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Interviews With Citizens on the Moynih&n
Protective Night Watch.
The Compliments of the Governor ol
Minnesota to the Governor of
Jscbrnt-ka General City
Moynllinti's NlghMvntch Scheme.
The reporters of tlio HIB : interviewed
& number of well known business men
upon tlio Moynllmia scheme of forcing
n so-called nifjlitwnteh upon this city ,
through tlio "combino" conspirators oi
tlio city council. The opinions expressed
below represent the gunornl.sontinient in
this community :
Mr. Vlnyaid , of Vlnynrd & Suhnolder ,
Jobbers of notions We want ti good DO-
ice force under tlio control of the city ,
nml do not fnvor n nliht ; wntch or any
other additional nrunnl/ntloii. It would
bo n , bad move. The first tiling you
know the puoplo will have to take it in
their own hands. Any ono in favor of
Jaw and ordur will object to the night-
watch scheme.
Mr. Kobinson of the J. T Robinson
Notion Co. Have not civen much
thought to the niKhtwatch scheme , but it
docs not strikes mo as a good tiling. Wo
ought to have a good police foron that
would work in jiiirmony and in wliieh
them wore no divisions.
Mr. Kiikendall , of Kirkendall.Tones , &
Co. . jobbers of boots and shoos My synv
p.itliy is with tlio police commission in
this contest. Would not take any stook
in anything that the present city council
might propose , unless it was c.irefullj
looked into. Am ashamed of the police
quarrel. Understand that some of the
coinmissioneisarc out of town , and hopu
they will eomo back with good muscle
nnu lay out the disturbers.
Mr. Allen , of Allen Uros. , jobbers oj
groceries in regard to the proposed
night watch , would say that originating
ns it has and being1 backed by the coun
cil , there would ot necessity bo a bad
feeling between it and tlio regular force ,
which would bo a fruitful source of
trouble. Ifvomust have two organisa
tions , let them take dillcrcnt parts of the
city. Would bo glad to sec niesunt force
Increased by half.
M. L. 1'arrotte of W. L. Parroto & Co. ,
jobbers of hats , caps , etc. The best
thing we can have is a good police force
nnd if any ono wants a special night
watch they can hire ono independently ,
the same as wo have ono for this block.
Mr. ( iilmoro of Uilmoro tte Ituhlowhole-
Halo clothiers It ought to bo settled
whether the commission or the council is
in the right , and then let the right ono go
ahead and put on a good forco. Do not
think it would do at all to liavo two or-
gani/ations , as there would bo a natural
enmity between them that would break
out in trouble. It has struck mo all
along that tlio council was in the wrong.
Krnst 1'oyckc Think the regular po
lice force , if properly handled , ought to
bo sulllcient to protect Omaha s business
houses. Tlio idea of payinga private in
dividual for a private police force is de
cidedly thin.
C.V. . Hamilton , of the United States
National Hank The regular police force ,
if wo arc to have ono , is all that is needed.
If anybody wants a private night watch ,
lot him liiro it and pay for it.
Milt linrlow , cashier of the United States
National bank A private night watch ,
such as the ordinance in question con
templates , would bo a superfluity , unless
the regular police force are employed
simply for street ornaments.
11. W. Yates , president of the Iron
bank We've no use for any such
W. II. II. Hughes , cashier of the above
bank Knows nothing of the Moynilmn
bill und cures less.
Fred Davis , cashier of the First Na
tional bank Didn't think the city was
suiVoring for a private mchi watch.
What she most needs is an organized ,
regular police forco.
Herman Konnt/o , president of tlio First
National bank Omaha's police force
should bo properly organi/.c'd. Wo have
n police commission whoso business it is
to regulate our police affairs , and the
people are exceedingly anxious that they
be allowed to execute the functions of
of their otlico. The people are serfcitcd
with this tomfoolory.
1'liilii ) Lung , tbo boot and shoo dealer-
Mr. Moynihau might go to. liiisiness
men are taxed heavily 'enough to support
an excuse of a police force , let alone Liu-
ing called upon to pay fora private foreo ,
which could never bo made olliciont un
der any circumstances.
Harry Doul Thought tlio prescnl
police muddle had bettor bo htruightened
out before they go to monkeying will :
E. L. Stone , of Dewey & Stone We
don't ' want any of Mr. Moyuiliau's po
liuomon ; tlio regular force will take can
of us. It they fail , we'll hire and paj
for our own private watchmen.
