Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 05, 1887, Page 7, Image 7

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Advertisements underfills land. 10 cents pa
lm > for the HIM insertion , 1 cents lor oncli sub
Reiilicut Insertion , and tl.W a line per inontli
ho ndvortl'Oinont tnkcn for loMltmnZS cunts
for the first Itifurtlon. hoten words wll Jb
counted to tlio line : tlicj must run consecu
tively and must no nald In Bdrntico. All adver-
Llf > mcntH most bo linnilcd In Ixiforo 1 : : o'clocc
li. tn..nniliimicrno tlroum tnnc.9 will they bo
tnkrn or discontinued by telephone.
Purlins advertising In thcM-column nnd hav
ing tun nnswois nildrtwd In care of THE DEH
willpicncc n k fern clicck to enable them to pot
tnelr letters.a * none will lie delivered except
fan oroFonintlnn of clicck. All answersto Rdvor-
lisemprits should bo cnolo'od In envelopes.
All advertisements In thoto columns nrq pub *
lUlied In both morning mid ( toning editions
oflitK HKI : , the circulation of which aggre
gates morothnn H.noo pnpois dnlly , Mid gUps
Ihn ndvnrtfscrstlinticiu'llt.nut Only of the city
rlreillntlon of TUB lire , lint nl o of Council
HlurfR , Lincoln nnd rithor cities and towns
llironghoiit this part of the wot.
11,003,000 to loan. Cole , 316 S 15th ,
| C3t
Lf ONHY To loan nt n per cent. Patterson
M llros. , 15lh street , op. P. 0. 323
to loan ns low rnte by niiickbiirn It
MONEY , MO South 1'ith ft. S"L ° _
' 7M.WIO TO LOANnlO per cent Llnaban It
> Mahoney , 150'J rarnam. 018
6 1'KH CKNT Money.
U. 0. 1'Hllorpon. IMh and Harnnr.
; wn,000 to loan on real n tate No delay.
Harris A Sampson , 1510 Douglas St. 640
M ONEY TO LOAN-lPl' ' ' Duvls Co , real
I estate and loan agents , 1005 Farnam st
r 11
MXr ) 0 lo loon m miy amount at lowest rate
of interest. II. 11. Ircy.J-Yen/or block. JU7
To loan on Omaha city property at8
per cent G. W. Day , B. e. oor. Kx. nld ; >
ONEY TO LOAN On city nnd form prop
erty nt low rates. No delay. Calm A Wool
Icy , ViU Fiirnain st. ni-in * r
ONP.Y to loan to pnrtles wlshlntr to bullJ.
- 8. 8. Cnmpboll , U10 S ICth St. , Cluinibor of
Commerce. M3
To lonn. Lowest rules No dolny.
MONI1V . Hlto A. Co. , over Commeiclnl _ Nu-
llonnl linnk. " 51
ONEV to loan , oaah On delay.
J. W , and K. L. Stjulre , 1413 K rrmro It. ,
Taxton hotel bnlldln ? . 8' ' *
' . TO I.OAN-I.oann of 10 to * 100
niixdo on furniture , plutio < < , horses , wnRong ,
We. , without romovnl , J. J. Wilkinson k Co. ,
1824 Faraara struct , oyer BurlliiRton ticket
oniec C33 nugO *
TV ! ONEY TO IXAN on lmproy d city prop-
i'lertylnBiimsof $1.000to ffi.OOO nt six per
cent Interest SholesA Crumb. 645
ONEY ' 10 lOANon iinprored renl rstatoj
no coinmloslon charged. Loavltt Hum-
bum , lloom 1 Crelgbton HlODK. 041
MONEY TO LOAN-On city pi-operty In
sums of | ! > 00 and upwards ot lowest rnU'S.
Montiy tlways on hand. 8. S. Cainpboll. 310
Bouth Bixtcoiith street. 617
fTV ) IOAN Money Loan placed on im-
JL prey d real estate In city or county for
Mow Encland Loan A Trust Co. , by Douelai
County bank. ICth and Chlrngo stt. 041
MONEY LOANED at C. F. Hood A Co.'a Joan
o-'J- 001 oo , uiuoooniuniiiiiropinno8 , homeswagons ,
pereonal property of nil kinds , nnd all | other ar-
tlclcs of value , without removal. 119 ! S. 13th.
over Ulnghnm a Commission store. All busi
ness strictly confidential. ' 65(1 (
MONEY TO 1.OAN by the nndersigned , who
baa the only properly orfmnlred loan
agency in Omaha. Loans of f 10 to $100 mudo
on furniture , pianos , organs , horses , wagons ,
mnohlnery , Ac , without removal. No delays.
All business strictly confidential. Loans so
tnndo that any part can bo paid at any Imo.oach
payment reducing the cost pro rata Advances
made on flno watches and diamonds. Persona
should carefully consider who they are dealing
with , as many now concerns are dally coming
Into existence. Should you need money call
and see mr. W. R. Croft , Itoom 4 Wthr
Building 1Mb nnd Harnuy. 651
iTlK OMAHA rinnncial Exchange ,
N. W. corner of llarnoy nnd IBth Bts. ,
over State National bank.
It prepared to make short time loam oo any
Tallable security.
Loam made on chattels , collateral or real
Long time loansmndoon Imorovea real estate
at current rales.
Purchase money mortgages negotiated.
Keen red notrs bought , sold or exchanged.
Short time loans mane on second mortgage.
Hccordlng to marginal IiiterMt , at collateral
Itnnl estate to exchange for goofl interest
tienornl flnanclal business of all kinds trans
acted promptly , quietly and fairly.
Money always on hnnd for approved loans of
any kind , without delay or unnecessary pub
licity. Corbett. Manager. 053
MIDLAND Guarantee and Trust Coi , 1505
Karnam street Complete abstracts iur-
nlahod , nnd titles to real eatitto examined , per
fected and guaranteed 07d
foil HAI.E A ooinplto laundry , including
hoisios , harnoi'i.two wapons , twenty horse
bower enjrlno anil bnllcr , WntBon washer ,
Wosion wrliiirer , 12 12 dry room , shnltlnff
pulleys , stoves , building , oto. , eomnlete nil In
perfect working order. Iiiquird of I. F. Hen-
net t nt the office of C. F. Dnscoll , H23 Dofitfc st.
from 10 a. in. Io3 p m. 7B8 8J
RAHK business chance ; for nale , the stock ,
( liturcn and good will of a first-clans cloth *
lag store dolnir a Rood tnislnccs , centrally
located , only reanons for ttelllni ; the owner has
other and more important business. Parties
meaning buslncBD may address U. 18 , lion office.
fTlOU BALE Moat market , tools , fixtures ,
X borso and wairon , everything oomplcte.
Good location ; good trade. Address U 46 , Iloo.
C26aug 8J
WANTED Parties who desire to buy or sell
or eichanKO stocks of general merchan-
dlic. dry goods , groi-erles , boots and shoes ,
hardware , di URH , jewelry improved or unim
proved town orolty property , Improved or un
proved farms In any pnrt of the United Ptaies ,
to addrcis Krausa It Foster , 310 S , Iftth at.
Omaha , Neb. 65S
W ANTED - ( ientiemiui wlslilnx an honest
business. Profits (14 per day. $ IIU re
quired. Will exchange for stock or trade. Call
room 4 Crotinsoblock , 119 N ICth street.
1Z1 aug 11
Foil SALR-1 offer for sale the United States
hotel cor of Douglas and 10th st. Sitld hotel ' '
has aocommodallons for 60 hoarders and runa
In connection u bar with n full stock of the
test liquors ; will sell cheap on accou nt of sick-
ncf.a ; Inqulroon premises. 672 li
USINESB Chanco-For sal-A stuck of dry
goods , olothtntr , furnishing ( roods , bootl
and shoes ; al o fixtures. With this stock a foui
rears lease of n double store caubo obtained in
one of the best retail localities in the olty In
formation at Dormann's , cuu Soulh Thlrteentti
itroot 605
RAHR nnsinesH chance For sale , a stock ol
general merchandise In the best of shape
located m the best railroad towu lu Southern
Nebraska. Stock will invoice about (8,000.
