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An Ei-Soldlor Swallows Morphine and
Leaves a Touching Letter to
Preparing For the Coming Assembly
In 'Mils City Public Work * , Po
lice Now * and Other liocnl
The Coroner's So nip.
Jfcstcrtlay morning C. B. Western found
A dead man lying In Hanscom park near
the soutliwost corner of the enclosure.
Coroner Drcxcl was notified , droro out
and brought in the remains , They wcro
thoao of a man about thirty-years of ago.
Ho had a full face , a blonde mus
tache and regular features. Ho would
\voigh about ono hundred and sixty-five
pounds. He wore a wine-colored suit of
clothes , with a dotted sliilt , low shoes
and red striped stockings. In searching
the dead man's pockets the coroner
found a pocket book , an Apache scalp
and a letter addressed to himself. In
the pocket book wcro n number
of cards of sporting houses
in California with tresses of fair
which ho had doubtless taken as a proof
of conquests and two certificates of pro
motion as cornoral in company F , Sev
enth United States cavalry , and I troop
In the First cavalry , dated respectively
August 18 , 1874 and 1870. There was also
a discharge from the Third regular in
fantry dated May 21 , 1870 , and made
on in tno narao of William G. Wallace.
The scalp was an excellent specimen , the
lock Doing about fourteen inches In
length and the ilesh pluto nearly two
Inches in dlamoter. The hair is as black
as ebony , and the freshness of the skin is
conclusive that it was but recently taken
from some luckless aborigine. The letter
bore the following inscription :
COUO.VEH , Doujtlas County ,
Omaha , Nob.
The envelope was stamped , the intent
being to have it go through the post-
oflico. The coroner , however , received
the letter without the Assistance of the
mails. On being opened the letter read
as follows :
OMAHA , Aueust 17. To the Coroner : It Is
needless to hold an Inquest over my body , as
1 dlo by tny own hand by taking morphine.
I do not want to bo buried. 1 give my body
to the Medical Institute of Omaha for the
benefit of science , and 1 do wish they would
take my body and dissect It , for I know I
havn a curious brain. My name Is John W.
Wallace. 1 have no friends
relation that cares tor me , so 1 give my
Br for the bcnellt of science.
I will ask the coroner to please deliver the
letter you will find on my body to Its address
and oblige my last request on eaith.
On the reverse of the last page the fol
lowing was penciled in a fair hand like
that on the other pages :
Please give this pncketbook to Miss Lulu
She is an Inmate of French Emma , 107 North
Twelfth street , Omaha.
In accordance with the wish of the deceased -
ceased the coroner will turn the former's
remains over to the medical college.
This young lady , who doubtless occu
pied ft considerable part of the las !
thoughts of the suicide , was found at the
place indicated. She is possessed of con
Bidcrablo beauty , nnd when told of Wal
lace's death , eave expression to consider'
ublo surprise , and tears glistened for at
Instant in her eyes , yet she had knowi
the dead man but about two weeks. Dur
lug that time , or at least up tc
last Tuesday evening , ho hat
boon , for the time mentioned
nt the house night and day. Ho had r
fair share of money and soent i
sparingly m enjoyment of all kinds. Go
ing to the road house a few nights ago
tlioir buggy was overturned and both o
them wcro injured. Wallace was a car
pentor. though had not worked at hi
trade for three months back. Ho claimei
to have a sister in Kansas am
said that ho wan going to sco her. Lull
saw Wallace Thursuav shortly bcfor
dinner , and then bade him good byo. Tin
next Knowledge she had of him was tha
'of his suicide , which was imported t <
her by the BEE reporter.
The following is the letter addrcssei
.to Lulu that was found in the suicide'
'pocKet :
OMAHA , August 12. Lulu My Dear Dai
line Girl : Oh , liovv I hate to leave von , bi
then 1 must. O , God ; for Lulu 1 love yo
, bettor than my life. Goit bless you , m
' s woe tone. I can see you all the time. Ol
? Uod , my heart is broke , so 1 have to die. fi
, to llvo without you Is Impossible ; but than
- God , I can moot you In heaven , for I ai
it Bolni : straight to heaven aud I hope to met
[ , * you there.
For sale N. E. corner California an
22d sts. John M. Clarke , solo agent ,
Charities null Correction.