W. T. Seaman Don't wan't it ,
Wouldn't' touch it with a ton foot polo.
Uon Wood I haven't any use foi
Moynihan not the remotest.
Luther Drake Wo have no use foi
the night watch.
C. S. Kaymond , the Jeweler I'm in
favor of all the protection we can cot ,
but don't baliovo wo want a night watch.
J. 11. McShano I don't want anj
notoriety in this matter but my private
opinion is we do not want it.
Mr.Hoycr Don't want it in that slmpo ,
I think it is auout time the busincs <
men should get together and put an cud
to this feCitiuhil.
A. J. Hanscom I don't see any use foi
it ami 1 fear it will bring on a conlhcl
with the regular police.
Tom Rogers Don't think wo want it ,
Personally I would not vote for it.
1) . S. Itarrigor-'Doirt think wo need it ,
I thinK the police and fire commission
should appoint all our policemen.
\\illhuu Wallace Ono of the besl
things the city can have is a good police
forco. I nm opposed to a night watch.
Mr. Hongluon , of Smith & Co. , job
bers of dry goods Am not in favor ol
disturbing the old force unless to increase
it , and then it must bo under ono head ,
A thing with two iicads is no I'ood.
J. C. Canaan It is a d thai
the council should try to undermine the
police 'commission. Would rather you
would not print such strong language as
coming from me , but that is the way ]
foul. We don't want any night watch 01
anything else but a good police force
Tifo disturbing element in the counei
might bo made to { resign.
Mr. Curtis , of Omaha Rubber Co. DC
not know any of the parties engaged ir
this matter and hcnco have no persona
feeling regarding it , but cannot see the
least reason for a night watch. Want r
first-class police force under ono head
Mr. Heard , of Hoard & Otis. 1 am no
in favor of this nigtit watch. Those
things are usually more for the benefit o
some interested parties I am in fuvo
of having a good pollen force that woule
bo adequate to protect the city.
Charles Kitchen I hava given tin
matter but little attention , but 1 don'
think wo want any merchants' polico.
Hlohard Kitchen Wo don't want t <
have anj thing to do with thorn.
J. K. Markoll Wo don't waul an ;
merchant polico.
A , U. Snowdon I hnretlv know wha
to" say on the subject. My opinion
however , that the block watchmen shottli
bo orcnnizi'd ami bo responsible to th
mayor for their actions. I cannot he
the necessity of any merchant police.
O. Ely Wo don't want any mordian
? ilajor J' , P. ClarksoQ-Tno morcUau
police business Is all nonsonso. Wo don't
want anything to do with It.
Milton Rogers Speaking for myself I
will say I will have nothing to do with
any merchants' police. 1 gave them to
understand so when approached on the
S. 1' . Morse Wo pay taxes for a reg
ular police force ? .Why , then , should
there bo an extra forco. 1 utteily refused
to have anything to do with the mer
chant polico.
Jacob Williams of Tro.xoll & Williams
Wo don't want any such organi/ation.
In the first place it would bo the cause of
trouble between them and the regular
force and then again tlio organization pro
posed don't look right to mo.
Thonws Swift 1 am in favor of all
tlio police wo can get , provided they are
under the proper authority. * If the mer
chants wH ! pay for these men all right.
If they won't , why , then wo will have to
drop tlio police.
How the Uovornor ofMlnncBOta Treats
the Governor of Nebraska.
Charles W. Kdgcrton arrived from St
Paul , Minn..yesterday morning where ho
wont to .secure the return of the man liar-
tig.ui , who was charged with defrauding
the Commercial National bank of this city
out of a largo amount of money. Charles
lost his case in St. 1'aul. The requisition
of Governor Thayer of this .state was en
tirely ignored and Ilaitigan was allowed
to go free. The matter may not rest
hnro however , for it is said the refusal to
give Harligan up was so flagrant an
abuse ol justice that Governor Thayer
will demand a re-hearing from Governor
McGill of Minnesota. In case of a re-
refusal no more loimisitions will be sent
from Nebraska to Minnesota and no
more ackno\vlcdg d by Nebraska from
This promises to be a very lively little
warfare between the states. It seems
there would bo nodilliculty in the matter
whatever were it not that Humphrey
Movnihan , of this city , the "chief of po
lice in his mind , " went up to Minnesota ,
and by his freshness and promises caused
trouble that resulted In the refusal of
the governor to give up Hartigan.
