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Coatings Again Defeated in the Second
Game of the Series ,
Excellent Hport Developed on the
rirflt Dny of tlio llyklntf
Tournament Result of tlio
Anicrlonn Derby.
Duplicated the Hcorc.
ASTlNfiB , Neb. , Juno 25. ISpecInt Tele
gram to lliu Bin. : ] Omaha duplicated Its
ecoro of yesterday , the game again resulting
0 to 4 with Omaha on top. It was n splendid
game throughout , nnd played amidst ( -rcat
enthusiasm. The following Isthoofllclal
. OMAHA. i'os. it. In. I'O. A. K.
Bwlft 2b 1 2B 3 4 0U
Walsl ss 1 B 1 U
Pwycr. Ib 0 3 12 0 0
Krelnnorcr o 1 1 4 3
Itourku iib 1 1 3 0
iMcKsitt. rf 1 1 0O 0
Uader If 1 1 O 0
ttcnitH m o 1 3 0
O'Leary . _ . p 0 0 0 2
Tot.iisT It 'M 11
Klcnzlo , , m o 0 0
Fussclbach . . .ib 0 1 1
weaslny . .ss o 5 2
Kelslnir . .Ib 0 10 0
Ueegan . .If 3 0 0
jLauman . .rf 0 1 0
itohrcr . .2b 1 3 8
EbrlKht 5 2
' '
JVehrlo . ! P o 0 4
Total n ai 17
Omaha . 0 0031021 * 0
Hastings . 0 1001 9 000-4
Earned runs Omaha. : ) ; Hastings , I ) .
Two base hitsEbrlKht , Dwyer.
Three base hits Kohrer. Mi-ssltt.
Hasos on balls Wehrlo 1 , O'Leary 0.
Passed balls Krohmoyor it.
Time of game 1 hour and 40 minutes ,
Umpire McLaugliilii.
Denver Dol'onts Lincoln.
DENVKK , Juno 28. [ Special Telegram to
itho UKE.J The Delivers turned the tables
* > n the Llncolr.s to-day and defeated them
] jb > superior playing at every point. Dave
dlowc , who has the reputation of being the
( worst "kicker" In tuo Western league ,
deemed to bo off trim to-day and only made
Jtwo "breaks" atMcSorley In the second and
fourth Innings. Ho was promptly squelched ,
liowevor , by the Denver captain and ro-
nalucd quiet during the remainder of the
game. Voss pitched a fine game , supported
t > y Hrlggs , up to the end of thn fourth Inning ,
trhon he had a linger badly in Jutcd and was
replaced by Dallas. 13rown was not In
'very good form , but his slow balls bactly
.fooled tbo Dcnvcrs during the first half of
the game. Score by Innings :
Denver . a 0 1 a 4 0 3 3 0 15
.Lincoln . 2 0030001 1 7
Errors Denver 0 , Jjlacoln 0. Base hits-
Denver 2-1 , Lincoln 11. Kuns earned Den
ver 13 , Lincoln 0. Two base hits Smith 2 ,
JJcrr , McSorley , Hoover , Sllch , Phillips ,
iBeckloy , Toohoy. Three base hits Heckloy.
llonio runs Voss. Double plays McSorloy
| to Phillips to Smith ; Phillips to McSorley to
ittailUi ; LangtoHowo to lieckloy ; Phillips
* o AleSorloy. liases ou balls Voss 1 , Brown
* . Hit by nltchcr llall and Bt-ckloy.
iTassod balls Briggs 1. Struck out Voss o ,
iirown 3. Loft on bases Denver 9 , Lincoln
B. Wild pitches Voss 1 , Brown 1. Batteries
-Denver : Voss and Brlggs and Dallas.
( Lincoln : Brown and Hoover. Umpire
9 > caclc. | _
Lincoln Iun a Pitcher.
KANSAS C TY , Neb. , Junr 23 [ Special Tol-
Jogram to tbo BUK. ] Schwartzel , the crack
pitcher of the Lcavenworth club , was sold to
Lincoln to-day for § 700 and left for Lincoln
r ? The Kansas City-Loavenworth game was
postponed to-day ou account of the bad cou-
illtlon ot the grounds from ruins.
- ' Oauooln Defeats lAvld City.
> OBCKOI.A , Neb. , Juno 85. [ Special to the
- BEK. | David City and Osccola played a very
Interesting came of base ball yesterday , re-
lultlng In a victory for the homo team by n
ecoro of 11 to I1. Below Is the score by in
nlngs :
Osceola. . 10003200
David City . 1110 41100-0
McCool WliiH tlio Game.