To the People of Omaha : On no :
Thursday , the 25th , our national visitoi
will bo hero. Judging from the recoi
tlon with which the social committee mi
in soliciting funds to defray the ncce
eary expenses of this conference , you ai
juVako to the importance of the occasioi
Wo bespeak for this mooting a cordi :
recaption on your part. The prospect
that the hotels will bo taxed 10 their u
most to accommodate the visitors. W
therefore ask the good people of Omal
to open their houses that they may t
made comfortable while our guest
Many will have friends and acquuin
anccs among the delegates who won
bo glad to outortai n them. By sendir
your name to any member of this con
raittco with the name of the parties d
ulred it will bo our pleasure to accomm
data you.
It is desired also to give our guests
rldo about the city ; to this end wo ca
upon these who can do so to send a ca
riago to the exposition hall on Frida
Aueust 20 , at 2 o'clock p. m.
The committee should bo notified b <
fort ) hand of carriages to bo furnished ,
order that proper accommodation mi
bo made for them. It is the intention f
a thoroughly posted clti/.on to occui
each carriage with the visitors in ord
to answer questions aud givuiuforuiutk
to the guests.
Parties desiring to entertain any of tt
guests should notify Itav. Dr. Dohert.v
Brownoll Hall. THE COMMITTEE.
The fourteenth national conference <
chanties and corrections wilt assemble
exposition hall in Omaha uextT'hursda
Aug. 25 , to remain in session till the 81s
This conference cornea to Nebraska I
invitation of his excellency , the govc
nor. Representatives from every state
the union are expected. They come
counsel as to the best methods of anifl
orating the condition of the unfortunal
the reformation of the vicious , the pit
ishmont of the criminal and of the pr
vontion of criino and pauperism. V
bespeak for these people a cordial we
come from the citUons of the stato. Tl
meetings are open and an invitation
nxtundod to all to attend. Ono Bessie
will bo hold in the city q ( Lincoln , Satu
day the 27 , for the benefit of the poop
In that portion of the stato. Wo hope n
will avail themselves of thn opportuull
of meeting these distinguished visitor
making their acquaintance and givii
them a welcome.
J. A. Giu.ESi'iE , Omaha ,
1L N. YATES , Omaha.
N. MEKUUM , Omaha.
SAUNDEUS , Omaha ,
G. M. HITCHCOCK , Omaha.
Mits. O , U. DINSMORE , Omaha.
Local Committee ,
PAY Youn suBscitirrioN.
All those who have not paid their sub
scriptions to the fund for the conference
of charities and corrections are requested
to forward their respective amounts at
once to the finance committee.
Borne nfthe Feature * ofPro reis Now
Being Made.
Thompson & Dclaney , contractors , for
the Twentieth street sewer , recommen
ced work yesterday after a cessation of
a couple of dayi. The resumption was
caused by the writing of a letter to them
by the chairman of the board of public
works , in which the condition of accur
ate compliance with the orders of the
inspector was insisted upon. The con
tractors signified their willingness to bo
governed by the direction of the inspector
specter and accordingly work was this
morning commenced as above intimated.
All the old asphalt gutters in the Doug
las strnot crossings nrn being taken out
and replaced with others of Sioux Falls
granite , upon n layer of sand which
rests upon a foundation of concrete. The
work , it seems , is being well done and
will save almost continual repairs.
The limit of the notice to North Six
teenth street property owners to lay their
sidewalks , bcforo the fairwill be reached
on Monday , the 2th ! ) instant. If the
walks are not put down by that time , the
sidewalk inspector will order them to bo
laid , whereupon Kent , the street inspect
or , will proceed to lay the cross walks in
connection with the same.
Purlin , OrnmlorlT & Martin to JBulld
a Mix Story Warehouse There.
The increased transfers during the past
week is the best of evidence that busi
ness in realty is again improving. A
large number of sales were made , among
them lots 12 and 13. in block 0 , m Pad
dock Place wore sold by Messrs. Tutllo &
Allison for Mr. John U. Hamilton for the
neat sum of $13,000.
Tills property , which faces on Six
teenth street , was purchased by Messrs.
Parlin , Orcndorf & Martiu , of this city ,
who intend at an early day to erect
thereon a six story agricultural imple
ment warehouse. This will add another
to the many business blocks now in
course of erection in that vicinity.
The trackage facilities , as well
us ono of the best business streets in the
city , oiler extra Inducements for houses
of this kind. The lots in Paddock Place
are going rapidly , and as there are only
a few desirable lots left , Messrs. Tuttle &
Allison will have no trouble in disposing
of them. They arc solo agents for Pad
dock Place and are thereby enabled to
ofl'er these lots at bargains.
