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What They Are Doing , Going to Do and
H&vo Done.
Plans Forthe Converting of the
Exposition Into a IMnjr
llotn. ' .tcins From
the Courts.
The Cubic Lilne.
A Hr.r. reporter had i\ talk with Mr. S.
R. Johnson , president of the Cubic Tram
way company , .yesterday morning , and
oniony other tilings , he said , with refer-
cncu to the ilaniiigcs assessed against his
company In favor of the Omaha Horse
railway company , that they didn't expect
anything hotter and would not have been
surprised hml it been worse.
"Well , what stops will you take now ? "
was asked.
"Oh , there is none for us to take , " he
replied , "the whole matter is to be re
viewed by Jndgo Brewer , and wo are not
apprehensive as to the outcome. If he
Hiiould siiMain it. then il will bo time to
stir our stumps. It has struck mo as a
very singular procedure to assess dam
ages hi'Ioro any damage has been done ,
lint let that go , this is hardly an oppor
tune moment to discuss that. "
"How are you proceeding , anyway ,
with your traeklaying , Mr. Johnson ? "
"Wo are pushing things right along at
n lively rate , there being two gangs now
at work on each lino. How much will it
cost ? Our closest calculation isf 100,000 a
mile ouHdo of all machinery and
rolling stock. We arc going to put in
$150,000 clean , clear cash , no water or
anything else but lite solid rocks. . That's
what we have calculated it will cost us to
start our works. \ \ e will lay nearly eight
miles in the city , and will have the best
cable lines in the world. Wo are using
nothing in their construction butiron aud
concrete , concrete of the best Portland
cement and finest broken stone. The
lines in Sm Fnincisco and Cincinnati
are built of wood and iron , while , as 1
said , our's are concrete and iron , with
no wood about them. Wo arc sparing
no money to make them perfect , and 1 tin
not hesitate to say that they will bo the
very best and most substantial in the
United States. All our machinery will
b of the very best , most modem and
finished description , engiiu-s , boilers and
winding machines , while our uas&eiiger
cars will only lie equaled in point of con
venience , comfoit and elegance by one
city in the country , and that is Brooklyn ,
N. Y. , whoso company is just now
putting in the same make and same
model. Wo have contracted for thirty-
five cars , twenty passenger , ami fifteen
grip or cable-winding cars. The con
tract provides that they shall bo furnished
by the middle of September , and by the
first of October wo will bo in operation.
Oh , yes , one other thing , I noticed that
ono of , if not the principal ground ,
for the Omaha Horse car people's ' claim
of damages at our hands , is , on the streets
where wo parallel them , they say , wo
have the inside and they the out , which
will militate greatly to their injury. Now
wo prouoso to treat them fair , in fact
more than fair , and when the time comes ,
propose to make them this proposition :
That wo will take np tiieir tracus and
relay them on the other side of ours ,
free of cost to them , and just turned the
stains vice versa , that is , wo will put them
on the inside and takn the outside oursel
ves , und it shan't cost them a penny. That
will give them the advantage of all the
competition they claim that wo will en-
joyluulur the present existing portion of
those lines. Isn't that fair'r
"It surely looks that way. "
THE rnoFisssoit AND THE LI AAV.
Superintendent Itrunor Tells About
the Now Im\v in the County.
Prof , limner , superintendent of educa
tion in the county , will leave Wednesday
on a visit to tlio several school districts
in this county and i.s notifying the various
school oflicors at what times and ulaccs
to mcnt him for the closing up of the
year's business.
Ho directed the reporter's attention to
the announcements made in tlio daily
papers u'garding the action of the Omaha
school board , at the last meeting , a
teacher had bean appointed to adjust that
changes necessary to bo made where , no-
cording to tlio new school law , some ol
the outlaying districts are merged intc
those of this metropolitan city. J'he pro
fessor claimed that tlio board had
not power to delegate such work tc
a teacher or any person or persons
other than those mentioned in the law ,
lie quoted from the law to show that in
such cases it was the duty of the prosl
dent of the board of education , the di
rectors of the school district and tlu
county suporintc.ndcnt to appraise all tlu
property and adjust all all the claims in
Biich a manner that each district shal !
boar the Indebtedness in proportion.
