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ty tsrrier In nny part of the city ftt
t * cnty ccnti per week.
H.W.TILTOK , - Manafot
Bl'HlKrM OmcK. Ko. i3.
KIOIIT Etiiioit No. 23.
N. Y.Plumbine Co.
Kcltcr. tailor. Summer goods chcao.
A mad dop was shot yesterday ncur tlio
Northwestern depot.
William Alartin 1ms a new iivo-lighl
JHtidau on the streets.
No services will bo held in the labor-
nacln church this evening.
Colonel Daily will speak at Heel's prove
to-day at their celebration.
The patrol wagon is now in use , Charles
bandcrsou being the driver.
llapp & Allen have opened their coffee
house and restaurant in the lirown build-
The hotels are all crowded to overflow
Ing , and have put up cola for many of
Poojs sold every day on all the races
by Al Swcaringor at Sherlock's , No. 401
Yeitorday mornintt the burning debris
of the Saturday night bonliro was still
Eiscman & Co. arc putting in a now
cash system , which is something similar
lo the ono now in.
The Pacific house yesterday had a fine
rneuu , the same being turned out bv
Pryor'8 Hco job oflice.
The BIIJ : was yesterday morning o.i
Bale at Hotel Afanawa. As usuaKtho
only newspaper at the front.
Thomas Davis is charged with being
drunk and malicious mischief at the city
cooler" n good place this weather.
Those concerned in the trial of Dr.
Cross will celebrate to-day. The case
Will coiuo on again to-morrow morning.
Harry Haworth has been presented
jvith a banana tree , which is the only ono
In the city , it haying been brought from
( Juio.
There will be a display of fireworks at
Hotel Manawa this evening , and the
regular full course G o'clock dinner will
bo served.
Some few of the retail stores will bo
open this morning , but all will close , and
business after 12 o'clock will be generally
F. II. Kirk was yesterday arrested at
the driving park and placed him in jail ,
charging him with the larceny of a grip
from one of the men at the fair grounds.
A young rough named Jones , who has
had considerable notoriety for disturb
ance of the peace , etc. , and claims to bo
n switchmen , was arrested for creating a
A notorious "rounder" named "Jim"
rrico was run out of Omaha and brought
two terrible black eves to this city with
him. Ho was run in as a "vag" but was
out again yesterday.
Yesterday sorno person threw some
lumoer out of a building on Broadway.
between Main and Pearl streets , and
broke down the district telegraph and
telephone wires.
The six-year old son of Matt Kuhl , in
the country yesterday broke his arm by
falling ofl a fence. Dr. Kminonils re
duced the fracture , it being a compound
ono of the radius and ulna.
Rev. Mr. Fleming , who is the bible
agent for this county , reports for Juno
that ho visited 3i ; families , found fifty-
four destitute , supplied forty-one with the
bible and lifty-livc other individuals.
The management of the motor line is
under the superin tendency of W. S.
Couch ; the conductors are J. D. John
son nnd C. Carpenter , while the en
gineers are Charles Leo und Mr. Jones.
Florence Davis , as she gives her name ,
is in the county jail und is said to bo
crazy. She was arrested by the police
Saturday night late , and will be exam
ined by the commissioners to-duy or to
A large number of persons visited the
driving park yesterday and took a look
nt the blooded horses which are there
Btablcd in largo numbers , waiting for a
chance to show themselves in the races
which begin to-day. .
A. J. Mardel was badly bitten by n dog
belonging to Charles Lefforts on Ninth
avenue. He was told there was no dan
ger and that the dog would not bite , but
as Mr. Mardel entered the gate ho was
attacked by the brute.
The scandal mongers in the vicinity ol
the Methodibt church have food for gos-
eip in the report that a certain business
man and another man's wife were re
cently discovered in a compromising po
sition in Palmer's grove.
There will bo only ono delivery and
collection of the mails to-day , und that
in the evening. The postotliee will bo
open from 10 to 11 o'clock this morning
and from 7:80 : to 8 o'clock this evening
for the delivery of mail.
