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Delivered by carrier In itny part of the city at
twenty cents per week.
D. W.TILTOIC , . . . Manator.
BT7PIHIPB Omct. No. 43.
MIUBT KniTQit No. S3.
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
Ituitcr. tailor. Summer goods chcno.
Tlio city council is to meet iMonday
llcmlqtinrtcrs for tickets of admission
to tlio ractjs at thu driving park at Moore
& Klplinuor's , No. 410 Broadway.
Justice Schiirzycstunlnyfidit six tramps
to the county jail , llo ( javo them one
month's board on bread and water , and
bade the month to bo divided up equally
among them.
The old Coy house Is being patched up.
This coiner is too valuable and sightly a
one to bo longer occupied by any such
crn/.y work carpentering. It ought to
give way to n permanent block.
Chief Templeton , of the lire depart
ment. Is on the war path. ' Ho objects to
inc ignoring 01 the lire limits ordinance ,
and ia preparing ; to put a stop to some of
the frame building , which is going on in-
Bide the limits. The i city has enough lire :
traps now.
The credit for the tine trombone solo
given at thu driving park should have
been given to Carl Wilder , ono ot tiio
best musicians in tlio Dow City band.
The bund lias won many admirers during
its stay hero. It certainly merits praise
for its excellent music.
Two insulin women were yesterday
taken to Mt. Pleasant forcaro and treat
ment. Ono was Catharine Urbuhns , of
Mirulcn ; the other Florence Davis , of
whoso history little is known , she having
been for several days confined m the
county jail hnrc , liliving been tauun in
from the streets.
The row raised at a dunce on Sixteenth
and Hroadway on the night of the Fourth
has not been adjusted yet. Theodore
Drown , wliot seems to have got the worst
of it , is going around with : i well band-
agea head , crying for satisfaction. Ho
hashad to pay a fine for being drunk and
disturbing tlio peace , and it seems hard
to him to have the others go free , lie
has therefore liled an information in Jus
tice Uarnctt's court charging Samuel
Williams , ( Snorgo Rockwell , George
Stilon ana William Stilen with assaulting
and buttering him. Their cases arc to
bo heard Saturday morning.
The funeral of B.irnoy Donahue , the
engineer killed by his own engine on the
night of the 1-ourth , took place .yester
day. It was held under the auspices of
the Brotherhood ot Locomotive Engi
neers , of which ho was a member. There
was a very lanro attendance , there being
nearly n hundred carriages in the pro
cession. Tlio Fifth regiment band fur
nished the music. The sadness anil sud
denness of tlio death has called forth gen
eral and very tender svuipathy for the
family thus bereaved , llo has been for
a long time on the road , and among rail
way mon and fellow employes he was
very highly esteemed.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate oDices in thu city ;
2 per day.
Pools sold every dav on all the races
by Al Swennngen , at Sherlock's , No.101
Court House Collins ; ! ) .
The county board was in session yester
day afternoon to consider the bids for
frescoing the court houso. There were
three bidders. P. C. Miller , of tins city ,
presented pleasing designs , and proposed
to linish the two court rooms , according
to the moro elaborate designs for $800 ,
nnd according to the plainer designs for
$1500. T. Nelson & Son , of Chicago , pro
posed to linish the two court rooms for
$1,80U , and in a more elaborate manner
for $2,200. K. A. Norling , who is doing
the painting on the court house now ,
ollored to trosco the two court rooms for
$800 , and in a morn elaborate manner for
$1.400. llo proposed to decorate the
other rooms , the rotunda , etc. , for $1.150.
Ho presented very full designs in colors ,
showing just how the interior would ap
pear when thus finished.
There were also u number of bids to be
considered in regard to shelving , book
cases , pigeon holes , etc. Numerous
devices were exhibited by the agents , and
the supervisors found tlte selection of
these articles by no means au easy one
to mako.
For rupture or hernia , call and get Or.
Rice's new invention. It makes a man
of you in live minutes. No. paiu. No ,
11 Pearl street.
Alnnnwa Hreczcs.
Prof. Thayer's orchestra will entertain
the euests at Hotel Manawa with afternoon -
noon nnd evening concerts every day
during the season. The orchestra will
also furnish some excellent music for the
Tuesday nnd Saturday night hops to beheld
held there through the summer.
Hotel Mauawa displayed its patriotism
with numerous Hugs and a variety of lire
Frank Clark is putting up au extension
to Hotel Manawa for the help employed ,
ns the hotel is nearly full of transient
people nnd boarders.
