Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 07, 1887, Page 3, Image 3

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    * W B ' ' * m ' ' / r 'f ' - ' ' " ' - - - ' " - ' ir - - - *
. y'3-ls1 fT-T W * 'Hr 'fwr' . r . j i _ . . , N , „ , N .r , ,
Advertisements under tills liend.10 ccntt po
Inc for the llrst insertion , T tents lor each sub
toquent Insertion , nndfl.rXn ) line per month
ho advertisement taken for lesstnnnSS cents
Tor the llrtt Insertion. Ee\cn words wll 3)
counted to the line ; they must run roneccu-
lively and mutt DC ( inId In advance. Alt advcr-
tlPomcntM in n ft be linn Jed In before 1 : no o'clocK
p. rn. , and under no clrcumrtanccs will they betaken
taken or discontinued by telephone.
1'ortins advertising In thcfc column nnd hav
ing the answers nddr f pd In euro of Tun UK
w III plcnse ask for ix check to enable them to get
tnclr letters. FIB none will lie dellveroil oicent
on presentation of check. All answers to adver
tisement ! fliould bo enclosed In envelopes ,
All ndvertlfomonts In the BO columns nro pub
lished In both morning ntid atoning editions
nfliinv \ \ : , the circulation of which nuurc-
pates more than 14.iMOpupots dnlly , nnd BUM
HID advertisers the hpnallt. nut only of the city
circulation of TIIK Ilnr. . but nl o of Cmincll
111nIT ? , Lincoln nnd other cities nnd towns
throughout thl pnrt of the west.
Al.OOO.COO to loan. Cole , 316 S ! 5th.
t& 637
MONIIV Wo loan monry on Improved prop-
oity for any desired amount at low rntos
of Inlorcst. to run from two to ton year ? tlmo.
Btotts , Cox * Houston , lfi07'J ' Farnnm. 9fi9
[ ONF.V To loan nt 0 per rent. Patterson
L Drop. , 15th street , op. P. O. 321
$750,000 TO I.OANntO per cent . &
Mnhoncy , 1509 Farnnm. (118 (
6 PEH CF.NT Money.
U. C. I'attcrson , 15th nt.d rag
flJNiO.OOO to loon on real ostato. No drlay.
fP Hnrrls.V Snrapson , 1510 Douglas fit. 040
ONF.Y TO UAN-O. F PavU Co. , real
citato nnd loan agents , 1S06 Farnnm nt.
$500/00 to loan in nny amount at lowest rate
of intoiest. H. II. Ircy , Frcnrer block. SOT
, To loon on Omaha city property at !
per cent. O. W. Day , s. o. cor. Ex. Illd. (
ivr ONKY TO I.OAN-Oncltvnnd farm prop-
rrty nt low rates. No dcluy. Cahn & wool-
ley , VliZ Fnrnnni St. fi4'Jo37 _ _
to lonn to parties wMilmr to bulM.
MONRV Campbell , aiO S IClh 6t. , Chamber of
Commorco. ' 'in
To loan. Lowest rutos. No ilclny.
MONTY . Klco * Co. , over Commercial N-
tlonal bank. 2.17
MONKV to loan , cash on delay.
J. W. and 11 U Squire , 1413 F rnnra St.
Toxton hotel build I ni. 6li
MONIJY TO I.OAN-I.oans of $10 to $100
made on furniture , pianos , horses , wnifoiil ,
eto. , without removal , J. ,1. Wilkinson & Co ,
1324 Farnntn street , over llurlliijton ( ticket
MONBY TO LOAN rn Iniprovod city prop
erty In Bums of H.COO to lfi.000 nt sU per
cent Interest. Mmltsi Crumb. G4K
MONI'.Y ' 1O LOAN on improyed real estate ;
no commission charged. Leavllt llurn-
hnm , llnom 1 C'rclirliton lllock 041
MONF.Y TO I.OAN-On city niopcrty In
sums of f 500 and upwards nt lowest rates.
Money fclways on hand. S. a Campboll.UlO
Eouth Bixtcenth street. 847
LOAN Money Ixia.u placed on improved -
proved real estate In city or county for
Now Knglnnd Loan & Trust Co. , by Douslm
County bnnk. ICth nnd CblraRO sti. 049 "
M ONKY LOANIIDnt C. F. lleod ft Co.'s Lonn
OQlco , on furniture , pianos , borsos.wagons.
personal property of all kinds , and all othc'r nr-
tlcles of value . without . U19 .
VIVO VII * (1I141TI II IIKUI removal. B. 13th.
over lllnpham s Commission store , All tnisl-
ness strictly confidential. C50
TLfONKY TO LOAN-bytho nndorsiRnert , who
AU has the only properly orpinl/ed loan
agency In Omaha , Loans of $10 to $100 raado
on furniture , pianos , organs , horios , wagoni ,
ronchlnery , ftc , without rcmoral. No delays.
All business strictly confidential. Loan ! so
made that any part can be paid at any line.eacU
payment reducing the cost pro rata. Advances
tnadn on fine watuhes nnd diamonds. Persons
Ihould carefully consider who they are dealing
with , as many now concerns are dally comlnir
tate existence. Should you need money call
and sec me. W. H. Croft , Itooro i YTUhnfill
Bulldlnir 15th and nnrney. 8S1
riAHF. OMAHA Financial Exchange.
* No'.S ° r.ncr.r . . "amoy and ISth its. ,
over State National bank.
1 ( | prepared to make short tlm * loam on any
aralfabls gecurlty.
Loom made on chattel * , collateral or real
Long time loans made on Improved real ettat *
at current rater.
Purchase money mortgages negotiated.
Pccured notes bought , roldor exchanged.
Bhort time loans inane oniecond mortgag * .
according to marginal 'ntcreft , at collateral
Ucnl estate to cxchanc * for rood Interest
bearing paper.
Cenernl financial business of all Minds trant-
ctod promptly , quietly and fairly.
Money nlwars on hand for approved loam of
any kind , without dcl.iy or unnecessary pub
licity. Corbett. Manager. 053
MIDLAND Guarantee and 'Jriist Co. , IMS
Farnam street Complete abstracts iur
nlshcd , nnd titles to real estate examined , per
fcctctl nnd guaranteed C7D
FOB HALK A woll-cstnbllshoil restaurant
und confectionery business In good locution
nnd doing peed business. Iteasons for selling.
Adrress A 1C , lice olHco. 1309 *
Foil FALF.-Or Trado-Bmall stock of gro
ceries In first-class location , llcoson for
celling owner iroing into other business , Address -
dress Stotts , Cox ft Houeton , 1807ti Fnrnsm at.
t'58 ' 7J
FOIt SALK Or Trade-A largo three-story
brick hotel In live western Iowa town of
6,010 pop Newly furnished throughout , ImnO.1
bed rooms , steam boat , gas , olectrlo call and
nlarm bolls , cltr v/titor , eto. Near depot and
business center. Must bo disposed of at once
on account of noor health of owner. Terms
rcaHonnblo. AdJross Stotts , Cox ft Houston ,
ie07ii Fnriiam. 9.18
"CTlOll SALE A complete Inundry , Inciudliif
J horses , luuncfs , two wagons , twenty horse
power engine nun boiler , Watson washer ,
Weston u ringer , 12x12 dry room , shafting
pulleys , stoves , building , eto. , complete all In
perfect working order , liiqiilro of I. F. lion-
nett at the offloo of 0. F. Driscoll , 1422 Dodge st
from 10 IL in. to2 p. m. 7t8 8J
T > AHK buiinops chance ; for Hale , the stock ,
J-V lliturcs nnd good will of u first-class cloth
ing store doing a good business , centrally
located , only reasons for Belling tr-o owner lm
other and more Important business. Parties
meaning business may address U. 18 , Dee office.
t5 !
Oil BALK-Meat market , tools , fixtures ,
horse and wagon , everything complete.
Good location ; good trade. Address U 48 , Hue.