McCooL JUNCTION , Nob. , JtinoM. fSpo-
rial Telegram to the BKE.J In to-day'seame
between McCool and Lushtou , the score was
U to a lu favor of McCool.
National Ijonguo Games.
PiTTsnuBO , Juno 25. The eamobctwopn
' Ihe Pittsbnre and Washington teams to-day
resulted as follows :
| lttsburK..O a 01100000 0-4
Washington ! ) 031000000 1 5
ritchurs Galvln and Whitney. Base
* hlts-1'lttnburg 12 , Washington 11. Errors
1 PltlsburK U , WaihlUKton 3. Umpire
s' Powers.
i ! CIIICAOO , Juno 25. The game between the
. , Chicago and Boston teams to-day resulted
S , ; as follows :
i- ' Chicago 3 00000411 8
* < Boston 1 00013011 7
ft. , Pitchers Baldwin and Con way. 'Base
s < hlts-Chlcflco 14 , Boston 13. Errors
"f'Cblcaio8 , Boston & Umpire Doescher.
* ' , Juno 25. The iramo bo-
" twcen tbo Indianapolis and Philadelphia
' teams to-day resulted as follows :
V , Indianapolis 0 13010001-5
A , , rhllixilelphln 3 0111014 0-11
V , iPltcliers Kirby and Cahill for Indianapo
lis ; liuftlnton for Philadelphia. Base
V hits Indianapolis 10. Phllndflphla Errors
r-lndlanavolis 3 , Phlladolplila 3. Umpire
* DKTIIOIT , June25. The Kamo between the
Detroit and New York teams to-day re-
-nulled as follows ;
ft" Detroit 0 00000300-3
t New York 3 1010005 * 15
Pltehcrs Weidman nnd Kcofc. Base
"hlls-Dclrolt 10 ; New York 27. Errors-
" Detroit 0 ; New York 3 Umpire Val
j j' The Ainorlcnii Association.
4v DAT.TIMOHK , June 25. The Kama between
d ) the Baltimore and Athletics to-day resulted
. . M follows : < T.4
' Baltimore , 0 00041013 8
iAthletlo 0 30000011 5
iv Pitchers iiiiiltli and Alkintiou. Base hits
lia Baltimore II , Athletic 10. Eirors-Baltl-
. . , j ere 4 , Athletics 4. Umpire JU-ruuson.
\ Niw : YnitK , JuneS ! . The Ramo between
fiii the HrooUyns and Metropolitans resulted as
VM.follows :
. Metrotxlltans 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0
'Brooklyn 0 0001100 0 2
a. Pitchers Mays and Tcrry. Base hits
* "
Metropolitans 8 , Brooklyn 11. Errors-Mot-
ftattopolitansS , Brooklyn 0. Umpire Curry.
S CI.KVKI.ANP , June 25. The game be-
oit twccn Cleveland and St. Louis teams to-day
gfTMUItcd aa follows :
P * Cleveland 0 00000000 0
i"8t. ; Louis I 0000003 * i !
i , " . Pitchers Morrison and Itinir. Base
Vv * ! U8 Clevelanu" , St. Louis ft Errors Clave-
- fcndfl , St.lxulsO. Umpire MnQuado.
t > CINCINNATI , Juno 24. The Kamo between
the Cincinnati and Louisville teams was
postponed to-duy on account of rain ,
> Nortliwc8t rn Lieaeno Game * .
DKS MOINES , Juno 25. Oames to-dny In
the Northwe.stern league : Dos Molnes 0 ,
" Milwaukee ? , at Milwaukee ; Ean Claire in ,
< c Minneapolis 10 , nt Mlnncanolln ; St. 1'nul I'i ,
i. Dulutli C. at St. Paul ; Oslikodh 5 , La Crosse
$ f t TB , at Oshkosh.
t Ttio niorclo Tournament.
ir The opeuln day of the bicycle tournament
ll * J t Association park was RSIICCOM. All day
, " 25 'the heavens were obscured by heavy , leaden
. t clouds , and their threatening aspect irept
* f many from the grounds who would othri-
Ofti. vise hare cone. However , as It was , there
v wa a talr attendance , and the sport was ol
1 a the most exhilarating and enjoyable cbarnc-
" ? ' < * tir , la the grand stand there were probably
, aw people , vrlth a ( air representation of the
' f : \ft\t \ ex , whllo the open teats wore well Illled
and the quartcr-Ma'tch numerously dotted
After stlrrlnr overture by the Musical
* t Union band , the judgei. Mr. H. E , Cliarlei
rtt tb Ixloo lub , Now York city , and Mr ,
§ ndy QrlixTold. ot the BKK , and the timer ?
ilwtrj. J. f.Allard and Ucorse E.Kay , too ;
their position In the stand , ) and the first
event on the afternoon's card , tlio 3:30 : class ,
amateur , ono mile , two best In three , was
called. Mr. I1 rank Parmolco ofllclatcd as
pistol flrrr.
