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    t . i-x- * f-.p
condition and the weather moderately cool
The f olio wlnjc Is the summary : '
a- 2:37 : trotting race : Mlntv Morning -first ,
lilttle Nell second , Problem third , Clara
fourth. Host time 2:21. :
2a pacltiK class : Ed Annan first , Lndy
Wllklns second , Ideritn third , Dr. VTcst
fourth. He-it tlme-a:17 : { .
The 3:21 : clasi was unfinished when dark-
tires put an end to the snort. Charles llogan
lind taken the first heat and Loretta V the
sucond and third. lost time 2:19. :
The Third and Lmst.
Harper , the now Omaha ottchcr , made the
lilt of his llfo yesterday , and should now re
tire on his laurels , lie only gave seven men
bases on balls and hit four others. It seemed
that If ho couldn't send a man to base one
\vay , he'd do It the other , and after the
Oinahas had won tha game In tlio second in-
ulng , by piling up seven runs on a beautiful
bunching of lilts , ho turned right around and
ttavo It nway by tlio most slovenly work In
tlm nolnts seen on the home grounds this
season. Jantzcn , the catcher , was also olT ,
and caught and played all round llko the
veriest novlco at the game , in truth the local
battery yesterday was an unqualified botch ,
nnd when at I la best it Is but of the uiosl
ordinary description.
Both sides were kulsomlnod In the first
Inning , but In the second the Omahas on
seven corking hits , Including Walsh's homo
tun and Meosltt's two-bailor , and a bouquet
of errors by Johnson , scored seven runs , and
tlm handful of people present howled with
In tlio second and third the Topekas scored
ft single tally each , but In the fifth they took
the cake , the crackers and the bakery , rolling
UD no less than six runs and not making a
Blnule hit
This Is the way the old thing worked , and
It IB a fair sample of the wholu game.
Stearns went to on live bad balls , stole
second without half trying , and went to
third on a passed ball. Weriicn was hit by
Harper , and ran down to the next bag on a
passed ball. Johnson hit out toward Dwyer
who rot the ball and threw homo In plenty of
time to catch Steams , but of course Jantzen
inulTcd the ball , and Johnson took second ,
ftacullar then goes to first on balls , and
Harper thumps Uoldsby In the ribs , and Wor-
den Is forced In , nnd still tiie bases are full ,
bnced lines one to second , and Mossltt by a
lightning throw home * nIps Johnson at the
plate , leaving all the bai s still occupied.
It Tuen to liven up matters Macullar runs
homo on Jantzon's third passed ball , nnd the
others move up a base. Arden hit to llarper ,
. who threw to first , but too I a to , and on
lawyer's throw to third to cut off Uoldsby , the
ball pots by Messltt , and Uoldsby and tineed
both score. Qunson Is sent to first on balU ,
forcing Ardnor to take second , and Uie next
minute he ran clear home on another
passed balk Stearns out to .Dandle ended
the agony.
Here Jantzon went to the field , Dandle to
second , Messltt to third and Pusselbach bo-
li I nd the bat , but the change did not bring
The Topokas tried hard to lose the game ,
but Itva Impossible , and just as darkness
was coming on they knocked In a couple of
runs and the game was ended.
f , , TIIK acoiiK.
OMAHA. P09. All. It. PH. TH. 113. PP. xTlT
Walsh . .ss 5 a i Io 15 a p
Dwyer. . . . Y.ab , 5322 1 10 1 1
Fusselbach..3b 5 0 1 1 0 0 0
Under If 6 0 2 0 0 1
( lcnlns..m : 5 2 1 1 2 0 0
Jan(7Cn..c ( 0 0 1
Handle. .
Harper p
Total. 41 10 13 18 5 26 14 3
TOPRKA. roq. Ait , it. nu. in. ns ro. A. K.
Btearns. Ib 5 a 1 1 0 15 0 0
Werden m 4
Johnson so 4
Wactillar. . . . ss 5
Goldsby it 4
tineed rf
Ardner . 2b
Uunson..o ;
Con way . p
t Total . 40 lT 14 17 "a 37 17 "o
Omaha . 0 7000031 0-10
1'opeka . 0 1106101 1 11
Runs earned Omaha 7 , Topeka 1.
Two-base hits Messltt , Bauer , Werden.
Three-base hits Ardner.
Home run Walsh.
Left on bases Umaba 5 , Topeka 7 ,
Double play * Walsh , Messltt , Dwyer.
Htruck out By Harper 3 , Conway L
Base on balls By llarper 7.
Bases given for bitting man with ball-
Harper 3 , Oonwayl.
Passed balls Jantzen 3.
Wild pitches-Harper 6.
Time of game Two hours and thirty min
utes.Uinplro Alexander.
, „ ? - * -
. ' To-Day' * Game.
The positions In to-day's eame which Is
called at 4 o'clock , are aa follows :
Omaha. Po . Topeka.
Dandle . c . Kenyan
Healy . . . . p. . Dooms
Dwyer . Ib . a learns
. . . 2b . Ardnet
acli.i . 3b . Johnson
"Walsh . ss . Macullai
lladcr. . , . If . Uoldsby
Uenlns . cf . Werden
Jantzen . rf . Snood
Lincoln 2-1 , Wichita 12.
IJNCOLN , Nob. , August 0. i Special Tele-
eram to the BKK. | The second Lincoln vi
Wichita game was stale and umnferestlnir
The home club put Hughes In the box th <
first six Innings and played an Indifferent
practice g ame throughout Wichita playec
schoolboy ga me and were no match at anj
point { or the sluggers. In order to save thi
yame from being called on account of dark
hots Hart and Swartzel pitched tbe closing
Innings for the home team. Following Is
MNCOI.NB. IPOS. Alt. u. in. TH. ro. A. K
Eeck" ley Ib 7' 4 13 fl J
Lang 3b 7 1 2 a o
Jchaffor. . . . . rf 0 4 9 a o 0
JDolan 2b 0 3 10 3
Kloover o 8 3 4 3
Ilerr ss 0 1 1 3
liugnes p&cf 5 5 4 8 3
Hait p&cf 0 3 4 10 8
pwartzei..p& If 0 3 3 4 2
Totals. ) K ) J4 M 43 27 14
WICHITA. fO9. All. 1U In. Til. I'D. A. K
flump , rf 5
Daniels p 5
tthanlnghausor..2b 5
lialer If 5
Whistler Ib 5
HcLcllan 83 5
liOlRhton Sb 5
Bchultz o 4
Jlendrlcks of 4
Totals 43 13 15 21 2Y
Lincoln 1 4830141
Wichita 5 ooooooo l i :
Kuns earned Lincoln 18. Wichita 8.