Sales last jear , f 10,000. Cu',1 or address. Good
reason for selling. It. F. Hart & Son , Falrhury
Neb. 618 a5
BUSINESS CUANCE-ForsMo , nxtim'i
and good will of on of the be t rstnll
frooery stares In Oiuana. centrally located ,
reasons fur spilingmrty \ bai other business.
Adqro.s * Y N ) , HBO ollicu B03 B *
YVANTED Man with | 1W1 onsh us scourltj
T ? for honesty , llghi otllee biislncag. $ i ;
weekly lo start. Addrtui Y 45 , this otllco , 70 4.
W 7ANTI'.l-rurtner , f 00 ; flO dally. 910 B
' 10th 61. 6U2aS *
17IOH SALE The nell-known llawley houst
J. of 40 rooms , on account of thn death of mv
wlli > . Will sell property or t.oll f iirnlturo ant
rent bouse to right person. A good ohancn tc
maku monoy. Address Prop , Noith Platte
Nab. 473 a 7J
3 you SALE Icecreiini parlor with carfnti
. and all fixtures , good trude c-dtablUiied
( ilcknosH Is thociiuFo for selling. Price f&Jti
Cost JIJXX1 last ipt Ing , Uenawa & Oo. l&th it
iljpliof Ite P. U. 833 4
T710H SALE Fine stock of fresh groceries
JL1 Pony team delivery wagon and harness
Vine location and doing a good business ;
year loare on buildlnic with privilege of 1 moi e
Itemed $50 per month. Wbolo price 11,400
Will take part In city property , If mitUfactory
Terms to suit. J , F. IlatnmouJ , 117 & )8tu ) st.
7 9
ANTKD-OQO or two smart biuinns mo"
wilh 100 to $500 capital to make 15,000 b
fore the snow liloa. Kooui 4 , Crouuse blocs
ictb St. _ 4j I 10
BUR1NKST Chance A inlrndld chance fo
good man 10 suloon bueuien. Capltcl re
u. . AdJrost for partlculiia. Y Ik
Bee Office. 7M 4 ,
JR SALE Cbeap.-A flno lunch' cimuic.
suitable for bar puipo cs , K& & 10tu. ; ,
FOU SALT ! noftrdlnif house and furnlturo
conpletn. Call ats w cor. of IPtn and
Ixnnl sts. Mr * . Froernatu S60PJ
"I710H 8ALB-A stuck of general more | mn
JL ,1iso , store building and lot. in ono of the
t > o t new towns In Central Nebraska. Stock
will Invoice at picccnt about $1/00. Good rea
sons for selling. Address Y 03 , Dee ollice ,
674 6J
WANTED Partner in Oregon lumber bu l
ness. Capital J10,0)0 ) to :0/,00. A tlrst
clnss Oregon party wants a partner to estab
lish a yard In Omaha. Enquire of K. l'o ' o-
water. _ _ _ _ _ J51 ' 3J _
BUSINI'SS CIIANCr.-Jl.Trt will buy oneof
the best payliic saloons In the city. Ad
diets at once , V3.'i lice 70S-4J
FOH ALE Law library , cheap. Wheeler &
Wheeler , Dotiirlas ana 15th st. C17
13iHSONAL-Is : there a person In town who
I could af-slst a 30-year old. reliable , steady
Hebrew In pocilrltig a situation of any kind.
Addro s Y Cl , Iloo Ofllco. 818 5j
TJF.HSONAL Fend for your sewlmr machine
JL nrcdlcs , oil nnd repairs' to the bingor
Man'fg Co , 1M8 Douglas f.t Omaha. 4C3 a2
lemovod from 1211 Davenport
st. to3U North 12tb , furnished rooms for
rent. CM-IS *
IJEHSONAfOeiitleinen. . altentlon. Good
board and rooms at 604 S. 18th st. , reasonably
7fc8 aug 12J
j Prlvnln home for Indies during
J confinement , strictly confidential , Infants
adonled , address K42. Heo offlcn. 4K S
- . Dr Nannie V. Warren
clairvoyant. Medical and business Medium
Boom No. S 121 North 16th it .Oraaha. Neb.
JUST -Ijulles gold hunting ca < i watch with
J brass cap , on 10th and Dodge. I'ludcr will
ploasc leave with MrIlcrgman at MUA Meyer's
More. BCiJ G |
T OST llrlndlo Scotch terrier 10 montlm old.
JJllrass collar locked with dogtnxfrom Dcca-
tur , la Howard will bo pnld for return of
Mtino to II II. llii\cn , 506S. 10th St. f45 fij
R TRAYED or stolen July 18 , dark bay pony
mare about ICO IbH. , Blx yearn old , brnndi'd
on loft hip , wblto loft hoof. Return .lohn M.
Olbb , 42d street , between riirnani und Leaven-
worth llucolve renord , 70 )4 ) *
8KVKNTY-F1VE dollare' rcn ard. Strayed or
stolen flora icar of 111 N 17th gt , a largo
roan hoi sc , about 17 h n < ls high , weighing be
tween LBUOond 1,400 pounda , redlsh brown
maiio and tall , hind nnklo somewhat swollen-
$ Zj will bo paid lor relurn of nnlinal to owners.
at IJO S Hth st.and If stolen the sheriff of Dong-
las Co will pay a reward of $50 for the arrest
and conviction of the thief. 6'JB
A llvr and white pointer. Owner
can have sumo by ciilltiig nt C19 N. 14th st.
and proving property. 910 Oj
TUMPED Into my pasture , a rod cow. rope
J around horn , calf by hrr side. Spring
Valley stock farm , N. L D. Solomon.
MRS. DUKANT Cliirfvoyant from lloston is
reliable In all attain ol life , unites sepa
rated lovers. 022 n 16th 1. MOsept 3J
STORAQlXOmaha Storage Warehouse , cor.
13th and Izard , ample facilities for storage ,
furniture , wagons , etc. Low rates , advances
made Issue warehouse receipts. 493 aug Oj
BURST-CLASS Storage at 110 N 13th > t
STOHAGK Flrf.t-class storage for nioe fur
niture or boxed goods , at 1513 Dodge-st
FOIl TRADE Wo have Fovoral good house1
and lots that wo will trade at cash prices
for first mortgage paper. These hou es are
new and range lu prlcu from $3,000 to 7,500.
Park , Fowler & Kennard.lBO" rarnam.
8M 7
WHEN you get ready to buy something
don't fall to see Itlackburn & Kennedy
316 South 15th St. Wo tmio somothitig good to
Rhowyou. b800
TO Room Renters Why have your rooms
empty whan for the payraont of ono dollar
lar , you can list your name on our books for
six months and secure thn benctlt of tlio bos' '
medium for renting your looms ? Natlona
Kniploi-meiit OlUco 420 bouth 15th street , room
7 , up stairs. 7it ) S
TDEAL Ilutton Hole Cutter Host In world
-L Send stamp for prices and line plclurer-
H. S. Co. , CbilllcotBP , Ohio. 7S7 4
SIXTEENTH street Employment offloe ro
moved to 220 N Kith st 745 4J
/ 1 ODD reliable help of either ser nlways 01
VJ on hand at the Scandinavian Employmen
Bureau , 1610 Farnam stioot 72.I-7J
LADir.S de lrlng competent and rellahlo
help Rbouln call at Ihe National omnloy-
munt ollice , 420 South 15th st , room 7 up-
Btalrs. CU-5 !
rnilE gentleman and lady who earned away a
L Rmall dog tn a buggy from nth and Doug
las ets. can save further trouble by retiirnlnp
sumo. bU ) 4J
DO YOU want a situation as bookkeeper ,
clerk , etc ? We can secure ono for you.
Record Advertising Co. , 151.1 I'lunnmst G71-5
R ELIAIILE Insurance , llluckburn 4 Kennedy ,
1118 .South 15lh st 8796
TlUSlNKSSCHANCES of all kinds , fnrms.
JJ stocks of goods , etc. , for sale or exchange ,
See Hecord Advertising Co. , 161.J Farnam Et.