The dear old grandmother yesterday
suggested that "it wouldn't bo a bad
idea to double the police force for this
week. " Her children were so busily
"painting" Saturday night and hunting
the old woman's roosters that the dear
old lady wasn't aware that her sugges
tion was rather stale , the extra force hav
ing been sworn in Saturday.
About thirty extra policemen have
been put on during the Fourth and thoraces
races this week. The entire city is now
covered both day and night by the police
nnd the crooks which will begin to put
in an appearance by this morning or to-
iiight will begiren a close watch. Craoks
always co where the largest crowds con-
grcgato and their appearance in this city
is conclusive evidence of n great gather
ing to-duy and this week at the races.
Pacific house is the nearest hotel to the
majority of real estate oilices in the city ;
3 per day.
For female diseases and chronio dis
eases of all kinds , call on Dr. Uioo , No.
11 Pearl street , Council BluQ's , Iowa.
For rupture or hernia , call and get Dr.
Rico's now invention. It makes a man
of you in live minutes. No. pain. No.
11 Pearl street.
When you are in the city stop at the
Pacific house. Street cars pass the door
every fifteen minutes for all the depots.
Meals SO cents each.
Ono thousand head of ono , two and
three-year-old steers for sale. Will give
credit to reliable parties. Enquire of A.
J , Grceuamayer , Creston House.
At the Pacific iiouso you will save from
600 to f 1 per day. Try it and bo con
vinced. _
Latest improved gasoline stores nt N.
601 Main street. W. A. Wood.
J. W. & E. L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title and deserve the success
they are enjoying.
In this issue will be found the adyer-
tisoment of A. Rink , the grocer , corner
of Main street and Willow avenue. Mr.
Rink always keeps the best in the market
in his line and has a full assortment of
foreign and domestic canned goods all of
'which are sold at the lowest possible
figures. Glyo htm a trial.
Pools sold every day on nil the races
by Al Swuanugen , at Sherlock's , No. 404
Council Bluffs Bhonts With Patriotiam
and Bridge Enthusiasm !
Loyal Sentiments From the Pulpits
First Meal In the Manawa Hotel
A High Noon Wedding
Quick Told Items.
The ttny Wo Colcbrnto.
Council Binds will celebrate to-day in
good style. The programme is exten
sive and the attractions many. Never
before in the history of this city has there
been such a line field of horses as these
at present nt the driving park. The
Knights of Ixibor have arranged a pro
gramme superior to any previous year ,
and with the outaido military companies
and oilier attractions the crowd of visi
tors to tills city promises to go beyond any
previous gathering. Some eight or ten
towns in this vicinity have no
celebration whatever , and in con
sequence their citl/.ens will spend
the day here. It is expected
that the city will bo gaily decorated with
Hags and bunting.
The Dodge light guards will fire forty
rounds at 5:150 : o'clock this morning. At
8 o'clock there will bo a guard mount
in Bayliss park. At 0:30 : o'clock the pro
cession will form , and 'at 10:80 : o'clock
the Declaration of Independence will bo
read in Bayliss park , and the Hon. Jcsso
Harper , of Danville , 111. , will deliver an
oration , closing in time for dinner. In
the afternoon the races take place at the
driving park at 1:33 : o'clock. There will
also bo a competitive drill between the
companies of the Fifth regiment , I.S.N.G. ,
at the driving park , which will comprise
Company A , of tins city ; Company C , of
Glenwood ; company D. , of Boone ; com
pany E. , of Sheiiandoah ; also company
II. of the Third regiment , from Sioux
City. Tha "Ramblers" will also have a
bicycle race. Ono of the features at the
driving nark will bo the day fireworks
displayed under the supervision of the
Mueller Music company. Chariot races
also take place. In the evening the
Knights of Labor display of fireworks
will bo given in front of Masonic hall on
Broadway and Fourth street at 8:30 :
o'clock , after which the day's celebration
will bo concluded by the Kniglns of Labor
ball. _ _
The First Move.
Hotel Manawa yesterday had its in
formal opening and the first bill of fare
breakfast was served.
The formal opening of the hotel will
not take place until the upper stories are
finished , and then it will bo formally
opened by the Congregationalists of this
There were a largo number of persons
who took dinner at the hotel , and
U was well patronized. It is
n delightful place to spend
a warm day and the verandas were
crowded the entire day and evening.