To-morrow , the clothing salesmen
of this city will give a picnic at Kuser's
park on the -Missouri Pacific. Trains
will leave for the grounds , from the
depot on Webster and Fifteenth street at
11 o'clock , returning about 0 o'clock at
night. The musical Union band and
orchestra will bo in attendance and the
baud will lead a procession of the mem
bers of the union , on their way to take
the morning train. The committee in
charge propose to make the picnic one oi
the most enjoyable of the season.
The bricklayers union will give their
annual picnic on to-morrow at Fort
( Jalhoun , at which a largo attendance is
already assured. Preparations for tin
event have been in progress for several
weeks past and the feeling is entertained
that it will bo the most successful a flail
yet gotten up by this well-known union ,
The Omaha Loidokrran/ will hold it.
annual picnic to-morrow at Pries1
lako. The society have procured the
whole park. Admission to the ground
will bo twcnty-livo cents. Faro to the
picnic and lake and admission to the
grounds , one dollar.
The following committees have boor
appointed by Harry ( Jilmoro , divisior
No. 127 , Order of Hallway Conductors ,
for their picnic , to bo held at Fremont ,
August ! H : Arrangements , Mars Nobbs ,
George Uaird and J. II. Halstom ; trans
portation , F , J. Fairbrass , Willian
Kccno and Harry Gilmore ; printing
Mark Suitor , J. W. lulow and Arcliui
Blauely. This excursion promises to bi
a leading social event of the season.
Railroad Notes.
The Pullman car Bohemia came in yesterday
torday after having douo service uvi
weeks in Wyoming as the traveling hole
of Governor Thomas J. Moonlight am
associate territorial olllclals. These gen
tlomcn were journeying through the territory
ritory equalizing taxes.
The largest engine ever brought v/cs
of the Missouri iivor is now at the Umoi
Pacific shops. It is a ton-wheel consoli
dated engine with a 20x24 stroke. It
weight is 100 tons , and its destination i
Uutto , Montana , being the first arrival o
R consignment of four similar "Jumbos.1
This locomotive was built bv the Gran
locomotive works , and A. B. W hidden
of that company , is in tin ; city with hi
big ongino.
The following from the Railway Re
ports refers to the first white child bori
in Nebraska , and to-day the largest ma
doing "punching11 business on the rai
ways in the world. Ho tips the scales s
800 pounds :
F. 11. Mlcklewalt , ot the Missouri Paclfli
was robbed lust week at Wrepln * Wate
while asleep In the day conch , lie lost
valuable cold watch and 910 in mono ]
Fred says the thief must have crawled up tl :
nislo uast the engineer to rob him , and thi
ho would have given a fifty to have awakouc
and found hlin there. Ho said , "i woul
have rolled right oil on to him , and then
would have been good-bye thief. * '
Notice for Proposals.
Notice is hereby given that the schoi
board of the Independent school distrii
of Villisca , la. , will receive scaled bu
for the erection of a school building i
said Indp't district up to Sep. 1 , 183
when all bias will bo opened and coi
tract let to the lowest responsible bidde
the board , however , reserves the right I
reject any and all bids. The plans an
specifications may bo seen at the store <
J. T. Ingiuan , president of the board i
Villisca , In. , and at the oflico of F. R
Ellis , architect , Omaha , Neb.
11. D. DOI.SON , J. T.
a Secretary. President.
Carl Fried.
it The remains of Carl Fried arrived yo
torday over the B. & M. from Gloi
wood , Col. , where ho died two days ag (
'j ' The deceased was attached to tl
Knights Templar , Frco Masons and so
oral chapters , and his remains wore m
at thifdtipot by the following represent :
tives of these organizations : Williai
Cleburne , Fred B. Lowe , Michael Cod
and M. O Maul. George M. Naltiugi
and Edwin M. > Davis represented tl
board of trade , nud C. A. Jacobsou tl
Swedish nationality. The remains were a
companicd by the wife of the deceased ac
her father , Mr. Lobcck. They wore es
cortcd to the late residence of the d
ceased. To-day they will bo brougl
to Masonio hall where at 4 o'clock U
funeral will take place tinder the auspic
Knight Templar mounted , other mason
lodges and the board of trade takir
part in the procession. The place of ii
torment will bo Prospect Hill.
The board of trade hold a mpetlr
yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock to mal
arrangements to be present at tbo funer
in a body , _
For Sale Ice , car lots. Boogo Pucilr
Co. , Sioux City Iowa , ,
Miss Blanche Acker , an Interettmg
young lady of Defiance , la. , is visiting
Mlsa Hcttio Do Graff.
