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The Bov. Charles W. Savldga OouUnuos
His Practical Sermons.
Salesmen Itecomincmlod to Ileniem-
bcr tlioSnlibatti Day to Keep
It Holy Dedication
of n Church.
Dr. Havldco'a Sermon.
The tliinl in tlio series of practical
talks which the Kov. Charles \V. \ Savidge
lias been delivering fit the Seward struct
M. E. cluircli , WHS tlulivored yesterday
morning , and was addressed to the mem
bow of the recently organized Omaha
Clothing Salc.smcn's usaoclatiuu. Mr.
Savidgo said :
Ezckiol 'J7-21 : "Those were thy mer
chants In nxcullcnt things. In bluu cluths
nnd broidercd work , and inchests of rich
apparel. " 1 have been asked to iircuch
this sermon to tliu "Omaha Clothing
Salesmen's ! association. " I cheerfully
respond to this request. It is right in the
line of my work. There are 0,000 ! ) min
isters in tills country , and if they would
nil speak out , the ell'eet would bo tre
mendous. Thomas 11. Henton , the great
American statesman , was asked the
secret of his success , lie replied : "Tho
secret of my success is ding dong. " The
iron rod is cut in two by the repeated
strokes of the hammer on the cold
chlbcl. "Keep a hammering , " is the
watchwoid of n great preacher. There
is neither town nor heart so hard
that the great gospel hammer can
not break It into a thousand pieces
if you will only keep up the licks. May
every preacher , great and small , of the
G,000 ! ) spring into line and begin to strike.
1'irst , 1 ha"o a word to Bay about jour
business. It is very old and a very re-
Bpectablo work. God went into the
ladies and gent's clothing business a
great many years ago in the Garden of
[ Eden. Ho is in it yet and it is my
[ opinion that he will never go out of it.
lie f > aw to the clothing of tiie two and a
half millions of Jews during their forty-
years march throtiirh the wilderness to
the promised land. " Deut. 2t:5. ! : \ \ hen a
man does wickedly God clothes him in
B\ckcloth : , but when ho does right lie
dresses him in the best. Daniel's garb
was scarlet with a gold chain about his
neck. See Luke bU."i. : .Jesus restores
reason to the demoniac and clothes linn ,
nnd our heavenly dross ho tolls us in
revelation , shall bo white. Jt is a paying
business. The Hebrews as a race have
gotten noli selling clothing. In our own
country many fortunes are made in this
way. Secondly , 1 like the purpose of
your association. Your object is not
that you may go out in strikes and lock
outs at every tancied wrong you have
no such thought. You have bound your
selves together for physical and spiritual
good. During the very hot and very
cold weather you ask that tlio stores
may be closed at halt past six except on
Saturday. You ask this for tlio months of
July , August , January and February. In
my jdgment your is a just one.
You con educate trade , and foryour own
good you ought to do it.
But the great purpose of this associa
tion is to "secure one day of rest every
week the year around. " I am glad of
tliis move and I wish you , from the bottom
tom of my heart , success , and for the fol
lowing reasons :
The Sabbath day will Uo to you a rest
nnd recreation. If you were mules in
stead of men I would spcalc in favor of
your securing this day of rest. "Wo are
seven day clocks and we must bo wound
up once a week or wo will run down into
the grave. " Last Sabbath was the lirot
day's rest many of you have had for
years. The president of your association
said to mo : "I shall not soon forget how
pleasant and restful last Sunday was to
mo. " You need this rest and you have a
right to demand it.
Again , when you have this dav ' you
wilfhave time tor the purest and h'ighest
enjoyments. Many of you are heads of
families ; all through the week you have
hurriedly left them in the morning and
returned to them weary at night. How
precious to you is the Sabbath at homo
with your loved ones.
It will give you opportunity for the
best reading do not let your minds
statue. And you can also attend divmo
worship , and some of you have said you
would do so. 1 would bo glad to sec
every clerk in this city unite
with your association and work
for this commendable object ,
I will now say a word to the employers
Your request must seem reasonable tc
everyone of them. Tlio following wel
known firms hiwo signilied their willing
ness to close on Sabbatli until Soptombci
I : Now York and ( Jmaha Clothing com
pany , Calm Brothers , Nebraska Clothing
company , M. Hcllman and company
Misfit Clothing 1'arlors , Robinson & Car
mon , A. rollick , It. Rassmueseu , An
drews Brothers.
