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The Big Boodler Remains in Sarnla With
no Prospects of Returning.
ilow tlio Cnso la Considered at Wash
ington ntid a-Local Legal Opin
ion Progress of tlio Chicago
cage Trial.
Thn llnnt For McGnrlglc.
CIIICAUO , August 1. A telegram from
Sarnla , Ontario , liled at 1 o'clock this morn
ing , Rays Instructions have been received
from States Attorney Grlnncll , of Chicago ,
and the chief of police to arrest McGarlglo
on an Indictment In Montreal. The Sarnla
chief ot police has not been able to find him.
The supposition l.s that ho lias left town.
Chief of Police Ebersold admitted this
afternoon having sent a dispatch to the chief
of police at Sarnia asking that McGarlglo bo
arrested and held. Chief Ebursold said to a
reporter , "Under certain circumstances a ,
chief of police will recognize a certain esprit
do corps that exists among the heads of police
departments. " When urged to express him-
fielf more fully as to what action would betaken
taken by the Canadian authorities , ho be
came absolutely non-committal.
A special to the Evening Journal from
.Sarnla , Ont , says : McGarlglo was secluded
all the morning , but just where could not bo
ascertained. Ho was met on arrival by a
party with carriages , one of the party being
Patrick Malony , ot Chicago , formerly of Port
Huron , Mich. Everything had evidently
bean arranged for McGarlglo's reception , and
one of the party remarked that the entire
plan of the rescue was mapped out before the
escape was attempted. Had any attempt
been made to seize McGarlglo , a desperate
fight , ono of the schooner Marsh's crow says ,
would have been the result. The reported
effort to dlsf ulse the schooner Blalcc by paintIng -
Ing her red Is explained differently by the
sallou. They say red blankets wcro hung
over the schooner's side to prevent Identifi
cation. McGarlglo's wife and child are ex
pected In Sarnla to-night.
SAKNIA , Out. , August 1. McGarlgle Is In
hiding. The crown attorney has advised the
chief of police to proceed no further on the
warrant which he had last nlirht , as It was
defective. Trainmen on the Grand Trunk
report that McGarlgle went to London ,
Ont. , to-night. They recognized him from
Can't Touch McGnrlclo.
WASHINGTON , August 1. [ Special Tele-
graui to tjio BEK.J The report that the ex
tradition of McGarielc , the Chicago boodler ,
has been asked for is denied nt the state de
partment. Mcdarlclo Is safe in Canada , and
it Is the opinion of the law officers of thu
government that Chicago authorities have no
case against him upon which his arrest in tin
Dominion could be made.
But little Importance is now attached u
the Interview with States Attorney Grlnnell
in which that gentleman raises the point tha' '
one of thu owners of the Blake isaCanadlan ,
There may be some fact not yet given In tin
reports , It Is said , which would modify till :
view , however. The fact that one of tin
owners of the vessel is a Canadian would no
of Itself have any bearing upon the questlot
of the escaped boodler's extradition. Tin
owners of the vessel , both American am
Canadian , would , under our laws , be Habit
to anest If It were proven that tbev connlvei
at McGariglo's escape , knowing him to be ;
criminal , although that would not alfcct on
right to demand thu convict's surrehder b ;
Canada. _
A liocnl Ijcual Opinion ,
Mr. W. J. Connell was seen last night b ;
a representative ot the BKR and lnterroate ,
as to the legal probabilities of the arrest li
Canada , and return of Win. McG&rUlo to thl
"Mr. Connellgavo It as his opinion that th
Canadian authorities could not arrest an ,
hold the fugitive for a crime committed i :
this country , when there is no extraditio
treaty between this country and Canad
upon which McGarlglo can be extradited. "
do not understand , " said Mr. Comic
"that this government lias any power It ca
exercise In the matter In the absence of a
extradition treaty. If there was an extrad
live treaty covering the offense with whlc
McGarlglo Is charged then <
course the Canadian government coul
hold him ana await the demand from thl
government tor his return. The only \\n \
In my opinion by which McGariirlu can ti
brought buck to this country would be b
kidnapping him or throuith .some decoy By ;
tern , in the event this wore done I am nc
so positive but he could command protectlo
from the Canadian government though he b
a citizen of the United States. "From m
knowledge of the case , " continued Mr. Cm
nell , " 1 can see no legal power by which Me
Garlglo can bo brought back to the Unite
States when there Is no extradition treat
bearing upon the offense committed. It tak
It that ho U perfectly safe In any part of th
Canadian government from a process of u
ternational law.
"An olllcer of the Canadian governmer
would have no more right t
place McGarlglo under arrest than n
would anv other citizen of the United StaU
temporarily stopping within the jurlsdlctlo
of that country. "
Thn fact that McGarlgle was transportr
from this country to Canada by A clti/.en i
r the latter country commanding a Cunadla
vessel is not supposed to bavo any bearin
upon the case unless It can be proven that
was a conspiracy upon the part of the ere
of the vessel to spirit the fugatlvo away fro
tbe custodv of the otllcers ot this counu
Upon this question there Is difference i
legal opldlon. but with a preponderance ;
favor of thu case as hbovo stated.
CitiCAfiO , Auzust L Dr. St John , who n
slstetl William McGarii-lo to escape , was a
tested this morning while at breakfast on
warrant sworn out by Inspector Bonlield ai
Deputy Sherlll Dross. He was taken tot
armory , whiMu ho furnished 8'-0,000 ball ,
B. Fisk going his security. Ho waived o
amlnatlon. W. K. Fobter appeared tor 5
John nnd City Prosecutor Nicholson a
pearod for the state. No attempt \vasma
to arrest Janitor Dull , who was with hi
that night.
Although Dell was not arrested a warra
was out tor him. ilo was found at t
county hospital complaining of bolng sir
A guard was loft with Dell until it could 1
ascertained If ho was In a condition to
moved. Dr. St. John waived examination
accordance with advice of his attorney. \
F , Foster , of anarchist trial notoriety. Fi
the wholesale milliner , who went on :
John's bond , eclieiHiled property to
amount aggregating S'.OOO.OOO.
A sicond bondsman was required of !
John , but after many hours' search cot
not bo found. The doctor had been con
dent that Columbus B. Cummlngs the L
magnate , would become a suri-ty. Notwii
standing Incessant urgings , Cummin
failed to put In an appearance ami In t
afternoon Dr. St. John was Immured In
cell. The technical charge against him
conspiracy neaiiiht the people In aiding .N
Garlglu's escape. Conviction unttlls a PI
nltyof three > ears' Imprisonment at hi
labor or a line of 31,000 ,
The Trial of thn rionrtloro.
