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The Government Preparing to Start in On
the Now Fiscal Ydar ,
Hie Event larked Ily i Niimlier of
I'romotlotiH , Itoductlons nnd
Dismissals In the Various * -
Beginning A New Fiscal IToar.
"WASHINOTON , Juno 30. ISpeclal Tele
KM' gram to the Bni : . ] To-morrow will be the
first day of the now fiscal jear nnd the most
Important day In tlio olllclal calendar. The
now appropriations become available and a
new leaf Is turned over In many ways. The
last month of the year will show revenues
slightly In excess of 81,000,000 per day , nnd
small expenditures. The debt reduction for
the month will be large , nnd there will bo n
Blight contraction of ttio circulation and con
sequent Increase of the treasury surplus. Tlio
customs receipts for the fiscal year will ag
gregate nearly S21S.OOO.OOO , an amount
exceeded only once In the his
tory of the government In tlio
year If * ' . ! . The Internal revenue receipts
Will aggregate about 811H,000,000 , an Increase
of about S2,000OCO over the preceding
year. The treasury surplus will bo less than
halfwhat , it was aycar ago. On Friday , new
' appropriations becoming available , largo ex
penditures will commence ; Sl ,700oou of 3
per cent bonds will become papable on that
day , as well as about 812,000,000 of pensions
nnd other large expenditures. There are
eonio Indications of a slight decline of reve
nue from this time , with an Increase of ex
penditures. A number of clerical changes
will be made under the now appropriations
In the way of promotions , removals , und
transfers. The greatest number are in tlio
treasury department , where between twenty
and thirty removals will bo made.
The complete list will not be made
until to-morrow. Seventeen dismis
sals have already been announced nnd
the others will be known to-morrow. Tlio
second comptroller and secretary's offices
me being completely reonran od. In the so
licitor's olllco U. J. Malvenny and K. B. Elli
ott are promoted from Sl,20a to 81,400. In
the burcauof engr.ivlngand prlntlngsalarics
take tlio place of per diem waircs. In the post-
ollice department eighteen change's wore
made to-day , Including ono removal , H. K.
Stevens , of Ohio , a S 1.200 cleric in tlio dead
letter olllco. The others were promotions ,
reductions nnd transfers. John K. Meyer ,
ot Michigan , was promoted from 81.0JU to
81,200 in the second assistant's oflico. A few
changes took place In the war derailment.
The new appropriation bill authorised the
appointment e > f n private secretary at 81,000
for the retired general of the army , and on
General Sherman's recommendation .lames
Madison Barrett wns to-day appointed. In
the surgeon general's office a number ot
clerical changes necessitated by bills wejo
made , based on the results of the recent ex-
ti'iilnatlnns. Four quartet master's agents ,
t.vo copyists and ono clerk were dismissed ,
Five clerks were advanced to copyists. There
were two promotions and eight trnusfers.
No reduction or Increase In the force of the
V-TtVty department occur , but e > wlng to tlio
new system of keeping accounts , which
goes Into effect to-morrow , clerks in fie va
rious nnvy yards liavo been transferred to
tl j new bureau of accounts. In the Inte
rior department there will bo very few
changes. Only reductions and dismissals
occur in the patent olticc , where there will be
six removals nnd twelve reductions. The
commissioner of patents would not give out
the names of those persons affected by the
change without nn order from the secretary ,
who could not be seen this afternoon. In
.the state department no changes whatever
occurred , but In the foreign service some sal
nrles were changed and in some eases sala
ries are substituted for fees. No clerical
chances are mndo In thu department of jus
tice. The salaries of assistant district at
torneys throughout the country will bo re
duced 20 per cent to-morrow.
Counterfeiter liallarel I'arelonoel.
WASHINGTON , Juno SO , The president has
nctod upon the application for pardon ot a
number of convicted criminals. The most
Important case Is that of Thomas Ballard ,
tlio notorious countorfoltar , who was sen-
tencoeUanuary 1,1873 , to thirty years Im
prisonment In the Albany penitentiary. The
president grants him a pardon. In cndois
Ins the application , ho says the prisoner was
supposed to be ono of the most experienced
counterfeiters In the country. He hns bcoi :
In prison equal to moro than fifteen years ,
allowing n deduction for good behavior. Hi
has grown an old man , broken down
physieally and mentally. Ills conduct ha ;
been such ns to cause much Interest In hi ;
case by many gooel citizens and ofllclals. Ill :
wife , who has clung to him with a tuu
woman's devotion all these years , and win
lias almost worn herself out ii
her efforts to support and educate her dauph
tor , just now reaching womanhood , plcadi
for the erring nnd pentlnent husband's ro
lease. There Is a universal belief on th <
part of those acquainted with the case tha
the prisoner's reformation Is complete , am
that In no circumstance could this broker
down man , whoso mind Is fast giving avvaj
with His body , bo u menace to society If lib
erated. "I am of the opinion that in thl
case the law lias been fully vindicated. "
Several pardons were granted to person
convicted of violating the revenue laws am
ono to Jacob Helkle , convicted of bigamy li
Utah. A pardon has been refused In th
case of John Irvine , sentenced In Wyoming
February 20 , U > Imprisonment for life to
mail robbery. Tills seems to bo a bad time
savs the president , to pardon such otTense
when they aio quite lu vogue and their com
mission frequent.
WASHINGTON , Juno IX ) . | Speclal Tele
gram to the Br.n. | Tlio following change
In star schedules In Iowa have been mad
from July 1 :
Franklin Mills to Sperry : Leave Frnnkll
ft Mills Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays n
11:80 : n. m. ; arrlvo at Sperry by 1:80 : p. n
Leave Sperry Tuesdays , Thursdays and Sa
unlays at 9:00 : a. m. ; arrlvo at Franklin Mill
by 11:00 : a.m.
Wlntorsot to Kasson : Leave Wlntersc
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.00 a. m ,
arrive at Kasson by 1:00 : p. m. Leave KASSO
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 2:00 : p. in. ; a
rive at Winters * ! by 7:00 : p. m.
Elkaderto Osborne : Leave Elkader dall
except Sundays at 7:30 : a. m. nnd 3:30 : p. m ,
arrlvo at Othorne by 0:20 : a. m. nnd 0:30 : \
in. Leave Usborno dally except Sundays i
10:40 : a. m. and 6:15 : p. in. ; arrive at Elkad <
by 12:00 : m and 8:00 : p. m.
Cumberland lo Grlswold : Lcavo Cuuibe
land dally except Sunday * at 1:30 : p. m. ; ai
I rive at Grlswold by C : 0 p. m. Leave GrI
weld dally except Sundays at 7SO : a. ui. ; n
rive nt Cumberland by 12U : ) p. m.
Olympus to Woodbine : Leave Olyuipi
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 13:30 : p. m. ; ai
rive at Woodbine by 9:30 : p. m. Lenv
Woodbine Tuesdays nnd Saturdays at 0 : (
H. m. ; arrive at Olympus by 12.00 in.
Oldlield to Mingo : Leave Oldlield Wc <
nohdnys and Saturdays at 1 p. in. Lea\
Mlngo Wednesdays and .Saturdays at4p. m
arrlvo at Oldlield by C p. m.