Base on balls Daniels2 , Hughes 1 , Hart 1
liomo runs llart (2) , Dolan.
Threo-basu hits Beckley , McLellan , Dolan
IliiKhoa , Ilaler.
Two-base hits Dolan , Swartzel , Ilalor
Struck out-Daniels 2 , llart 3 , Swart
' Passed balls-iSohultz 5.
Hit by pitcher Daniels 2.
Lett on bases Lincoln 4 , Wichita 3.
Umpire U. N. Mostier.
Time of game a hours and 30 minutes.
Kansas City 11 , Hasting * T.
HASTINGS , Neb. , August 0. ISpeclal Tel
cgram to the UKK , | The homo team was de
Xeated to-day. following fa the score :
Kansas City I 0 3 0 0 3 3 2 - !
UastiiKS. 0 1930100-
liuusearned Hastings ; } , Kansas City 5.
Two-baso hits Kin go.
Three-base hltsCurtls. .
Home runs Lllllc , Manning , Mansell.
Bases on balls Daniels 0 , Uofford 6 ,
Time a hours and a * mlnutca ,
The TUK of War. i
LINCOLN , Neb. , 'August ft [ Special Tel <
rgram to the HER. ] On Friday. Saturda ;
* ud Monday the. Topeka base ball chibpla
tlie Llncolns on tne home grounds , In thi
city. These games will be tlie hottest an
most closely contested of any during tii
euon , and on them will largely depend th
using of the pennant. The homo club are I
first class shape with their pitchers In excel
lest form for work. Lovers of the gam
tbe UuMi exhibition of boll ov
rrtayed In the state on these days , and par
ticular p-xlns will bo mode to accommodate
visitors from different points In the state.
BIoRIrn Execute * Ills Throats.
KANSAS ClTT , SlO. , AUKUSt 0. | SpOClal
Telegram to the BEK.J The trouble between
A. V , McKim and the Kansas City base ball
association culminated to-day In Me Kim
causing a portion ot the foncn around the
park to bo torn down and an excavation for
a house tin proposes to build on his portion
of tlio nark commenced. Secretary Monges.
of the base ball association , stated to-nUhl
that by chanzlng the location of the diamond
the tram would still be enabled to play ball
on the grounds
Northwestern League.
DKS MOINES , la , , August 9. Thn only
Northwestern league eamo to-day was at Du
lutli and resulted : UsIHtosh 1 , Duluth 13.
National Lcnicito Gumo .
Prrrsnuno. Aucust 9. The came between
tween the Pittsburg nnd Boston team :
to-day resulted as follows
Pittsbnrg G 0 0 3 0 0 2 5 1-2 , '
Boston 3 00000100 :
Pitchers lladbourne and Kelley for Bos
ton , Morris for Flltsbursr. Basehlts Pitts-
htirg 27 , Boston 13. Errors Plttsburg 0 ,
Boston 13. Umpire Powers.
CntcAoo , August " . The game between
the Chicago and Philadelphia teams to-day
resulted as follows :
Chlcapo 0 00000400 '
Philadelphia 2 1141420 2-11
Pitchers-Baldwin , Vanlialtern nnd Wil
liamson for Chicago , BuUllnKton for Phila
delphia. Base hits Chicago 8 , Phllnnelphla
! ! . Errors-Chicago 14 , Philadelphia 2.
Umpire Sullivan.
INDIANAPOLIS , August 9. The came
between the Indianapolis and Now York
teams to-day resulted as follows :
Indianapolis 2 02001000-f
New York 0 1301303 * 1C
DKTJIOIT , August 9. The gaino between
the Detroit and Washington teams to-daj
resulted as follows :
Detroit 2 0201000 8-1 !
Washington 1 0202050 0-U
Pltchers Twltehell and Burke for Detroit ,
O'Day for Washington. Basehlts-Oetrolt 23 ,
Washington 'JO. Errors Detroit 1 , Wash
ington 4. Umpire Sullivan.
American Association.
BAI.TIMOHF , August 9. The game between
the Baltimore and Metropolitan teams to-day
nreultedas follows :
Baltimore 2 0111320 0-10
Metropolitans..3 0000001 0 1C
The came was called In the ninth inntuf
on account of darkness.
BUOOKLYN , August 9. The game between
the Brooklyn and Athletic teams to-day
resulted as follows :
Brooklyn 3 02220000-8
Athletics 0 0300200 0-fj
LOUISVILLE , August 7. The game be *
tween the Louisville and Cincinnati teams
to-day resulted as follows :
Louisville 3 0010001 -6
Cincinnati 0 20101000 4
Sr. Louis. August 0. The game between
the Su Louis nnd Cleveland teams to-day re
sulted as follows :
St Louis 3 0000303 3-11
Cleveland. . . . . .0 001 23200 8
Charged With Fraud.
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , August 9. L. 0.
Laurence , ex-president of the Minnesota &
Bradner-Sralth Paper company , which made
an assignment a few weeks ago , Is sued for
? 0,5a7 by the assignee and charged with
fraud In appropriating real estate belonging
to the concern. Edwin L. Laurence , of
Boone county , 111. , and llalph W. Klrkham ,
the other stockholders , are made parties to
the fraud. *
It la ! Being Very Vigorously Waged
at Alliance , Ohio.