During the afternoon and evening line
musto was given by the Northwestern
At dinner they had the following :
Little Neck Clams.
1'otta o a la Kliinu , Consomme in Cups.
Sea Flounder 1'ort Sauce.
Cucumbers. Tomatoes.
Dolled Canon. Cream Sauce.
Roast Sirloin of Beef , Roast Spring Lamb ,
Mint Sauce , Roast Spring
Chicken with Jelly.
Fillet of Beef with Champignons.
Banan a Fritters , Glaoo au Rum.
Asparagus on Toast.
New Potatoes In Cream. French Peas.
Now Beats. CaullUowar.
Peach Pie. Custard Pie.
Ice Cream , Vanilla and Strawberry.
Eadam Ctieese. Hard Crackers.
Georgia Watermelons.
Nuts. Layer Rasing.
French Coffee.
Pools sold ovcry day on all the races at
Sherlock's , 401 Broadway.
Crnmba From the Churolioa.
At the Presbyterian church yesterday
morning ROT. Dr. Phelps preached a ser
mon appropriate to the patriotic season
of the year. Ho spoke eloquently on na
tional privileges und responsibilities , dan
gers and duties.
At the Methodist church Ror. Dr. Me-
Crcary took occasion to thump horse rac
ing and the accompanying betting.
At the tabernacle yesterday afternoon
Rev. Mr. Whitobcad gave a popular sort
ot address in which he pictured the great
ness of this country. The address was
full of Interesting tacts concerning the
material and religious growth of the land ,
and thn great opportunities which lay
before It. He urged loyalty to the flag
and to God.
At the Congregational church yester
day morning the sacrament of the Lord's
supper was observed , nnd several new
members received into the church.
Among those received by'letter was one
you nit man , who came from a Methodist
church in V irgmla. Two others were
from the Congregational church at Glen-
In several of the churches yesterday
there were no evening services , the con
gregations uniting in the service at the
Fourth street tabernacle.
Pools sold every day on all the races at
Sherlock's. 404 Broadway.
The Kaoes.
The races begin to-day at 1:80 : o'clock
at the Council Bluffs Driving park. There
are n largo number of entries , and with
favorable weather fast time may be
looked for.
For to-day's races the entries are as
follows :
No. 1. 3:43 : trottlne , puree ( COO : Glosey ,
ch in , 1) . 11. Durman , Minneapolis. Minn. ;
Folly , b in. J. II. McShane. Omaha , Neb. :
Klntr Humbert , ch s , Gary & Colby , Council
Bluffs , In. ; J. S. C. , b s , C. H. Crelhton | ,
Onialm , Neb. ; i'atrolla. brin , "Tho Graham
Stock FarmBIcBsvHle , III. ; Lnor , b m ,
James D. Ladd , Uttumwa , la. ; Josfe ( } . , e
m , P. 11. Davis , Milwaukee , Wls. : Atlas , ch
s , Uatnoy l.osen , Kansas City , Mo. : Ot-
tumwa Maid , ch m , 11. Newcomb , Cedar
Rapids , In. ; P. U. Moss , b ar. Kd Stltt ,
Sparta , Wu. : Lady Adulla. b m. J. W.
Vo-lesone. Elyrla , O. ; William 8 , b g ,
Price Smith , Minneapolis , Minn ; Alax 13 ,
b c , U. Hopkins , Kansas City , Ma ; Neta
rfiie , br m , Anderson & Mclntosh , Marietta ,
Ua. : Uncle Josh , Kg , J. D. Martin , Minne
apolis Minn.
No. 3,3iM : trottlntr , purseSGOO Bob M , br
g Murphy Ilros. , Iowa City , la. ; Lady Spank
er , b m. ll O Benson , Peorla , 111. ; Elm wood
Chief , br g , U T Kiieobj. bloux City. la. ;
White Stockings , b K , Bob Stewart , Kansan
City , Mo. ; O. B. , b K , W. H.MoKinney. Kan
sas City , Mo. ; Kemont , blks. O. B. Abbott ,
Fort Wayne. Ino. ; Hilly Dayton , b p , James
Kills , Kau Claire. Wls. ; Allen Almont , b m ,
It. T. Meyers , Janeavllle , WIs. : Rose Standish -
dish , b m , R. K. Leo. Topeka , ( Cas. ; Doctor
Almont , ch K , L. U. Nell , Murireesboro.Tenn.