Tlio starters were Edwin 11. Cody , Dlehl
WurtT. . P. Cinmer , John 11. Kastman ,
John W. C. Itlorton , of Omaha ; M. A. Sailor.
J. It. Stockdalo , of Minneapolis , und Will
I'attcrson , of Plattsmouth.
They cot a line start , Ctirrlo leading for
the first lap , but ho was passed In order by
Stockdale , Wurtz and Patterson , who main
tained tlielr respective positions until the
chalk line was Missed.
Tlme-btockdale , 3:18 : ; Wurtz , 3:18 : 3-5 ;
Patterson , 3'J'J. :
In the second heat all dropped out lint
Stockilale , Wurtr , I'attcrson , lllcrton and
Currlo , and after a spirited contest , they
ranis out as before Stockdalo , Wurt/ and
Time Stockdalo , 3:52 : 3-5 ; Wurtz , 3:50 : :
Patterson. 3J50 3-5.
The swond event was n boys' race , half
mile , best two In threo.
There were but two starters , W. It. Plxley
and Julius Bnrthcl , Bnrthcl being allowed
100 yards handicap. Tim dash was an ex
citing one , younc Plxloy electrifying the
audience by n line burst of speed on the
home stretch and landing himself winner by
twpiity-llvn yard ? .
Tlmo-Pixiey , 1:23 : ; Baithol , 2:11. :
For some unaccounted for reason this race
was not completed , and no awards were made.
The following attraction was the 3:00 : class ,
amateurs , with Tlios. F. Ulackmore , Charles
Pcabody nnd itolit. Smith , of Omaha , and h.
O. Sas-age. of Minneapolis , for the starters.
This was a beautiful raos , notwithstanding
no very tcmarkablo time was made. resultIng -
Ing In a dead heat between Pcabody
and Smith , with Savage third. On rounding
the homo stretch B.'ackmoio ' went over his
wheel , and for a moment both steed and rider
were lost In a cloud of dust , and sustain lug
some very severe contusl n.s , ho withdrew.
Time Peabody , 3:10 : ; Smith , 3:10 : 'J-5 ;
Savage , 320. ;
In the second heat Saviuo led at the start ,
lie was quickly overhauled by Peabody , however -
over , who maintained his position to tlio
close , Smith and Savage crossing the line
simultaneously. The second place , however ,
was given to Smith by the judges on a claim
of foul , Savairo having crowded him out of
position on rounding the turn tor home.
Time Pcabody , i:03 ! : 3-5 ; Smith , 3OU : 1-5 ;
Savage , 3:091-5. :
The event of the day was the professional
one mile handicap and repeat , and this fol
lowed the three minute class.
The starters were Tom Hard wick , ( with
fortv yards statt ) ot Galena , Kansas ; Wilbur
K. Knapp ( scratch ) ; John S. Prince , Omaha
'scratch ) ; Ed Bulloci : ( loity ynids start ) ,
llalr , and S. b. Whlttaker ( twenty yards
tart ) , Chicago , III.
There was much speculation as to the out-
: omo of tlio race , local enthusiasts claiming
hat it was n walkover for Prince , and if
'rinco didn't take it , Knapp , the Colorado
lminploti , would. The result shows what the
average tip on 'cycles , as well as live short
'alls , Is worth to tlio ambitious sport who
issays . to line his pocket by workliu them.