CLEVELAND , Ohio , August 9. There Is a
prohibition war at Alliance , Ohio. This was
one of the big towns of the state to vote for
local option under the Dow law. The
saloons were voted .out several months ago
and the energy of the entire police force has
been Inadequate to the enforcement of the
ordinance. Numerous heavy fines and jail
sentences have been Imposed upon the
saloonists bat they continued to violate the
Last week a temperance demonstration
was hold , and tbe liquor dealers attempted
to counteract Its effect by giving away beer
and whisky In the streets to all who asked
for it Several minors ( were among those
who drank. To-day six of the saloon keep
ers who have given liquor away were ar
rested. Upon being released four of them
went to the depot and mistaking a stranger
whom they saw there ( or one of the detec
tives who assisted In the prosecution , they
Bet upon and .beat htm unmercifully. They
were orreitnd.
Charles F. Crooker Will Not Answer
Certain Questions.
SAX FRAKCISCO , Gala. , August 0. Before
the Pacific Investigation to-day Charles F.
Crocker once more'declined to answer the
question of the commission whether the Cen
tral Paclllc had paid any money for inllu
enclug state or national legislation and wlml
explanation-lie had to offer for paying bills
without vouchers. The commissioners have
not yet decided whether they will Institute
proceedings in the United States court tc
compel him to answer or not. Lloyd Tevls
president of tbe Wells-Fargo express com
pany , said Leland Stanford , Charles Crockei
and Charles F. Crocker had been directors ol
that company since Its consolidation wltl
the Paclllc express. By the terms ot thi
consolidation the latter company received
one-third of the capital stock of the Wells
Fargo company , or three- and one-third mill'
England Will Insist That France
Withdraw Her Troop * .
PAUIB , August 0. Le Paris announce !
that tbe English government has requested
of M. Flourens , minister of foreign affaire
that France name a date for the ovacuatloi
by France of the New Hebrides and tha
Flourens In reply declined to do BO untl
France shall be Informed of the nature o
England's policy In regard to Egypt and ate
to the naturalization of the Suez Canal.
LONDON , August 9. Sir J. Fergusson , par
llamentary secretary for the foreign office
stated In the commons this afternoon tha
England never acquiesced In the presence o
French troops In the New Hebrides. 11
added that the English government were un
willing to believe that tha French occupatloi
ot the New Hebrides would long contluui
and declared that the government wonld li
nowise consent that the withdrawal of th
French from the New Hebrides should bi
postponed until an agreement respoctlnr th <
neutralization of the Suez Canal had beer
Sued For Libel.
KANSAHCITV , Mo. , Auzust 9. ISpecla
Telegram to the BEIC. ] The Evening New
of this city was to-day sued for $30,000 dam
aiicsby Mrs. Annie Clark , the cause bplm
the1 allegation In the napur mentioned tlm
Mrs. Clark nnd one William Bllllngsly wet
criminally Intimate.
A West Virginia Lynchlnir.
CnAIU.KSTON , W. Vo. , August 0. Oliarle
Williams , who was confined In the jail o
county for tha murder of Jamoa Al
surveyor of the county , a few day
, was taken from Jail last evening b ,
citizens and hung ,
Thn Kansiis Corn Crop.
TOPRKA , Kan. , August 0. The Kaim
corn crop will not be so largo ns was tuitlc !
pated six weeks or two months a''o ' , th
drought of July having inatnriallv ntfwti'
It. But , as a whole , unofficial crop report
are more favorable to-day than Itva ; ! >
possible a week ago.
Flro at Salt Lake.
SALT LAKK , Utah , August a A llro thi
morning damaged O. M. Scott's hardwar
store. ItomliiKton & Johnson' * tcroco'ry nous
and Jovln & Parks' jewelry utoio bcriousl )
Losses aggregate $55,000 , with ample luiui
An Insane Drnatnltnr.
Nr.w TonK , August 0. Thomas J
Mooney , the alleged dynamiter wluisut lir
to the National line Htenmer , ( in vn , wn
found to bo lusano to-day.
Off Per Il r Harbor.
HALIFAX. N. 8. , August . -Admiral Luci
U. S , N. , will leave Halifax for Bar llarbc
next Thurauay on the war ship Ulclunond.
A Colored Woman's Mysterious Death in a
Cell of the City Jail ,
How n Colored Cyprlnn Perished In
the Lock-Up and tha Htart-
llng Rumors of the
A Wmnnn'n Strange Death.
Gcorgio Clark , the castaway , whoso
death yesterday morning nt the city jail
compelled a non cst in hot cnso to bo
rondcrc'l as a pica , promises to attract
more attention in death than she claimed
in life. The circumstances of her death
are involved in such conflicting accounts
and formed such a largo space in yester
day's papers , that the HKK , determining
to ascertain the full facts OH obtainable
from oppostto sources , detailed a re
porter last night to visit all the persons
connected with the affair in any manner.
The deceased is universally described ns
having been of a color between mulatto
and black , of a vivacious disposition ,
possessed of an education obtained
at 'the high school m this city ,
and being a skillful pianist and
and a good singer , She was born and
raised in Omaha , where her mother and
sister now reside , and took to the town
after the death of her husbandwho com
mitted suicide on account of jealousy at
her light conduct. She was in a measure
reclaimed by a man named John YY.
Fielding , with , whom she lived as his
mistress , adding to Jicr support by him
in playing on tlio piano at various houses
of ill fame in the city. Jnoldin ? , who is
also known by the name of Shakespeare ,
was formerly a soldier and latterly in
partnership in the liquor business with
Hans Young , whoso sudden flight from
Omaha some weeks ago with the part
nership assets , compelled the re
maining partner to accept a
bartender's place nt the saloon
opposite tbe Metropolitan hotel ,
on Douglas street , whore ho was found
last night by a reporter.
Ho is a white man and disclaimed any
regrets or shame felt for the ambiguous
position ho sustained towards the de
ceased , alleging gratitude un his part for
kindness receive * when needed , at her
bands as the reason of his forgotfulncss
of color in bestowing his protection upon
her. His story is as follows :
On Monday night between 10 and 11
o'clock he saw his paramour going
towards their lodging place on Farnam
street and followed her , thinking by her
gait that all was not right. On passing
the corner nearest to her abode , she was
observed by two policemen , one named
Brady and the other whom he docs not
know , who also followed her. So main
tained her gait until reaching her home ,
where she foil in a swoon in the vestibule.