Clyde to Mlnto : Leave Clyde Tuesday :
Thursdays and Saturdays at 13:30 : p. ni
at rive at Mlneo by tt p.m. Leave Minn
Tuesdays , Thursdays and tiRturdaj s nt 3i :
p. m. ; arrive at Clyde by 4 p. in ,
Lowmoor to Elvirla : Leave Lowmoor dall
except Sundnjs atU:13a. : m. ; nirlvent K
Viraliy ll:4Sa.ra. : Leave Elvira dully c :
eept Sundays at 11:45 : p. m. ; arrive at Lo\
hioor by 12:45 : p. m.
UyMtrtto Mooicivllle : Leave Dysartdall
xcepi Sunday * M li ui.1 trl\uat Moore
vlllnhy 2Mp. : m. Leave Moorcsvlllo dally
exceptSunilajsat 8p.m. ; arrive at D > sart
by 4:15 : p. m.
Markov to Gilbert Station : Leave Mac-
key Wednesdays and Saturdays nt3Kp.m. : : ) ;
arrive at Gilbert Station Wednesdays nnd
Saturdays at 12:30 : p. in. ; arrive at Mackey
by ! J p. m.
F.aglo Center to Waterloo : Leave Laclo
Center Tuesday , Thursdays and Saturdays
nt 1p.m. ; nirivo at Waterloo by 4 p.m.
Leave Waterloo Tuosdavs , Thursdays ami ] . ; arrlvo at Eagle Center
by 11 n. in.
KlngtoDulmquo : Leave King Saturdays
at & a.m. ; arrive nt Duhuquo by b a.m.
Leave Dubuqtic hntiudays at 4 p.m. ; arrive
nt King by 7 p. m.
Ceres to Garnavillo : Leave Cere ? Tues
day" , Thursdays and Saturdays ntSn. m. ;
arrlvo at Garnnvllle by 4u : : ) p.m. Leave
Garnavillo Tueadnj s , Thursdays and Satur
days nt 1 p. m. : arri\e at Ceres by 2"fl ; p. in.
Communlato Llllleport : Leave Commu-
nla Wednesdays and S.itnrd.ijs at 11:30 : a.
m. ; arrhu at Llttlcport by l'Jxp. : : m. Lea\o
Llttleport Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10
u. m. : arrive at Communla bv 11 a. in.
Sheffield to Coldw.iter : Leave Sheffield
Wedne.-.dn\s . and Saturdays nt 7 p. m. ; nr-
riveat Coldw.iter bv 11a.m. Leave Cold
\\aterWedtfcsd.ivs and Saturdays nt 12:15 :
p. m. : arrive nt Sheffield by : s:10 : p. in.
Algona to Soneei : Leave AIgona Tues
days , Thursdays nnd Saturdays at 1 p.m. ;
arrlvo at Fenton by 0 p. m. Leave Fonton
Mondays , Wednesdajs and Fridays nt 8 n.
m. ; arrive at Seneca by 12 in. Leave Seneca
Mondavs , Wednesdijs and Frldnvs nt 1 p.
m. ; arrive nt Fenton nt 0 p. m. Leave Fen-
ton Tuesdays , Thursdajs and Satuidnys at
8 a. m. ; arrlvo at Algona by 12 m.
Peterson to Spencer : Leave Peterson
Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 a.
m. ; nrrlvo nt Spencer by4 p. m. Leave
Spencer Tuesdays , Thutsdnys and Saturdays
at I ) a. m. ; urrho at Peterson by 2 p. m ,
Bcthleham to Charlton : Lcavo Bethlchnm
dally , except Sundajs , at 8 a.m. ; nrilve nt
Charlton bv UtO : : n. m. Lcavo Cliariton
dallv , except Sunda\s , at 1 p. m. ; nrrlvo at
Bethlehnm at7 p. m.
A new postolllco has been established nt
Hornlck , Woodbury county , Iowa , special
from Holly Springs , Benjamin F. Jennings
Thomas B. Scott has buen commissioned a
fourth class postmaster at Alexander , la.
Star service changes have been made In
Nebraska ns follows :
Garner to O.ikd.uo : From July 1. 1SS7 , for
change of site ot Garner , Increase distance
one in lie.
A new postofllcc hns been established at
Dunning , Blalno county , Nebraska , special
from Lena , Kussell DiiiinltiL' . postmaster.
Tlio name of Iho postoftico nt Munson.
Madison county , Nebraska , has tit-en changed
to Wnrnurvjllo , Mitchell K. Moirls , post
master. _ _ _ _ _
Military Matters.
WASHINGTON , JunoBO. [ Special Telegram
to the HIM : , | Captain E. W. Stone , Twenty-
first Infantty , nnd JMist Lieutenant F. B.
Taylor , Ninth cavalry , have been granted
two months extension of lca\o ; Captain
Charles llobart , Thitd infantry , icturned to
Columbus barracks , Ohio , Monday morning
from his trip to St. Paul with a detachment
of recruits ; First Lieutenant J. Itosicr
Ciagitt , quartermaster Twenty-third In
fantry , has been granted n month's leave
from Fort Wayne , Detroit. Ills homo Is In
this city ; Acting Hospital Stewart John L.
Henderson has been detailed for duty with n
bnttalllon of the First infantry dining Its
summer march to S.inta Cruz , Cnln. , from
San Francisco nnd back : C.iptain Uohert G.
Hclnorand Flist Lieutenant Frank H. Ed
munds , adjutant FirstInfantiy , lm\ebcen 10-
lieved ns rccrnltinc olliceis nt Bculcln bar
racks and Angel Island , Cala. , respectively.
Captain John J. Cochrau , assistant sur
geon , came east from San Francisco In charge
of Captain James F. Simpson , Third cavalry.
Ho was recently adjudged Insane and is now
nt St. Elizabeth's asylum hero.
Lieutenant John A. To\\crs , First artil
lery , is oidored to report at Benlclu borracks ,
California , to-morrow ( July 1) ) , to temporarily
relieve First Lieutenant James S. Pettlt , Fiist
infantry , ns post quartermaster and couimls-
saiy.Lieutennnt Colonel Richard F. Oberne ,
Fifteenth Infantry , who becomes superin
tendent of the gencrnl recruiting service
October 1 , Is well known here In Washing
ton , where , prior to Ids appointment as captain
tainin IfcOl , ho was private secietary to
General Lewis Cass , of Michigan , uhilo tlmt
statesman was secretary of state under Picsl-
dent Buchanan.
Sergeant Chailes Fox , company K , Ninth
Infantry , wns the non-commlssloned officer
in charge of the escort last Match when
Major Daniel N. Ba h , paymaster , was
robbed at Antelope Springs , Wyo. , ot § 7,350.
Sergeant Fox lias just been tried tor neglect
of duty on that occasion and Is dishonorably
discharged from tlio service. Tlio sentence
has been lenient by the court In consideia-
tlon of previous good service.
Army leaves : Lieutenant Colonel Thomas
F. Barry , deputy Judge advocate general , one
month , with permission to apply for fifteen
days extension ; First lieutenant Joint M.
Davis , First artillery , fifteen davs tiomJuly
5 ; First Lieutenant Henry L. Ilnrri ? , adju
tant First artillery , ono month trom July 5 ;
Lieutenant Hurry C. Benson , Sixth cavalry ,
two months.