A new telephone connection with the
Omaha circuit was put in the South
Omaha National bank yesterday.
The M. K. church festival takes place
Albert Johnson , who was arrested on
complaint of Charles Johnson , a boy , for
assault and battery , was discharged by
Judge Rcuthor.
Several Knights , of Pythias at
tended the mooting of lodge 70 Thursday ,
at which eleven members were initiated
in the third degree , The "victims" fur
nished a banquet after the meeting.
Several carloads of household goods nr-
rlvo every daywhich shows that the pop
ulation is increasing.
Judge Rcuthcr will bo the South
Omaha correspondent of Die Wcstlicho
Courier , which will make its appearance
in Omaha to-morrow.
Thursday evening a laborer at the tun
nel was injured by becoming entangled
in a rope. Ho was taken to his homo in
Messrs. Hunt & Cockrell are on thoevo
of consummating several large transfers
of real cstato.
There are more letters dropped in the
South Omaha postollico without direc
tions or stamps than in any other post
ollico in the state.
Mr. Blizzard , of Iowa , was in the city
looking up a location to start a largo
clothing and furnishing goods house.
An adjourned meeting of the city coun
cil whs held Thursday ntght. there being
present Messrs. Smith , Sirathman , Gary ,
Haflerty , Burke and Lusher. Several bills
were ordered paid and the reports of the
city treasurer , city marshal and police
judge wore accepted.
Ordinance 23 , regarding the motor line
bond , was taken tin , read the third time ,
and passed , with the supporting votes of
Messrs. Burke , Gary , Ratlcrty , Lusher
and Smith.
A report from the committee on streets
and grades was accepted.
A communication from S. D. Mer
cer , accompanied by the bond of
the motor line railway' company ,
in the sum of $5.000 , was accepted and
action was postponed until the streets
and grades committee has a conference
with Mr. Mercer.
A motion of Mr. Gary to dismiss the
injunction suit against the motor com
pany at Mio company's cost was car
ried. The bonds of Policemen
John Sevton , AI Kocuan and
Thomas Toonoy were accepted.
The city marshal was instructed to en
force the sidewalk ordinance and to no-
ify the Union Pacific railroad company
o plank the crossing on Q street. The
ity attorney was instructed to draft an
ordinance compelling the Union Pa-
ilic railroad company to place a flagman
it the street crossing on Q street. Mr.
Jary made a motion to have the commit
co on public buildings make sotno mucli
iceded repairs on the city prison
'his measure wns opposed by some ol
numbers on the grounds that the citj
iad no money to expend in that way , bul
t finally carried.
A plat for a now roadway in ono of the
iity'3 additions was submitted by the city
nirineor and was accepted. On motion
ho council then adjourned.
Wanted 100 bushels of sweet and poj
orn for parching and popping.
D. W. KNOTE , Omaha , Meb.
lilt The AVfonR Man.
C. W. Baldwin is a plasterer , and has
) eon working lor James Anderson , th <
contractor on Locust street. Yesterday
morning Baldwin and Anderson liai
lomo words , and Baldwin was laid ofl
.n accordance with the rules of the unioi
ho discharged man demanded his pa :
'or a quarter of a day's work , but wai
met , as he claims , with a shower of vili
and abusive language. He mot liin
again in the afternoon on Saundcrs stree
ind dunned him again with the same re
iiilt. Bnldwia then went up to the build
ng with the intention of inducing th
ncn to go out. Ho was met at the dee
iiy Anderson , who with a horse-whip i
land , declared ho could not enter. Afte
some wrangling , the contractor struc
lialdwin , and Baldwin jumped in and di <
: ho contractor up in horrible shape
Baldwin was arrested charged with "as
sault and battery.
Iloiind-Up of Trumps.
At an early hour yesterday Captaii
Green and Policemen Puluski , Huywar
and Bloom made n round-up of tramp
with the patrol wagon , and landed quit
a number in the city jail. In Bummer
Grove , near the B. ; M. round hotisi
they discovered a rustic led e , built wit
poles , leaves and grass. Its occupant
wcro two white fetnalo tramps , who wer
living there with two negro vagabond :
The negroes hhd gone out on a foracin
expedition. The women were cookiu
breakfast over a brick fireplace. The
were well supplied with green con
potatoes , broad , and other vegetable ;
They objected to being arrested , ono t
them claiming to bo married to ono <
the negroes , and exhibited a certilical
to that ell'cct. She was recogni/ed t
one of the lownst wpmou in Omah ;
They wore given a ride to the statiu
house in the patrol wagon , together wit
other tramps.
