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Prayerful Teoplo Pray and Rain Cornea
nnd Saves the Gorni
to StJr Up Strife Ovnr tlio
Jtcoont Itumovntfl Tlic Jolibcrs
mill the Jtnllrontls lowa'a
l'ulllo ) Debt.
Tlio Outlook For Corn.
Dnn MOINKS , In , , July 3. ISpcclal to
the ltii.j : ; loua is settling into a state of
midsummer Ferenlty that doesn't threaten
Anything very startling for the next two
months. Its attention will bo chielly devot-
cd to taking care of the Immense corn crop
which now eeoms to bo assured. Some of ,
the more sanguine estimate that its crop
will reach 350,000,000 or 4J0,000,000 bushels.
It It docs look out for a boom. Iowa has
been waiting tor something of that
sort since 1883. Four years of poor crops is
enough to make an average farmer feel blue.
Tlio salvation of the Iowa crops has come
\vlth these late rains. The people of this
Btato have taken quite a notion to praying
Tor rain when tlioy need It. A week niro tnn
pountry was suflorlng tearfully Ironi the
drought. It was suggested to the eood and
devout proplovlio believe in the cfllracy of
ipraier , that they pray for rain without beatIng -
Ing around the bush at all. If they had faith
lo employ prayer for other things thuy do-
fired , why shouldn't they pray for the rain
vint they now needed most of all. The coed
people of the state began praying , and sure
enough the ruin began fallln/ , and the last
Jew Uajs have brought very copious shovicrs
Which , according to the arrangement of a
very beneficent 1'rovlilcnce , have been fall
ing upon the righteous and the unrighteous
alike. The prayer gauge Is held In very high
reverence antl respect in consequence.
It Is pretty hot weather to hostlirlngun
.quarrels , but some malcontents are trying to
, dn so over the recent removal ot so\ oral pro-
/essors of tlio state nnlsersity. For some
wears the feeling has been glowing that bet-
Ser men could and should bo secured for the
Positions thny tilled. Now that the reseats
; Jiavo made the needed change the Irlends ot
itho deposed professors raise the cry that the
removal was lor political and partisan rea
sons. These professors were active
prohibitionists. Two years ago tlio
regents remo\ed another piofesbor who
.was an activi antl-proliibltlonlst , and
'the ' same complaint was made then. So it
fan hardly lie In both cases. Thnonly thing
.to bo done In quietly to accept the situation
land defer to the judgment of the men who
fire responsible for the welfare of the univers
ity. Some democrats are trying to Induce
Ijono of the deposed professors to bring his
prlevances Into the republican fltato conven
tion and put himself up as a candidate for
ftato superintendent. In order to secure a
"vindication. " but if ho has the sense which
} ils friends claim for him , ho will never do
anything of the sort.
I It wasn't many miles from Dos Molues In
n thriving county seat , that a young couple
'determined to be married in church unknown
Jto their parents and friends. At tlio conclu
sion of the regular morning .service on Sun-
clay they took their places In front of the
preacher without anything being said to
jireparo tlio congregation for the surprise.
' .The minister , knowing the situation , was
naturally n little rattled , and plunging hast
ily In mcdias res , ho declared , "I pronounce
you man and wife , and may God have mercy
on your souls. " This unexpected blending
of the marriage ceremony and the benedic
tion was not paitlctilarlv pleasing to the
bridal couple , but so far it has not had any
fatal elfcct ,
&Tho annual meeting ot the jobbers and
Jnanufacturers state association at Dubuque
last week was enthusiastic , with a good deal
of business about It. There Is gotn g to bo
trouble for the railroads If they don't come to
Jlmo , and It will not be the grangers alone
Jhat will make it for them. Heretofore the
greatest tear that railroads have had was of
i "granger" legislature as It was called ,
riiey didn't have much concern about the
wslness mm , but they were afraid to lot the
'armors get hold .of the wheel. But now
; hey need to beware of tno business men ,
whose jobbing and manufacturing Interests
: iave been so disastrously affected by the
railroads since the passage of the Inter
state railway law. The following reso
lution adopted at the Dubuqua meeting
Bhows what men are thinking about :
Hesolved , That the action of the railroads
t Iowa In advancing the prices of passenger
nd baggaee mileage books Is titly crmrac-
erlzrd by Governor Larrabco as an extortion
pud will on taken by the people of Iowa as a
Hireet challenge for the enactment of a law
[ establishing a rate of two cents a mile on
Mhelr lines.IOWA'S
The biennial statement of tlio state treas-
iror shows that tlio public debt of Iowa Is
npldly and surely decreasing. The dellclt
tself Is no dlsgraro for It was Incurred by ex-
raordlnary appropriations tor the different
charitable mid educational Institutions of the
state , exccedlm : for the time being the ordin
ary Income of the stato. Deducting the cash
Dii hand ready to meet 'outstanding warrants
IB soon an they are presented , and there Is
eft n dflllclt of such warrants amounting to
54:19,015,07 : as against a deficit of about throe
piartcrs of a million dollars when the last
ecislaturo adjourned. So the debt is steadily
Hunting Fatality.
