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    THE OMAHA J > AILY BEE * . &A&UKDAY , JUL 2. 1887 ,
The Owners of Lake View Add. Uvill Sell at Auction This Afternoon at 2:30 : O'clock. '
100 lots to the highest bidders. Terms , : : , balance in four , eight and twelve months.
Transportation furnished buyers from surrounding localities. The Lake Manawa Motor
Railway , will carry passengers to the sale free.
Lake View addition overlooks Lake Manawa. It is located between Wray's and Mark's landings ; is on the most popular drive to the lake ; is only 2 miles from the
court house and transfer , and 326 miles from the Omaha postoffice. This is a beautiful piece of land and will advance in value rapidly. It cannot be beaten for a sum-
pier or a winter home and is easy of access , The lots are 50x128. Remember the highest bidders get these lots this afternoon at 2:30 : o'clock.
H. H. INMAN. Salesman.
Take Manawa Motor cars at Broadway dummy depot for the sale. FREE TRANSPORTATION.
,1 Ad\crtlscmcnls under this head,10 cents po
> | k tno lor llic first liiHcrtinn , 7 cents lor each sub
jpquent Inscition , andl.Milino ) per month.
Ko advertisement taken for io stliHii" ' > cents
Jortlic ( list Insertion. Povcn words wll Jbo
counted to the line ; they must run consecu
tively iiiul must DO nnld In ndvnnco. All mix or-
UsomontH must bo Immlcd In befoiclUo'clocK : !
f > . in. , nnd under no circumstances will they betaken
taken or discontinued by telephone.
.Parties advertising In three column ml nav-
Ing the snsweis addressed In euro of Tnr. HER
will plcnso nsk fern cheek to cniiblo thorn to get
their Mtors.ns none will be delivered except
on presentation of check. All answers to adver
tisements should bo enclosed In rm elopes.
All ndvcrtlecmcnts In thepo columns nro pub
lished In both niornlnir mid evening editions of
ttho Urn , the circulation of which
pg-grcgntos more than 14,000 papers
Bully , imd gives the advertiser the
peneflt , not only of the city clrculntlon of The
JliE but also of Council lIlutTr. Llicoln , nnd
pther cltios nnd towns throughout this part of
She west. .
ONEY to loan , no commission. Cole , 1110 8
15th. UO.I
* JVfONKY to loan to parties wlshlnir to build.
AM8. . 8. Cntnpboll , JlO S llith 6t , , Chnmbor of
Commerce. 750
MONEY TO LOAN on Improved city prop
erty In Bums of f 1,000tn $5,000 nt six per
cent Intorost. BholcBi , Crumb. 1KB
4froNW TO .OAN-On city property in
nume of 1MO nnd tiiwnrds | nt lowest rates.
Money ulnajH on hand. B. 8. Campbell , 1110
Bmnontu street. 1J
ONKY'JO LOAN-O F. Davis Co , real
estate and loan agents , l&Oo Fiirmun et.
IIJKOO.OOQ to lonn on real oMnto No dolny.
P Harris A Sampson , 15111 Douglas St. "U
, To loan on Omaha city property atfl
per cent. a. W. Day , a o. cor. Ex. Did.
BJ G73
jlTONEY TO LOAN-On cltv nnd farm prop-
-LTJL erty , lowintos. Btowart & Co. . Itoom SIren
Iron bank. 009
MONEY to loan , cash on delay.
J. W. nnd E. Ii. Bqulro , 14U Farnam st ,
XAXton | hotel building. BIO
IT1HE Nobraskn Lonn nnd Heal I'stnto Com-
JL pnny , rooms V nnd 10 Hcllmnn blk , do a
Bonornl lonn business. Will lend money on
Seal estate , mortgages , and buy collaterals.
10J Jy2
ONEY TO LOAN on improved renl pstatot
no commission charged. Lonvltt Uurn-
, lloom 1 Crolghton lllock. CIS
ON'CV to lonn on lnipro\od city property
JJt- and farms rromlW)0 ) up , nt lowest rnto.
Apply to Wm. B. Loach , Itoal 1 Btutn Agent. 1509
Fur nnm. 6b4jyl9
LOAN Money iouii8 placed on improved -
_ proved real estate in city or county for
Hew England Loan & Trust Co. , by Douglas
County bank. IBth and Chicago uta BU
"JTllFTYThousand dolltuii to loan to patties
JJ wishing to build.
150.000 to lonn on unimpro\od city property.
S100 , < )00 ) to loan on lmi > roved city proiierty.
Special rates for the next 00 days.
Odoll llroa & Co. , cor Farnam and lit , " ; .
to loan on Improved city property nt
B per cent. Money unhand ; donotba\o
wait Have a complete get of nbstrnct books
ef Dourla * county. I. N. WnUon , abstractor
Barrlafoal Xstato nnd LoanCo.uuos.lMhst.
* 1\/ONKV / TO LOAN-by tuo nndorslgneit , wno
AH baa the only properly organized loan
fUtenoy In Omaha , Loans of $10 to $100 mndo
en furniture , pianos , organs , horses , wngona ,
BiMohlnery , Ac , without removal. No dolnys.
411 business strictly confidential. Lontia an
made that any part can bopnlti at nny ime.each
payment reducing the cost pro rnta. Advances
Enide on flne watuhea nnd diamonds. Feraona
hould carefully oonaldcr who they are dealing
with , as many new concerns are daily coming
Into existence. Should you rtced money call
ndBeerne. W. R , Croft , Hoom i WUhnell
Building 15th ano Harney. 610
fillip OMAHA Financial Exchange ,
JL N. W. corner of Unrney and IBth ta. ,
over State National bank.
la prepared to make abort time loana on any
fcvallnble aecurltjr.
Loana made on chattel ! , collateral or r al
Mtatv ,
Lonr time loana made on Improved real eatate
fct current ralot.
Purchase money mortgages negotiated.
Secured notes bought , sold or exchanged.
Short time loana made on second mortgage.
Recording to marginal Interest , at collateral
Itcnl eatate to eichnnge for good Interest
btarlnn paper.
f tienernl nnanclal business of all klnda trans-
noted promptly , quietly nnd fairly.
Money alwaya on hand for approved loana of
ny kind , without delay or unnecessary pub-
llolly. Oorhett. Manager. 617
1750.000 TO LOAN ntO per coat. Llnahnn Ac
P Mahoney. 1M)9 ) Fnrnani. 613
b/roNBV / LUANKDat C. F. Keod A Co.'s I an
U- Office , on furnlturo , pianos , horees.wagons ,
toeraonal property ot all kinds , and all other ar
ticles of value , without removal. 1)19 ) S. 13th.
over Dlnphnm s Commission store. All busl-
neta atrktly confidential. 819
. CENT Money.
B. O. Patterson , IBth at.d Homey. B0
O To trade for Improved or unlin-
proved laud , stock of gon'l mdso , about
4,500 1 atook of hardn arc. nbout f-K)0. ) Must
vo H cash. II. & It. , llox 003 Bhanandoah , la ,
agent for Nebraska for
World Ti pa Writer fia Itapld , simple ,
easy to uie. Writing equal to S100 machines.