The contest for places on the rifle team ol
the Division of the P.icllio will be held till ;
year nt the Presidio of San Fiancisco , undei
charge of LloutenantColonel Isaac D. Dorns
sov , Fourteenth Infantry. The prellmlnnrj
practice will bo on August 31 and Septcmbei
i and 2 , the competition September 4 o 10
the department team reporting there i > j
August 27. The contest for placcn on tin
Department of California team will taki
place August 10 to 27 , including practice , am
will be conducted by Captain Lowell A
Chambcrlln , First artilloiy. Contestants-
must teport by August 15.
A. Naval Guulncer's Death.
WASHINGTON , Juno 80. ( Special Tel
cpram to the BKE. | Chief Engineer Henr ;
Leo Snyder , U. S. N. , died suddenly thl :
morning nt his apartments at the Portland
where no has resided for several months past
Since July 5,1B8.5 , he has been on duty hen
continuously as superintendent ot tlio nev
state .war nnd navy department building nm
hns also had charge of the Winder and othc
outlying buildings occupied by these depart
incuts. Mr. Snydcr'sphvslclans attribute hi
deatli to sewer gas Inhaled while superin
tending repairs of plumbing of the Wlnde
building. Ho wns born nt Pottstown , Pn ,
September 11,1S30 , nnd was a grandson o
Governor Snjder , of that state. He entcrei
the navy from New Jersey In March , 1S.V
and became a clilet engineer December 1
IbtVi , reaching the grade of commander li
the fall of IbVi. His last cruise at sea was 01
the Pacllfc station , which ho completed li
Aucust , 18SJ. Ho was twice nmriied am
leaves a widow and Infant child , besides
crown son by lila lirst marriage. Mri
Snyuer Is a nutlv ? and resilient ot Mead
vilfe , Pa.
Altofcctcd Protest.
WASHINGTON , June SO. The secretary o
the treasury recently rccelvr-d a petltlo :
signed by leading Importers of railroad tie *
telegraph ] > oles , etc. , nt the port of Chlcagc
protesting against thu establishment of a
agency ut Gore Bay , Mnnltoulln Island , nn
he refeited It to the secretary of state. H
lias been Informed by Secretary Bayard tha
the objections ur fad aauist the propose' '
agency are not considered sufficient to wai
rant ( lib loconsideintion of tlio declsln
heretofore nmde thereto , and saying that th
consular oflieor for Gore Hay will be at
pointed In due course ot time.
Cleveland's Hummer Arrangement !
WASHINGTON , Juno 0. It Is stated at th
1e white house that the prc&ldent has decided t
e attend tlio centennial celebration nt Cllntor
> t N. Y. , the Wli flu * . but bevond that he hn !
not jet completed his nrinuuvuieuts for th
a Government Telegraph lift ten.
< J WASHINGTON , Juno 80. The postmastc
general has Issued an order fixing the rate
of government tele-priuii for the comln
iyear. . The rates nro tlio same as last yea
{ but tha basis of computation lias buo
changed , Insle-nd of paying rates , on tli
V exact distance from tilti place vvheio the. te
' ' rurutu la Uliid to tlio uolut ol UeatluaUoi
the distance from the state or territory cap
ital and to the state or territorial capital , Is
computed and tolls paid thereon.
A nutter lOxport.
WASHINGTON , Juno 80. Secretary Fairchild -
child to-day appointed Edgar Hlchards of
Now York , to ko microscoplst In the Internal
revenue depaitment , under the provisions ot
the oleomargarine law.vlco Wnlll ? , resigned.
Dos Slolnca Laud Ofllce HcRlntcr.
WASHINGTON , Juno 0. The president to
day appointed William Porter , of DCS
Molncs , la. , register of the land office at DCS
Government 1'rliitors Discharged.
WASHINGTON , June so. Forty employes
of the government printing office , princi
pally In theblndlngntidfoldlngdepartments ,
were discharged to day.
Xlio Vnndorbllt lloadn Dootnro Divi
dends Their KarnliiK * ) .
NBW YOIIK , Juno 30. The directors of the
roads In the Vanderbllt system mot to-day
and declared the following dividends : New
Vork Central , 1 per cent tor the quarter ;
Lake Shore , 2 per cent for tlio half ; Michi
gan Central , 2 per cent for tlio half , and
Canada Southern UC per cent for a half > oar.
The Michigan Cential statement presented
at the meeting of the directors for six
months ending June > : : o , I8b7 , shows the
gross earnings to bo O.Wl.OOO ; opeinllng ex
penses and taxes , 81,511.000 ; net earuincs ,
bl,8WOUO : interest ami rental81,270,000 ) ;
surplus , s.VN.OOO ; proportion to Canada
Southern , 3170,000. leaving n surplus for the
Michigan Central of 401,000. From this
surplus , after deducting'n 2 per cent divi
dend , there will bo a Dalauco of § 20UOO on
The statement of tlio Lake Shore road , pre
sented at the semi-annual meeting to-day for
six mouths ending Juno 30,1SR7 , shows the
gross cainlngs to De33X ( > l,000 : operating ex
penses and taxes , S5,02JOUO ; net earnings ,
SMO,000 ! ; Interest and rentals and divi
dends on guaranteed stock , 51,630,000 ; sur
plus , SI ,750,000.
Tlio statement of the Now York Central
railroad for the tlirco months ending June
30 , It87 , shows n surplus ot § lCO't)00 , ) , alter
paying the dividend.
The statement of the Cleveland , Columbus ,
Cincinnati & Indianapolis i.illroad lor the
sl\ mouths ending June 80 , isvr. shows a
surplus of S7,000 , against ix deficiency of
Slfy.OOO last year.
An Kdlturlnl Scrap.
AUOUSTA , Ga , Juno 30. [ Special Tole-
Kram to the Bii : : . | A personal encounter Is
looked for between Major J. W. Greene ,
general manager of the Georgia railroad ,
and James Hairett , editor of the Globe and
Lance , a Kniglits ot Labor paper. Hlght
Davl ? , conductor on the Georgia road , was
Indicted on the charge of criminal assault on
n lady committed to his care. Pending liti
gation Greene suspended him. Davis was
acquitted , but Greene refused to restore him
to his place. Tlio Globe and Lance , which
paper Is owned by Davis , on Satuulay last
madoa fniious personal attack on Greene.
The major , Ignoring Davis , soiiL'ht James
Barrett , the editor. Bsriett dented responsi
bility and then Greene called upon him
under the code. Barrett refused any hint of
a challenge , merely remaiking that ho
ready to defend himself wiieiievor attacked.
Giceno then branded Barrett as a coward.
To this Barrett replies to-day as toliows :
"Personal abuse can accomplish nothing. I
do not retort by charging cowardice on
Major Gieetio. lie can test my courugo nt
any time nnd in any way tlmt ho may think
proper. " Whenever nny ol the tiuce went
out on the street to-day ho went prepared tor
vvaratidsuiiounded by friends. When they
meet they will light.
lake Sharp'H Condition.