No. S , 2:25 : pacing , purse 8 < VX ) : Excelsior ,
rn K , A. K. Mann , Alleeliany Cltv.Pa. ; Nclllo
1) , gin. U.K. Curry , Sallna , Kan. : Mat tie
Stlpp , b m , John S. Wolf. Jr. , Cedar Rapids ,
Neb. ; Red Davis , ch g. Dan Anderson , Hla-
watna , Kan. ; Bessie Moore , s in , Ueorea W.
Farrier , Minneapolis , Minn. : Kxpross , b m ,
Silas Walters , Hiawatha , Kan. ; Wayne
WUkes. b s , U. E. Abbott , Fort Wayne. Ind. ;
Jack Rapid , g g , C. K. Mayne , Omaha , Neb. ;
Little lila , b m7J. W. VoKlesong , Elyrla , p. ;
Bay Diamond , o g , Abe Devlne , Kau Claire ,
Wls. ; Frank Champ , blk y , James Newbro ,
GreftDsbun , Ind.r MauibrTno Prince , br K ,
A. Heckenbercer , West Liberty , la. : Molly
Co < wer , cU. u > , . L. C&ruiicuel , Tauw Citr ,
In , ; Bell D , b m , J. K. Campbell , Lakeville ,
WU : Monkey Rnllc , bfc , J. A. FarrowParis
111 , ; Fannie C , blk in , Anderson & Mcln
tosh , Marietta , ( la. ; J. C. , s g , James Crltten-
den , New Orleans , Lu.
Pools sold every day on all the races nt
Sherlock's Broadway.
The lota In Lake View addition nro all
large , high anil dry. The buyers of
these lots at the auction sale to-day ,
at 2:30 : p. m. , will double their money In
n short time. They command a beauti
ful view of Lake Manawa.
A High Noon Marriage.
Yesterday at high noon , Harry J. Hoff-
mayr and Mlsa Maggie S. Corbaloy wore
united in marriage at the residence of
the bride's parents in Crescent township ,
by the father of the bride , the Rov. J. B.
Corbaley , in the presence of the Imme
diate relatives and friends of the con
tracting parties.
Mr. Hofftnayr in the oldest living son
of Colonel J. C. Hoffmayr , is well and
favorably known to a largo circle of
friends , nnd has for several years
been in the employ of the city mills as
book-keeper , his father being one of the
Miss Corbaloy Is the youngest daughter
of Rev. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Corbaloy , and
has resided m Crcscnt township for a
number of years , where slio has many
warm friends and associates as well as in
this city.
The newly wedded couple will spend
the Fourth at the Corbaloy residence ,
after which they will take up their resi
dence in this city.
We have just received a car of water
melons. Swan & Harmon , No. 11 Mam
At coat ! We will sell refrigerators for
the next thirty days to make room for
fall goods. Cole & Cole , 41 Main street.
K. of L , . Ball.
The Knights of Labor give a ball to
night in Masonic hall. Supper will bo
served at the Ogden house. The follow
ing are the committees :
Master of Ceremonies J. E. Collet.
Committee on Arrangements D. E.
Gleason , J. W. Warfol , R. J. Thomas.
Reception Committee J. R. Dietrich ,
S. Kclley , J. H. Plumor , G. ri. Jackson ,
William Arnd , W. H. Thomas. Mrs. R.
N. Whittlesoy , Mrs. H. Van DoBogart.
Floor Committee T. Kelley , John
Tcmpleton , William Fisher , George
Irvin , J. Cochran , E. Turnbull , F. R.
Levin , Charles Nicholson.
Fools sold every day on all the races
by Al Swoaringen , nt Sherlock's , No. 404
Broadway. "
Hotel Manawa Arrivals.
Among the guests who remained at
Hotel Manawa Saturday and lasi night
are : John H. McAlvln , Omaha ; W. G.
