Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 03, 1887, Page 7, Image 7

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    ' I 'Li
Advertisements under this hpnd.10 cents pe
liio for the first Insertion , 7 cents for each sub
paqucnt Insertion , end $1.Mix line per month
ho advertisement tnkcn for loss tnnn 25 rents
for the firtt Inicrtlou. fcuvon words wll Jbe
counted to the Imot they must nm consecu
tively nnd must BO pnld In ndvanca. All advcr-
tlBomontH must lie handed In before 1 : W o'cloci
" "p. in.nnd under no circumstances will they betaken
taken or discontinued by telephone.
1'nrttnii advertising In thc-o column nnd bav
in ? the nnswcri addreosod In can ) of THE HEN
wlllpipn'onsk for a check tocnnblo them to get
tticlr none will bo delivered eicont
on iirerontnllnn of cheek. All answers to advtr-
tiscmontg should bo enclosed In envelopes ,
All ndvertl < cmnnts In thneo columns are pub
lished In both morning nnd oronlnir editions
of TUB llrr. the circulation of which nirgro-
Kntca morothnn 14.1)00 ) pnpcis dnlly , and give-
the nilvprtlitTH tint ben jilt , nut only of the city
rtrculntlon of TIIK IbK.but nl o of Council
IlliiffH , Uncoln nnrt other cities and towns
throughout this part of the weft.
i lCHX > , < X > i ) to loan. Cole , 318 B 15th.
Tolonn nt U per rent , Vnttnrson
MONEY . , ISth street , op. P.O. 323
. TO LOAN atO i > or cent Mnahan
$7rxi.OnO , IWU Fnrnam. 6H
V It. 0. rnlleri-on. 11th nt.d Unrnnr.
$ W 10,000 In loan on rcnl o tato. No dnlay.
Harris & Bampson , 1516 Douglas st. 040
ONKY TO MAN b. F. Davis Co. , real
estate and loan agents , 1&05 Fnrnam st.
$ , to loan in liny amount nt lowest rate
( il interest. II. II. Ircy. Frcnyor block. 307
, To loan on Omaha city property BtS
percent. G. W. Daygcor. . Ex. Hid.C13
OM'.V TO LOAN On city nnd fnrm prop
erty nt low rates. No delay. Calm .V 'ool-
y , I'i22 Karniini st.
TVIONKV to loan tojmrtlos whhlnir to bull.l.
, J.'i8. . S. Campbell , 310 S 10th St. , Chamber of
Oommorco , 043
MONEY To lonn. Lowest rntos. No delay.
J. L. Itlcu & Co. , over Commercial Na
tional bank. > ' 57
"MONEY to lonn. cash on delay.
fU. J. W. and K. L. Squire , 1413 Farnam st.
Tazton betel building. < " 4
MONEY TO IXAN-Loans of (10 to S100
made on furniture , pianos , horses , wagons ,
etc. , without removal , J. J , Wilkinson & Co ,
1321 Fnrnam street , over llurllngton ticket
ofllco. 838 nugtt *
MONKY TO LOAN on Improved city prop
erty In sums of J 1.000to 15,000 at six per
cent Interest. BholcR& Crurab. 045
MONKY TO LOAN on imnroved real estate ;
no commission charged , l.cuvltt llurn-
ham , lloom 1 Crolghton lllock 041
MONEY TO LOAN-On city property In
Hums of f(00 and upwards at lowest rates.
Money fclways on hnnd. 8. B. Campbnll. 3IO
Bouth Sixteenth street. 047
MONKY to loan on fnrm and city property
nt current rules. Largo lonns on glltodged
business property . See us. Mnrshnll Ic l-o-
bcok , 1(09 Farnam. Telephone 7J. 843
TH ) LOAN Money Loans placed on im-
Xprored real estate In city or county for
Hew Bngland Lonn If Trust Co. , by Douelns
County bank. Ifith nnd Chicago sti. 649
MONKY IX > ANKDnt C. F. Itcod * Co.'a Loan
Office , on furniture , pianos , horsos.wagons ,
personal property of all kinds , nnd nil other ar
ticles of yalup. without removal. U19 S. 13th.
over Illnghnm s Commission storo. All busl-
nees strictly confidential. BM
foNKY TO LOAN-bytho undersigned , who
-I has the only properly orgnnlrod loan
tvenoy InOmuha. Loans of 110 tn $100 made
on furniture , plnnos , organs , horses , wngons
machinery , Ac , without removal. No delays.
All business Ktrlctly confldentlnl. Lonns o
snndo that any part can lie paid nt nny Imo.each
r , payment reducing the cost pro rata Advances
raadn on flno watches nnd diamonds. Persons
Should carefully -consider who they nro dealing
y 1th , us ninny now concerns are dnlly coming
Into existence. Should you nned money call
nd see me. W. n. Croft , lloom t W'thnpl
Building 15th nnd Hnro r. 851
flMlE OMAHA Financial Exchange ,
* * V. ' . rner of llarney and 15th sts.
ever Btato National bank.
It1 prepared to make short time loans on any
available security.
Loans made on chattels , collateral or real
Long time loans made on Imoroyed real ettata
t current rates.
Purchase money mortgages negotiated.
Hccurod notes bought , sold or exchanged.
Short tlm loans made on second mortgage ,
according to marginal interest , at collateral
Hcnl estate to exchange for good Interest
Oonoral financial business of all kinds trans
acted promptly , quietly and fairly.
Money always on hand for approved loans of
my kind , without delay or unnecessary pub
licity , Corbett , Manager. 053
MIDLAND Uiiarantee mid Trust Co. , 1505
rnrnam street Complete nbRtracts fur
nished , nnd titles to real ubtnto examined , per
ITooiod and guaranteed 673
niO MIT In the fimt growing olty of Mitchell ,
-L Dak. , a line tHo-rttory solid In Ick building
ror.tnlnlng two store ; , onoh'OilIK ) foot and
connected with each other , all aliovo 40x1(0 (
loot. Suitable for wholesale grocery or n simi
lar business , or for nny kind of retail business ;
will bo let to responsible parties altogether or
> n parts at a low rent for a term of years. The
olty of Mitchell nna the 0. M. ft St. 1 * . H. H. ,
Iwith sovernl branches , nlso the Northwestern ,
end Is fnst growing m Importance. For pnr-
tlculnra npnly to lionry Hoiiodlut ft Co. , Jill-
waukeo , Wls. . or Hitchcock liroa. , Mitchell ,
Dak. 78l > 3
FOK BALK A complete laundry , Inclurtlng
horses , harness , two wagons , twenty horse
power nglno and holler , Watson washer ,
weston wringer , 12x12 dry room , shafting
pulleys , stoves , building , eto. , complete all In
perfect working order. Inquire of I. S. lion-
nett nt the oftlco of C. 8. Dnscoll , 1422 Dodge st.
IromlOn. m. top. . m. 758 ttj
WANTKD A live business mnn with from
$10,000 to (15.001 to go Into a wholesale
tiuslncss , HuslnoHs pays : ci 1-3 percent and a
lilco clean lino. A good chnnco tor the right
limn. Address Y IP , lleo. (181-3 ( *
AUK business chance : for Hale , the stock ,
' lUturts and good will of a llrst-clasa cloth
ing store doing a good business , centrally
located , only reasons for selling tr-o owner has
other and more Important business. Parties
leaning business may address U. It ) , Dee office.
TCTOH BALK-Meat market , tools , Hxtures ,
J. horse and wagon , everything complete.
Good location ; good trade. Address U48.Ilee.
_ 626aug BJ
ANTED Parties who desire to buy or seller
or exchange stocks of general mcrchnn-
dlio , dry goods , groceries , boots and shoes ,
hardware , drugs. Jewelry Improved or unim
proved town orclty property , Improved r un
proved farms in any pnrt of the united States ,
to address Krause ft Teeter , 310 S , 15th st
Omaha , Neb. 055
WANTKO-Gentiernnn wishing an honest
business. 1'ronts $14 per day. 1100 re
quired. Will exchange for stock or trude. Cull
room t Crounso block , 119 N lath street.