Nr.w Yor.ic , Juno 30. Sharp moaned nnd
tossed about restlessly nil night. Every
"precaution was taken so as to doubly secure the
safety of the prisoner. Ono keeper remained
in the ollico all night and two in tlio corridor
of the jail , while the warden occupied the
adjoining room to Sharp , with the door wide
open. Up to noon Sharp had no visitors ,
ami up to that time scarcely SPOKO a do/on
words. The warden savs hn does not eat
onousrh to keep butterfly alive , except the
milk he drinks.
The Fidelity Hiiuk.
CINCINNATI , O. , Juno no. The bond of E.
L. Harper , late vice president of the Fidelity
bank , has been Increased to S-00,000 and that
ot 15. E. Hopkins , late assistant cashier , to
S100ri09. The district attorney to-dav filed
proceedings bromrht by the comptiollor of
currency to poilect the charter ot the Fidel
ity national bank and wind up the affairs ot
the corporation.
The I'lircoll Kutato.
CINCINNATI- : . , Juno 30. Isaac J. Mil
ler and Gustavo Tefel , trustee of the Purcell
estate creditors , filed their report In tlio pio-
bate court yesterday. It shows total receipts
nnd disbursements since January 4 , IbSO ,
namely : Receipts S'JO.OOO ; paid creditors , S50-
000paid ; for expenses and Incidentals , 817,000 ;
leaving a balance on hand of SH'r ' > 00. Tlio
entire debt of the two estates of Aieliblshop
John li. nnd Father Edward Purecll Is re
ported at S3,72' . > ,000.
Clnturo to Ho Applied.
LONDON , Juno 30. In the commons to-
nlcht , W. 11. Smith moved that If the icnort
on the eilmes bill bo not reached by Monday ,
the cloture bo applied. Tlio Parnellltes op
posed the motion , which , hovrovor , was car
ried bj n vote of 220 to 12. The siwakcr then
called upon the Piunellites to move the
amendments standing their names on the no
tice paper. Tlio Parnellltes , who were
watching tlio proceedings from tlio mem
hers side ot the gallery , made no reply. Tlif
amendments Introduced by Bnlfour wen
agreed to without debate and the bill was
reported. Balfour announced U'r.t ' the third
ic.vllng of the bill would be moved on Tues
day next ,
Church and Stnto In Franco.
PAins , Juno 30. A majority of the com
mltteo of tlio chambers of deputies appointee
to study the question of separation 01
church and state , approve Boyset's projeci
for abrogation of the concordat. The malt
articles of the scheme provide that the renuh
lie shall respect all religions , but will gran
subsidies or special privileges to none.
Seamen Condemned.
LONDON , Juno 30. The captain and three
seamen of the British bark Lady Douvlas
which arrived hero May HI , from Glascoyne
West Afilca , have been sentenced to deatt
fdr tlio uiuider of n Malay sailor on the voy-
llonlnnecr's Intrigues.
FAHIS , Juno 30. Thp Republlquo Francalst
nccuses General Boulanger of political intrl
cuing. It says General Ferion was wise t <
shorten his maneuvers by appointing him t <
active command.
Steamship Arrivals.
SOUTHAMPTON , Juno SO. [ Special Telo
cram to the BKE.J Arrived The Saale
from Now York lor Bremen.
PLYMOUTH , Juno 30. Arrived The Tenn
land , tiom Now York for Antwerp.
Uaso Tarty Purposes. ,
DUHT.IX , JiinoSO. Unl.ed Ireland charjfci
that Lord Salisbury Is using the sons of tin
prince of Wales , who are now In Ireland , fo
the basest party purposes.
AddrcMB to tlio Quoon.
LONDON , June CO. A'number of loyn
Irish Catholics , who attended the Jubilee cer
emenles In London have sent to the nueei
an aildrccs of loyalty and devotion.
Blo.uhnlm'8 Hlaze.
AVICKLAND , N. 2 . , Juno 80. Tho' Nov
Zealand hotel , bank and twenty-two sliop
tunica at Blenheim , Loss , & 3QOQO ,
Hiu Bank Decisions at Denver Contribute
to Another Defeat
Suffers Its Sixth Consecu
tive Defeat A Gigantic Hippo
drome Trotting Hacft Dotwccn
Hurry Wllkca nnd Gossip , Jr.
Denver Wins the Second.
DKXVCU , Juno CO. [ Special Toleeram to
the UKK.J The Denvers won their second
game from the Omahas to-day by their free
batting , assisted by soi 10 very rank decisions
of Umpire Donglo , who seemed to have it Infer
for the Omaha boys and did not lot an oppor
tunlty escape to dccldo against them. The
Delivers did some verj coed playinc , hitting
the lett bander for twenty-live bases and
playing the field without an error. The two
mndo woto charged to Meyers. Omaha
played n very good game , considering the
heavy batting and what they had to contend
with , When they learned they were handi
capped by Deaglo they seemed to lose In
terest In the game nnd O'Leary played list
lessly. The brilliant playing upon their side
was confined to Dvvycr at fiist base and
Genius in center field. The score Is
IH\VKR. pos. AU. it. In. TU. ro. A. K.
McSorley 2b
Sllch If
Smith Ib 0 3 a 1 10 a 0
Tebean ah
O'Neill rf
Uornuui cf C 1 1 0 0 0 0
I'hllllps ss 6 B 3 B 1 4 0
Voss p G 1 B 0 0 7 0
Meyers c 0 3 4 1 0 3 B
Total 67 Ib 24 5 27 24 3
OMAHA. I'OS. All. It. .111. Til. I'O. A. E.
Swift 2biVrf : 5 1 < 2 0 0 0 B
Walsh ss n 1 1 0 1 3 S
Dwyer. Ib 5 1 4 1 12 0 0
Krelimoyer o
liourko lib 4 0 1 0 B 3 0
Mcssltt..rf & 2b 4 1 3 1 3 0
Hader If
( Jonins et
O'Leary p
"Total 3 ! > 0 17 4 27 18 0
Denver 4 2 18
) mahf B 00300300 0
Karned runs Denver 11 , Omaha 5.
Two Iw-e lilts- Welsh , Meyers , McSoiley ,
imlth , Tebeau , Silch , Krchmeyer , Uourkc.
Homo inns Slleh.
Double plays Voss to Smith to Aleyeis.
JSases on halls Voss 3 , O'Loary 7.
Hit by pitcher Uormnn , Smith , liader ,
1'assed balls Kronmever 1.
Struck out Voss 2 , O'Leary 3.
Left on bases Denver 10 , Omaha 5.
Wild pitches-O'Leary 2.
Time of game 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Umpire Deaule.
Hastings Drops Another.
llAbTi.vosi , Neb. , Juno HO , [ Special Tolo-
ram to the UEE.J Hastings suffered Us
Ktli defeat to-day , Lincoln winning by
he following score :
, lncoln 2 1140000 * 8
tastings 0 0001000 0 1
Huns earned Lincoln 3. Kriors linst-
ngs4. Lincoln 7. B.ise hits Hastings 3 ,
Lincoln 11. U.Utodes Hwr.rtzcl and Hooker ,
Daniels and Turner. *
Ijcavomvorth U loatu St."Joc.