C2HaiiT ( 8J
W'ANTHD Parties who desire to buy or sell
or exchange stocks of general merchan
dise , dry goods , groceries , boots nnd shoes ,
hardware , drugs , Jewelry Improved or unim
proved town orclty property. Improved or un
proved farms In any pnrt of the United States ,
to address Krnupo * Foster , 818 8. 16tb st
OriiahH. Neb. B5.1
° | jlOI ( 9ALR 1 ciffor for sale the United States
-L hotel cor of Douglas and 10th st. Said hotel
has accommodations for 60 boarders and runs
In connection n bar with n full stock of the
best liquors ; will sell cheap on account of slck-
ness ; Imnilreon premises. 572 la
UBINKSS Chanc < r-For sale-A Hook of dry
goods , elothlnir , furnishing goods , boots
andihoes ; al o tlxiures. With this stock a four
} ears lea e of n double store cnnbe obtained in
DUO of the best retail localities in the city. In
formation at Dormnnn'i , Buy South Thirteenth
BUHINI'.SS CHANCE -For sale stock , Ilituros
and good will of ono of the lie-it retail
grocery stores In Omaha , centrally located ,
reasons for si'lllnv party ha other business.
Address V 60 , Hco olllco , NCI 8
TANTKU Partner , J200 ; tlO dally , mil S.
' 10th st. eo.'as *
SALII The writ-known llawloy bouse
of 40 rooms , on account of thedeatli of mv
nife. Will sell property or sell furnlturo and
rent house to rirht person. A good chance to
inaKu money. Address Prop , North Platte ,
\ N el ) 4TJ a 7J \
'Ij'OH SALK Or exchange , foundry and ma-
-I chlno vhopi Will sell machinery and
tools sopnrate tiom Iliu real estate. For partic
ulars cull on or address Hammond > V Gibson ,
1314 Douglas etrcnt , Oinnhii. 07510
" 1OH SALE Lunch counter doing a irood
J- ' business , or will ro'it to reliable party
who can give good security. Inquire 81 { cor
tth and i'nelllo stg. 125 8J
1OH SALK Law library , cheap. Wheeler A
-a.1 Whoiilcr , Douglas aim 1Mb st. 667
fj > OH nxCHAN3t-Good : Omaha uroperty for
Jlocks of goods , farms or horses ; also
gome good farms for Omaha property. Cone
& Johhson , 724 N. leth it. 10007
1 fOH 3.U.r A half interest In a Turkish
' bath bouse. I'artv taking Interest must
lake artlva part la the business. Address
ItoomS.XlOtnilh st. Lincoln , Nub. 121 BJ
FOH RAL.T > noardlnff house nnd furnlturo
complete. Oil M s w cor , of IPtn and
Izordsts. Mrs. Freeman. ? 02nJ
\\'ANTliD OniTbFtwo smart buslneat men
with * IOOtofiOOcipltalto make J5OiX ) before -
fore the snow diet. Hoom 4 , Crounsc block ,
leth.t. 811 10
rOHPAl.I rino stock of fresh groceries.
1'ony team delivery wagon ami harness.
Kino location and doing B good business : 1
year lea-con bulldlnir with privilege of 2 moio.
Hrnlcd CiO per month. Whole price 11,100.
Will take part In city property , If satisfactory.
Terms to suit. J. F. Hammond , 1178. 10th M.
WANTliD Partner In the drug business ; ex
cellent stand. Address L 71 Dee o'Tlcc ,
t30 UJ
WANTKD-An energetic loumr man with
omo capital For Infornmtion cnll nt
W ANTKD-Partner with I-'OO : good cash
paying olllco business , well established ,
I2 ! > monthly clcur ; no risk. Address Vo 7 this
olllco. 14 7
WANTED Partner in Oregon lumber lm l
ness. Capital 110,000 to * :0,000. A llrst
class Oreuou party wants a partner to estab
lish a yard In Omaha. Enquire of i : . I oso-
watr-r. f.M 13 |
" | JKH8ONAL-$5 ) will buy an elegant hanging
JL lamp with decorated shade , cut glass
prisms and Amazon burner. This lamp Is sold
plcou horn f or $ fl.50 to $ s. Only A fnw left. Call
early at Moody's china store , UOJ North ICth st.
I'M 7
PEII8ONAIf-tl.r > 0 will buy one pot trlpple-
plated silver teaspoons at Moody's china
store , 'M : North Ifith st. A written guarantee
gUcn with each net sold. 14U 7
PKItSONAL The Gate City Kmployment of-
llcoil4H : B 15th , supplies the best of Scan
dinavian and Herman girls.
PEIl80NATPrnil for your sewing machine
needle' , oil and repairs to the Sinner
Man'lK Co , 1518 Douglas st. Omaha. 4C3 028
PEHSONAL Hemovcd from 1211 Davenport
st. to 311 North 12th , furnished rooms for
rent. C.4-12
1 > KHSONAL Gentlemen , attention. Good
board and rooms at Ml S. 18th St.reasonably
7M aug UJ
PKKSONAL-Mrs. Or Nannlsj V. Warren
clairvoyant , Medical Ond buslneil Medium
Boom No. 8 121 North ICth at .Omaha , Neb.
STHAYUD-On the Bth instant , n dnrk bay
mnro , Imvlntr n halter on and n lonK Btrno
nttnchcd thereto. A liberal reward will bo
paid for thnnnliiinl's return to the corner ol'
Lowe aud Mercer iivonuos. Chns. .1. Han. .
RTHAYFI ) 2 bay horses 9 yonrs old. woljrhlntr
about 1:00 : pounds eiicti. Itefirn to llolln
V Slovurs , 510 n Kith , Omuhn , Neb. , mid not 10-
tvard , t'50 ' 11
JtVKNTY-FlVEilollnrs * reward. Strayed or
? stolen fiom rcnr of 111 N 17th Pt , n largo
roan horse , about 17 hands lilgh , wclKhln be-
twcen 1,1'COond 1,400 pounds , rcdlsh brown
mane find tall , bind ankle homewhat swollen-
$25 will be paid tor return of nnlmnl to owners ,
nt 110 H Hth st.nnd If stolen the sheriff of Doug
las Co. will pay n re nrd of | 50 for the arrest
and conviction of the thief. 898
FTIAKEN UP Came to the residence of the
-L subscriber In I'nlon precinct. Douglas
county , about flrst of .lulv , a rod heifer white
on under fide of body , part of one horn biokon
supposed to l ) ! 1 ycnrs old , owner Is requested
to prove property , pny charges or she will be
Imposed of Hi'CordlnK to law. Simon llnrts
Irvincton. Nob. ! . 6,13 20. 27
MUS. nritANT Clurivoyant from lloston Is
rnllnblo in nil nlTalri of life , unites popa
rated lovers. : r.n ! ICth 1. P4fisept 3j
T lKbT-CLASS 8 to rage at 110 N Hth ft.
3TOIIAOF. First-class storairn for nice tur-
J nlturo or boxed eoods , atlSU Dodee-tt.
MHS. R. W1NDKH8. lortuno teller , the best
In the city. $1,000 will be paid to party
doing bettor than 1. 408 N. 16tn it. , iip-stnlrs
liS 13 *
TIIK Gate City Employment office , 31414 S.
Ifith street Orders for nil kinds of help
BOllcted. 929
FOIt TUADE Wo hnvn several Rood house ?
and lots that wo will trtidii nt cash prices
for first mortgage paper. These houses nro
now nnd ranifo In prlco from $ . ' 1,000 to 7.VX ) .
1'ork , 1-owler i Kennard,1607 Fnrnnni.