L. U. Jones and Davis 'Brothers bcinf
good Methodists have never kept thei
ktores open on the Sabbath. I hope tha
the names of all the clothing merchant
may bo added to this list that you wil
not only keep closed on Sabbath till September
tembor 1 but until the Judgment.
I certainly hope that you will grant th
request of these men , for it i * in harmon ;
with the principles of our holy religion
How much tlio world of trade owes ti
these principles ! A single missionary n
tlio South boa islands is worth to th
commerce of Kngland $ 10,000 a year. I
took sonio money to introduce the Christ
ian religion into the Sandwich islands
but now wo cot back $5,000,000 a yea
from these same islands in commerce
Your whole trade is duo to the fact tha
men are Christian and not heathen
Surely you ought not to oppose the insti
unions which have made you all you arc
The princes in your business hav
been mon who have obeyed God
Samuel Budget , of Kngland , started i
trade very poor , lie was strictly honcsi
Ho died immensely wealthy and univers
ally respected ami honored. A , T. Stewart
art miulo a Pine success. Ho had bus
ness prinnlnles which insure success , an
one of the e principles was to keep hi
store closed on the Sabbath. John \Vai \
am like r began us a poor man ho ha
only one room and ono clerk. Lookiu
at his prosperity you can see that thes
rules wore made prominent : "All good
masked In plain figures. " "Goods r <
turned will be received without a quci
tion and money refunded.'o wi
keep the Sabbath. " Now ho has th
largest retail store in the United States
Ho is very rich and his credit is alino :
without limit. Ho Is * Christian and ha
the largest Sunday school In Phili
dolphin. A London banker says : '
came to London thirty years ago an
have had a great deal of observation , an
1 have noticed that the bankers wi |
went to their places of business on tt
Sabbath , and attended to affairs , an
settled up accounts , failed , ana withoi
one exception. " A Boston morchui
says : "lltave observed a long while , an
1 have noticed when out on the Lor
wharf merchants kept their mon bus
loading ve.ssols on Sunday , and at wet
from morning till night on the sacn
day I noticed all those merchants can
to nothing and their children camu
nothing. " "Gentlemen , " said a mere
nnt , although a man of the worl
"Gentlomon , it doesn't pay to work <
Sunday. "
Again , the wise employer keeps tl
highest welfare of his employe in min
when you do this you only work for yo
own best interests. You cannot work
man SG5 days in a year without loss
yourself as well as to him.
A prominent merchant in New Yo
"i ttJlOuld long ajjo two been
the Insane a yltim but for the observance
of the SubbHthi" The etiKlnoor says :
" \Vo hare to let the locomotive atop and
cool off or the machinery would very
soon break down. " The manufacturers
of salt say : "It Is most profitable to let
the kettles cool ono day in scroll. " All
this wi in ply munng that thoughtful uien
nml even dead machinery needs the Sub-
but h runt ,
You have the power to take away the
Sabbath of the workingnian , but you
have no right to do so. You have no
rights uxcopt those which the Lord God
Almli'hty gave to you.
1 ask you to-day , what reply will you
.nako to God when he tolls you that you
took the Sabbath from your clerks and
gave them nothing in return for It ? He-
ware ; God calls things by their right
names. And above all when you take
the Sabbatli from these mon you set your
self in oio.sitian | ) to God himself. Ho
says : "Verily my Sabbaths yo shall
koop. " But 1 need not speak lit length
under this head , for four-fifths
of the men in the clothing
business are Israelites and know
well what ( Sod says about the Sabbath.
In conclusion , gentlemen of tins associa
tion , 1 would hav , your object is a noble
one. May you have the blessing of God
is my prayer. You have already dune
well but do not stop until every clerk is
working with you. Hy your words and
petitions you hnvo secured the Sabbath
rest for a time , now make a strong plea
for a continuance of tlio Sabbatli rest.
Call to your aid every power that will
help you. Above all , ask God's licit ) and
blessing. Having secured this day , b
careful how you spend it. Spend it with
your wives and children who have been
deprived of your company for the six
clrys. On this day ask your&i'lves the
most searching questions1 Am 1 the
kind of man , God would have mo be ?
How have I spent tlio yast week ? Am I
the slave of any debasing habit ? Am I
getting ready for a lifn which is to last
forever ? On this day , road the best book
in the world. And kneel down and pray
to the kindest Father in the universe.
A Sermon Yesterday nt tlio Hillside
Congregational Church.
Rev. II. C. Crane , pastor of the Hill
side Congregational church , preached
Sunday morning on "Tho Greatest Man
of Four Thousand Years. " Ho said John
the Baptist was called great by our Lord.