IiUHt SALK-A good business : smnll capita
1 required ! good reasons foi selling , Ad
dress T 44 lleeofflca. ( M
BUSINESS CIlANCE-Nloe clean stock
fall and winter dry goods. Bummer stock
II closed out. This MOCK ( tin a good town
only SO miles from Omnhn. The score has an
elegant trade. Terms half cash and balance In
notes or good property. Address Stadulman ,
HI7 ) CBCB street. OiuahH , Neb. 17U
TjlOH SALIt 1 offer for sale the United States
JL1 hotel cor of Douglas and 10th st. Snld hotel
has accommodations for BO boarders and runs
In connection n bar with a-full stock of the
pent liquors ; will sell cheap on account of slck-
s ; Inqulro on premises. 572 12
BUSINESS Cbance-For snle-A stock of dry
goods , oluthlug , furnishing goods , boot *
nnd shoes ; alno fixtures. With this stock a four
years lease of a double store ranbe obtained in
ono of the best retail localities in the city. In
formation at Dormann't , Cyj South Thirteenth
Btreet. 605
KA11E Uusinou chance Tor sale , a itook of
general merchandise In the best of shape ,
located m the bet > t railroad town In Southuru
Nebraska. Stock will invoice about (8.000.
Bales last year. (40,0(10. ( Call or address. Good
JT-.SOU for celling. U. F. Hart ft Sou , Falrbury ,
Neb. 818 a5
TIIOH SAm Fine stock of fresh groceries ,
S ! I'ony team delivery wagon nnd harness.
Flno location and doing a good business ; 1
jrearloacoon building with privilege of 2 moio ,
lirntod f W pur mouth. Whole price (1,400.
Will take part in city property , If gatlifaetnry ,
Terms to suit. J , F , Hammond , 117 B. 19th st.
76I >
TANTKD-Man with (150 cash as security
for honesty , light omce bnslnoyi. ( li
to start. AddrcM V 45 , tbli office , 6781J
BUSIJfKST amnco-A enlcndld chance for
Rood m n In nloon btnlnes * . Cnpltol re-
nulroil , t\MO. \ Address for particulars , Y 83 ,
BooOfflco. 7f i 4.
_ _
Tmoitl.MjH-r.lf > irantly nttod up snloon with
-aJ restnurnnt nttachrd ; 4 HvInK rooms up
itnlrs , and fine lar e kitchen on ( rround lloor.
Located In the heart of rltr and dolnir n flno
buslne" . I'rlco ta , 00i f 1SO ) cisb , J , F. Itntn-
tnond , 117 8. IBth. 7ii'i '
ANTKDI'artnor , 1200 ! 10 dttHr18 8-
10th st. 602n8
"ITHIH HALK The well-known Hawley house
J of 40 riiomi , on account of the donth of mv
wife , Will sell property or anil furniture nnd
rent house to ricln perron. A ( rood chnncn to
mnko money. Address 1'rop , North Platte ,
Neb. _ _ 473 n7J
US1N 89 CHANCF.-1'W will buy ono of
the best piiylng nnloons In the city. Ad
drcu Ht once , V3o lice. _ 708-4J
H HALK Lnw llbrnry , chonp. Wheeler A
Whoolcr , Douirlns anci 1.1th si. U > 7
for your sewing mnchlno
JL needles , oil nnd repairs to the SInper
Man'ftf Co. 1518 DoiiRlas ft , Omaha. 4IM a26
UIlSO.VAL Homoved from 1211 Dnvcnport
Bt. to 311 North 12th , furnished rooms for
rent "
_ _
1)K1ISONAL ( lentlomen. nttrntlon. Gno < l
bonrd and rooms nt 504 1 * . Ifth st..rtin nnnbly
7bO mm 12J
PlIIISONAf , The Three yoiini ? gcntlemnn
whowprnhuntlnit rooms for so\on will
hear something tu their Interest by addres ing
V 37 , lleo ofiko. 73J-3
IlEIIPON'AL-rrlvnto homo for Indies iliirlnif
contlncmnnt , strictly conlldontlnl , Infuuts
adopted , ail ( Jr ess K 42. lleo nlllco. 42'ii )
PEKSONA ! < - ! . Dr Nnnme V. Warren
clairvoyant , Mrdirnl "ml li\i ln ss Modluv
Boom Mo. B 121 North loth it. .Omaha. Nob.
- . . bay pony
mitre uboutHCO Ibs. , slxyeais old , liranded
on lort hip , whlto loft hoof , lletiirn .lohn H.
Olbb,4-d street , boUu'cn 1-urnaui mid L a\on-
worth lloeclve reward , 7fi 4 *
STItAYKD OU RTOLEN-Ono bay pony innro
weighs nbout 71W , Inst seen on Cass stioot ,
bet. llth nnd I'UU St. II. Suchssc , Snundera
street. 73'i 2
STIIAYKD Or stolen , from barn , 12th st , be
tween IIiirnoy and Howard , dark brown
liorso. Lcavo Information lit police headquar
ters , or with llranch ft Co , 1121 Farnam st.
705 3
SEVENTY-FIVE dollars' reward. Strnyed or
stolen fiom icnrof 111 N 17th st , n largo
ronn horse , about 17 hnnils high , weighing be
tween l.l'OOond 1,400 pounds , redlsh brown
nm no nnd tall , hind nnklo somewhat swollen-
$25 will bo paid for return of animal to owners ,
at 110 S 14th st.and If stolen the sheriff of Doug
las Co. will pay n reward of ( , r > 0 for the nrrost
and conviction of the thloJ. 696
QTOHAfl K Omaha Storage Warehouse , cor.
013th nndl7ard , ample facilities for storage ,
furniture , wagons , etc. Low rates , advances
made. IBRIIO warehouse receipts. 4UlnugRj
rfllRST-CLASS Storage at 110 N 13th nt
STOHAOK Flrst-clnss storngo for nice fur-
nltur or boiod goods , at 1513 Dodge-it
IDKAL'Biitton Hole Cutter-Host In world.
Send stamp for prices and flno plcturer H
II. S. Co. , Chililcottie , Ohio. 787 4
Moro houses nnd rooms on our
list. Small house property and unfur
nished looms in big demand. Great success
last month In renting. Wo have more appli
cants every day than we can sntlsly. Da > ton
& Alford , Hontinir Agency , lloom 1,1301 Doug
las st 7ii4 2'
(31XTKKNTII street Kmploymont otMco re-
Amoved to 220 N loth St. 745 4J
GOOD reliable help of either sex nlways on
on band nt the Scandinavian Employment
Bureau , 1010 Farnam stioot 72.1 7j
IADII'.S desiring compotcnt nnd rollabln
J help shouln call at the Nntlonnl emnloy-
inent ollico , 420 South 15th st , room 7 ii | > -
stalrs. t 094-51-
DO YOU wnnt a situation us bookkeeper ,
olork , utc ? Wo can secure ono for you.
llocord Advertising Co. , 151J Fnrnnm st. 071-5D
BUSINESS CHANCES of nil kinds , farms ,
stocks of goods , etc. . for snlu or exchange
See Hccord Advertising Co. , 151J Fnrnam st.
WE again call your attention to the fact that
we are giving collection of roots special
attention. If you have any houses to runt
place them with us , or if you wish to rent n
house call and see us. Wo rotor you tn Mo-
C'ngue llros , bankers , Bonawa & Co , 11th st ,
opposite postolHco. 710 4
MAo"mvFlC Healing Mediums euro nU kinds
of sloUnoos In connection with olalrvov-
anco of the pnst , present nnd future. J. H ,
Pngolor , North Ptato st , mile west of fair
grounds. ! ' . O. boxe'q 510 a2HJ
DO YOU wnnt the earth ? 70C ynrds ot It can
bo had with a premium nt 044 South 17th
street , near Lcnvenworth. " 78
TO KXCHANOK For good family horse and
phaeton , POacrog of Innd , free from en
cumbrance , within three miles of county seat
Chun. P. Honjamln , 1512 rarnnm st. S55
fl ASH buyers of furniture , stoves and houso-
\J bold goods don't go to the long time hlifh
pilcod stores , they go to 117 N 10th. 517 nug 7
EXCHANGE Houth Omaha lot free from
encumbrance for span of good horses.