LKAVK.VWOKTH , Kan./ / June .TO. [ Special
Telegram to the UKK. ' | Loavenworth won
he game to-day by the following score :
, eaveuvorth..4 1030103 1 13
St. Joe 0 10030004 7
Two ba ohits Curtis , Whitehead , Hughes ,
Khret. Homo runs Welch. iStruck outjby
Jnmos 4 , Lhret 5. Batteries James and , Khiet andl3 lltnan. Umpire
National Iji'nguo Games.
PITTSIUJUO , Juno 30. The game between
the Pittsuurg and Uoston teams to-day
resulted as follows :
1'ittsburg 4 1000030 8-10
Boston 3 00410000 8
1'itchers MeCormick and Uadbourne. Base
ills Plttsbutg 17 , Boston 13. Errors I'ltts-
burg 5 , Boston 0. Umpire Valentino. Juno ! ! 0. Th game be
tween the ludlannpolis and New York
teams to-day lesulted as follows :
Indianapolis 3 U 0 0 4 0 0 1 0 10
Nnw York 0 2-11
Pitcheis Boyle for Indianapolis , Tlernnn
and Welch tor Now "Vloik. Base lilts In
dianapolis 20. New York 12. Euors Indlau-
nrtolls 0 , New Vork 3. Umplio 1'earce.
Dnntoir , June HO. Tlio name between the
Detroit and i'hihulelpliia teams to-day re
sulted as t allows :
Dctioit 4 10000000-5
Philadelphia.2 0" 3 0 5 0 0 010
Pitehors Baldwin and Casoy. Base
lilts-Detroit IB , Philadelphia 11. Errors-
Detioitfi , Philadelphia4. umpire Docschcr ,
CHICAGO , Juno no. The game between the
Chicaconnd Washington teams to-day result
ed as follows :
Chicago 1011000000 3
Washington . 4
Ten inuhiL'fl. Pitchers Baldwin and
O'Day. Base litts-Chieago 0. Washington
8. errors Chicago 5'Washington 3. Um
pire Po\\eis.
The American Association. <
ST. Loui , Juno " 0 , The game between
the St. hcmis and Louisvlllo teams to-day
re.sulted as follous :
St. Louis 0 00103000 4
Louisville. 8 0 , 0 0 U 6 3 0 * 11
Pitchers Hudson and Kamsey. Base hits
St.Louls7 , Louisville 'M. Krrors-St. Louis 2 ,
Louisville 5. Umpire McQuade.
Nr.w Yoitic. J line SO. Tlio game between
Brooklyn and Athletics to-day icsultod as
toliows :
BrooKlyn 1 200000000000 f
Athletics 0 000001030001 A
Thlitcen Innings. Pitchers Poiter nml
Atklsson. Basehits-vBrooklyn U , Athletics
1' ' . Errors Brooklyn 7 , Athletics 5. Um
plre Ferguson.
Niw : VOIIK , Junoi.J. The game between
the Metropolitans arU Baltimore teams to
day resulted as follows :
Metropolitans..0 33000000 - ;
Baltimore I 0371400 1 !
Pitchers Shatler and Kilroy. Base hits-
Metropolitans 10. Baltimore 1 ! ' . Errors Met
ropoliians 0 , Baltimore 3. Umplio Curry ,
CIEVKIANI > , JUIIH 80. The game be
tween Cleveland aim Cincinnati teams to-da >
resulted as follows : '
Cleveland C 0 0 1 0 0 C 0 1 K
Cincinnati 0 0300000 l- <
Pitcheis Dally ana Smith. Base hit !
Cincinnati 15. Clevtland 15 , Eirors Cliv
clnnatl 4 , Cleveland 1 , Umpire Toung.
Northwestern Leaftno Games.
DES MOI.VKS , Ju'io 30. Northwestern
league games to-da. ' : Milwaukee 3 , La
crosse 0 , at Lacrosse , ) St Paul 9 , EnnClali
, fourteen Inulupg * nt EauClair. Allnn&
apolis 5 , Duluth 7 , at.Duluth.
A Hippodrome Knee.
PIIIIADIIPIIIA : , Juno ! . Threethousapc
peisons went to the I'oint Breeze course thl
afternoon to witnes { the races between Harr ;
Wllkes and Gossip. Jr. It was nnnouncei
that the purse WAS § 1,0.03 , with an additlona
Sl.OOO for the horss breaking the record o
ailStf , The affair proved a gigantic failure
and the spectators tq a man pronounced It i
hippodrome. Gosj-tp , Jr. , was in no condi
tion for the race and was drawn after twi
heats , both of w hWi were easily won b ;
sent one heat again A tlio best time over tin
Point Breeze tracUMSt. Jullen's , 2:17) : ) , am
and easily trotted a { till mile In 3il6 # .
Shoepaheacl Bay Races.
Nnw YOIIK , June20. At Sheepshead Ha ;
the 'weather was Uric , the attendance larci
and the track fast. The following Is th
tummary :
TWO-Joar-olds , threo-nuarters mile : Tea
tray won. Bay Hldgo second , 1'ocatcllo third.
Three-year-olds and upwards , ono mile :
Troubadour won , Gonfalon second , Duplex
third. Time-IMS.
Mlle and three-sixteenths : Selogos won ,
Klkwood second , Frank Waid tuirel. Tlmo
2:03. :
2:03.Thrceycnrold" , mlle nnd a half : linn-
over won , Duuboyne second , Oneko third ,
Time UiUUf.
Mlle niul a furlong : Brown Duke won ,
Unnl second , Boaz third. Time 1 : . ' ' ! ?
Mlle on the turf : Choctnw won. Wonder
ment second , Grenadier third. Time 1:41. :
Haclnjj nt Washington I'ark ,
CHICAGO , June 30. This was the fourth
day of the Washington Park club races. The
weather was warm , the track fast nnd the
attendance latgc. The fellow Ing Is the sum
mary :
Two-year-olds , three-quarters mile : Dnn-
lella won , Aiistl second , Mlrlti third. Time
1:10. :
1:10.All agc . ono mile : Amelia won , Carnegie
second. Time 1:44. : Only iwo starters.
Threo.vear-old lillles , mlle : Miss Ford
won , Wary second , Hindoo Hose , third.
Ono mlle and quarter : Irish Pat won ,
Gold Flee second , Wnhoo third. Tlmo-'J:10. :
One milo and qtiatter : Urookfull won ,
Gre v Cloud second , Kensington third. Time
Jluidles , mlle heats : First heat Tennessee
won , Ascot secondothers distanced. Time
lMJf. : ) Second heat Tennessee won. Time
1:55. :
The Twin City Trot.
ST. PAUL , Juno 30. The Twin City Driv
ing club races opened at the state fair
grounds this afternoon. Tlio track was fast ,
tlio weather threatening , and the attendance
small. Tlio following Is the summary :
a:80 : trot , nurse Sl.OOO : Frank Champ won ,
David S. second. Bud Crook third , Ella P.
fourth. Best tlmo-U:17K : >
2:3:5 : : S5UO : Pennant won , Sharper
second , Daisy Wllkcs third , Sierra Lasallo
Columbia Frpshmcn Beat Harvard.