O9KAI.008A , la. , July 3. [ Special Tele-
cram to the BEE.J Mr. J. 11. McVado , of
les Moines , was out hunting near Nobloton
In this county and mot with a hoirlblo accl-
flentlast evcuinc. lie was carrying a shot-
pun and the accident occurred as he was
getting through a rail fenco. llo had his
fveleht on the top rail of the fence when It
broke and ho and the KUU came to the
kround. The gun was discharged and the
load passed through his lungs , killing him
A Cedar Rnpiils Fratricide.
CEDAR HAITDH , la. , July 3. In a drunken
row last nlcht John 15lack , a farmer , took his
roungor brother's life with a revolver. llo
was qtmreling at a danro near the city , and
when his brother Interfered turned and shot
111 m in the stomach. lie claims that It was
nil accident.
An Important Capture.
WICHITA , Kan. , July 3. United States
Marshal Prior , of Harbor county , yesterday
brought to tlio city two prisoners. John Cas-
II no and his daughter , Mary. They , With
John Costlno , the girl's brother , two weeks
pro attempted to break Into the postofllco at
jglm Mills , and secure a largo sum ot money
which they believed to bo there. The post-
pnaster was , however , awaiting their arrival ,
nnd as young Castlne was climbing Into the
window , ho shot him In the head , killing
him almost Instantly. Father and daughter
i ilod , and , after wandering through the terri
tory , were captured Thursday. They were
ylaccd under bond , which being unable to
fcecuro , they were taken lost night to the jail
lit Topcka.
Summary Itavenge ,
CHICAGO , Julys. Four years ago "Cuddy1
/Callahan committed an assault upon the
wlfo ot his uncle , Dennis Callulmn. Through
ponsldoratlon for hU family she kept
I fllent about the matter nnttl yesterday ,
when hearing ho was circulating
stories derogatory to her character. She
complained to her husband and told him the
fctnry of the assault. This morning Dennis
limited UP his nephew in a saloon and shot
lilm dead without Having a word. Tliomur-
( loied man leaves a wlfo and three children.
For fear of loosing a day's work , many
lersons put oil' taking physio until Sat-
t > may. The better plan is to not 'delay
jut take it as soon as needed , it may save
Q-OU a hard spell of sickness. It you
want the most benefit from the least
nmouut of pbysio without causing you
ny inconvenience , loss of appetite or
post take St. Patrick' ! Pills. Their action
/on tno liver and bowels are thorough ,
they give a freshness , tone anil vigor to
K 10 whole system and act in harmony
ith nature ,
A floppy Family. .
Mr.'and Mrs. A. Green , colored denl-
ens ol Buoktowu , became involved lu n
family broil , which terminated In a red-
hot liylit. The woman appeared to have
rather the best of the fray , when an. olll-
cor rushed in and arrcstoa both.
No name is better mid nioro pleasantly
antl widely known than that of Mr. J.
A. I'ozzonl , For Yunr.4 ho lias made himself -
self fitinotis by the elegant perfumes and
complexion powder that boars his name.
tlio latterhnving found its way ; to the
belles of Paris Oormany and London ,
Everybody admire beauty in ladles.
Nothlngwill do more to produce or en
hance it than to use Mr. I'oizonl's pre
A Shower of
Chicago Mail : Several years ago , before
fore the Httrlmgton company built their
present ofllco building , its olllces wore lo
cated at tlio corner of Michigan avenue
and Handolph street. D. W. Hitchcock ,
now the San Francisco roprcsctitatiuo of
the Union Pacific , was their general
passenger agent. A more popular pas-
longer asrent novcr Jived , and ho was
known from Chicago to San Francisco
its "Iliich. " llo wits rough and ready
always , and a practical joker. Ills resf-
dunce on Michigan avenue one night vis
ited by burglars , and ho concluded to
fortify himself against further annoy
ance trom that source by securing a
trusty watchdog. Accordingly ho tele
graphed to Harry Denol , the ticket agent
at Omaha , to look out for a good dog and
bend it to him.