Cbas. P. Bonjmntn , 1513 Farnarn st 555
0NRY talks lor furniture nnd household
goods at 117 N 16th , Your price for cnsb ,
548 aug 7
P OH III NT Square Piano ( d monthly.
Bospe. 1613 Douglas. 041
E1OR UKNT Organs , O per month. Hotpo ,
J 1613 Douglas. nOL
OL C.-Houso furnishing goods , all kinds ;
cash or installment ; lowest prices at J ,
rtonner , 1315 Douglas at. 862
F on RENT Square montnlr. A
Hospe. 1513 Douglas. 601
L'l wnnt to buy or sell furniture , RO to
Ferguson's , 715 N 18th 084
TT1OH SALE Harbor shop with two chnlrfl nt
South Omaha. Now furniture , all below
cost. Address box 213 South Omaha. 78(1 8j
BAHOA1N , to Imf an Kinoraon piano worth
$ t50. for $ JO cash nnd balnnco 10 notes nt
$15 a month aualoitf 5 , 175 duo on It , 1313
Pass BU 777 H
TPOU SALE Carload of Orejrou horsoi nml
- - ' ponies , broken to ride , cau be xoert at
Fumy 'a Ham , M06 Cumlutf st. 761 7 *
FOH BALE Hellnblo horses nt ronsonnblo
prices , all warranted to bo flrst-cluss. Ad-
dreia lloz 860 Omnba P. O. _ C90-3J
FOK SALK Snmll horizontal boiler nnd en-
pine cheap. Enquire Cabn St Woolley , ii."J :
Farnam tt. 702-0
FOH SALB Furniture , wood will and lease of
the host pnylntt em nil hotel In Omnna ,
Constantly full of OrM-clata boarders. 1'rlro
II. .wo. Investignte this. J. F , Hammond , 117
8. 10th. 7 9
FOIl RALR-At a bnrtrnln , a A-room house
with closets nnd pantry , etc. , lut Si ft'ut
east front , ft blocks south or court bouse. Ail-
dress V30 , Uoeolllce. CJOtCW *
"OKST DuiTBlea at Druraraond A Go's.
J-f tiurreys and cabrloleti at Drummond \
ClnrkRoncarUnt Ilrummond ft Co'g.
1'haetoiK , llocknwnys nt Drumroond ft Co's.
Delivery wngons , new and old , at Orummond
ft Co' * .
Second-hand buftglef at Drtiaimond ft Co's.
\Vm. H. Drummond ft. Co. . builder * . 1315 Har-
ney st. to a B
I ] > Olt SALIC Your choice of tba beat lines of
. biiirulos. carriaKOS. phnetons , surroyi , de
livery watroni , open anil top one an * hunting
wagon , Call and look through or send tor outs
nd prlo * to Columbus Uufgy Co. , 1113 llarnny
FOH HALK Car pot nnd furniture , nnd
house for r ut , 113 S. Wrd between 1)0117-
las and Dodge. ill
"I710H BALE Furniture of S rooms with pnvl-
-L Ugeof leube of bouse , 7078. Itth t > t.
FOH BALK -Harness , light double , second
hnnd > 12 , KUiN 18th st. _ 618 6J
"I71OK SAI.B-CoTorcil waon , second hand ,
- - ' suitable for laundry or bakers. A. J ,
Simpson , llth aud Dodgo. 1K 3J
BALK One six-foot upright l-Uc * wal-
U _ put show eaau , Milton llogon a b < ; n. Ot
"I7IOU SALE -8 year old marv.sound and kind
X' for fnmlly use ; also bunry and taarneis.
fatatilt ) rorreatwitb'JiuUt , fSUC * . ! . , , .
SALE About 300 tons of Ice at Flor
ence. Addrot * X 49 , Hoe oDIco. 317 a'-'J
8ALK-1IO.OOO brick. Apply to J. N.
Hynn.l&OSKnruamst. lit
TJ10U SAIE Oil nnd gasoline wngon. team ,
L1 hnrnojt and route. Cull bet. 12 aud 1 at
1413 Dodge. 815
THOU SALE Ppnn flno matched buy driving
- V horses. C. K. Harrison , 415 8 1Mb st
, 578
WANTKO A flr t-rln plutnbor , no ether
nocd apply. Htondy work nnd pond WHROS.
21S't N. 16th street. M. A I'llo. 7S5 aj
WANTED-A bnrbor ntTia 3.13tli Bt.
123 gj
ANTED-Mon tor rallroml work. AN
brlght's Labor Agency , 1120 l"arni\m.
\\rANTKD ASl tnnt cook 40 per month !
T tcntnstprs t W per mo.j tonms $4 per dnys
mrn for Mlauoiirl nnd lown compiiny worK.
O'Kccfe A HcOcrr l.nbor Agency. 784 3J
IF you wnntnorkot any kind , cull ntUUK S.
15th St. , upetnlr * . 76'J 3j
" \V ANTED-Good milker. LlttloOeld.
WANTHD Four Ilrit-cinss. sober cornice
manors , at John Kponetors , corner ' "
nnd Dodge. A7- !
\\rANTCD 2 men nnil 10 teams on the North
Omaha power , cor. of 2nth nnd Clnrk st .
dooil waifes and weekly pny. hompson ft
DuLnnoy. UU 4j
VXrANTBD 2 or II rnnvnssora for city work.
' Salary or It'ommissloti Omnhn 1'tnp. Ilu-
rcntl. UU n 16th st , Hoom I , upstairs , r.7'J 3
WANTKD A good barber , peed wntros
gnnrantccd. Address Fred Michael , To-
knranh , Neb. 7514 *
WANTKD Di HIT clerk. A pond rospoiHiblo
dru vUt will secure situation nt once.
Gorman preferred. Apply tu A. Siinstodt ,
Wnhoo. > fub. 750 1
\\rANTRD Salesmen , n now Invention
nceUod In every hoiijo ; 8JO per cent commission -
mission or a ( rood salary to rlKht pintles. Ad-
dre-s with stamp for teirns the Weaver Manu-
fnctuier , : )4 ) N fctnto St. , Chleiisro , 111. ? !
WANTKD ObrldKo carpenters fortho north ,
? " ' > , { 2.50 pur day : fares paid ; steady job :
20 shovelorfl for city , $1.7o per day. 1 oxper-
loncod boy to strip tobacco , 10 teamsters , J'15
and J'W per mouth , 4 men cooks , 4 dishwashers ,
: i canvas ers. Omaha Ihupluymuot llurcnu ,
HON. 10th st. 7702
WANTED All those wanting help or situa
tions us collectors , n 9t bookkeepois , nou
olllco work , oiiKlnoors , llriimon , porters , wutcti-
men , coachmen , toamsters. bartenders , olc. , to
npply to the Mutual Kniployment n'-'oncv-11
8 Itith bt , up stairs. 7u3 4j
\VANTED-Immodlatoly. GO men for U II
* ' work , good WBKOS , ICth st Kmploymont
ofllcu,2UN 10th St. 714 2j
WANTED A younif mnn for clotlimu store :
must speak German ; BKO about is. State
salary with board and lodtflntf. Hotoronoo re
quired. Apply U. Goodman , Tnlnmu'n , Nob.
782 2
WANTKD A fov'mon of business qiinllllca-
tlonscnnUnd omploymonc as HOllcltora.
waKesJ2.Wper ) day. at Mrs. Uroga ic Son ,
Kmp olllco , 3IG So. ISth. 775 ij
WANTKD At once , 1 cent ninlcors nnd 2
pants makers. Address M. Uerdoldt &
Son , Sownrd , Nob. 78J 8
\\.TANTED flood blacksmith on plow work ,
T nt IlromQuld , 10 miles from Aurora. J.