W E again call your attention to the fact that
wo are giving collection ot rents special
attention. If you have any houses to rent
plane thoin with us , or If > ou wish to rent a
house call and see 113. Wa refer > uu to Mo-
Cague llros , bankers , Uenawa & Co , 15th st ,
opposite postoflloo. 740 4
AONF.TIO Healing Mediums euro all kinds
ofslcknossln connection with clairvoy
ance of the past , present and future , J. H ,
Pageler , North State st , mile west of fair
grounds , P. O. box 683. 510 a26j
DO YOU want tlio earth ? 70C yards ot It can
be bad with a premium at C44 South 17th
street , near Loavcnworth , 278
T O EXCHANGE For good family horse and
phaeton , 80 aci os ot land , f re's from en
cumbrance , within three miles of county scat.
Chas. P. llonjamln. 1612 Farnam Bt. 555
-OASn buym of furniture , stoyes and bouse-
vv heM goods don't go to the long tlmo high
priced stores , they go to 117 N 16th. 647 aug 7
qro EXCHANOK-Sonth Omaha lot free from
JL encumbrance for span of good horses.
Chas. P. Bonjnmln , 1112 Farnam st
MONEY talks lor furniture and household
goodi at 117 N 16th , Your price for cash ,
648 augT
T7\OHK \ N1 Ho/Jaro Piano ( d mouUlT. A
.E Hospp. 1513 Douglas. Ml
FOR KENT Organs , $ J per month , aoipa ,
1M3 Douglas. 6 l
, OL 0. Ilouie furnishing goodi , all kmdi ;
si cash or mitallmeat ; lowest prices at J.
Donner , 1315 Douglas st 663
Foil RENT jiano , It mootalT. A
, Hell > e. 1513 Douglas. Ml
I ? Olf 8ALK Your oholne "oTtnViJeit lines of
I1 bugiiles. carriages , phnetoni , surreys , de
livery wagons , open inJ top ono fine hunting
w agon. Call ana look through or end tor cult
and prloo to Columbus Bu gy Co. , 1113 Hnrney
TTOR SALE Carpets ami furniture , nnd
.L' house for rent , 113 S 23rd between Doug-
ins and Dodge. 414
IOH SALE Furniture , good will and l aso of
L the host pnving sraull hotel in Oir.ana ,
Constantly full of first -clftsj boardvrs. Price
$ l,5nn , Inveetii-ttc this. J F , Hammond , 117
S. Wtli. 769
J7011 SALE -Sprond hand extension top. out
under carriage , good oayiaia. | 85. W. II
DrummotKl ft Co. , llnrney at , S2f > 4
t. TT ORSALE-Pugdojs ; Hno English pugs and
* - Italian Greyhound puppies for * alo. For
priced and duicrlpllou , address llox 2CO Topeka ,
KnnoiiA. b09 9J
FOR 8ALR-At a bargain , a 6-room house
with clo em and pnntrr , etc. , lot 5 fcot
east fiont , 6 blocko south ot court house. Ad-
drcas yap , Hueolliea. C20anO
F"OH BAiiK Furniture of 8 rooms with privi-
Ugt ot Icait of bouio , 707 S. 1UU St
SNAP Furnitur * and Icaie of U room ? , a
ijlochs item P. O. n. K. Cole , 316 SISlb.
MS 19J
" ] JEt > T buggies at Druinmotid & Cu'f.
J * Surreys and catrlolets
ClarkKon carts.
Phaetoiti , ItookKwnys.
IMItrry WHgons , new anJ oldt
S < oonit-bnnil buggies.
Wm K. 4 Co. , bulljer * , I31S Bar
A JlARK opportunity offered by widow lady
Two horse , one in the bHndtmie , high
ired , fast trotter and road hnr > o , Clirster
Wllkcs.gotby George Wllkos , sire of Harry
Wllkes. ruoord2l4'iidaui ; Ll//lp Illlnkc-r , tlio
dam ot I.uco Morning , record of2i2l' { , In fact
haio hlspoillgioci ClioMor Is a bay ircldlng ,
54 hands high , weighing fully l.OdO pounds ,
1 years old and has n long ilowlng inane and
all and Irpp from spot or bloinlnh of any kind ,
I j Is without exception the tnot perfect gon-
lomttn's family and road horse tn the city ; ho
leodsiiouootsor too weights , has great car
riage and endurance , does not shy or pull ; per-
> ctly nfe for tno most timid person to drive ;
hero Is as flno a strain of blood in his veins as
can bo traced to auy trotter of the
ago. Ho has never trotlod for anr
money , so has no public record : would
makii a variable horse for rosd or track ptir-
> oses ! he showed two trials when my husbnnd
lurohasod him n llttlo over a year niro In 2:2 : < J
md 2 : " . > , driven by John Hampton , nt which
time ho coursed cons'dcrablo , and lie Is ns good
now , If not better , and will warrant him lobe
n every way as icpioscnled , nnd to trot a full
nlle In 2:30 : , and the time shown purchaser ;
il > o the handsome nnd beautiful buy inn ro
Minnie , 7 yoais old ; can go out any day and
trot In 2:35 : or better ; she was Mrod by Nut
wood , record of 2:18Si : ; 1 also hold her full ped-
grce ; they make an excellent polo toHin ;
would prefer to soil them tn some person In tlio
ountry that would glvn them a good home.
Would allow a responsible party a trial ot ! H
dnys.tntcat tnnlr epeoil and driving qtmlitlon.
I will warrant them In every pnitlcular as rep
resented , or I will pay expanses both coming
and golntr. Thn prlco of tlio two Is $750 , or > on
can hm o your choice Tor $101 : Ihat l not near
as much as either ono cost Tor further Information
mation call at my residence , 3128 Wahiish nv. ,
Cblcnito.lll. FOS 8J
FOHSALF.-Socondhund very light Snycler
open buegy In ercollonl shape , prlco flOO
W. H. Driimmond A' Co. , Hartley st P-1 4
Til Oil PALE -llarber shop with two chairs at
A' South Onmlm. Now furniture , all below
cost. Address box 212 South Omaha 7Si > Oj
BAIIO1N , to buy an Emerson piano orth
$160 lor i I ) cash and balance 10 notes at
$15 n month and last f2j , f 175 duo on It , tU3 !
Cues st. 777 4J
FOIl SALU Carload of Oregon horses and
ponies , broken to rlilo , can bo f een at
Tuniy's Hum , 2501 Cumlng st 7fil 7'
FOKSAIjK Small horizontal boiler mid en-
pine cheap. I'nqulro Culm \ Woollcy , 1R2J
Fiirnam st 70J-0
F I Oil PAf.E Drlrh Enquire at yards , 20th
and II , & . M.It. 1U 8J1 5 *
) H SAI/F-Harness , light double , second
hand $12,1704 N I'.lth ' St. 1 6J
FOlt SA1 , ! : One Bit-foot uprlghl blncK wal
nut show case , Milton Itoctrs & t-on. ODD
I OH 8ALK-14VMW ( brick. Apply to .1. N.
Klynn , 1505 J'arnnm st 144
TjlOH BALK Oil and gasollno wngou , team ,
I ? harness and route. Call bet. 12 and 1 at
1413 Dodge. 815
FOH SALE Span fine matched bay driving
borbos. C.K , Harrison , 418 S IBtb st.
W ANTJlU-nnibers at 1111 S 13th st.M3
M3 Bj
W 1ANTKU-6good carpenters. 313 S llthst.
WANTKD Oood mule stenographer and
typo-writer. Apply Bt once to lllakc ,
Bruce A Co. 008 4
\VANTKD-4 can\B oer8 , 2 men nnd 2 ladies.
> > BaUrles (1.60 to 2 M per day , llHti st Uui-
ploymcnt ofllce , 220 N. 2Rtli St , 8H74J
WANTED A peed first and second conic ,
also throe waiters lor track laying trnln.
Albright's Labor Agency , 1120 Karnain st.