A reporter oilled upon Dr. Dlnsrnoro
with reference to the matter and found
that the gentleman had not heard of Gov
ernor McGill's action in refusing to al
low H.irtigan to bo brought to this city.
When told that Mich was the case ho
seemed annoyed and disappointed , tn
reply to the insinuations ol a morning1
paper , ho said that ho never had an idea
of kidnapping Hartigan , because that
was an infraction of the law and if lie
could not bring Hartigan down without
breaking the law ho would not bring him
at all. Neither was it true that
sullicient money had not boon furnished
the detcetivo who was working up the
caso. Every time the latter wanted
nioney ho telegraphed for it and received
it in the same manner. Ho far as ho saw ,
the failure to allow Hartigan to como
jioro for trial probably ended the crim
inal prosecution , but it did not terminate
the civil proceedings. Ho had llartigau's
property in Minnesota attached and the
3:1 so would eventually bo heard in the
United States court in that state.
Presence of the Veteran Ball i'laynr
of the \Vcst in Town.
Henry Anson , of Marshalltownja. , reg
istered at the Paxtou yesterday. lie is the
father of the chief mogul of the Chicago
club , and an enthusiastic admirer of base
ball , llis coming hero is an event of
record for the first base ball games ever
plavcd in this city were against the Mar-
shalltown club. Then Mr. Henry Anson ,
now hero , was on the third base , A. C.
Anson , now captain of tlio Chic.igos , second
end base , and b. It. Anson , in the Hold.
A. C. is known as the "big man , " aiid
rightfully , too , for ho is the largest m.m
now playing in the le.iguo. Mr. Auson
loft for Denver last night.
After the Plumbers.
Inspector Duncan Is engaged yesterday
in notifying all the plumbers and gasfitters
of the city that their applications must
bo filed with the examining board before
next Tuesday evening , as after that dat.
sections 1 and 2 of ordinance 1120 will bo
strictly enforced. These sections are as
follows :
Section 1. No person , persons or corpora-
lions shall open , uncover , or in any manner
make any connection with , or lay any water
or pas pipes In connection with tlio plpus of
the City Waterworks company or Gas Com-
puny of the City of Uninlia , or Introduce into
or about any tuilkUn , or on any grounds ,
nny water or K'is ' pipes , or do any plumbing
woik In any miikllne or on any grounds for
the purpose of connecting such pipes or
plumbliiK work with the pipes of tlio City
\Vator\vorks company or cas com
pany , or of pieparlnir thorn for
such connections with the view of having
such premises supplied with water or gas , or
\\hoshallinnko nuy Additions to or alter
ations of any water pipe , bath , water closet ,
stop-cock or other fixture or apparatus for
tlio supplying of any premises with water or
Kin without being duly licensed to portorm
such work by the city council of the city of
Omaha , nnd without having tirst obtained a
permit for dolni ; such work.
Sue. 3. Any competent mechanic of at
least 21 years of aire and having a permanent
established place of business , with experi
ence in plumbing and eas littincr , upon application - .
plication to the City Cooncll , may uuon ap
proval of his application and the payment of
ten dollars ( S10) ) for the year or unexplred
part thereof , ending In all caseH on Decem
ber 31 , receive a license as plumber and gas
litter , authorizing him to lay water and cas
pipes and do all work in connection with the
t > amo.
Trotting HorscH.
Grand combination auction sale of
trotting bred horses at Omaha , August 10
and 11 , tluring the forenoon of each day
of tlio Trotting Iiorto Breeders' mooting ,
the get of such sires as Almont , No. JW
Hamblctonian , No. 10 , Saturn 2.005 , and
stock close in kin to Volunteer tlio sire of
St. Juhon , 2:11 , and others below 80. This
stock is contributed by members of the
association and will not bo otlbrcd simply
to see what folks will bid on them but
will bo sold to the highest bidder without
Fuvorablo terms announced days of
salo. D. T. HILL , Sec.
! ' . M. WOODS , Aulionecr.
A Novel Pinafore.
W. O. Sanders , John Booth , of the
opera house , and Elliott , the plumber ,
have in contemplation with the money
subscribed , a naval-operatio so home
both novel and interesting. It compre
hends the erection of a boat seventy-five
feet long on Lake Manawa to act as the
stago. On the shoro.a short distance away ,
will bo erected an amphitheatre for the
audience. On tlio boat it is intended to
produce Pinafore with an excellent cast.
