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    S W * 1' * ' - - '
The Quebec Citadel on Fire and the Maga
zine in Danger.
A Destructive Conflnctntlon nt Chey
cnno llio Town of Clarendon ,
1'n. , Acitln Devastated
With Katnl KiTcct.
At Quebec Clltulcl. , July C. Hetwccn 11 and 12
o'clock to-nluht a flro broke out In tlio bur-
racks nt tlio citadel anil It Ims extended
COD yards , enveloping nearly nil tlio buildings
facing thu entrance. There Is great consternation -
nation among the residents In tlto neighbor
112:30 : a. m. All the available forces In the
battery nre olowlnt , no buildings to prnv cut
the lire from reaching the mngnzmo and a
trumpeter Is sounding the signal of danger
for all hamlfttn keep clear.
The llro originated In the cavalry sta blca
on the northeast corner of the citadel , ahd all
the horses , twenty-six In number , worn either
burned or suffocated. The lire from thli
point spread to the western portion of
the frontage , nnd speedily inudo Its
way toward the tnain entrance. The
, fire made Its way across the main entrance
V nnd Is now burning to the western extremity
1 of the block. IJombs are exploding nnd the
\ % vor. t fears are entertained. Many timid
I citizens are leaving the city fearing the
Xinaga/ will explode surely. Ono man la
reported missing. _
At Glicyciiinc , AVy > .
CHKYK.VXE , Wyo. , July 0. ( Special Melo-
pram to the UKK. ] A destructive lire oc
curred hero at 2 o'clock this morning , result
ing In the total destruction of the stock of
dry jroods and clothing ol Cowhlck & Whit-
comb , and the damaglnc of their building to
Iho extent of 310,000. The cause ot the fire
Is a mystery , there being no lights or llros In
the building. The llamcs spread so lapidly
to all parts of the building that attempts tn
two tliu stock were futile , and the lircmen
direct thelrcd efforts toward savinqsiirtouinl-
Ing proportv. The loss on the building nnd
fixtures is 816,000 , coveied by an Insurance ol
fci'i.OOO. The stock' was valued r.t SliH.OOO
nnd was Insured for S'JC.OOo , the insurance
btilng divided between thirty eastern and
foreign companies.
Clnromlon Again DovnHtntml.
KIIIE , I'n. , July 0. The terrible Ore which
fiwrpt the little town of Clarendon on Mon
day was supplemented to-day by another
Visitation which threatened to wipe out what
Remained of the village. A strong wind
fanned the smoldering pllos Into flame and
turned them toward the town again. The
oil well of Patrick Connors was first seized
upon and the flames lapidly communicated
to the buildings of others until live derricks
tend fixtures wcro a solid mass of llamcs.
Assistance came from Warren and
succeeded , after a terrible Unlit , In gaining
the mastery over the lire , tlio burning oil
which covered the ground making the strug
gle a severe ono. A count of the buildings
destroyed Monday foots up 281. There are
tut sixteen lumsrs left In town. Ono liun-
ured tents , which were sent by tlio governor ,
flro being used by some of the homeless. It
is now known that ono child perished In the
llamas and two or three grown persons were
.badly burned. _
At Grnftnn . Vn. ,
GHAFTON . Va. , July C.-A flro broke
out yesterday in a building on Latrobe street
Bnd before it was checked It consumed with
Almost all their contents twonty-elght build
ings , Including two of the largest hotels , two
furniture stores , two drug stores , two millin
ery htorcs , the Standard-Enterprise newspa
per oftlco , several small stores and private
UwollmgB. No lire department xhts hero ,
nnd only by the hardest work on tlio part of
Iho citizens was the lire Anally controlled.
1 he total loss will reach nearly , with
Insurance about $13,000. The tire Is eupposcd
. to be of Incendiary orlcln.
At Rupld Uity , Dakota.
RAPID CITY , Dak. , July f > . [ Special
felegram to the BKK. ] Fire broke out this
fliornlng In thn building occupied by W. II.
iloyd's grocery ami Murray & Dnndon ,
butchers , near tne depot and outside the fire
limits. The tire department turned out but
could not reach the building. Loss , Hoyd ,
E2XX ( > ; Munny & Dundon , S")00. Insurance ,
Uoyd , 81,200 ; Murray & Dmidon , none ,
Bwnllowcd ny n Tinkc.
UEUNH , July 0. A portion of land borderIng -
Ing on the lake nt Zug , capital of the canton
of that name , subsided to-day nnd twenty
houses were engulfed in the lake.
Later advices from Y.up state that twenty-
Bovcn nouses were engulfed and twenty per
sons are missing.
UEUNI : , July 6. Half the now quays at
Zug fell Into the lako. Forty houses , a
: rowded Inn and the Hotel Xurlch a four-
Herr structure full of visitors vanished on-
.Irely. The occupants of the buildings wcro
engulfed while they slept , and nt least 100
HTished , Including M. Collln , president of
ho Canton. Men are now at work trying to
.recover the bodies of the victims. An Infant
Tras found alive In a floating cradle.
How Gould Helped Field.
NKW YOIIK , July 0. [ Special Telegram to
the BEE. ) The Wall Street News says :
'From the best Information obtainable Mr.
Could has not bought the 60,000 shares of
Manhattan at all. Ho merely advanced the
money on them. The stock was bold In
orms from Institutions and firms at 81.30.
When the crash came Sir. Kioto could not
ake up bis loans. He then went to Mr.
Jould , who did take up the loan , but Insisted
hat Mr. Field innrgin the stock down to DOe
o enable Mr. Field to get inoro money. Mr.
lould lent him iron Mountain lives and Mis-
eourl 1'ncilic consols , and took In exchange
tils United States bank stock , a mortgage on
Iho Mall and Kxpress propurty , and on his
real estate to convert unavailable into quick
The Ijclpsto Trial.