CHICAOO , August 1. There was a tremi
dims clamor by crowds of people this mo
ing for admission to the court whoru t
trial of the boodlers Is progress ! )
An hour before the tlmo for t
opening of the doors , hundreds
turn were In line for admission , nnd w
hundreds of others completely tilled the lu
ways , thronged tbo elevators , and
tended far out on thn hltlewa
aboiblp question wn whether i
eleven defendants would surrender uncondi
tionally and thow themselves on the mercy of
the court. Plainly a majority of the crowd
expected some mo\o , but many voiced the
opinion that It was too late and that the de
fendants only hopi ) now was to tight to the
last In belief that some accident would favor
them. Ju t before the opening of the trial
this mornln * thn boodlers came Into the
court room. Without exception their faces
were set and white. Alter States Attorney
Grlnnell said the state rested their
case , Alexander Sullivan , attorney for
the defense , Immediately began the
Introduction of testimony as to
the character of the men on trial , llie first
witness was Millionaire Nelson Morris , the
packer. Hesworo that McCarthy and Lynn
had good reputations. Mould was uot cross-
After other witnesses had testified to the
defendants' eood reputation , thcru cauio a
surprise. Commissioner Michael Wassornmn
left his place among the defendants and took
the witness stand In Ins own behalf. Was-
serinan was > ery pale and his voice , trembled.
He denied seriatim all the charges of bribery
against him , and In explaining how he came
to reccl\e curtain sums ot money said : "In
lbS4 thu county democratic club elected me as
ono of the committee to go to Washington to
bring the convention here. I colleoteti money
everywhere. Wo went down to Washington
anil kept open house to show the people of
Washington the hospitality of Chicago. 'I bo
result was that wo brought the convention
back here. "
The state did not take the trouble to cross-
examine Washerman.
After several other witnesses had testified
to the gootl character of thu defendants Com
missioner Mlko Leyden took the stand. He
denied that Commissioner Lynn , the In-
lormer , ever gave him boodle or that he ever
received a cent from Btpper , except a little
contribution when Leyden went to see
Cleveland Inaugurated , witness being in
poor circumstances then.
Commissioner dells made similar denials ,
and was followed by Commissioner "Buck"
McCarthy , who paid he had attended the
famous meeting In the janitor's room to "fix
up committees. " Nothing was said about
percentages , and witness never got a dollar
dishonestly from the county.
Another Mild Sensation.
CHICAOO , August L Another mild sensa
tion has been created in the county board by
the discovery that a certain wholesale gro
cery firm of this city , which secured .the
recent contract for the Infirmary , have been
supplying goods far Inferior to the samples.
The sugar furnished was the brownest In the
market , the soap was the poorest to be had ,
and the "Java" coffee was halt chickory.
The firm has been called to account.
A Sentenced Boodler.
CHICAOO , Aug. 1. Judge Shepard this
morning overruled the petition for a new
trial In the case of Edwaid S. McDonald and
W. J. McGarlgle , charged with conspiracy ,
and sentenced McDonald to three years In
the penitentiary. A motion for an arrest ol
judgment was also overruled.
Kansas Ofllccra After a Mau iu St ,
ST. Josr.i'ii Mo. , August 1. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEK. | Yesterday aconstabli
from Brown county , Kansas , arrived in St
Joseph with a requisition from Govornoi
Martin , of Kansas , for James Brockton , o :
Uorton , who Is wanted on a charge of vlolat
Ing the prohibition law. Brockton , after his
arrest , tried to secure his release by means o :
a writ of habeas corpus. This mornlni
Criminal Judge SVoodson heard the case and
fixed the bond at 81,000 , the trial being sel
tor Saturday of this week. The prosecutlui
attorney objected to bill being allowed ant
Brockton was accordingly sent back to jail
He Is not yet under Indictment In Kansas
but has been betore a justice of the peace be
fore whom he is under bond to appear
There Is a question In the minds of many ate
to whether no can be sent back to Kansas fo
a misdemeanor , but according to the Mia
sourl law a requisition must be honorei
where a misdemeanor Is charged. Brocktoi
Is a prominent citizen of Morton.
Bad Dam Bttrst.
KHADINO , Pa. , August 1. Grlm's dair
covering two acres near Boyertown , thl
county , burst through Its breast , olghtee
feet high , this morning , destroying ever )
thine in the vicinity.
JWii.KRflnATtni : , Pa. , August 1. A dav
burst on the mountain to-day , letting wate
down Into the village of Parsons. Thn who !
town was flooded and the neoplo had to flo
for their lives. Four bridges were washe
away and much other damage was dono. A
Laurel the water caught titty loaded coa
cars and dashed them down the mountai
side like kindling wood. The losses wl
probably reach 5220,000.
Saved From Death By Siilolile.
ST. Josisi'ir , Mo. , August ! [ Special Tel
egram to the BKK. | Mrs. John Bradford
wife of A railroad man , attempted sulcld
last night by taking morphine. Neighbor
discovered her condition In time to summo
a doctor , who saved her life. Her husban
ran away and left her a week ago and lit
daughter died recently. Thcso are given a
Chicago's Invitation to Cleveland.
CHICAGO , August l. The committee o
Invitation to offer the hospitalities of Chlcae
to President Cleveland held an Informi
meeting In the mayor's office to-day. Sine
the president on a similar occasion has e )
pressed the wish that no delegations be sei
to see him this hot weather , the committi
decided to Issue a formal address , signed I
all the committee , Inviting the president t
visit the cltv at his earliest convenlenc
Melville W. Fuller , chairman of the comml
ten , wns entrusted with the duty of prop&rlr
this formal Invitation.
Started Dp the Mill.
ST. Louis , August ! The strike In tl
Little rolling mill In East St. Louis la
week , when 200 stokers and laborers qii
work and compelled theshuttlngdown of tl
mill and throwing out of employment of s
other men , was settled to-day and the m
resumed work to-night. The demand
Stoker Moore for an assistant was complli
with , but the dismissal of Foreman Davl
which the iitrikers demanded , was refused.
Klgln Dairy Market.
ELOIN , 111. , August 1 , Drought continu
In this section , making the milk supply vci
short and a corresponding deficiency In bu
tor. Creamery grades are extremely scare
On the call boant to-day bids started at
cents , but not a pound was sold untll-Tcen
was roachbd , at which urlci the majority
sales were mado. A low favorite bran
brought ST'lc. Sales to-day on call we
21010 pounds , Private sales the past we
aggiegato lU07,153 pounds.