Under the new law which extends tin
city limits , the county supcrintondcn
will lose all of district No. 2 , a portion o :
districts ! ) , r > , 0. ! > 7 , 88 , 4 ! ) and 53. Of tin
last mentioned , there will remain but :
small section , not large enough to sup
port a school.
Professor limner thinks the law hai
been drawn very looiely and unless hi
acts without its authority in some in
stances , the people of some of the count :
districts will bo deprived the advantage"
of local schools.
TIIK COUUTB > Was Done Hoforo tlio Jud ci
B To-Uny.
( . ; U.NITKU STATK3 ,
ft- The first business taken inhand by.Tudgi
Uuiuly in this court yesterday inoriuu ;
was the case of the Henncy IJuggy com
pany , of Illinois , vs. William T. Sloan , o
Nebraska City. In this suit Hon. Join
C. Wathon is garnishee , and a motloi
was made before the court forjudgmeii
against tjie garnishee for uncollccte
notes , accounts and moneys in his hand
belonging to the defendant , William ' 1
Sloan amounting to $ 'JG1'J. The com
took the papers under consideratior
Counsel for defendant , Frank Hansom
Nebraska City ; John L. Doty , Lincoln
Following this the case of thi
f : United States vs. Peter Gross , for the ul
r legecl subornation of Theodore Custou t
Mk commit perjury.
Defense announced their intention t
show to the court that the story told ii
evidence by the Peter Gross was wit
the cogiii/inro : and knowledge of hi
lawyer. That ho had first ted
Ills adviser the story of his son's ncci
dent put as il occurred , but sal
counsel seeing no grounds for damage
herein , coached him into testitimg as h
did , and that ho , being an illiterate Cor
man , with little knowledge of thn Ian
thought of course anything his lawyer
told him was all right and proper.
The old case of Abraham Poolc ct a !
vs. The West Point Uutter and Chocs
Association , came up again bufor
Special Master Churchill in. the court i
chambers yesterday , with C. N.Pow
for comulalnnnts , and Pritohult.ltansoni
Webster and ISrunnor contra. This ha
become quite a celebrated case.inasmuc
ns it has been In the courts now lunirl
four years , mid is like to remain som
time longer. The object of ttio con
plainants is to secure an accounting an
winding up of the alltUra of the abov
U uioucys , books ,
anil accounts of the snrao now being in
the hands ot the court.
Yesterday morning Judge Groflfscnten-
ccd to Uiirty days In thco ounty jail thu
alleged Council Ulull's detectives 1' . Lovan
anil 11. Devillc.
Judge Wakely yesterday morning
agreed to thu issue of 11 decree in
the cast ) nirectlnc the deed to
quite a number of lots in
bhlnn's addition. These had been sold
by Mr. Hamilton of the United Status
National bunk as trustee , after his turm
as trustcn had expired , the term having
been for but two years. The question of
legalizing the deeds was raised and alter
hearing tlio petition , was granted.
Judge llopuwcll was hearing thu case of
Ann Oortlgan , who seeks to recover
sf.V'OO ' for property condemed for the B.
ts M. on its A liland cut-olF , for which
thu award was but $1.200.
The jury has been dismissed in all the
other courts until next Tuesday.
Judge McUulloch is hearing the suit in
ejectment of Byron Reed against a num
ber of ( < qualters on the bottoms.
In Judge McCulloch's court John and
Mary Dolak began suit against John
Simiinok and Albert Kuca for $ : ! 00
claimed to bu duo on a contract for the
sale of twenty acres of land in Uutler
Francis Tunica , the architect , brought
stilt against the Omaha Fair and Kxuosi-
turn association for $ : i. " > 0 for furnishing a
survey and map of tlio exposition
"Judge" Cooley was made defendant
in a suit brought byt ! . II. Davis and John
llclhcrlnglon to obtain possession of
room 0 in the Grucmg block. The judge ,
according to thu petition , is again m ar
rears for his rent bill.
Suit was begun by O. W. Mncon
against Charles U. Sehroth on a promis
sory note for 103.00.