Prof. Nicholson's Return.
Prof. 11. H. Nicholson , of thoNebrask
state university , arrived from Now Yor
yesterday. Ho has been attending
meeting ol the American Association e
Sciences and did some goo' ' work in gi
ing this state a proper representatio
As Prof. Nicholson is in charge of tl
chemical department of the university 1
was critically questioned on matters :
that line pertaining to Nebraska. Tl
professor gave an e\-tpmppro talk on tl
matter in question which is said to hai
changed some of the ideas of eastoi
wiseacres. In conversation with a ropr
sentatlvo of the BEE Prof. Nicholson su :
that ho had made a casual oxaminatic
of the salt spaings at Lincoln and fe
satisfied that with proper working 1,0
barrels of salt could bo produced fro
these springs pur day.
Get rid of that tired feeling as quick
possible. Take Hood's Sarsaparil
which gives strength , a good tipped
and health.
Robbed and Ki eked Into the Strct
Charles Smith , a hackman , and Jamc
Herman , a welner-wurst peddler , bol
characters well known to the polk
were arrested yesterday , charged wil
having robbed J. J. Given , of Dod |
City , la. , of f 75 in cash and a $75 go
watch Wednesday night. Given hi
boon drinking and being taken sick g
into Smith's hack and nskcd to bo drivi
to the Cantiold house. Ho says Smi
before starting told another man , who
ho has identified as Herman , to got
the hack with him ani instead of dnvii
him to the hotel they took him out i
Capitol hill and robbed him. Then thi
drove him a circuit route about the cit.
and finally kicked him into the strei
somewhere out in the suburbs.
The Richest Man In the World
would bo poor without health. Tl
dying millionaire consumptive vrou
exchange all ho is worth for a new lea
of life. He could have had it for a soi
if he had used Dr.Piorco's "Golden Me
leal Discovery" before the disease hi
reached IU .last stages. This wonder !
preparation U a positive cure for co
sumption if taken In tlmn. For all d
easoi of the throat/and lungs it is u
equaled ,
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vnrlm. A marvel of pur
ty.stronKth nml wholesomOtiosi. Mure ocon-
omicul than the ordinary kinds , and cannot be
told In compotltlcin with the multitude ot low
colt ihort wolRht nltira or phosphnto powdori.
Bold only In cans. UOYAL HAK1NO 1'OWDKR CO.
101 W ll-Bt. . N. V.
314 South 13th St. , Omaha , Neb.
Established for the Scientific and Speedy
Cure of Chronic , Nervous and Special
Th Old nollubb Specialist or many year ? ox-
pcnenuu , treats \\ltli wnndoiful success nil
LA , lUJl-TUBC , cured without KNIFE OR
Treats all forms ot Throat Lun ? , Nerve and
DlooU diseased , all Clironlo diseases mid De
formities far In advance of any Institution In
this country. Thn o who contoinplute going to
Hot Splines for th treatment of any Privateer
or lllooil disease can bo cured for otiO'tlnrd the
cost tit our Private Dispensary , 3U South loth
street , Omaha , Nob. '
HUPTUHU cured without pain orhlndorancc
rom business.
By this treatment a pure Lovuly
Cuuiplevlon , frco irom elownosa
Irccklcs , blnrkhcade , eruptions , etc. , Utllllanl
Eyes and perfect health can bo hnd.
" ' " and ah fomnlo weaknesses
| 3f Thut "tired' fooling
nesses promptly ourcd. llloatlne Headaches
Nervous Prostration , General Deulllty , Sleep
losencss , Depression and Indigestion , Ovarloti
troubles , Inflammation and Ulceintlon , FallliiR
and Displacements , Spinal weaknpss , Kidney
complaints and. Clihngo of Llto , Consult tti
old Doctor.
KVC Mlin E AQ Acute or Chronic Inllnm
bib Anil CRflimatlonof the Kyellds 01
Ulobo and f ar or Near Hightcdncss , Inversion
of the Lids. Scrofulous i : > cs , lllcnratlons , In
( laminations , Abscoos , Dullness of Vision of one
or both eyes , and Tumors of Lid.
f > & Inflammation of the Ear , Ulcoratlon oi
Catarrh , IntornaJ or External Dealnoss , oi
Paralysis , Singing or llonrln ? noises , Thlckonei
Drum. etc.