It leaked out in duo course that "Hitch"
wanted a dog ami then tlio fun began.
Io < rs arrived trom all directions ; dogs of
all sixes , colors und breeds. They came
by express , by baggaso-car and even by
mail. Hitchcock would come to his ollico
ni the morning , whistling gaily as was
his wont , to iinil from three to six curs
tictl to the chair logs and lying on his
desk. There worn also an assortment of
little toy china dogs that came all the
way from Boston. But the Hist dog that
arrived came in the baggage-car ot No.
B , the day train from Omaha. A tougher
specimen of thu canine would have been
hard to find. It was properly tagged "D.
W. Hitchcock , general passenger agent.
Chicago ; baggageman will feud anil
water , " and was placed in the b.iggacro-
car of the train at Indiana avnnuo station ,
one mile from the passenger depot , by
Al Crocker , at that time chief clerk in
the general superintendent's ollicc.
Of course Crocker was on hand when
tlio dog was brought into the oih'ro.
Hitchcock was elated over the appear
ance of tlio dog , and remarked to
Crocker that he thought ho would now
be burglar-proof , judging from that sav
age looking eye. Well , ho forthwith dic
tated a telegram of thanks to Dencl , ac
knowledging receipt nnd complimenting
Harry on ins good judgment. Then ho
dispatched the oilico Iioy to his house
with the dog and furnished him with
money to purchase on the way a collar
and chain. Before the boy returned the
following reply came from the ticket
agent at Omaha : "Don't understand
your message. I have sent you no dog
yet. "
To say that Hitchcock was wild is put
ting it mild. Ho raved and Crocker
sneaked out. The ofllco retained the
odor of brimstone for n week afterward.
On the return of the boys ho promptly
headed back and forced to "double the
road" between the Burlington ofllco and
the Hitchcock mansion with the verbal
message : "Turn tlio d - n cur loose and
kick it out. I'll got even with Crocker. "
Typewriting n Fine Art.
It is quite a surprising thing to observe
how many incompetent typewriter
operators there are , says the St. Louis
Globe. Their incompotoncy springs
from wrong instruction or no instruction
nt all. An employer does not notice it ,
though , unless ho happens to bo an
operator himself. Go into any largo
business house where a number of type
writers are in use , and you will see that
no two in a dozen are fingered properly.
In fact , it scorns as If the
operator never heard that each
letter should be touched with a
certain finger , according to the word it
is in , and that each hand should do an
equal share of the work. Some use only
the forefinger of each hand , only two
fingers on each hand , while the num
ber of these who strike the space bar with
their finger , instead of with the thumb ,
is legion. It would bo impossible to keep
n count of these who use their right
hand , nearly exclusively , and time would
fail ono to enumerate those who have tlio
wrong touch entirely. All this botch
work is duo to starting wrong. A young
person gets the fever , and is so desirous of
securing a situation ntonco , Hint ho or she
begins copying letters , etc. , before colng
through tile book of exorcises carefully.
To go through tlio book , on the average ,
requires about a month's steady work.
When the last exercise is written tho.
proper touch has been learned , the right
fingering has become mechanical , and
both hands unconsciously do their portion
tion of the writing , but the ambitious op
erator won't take even a week of drill ,
and having ignored the basis for pro
gress , remains awkward and unprogrcss-
ivo forever , and wonders why h-j cannot
gain that graceful motion or rapidity of
touch which comes to those who start
right. A good operator will use six fin
gers , three on each hand , and touch every
Key with a uniformity ot pressure.
Praying For Hornets and
Alapaha ( Ga. ) Star : During the rnvival
in the Mothoalst church at this place an
old man and very practical member was
called on to pray. That morning ho saw
several of his neighbors , armed with
fishing poles , pass his place on their way
to the river. This furnished him a theme
nnd ho prayed about as follows ! "Oh ,
Lord , I saw several of my friends this
morning down into the Laphaw swamp
iisllng | instead of coming to chuicli.
Good Lord , send hornets and wasps and
vellow-jacketa and horseflies and yellow-
Hies and rcdbugs , and make them sting
them and bite thorn till they are forced to
lleo from the swamp and seek shelter in
the church.