Frederick W. 1'erkins brought suit
against Edward Lccder and Morris Mor
risen on four promissory notes aggregat
ing sflUO ou which $130 had been. paid.
* "
The charge of obtaining money under
false prntcnccsagainstThomas Hand was
yesterday morning taken ur > before
Judge Read at his ollico , Cun
ningham block. Thirteenth street.
Mr. M. H. Ish of N street ,
South Omaha , who is the prosecuting
witness , testified to thu defendant having
obtained from his store goods to the
valuu of ? 16 ( ! on representations by de
fendant that ho was in a solvent condi
tion , and that his buildings were free
from incumbrances. Rebutting testi
mony was also given but no verdict had
been rendered up to the time of going to
1'olico Court.
Mrs. Hill , whose habitat about half the
time is the city refrigerator , stood up
yesterday morning before Judge Berka
to answer to the same old
charge drunk and disturbing the
peace. Of course she hadn't dis-
urbed or monkeyed with the peace in
any way cr manner , but she did have a
molar yanked , and to case the pain had
resorted to her panacea of all ills eau do
cologne , which translated into United
Status means live cent whisky. Fifteen
dollars and costs or its equivalent over
the hill was the stern decree , Mrs. Hill
was indignant anil wanted to give the
court her note , bill llio probability that it
was not negotiable at any of the mer-
chaiuilu exchanges , induced its refuseal
and Mrs. Hill was transported.
John iVcldon , who has not touched a
drop for months , met a couple of old
friends , got howling full , disorderly ,
into the station house and this
morning a nice new $5 line. That was
all he was entitled to , and liquidating In ;
left swearing eternal and everlasting ab-
George Robinson is a great big , good
looking , strapping fellow , but George has
one very bad fault. When ho gets drunk
liis mind is a barren wr-ate a blank
and ho wanders about as one in a dreamer
or somnambulistic state. He was this
way last niirht , and some how or other
Hot in another man's room , over on
l-cavenworth street , and was caught and
held there until a copper came and
steered him in. George said he worked
at the 1'eoiilo's theater , and ho could cot
a barrel of money to nay his line with.
But ho wasn't lined , but was remanded
to his cell to await further hearing.
The cases of Dick Jones , disorderly ;
Charles Leeman , lighting , and T. Judson -
son , family row , were submitted until
this afternoon.
Thu Omaha police force , though little ,
is awfully good. They do moro work
than any commensurate force in tin
country , and Chief Seavoy is managing
them with a master hand , too.
$1-1.5O For thu Hound Trip.
Commencing ou July 0 and continuing
on sale until July 13 , the Chicago
Hock Island & Pacific railway will hel
round trip ticket * to teachers and AI.I
OTiiKite that wish to take a trip to Chicago
cage at $14.50 for the round trip Iron
Council Binds. Two through oxprest
trains are run daily , leaving Omaha a
U:10 : a. m. and (1.05 ( p. m. , running new
elegant Pullman Palace Sleeping ant
Dining Cars. Ample accommodation !
will bu provided for every one. Ilesem
your Pullman berths and sucuro youi
tickets at thu Chicago , Rock Island J
Pacific ticket ollicc. 1305 Farnam street
Tickets good coing on all througl
express trains from July Gth to lUth in
elusive. S. S. STEVENS.
General Western Agent.
A Skilled Cracksman.
The resilience of O. H. Pratt , 210 Sontl
Twenty-fourth street , yesterday morn
ing , be twcen tlio hours of 2 and U
was burglari/ed. Entrance wn
etlectod through ft rear win
dow , and the thief went througl
every room in tlio house , oven the sleep
ing chambers of the ditl'ercnt member !
of tlio family. From Mr. Pratt's room h
carried oil'that gentleman's pantaloons
containing his pocketbook , in which wn
f ) in cash and a $ .V ) draft on New York
and fiom n daughter's room , from i
dressing case drawer was taken n port
monaio containing a | 5 gold piece , noun
smalt change and a number of trinkets
Captain CormicK was detailed to taki
charge of the case and succeeded in se
curing a clew which may lead to th
thief's apprehension. About n half mil
this side of Pratt's residence the ollice
found ttri stolen trousers , with pocket
rilled , which the burglar had throwi
away , also a party who had been the mm
throw them aside. It was not yet day
light , and as near as ho could make ou
the muit was a darkey.