8S3 7
TIIOSK In want of first-class nurses a
bousokeepors can bo supplied frco ol
cherpe by calling on Mrs. J. W. Morrison , 1505
Davenport Bt. U4. " > 7
/"I OOD reliable help of either sex always on
vJ on hand at the Scandinavian Kmploymont
Bureau , 1010 Harimm street. 72J-7J
DO you want boarders and roomers ? Lone
your orders nt 314K ti. 15th s . , Unto City
Itentalofllce. V2
R IELTAHLE Insurnnco , Illackburn & Kennedy ,
318 South 15th st. b70 0
MAONKTIC Healing Modliimioure nil kinds
of sickness In connection with clairvoy
ance of the pnst , present and future. J. H.
Pagcler , North State Bt , mile west of fair
grounds , P. O. box ( TO. 010 a28J
mO kxriiANlR-For ( good family horse" and
X phaeton , 80 acres of Und , ( req from en
cumbrance , within three miles of county seat.
Chas. P. Henjauiln , 1512 Farnnm st. 555
A HE you looking for employment ? Call at
314',4 S. 16th Bt. , the Onto City Employment
office. U2 ! >
/1ASII buyers of furniture , stoves and house-
\J hold goods don't go to the lontr tlmo hl > rh
ptlcod stoics , they go to 117 N 16th. 647 nug7
TO EXCHANGE South Omaha lot free from
encumbrance for span of good horses.
Chns. P. Benjamin , 1512 Farnain st. 5.15
M ONF.V talks lor furnlturo nnd household
goods at 117 N 18th , Your prlco for cash ,
643 nug7
TJTOKRRNT Square Piano $ J montblr.
JD Ho8pe,1613 Ooojlai. Ml
"I71OB IIENT Organs , $3 per month. Home ,
JB 1U3 Douglas. CGI
Ol. C.-Houio furnishing goods , all kinds ;
cash or installment ; lowest prices at J.
Donner , 1316 Douglas st 683
F I OK KENT Mquare flano , tmoDtDlr. .
Hoipe. 1513 DouvUe. 681
FOH SALK Good Singer sowlnir-maohlno. al
most new : very low price. 13HN. 21st st.
151-7 *
_ _ _ _ _
FOR SALK A No. 1 marble top sideboard ,
will sell awful cheap. Address A 4 , Ueo
olllco. U74 8
FOH SALK-Jersey cow , 4 years old , A 1
milker , has calf 2 weeks old. Apply be
tween 0 and 7 p. m. 1707 Cais. 114 8j
FOH SALK Onoof the llnest prhato car
riage teams and family carriages In the
city , party leaving the city. Addrots A 4 , line
olllco. UTU 8
FOH SALK-Good saddle homo , sultablo for
lady W. W. Houston , 100714 Fnrnam st.
tJ7 ) 7J
FOH SALK The furniture and lease of n 2tl
room Hat In the heart of the city. Cheap
rant and long lease , furniture tlrst class Ap
ply to llrown A Lrt-lghton , solo agents. S. K.
cor. 10th and Douglas. 100 7
'ij'OH HALK-A lotof good fresh farm horses
- aand mules at lloman * Terry's stable. 413
S 13th st , U25 b
OH SALB-Uprlght Piano at Great Sacrl-
lice. A prlv.ito party must sacrifice a lung-
nlpccnt 7 * $ octave triplostrung upright piano
ut loss than one-half value. Hare chance to
get a flue piano cheap. Address V ea llee olllco ,
FOH SALK-At a bargain , a 6-room house
with closets and pantry , eto. . lot 25 feet
cast front , 5 blocks south of court bouse. Address -
dress V30 , lice olllco. B2Ua10
IJIOU BALK Furnlturo of 8 rooms with priTl-
-L logo of lease of bouse , 707 6. 14th St.
E1OH SALK-2 horses , 1 for V ) , l for $110.
Call at 911 N. IMhst , between Ciiuimlngs
aud Izanl streets. F. H. Wclss crbcr 106 7 *
FOH SALE-Furniture , good will and lease of
thu best paying small hotel in Oiiiaua ,
Constantly lull of first-class boardort. Prlco
f 1.5DO. Investigate this. J. J > ' , Hammond , 117
8. ICth. _ Tfl9
17IO11 SALE Pug dogs ; flno English pug * and
A Italian Greyhound puppies for sale. For
priced and description , address llox 2CO Topeka ,
U0 J
SALE Horse and wagon suitable for
general lisa Will cell lopnrutrly i ( desired.
Inquire 116 N J tU.
BAtK-Vour choice of the best lnc ! of
buggies , carriage ! , phaetons , surreys , de-
Ivery wnirons , open nd top- ono fln hunting
w icon. Call nn 1 look through or aond for cuts
and price to Columlius llupgy Co. , 1113 Hartley
"irOH SALE or trido-Patont rlght Tbo
-L most practical Invention out. Needed on
ovcry larm and la every household. A llvo
man can net $20 per day In tbo city of Omaha.
Call and BOO tt at 214 S , ICth st Mutual nircncy ,
SALE A now Invention with pntcnt
JU riifht worth J10.000 , will soli for tl.OO ) cash.
Call 813 8 So ; cnth Btrcct city. 922 7J
A HAHlfoppohunlty ollorod by widow lady
2\- ' 1 wo horses , ono Is the hiind ome. high
brrd , fa t trotlor nnd rend horse , Chrstur
Wllkcs , got by Oeorgo WlllifS. sire of Harry
Wllkes. record 214 ; < J , dam Llzzlo llllnker , the
dam of Luco I leming , record of 224'i. In fact
1 Have blspodlgico ; Chester Is a bay gelding ,
15li hnnds hutli , wrlghlng fully 1,000 pounds ,
fi yearn old nnd hns a long flowing mane and
tall nnd Irro from spot or blemish of nuy kind ,
H j Is without exception the most perfect gon-
tlomiin's family nnd road here tn the city ; ho
needs no boots or too weights , has grout car
riage nnd endurance , ilocs not shy or pull : per
fectly mfo for tno most timid person to drlio ;
thcro is as fine n strain of blood In his veins as
cnn bo traced to any trotter of the
ngc. Ho has never trotted for anv
money , BO bus no public record : would
make n valuable horse for rorrt or track pur-
posci : ho sliovod two trials when my husbntnl
purchased him a little over n year airo In 2 : ' < ! i
nnd 2 : B ; > , driven by John Hampton , nt which
tlmo he courod cons'derable , nnd ho Is ns good
uow , If not better , nnd will warrant him to bo
in everyway ns icpioeontod , and to trot n full
mlle In2't0 : , and the tlmo snown purchnsor ;
nlso the handfomp nnd beautiful bay mare
Minnie , 7 rears old : can go out any day nnd
trot in 2:35 : or better : the was fired bv Nut
wood , record of 2l8H : ; I also hold her full pud-
iKrco ; they rniiko mi excellent polo tontn ;
would prefer to sell them to some person In the
pountry that would tflv-i them n seed homo.
Would allow n responsible party n trial of 30
rtoys , to test their speed nnd driving qualities.
1 will wnrrnnt them In ovcry particular ns rep
resented , or I will pny expenses both coming
nnd going. The prlco of the two Is $750 , or you
can have your choice for $401 : that Is not near
ns much us either ono cost. For further Information
mation cull at my residence , 3123 Wabnsh av. ,
Chleauo , III. 108 8J
FOH SALE Carpets nnd furnlturo. and
house lor rent , 113S. 'Jin ! between Doug-
Ins and llodiro. 414
S NAP Fiinnturo nnd lease of 9 room" , 3
uloclis trom P. O. 11. li Colo.flinS IBtli.
( - 3l'.i ' |
BEPTbURKlos nt Orummond * Co's.
Surreys and cubrioleta
Clarkson cnrts.
Phaetons , Itockawnys.
Dollvrrv WHirnns , now nnd old ,
Fpcond-hand bu Kl < " : .
\Vm. H. Urumraond & Co. . builders , 1315 liar-
ncy Pt. 121 n'J
FOIl SALK Curloiul of Oregon horses and
ponlo * , brolton to rldo , cnti bo Peon nt
Furuy's IliirnZ5W Cumins St. 701 7 *
TflOH BAI.i : Ono six-foot uprluht blncK wal-
JL nut show case , Milton Hover * .V . on. 909
TJUII SA1K Oil nnd pasollno wntron , tonra ,
I. harness and route. Call bet. 12 nnd 1 at
1413 DodKO. 815
FOH SALE Spun flno matched bay driving
horses. C. F. Harrison , 418 316th St.