Lr.irsic , July o.-ln tlio trial of Kloln and
pthers to-day , tno prosecution demanded
line years at hard labor for Klein , live years
orGrebcrt , nnd an acquittal for Krhardt.
ilo declared It was necessary that the trial
jhoulrt be public , as on ly publicity weld re-
'ute the aspersions and exngceratlons of the
French iirvss over the Sclinaeboles Incident.
I'he trial , he said , had brought to light the
act that the Kronen frontier police not only
iountonnnced treason , but Incited It JudK-
iieut will bu pronounced Friday.
Kebclllon In Clilnn.
LONDON , July a Advices from China
ttato that a rebellion took place recently at
phallic Chow , near Shanghai. The uprising
trad suppressed by the authorities , and ninety
tif the conspirators were executed. A num
ber of secret societies also rebelled In the
province of Kland. A military officer and
eleven soldiers Implicated in the rebellion
Were captured and beheaded.
Chlnean Outrages In Idaho.
ST. PAUL , July 0. A special from Port'
fund , Ore. , says : It Is reported from Idaho
| hkt a number of Chinese niiulnif camps
Along the Snake river have boon raided eltliei
by Indians or whites. Numer
ous mutilated bodies of Chinamen
have come down the stream , four nr live
luting found together a fuw days since. Jt I :
thought to bo the work ofliltn men , wbc
rtibtibd ttiti Chinese of their told dust. It It
nld the Chlne o mlnbter at Washington ha ;
tieeu lufmmed of tlie outrage.
Hold Tor Alnnstnimliter.
NEW Yoitic , July 0. Attendants McUugh
nd Cleary , who ere lately placed In ens
tody by the verdict of the cotonnN Jury \\liu
Hcusod them of beating nil innmto ot \ \ ard' <
Jslaiul Insane ns\ turn iiiimrd lieoruo Tan Nil
po thnt hu tiled , havi luwi Iniili'U-d tor mun
laughter by the iriuinl jury. Tin pilsonur :
Mrvre arraigned In cuul unit nui
Thn Auylo- Tin ( ( invention.
CoNSTANTiNon.K , July 0. hullsuury hai
| iu extended Sir IK'iiry Driiininoiui Wolll" :
Uy Jure uutll Sunday next.
\ , *
A Mob Taken n Murderer From Jail
and Jianjcn Him.
PEIIU , Ind , , July 0. Dr. North , a promi
nent physician , was shot and killed yester
day aftcrnnoon without cause by John
ChrUtlan.sou. The murderer was placed In
jail last evenln ? and at thin hour (11:4.p.m. ( : . )
a mob i.SKatherlnz around the building. It
Is thought Christiansen will be lynched.
At 12l.r a. m. a band of masked men ap
peared at the jail and demanded the keys.
Not petting lliem , they ballere-d the Iron door
down and In fifteen minutes had Chrlittan *
Hon tn their possession. Ho was taken on
n dead run down Uroadway to the
brldgw crossing the Walwh liver , wheie
ho was twice striine up , the tlrst time with
out the desired result , but thu second time 111 *
life was extinguished , the man dyine at 12-IO. ! :
The lynching was witnessed by 1,000 people.
Dr. North Is not dctid.but Is In a very critical
Honvy Storm In Now York.
PouoiiKunrsiK , N. Y. , July 0. Tcrrlflo
thunder stoiins raged alone the Hudson this
afternoon. Basements and cellars were In
undated , trees and houses were slruck by
lightning and washouts are reported both on
the Hudson Hlver ami West Shore roads ,
though not of a serious character. Thn
storms were very heavy between hero and
New York , but light between hero and Al
bany. Thu mercury has fallen twenty-three
dciriees In three hours.
Honored Uy the Kmpcror.
Ihm.i.v : , July 0. Emperor William has
conferred upon Count llolientlml , plenipo
tentiary from Saxony in the bundcsrath , thu
order of the Grand Cross of Prussia. The
emperor says lhat after the last successful
session of tlia luichstac , to thu results of
which the yrattfyiiiK elections in Saxony
greatly contributed , he ft-lt a lively desire to
give Ills satisfaction visible expression by
conferring upon tlio delegate from Haxouy
this hluh honor.
Tlio Coke Workers' Strike.
Pirrsnuitn , July 0. This was Iho day set
by the coke operators for resumption of
work by those of llielr old employers who
bad expressed themselves as willing to en
back at the old rate of WIIKPS. The works
generally thiouuhout the legion were open
to all who desired to leturn. At a number ot
them strikers leported and were put to work.
J-'verythlni ; Is quiet nnd so far the Plnkerton
men nave had nolhlni ; to do.
MUtnkcn In the Man.
CHICAGO , July C. An Kvenlnn Journal
special from Lansing , Mich. , says : The
prisoner arrested here last nlitht as Henry
MeMunn , or Matt Kennedy , who was Impli
cated in the Cleveland tnr robbcrry , claims
to be Jesse II. Lamb and to have had no con-
neetion with the murder of llulllgan. The
olllelnls hero do not believe the Sandusky de
tective has seemed tne rlirht man.
Cranberry Oojm Kiilncd.
MILWAUKKR , July-0. A telegram from
Berlin to the Evening Wisconsin says worms
are destroying the cranberry vines In that
section. It Is feared that the vines will bo
permanently injined. One Krowor. who ex
pected to harvest 15,000 bushels , will not got
Call for n I H'R Urntii Stock * .
SAN FitANcibco , July 0. According to the
ofllclal estimates of the San Francisco pro
duce exchange , ihe slocks of wheat In Cali
fornia July 1 were 2,790,000 centals , against
li ! > 3,000 centals one year ago. Stocks of
barley , 800.000 centals , against 115,000 centals
ono year ago.
Eviction ] Troulbns Threatened.