JA rood business for llvo man. Address Day A
Xcatur 35 Pt. New York.
, Murray , 25-2 0-18
TCVJITBALK-A splendid stock farm of 2 < 0
X acrea , all Improved and fenced , IS tnllea
from Omnho.ndjoiulng a thriving town. Plenty
/Of / water : (75 psrncre. Terms very reasonable.
( Apply to MoQavock & O'Connor , U16 B 1 Jth ft.
* 1J1OI ; SALE Or rent , hotel. A choice open-
( V Ing. Particulars , addle-Si , 11. II. Wlldo ,
Oaceolo , Nebraska. _ va Jy 11J
"IjlOU 8AV.E Drug store In u lUely central
.C Kebruskn town. Splendid location. Entire
lock fresh. Invoice about fl.OJO. Urlsk trade.
romitlnp future. For particulars address
joofc box No. 4U , Beward , Neb. 114 Jj 3
ITKlt BALE First claas Ice cream parlor nnd
11 confectionary etoro. Enquire Ul b. lUth t
twit BALK lioot and shoo atock Incliidlng
JC B year * Itaso of store , best location in
Btttte und city. Address T 10 llvo olllco.
_ 475 jy7
jj Oll BALK The beat bargain Grocery atoro
f centrally located un paved street. Old PS-
iablUUed trade. Cull on i'carau , Cole ft Itoo-
aon.Bloa. 15th at. _ _ -MI
Tjf OK BALE A flratclass hotel property , t o
'f , utory brick In excellent location and doing
exlenslvj ouslncn. For particular * aa-
I ) . S , Lilly , real eatate dealer , Urokon
WNeb. IBS 31
_ _
ANTEU-Purtuor with | 1 , X ) to purchase
OB-half Interest In flour n.tll. The money
_ tt u od in purehnslng additional ruachlncr ) ,
bundant water power , llnre opporlunit ) ,
i. D. Orooin , Cedar Itaplde , Neb
f " >
IrOK SAI.K Onoof the best pnjlnir snioons
In thq city , address nt once , U 1 Hoc olllco.
IBlJyJ *
SALE Moat mnrkct nnd fixtures with
peed irndc Stephen lliimllton \ Co ,
Ililuluml Williams.
I _ > USlNhSS 1'HA.SCi ; HOIIBJ , barn , and lot
JonNlnth Bt.fil,0' ' > ) ir taken before July
nth. Store building , two stoiics for rout. $65
per month. 1 iirnltnru worth Wn ) , for t'--5 ;
phaeton woi tb'V ) , for f 1 > U. Also other prop
erty for sale. Ittcord Aihertlalng Co.,151.1 I at-
niuii. 1161
TJlOlt BALK A good hotel In the Il\o town of
JU Cbndron doing n good business on very
( insytormii full put tlculurs by uddi onslnir M.
R Mingworlhy. Lmk , Wyoming. 7UJy ! J
I Oll SALK-A good business : small capita
' required ; good reasons forsulltng. Address
dross T 41 lleo otllce. 710
TrtOK BALU Law library , cheap. Wncolor & ,
JC Wheeler , Douitlas aim l&th si. V41
Oil t-ALi : A boarding house and furniture ,
doing good business , 40 boarders , good
reason for selling. Call at Currlo * Vellum ,
16tb nnd Capitol a\e , Kxposlton Ilulldlng. 8-TJ
ANTHD-Aludy to travel to California ,
expenses and small salary paid. Call at
1317 Douglas st. Itoom 11. 8421 *
KHSONAL-Famlly leaving Tor the oa".t will
sell a bran now upright piano , Hrtllet *
Davis , for ball ot copt.J.'oO , fo cash , balunco
on monthly payments. Address U U Hoe. S B 3J
PERSONAL U you want n desirable , con
trail ) located olllco you can find It at aio
B IBth St. 676
"PEHSONAL-Prlvato homo for Indies during
JL confinement , strictly confidential , infants
a-ioptcd , uildresa K4lleo nnico. 843J.3 *
- . Dr Nnnnte V. Warren
clairvoyant. Medical and business Medluui
Boom No. 8,121 North 16th et. , Omnha. Nob.
STKAYED-Smnll bluclt mare , cars clipped.
. _ Iteturn to 20th and CurningS , nnd t'et rev -
v ard. " 'fl
TOST A red and hlto cow , white face ,
Jlbrass Itnobs on horns. Howard for Information
mation leading to discovery , MoWnorter *
Uolllns , Omaha National Hunk building. ii-'J
Gold rim oyo"glasso ir"valiiablo as ii
LOST . Itoturn to A. aillcaplo at Windsor
ser hotel and rccolvo reward. ! iJ5 4
L OS 1--A pair of gold-rimed spectacles , bo-
UroonMlliard Hotel audDaionport st. on
lUth st. Liberal reward to nny person return
ing them to M. J. Limmuti , Boston Chop-
llouao , 130J Douglua st. 123 1 *
LOST Saturdsy afternoon , ono blv bny
hotse. A. H. Mftyno. Orchard Hill. Ito
turn to N , W. cor. 15th nnd llamuy. b9
KVENTY-FrV'E dollars' rownrd. Strayed or
etolon from rear of 111 N 17th Bt , n Inrgo
roan horse , about 17 hands high , weighing bet -
t eon I.IIOOond 1,400 pounds , redlsh brown
mane nnd tall , hind anlilo somewhat swolUn-
$25 will bo paid for return of animal to owners ,
at 110 S llth st.nnd If stolen the Bhorllt of Doug-
Ins Co. will pny u rownrd of 850 for the arrest
and conviction of the thief. C'JO
LOST On Eighteenth , Sherman nvo or Orace
ft. , "Specifications. " Please return to
ll ! < North ICth Bt. or I' . J. Crcfidon , architect ,
opera house. M. T. Murphy , contractor and
builder. i43 !
TjUllST-CLASS Storage at 110 N 13th .
TOHAOK Klrst-clnss atorage for nice furm-
turo and boxed poods , rcrguson 1'urnl-
tnro Co. , 715717North ! ICth street. 175
TOHAOK First-class atornge for moo fur
niture or boxed goods , at 1513 Dodge-it ,
TVTIl ! ' ' DD RANT Clarlvoyant from Boston , n
JL'liollatilc In all affairs of llfo.unlteaaeparated
lovera. 823 N. 16th at. room 1 691 j > 2ti |
POK EXCHANGE Wanted n complete nines-
paper outfit for a farm ot 180 acres , nil in
cultivation , In the finest agricultural county In
Nebraska. Address , lull particulars , Lock llox
18 , Mlnden , Nebr. 43 !
SlTUATIONB-Wo can furnish best of book-
keepers , Monographers , clerks , corre
spondents , on abort notice , itccord Adv. Co ,
IMJ 1 arnam. 11 3
r. WILLUTTS-Tralnod male alck-nutso.
Telephone 1)70 ) , Y. M. C. A. rooms.