IICDlfflllO Debility , Spermatorrhoea , Sum-
nCIf VUUd Innl Losses , Night Emissions
Loss of Vital Power , Sleoplownoss , Despond
cncy , Loss of Memory , Confusion of Ideas
Illuri licloio the Kjcs , Lassitude , LunRuor
Gloominess , Depression ot Spirits. Aversion ti
Society. Easily Discouraged , Lnck of Confl
dence , Dull , Llstlesa , Unlit for Ftudy or Utisi
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its rcsults-complctely eradicated without thi
u e of mercury. Scrofula , Kryslpolus , Fove
Sores , Illotchcs , Pimple * . Ulceis , pains in tin
Head and Hones , Syphilitic Sore Throat , Moutl
and Tongue , Glandular Enlargement of tin
Neck , Rheumatism , Catarrh , etc. , Porinunonllj
Cured When Others Have Knlled.
Kidney and llliuUier troubles
l Weak ilaclc. Dinning Urlnu
Frequency ol Urinating , Urine hltfh colored o
milky Fcdlmrnton standinir , ( lononluuu , ( Sleet
Cystitis , etc. , promptly und sutely cured
Charges reasonable.
gleet. Etilcturo , seminal emissions , loss of
ual power , wcxkness ot the so\nal nigiins.wun
of desire In male or female , whether from Ini
prudent hublts ol yoitn ? or sexual habits I
mature years , or any cause that debilitates th
sexual functions , speedily aud permanent !
Consultation frco and strictly confidential
Medicine sent free from observation to al
parts of the United States. Correspondonc
recenes piompt attention. No letters ar
swored unless accompanied by four cents li
stamps. Send stamp for pamphlet and list o
questions. Tcimn strictly cash. Call on or ad
dress i > R. 1'OWKI.I. UKi\'i : > ,
No. SU South 13th St. , Omaha , Neb.
The Theatrical Profeiilou.
Kerlt will win and rccclre public recognition an < !
priiUe. Focti , which are the outcome of general ex
perlcnco , growing through jcara of critical am
practical test , become as rooted nnd Immovable m
tbo rock of Gibraltar Inpublla opinion , and hence
forth need no further guaranli'o nito tbflr gcnu
Incseu. Tholudlsputtblo fact that Swift's Spoclflc
Is tbo best blood purifier lu tha world , U ono of then
Immovable Gibraltar rock facts of which wo h vi
noken , ana every day's experience roots this con
vlctlon deeper and deeper tu public opinion. Eier :
class ot our | > r ple In Amrrlca and In Europe
every trade , calling and profewlon. Including th <
medical profession , buvo bjrno volimtary testl
mony to the remarkable virtues of S. 8. S. am
Its Infallible efficacy lu curing all diseases of til
blootl. These tcittmonlals are on file by the thou
aands , And open to the Inspection ot all. Kow come
unsollcltctl , tno tllaUngutiihdl niembers of the tbcat
rlcal profession , wbo gratefully testify to the wonder
ful curatlvo qu-illtlen of the Spocillc | n their Indl
vlilual cases. TheUi testimonials are herewith lut ;
mltted to the publlo without further comment le
them speak for themKelvcs. The lady Is a member o
the famous Thalia' Theatre Company , of New Yoik
and formerly nt the Uesldence Theatre , Berlin , Gn
many , anil oi HcVlcker's Stock Company , of Chlcagc
The gentleman Is a well known member of the Net
York Thalia Theatre Company. Both are well know ]
In theatrical circle * la this country and In Kurope.
Charlotte tUnndoW'si Testimony.
i NEW Yoait. May 3. 1SS1
Swift Specific Company , Atlanta , Ga. :
o Gentlemen Having been annoyed with plmplei
eruptions and roubness ot the skin , from bail con
dltlon of my blood , for more than a year , I used. .
leading preparation of sarsapanila ana other advei
Used remedies to no effect. Then I consulted a prom
Inent physician , and from his treatment recelvei
no benelll. I then concluded to try the 8. 8. S. rein
dy for tbe bloodtand five or six packages , by
thoroujb eradication ot my trouble and restorln
sinootliaess to my skin , have made me happy , am
I chrerfully give you this testimonial for such u *
and publicity as you wish to rcake of It.
. . _ _ CHARLOTTE ,
1153 Bowery , near CtuiiU street ,
IIn o Ilasskcrl'a Testimony.
The Swift Epeclflo Company , Atlanta , da. t
Gentlemen For two years I had a severe caseo
ccsema. I used tar soapn , sulphur soaps , and varlon
other remedies , and was pnscrlbed for by ntimbei
of physicians , but found no relief. Mlastldetei
mined to try tb 8. B. 8. remedy , and seven or eluti
bottles have thoroughly relieved me , and you ca
use this certificate la any manner J nu wish.