Ri > od and Sharp.
NKW Vonif.Aueust.L Eaily this mornli
Jacob Sharp's condition was considered
serious that his physicians were summone
He complained all night of pains In t' '
stomach and dizziness of the head.
Charles II. I toed. Gulteau's counsel , w !
jumped Into the North river Saturday a1
was committed to the Bellnvuo hospital I
examination us to his sanity , was exa
ineti to-day and pronounced iusai
lie Is suffcilitK froDi melancholia.
"Elaine" Proves a Sncrsn.
CHIOACJO , August 1. "Elaine , " adapt
from Tennyson's poem by George Parse
.Jj Lathrop and Harry Edwards , was prodtic
to-night by Mr. A. M. Palmer's company
McVlcker's theater and achieved a decld
success , Miss Annm Busscll and Mr. Alexr
aerSalvlnl as Elaln and Sir Lancelot car
Ini : oil thn honors of production. A lai
i audteuco witnessed the play.
fc Dents ttis Oldest Inhabitant.
10If Wnr.Ki.tKO , W. Va. , August 1. The lies
Ifh lest ruin ever experienced hero In t
; h memory of the olden Inhabitants fell tl
Ix I- afternoon about 5 o'clock. Over two Incli
x- of watoi ha fallou In three Quarters of i
xk. . hour. Many cvllurs and eoino lirst tloi
10 ncicilucdnU *
One Farmer Uses a Pitchfork on Another
With Terrible Effect , !
A Husband nt Jersey City Murders
Ills YouncircKfttnl Fight nt
a Christening Awful Triple
Tragedy Other Crimes.
Unit niootl In Kansas.
Kan. , August 1. fSoeclal
Telegram to the BEK. ] A tragedy was en
acted here to-day which throw this unusu
ally quiet little hamlet Into a fever of excite
ment. What will probably prove a fatal
quarrel over a trivial matter between two
prominent citizens of that place was the
cause. Aaron Hobblns assaulted T. II. El-
drldge with a pltchftirk and Inflicted what
will doubtless prove fatal wounds. About a
year ago Eldrldgosold UobblnsahorseforSSO
agreeing to accept the pay In work , Kobblns
promised to plow forty acres of wild land for
Eldrldge. Un account ot dry weather and
other hindrance ! ! Hobblns did not complete
his contract but did enough work
to amount to 850 , leaving a balance
duo of 830. Eldrldge heard that Bobbins
was making preparations to remove ,
to No Man's land and attempted to collect
the balance of the debt Ho found Bobbins
In the barn yard and asked him for the
money. Bobbins ordered Eldridgo to leave
the promises , which ho started to do , and as
soon as ho turned his back on Bobbins the
latter picked up a four-longed pitchfork and
attacked htm with It. Ho succeeded In In
flicting half a doien ghastly wounds and It Is
thought Eldrldge cannot recover. A war
rant ! was Immediately sworn out agaln l
Bobbins and he Is held under guard to awatl
the result of the wounded man's Injuries ,
In cas ° that there Is enough Improvement In
Eldredge's condition to warrant the bcl'el '
that ho will recover Bobbins will bo given E
preliminary hearing before the local justice
of the peace to-moirow , otherwise the hear
Ing will be postponed. Bobbins is a mac
about forty-fivo years of age. Eldredge is
tifty-nlno years } of ago and in no wise s
match for his assailant. Both men have
A Youthful Husband Kills 111 * Hlx
tccii-Ycar-Old Wife.
NEW YOHK , August L Mrs. Lillle Schlim
rnor , a sixteen-year-old wife , was murderet
In cold blood by her youthful husband , Jos
cph , in Jersey City dl 1:20 : this afternoon
The couple wore married with the consent o
the girl's parents , but on account of his ag
It was agreed that they should not live tn
gether for two years. It Is said that youm
Schllmmer has been endeavoring to persuad
the girl to leave the parental roof. She re
fused and ho has been hanging suspicions ! ;
around the house ever since.
Dut the Phclp City Posse lioturn
Without , the Pranlcllits.
PiiKM'8 CITY , Mo. , August 1. jSpecta
Telegram to The BKK. | The sheriffs poss
that went outtocapturo the Franklins hav
returned without effecting thmr capture
They were on their trail but could not com
up with Ihem. On Saturday last C. C. Kei\ \
ding came to Phelps City and admitted tha
he was at Meyers when the Franklins she
DoLong and Bostwlok on Friday. Ho wn
at once arrested on suspicion , and last nigh
Wilson and William Boatwlck ot the poss
came from Crag and positively IdentUie
Bedding as one ot the pang who lircd upo
their party with such fatal results. Keddin
Is now held for murder. Ho Is from Sulllva
county , about forty-live years of age , an
said to be a hard character. The officers hav
now arrested three of the parties , and
largo reward will bo offered for the Fran !
line , who are regarded as the real dosbern
does and leaders. There Is much excltemen
hero and our ollicers fear a mob , and to prt
vent It have the prisoners strongly guarded
Those arrested will have their prellmlnar
tiial to-morrow.
A Rather Lively Christening.
NEW YOHK , Aueust 1. There was a chrls
enlng last night In the family of Mr. Mullc
In Brooklyn , which broke up about mldnlvrl
In a desperate tight , In which ono man WD
killed and a woman fatally wounded , an
two or three guests cut nnd brulacd. Thei
were about lifteen or sixteen guests , and tti
festivities went along pleasantly until a lal
hour , when Daniel Mullen and Denn
Dillon made their appearance and con
menced a tight with the guests. The visit (
the two men grew out of a feud of si
months' standing between the brothers Joh
and Morris Mullen.
Terrible Triple Tragedy.
CAMDEN , N , J. , August 1.--A horribl
tragedy occurred In South Camden this e
enlnu. William Wiltshire , keeper of a
oyster saloon , has for a long time lived in
happily with his wife. Two weeks ag
tired of his abuse , she wont to the office i
Squire Darr ( colored ) , justice ot the peac
and had a warrant Issued charging him wit
non-support and cruelty. Wiltshire was n
rested , tried , and ordered to pay SO a wet
for the supnoi of the wife and three ch
dren. Ho did not comply and the quarrellc
was renewed. This evening ho began ben
Ing his wife and sht > ran to 'Snuiro Dan
oil ice to complain. Wiltshire followed , ai
while Darr was remonstrating with hli
seemed to grow uncontrollably wild , drew
revolver and shot down first his wile , the
the Innocent justice , and linally put a bull
in his own brain. All wore dead In a te
Kscnpeil Murderer Arrested.