W. Farrand. W4 ! a *
WANTKD-A boy with horse to carry arouto
on the Evening Dee In the soutn part of
town. no
WANTED Out of city Udlnlnu room irirls
(20 , pastry cook $33 , laundress $ -0 , 2
polishers $ W , woman cook fJ. ' > ; In city , 1 dining
room pins , laundresses kitchen help-
erg , cooks , and lots of elrU to nil
nice places In private families , H.fifl to S"i 50 per
week Mrs. llrojfii A : Son , MO South 15th. Tele
phone 834. ( i.iV.'j
WANTr.D-(3ood woman , wlnto orcoloied
that Is willing to work , call ut'Ji : Doug-
Ins. 770
W ANTKD A stlrl to nsglst In do
housework. Apply to Mead & .Inmloion ,
318 d. 15th St. 7ia-2 !
WANTED flood trlrl to do irenorul house
work. Apply n w cor. California nnd
20th. 733
WANTED 1'nrtlos In need of domestic help
to know wo have lots of competent girls
on hand and more coining from the east. Try
us once and you will come again. Canadian
Employment office , Mrs. llrogu It Son. 315 8.
16th st. Telephone 834. 7 S nj
W ANTED -Qirls for gonornl housework.
Vourclinloo of moo places free of cliariro.
. llroga & Son 310 B. IJthst. 72V-5J
TX7ANTED-2 lady bookkeepers for city , 2
f laundry girls for Fremont : good wages : 1
tnlloress for city ; 4 dining room girls , 4 dUh-
washorschamber ; milds.O female cooks.l second
end cook , ' , ' girls forl familyft nd$5 pcrweok ;
1 pantry girl. .1 laundry girls , flO girls general
house worn. Omaha Km p. IJurenu , H'1 N. 10th
st. ; LI72I
WANTKD A girl for general hoimowork.
Mrs.V. . W. Illnghnm , 8U S JOth st.
715 H
W 'ANT1IU Trimmers at nenlua llros. , Mll-
llnory storo. H03 Doutrlas street. 712
W ANTT.D Olrl for gnnoral housowork. In-
qulro 626 South lUth. 711
WANTIID A good girl for general house
work , ( lorman preferred. Mrs. A. for
onson.No. 1018 Cnpltol avenue. 751 4 *
WANTKD Girl for gonornl housewoik , 2i > l ;
Curalng. 7 : flj
W ANTED Good , experienced girl for general -
oral housework , PI17 Onus street. 5-J1
WANTED A girl for gonornl housework
small family. Southeast corner Callfor
nla and 20th st 425
WANTED Two Indy bookkeepers , must bo
A 1 quick at figures , must give refer
enooa. Omaha Employment Bureau , in Nortl
10th st 102
WANTED Two girls at Doran house , 422
18th St. , near Bt Mary's aye. 024
"A young man 24 yonrs Tf nge with 6 yenri
- - * - vnrlod experience lu n largo bank in the
east desires less confining employment. Present
ont salary no object If chance forndvancomen
good Can glvo very best reference. Addros
U. N. G. postolllco box 1256 , Philadelphia , Pa.
788 3
WANTKD Situation for n first-class man
cook fiom the east ; can ilvo first-dag
references. Call at the National nmploymon
ollico , 420 S. 15th st. , upstairs , room , .
779 3
\ \ 7ANTKDSituation ns coichmnn.two year
experience as bus driver ; understand tin
handling and care of horses thoroughly. Y 4
lloo olllco. 70. ! 3 *
TlO the business mon of Omaha There is . .
great number of competent mon and
women out of employment in Omaha , uhc
would like a position ns clerks , bookkeepers
stenographers , collectors , or any ofllco work
nlso younir men to work ns coachmen , team
piers , barbers , etc. If you have workfor | them
call or address Omaha Employment olllco , 314) )
S. ISth Street , tipstnlrs. 750 3J
ASTKADY rollabln middle aged gontlomai
from the east wants a situation whore h
can make himself generally useful. Can d
nny kind of work ; has hail experience In tb
produce commission business nnd insurant
and Is a reliable book keener. Uotoicnce given
Address Y 42 , Boo. 747 2
WANTED Position as governess to young
children by n lady wishing u pleasant
homo. Address \ 40 , Boo , 750 2J
WANTED The Omnhn r.mploymont olllco Is
prepnredto furnNh girls for general homework
work , hotels nnd roKtnuinuts , etc. : nlso ranlo
help of all iludn. Cull or address 314H S. 15th
st , upstairs , 753 3J
ANTKD-Copylng of any kind to do by a
Indy. AddrfasY4l , lleo. 7502J
T\TANTED Position as companion to a
* V l dy , salary not an objeot Address V
40 , Bee. 7502 *
WAN I ED Situations ; employers wanting
good steady men for all kinds ot work or
business ns assistant bookkeepers , general
olfioa clerks , collectors , watchmen , porters ,
coachmen , teamsters , engineers , flromon , Jan
itors , bakers , barbers , farmers and all trades
nnil occupations , furnished froo. Mutual Km-
ploymcnt agency , 214 a IBtli st , up stairs. 743 4J
\\rANTED-Rltuatlon by a young Gorman
T T cak * baker as a second 01 assistant to
complete his trade. Address II. U , cnro F. W.
Fork , Willow Springs distillery , Omahn , Sou.
7163 *
ANTED-Would like a position in a flrst-
dass photograph gallery , either us
prlatur , finisher or retoucher. Best of refer
ences ns to ability and character can bo f ur-
nlihcd. Have been 8 years intha business , and
only objeot In rolng West Is to ho among for
mer friends. Address at once Miss M. Mather-
son , care Mrs. a F. liodgers , No. 41 Oroy st ,
Boston , Mass. 076.3
ANTKD-Situatlon with private family ,
best references givou. Appiy 60.1 B. 13th
U ( i 4J
" \\rANTKD Position by bookkeeper of cn h-
' lor , ndvertl or , Is n flKt-clrtss nrcoutitnnt
nnd desires a situation wit a n good business
bouso. Bostraforcticos. Y4l , Bpe. " 37.8
Pnrtner wlft imnll capltnl In
good paying business. Money ull se
cured. Call from 11 to 3 V K > ck , ( lees hotel.
A. Hoy. Tcr 710 3J
WANTKD To rent a coiKOof Ser 6looms ,
small family , no cIRdren. llofcronco
exchnngod. Address Y 43. BoeOrflco. 746 4J
\VANTKD Pupils ln 5rnrllih ! ( brnnohej
' i nnd muslo , n , w. corner latu nnd Farnnm ,
FT " ' ' '
" \\rANTKD to rent By acongregntlon'num-
11 boring about flf'y , a sutablo mrnn to bold
religious services Hundny afternoon xnd even
ing. Ixcntod botwon Dodge nnd Nicholas ,
llth nnd WHh streot. Address Win. n. Hughes ,
212 ' Decatur street. 7I83
WANTKD Hoom nnd board lu prlvnto fam
ily by young lady with references. Address -
dress Vila. Hoe. 7532 *
ANTKD-A few boarders nt 1720 Dodiro st.
Inferences requested. 70J
\\TANTKD-Two unfurnished rooms with or
' ' wlthotft board near car lino. Will take
rooms for year. Ituferonco exchanged. No
children. Address Y 23 , Bco pfllco. 678-2'
" \ \ rANTP.DTwo unfurnished rooms with or
T without bonrd nonr car line. Will take
rooms foryenr. Hnferonco exchanged. No
children. Address V 20. lloo olllce. 678-2 *
\\7ANTED Pnrtles hnvlng rooms or houses
' to rout should list them with us as wo
send out mnny applicants dally , llocord Ad
vertising Co . 1513 Farnaiii st 071-5
WANTKD To rent a house ot about 8 rooms ,
Addiess , stating location ami price , X 72
Boo office. 3 > t )
FOIl IIKNT 5 roomed house on Pierce. 121 ;
6 roomed Hat I blocks from P. O , , snlbudld
location , nil modern cnnvcnlr-ncos. 715 ; 3
roomed housB , tlO ; largo Iwomont , light and
diy on line business street , $15 , Furnished
rooms In nil parta of thu city from (10 to t."i.