Wheeler , Omaha ; J. M. Ourslor , Omaha ;
C. J. McNitt. Council Bluffs ; H. C. Cory
and wife , Council Bluffs ; George VV.
Thompson and wife , Council Bluffs ; W.
S. Couch and Miss Lucv Couch , Dubuque ;
I. M. Hay , Hattie A. Ilay , Minneapolis ;
Joe BacharacK and wife , Council Bluffh ;
J. D. Stewart and wife , Council Bluffs ;
W. C. Rose , Omaha ; George A. Day ,
Personal Paragraphs.
G. R. Wilcox , of Fremont , is in the
E. F. Gatly , of Sioux City , is at the
Frank Linsley , of Fremont , is at the
) gden.
C. E. Chandler , of St. Louis , is at the
Roy S. Tuttle is off the road to attend
he races.
W. P. Cnsty , of Des Moincs , is at the
L. S. Raskins , of Missouri Valley , is nt
he Pacific.
Jerome McClintock returned yesterday
rom Colfax.
H. LeRoy , of Now York , is a guest at
he Bechtele.
William Dayloy , of Ncwaha , is n guest
at the Pacific.
Thomas Hurley , of Vilisca , is at the
levere house.
P. W. Peterson and J. L. Swanson , are
at the Bechtelo.
D. J. Hutchinson , of Shenandoah , is nt
he Pacific house.
Hon. Jesse Harper , the orator of to
day , is at the Pacific.
S. M. Cady , of Maryvlllo , Mo. , is reg-
stored at the Pacific.
Joseph Kintz. of Mnrshalltown , spends
the Fourth in this city.
L. Davis , wife anil sons , of Sao City ,
are at the Pacific house.
W. S. Hamilton and wife , of Lincoln ,
are guests at the Bechtole.
James Richey , of Kane , 111. , is visiting
: iis sister , Mrs. Albert Slyter.
Mrs. L. A. Kattcll , of Cincinnati , is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haworth.
J. W. Retail. O. T. Tostcvin and
Thomas McDonald , of Lincoln , are at the
Captain W. R. MeCollough spends the
week at homo and entertaining his custo
mers who attend the races.
Pools sold every day on all the races
by Al Swcaringeu , at Sherlock's , No. 404
The finest of driving horses always on
hand nnd for sale by
Prices Very "Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
KO. 23 MAIX ST. ,
Star Sale Stables and Mule Yards
Broadway , Council Bluffs , Opp. Dummy Depot
Horses and mules kept constantly
hand , for saio at retail or in car loa
Orders promptly filled by contract on
hort notice. Stock sold on commission.
SPLUTER & BOLET , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 11
Formerly of Keil Sale. Stables , corner
1st. ave. and 4tu t
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Kegiilar : : Boarders : : Reduced : : Rates.
Pianos and Organs
Persons wishing to purchase instruments will find it to their interest to
call on us.
Iiiklruincnts Tuned nntl Itcpnlrud. We never frill to nive NatM'itellcm.
Over iiO years' Experience In Piano and Organ Work.
Swanson Music Co.
No. 327 Broadway , Council
Engineer , Surveyor , MapPublisher
Over JVo. 12 North Main St.
i , i i id counties
Have the largest and most complete
.assortment ot
Fire Place Furnishings
One Huntfrad andSeveniyFive
Oiffeerent designs of fireplaces can be seen
all set up in our showrooms. Also
Bath and Toilet
Rooms all fitted up with Tiles.
Df all the choicest and most orignal de
Readers of this paper requiting goods in
our line should call upon ot communicate
with us.
P nt iJFeh. & , 1887 ,
-With oUdlnir Detachable
Springs. HT Better than
'Whalebone or Horu J
and guaranteed never to
break. Price , jti.jj.
For ulo by taullsg * holcalc anil retail cstib-
412 Broadway , Y. , Manufacturers.
Owing to the MMOIil. lUMHITI of the cloth ( which
our inunu cor r iclu lt ly ) will Mffi'ZVif . ? . .
