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OoogreMman McSb&ue Begardi the Pro
posed Removal as Impracticable.
Under the Metropolitan Charter An
Eaitern Jonrnall t' Mis
fortune Other liooal
MoShano and the Postoflloe.
Senator Mnndorson , who recently
stirred up such a bruczo about the pro
posed removal of Fort Omaha , Is now
engaged-In another removal scheme. He
now wnnts the postofilco relocated , nnd
intends to introduce a bill in congress
next winter with that object in view.
According to the Herald , Senator Pud.
dock is to assist him in this schema.
Congressman McShano , however , will
have something to sav about this project
when it comes up next winter. Hid
views unon the mutter are expressed in
the following interview :
"Are you wondng in conjunction
with Senator Manilcrson in his proposed
removal of the postolllco"he was asked.
"No , sir : lhavo not heard much about
It , and have not been consulted , " was
Mr. MuShane's reply.
"Well , you know that the
scheme is to got 11 new
site , put up a new building and use the
old structure for army headquarters. "
"Yes , there has been some little talk
about such apian , but I have nothing to
do with it. I am not in favor of u reloca
tion of the postotllca. I think the proper
course is tor the government to acquire
additional ground adjoining the present
site , I don't believe cither in paying a
big price for it. Anyone who at
tempts to relocate the postofllco
will have an elephant on his
bunds. You can imagine what a tight it
would bring about between different lo
calities. "
"The plan , as I understand it , " said
the representative of the HUE , "Is to
make the relocation within the territory
bounded by Capitol avenue and Harnoy
streets , and Liftecnth and Eighteenth
streets. "
"This is all very well , "
said Mr. McShano , "but whicli
of the various locations would you take ?
There is not a half block within that ter
ritory that is not occupied bysomo build
ings. Iho city would have to pay a very
largo fiutu for sullicicnt ground for anew
site. I regard the whole scheme as im
practicable , and don't propose to got
myself into a postoilico light if I can
avoid it. "
How thoFunilH Ilnvo Ilccii Distributed
Between the Olit nnd New.
Under the law governing school mat
ters in the metropolitan cities of this
state , it has devolved on the county sup
erintendent of public instruction , the
piosidout of the board of education and
the director of each district interested to
make an appraisement of the property ,
etc. , belonging to the suburban school
districts taken in , and adjust the proper-
tionmonts. Accordingly Messrs. J. B.
Bruner and H. T. Clarke have been very
busl > v engaged for several days. They
finished this worK in district Nos. 03 , 0
and US , and wore assisted by the directors
of those districts except in the tirt named ,
where Director IJob Taylor was evidently
iixinff " up accounts on the "other pur
pose"'plan. Last night Mr. Urunor , in
company with F. M. King , visited district
No. 0 at Florence and also district No , 49 ,
of which Gustavo Scsscman is director.
The arrangements are as follows :
Appraisement of hdiool house $ 200 00
Appraisement of furniture , pump ,
charts , etc 18400
Proportion that belongs to District
No.l 8COC5
Proportion that belongs to District
No.5S 23 85
July 11 , 1887 Money In hands of
county treasurer credited to the
special fund of District No. 63. . . . 4,537 74
Proportion belonging to District
No. 1 . . . . ? . 4,201 83
Proportion belonging to District
No. S3 27501
Money In funds of treasurer of Dis
trict No. S3 which Iio Is ordered
to pity into the county treasury
to be placed to the credit of Dis
trict No. 53 for special 51 19
Proportion belonging to District
No. I 4803
Proportion belonging to District
No. 53. . 311
District No.l Is entitled to the
school house , fumlture , pump
, and charts . . . . .V SS4 00
District No. 1 is entitled to receive
from the county treasurer from
the special funds to bo credited to
District No. 53 4,28050
Left In the special fund of District
No. 63 In the hands of the county
treasurer S03 37
District No. 0 will receive from the
county treasurer 8 807,77
District No. 0 will retain money in
the hands of the county treasurer 733.19
Total 8 l,09ft J
District No. 1 will provide school privileges
( or all pupils of dlstiict No. 0 , without
cost to district No. 6 for two years
from July 11 , IbST , or to the second Monday
of July , 1839 , and wlll render a report as
proscribed by the state superintendent of the
enrollment , attendance , etc. . of the pupils of
district No. G , who are atlorded school privi
leges In district No. 1 by reason of tbat agree
ment to the director of school district No. 0 ,
and to the county superintendent of public
Instruction of Doudas county.