Dayton & Alford , Houtlng Agency , room 1 ,
1304 Douglas St. 76,12 *
FOH HENT A 7 room house with bath room ,
collar , stable , well nnd cisterr. nt 13.2 S.
20th uvenuo. Nlco place to live. Ernst Krobe.
7fiO 5 *
FOH UKNT Cottngo of 6 rooms , 26th st nnd
Indiana avenue. 7673 *
OH HKNT-10 room house nt 2110 Pierce st
For terms npply on promises. 741
OH KHNT-Fino now brick house ; have nil
. modern conveniences. 2JO N. ll'tn ' si. *
760 8J
FOU KENT 0 room lint with nil modern con
veniences. Furniture , good na now , for
sale cheap. Wood ft Co. , UOO-8 Canltol nve. 09J
ipOlt lll-.NT A cottngoof ( I rooms 2J21 Culd-
well stroot. Apply to Potter & Maolood
1501 Karnain strcor. 0 5-2.
FOU HKNT Hoarding house nonrO. I'.dopot ,
fixtures nnd furniture for snlo at half Its
vnlue. This Is a bargain. CooperativeLand
and Lot company , 205 N. 16th st. 073-3
FOH HKNT Two largo now stores nnd two
Hats of live rooms each. City wntor nud gas.
On Saunders St. 0. W. Cain. 2iV ) Ohio st 812
FOH HUNT House 7 rooms nnd barn , cor
Franklin and James , (2t ) , Apply nt corner.
533 3
FOU HENT Store nnd cemented collar In
brick block on I ith St. , mmr 1'arnmi. F. 1C
Darling , 4I S. 15th st. j , 7723
F IOIl HKNT 3 room oottniro on 21st and I'nul
stieoU. Inquire at B17 South 111th street
HKNT A five-room house ami burn on
Pleasant st. C. T. Morton , 13.4 Farnnm st.
752 4
FOH HKNT-Two brick stores with base
ments 24th mid Hamlllti streets. Desir
able location for dry goodffjt&nd drug store.
Flats above if desired , nteavitt Hurnhuni ,
loom 1 , Crolghton block. hJ 674
FOH HENT New store aifM living rooms on
Ciunlng st near Saund ( | st. Apply Har
ris Henl Kstnto & Loan Co. , ISO'S. 15th St. bS9
FOH HENT btoro room awtahle for grocery
store or butoner shopman the southwest
corner of 7th mid Paclllo strWts. 675
FOH HENT-Now 5-roonrtfcouso 1 1-4 miles
south of P. O hot 20th IhKl 21st sts , $18 per
month. Clarksou , Wood * .Cj318 S. 15th.
C10II HCNTElegant'.brlolcresidence , 10
L' rooms , modern convonlpncos. Dr. Uraddy ,
1104 Farnrnn st. ' 620
F IOIl llENT-Hulf of store. Inquire at 1212
Douglas It. 60S
FOH HKNT 0-room house , bath , city water ,
, Vc. , Colfar et , near Lenvonworth , t4i ; ( !
room houso. pantry , collar , olty water. 2Kth st ,
near Hamilton st. 12 ; now bnrn , Coif ax st.
near Louvonworth , f 5. F. L. Qrogory , 320 S
15th St. 504
FOH HKNT 2211 Douglas st. elegant now
brick dwelling 10 rooms , with all mod orn
conveniences. Apply to W. F. Clnik , 408 N 15th
774 3 *
F Oil HKNT-2 houses. A. Murphy , 4.20 South
14th St. 0 ! > 9
U HENTBarn sultablo for four horses.
Inquire at 017 S13th st. 511
HEVT-Stnblo near Fnrnam nnd 17th
St. Hoomsl and2 , OmuBa .National bank
FOH HENT I'ivo room house , east sidu 27th
st , third house south of Dodge , $17. .T. It.
HIngwnlt,218 South 16th. 723
IjU > H HI'NT H room Hat. contrnlly located.
V Furniture for sale cheap , Address Y 34
HOP. 711
FOH HKNT A 5 room cottngo near cnr lino.
Ilallou liros , 1510 Douglas. 403 21) )
FOKilENT OnN Wcor 15th andVlnton,2
stores,20x50. 11 rooms upstairs , suitable
lor fmnllloi or roomers. Call nt promises oren
on M. Donovan , 2337 S 13th st HOJ
FOH HKNT New 10-room house ; all im
provements , steam liuat. 0. W. & O. K
Thompson , 314 B. 15th St. 1000
FOH HENT ORlce space on ground floor at
1500 Fnrnam. Apply in rear office. .1. S.
Hlchardson- 502 a30
FOH nKNT Eight room house on N sldo of
Cassst , between 28th nnd 30th streets. In
quire of Qeol. Qlltiert , Withnoll building.
012 3
Lot for Lease. Southeast corner
l.cavf > nwortli and Park avo. , or wll
build to suit tenant. Ilobblo llroi. 35'J
F I OK HENT Nlcolf furnlshua large nnd
Bimill rooms. Ill S. 18th. IU4 7 ]
FOH HUNT Throe unfurnished room * will
two larsro clo'cta. I'nttoraoa & Moore
HonmS. OmnhftNntl. Ilk. 671-3
DIINISUED KOOMS-1'artIon looking fo
rooms cull and eznmlno our Inr e list
Itocord AUvortlslDtf Co. , 1513 Karnnm st. 671-
F ( Oil HENT-3 rooms , 110DH S. 7th.
FOB RKNT-Furnlshed rnpins for light houso-
keeping. C07 i N ITthaia SlltniiJ
OH HnNT-llauJsoinoiy-'furnlshod ' front
room , 1718 Dodge Bt 4'J
OH HKNT-A nice larvU/front ! room , nl
modern Improvements nhd nicely furnished
HOI S 20th St. 6il iil3
FOK HENT Itooms with pdixrd. Ml B. IBth.
t > ' 7i nug IS *
OH HENT Furnished rdj > mg with over ;
convenlenco iioa ) St. yliry'a nvo. UJ1
OH KKNT Furnished r-iVnsnnt. cool tron
room with throe south irJiiUows und Inrgo
closet , 1714 Cnllfornln. { '
Ilnlf of ltd lloor for rout , Metwoun ISth nml
1.1th on Farnam. U. F. Gur4dor , furnaces nnd
stovt'B. 71D N. 18th. i ,
U'jod dry stornKO for a f w. more xtovns. ami
will put them up m fall. C , V. Gardner. 71H N.
Iflth. y.C 311
_ _ _
F OR HENT- rooms nt ll { N 20th st li
UHlroBttllT aiilthst. 51.
FOH HKNT Two neatly furnished rooms ,
vary desirable location , private family.
Also room for two or three nioo tnblo bonrdors.
b. K. corner Twentieth nnd Karnain. 419iiA' _ >
OU HUNT A nicely furiiisneJ room at'ill
8t. .Mary 'gave. 4S1
F oil HHNT Pleasant room , furnUhod. U13
Chicago st. 107
FOH HENT-Offlce room $10 per month , 2nd
lloor. 310 B. ISth st. 4
FOH HKNT A InrRo room and reception
room In connection , known ns St. ( j force's
Hall , oppo'lto the 1'uxton hotel , Iniiulru of
Gardner A Saunders. fi.M *
FOH Hr.ST-Olllcos nt 1012 Farnam st. Ap
ply to 1'atterson ft Moore , Oinuha National
bank , ' iJ
FOH HiNT-Ioslrablo : furnlalicii eel rooms
with board la private family , tileainnt
homo , modern conveniences. & 33i Meaiant
treut. .