CIIKVE.NNE , Wyo. , August 1. [ Sped
Telegram to the BKK. | A few days ai
Sheriff Scharplcss of this city received woi
that a man was at Great Falls , Mont. , a
swerlnur the description ot Harry Pattorso
wanted here for the murder of James 51
l.ehone , In January , 18 ! > o. An officer w
bunt on and today returned with IVvtterso
whose Identity Is established by a number
citizens. Patterson and McLehono we
traveling companions between Deadwoi
and Cheyenne. Patterson killed McLeho :
and came to Cheyenne. Shortly after t
murder was discovered ho was arrested , b
escaned from the custody of the depu
sheriff who had arrested him and until t
present time has been at large.
Wanted For Rape.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , August 1. [ Spec !
Telegram to the BKK.J Jack McCartney
wanted hero to answer a charge of rape 01 :
thlrtccn-year jld girl named Sarah Baldwl
McCartney IS"fc market gardener and ll\
with his wife and several children south
the city. Ho engaged Sarah and another
hoa corn for him and assaulted her while s
was at work. All the parties are Ignora
Only A Family Feud.
RAPID CITV , Oak. , August U fSpecl
Telegram to the BKE.I At noon to-da >
dlfllculty occurred between Graham and \V
klus , of Black Hawk Springs , Lawron
county , over the wife ot the latter , who llv
with the former , occasioning a shooting b1
In which Wllklns was shot through the bo
from tuft to right. The wound Is not cons
ered fatal. Graham Is under arrest.
McCoy Found Guilty.
CHICAGO , August 1. A News special fr <
Portsmouth , Ohio , saysj The jurj In
celebrated case ot Alt MclSoy , chanrod with
the murder of Dr. Nofthnp , returned a ver
dict this morning. McCoy Is found guilty of
murder In the second degree.
Sergeant Clark Acquitted.
DCTHOIT. Mich. , Adgust L The prelim
inary trial of Serjeant Clark , of the Twenty-
third United States Infantry , for the shoot-
mi ; ot private , Albert Stone , resulted In hits
discharge to-day , the court holding that ho
must obey any legal ardcr of his superior
ollicers. Stone , who ! t d been sentenced to
the military prison , } , was shot down while
trying to escape.
P , Olvi-afills Views at Long
M 16S7b\lJayi \ Oonlon Hfnii'd. !
PAIIIH , Auzust L [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the JEK. ] Democracy can
not afford to wait muck longer before making
an earnest effort to eofallzo and reduce the
burden of taxation unller which the people
of the United Slates are croantne , " said er-
Congressman lloswell V. Flower at the hotel
Westminster to-night. "Tim party deserves
to go out of power If It does not grapple
with this problem. Just think how easily It
could all be arranged It Cleveland had not
made the remark that his was purely an exec
utive office. He could send Invitations to the
leaders of both parties of the house and sen
ate , and when all were assembled In the
cabinet room could say : 'Gentlemen , we
are piling up 853.0JO.OOO surplus yearly. Now
1 want taxation reduced bv 8125,000,000.
Here are ' 3,300 articles on which duties are
levied. Let us bring It down and cut this
gourd. ' The job would all have done at one
sitting. There are excellent business rea
sons why something must bo done with the
tariff at onco. It Is a thing In anticipation
and business Is always unsettled by doubt as
to the future. "
"What do you think of the labor move
ment ? "
" 1 have boon In Europe four mouths , but
feel it Is certain .to play a large part
In our fall campaign. If it
shonld , the managers ot bath parties
would do much thinking before the next
national convention. If New \ork should
go republican it would nuke Cleveland the
sure democratic nominee. Nobody knows
for a certainty that htf la a candidate. It Is
not Improbable that hj ( may decline. What
will the republicans ilo ? They will hardly
take either Blaitie or Sherman. Depaw Is In
excellent shape. It b singular that ha Is
coming over just as illalno returns. I am
going homo very sooh and expsct to see
some yery Interesting politics In Now York
state this fall. *
The AfRtmn Huvolt.
CALCUTTA. August ! . Advices from Caa
daliar state that the ameor of Afghanistan
oosted a proclamation In the bazaar In thai
city informing his subjects that the Britlsl
government Is holding six Infantry division !
each consisting of nine regiments with cav
airy and artillery. In readiness to march lnt <
Afghanistan to suppress the revolt of the
ameer's enemies in the Interior
The proclamation adds : "I can suppress
the Ghelials without them , but they remalr
ready in case Bussla takes advantage of the
rebellion to Invade the country. The ameei
Invites the rebels to return to their home.-
and says he will only punish the chiefs In
the Insurrection. He warns Great Brltlan
against permitting Ay-nib Khan to approacl
the frontier. The opponents of the ameer
explain that In Issulngaho proclamation the
ameer Is playing 'his last trump card
In assuming that the people value
his alliance with England more than they
value the ameer himself. The Insurgents ol
Afghanistan have blocked the roads betweor
Candaliar and the India city of Pcshawui
In the northwestern part of India.
'I he Punjab is Infected with cholera of the
worst type. Three hundred deaths frou
that disease occurred during July.
Work on the Land Bill.
LONDON , August l.--ln the commons this
ovenine Dillon expressed disappointment a *
the form tn which clause 2- had been passet
In committee. Unless the bill , was groatlj
amended In the later stages It would bo thu
duty of the nationalists to tell the Irish ptio
pie that they must still trust onlj
to the system , of combinations ,
Balfour said the ministry was not responsi
bio for the elimination of the bankruptc ;
clauses. T. P. O'Connor said those clause
had committed suicldo. Clause twonty-thrc
was eliminated. The Parnellites have decide ,
to adopt a passive policy after the passage o
the land bill to allow $ speedy close of th
Editor KaTltotr Dead.
ST. Pi'.TEitSBUiio , August 1. Katkoff , cdi
tor of the Moscow Gazette , died to-day.
| Michael Katkoff was born at Moscow li
1820 , finished his studies at Konigsberg an
Berlin , and was for several year * professor o
philosophy In his native city. Since 1850 h
devoted himself exclusively to journalism
and exercised an enormous Inllaence , probr
bly the greatest of any editor In the work
Ho wns thIJ leader In founding the old Bu ;
slan party , and the czar has been guided i
all his do'ngs by the opinions expressed b
the Moscow Gazette ) .
A Fight to the Death.