PiTTPiiuita , July C. A special from Kver-
son , Pa. , says : Throats are being made of
bringing Plnkcrton's men here to evict the
men from Iho company's houses who have
signed the Iron-clad leases. They expect to
commence operations to-morrow morning at
Loslnrlng's , and as a majority are Huns It
Is sale to predict there will be serious trouble.
Convention of Engineers.
KONDOUT , N , Y. , July 0. The annual con
vention of the American Society of Civil
Engineers , which has been in session at
Hotel Kaatorsklll since Friday of last week ,
will conclude Its labors Thursday evening
with a banquet. Between 800 and 400 mem
bers of the society and their families are
The SlUMlolana' Convention.
INDIANAPOLIS , July 0. The national con
vention of music teachers continued to-day
with the readlmr of several papers and prac
tical Illustrations by means of musical In
struments. The American collofo of musi
cians Is also In session examining applicants
fe < r membership.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Fair weather , slight changes
In temperature , winds beoomlnc southerly.
For Iowa : Fair weather , sllsht changes In
temperature , winds becoming southerly.
For Central and Eastern Dakota : Fair
weather , winds generally southerly , no de
cided changes in tempoiaturo.
The Slndo Failure.
NEW YOIIK , July 0. .The assignee of John
Slade and Co. , dry goods commission mer
chants , who suspended yesterday , has not
vet ascertained the amount of assets and
liabilities. The liabilities are believed to be
about $775,000 , and the asseU Sl.UOO.OOO. It
Is thought the firm can pay 75 to 100 cents on
the dollar.
Tolxioato Another Soldiers' Homo.
HOSTON , July 0. The trustees of the volun
teer soldiers' national homes held sessions
yesterday and to-day. Routine business
was transacted. The board voted to go to
California In September to locate a situ for
thu next homo to bo established In accord
ance with the act ot congress.
Blown Up Dy Oun Cotton.
UOIIDKAUX , July G. An explosion of gun
cotton occurred to-day in the powder mill at
St. Modard on Jollo , eight miles west of Dor-
deaux. Three persons wcro blown to atoms
anil many others injured.
Yan Ijee Marries nn Heiress.
NKW HAVKN , Conn. , JulyC. 1'an Phon
Lee. who graduated with high honors at
Yale last commencement , was to-day united
In marriage to Miss Elizabeth Maud Jo-
roine , a New Haven heiress.
A War Ship Launched.
VIENNA , July 0. The now Austro-Ihm-
garian turret ship , Kron Prinze Rudolph ,
was launched to-dav at Pola-on-the-Adrlatic ,
In the presence of the emperor and the arch
duchess Murie Tlieruse. The latter christened
the vessel. _
What Gladstone Will Move.
LONDON , uuiytf. To-morrow night Glad
stone will move In the commons that "the
crimes bill bo read a third time this day
throe moutlib. "
Wholesale Liquor Denlor Falls.
lIn.WAUKKK , July 0. Tlio wholesale
liquor store of J. D. Olcott it Co. has been
closed by the sheriff on attachments ne nega
ting S'J.5.000. The liabilities will probably
exceed S 00,000 , The assets are not known.
Cnld-Itlooded AHHa nlnatlnn.
LiTCHFiKi.i ) , Ky. , July 6. W. K. May ,
distiller and liquor seller , was called from
bed early this morning and assa sliuted by
unknown men. Jamm M. Lvneh. with
whom May Ind had trouble , la tmapoctcd.
Scntnnct'il r'or Ml'o.
POUT AU PKI.VOK , .luiio i ! ) . liencral
Lamaur , charred with att niptlng tn murder
President Solomon , has been suntun'-cd to
Impilbuiiineiit for lite at hard labui.
Me-GI.Miii In Labor Politic * .
NKW Yoisu. July 0.--AI meeting of the
First usv-emMv district of the unlluil 'r.hor
party last nlclit. Ken. Mr SlrOlynn was
elected delegate ) U , tin n I'.l'inal couvx-nilon
at Syracuse Augu l '
Sharp' * . CiJiiilltlnii Improved ,
NKW YOIIK , July 6. Jaec-b Sharp < pcut
the afteinoon in bed. Dr. Loomlt prounti'a
him Improved.
It outrivals all Dr. Sajjfi'i Cutnrrh
Itemed .
The Structure Found to Bo in a Verj
Shabby Condition.
Insufficient Police Protection In the
City of Onmlm Ijoonl Notes
Ticked Up Ity Llco
The Rlcrnnth Street Viaduct
No wonder people who cross the
Eleventh street vlmluct tnuo the roadwnj
in preference to the sldownlk. Anyone
who will take the trouble to visit tiuil
causeway will understand that they have
the best of reasons for doing so. While
not exactly dangerous , the condition ol
tlio sidownlk is not only unsightly but
such us to render it very Inconvenient
ntul annoying to pedestrians.
The specifications provide that tin
walk shall bo made of oak plank sucurolj
fastened to a layer of pine plank. In tin
first place the pinu plank lack about r
foot of uxtoiidliig to the inglilu hand-rail
as. they should do , nnd the oak plant
which cover the space are from a liulf
noh to an inch and a half apart in main
places and thorc is no part of the wall
whore they nre lilted together in the
smooth and workmanlike manner pro
vidcd for by the contract with the city.
Hut , perhaps Iho worst tuatnrc
about the walk is that these oak
plank nro warped so that thoj
stick up along the entire length of tin
viaduct , from a half Inch to an inch and
thrcu-fourths. Small round nails were
used to fa.stun these plank to the pine
boards beneath and the result has been
that by the warping of thu oak plank
these nails have been pnllud out. A man
with but moderate exertion can pull the
boards entirely loose. The pine plank ;
beneath instuml of being fastened to the
girders with iron clamps are fastened
with very small rounet nails. Those ) were
driven through the boards and clamped
over the umrlus of the sidewalk btringors ,
The boards huvo since shrunk anil the
nails , in most instances , do not touch the
stringurs at all.