Mr. Dachwach nud family are settled
nt Hotel Manawa.
Dave D. Ktuboru , the popular steward
nt Hotel Mnnawa , is doing the proud
thing for the proprietor.
Henry Kitchen , the efh'clcnt cook al
the hotel , says that thnv como too fast foi
the short time hu tins been there.
Ira P. Hinby , the head clerk nt lloto
Manawa , entertained n largo party o
Omaha friends at the lunch parlors las
Weleli's hacks will be located nt tin
Hotel Manawa stables for the season
Ueasonable rates will be made for all pa
Pools sold every day on all the race
by Al Swoaringon , nt Sherlock's , No. 40
Fixing For Fires.
The new hose ordered for the ftro dc
vartmont , 1,000 font in nlij is to be exhib
itcd nt the Nebraska stuto tournamenl
which opens on tlio 16th , nnd after tli
tournament will be sent to this city. Th
now hook nnd ladder truck will not b
ready short of sixty days. It is to be on
ot the best to hu had for the money. I
is the latest improved turntable , nnd t
those who are not up in such matters i
is well to explain that this new truck ca
stand in the middle of the street und sen
n ladder * > kyward seventy-live feet. Wit
this apparatus no combination of he
Humes can prevent the men climblu
high into tlio nlr. Witli the improve
appliances , with a wall disciplined cU
partmcnt , und with such waterworks 11
the city possesses , there is not much to b
feared from fires. This city has bee
wonderfully fortunate ; almost too muc
BO. While ( ires nre not to bo wished foi
still there are hardly enough to keep tli
lada well exercised. There , are n goo
many old rookeries which , if they shoul
happen to burn , would bo missed wit
pleasure , especially if their places coul
bo tilled with buildings in keeping wit
the growth and prosperity of the city.
Pools sold every day on nil the rac <
by Al Swoariugou , at Sherlock's , No. 41
They Are Made Very Bpeedily and Great
Enthusiasm Caused ,
A Frightful Ilnnnwajr The Post-
innstcrH Moving For Hotter Pay
The Foilco lltiHy During Itaco
Week Illuff Mown.
The Uncos.
Yesterday was the third day of the
races. The day was a line ono , the track
being a little faster than on Tuesday.
There were double the number in attend-
nnco over that of Tuesday , the great at
traction being the 2:83 : free-for-all race.
II. G. Cllly , of lilcnwood , attended the
races holding the ribbons over four , two
bays ana two sorrels.
Mr. Smith announced that the judges'
watches diHerod in the 2:13 trot on Mon
day and that they were satisfied that an
injustice had been done to Nettie i'ine ,
and changed the time from 2:2U : to 2:2UJ. :
The judges having tested their watches
anil linding ti diHercnco consequently
changed the timo.
The Dow City band again discoursed
line music between the ( I i lie rent , heats ,
The day fireworks attracted much at
tention , especially the turtle nnd the
Tin : 2:33 : THOT.
In the pools Tribune sold as choice nt
$1'J against thu Hold for $10. The starters
were : General F. , ( Jrorgo W. Farrier ,
Minneapolis ; Pawnee , N. 15. Wttdu , Kdin-
burg , lud. ; l5obM. , Murphy Uros. , Iowa
City ; Tribune , Graham stock farm ,
Uiggsville , HI. ; Lucy Alonahan , W. A.
MclCinney , Kansas City ; Iowa Mam-
brine , Robert T. Given , De Soto , la . and
Pilot , J. 1J. Martin , Minneapolis. Mucli
scoring was done , but linally ( hey getaway
away in a good start. At tlio quarter
post Pawnee was first with Irilmno
good second , General I ) , third. At the
half Tribune was the lirst to arrive , Paw
nee second and Lucy Monahan third.
Tim others wore rather bunched , with
Deb M. oil' his feet. At the three-quarter
polo they held about the same positions ,
Lucy Monahan and Pilot working hnrd
for third place. Tlio heat was won by
Tribune , Pawnee coining in secondLucy
Monahan third , Pilot fourth , General F.
fifth nud Iowa Mnmbriuo .sixth , Deb M.
being distanced. Time 2:25J. :
In the second heat Tribune ; hold in the
pools for $10 against $3 for tlio Held.