LONDON , August L Alfred Towney , wh
was convicted of murder In the first degrc
for murdering his sweetheart , was hanged a
Lancaster to-day. When the hangman a
tempted to pinion his arms and logs , the cor
detuned made desperate resistance , sciean
Ing and lighting savagely. Finally ho wa
overpowered and carried to the scaffold.
Migration In Huisla.
ST. PK'misnuiio , August 1. An immens
migration movement is proceeding In centn
Bussla Peasants and farmers are moving I
largo numbers to western Siberia , where trt
pasturage and arable lands abountl. Tl
movement threatens to result In a serlou
agricultural crisis. It is reported that th
government is about to stop It ,
Fight or Apologize.
PAIUS August 1. General Boulangetlu
telegraphed to his socouds to Insist on ten
making an ImmodiatH apology for his rofe
ences to the general in Ills speech at Kpin
and In event of refusal to continue propar ;
tions for the duel.
Ferry has linally chosen Messrs. Prou
and Baynal as Bucouds In his coming du <
with Boulangor.
w -
Hope to Settle the Flatteries.
LONDON , August L In the commons th
evening Ferguson , parliamentary secretat
for the foreign office , said the British irovori
ment was hopeful ot obtaining a satlsfactoi
settlement of the Canadian fisheries at i
distant day.
Ferdinand UOIIB | to Oulearia.
Bnni.iK , August It It Is reported tin
prlnco Ferdinand will start for Bulgaria t
mot row to assume odlco against thu advii
of his family.
Nihilistic Murderers Arrested.
ST. PKTr.itsuuno , August 1. Three youi
nihilists murdered General Neatcrovt
widow at Yladlkakas and stole 800,0
roubles. They were arrested whllo tryinc
Cbcapo to Turkey-
Cholera Spreading.
ItoMK , August L From fifteen to twen
deaths from cholera are reported in Cutar
dally. The epidemic Is spreading In t
The Visible Supply Statement ,
CHIOAOO , August L The visible supp
statement , as compiled by thn secretary of t
Chicago board of trade , is as follows :
BushuN. Buehfl
Wheat S3.U1.COO Corn 7,5 . ' 1 , (
Oats 3 , < h5,000 Rye , 2C3 , <
J Barley. . . . ' , . , ,
David Oity Property Owners Already Begin
to Repair the Damages.
Horrible Case of Inhumanity He-
parted from Nebraska City A
Colutnhns Young Man Tires
or LI To nnd Suicides.
David City Recovering.
D.vvm CITY , Neb. . Aucust 1. [ Special
Telegram to thti Bnr..J The estimates
of the loss by the recent tornado
have been gieatly overrated. The loss
in the country , estimated at from
8100,000 to 51.10,000 , will not exceed 83,000.
The estimate of 8100,000 loss to city property
Is substantially correct. E. L. Stowoll. a
farmer , lost a house valued at 8500. Jake
Hanna , another farmer , lost a house and out
buildings valued at 81,090. Tills completes
tlio loss In the country thus far reported. The
loss to the village of lltslng will not exceed
81,000. The original cost of the school build
ing hero was 3 ,000 Instead of 810,000. A
movement was being made for the election
of a now school building for additional
room which will probably not bo built , owing
to the great loss to the school tund. The
ono demolished by the tornado will doubtless
H < rebuilt this summer. C. B. Baldwin's
brick residence , loss estimated at 8'J.OOO. will
not exceed 81,500. It will be rebuilt this
summer , itnlnhart & Son , loss estimated at
85,000 to 87,000 , will not exceed 32,000. The
David City roller mills , loss placed at 8-uOO ,
will probably aggregate 52,500. The engine
and machinery is greatly damaged , and It
will be some tlmo before it Is put In success
ful operation.
Mr. F. W. Paddock , who has done much to
Further this summer's boom , was
the heaviest loser ; 810,000 will not
replace the damage to his two
now brick blocks which were wholly pros
trated. He Is plucky and will Immediately
rebuild. The lair ground fence , amphithe
atre , etc. , will be replaced In tlmo for the
county fair. G. 1) . Churehlll & Co.'s loss
was also over-estimated at 80.000. It will not
exceed 84,000.
Generally speaking our best buildings have
suffered the greatest damaire. It is deeply
lamented that our old claivtrap com t house ,
together with the north side sheds called
store ; ; , unfortunately escaped thooyo of the
weather clerk. Their owners loan money at
Si | ier cent per month and have never spent a
ll li ckle for the welfare ot the city.
Every able bottled man In town Is busy
this morning clearing away the debris. Be-
buildlng will beirln Immediately.
For the past two days the city has been
crowded with people trom abroad Inspecting
the ruins. Two train loads came In yester
day over the Union Pacific , one from the
east and ono from the west. The crowd
doubled that of Saturday and Is estimated
at trom 5,000 to 7.000 people. Many of the
people were broiuht hero through exagger
ated reports ot death , etc. Our hotels could
not begin to accommodate them.
Most of the buildings destroyed will bo re
placed this summer with bettor ones. The
loss , though heavy , will not retard the pro-
cress of the town.
Work on the now hotel Bolnhardt and
Doty's brick , together with numerous partly
completed residences was resumed with phe
nomenal vigor this mornin ? . Our citizens
bear the loss more cheerfully than was ex
Horrible Cruelty Reported.
NEBRASKA , CITY , Neb.Augnst 1.
( Spoclal to the BKE.I The mayor and
county commissioners have boon Informed
of an alleged case of horrible brutality in thie
city , the victim bolng an aged woman ami
the tormentors her daughter and son-in-law.
If the facts allowed are proven true the case
Is one of the most fiendish over known in
this state. The story , as told to the ollicials ,
and which will bo thoioughly invosticated
by them , Isas follows : Several years aio an
old settler named Mark Baurror dloil , leavIng
Ing some valuable property hero , which waste
to revert to a son-in-law , Alexander Buch
anan , with the understanding that the do
ceased'swidow , an invalid , should be caret' '
for during life. Soon after the old man's
death a system of fiendish cruelty , It Is said ,
was Inaugurated by tlio damrhtei
and son-in-law against the mother
who often suffered for the commones
necessaries of lite , and wlillostlll able to bt
about would bo forced by hunger to bee trom
the neighbors , who supplied her with tootl
which she used to secrete about the house am
eat atter the lumily had letired. Bvcontly
as report says , she has been confined to he
bed , and neiehbors who called with foot
wine ordered from the house ana the eatable
thrown Into the street by the daughter ant
son-in-law. Several charitable ladies vlsitet
the place and were driven from It by Buch
anan. The old lady stated , so it Is said , tha
Hhe lias eaten nothing for two weeks , bui
was compelled to take a laxative every day ,
and It Is her fear and also the bullet among
the neighbors , that she is being systemati
eally murdered. Medical assistance , It 1
said , Is denied her and doctors refused ail
mission to the house. Buchanan is an clde
in the Latter D.iy Saints' church at thl
place. A committee of Indignant ladies wa
organized to horsewhip the Drute , but post
poned U and Informed the officers.