Napoleon , 1'eter and Alexander arc
named the great because they had greut
will power. The gifts of scholarship ,
affection or benevolence do not secure
tlio world degree. Men. worship power.
They crown tlioir tyrants. They love
those who bring things to pass , even
though slavery may bo tlio cost of achieve
ment. John was great because of will
force , but it was a will transligured and
inspired by a mighty purpose. Some
men are hclf-mado and love their crea
tor ; other men are God-made and love
God. Notice that the mon that God
makes are a number of generations mak
ing , lilood tolls in men and horses.
Heredity is scientific Galvanism. John
was a minister's son on both sides for
generations back. He was born with
piety in his views , conceived in prayer ,
the Holy Spirit filled him , a babe in tlio
cradle. Ho went to God's university.
He learned self-control. He was a
Na/.arito. Ho was a non-conformibt , a
temperance man , a wild man it you
like. He did not cat with a fork or em
ploy a tailor. He ruado up his views
trom what God told him. Ho' would have
been out with a partizan newspaper.
Hut ho was well educated for the work
ho had to do. lie was a man with an
axe. Ho was sent to ring a lire bell at
midnight ; to frighten wicked men to re-
pcntenco and snap a chalked line across
society which should divide good from
bad.His magnificent purpose made him
mighty. Napoleon had a colossal pur
pose. Columbus aimed to rescue Jeru
salem. He failed in that , but God gave
his zeal a better reward. Cyrus Held
crossed tlio ocean eighteen times to lay
the cable. But John's purpose was
grander than these. IJe opened the door
to the King of Glory.
What a tonic is a man who knows
what he wants , when that want is some
thing grand !
Tliis wandering JJodouin had convic
tion. Ho had the courage of his convic
tions. He was not afniid to lose bis head
in doing duty. Ho found in the dormi
tory or play ground material to build a
Ho brought truth to a foous on a na
tion's conscience His heart was moultcu
lava and it set others on lire.
The Church or That Denomination
Dedicated Ycstr.nlny.
Yesterday morning the First Free
Methodist church was dedicated. The
house is on South Eleventh street , near
Center , and is a modest little frame with
a seating capacity of 200. The church is
entirely free from debt and has a mem
bership of twenty-four persons. The
dedicatory services were conducted by
tlio Hev. K. P. Hart , who Is superintend
ent over u largo number of conferences
in this western ami the Pacific section of
country. A superintendent among the
Free Methodists corresponds to a bishop
in the Methodist or Episcopal churches ,
The Free Methodists do not sanction the
collection of money on Sunday , and believe
lievo in the entire freedom from sin and
tlio separation from worldly pleasures ,
The church dedicated yesterday is the
only denomination of thn kind in the
city. The Kov. 1) . G. Shepherd is pastoi
and assisted Superintendent Hart in tin
exercises yesjerday morning. Tlioro wa <
a good congregation present and also ai
the services last night. Or. Hart preach
ing the sermon. The First Free Metho
dist starts out under most auspicious cir
STICKXKY-lu tnls city .Itily 10 , at f > :45 : n
in. , Kilward W. , son uf Mr. and Mrs. K. M
Stickney , aged 2 months and 3 days.
Funeral tool : placu yestoulay nt 4 r > . m
fioui the lamlly residency 1COO Xortl
Twantv-olchth strt-et.
GUEKX-July 10. In nnneflelil addition
Mary K. , daughter of Mr. and Mrs , llhodj
Green , nged 17 years.
Interment took place at Forest Lawn.
W1DELL In tlilsclty July 17 , at the Stai
hotel , TJl South Twonty-sevuutU street
Wiilell , aged 25 years.
Funeral will take uluco in-day at 9 a. m
from Drcxol & Muni's to Forest Lawn.
Thn Painters' Picnic.
The excursion and picnic for the be no
fit of the striking painters to Lake Cal
houu , yesterday , was a success. Dane
ing , base ball and other amusement
wore engaged in and mirth and merriment
mont were the order of the day. Refresh
nionU were served on the grounds am
every cam was taken by the committed ti
ensure the comfort and enjoyment of a !
who took part. The excursionists re
turned to town well please with thei
day 'a outing.
Saloon Hohbr-d. ,
Obcrg's saloon on Tenth street , be
twcen Uodgo and Douglas directs , wa
robbed at an carlv hour yesterday morn
iug. 'the f i out door was broken ope
and $3' ' , ) in money taken from the cas
drawer , and the stuck of cigars uu
llquora depicted.