There she was met by the proprietor of
the house , a man named Ewalt , who , in
stead of assisting her to her room , sig
naled to the two policemen , Brady and
the unknown. Their arrival and his own
wore simultaneous. Ho bogged the o ul
cers not to arrest her , disclosing his re
lations to her and assuring her that he
wonld remove her to her room and prevent -
vent any disorder. They disregarded his
entreaties and remonstrances , and order
ing him gruffly to 'more on , ' dragged the
woman along the flags in her insensible
condition to the nearest patrol box , fully
forty feet away. By this time she sulli-
ciently revived to be able to talk , and en
tered the responsive patrol wagon with
out much assistance. Fielding fur
ther said be followed the patrol
wagon as far as possible and arrived
at the station in time to see the woman
then partially recovered from her stupor ,
thrust into a cell with a dissolute white
woman named Hose Mulev , who resented
the intrusion and the two began a frco
fight. Fielding says they fought for a
long time undisturbed by the police ; ho
alleges as his reason for not interfering
and demanding of the police that they
separate the combatants , his fear that ho
would bo locked up , an event which
would prevent Ills presence m court in
tbe morning with bail to liberate his
dusky friend. Continuing , he says that
after some time when the yells of the
women became unbcarabblo , Officers
Ormsby and Crawford entered the cell
and parted them. In removing tbe de-
coastul to another cell , OIHcer Crawford ,
who bad hold of her , brutally
struck her , not once but several
times. After being violently
thrown into the now cell she never
spoke. A reference to witnesses who
saw the brutality was furnished.
While Fielding was narrating hia story
to the reporterXftlcer Crawford in uni
form entered , demanding a retraction of
the statement in an afternoon paper that
ho ( C. ) violently dragged the woman
from the patrol wagon to the jail. This
retraction Fielding cheerfully made , de
nying the utterance of such a charge ,
but persistently refused to exonerate the
ollicor further.
French Em's house , in which the dead
woman had often in lifo played the
piano , was next visited. Both the pro
prietress and the inmates bore witness to
the many good qualities of Georglo
Clark , and said they seldom saw her
under the influence of liquor , and never
helplessly so. ' 'If poor Georgio had
come here last night , " said French Em ,
feelingly , "this would not have hap
pened. "
f , } . P. Dorwood , a black man , was found
at Wood's hotel , on Capitol avenue , bu-
twoon Eleventh and Twelfth streets. Ho
was a prisoner in the jail at the time of
the occurrence , and corroborated fully
all of Fleming's statements regarding
Crawford's brutality. Ho says he will
swear positively to the blows struck , and
the identity of Crawford as the man who
struck them. Ho further says the women
went cant ( led to fight , and such taunting
remarks as "III Hose , you got to sleep
with u iiigRor to-night1 and others of a
like kind were usort to o asperate and
nngnr the white prostitute.
1 ho body of the deceased is laid out
awuiting interment at her mother's
honsu on Capital avenue , near Ninth
struct. An Inspection of it discloses a
coiilusioa over one of the eyes nnd
wounds on the breast , side nnd groin ,
'i no resembling the prints of boot
'u > Is. Much bitter fooling is manifested
n uiu residents of the vicinity at the
liiuto of the coroner's inquest and the
fact tliut the relatives of the dead woman
weru not Infarmod of her dnatn , which
was discovered by thorn accidentally
while the body lay at the undertaker's
ready for transit to the Pot
tor's field. The sister of the
deceased said that yesterday morn
ing while she and her mother
wore on their way to work , passing the
city jail , thev were saluted by two of the
police ollicors , who allowed them to pass
on without intormint them of Georgie'e
At the jail the officers worn reticent ,
simply contenting themselves with deny
ing in tote the charges of brutality.
About midnight Mr. Maul , of the firm ol
Drexel & Maul , repaired to the house ol
the deceased and placed ice on the body.
At the inquest held jn the morning , the
police to whom alone the coroner could
look for the facts in the case , deliberate ) }
withheld all testimony of the violence ,
greater or- less as. It may bo , which they
certainly know. . the woman had
auflorcd at Ihctlr hands. To
further cloud the fairj purpose of the pro
ceedings Detective liorlgan secured n
place on the jnryu Tl'o verdict , so
speedily found , was'written ' by D. M ,
Connell , the foreman , and sot forth that
the woman had comtvto her death from
the excessive use of o'lickor. " Whothoi
this travesty on iK6 'sblomn ' proceedings
was a betrayal ofjgnoranco or an out
break of honthonTsn , humor , none but
the author can explain.
The excited colored fncnda of the
dead woman announce their dctormina-
tiou to prosecute an invcotigation.
The Hlg Buffalo Ueact Casting for the
Union Pacific Bridge.
A telegram received from New York
last night , states that yesterday after
noon , Mr. Favoy , of the Favoy Bronze
works of that city , cast a bulFulo's hoiul
out of bronze for tlio Union Pacific mil
road company. The head will bo placed
on the bridge now building across the
Missouri river from Council Bluffs tc
Omaha. The casting is the largest single
plcco over cast in this country , weighing
0,000 pounds. _
Mr. Morsu'n Successor.
The feeling Is now obtaining among
railroad men that the appointment oi
Mr. Tibbitts as the successor of Mr
Morsp as general passenger agent of the
Union Paciilc road is but that of a fiann
head , and in no way likely to satisfj
the requirements of the position ,
Mr. Tibbetts is a man of bnl
comparatively slight experience in tin
passenger business , and is not such ns tc
warrant his successful coping with the
duties ot the ofllco. It is also alleged
that the appointment , if such it nia\
bo termed , is but temporary and
that the real successor of Mr. Morse IP tc
bo cither John N. Abbott , chairman ol
the Western Trullio association and ex-
general passenger agent of the Erie road ,
or A. C. Dnwes , general passongei
agent of the Kansas City , St. Joe &
Council Bluffs. Mr. Abbott is ono ot the
brightest and best known passonccr men
of tlio country , a protege of Jay Gould' *
nnd a friend of Mr. Potter's.
Indiana Farmers Think Cleveland
Shontd Resign Temporarily.