. . BkTlUIKU
time worn. lUqulrti no bmklnt In. OII
BT Mllr fUrb ln worn t.ndijtlf not found ihjnion
7rKKriCOT flTTlKO. I ALTIfrill *
d ronrortabl * Corict ( T r worn. Bold by all
miner MIL
, , . . ,
Lawo tints In wblto , black nnd all colors. .Pat
tern bonnets , IIHI.I nnd toques , u specialty.
No 1514 Uoutfliig nt. , Otunlm.
Council BIuTsIowa. (
Established 1S57.
Special adveitlsoments , Mich us Loit , Found
'iOLonnFor Silo , To Kent , Vxuits , Donrdlnir ,
etc , will lieinsciled in this column tit the loir
rntoorTEN CUNTS 1'nit LINE forjho first Insor-
ion nnd V'lvoConUrerLlnoloi'caeh subso-iuont
iTieortion. Lvuvo lUlvui-Usemuiits nt our oflk'u
No , 12 I'curl stiect , nour llroiulwur. Council
ANTED-Flfty rullroud teams and llfty
men tenmeter , wlicelor holders , Mush
lolders , Krubhois nnd ux men for railroud
work on brnnch of P. , U. & Alo. Volley , run
ning from Ills Uut.O miles noi thwust or Uiatitm ,
o C. St. 1' . , M. & O.K. it. Waives for tennis
M.M per day , tenmstora $25 per month , day
men from f I.K ) to $2 per day. Apply at work.
Soulden & Mnltby.
WANTI'O. A good workman at Helslor'8
burbcr shop , No. 400 liroudwny.
W'ANTED Hotisokeoror ; nlso mnn to tnko
cure of horses , man and wllo prctoirod.
J. W. 4 K. L. Squire.
TJlOU KENT Eight-room house , in peed re-
C pair ; No. 0)0 ) Bluir tt. : MO per month. Mrn.
M. J. Cole , No. 013 4th st.
FOH KENT Conl shotls. olllco nnd icftles , ono
live-room house. (1 , Mnync , K'JOtli live.
WANTED A Kood cook and irlrl for none ml
housework In a fnmlly of four. Mrs.
Thomas Ofllcor , No. fVU Willow avonuc.
[ 710H SALE-Or Trade Six sections of peed
. laud In Lincoln county , Nob. , on U. P.
railway. Cnll on or nddri g Udell Ilros. & Co. ,
103 Penrl St. , Council llluirx.
ANTED A Kood girl for ifonornl tioueo-
work. Apply nt 70J Sixth arenas. ,
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
Telephone No.
Na. 615 Main Street , Telephone No , 93.
Attorneys at Law ,
ctice in the State and Federa Courtt
Rooms 7 and 3 Shugart-Bcno Block.
In Amber ,
etc.Hair On
nunients , as
well as the
newest iiov-
oltlcHia hair
goods ,
* Hulr goods
' madcto order
Mri. cTi. Gillette
20 Mnlu St. , Council liluirs , Iowa. Out
of town work solicited , and nil mull
orders promptly attended to.
Justice of the Peace.
Oillcoover A merlcan
Jiistiqe ot the Peace ,
4U5 Broadway-Council Blufft.
Refers to any bank or butiness house ih'the
city. ' Collection * a specialty.
For Everybody to Come to
No postponement on account of the weather.
We shall close out without regard to cost
In Summer Dress Goods ,
Wash Goods , Hosiery , Etc.
Come Early
And Secure the Best Selections ,
We are Headquarters for
Carpets of all Kinds.
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
N. B. Special attention given all orders by
, i
On Furniture , Household Goods , Stoves , etc. , to make room. (
for Fail Stock.
A. J. MANDEL , - - No , 325 Broadway
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
No. 201 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Fancy and Fancy Groceries
Both Domestic and Foreign ,
O. J . OOLIB'X" ,
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council HI 11II * Olllce , Muxonle
Temple. Oinuliii OHIcco , . 111
North lUlli Mil-cut.
Particular ullciitlun ivon lo In
venting . . funds for mm - resi
dent * .Special Imrtfiilii * In lot * k
acre property . In Oiiutlm Jk G'ouu-
cll ited. lilitil'tf. C'orronpomleiico solic
" "