Mr. Saunders will bo the admiral ; Mrs.
Calm , Josephine ; Mr. lirigham , Ralph ;
Mrs. Henry Estabrook , Buttercup , and
Mr. Estabrook , Doadoye. The chorus
will bo selected with the greatest of care ,
and their entrance will bo made sailing
across the water from ono of the islands ,
just as if the boat lay In the channel ut
Portsmouth ,
Deiuncrrulo Outrage.
Postmaster Gallagher was seen this
morning sharpening his knife on the
iron railing in front of the Strung build
ing. A man who was passing and know
the gentleman saici "Somebody's head is
coming oft' , The postmaster is sharpening -
ing UP hjs tools. "
Another man said , "This admlnistra. .
tlon is too penurious altogether. Ji
cunnot ntloid to givu u postmaster i
\\hutatoue,1' .
To Secure Valuable Inlde Property
In the llrlKhtoit City In the State.
While Hastings and other towns In the
central part of the stale have bcon for
months advancing their real estate , plat
ting additions and doubling up on prop
erty , the city of Kcarnoy , with all the ad
vantages nnd more than all surrounding
citlcp , has bcon pursuing the even tenor
of its way in a clean , substantial growth ,
such as it lips en joyed since its very foun
dation. But the city of Kearney , without
any eflbrts to advertise and create a
boom , has attracted In the past thirty
days more attention than any city In the
slate.aud it has been because the keenest ,
sharpest men in the state have soon and
realized that Kcarnoy had every induce
ment for business and homo seekers and
was certain to advance in every way
from tills time onward. Add to tlio fact
that has been known for years that
Kcarnoy lias the most extensive and the
richest of outlying agricultural country ,
add to this fact the additional ono that
there has bcon developed there the
greatest water power in the west outside
of Minneapolis and the wonder ceases
that the shrewdest men in the state are
attracted to that city. There has been
thus fur but two sales of lots in Kearney ,
but on August 11 the best opportunity of
all is given people to invest in the city
that cannot fall to double itself in a
year's time. Already eligible business
lots are eagerly sought and ono of the
prominent attractions in this coming
sale of the llth is that the projectors
have placed in the list of lots to bo of
fered seven business lots that are located
on tlio principal business street , directly
opposite the elegant now hotel. There
has been an active demand for tlicso lots ,
but all private sales have been refused
and they will bo sold on the llth in con
nection with the residence lots. Tlicso
residence lots are eighty in number , im
mediately opposite the Third ward
school building , and arc among the most
handsome lots in the city that have never
before boon placed on the market. That
they will 1)0 ) eagerly taken at the sale
goes without saying , and people who
view the city and its prospects will with
out doubt bo buyers and will not have
long to wait to reali/o handsomely on
such purchases ot strictly inside property
that is the very choicest remaining in the
original plat of the city. A visit to Kear
ney will satisfy any that the oppor
tunity for speedy and sure investment is
given in this sale , and any desiring fur
ther paiticulars should consult the adver
tisement in the BEK or J. S. Harrington ,
Kearney , or Pace & Rhodes , the auction
eers , at Lincoln.
Going to Talk Harmony.
City Attorney Webster told a UKE ro-
portcrycsterdaymorningthat ho had bcon
requested by William Pa\ton and some
other citizens to attend a mooting soon
to be held , at which some attempt will
bo made to ollect a compromise between
the council and the board of lire and po
lice commissioners. The meeting has
been called under the auspices of a num
ber of leading merchants , who have also
invited tlio members of botli boar Is to bo
present. It is claimed that the result of
the gathering will bo an agreement
which will bo satisfactory to all con
cerned. The absence of Messrs. Hartman -
man , Smith. Bennett and Gilbert from
the city will have the cilbct , possiblv , of
delaying the immediate settlement of the
Saratoga News.
The Rev. Mr. Millagan has 'boon
granted a month's vacation by the Sara
toga and Cherry Hill church , of which
ho is pastor.
The Band of Hopoassisted by the choir
of the Omaha View church , gave a very
enjoyable concert at the school house on
Saturday evening last.
The Sunday school will give a
"melon eat" at the school house on
Thursday evening , which moans a good
croud , and a good time.
The picnic of the Imperial club at Pries
lake on Friday will bo the e ont of the
bC.iBon. No pains are being spared to in-
suroagood tune , for which purpose the
Second Infantry band will bo in attend
Underwood's House.