UrANTliO A ( Ompotrnt bookkeeper ( cilthcr
sox ) , a ptcnoirriiMhor and typewriter pro-
fcrred. A 18 , lice office. 1M-7 *
WANTED An ciicrcetlc n.nn to travel us
partner In tnn licst pnylni ; li.isinefS on tlio
road. fl'O cneh required. Money well secured.
Ull'J Slotli Bt. 160
rANTKD Young man out of employment
to make from $1 to $5 a day liM'J ' S 15th
l.V )
WANTED Salesmen : flvo trnvollnnr Jules
men ; salary nnd expenses : no experience
necessary. Address with stump. Palmer ft Co.
Wlnona , Minn. 1:17 : *
WANTHD Ily a wholesale piilnt iinil ( fill's
house , n boy in or 17 years of HRO to
make himself nenurallv useful. Addro s In
own handwriting , stntlnir salary cznoclod und
. ( - Ivlnsr roforenccs , P. O. box fli , City. 142- :
rANI'ED Cook , male or female. Good
wages , 101 N. nth st. 141 r
"YVANlF.D-Ajrcnts who have had lots 4 and
( ! , block 8. Plulnvlow , listed nt ftl.CiOO to
withdraw ttio same at that price , M. 11. Com-
itoek. 148-K *
W ANTP.D-Mon lor railroad work. Al
bright's Labor Agency , 1120 Farnnm.
WANTKD Solicitors , unmodlatoly , for clfy
work. Oood paying buslnesa. Apply ,
n. 32 , Planter's house , DS4 7J
W ANTKD Itollroad laborers for Dnkotn ,
Moore's Employment agency , f03(8.10tli.
WANTRD Salesmen , a now invention
needed in o very house ; 300 per cent com
mission or n good salary to right parties. Ad
dress with stamp for terms the Weaver Manufacturer
facturor , 34 N State St. , Chicago , III. 734sl *
W ANTKD A boy to take care of home for
his bonrd and school privileges , ( lood
homo for the right boy. It. li. Wallace , lice
office , ! ) to 11. W7
\\fANTKD-Twcnty-tlve laborers on Omaha
V > CTtonslon Chicago & North Nebraska
Hallway , tour miles west of Fort Omiino.
Wages $ i.OO per day. C. P. Treat , Contractor.
W ANTKD 2 experienced feed boys on
small presses. To those who can makii
rnndy good wages paid , Hoes Printing Co. , 1015-
112 South Hth btroct. l 77
W ANTKD Harbor. Steady job for tlrst class
man nt 711 S. 28th bt. Also the best payIng -
Ing Bhop in the city for sale. Inquire nt above
number. IkoS. Hall , W. 7J
WANTED A young mnn well nciunlnted In
town to solicit joti work , Oood wnccs
for the right pnrty. Omaha Post , 1120 Cnpito W'fl 7 *
WANTED A young man who understand
book keeping thoroughly , nnd Is cnpablo
to do collecting for which ho can give security ,
Best references required. Address A. 3 , lieu
office. IM3 7
\\7ANTKD Oood carpenters. Apply corner
T > 20t U and Wool worth ave. Fred Smith.
ll'J ' 8
WANTED A few men of business qualifica
tions cnn flnil employment as solicitors ,
wais ( . ' 50 per day , nt Mrs. Uregn \ Son , 1C in p.
office , ilins. 1.1th. 77S8J
WANTED 50 trackmen for Wyoming , blir
wairos nnd good Job. Albright's Labor
Ajrenoy , 1120 Farnain street. 117
WANTED At once , 3 coat inaknrs and 2
pants makers. Address M. llor.loldt ft
Son , So ward , Nob. 78 J S
\7PANTEI-A solicitor. Apply to Omi
T > TowolCo.,211 S. llth st. 070 7J
V\7ANTED"A boy with horse to carry a route
T > on the Uvenlng lieu in the soutn part of
town. 146
WANTED-A yoiinjr lady apprentice 10
learn art embroidery , at 201C llnrncy.
WANTED-An experience 1 housekeeper ,
white woman preferred. Apply between
5 nnd 6 p. m. , 101 N Hth St. , Lulu Itogors. 131
WANTED Good girl to do general house-
Work. Apply n w cor. California and
80th. 733
\ \ , ANTED-Al 1808 Dodge st. 2 good waiters
TT at $1 per week. Broiij
Vl'ANTKO-dlrl to do general house work.
Inquire at2115South llthst , ? 07 10 *
_ _
WANTKD-Oirl for general house work. In
quire 620 South 1'Jtli. 711
\VANTKD-llntton-holo makers , 1112 Far.
' nam. tU7 7j
WANTIID-Qood lady cook , 2 dlnlnp-room
room iclrla. I laundresi , at Omaha rest -
t unint , COtN. 10th st. "KJ 7J
of a Hrst-clftfs peams-
tress for thno weeks who will take part
remuneration lu board. Address at once A
13 Ueo olhco. _ U'Q 7J
WANTED Ladj- canvasser at ICO'J Howard
8t 103 12
VirANTKD-rirst-classglrU for all kinds of
T worn , free of ciiariro , at Mrs. J. W.
Morrison , IMo Davenport Bt. 844 7
\\'ANTCD A ( ? oed cook and a second itlrL
Tt Apply to SOJ4 ChloaBo street. H13 7
WANTED-Solleltors , immediately , for city
work. Uood paying business. Apply.
H. 32 , Planter's homo. _ 9H 7J
\\7ANTBD-A cook nt Oakland hotel. Button ,
TT Neb. Must have references ; ladv pre
ferred. _ 873 10J
WANTBD-Chmnbormald for Colo. , 20 ;
Iaundr8 9 and cook for same bouee.dlsa-
washer and illnlnir room itlrls forsamo house ,
a glrU for ptlrato famillos , no washinir. $5 a
woek. lOdlnlnw room jflrls , I ulrls to brio In
kltclipiis , 5 women cooks for boardlnir houfes ,
lauiidrris for private family , 2 polishers , one
second ctrl , and 25 Klrls for housework. Girls
wantlnir work at irood wa < es ciii always nnd
employment at Mrs. IX llretia & tSon's,3Itl S 1Mb.
\\7ANTED-Two nlrU at Doran house. 424 8
18th st , , near Bu Uary't are. W4
\\'A\Tii-9ltui : lortbyiTrocertr clerk with
TT three years tuporienco. Address A. 17 ,
Her. V II 11J-7 *
\ VANTKOSltilitl Idl with a rcliRlilo firin by
T T a man of lorut biisnc | 9 ( ' .tporluncc , nnd
Is willing to RO on trial for thirty days without
pny. Ilc t of references address A 12 , Hco
olllco , city. 1J9-7J
WANTED A jnunulady 1 ? , refined and tal
ented , Is de rouK of feourliiB employment -
mont In jorao musical capacity , Kxvolient
rrferenc § . Addre's A if , , Hep olllco. 130 9J
\ \ rANTllTSltuarioii.riady : will a slst In
T T light botuo worK and irlvo piano lessons
In return tor a.homo with a Kood American
family. Address A7.Hoo oniee. 10412
WANTIJD Hy botnpctcnt rcplstcred drilir-
tiift B situation In city store. Address V
72 Hco olllcu. t'3.1 ' 7
\\7ANTKD-8ltuatlons Hellablo help fur-
T T uMiod free as as bookki'rpors.collcotors ,
gen. otlico clerk ? , porters , janitors , coiichm h ,
i cam Morn , ctiKlrtcors , llrt'im'n.drupj.1't.liaKors ,
barbers , etc. Apply to the Mutual employment
AKcncy. 211 Sotllli liltli St. upstairs. V > ( js jj
WANTED-Situations for book-keepers , col
lectors , Rcnoral oillce clerks , watchmen ,
porters , oiiBlnoers , firemen , coachmen , team
sters , bakers , bather * , \e , Apnly to .Mutual
I mploymunt AKCHC.V , 214 South 10th st , up-
stulrs. 111 1 f J
" \\rANTKD-A man SI jcars old , wrll-known
TT in the city , wishes n position where ho
can maKe USD of his horse nnd buggy. Address
A 1 , llctolllcc. . l'027J '
WANTHD those wnntlnir help or sltun-
lions as Rpncral oflico clerks , assistant
bookkeeper , collectors , I'litrltu-iTS llrouion ,
watchmen , portcM , Janitors , coachmen , teams-
sters , bartcndrs , etc. Apply to the Mutual
1 mploymcnt aircncv,214 8 ICth st. , up-talis.