Suicide at Columbus.
COI.UMIIUC , Neb. , August 1. ( Special t
the BEK. ] Leigh ; Merrell , about nlnotoei
years of age , suicided last night about 1' '
o'clock by shooting himself through the heat
with a pistol , Igying himself instantly. Hi
had retired to bed apparently In good healtl
and spirits. Ho played a of base bal
In the evening and seemed unusually full u
mirth and good humor. Ho left a note o
the table , saying ho was tired of life and rt
quested that his effects bo idvcn to hi
brother , Forrest , who works in tlio liver
barn of O. L. Baker. The sulcldo lived wit
his brother , Jay Merrell , who owns a tan
seven miles noi th of Columbus. Dr. Schui
the coroner , went out to thu house and hoi
an Inquest on th body and returned a vui
tllct that the deceased came to his death froi
a pistol .shot liied by his own ham
The family are highly respected and of e :
cinplary habits , and the sympathies of tli
community are a unit , as nothing Is know
that could cast so dark a cloud as to can *
\ him to pen "tired of life. " The funeral too
place from the M. E. church at 0 o'look th
evening. _
Polk County Teachers in Session.
SriioMsni'iio , Neb. , August L ( Special t
the BEI : . ] This Is the second week of tl
Polk county teachers' Normal. It Is the fin
tlmo the Normal has been held In Strom *
burg , and all agree In calling it the most su
cessful session the county has known. A hot
In attendant-
seventy-live teachers are
Superintendent Kahe Is doing everything I
his power to elevate th < ; schools of ( no coiinl
and his labors will prove a success.
Indiana for tin : Reunion.
NOHKOI.K. Nob. . August 1. ( Spuclal tot !
BKK.I Acting Indian Commissioner U ;
shaw has consented to a request to alia
fifty Indians from Bosebud agency to atten
the North Nubiaska reunion at Noifol
August ii-VJT. This will Include sever
noted chiefs.
Death In a Weil.
Sioux CITT , la. , August L [ Special Tel
itrnm to the BIK. : ] Last evenlnz Willie N
son , aged fifteen , living tivo miles cast i
hero , wont down Into a well to got a buck
that had been dropped. Ho was ovoirome I
the foul air and was unable to return , il
brother' , Alfred , aged thirteen , went down
rescue him and was alsoovorcomo by the "
finally thu boys were both takun out
r were dead.
6 '
- - - Flrt" .
jXA UAf-vtii JVInOL.'ttH' ' ! * l-The , v
est fires are , bpog\tpi \ ; quljo oxtonBjyu nc
Instructions to AenntA Having Charge-
of the Allotment ! ) .
WASHINGTON , August 1. The Indian of
fice , with tlio approval of the secretary of the
interior , has prepared letters of Instruction
for the guidance of special aconts recently
appointed to allot lauds In severally to In
dians. Special Agent Howard , who Is as
signed to duty on the Crow reservation In
Montana , Is Instructed that allotments to
thcso Indians are to be governed by the
treaty of Agreement approved by act of con
gress of April 11 , 1SS.3. By this
treaty each Indian will receive , In
addition to the number of acres specllied In
the act of January , 18S7 , an equal amount of
grazing land. To Illustrate , each head of a
f.unily will receive KM ) acres of grs/lng land.
Indian women mauled to white men should
be regarded as heads of families. The white
husbands cannot take allotments. In all
cases where Indian women have been mar
ried to Indian husbands , ami have children
born of such marriage , but have
been divorced from such husband after
the Indian custom , the mother .should receive
an allotment of land as the head of the fam
ily , and should bo allowed to select the land
for her children not under charge of the
father , If competent to do so.
The Wlnuobago Indians In Nebraska and
SlleU Indians in Oregon will take their
lands under the general severally act of
February H. lbS7. With this exception the
Instructions to special agents for the Wlnne-
bago and Slletz tribes are tlio sauio as sent to
Special Agent Howard.
Cleveland' * Western Trip.
WAsiitHtiTON , August l. The president
said to-day that ho felt It to bo an absolute
necessity that he should In every case request
those cities which proposed to send delega
tions to Washington conveying Invitations
to visit them on his western trip to forego
that formality and forward their communi
cations by mail. Ho has a full appreciation
of the cordial spirit which prompts such
courtesy , and whlcn Is most gratifying , but
It seems to him unnecessary that such jour
neys , for such a purpose , at this heated sea-
addition to this consideration , ho said
It had been his purpose to
feel tree to absent himself from
the capital and v.'ilte house as ho would
feel disposed during this month , and to
make no engagements which would require
his presence hero at any stated time. It U
probable he will icavo hero the last days of
September and go direct to St. Louis , and
from there to Kansas City , Omaha , St. Paul ,
Minneapolis , Milwaukee. , Chlcagc , Nashville -
villo and Atlanta. The St Louis hind At
lanta dates bolng lived It will not bo prac
ticable to deviate much from this pro
gramme. The journeys will ho made by the
ordinary route of travel between the cities
named and the disposition of the president
will bo to see as much of the country on his
route as will bo consistent with his limited
time and positive engagements.
Pensions Granted Westerners.
WASHINGTON , August L ( Special Tele
gram to the BIBJ : The following pensions
have been granted Nobrasicans : Jane W. ,
widow of Samuel Loowestoo , IlowarJ ; Hou-
ben T. Hall , Orchards ; John Larson , Hold-
rego ; Joseph Pretts , Davenport ; George W.
Morris , Wa\erly ( reissue ) ; Thomas MoCor-
mlck , Bavcnna : Joslah Hopper , Dawson
( lasioratlon ) ; Samuel Dervotoe , Howard.