FOR RKNT lf j ou wleh to rout B house cnll
on Uonawa i Co.,15th st. , opposltu post-
ottlco , 2J1 U
IP you want your houses rented nnd rents col
lected , leave them with tne Nebraska Loan
and Real Estate Co. , rooms U and 10 Hnllnmn
building. 110 j ) 2
WILL TKADE-My Interest In lot of tJoO 00
for rood furniture or piano. Address
U. 2 , lice oitlce. 2U1J
HAV Offers for putting up 600 tons hay
wanted. Address A. C. Jenkins , llurliu-
game , Nob. CU ( 4J
PAUTIhSdoilrlng situations ns bookkeepers ,
clerks , stcuogiaphort ! , correspondents. . ,
should register on our record book , Itecord
Advertising Co. , 151J Farnam st. aiJJyl .
nMlKEU bnblcs for adoption , two. boys and
JL a girl. One boy two j ears old. Enquire of
Dr. Williams , Itoom 17 , Arlington Block.
. _ 031 Jy 2J
IF you wont your houses rented and rents col
lected , leave them with the Nebraska Loan
and Iteal Ebtate Co. , rooms i ) uud 10 llellman
building. HUJyli
rpAKK NOTICB-W. C. King A Co. . House
-L Mot Ing and liaising , address 1320 Plorco et
O K83 pools nd vaults cleaned and ( lend
unlmala removed by John Nelson , garbage
collector for 4th n nrd south of Douglas ft. 1415
llnrncy st Telephone 639. COlJyin !
SPECULATOH3 opportunity. Information
on stocksonlv trlegrnphed under code to
nny subscriber. E , Sherman Fitch , IU Wnll Bt ,
N. V. 7 JfS3
TIOHHUNI tqu ro 1'iano U montnir. A
Hoipe.l518Dougiaa. 63t
ritO partiea having houses tor rent , Itental
-L Agency , Benawa & Co. , 15st. , opposite post-
office. We have turned over to them our rental
list n' recommend them. McCajfU * Broa.
TTlOlt HKNT Orgimj , 13 per ffionto. tiorpe ,
J ? 13Douglaa. 6-4
OL C.-Houie furnishing goodi , all kinds ;
cash or lustalnnont ; lowest prices at J.
Ilonner.Ulfi Douflaaat Ko
Poll KENT Square flano , ( i montalv.
Hoape.U13Dou rlaa. K4
JF you want to buy or aell furniture , go to
J. 1'erguson'n , T15 N 18th. B-'J
I710U BALE-omce furuituro. Enquire at SIS
JLA. N 18th IU 837 l
FOK SALT-Now upright Hollct A : Davis
piano , $ - ! " > i > . 130 ca h , balaneo on monthly
payments. Addtcss , 1) 0. Dee olllco. " 17 3 *
T71UH 8ALI < Good driving horco , medium
J-1 rlro. sound and gentle. Suitable for fam
ily driving. Oco. Js. Hicks , ! ! 1J3. ICth at.
" 1710H BALK Horse harness nnd dellvciy
JL1 wngon cheap It taken foon. 11. O. Young ,
meat mm net. cor nth nnd Howard , 940 jyi
THOIt SALE-Harbor furniture. CulIutStW'N
Jllth at. bettt eon Fnrnam an3 Harnoy sts
H1 1 *
" 1710It BALK Furniture of 8 rooms with pnvl-
JL.1 lego of lease of house , 707 S. llth bt.
! . ' 03
77 OH SALE-Dry goods hoses , all sizes. L. 0.
JJ Jonca \ Co. , 1JOJ Farnam. " 216
FOU SALE A cnolco Jersey cow and cnlr ,
also light lumber wngon nearly now , ap
ply 1V)5 ) Farnnm st. 133
TTlon SALE rurnlturo and lease of six rooms
-i ? In Hut , 007 S. Uth st. llooin No. 3. JSJJylS
" 171OKSALE One air-foot upright black wal-
J-1 nut showcase , Milton Rogers * Son. 009
FOIl SALE Span fine matched bay driving
horses. C. F. Harrison , 419 S 15th at.
| 57(1 (
Studolmkor buggies nt Seaman's ,
fctudebuker phnetonsjtt Soamnn's.
Studoli.ikercitrriages at Seaman's.
Mudcbukcr spring wagons ut S tinman's.
StudobHVer draft wngons at Seaman's.
Corner of Km nnm and llth sts.
Fl\e cur loads Just received. W2 Jy 21
JJIOU 8ALE-4,000OUO Hurd BrlcK. T. Mtirruy. 710
FOU SALK Second hand busriry. Apply nt
W. T. Eeutnun , Kluventh und Futnnm sts.
FN SALE-8 milch cowa. C A Mursh. 001
" IBth. fi
F IOH BALE-Brick. T. Murray.
\\7ANTED-Agcnts-WorldTipo Writer JlO.
> llapld , simple , en y to use. Writing equal
to $100 machines. Illir profits. Send for circu-
Iui3. Day A , Lester , U5 Murray St. , New York.
25 3-0-18
WANTED A man for n milk dairy. Apply
touth of Cumingst , near licit line , wal
nut Hill. Huch McDowell. 2)3 ) 1 *
AN I'ED 2 bread bakers nt Rnrnenu
Cracker Co.'s. 200 2J
WANTED So\oral good Look cnnvn sers
forOmnhn and other towns. Itoom 7
Arlington niock. S58 1
ANTEO-Actho Intelligent boy I orl7. to
drive horse. Apply at room 2 , 205 K.
ICth st , between 10 end 12 a , in. ICO Ij
WANTED Vrcscrlptlon clerk , ono speak
ing Oermau preferred. Address r. O.
box 2J , city. 9S5
ANTr.D Fust class , sober white barber :
wages 114. Call ready for work. US Oth
street , Iromont , Neb. 150 Ij
V\7ANTED A competent teacher for the
i ( Icrmnn-Arnerlcan school for Enelisli
branches. Address L. Hclmrod , Kith nnd .lack-
son , I'tcsident. nnd K. (1. Orube , bocrotnry
German Society , euro B. A. M. hendiiuurtcrs.
WAN'l ED Messenger boys. The Ilrad-
V > street Co. -31 1
Partner to ptart a steam laun
WANTED Lnrgo i mining Business already fio-
sosuted. Call nt Omaha Laundry,001 N. Kith st.
" \ irANTIID-S first class bni hoi s at Heaver A :
> > Elsasscr's. 14th nnd rarniiiu. 1U 1
ANTED-lat class blncksmltb , Davis &
Cowglll Iron works , lOtl nnd 103 B 14th st
\\TANTCD-A young man who la n good penT -
T > man nnd can makoblmself generally use
ful In the Furniture business , must liavo good
luferenccs , address T71 , Ueo offlco. luO 8.
A man who thoroughly under
stands the furniture business nnd well
acquainted in the city. A good situation for
the light man. Address T. 71 lleo offlco. 15'J 3
WANTED A hey to carry advertising ban
ner , apply to 617 B 13th. I3
\VANTKD Mancook for Fremont , $33 per
> month , Inro paid ; second cook for lunch
counter ; 17 per week and board ; 1 pastry cook ,
good wnccs. II. E.uite , 119 N IGtb , room 4 ,
up stairs. " 18 1
" \A7ANTED-A man with wife to cooK for R.