Ktourslon to Chicago.
Commencing July 5 and continuing 01
.sale to July 12 the Chicago & Northwestern
orn railway will sell round trip tickets t
teachers and all others who wish to tak
11 trip to Chicago or points in the cast fo
f 14.50 from Council Bluff * to Chleag
und return. Two through express train
run daily , leaving Omaha at 0:15 a. m
and 0:05 : p. m. , running palace slcepini
and dining curs. Ample accommoda
lions will ue furnished for cvoryouo. He
servo your sleeping car berths and BO
cure your tickets at the Chicago & Nortli
western ticket ollicc. 1411 Farnam ( tree !
General Western Agent.
Iurilnrs. )
The houses of Mr. Hen Wood , cashic
of tho.McrdmnU' National bank undMri
Chase , which adjoin cacti other o
Twenty-second street , were the scene c
attempted burglary ycstorUivv mormi >
Made by the Different Strikers yes
terday Morning ,
A conciliatory spirit was Wednesday
shown by the masters In offering' $2.23
per day to every two men In ton. Thu
exceptions arc in favor of the mortar
mixers , whoso work Is more skilled than
that of the other laborers. The union
men aru very reticent as to their inten
tions , but It is generally understood the
offer will not bo accepted. They have
struck for n uniform rale of wages and
are lirm in their resolvu not to accent
any compromise.
A large number of non-union laborers
have been employed by the contractors
and work is proceeding to thu extent of
the help available. The bricklayers , as
a body , consider tlio claims made by the
hod carriers as exorbitant and , as a con
sequence , are not in sympathy with them
to the extent they might otherwise have
been. This disposition lias been madu
most noticeable on the buildings whcro-
ever tenders have been put to work , be
cause members of the crait have been
found ready and willing to work no
matter by whom they wuru tended.
The Ciirpontors.
The carpenters desire it to bo known
that during the present unsettled condi
tion of affairs , they will hold dally meet
ings , and their headquarters will be at
1314 Douglas street.
A special meeting of journeymen car
penters unions 58 and SH will bo held at
Metropolitan hall , southwest corner of
Fourteenth and Douglas , Saturday even
ing , July 1) , at 8 o'clocu , sharp. Business
of vital importance will bo the action of
this call. Every member is reouested to
be present.
Contractor Ucgan yesterday morning
told a BEK reporter that all the laborers
who had struck on his paving work on
West Farnam street , were again in their
old places , and working as if they had
never thought of of an increase in wages.
The Plans For Its GhatiRO Arrived
This Morning.
Yesterday morning J. D. Jones , of Topeka -
peka , Kan. , arrived in this city with the
plans for the interior rc-arrangenicnt of
the exposition building. They are most
claborato and seemingly explicit , and
illustrate a means of converting the in
terior into a theatre which will in no way
interfere with its uses as an exposition
A lloor will bo provided which will
rise toward the west entrance , at which
place it will bo nine feet high. In a
.semi-circle , around the gallery and at the
back will be thirty-one boxes.rising by gra
dation from the front of the stage but the
top of these will not obstruct the view
from the galleries. The uresent pros
cenium will be dispensed with , another
substituted in keeping with the general
design of thu interior. There will bo fif
teen dressing rooms on the tugo ,
and these will bo so located as not to in
terfere with the dual intent of the man
agers of the strueturo. When desired
for exhibition purposes , a lloor will bo
placed over tlio seats in the parquet , con-
thinning the lloor of the stage , which
\yill afford ample room for largo mercan
tile aud industrial displays.
The plans have been made by George
A. Masters , theatrical architect of Chi
The now place of amusement will be
known as the Grand opera house. It will
bo in a circuit controlled by L. M. Craw
ford , consisting of the cities of Topuka.
Kansas City , Leavenworth , Wichita aim
"tlo-ilo" Conies no More.
In all probality the only opportunity
the people of tins vicinity will have to
see the remarkable human phenomenon.