Appraisement of school house 8 1,500.00
Appraisement of furniture , etc I50.b0
Cash In the hands of county treas
urer 7S2.18
Cash In the hands of district treas
urer 782.10
District No. 1 entitled to the proposi
tion of school house , valued at. . . . 089.21
District No. 0 entitled to the proposi
tion of school house , valued at 520.29
District No. 1 entitled to the pro
position of furniture 103.41
District No. 0 entitled to the pro
position ot furniture 54.39
District No. 1 entitled to cash In the
hands of county treasurer 610.87
District No. G entitled to cash in the
hands of county treasurer 271.31
District No. 1 entitled tocash In the
hands ofdlstrlct treasurer 473.23
District No. 0 entitled to cash In the
hands ( .f district treasurer 253.97
District No. 1 will recttlt n house and
school site , valued at 1,500.00
District No. 1 will receive furni
ture , etc 150.80
, District No. 1 will receive cash from
county treasurer 414.41
Total ! sJK,071.21 )
Amount of outstanding bonds 3,500.00
District No. 1 , la responsible for. . . . . 1.WJ.78
" " 38 , ' & 50.2J
Amount lu district treasurer's hands ItUf )
Proportion . belonging . . to district . . No > . 1 14.7. ij )
t gg 4ijfi
Appraised valuation ot property 8,000.00
- Proportion belonging to district No 1 0'iW.W
" " " 3s ! 1.700.71
District No. 1 will pay to district No. 88 l ,
91.700.71 , lem $14.73 now In the hands of the , !
treasurer of district No. 33 , belonging to dis
trict No , 1 or 31,745.95.
"nnoTHtm BOHEMIAN. "
An AUeceil Kastern Journalist \VlmtH
up In Lilinbn.
"R. II. Novllle , " read the police Judge
from the dookot yesterday nioriun"
"You wore hero yesterday , ir at i
you mean any way ? "
"Well , you BCO , Judgu , l w s out a " >
mling with Mr , Ur'ur ' or Mr. lUmmia
nd Mr. McShano his \cnlu ; gut-
tgseparated from tu mo j ( , \ - dur
ing the melee , I floundered m hero , ac
companied , of course , by ono of your ox *
collont minions. ' *
"You are a newspaper man , I bcliovo
you claim ? "
"Oh , yes , i presume I am about the
very best journalist in Omaha to-day. I
am going to take Hothaokor'a place on
the Republican , and you can just put up
your stuff , judge , that I will motamor-
ptasothnt old almanac into a iirst-class
metropolitan newspaper. "
"But how does it come , if you are such
a refulgent editorial star , that you are
drunk all the time } "
"On , that's nothing , judge , wo great
men will have our wine , you know. We
take it as a sort of a stimulus , a rejuVenator -
Venator for tired brains , seoJ Hat ha !
pretty lly , halnt i ! "
"Yes. you are both flip , fly and deadly ,
and I think about live days in jail will
rest up your mental faculties sutuciently
for you to handle a pick nnd shovel with
great eclat. Whalcn will conduct you
over the hill. "
"Hut , your honor , this is a joke "
"Tako your scat , and enjoy the joke in
silence. " _
An Important Meeting of the Asso
ciation Yesterday.
A meeting of the Live Stock Shippers'
association was held at the exchange
building , South Omaha , yesterday after
noon. The meeting had been well ad
vertised and the attendance was larger
than at any previous meeting. The as
sembly was called to order by D. Ander
son , first vice president. The minutes of
the previous meeting were read bv the
secretary and approved. The following
ollicers responded to their names at roll
call : D. Anderson , John Wiggins , John
G. Smith , A. C. Virgin and James f'oloy.
The secretary road a number of letters
from shippers sending in their names for
membership and expressing their sym
pathy with the movement. The fol
lowing were elected members of the
association : Hon. John A. McShane ,
Omaha ; John Fleenor , Turnora ; G. H.