VlfANTED 1 first-class grocery clerk , 6 shov-
i ' elcrs , 10teamsters , 2 dl hwashers , 4 cooks ,
2 second cooks , 2 or 3 canvassers. Omaha Em
ployment Ouro&U , 119 N. lOtli Bl. 882 4
WANTED A thoroughly competent book
keeper. References roqulrod. Address
Y 58 , Iloo oDico. 859 5J
\\fANTKD Hrst class young man for book-
> > keeping. Ono that can write plainly and
make plnlii flguies anil will bo willing to loam
our way. Must bo tempornlo mid steady State
whoio last worked and what salaiy expo ted
for llrstsix mouths. Address YC1 , Iloo Oillco.
870 4
WANTED Agents , treasurers and actors
diinnteursi. Aildre 3 Manager , room 43 ,
Jjlndoll hotel , Lincoln , Nob. S72 4j
\\fANTED-Nont errand boy nt Melcholr
llros. , 1116 i'nrnnm st.,2d lloor. 847
\\TANTED A baker nt the National bakery ,
2405 Cumlnp St. 855 Oj
W ANTED-Mon tor railroad work. Al
bright's Labor Agency , 112U t'arnam.
IF you want work of any kind , call nt 314 V S
15th St. , upstairs 75i ) 3J
W ANTBD-Uood milker. Littlofield.7G5
7G5 4
WANTED Wo furnish all male holn free to
contractors , hotels , restaurants , families
etc : also all female help to know that wo fur
nlsh them situations free. Partlos In need o
help will do well to leave orders with 10th st
Employment ofllce , 220 N , ICth Ht 89(15j (
WAKTLD-20 men and lOtonmson the North
Omaha sewer , cor. of 20th and Clark sts
flood AVBtfcs and weekly pay. r hompson
DoLnnoy. 5'U 4j
WANTI'.D A .good burlier , good
guaranteed. Address Fred Michael , Te
knmah. Nob. 7514
TIT ANTED Drug clerk. A good rosponsibl
> > drugfflst will soouro Bltuatlon at once.
3ermnn preferred , Apiily to A Sansledt
Walioo , Neb. 7M 4
WANTED- Three persons to instruct In
bookkeeping. Situations m beptombor ,
J. n. Smith , 1813 Chicago st. 8-'H OJ
WANTED Salesmen , u now Inventio
needed In nvory IIOUBO ; ! WO per cent com
mission or n peed salary to right parties Ad
dress with stamp for tormg the Weaver Menu
facturer , 34 N State St. , Chicago , lit 734rt
WANTED An experienced clothing sales
man , none other need apply. J. L.
llrnniinls & irons , 5U ( South 13th St. 805
WANTKD All those wanting help or situa
tions as collectors , nsst bookkeeper ! * , gen
offlco work , englnocis , ttromen , porters , watch
men , coachmen , teamstcis. bartenders , etc. , to
apply tn the Mutual Employment aironcy , 214
8 Ifith Bt. up stmrs. 732 4j
TTfANTED-Oood pant maker nt once good pay
i > nnd cash every Saturday. 1) . Lewis ,
1'nlrmont , Neb 8J7 Oj
W IANTUD-A good coat maker at 319 S. 12th
st. 810 r.j
\\fANTKD Twenty-five laborers on Omaha
extension Chioago ft North Nebraska
Hallway , tour miles west of Koit Onmna.
Wages $2.00 per day. C. P. Treat , Contractor.
tOO 9J
" \ \ rANTED A few men of business qualinca-
tlonscanilnd employment as solicitors.
? . ' ,50 per day , ut Mrs. Brega & Son ,
olllcc , 310 So. Uth. 775 4J
" \\7"ANTKD At once , 3 ooat makers and 2
> > puiits makers. Address M. lierdoldt &
Son , Seward , Nob. 78J 8
\\fAriTED-Aboywith liorso to carry a route
> ' on the Evening lido in the soutn part of
town. 146
ITANTL'D-Two good gllla nt 415 N 15th st
> 803 5J
\iTANTEO-Colorodglrl for general house-
VT work in email family Wages $4.00. 190S
Fnrnum st. 812 5j
W ANTED A Email girl to assist In general
hoiiaowork. 435 Convent st. 8024 *
tfANTED A good girl at the St. James HoI -
I tl opposite U , P , Depot I'M ' 4J
WANTED Good woman , wluto or colored
that Is willing to work , call at 913 Doug
las. 776
WANTCI-Tbe ladles of Omaha to know
tlmt the best place to get good girls is at
the Date City Employment office , U14H S. 15lh
ot , up-gtalrs. 813 4
WANTED Good girl to do general house
work. Apply ur cor. California and
tOtb. 733
TTTTANTHD-Girls for general houaework- .
T T Your choice of moo placet free of charge.
Mrs. Urega & Sou 310 S. lotn st. 729-5J
YSTAJNTCn S Isdy bookkeepers for city , 2
laundry glrlifor Fremont ; good wages ; 1
talloroes for city ; 4 dining room glrU. 4 dlsh-
waiberi3ohaiutermilds,8 ; ) female cooks,1 second
end cook.V girls forl famlly$4 and$5 porwcok ;
1 pantry girl , < Jlaundry girls , 50 glils general
house wore. OmaUa uinp. Uuroau , 119 N , Itltb
it. T70 7
\\7ANTRD-TrlnimeriatOenlus llros. , Mil-
' ' llnery store. 1108 Douclas street. 712
GIRLS , call at the Omaha F.mploj raont Ilu-
reau,119 N.ieth it. and get a place for work
without chargu. 884 4
\X7ANTED-1 Isdy book.Keeper , t ! laun-
' dressei for Fremont , Jclmmtiormalds , 1
cook , for private famulus , f ) per week ; Udlu <
Ing room girls , 78 girls for gonaral housework ,
Omaha Employment llureau.
W ANTED-Onofdod cook , two dining room
girls , OD laundrosa , on * boy , 601 N. leth
. : . ' . . . ? , ' 8 4J
\VANTED-Dlnlngroom girls for Wyoming.
' 120 , second cook forNorfolk , $25 , S pol
ishers for FtrmontjfSO.wontsjtrcook for COliira *
bits laundress for Central CUT. all faros paid , In
City , took andJaundrcrB for inmo liouso. 4 din *
Ing room girls , second cook ( nd dlswashur for
sanio house , kitchen helpers.lots of girls for
nice places In private families , $ to $5 per
week. Mr * . Ilrega & Son , 31C s 15th , telephone
B8I. 'f 1UI 4J
_ _ t
\ \ ANTED -At 1608 Dodgoat. 2 good waiters
at $1 per week. SViVj
gifp at 1510 Capitol
avcnuoi good wages. U 810 4J
\ \ TASTKD Elderly Indy.fnr two weeks to
> take care of b-monlhfwoM babv , day and
nltfht ' , wages J2.W. Mrs. Selby ; I5U Davenliort
St. pv 1055 *
\ \ - ANTED- competent Second girl at 17JJ4
Davenport st. ts)7 ) 6J
" \\7"ANTiD : A girl to cook , wash nnd Iron tn
' family of three ; no chlMron. Highest
wages gixen to competent girl. Apply 18J4
Douglas st " " ' "J
W rANTKD At the Canfleld House , pan
washer at once , 8814J
W r ANTF.D-Shlrt makers , 1112 Farnam.MIS
MIS 0'
I'ANTIJD Girl to do general house work.
> Inriulro at 2116 South llth st , f07 10 *
AY .rANTED Girl for general housework. In-
qulro C2rt South 1'Jth. Til
\\7ANTHD A peed girl for goncial house-
work. Gorman preferred. Jlrs. A. Sor-
otnon , No. 1018 Cupltol avumio. 761 4 *
W ANTKD--Olrlfor gonorul houaewoik. 2013
Cumin ? . 7"H flj
\\7ANTKD Twolaily bookkeepers , must bo
' i A 1 quick at noun's , must Klvo refer-
rneos. Omnhu Kinploymcnt Ilurctiu , 119 North
ICth Bt. 1H3
WANTED A llr t cln s plrl for pennrn
holHowork with only two In the fnmlly ,
Mrs. Albeit 1) . Morse , OJ8 llarncy Bt
83) ) 0
\\TANTED A cook nt Oakland hotel. Sutton.