In Had Condition.
Sanitary Oflicer Hinchey has expor
pnccd a great deal of dilliculty in geltin
property owners lo clean up their pron
Isi-s , and will this week file a number <
complaints against such persona as ai
doruiict in improving tlio sanitary coud
touof ! their wroyerty , .
It End * In lilood , PUtnla and au Ar-
rcftt ,
The annual picnic of the Tel Jed Tom
Corney , In other words , the Bohemian
Turner society of this city , took place
yesterday at Wahoo , fifty-four miles dis
tant on the Union Pacific road.
At 9.30 In the morning a train of six
cars , filled with excursionists , left the
Union depot for the picnic grounds.
Among the pleasure seekers was Lctow-
sky's Bohemian band in its new uniform
of cadet gray witu rod nnd gold trim
ming and comprising fifteen musicians ,
also Ac turner society , under whoso
auspices the picnic was given. In the
latter there are about forty members , less
than half of whom , however , were m at-
toudauce. They wore attired in dark
blue suits with looped sack coat.
The train reached Valley at 11 o'clock ,
where a delay was occasioned by turning
and watering and coaling the engine.
The excursionists , headed by the band ,
marched through the city to a grove on
the southwest , where , on the banks oi a
variegated stream , the festivities were
Here a platform for dancing had been
laid , and a band-stand and a number of
benches and tables hail been
erected. Refreshments in liberal
quantities were fciipplied and pretty
eagerly enjoyed by all classes , the older
people discussing the theme in the quiet
and shade while the younger folks en
gaged in the more entrancing pleasures
of the romp and dance. The Turner so
ciety gave a gymnastic exhibition on
both the horizontal and parallel bars as
al o on the horse. This was witnessed
by nearly all those present , and many of
the athletes were very warmly applaud
ed. This feature of the day was under the
direction of the instructor , Jos. Domacka.
At one time tliero were about 500 people
in the wood , many of whom belonged to
Wahoo and vicinity. The pleasures of
the scene were continued up to 7:90. : The
picnickers returned at 10:50 : o'clock. The
management of the affair was in the
hands of a committee consisting of Frank
Svoboda , Charles Mares , Joseph Housek ,
A. Kment and Joseph Drozda. The club
is now under the captaincy of Joseph
Hoffman , Mid the presidency ol Joseph
Kousek. It will give another excursion
in September.
Shortly before the people had com
menced to take the cars to return to tliis
city an event occurred which closed the
day in a rather exciting manner. A man
named Patrick Foley , employed on the
M. P. . assaulted man from Wahoo ,
named William Cooper. Ho saw the lat
ter standing near a tree , approached and
jn an instant dealt him a powerful blow
in the face which cut and caused the as
saulted man to bleed copiously. Excite
ment ran high , a crowd gathered imme
diately , and in it were Sheriff O'Kano , of
Saunders county , and Marshal Thomas ,
of Wahoo. Foley was immediately put
under arrest , as were also several young
men from Omaha , \\ho it was
thought had taken part in the
assault or meditated the release of Folcy.
In effecting this arrest , O'Kano drew
liitkrcvolvor as if anticipating trouble
anH threatened to shoot the first man
who should cross the railroad track.
Thomas , too , had his revolver partly out
of his pocket and indulged in the bluster
that he could whip any Omaha man in
four rounds. He seemed to forget , that
perhaps his own county would take him
in hand , after ho got through his whip
ping business , and treat him to a couple
of years in tlio "pen , " as it did Jack
Hanley. The officers , however , expor-
i < > ncccf no molestation on the part of the
crowd , many of whom , however , foil-
lowed them and their prisoners to jail.
W hen the latter place was reached , all
those in custody ot the olllcers , with the
exception of Foley , were discharged but
the latter was locked up , all attempts by
friends and even residents in Wahoo to
furnish bail being unsuccessful.
The cause of the attack was a feeling
of revenge which Foley , it Is stated , has
nursed for two years. At that time
Cooper , It is claimed , took some advan
tage and whipped Foley and the latter
promised to return the compliment on
tlio first occasion. Yesterday witnessed
the first meeting in the time mentioned ,
and tiie result is published above.
After the train had left Wahoo the BBU
reporter was informed that tlio county
authorities had rescined their action ,
liberated Eoley and that the latter would
arrive here on an curly morning train.
The Members Attack and Bent an
Ice WaRon Driver.