\\"ANriJD Situation as nrchltect's or penT -
T T eral clerk , or irood truvollnir nfrency.
.Moderate salary accepted. Kirst-cl.iss tcstl-
tnonlalsand ipfcroncos. Address. Alfred Ili-ck ,
care of John II. Lloy , West Hill , I'lalto Co.Nob.
WANTnil Situation as collector by mar
ried man well acquainted In the city ;
good references. A 14 lice oftitc. 122 J
\\AN'Iin--tS,6'0 ; for ono year , Have 1m-
T proved property in Omaha that ptij'8 10
per rent on a * 45,00 < l valuation , that Is Inuiim-
tiered for f 10COO.HlKivo Pi'cond mortKano
as collateral. Addrcns fcttttlng Interest ro-
ilillicd. A6 , Heoollico. VSO
\\7ANTP.l ) -Hoom nnd board Avlth pil\ato
T T family , In first-elms neighborhood. Address -
dress , atatlntr terms , A 10 , Hco olhcu. 15 7 *
\\7ASTIJD Hoard and lodr"i ( T or loduliur for
> T u single gcntlonmn. Addrcssboz A 24 ,
lloo onice. liU 8
WANTKIl Any ono wishing male help of
anv kind have the Biitnu furnished
rco. Lot us know what you want either by
word or letter. IBth st Kmployment ollicu 2.0
N 10th St. 127 7j
WANTHD-Wo have plenty of irood helpsuch
iih cooks , it iris for hotelsrc5taui ants , hoard
nu IIOIIBCS , private families , aowlnirc. . Also
men for ah kinds of work Those In want of
liclp will do w ell to leave orders with us. Those
nautili'- positions should apply to ICth street
mploymunt onico.-'J N. 10th St. 128 7 *
AXJANTKD Information of the whoro-
TT ubouts of ( jeorce Cohlcn , from South
ChlcaKO , 111. He left Ms homo on May 28th for
bt. I'aul About four weeks IIKO he Ion that
place lor Minneapolis. It is thought that ho Is
: > r wns In Omaha. Any information ol him
will be thankfully received by AllcCohlon , 1 * .
) . box ( ill fouth Chlcafo , III. Will state inipprs
iloa-o copy. 131 12 *
W ANTKD Torentlby Sopt. 1st good Rovt-n
or L'lKht-ionm Ijou-so near car linn. Ad
ilrcss J. I ) . Hlanchard , 2204 rarnuin strcut.
162 H
WANTF.D-Ho.1nl Iind room In n prlv.ito
family , bv U frnntli > man and nife without
chlldi en li. C. , I' . O. box 180. 102 7
W-ANTUD To leasq , a brink yard In rnnnln ?
order , ori-Touiid suitable for opening u
yard. Address A , llt'O olhco. 113 7J
V\7ANTiD : Hoommntc for larpo front room
TT and alcove In privatu family ; best locn-
lon. In center of oltv ; references roiiio | ted.
Address A U , Hue ollicu. 'J'.U IOJ
W ANTKD To tent , > cpt. 1 or thereabouts ,
at least 10 room IIOIIM' , with furnace ana
bath room. Address by letter H. II. llodiros.
2vW St. Mary's avo. 108 7J
W ANTKD Ono of the larBest manufactur-
mjr concerns In this country can use n
few moiogood solicitors in thlscitv or state.
Tncxccptionrble retcrences roiiulred. Exper
ience not cKFOntlal. Salary and commlKslon
Address V M ) , Hco oflico. G63 IOJ
VN ANTED Pupils In English branches
and music , n , w. corner 1Mb und Farnnm.
7J5 si *
W ANTED-A few boirders nt 1720 Dodge st.
Hefercncos requested. 701
FOIt HE.NT. 22-room hotel , good location
UNO years lease , furnlturo for saloon easy
terms. 18-roora house , $2 , ; K ) worth of furni
ture for $1,50J , 2 eight-room houses. 12-room
house , f 1.200 worth of fuiiiltu-u for t nO , il-room
brick il'it , unfiiinWied 11-room ( Int. unfur-
nlshed , T10 , n loom house for rent at 1'JUSoutli
13ih St. Co-Operntlvo Lund imd Lot Co , 201 N ,
ICth St. 151 0
10H HKNT-WlnTow and part or half o"f
store. 1420 DodfO St. 128 7
TJIOH HEST A H room lint on Howard Btroef.
EnqUlicnlOSlBth. 9J3 f
F .OH . HE\T 10 room hoiibOat'.MlO Pierce at
For terms apply on premises. 741
OHHCNT-Fino new brick house ; have ill
modern conveniences. 2JO N.l'.ltn ' .
7CO 8J
F OH KENT 3 room cottairo on lnt and Pnul
streets. Inquire ntC17 South 13th street
FOH HKNT A three-room house on 24th
Btroct , south of Leavcnnorth , A. P
Tukcy.iigont , 1121 Farnnm st KV5
FOH HUNT Hou c. Furnlturo for Bale.
10 room house 5 blocks Irom opera houso.
Fiirnltuie for Bnlo on verv low terms Cause
of removal sickness. Address Y60 , Hco olHco.
FOK IIENT 5 elegnnt brick store rooms on
Fork men no , opposite park. Will be com
pleted in .B ilnys. Apply on the premises Irom
U to 12 n. in. A. 11. Flush. U7H
FOH KENT Nlcofi room house.2th St. , ono
block train two car linos. F. K. Darllnir,41U
S. lath. 08.J 7
FOH KENT 3 room cottage. No. 101S Sout
IHIIi , near Ploico. 'J7 ' 7J
FOH KENT A tlrst-clnss ten-room houso. ex
cellent location , cast of high school. Will
soil a part of the turnituro If desired. Address
F. C. M. , euro 1510 Dodge street. JUo 7 *
FOH HF.NT llriok house of seven rooms ,
cellar , cistern and barn , largo lot contain
ing fruit , n bargain to the right party , uood
tornn. Inquire No H-S N 17th at. 9JO 7J
"ijlOll KENT Elegant brick residence , 10
-L1 rooms , modern conveniences. Inquire
Morse & Hrunner , 1605 Farnnm fit. O2't
FOH KENT ! ) room lint with all modern con
veniences. Furnlturo , good as now , for
Bale cheap. Wood .V f.'o. , HOiJ-H Capitol two. C99
FOH KENT Two large new stores and two
tlalsof flvoroonn each. City water und gas.
On Saunders St. O..W. Cain , SfM Ohio st HU
FOH IIENT New store and living rooms on
Cumtngst nonrSaundera st. Apply Har
ris Henl Estate & , Loata Co. . 320 S. 15th st , KS3
FOK KENT 6-rooin nrlck Hat near I * . O. : 3
unfurnished rooms , f 10 ; 50-room houso.
now making $150 per mo. Co-oporatlvo Land
mid Lot Co. , 201 Nltlth Bt. 'J41 7
FOH IIENT House , flvo roomi , largo lot. do-
sirublo locatlon371U ' Decatur it , $2.1 pur
month. U. G. Walhico , room8iCroig ! bton blk.