It now transpires that Underwood's in
tent in purchasing the old Boyd's pack
ing house from J. D. Her was to enable
him to open up business as soon as pos
sible , though not to remain in it at that
place. His ultimate object is to build at
the stockyards , where ho will bo sur
rounded by places of the same kind.
When ho builds at the latter place ho
will sell out the house mentioned. Nego
tiations are now pending with regard to
the sale , which has not yet been declared
oil' , though several days will bo required
before the matters can be brought to d
close. The Stockyards company have
oflcrcd inducements to the packer , and it
is thought that these will bo accepted.
Plro Tip * .
"Spud" Farrish of No. 8. says that ho
was not engaged in any fight on Sunday
last except as defending Krehmcyor. Ho
commenced no trouble and , got abused
because ho didn't.
Chief Galligan is in Chicago. A letter
received from him to-day states that
probably ho will hayo his eye operated
on in that city.
To-day is % 'scrnb" day in the different
houses , and things are looking like new
An Art Gallery.
Assistant Secretary Gibbs , of the
Omaha Fair association , says that the
board is now in contemplation of erect
ing an art gallery , 40xltO feet , in the fair
building , and to have it ready for the
next show. This will make an interest
ing feature of the coming attraction.
Absolutely Pure.
Tbti powder never varlet. A marrel of pur
ty.itrength nd vrholeaomeneis. Mara eooa
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and papers upon clirunlc nnct survlcal dl efticinnd
deformities , and ttio methods ot euro will oil Have
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lul und luereiiful ipeclallst tn tbo west , nnd
tuiida the liutmui ) BU celebratud tbtt luodlclnes are
ent to and putlcntf received from ev ry iitnteln
tbe union , Among tliebooki Is one upon the dl oa -
os of woiuiin : onu upon nerrous , 0peclHl and private
disease ! of tbe seiual nnd urinary organs Tarloo >
ccle cured by surgical oparutions , and tln-lr latel j
Invented clump compress miipentor ? for tbo relief
and cure of mrlcocelt , nervous eilmnslloii und ei-
ual debllllr , new restorative treatment. Papers
unon siiridcril braces , riles , canrprs | mriil ls , tits.
Klectrlcltrand t lie new nmunotlc batterr for home
use : catarrh and Inhalation , etc , Unllkn most books
Issued bv doctort tret , ther do not consist
of testimonials xlth fictitious nsnsei und Initials ,
or rubbish or that kind , but tire pliiln desrrlntjons
of disease * symptoms , new discoveries In meillclnn ,
uriierr and electrlcltr. and are well worth tbn pe-
au al. and cm be obtained free bf HddreHHlnc tbe
Omaha Medical anil Huritlcal Institute , 13lti ttrect
and Cipltoi Aven'ie. Omaha , Nebraska.
Remarkable for powerful sympa
thetic tone , pliable action and ab
solute durability ; 80 years' record ,
the best guarantee of the excel
lence of the e instruments
87 Chamber of Commerce.
mm & m
Offlccs.Soath Omaha Uoom3 , Hunts UulMIng , Ninth
* OmaUa Ro m 6. ovtr CmamercUl Xntlohal llant.
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iaao < l , > c.htTlugtrlwlU vaia
D reuM , ku dlKOTtred a mmrJg
il FHIf to hli fellow tuftrarth
OAK ) ? W i Mw IfAVRM
The busv season being over and things not so rushing any more
we have now time to look after the stook that is left , and find that
we have accumulated during the season quite a few odds and ends.1
These consist of some single suits , one or two of a kind , and quite a
lot of suit pants. Verv frequently we sell the coat and vest from a
suit and then the pants are left. We have placed them on a
counter bv themselves , and though the price was formerlv very
low we have marked them down still further. There are some verv
fine goods among them. We will sell them onlv as thev are. That
is , make no alterations as the price is so extremelv low that w
cannot afford to have the expense of altering them , but those who
will find a fit in this lot will get the goods at about one third their
As unusual bargains in neckwear we offer 100 doz. elegant scarfs
at5c ; retailed in all first class houses from 50c upward.
100 doz. extra fine silk and satin scarfs , Tecks and Four-in-Hands
new and choice patterns , at 25c , the most of them were sold at 75c
Another invoice of those Pique Scarfs at 25c a dozen. This will be
the last of them this season. We cannot fill mail orders on this last lot.