Nnw LoNDON.Conn. , Juiie30.-The Colum
bia-Harvard freshmeniaco | was rowed this af
ternoon over the two mile course on the first
of ttie ebb. It was a slow course with head
wind against the boats. The start was at
0:80-31) : ) , and the Columbia light weights
leaped awav with a quarter second lead from
tlio young" plants troin Harvard , and thU
lead was being constantly Incieased at every
siroke , Columbia pulling thirty-eight to Har-
vaul thlity-live. At the halt mlle the New
'ork oarsmen wcie seven seconds ahead nnd
ropped to thltty-livo. At the mlle
lie lead wns Increased to thirteen
econds. or three boat lengths , and near
ills point Sanborn. who pulled number
hrecinthu Harvard's shell kicked over his
lide ana sat nnd rowcil on the bare irons
or the rest of the race , which , however ,
vas virtually won before this accident. At
ho milo and a half there were four boat
Mights between tiio crews , nnd when
olumbia pulled over the line in 11 minutes
1 seconds sue had live open lengths between
ici mid HIM yard's shell. Harvard's time was
1:34 : > . Sanborn dropped in a swoon In the
lottom of the boat as they crossed the line ,
ml ho did not recover for nearly half an
lour. Ho wns cut considerably , and his
vork for the last mlle of the race was as
> lucky a specimen of grit as was over shown
u aboat
I'.ilno'fl New Yacht Launched.
I'HU.A.DKMMiiA , Juno 30. The new yacht
ulll tor General Paine , of Boston , was suc-
jessfully launched this evening. Designer
Jurgess expressed himself welt pleased , nl-
hough the general opinion was that the
craft presented anything but n beautiful np-
learnnce , owing to her peculiar construction ,
ihe looks In the water like n floating sword-
Ish , lull In the body , but line nt the end and
cecn at the provv as a razor. She is 107 feet
over all. but only eighty-six on the water
Inc. The striking features are the great
deptli ntt , long keel , sharply diminishing
Torcfoot cutter-like rake nt the stern post ,
lengthy , angular overhang and sharp sheer
'ore and aft , She carries twenty-two tons
n ore. ballast than the Mayflower. The cen
ter board Is twenty bv twenty-two feet nnd
will have a drop of about twenty feet. The
yacht will draw about thirty feet with it
down. None of the ballast Is below the
feel , fifty tons having been put into the
tiough-shaped keel.
Iludel Does Great Shooting.
DBS MoiNKs.'la. , Juno 30. fSpecial Tolo-
_ ram to thoBEr ; : . J C. W. Budd.of Des Molnns ,
vnd J , H. Slice , of Illinois , phot hero to-day
for the championship of America In pigeon
trap shooting. The traps were arranged
with a thirty yard ilse , and out of 100 birds ,
Slice shot Wand Budd shot 97 , winning the
championship. Budd , in fact , hit every hi id
[ nit one , but two tell outside the boundary
nnd so were not counted. Slice shot the last
forty-eight birds stright , without n miss.
The Ownership of NI near a Falls.
NKW XOIIK , Juno 80. ( Special Tclegiam
to the BiuJ Lihby , proprietor of the Bre-
voort house , Is suing Mrs. Frederlca Poiter
Burial ! , n lady of largo wealth , for a board
bill of S2-i07. She Is granddaughter of Au
gustus H. Potter , who , early In the century ,
purchased from the state a piece of land a
mile and u qiuutcr square on the Canada
boundary line , nil In New York , halt or two-
thirds of tnoNlngara ; river , nbovc , below and
Including the falls , llils very valuable hold
ing , which Includes the town of Niagara ,
was transmitted by old Juduo Porter to his
heirs. It was proposed and desired , Mrs.
Burrall savs , to sell part of the estate , tlio
island In the river , including Goat Island , to
tlio state for a park. All holders except her
self agreed that If a certain bill before the
legislature was nasscd by a certain time they
would relinquish all claims on the
state for payment for water power thus
sacrificed. This Mrs. Burrall refused , as far as
she was do. She seems to legnrd
tills claim aH a most Important onn , and
when It Is remembered that the water power
of tlieNIagara Is 275,0(10 ( cnble. feet per second
or 700,000 horse power , \xhlch at ttio ruling
rate of 240 per horse power is worth
SS.OOO.OOO.the lady's pertinacity In clinging to
her rk'hts , which David Dudley Field's opin
ion says are clearly hers under the riparian
law , is not to bo wondered at. The share ot
herselt and her sister. If their claim were
valid , would bo In the nelghboihood ol
00,000,000 , and thouch her claim lias been
benlen In the courts , It appears none the less
to have strone legal foundation. At present
there is a contest between the helis over
some undivided property which ties up her
Income , and ho charges that Lihby Is acting
In the Interest of her enemies , who hope tc
starve her Into leg al submission.
Utah's Constitutional Convention.
SALT LAKE , Utah , June 80. The Utah
constitutional convention met to-day. John
T. Calno , congressional delegate , was chosen
delegate. lie made speech outlining the
work to be done In tbo matter ot a petition
for statehood. The constitution must be
broad and liberal , not sectional , and seeure
the rights of the minority , Pre
vious obstacles to the admission
of Utah must be met franklv and
with view to meet tlio charge that Utah IE
not In harmony with the rest ot the nation
After organization adjournment was taken
until to-morrow. Earnest endeavors are tc
bo made by conservative Mormons to gain
the co-operation of all classes and parties In
the proceedings.
CHICAGO , Juno 30. Another dlspatcl
from Salt Lake says none hut Mormons an
taking part In the constitutional convention
The Gentiles generally are opposed.
8iu ed the Scale.
riTTSiiuiio , June 30. All the dltTeronccf
between the manufacturers nnd Iron am
steel workers were amicably adjusted attlx
conference hold to-day and the strike ha :
been averted. The Iron workers' scale WR
slttncd by the joint committees of the Iroi
manufacturers and Amalgamated this alter
noon , Work hi the mills will now go on a
usual. .
Death or Mrs. Finn.
, Nr.wYoiiK , Juno 30. Mrs. William Ham
llton Flsli died thla morning after a loui
1'owdcrly Considers It tlio Founda
tion of Ignorance.
I'liti.AiiKi.niiA , Juno oO. ( Special Tele
gram to the HKIJ. | General Master Work
man Powderly yesterday detailed the facts
concerning child labor gleaned from his long
residence In the coal regions. Ho showed
how chlldien whoso education was neglected ,
as they grew Into manhood , would naturally
gravitate Into Knights of Labor Illiterate ,
Ignorant and devoid of Intelligence. "Those
are the men , " continued Mr. Powderly , "that
the Knights of Labor have to deal with and
If poslblo mold Into something better. Men
who can't read when charges of corruption
are mndo can bo led hither nnd thither by
nny ono who may be iln enemy of ttio of-
tlclals , simply because they cnn't add up n
column of llgures. The Ignorance of many
Knights Is what causes much of the trouble
In locals , but It docs not end here. It makes
the men ttio tools of unscrupulous dema-
goeups and places themlunderlnlluenccs that
about a state of affairs worse than
. . . . < Jiy. " Powiicrly's face brightened with
hope , but It darkened again us lie said : ' 'But
thete Is one question that tlio American
people must take up that locally concerns the
workincmun. It is or will become the burnIng -
Ing question of thedav , an issue which will
excel all others in Importance , and that
question is the problem of Hie great unceas
ing tlood of linmigiation from old Etnope. I
am utterly opposed to nil forms of pauper
Immigration and to a great deal ot immigra
tion pure and simple. 1 think a halt should
bo called on Immigration t'litll ' this nation
can consider what it Is doing in allowing
these nationalities to enter here and become
a burden on our county ) and n menace to
American homes. As a ruling to decide who
should bo excluded 1 would make It an al
most Inflexible rule that u man or woiimn
who could not sustain liimsolt or herself nnd
their respective families for one year should
not be allowed to land. " Powderly refined
to sav any thing concerning the stalament
that iMcOlynn Intends to join the Kniglits of
Labor. The position of the general board
would probably prevent such an addition to
their membership. Powdorlv and all the
conservative knights are opposed to using the
order to fuithcr any s < | fc\IIMIc , communistic
and land theories. fTiey hold , as has been
clearly evident in recent utterances by Pow
derly , that the mission of the knights Is to
legislate for the best Interest of American
workmen , freofiom all social nnd revolu-
tlonaiy Ideas. While McGIynn will not bo
refused admittance , li Is cleat ly underslood
that It he should attempt to raise a puity
within the party the geneial board would
speak and act with decision and emphasis.