At the Hash of the gun they go toir evenly ,
the cowboy setting the pace , but It only ro-
qulred three laps to pump him , ana Knapp
and Prince both passed him and Hardwlck ,
ind bent to the.'r ' work to overtake the
doughty Chtcagoan. This , however , was rt
' ) leger job than they had contracted for , and
10 lead them across the chalk line an easy
Time Whlttaker , 3:502-5 : ; Knapp , 3:05 : ;
'rl ' nee , 3:07. :
The second heat was a fair duplicate of the
first , Whlttitker. to the surprise of the other
iontcAtants , declining to avail himself of the
.mndlcap , but Insisted n scoring irom the
scratch. He glided to the front nt the start ,
uid never relinquished It until the race was
> vou.
vou.TlmeWhlttaker , 3:00 : 4-5 ; Knapp , 3:01 : 1-5 ;
tluco , 3:014-5. :
And thin wound up a highly interesting
programme , and If enthusiasm goes for
mght , there should bo at least from ono
Jiousand to fifteen t hundred people
nit to see the sport this atternoon
Theio nro six attractive events on
the card In addition to a number or foot
races , which will bo sandwiched with the
"cycling. It Is a healthful and beautiful
iport , calculated not only to elevate the
morals , but to developo the physique , and is
well worthy of the most liberal patronage.
"What's the matter wltn Prince ? That's
ivhat the local 'cyclists want to know.
Third's a dizzy position for a rider of John
S.'s rep.
Whlttaker and Peabody , of all the contest
ants , were the only ones who rode in correct
bicycle costume.
The wheelmen , headed by the Musical
Union band , will parade to the park at 1
o'clock sharp this afternoon.
Whlttaker says he wants no handicap from
any man In Omaha. If there is anv liandl-
cap sto bo given away , he'll make a few pres-
outs himself.
ramme for this afternoon , In ad-
illtlnn to the three mile dash lor amateurs , S3
class ; the live mile dash , 3CO : class ; the three
mile dash,3is : class and professional ten mlle
dash , embraces a half mile professional foot
race , with seven entries , nnd a quarter mile
amateur foot race , eiirht entries. This will
enliven the 'cycla trials and enhance the af
ternoon's sport materially.
Whlttaker goes aealnst Prince and Knapp
again to-day In a ten mlle dash. In this
Prince and Knapp are both expected to show
up In eood shape , although neither Is lu the
tettlo that Whlttaker Is.
More expedition will be exercised In getting
off tlio events this aftprnoon. and the audl-
ieneo need uot tear the tiresome waits of yes-
teiday. _ _ _ _ _
The Amtirlcnii Derby ,
CHICAGO , June 25. The annual summer
meeting began to-day at Washington Park.
The attendance was the largest ever seen ou
the ground , being estimated at from 30,000 to
85,000. The Derby , estimated at S14,0X ( > , was
won by D. J. McCatty's chestnut colt C. H.
Todd , by Joe Hooker , dam Itosa B. , and was
ridden by Hamilton. Ho was run out by
another Callforulan , the Baldwin filly Miss
Ford with West in the saddle.
All ages , ono mlle : Jacobin won , Aurella
second , Luke of Bourbor third. Timo40K'
All ages , six turlougs ; Eva Kohlon , won ,
Alleghenoy second , Blue-Eyed Belle third.
Time 1:17. :
All ages , six furlongs : Tom Uptc rove
won , Cay Sexton second , Drumstick third.
Time 1:16. :
American derby for three-year-olds , mile
and a half. Starters : Whlto Nose ( Stnval ) ,
Libretto ( Withers ) , Kenelon ( Shaucr ) , Clar
ion ( Arnold ) , Cary ( Hlaylock ) , Gollali ( Mur
phy ) , Miss Foia ( West ) , Jim Gore ( L. Jones ) ,
C. II. Todd ( Hamilton ) , Montiosc ( Lewis ) ,
Terra Cotta ( McCarthy ) , Mary ( Kiley ) ,
Sale Ban ( Schlutious ) , Hindoo Hose ( Garri
son ) . After bomo delay at the post they
were sent elf to a good start , Feuoloii.
Cary. Moiitrnso and Jim Gore up in the front
rank. Fouclon at once taking the It-ad and
showing the way around past the three-quar
ter pole , with Terra Cotta In second place ,
Cary , Montrose and Jim Gore following In
their order , and comlnir down past the stand
at A rapid gait , all bunched , the order of
the leaders unchanged , and Miss Ford
running Into liUU place , and nway
they rushed around thn club house
turn , Feueion leading easily , Terra Cotta
lapped by Cary , following , with ttio order
tlio same at the quanur pole , but as they ran
Into back stretch.
