M7.
Bwlft Specific Company , Atlanta , da. i < l
Orntletiien-HaTlng ; liocn nnnojcil with rl > " ' " ! f r
* r.uiitlone and loiixhnessof the kltl.Jr m lid'conJ
i"amSn.iren \ ,
. - V ' woiullnl n prom.
ona from hls treatment rrnlred
' . ' . ' " 'l " > neludcd to try the H. S. s/rern-
, „ _ CIUIILOTTE lUNnow. I
153 Donerj , near Canal street , '
Huso IlnxflUrrl'n TVMlmonr.
The Swift Specific Company , Atlanta. Ua. t
Oentlemen-For two > < > ani I had n c\ere ciuaof
. I uinl tar onw , sulphur TarlouJ
ecjuiua. ; | oap , nml
other remedied , undwa. | > n > icrlrml r&rW nunilmni
SLl > hJ'''u'nl.t fol 111 norolli-f. Allan I Hi ter-
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Hew York. May 3. l
TrcatUo on Blood and bkln Diseases mailed free.
Tun BttiKT farucmo Co. ,
Drawer 8. Atlanta , Q.1
CAPITAL PRIZE , $159,000.
"Wo do horobj- certify thnt wo mincrvlso thi
arrnng-uinonts for nil the Monthly niul Somt
Annual DrHwInKS or The Louisiana Miito Lot
tery Company , mid In person munairo nnd con <
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tlsemcnts. "
Wo the undersigned tmnk * and Hankers will
PBJ nil Prizes drawn In The LoulgUna Stnt
lotteries which mny bo presented at our coun-
.T. H. OOl-rSMY , Pros. LonUlnim Nntlonnl Ilk.
riKUHK I.ANAHX , 1'rcB. Stuto National Bit
A. HAMJWIN , l > rc < ) . New Orleans Nnt'lUnnlc
CAUL KOII.V , Pros. Union Nntlonal llnnk.
Lonisania Stnto Lottery Comjmny
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Bvnn OTcrwholnilnu populur vote Us fninchlio wai
rnmle u pnrt of the nreiicnt stulo constitution inlopleJ
IJccfmber 2nd. A. 1 . I8T1I.
The only lottery over rotcd on nnd cndoreod
by the people of nny state.
It never scales or postpones.
Its Quiml Slnk'lo Number Ornwlnirs tiikoplnc *
monthly , and the Scml-Annmil Ilrnwlniri roiru
Inrly every six nionth ( Juno nnd Dcruinbnr. )
FOUTUiNK. Ninth Orund Hrnwintr , clnss I ,
ID the Academy of Mnslo , Now Orleans. Tues
day , Hop. 13 , 1887 ZOStli Monthly Drawing- .
CAPITAL I'llIZE , 8150,000.
"Notice-Tickets are Ten Dollars only.
Halves , S5. Fifths , $2. Tenths , $1.
1 CAPITAL P1UZB OF $150.000. . . 150OOQ
i cuANu ritix.i : OF . . rajoot
1 ( JltANDPHlXllOK 'AI.OOO. .
2 iAitaK i'itmsoF : 10.1100. . . 200011
4 LAHfJKPItlXES OK 5,000. . . W 000
20 PH1/.ES OF 1,000. . . iUOOU
M " 600. . . 6 ,
lee " : oo. . . M
200 200. . . 40 ,
WO " 100. . . 60,000
ArrnnxiMTIO.V r
100 Approximation Prizes , or JltOO. . . . 1.10,000
100 " " 100. . . 10000
l.WX ) Turmtnnl " DO. . . . 60.000
2,178 Prlres ninottntlntr to .
Anrllcutlon for rnto' to club rlioiild tie ninno only
to the cifllt oof the company In NowOrlcin * .
For furtlior Inlnrniutlnn urrtto ( lenrly , ulvlnf ; full
Rddrrsl. I'OSTAIiM ) ' ! ' ! " * , exprem money onlurn.or
Now York Eiclmnco In ordhuirr letter , Uuircncy br
express ( at our cxpcnsol ntlilouail
At. A. HAITI i III i ,
NEW OlU.CA , t * . .