It was discovered that a couple
of nails in ono of Lucy
Monahan's ' shoes wcro loose ,
which required seine little delay in start
ing. A line start was made , all leaving
the wire in a lino. Tribune niado the
race and was never headed , winning by
a length , Pawnee having n tight race for
second with Iowa Mambriuo as third. At
the quarter Iowa Mambrmo was third ,
Pilot fourth , Lucy Monahan lifth. Gen
eral F. sixth. At tlio three-quarter post
Iowa Mambrmo was third , Pilot fourth ,
General F , lifth und Lucy Mcnahan
sixth. The heat was made in 2:25 : } , the
bamo time as the lirst heat , by Tribune ,
followed in order by Pawnee , Iowa Mam-
brmo , Pilot , General F and Lucy Moua-
The third heat was made in a little
faster time than the previous one ,
Tribunu again winning easily. Pilot
held second place nnd Pawnee third
during the entire heat. Iowa Mambrmo
came in fourth , General F. fifth und Luey
Monuhan sixth. Time 2:201. :
Till' SUMMAltV.
Tribune 1 1 1
lownMambrino 0 3 5
I'awneo 2 2 ! !
1'llot 4 4 2
ticiu-ral F 5 5 4
Lucy Mon.ihan 3 G G
Bob M. distanced.
Time : aao : > 4' , : & > } { , 2:20jf. :
Tin : 2:33 : TKOT.
In the pools Nellie G. sold as the favor
ite against the Held. There were six en
tries. The race was somewhat delayed
as the shoes had to be changed on Klhan
Allen. Put Qiunn being drawn the horses
were placed as follo\vs : Harry M. K , P.
Putan , Mankoto , Minn. ; Nellie G , G.
Grimes , Guinon , Ind. ; Klhan Allen. A.
Thomson , Omaha ; Senator's Maid , J. U ,
Henderson , Cedar Uupids ; William S ,
Price Smith , Minneapolis.
In the lirst heat Harry M took the lead ,
Nellie G and Senator's Maid breaking
badly ns soon as they started. Harry M
held Ins lend closely followed by Sena
tor's Mnid und Ethan Allen a good third.
Tlio horses did not change positions dur
ing the entire heat except Senator's
Maid nnd came in as follows :
Harry Al lirst , Senator's Maid
second ; Ethan Allenthird : ; Mcllie G. ,
fourth , and William G. lifth. Time
2:311. :
Harry M. sold in the pools at $10
against the field for $10. After calling
Ktlian Allen's driver , Thompson , to time
and saying that he was fioni Omaha and
the judge liked Omaha people , a start
was made. Just before the quarter was
reached William S. broke nt the quarter.
Harry G. was lirst , Melho G. was second ,
with Ihu others in the following order :
Senator's Maul , Ethan Allen , nnd Will
iam S. last. Mellie G. went to thu front
before the half mile post was reached
amid much excitement , Harry M. break
ing ut the three-quarter. Mcllie G. was
lirst , followed by Harry M. , Senator's
Maid , Ethan Allen nnd William S. They
came in under the wire as follows : Mel-
lie G. , Senator's Maid , Harry M. , William
S , . Ethan Allen. Timo. 2:32 : * .
In the third heat Mellie G. sold ns the
favorite in the pools. The heat was
slower by 9 } seconds than the previous
one , and quite exciting. At the quarter
post Senator's Mnid was tirst , Mellie G.
nuvir.g her nose a little behind , with
Ethan Allen third. At the three-
quarter polo Harry M. was
lirot , Ethan -Allen second. Senator's
Maid third. There was much seesawing
during tills heat which created much ex
citement , Mellio G working from fourth
place at thu half mile post to second nt
the linish. Thu heat was won by Harry
M. Mellio G coming in n half length be
hind , with William S tiiird. Senator's
Maul fourth and Ethan Allen liifth.
Time 2:41. :
rouuTii HEAT.
This was a very pretty bout it being a
hard fought ono liotweon Senator's Maiil
und Mellio G. First ono was ahead then
the other until the three-quarter polo was
reached , when Mellie ( I got the lead nml
kept u half length ahead of Senator's
Muid until they cnmo under the wire ,
Hurry M third. William S fourth , Ethan
Allen fifth. Timo-2:33. :
Thi ) lifth heat ended the race , Molllo G ,
being au easy victor of the heat witli
Senator's Mnid second , Harry M. third ,
the only change in thu entire heat bem < j
William S. gaining the fourth pluci
uhuad of Ethan Allen. Time 2:351. :
Molllo ( J , 4 1 2 1 ]
Htirry M i a i a :
Senator's Malil 3 3 4 13 ' .