Kiekincer , Ulyses ; A. D. Uitchte , Ulyses ;
T. C. Taeg , Waco ; E. W. Black , Plaits-
mouth ; J. W. Young , Fremont ; E. Tay
lor , Broken Bow ; G. Grosvenor , Tcka-
moh ; W. M. Farrington , Lyons ; Henry
Hammer , Minola. la. : B. Bohan , Cam
bridge ; ED. . Wilkor. St. Edwards ; V. J.
Tohill , O'Neih Ed Gilford. Cowles ; Geo.
Boctol , MillurdD. ; S. Shields. Chapmans ;
F. Kropf , Schuyler : Joseph Bliss , Schuy-
ler : John Cronfn , O'Ncil ; Alfred Flint ,
Litchiicld ; C. W. Gould. Springview ; F.
E. Gillett , Ainsnorth ; J. P. Smith. Scrib-
nor ; C. C. Carrig , Plat to Center ; Slater &
Fra/.ier , Wayne ; J. J. Harms , Firtn ; C.
F. Way , Ord ; F. M. Hildebrant. Cairo.
The committco on transportation re
ported favorable progress in the right
direction , and it is quite probable that the
roads will shortly grant what the shippers
believe to be their just dues in this re-
suect. The question urought up recently
by the Wyoming and Montana Live
stock associations requesting that the
commission on cattle DO changed from
50 cents per head to 1 per cent of the
gross sales was discussed by the associa
tion ; also the scheme tn advance com
missions on hogs to $0 pnr car. A reso
lution was ottered by A. C. Virgin disap
proving of the advance on hog commis
sions and unanimously passed. The plan
of selling cattle at 1 per cent was also
disapproved on the ground that It would
raise the commissions on corn fed cattle ,
and if that class of cattle was not in
cluded it would cause an endless amount
of confusion. Comment was made upon
the unreliability of some of the market
reports sent out from South Omaha.
One instance was mentioned when the
Stockman recently quoted the hog market
as strong and booming when in reality
it was lOc lower. The old question of
commission men sending out men to
drum up trade , and when they cannot
obtain consignments , buying stock in
competition with the regular Tuiyurs , was
brought up again. Several instances
were mentioned whcro a certain South
Omaha firm had been bucking shippers
who would not consign to them. In Ord
this firm got up a special train of stock
belonging to the farmers and shipped
into South Omaha. A motion was passed
creating a committco to wait upon cer
tain commission firms and request them
to desist from bucking the regular buy
ers and from certain other practices de
trimental to the shippers. The members
of the association were very emphatic in
denouncing the commission firm men
tioned above , and it was onlv duo to the
desire on tht > part of tho'membcrs to
use mild methods that a resolution
was not passed naming the firm in ques
tion and asking all members not to con
sign to them. A member shipping from
Dorchester on the B. & M. complained
that he was not allowed to put stock in
the loading yards until late at night ,
which was a great inconvenience , and
several other snippers on that road com
plained of the same thing. A number of
other questions of interest to stockmen
were discussed informally and the meet
ing was upon the whole very interesting.
The association is growing much more
rapidly than expected by its projectors ,
and its members are greatly encouraged.
It is expected within six months that the
association will include in its member
ship all the leading lire stock shippers in
the state. _
Iiogt and Found.
Rev. F. E. Clarke , the Catholic priest
a York , Neb. , arrived in this city yes
terday on hi way to Kansas City. He
was just entering upon a short vacation.
Its beginning was somewhat clouded ,
however , at the B. & M. depot.
There the reverend gentleman discovered
that his pockctbook was missing. It con
tained among other things a letter of
credit from the York National bank for
$1,000 , and a draft for $ (00 on the New
York Chemical bank. Dispatches were
sent to the oanks named stop
ping payment , and the rever
end Kontloman felt somewhat
easier. Just as his train was moving out ,
however , the ticket agent at the B. & M.
depot came running up with the wallet
and papers. It appears that a lady trav
eler had found them iu the depot.
Sunday's Stubbing Affray.
There has boon no now developments
in the Gocrlor-Rcufiold stabbing affair ,
but the police are carefully sifting the
matter and will evidently obtain all the
details of the affray. Goerlor main
tains a stolid and defiant atti
tude , manifesting un indifference
that impresses the officers about
the station very unfavorably.
Gourler , the user of the knife it seems ,
took up the quarrel of his comrades in
the most unjustifiable wayTunning upon
Uedlield when his back was turned and
driving his murderous knife in his back
in such a vicious way that shows that ho
intended to iullict the greatest possible
Sons or Veterans Attention.