"Jo-Jo , " will bo at the exhibition of S. H !
Barrett's New United Monster Shows in
this city , on Monday , July llth. Barrett
has civen heavy bonds for the return of
"Jo-Jo" to St. Petersburg in December ,
and the c/.ar's minister of foruign affairs
has pcrcmptorially refused to extend the
contract. Much as Barrett regrets to
lose thn prodijry , he will have to yield to
the wishes of the Russian government.
Uhtof'n Cnsc.
It was announced by the city press that
because of keeping open after midnight
Uhtof's saloon on Douglas near Tenth
street was closed by the police. This
would bo the first case of the kind which
has jet taken place in the city , if it really
did take place , but yesterday morning
Mr. Uhtof informed a BLE reporter that hia
place had not been closed. He had , it
was true , unintentionally , onu night ,
kept his saloon open after midnight ami
had been reported for it. Ho appeared ,
ho said , before Judge Berka yesterday
and as the latter was not ready to pass
upon the nature of the case with some
consideration , a cantinuance was taken
for a week. Mr. Uhtof says ho has
obeyed the 12 o'clock ordinance aud it is
his intention to always do so.
A Victim to Sunstroke.
Yesterday morning shortly after 15
o'clock , whilst a man whoso name couk
not bo ascertained was crossing tin
Union Pacific track on Tenth street
ho suddenly fell to the ground am
waa carried in an unconscioni
condition to. John Ucll's. J
doctor was telephoned for aud othe
efforts were made to secure medical as
sislanco but it was not until 1:50 : o'rlocl
that Dr. Dysart , who had heard of tin
affair , arrived , The case was at onci
pronounced onn of sunstroke and it i1
the doctor's opinion that there is bu
little chance of recovery. From paper1
found on the man's nerson it is supnosci
bo had been working tit the Omaha A
Grant Smelting & Refining company' :
works. The man died at ! J o'clock. The
remains were carried to Burket's or
Nortli Sixteenth street , and the coronoi
was notified. The inquest resulted in i
( hiding of "death by sunstroke. "
J. McDonnell. F. A. I. A. , Architect
N. K. cor. 15th and Dodge.
Itiinhand and M'ir .
Yesterday afternoon the wife of J. T
O'Connor , the man who was badlj
mangled on the Union Paclllc track a
Eleventh street , two weeks ago , arrivoi
from Modalo , la. , with her only child
She had been written to by Dr. ( ialbraitli
the morning after the injury to her bus
band had occurred , but received the no
tilication only on Tusday. She wa
greatly affected by the misfortune to hui
husband , who is still ut St. Joseph's hos
pital and improving as well as may b <
Rail Notes.
Mr. Vrcd Wilde , of the Union Pacific
took the Rock Island for Now Votk am
Boston last evening.
L. M. Bennett , division superintend
ent , and T. II. Wlckj , , general superln
ter.dcnt of the Pullman Palace Car com
pany , were also passengers on the cas
bound Rock Island express.
Mrs. R. R. Ringwalt left for n si
weeks' sojourn at Ocean Grove yesterda
Estimates fur glass furnished by Cum
mings & Neilson , jobbers of Plate , Win
daw and Ornamental Glass , Paiuts , Oils
etc. , 1119 Faruutu Su.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vnrlcs. A marvel of pur-
tystrength and wholcsomenest. Mnro ccon-
oinioil tliiin tlio oidltmry kinds , imil rntinot bo
old In competition with tlio multltmlu or low
est short wpl ht iilutn or | ilio pliuto ponders.
Sold only In < am. HoVAtj IIKIMI I'OWUKB Co.
01 Wall-Bt. . N. V.
TnatrutncntHcarclintigrtl , rented and
sold on easy jHiyiiients , below
Factory Prices.
Instruments sUyhtli/ lined nt
Meyer & Bro
Omalia , Neb.
_ _
$3 SHOE.
fitjllsh , DunMa , Ea y rilling.
Tlio lH-st 3 hliuo In thn World.
$2.50 SHOE
eiltul * the 83 Nlioe ouvcr-
timd by ottur llnua.