V > It. ouint , on F. C. & M. V. lly , tour
miles from Fort Omaha. Gouldcn & Mali by.
205 3J
\\rAN ED Four young men of business
TT ( lualltlcatlons. J. M. French & Co. . Itoom
1C ] Bushman blk. SWtjy.t
Agents to tend for our terms lor
WANTED nud 20 per cent discount.
Pricea for hot weather. Nothing sells so fast
ns our now door plates , bell , street numbers ,
Ac. , 100 per cent profit Michigan Door Pluto
Co..Grand HuDldsMich. _
\\rANTKD-Stonocuttcrs. Apply to W. H.
> Tyler.I-lncqln Nob. 335yl5J |
\\7ANTKD Carpenters. Innulrc new church
> > Mill nnd Leuventtorth. M. T.Murphy. f
AN1 ED-Men for railroad work.Albrlght'a
Labor acencv , ll l 1 nrnnm ft. \ > \a \
$100 paid per month to men to sell our goods.
Address with stamps , D. W. McLnne & Co. ,
Ilurllngton , Iowa. 60tJy3 ) *
\\7ANrED-Four waitresses , 3 laundresses
t and 1 chamber maid for now hotel In
Idaho. 2 chamber maids and laundress for
Kontli Omaha , dishwasher for Central City.
Dining room girls chamber maids , Bowing
girls , laundresses , etc. . In the city , Mr * . Ilrcgu
& Son. 310 south st 2SJJJ
i-AhTIiD-DiuIng pirl at Planters House
\VAMED-A good girl for gonernl house
work , good nges. Apply at store to W.
J. Proatcli , l.w llarney at 129 Jy 1
W TAN1ED Olrl for general housflwork.good
Mrs. Uarrubrant,200J Webster at.
147 IJ
w rANTED-Good kitchen girl at 415 N 15thT
1633 *
W ANTED At 30i North 2-M , a girl lor genera -
era ! housework. Must bo a good plain
cpojcand laundress. ill Jy 4j
\\rANTED-OTrl or general housetrorT ;
i alsocook. Applyimmediately , 1815Chi-
cngojt. 07tjyj
\\TANTED-At the City Hotel , a chr.mber-
1 ? maid and alaundrcca , at once. 1231 *
\TirANTF.I ) Good girl for general housework
TT In email family. Good * ages. UHH Far-
namat. 113 Jyi *
\XTANTEn-A coed girl for dining reemIT
IT work , by Mrs. H. Kountzo South 10th
atreet 123
\yANTF.D-Tno erl ! at Dorun house. 4iJ S
TT 16th et. , near Bt Mary's avo. DJJ
\\'ANTKD Lady and gentleman agents to
' ' acll our gooda on time payincuts In city.
Manl'gCo. , 1 N 13thit , , jOJl ,
\\rANTHD A joung girl for general house-
IT woik , lu u small family. Apply nt Mt
Pnrk nve. 5S > 7
T\r7iNTED Olrl for gencrnl housework In
IT small family , 2113 Douglas St. 4CO
\\7ANTED A woman to do general house
T * work , none need apply unless n first-
clnnscook , good wages to right part1818
Webster. Iti5
"lA/ANf ED Competent girl for housework In
IT a small family nt n w oor Capitol inenuo
nnd Jefferson (24th ( ) stiects. 150 2J
WANTED A peed German girl for fronornl
housework , 711 N 20th at. 120
\\7ANTED-A good dlulne room girl. 717 &
13th. 08 1'
\A7ANTiD-2 : dining room girls for Norfolk.
T i $4 per week , faro paid , good place ; ! 1 wo
men cooks for city , H nnd | fl per wools ; dining
room girls , dWi waohers. chAtiibermalds , 50
girls for private families. Good places to good
girls. Omalm Employ ment Iturcau , 110 N IfHli.
\\7ANTED-A young lady , peed penmnn ,
11 with some oxporlonco In ofilco orKapply
nt Goo. Heyn , 11081'urnaui Bt. upstairs. 303
\ \ AN1KD Girl fuir general housework ,
IT good one only uccil apply , 1415 11. 18th
near Clark. 22 2J
t !
\\f A"K ' 1EU * bit u at ion ns concli in n by you n g
11 man of good nddresr ; no bud habits.
Omaha Kmp. llurcnu , ll'JNliith st. 255 2
WANTED Sltuntionforttrst class colored
conchmnn , good rofoicnccs , Mrs llroga ,
3IH south 15th. 35. ) IJ
" \VANTEn-Sltuntion by yfitmir man of peed
11 address ns burkoopor,7ycnrs oxporlonce.
First-class in every respect , ! HU N Ida st root
room 4 , up stairs. , 3201
\\rANTED Situation by a registered drug-
IT gist of 15 years experience. Temputnto
Good references. Competent to take ontlro
charge. Address , P. O. llo\"ll , franklin. Nob.
1203 *
TT /'ANlED-To buy counter and shelving for
IT a cigar etoro. Enqlilie , 6008 ISth.
. 238 3 *
TXTANTED Parties wishing to exchange city
TT property , fnrnU or mbrchandlse , call at
inv ofllcc. I can suit you , J , S. Johnson , 310
S. 1 .lib , room 4. _ < _ 838 3J
\ \ 7ANTEDDay boardora at private board-
IT ing house , 1J13 Capitol luunuo , P50 30J
\ ? } ANTED Room and board for gontlemnn
T T nnd w ife In private family , who keep no
other boardera. Address U 4 Dee olllco ,
2153 *
\\fANTED To rent a small cottage or three
T T unfurnished rooms on ground lloor. Ad
dress U3 Doe ollico. 321 2J
\VANTED-Ordcrsfor nil kinds ot Help. Wo
IT Bend help to nny pnit of state If faro Is
paid. n Canadian Employment ofllco , SIfiS 15th ,
upftalrs. _ _ _ l.V. IJ
VlfANTED Good Jlrst mortgages na flist
IT payment ou Gnunmorcy p irk lots. A.
P. Tukoy , 13J1 Farnam at. _ lr > Jly
" \1 7ANTED-To buy 8 nouses which con bo ro
I > moved. A. F , Moj ne , 14U3 Dodge fit
WANTKD Good horse as llrst payment on
Grumraorey park lot A. P. Tukey , 13- ! !
Farnamst Ulti Jy 1
"I"\ rANTED " or 3 nor o power engine , "n't
TT band. Apply at Mlllard hotel olllco. 4SQ
" \\7ANTED-Tenms for rnllroad work. AlIT -
IT brlght's Labor Agency , 1UH ) Farnnm. 743
lOiniENT 8 room house. lnqulroTT"F7
J llarton. 2516 Capitol ove. KI7 Jy3J
FOR RENT 7-roora house , Davenport st ,
near High iclieol , ? 40. Hi cumin & Co. ,
Chamber of Commerce. "IB 1
FOR RENT New house , ton rooms , steam
heat , all Imprveracnts. C. W. and (1 , E.