The inside hnnd rails have no braces ol
Any kind to keep thorn steaely and can be
shaken back and forth for n distance ol
tour or live inches on either side , without
scarcely any exertion at all. The fasten
ing of these inside railings to thu buttoi
posts is very clumsy and imperfect
In fact , about half of the
plates by which these rails are intended
to bo fastened nre not screwed up ai
The painting of the viaduct has boor
done in a most hasty and slovenly way
In mnny places , there nro spots whore
the iron has no more paint on it thai :
when it came from the foundry where it
was cast. The under parts of the blgtoi
chords of the middle span are not
painted at all. The lattice work makci
the job of painting this part of this structure
turo somuwhat tedious , nnd then the
chords aru so high up thu painters proba
bly thought it would nuver bo noticet
anyhow. Hut a UEI : reporter who visitor
thu bridge the othur day not only found
this to bo the case , nut on very super
liuisil ox ami nation discovered the most
shameful botch work throughout thu en
tire structure.
In most cases no attempt had beer
made to conceal these defects
from the public eye. Where the stair
wnys are fastened to the iron girders
however , in several instances , thu hole ;
originally drilled for the rivets were
found to bo in the wrong place , and uo
rows were drilled near them , thus ma
terially weakening the structure. The
stairs have been so fastened as to covei
up these defects , and they are oifly no
lined when one's attention is called tc
The painling of the viaduct is not onlj
incomplete , but shows evidence of haste
nnd carelessness throughout tlio entire
Blructure. This is especially true of
these parts which would not ordinarily
bo noticed by people driving or walking
across the viaduct. The angles of tin
portals which join tlio bailer posts at 11
distance of from forty to fifty loot from
the floor of the viaduct are tilled with
sanel to the depth of from nn incli
nnd n half to two inches. This ha1
been painted over and no attempt made
to cluan it out. The ends of thu knee
braces supporting these porials are in
some instances hanging loose by the
screws and not lightened up at all.
Thu main end posts of Iho hand rail
way nro very insecurely fastened , the
bolls u ed to fasten them being much
smaller than the holes into which they
should tit.
Thu big gas lamp posts which arc
bolted to the loose boards arc so insecure
that any ono nan .shako thorn hard
enough lo break oyery pane of glass in
the lamps.
The iron shoos on the abutments in
which the sidewallc stringers work have
not been fastened so us to allow the
stringers snUicioiit play. As a result the
lateral motion eiven to the stringers by
loads passing over the brielge
and the expansion produced bj
the Dheat have itriven the slringers
against the shoes with such force as tc
crack the joints in the stones of the north
abutment , and where cast-iron shoot
should have been used lo fasten the
longitudinal girders lo the facing of the
south abutment , pieces of scrap iron
have been pressed into Iho service
These are a few of Iho defects in the
structure. Many more coulu bo meiv
On the whole , if it were not for the
newness of tlio mosl of the material used
the Kid von th street viaduct would loot
more like a dilapidated rcjicof ihu middle
ages than n structure winch woa bcgui
only a year ago.
What Was Done itafore the Jndgci
The trial of Peter Gross and his on
James Gross , for subornation of perjury
has been set for this morning at II
o'clock , in this court. Kennedy nne
llitchiu have been appointed to defcnt
The case of Samuel P. McConnell vs
Otoo County , a suit on some warrants
cnmtt up yesterday morning and is stil
in progress.
Nellie Russell was j'osterday mornlnt
snot to the reform school.
Augustus Pralt the administrator 'in
the estate of X. P. Isaacs , potllioncd tc
bu permitted to soil real estate bcloimiiu
to the same tn liquidate claims umount
ing to # 1.707.
The suit of Samuel Valentino for $15 ,
000 , mentionudsomc time ago in tiiesi
columns , was lilctl yesterday morning
The petitioner was injured for life on :
defective sidewalk on West Furnan
The jury in the case of Snyder vs
Charles Nctier ivturncd a verdict in favoi
of the defendant for $1M.
Thomas Hand will to-day appear bofon
Judge A. C. Head , al his oture in Cun
tfmgham block , South Thirteen ! !
Klrcot , on thu unargc , of obtaininj
good ; to .lie value of | ISO from M. II. Ish
of N street , .South Omaha. The chargi
! * bas'Mt on alleged false vtatimiunts b ;
the defendant as to his ability to pay hi
rlubtn unil that his buildings wcro frci
from iucnmbranr.e.i.
Them wai nothing of especial Intcrcs
in the pol'co ' court yesterday morning
Judgn Hcr'ta , Clerk Woods , Jalloi
Ormsby and Court Olliccr Whhlcn were
in their customary places nnd the re
served seats Were , all tilled up with the
same old clicstiiutS'jlrnnks , ; disorderlies ,
and vagrants. Tnls\nggrefiatlon of rags ,
bleared eyes , bloated countenances and
filth , was a sorry ) I bight , and thu able
judge nnd his adoptlAssistnnts ran them
oft" at the rate of nbout four a minulo.
Mrs. llill , a reglifr , got thirty days foi
drunkenness. Shu was in the day before
but her palhcttOf.tajtrs secured her re
lease , but it didn'lfwork that way yester
day morning.
Ed. HurleyVrdl Phclps nnd Low
Meyer , charged wfthvvlolatlng the gam
bling law , wcro he'ld-until the 10th in the
Bum of $50 each. . , - . .
J. Gibson , for passing a counterfoil
$10 gold piece , was also continued unelot
a like bond , to the same day.
Jack Kiloy , who shol Hilly Nugent on
the morning of the Gth'nnd who wn <
placed under bond in the sum of $150 , if
still in hock , as the friends of Nugcnl
complained to Chief Soavov that the
bonds were insulllcieut considering the
magnitudes of the crime and thu uncur
lain condition of thu wounded man.
A new complaint , that of shooting wltli
intent to kill , was filed against Jack
Kiloy yesterday afternoon.