All goods marked in plain figures and at striotlv one price at
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
During July and August , our store closes at G:30 : p. in. , except Saturday.
Business and Residence Property.
In the Heart of the City. This is a Chance of a Lifetime for Investors.1
Having engaged in mercantile business , I have deckled to sell about one half of my real es
tate in the center of the "Future Great" of the Platte Valley , the Queen City of the PJains ,
and shortly to become
The Seven Business Lots are across the street and fronting the new $75,000 hotel , now nearly1
completed , and the Opera House , to be built immediately.
The Eighty Dwelling Lots are adjoining the $10,000 Third Ward School House yard , and'
are being connected with the main streets by sidewalks , being distant only seven blot-Its , or
three fourths of a mile nearer the business part of the city than any other additions that have
recently been put on the market.
In distant additions around Omaha and Lincoln , which have already been boomed enough
for ten years , but Come to Kearney , where the boom has just commenced. The progressive
and enterprising element will soon make Kcarnoy the third , if not the second city of the
state , by utilizing its
Developing the Summer Resorts around its silvery lakes , and last , but not least , establishing
the most Magnificenta Chautauqu Grounds in the west. Kearney's natural advantages are
without a rival for five hundred miles.
TERMS OP SALE Terms on dwelling property , easy , and made known on day of sale.
Terms on business property , as follows : One fifth cash , and balance in four annual payments ,
the last two to be forfeited if I do not erect a five story brick , 85x100 feet , adjoining property
fora bank and wholesale house. For further particulars , inquire of PACE & IU1OADES ,
Auctioneers , Lincoln , Nob. , or W. G. Albright , Omaha , Neb. , or
J. S. HARRINGTON , Kearney , Neb.
Free excursion for investor ? , from all points in Nebraska , who purchase and pay for $ i200
worth of property.
Dr. Haughawont : Omaha Dental Asso
ciation. ISest sets teeth fO , fully war-
ranted. Teeth without plate , bridge
work and crowns of every approved
kind , insertidby the most satisfactory
method , llollman block , cor. 18th and
Farnam streets.
C < r r Illb < 0 4t Hu. , UXillt , ill * .
amount m mcicm. io SPECIU. PMCTITIONCR
Authorlt 4lo ! r * t U Oirtml.r ou iHl | fl l II "
( bflk.r ! * Ill l pmdi. < , f ! . ' l.fU i bcmlui
M.nknt.i ( nlehlluix al IxbUilr I" " of uiual po r )
Nervmi. I ll1lj ! ( mun r c. Curn KuararteoJ or 111011.7
* tit ea.a cm L > Ra and MM- .r. iiD | > l M r.rcial ! ) iifparedforfachlo'
lT dMlc N Injurious or Ktlw ioua oomMjUtid. | UM-d No tima
leu from bu.lncM r.u.ut * t Aitlanr * Ittatcd by lelltr aqd
tiprnc UAdlclnaKM t 'f * ' a from Miai-r brtakaic
lor a t-ranl .lamp HI mall VntK "iMtl 0 Xl * l ni 1 aT
cciiTni. , " aea srtiriiiH ii.t u * NI to < uu u i f
dix.x btau your w "ml kl for IMiiia Orilcil tllcJ
OrrlCiHoiu. II , ,
tlirounh trrorn anil bad i > racilct _ CURED.
* , ot.Luttitf
At Auction Sale , Thursday , August 4th , at 2 p. m. , Sharp.
Sale without Reserve to the Highest Bidder.
Friend , Nebraska , has two thousand people. Is on the main line of tl e H & M road
38 miles west of Lincoln. The K. C & W. railroad is survejed through the town
bonds will be toted for itand the division station on the new liiic will be at Friend. The
town ib one of the bct-t shipping points in the slate.
Terms of Sale One-third cash , balance on easy terms
C. C. PACE and UiN O'KHODES. Auctioneers , Lincoln.
WlU'lIC A ; FISJlIll UN , Proprietors.
New Model Lawn Mower
Five Size * . Will cut ItlyJicr grnxa th > tn
any < ittic > : Jlaa noci/tutl/'or ni > iii > licltij ,
tlnroUilit/ ! and c $ e ofoperdtioii.
This is the latest improved Ma
chine in the Market.
Low J'rlccs. Ncml for chvulttra.
State Ayentit for J'orlcr'n lluulny Tool
anil Jobbers of Ilindiny Twine.
FINE WATCHES , Siriu.i.s-0 Sii.vrii.