Member uf Thalia Theatre
ew York , May 3 , 1887.
Treatise on Wood and Skin Diseases mailed fre * .
Turn Bwin BrEcino Co. ,
Drawer 3 , Atlanta. Qi
ii d Lincoln , Neb.
Th best known and most popular hotnl
the into. Location central , apivolnUnenta fli
claif. Headquarter ! for commercial men * i
Jl political aud nubllo oatherlntri.
The carpenters and painters who have for some weeks past had pos
session of our tipper floors , are about finished , and we are happy testate
state we shall in the near future , open all our floors tor business. The
elegant passenger elevator we are now tmtting in will make access to
the upper floors easy. The tremendous increase in our business since
'we opened , has induced us to make preparations for the coming season - '
son on a gigantic scale. We are now having manufactured , and will
soon have on exhibitioni the handsomest and richest lines of Fall and
Winter goods , and when everything is ready , we shall show a stock of
mens' and boys' clothing second to none in the country.
In addition to our clothing and furnishing goods , we shall , in a few
days , open a complete line of hats. This department will occupy the
rear of the second floor , and will contain a larger stock than any hat
house in the city. As the goods will be all new , we shall only show
the latest styles , and we shall sell them with the same low margin pf
profit as we do all our other goods.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price at
Nebraska Clothing Company
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
During July and August , our store closes at 6:30 : p. m. , except Saturday.
Cor. 13th St. an < l Oapltol Aue. , OMAHA , NEB.
t f ctlltli tpp r titl anl r m dt i f > r ( mwrnfiit trnlmnt f
very form of < Hen3ff < luirln ( Uedlral or Surgical llMtiifiiL
WniTK rod ft net i * HI * a IWVirniHIi' * ami Dram , Clutt I rft ,
Curvature o fthttbi Inc. 1 lie * . Tumor * Cumtr , Ccttrrli , flionrt IiU ,
Inruldllon , I3rrlrldt > , t'ic triU I ilfjuj. Kduy ! , UlitdUci , Ljt.
rBkln , iiiJ Ulool , null all SurflialUpermdon * .
Book on Diseases oMVomcn FREE ,
All fllood Di pfl * t * urct < ftil1y trfatfd. Syphilitic folion rfniovivl
from t lie v ttrr i without nricuiy Nt\v llftorRtlvu'lirctniriit f r
Ixiitofllal r n r 1'erton * tumble to vMt tit mar l > u ( mini nt
k niif , by Cormx ] > i > tlciice AH communlcatl ml CtmridttilUI Midi
cinc or Jnntrumenltimit fcy iiml ] f r fipreM , nmrelj } MukJ , no
inrkt to inlUtta content * or tuiJtr Otn * ixrwiml l ttr\icw pro
frreJ tH niulconiuUin , oi Mit4tiUtory of jour can , with lUinji ,
nd wo * lll Mtid In i > Uhi wr pwr | , our
UponTrlvatf , * ijrlil wl Xervout Plwutf * GemluAl wMkrf" .
BlrtrmAtnirtura , Im | > otenry , 8y | > MIK CionorrhaA , ( jleet , And ' ' I *
CUM ) . Itouni * forpNhutits. AUiIin * ,
Dr. McMenamy , Cer. I3lh si. & Oapltol AYOnuDa , Neb.
Medical Books or Papers Free.
The propr.utor of Uio Omntia Meil cat aail Sure ) .
cnl In Iltu u h IB p il > I bed a v iluib o BO uf l > iok <
ami pjpoj-s upo i uliro ilunim iu iil oaund
UelonnltlfB , 11111 t o methods ut euro wlilcli huvu
Klveu h'm ' t e reputationot being the most sklltful
and UGu'GJifii ! spe ijlUt In ihe west. Mini mude tlie
Instltuto * o Cflo ra oil thut mnillclncs itrupentto
und p it oils rcrel o 1 ( rum I'vorr stntc In the union.