' Neb , Must huvo roteicuues ; Indv pre
ferred. 873 10J
" \YrANTED-Iindlcg for dramutlo company.
T Address MiuniKcr , room 4J , I.lndoll hotel ,
Lincoln , Neb , 871 4j
WANTKD Two ( flrlfl at Doran house , 422 S
IBth 61. . near 8U Mary'B avo. l 4
"ITTANTKD Situation ns housekeeper by n
IT dcnslblo , steady woman of < i > . Is nu * x-
collontoook nna Inundross and not afraid ut
work , country prof on od , Mury , box 7f > 4 city
1)00 ) 5J
" \\TANTKD Ilookkoopor wnnw set of books
to post up alter 6 o'clock evenings. Ad
dress K. < ; . . 1512 CnBS Bt. 893 f.J
WANTKD Situation ng salesman In cloth-
Inif or furnishing froods store ; 10 years'
experience ; best ot reference. AUdioss V C5 ,
lion ollice. 891 6j
WANTED Kxperloncod architect nnd lur-
voyor's assUtant ( from Kngmnd ) dofllrog
onra omont in Omnha , First clusa testimonials
md references. .Addrom Alfred Ileci , care ot
Ir. John Kioy , West Hill , 1'latto Co. , Nebraska.
877 10) )
VI'ANTKD Situations for book keepers ,
' clorss , bakers , butchers , conchmou ,
oamstors , portnrg , waiters , cooks.disbwnglier .
itc. Orders filled froo. Mrs. Uroga &Son , Ulu
15th , telephone 884. KM 6J
\X7ANTKD-Byn man anO wlfo , man thor
T ouKlily ao'iunlntcil with Uorses ; gardener ;
irlfe excellent cook ; ooeit * Miployinont In a-
Ino fnmlly. lioforuncos glv4lO. Address Y 62 ,
lee ollicu. 'J 870 BJ
WANTKD-Positlon by boyU8 years of HRO ,
with two years' oxpofience as clorlt In
grocery store. Address V 4C ! IJeo. 804 C
WAN'IKD Situations ; clfenloyors wanting
( rood steady men for air VlndB of work or
assistant bookKeiipers , general
fllco clerks , collectors , watchmen , porters ,
oachmon , teamsters , engineers , flromen , Jan-
tors , bakers , barbers , farmers and nil trades
ml occupations , furnished Kroo. Mutual Km-
iloymcnt agency , 214 S 16th ajlip stairs. 74 ? 4J
WANTKD-Sltuatlon rllfc. private family ,
best references given. 'Apply COS S. 13lh
\ 034 4J
WANTKD One of the largest manufactur
ing conoorna In tUI * country can use a
few moie gt > od solicltorB in tIds city or state.
Unexceptionable references required. Exper
ience not essential. Salaiy and oomml slon.
Addrost Y 69 , Doe office. P53 IOJ
\\7ANTKD By mlddle-ago < l maw , stranger in
' olty.'the nonualutnnco of young widow or
. oung lady. Object mutual entertainment.
Address Y 35 Iloo office. Hl'J 5J
D Store in best rotnll locality , or
will buy lease If necessary. Address this
oillco V 47. 807 ( > *
WANTUD To rent a cottage of 5 or 0 rooms ,
Email family , no children. Reference
exchungod. Address Y 43. Doe Office. 740 4j
\VANTED-PupIls In English hranehos
' ' and muslo , n. w. corner loth and Barnaul.
7.15 si *
W ANTED-A few boarders at 1720 Dodiro st.
Referoncosrorjuostcd. 70J
\\7ANTKD Parties having rooms or houses
' to rent should list thorn with us as wo
Bend out ninny applicants dally. Hecord Ad
vertising Co. . 1513 Farnam st , 071-5
WANTED-To rent a house of about 81 ooms.
Address , stating location ana price. X 72
Uco office. yii )
FOR DENT Cottage of 0 rooms , 25th HI. and
Indiana nvonue. 787 0 *
FOH KENT -7 room liouso on Davenport st.
lirounan & Co. , room 3 , Chamber of Com
merce 850 4
FOR RENT A nice sevon-room house with
good barn , city and soft water , with n nice
ynrd and flno view. Inquire of C. L. Erlckson
A Co.,312 N 16th St. 830 5
TT1OK HUNT 3-room cottage nt 1033 South
X1 1st hat. and I'achlc St. 629 4J
FOH RENT Ono 6 nnd one 0-roomed house ,
on 19th street , nenr Lake street. Apply
to Phillips & Shaw , 24 < mi Cumlng st. 830 &
FOR RENT A 7 room bouse with bath room ,
collar , stable , well and cistern at 1343 S.
25th aronue. Nice place to live. Ernst K robs.
760 &
TjXIl REST 10 room house nt 2410 Plerco st
- 1Kor terms apply on premises. 741
? Oli UKNT Vine new brick house ; have all
' modern conveniences. 820 N. linnaf.
760 8J
FOH RENT A throe-room liouso on 21th
street , south of Leavenworth. A. P ,
Tukey , agent , 1324 Far mini it. b56
FOH RENT House. Furniture for sale.
10 room house 5 blocks from opera houso.
Furniture for sale on Tory low terms Cause
of removal sickness. Address Y CO , Hoe omco.
853 7J
FOR RENT 9 room flat with all modern con
vonloncos. Furniture , good as now , for
sale clioap Wood A Co. . 140WCapitol avo. (193 (
FOR RENT Two large nojwl stores and two
Hals of five rooms each. City water and gas.
On Saunders St. 0. W. Calif. K.iO Ohio St. 818
F I OR RKNT 3-room cottairif on 2Ht and Paul
streets. Inquire at en : * mtu 13th street
IIT 901
& 1OH RENT-A flve-room ttMiso and barn on
Pleasant St. C. T. MorfbiS , 1324 Fnrnam Bt.
{ L 753 * *
FOH RENT-Two brick stores with baao-
ments24th and Hamilton streets. Desir
able location for dry goods ! laid drug store.
Flats abore If desired. Ifeavltt Uurnham I ,
room 1 , Crelghton block. , 874
FOR RENT New itoro and.llvlng rooms on
Cumlng st near Hnundcrs > U Apply Har
ris Real Estate & Loan Co. , & 0 8,15th st 689
FOH RKNT Store room suitable for grocery
store or butonor shop , ott the southwest
corner of 7th and Paclllc strooft. 875
FOH RENT-NOW } ouso i i-4miie 'S '
south of P.O. bet2ttfc n421st sts , $18 per
month. Clurkson , Wood FCo. , 318 S. 15tb.
FOH RENT-Elognnt brlek residence , ior
rooms , modem conveniences. Dr. Oraddy ,
1104 Fnrnam St. Oil
FOH RKNT Mam lultablo for tour horses.
Inquire at 017 S 18th st. 611
FOR RENT Stable near Farnam and 17th
st. Rooms 1 and2 , Omaha National bank
T710H HENT-Klve room liouso , east side 27th
-L1 et , third house south of Dodge , 117 , J. H.
Hlngwalt. 213 South 16tn , 7.M
If OR RKNT 9 room flat , centrally located ,
C Furnltura for sale cheap. Address Y 3 <
tjeo. 714 6
FOH HENT A 5 room cottage near car line.
lUlloU UfQi. 1510 Djilglng. 493 Zi
FOH ENT-OnN W cor 15th andVinton , :
storesaixGO. II roonxs upstair * , suitabk
lor families or roomers Call at promise * 01
on M. DonoTun , 2JJJ B lath su 9U
FOR RFNT-Now 10-roora boulo ; . all lire ,
pruvements , steam boat , C , W , & 0. K
Ihompson , 314 B. l&tn st. IQiX )
F OH I1RNT omeo space ori ground floor at
l.Wi Karnani. Apply In rear offlco. J. S.