In Judge McUiilloch's court John nnd
Mary Dolak began suit against John
Simanok nnd Albert Kuca for $1100
claimed to bo due on a contract for the
sale of twenty acres of land in Butler
Francis Tunica , the architect , brought
suit against Iho Omaha Fair and Exposi-
lion association for $350 for furnishing n
survey nnd map of Hie exposition
"Judgo" Cooley was made defendant
in a suit brought byG. U. Davis nnd John
llclhuringlon to obtain possession ol
room C in the Grueuig block. The judge ,
according lo the petition , is again in ar
rears for his rent bill.
Suit was begun by G. W. Mason
against Charles' 1J. Suhroth on a promis
sory note for $103.00.
I'rcderick W. Perkins brought suit
against Edwnrd Lccdor and Morris Mor
risen on four promissory notes aggregat
ing $1'JO ' on which $30 had been paid.
Trio Councltmcu Militating Agnlnsi
the City's Wolfnre.
The opposition of the council to Chief
Seavoy and Iho board of police commls
sioncrs is militating greatly against the
interests of the city. The aldurmcn re >
fuse to pay Ihu police and lire depart
mcnts , and also refuse lo increase Hie
number of policemen. Not content witli
this they hamper the pe > lice chief as mucl
as possible. Omaha has a population ol
nt least 110,000 souls , with a torrilory six
miles long by foursquare. To patrol this
territory there are thirty-flvo po
licemen , including ollicors. The usual
estimate in big cities is ono policemar
for every 800 or 1.000 population , Thi <
should 21 vo Omaha fit leasl ninety patrol
men. Instead of tuift number , Om-iht
had but twelve po Gjumcm on duty lasi
night. For all Iho vuit turritory only i
dozen ollicors were detailed. Ono police
man , Ollicer liloom , had all the
territory to cove ? ' between Twelfti
and Ninth streets ori Fnrnam and llar-
ney , and between ' 'Karanm and Jonc. <
streets on Te-nth. 'J'l\is , \ territory Miouli !
take at least four uoJicomon. The turri
tory includes the most ; important beat-
in Iho cily , and if a'big ' burglary or anj
oilier aflair had happened in the soclion
Iho ollicer could not have been blamed il
he had heard nothing 9f it until next day ,
Uusiuess men are beginning lo feel that
their interests are not sufficiently
cuardeel , and are beginning to place the
blame whuro it bolonfts on the city
Looks I > lko Spite Work.
Charles Cmning was arrested yesterday
on a complaint sworn out by a man
named Lingivon on a charge of dcslroy-
ing properly. Cuming rented a house
out near the slock yards from hingivon
and vacated it a wcuk ago. A good-sized
piece of the plastering is knocked olFone-
of thu ceilings and Lmgiven accused
Cuming ot maliciously doing the work ,
The police arc of Iho opinion that lh
charge Is fepilo work. Cuming says the
plastering fell souio time ago of its owe
The 1'alntors.
There continues to bo a largo influx ol
man from Iowa to take tlio nlaco of tin
strikers and a considerable number oi
the latler are leaving town to seek work
elsewhere. Most of these mem are arti-
zaus of the hotter class whilst il is gener
ally conceded by the masters that the ;
now comers are for the most part incom-
potent. Good , who can al
ways obtain work , are brooming tired ol
the prolonged dispute with the maslers ,
and bunco Iho oxodus.
A Cann For Itlnmarck.
William Alslndt , better known as "His-
marok , " who has been employed as one
of tlio clerks in County Clerk NccdhamV
office for some time past , was made Ihc
subject of an agreeable surprise last
night. His follow employes presented
linn wilh a gold-headed cane at his resi
dence No. 8-0 South Sixteenth street aa
a testimonial of their friendship nnd es
A Pronounced Success.
Tlio Olympla theatre has boon nlghtlj
crowded since its opening , The success
of the enterprise is assured , and Messrs.
Parish if Cole have demonstrated that n
strictly first-class variety theatre ) prop
erly conducted would receive the hc.irty
support of tlio amusement-loving public.
The entertainment at the Olympia is
meritorious , and that it is appreciated is
amply proven by Ihe fact that people are
lurncd away almost nightly.
Dwelling Ilurncd.
Al 10 o'clock yeslcrday morning the
fire department was ciillcd to the corner
of Third and Walnut sruets | for a fire in
residence of a manoiuamcd Johnson ,
Children had been exploding fire crackers
nnd had thus set lire to thu house , The
blazu was well started bof pro it was dis
covered , nnd before the' ' ( ire department
had quenched the HamcalSGOO worth ol
damage had been done. . .The loss is par
tially covered by iusuraufce.
Hound Over.
The case of Charles Grbves , familiarly
known as "ShoJty , " was palled in police
court yesterday afternoon. Groves waf
charged with mayhem' ib. biting oil'n
portion of Larry CasoyJ.scar in n street
light. Casey is the man -who was with
vonng Nugent when th * Jailer was shot
Tuesday morning. The judge bound
Graves over lo the district court in the
sum of $500. Uail was promutly fur
nished , with Pal Ford and J. H. Stand-
ever I'.s
Dr. Uuthorford , who had a falling out
with II. A. Tlmkin about the placing of t
sign , was up before Judge Uerka yostur
day afternoon ou a charge ot assault
The complaint was disniis&ed , and n now
one filed charging him with disturbing
the peace. On this count he wus liuue !
f 10 and costs.
Assumed His Unties.
Dud' Green , appointed to the junioi
captaincy on the police force made
racaut by the promotion of Captalr
CormicK , assumed his new duties at 7
o'clock hist night. Captain Green will
have charge at night. '
Ho Stopped tlin Team.
Oflicer Carroll ycsterdoy stopped n
runaway horse belonging to Calm Hros ,
which was tearing down Fnrnam street
In checking thu animal Carroll's rlglil
knee was hurt and hu Is lliuroby incapac
ilated for duty. _
AVrtntcel In Snri > y County.