WilllamS 5 434-
Ktlian Allen a 5551
Tliuo-2:3W : , 2:3-4 : , ,3:41 : , 2:33 : , 2 :
The third raca was a
Tommy Linn was the favorite la tin
pools against the Held. The starters won
Tommy Linn , K. C. Henson , Peoria , 111.
with n record of 2:10 : } ; Jordan , J. D.Mar
tin , Minneapolis , record 2:17 : } ; Messiiu
Dav , Price Smith , Minneapolis , re
cord. 2:1(1 : ( } ; Honesty , I , J. Star
buck , McCook , Neb. , record 2:20 :
Dun O. , C. E. Mayno , record U:15j : Litth
Era , G. Grimes , record 2:181 : ; Toledo Girl
J. W. Voglcsong , Elvria , O. , record 2:15 :
In the tirst hcnt Toledo Girl got tin
loadbut before she reached the half-mill
post she was overtaken by Tommy Linn
who gained the loud , wLich be held , To
ledo Girl having to remain In second
place. Dan D. held third place through
out , Honesty fourth , Little Em fifth , Mes
sina Doy and Jordan distanced. Time
2:10 : } .
It took much scoring in the second
heat before a start was1 made. Finally n
start was had and until after the quarter
was reached it was neck-and-ncck with
Tommy Linn and Toledo Girl , but the
former forged ahead , keeping his place
until the linish , witli the latter close be
hind , Dan D. lost third plnco between
the half-mile and the three-quarter polo
nnd gave way to Honesty nnd nlso al
lowed Little Em to got ahead of him.
The race was won by Tommy Linn in
2:101 : , Toledo Girl second , Honesty third ,
Little Em fourth , Dan D. lifth.
In the third heat Tommy Linn got the
lend which ho held throughout. Toledo
Girl held second place , as did all the
others. Coming in third was Dan D. ,
Little Em. fourth , nnd Honesty lifth.
Time , 2:11)1. )
Tommy Linn . Ill
Toledo ( llrl . 222
Honesty . 433
Dan 1 > . 854
Little Km . 546
Time , 2tO : > i : , 2ll ; % 2:1 : P.
As Told by the Stars.
There was a long row of victims to
meet Justice Sehurz , who presided in
Judge Aylcsworth's place in the police
court yesterday. Most of them had been
brought in on charges of being drunk , or
of being disorderly , or being gentlemen
who had been long on leisure and shorten
on gold. Among the crowd was ono
German , a good , honest carpenter , who
had taken u day oil' to go and see tlio
races , and who had taken something
stronger , so that ho got decidedly oil.
llo could not tulk very good English , and
it was amusing to note that Justice
Schtir/ required tin interpreter. The
justice could , of course , understand the
man a * well as the interpreter could , and
probably better , as ho is him
self a German , thoroughly ed
ucated. "Although I'm Gorman , "
remarked Sehurz , "yet this court is an
American court , and the business must
bo in English. I propose to have every
body understand what is said und done ,
or ut least given a chance to do so. " So
the German prisoner to .1 German
judge through n German interpreter , but
the court was kept as an American court ,
with tlio olliciul lungtiugu English.
Thomas Jess was urrestivl for being
drunk und asleep on thu sidewalk. Hu
denied that he was drunk , but when told
that ho would have to wait until to-day
to have the witnesses brought in , lie con
cluded hu would rather plead guilty. He
preferred to pay $7.00 rather than stay in
that hole for twenty-fours and miss the
Two dusky youths , John nnrt Charles
Gordon , hailing from Kansas City , were
up for being drunk and disturbing the
peace. John pleaded guilty on the half
shell that is , ho had been drinking Komo
but did not think he was doing any harm
when ariestcd. He was promptly lined.
Charles denied everything and de
manded the proof. As the witnesses
could not bo got in before this morning
tlio case went over and Charles went in
C. S. Wheeler was arrested for insult
ing some ladies in a bakery on lower
Main street. Wheeler claimed to bo a
school teacher from Atlantic , and denied
that ho had insulted any ono knowingly.
Ho was put back in to await further in
vestigation and thu afternoon concluded
that ho hnd better plead guilty , pay his
Hue and reform.