The Chinese- are to have anew coinage ,
and ninotv coining presses and all neces
sary machinery for litting up a mint in
China will bo ready by next April. The
presses , which are being prepared in
England , are noiseless and automatic.
and are capable of producing 3,700,000
coins per day of ton hours. The coins
are to bo $1 pieces and throe subdivisions
ions , a half u fifth , nnd a tenth in silver ,
as well as the "bash" or "mills" equal to
one-thousandth part of $1 in rolled brass.
The silver $1 is equal to five shillings
English money. Ot tlio 3,7000,000 coins
which are to bo struck per day , 100,000
are to bo ( if required ) silver 11. The e x-
tent of the order may bo estimated from
the fact that the royal mint in London is
only furnished with sixteen presses. The
value of the daily coluago of English
money is 35,050.
"Wo have the rarest bird ever bronght
to America , " remarked the superintend
ent of the Philadelphia Zoological
garden. "It is called the Australian bush
turkey. It is really a most remarkable
creature. During the season of incuba
tion the parent bird scrapes together u
mound of earth nnd rubbish , reaching
sometimes a diameter of twenty-live feet
and a height of live. A spacious- hole is
then made in thu center nf the pile , nar
rowing us it approaches the bottom. In
this excavation the eggs are deposited in
layers , mingled with decomposing vege
table matter aqd the worst rubbisn to bo
found. The heat generated by thi fer
mentation of this mass of offal hatches
the eggs and the little ones scratch their
way unaided to the surface. Queer ,
isn't ' it ? " .
Engineer1 TrtnviU tnd Letclf at
Personal raragrnplis.
E , A. Brown , of the Nebraska City
Press , is In Omaha.
C. E. Macoon , of Lincoln , Is in tlio city.
C. 0. Mlllard , of O'Neill , Is In town.
M. M. Aslilln nnd John S. Patton , Lin
coln , are at the Metropolitan. '
J. E. Burgh and family , of Hooper ,
Nub. , are in the city to pass the Fourth.
Exaumlciii to C
Commencing July C antl continuing on
sale to July IS tlio Chicago & Northwest
ern railway will Roll round trip tickets to
Vcachcrs and all others who wish to take
n trip to Chicago or points in the cast for
? 14. 00 from Council Blufl's to Chicago
ind return. Two through express trains
rtin.dally , leaving Omaha at 0:15 : a. m ,
ind ( ! :03 : p. m. , running palace sleeping
nnd dining cars. Ample accommoda
tions will uo furnished for everyone , llo-
servo your sleeping car berths and se
cure your tickets at the Chicago & North
western ticket olllcc , Mil Farnam street.
General Western Agent.
Work of n Ilomb Cracker.
Some person threw a bomb fire cracker
beneath one of the cab horses at the corner
nor of Thirteenth and Douglas streets
last night. Two of the horses ran away ,
antl at the northwest corner of the streets
mentioned , collided. Tlio cabs , Nos , 10
and 10 , were more or less damaged , and
ono of the animals was thrown , but was
comparatively uninjured.
That Tired Feeling
The warm weather has a debilitating effect ,
especially upon these \Uio araltlilu doors
most of the time. The peculiar , yet common ,
complaint known as "that tired feeling , "
is the result. Tills feeling can 1)0 ) entirely
overcome by taking Hood's Sarsaparllla ,
\\lilch circs new lift ) and strength to all
the functions of the body.
"I could not sleep ; had no appetite. I
took Hood's Sarsapaillla and soon began to
sleep soundly ; could get up without that
tired and languid feeling ; nnd my appctlto
improved. " 11. A. SAJTFOJID , Kent , Ohio.
Strengthen the System
Hood's Barsiparllla is characterized by
three peculiarities : 1st , the combination of
remedial ngcnts ; Ed , the proportion ! 3d , the
process of securing the actho medicinal
qualities. The result is a mcdlclno of unusual
strength , effecting cures hitherto unknown.
Bend for book containing additional evidence.
" Hood's Sarsanarllla tones up my system ,
puilfles my Mood , sharpens my appetite , and
seems to make mo over. " J. 1 * . THOMPSON ,
-.Register ol Deeds , Lowell , Mass.
"Hood's Sarsaparllla beats all others , and
Is worth Its wolglit In gold. " I. lUlutuiGiox ,
130 Bank Street , New York City.
Hood's sSarsaparilla
Bold by All druggists. $1 ; six for $5. Made
only by 0.1. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Mass.
IOO Doses _ One Dollar.
. . .