LOUISVILLE. Ky. , August 9. The follow
ing remarkable resolutions were adopted bj
the farmers' alliance ot Floyd county , Indt
ana , at a meeting on Saturday night last
They are just made public :
Resolved , That there Is no promise , elthei
expressed or Implied , by which tht
people of the United States must pay
their president 84,000 per month or any othei
sum whlln electioneering for a second term
of office , therefore , We call upon President
Cleveland before stmH ? on his pending
electioneering tour 'through the west and
south , to lirst write 6uf his resignation as
president and iilo it With the proper ottlcet
in Washington. , ,
Kesolved , Further , that the president and
secretary of this alliance are hereby In
structed to forward avertilied copy ot these
resolutions by registered letter to the presi
dent of the United States.
Striking1 hpiniicrs.
FALL RIVEK , Mass. , August 9. The larg
est meetlnsr of the Spinners union for many
months was held to-night to decide whethci
to support the striking sblnners at the mills
of the American Llnou./and / Mechanics cor
porations , and whether to authorize a strike
at all the mills where grievances exist. The
union voted to sustalmthe strike on eondl
tlon that the strikers abide by the decision ol
the executive committee , who are authorized
to order a strike at any mill where they think
a special grievance exists.
BalloonUt Baldwin Jumps Again.
UOCKAWJLY BKAOH , N. V. , August 0.-
Protessor Thomas 8. Baldwin , of San Fran
Cisco , this afternoon successfully repeated
his feat of jumping from a baleen In mid all
to earth by the aid of bis patent parachute.
At least 30,000 persons.wltnessed the jump
His fall Is estimated at 1,100 feet , occupying
one mlnuto and twenty-four seconds , and he
lauded In shallow water In the bay.
" " " " "
"Cheynnna'a Street Railroad. GCMI
CHEYENNE , la. , August . fSpeclal Tele
gram to the BEE. I The Cheyenne Street
Railway company commenced the work ol
laying rails on the street railway this morn-
Inv. f'ifty muu are employed and several
mites of track will be laid and operated till !
Struck Tor Shorter Hours.
MINNEAPOLIS , August 0. The Journal's
CrooKston special sys 200 men at T. B.
Walker's saw mill struck for a reduction
from eleven to ten hours' work.
The Bulgarian King.
VIENNA. August 9. The Bulgarian for
eign minister , accompanied by Prince Fred-
crick , of Saxo-CoDurtr-Uotha and retinue ,
has started for Bulgaria.
A New York Dry GooiU House Assigne
NFW YORK , August 9. Klasely , ToddtS
Co. , wholesale dry goods dealers at SOU
Broadway , made an assignment to-day.
Assets and liabilities not known ,
All Correct.
STILL WATER , Minn. , August 9. The com
mission appointed to investigate the affairs
of Brown , receiver of the car company , has
reported that every dollar of the accounts are
A Runaway Returns.
DANVKIIS , Mass. , August 9. Miss Phoebe
Woodman , the adopted daughter of the peel
Whlttler , who ran away from home a weeli
or ten days ago , has returned.
Eyervbody goes to see the grand An-
dress Novelty show , cor. 18th and Shur-
man sts.
Licensed to Wed.
The following marriage licenses were
issued yesterday at the court honso :
< John M. Lamcke , Council Bluffs 61
i Mrs. Ellen Klose , Co.iinci ; | Bluffs. a ;
i liernhard Kelly , Oni ! > hsi 41
1 Mrs. Mary A. Stevenson * , Omaha 4 ;
I William II. Mortlmnt.tUmaha - '
| Frances E. Whlttow , Omaha X
( Mason S. Frl.vselle. O'mdha 2 , '
ILulaYounir , Omahafoj. 2C
Take the little onosAtosee the most relined
lined and entertaining exhibition of the
day , Andreas' pavilion , 18th and Slier
man sts. >
Personal Paragraph * .
Hon. Church Howe/'js / ' in the city.
Charles Evcrloy , ajtw known business
man of this city , leuw-1 for Chicago tbU
evening on a short pleasure trip.
W. M. Wright , A. B. Shuttuck , E. N ,
Jones , A , T. timithW. A. Mercer , auil
Henry It. Wright , U.S.A. , are registered
at the Paxton.
Mr. Max Goldonrath , assistant treas
urer of the Chicago opera house , if
spending a few days In the city , the guest
of Mr. George Mahler.
Mr. J. li. Patterson and family , who
reside on Georgia avenue , have just re
turned from an extended trip to Port
land , Maine , and other eastern points.
Charles Ogden returned yesterday from
a tour around the lakes and through the
northwest where ho has been courtmp
cooling breezes and uobnobDiug wltli
loading democrats. UM
United States Senator Paddock is reg
istered nt the Millani ; W. L. Masinnis.
chief justice ; Robert C. Morris , territorial
stenographer ; and Colonel Luke Murrin ,
county clerk , of Chuycnue , are at the
Tbo Council Works Through a Mountain
of Documents-
Sixteenth Street to Bo Ro-Chrlstciiocl
aa Bhorman Avenue The Council
Bluffs Bridge Approach Again
Other Matters.
The Council ,
The council mot last evening , the fol
lowing members being present : Alexan
der , Boyd , Burnhnm , Counsraau , Ford ,
Hasc.ilI , Caspar , Kiorstcad , Kitchen ,
Leo , Lowcry , Manville , Bnydcr , Vnn
Cnm nnd Mr. President ,
From the Mayor. Vetoing the ordi-
nnncos providing for the grading of
Webster from Twenty-eighth to Thir
tieth ; Eighth from Furiiuni to Douglas ;
Locust from Bull Line to Twenty-fourth ;
J'iurco and alloys south und north of same
from Tenth to Eleventh ; alloy in block
10 , Kountzo & Un til's addition , on tlio
ground that the carrying on of the work
would create an overlap.
Sumo Approving about ono hundred
ordinances providing for the opening ,
grading , and widening of streets and
alloys m tlio city.
Same Vetoing the ordinance provid
ing for tlio opening of tlio alloy between
Farnam and Douglas nnd Twentieth und
Twenty-fourth streets. This ordinance
was passed over the veto.