FOH KENT New 6-room house 1 1-4 miles
south of IVO. bet 20lh and 21st sts , $18 per
month. Clurkson , Wood A Co. , Ills B. 15th.9M
FOH HEN I'Harn tultablo for four horses.
Inquire at 617 S,13lh st. 611
IOil HEVT StablH near Farnam and 17th
i1 at Kooms 1 and2 , Omaha National bank
T/OIt KENT Five room house , east side 27th
X1 st. third house bouth of Dodge , f 17. .1. H.
Hlngwalt , 218 South 15th. 723
FOH IIENT A 5 room cottage near cnr lino.
Ilallou Ilros , 1510 Douglas. 493 Z'J
FOH KENT On N W cor 15th and Vlnton , 2
stores,20x50.11 rooms upstairs , suitable
lor families or roomers. Call ut premise ! oren
on M. Donovan , 233TS 13th st. 893
OH KENT New 10-roora bouso ; all im-
provt-inents , steam beat. C. W. & O. E.
Thompson. 314 B. 15th it 1000
FOH HENT Office space on ground floor at
1MW Farnain. Apply In r ear office. J. &
Hjchardson- _ 602 a'iO
ClOH KENT Store room suitable for grocery
J- ' f tore or butcner shop , on tbo southwest
corner of 7th auil Pacltlo streets. 074
/1HOIOE I.ol for I.CIKO. Southeast corner
J 4 > xbVi' Lravenworth nnd Park avo. , or will
build to suit tenant. Hobble Urol. r A3
pcntlotnon cnn secure board and room
JLIn iirlvato family , centrally located. J2S
cnch. IloforcncM' 61S North 17tli fct. 157 7 *
FOiriir.NT-Eleirn7itlj furnl lied front room ,
ulth fr ) < t-clnes bonrd. Terms uiodcrato.
2J11 Hint st. 132
OH HF.NT-Furnlshcd rooraj , 152J Jackson
1710H HENT-Furnl hed room N. E. cor. 10th
-i. " nnd St. Mnrj's nve. MM. Wnllnco. 140-0 *
I neil HENT-Onices with nil conveniences.
1 Frank J. HaiiiKo. 14.VI )
FOH HF.NT Two nicely furnished rooms nt
2118 Hurt st. 14l > .
POH KENT Furnished room , with board.
2713 Lcnvrnworth st IH.
FOH HENT-Froiit"sittllig nnd bed room , 417
N. 14th St. 971
FOH KENT Nicely furnished Inrto nnd
small rooms , 111 S. I'-th. . ' ! 7J
FOIt KENT Furnished trout room or n suit
of two rooms with board If desired. 117 8
17th st. 58Ti 9j
FOH HENT Elegantly furnished , rooms Bin-
gloor rnsitite , wltli use of bath ; olectrlo
bells In every room. First class restaurant at-
Inched , at Norns European hotel , corner Iflth
nHd _ Webster. C6n _
FOIt HENT Fiirnlshoil rooms , slnglo or vn
ciilto , pas , bath and every convenience ,
2207 Douglas. 813 U |
"I71OH HUNT Two neatly furnished rooms ,
Jvery dcslruhlo location , private family.
Also room for two or three nlco table boardnis.
S. E. coiner Twentieth nnd Farnam. 411 aU *
FOH HENT-A nicely furnished room at"ill
St. Mnry'anvc. 421
FOH KENT Furnished rooms with ( ivory
convenience. 2020 St. Mary's nvo. ! Ul
FOH KENT Furnished plonsant , cool Iront
room with three south wlmlows nnd largo
closet , 1714 California.
Hall of ltd tloor for rent , between 12th and
13th on Farnnm. C. F. Gardner , furnaces and
Mo\us , 719 N. 16th.
ll'iod diy storajro for a few mnro stoves , nnd
will put them up in fall. C. F. Gnrdnur , 719 N.
lOlh. 311
I OK HENT Furnished room * , tinth nnd
modern coincidence's. 401111511111 ,
Mil 7J
FOIl HENl' Newly furnished south front
room , nil convenience ? , prlvnto family ,
Inqnl ut 2100 Farnam St. KT5 7
171OH KEN 1' Ono nicely furnished front
loom for 1 or 2 gentlemen. Prlco very
reasonable. Apply nt 2C10 Capitol nvo. U09 8J
POH KENT Furnished rooms , 712 South Iftli
street. 854
FOH KENT Handsomely furnished fron
room , 1718 Dodge St. V49
7HH HKNT A nice largo front room , nil
. modern Improvements and nicely furnished
601 S 20th st. 213
HKNT Hooms with bonrd. 504 sflKthT"
7SJ BUg 12 *
71OK KENT A r.erman family would like to
- rent a furnlehod room to 1 or 2 stonily
young men , 512 S. 20th. n 4 7J
FOH HBNT-.NL-OIV . furnished room for n
gentlomnn. 1412 NS8tn fit. 791 8J
POH HENT Largo front parlor with oay
window , and nlcove , also other rooms with
nodorn conveniences at 1321 Fnrnam st , ono
block west of court house. t < 24
POH KENT-Offlce room JIO per month , 2nd
I1oor. 310 S. 15th st. 4tO :
"C10H HENT Three nlco unfurnished rooms
ntllfll ninth . 815 7j
FOH KENT Olhcos nt Ifila Fnrnnm st. Ap
ply to Patterson & Moore , Omaha National
bnnk. 2tU
FOH HENT Pleasant furnished room nt6'17
Pleasant Bt. ! 55 7
FOIt HKNT I'mnifhod room in Greunlg blk ,
cor 13th and Oodiro st. Inquire of Davis &
llcthcrlnvton , MIMard Hotel Hilllard room. 291
OH HF.NT FurnUhod rooms and parlors
with all modern conveniences. 701 Soiub
IStnst. 788 7 *
Foil HENT. Nicely furnished rooms for
families or single person. 714 N. 19th Street.
TTIOK KENT Dpslrable furnished room for
-L' gonl lemon nt 8JU Howard st. *
FOR HENT A largo front room In now
house hi'.th , nnd latest modern improve-
inents , 1018 Webster stieet. 122
FOH HENT Desk room. Fronzcr bloek , room
3. 978 7
FOK HENT 3 furnished rooms. 713 S. 19th
street , 1 block south St. Mary's nvo. 972 7 ]
ToH HENT Koom and bonrd nt 219 N. 13th st
JD 9817 *
FOH IIENT- Two nicely furnished front
rooms , 10.1 N. 18th bt. UCO 7J
FOR HENT-Two furnished rooms en suit
nnd ono slnglo room. 2028 St Mary's nvo
118 8J
: HKNT-Furnished rooms. 1707 Cass.
HENT Finely furnished rooms , with excellent -
collent board , on cnr line , 1718 Caps at , 10
ir.lnutL'B from postolllco. IIP 10 ]
TjlOH KLXTFurnlohcd rooms. J8 to $14. t-00
South 22d. VM 8 *
TjloTt KEST NTcery tunilshed fronTroom.JH ,
Jbplemlld lu'lirliborliood. Address A 8 , Ileo
onico. 1191 7
FOH Hl'.NTrooms : ; sultablo for house
keeping , Eouthwost cor. 21st And Nicholas
St. 59.1
FOH KENT -Furnished rooms in ( iriienlg
block , cor 13tn and Dodgo. Davis & Hethor-
ington , Millard hotel blllnrd room. 839
POH HUNT Furnished rooms , 1812 bodro.
78(1 (
FOH HENT Part of office room. Inquire at
1212Dou/rlaS8t. / 913
17KK ) KENT Furnished rooms 1815 Dodgo.