1707 Olive St. , St. Louis Mo.
Of the Missouri Stale Museum of Anatomy ,
St. LouU , Mo. , University College Hospi
tal , London , Gicscn ( Germany and New
York. Having devoted their attention
OF lie anil
More especially thse arising ( rom Impru
dence , m\ite all so suffering to correspond
without delay. Diseases of Intoction and
contagion cured safely nnd speedily with
out detention from business , and \\ithoat
the use of dangerous drugs. Pa
tients whose cases have been neglected ,
badly treated or pronounced incurable ,
Bhould not fail to write us concerning their
symptoms All letters receive immediate
And will be mailed FREE to any address
on receipt of one 2 cent stamp. "Practical
Observations , on Nervous Debility nnd
Physical Exhaustion , " to which is added an
' 'Essay on Marriage , ' with important chap
ters on Diseases of the Reproductive Or
gans , the whole forming a valuable medical
treatise which should be read by all young
men. Address ,
1707 Olive St .St. Louis. Mo.
Who cluslrcs n perfect
BllOllltl WCnr OI1C. Will not Cnhool itbllfltlrfworn.
HORCESIEB COMET 10. . 5IS andliO B.rketSt. , Chltiso.
of the body enlarged and strengthened , Full { uutlo-
Ulars ( scaled ) free. EUIE MED. CO. , Iluffalo , K. Y.
Thirty-seventh year begins Sept. 6th , 18S7.
Forcirculaisorsnooltil information address
IIoriiooK. Smith. Lu P. Doivn. Albany , N. Y.
FOK VOUNU 1L/\I / > 1ES.
Throe course" of study. Tlmrouehnesiln every rte-
imrtmont. Building * elegantly funiljhod. Heiitoil
itli Lighted wltli BUS. Water from St. Clulr
Illver. Superior udrntitngn * In mmlc ami ; irt , Ad-
Uressfor circular. MJMKIIV1LM ! SCHOOL.
St. Clalr , Mich.
For young women , Princeton , N. J.
Prospectus , fullparticulars , sent on ap-
plicatonto J. H , M Elvaine.
X I'OU YOUNO LAUlisl < ! > North Broad 3t
Philadelphia. 17th year bclns Sept. 21bt , 183 * .
Address Miss it. K. JUOKINS , Principal ,
who refers by special permission to
Mr. and HisJohn N. Jowett , I
Mr. and Mrs. 1'lilllp n. Armour , VChicago.
Mr. ana Mrs. Horace F. Wnito , )
Ona Agtnt ( lUrcnant onlTt wnatfit in Terr town for
Wo have handled your elirnrs for rooro than
15 5 ears. Your "Tsnsill's Punch" is the best
iihiR and most popular nlcklo clffixr we have
fold And Is still our loadlnK
I NO. 11. PoitTEn & Co. , DrufrKlsts , Hockford , II
IIIIK II. W. TANSILL & CO. , Clltili
Ouiaha , Nebraska.
cases cured. No V.nllednitsoiclamps ueed.
Add. V. O. Supply Co. Ilex 72fi. St. Lonls. Mo.
Absolutely perfect. No refrigerator
equals it. Guaranteed in every respect nnd
very reasonable in price.
Agent for the Manufacturers.
13th St. bet. Itanium anil Jlarncy.
tDr. Ilaughawout : OmMin Dental Asso
ciation Dental operations rendered painless -
loss by the use ot compound oxygen.
Tooth without plate , bridge work nnd
crowns of every approved kind , inserted
by the most satisfactory method. Roll-
man block , cor. 13th and Farmun streets.
TERFJE HAUTE , IND. I A School ol Engineering.
Well endowed , ell equipped nepirtinents nf Moch.
unlcnl und Cl ll llnulneerliiH , I.leUrfrltr , ClicmlHtrjr
nnd tlrilnK. rxlinblveslionn and l.alinraturla * .
Tor Catalogue , aildlPJ T. C. JU.MlhMI ALL , I'm.
L. J. MARKS& Co.
Grain and Provision Commis
sion Merchants ,
1O and 12 1'aclflc Avenue.
Grulnnnd I'rovWons bouclit and sold on mireln-
on the CtilciiKO Ilonnlof Triulo. Oorrespondonce BOS
llclted. Uillyor ncckly market letter sent un npiill'
cation. Itofercnco Corn Uicli inea , Chicuto.
Veterinary Surgeon
Graduate of the Royal College of Voter
nary Surgeons , London , England.
Onice , Benham's Stable , 118 North ICth
Street , Omaha.