All those whoso names are on the
muster roll of the above nnmod order nro
earnestly requested to bo present at a
meeting of trio members to bo held on
Friday evening , August 13.1837 , at the
law ollioc of Ambrose & Munn , Rooms
10 and 11. Union block , 218 South Fif
teenth. These who have not already
signed the muster can do so by calling at
tlio nbora named ollico. Let there bo a
good attendance , as wo must effect a
permanent organization.
ahe Plrsjt Copy.
The first bound copy of the laws of Ne
braska as passed ut the last session of the
legislature of this state reached this city
yesterday and was delivered to Judge
llorkn. The work has bqen loni looked
. It was gotten out by a Lincoln firm
and the workmanship Is lar from what
had been unUcipatcd.
The flcat'p Singular Effect on the
Telephone Service.
This morning Manager Drake , of the
Telephone company , with a f orco of men
was engaged in attempting to find out
serious leaks in the new cables which
they have strung to thoiroilluo. It scorns
tbat the cables have not been giving the
satisfaction that had been expected of
them , and some skillful watching was
required to dolormino wharo the scat of
the trotiblo was located. It was
found that the annoyance was
occasioned by the over-absorption of para-
line by the covering of the cable , which
under the great heat to which it has been
subjected these hot days , instead of act
ing as ono of tbo best known insulators ,
worked with a contrary effect. While in
other cities the cables worked well , here
there are ( ivo which have given a great
deal of trouble , acting iu most instances
as if the wires contained in them were
grounded. This morning Manager Drake
discovered where the paralino was drop
ping off and cut a slit In the outer cover
ing to enable it to escape , thus hoping to
equalize the amount ot paralluo in the
covering so that there would bo no more
than is absolutely required for Insulation.
A drop in the tcmpcrnturo will have , it
is thought , the desired effect.
Court Carrier's Illness.
The sad news arrived by telegraph yes
terday that Court Carrier was at the
point of death in Ashland , Wis. , whither
ho had gone a few days ago. Ho was ono
of the oldest and best known railwayman
in Omaha , having been connected with
the Union Pacific , Rock Island , and Chicago
cage , Milwaukee & St. Paul roads for
years. With the latter company ho
hold a position when ho took his vaca
tion. As soon as the news reached hero
his brother , Lewis Carrier , started for
the bcdsido of his sick brother.
The Youthful Knlfcrs.
John Lindsey , Ed. Fitzgerald and
Frank Purcell , the parties engaged in
the quarrel last Sunday that terminated
in the stabbing of tbo deaf mute Rcdfiold ,
were each lined $10 nnd costs yesterday.
Paul Goerler , the youth who wielded the
knife , had a preliminary hearing before
Judge Bcrka and was placed under $4,000
bonds , in default of winch ho goes to jail.
Andrcss Great Show.
Prof. Andress' Carnival of Novelties
and School of Educated Animals which
is now exhibiting on North Second street
is in many respects a model show. There
is no so-called "Minstrel Entertainment"
or aftershow , no "Peanut Venders" with
their dishonest tricks , no drunkards or
"toughs" arc employed in any capacity ,
there is no "Side Show" with the accom
panying "fakirs , " it is a clean , pure and
enjoyable performance and caters to the
best people in every city. Prof. Andrcss
has surrounded himself with artists and
and assistants of recognized ability , people
ple who have appeared with Barnum ,
Forepaugh , Cole , and the leading amuse
ment caterers of the nation. Among the
many wo are pleased to mention such fa
vorites as John Bachcldcr , the Champion
Lcaperof the world , the Bluynard Family
of rorial Artists , Prof. L. W. Allen , the
wonderful Ventriloquist , Joseph Lewis ,
the "Rubber Man , " the World Famous
Miller , the Pyramid Balancer , Devon
Brothers , Acrobats , Max Hugo , Juggler ,
and Miss Emma Maynurd , the charming
vocalist in all the lute and popular songs
of the day.
The O'Brien Bros , the wonderful hori
zontal bar performers. This in conjunc
tion with the funny antics of the laugh
ing , crying , singing and knock-about
clowns , together with the original An
dress and his happy family of educated
animals , all go to make up a grand gala
pastime. Cedar Rapids Gossip.