[ 71011 HF.NT-rurnl < hod room suitable for
D ono or two Rontlomen. ( K ! : * . ISth M. ita-J *
FOU HENT Ono elcirnntly ftirnl hod room
Only these that wnnt n cool room need
pply. Windows tnolnir south. Apply at oiico
1150.1 Fnrnnm street , Uootn S3. T-0-3 *
IpOlt HUNT Furnl hod room" nml parlors
1 with all nioJcm conveniences. 7lH South
& ( * si. Tjia
FOH HFNT-Nlcoly tarnished front room at
1U2 Howard st , MI B.IJ
FTlt HKNT ! Nicely fiirnlMnvlrooms for
tnmlllei or single person. 714 N. loth Stroot.
4 l.n.
FOK HKNT- Furnished front room orn suit
ot two rooms with bonrd If desired. 117 8
7th St. 5S1 3J
F KENT Desirable furnished room for
* gentlemen nt BJ9 Howiml et. 69
1OH HUNT Furnlthcd rooms , houpo nml
1 furniture new , all modern conveniences ,
i'H Karnain . arj n 2 J
I710K HKNT A InrRO front room In new
J- house bath , and latcn modern Improve *
nctitf , 1013 Webster stioot. 12. !
FOIt HKNT Klomintly furnMied rooms sin
gle or pinutte , with mo of bntht rlootrlo
lells In ovrry room. First clnsn rustnurnnt nt-
nchrd , nt Norris European liotol , corner Idtli
and Webster. Wfl
IFyourwnnt inlco eleht room cottnRo nml
liertiitltul cnst front lot near enr linn. Cullen
on F. K. Hurling 116 S l..tli et. who can sell > ou
ono on very eu y torms. 77.1 a
Foil lir.NT FurnMicd rooms , n. w. corner
Ifth nml FnriiHin. HUIL.
OH HUNT . ' ] rooms a closets for lieu nkoop-
Ing. lu.'O I'lcrco. 71J : > '
1011 HKNT Furnished looms , desirably lo-
cntcd , cool nml pleasant , en BUlto and
liiRlo , 424 North Seventeenth stroot. 413 2J
UVJH HUNT Furnished rooms , en oulto , In
I ? prlvuto rnmlly , uioilern convcnli'iiccs.
Apply to Leslie & Leslie , 18th nml Doilgo st .
filOK ItENT rurillshcd rooms , 1812 bodijo.
1 } 7iVl
HENT-1'nrt of olllco room. Inquire at
, Don plas st. t'13 '
F OH KENT Pulto of furnished rooms for
Kontlomon. A. Hospo , Jr. ,315 X. 17th.
Foil ItENT-Nlcely furnlshoa looms , to gen-
tlcmcn only , 22J N. ICth St. . lloom 2. ' ,113
"IjlOK KENT Furnlshe.l rooms for t'ontlo-
-C men. Apply at Collector's otllce , 10111'ar-
nntn. i l .11
FOH IIEN'T Nicely furnishnd rooms , with or
without board , modern convcnlcno-js , 813
North 15th. B'JJ K 2 *
UENT-Wnro room cor. 14tt and Call.
Ifornlnon flclt Line , tor particulars on-
julro nt Union Nnt. bank. 183
F I OH HKNT Elegant sulto of rooms , referen
ces tequlred , lu)7 ) Douglas st 107
F OH HENT.--Ni.eoly furnished room. 1823
Dodge. 110
1J1OH HENT An elegantly furnished south
-L' front room , 1703 Douglas st. 203 a2J
RKNT Furnished rooms 1615 Dodgo.
Fc 031
F Oil HENT-Nlce rooms nt 18.51 Farnam St. ,
ono block west of court house. 207
FOH HKNT A sulto of very desliable fur
nished rooms Apply at 171.3 Capitol avo. ,
opposite Trinity cathedral. f07-3 *
TJ1OH HENT Tno largest store room In town.
-U Inquire at the Argus olllco , Albion. Neb.
461 sepia *
"IT1OH HENT Furnished front rcom , near car
-L1 Hno at corner of Dodge nnd 21th streets.
Inquire of A. H. Comblook 1523 nrnam st.
FOIt HENT Furnished rooms , bnth. modern
conveniences , 401 Nortb 15tn street.
512 2
FOH HENT-NewlV furnished room. All
conveniences. Prlvatu family. Nonrbusi
ness. 101.5 Capitol ave , 3717 *
OH KENT Two furnished looms. 1607 Cal
ifornia. 710-3'
FOH HKNT Furnished room with bonrd for
gentleman ; rotoiouoea loqulied1724
Douglas strc t. 700-6 *
EOH HENT Newly furnished room , board if
desired ; 1720 Dodge st 704
EOH HENT Single room for gentleman.
Modern conveniences. Inquire 6J4 N Ifilh
FOH UKNT tor S unfurnished rooms , suita
ble for housekooptng.ono block from court
house * , on lllt-h street , between St. Mary's avo.
and llirnoyst , modern conveniences. Hofcr-
dices required. M. F.Martin , owner. ltJ
F OH HENT Furnished loom , 1621 Dodge.
FOH TlKNT-2 elegant rooms , nicely fur
nished on street car line ; modern con
veniences. Gentleman and wife or gentlemen.
Excellent location. lU17Cass. 071
FOH HENT Sulto of 4 nlco rooms sultablo
for housekeeping , references rocpilred ,
l th st , Just north of St Mnr/.s ave Water ,
sewer connections , gas , folding doois &c. 5'J4
FOIt KKNT Front room with board , 1812
_ Chicago st. 015 5 *
FOH RENT 3 rooms suitable for house
keening , southwest cor. 21st nml Nicholas
St. SO' .
FOH lU'.NT Furnlahod rooms with board ,
190.J. rarnam. 6f5 all *
FOH HENT Two rooms furnished for light
hoiiBokoeplng. Apply at 809 Howard st.UtiU
FOH HKN1' Nicely furnished room , lO.'l
Dodge st. inii
ALL the following prices are sc\eral hun
dred dollars below market prices nud must
be sold :
Mlxl50 on North 15th st. near Grace st , In Pad-
dookplice , f3,5w.
Mxl 12 on North 13th st , near Grace , in same
addition , east front , (1,700.
RSxlX ! on Noith 16th st , south of Grace st , ,
corner. (14,500.
Block 4 , lloyd'J add , comprising 10 lots ,
' '
I'Jux'lBI , corner of Mnpln nnd Saunders st.
near Lake st , wont front , $10,0 M.
1 Won Howard by HO on Pleasant St. , (10,000.
Any reasonable offer fortho nbovo property
will be entertained by the owner , na It positive
ly must bo sold. All on easy terms. Mitchell
ic Leyonmnrck , 1516 Dodgu st _ 781 8
rpHK best lot In Mayn't place on ftlrd Just o IT
X Loovenworth J-J.7UO only (700 cash , bal. easy
773 3
SALB Nice largo corner lot , ana blank
oil street cnr line that is In constant opera
tion. Lot Ilc3 elegantly and commands flno
view. Owner is leaving town and must soil.
Price fno. Small cnsh payment , balance ensy.
Inqulro n. o. corner 15th and Chicago street.
FOU hAl.r.-6tj ( acres of good land being
section 21 , township 10 , range 'J , wost. This
land Is situated In Howard county , this state ,
close to the U. P. , nnd new station on the II.
Ac M. branch. Can plow at least t In rt > - fourths ,
balance excellent pasturngo. No bettor soil in
the stnto , a rouk bottom creek runs across the
OYtremo southwest cornnr. Splendidly adapted
for general Inrmlng or nock purposes. Prlco
50.00 per acre ; ' $ or more casn , balance long
time. Aildrnss at once. George N. Hinks , 215
S. J5th St. . Omaha. Nob. _ 717.6.
\\7K Can o for n tew days only
> > Lot lOil fi Iso's addition for ttOX )
Lo 171 fllse'8 addition , $ G.3QO.
fllockl Iloyd's addition , SS.VH.
One third cash , balance 1,2 and 3 years.