Amung the book ! la nno npuii the UJMCUEIQS of
wuraeii : ono upon norvn | v , Bp cliil und | tlvato cllx-
eRsotof tltutexuul nnd urinary nr/una , vcrlcocele
euicd l > y ouorn lorn , und
eil clump cnmprcM eu p neciry for the relief n l
cuieni vnnoote'e. n rvuiM ettiAuntljn 'indgexuftl
tieblitty. naw resturjtlTO tr'itmGnt 1'a ers upon
uritlcal braces pile * , innce * * , pa.itlyMH , nt * . Klec *
trlcitr imd t o no mat lutlo boticry for homnuie ;
catarrh nnd Inhal itl n. etc t Inline DID t boo In
iFiutd by doctori Iroo. they do not coiMU of toul-
montaU with fictitious n rat B a < id InltlHl * . nr rub Jbh
of that kind , hut a-o pliln ileaorlpt'oni of ctheitea ,
rrnptnm * . no * d * co7eilfl In ii-odtclne nurxcry
and electrlilty. tnd lire w'11 worth the nerusil nnd
can bo i btnlneil troobi nddreiilnz the Omaha Mc.'SI-
c l nnd Surf I'a i ln tltu c , Mtli street and Cupilol
HTCUUC , Oiuiha. '
Chicago , Mil waukee&St , Paul Ry
27ic Best Route from Omaha ami
Council Jlluffs to\ \
THE . .
Two Trains. Daily Uetween Omaha and
Council BluQ's
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. Paul , Minneapolis , CedarKapids
Rock Island , Freeport , Rockford ,
Clinton , Dubuquc , Davenport ,
Elgin , Madison , Janesville ,
Beloit , Winona , La Crosfc ,
And all other important points Enst , Noitticast
and Southeast.
For through tickets call on the ticket ngonl
at HU1 Farnaiu Bt , lu Pnxton hotel , or ut Uulon
Paciflo depot.
Pullman Sleepers and tbo finest Dliilup Cars
in the world lire run on the ranlu line of the
Chicago , Milwaukee 4 St. I'nul Uullwuy anil PV'
ry attention Is paid to passengers by courteous
ous employees of the company.
R. Miu.Glt. Uenoral Manager.
J. K.TUCKKH , AsslftnntHenoral Manacr.
A. V. R. CAiu-rsTEii , Genortil I'asscnaer and
Ticket Agent. .
Qco. K HBAFFOKD , Assistant Ocnoral Passen-
g r and Ticket Agont.
J. T. CLARK General Superintendent.
lluilUI UUUllj
Oraalia , 317013.
Paid up Capital $250OOC
Surplus 42.60C
H. W. Yates , President.
Lewis S. Heed , Vice-President.
A. E. Touzalin , 2d Vice-Prcslderit
W. H. S. Hughes , Cashier ,
W. V. Morse , John S. Collin ?
H. W. Yates , Lewis S. Itced
A. E. Touzalm.
Cor. 12th and Farnam Sts.
A General Uaukior Business Transacte
3 * 3 0 # 4XCOefrW # #
A magnificant display of everything
useful and ornamental in the furniture *
maker's art , at reasonable prices.
Imported and Bottled by Mihalovitch Fletcher& Co. , Cinincnati , O. Tor sale b
the following agents : Richardson Drug Company ; Blake , Druce & Co. , Adler & Hell Y
er , Frank Dellone & Co. , R. R. Grotte. Families supplied by Gladstone Bros. A : Co.1
Sample bottle free. For sale by all wholesale and retail druggisU , liquor dealers nnd
wine merchants.
Latest Styles.
Finest Goods ,
Lowest Prices.
Tbe Illustrations above fire made from photographs. The adjustable parts do not change th
appearance when used oa a etroet carriage ; they can be used or not at the pleunure of the pur
chaser. Tbe HOLMAN CARRIAGES are warranted for two years. JSvery port Is absolutely per
fect. Over 1OOO eold In Chicago elnoe March let. Bent to all parts of the United Dtat n and ra
delivery guaranteed. Bend for catalogue containing latest styles , cheapest to finest.
HOLMAN ADJUSTABLE CARRIAGE CO. , 275 Wabash Ave. , Chicago , Ills.
( Successors to Jnlin 0. Jacobs. )
and Eibaliers
At the old stand , 1407 Farnam St. Orders
by telegraph solicited and promptly at
tended to. Telephone No , U25.
. . , .n
u * *
m 4 Pl.lpm..U. 400
C , Uelillpc B p Klif Hiu.
rUI > , Trtan > lilil < .
C.iuln li.uuUou for
1H2 ! Douglas Strcot.
§ Sf
MANHOOD * , . _ ,
efrry Known tfunrhu dUcoveriKl a . 'mplp '
Kir cure , which h. U1 tend ff to tU Wlo w .ulTorr-3
Mll/Mk U J , M WON. fen Jdvt EM MIMtaw Ywk