Iowa pensions : Dependents of Adaline ,
widow of Lewis Newman , Croton : Joseph
It. Hoar , Marcus ; Seell Vaner , Palmyra ;
William Argo , Soring Valley ; Frederick
Miller , Algona ; Thomas Cochrane , Manly ;
J. A. C. Whitney. Neola ; Frederick Mahuko ,
Sioux City ; Philip Menzer , PrlcovllleLenzy ;
1) . Andiews , Bnrkley ( Increase ) ; James Car
ter , Now London ; Thomas White , Otlumwa ;
Prescott Waloa , What Cheer : Shadrlck Hen-
ton. Waverly ( reissue ) ; Hugh M. Cory. Sac
City ; E/.ra A. Barney. Ablngdon ; Francis M.
Bcauchamp , Columbus Junction ( restoration
and reissue ) ; Lucicn Stevens , Independ
ence ; Mexican war , Jacob Bender , Avon.
News of the Military.
WASHINGTON , August 1. [ Special Tole-
cram to the BEK. I Captain Cyrus M. De-
lany , Fifteenth Infantry , has been ordered
be to re the army retiring board at St. Paul , of
which General T. II. Buger Is president , for
examination tor retirement. Captain Thomas
J. Grosnr , Second cavalry , having been found
incapacitated lor active servlco , has been
fjnuitod leave of absence until further orders.
Second Lieutenant L. 1) . Thyson , Ninth in
fantry , has been ordered to temporary duty
at David's Island , Now York. Lieutenant
Colonel Montgomery Bryant , Eighth In
fantry , has been granted six month * leave.
First Lieutenant Prank A. Mills , Twenty-
lourth Infantry , has been granted three
mouths extension of leave. Second Lieuten
ant L. Beokarts , Sixth infantry , Is detailed
as recoider ot thn board ot olllcors ordered tn
convene at Fort Leavenworth , Kansas. Bat
tery F , Fourth aitlllery , has boon ordered
Irom Fort Suulling to Sioux City , la. , to at
tend thu annual reunion of thu Northwest
Soldiers' association.
Public Debt .Statement.
WASHINGTON , August l. The following
Is a recapitulation of thu debt statement Is
sued to-day :
Interest bearing debt , principal , 81.0M-
COO.ttW ; lnterust7,10SG53 ; totalSlOT.tT01iU15
Debt on which interest has ceased since ma
turity , princliMl$8,101,115 ; interestS10"i.Sb5 ;
total , S ,857COJ. Debt bearing no intmest ,
JOOLaoO.m Total dnbt , principal. 81,074-
011,003 * ; lnterest7.30Vi33total ; , 1.03l.4autt : > !
less casli Items available for redemption ot
the debt , 8iOI,14,7si : : ) : ; total debt , less avail
able cash items , Sli'o,2b'J.loG : : ; net cash In
treasury , 845,093,591 ; debt , less cash In treas
ury August 1. Ib . Sl'J7i,535,8J2 ; tlubt , luss
cash in treasury July I , 31,2711,4 ,787. Decrease -
crease ot debt during month , $4bl4b'J4 ; cash
in treasury available for reduction tif public
debt , $ iJClUi,70J : ; reserve fund held for redemption
domption In United States notes , < $10uooo,0)0 $ ) ,
unavailable for reduction of debt.S'-iO.SOS.HS ;
certificates held RS cash , S'JJ.r.VJ.-UO : net
cash balance on hand , 315,093,591 ; total cash
In treasury as shown by treasuier's stjneial
account , St.V,3HaQL ) (
Appropriations Uecommended ,
WASHINGTON , August 1. Captain Davis
United States cnclnecis , in his annual re
port recommends appropriations of varlou
sums lor lake Improvements 1'ext year
Among them are : iO,000 tor dredging pur
poses In Green Bay haibor , Wisconsin
.20,000 for blasting and pitir construction it
Akimpeo harbor , Wisconsin ; 550,000 fo
pier construction , diedgliu nnd repalisa
Kewanco harbor , Wisconsin ; 35,000 fo
dredulng at Two Bivurs harbor. Wisconsin
MO.OOO f r rebuilding a part of the soutl
pier superstructure .and for dredelne a
Manltowoc harbor , Wisconsin ; SW.OOO fo
pier extension , dredging ami lupahH at Slit
bnygan , Wisconsin : 312,000 tor pier con
stfuction and diotlKing at Port Washington
Mi" * . Lo nn'H Condition Serious.
WAsmNO'iox , August 1.-Mr * . John A
Logan has arrived at her homo In this clt ;
and l.s reported to bu In a serious conditlor
It Is said that her shoulder blade , which \vi :
dislocated , will have to bo reiet , as the im
operation was somewhat ol u failure.
Surgeon General Hamilton , Mrs. Lotran'
physician , alter a careful examination , loun
thrit the soeknt ot ono ot her shoulders wa
broken and that both shoulder ami elbo1
were dislocated and had not bo'in proper !
set. He reset both these hours and Mr
Logan Is resting quletlv , though she sullere
intenst ) palu for sometlmo niter the open
lion was performed.
AVar fihlp For Uounionn.
WASHINGTON , August l. The secretary t
the navy has Issued Institutions Unit tli
United Slates steamer .Michigan shall bo i
Detroit on the 1.4th and 1.1th of September
take part In tlio ceremonies ot thu reunion i
the army of tlio Tennessee , anil HI Chlcai
from the 1st to the BOth of October for tl
military cncampi.ient
Postal ( hnnurn.
WAsjilNiirroi A.UKUSI L [ Sppglal Tot
crnm to the puiJ , W K. Meyer as t.o-d.
appointed po6t.uias.tqr t\t Basalt , Biov
county , vtco Mrs , Suslu C , A. White , r
moved , ,
Dotnils of the Planting of the Machin
Among the Celestials.
How the Scheme Wit * Originated ]
and the Commit of tlio Em
peror Obtained Who the
Interested 1'nrtlcB Arc.
The Onward Mnrch of Progress.