An Experiment W it hn Candle * .
The wax of a candle is turned into gas
before being burned , as may bo proved
by the following experiment given in tbo
Electrical Review :
After the candle has been burning a
few minutes blow it out and hold a light
ed match in the smoKe coming from the
wick and about ono inch above it. The
smoke ( ? ) burns , thu same running down
and relighting the candle. What ap
peared to bo smoke coming from the
wick was gas into whicli the wax of the
candle had been turned by the heat of
the llamo. Now hold a cold saucer in
the llamo. Soot or unconsumed carbon
will be deposited , because the gas formed
has been cooled below the temperature at
which carbon burns. The clouds of smoke
escaping from many furnaces have
led engineers to estimate the loss of fuel.
In no case does the loss amount to more
than a fraction of a per cent , of the fuel
consumed. Many devices which prevent -
vent some increase a loss from imperfect
combustion which may or may not bo
accompanied by largo yolumes of smoke.
The coal may bo partly burned , forming
an invisible gas called carbonic oxide ,
which , if completely burned to carbonic
dioxide would give out in the furnace a
large amount of heat otherwisolost. Just
as the combustion of the candle llamo is
hindered so is the carbonic oxide , unless
the temperature bo ut the burning point ,
will not bo consumed. The improved
forms of furnaces , grate bars and set
tings have been devised with the view of
supplying a sulllcicnt quantity of air at
such high temperature that the fuel may
bo entirely consumed.
Absolutely Pure.
Tkll powder novcr rarlns. A marvel of pur-
tystrength and wholeaomonoss. Mare econ
omic * ! than the ordinary kinds , and cannot be
old Iu competition with tbe multitude of low
coit ihort weight alum or phosphate powder * ,
old only In cam. HOYAL BAKING TOWDER Co.
181 Wall-su N. Y
Cor 13tli and Douglas sts.
Capital Stock $160,000
Liability of Stockholders 800,000
The only regular savings bank m tbe 8 tat o. Five
percent Interest pa d on deposits.
Loans Made on Real state.
UurO. BARTON , President : J. J. DROWN , Vlc
President ; L. it BExmrr , Mnafinz Ut-
nctor ; Jojw B , WU.BBH , Cushiei ,
314 South 13th St. , Omaha , Neb. '
Established for the Scientific and Speedy
Cure of Chronic. Nervous and Special
The Old Itollubla Specialist of many years ex-
perlonco , treats with wonderful success nil
LA. llln'TUKi : , cured without KNIFE Oil
Treats nil forms of Thront I.un ? , Nerve and
niood discuses , nil Cnronlo diseases nnd De
formities fur In ndvnnco of any Institution In
this country. Thnso wlio contemplate golnir to
Hot Springs Cor the treatment of any Privateer
or lllood dlsraso can bo cured for ono third the
cost nt our Private Dispensary , 314 South 13th
street , Omaha , Neb.
HUI'TUKK cured without pain orhlndoranco
rom business.
I niCC Hy this treatment B pure Lovely
kHaflbw Complexion , frco from slowness ,
frcculce , blackheads , eruptions , etc. , Brilliant
Eyes and perfect health can ho had.
W That "tired" f collnir and ah fcmolo weak
nesses promptly cured. Dloutlng Headaches ,
Nervous Prostration , General Debility , Sleep
lessness , Depression nnd Indigestion. Ovarian
troubles , Inflammation and Uleoint Ion , Falling
and Displacements , Spinal weakness , Kidney
complaints and Change of Life. Consult to
old Doctor.
EVE saUll EID Acute or Chronic Inflam
CIC JHIU Cmiimutionof tboKjelldgor
Ulobo and far or Near Blghtcdncss , Inversion
of the Lids , Scrofulous B > os , Ulcoratloru. In
flammations , Abscess , Dimness of V iilon of ono
or both eyes , and Tumors of I/Id.
t3f Inflammation of the Kar , Ulcorntlon or
Catarrh , Internal or External Deafness , or
Paralysis , Singing or Roaring noises , Thickened
Drum. etc.