Badly Hurt In a Kunnwny ,
A frightful runaway occurred yester
day afternoon , which may yet result
fatally to one of the victims , George
Gerspacher , and which injured quite
seriously the two others , Tony Gerspacher
and John White. The three wcro m a
light democrat wagon , drawn by a team
belonging to Jack Green. They wcro on
their way from the driving park , and
Tony Gerspacher was driving. On the
bridge , near where the street cars turn
into Droadway , the horses becoming
unmanageable , the wheels of the vehicle
wont into a the wagon
i sudden jump , and pitching Tony Gers-
: > achcr oil' the scut. White was the next
: o bo thrown out , and George Gcrs-
jacher last. The lirst two named were
uiully bruised and suffered flesh wounds ,
but no bones were broken , and their in-
uries are not deemed of a nature so so-
nous as to prevent speedy recovery.
eorj'o Gorspachcr was thrown under
.he wheels and ho was dragged. When
picked up ho was unconscious and the
jlood was flowing freely from his cars
and nose and from several scalp wounds.
He was laid upon thu platform of the
dummy depot , nnd from thence removed
later to his homo. The surgeons were
called in to dress the wounds , but the
full extent of his injuries could not bo
fully determined. At Inst reports his
condition was deemed more favorable
than was at lirst supposed and it was
thought that unless there were internal
injuries not now apparent or complica
tions should set in his life m'.ght be
spared him. The wagon was smashed
into pieces and the horses wore stopped
near thu dummy depot.
Postmasters Pa ; .
The postmasters of this congressional
district met in convention here yester
day forenoon to consider several matters
of interest and financial importance to
them. The chief business was the start-
inir of some move by which Uncle Samuel
might bo induced to change some of the
provisions in regard to the revenues or
the expenses of the postollicca. The al
lowances for clerk hire , rent , etc. , are
confined to postmasters os the lirst und
second class , und in these cases is not
deemed at all times sullicient. With the
postmasters of the third und fourth class
the complaint is made that nothing is
allowed for rent or expenses , and the
salaries are not largo enough. One post
master explained his cuso to the DEK yes
terday. "You see I get $800 salary ,
but I have to furnish everything
out of that. I have to provide
a place for a postotlice in other words ,
pay the rent , pay for fuej , for lights , for
furniture and for clerk hiro. If i really
had to pay out for tlicso expenses what
they aru rually worth , I would bo really
losing big money every year by beinjj
postmaster , The only way I got along ia
by using a part of my own store for thu
postollice and by employing my son aa
my assistant , and thus keeping it in thu
family. If the government hud to pay
for what the services and expensed arc
really worth , the salary would he largely
inci eased , or else something should be
allowed for rent mid expenses. "
The meeting yesterday was for the
purpose of organi/.ing "for action to secure -
cure relief on these und other points. A
permanent organization was ellected by
choosing Jumes Laing , of Persia , presi
dent , und T.V. . Ivory , of Glonwood
secretary. T. O. Carlisle , of Missour
Valley , was chosen as a delegate to the
national convention , to bo held in Wash
iugton nuxt December.
An executive committee was chosen
consisting of the following , ono fron
each county : John Wagner , of Audubon
E. Cato , of Cuss ; T. J. McCormick , ol
Harrison ; W. 11. Graff , of Pottawuttamio
P. J. North , of Shelby. J. D. Lewis , o :
Mills ; J , L. Dlaku , of Montgomery ; J. A
McLaughlln , ot Guthrio.
The following resolutions wore ndoptet
as reported from the committee :
Whereas , Third-class postmasters uniloi
the present laws are compelled to furnlst
Ixjxes for the use of thn patrons of the ofllc. .
nnd turn over the whole of the proceeds t <
the postofllco department , also furnish Unlit
fuel , and pay rent from their salaries , and
, Wacreu , Tlio salaries at f ourtU-clui office :
depends upon the ( luantity of mall deposited
In their ollices , nnd
Whereni , Abofitt three years neo posraee
on lirst-cluss matter \vns reduced from three
cents to two cent' , and at thu ssmo tlmo the
standard \velgtit > va doubled , thereby re
ducing their salaries at least one-third , there-
Kesolvcd , 1st , That we nro In favor of the
department paying lor all the necessary clerk
hire , paying rent , furnishing fuel aiidllghts ,
and where the postmasters nt third-class
olllccs furnish boxes , that the entire proceeds
thereof bolonz to tbo postmaster , and further ,
Unsolved , That the basis of fourth-class
postmasters' galarloH should be changed from
commissions on cancellation to a rertaln
amount on the < uiautlty of mall handled on
both Incoming"nnd outgoing mall , be
cause , as the law now U , the pa
trons of the ofllco can compel a man
to stand beblnd the case nnd receive no com
pensation. They can refuse to rent boxes
and mall their letters on the train. The
postmasters nt country oftlccs should not re
ceive less than 8100 per year , because under
the present law they are compelled to de
liver a letter or sell a stamp at any hour of
the day , yet under the present law they only
receive the paltrjr sum ot 818 or iO a year.