The vote of the mayor , regarding the
opening of Twenty-second street from O.
K. Chatham to Patrick's Saratoga addi
tion was not sustained , being over-ridden
by the majority vote of the council.
From the Mayor Approving thn con
tract with George W. MoICinnoy for the
grading of Twentieth street. Filed.
Same Approving of Regan Brothers'
paving contract. Filed.
Same Approving the sewer contract of
Ryan & Walsh , nineteenth of July. Filed.
Same Approving curbing contract
with Wlioleu & Bronnan on 20th of July.
Same Asking for the confirmation of
John Doll as watchman on the Eleventh
street viaduct , and asking , the council to
pass a resolution authorizing the ap
pointment , none sucli.boing now in ex
istence. Confirmed.
John Doll's bond , with that gentleman ,
Fred Stubbondorf and Ernest Stunt as
sureties in f 1,000 , was approved.
Same Appointing . J. Kennedy , E.
Zabriskio and Joseph Hodman appraisers
for the damages resulting from the
change of grade of California street from
Twenty-second to Nineteenth. Con.
Same Appointing Joseph Zabriskio ,
Joseph Redman anuVV. J. Kennedy ap
praisers for the changing of the grade of
Popploton avenue from Twenty-second
to Twenty-fifth street. Confirmed.
Same Appointing W. A. L. Gibbon ,
W. J. Kennedy and E. Zabriskio ap
praisers for damages for the widening of
Dodge street , in section 21,1C , 13. Con-
Satno appointing John Furay , W. J.
Kennedy and W. A. L. Gibbon appraiser * )
in grading Twentieth from Cuming to
Locust. Continued.
Same Appointing W. J. Kennedy , W.
J. Maxwell and T. A. Croigh as ap
praisers for the grading of Cass from
Twenty-first to Twonty-llfth street. Con
H. A. D. Balcombo Setting forth that
the city is not paying clerk hire for work
on the board of public works. Filed.
Same Presenting contract of Hugh
Murphy for paving of Jackson between
Seventh. land Ninth streets ; sewer con
tract with same for district 57 ; paving
with cedar blocks , by Regan Brothers &
Co. , of Cass street in district 134 ; sewer
ing district CO , by Dulaney. Murphy &
Co. ; severing district 58 , by P. H. Me-
Auloy. Approved.
The bond of B. F. Baker , with Joseph
Archibald and P. J. Crccdon as sureties , ,
in the sum of $3,000 , Baker being the
superintendent of the now city hall. Ap
Mr. Boyd Notifying Tom Murray to
remove the sand from the front of his
building on Fourteenth street , or to com
plete his structure immediately. Ap
Mr. Kaspar Instructing the board of
public works to tighten the bolts and rods
now loose on the Sixteenth street via
duct. Approved.
Report of the council as n board of
equalization. Adopted.
Mr. Alexander Ordering the estab
lishment of the gradn of Thirty-sixth
from Cuming to Hamilton street.
Mr. Manville Instructing the comp
troller to insert in the next appropriation
the pay for the judges and clerks of the
last election in the lirst precinct of the
Eighth ward.
Mr. Bailey Instructing the board of
public works to fill California street
from Twenty-seventh to Twenty-eighth.
Mr. Lee Instructing the street com
missioner to put Maroy street from Thir
tieth to Thirty-second m a passable con
dition. Adopted.
Mr. Counsman Instructing the Belt
Line company to put up a gas lamp
on Sixteenth street and their track.
Mr. Ford Instructing the street com
missioners to grade both sides of Tenth
between Capital avenue and Davenport
street. Adopted.
Mr. Bailey That the board of public
works bo Instructed to make no contract
for curbing any street or part of street
which has already been contracted for
paving. Adopted.
Kaspar Establishing water fountains
on Sixteenth and Vinton , and Twentieth
and Pierce streets. Adopted.
Mr. Counsman Relieving the territory
north of Grace street from the jurisdic
tion of the poundmnstor. Police.
Mr. Burnhnm Directing the board of
public works to ascertain whether Kie-
witt & Johnson , brick makers , are re
moving earth from Twenty-ninth nnd
Parker streets to a point below the
grades of said streets. Adopted.
Mr. Lee Ordering grading in front of
All Saints' church on Twenty-ninth
street. Adopted.
Mr. Bailey Suggesting the removal of
the driiiKing fountain for the Nebraska
National bank to the corner of Eleventh
and Capitol avenue. Adopted ,
Judiciary Recommending the passage
of an ordinance relating to unlawful
acts. Adopted.
Same Opposing the acceptance of the
bonds of 11. B. Smith. G. I. Gilbert , for
informality , as members of the police
and fire commission. Adopted.
Same Making the license of peddlers
$60 per year. Adopted.
The following communication was
road from the city treasurer :
Gentlemen : The police and fire funds are
exhausted and the general fund will be In a
weak or so. That means that warrants
which will be Issued between now and Janu
ary 1 , shall bear Interest at 7 per cent and
be dlscouiitcclr-if sold at all at a loss to the
owneis of from 1 to 3 per cent of face.
This Is a hardship to the men
who work for the city , De they contractors or
servant * of the government. And yet this
order of things has existed time out of mind.
Apart from the direct loss to the tax-payer In
being compelled to pay 7 per cent on the city
paper , there is a ( creator Indirect loss iu this :
That labor could be obtained and work done
at much butter rates It there were a reasona
ble probability of having cash to pay when
the warrants are Issued. Stationers , furni
ture men , and contractors Keoerally will HB-
ure Interest upon their JSlds. Moreover , tlie
petnlcnce ana anger of creditors are some-
tunes very embarrassing.
1 believe that all of ttaiu earn be . remedied.