He Loses Two or Three MilllonH On
Ills Manhattan Deal.
Nr.w YOIIK , Juno ro. f Special Telegram
to the BIE. : ] The World this morning says :
"Cyrus Field turned o\er tlio remainder ot
his Elevated rallwav stock to Jay Gould yes-
teiday. The amount was 20,000 shares ,
which , with the 50,000 shares previously dis
posed of by Field to Gould , shows the for
mer's total holding to havebeou70,000 sliaies.
The value of Field's big block of block at
5100 n share , which was the market price before -
fore the downward movement began , was
$11,200,000. Ho now has no Interest In Man-
hallan and will retire from the heard of ell-
cctors. Gould will keep tlio lirst lot of
0,000 shares to add to his own holding , mnk-
uc his total interest in tlio stock of the coiu-
mny about S10,000COO. Tlio second lot of
20,000 shares ho will split up. This stock was
mbscribed for yesterday. The World has the
wliola story of Mr. Field's retirement from
oed authority. It was enforced. Ho was car-
ylng his monstrous load on margins. Ho
Had borrowed money from nearly every trust
: ompany in the street on the stock as fast as
lie required It In order to buy more. He
finally cornered thn stock and ran the price
up to 3170 , Tlio fate of his corner was , how
ever , thn fate of nearly all corners. Disaster
overtook It. After the collapse of the cotTeo
and wheat corners nnd the breaking of the
Fidelity bank the trust companies , bunks and
other money lenders glow distrustful and
began to call their loans. The market began
to shrink and Field could not margin down
Ills stock nny lower , as he hail no collateral
on which to raise money. Thursday night
lie and his son Edwardiwont to Gould's hoiuo
nt Irvlnglon. Field told Gould the position
lie was in. He could no lunger carry his
Jorid. Gould was satislied of Fields solvency
if given relief fiom his elevated stock burden
and agreed to take the amount offered
M,000 ) shares at the price It averaged Field ,
which was about S120. Gould came to Now
York next moinlni ; to procure money nnd
complete tlio transaction. It turned out ,
however , that Field was still unable to extrl-
cnlo himself , and yesterday ho went to Gould
and asked the latlcr to take the rest of Iho
stock. Gould agreed to do so and furnished
the money to margin it down. In the earlier
p.iitof the dav Fields face had Indicated
great mental dlstiess. After the deal with
Gould was consummated lie was In most OK-
jcllent spirits. Field , despite his great loss
In Manhattan , Is still n wealthy man. Ho
lias always been proud of the fact that his
name is historical as the promoter of the At
lantic eablo nnd Elevated railway svstem of
New York. Kussell Sage was asked last
nlulit if the statement of Mr.'Fiold's ' complete
retirement from the Elevated railway was
correct , and he replied that It was. "Field
has disposed of all Ills stock , as stated , to
Gould. "
A Campaign ItcminlHCcncc.
NEW Yonu , Juno SO. [ Special Telegram
to the Bnic.J The Sun says : Mrs. Maria Hal-
pin , the story of whoso relations with Cleveland -
land In Buffalo was so widely published , dm-
Ingtho presidential campaign of IbS-l , has
been married. She ll\es with her husband
Albert hecord , In New Uoehello. During the
campaign referred to ho wnsoften mentioned
as her uncle. He was In tact , It Is said , an
uncle of her former husband. They were ac
quainted , It Is.said , even betorohei lirst mar-
ra'0. Secord Is beyond his slxty-hltli year ,
Ho Is n carpenter , bulho seldom does any
woik. Ho owns tlio house ho lives In and i'
in moderate good circumstances. Mrs. See
ord Is a liaiiisom woman , ln iho prime ol
life , with a verv pleasant expicuslon. Hoi
hair is black and her eos largo and spark
ling. Secoid said yesterday tltat they wen
recently mariled and verv quietly. Neighbor.1
speak highly of both of them , ailhoimh It hai
not been known generally that they wen
The Cure Worse Than thrt Disease.
HAVANA , Juno 30. A worklngman It
Holquln , as a precaution against smallpox
built n coal fire before retiring for the nigh
and placed thereon several leaves of tobacco
the fumes from which , he had been told , fur
nlshed a safe guard against the disease
Next morning the man nnd his wife am
eight children wore all dead. Escaping ea
from the coal in the stove had s utfociuei
them ,
A New Road incorporated.
SrniNQFiKi.i ) , III. , June 30. Articles o
incorporation were recorded in the ollice o
the secretary of state to-day of the Chlcagi
A State Line railroad company , with n capl
tal stock of 91,400 000. It Is proposed to nil
the road Into or through the county of Coo !
from a point on the line between Indian
and Illinois at the Intersection of the' N"\
Yoik , Chicago < fc St. Louis company to Chi
cago. _
'Tho Jubilee lit Canada.
Tonoxro , Juno 80. The queen's Jubllc
celebration commenced here this mornin
with the parade of the public school child
red. numbmlng over 10,000. The routr le
to Queen's Dark" where the children sang th
National anthem nnd other approprlat
Bones. The afternoon was taken up with
military and callbthenlc drill , Jubilee sc
vices were given In the Metropolitan ehurcl
an Immense crowd being present.
A Louisiana Lynching-
UiNsnono , La. , June 30. Lust night a ban
ot disguised men took James Wullden , co
ored. from the custody of a ' 'uard , who ha
him In keeplru ; to auswera charge of larceu ;
und uuiigcu uliu ,
Busy Times at the Sunday School Assombli *
nt Orote ,
Interesting Ijoutttre > 4 , Solid luntruo
tion nntt Delightful Muslo Hold
tlio Attention ot'tho Visitors
Other Stnto Novvs.
* - -
The Crete Aflyeinlily.