Deputy Sheriff hinyard. of Sarpj
county , was in Omaha yesterday and re
turned homo last night with Patrick Oil
Ion , who is wanted in Sarpy on a charge
of seduction. _
An Old llcnldcnt Oonc.
Mrs. Annie Hynn , wife of Thomai
Kyan , ellod at the family residence ir
South Omaha at 10 o'clock ycstordaj
morning. Mrs. Kyan hail lived in Ihfi
cily for llilrty years' , and was the inothei
of Mosdatucs Thomas anil John Garnoy
Nugent' ) * Condition ,
Hilly Nugent , the young man shol bj
Jack Kiloy , was pronounced much worse
yesterday , and last night it was thought
ho could not possibly recover. Kiloj
was not admitted to bail yesterday am
will not bo inilil Ihc result of Nugcnl1 !
injury is known.
Hilly Keilh was arrested last night bj
Olliccr O'Grady for stealing clothus fron
n boarder at thn Kniinctt house , am
James Robinson was arrested by Ollieei
O'Hoylo for going through Tom'Gabbcl'i
room ou Sixteenth streel.
Uiielup exposure lo cola winds' , rain
bright lighl or malaria , may bring on liv
llamatiem and of tlio eyes. Dr. J
II. McLean's Strengthening 'Eye Salve
will subdue th inllaiumntion , cool ami
soothu thu nerves , and strengthen weal
and failing eye sight. 25 cunts a box.
Thomas Duggan , of Springfield , Ohio
has returned homo.
George Lehman , of the Pacific hotel
Columbus , is in the city.
A. II. Peidham , of Hcndard llagstoni
quarries , Hcdtiold , Kas. , is at the Paxton
M. W. liruco , of Niobrara , formerly
reglslcrcr of Iho land ollice is in Ihu cily
J. II. Holhwull , of KHOX Center , tin
future county sual of Knox county , is ii
General Frederick leaves to-night foi
Now York , and will return wilh his wif <
Who has been visiting there.
Superintendent II. M. James will Icavi
this ovonine for Chicago lo altend tin
National Educational convention , whicl
convenes in that city to-morrow morn
ing. Mr. James will return in about let
Ex-Postmaster Contain returned yeller
elay morning from Ulslor , N. Y. , where hi
attended tlio funeral of his oldest sister
He succeeded in reaching her denlh bee
a day or so before she died , and , thougl
weak , she was able to recognize both Mr
Coulant and his brother , who wcro sum
inoned at Iho same time.
Dr. Schwenk. of Norfolk , was in towr
to-day anil says lhat Dr. E. A. Kelley
formerly ol this city , the superintend
ent of the new insane asylum , has suttlei
down lo work in an o ccllenl mannci
anil has made hosts of friends. The
steward of the institution is Mr. Nichol ,
who was chairman of tlio appropriutioi :
committee of Ihe la&t legislature.
The hank clearings yesterday amounted
to s5jiCU.4G. ( ! ;
Collections at the internal revenue
ofliue yesterday amounted lo $7,385.04.
< Tliuro is perhaps no happier man in
the cily than John E. Newman. The
reason Ihereof is a bouncing leu-pounei
Judge McCulloch ycslerday issued r
license authorizing Ihu marriage ol
Julius Sclmutt and Lena Lump , both ol
Douglas county.
The merchant tailoring firm of W. II
Gibson & Co. yesterday gave a chattel
mortgage for $2(55 ; ( on the contenls ol
Iheir store nt 817 South Fifteenth street ,
to Frank S. Gibson.
The entertainment ol the Musical Nu
cleus of St. Philip's church , which was
postponed from last Tuusdav evening on
neeount of Iho rain , will take place
this evening at St. Harnabas1
guild rooms , Nineteenth and Cal
ifornia streets. An interesting pro-
gramme of musical and literary exercises
will bo rendered by the young pooplu ol
the societv. Messrs. Henry Scroggins
and W. K. Gamble have promised to
make brief adelrusses. A cordial wel
come to all. A special invitation to all
colored people lately arrived in the cily ,
Hello of Hourbon ten-vcar-old whisky.
" '
Wiiat ? No appetite ? The Iroublo 'if
lhat your stoniaoh don't digest thu food
you cat. A wino-glass of "H. of H. " be
fore meals will give you a keen appetite.
Dr. A. S. Hillings wishes to announce
to his friends and patrons lhat after n
vacation of three months ho is now in his
ollioe again prepared to do all Kinds of
dental work.
II. K. KUItltET.
Funeral Director fe Embalnier
111 K. IGlliSt. Telephone No. 93
Copper , Brass , Lead , Zinc , Etc
Willpay good prices. Also bottles bought
anil sold.
114 S. llth Street.
First National M
Capital $500,000
Surplus 100,000
Herman Kounlze , President.
John A. Creighlon , Vice-Prejident.
F. H ! Davis , Cashier.
W. H. Me < rauiert Asst.Cashier. .
National Bank ,
Northwest Corner Farnnin nutl 13th Sts
Paid up Capital , - - $400,000
SurplutFund , . - - BO.OOO .
Frank Murphy , President.
Samuel K. Honors , Vice-'Prcsidcnl
Uen 15. Wood , Cusliiur.
Luther Drake , Assl-Cnshloi
Accounts solicited nnd prompt ntten
lion paid to all business entrusted to Its
ur .
r > 1 33 9 ,
nnsuLT or DSIXU
It M ndrllKhtful MiJI'll ) fr tlio I'ACE ,
MX'li , AIOIS niitl HANDS. Onrwinci
Unit , Sunburn , Nil I cm HONK , Kcclni-pn ,
niolli.riiiL-lu.n and c > cry Und of bKIN
DlNllmirfiiirnt. AipUoitluanuniipnt. | Cnn-
not bu Drlpctt-il , I'Ultr. anil IIAltMLUSSt
TaUo It vlth jou to tlio Ccasldf , Jlnuntalut
nnd nil Kurnl Itosotls ; It Is p < > clinuly , ro-
frc liliiB ami rustful nftcr a hot ilrlM.loug
ratnblo or sea bath.