And that postmasters at terminal or star
routes should receive a reasonable compen
sation for the labor performed.
The following were the postmasters
present :
J. C. Christy. Silver City.
J.D. Lewis'Ilillsdalo.
Thco. W. Ivory , Glonwood.
J. L. Dako , Hod Oak.
Annie Drennock , Dunlap.
T. Massey , Logan.
W. M. Sharpnoclc , Modalc.
A. P. Cramer , Avocn.
A. W. Minturn , Little Sioux.
J. F. Minturn , Magnolia.
P. J. Kooth , Portsmouth.
Win. H. Mytmger , Panama.
James Laing , Persia.
T. O. Carlisle , Missouri Valley.
George L. Wright , Denison.
Samuel Wood , Unionburg.
A. S. Habcr , Wlota.
C. M. Dlukcslcv , Anita.
L. W. Whitu , Woodbinn.
George Underbill , Onawa.
J. A. AlcLnughlin , Guthrie Center.
James llawes , Kecdcr's Mills.
T. J. McCormick , Stanton.
John Wagner , Uoss , Audubon county.
J. A. T. Dates , Oakland.
Latest improved gasoline stoves at N
C04 Main street. W. A. Wood.
J. W. & E. L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title and deserve the success
they are enjoying.
To-day's Programme- .
This is the closing day of the races , and
an excellent programme js provided ,
consisting of the :48 : trootting , and 2:43 :
trotting. There will bo chariot races
also. All children under fifteen years of
age will be admitted free.
When you are in the city stop at the
Pacific house. Street cars pass the door
every fifteen minutes for all the depots.
Meals 50 cents each.
One thousand head of ono , two nnd
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable-parlies. Enquire of A.
J. Greenamayer.'Creston ' House.
' 1 ho Pleasant Valley Sunday school
held n delightfuli picnic in Henry llish-
ton's grove as a patriotic celebration.
The exercises consisted of prayer by Mr.
John Carlyle , singing by the younjj ladies ,
reading of the .declaration by Mrs. A.
Kibhton and comic hinging by the gentle
men. Mr. Van Davis was master of
For female diseases and chronic dis
eases of all kinds , call on Dr. Hicc , No.
11 Pearl street , Council Dlull's , Iowa.
At the Pacific house you will save from
fiOc to $1 per day. Try it and bo con
Lust evening the Fifth regiment band
and the visiting Dow City band joined in
a pleasant musical social , playing to
gether numerous selections. They after
wards serenaded the press and others.
The band ? played together grandly.
Personal Paragraphs.
T. Hosford , of Missouri Valley , was at
tending the races.
Sylvester Dye and Willoughby Dye , of
Macedonia , visited the city yesterday.
W. Miller , of Glonwood , the well
known contractor , was iu the city yes-
Mrs. Mnxfield , sister of Henry Rishton ,
has been dangerously ill , but is now re-
lorted as imp/oving.
G. F. C. Smart , D. A. Sharp. H. H.
Ilcstou and George Kudolf , of Oakland ,
dined at the Creston yesterday.
Mrs. J. Chase , of Weeping Water , bet-
cr known by her maiden name , Lena
$ arnutt , is here visiting her old home.
Judge Conner , of Denison , was in the
: ity yesterday , and improving the oppor-
.unity of looking over the real estate
C. W. Vance and wife , and H. Tipton
and wife , of Cre.ston , were hero yester
day to attend the funeral of Engineer
J. A. Drainard , Frank Lyon , S. M.
Child , E. L. COOK , J. M. Tamer and W.
II. Sylke , all of Dunlap , were at the Pa
cific yesterday.
Mrs. Ycnawinc is slowly but surely re
covering from her long and dangerous
illness. Her permanent recovery now
seems assured.
Judge Aylesworth is rapidly recover
ing from his severe illness and is able to
bo out , but not strong enough to attend
to his judicial duties.
J. Sicht and Peter Frees , of Nebraska
City , were at the Creston house yester
day. Thov bought several car loads of
stock of Mr. Greenameyer.
Matt Schncll , of Hock Island , the con
tractor , is at the Creston house , with his
right hand roan , Mr. Niesen , who has
also been to Hock Island to spend the
J. E. Ellis and his father , S. J. Ellls.Iof
Plum Hollow , were in the city yesterday.