< 631
FOH KRNT-Nlccly furnished room , IG23
Dodge. 119
FOH HENT I'Icasant slnvlo or double room
All modern conveniences. Cheap to gents
only. 211 823d st near Farna'ii. 953 7
FOH HF.NT Three rooms ulablo for Ilgh
housekeeping Cor. 7th nnd 1'acllc. En
qnlro at IU7 s l.itn. 954
FOH HFNT-Furnlshcd room 1818
bt. 8&2 sept &
TTUDK HENT Largo front room furnished for
J-1 gentlemen , ground tloor ; maple tree * ;
grass ; pavement ; street cars every llvo min
utes. t-09 Howard st. Also rooms furnished
and unturnlslicd for light housekeeping. l > 21
FOH HENT-Plcaannt turnlshod rooms , IfilD
Dodge. 9JO llj
FOH HENT Ono nltoly furnlshod roomfirst
tloor , gentlemen only. 1701 Capitol nvo.
917 8J
FOH HENT Furnished rooms with board ,
1903 , Farnam. CM ( ill *
"IjTOK HENT Finnlshod front rtom , near car
-i ? line at corner of Dodge and 24th street * .
Inquire of A. H. Comstock 152J arnam st.K18
FOH HENT Newly furnished room. All
conveniences. Pilvata family. Near busi
ness. 1013 Capitol ave , 371 7 *
FOH HENT-Furnlshod room with board for
Kontlnman ; roteroncca required. 1724
Douglas street. 703-8 *
FOH HENT-Newly furnished room , bonrd if
desired , 1720 Dodge st . 704
FOH HENT 4 or 8 unfurnished rooms , suita
ble for block from court
house , on lllth street , between St. Mary's avo.
and llnrnov st , modern conveniences , liefer-
cnccs required. M. F.Martin , ownor. Hi-l
> OH KENT Furnished room , 102) ) Dodge ,
FOH HENT Sulto of 4 nlco rooms sultablo
for housekeeping , references required ,
llth st , Just north of bt Mar/s avo. Water ,
sewer connections , gas , folding doors &c. 594
FOH HENT The largest store room in town.
Inquire at the Argus olllco , Albion. Nob.
401 KCP 13
FOIl KENT Suite of furnished rooms for
gentlemen , A. Hospo , Jr.,315 N. 17th.
FOH HENT Desirable cool rooms with board
In private family ; pleasant homo , modern
conveniences , terms reasonable , 635 I'limsiint
tt | BJ4 HJ
HENT-Nlcely furnished looms , to gentlemen -
tlomon only,220 N. leth bt. . lloom 8. 948
FOR HENT Wuro room cor. 14tQ and Cull.
Ifornta on Belt Line , lor particulars en
quire at Union Nbt bank. 164
FOH KENT Elegant suite of rooms , refcron-
ces required , ltK17 Douglas et 197
"IjlOH HENT Furnl'ihed rooms , en suite , In
-I ? private family , modern conveniences ,
Apply to Ltaho & Leslie , 18th and Dodge HIP.
FOH nEN"J-Nlcely furnlihod room.
Dodge tt. 19
T ) F.JUlDELlNnhcFXposltlon couii-ols " ( Is
JVto move very toon. If you want to
rent it 6-room house , n tl-room homo ( new ) , n
i-ramti hotiiu , all coinenlent to street curs and
to city.
Or to buy n house on monthly payment ! * , or
to secino the cheapest lot now olforcd In
Iliuiseom place ,
Kountro place ,
Shull's addition ,
Hartlctt's addition.
Ami n number of oxtraor.litary oders-on
Lowe avenue , Dodge street , Loavonworth , oto. ,
rail nt your earliest convenience , John M.
WeMiaus .V Co. , lloom 2 , Exposition building.
Hours nt ollcc,9 ! to 11 a. m. , 4 to U p. m.
154 7 *
1" OOK nt our list fortfood thlnus every Sun-
. 'day. Alexander .V ilrlgham. 140J Dodge st ,
Mngnlllcent bulldlni.Mto In llanncom Place.
2.V ) feet east front by 150 foot deep , $ : o,000 ! cor
ner Virginia avenue.
Neat little , homn in Improvement association ,
7-room house , 12,100 ; rents for $ il per month ;
good Investment.
M toot frontngo on Sixteenth street , Sulphur
Springs addition , $ . ' ,700 ; easy time ; look at
this ,
4 choice lots , Popploton park ! easy terms ;
party going oust
Splendid corner , Lowe's addition , 120 foot
south front ; $3'H ) ; easy terms.
3 bargains on Hurt street , near Sncred Heart ;
Motor line gnln * by.
140 foot frontage on Lonvonvvorth street , $00
per foot ; only this week.
Flnu south front In DcnUe's addition ; $2,500
Splendid homo In Himobangh place , house 10
rooms : all Improvements , W feet south front ;
Konnt7o plncotots.
Something handsome In .Torome park.
Two beautiful homcx In Ilnnscom place.
Choice acres In Solomon's addition.
Corner In Omahix Vlow oitunslon , 100.\120 ,
$2.700 ; easy terms.
Half block In Clovcrdnlo ; beauties.
A very pretty homo in Shull's tecoiul nddlt ton ;
$0.500. _ 15J-7
_ _
\VF.rnti8o for a , towilnyi only
Lot lOil niso's addition for ftl3X )
I.o 171 GIsoV addition , $ ff,30D.
niockl Hayd's addition , $ < * .1lJ. . .
One-third cash , bnlnnoii 1,2 and 3 > cars.
Homlngton A MoCormlck. 220 Soutn 15th it
_ irO
A NH 'E S-room cottage , ono block from oar
1 tics , on very ongy terms , lot 50x121 F. K.
Darling , 4lfiS. 15th st. IW2 7
_ _
XTOTIl'E to rnnl o tito aponts. Heal o tate
-L ngcnta are lioti-by notified to withdraw
from snlo August 1,1th , block * 11 and in In
Sohlcslnuor's addition , which adjoins the Pat
rick tarm. / . T. Lindsoy. 900
BARGAINS extraordinary Cornur and
240 foot fiont on South ICth Bt. nt $75 per
front foot. Onoof the most beautiful full lots
In Walnut Hill worth $1.200 ; lor sale for $900 ;
$460cnah. J. F. Hammond , 117 8 10th. 70'J
A FEW bouses nnd lots for silo nt $1,000 , $100
en Mi. balance small monthly payments. F.
K. Darling , 410 S. 15th. 982 7
F OH RALE-Or trade , 25 lots in the western
pint of Omaha near the Henson car line ,
price J400 each , $250 due on contracts payable
in 8 quarterly payments , will trade Interest in
contracts for Nubrasxit land. MoCulloch .V Co. ,
160U Farnam st. 1000
IF you want to buy , sell or trade , call on L. V.
Crum,120N 15th Bt.
lOu lots 'i of a mile of U. P. depot
for snip or trade.
U room house for rent Two 10-roora houses
f or rent , ealo or trade. Idlswlldo. Hy
816 L V. Crum,120N 15th St.
FOK BALE A cornnr lot , south front In Or
chard Hill , for $ m James Stockdnle , 113
N. Kith bt. 771 8
FOH SALE 3 bouses with lease on ground.
Cheap for cash. 813 S. Seventh stirct.
i H24 7J
FOIt SALE-50 No , 1 farms within a radius of
2U miles of OmatiH , Alsr. a tow good busi
ness chances in two lira towns. J. H. Sllrls ,
'teal Estate and Loan Agent , Elkhorn , Neb.
679 A up 8
A SNAP-Lot 1 , block 2. Lake ndd , roinor
19th mid Ohio. 01x140 , east front. $ J.750.
$13.1 cash , balance easy. Active Hcul L'stnto
nnd Property cxclinnpo , 1524 Dodge st. 941 7
fj > OH SALE Corner lot on Virginia nvo with
JP two good houses , cheap at 57,00) . Terms
sy. Houses rent for $70 per month. S. S.