Hoi a l'iut dllfcrrnt trom all
othrm. Is ran ihano. with Self-
adjnitlng Iialllucenterudapta
ItceK to all positions of the
boaynhllothuhall Inthocup
presses back the Intes-
" * * * * * * fiHe3 Juat as o person
dOO ! With the f Inser. WltrfllgMrremir. thoHer-
nVliclrt ( courely ckiy and nlpht.and a radical cure
co irtKln. It Is oasy. dorntiln and cheap S nt br raotl. Cir-
troe. 'SuBlKSIoa TBCSlilO. , OduCD , lib
Funeral Director & Embalmer
111 K. ICthEt. Tolooliono No. < )
Successors to Jno. G. Jacobs ,
At the oltlstnntl 1407 Karnara st. Orders
bytolcgraph solicited and promptly at
tended lo. Telephone No. 225.
# 3 : T w Wj& oee
oeW1wmftfc #
A magnificant display of everything
useful and ornamental in the furniture
maker's art , at reasonable prices.
Estimates Furnished on Application ,
1409 aud 1411 Docfco o Street.
Most Popular First Class Piano made. It stautU on its meriis.
Ballet & MsSoHa no Equal
At Wholesale and Retail. AGENTS WANTED
Art anil Music , 1513 Douglas St.
. .
.M * * * *
We soil now nnd second linud
House Furnishing Goods 1
On Weekly and Monthly Payments ,
Nos , 108and ( ION , 14thstreet ,
Bet , Dodge and Capitol Avenue ,
Pianos , Organs , Violins , Guitars and Banjoa
CRAP BROS. , 219 South 15th Street
And don't buy a piano until you have examined the celebrated Sohmcr , which has
received first prize wherever exhibited , and in the cast commands a higher price
than those of any other make.
For a short time only we will offer these celebrated pianos at less than others arc
asking for a tccond class instrument. It will pay you to call and see us. Pianos
from $200 upwards. Organs from $20 upmards. -A I
Small instruments at correspondingly low prices ,
G. L. ERIOKSON ftlfdilPAiiYi-
212 Noi'tlii Sixteenth Street ,
ifSzzt Dcdlers in U'atclics , Diamonds , Jewelry C Silverware
" " " Headquarters for Emblematic Pins and Charms
fl All Hoods warranted.
C. L. ElllCKSOy tC CO. , 212 AIGlh St.
I'nnlson's ndd , LnVo et.C room lioimc , city viator Ambler's mid , Prttyn . , Broom house , well cistern
cisternscirenifo , etc.WX ) ; Hon'h , bilnnco tn ult , burn. fJ.OOO ; f ; 00 ca h , bnl. SCOpormoutb.
l.iko'n add , J.ukofl. , &roumliou > o , well , cUtomt Noljons nild.CummlriKSt.M ft frontajoby Iflj , 9
2,3'iO | f8W cnjh , bnl. tiOpcr month,7 per cunt. room hoiiac , f 10,100 ; tl.OH cash , bal , 3 years ,
Horbach'.ildadd , ISth St. , 7 room lieu o , burn , well , Dunns i , lllll'ii add.'thst .firoomhonno , barn , well
cistern , etc. , H.500 ; USOUcnBli b ilanco to null , etc , $3 , WOj II.5W cash , bil. 1 , 2 and 3 yours.
Onmliu Vleir , Miami St. , 4 room house , burn , well , Fairmont ndd , Ktlinve. , 8 room hoii'O , cltjr water ,
cisternetc.t > , . ' < 0)lax ) ; ) cash tOHrrnnxo. clBtoniW,3iXiSOOci ; hb l. oasy.
Oniahu Vlow , Miami rt.b room Uouso , bnrn , vroll , Kuuntzo A Itnth'n ndd , IStti pt , , ulcn house , fruit and
cl-tcrn , etof..MX ) , f3 > Joaslil > nl 1,2,3and 4 jcnrs. Btmilotreei , etc , tl.OOJ ; consult for terms.
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Also a Large List of Acreage and Business Prop
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Also a full line of Harduarc. Stoves , Tinware , Cutlery , Nails , etc. 1110 Saunders
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Wholesale Music and Jewelry Dealers
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Farnam Street.
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House Furnishing Goods.
No security required. Furnish your house from oolltir to garret. Easy weekly or
monthly payments. Your terms is our terms :
613 N. 16thSi , , Between California and Webster ,
BOSENTHAL & CO. , Proprietors. .