The young man intends remaining hero
and engaging in business as a permanent
Ira P. Higby , formerly of the Paxton
hotel , Omaha , and n well known hotel
man of large experience and many
friends , has beta secured ns clerk of
Hotel Mannwn.
Verj true. Keep your home clran with 81 polio ,
* uii when they got old they will do the mine.
" As the twig Is bent the branch grows. "
Teach your children Low to us
nnd they will always bo neat. Try a ctxko
of Itlnyournosthouso-clcanlnK.
He. T , ICwjrigbt , lUrcfe , 1887.1
Sped * ! ftdTertltemcnti , such M Lost , Found
i'o Loan , For Bnlc , To Rent , Wants , Hoanllnr ,
etc.will bolntcrttd In thlt column At the low
ratoof TEN CENTS 1'EK 1,1 NK fortheflrst inter-
lonnnd i'lv CenUrorLln focBchiubio < itiont
Insertion. LTKTO advertisements nt our offlco
tin. 12 Vcarl iticct , ucar Uroktlwaj , Council
_ _
WANTED Slttmtlon In n dru * "lore. Two
years experience. Good reference. 1) ,
3. , Ileoolllce ,
FOH BAlK-Cow8 and horses for gale ; one
year's tlmo ( riven.
HOCK ] pasturage nonr city ( or rout.
100 acres iooil Innil l'or sulu Just east of Col
onel Snpti'g fiinn.
Apply to llornco Everett , Council lllnfTi.
CIIKAP A4-htirncr coal oil Move , cooklnr
Httachnicnt nuil oven , Heit coiil oil ptovo
In innrxpti ha * tiecii usol one season. A , J
Miunlcl , No. sa HroaJwity. _
WANTKD Fifty ritllrond tonras and fifty
men truinetur , wheeler holders. Mush
holders , irrubhora nnd ax men for railroad
work on lirnncli of K , K. Ic Mo. Vitlloy , run-
nlntrfrom Illir Ctit.fl miles northwest of Umohn ,
to C. St. P. , M. & O. It. 11. Waxes for tcann
f.t.W per ilny , tenmstora 125 per month , Oar
mon from f I.Hi to $ J per day. Apply at work.
aotlldcn A Mnltby. _
W "ANTED A mnu HIKI wife Mnn to do
chores und hla wife to do cooking nnd gen-
ernl housework , Address Jl , Dee ollicc.
FOR HUNT Coiil sheds , otllco und scale , ono
live-room house. (1. Mityiie , KilOtli live.
' \XrANTKD A irood cook and irlrl for enotnl
housework In a family of lour. Mrs.
Thomaa onicer , No. KO Willow avenue. _
FOU SAI.E-Or Trade-Six section * of good
land In Lincoln county , Neb. , on U. P.
rnllway. Call on or address Odoll Ilros. * Co. ,
Itti Pearl 6t. . Counull lllutra.
WANTED A Kood l/rlrl / for Ronornl houso-
work. Apply ut 7'U ' Sixth avenue.
Council IltilTsIo\vi. !
Established IsoT.
lu Amber ,
Toi toiseShell
etc.Hair On
nrmiciits , as
well aa the
5 $ . newest nov-
cities ia hair
Hair goods
niailcto order
Mrs.C. Ii. Gillette
29 Mniu St. , Council Hlufl'H , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , und all mail
orders promptly attended to.
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
Telephone No.
Na. 015 Main Street , Telephone No , 93.
If. SCIlUltZ ,
Justice of the Peace.
OtUccover A u rrlcnu Kxprnss.
Has a complete line of
[ 1 ii ill'
Lnrpo hats In whlto , blnok nml nil colors. Pat
tern bonnets , hnu nnd tonnes , n specialty.
No 1514 Douglas St. , Omaha.
Itj > rflduc f Practical Eeiulti In Baking aad
Eoaiting never b fore attained In aay
Cooking Apparatus and will
Rivohtioda wFnuBUhUicis of Ccokg
iKnll Food B kw5 or noMted.shouMb * ; <
n Jrwh .ir ( mlr lulniUtoJ t. > tlio oven. Till. ' " " . 7
bidlK.nilnittiM clou , oiea door h.rotofor ns < l. n.l
utwtltitlniitor Itadoor contilnlne > ituMlal Will
a > o : - < > rljM lari.uthadaoriucir ,
ThrcuTh this Qauza Door the air freely
Circulate * , faclllUtlDK the piwe. of cooklne. ind
prtxlDclnj feM that I. nnwiallod la 0 ' < " ' , " ' ;
itltlon..Sd artuillr cook.d with 1 ; con aaiJ > Uon ot
vrlth a clo ed i door ,
tuol than In aa o u
It mtkn aa .normon. .urine In th. woliht of mo.t.