There was a big tight in the alley be
tween Davenport and Chicago streets
and Eleventh and Twelfth streets yester
day afternoon about 1 o'clock. It seems
that a tough gang congregate thereabouts ,
and yesterday were engaged in "rushing
the growler. " The leader , a mean tough
named Bat Lynch , ballad an ice wagon
belonging to Kennedy & Newel and de
manded a piece of ice from the driver ,
The latter , whose name was not learned ,
refused to give Lynch ice and the rougli
assaulted him. A companion of the
driver's ran away , leaving the ice man tc
couo alone with the gang. He made u
desperate light but was overpowered , 1m
forehead laid open with a brick and ter
ribly beaten with his own ice tongs ,
Lynch , a man named Tom Guoiott ,
another named Lyons and an untuowr
were the assailants. Lynch's wife , whc
was near , was knocked out by a piece ol
brick thrown by her husband. A large
crowd congregated but by the time the
police arrived not one of tlio participat
prs were to bo found. Warrants will bi
issued for the assailants this morning.
Itcwnrd For a host Hoy.
Jay Keiser , a fourteen-year-old lad
left his homo at the corner of Twenty'
sixth nnd Cass streets yesterday mormnf
and his parents are very anxious to as
certain his whereabouts. His mothci
says that ho has been led astray by otliei
boys , and she states that a reward , | 5 , tc
any ono who will furnish informatioi
which will lead to the lads apprchciiMor
will bo given. She ahso offers the boy t
reward if he will return home.
Found a Coat.
Officer Fancy yesterday morning founi
a substantial sack coat in the alley in tin
rear of the Metropolitan hotel. In tin
pockets was n savings bank book show
ing' a deposit of f75. which had beet
drawn out July 7. From other documents
monts and letters the owner's name i
believed to bo James W. Lester , and thi
coat can bo recovered at police hcadquar
Carpenters' Moetlnjr. *
A meeting of the union carpenters wa
was held at the Metropolitan hall ; Dodg
street , on Saturday evening. The pro
cceding were private but it is undnrstooi
that the spirit of the members was op
po ed to accepting the terms of th
masters' resolution with reeard to worK
ing nine hours each day in the week.
J. Mo Donnell. F. A. I. A. , Arointed
N. E. cor. 15th and Dodge.
Notice to members of Carpenter !
union No. 58 :
You are hereby directed to attend
special meeting to be held at the oi
hall. 1U10 Douglas street on Tuesday tli
10th inst. ut 8 o'clock. Matters of iu
portanco. By order of the president.
Mendelssohn & Lawne , architects , ,
L. , Shane , suueriiUcudent ,
Paragraph * .
E. W. Jones , of Carroll , la. , Is at the
U. II. Stafford- Falrficld , la. , Is at
the Paxlon.
T. P. Johnson , of Red Oak , la. , Is a
guest at the 1'nxton.
John I ) . Nnligh , of West Point , is a
guest at the 1'axton.
David Brown ; of Nebraska City , Is
staying at the Jlillard.
W. R. Abcrcromblo and W. M. Wrlpht ,
of Fort Oiuana , are staying at the
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of pur-
Ity.stretiBth nnd wholesomeneis. Mnro term-
omicHl tlinu the ordinary kinds , nml cannot bo
Bold ID competition with the multitude of low
cost short weight alum or pho phnto powders.
Sold only In cans. UOTAL IIAKINO POWDER Co.
101 Wall-si. N. Y.
OJM.1 ?
The BEST nod MO T POPri.An
Bcwluj Thread of Modern Times.
Sold at wholesale by
I4.ilpjUrlfk-H.oeli Dry Goadt Co
IH. K. Smith & Co.
Paston , OallRRlier & Co.
And by nllKetull Dealcrn.
Instrument * exchanged , rented and
eoM on citsy payments , below
Factory Prices ,
Instrument * fdluItUti used at
Max Meyer &Bro
Omaha , Neb.
IDIabetes are Cured bj the kuliel Mineral Spring Water
Deaths from tliom uretacriacoi.9 Dliclmrnea , itrlo-
turei , rrosUile Kluni ) . viirlcuoole , Dimmer ami
chronic illieiiHOfl cutiito them and must bo turuil by
the AnnhelMecllcal llnrcmi European una American
Bpcclitllit nhyilcliin'i litcjiliind Internal pefectrcm-
edloHortUeniiiIereniarelost. Oltl pbjrslclH 'a advice
and book. wltU particulars nnd mire , frco atn
! 2'J1 Broa < l"vayNcw York.
of tbe tody enlarged and strengthened. Full p&rtlc-
( scaled ) Tree. 111E 11EU. CO. , Iluffalo. N. T.