Mexican far Veteran.
Tlio wonderful cClcncjr of Bwlfl'a Specific u ft
roincdj nnd euro for rlicunuttlsni nnd nil blood dli-
easts , hnt neverlind n morocomrlcunus Illustration
than this case nfTords. The candid , uni > ollclted nnd
emphatic testimony ghcn by the vonoroblo gontlo-
n > n must bo accepted M convincing and conclusive.
The writer Is n , prominent citizen of Mississippi. The
gentleman to horn Sir. Martin refer * , nnj \\liom
liols Indebted for the nilvlco to nhlch bo owes his
final relief from years of Buffering , Is Jlr. King , for
many years the popular ult.-'jt clerk of the Lawrtnoo
Ilotuie , at Jaclcson.
JACKSON , JIlsi. , April 29 , 1S37.
Tnt Swirr Bncmo CoarAirr , Atlanta , On. i
Oentltmcn I hao IHJCU on Invalid pensioner for
forty y cam , having contracted pulmonary and other
diseases In the Mexican War. but not till thu lit of
March , ] 33 , did I feel any Bvmptcms of rheumatism.
On that day I wns luJdcnlr stricken with that dts-
eaeo la both hips nnd tinkle * . For twenty days I
walked on crutches. Then the pain v. as less > lolent ,
but It shifted from Joint to Joint , For n rcks I would
be totally disabled , oltlu r on nne Dido or my body or
tlio other. The palu novtr loft ma a uiomcut for
eleven ycamand seven months thnt It from March 1 ,
1873 , when I was Hint attacked , to October 1 , l SS ,
when I was cured. Durlim these cloven year * of lu
te nso FiiITcrlng I trltd Innumerable prt-tcrliitloni
from various physician * , nnd trio I everything puj.
pested by frlomls , bat If I ever rppctreil the least
benellt from any tncdlclno token lntirnilly or er-
trrnally , I nm not awnreof It. Finally , about the
flrpt of September. I mntlo arrangeinpntfl to go to the
Hot Sirings of Arknmna , ImvliiK cleupnlnd of every
other remedy , v > hcn Incclilpntally met an old ac
quaintance , ilr. KiliK , now of tlio Lan-rrnce Ilnuso
of this city , lie had once t ccn n trrent BUnTercr from
rheumatism , and , as I supposed , had bpen cunnl
by mlsllto Hot BprlnK * . tiutulion I met him ho
told mo that his visit to the } Int BprlnRswai UiMiln
ho round no rpllef. On his return from lint Siirlncs
lie hoard , for the first tlmo , of the H. 8. B. nt n remedy
fur rheumatism. Ho tried It and nlz bottles inndon
oiiiiili'te | ( urc. Several \enrshaxj passtdslncc , but
lie lias had no rptum of t no disease.
I Immediately ictnrnpd totrjr It. In September I
took four bottles , and by tlio first of Qctoherl was
\velt as Turaa the rheumatism nat conccriud. All
pain had dlsupixuired , uud I IU > E .VOT FELT AIHIVUI :
Ihiu'iiii ) Interest In making this statement other
than the hope that it may dlitct SOIIIB other stiUcrer
to a euro source of relief , and If It has tills result I
am well rewarded for my troublo. I am > ery re-
( IM-ctfullynud truly yourfrloud.
J. M. B. llAtmit.
For sale by all drupgtsti. Treatise on DIood and
Skill Ulsc'aocs lualltdfitc.
Tut Bnirr SPECIFIC Co. ,
Drawer 3. Atlanta , Oa ,
SnmotliliiK entirely new
und sells nt slKlit. liar-
-ton's StoHinlL'ss , Oilor-
floss , Non-Iloil-Uvor-Kdt-
Mlu. Has iloi'ii ralsod
cover nnd wntur Joint ,
anil nn outlet which fiir-
ilosall Htoiira nnd odor
of Iho chimney. I'litont
; -toainer uitnolnnont
nlonu worth thn prluo.
AKi'iits Muntod , inulo or
foiiniloln every town InNoliinsku I'rollts J.'i to
f 10 per day. Liberal terms nnd o\clu. lo terri
tory KIVOD. Scud Btiimp for circular midterms.
I'llrr-s , flft | , ? 1.7' > : H nt.fl.s5 ( ; lOfiU , J3 ; Uiit. ,
122' . Moclolhy innll.aic.
W. S. COOMIIS. fienornl Airont ,
Omuhil , Nub. , 1 * . U. HOY 4S3.
Embody the highest excllcncics in Shape
lincssComfort and Durability and
arc the
Reigning Favorites
n fashionable circles Our name is on eve
ry sale. J. & T. COUSINS , New York
U. S. Mail Chutes
In oflice buildings , enables ten
ants to mail their own letters
without leaving the floor on
which their oflices are located.
In iiso in sixteen oities.
TUUIXO Co. , llochestor , N. Y. ,
sole makers.
. . .
1707 Olive St , St , Louis Mo.
Or the Missouri State Museum of Anatomv ,
St. Louis , Mo. , University College Hospi
tal , London , Giescn , Germany and New
York. Having devoted their attention
Nervous , Chronic and
More especially thse arlhinjrom impru
dence , invite all soeuffenni ; to correspond
without delay. Diseases of infection and
contagion cured fcafcly nnd speedily with
out detention ( torn business , and without
the use of dangerous .rugs. I'a-
tienta whose cases Ime 1'cen ' neglected ,
badly treated or pronounced incurable ,
should not fail to write us concerning their
symptoms All letters receive immediate
And will be mailed FKKB to ar.v address
on receipt of one 2 cent stamp. ' 'Practical '
Observations on Nervous Debility and
Physical Exhaustion , " tb which is added an
' E ay on Marriaj-e , ' with Important chap
ters on Disease * of the Reproductive Or
gans , the whole forming a valuable medical
treatise -which khould be read by all young
men. Address.