Richardson' . ti02 n30
Lol for lj aso , Southeast corner
\J 4SxS Vi Loavrnworth and Paik avo. , or will
hultd to suit tenant. Hobble llros. R59
RENT Nicely fnrnlstiod largo and
small rooms , 111 S. 18th. tu'4 7J
FOIl HUNT Finu large front room , unfur.
nishod , Howard near 17th. Apply Loll-
man , First Nat. Hunk. 8 8 OJ
FOH HENT 2 or ; l elegant rooms for house
keeping : partly f mulshed Apply nl 120
South 15lh St. , room 7. B'.K ) 0
HENT- pplondld suit of rooms in
- brick bulldliiF , one block from court
house , suitable for doctor , lawyer or roalostnlo
omco. Inquire at H. 8. Van lluoron , S E corner
14th mid Douglas sis. KK 6J
FOH HENT A cool south front parlor mul
small room , furnished , l"KQ Cnpltol avenue ,
FOH RENT 4 furnished rooms with baths
and all modern Improvements , en sulto or
single , and 2 unfiirnlslied. Lnll at 161J Chicago
streotj 8096 *
17IOH HENT Klognntly furnished rooms sin-
-L ? gloor onsulte , with use of bath ; olrctrio
bolls In every room. First class roslnurmit at
tached , nt Norris European hotel , corner 10th
and Webster. f58
FOlt RENT Furnished rooms , single or on
"uito , gas , bath and every comonlcncu ,
2J07 Doilglns. M3 8 |
TT1OH 11KNT Two neatly furnished rmun %
J-1 \ory deslrablo locallon , prlvale family.
Also room for iwo or Ihieo uleolablelionrdois.
S. E. corner Twentieth nnd rarnam. 4Iff a2.'i
HENT A nicely furnished room at 2511
V St. Mary's nvc. 421
OH RENT Nicely furnished , enst front
room , second lloor with use of bath , 603
n 17th st , N)16J )
fTIOH RKNT Kiinilshed rooms with every
A ? convenlonco SJOJO St. Mary's ave. 321
FOK HENT Furnished pleasant , cool trout
room with three south windows and large
closet , 1714 California.
Half of 3d lloor for rent , between 12th and
13lh on I'limnm. C. F. Gardner , furnaces and
etovcs , 710 N. 16th.
Uooil dry storatro for a few more stoves , and
will put them up in fall. C. F. Gardner , 711" " N.
16th. 311
F OH HENT-3 rooms at 1023 N. 20th st" Inquire -
quire at U17 S 13th st. 512
FOH HENT-A large south front room nicely
turnisliod In the elegant new Campbell
block. Jivory convenience at hand , note lo
cation. 1711 Dodge strcot. 820 5J
FOH HENT-Furnished front room or a suit
ot two rooms with board if doslrod , 117 S
17th St , 685 9j
FOK HENT Furnished rooms , bath and
modern conveniences. 401 n 15th st ,
80 { BJ
FOH RENT Newly furnished south front
room , nil conveniences , private family
Inquire at 2100 Fnrnam St. 875 7
T71OH RENT Ono nicely furnished front
X1 room for 1 or 2 gentlemen. Price very
leasouablo. Apply at 12lg Capitol avo. 909 8J
[ ) OR RENT 4 unfurnished rooms , a w cor ,
Itiund Loavonuorth. 862 5J
F IOIl llKNT-lMrmshod rooms , 712 South 18th
street. 854
TpDUNISHKO IlOOMS-l'nrties looking for
X ? rooms call and examine our largo list.
Record Adyortlslng Co. , 1518 Farnam st. 071-5
) H UENT-3 rooms , HOlili S. 7th.
F > 25
F OH KENT Handsomely furnished front
room. 1718 Dodge St. 949
FOR RENT A nice largo front room , all
modern Improvements and nicely furnished
501 S 20th st. 213
IOU HENT-ltooms with board. M4 S. 18th.
785 aug 12 *
TT10R RENT Two comfortable rooms south-
J3 orn eTposiiro sulUblo for two gen
tlemen , two blocks from postolnco $10. llefor-
encos , address Y B4 , Iloo ofllco. 793 5J ,
TFyou have furnished or unfurnished houses
or rooms to rent leave it with Omahn
House and Room Ituutal Agency. 311i ! B 15th
Bt , rooms , 7954J
FOUllENT-OnoJurnlshed room , 2nd lloor
front. 2512 Capitol avo. 1U SJ
OOR UENT-A f urnlshod room at OS N IBth
X ! street. 795 4
F I OH KENT > Nleoly furnished room for a
Rontloman. 1412 N 2 < ! th Bt. 791 8J
FOH RKNT Largo front parlor with nay
window , and aloovo , also other rooms with
modern convonloncos nt 1S21 Farnam st. one
block west of couri house. 834
F I OR HI'.NTPleasant room , furnished. 1410
Chicago Bt. 19T
F I OR RENT-Offlco room 810 per month , 2nd
floor. 310 8. 15th St. 430
I OH HENT Three nice unfurnished rooms
nt 13.14 n Ifilhst. 815 7J
IOH HENT Furnished hall bod-room for one
gentleman , ltl 3 Dodgu st. 814 5J
"C10R HENT A largo room nnd reception
" room In connection , known as St. George's
Hall , opposite tlio Pnxton hotel. Inquire of
Gardner it Saunders. WO 4 *
FOH HENT Olbci'3 at 1012 Farnam st. Ap
ply to Patterson A Moore , Omaha National
bankT 2m
F OR RKXT-I'uinishod room In Greunlg blk ,
cor 13th and Dodtro at. Inquire of Davis A
Hethorlngton , Millard Hotel Uilllard room. 91
TOU HENT- Furnished rooms and parlors
JT with all modern convonloncos. 70 } South
IBtnst. 731 7 *
Foil RENT. Nicely furnished rooms for
families or single person. 714 N. 19th Stroot.
TJ10R RENT Desirable furnished room for
JJ gentlemen at SOU Howard st. 699
FOE RENT A largo front room in now
boufic bath , and latest modern Improve
ments , 1618 Webster street. 1122
RENT-Furnished room , bath and all 1
conveniences , 1813 Chicago at. B.U G *
FOR RENT-F.legantly furnished front room ,
suitable for two gentleman , or man and
wife , $20 per month. Ki21 rarnam. 843 4 *
FOR RENT-Furnished rooms in ( inionlg
block , cor 13tn and Dodgo. Davlsdc Hethor-
Ington , Millard hotel blllard room. b3'j
_ R HENT FurniMiod rooms , n. w. corner
Ibth und Farnam. 721 OJ
TjlOR RENT Furnlsbod rooms , on sulto. In
.1 } private family , modern conveniences.
Apply to Leslie It Leslie , 16th and Dodge sts.
FOR RENT Furnlshod rooms , 1812 bodge.
TTOH RENT Part of office room. Inquire at
J 1212Douglnint 913
TTOR HENT Suite of furnished rooms for
-C , gentlemen. A. Hospo , Jr. , 315 N. 17th ,
FOH RENT-Nicely furnished looms , to gen-
tlPinon only,22j N. Ibth St . Room 2. 1)43
FOR RF.NT Ware room cor. 14th and Call-
Ifornia on Kelt Line. lx > r particulars on-
( julro at Union Nat bank. 181
F I OR RENT Elegant sulto of rooms , referen
ces icqulrcd , 1607 Douglas st 197
FOR HENT-Nloely furnUhoJ room. 1023
Uodjro. ll'J '
FOH HUNT Furnlshod roomi 1615 Dodgo. 631
T710R HENT Tno largest.storo room In town ,
X1 Inquire at the Argus ofllco , Albion , Neb.
401 Hop 13-
F IOH HENT rnrnlshoil front room , near car
line m comer of Dodge and " 1th stroets.
Inquiieot A. II. Couistock 1523 arnara st.KH
FOH Iir.NT-Nowly furnUhcd room. All
conveniences. Privatu family. Nearbusi.
nu-s llilJ Capitol ave , 3717 *
, FOR HENT Furnlshod room with board foi
Rontloman ; references roiulrad. 1721
Douglas street. 703-1'
FOH RKNT Newly furnished room , board i !
dgelrcd , 1720 Dodge st. 7U4
FOR RENT 4 or 8 unfurnished rooms , enlttt
bio for housekeepingone block from courl
house , on 19th street , between St. Mary'R ava
and Hsrnor st , modern convoniencos. Refer
onees required , M. F.Martluownqr. 163
OR HUNT-Furnlahedioom , 1C23 Dodira.