SnoR Fen ItriiYS clvc Rrcnt Mtlnfactlon. All
thenlmvenro niiile in lluttnu , CoiiRm-a niul Law ,
nil styles of ton. Suld liy dealers tlmiiRlinut the
V. S. If your ilrilcr iloeii nut keen them. Bend iiniiio
onnoxtalto W.L. 1)OUCIA ; < . isi-ocUmifllasn.
RCU/KDC HE CDHlin " > la" c < my
DCmtnC Ur rnflUU.kiiowio.iCT nmu
unscrupulous doilers am offering other goods us
nilnr , and when naked why my st.inin ID not ou th
nhoes. stito tint I have discontinued its use. Til IS
IS KALM5. T.ik noiiB represented to bu tlio
"W. L. 1)011 1.19 SIKH'S , " iinlesn iianit1 , 'UHrraiitro
und | irl < ' i are Manmcd 1111 lioltcm ; < it i-nch
shoe. W. L. DOIKiLAS , Itroukton , Mass.
For sale by Kelley , Stiffei1 & Co.cor
Dodge ami I5tli-8ts. ; Haury Sargout
eor.Soward and Saundoi sts.
1AI.LANAN Collnoe , Ues Molncs , Inwiu A
C Homo School lor OUR Full COIIINOI of
BUnly. Spocinl mlvnnliitroa In Mulu. Ait , Moil-
cm J.mi riiiiir3 mill I'.liicutlon. I'liU term I"-
( fins Sept. 8th. Address tlio prcaldont. C. K
1'oincior *
Tlio OrlRlnnl nnd Only Ufiinlno.
P f tadtlwiTi U IUM . H * * reef worthl > Imlutlom
' .
. . to LADIES. AiU jour l > riiBul.l fol
ChKhMter-i fcAcll.V' ud t U a. olb.r ot luclon <
( mroi.llo ui tir v llcol"ir , n littiT bj return mull.
' . .
NAME PAPER , tblrtertrr Ch ijilf lt'o.
8olil br Dr lnU CTerjwhcro. * i ' r "t'hlrbji *
tcra Knc " I'finif ror.l I'llln. T. > . = otM
Union TrustCo
'JOSS , lolli SI.Oinnlin , Nvl ) .
Capital , $300,000
l uunsi Iiulc on Kcnl IMalc.
School , County ixml Municipul IJoiuls Nc
I'rotiitcnt. Vlcn I'res.
fcucrctatj. TronbUicr.
WM.A. PAXTOX , HhMtv T. Ci\n.Kn ,
\V , ( J. JlAl'l. , U II. WlI.MAMS.
ItUUT. L. G.\KI.Ifll ! . 8. H.
F. II.
Union National Bani
Paid Up Capital , $100OOC
Authorized Capital 500OOC
W. W. MARSH , President.
J. W. RODKFER , Caehiei
Accounts solicited and prompt attcntior
given to all business entrusted to its care.
Pay 5 per cent on time deposits.
No 206 Masonic Building , cor.Capitol Av
enue and 16th stt.
Telephone No 842.
610 Jforth JOth Street.
Paid in Capital , . . . . $100OOC
OEO. E. lUltKKH , I'rccldont.
K011T. L. GAULICIIS , Vfca-Fro4hl nt
F. II JOHNSON , Cashier
A pcncrnl banking business trnnsixcto.L
Interest alioivQil on Imodopo
M , R. ItlSDOX ,
McrtUunu' Nutlonnl Hunk Iluildlntf , Itooiii I
L'n-St | is.
Telephone No JTJ.Uiiuilui , .N'ubniska.
Ptoenlr.I/imlon. . ,
reon . N. J j . 1 , I , M3
Glen'e Knits , Glon'a falls. N. Y , .
QlrarO , I'bilmlcliJtila. I'a . . i. .
K. Y . . . .
In a few davs we will commence extensive repairs andaltera
tions in the building we occupv. Carpenters and painters will
take possession of our upper floors to fit them into suitable sales *
rooms and to enable us to properlv displav the immense stock
which we intend to put in for the fall. We have to get some goods
out of the wav to give the workmen room to work , and rather
than to move the goods around or store them , we have'decided to
make a big cut and slaughter them. When we out we do not do it
with a knife we take the axe , for instance *
One lot of fine light-colored Men's Sack Cheviot Suits , with
good serge lining , and elegantlv made up , which sold this season
for $11 , out down to $7.