Thompson. 314 blSthst. 731
FOR RENT A food barn , 810 S 19th Ft.
_ _ _
FOH RENT -B-room house on llth Et. , $ IB.
Furniture for sale 1 225.
2 , 6-room boatdlng houses.Ui blocks from P.
0. Furniture for sale $450.
10 room boarding bouse , furniture for sale
on time. This is n bargain. Co-Operativo
Land A Lot Co. , 205 N 16th 6tj 147 3
FOR RENT- Occidental hotel corner store
room. Apply to John L Payutor. on
N. II. The hotel Is at 11 running ; the entrance
being on the toiith aide. 703
FOR RKNT-NIno ( ) room house , 14th and
Pierce. Apply to 017 Soutn 13th at. V57
OUUENT-Htdf of Btoro. Inquire nt 1212
Douglas at. 013
FOR RENT New store and living rooms on
Burning at near Sounders st Apply Har
ris Real Estate & Loan Co. , 320 S. 15th at. 8S9
FOR HKNT 0 room house nnd barn , 17th nnd
Center sts. , house heated by hot water and
all modern improvomets , fiVt. Also a 7 room
house as above f 10. J. L. VfelEhans , 319 S. 15th
street - , f 46T
T7KR HKNT A bapoment. good plnco for
JL' bnrbor shop , s w corncr loth nnd Leaven-
worth sts. 818
FOR KENT-Small office in excellent locu
tion. Enquire of F. Horrctt & Co. , : mvi
S , IBth. K 227
CTO RRENT-TbreoroomlJwiae , 1108K B 7th
JLJ 'It 845
FOR RENT 3-roum hoiK on 14th nnd
Plorco sta. Innulre ntrilT South 13th at.
/ / ] 3 ' 7
FOH RENT 1 wo large ill * atorea nnd two
flats of five rooms uchjnty water and gas.
On Saundora st. O. W , Caip2aJO ' Ohio Bt. 813
FOR RENT Two brlcu Atoros with baao-
ments34th and Ilnmlttjiu streets. Desir
able locution for dry goodlVnd drug Btoro.
Mala above If desired. avltt llurnham ,
room 1 , Crolghton bloclr. H 074
FOR RENT Three room homo , 709'i Pacific.
For Rent Six room house , llOd S 7tb ,
1'or Hent-Threo room houae , 1015 N2-Jth 833
O HOICK Lot for Loose. Southeast corner
48x85'i Loavenworth and Park ave.or will
build to ault tenant. Hobble llroa. W )
| 7KH RENT A new 10-room house , No , 2218
A. ' Chicago street ; modern conveniences. In
quire of A. H. Comstock , 162J Furnam st. UJ7
FOR RENT Ono now seven-room house sit
uated on northeast cor of King and Cotf-
nan at. Patrick Hros. , Room 2 Arlington block ,
FOR RENT A now 7 roomed hoine. Well ,
clitorn , porch , clo eta , double doors , col
lar , sink and pnntry. Rent t" 1'cr ' month.
12th at. near Martha. 112 Jy 3J
J10R UUNT-C-room houae , 703 P ciOo.
"ClOU UENT-Brlck yarila , T. Murray.
* 4tt
T7-OUItKNi : Window , jrooj locality1 for Jew
JD elcr or real eatoto. Apply to 3JJ n IBth.
FOR RENT Hootns on principal streets , f8
to fJ. " > All rooms listed wlih u * oin soon
bo filled. Record Ad\ortislng Co , 1513 Farnam.
215 0
TTIOH RENT-2 nlcoiv furnished rooms , and
J- ; elegantly furnh > hc > d front parlor , mod
ern com onleiices , OOS N. 17th St. 131
FOH KRNT-Onu largo furnished room. 601
n 17th et. 3'.4 2J
"C1OR RENT Fine aulto ofunfumtshed rooms.
-I ? llefeioncestcxulred , 17ID Chicago.
118 30J
TJ1OH RENT Two handsomely furnished
JU rooms , Apply at 1718 Cass st. 2082 *
| IUH ) RENT Suite of rooms with board at
JL ! sioj St. Maty's ave , , corner Pleasant st.
2072 *
T710H RENT ' 1 wo unfurnished rooms , 40S
JO South IBlli St. , Hamilton llros. 211 3J
FOH RUNT Front room furnished , with prl-
\uto family,2J1U Charles Bt , near Hnun-
ders. 2043'
Oil KENT Desirable rooms nt Si"J7 Uodpo.
FOR KENT Nicely furnished front nn < l bnok
parlor , folding doors , with nil modern Im-
pnHOiucnts , 418 S 15th bt. 1'owlor llros-i Co.
41 ! 1 *
FOH niINT Furnished room , a w cor. 8th
and Ilarnoy st , SoO " *
| / > OH RENT Unfurnished rooms for house-
J1 keeping. Inquire CUJ S lUth. ! i41 1 >
OH ItENT-Hooms. furnished. 1611 Capitol
nve. 217 6J
" | j > OH KENT l"our rooms furnished or par-
X ? tlnlly furnished , nNo two unfurnished
looms. Hoforenco requited. 2416 llarnov 6t.
rOH Hr.NT Nicely furnished rooms 2023
Fat nnm st. 125 r > j
FOIl KENT 2 newlynnd elegantly turni hcd
rooms nt 1708 Douglas et. 514 Jh'
FOK HKNT Newly furnlchcd front nnd bnok
pnilors , lngle or together , from July 1st.
All modern conveniences ; ptlvnte family : near
business , IfllBCap. nvo. t-07 2 *
FOll KENT Desk room. Enquire Young &
Ulnokman. 214B16thst. E4U
FOH HKNT Elegant rooms , furniture nnd
house now , every modern convenience ,
1709 Dodge street. Kcforonccs required.
F O11 KENT Nicely furnished front room ,
1023 Dodgo. 000 Jy2
OH HEST Furnished front room , near carline
line at corner of Dodge nnd 2itb streets.
Inqulto of A. H. Comstock 1523 1'arnam st.
TJOIt KENT Two well furnished rooms with
JD first elass board if desired , pleasant locu
tion , private family. S E cor 20th and Farnam.