TTlOH HKXT Suitoof 4 nice rooms suitable
-L for bousekooplng , roferonqos reijiilrr.l
l tb St.tii9t north Of Bt Marave. . Wafer
Bower connections , gas , folding doom A.O. 594
FOH REN'T Trto furtilihed front rooms
BUltablo for three gentlemen , wi N.nik.
% , , * B9& 4J
FOR RKNT 3 rooms suttablo for bouse
keeping , southwest cor. 31st nnti Nicholas
ft 695
FOH RENT Furnished rooms with board.
1P.V1. Farnam. Cffi all *
FOR RKNT Two rooms furnished for llfht
bouiokooplng. Apply at W9 Howard it
938 <
FOR RENT I'ront room with board , 1813
Chicago st. 615 B *
"IjlOR Itr.Nr Doslrablo cool rooms with board
J In pr'voto family ; ploiisnnt homo , modern
convenience- ! , terms reasonable , 635 Plonsnnt
st K > l 8J
OII KKNT Nieolr furnLihou room , 1921
Dodge St. 199
ALL the following prices are .several him *
dred dollars below market prices and must
bo oHI ;
Mx\W \ on North 15th st. near Grace st , In Pad
dock place , t ) ,5'Jii. '
63x112 on Ninth nth st , near Grace , In same
addition , vast front , $1,700.
SxlU2 on Noith ir.lh st , south of Oraoo si , ,
corner , $14,500.
Ulock 21 , Uoyd'a add , coinprtjltit ; 10 lots ,
IJUxino , corner of Maple and Saundcrs st
near Luke Nt. , west front , $10KU. (
lift on Howard by 140 on Pleasant St. , $10,000.
Any reasonable offer for the above property
will bo entertained by the owner , as It positive
ly must be sold. All on easy torms. Mitchell
& Loyonmarck , t51C Dodge .st 781 n
mo liXCItANGK-lmprnvoil farms In Iowa
Jand Dakota for unproved property in
Omaha , W. lliadwuy 424 u 171 h st.
S49 Dj
T7iUl TfiADi : "South' Omaha fots tioar TFio
JJ the park oil Syndicate Hill , to exchange
for Improved residence property Will pay
cashdilterouco. S. JlcK. bt John , 318 S lrilh
si 749 4J
\\7ECanso for a tow days only
> ' Lot 10(1 ( Olso > addition for $6,43X
l.o t7t Gise's addition , td.TW.
Block 1 Hoyd's addition , $ SW %
One-thltd cash , balance 1 , 2 and 3 your * ,
Remington St McCormlck , 220 Soutn ISlh st
BARGAINS extraordinary Corner nnd
iMO foot front on Spoilt h ICth st. nt $7.'i per
front foot One of the most beautiful full lots
In Walnut Hill worth $1,20J : lor sale for f ° 00 :
$4BOcash. J. F. Hammond , 117 3 10th. 7B'J '
FORSALE-Ortraile , 2S lots in the wpstern
purl of Omnha near the Ilunson CAI * line ,
price $41H ) each , $250 duo on contracts payable
in 8 quarterly payments , will trade Interest In
contracts for N'obrasia land. MeCulloch .V Co. ,
1609 Farnam st 1000
IF } ou want to buy , soil or tiado , call on L. V ,
Crum. 1SON 15th st.
10U lots U of a mile of U. F. depot
for sale or trade.
U-room house for rent TwolO-room houses
for rent , sale or trado. Idlewildo. Uy
816 L V. Crum , 120 N 15th st.
FOR SALE A corner lot , poutb Iront In Or
chard Hill , for f 850. James Stockdalo , 113
N.10th st. 771 8
FOR SAI.fc-W No , 1 farms within a radius of
20 miles of Omaha , Alot n few good busi
ness chances In two lire towns. J. U. Sllvls ,
Real Estate and Loon Agent , Elkhorn , Neb.
579 Aug B
FOH SALE Cornur lot on Virginia are with
two gooil houses , cheap at $7,00(1. ( Terms
easy. Houses rent for $70 per month. H. 8 ,
Campbell , 310 S. Uth st Chamber of Com
merce. 373
EASTERN Nebraska farms to exchange for
Omaha property. Patterson & Moore ,
Omaha National Bank. 43
FOR SALE 10 shares Nebraska I/o n and
b'ld'g assn. Stock series G. Value with
earnings $105 , paying largo dividends , price $8S
Rest building association in the city. Addros )
Y66 lloeotnoo , 82331
LOTS 17,18 and 19 , block 14 , Clifton Hill : 19 Is
n corner and fronts Houth on Military ave ,
$1,6110 , $ CSOcash , bal. easy. James Stockdale ,
11JN. ICthst , 8S7 10.
IK you want a nice 8-roomed cottage mid
beautiful east front lot near cur line , call
on K K. Darling , 41R S. 15th , who can Boll you
one on very easy terms. 8M ) 3
FOR BALE 40 acres of good land being
section 25. township 16 , range U , west This
land Is situated in Howard county , this Mate ,
close to the U. ! > . , and now station on the It.
i M. branch. Can plow at least throe-fourths ,
balance excellent pasturago. No bettor soli in
the state , n rock bottom oroek runs across the
extreme southwest corner. Splendidly adapted
for general farming or stock purposes. Prioo
19.00 per aero ; M or more casn. balance long
time. Address at once. George K. Hicks , 815
S. 15th St. , Omaha. Nob. 717.6.
S PECIAL Bargain * ! House S rooms , barn.
etc. , all new , Donlso's addition , (3,700 ,
$1,000 cash , balance good time.
Four 4-room nouses In Lowe's addition , new ,
Sl/iOO each , $200 cash , balance to suit.
lloufso f > rooms , barn , full lot. Yates & Rood's
subdivision , $2,500 , (750 cash , balance to
Two lota , on corner. Grand View , nice build
ing site , $2,000 , cosh , balance long tune.
II. It. Uall & Co. 113 North 16th st 837
SALE Ono million acres of land In Ne
braska. Speculator's landi.rallroad lands ,
ranches , and farms in all parts of the
stato. Send for pamphlet containing descrip
tion and price of over ono thousand farms. A
Quo topographical map of toe state lent free
upon application. E. II. Andrus , for 10 years
Gen'l Land Agent II. & M. R. K. Klgbth and P
streets , Llnoolu. Nebraska. 240
All persons are prohihltod from giving credl
to my wife , Mary Duffy , as 1 will not be re
aponslhlct for any riehta contracted by her.
Onmlia. Aug 4 , HJ7. JAMES DUFFY. _
Notice to Coal Dealers.
SEALED 1'roposals will ho received at the
oillco of the county clerk up to 12 o'clock
noon of Sulnrday , August fith , 1817 , for fur
niHhlnir Dourflas uoiinty with hard coal , abou
SUHtons , nioro or less.
Coal to bo dollvured at the court house or
county poor farm as It is needed.
lllds will also bo received at tuosamo time
and pliico for fiirulfthlnir soft coal to tli
county , to bo delivered in quarter , half and tot
Each bidder must accompany hit bid < rlth
certified check In the sum of one hundred do !
lars.Tho rlslit Is reserved to reflect any and all
bids. For fuithor Infounatlon call at county
clerk's oillco.
lly order of the board.
C. l . NEGDHAM. County Clork.
Omaha , Nob. . August 1st. 1887. aldSt
Rids will bo received by the board of public
lands and buildings at any time tcforo August
15 , 1887 , at 2 p. mfor donations for the location
for the "Nebraska Industrial Homo. " Usual
rights reserved , lly order of said board.
July 18. 188T. Q. L. LAWS , Secretary.
ju29d-to auglS
Proposals lor Sealed Bids.
THE School Hoard of South Omaha will ro-
colvo sealed bids for the erocilon of a high
school biilldlnir up to 3 o'clock of Saturday ,
August lith : , 1SS7. IMims and specifications may
bo seen at the Stockman oliico.