One lot of good all wool Cassimere Sack Suits , a fine grev pin
heck , well trimmed and made. The regular price for this Suit is *
$9 , and is sold bv other houses for much more than that. We have
out it down to $5.75.
Another lot of same qualitv and make , onlv different pattern * -
a neat , stvlish stripe , for same price. These two suits are th0
greatest bargain we ever offered.
One lot of strictlv All Wool Suits , plain grey color ; this is A
durable suit , well gotten up , cut down to $5 ; the cheapest all wool
shown , and worth at least $8,5O-
We have only a small quantity left of finer grade light weigbfe
suits , four-button cut-a-wav and sacks , but what there is has been
cut down to prices that will clean them out at once.
All goods marked in plain figures and at striotlv one price at
Cor. Douglas and 14th sts. , Omaha.
. . .
1707 Olive St. , St. Louis Mo.
3f the Missouri Stale Museum of Anatomy ,
St. Louis , Mo. , University College IJospi-
al , London , Giesen , Germany and New
York. Having devoted their attention
Nervous , Chronic and Blood I
Mote especially UIBB arising from impru
dence , unite all to suffering to correspond
without delay. Diseases of infection and
contagion cured safely and speedily with
out detention { rom business , and without
.lie use of dangerous druys. Pa-
lients whose case * have been neglected ,
jadly treated ot pronounced incurable ,
should not fail to write us concerning their
tymptoms All letters receive immediate
And will be mailed FREE to any address
on receipt of one 2 cent stamp. "Practical
Observations on Nervous Debility and
ysio' Exhaustion , " to which is added an
' 'Essay on Marriage , ' with important chap
ters on Ii case of the Reproductive Or-
Ejans , the whole forming a valuable medical
treatise which should be read by all young
men. Address ,
1707 Olive St , St. L uis. Mo.
Cor. 13th St. and Capitol Ana. , OHAHA , NEB.
ron Tin : Tnc.uHi.NT or AI.I.
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InlilUll.Mi , l.l..trlltj , I'li-iil. ! . Kl.lliv.v M.lnr ) ! ! ! * U < .r ! . ) ( ,
l-ttr.bMii , Ullj 1JWJ , tuij MllbuJIficalUinruliulil.
Hook on Diseases of Women I'llKI ! .
All ni ( * l I > ! * n 1 1 irrpwfitlljr trfdtr I , Bvf Hlitln I'c 1 < > ii rrn.ovfl
fnmitl4 K > ( riii wltll'mt ' iurcur > New ItiMultitlvc Iriolinriit fjr
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nxvltf l io4. r > r | tiui
on vii i MiiH'.u : ) < HUIIOICU. IVST1TIT , or
Bi. McHenany , err. 13ibst.4 Capitol Av.onuna , NE& & . .
.Medical Hooks or Papers Freo.
The proprltitorof tlio Omulu .Mrillcul uuJ surul-
cal limiuuolmn publti'iettu valuable let or boom
und pitpert upon chrnnlii anil Biinikal dUeaioi unit
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* * H of Honi'iniono ' upon IHTVOUH , pecUl Aiul iirivutt )
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Invfiitfil clump conipreni nnpi-niorx for the relict
Mini cure of nirleocule , norvnus uihninllun unit ie .
ual Oetillliy. new rotoratUu treatment. l'aner >
u on mirttiCHl braces , rllii , cuncors. pa lyil' , nil
Klcctrlclti unil the now innanctlc litttery Ior lioino
uta. riiturrlinml UilmUllmj , etc. Unllk" inoit hooks
> uei | liy doctnm ireu , they ttu not conilit
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( irnilitiUh of that kind , but nrr I'luln ' ilmcriinloni
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surK''ryanil nlettrU-ltr. i l KTH < ! ! worth the | i
HU II | ( nna run lie obtmui' < l lres by nuirH ln { the
Om hi Moillral anl Surgical In-tltuKs , utu ( tree
nd Capitol Avenue , Omatiu , .Svbra'ka ,
lloj a J'.vt illtXcronl from all
otlierv. it cun * > l ar * * . wttti lf-
CCMCIPI r V witn iinif 1'jtl ' In cmttri
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does with the flnRer.MtUlieuti.r .