Itomlugton & McCormlck. 220 Soutn nth st
OH SALK SpUndldOO ft smith front lot on
Popploton uvo near 21th st , with good
house only ( J.300 This is n great bargain nnd
must be taken quickly. F. K , Dnrllng , 410 S 15th
773 2
T'OH TIIADi : South Omaha lots nnnr the
X7 7 the park on Syndicate Hill , to CTclmiiRO
for Improved residence property. Will nay
cnfth dltloronee. S , MoK. St John , 31U S 15th
st 740 4J
_ f _
FOH SALH-50 No , 1 farms within n radius of
2.J mllog of Omaha , Alur. a low good busi
ness chance * In two llvo towns. .1. II. Sllvls ,
ItealKitato and Loan Aeont , Hlkhorn , Nob.
573 A Ug 8
RAHK opportunity for Investment For the
next ,1U days aero lots In Arlington Ili'Itrhti ,
nbeiutlful lnoation two miles south of post-
ollico In lleatrlce , Nob. , will bo sold for t50 !
per aero. Addrofi Hex Iu62. _ 528 a 2J
FOU 9ALUAt a bargain , fl-room tiutiso nnd
half lot on Davenport st. near 27th. Owner
must have money nnd will soil nt n grent bar
gain. Only ? VJO casli required ; bulanco long
time. Address X 02 , Dee otllce. : i)0 )
BAIK1A1NB oxtrnordlnary Corner and
210 foot front on h'outh 16th it nt | 75 per
front foot. Ono of the most beautiful full lot )
In Walnut Hill worth ( I.WM ; lora \ for f&OO :
(4 ) cash. J. F. Hammond , 117 B. Iflth. 7 'J
FOH BALK A corner lot , south front In Or
chard mil , for (55'J. Jamca Btookdale , 113
\.llilhst. 771
mtt'O beautiful eont front lots fronting Hnna-
-L com park , city pnys for all paving , &o.
There Is money la these , F , K. Darling , 410 B
15th st ' 77(3
IF you want to buy , sell or trade , call on L. V ,
Crum. 1SON ISth st.
Idu lots U ot n inllo of U , P. depot
for sale or trade.
0 room hou e for rent. Two 10-room homes
for rent , snloor trmlo. Idlrwlldc. llr
_ 8I * L V. CrumJiiO N 15th St.
ON 15hundred ft on Lrnvrnwnrtti st ju t olT
Park avn for ( lO.IW * . I4.ini cash , balance
Cisy. F. K. Darllll ? , 4IH S 15th St 7TJ 2
BAH7lATNS-ln come choice lots In Wise &
rarmaloo's addition. Inside property. Wo
make some peed oilers In other liuilness and
residence stulT nnd In ncres no nro .lio t.oss.
Marshall A I/obeeklDCI.l Fnrnim.
HKUK Is n bsrgnln. Lots 3 nnd 4 , In blocK 4.
South Omnnn , tWJ. Ti-rms half cash nnJ
bnlnnco rnty. MarMmll & Lobeo' , 1509 Far-
nnm. Telephone 71. SSS
"IT10K SALE-Or trnde , 25 lots In the we torn
JL' pnrt of Omaha near the llenson cur Imp ,
price fAill cnch , * - > 0 duo on contracts paynblu
in 8 quarterly pnymrnts , will trade Interest In
rontrncls for NouraaKn Inu't MoCullouh .V Co. ,
1800 I'nrnnm ft 1000
42l'l'CIAIj lnisine * lots on 13th , corner of
C Hlcltory , 100x140 can bo gotten rhnp nnd
on very en-y terms , F. K , Dai ling 410 8 16th.
i7t ) 2
Ij'OH SALC Corner lot on Virginia nvo with
J1 two good houses , chimp at J7.001 Terms
easy , lloiiecs rent for $70 per month. S. 8.
Cumploll,310 S. 10th st Chamber of Com
merce. I7U _
TT'Asrr.HN Nobrn kn fmms to oxctiango for
JH Omnhn property. Patlcr on St Moore ,
Omnhn National Hank , E4J
171011 SAL ! : Ono million ncres of land In No-
JL' braska. Sprculator's landsrailroad lands ,
ranches , mid fnrms In nil parts of the
stato. Send tor pamphlet containing descrip
tion and prloo of oor one thousand farms. A
flnotopOKiaphlcaliunpiif HIP stnto sent free
upon npplicntlnn K. II. .Amlrne , for 10 years
( Irn'l Innil Agent II. \ M. H. H. Llghth nnd P
streets , Linzolu. Ncbraskn. 240
Hl'.NT-I'mnintied loom In ( Iraunlg blk.
1,1th nnd Dodiro Rt. Inqulro of Davis *
llethcrlngton. Mlllard Hotel Milliard room. 291
OH SAIII Lot f.0xl26 . feet nnd 3 room
house , fM)0. ) Dnmlnlum st , between 15th
mid 13th. Charles Klngc , So. ( Jmnhn. Ml a2 *
rPIIIJ nicest row of three brick llnta In the
JL c-lty on ono of tlm best streets can bo had
nt n tinrgaln If taken at onco. Active Heal Ks-
tat * and Property Kxchunge154 Uodiro st.
5S1 31
Legal Notice ,
To whom Itmav concern1-
You are hurebv notified that Martin Quick
purchased of tint Treasurer ot Douglas County ,
Nebraska , the Treasurer's CurtllU-ato of Tax
Snlotolot number eight ( M In block number
lour bundled mid th'rtv ' 1410) ) In Irand ! View
Addition to the City of Omnhn as mirvojod-
platted mid recorded , the same bulngsltuntedln
Douglas County , State ot Nebraska : that said
Martin Quick purchased said lot on the 4th day
ot November IHXV thnt said lot was taxed In the
tame of one Moore ; thnt said lot was taxed for
ho year 18SI ; that the lime tor redemption will
'tplro on the 5th day of November ls 7 and that
ho said Mm tin Onlck has sold and assigned the
J'rcasuror's Certificate of Tax Sale to Charles
Corbott , who now owns the samo.
Dy U. 0. Hut batik , His Attorney.
Omnhn , Nob. , July 10,1787. Jyl020-2
Notice to Conl Dealers ,
Sr.Al.KI ) Proposals will bo received at the
olllco of the county clerk up to U o'clock
noon of Saturday , August Oth , 18S7 , for fur
nishing Douglas county with hard coal , about
100 tons , moio or loss.
Coal to bo delivered at the court house or
county poor fnrm ns It Is needed.
lllds will also be received nt the same time
mid plnco for furniMilin. soft coal to the
county , to bo delivered in quarter , halt and ton
"otn.Kach bidder must accompany his bid with a
cci tilled chock lu thu sum of one hundred dot-
The right Is reserved to reject nny nnd nil
bids , lor further luloimntlon call utcounty
Clark's olllco.
Dy order of the bonrd.
C. P. NKIIDHAM , County Clerk.
Omaha , Neb. , August 1st , 1887. aldr.t
Hlds will bo received by the bonrd of public
.andsnnd buildings at nny time before August
15,1837 , at 2 p. m. , for donations for the location
for the "Nebraska Industrial Homo. " Usual
rights rosored. . lly order of said bonrd.
July 20 , lbS7. G. L. LAWS , Secretary.
ju29d-to nugIS
Proposals lor Sealed Bids.
TIIK School Hoard of South Omaha will re
ceive sealed bids for the erection of a high
school building up to 2 o'clock of Saturday ,
August llth , 18S7. Plans nnd specifications may
bo soon at thu Stockman oillco.
Thu board reserves the right to reject any
nnd nil bids.
lir Onntm or SCHOOL BOAUDCirr or Soorn
August 1st , 1SS7. BldlOt
Notice to Contractors.
SKALED Proposals will be received at the
ollico of the county clerk up to 13 o'clock
noon of Saturday , August ( ith , IRdi , for grad
ing , ns follows : Commencing at N. W. corner
of Section 8 , Town 14 , Hnngo 13 , thcnco east on
section line one aud ono-lmlf miles : about 4,000
ynrds moio or less. Each bid must bo accom
panied by n deposit of twenty-five dollars.