Adtlresa Rwistcred letters to
R , E M E M . R Tl il ( That jenernu the llonurenard pro ono and of
Itrlr , who are la ohnrKO of the drawings , is afiiHr
into * of absolutn fnlrnex and Intonrlir. that tn *
sbuicciaroalleuimt , and that no oua can poulbiT
llTtne * hat number will draw a I'rlin.
HKMrcMllKIt tiiKt tbu pujrment of all prizes Ii
: ) rlenn .nnO the Tlcketnnro Blsnoil tiy the president
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wno ii rxicQCAixTin WITH THE oxnaturiir or rm *
Ily rrason of Its central position u'.o e relation to lints
East of Chicago , antl contlnJ ai h.ies at ttrmlnal
points West , Nortln it and Sojthwrit , Is the true
middle link In that transcontinental rystcm which
Inrltts and facllltatei trartl and trafflo betvteen the
Atlantic andracltic.
The Itock Iilanrt raatn line and tranches Includs Chl-
caro.Jollet , Ottawa , La ha lie , I'eorla , Opnoeo , Mollno
snd Itock Itland , la Illlnolii Datenport , Muscatlnc ,
Waililiieton , ralrflchl , Ottumwa.Oskalooia , Went Lib-
erty.Iowa Clty.Des Mulnos , Indlanola.Wlntrrtot , Atlan
tic , Knoxilllo , Audtibon , llarlan , ( luthrlu Centro and
Council Bluffs , In lowai Oallatln , Trenton , lit. Joscpu ,
Uaneron and Kansas City , In Missouri ! I.carcnworth
and AtchlsonInICanrasi Albert L ftlllnncapolls and
Bt.I'aulInlllnnciotti Watcrtown and Sioux FallsIt
UaLota , and hundreds of Intormcdlato cities and tow ns.
. ' 'The Great Rock Islnnd Route" *
nusrantces ip'fd , coniTort. certainty and safety. Ill
permanent way ladUtlotfuuhtd forltsexcc'llcnre. Its
bridges are of stone and Iron. Its track U of sollJ
iteellts rolll/itritockix.rfect. ltspaipen 3ro ulpmnc
lias nil the kafoty appliances that expoilenro has prjvxl
useful , and for luxurious accommodations Is uuur-
ranged. Its Express Trains consist of superior Uuy
L'oschei , eletrsnt rullnian 1'alaco 1'arlorand sleepluc
Uars , superb DlnlnK Care , prorUlnff delicious meals ,
nnil ( between Chicago and St. Jotcpb , Atchlscn and
Kansas City ) restful KcclInlnK Chair Cars. Its man-
itremcnt Is conservative , lu dl clpllno oxaetlnff ,
"The Famous Albert Lea Route" t
Detwcen Chlcoifo and illnncapolls and St. 1'aul Is the
rarorlto. Oter this Una bolld Kutt Kxpress Trains run
dally to attractive rosoiti for louiltts In luwa and
Minnesota , and , vln Wutertgwn nndBloux Fal ) , tutb
rich wheat and crailng lands of Interior DkoU. Vis
Seneca and Kaukalceo , the Itoclc Island orTers superior
Inducements to traveler ! iMtwuon Cincinnati , Inillaa.
ipolls , Lafayette and Council llluBsSt. Joseph , * tcht-
ran , Uavenworth , Kansas City , Bt. Taul , acd Inttrms.
Hate | olnts. All patroiu ( esrx clully ladli s and ctll.
Jrcnjrccelve protectioncourtesy and kindly attcatlga ,
I or tickets , maps , folders , copies of Weilcrn Trail , r
kny desired Information , apply to principal tSv s hi
the United States and Canada , or Kddretn , at Clilcsg' ) ,
I. 8. CACIC , f. ST. JOHN. I. A. HOHK8I ,
rml40.s1Vu.4 < .l illlQultiuwit. Oil , tU t tut ta
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