UCDlfflIIC Debility , Spermatorrhoea , Som-
nCIIWUUw Inal Losses , Night Emissions ,
Loss of Vital Power , Sleeplessness , Despond
ency , Loss of Memory , Confusion of Ideas ,
lllnrs lloforo the Kjes , LuRglndo , Languor ,
Gloominess , Depression ol Spirits. Aversion to
Society , Easily Discouraged , Lack of Confl-
donee , Dull , LUtless , Unlit for Study or Ilnsi-
ness , nnd tlnds 11 Co n burden , Safely , Perma
nently and Privately Cured.
ill nnn t. cviui > lBonscB > srPli9-n'l1' | | |
DLUUU tt vnltlscaso most horrible in
Its results completely eradicated without the
use of mercury. Scrofula , Erysipelas , Fever
Sores , blotches. Pimples , Ulceis , pains In the
Head and llonoi , Syphilitic Sore Thioat.Moutli
nnd Tongue , Glandular Enlargement of the
Neck , Khoumntism , Cntnrrh , etc. , Permanently
Cured When Others Have Failed.
IIDIUIDV Kidney and Uladdor troubles ,
UnmAll 11 Weak liack , Durnlmr Urine ,
Frequency of urinating. Urine high colored or
milky sediment on standing , Gonorrhoea , Gleet ,
Cystitis , etc , promptly nnd satoly cured.
Charges reasonable * .
gleet , stricture , seminal emissions , loss of sex
ual power , woakiieut nt the scYunl nrgnns.wnnt
of desire in male or.fotrmlc , whether from im-
priulouthabits ofyoung or sexual habits in
mature years , or any cause that debilitates the
sexual tunctions , speedily aud permanently
Consultation frco nnd strictly confidential.
Medicine sent free from observation to all
parti of the United States. Correspondence
receives prompt attention. No letters an
swered unless ncoompanlod by four cents In
itnmps. Send stump for pamnhlct and list of
questions. Torinsstrlctly cash. Call on or ad
dress I > K. POWELL , BEEVES ,
No. 314 South 13th St. , Omaha , Neb.
AT LINCOLN. AUG. 12 , 13 & 15.
A contest by the Giants for
the Pennant.
( Succcssoil to John 0. Jacobs. )
At the old stand , 1407 Farnam St. Orders
by telegraph solicited and promptly at
tended to. Telephone No , 5i25.
WHO is rxAcgunxTzo wnn Tin osooiurnr or THIS
By reason ot Its central position. e.os relation to lines
East of Chicago , and contlnJJU-i Lies at terminal
points West , Morthweit and Boathwest , Is the true
middle link In the * transcontinental nystcm which
Inrltes aud facilitates trarel and traffic between the
Atlantic and facinc.
Tbe Rork Iiland main line and branches Include Chicago
cage , Jollet , OttawaLa Sulle , Peorla , Oeneaao , Hollne
and Itock Inland , la Illinois ) Darenport , Huscatlne.
Washington. FalrtUd , OUurawn , Oskalooia , Weit Lib
erty , Iowa City , DeeXulnes. Indlanola.WI nteraet , Atlan
tic , KnoiTllle , Audnbon , llarlan , Outhrle Centre and
Council IJIuffs , In I wa : Oallatln , Trenton , Bt. Joseph ,
Cameron and Kansas City. In Jll'iourli Leavenworth
and Atohtson , In Katnaast Albert Lea , Minneapolis and
( t. Paul , In Minnesota i Watertown and Sioux Falls , U
Dakota , and hundred * ot Intermediate cities and towns.
.i'The Great Rook Island Route" . *
Guarantees f peed , comfort , certainty and safety. Its
permanent way Is distinguished for Its excellence. Its
bridges are of stone and Iron , Its track Is of solid
steelIts rolllag stock perfect. Its panenger equipment
bas all the aaf ety appliances that experience has prored
useful , and for luxurious accommodations U untor-
pasted. Its Eiprtis Trains conslit ot superior 0y
Coaches , elegant Pullman Palace Parlor and Sleeping
Cars , superb Dining Cars , proTldlng delicious meala ,
and ( between Chicago and St. Joseph , Atchlson and
Kansas City ) restful Reclining Chair Can. Its man. ,
agement U conserratlre , Its discipline exacting.