The right Is reserved to reject nny and all
bills.Uy order Of the board.
C. P. NKIIDHAM. County Clerk.
Omaha , Neb. , August 1st. 1897. uldpt
rno is rmAC n i < iT.iD WITH in * orftonintT or THIS
coUHtar wiu , BEH fir KXAMIVIMI lias MAT THAT THH
IIjr reason of Its central position g'o o relation to lints
Fait of Chicago , and continual' lin.-s at terminal
points Writ , nud Southwest , Is Uiu tru
mlildlo link In that transcontinental pjstrm vrliloh
Incite * and facilitates travel and trafflo between tb *
Atlantic and Pacific.
The Hock Island main line end branches Inclado Chicago
cage , Jollet , Ottawa , LaSatle , I'anrla , llunosco , Molina
and Hock Iilanil , In lllliuilii Davenport , Huscatlne ,
Washington , FalrflchJ. otturawa.Olcaloota , West Lib-
ertTIowaCltyDc Holno-InJlanolaWliit rs t , , Atlan
tic , KnoTTtlle , Audubon , Ilarlan , Outhrle Centra and
Council UlulTs , In lowaj Oallatln , Trenton , Bt. Joseph ,
Cameron and Kansas City , In Missouri : Lcarunirorth
and Atohlson , In Kansasi Albert Lea , MlnnrapollJ and
St. Paul , tn Minnesota | Watertown and Sioux Falls , I
Pakota , and hundreds of IntenueUlato cltloa and towns.
//Tho Croat Rock Island Route" "
Guarantees * peed , comfort , certainty and gaiety. Its
permanent wajr Is dlstlnjmlslifd for lu excellence. Its
bridge * are of stone and Iron * 1U track la ot noll4
teel.Its rolllngstoclcperfect. Ilspas enceroiulpm nl
nafcall Ihe safety appliances that experience has pnjl
useful , and for luiurloui acoommodatloni | j uiu ir-
p&supil. Its Kipreis Trulm consist of superior Ifiy
Coaches , elrfrant Pullman raluce i'arlorand 81eilug |
Cars , fiuperb Dining Cars , proTldlng delicious inoals.
and ( between Chicago and Ht. Joseph , Atchlnon and
Kansas City ) restful Reclining Chair Can. Its man-
Bioincnt Is conserratlre , Ita discipline eiactlng ,
"The Famous Albert Lea Route"
rirtneen Chicago ami Minneapolis anil Rt , 1'aul Is tba
taforlto. Oter tlila line feolld Fait Kzprco Trains run
dally to attractive tesorts for tourists In Iowa and
Minnesota , and , via Water-town and Hloux Tails , to tha
rich wheat and Krai In ft lands ot Interior Dakota. Via
binccn. and Kankakee , the ItocklBtanil offers superior
Inducements to tra\etrs ! l > etwpen Clm lunatl , Indian
apolis , rttto ami Council Jllulfi.Rt. Joseph , Atchl-
son , Ldarenworth. Kanias City , Ht. 1'aul , and Intermo
dule points All patrons ( especially lidle and chil
dren ) receive protection , courtesy anil k I mlly attention.
For tickets , maps , foldera , coplen of Western Trail , or
Any desired Information , apply to principal otTicea In
the Unltiul State * ami Canada , or Jiln , at Chicago ,
ft. R. CABlt , I. ST. JOHN , E. A. IIOtBROOI ,
Ul lUlllUUUI IVUIllll
Omaixa , ISToto.
Paid up Capital $200,000
Surplus 42,800
II. W. Ynlcs , President.
A. K. Tou/.iiliti. Vice President.
\V. II. S. Hti lius , Cashier ,
W. V. Morse , John S. Collins ,
II. W. I'ntos , Lewis S. lleed.
A. E. Tou/.alm.
' :
Cor. 12th aim Farnam Sis.
A General Bunking Business Trunsncto
IP. % VA < JiiiK"o\vi :
Veterinary Surgeon
OIIlcc , 417 S. HIM STK.ari' ,
Itunnlng llotween Council Illuffs nnd SontU
Omiilm. In addition to the stations mnntlonod.
trnlnn clop at Twentieth mid T only-fourth
Bit ton , nml nt thu Summit in Omnhn.
Wont ward.
Chicago , Milwaukee &SI Paul Bj
The Best Route from Omalta and.
Council Bluff * to }
Two Trains Dally Between Omaha and ' ,
Council Bluffs
Chicago , AND Milwaukee.
St. Paul , Minneapolis , CcdarKapidi
Rock Island , Frceport , Rockford ,
Clinton , Dubuque , Davenport ,
Elgin , Madison , Janesville ,
Ticloit , Winona , La Crosse ,
And all other important points Knst , Northcnlt
. . nnd Southcnst.
tor through tickets call on the ticket Bfront
at 14011 nrnnm st , In Pnxton hotel , or at Union
1'aciflo depot.
1'iillmnn Sleepers and the finest Dlnlnff Cnra
In the world are run on the main line of tbo
Chicago , Milwaukee ) ft Ht , Paul Hallway and ev
ery nttontlon Is paid to pasoenirers uy court * *
Otis emplo } PCS of tbo company.
1L Mn.r.Kii. Oonoral Manager.
J.K TUCKKH , Assistant ( loneral Manager.
A. V. It. CAIIPENTEII , General 1'asseuvor and
Ticket Agent.
CEO. B IlKArroim , AsslstantQonoral Passen
ger and Ticket Aircnt.
J. T. CI.AIIK General Suporlntendcnt.
The only roail to take for Des Molncfl Miir-
ihulltown , Collar Itiinhlt"Cllntnn , Ulxon , Chica
go , Milwaukee ami till jiuliits cant. To the | iuo-
plu of Nitbrnskn , Cnloriido. Wjouilnt' , utnli ,
Idiilio , Mivailn , OIOKOIIVn > hlnRton , nnd Ciill-
loinln , II ollurri superior udvuntHKes net poriSi-
bio by uny ( ithur line.
Among a few of the numerous points of su-
pnriurlt ) cnjoyul by the patrons of this lend
iiflvii'dii Dnialiu nml O'llcngn.nro Its two trains
inlay ol DAV COACIIICS , which uro the Illicit
that hiimnn nrt nml liiKniili } run croutu ItH
l'AIACKiSIKiriMi : : OAKS , uhluli are moduM
of LOiiiluil nml c-U'jMUico. ItH I'AKLDIt DIIAW-
IMI IIOOM CAHS , iiniuipnsvnil bynny , nnd Its
widely colotJiatoil I'ALATIAI , WNINO C'AltS ,
the I'ljinil of which cannot lie founil owhoru
At Council Illullstlie tnilns of thu I'nion I'uclllu
It ) , connect In Dillon Depot with the < < o of the
4'hlciiKU As Noithwvtitorii lly. In ChlcHrfO thu
IraliiH of thh line nmlcu cluso conncitlon with
tliosiior nil ca tcni hues.
I'm- Detroit , Columbus , Indianapolis. Clnrln-
nntl , Nlnirnrn I'nIK Ilulfulo , l'lttsliuii.'rorontii ,
Mnntreal , Doiton , New Vork , I'lillailolphln ,
Itnltlmoro , WiiKhlnRton nnd nil points lu thu
cuBt , nsk for n tlokotla thn
"NOIirilWKSTItllN. "
If you wlxli the IKIBI nccommoilatlon , All ticket
ai < ont8 aoll tickets \ In this line'
H. iiuoinrr , u r WILSON.
GUI I. MnniiK < r , ( lonl , I'usa'r Air nt
W , M I1AI1COCK."C"K0' L. H. HOLLK8 ,
\S'u6Urn Afcnt , Pity 1'iws'r Agent ,
Omaha NolnasUa.
( SiuvviVJia to John (1. Jacobs. )
At tin ; old stand , 1407 Farnam St. Order *
Iiy lulpcrapli solicltetj arid protnptljr t-Y-
to. Telephyjte No , W5. . "