Campbell , 310 S. 18th Bt Chamber of Com
merce. 273
EASTEHN Nebraska farms to exchange for
Omaha property. Patterson & Mooio ,
Omaha National Dank. 643
LOTS 17,18 nnd 10 , block 14 , Clifton Hill : 19 is
a corner and fronts south on Military ava ,
$1.000 , $11,10 cash , bnl. caay. James Stocudale ,
113 N. ICth st 8fc7 10.
IrOR SALE-tS.10 will buy 40xl27tf feet south
front , In I-owo's llrst addition. Apply on
premises , Decatur street between 34th and
Mthscs Frank Fiala. 9I211J
6o4 ! loot on St Mary's avp. and 26th , splendid
property for llats. F. 1C. Darllng,4Ul S. 16th
st. 987
BARGAINS Wo hnvu for Bale several dwell
ing houses nnd lots in good locations ,
which wo oiler on easy terms , nt low prices.
Jackson & Nat > on , 1815 1-arnam st. (122 8
SPECIAL Uargnins-House rooms , barn ,
etc. , all new , Donlse's addition , $ I,70J ,
$1,000 cash , balance good time.
Four 4-room nouses In Lowe's addition , now ,
$1,500 each , $20. ) cash , balance to suit.
House 5 rooms , barn , full lot. Vales & Heed's
subdivision , $2,500 , $760 cash , balance to
Two lots , on corner. Grand View , nlco build
ing Bltn , f'J.000 , ' 4 cash , balance long tlmo.
_ H H Hall A Co. ll.t North 16th st 837
FOH SALE Ono million acres of land In Ne
braska. Speculator's lands.railroad lands ,
ranches , and farms In all partn of the
state. Send for pamphlet containing descrip
tion and prlco of over one thousand farms. A
flue topographical mapof tde state lent frco
upon application. E. H. AndniB , for 10 years
Cen'l Land Agent H. V M. It. It Eighth and P
Btroets , Lincoln. Nebraska. 240
rnio is riucqciivTXD WITH TIIK oroamruT or rmi
The Great Rock Island Route"
Guarantees speed , comfort , certainty and safety. Its
permanent war IsdlstlnKuUlirdrurltseieellenco. Its
LrlJfcs are of ctono and Iron. Its track Is of sollit
steel , Us rolling stock perfect. Itspabscneurequliim nt
ha * Millie safety appliance * that ciperlrnco has proro I
uieful , and for luxurious accommodations la uiuar-
liasted. Its Kiprem Trains conslut of snix > rlor Uij-
1'ullman 1'ataco 1'arlorand .
Coaches , elefant tiUcpt.iif
Cars , superb Ulnlng Cars , prorldlns ; delicious meals ,
and ( between Chicago nnd 8t. Joscpb , Atchlson and
Kansas Cltj ) restful Reclining Chair Cars. Its man
agement Is conservative , It * discipline exacting.
"The Famous Albert Lea Route" Chicago and Minneapolis and .St. I'aul Is the
farorltr. Over this line bolld Fast Kxprcss Trains nm
dally to attracted roiorts for tourists In Iowa and
Minnesota , and , Tla Watt rtoun andbloux Kails , to the
rich wheat and ifrailnf lands of Interior Dakota. Via
Feneca and Kankaken , Ida llock Island offers superior
Inducements to trailers IK t ween Cincinnati , Indian ,
apolis. LafitjettM and Council IIlutTs , ht. Joreph , Atchl
son , Leavenworth , Kansaj < Mty , ht. I'aul , and Interme
diate points All patrons ( especially ladlts and chil
dren ) n celre protection , courtesy and klndlj attention ,
Fur tickets , maps , folders , copies of Wei tern Trail , or
any desired Inlorinatlon , apply to principal offices la
the United States and Canada , or address , at Chicago ,
I. R. CABlf , E. ST. JOHN , I. A. HOltROOl ,
f ltaO 1fcMIl. ! AH10 < ulMuarr. Otb.71l.4ri. * . Act
Illds will bo received by tha board of public.
lands and buildings at any tlmo before August
IB , 1847 , nt 2 p. m. , for donations for the location
for the "Nebraska Industrial Home. " Usual
rlKhts r M > rvud. Ily order of K.I Id board.
July SO , Ir47. ( I. L. LAWS , Secrclury.
' Ju29d-
llunnlnir Hulwron Cotitipll muffs and South
Oniiilut. In addition to the stations mentioned ,
trains stop lit Twentieth ami Twenty-fourth
Btrootsnnd nt the Summit in Umabn ,
Omaha ,
The only road to take for Des Molnes Mar-
shalltoun , Cedar Hni > ld , Clinton , Dlxnn. Chica
go , Milwaukee nnd all polnt.s euRt. To the people -
plo of Ncbrnskn , Coloiado , Wyoming , utnh.
Idaho , AcviuU , Oicgon , Washington , nnd Cull ,
fornln , It ollns superior advniitagcs not possl-
bio by nny other line.
Among a few o'tlio numerous points of su
periority enjoyed by the patrons of this road
I'Ttwcen Omnhn and C'dcago.aro ' Its two train *
a day of DA V COAUHES , which are the Hnesl
that human art and Inpoiinliy can creuto. IU
PALAOCESLEKI'INO OAKS , which mo model *
of comtort und oleganco. Its PAHLOH ItllAW-
1NJ HOOM CAKS , unsurpassed liy nny. and lt <
widely celebrated PALATIAL DINING CAItS ,
the equator which cnnnotlio found elsowhora
At Council Illuirsthc trains of the Union Pnclflo
Hy. connect In Union Depot with these of the
Chicago ft Nortliuestcrn Hy. In Chicago the
trains of this Hue iniiku close connection with
those of nil ea'torn lines.
For Detroit. Columlius , Indianapolis. Cincin
nati , Nlagaia Falls , Iliitlalo , I'litetmiirToronto ,
Montreal , lloston , Now York , Phlladolphla ,
Ilnltlmore , Washington and all poluts in the
cast , ask for a ticket tin the
If you wish the host accommodation , All ticket
agents soil tickets via this lino'
tienl. Manager , Ccnl. Puss'r Agent
Chicago , 111.
Wesurn Agent , Pity Pnsi'r Agent ,
O mail a Nobingku.
Proposals tor Scaled Bids ,
TlHi : School Hoard of South Omaha will re-
colvo scaled tilds for the urcotlon ol a high
school building up to 2 o'clock of Saturday.
August 13th , IHH7. Plans and spocitlcatlons may
bo Keen at the Stockman olhco.
The boaul reserves the right to reject nny
and all blda. OF SCHOOL , lloxiin , CITV OF BOOTH
August 1st , 1887. aldlOt
OF Til K
Heat Itoule fi'nin Omaha and
Two Daily liciween Oinulia and
Council lilulls
Chicago , AND Milwaukee ,
St. I'aul , Minneapolis. , CcJarKapidf
Hock Island , Frceport , Knckfonl ,
Clinton , Dubuquc , Davenport ,
El in , Madison , Jancevillr ,
Ileloit , Winonn , La Cros c1
And all other Important points Ilabt , Noithcajl
. . and Houthcait.
lor thiouuh lickots call on thn ticket a ont
at 14D1 ruriian , t | , | n I'axlon hotel , or Ht Union
I'aclflo depot.
I'lillmun bloepois nnd Hie finest Dlnlni ; Cars
In the world aru mn on thn main line of the
CbliaRo , Milwaukee A. St. 1'aul Hallway uml c < v-
cry attention Is paid to patocugeig by courte
ous 1'iuployi'us of thu company.
H. Mil , Oenmnl .Maimuor.
J.I' TucKrit , AssistantIcnurul Mannk'tr.
A. V. H. CAiirtNrru , ( loneiul 1'iMseiik'cr Rail
Tlcknt Agent.
OEO. K IUAf onii , AfslbtmitGeneral I'nsson-
ger and Ticket Agent.
J. T. CI.AIIK Oenurnl r-upoi'lntondent.
of the budr culitytd ami tcnitheiiid | , full paitlo *
ul4ri ( walcit ) b . J UK WKU , CO , UuHilci , N , T. .