"Tht > F moij Albert Lea Route"
Between Chicago and Minneapolis and St , Paul Is the
larorlte. Orer this line Solid Vast Express Trains run
dally to attractive resorts for tourists In Iowa and
Minnesota , and , Tla Watertown and Sioux Falls , to the
rich wheat and grating lands of Interior Dakota. Via
Seneca and Kanlcakee , the Rock Island offers superior
Inducements to trarelers between Cincinnati , India * ,
apolls , Lafayette and Council Bluffs. Ut. Joseph , Atckl-
son , Leavenworth , Kanias City , St. Paul , and Interme
diate points. All patrons ( especially ladles and chit-
( JrenrecelTeprotectlon , courtesy and kindly atteatloa.
For tickets , maps , folders , copies of Western Trail , or
s\ny desired Information , apply to principal ofllces Jn
Uie United States and Canada , or address , at Chicago ,
1.1. CaltC , I. ST. JOH , I. A. HOIIIIII ,
AMlGaklHuM.r. ea. m e'at a *
In order to create a little stir during this , for the clothing trade ?
usually quiet spell , we have placed on sale for this week , and until
they are all disposed of , about
One thousand suits comprising four different lines at the following
prices :
One lot men's sack suits made of good Union Oassimere ; a nice small
check , serge lining , covered buttons , and altogether made up in good
substantial manner , at $3.75 a suit.
Two lots of men's sack suits , both the same quality but different pat
terns of dark , very neat mixtures , lined with serge and well made
at $4.50. These suits are of good medium weight and would bet
adapted for wear now as well as later on in the season.
One lot ofyoung mens' suits , sizes from 33 to 38 , a splendid pattern of
silk mixture cassimere , Italian lining and elegantly made for $5.25 * '
Our object in placing these suits on sale at these prices is two-fold ;
Firstly , to meet the wants of a large class of our patrons , and to ena
ble them to get , at a time of the year when uo one feels like buy ing ex
pensive clothing , a substantial and good looking suit at a merely
nominal price. Our second and main object is to advertise ourselvesy
and pave the way for the immense fall business for which we prepare
and which we expect to do.
All goods marked in plain figures and at strictly one price at
Nebraska Clothing Company ,
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
During July and August , our store closes at 6:30 : p. m. , except Saturday.
Cor. 13th St. anil Capitol Ave. , OMAHA , NEB.
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Tirr funn uf < llfmwriulnnr Medical or flurgiral Ircttnirtit
SViiTetrurt CinriiLAni on lUforiiiKtfi and Urant Club > * * > ( ,
Curvatiirt of th 8pln , I'llci. Tunmr i Canr rC t < rrh , nronrLttlt.
IntiaUtion , r InrtrlHtr. l' ralr l 1 , ilpr , Kldofjr , UI JJ r , I yt ,
( tar , Hkio , auJ llluol , And all Surjkal Operatloiii ,
Book on Diseases of IVomcn FREE.
All Blood IU * < * mtrfwrully Irrttrd. SrpMUtlc Totum removal
from th tytt m without intrcury New IfcitbiHtlvcTifatintnt fur
l < OMof MUll'owtr. l'cr on inabU to tl Uu may I * trralid * theme
home , by Corrrt | > onJene All c6mmunlrtioni Confidential ftledl *
clnrior Inilrunipntsamt by tnallor * i | > rfw , wrurclmekeJ | , no
mnkiloluilir t routrntior tender. One | * iHi l Inttrvlcw | ir *
I > r J CU an < l nmtalt ut. or en 1 lilttory of jour ca c , u iUi llamp ,
aud w * will Mild In plain wrapper , our
Up n PriT * * , Special and Ktnrous Di * ir tttmluat w Vi"u
Hpvmkt rrlifr A. ImiMtenrjr , SriiliUia , Cvuurrhua , Gleet , aud * a *
cucclc. Koomafori utiinU. AfMreu ,
Dr. McMenamy , Cor. 13th st. & Capitol AT.Oodoa , Net.
Medical Books orPapers Free.