1707 Olive St.St. Louis , Mo.
- -
20 South 15th street , Omaha
Room 25 , Paxton Hlock , Omaha.
813 South 14th Street.
-A-ttomoy ext Ijaxv ,
ItoomS , rrunzor Hlook.OppoRllo 1'ostonioo.
I > K. C. ItO.SIiWATPJl ,
Physician and Surgeon ,
2US. l.'tli fct.i'or. Viunani. Iron Hank llinld-
IIIK Telephone f > OI.
Room 322 N. Kith st. , Omaha. Office hours
0 to 11 a.m. , 2 to 4 p.m. _
IJcslilcncp , OO. ) } N' . 17tlt St.
O. S. HOFFMAN , M. D. ,
F2a.yoJ.cian. and.
Office , N-W Cor. llth nnd Douglas.
Office Telephone 405 ; Res Telephone , 48
JOS. W. HAHNSDALL , A. M , , 3L D.
Surgeon aminircologisl > >
Office llmr , lOto ! 3-2to4-7 to9.
Onicc.liOilIownnl lr > ol , Onmlm.
ctn.d. Fliyoiclan. ,
Office , N-W Cor 14th nnd Douglas st ,
Office Telephone , 4C5 ; Res Telephone , 808.
llcsldenco. No 140" .Tonea street. Olllco , With-
ncll lllueK. Tclophono , rcsidoiico l J , olllco
Z2om.oosi5atlj.iot ,
OfTicc , 818 S. 14th st. Telephone , 680.
J. V. CORNISH , M. D. ,
Cor. 20th nnd Lake Sis.
KKIS nci.vriNtt co. ,
Printers , Book Binders
And Blank book Manufacturer * . Nog. 108 nnd
IDt&Uth street , Omnlm.Nob. .1.1' . Falrllo , Supor-
Intomlniit UlnJorr. Tulophono No. OJ.
Hardware Nails Tools
, , ,
Cutlery , Stoves , Tinware and Window
Screens. Lawn Mowers , Screen Doors ,
Gasoline Stoves , Tin Roofing , Gutter.
ins. Spouting and general Job Tinning-
2208 Ginning Street , Omaha , Nch ,
Itasc-Hnll Supplies , Lawn X.
Toiinls * Athletic KooiN. _ X
liM'2 Doiiglua Street.
_ _
All Island on thoijou thorn conRt of Miisanclm
Hulls. Good llehliih und bunch lor liutliitxr. IM
catcd In thu best Suiumnr Climute In tliooiia
For full iiurllt'liirs nd.lross . ,
Mutual Ufa llulhll n , : U Niissuu St. , N. V
Olllvc , 1411 1-2 rai-iiiun.
Uoildcncc. iiOtli nndCulll'urnluSt
Veterinary Surgeon
Olllcu117 M. Mill fcT
Carpenter and Builder ,
Tulophono 000.
SOD S Mllll SUIccillli Street.
CAUTION-PC , ! " *
Ifl ollietl lt > l yuu nto
huvlni northlot Inilta * : iMlUthcOKKil.
iruiMi Fi A nc Sue-
TI ( M COUSKT infl monty
wllb , itfuntled tuweirer
in i four eln' "
nut jxifeclly tMUhciuiy.
Mf > l l.y DRV Room niALPlU or If not ululniU *
nil ! mill , l llnjr ml ] , IlKAl.TII HHISIIBVINtl. tilt
t , oil MlSSB , tr
rkhlllluf Rorttt ComptiT. Detroit , MIcU
$3 SHOE.
StylUh , Duralil * . ] U r Flltlne
Thu b.ktJSJ Minv In IhuuUil
$2.50 SHOE
niuulu tTio .l ShiMit mlur-
tl a bjr oth t Unu .
KIlOi : roll IIOVH KIVM * ' Mtlsfurtlon All
Hie aliovflAr.i nudw In Ituttmi , ( % iiiuit'tM mm I.JNV.
all IjrlcK of ton. Hold by 'IjUtft tlpalort lliuiiKlmtit lh
U. H II > ur ( liMtler d < 'H not ktt-l > Ilium , rinl iiKine
' ' ' '
RCUf/IDE fic'cDBIin'r1' ' ' . " " r" ' 8'1" ' " '
DtVYAnt Ur rrtftUU.l > iiimled .i tlmt iiiiiio
unicrtipuloiK itcnlitrii am ufTrrliiE other K " < U n
mills , ami Hli n mknl whj in } nUiiip In nut nn tin
tli n , l t that I luvu dlncontliiiifil It * ii > . THIS
IS I' : . THku hiino n | > rr > i nil U to b III *
"Vf. li : liouglai hlmn , " unli' niiiiif , warrant ) ' *
nni ) | iilc ) urn BtninpiMl IMI hottfiiu < t f i fli
Blioc. W. I. . DOIKlf.AS , Jlr < ickti > ii , Jlji .
For alu by Kelley , Htlijor A Co.cor
Dodjro and ifitli-stH. ; Vfiiiry .Surffout
eor. uwurtl and Saundor ? sts.
The Orliflnnl and Only llvtinlnc.
&f. ft&4ftlwtri R.UfcSU Ptwuf of Mortkle * ! ImlutlbitA
u"lTii.\i. \ w LADIE.S. JJji'i\ flirtl J > i K
ditapilui f itrUitUii I * imw kr r l ni " "U.
UAMC PAPER. ilkl < b * tcr f % mliil ( i" .
N A NIK r * '
j JfV K 'll < l r , rkll < l > - , l' -
UrucifiU <