Offices , Eooth Oranha HoomV Hunts HulUllntr , Ninth
street Omaha Ho.-/mC , over Cummorclal Xiitlonal II.uiU.
Veterinary Surgeon
Oillco , I IT § . lHh
National Bank ,
Northwest Comer Furnam nml 18th Sta
Paid up CapiUl , - $400,000
Surplus Fund , . - - 8O.OOC
Frank Murphv. President.
Samuel E. Rogers , Vice-President
Hen B. Wood , Cashier.
Luther Drake , Assl-Cashioi
Accounts solicited nnd prompt ntteiv
tlon paid to all business entrusted to its
1-iioi'osAi.s r u HAT , STRAW
S cnloU jiropotuls will bo received nt my offlci
V > 'M ' FHriuim ( trcot , endorFoil "I'ropoeiUs lei
liny , etrnw or wood1 mull IS o'clock noon , < >
Hatunliiy , July ! ! U , for furnislilukr and Oullvur
Iniroii tno Uoiinlon frrotimU , binucon Cut Ul
nml Florence Lakes , by or buforo September 3
I8a7. of : .
HQVonty-flvotnns of liar , more or loss.
Vllty tons of str w inoroor lo < .
Ono hunilrcil cortls of wood , moio or less.
Klglit Is reBiTveil to i eject nni ; or $11 buU.
! ! I\VIS IAIS. ) .
Chairman Dotrd of TrnJo Commlttuo on riup
The axe has fallen among our Boys' and Childrens' Clothing and id
making havoc with the prices of some of them. Those who visited us
during the past season must have noticed that since the enlargement '
of our store , we carried in this line a much larger stock than formerly.
Naturally , of such a big assortment , we have more left , especially of
the better grades , and we are determined to close them all out before
the opening of our new juvenile department , which next season will
be on the second floor of our building. A large line of Boys' and Chil
drens' suits of all sizes some very fine goods and elegantly made also
a lot of knee pants and long pants are marked down to one-half their
A manufacturer who heard that we are doing a large business , and
thought that we could dispose of most any quantity of goods , sent us
last week a big lot of striped summer coats Mens' and Boys' with . -dfl J
instructions to sell them for his account. We did not want to accept '
them , as the lot is too large and the season late , and told him so , but
he wired us to dispose of them at any price we pleased , so we have de
cided to mark them 15o APIECE. It is almost giving them away , buir-
it is not our loss. They are new patterns and all sizes.
All goods marked in plain figures and at striotlv one price at
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
During July and August , our store closes atG:30 : p. in. , except Saturday.
Cor. 13th St. and Capitol Ave. , OMAHA , NEB.
roil Till ! TIU.ATMr.NT OP AM.
, npparahu nrmMt far liir Mfttl Irfdtmrnt of
cvinr firm ofitiriAM r utrln * MMim ) or Hurtf * l Iff tit input.
\\itll * KtR < IKCL'I AX. ( .it l > cr > rniltic fttHl lluim < lul > I wf !
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ruor. x. D. COOK ,
Room 6 , 1514 Douglas St. , Omaha , Neb.
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Veterinary Surgeon
Graduate of the Royal College of Veter
nary Surgeons , London , England.
' Stable North ICth
Office , Benham's , 118
Street , Omaha.
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For Medicinal Family Use.
Is Death to ANDMAD Sure Cure for
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For Salt by
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J. I * . lliUNLM. M. U. . Analytical CUeralit. Lvulirlll * . Kr.
Display at tholr warerooma , 13O5 and 13O7 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the A
highest class and medium grades , including
" V
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at tha
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled , with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on tholr goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects in materials and workmanship.
I30S 1307 FARNAM
New Model Lawn Mower
J'lvc Sizes. Will cut ltl/licr grain
anjt oilier. HOA nofqnal for nini > Hciti/ ,
dHrtibllitu and case of operation.
This is llio latest Improved Ma
chine in tic Market.
* Loin 1'rlcc.s. Nrnd for rlrmtlara.
State Agent * for 1'orter'n Jfai/lna Toot
Jobbers of landing Twine.
Watches , Diamonds , Pine Jewelry , Silverware
The largest stock , I'MCIM the lowctl HfjiairinR * pfcialty. Wnik uarranteil.
Corner Douglab and IfiMi trccu , Oual , .x Lictnsetl W < tcJnn V r for the Union' "