F 1011 KENT I'll rmshod rooms. 1707 Cast ,
F I OK HENT Nicely furnished room , 1921
Dodge Rt. 110
Toil HENT-Pntt of office a. Inquire
12l2Douglnsst 013
K\OH \ ItENT Furnished room ; board , 621
J ? Pleasant. 821Jyl
F OU ItENT-rurnUhod room cheap. 1318
Fat nnm st 3272 *
POH HI NT-Front room with board , 17.4
Douglas st. 810 2J
TjlOIt ItKNT hiogant newly furnlsbod rooms ,
Jnow liouco , all modern Improvements , to
first-class parties only , 1707 Dodge st. 8-7
F 1011 RUNT Furnished rooms , 1013 Farnara
st. ISil 4 *
FOH 11ENT Nicely furnished parlor , suit-
Able for man and wlfo or two gentlemen ,
111 S > . Ibth st. 132 !
F OR RENT Mcoly furnished cast front
room , elegant location , 810 S 10th st. 1401 *
FOR RENT 3 nicely furnished roe ma suita
ble for 3 or 4 gentlemen , 1011 H award st
3d floor. Ill 4
FOR HENT-A furnished parlor bedroom , 1715
Davenport St 145 3J
JIOR KENT Nicely furnished front room
' with or without board , UJ ) N 17th st , 144 2J
FOR RENT 3 rooms In a flat cor 0th and
Nlcholes St. ' 113
FOR RENT Ware room cor. 14th and Call-
ifornla on Belt Lino. 1-or particulars ou-
qulro at Union Nat bank. 184
FOR RENT-Office 2nd floor , 316 8 15tb , at.
price $10. 11J
I OR RENT 1 hroo room house west of North
F llthst , between Chicago and Cass. C'J.2
| 7 > OIl RKNT Largo furnished front room ,
J2 eultalilo forgontlcm u , 1708 Callforulu.
FOU RENT Two furnldhod rooms , pleasant
ly located. 2440 Capitol u\o. 101 Jy 4"
FOU HENT Furnished front loom with
board at 2210 1'arnnm at. 124 3
FOR RENT-Olllues lu llollmnn bulldingoor.
Farnam and llth sts.In auitoa or singly.
For prices , diagrams and Information apply to
B.A. Hloman. 15LJ Farnam st. , lloom' ' .
RENT nooms. Ou the principle streets
1 from IS to fJ3 per month. Wo can fill all
the rooms given us on short notice. Itontora
like to obtain full partlculnra befoio going on
a tour of inspection , nnd this wo glvo free.
Knch advertisement is open to the public fern
month. OIvc us more rooms , \\o liuvo so rnnuy
calls. Roeord Ad Co. . 1513 Farnam. 013J)1
FOB IIENT-2 elegant rooms , nicely fur
nished on ptieot car line : modern con-
tonlcncos. Ucntlcincn only. I'jccollont loca-
tlon. liinCaas. 871
RENT Suite of furnished rooms for
> gentlemen. A. Hospo , Jr.UI5 N. 17lh.
FOH RENT Elegant suite of rooms , reforen-
ens required , Iii07 Douglas St. J01
rOU RENT-FuruUhed rooms , 7H N. 19th st-
Jj : 46 Jyl7
'Olt RENT Largo N K room , first tloor , fur
nished or unfurnished. Also , S E room ,
with alco\o and bay window. Northwest cor
ner IBili and Farnam , 4 ? . ' Jy 1 *
KENT Moo furnlsliud room.V'S Fur *
nam. W5
1710R HEM Deak room , nrst otDoeto left
JJ o\er Merchants National bank. 8. )
Trcnn aoll for a few doya only
Lot lOd ( llio'a addition for 13,4)3.
Lo t71 0lae'a addition , $6.300.
fllock 1 Iloyd'a addition , fi.'M.
One-third caib , balance 1,2 and 3 years.
. Komlogton it McCormlck , 220 Soutn 15th at
"VTOW la > our time , fl.lOObuya6 ncrcaBK miles
JRduthwcst of P. O. , blfh and sightly. 1'nt-
| erionliioi. , Room 81 , Freazcr block. 8108
SPUING VALLEY-Sprlng Valley joins the
city on the south , two milts west from
South Omaha block Vnids , halt n milu south
of the DUrks manufactory. Tno riemont ,
Llkhorn i .MlBaoiirl Valley pa'Ses through the
addition. Eighty acres of It me soil. Wo
oiler the remaining 40 neies east of the Mis
souri Paclllo railroad , the llne t garden luiH ( ,
nt trom $ WO to fuO peracto , lu lots oft rum
one and one-fourth to ten acres , on lung time ,
only one-lifth cmh.
iNoiirest the block Yards wo hnvo Lobeok's
ailbdiyhlou of t-prlup Valley , eighty four lots ,
SOtliCTat $ . ' 00to ? 26J Terms. 10 per cent cash
and (10 per month , or ono-fourth cash nnd bul-
nneo In one and two years. Nothing us good
and cheap In neighborhood.
llemombor more than 100 per cent has been
mndo on every addition platted nnd sold by us.
Uc't In on the ground floor.
Marshall & Lobcck ,
Telephone 7J. 1509 1'arnam.
251 7
FOR SALE Or exchange : Seven farms In
Westoin Ivebiasku. trade for merchan
dise ; iaim In Webster coiintv , la , , anil liouso ,
barn nud lot In Council Illulls , trade lor nurd-
wiiro or Omaha property ; tree claim In Keith
county , Nob. , cheap for cash ; house and 11 lots
lu r. scx nnd Sht-nandonh , la , lor trade ;
20,000 ncroa of Vt yoinlng oil land at $1 per aero ;
two stores w Ith stocks of boots and shoos , gro
ceries , drugs nnd ircnornl merchandise in New
London , Henry county , Nob. , to exchange for
good laud in Iowa nnd Nebraska ; IIOIIBO lit
Melvin , In. , for land or meichandiso ; 580 acres
in Frontier county. Nob. , for stock of mer-
ehandl'o : two elovatorc , cash or exchange ; 200
acres In Montgomery county , la. ; dairy farm
in Orange county. N , Y. ; excellent rnncho In
Merrlck countv. Neb. ; 20) ) acres In Page county ,
lu. , for Omaha property ; gents' lurnMiing
store in Omnha , cash ; house , bum nnd lot on
N. 16th st ; fiunlturo , phaeton , etc. All bar-
Full particulars at offlco of Record Advertis
ing Co. , 111J Farnam 2433
FOH SALE Corner lot on Virginia nvo with
two good houses , cheap at 17,003. Terms
ea y. Houses rent for 170 per month. S. S.
Campbell,310 S. 18th st , Chamber of Com
merce. 273
FOlt SALE Ono million acres of land In Ne
braska. Speculator's Innds.rnilroad lauds ,
tanohos , nnd farms In all parts of the
pinto. Send for pamphlet containing descrip
tion and prleo of o\er one thousand fat.'tis. A
line topographical map of the state aunt free
upon application. K. II. Andrus , for 10 years
( Jen'l Land Agent B. & , M. H. U. Lighth and P
streets , Lincoln , Nebraska. 240
A UCTlONSalo of fl cottages in Crolghton
- - Heights nt 8 p. in. Saturday , Julv 2nd.
Parties \\lt\i \ small moans can now secure a
home on ousy terms. C. W. Mount.02r > Jyl
A UCTION Sale of houses and lots in Crclgh-
-i-ton Heights on Satuiday. Will be a rare
cnnnco to buy homos on small payments. C.