There Is no law In existence to prevent tlit
cltv council from raising the valuation ol
property as returned by the county assessors ,
But , If this course tw objectlouablo-
and tax-payers would no doubl
protest against It the.ii there Is r
safer and bettor plan : Balsa the
valuation of districts or wards to correspond
with other districts and wards. There Is n
picoo of property whoso owner holds It at n
valuation ot 315,000 which was returned by
the assessor at 8750. The city council
sought to raise this and other descriptions
last year , but the owners ot the property
protested because them were very many
more glaring Inconsistencies which re
mained undisturbed. Why not brlntr all
such cases up to a common standard ? This
Is equalization. The assessors'valuation ot
Omaha Is 51,000,000. Itouulit to bo 840,001-
000. You cannot make a levy ot more than
4 1-10 per cent. Four percent on 840.000,000
Is Sl.COJ,000-a big tax , but , If collected for
ono year , there would bo a gratify Ing reduc
tion thereafter until a minimum of U per
cent would be reached. * * *
JOHN HUSH , City Treasurer.
Mr , Hasoall said that ho buliovod tiiat n
part of Mr. Rush's communication was
all right and ho believed in it , but an
other part ho thought w.ia a little off.
The police and lire fund was not ex
hausted. If it wore true , as mentioned ,
thU the fund was exhausted , equalization
would not , could not , act ns u remedy.
It was not true that there was no cash to
meet tlio warrants.
Mr. Leo moved that the communication
bo referred to tlio committee on linaucu.
Tlio motion prevailed.
Sewerage Rudommundinp the build
ing of n sewer in district number 3 from
Fourteenth to Eighteenth. Adopted.
Same Recommending sewers in dis
trict GO. Adopted.
Fire and Waterworks That waterpipo
be extended to the northwest corner ot
thn county poor furin. Adopted.
Sewerage Ordering sewer , water and
gas connections on Thirteenth and Vnv
ton streets and of Eighteenth In district
53. Adopted.
Judiciary Recommending the hiring
of rooms in St. Sosoph's hospital until ar-
rnngomonts can bo made for a city hos
Viaducts Instructing the Omnha and
Council Hi..a- , ll.l.l -A * .1
nil's Bridge company to desig
nate ono street upon which thuy shall
build their approach to their bridge over
the Missouri on this side of the river and
and give bond to pay for damages which
may bo sustained by thn building of thn
approach to the same.
Mr. Bailey said ho favored limiting the
company to two streets from which tc
select the approach and would allow
thorn thirty days in which to make their
selection , after which they should lese
tlie privilege of cither. Ho thought that
eventually they would select cither Doug
las or Dodge struct.
Mr. Snyder said that ho did not think
the company should bo allowed moro
than one street to select ns an approach.
Mr. Ford said if it were true that the
contractors were here to build the bridge
iu question , ho could not see why they
wanted six streets to select from. They
ought to be just as competent now to se
lect a place us they will a month hence.
Mr. Burnham said ho thought Mr.
Bailey's idea a good one. It was neither
top restrictive nor yet too oppressive.
The amendment was adopted.
Grades and Grading Recommcndina
the extension of Webster from Hillside
addition No. 3 to Kearney street.
Police Objecting to granting tlio peti
tion of J. S. McOormic nnd others to
abolish the standing of expresses tit Fif
teenth and Farnam. Police.
Grades and Grading Ordonnc Con
tractor Stuhl to inform the council what
permission the assistant city cnginecer
gave Mr. Hight to move his house on
Eleventh street. Adopted.
Judiciary That no further legislation
is required as regards hack stands.
Police Opposing the passage of the
ordinance creating a milk , vegetable and
fruit inspector- because of the uncertainty
attending the foes of the same. Adopted.
Same Sustaining the opinion of the
city engineer in the matter of driving
over viaducts and the running of engines
A number of these were read a second
time and referred , among them being
that changing the name of Sixteenth
street to Sherman avenue.
Thn following wore passcdi Paving
Nineteenth from St. Mary's avenue to
Lcnvonworth ; changing the grade of
Davenport from Tlnrty-iirst to Thirty-
sixth street ; grading Twentieth from
Cass to Davenport street ; opening streets
in Saundora' addition ; opening
Southwestern avenue through lot 31 ,
creating sewer district GO ; ordering
sewer connection on Thirteenth and
Vinton , in sewer district 57. and Eigh
teenth in sewer district f > 8 ; extending
Webster from Hillside addition to Ken
nedy street ; grading. Twenty-first from
Leavenwortli to Brigg's addition ; placing
lire hydrants at Twenty-second and Seward -
ard , Nineteenth and Pierce , Thirty-sec
end and Corny , and Ninth and Castellar
streets ; grading Grace from Twi-nty-
second to Twenty-fourth ; grading Picrco
from Twenty-seventh street to Twenty-
liftli avenue : paving alloys in paving dis
tricts 31 , 23 , 30 , 31 , 33 , 33 , 34 , 83 and 38
with Sioux Fails granite ; constructing a
sewer in district No. 3 from Fourteenth
to Eighteenth ; declaring it unlaw
ful to carry on a slaughter
liouso within the limits of the
city as they existed in 1880 ;
appropriating $03,787 57 as city oxpnnacs
for July. This was amended by adding
to it , the bills of the Herald and Republi
can , $430 each , for advertising.
Mr. Chairman wanted this ordinance
referred , as it had been amended.
Adjourned. _
See the great Maynard family , circus
grounds to-duy , with Andreas' show.
The internal revenue collections yes *
torday amounted to $3,041.09.
Articles of incorporation were tiled
yesterday for a now firm to be known as
the Homo Investment company. Their
lease of lifo ia to be fifty years , ns a real
estate , loan and trust company. Edwin
B. Rowley , Elmer C. Finnoy and Charles
K. Collins are thn incorporators. They
start with a capital stock of $50,000.
John A. Andreson , who was tried yes
terday afternoon before Justice Ander
son for maliciously assaulting Max
Haman last Sunday night , was lined $100
and costs. Ho has taken an appeal to
the district court Both the parties in
the case are wealthy , and old residents
of the county near Elkhorn.
The cnso before Judge McCulIoch yes
terday was that of William J. McGnvook
against William G. Sloan itnd Jonas P.
Johnson. McGavock sues for $1,000 due
him as rent accumulated and money
loaned to the defendants when they worn
in btraigbtcdod circumstances. Tlio evi
dence is all in and the arguments of the
attorneys will bo heard this afternoon.