NKW YOHK , August l. | SpoclalTelegram
to the Uii : : . ] Itefcrrlng to the cable dis
patch front London saying Jay Gould and
other American capitalists were Interested la
now bank to bo started In Chirm , Captain
K. W. Brady , who Is connected with the
Oriental Banxtngand Construction company ,
said tliat while such nu organization has re
ceived concussions In China , Mr. Jay Uould
has nothing whatever to do with It. A four
line dispatch from Philadelphia was pub
lished In the World last Thursday , announc
ing that a 1'hitadulphia syndicate had secured
the exclusive right from the Chinese Kbvcrn-
mcnt to operate the telephone
In China for llftv years. "LI Hung Chang ,
viceroy of Cnlll , and premier of Chlnn , " said
Captain Urady , "cabled Mr. Wlmrton Barker ,
of 1'ailadclplita , the head of tlio syndicate ,
last Wednesday , that the concession had
been granted and a decree to that effect pro
mulgated. The Issuance ot that decree
makes a now era In the history of the Flowciy
Kingdom. Do you recollect souin remarkable
telephone experiments between Now , York
and Washington last year ? They
were the beginning. The gentlemen
who conducted them , Mr. William
L. Payne , of Now York , and Count Eugene
Do Mltklewles , soon found that the octopus-
llko hold the Bell company had on the tele
phone business of this country would prevent -
vent them fiom operating hero ; thaj.
costly law twits rather than fat profits
were apt to bo the result of any attempt In
that direction. During these experiments
the llrst newspaper message over transmitted
irom Washington to New York was sent by
T. C. Crawford , the correspondent , to the
World. As teen as these gentlemen became
satistled that there was no unoccupied ground
for telephones In the United States , they
turned their attention to other countries.
South America attracted them for a time.
That Vonezuellan contract which Con
gressman Hen Buttorworth' * com
pany at Washington made BO much
of this spring was ottered to them.
They examined it , found It practically worthless -
loss , and declined to undertake operation *
under It. About this time they turned their
attention to far Cathay. Colonel llobert
Christy , their attorney at Washington , had
for a number of years been on friendly terms
with the Chinese embassy , especially with
Mr. Bartlctt , their American secretary. The
Chinese minister , Chang Yon lloon , attend
ed by his private secretary and Interpreter ,
Liang Saung , and accompanied by his entire
suite , was present at several experiments and
soon became fully satisfied of the great util
ity of the Instrument. I am told that It Is
radically Impossibly to telegraph Chinese.
wing to the vast number ot characters ,
jiany of which depend for their muanloit
pen a particular Induction of
no voice. Messages have to
> o translated Into -European language
ransmltted and tlienretransl ted , a very
insatisftkctury method. On 'the other hand
, ho Chinese. In talking , fall Into a sort ot
rhythm , a Ring eong tone which the tele-
jhoue transmits more readily than It does
.ho non-rhythmic abrupt tones of our owns
aneuage.- The minister Is one of tbe ablest
iiou In China , and Is a loader in the liberal
ir progressive party now In power. HI * '
eeommendation , therefore , has had great !
velght with his government. LI Hung
Jliang Is Imbued with the same Ideas , ana
oinu time ago , In a memorial to the emperor ,
i mere boy bv the way , ho urged
.ho tiecesslty of European and American In
dentions and manufactures. When the
Hatter had progressed thus far It was laid beFore -
Fore Wharton Barker of Philadelphia , who
through Ills acquaintance with the celebrated
Marquis Tseng , had his attention turned to-
ivards that century-old dream of Europe and
America , the opening of China. Mr. Barker
it once took hold of It , enlisted the co-opera-
lon of capitalist friends of Philadelphia ,
ind Irom that time until now the enter
prise has moved along with almost the pre-
li.slon of clock work. IP March the steamer
lampshlro cleared for Shanghai via the Suez
anal having on board four expert teleirraph-
irs , fifteen miles of wire , telegraphers and
ither material aggregating some JJUO.OJO.
.n April the chiefs of the expedition , Count
Mitkiewies and Simon Stern , of Philadel
phia , accompanied by their electrician , Mr.E.
1' . Barker , formerly electrician of the United
' lines Telegranh company , sailed In the Han
. 'ablotrom ' San Kranclsco. They arrived
safely , and their mission has been crowned
with success. Count Mltklowiese will return
, o his country Immediately , accompanied by
: ovornmcnt envoys , who come to arrange the
letalls of the enterprise for thn government ,
which Is a partner In it. In the meantime
ho rent of the expedition will stay In Chin *
and put up the plant they already have.
Died In a Kir.
CHICAGO , August 1. Tills morning the
body of n pretty white girl about sixteen
years old was found under the east end of
ho Eighteenth street viaduct The clothing
of the unfortunate girl was in disorder nnd
covered with blood. All circumstances Indl-
: ated an atrocious murder and the pullee im
mediately bngan a searching Investigation.
Later the cirl was Identlne 1 as Hosa Lhotko.
Ivlnir at 21 Johnson street. She was subject
to epileptic lits , anil It was proved by exami
nation that shn had sulTuio I no assault. The
.nttirenco was that Him had wandered under
the brldgo In a state of dementia and died
luring a lit. Such w > is the verdict ot the
coroncr'b Jury.
Jealousy Causes n Double Tragedy.
BiuiMiKi'our , Conn. , August 1. Ouor < e
Whctsteln , aged seventy , a furniture dealer
In this city , In a lit of jealousy this noon shot
hh wlfo three times nnd then shot himself In
the inouto. He died in fifteen minutes nid :
his wlfo will not live. Tim couple have lived
opait for heveial months , and It was mi this
account that the Miootlng took place. His
\\ltc was only thirty years old.
The Gooritln ( 'mini Itrcak ,
AuniroTA , Ga. , August 1. There are two
breaks In the canal , ono on the llrst and the
other on the third level. Tim damage will1
probably shut up the factories for soinu time.
Th > > loss to the city from high watur will )
roach f 100,000. The loss to pl.tnten * cannot
be estimated , as It involves the almost total
destruction ol crops In tlio .Savannah valley.
'I ho liver l.s still falling rapidly.
To Withdraw Prom ihn
Pirrsnuitn , August 1. At a mooting to Lo
hold next t'rldav night the hteam Titters of
Pittsburg and AIIeuhe.ii > , who an ; nt prrsont
members ot the Knights of Labor , will with
draw Horn that orani/.aton ! and form : i
branch ol the Inlet national association ot
plumherH , steam and iras litters. This will
take about Min members Irom Urn Knights ot
Labor In thlh suction.
\VnHtlior liiillciitloiio.
for Nebraska : ( Jeneuilly fair weather ,
( ast to Houth winds becoming variable , stij-
tlonory tompcr.ituro In er.stein portion ,
cooler in western portion.
wFor Iowa : Kan weiilhor , stationary
temperature , light , vaiiable winds.
Ffirt'iwtirtl and Kastein Dakota : Local
rains , slightly cooler , ulnds becoming varl-
Hums in Knn n ,
KANSAS ( 'ITV , Mo.Au tnt. J. Advlcea to
the AfcMicr.ited I'lossltom v.uliU3 ) points lp
Knittr > toport'hoavy rains ywwday and to-
il.vThis will jjy'fiUy. bcuclit U iota
( . nip. . ' , '