W. Mount i'-'HJyl
FOR SALE Cottage , 7 rooms and bath room ,
flro place , oak mantel , clstorn , city wntnr ,
etc. , ill foot of ground. 22d st. north of St
Mary'aavo. J1.500 , C. W. * G. K. Thompson ,
2148. IBth Bt. 310
SALE New store building and lot on
llollevue street , the leading thoroughfare
between the city nnd South Omaha. Can sell
for f 1.C50.00 ; only SOW.00 cash , balance 1 and 2
joars. Gco. N. Hicks ,
biX ) 1 215 South lrith street.
FOR SALE -A livery barn wltn stable room
for about Bitty horses , situated In a desir
able location , nnd now doing a good business.
Good reasons given for selling. Emiuiro of or
nddress A. II. Comstock , real estate broker ,
16.JJFuinamst. 207
IF you want to buy , soil or ttadc , cnU on L. V.
C'rurn.lSON 13th st.
100 lots U of a mile of U. P. depot
for sale or trade.
U room hoiifo for rent TwolO-room houses
for rent , saloor tiado. Idlewlldc. lly
815 L. V. Crum , l.'O N 15th st.
FOH SALE-lly Shaw i Co. ,
610 8 10th St.
Houses and lots In all parts of the city. You
can't afford to rent when you know tbo price
and terms of this class of property.
On Georgia avenue wo have a largo ploon of
ground for aalo at lees than Us value. It la
worth looking at It you want a nice residence
Lota for solo In different parts of theclty.and
you are auro to make money by dealing with
us. We are headquarters for safe Investments.
SALE-50 No , If arms within a radius of
2j ( mllea of Omaha , Alsc n lew good busi
ness chances In two live towns. J. II. bllvis ,
Heal Estate and Loan Agent , Elkhorn , Neb.
B71 > Aug. 9
BIG BAUOAIN Ono hundred foot front on
South Eleventh st , corner lot , only J5.00J.
Parton time. V. L. Vodtcka , 63J South 13th st
TIOVfHOMIt may concern. To parties who
build houses costing from fl.-i.w to fl.ftiO ,
wo furnish beautiful building lots In Redlck
Park requiring no payment of principal for 5
3 cars.
Redlck t'ark has city writer , 350 maple and
elm treeMr ) lesldeneos under contract to build ,
ii-.ino to cost less than tl,209. Its streets are
L-nulec ] and turnplked It Is within the city
limits , opposite Koiintzo Place , and accessible
from olthcr Saundcra or State. I'rlco of lota
until July 1st , f 1,000.
Wo also olfor
100 u fronting Hanscom Park , $0,000 , H to H
Tor 100x150 , Georgia ave. 15,000 , * 2,0 > W cash.
Full lot and 7-roo in house lu excellent condi
tion , Parkci's add , f3,500.
CorBbxliti , Improved , S llth near viaduct.
SID.OOO. Mcud 4. Jomlcaon , Solo Agents , 318 S
15tb st 718
FOR SALE-Or trade , 25 lots in the western
part of Omaha near the Ilonson cnr line ,
price J100 each , J.I50 duo on contracts payable
In 8 quarterly payments , will trade Interest lu
contracts for Nebraska land. McUulloch A , Co. ,
160U Farnam st. 1000
FOR SALE A bargain 150 ft southeast cor
of block , (3) ( ) east front. Ambler place lor
$2,500. Terms easy. Enquire ll'J N llth st
isojya *
FOR SALE At a bargain , 610 acres of flrrt
class lurmlng luud lu Howard county , this
Mnto ; first class soil ; elcse to two lines of rail
road , anil surrounded by well Improved farms.
Can divide to Eult purchaser , and will make
this n bargain It Fold quick. Small cut > h pay
ment ; \ory easy terms. Address Ucoign N.
Hicks , 215 South Fifteenth street. K' ' < J JI4
DON'T Full to attend auction s ln of nine now
cottages nnd lots , iu Croighton Heights , on
hnturduy , July 3d. For terms ECO advertise
ment Thursday. C. W. Mount KJDJ > 1
FOR SALE A fine farm of ICO acres , on-
closed with 3 wire fence , 3S actes under
cultivation , 11 uoros of ash trees In thrifty
growing condition , pi Ice f 10 per uoro. terms
ousy , Ihls offer good for thirty days only.
Address Chas. H. Wilson , Oxford , Furnns coun
ty , Nou. B7JJy *
LANDS-85 per acre , f X ) mnKos 1st
\J y ear's payment on IflO acres. Wrllo for In-
formation. W. F Paine , bidnoy. Nub. 0 Jy2J
IMMEDIATEsalowllltdko6lot < j or lesi only
6 or < blocks from Exchange bid and
Union Stock yards on favorable tunas. Sixteen
boiiies under contract In aumo block. Iwant
what they are worth. I don't want fancy prices
1 wont to sell quickly. B. II. llranch. la
TTWRTY-TWOfcet on Htnto street. . . . . . . . $751
J-1 Full lot Infiaurulers & Himebanvh'a udd 476
Two good lota In Meyers , It , & T , add , each. 750
H. E. cor. In Iloyd'a 850
Trackage In Paddock Place , cheap
Room 24 , PaxtOk bulldlnf.
E011 SAliK room house on lease
ground. l'i leu , * JOJ. Iniiulre , 1'JH ' Cl irk.
Scaled propo nli lll bo lecolvod until Snuir-
dnj.Jul ) IJth , 18S7 ntUo'clucK , noon , nt thq
ollico of tt.o nmlcrlKii'd , for the pnrclinsu ot
thoen < t II leetol lot II , In block llt , city , knrmn
us 111.1 nnd 1415 Ilarnoy stret t , ulth the build.
Iws theicon 1 bo o\\iu r rnootvos thu ilirht to
u'ject any ornllblda. 1'nll partlo ihtrs upon
implication ut thn ollleo ot GV. . .MOUNT ,
Ulb South 15th Stioel , Omnhiu
Proposals for S.ilo of Booth Privileges for
the Grand Army Reunion.
SEALED pioposals 111 bo reenh oil until July
1st , for o\clu i\o booth prhllt-Bcs on the
cnmpliiffKiouiulof thotiiatid Annj Uonubllc ,
nt tlioli annual lounlon , to bo held In Omaha ,
bcptombcr 5th uoxt , ami continuing ono week.
Thcso pthlleccs will penult any reputable
aa gtioli as restuuiuuts , refreshment
stands , grocers , butcheis. bakers , tltivrnto , hub-
ordnsliai so. . No Intoxicating Honors or gam-
blinir allonodou the grounds ritt } tlionsaud
soldiers nro expected to piirtlclpilto ut this re
union , and the Impoilanco of tne business cau
bo estimated from this , us their Biibslstrnco
\\lll be purchased mainly on the giouniltt. Illds
fininothoib than pcisons of known ic | > oiisl-
blllty must bo lucompanled by ccrtllled ohnulr
for one-tenth of the amount and uppioved
jiRiierpujabloonor before September 1st , tor
imliinco Rlirht n rncil to loloitiuiy or all
bids. All bids mubt bo addressee ! to
Clmliman Committee on I'llrlleges nnd Trans
portation , Hoard oC Trade Coiumlttoo.