The proprietor of lUe Ornabn Modlcal and Burgl-
cut Initltuta has publlsied uvulunble ( ot ot bouku
and ppcn upon chronic unit iiinilcal disonaea unit
Oeformltlea , unil llio methods ol euro wliloliluivo
ElTen dim the roputntlon ot being the moit tklll-
2vl aod luccflnful ipeclattBt la tue Mestt und
made the ( natltutu > u celebrated that itiodlcliieiure
at to and putlenti received from orciy state In
the union , Anionu the books Is one upon the dl en s-
eot nomanione upon nervous , special and private
dltcmes of the sexunl and urlimry organs ; Tnrlco-
cclecured br surgical operntlonl , and their lately
Invented clamp compress suspensory for tbo relief
and cure ot vurlcocole , nervous exhaustion n d sex
ual debility , new restorative treatment. Papers
upon braces , riles , cancers. pHriilynU , fits.
Kleotrlclty nnd the new magnetic battery for horn *
use : catarrh and Inhalation , etc- Unlike moat books
Issued by doctors free , they do not consist
of testimonials with fictitious names und Initials ,
or rubbish of that kind , but are plain descrlotlons
of dleasesaymplom . new discoveries In madlclno ,
surgery and electricity , and are well worth tbe po *
ausal , and run lie obtained tree by addressing the
Omaha Medical and Burelcal Institute , 13th street
and CaDltol Avenue , Omaha. Nebraska.
Dr. Haticliawout : Omaha Dental Asso
elation. Host sots teeth fO , fully war
ranted. Teeth without plate , bridge
work and crowns of every approved
kind , iuserttdby the most satisfactory
nlethod. Hollmau block , cor. 13th and
Farnam streets.
aclicaprl topics 3
Paid up Capital . $250,000
Surplus . 43,600
II. W. Yates , President.
A. E. Touzalin. Vice-president.
W. li. S. Hughes , Cashier ,
DiiiECTons :
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
H. W. Yatcs , Lewis S. Heed.
A. E. Touzalin.
Cor. 12th and Farnam Sts.
A General Uauklny Uuelncta Transacted
N.W. Harris & Go.
° f Countiei.Cf ties , Towns , Water ,
Gas.btreet. It. U. Co.'s a. spec-
laity. Correipuudenco itllelUd.
AnTelaml on the Southerncoa t of Mascarhu
ette. Good Dshlnk and beach for bathlns ; . I.o
cated In the best Bummer Climate In the world
For full partIclars addrqes , _ .
Uf UuUdlotri K Kflseau St , N. V
Display at their warorooma , 1305 and 13O7 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces th
highest class and medium grades , including
STEINWAY , PII jt m / - * *
-iE-A.wi * r * * * * * * +
- - ,
V rTVfnB1BJ''c"v
' ' " * ' -'c-"v
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects in materials and workmanship.
I30B * 1307 PAKNAM STRKlT *
0 e0e 3
A magnificant display of everything
useful and ornamental in the furniture
maker's art , at reasonable prices.
DR. OTTERBOURC. Ills < D f < Slk , OsUlU , ftktt.
Authorlitd lo tnat all Chronic , Mrvoui and ' 8elal | Idwvir , '
( fe tb r eaiuttf bf latprvstai * , siM r aUloa ) bcuunal
VWaaniu In If hi , Btiual Ixbllllr , ( kin of Miutl | xm < r )
hirrou , DtbiUly , Hloo.1 r > ! > r4 r , Ac. Cures u r nl 1 or mum/
riftindrt Ltiaisvilew. Inotuand * cf M | curvd Aitt and | P *
line * art linpomnl. AM nxllrlnel M | rUII ; pifliare.1 f r t cli In
IvxlvaJcaM. No Infuriout ur | iol jliou , coutpoundft um ] Aullmo
kit from builn.M it a dulann Ireiwdtij l lt r and
tr'W kfllrln. mil 7 b r < frM from rlHOr br..k.j .
lor a > * nl lUmn will mill VlU.E K "T o > , l r T * T
QiMno , "a 4SrUl'ruUllrtoawl > kBU > , „ . full Mitwir < f
Wax tlau jour can and nJ for < > < > f" " J
promplly. fiaatcjr bfciervte. tllh r U i > rfeua or tjr naU. HoLaa. t lo II . g. , 11 o and 7 u i p. m.
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thtSsodtnElectrioCo. IfiOLiSsllcit. . Chlcsgo
of the body tnlareed and stnnstbetud , FulV | ' rtlp- ,
? , CO. , liuHtlv , .V. Y.
87 Chamber of Commerce.
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Add. Y , 0 , fcupplf CO , Jlox ; : & , fat. Louis , M , '