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HI iaiydiir-'\iUhitn \ Sent l-r
SiUrl trti. A * bTOi ! TUtsa I" . , ltlt c , lib
furmun , ctu < "ilu3iluyHM-ii < l ( or | ) 'iitfular- [ ( ,
UOJLU .N M AL CO.UI.oeua ; J5. bt.Lyui *
For Medicinal and Family Use.
- , " " - T
Is Death to Sure Cure for
Sold Only In Bottlet. For Quart Bottli.
for Salt by Groctrl
for Sals by
and Win * Htrchantt
Druialtti Caeryiuhtrt. tvirywliirt.
. . .
ff'ff ' " TW r-r- - n a S > - l > - Jfc. ttaia
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rr OR HO !
Thli II tn certify that 1 ImTo Mamlnnl the aatuple of liKI.LE OFnOUIUIOH WIHSKRVrecelrcd from
tawrcncf , Obtroiu .t Co , and found the caiua to ho I.iTfcctlr flee from Fus l Oil anj nil other delotorluul
lubitancoi and strictly imro. I cbovrfully recommend the tame for family and Medicinal purpoici.
J. 1' . lUUNLM. 11. I ) . . AualjtlcalCheiullt. Luultilllt. KT.
New Model Lawn Mower
five discs. Will cut hijiJicr grans than
any other. Has no equal for .liinjtl
ilnrultility and cane of operation.
Tins is the latest Improved
chine in the Market.
i M 1'rlccn. Send for circulars *
State Agents for J'ortrr' * llrtilntTool
and Johlicrs of Minding Twine *
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
ThelarKCbt stocW. Price * the lowest. KepalrhiK a specialty. Work warranted.
Corner Douglas and 15th streets , Omaha. Licensed Watchmaker for the Union
TacificRailroad Companv.
nj Dr. hni-rtlker'n mollioil No operation No Paint
Ko Deti'iilloii from lm ln * , AdiiutoJ lu clilldrea
uavicll u tiruwn peuplu Himilrtili uf uutojr.ti > .i
teitlmonlulii on IIto. All biulnoHS Btrlct.y conHilen-
timl. LO.SbbLTATION r'UKB.
IMiOS' . \ . I > . COOK ,
Koom C , 1514 Uouslas St. , Omaha , Neb
p6iTii"iiiu * i'ar. A euro aunnulFCil.or ° > X
rclunilo.l. . Bold liy ilrtipKUta. nl ; jit tlir otncn of
. I'fUt , l ,
msm GERM m\\ \ \
MaJe from iounil whait llc < ! nrn Klour
mailn. Vnkei be-no and tnntcln. Invlitor.ilci tlin
l.raln , treinth n tlie nurvpi , fnrlclu-i the l > oo I ,
Bufferc-rsfrom ilniinpuLi , lndlne llun. roiut'pallon '
dUbetei , llrlKtil'i tllni-aie , ntn . will tlnil It InrnliM-
III ? . (10(111 r'lill WKI.I. I'KOI'I.K Orjlorllt'f > ttiir
df l r Hnmpl p-iciiue lre t'J pbr lcUnj wjin will ,
par mere" itiartei. Circular til'llitf full purlieu
furs on application. , . . , ,
Wi'lhhans , I'ratt & Ilaincs. Oinalia.Stl ; )
iUuiiifucturCTS of Ccrval Speclultlfs.
at body cubrjti a > l ilwnjtleBrJ. r'ull t > aitlt-
ri CiC .eJ ) irte. tUlK Alt It , CO. , liuttt'.o , X.J ,
. . .
Bcivlnj Tlirrad of Modern Time * .
Sold at wlioIcHala hy
Kllpalricli'lioeli i > r > Oonila
M. K. Sin I Hi & , ' .
i'HXloit , liHlliiclirr < V Co.
Aiul by nil Kctitll Dculcn.
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