Notice of Incorporation of the "Omaha
Southwestern Street Railway
Company. "
"VTOTICUishcieby Klxen thnt In pmsuimco o (
X > tno statute1 * ol the tlnlo ol Nebraska. In
such ca cs rariiip and piovided.on the Itflh day
of .March , A. I ) . 13i7 , nrtlcleB ol Ineoipointion
nuio tiled in the olllco of thorleikol
county , creatliiK a coipoiatlon as buielnalto'
tpooltlcd :
Tiist : The name of the corpotntlon la the
"Onmlia SoutU e tcru btieot itulltiny Coin-
pany. "
Hceond : The principal place of ti'nusactln
Its buHlness Is In the city of Oinalm , Uouglas
county , Nubuiska.
'Iblid : IhoKcncial natuio of Its business la
the constiucllon nud operation ol n street rail"
Mayor railways on and nlnng tlic tollowlner
nnined roads or Btrootn : Commencing at the
ont end ol 1'aik elrcet , on thu ett Fide ot
llntHoom 1'nik , thence o3t nlun suld tticet
thioueh fections L"i.1 > nnd 10 , In tonns'ilplft ' ,
raiiKi II cast in DiiiiRlnx coiintv , to n point near
the contoi of said section 'M t also cominenclnu
nt the Intcisvctlon of and rnrnam HtiueU ,
In the city of Omalm , thence running south
along the we tIde ot fald Mtb street to Ita In-
teiseetlon with suld 1'aik ttiect ; and on suoh
other roads nud Htroots as may huvo been or
may horoalter bo crantod to said ooiporatlon
lor i-tieut railway purpo-os. Snld railway or
rallnnjs to bo opoiated by horae , ulccttlc ,
cable or sloam power.
Dl'onnli : ' 1 ho amount of capltnl ftock nuthor-
l7ed is $15,001)tlth ) power to Incica-o loan
amount not to exceed ( VJ.OKl , dhlded Into
slmics of $100 each , fully paid up when Issued.
The cniporntlon Is allowed to proceed with ltd
main bu lnoa n lieu Ptock has been subscribed
to the amount ot 1 10,000
Tilth : 1 ho corporation dated from nnd com
menced on thoietn day o ! .Miuch , 1S87. nnd the
ditto of Its termination is the 17th day of March ,
KM Sixth : The highest nmount of Indebtedness
to which tlui corporation Is at nny tune to sub
ject It-nlf Is not to exceed an nmount ecjuul to
two thlidi ol the capital -tod ; Issued.
Suvonth : Tlio all nn i of the coijioiatlon wore
to bo conducted by n board ol the dlnetots , a
president , vioo pie ldont , secretary nndtions-
iii or , and such other olllcorb * s might bo uf tor-
winds determined upon.
On the ltb day ol , Juno , 1SS7 , nn amendment
to paid articles of iiicoiponilion was filed
clianiring thotiumbur ol dlrectois fioru live to
sovi n.
In witncfa wlieicof wo liuvo borounto get our
Imnds tlila-ltli day ot June , ! Sh7.
lirMlV A..lllUil : , 1'resldont.
SAM'IJ J. HOWBM , Kecrutary. Je2jyl815
Proposal for the Construction of the Superstruc
ture of the City Hall Building.
SEALED piopos Us will bo received by the un-
dcislgncd until 11 o'clock a. m , July IKlth ,
18.S7 , lor the construction of the superstructure
oftho Clth Hall ItiilMlng , In nccoidnnco with
the plans und Fpeelllcntlons on Hie In the of.
flco ot tin ) hmml of public works.
lluls will bo made on printed blanks furnished
by the board , nnil tolm rccompanled with n cer
tified check In the sum of f 10UO , as nn evidence
ol irood faith.
'I ho board icservos the right to reject nny or
all bids nnd to wat\ detects.
St. A. D. llALOOMnn ,
Chairman Hoard of Public Works.
Omalm , Neb. , July -Itli , 1M7. j27d5uJtw 1
Cor.13th Si Dodge Sts. Omaha , Neb.
CURES All IHwiv , rauinl I./
Imrrulracr , ( Self AkliK ) , Eirrn , ( S < | .
u.lliiJultmc ) , Coilii.on , ( no < xl Pol-
M X rent , t < nip for Ml Informtllon. Contul
tUf or If null I reo mil CVullJtiilljl
Trf llmiri 9 to 11 1 m , t { 9 & nlIrt 1 p m.
1'roposnls Tor District I'avlni ; Uoiirts.
City Treasurer's OIUoo , I
Omaha , Nob. , Juno 25,1S87. I
SEALED PROPOSALS | Ube received at tills
olllco until July 25,1887 , at 12 , noon , for the
purchase ot flZJ.OOO ot District Paving Uondl
of the city of OmaliH. Hald bonds uro dated
July 1 , U1J7 , and will beduo mono , two , throe ,
four , Iho , six , seven , eight and nine jcnrs
froin their date , n s.iiillur amount becoming
due cucn jcar ; are In sums of llvo hundred
and ono thousand dollars each , and bear Inter
est from their date nt the rate of six pur cent
um per annum , payable annually , The princi
pal and Interest are both paj'ablo at the ofllco
of Kountzo Bros , , In New Vorn.
Said bonda are IxHiiod under tun charter pow
er of said city , and will bo delivered to pur-
chaserfi , on payment therolor , at tbo city
treasury In Oinnnnon August 1,1687.
llids will bo addiosssd to Iba iindorslgnoi ] and
marked "Piopueulg for District Pacingllonds , "
ami mutt Pluto the fullnnmo and address of the
bidder , the amount of said bonds desired ( a
similar amount duo each year from onu to nine
> eui8) ) , nnd the prlco piopoted to bo i aid , \rltu
accrued Intorcht ,
' 1 ho right U received to reject nny and all IfV
bids. JOHN HUB11 , Clty'lreaiiurcr.
Notice to Property Owners and Lessees-
IN pursuance of Ordinance No. 1408 , ordering
coilnln streets paod , to-wit ;
1 hat part of ICth utrext , from Ohio and Wlrt
Bticc't.ln 1'iulnir District No. 114.
That part of 21th street from Patrick avenue
to Wlrt street. In District No. 115.
That part of Oth stiett from Paclflo street to
Plercontrcot.ln DKilct No. 118 :
And that part ol )8tli ) street from Nicholas to
Ohio. In DMrict No. I0'/nll ' In the city of
Omaha , jou nro hereby nollllod to ranKo fill
nectsiary conncetlons with sowor.gnsand water
mains , or lattentl/ / ) , and to complete such work
onorboford July loth , 18S7ns it la the purpose
tona\o thu streets InaalddUtrleta ,
No pormlls for oicavutions or connection ;
will be IfSUfd to un'property ownororlumeeH ,
on nny portion of said strceta after grading ha *
been oomtiionccd by pn > Ing contractors , to put
thoatroctfl In shape for paving'nor until such
pacing Mcompk'tcd ondaeceptnd by the city.
Sr. A. D. lUi.aiuuL- ,
Chairman Hoard of Public \vorka.
Omaha , Juuo iUklliT ( , lWjyl-0-1