The board reserves the right to reject any
nnd all bids.
August let , 1837. aid Kit
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED Proposals will bo received at the
olllcn of the county cleric 1111 to 18 o'clock
noon of Saturday , August nth. lbS7 , for frrad-
ini ? , us follows : Uominaticinir at N. W. coinnr
ot Section 8 , Town U , Hmino I'1 , thcncn oust on
section linooiiu and oim-liulf miles : about ( ,000
yards more or less. Enrh bid must lie BOOOIU-
panted by adoposlt o | twenty llxo dollars.
The ilijlit is reserved to > eject any and all
lly order of tlin tjnnr.1.
0 P. NKEDI1AM. County Clerk.
Omaha , Net ) . , Au > rujt 1st. Ib37. ttlint
Proposal for Ihe Construction of Hit } Superstructure -
structure of ( he City Hill Building.
SBMED proposals Id bo rec ld by tlio
uiidnr-lfriiixj imlilll o'olooit a. in July ilOih ,
] BH7forthn I'OiinInu lion of thtt hU | u tri < cl-
uro of the City Hull llulMiii ? In Hocoidanro
witbiilans anil specincntlonsonlllu in t'.ic oliico
of the board of piililln nnik *
llld < will bo made upon pvintnit bUnKK fur-
nlsliod by tlio iKiunl. und to b't hfLuiiipaniuil
livu oortlllixl chuck In the sum of 11,00'J ' , us a.i
ovldencoof good fallh.
The boaid rosorxcs the rleht to reject any or
all blila nud to waliedelccta.
ST A. D lUr.coucK.
Chairman lioard ( if i'ubllo Works.
Omalia , Neb. , Jiino l. 1W
lly onler of the city council tbe time for re-
rolvin ; ; proposals , as invltfrt nbo\o. for iou-
struct Ion of the uperflrii ( turn of thniilty Hall
building , is bpioby oTlumlo < l to 11 o'clock u. ui.
- Saturday , Autfust lUth.
ST. A. I > . HM.COMIH : ,
Chairman llourd of i'ublio Works.
; Omaha , Nob. . July llth."ital
conrniiATiov NOTICK.
To whom It may concern :
Nonce is heirotiy ( fivini of n amendment to
fh artlclenof liioorixiratlnn ( if iho Ibth Mrnot
Methodist Episcopal iluirch , made on the " 1st
day of July , IBrfl , whereby 4ho name of
corporation wns ehniiKed In tint , of rVtwnril
blreot Methodist lipi. cop l wnlcb
name said church nrirauluttlon U now Known.
CilAg. W , SAVIPUK , 1'jifltorin ChHrjo.
J o. li. NKWMAW , bevreiary , liixt
llntwrpn Cuitncll IHulTs and Kouth
Onmhn. In addition to the stutlom nuinttonoil ,
tiiliis clop lit Twentieth nnd Tui > nty fourtk
trcots , mid nt the Summit m Omntin.
Hunt ivnrd.
WHO n rKAOguiwiiD WITH rn orooau-iir or Tin *
Dr reason of lt crntral position. clOM rotation to llnni
Cut of Chicago , and cunUnunt lines Bt lennlnil
pnlntl Writ , Northwi it * nd Houthwpgt , li the tru *
middle lluk la that transcontinental system wulch
Intttcs Biul facilitate ! trarel and traffic liotwoon tht
Atlantlo and 1'aclAc.
The Hock liUnil m&ln line and hranchM Inrlade Chl-
c R < ) , JulUt , Ottawa , l.a Sallo , Ffiorla , Ounr.-eo , Kolin
ntid Ilock Islnnd , In Illinois ; Iarfnport ( tlntoatlne ,
Wanlilnston. Falrfli 1.1 , ( ntumiraOiValooia , WeitUb-
rrtj.Ioit a CityDei Molne.v Ini1lanolaWlnt n > t , Atlan
tic , KnoxrlUe , AuJuUm , llorlan , ( lullirU Orntro and
Council llufrflnowAi ! Oatlatln , Trenton , St. Joteph ,
Cameron and Knniai Cltj , In illiiourlf I aTenwortb
and AtchlHon , In Kansas * Albert Loa , Ulnneapolb and
Bt.raul.Inlllnm'noUi Vfatertown and Bloux Falls , In
Pukuta , aiul hundieds of iat rmedlat oltlM and towni.
"Tho Croat Rock Island Routo" f
Ouaranteoi aptad , romfort , rf rtalntar and nafety. Its
DMrmanuit waIs dUtlnculihpd forlUoxoelleace. Ill
fcrljgs an of itono and Iron. It" track Is ot solid
Uet.tu rolling stock iwrfert. lt pasn ng r < Kalpmant
cut Ml the lafetyarpllanom that xperlrncBhuprov 4
uivful , and for lusurlous acrommodatloni U uiuor-
patspd. Ill Expri-s * Trains consist of mperlor Day
Coaches , elegant I'ullman 1'alaco Parlor nnd Bleeping
Cars , tuperb Vlnli.c Cars , prorlJIng delicious meals ,
and ( between Chicago nud EL Joseph , Atchlson and
Kanias Cltj ) raitful nocllolng Chair Oar * . Its man
agement If coaiervaUv , Ita discipline zacUag.
"The Famous Albert Lea Route"
BetwMB Ohlcef o and Minneapolis and 8t Paul Is the
farorlte. Oror this line Polld Fast Exprojs Trains run
dally to attractliv rnsorln for tourliU In Iowa ana
Ulnnnota , and , Tla Waterloo n andRloai Falls , to 111 *
rich wheat and crating lands of Interior Dakota. Via
Brnrca and Kankake * , the Jlock Island offers mpertor
Inducement * to travelers betwnim Cincinnati , Indtaa-
apolls. Lafayette and Council Bluffs , St. Joseph , Atchl-
on , Learrnwortb , Kansas City , Ht. 1'aul , and Intarrae-
dlate points All pMroni ( esprrtnllj ladles and ebll-
drrnrecelropruUctloncourtesy ) and ktndlyattlDtlaa.
For tickets , maps , foldon , copies of Wewtrrn Trail , or
anr ilcilred Infnr.-natlon , apply to principal offlcns la
thu United Btai s and Canada , or addrru , at Chicago ,
Chicago , Mil waute&St , Paul Rj
The Jtcst Jttinle from Omaha and
Council Jtliijf.1 to ]
Two Tiamt i aily lielwceu Utnalia and
Council UluUs
Chicago , ANI > Milwaukee ,
St. 1'au1 , Minneapolis , Ceilai RaiuiU
Hock. Island , ] ' 'rcepoil , KocUord ,
Clinton , niihuciu ) : , Uavunpoil ,
Hl in , Madison ,
Ueioit , Winona , La
And all other important points East , Nortlicait
, , . . , und SouihiMd.
I'or thiotith iiehoinmlldii Uio llolml ntfonl
at 1401 1 arniin , , t ) M | u\lon hotel , ur ut Un on
l'iicnc : depot.
Pullman Kleopors Niid the finiiSt Dining Cam
in the world ate inn on thu main linn of the
Chlrngo , Milwaukee ft S ) . Paul Hiillwny and cv-
ry iiltentlnn Is pan ) to p d > orijrct ! > y courto
OH8oiri'heos | ' of the company.
U. Hn.r.Mt. ( ii-neriil Mannger.
J. I' Ti.'VKKii , AsAl itiiitCcn < Tal Mannif r.
A. V. u. CMTLNTEII , ( icncrul 1'n i-ngur and
Tickut ARPIII.
DKO. K lls-xmiim. AESIttantUuu ralPas4un.
Ker iiinlTlckot Agoiit.
J T. CIAKK Oriidral 8uii rlntoiJent. :
to > ! ! p Mlt < , ia ot I * f
t > all
rH back
lne | uat on > parson
. Wiiwti .tjr .ur. . .li f.
ill.l. JiJ r 4l l rjr
t r , ln UisMtr.dur hi. nj r j > MB ) ; , , . < - > r *
laj r , Ux lVQUf.101 Itlffci (0. , OJc. < , IU. J
* ' ! _