Cisr.Tr , Neb. , Juno 80. ISpecIal Tclcgranr
to the Bir. : | 'I'ho.second day nt the assemC
bly grounds was a duplicate of the Ilrst da/
In iictlso picpnrntlons. A score \\oikniuttj
were stacking tents nil day. Largo delegsi
lions nirlvcel dining tlio day fiom l'lntts <
mouth , Hastings , Beatrice and oilier points , ;
and the number of Lincoln people on thu
giound is n host. The management hnvei
had n long Megc , but all work has been hail- '
died satisfactorily and scarcely a growler Is
to bo loiiiul on the ground , Charges fo *
transportation are very reasonable , all coins
modifies In the wav of provisions , etc , are
furnished very low , and the only enormous
expenses is In the furniture line. Thu
chaigcs for u week's use of articles hi this
line Is enough to make n Claude Duval
blush at the sight of the price list. It
rained through the afternoon , but the rain
dampened the ardor of no ono nnd the nor
mal hall and the two amphitheaters werd
comfortably tilled for the different classes
and lectures. Prof. Shervvln has a large
class In advanced music under way , and at
tendants nt the assembly last year will bo
delighted to know that Miss Lillian Hamblen
Is to bo with the assembly this year as the
principle soIoKt In musical work. The lei *
tines to-day were by Uev. A. U. Winshlp and
George W. Bain , the former from Boston
and the latter the well-known tcmpoianco
lecturer from Kentucky. Filday's pro
gramme Includes all the ninny class exer
cises and lectures Irom such eminent work
ers as Dr. PriitercHt , of Brooklyn. N. Y. ;
Dean Wright , Prols. Holmes , Boyle , Sher-
vvin and another concert by the Schubert
quaitotto. In the evening the opening con
ceit by tlio Schnberts was M dollghltul that
it could only be nppteclated by the ho.irmir.
No ono should miss thu hist
concert on Filday evening. Tlio
question of admission to the giounds Sun
day lias boon settled that the gates will bo.
opened , lint positively no tickets will bo sold
on thatd.iy , nuuing it necessary that every
person intending to vlsli the assembly Sun
day , purchase their tickets on Friday or Sat
At the annual meeting of the stockhold
ers to-day , the following dlieclois vveio >
elected for tlnee yeais , comprising oni'-thlrdj
of the board : Uev. T. E. Taylor , S. L. An
drews , A. K. Fairchllds. G. W. Albright ,
Kev. A. C. Calkins , J. C. Kllner and A. G.
Hastings. The number ot people on the
grounds now Is nearly double the opening )
day , and vet n great many have yet to nr-jJ
rive and enter the grounds liouily. There la j
an abundance of tent loom and the maiiagj j
nu'iit keeps the supply always sutliclent to'
answer all demands. A visit to the giounds'1
Is necessary to comprehend the magnitude of
the assembly.
Munger O ( To reel n Secretaryship. , Nob. , Juno 30. [ Special to the
BEE.J Hon. W. II. Mungor , of this city , today - ,
day received official notice from Attorney
General Loeso of his appointment ai secro-1
tary of tlio state board of transportation.
Ho has the appointment under consideration ,
nnd will not decide for n day or two whether
ho will accept. Ills law practice amounts tea
a much larger sum thtn the salnrv of the of
fice. If ho ascertains that the olllclal duties
would compel him to give up hU practice
during his term ot appointment , he will not
accept. He would lose tco much money bv
doing so. However , if he can perform the
duties of the ollice and at the same time at
tend to a majority of his legal business ho
will accept. It Is known that ho does not
look with much favor upon the commission
system of re'gnlatlng railways. Those who
know him , however , will ngreo that his legal
knowledge will be of bencnt to the commis
sion , the people und nil involved.
Nehr.iilcn Holiness Giiiniimeotlng ,
LINCOLN , Neb. , Juno 80. [ Special to
tlio BIK. : ] The Nebraska State Holiness
association will hold their annual campmeot-
ing this year on their ground at Bennett ,
Neb. , commencing August 3 nnd continuing
ten days. These meetings have been grow
ing inteiest every jear. Bev. G. W. Brln-
dell , of Iowa , a member of tlio National Holi
ness association , will be present diirinir tlio
entire meeting , besides a elo cn other eminent
workers. Tents can bo rented by applying
early. Deductions on railroads vv ill no doubt
be secured. Everthing will bo done lliat is ,
possible to make It pleasant and profitable to ,
those who nmv attend. A circular giving full
particulars Is being printed which will ba
sent on application. Address the committed
of arinintemcnts furclicular or information.
Uev. W. G. Miller , D. 1) . , president ; Pi of. J.
M. McKcnzle , secretary. J. M. MeKon/le ,
York ; W. H. Piescott , Lincoln ; A. M. DnvU. '
Lincoln ; J. G. Southwlck , committee on ar
rangements. i
Sunday School Ghllelren'H Picnic.
FHKMONT , Neb. , Juno 30. [ Special to thoj
BIE. : | A largo Sunday school picnic vvna' '
held hero to-day In the beautiful city parka
Many hundied young people were present'
to enjoy the festivities of the occasion. All
the Fremont schools turned out. Beside ?
these there werelargoelele-gatlons fromNortli
Bend , Hooper , Sciibner and Arlington. Thn ,
rain at ii o'clock biought thu celebration to/\ \
an abrupt close.
Fnlluren ol' the Year.
Nr.w i'ork , Juno CO. U. G. Dun &Co. re >
polls for the lirst half of IStf failures In tlio ,
United State's are 4'Jl'J In number , against
fi.ioo for the same period the piovious year ,
showing a decrease of U44. While there Is
marked deeiease In the number ot falluies ,
thu liabilities show a slight Increase. For tM
last half vear the liabilities weio SVilibUOOi !
against 50IS 1,000 lor the first hnlf of tha
> ear ISs ) . The falluies In Canada during tlioj
first half of lhS7 weiu 731 In number , against
( VJ9 eluritiB the same period in IfesO. Tliuj
amount ol liabilities for the first half of 1HS1
were rUUV , , iX ( > , against t > , MiG'J7 lor the cor *
i expending pcilod ot ISbfl.
Ohio Prohibition Platform.
DEi.AWAnK , O. , Juno 80.-ln the Ohio
state prohibition convention to-day , the plat
form was read. It says of the Dow liquol
law that ample trial 'has shown that It wan
designed as.a seomlnft'concesslon to temper *
anre , while really putting the cause nt dls- <
advaiitage. The labor phtiiK was opposed ,
and the convention finally udopad a pl.iln.
dentinelatlnn of anarchy. * Womau suliragq
was not endorsed.
Jlallroad ,
Juno ! ! 0. The contract for tliQ
conjunction of thu Hed hlver Valley rail
road , fiom Wlnnepeg to Pcmblim , WAS
signed yesterday evening , and work will
commence to day. Government bonds foq
SIIKKOOO have been negotiated through local
In ok m H. Theie Is urcat enthusiasm in tha
city over the event
A Flood of Itnin.
NKW OHI.EANH , Juno SO. There ws A
soveui thunder storm , accompanied bv an tin- *
usual heavy tnln fall here yesterday altcrt
noon. The streets and sidewalks throughout
the city were suimierged and stores on Cama
Bticet , Charles , Canal nnd other falreeuhuoi
tholrlloois covered wltlM\uter. .
IlaliiH In Moxiao.
CITV ox Mntttco , Juuo SO , Very hcnvy
rains continue , and some of the outlying Eu4
buibs ate im'dly Inr.ntlatod. The strfiutudun
In. ; heavy mlus are sc\ic , ly jmiaable ,