Be on the ground at 3 and 7 p. ro. to
sec the queen of the high wire , charming
Eniniu Muvuard. Cor. 18th and Suerman
Bis. , to-day.
HONZ A In this city August 0 , at 3:20 : p. m. .
Jennie May. daughter of John W. and
Annie M. Hon/.a , aged 10 years U montli
and 15 days.
Funeral to-day at 3 p. m. from the family
residence. Fourteenth and Pacltic streets.
CO.N.VKK-ln this city Auitust . Maud F. ,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Con
nor , aeert 1 year , 3 months and ( I dayp.
Funeral will take place Thursday at 10 a.
m. from the family residence on South Nine
teenth , near Castellar street.
They'll Take a llaml.
OTTAWA , Ont , August 9. The Free Pr
says : "Inquiry at the liuhery dnimrtmoiU
shows there aio good grounds for tlio stato-
rnont that the British wAr vessdn will take a
hand In the ninery protcctfoaservlou. "
A Crooked MlneapolU Officer Rolcnsoi
a l > rlnonnr too Hoon , -4 *
MiNNKAfoLis. Minn. , August 9. Some
days ago a young man named Bradley , alias
Thomas U. branklm , whoso parents live In
Illinois , was arrested for attempting
to pass a forged deed for S5.0JO ,
since when ho has been conuned
In the city jail. Yesterday County Attorney
Davis received a hint that a scheme was on
foot by a prominent attorney and n police of
ficial to secure Franklin's escape. A deputy
slicrlfT was placed to watch the prisoner , and
at midnight lie was arrested coming out of an
alley back of the jail. He had a wrench In his
pocket which hud been given , him to wrest
the door from Its hlnces. He was ngaln
jailed under a now warrant. There Is much
excitement In official circles over the scandal
likely to arise.
A Blcc Winning Transaction.
MtLWAUxr.i : , Aueiist 9. Thi stockholders
of the five Uogcblo Iron mines , known as the
Burton property , to-day transferred them to
the Besseraor Consolidated Iron company , ot
Now 1'ork , of which ox-Sonator Stephen W.
Dorsoy was elected president , Jesse It. Grant
secretary , and ox-Assistant Secretary of the
Treasury Charles K. Coon , troasuier. All of
them were present. The prlco paid for the
live mines was S'J.IUO.OOO. The consolidated
company has a capital stock of 87,500,000 ,
and had made a tivo-ycar contract with tbe
company , which will build llftcun cloain VPS-
sols to carry ore from Ashland to Cleveland
at 81.50 per ton , tlio prisont rale bolus 82.W ) .
The company contracts to ship 800,000 tons
per year.
An Opera liouso Roof Caves In.
SiMtiNGKiKi.D , Ills. , Ainrust 0. The roof o
Chatturtons opera house fell In this after *
noon , carrying a luizo amount ot debris Into
the center of the bulldlne , which was ser
iously damaged. Architects say thn accident
was duo to the extreme heat and dry weather ,
which shrunk the timbers.
Now York Dry Uoodn Marker.
NEW YOIIK , AueustO. As usual to Tues
day , the market was quiet In demand with t '
aeents , but movements of goods returned ,
Rood salrs. With jobbers there was an Improved -
proved trndc.
That Tired Feeling
The warm woatlicr lias a debilitating effect ,
especially upon these who are within doors
most ot the time. The peculiar , yet common ,
complaint known as "that tired feellue , "
Is the result. This feeling can bo entirely
overcome by taking Hood's SarsaparlDa ,
which gives new llto and strength to all
the functions of the body.
"I could not sleep ; had no appetite , t
took Hood's Sarsaparllla and soon began to
sleep soundly ; could get up without that
tired and languid feeling ; and my appetite <
Improved. " U. A. BANFOHD , Kent , Ohio.9 >
Strengthen the System
Hood's Sarsaparilla Is characterized by
three peculiarities : jjt , the combination ot
remedial agents ; 2d , tlm proportion ! 3d , the ,
procctt ot securing the actlvo modlclnU-
qualities. The result Is a medicine of unusual 1
strength , effecting cures hitherto unknown.
Send for book containing additional evidence.
"Hood's Baraapaillla tones up injr ay it cm.
pnrlfles my Moou , sharpens mv atipetltc , and
seems to mike mo o\cr. " J. 1' . THOMPSON ,
Kcgister of Deeds , Lowell , Mass.
"Hood's Sarsaparllla beats nil others , and
Is worth Its weight In cniii. " I. luumxoTOjr ,
130 Bank Street , Mew York City.
Hood's ; Sarsaparilla
Bold by all druggists , tl ; six lor | & . Made
only by 0.1. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mas * .
IOO DosesOno _ Dollar.
For the Fact , Nerk , Arm * and Hand * .
Isnmatchlrai IjIqulU , Uuoranteed Pure and
Htrlctlr llnrmlffli. Intlantlu Applied and
Never vrlettett. Ulvri * woiulrrrnUr niaoolh.
Holt. I'llftble "U Melinite PkU.
A Pearl llko Complexion tUitfed wltb th *
blush or the Itose.
Alabaiter Keek , Arm > and Unadi.
Brit * tuelMmptrn , lllolchei , Sunburn ,
Waleriau.yiitrrbr li , HonBhncf" ,
Kediir. SiijIowntM , .and aU BK.1M
ULUMlHIIKn auil anilotlooi are removed.
HeturmuK from a hot walk or drive , one U
Immedlntelr rmted and refrttbert after uilnx
It , Ladle * itouM iiercr be without It.
Give the I1ALM a TrUl I .
Krery lady who desire * perfection in ftlvla * nu lorta
tboufd wear them. Manufacture ! only IIT Uio
Worcester , Mass. , ncT Ji3 Market street , Clikigat
" It ; John MTU I'm too neat a clrl \ > j all odds tot
tbi * hmiso , and be' * right Tbo lic ! l A houli
wlicro they don't nio8 polot" !
Everybody known our old friend
and'tis said truly , "A well known friend
Is ( i treasure. " Sapollo ( n n solid caUo at
Scauilrig Koap. Try it in hoino-clcftnlti'g. ,
kt * . I. ( OouyrlgM. U ch. I