It al o produces larger Loaves of Bread ,
I-eqalrw Its. .ttention from th cook , and promote.
the health ol tli. farollr br Uaa lUrEUIOB qiUUTX
or xac roon OOOKKD x IT.
Mm. Mi T II. WiLCH.ToachfrI > om iitioKcnnom .
low.HtaU Ualrcnlti.iija : " lrd.llb rataiudKment
1 that th.oven of th. Hanga , . .compared with oltii > r ,
Ii not only more equallr Utialod In erri'art Iront ai
well a. rear tmtannreiuitof Its Mparlor yntll Upn .
. . .
the food placed therein lib.lUrccoked.whlljr.tain.
tnir wo t rfla < l laruor iiroinirtlonof lti [ t
iiTcfU. I flud , aUo.thatth.con.iinijillon ofnel In " till.
lUuge ii much lue. than anr oth.r lor mo work.
BOLD IN NEBRASKA at followi :
E C. IIRKWKK , . HAY Smnos.
in & CO . CIIADMM.
X. I'EAKSdN , . . . .STfMiNG.
iO 1'ADDENtSON. " " 0 *
llu n l-ul dinrrtnt Iroro .11
otbrn. Ii cup wltb h ir-
ulju ti ! > tf B lllnrfnter , < UpU
It rlf t. > .11 pkilllou f tn
kodr while the hall In thocup
iroasoB hack tb. Intea-
, , ln sji ) t as a on
> B with the f Inner , witli ilghi
L - ' - - ' .nd nlgbt.t"
On Furniture , Household Goody , Stoves , etc. , to nmko room
for Fall Stock.
A. J. MANDEL , - - No , 325 Broadway -
Council Bluffs , Iowa. '
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Both Domestic and Foreign ,
OT _
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council UlullV Oltlc-o , Jlusonle
Temple. Omalm OilUfo , 111
> orlli Itilli utrcct.
Particular attention given to In-
veNtltitf I'mul * 1'or 11011 resi
dent * . Special bargain * In lot At
aere properly In Onmlia fc Coun
cil It Iu IU. Correspondence guile-
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : : Boaidcrs : : Reduced : : Rates.
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call on us.
Instrument ! * Tuned nnd Kcpnlrcd. We never full to give * ntl racllon.
Over ! 2O year * ' Uxperlciicc In Piano and Or an U'orli.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 327 Broadway , Council Ulufls Iow n
IK I Till.I limp Ii f.
r Ci > r.t
Owlnr tutlioDUtowi. Il.tSTIIITT of tlio cloth ( which
fiur lutrntl cover i-icliulYelyl lll nt iK'rffi tlv llr t
Umxwutn Itrriuliri no breaking In no'irr ' lint RMiD
by roller aft r b lne1 Horn ton ila > rf ( flint found Ilin moil
I'RKKravr FITTIM ) . II KA I/I'll PUI.
nil rnnifnrlnlilc Corset ever worn. Hold by all
C'HOTI'T BltUM. , Cblcuieo. III.
Vacant f.nts , I.nn'13 ' , City HpsMmircs nncl
I'm ins. Ai.'ni property lit western piirtof city.
Allfcclllnjr tlit'iip.
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Hoom fl , over Ofllcor A Piisoy's Dunk , Count ; !
Attorneys at Law *
cticc in the State anil KcclCrn Court )
Rooms 7 and S Shuyart-Ileno Block ,
K. S. It A ItXETT ,
Justice o ± the Peace ,
410 Uroadway , Council BlulTi.
Refers to any bank or business lioutc in the
city , Collections a specialty.
Over A'o. 12 North Main St.
county ranpi , of cities and counties
I'rlces Very
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
Thu liui-it of ilrivin < { huraua always oil
liand und for silo : by
_ _ _
Sfar Sa/e / Utab/es and Mule Yards
lliotidwuy , Cutiuuil UluUn.Opp Dummy Depot
llori-ua mid niiiluh constantly
linml , for Bulo ut retail or in cur lo
Orclors promptly tilled by contract on
iliurt notion. Stock sold on coinulin < > lon. .
SnLOTKit < fe UuLKr. I'ropnutord.V
Telephone No. 11 /
Formerly of Kuil Sale. Stublea , coruar
tit. aye , aud itu it