Todd np and rode him into third place as
they reacheu the halt mile , whore for a mo
ment Terra Cotta had taken the load und
was ahead In front of Fenelon ana Todd at
his saddle , Cary. GollahPiid Miss Ford fol
lowing close In their order. On the far turn
Fenelou collared Terra Cotta and led him
into the hnmt ) .stretch. Cary was now third
a-neek In front of Todd nnd Gollah lapped ,
andalldrivlncr. Fenelon first causbt the
whip and then Terra Cotta , the latter
responding and coming ahead took the
Irad. Before reaching the furlong poln
Fenelon , Miss Ford and C. H. Todd clo d
up , all whlnpliitr. and Mary , now making hei
run , came fast. Terra Cotta falling at thn dls-
tance stanl , and itan.iUon , carrying C. H ,
Todd to the iront , won after a driving finis ! ]
by a neck from Miss Ford second , Marv third ,
nearly two lengths away. Time 2:3fK. :
Two-vear-old allies , live furlongs : Zulolka ,
won. Wlnoua second , Huntress third , 'lltw
Mile and a quarter , over five hurdles : As-
cell won. Judge Jackson second , The Doctoi
third. Tluie-2M. :
Rhcepiihnnd Uny Races.
NK\V VortK. June 25. Tno attendance was
large , the weather Hue , and the track fast a
Shecpjhead bay to-day. Tlio following U tbi
summary :
Milo * Bonanza won , Bess second , Glcanei
third. Tml:43V. ! : .
Mllo. maiden twu-year-olds : Umpire won
Belledore second , Locust third. Tlmo-llS : > (
One and thrtHMjuarter miles : The Ban
won , Barnuru second , Elk wood third. Time-
3:03. :
3:03.Quo and three-sixteenth' : Fiorcnct
M. won , Klchmond second , Berlin third.
l'lma-2:03lf. :
Ono and three-sixteenth miles : Brown
Duke won , Boaz second , Telllo Dee third.
Timc-2w. :
Handicap , hurdle , two miles : Mammonlst
won , Judge Griffiths second , Shamrock third.
Titno-4U3. : _
The GoiiGHtn Will Win ,
[ Copi/Hi/M JtwT LU James Gorf. ' < n BennclL ]
LONDON , Juno 25. [ Now York Herald
lablo Special to the BKK.J The Uencsta
as evidently won tho'great jubilee race Irre-
pectlvo of all tlmo allowance. The yachts-
iicn at the clubs this morning were amusing
lemselves with reflections that only people
i-lio know nothing about yachts during thence
nco are those who have paid Sl'-O each to
ollow these lu the Norham Castle. No
oubt the passengers have enjoyed the views
f the Hebrides and the pleasure of good
ca air and brilliant sunshine , but they lost
ho London Illuminations and processions ,
nd have not been able to discover n single
acing yacht from the second day after start
up. Ono passenger Is a special reporter
ngaged for n New York dally. Few
els have been made , Inasmuch as It was bo-
oved from tlio outset that Sir Hlolmrd Sut-
oil's experienced navigation nnd skill In
andling the Ucnesta must result in his
The Field to-day says : The progress of
ho Norham Castle appears to bo somewhat
ko that of the steamer which set out to
cpompany the race of the Cambria nnd
appho In 1870 nnd to mark the course. She the yachts after the first hour , though
unking a pleasure trip to the French coast.
ml saw nothing of them until she returned
o Cowcs next morning , where she found
hem at anchor. Those on board the Nor-
am Castle have , however , been able to glean
lome news of the yachts , for , as ono special
lorrespondent on board naively remarks ,
hey have at last been able to hear something
f the yachts by reading the telegrams In the
newspapers. _ _ _
Yale Freshmen Victorious.
NJW : LONDON , Conn. , Juno 23. The two-
mlle straightaway race between tlio freshmen
f the universities of Yale and Pennsylvania
itartcd at 7:05.55 : this evening. The action
f the Yale men was magnificent , their
itroko being full , vigorous and clean , In dis-
Inct contrast to that of their opponents ,
ivho pulled ragged. The starting stroke was
hlrty-four for Yale and thirty-six for Penn-
iylvauia. At thn half mile , which was
lassud by Yale In 2:21 : , the rate was : Yale
hlrty-livo , Pennsylvania thirty-four , and
hero was open water between them going
ip toward the mile flits. Yale passed the
mile Inlf)2 : > f , four length * In front. A milo
find a halt was covered by Yale In 0r : s , with
mother length added to her lead. Shu fin-
shPd In 9 minutes and 55 seconds , five and a
ialf lengths ahead of Pennsylvania. Time
American Athletes in London.
[ C'opi/rfght 1SS7 by Jcimci Gordon Vcnnett
LONDON , Juno 2. > . [ New York Herald
Jable Special to the BEK. ] This has boon
ho day of the summer meeting of the Lon
don athletic club at Stamford Bridge , justbe-
end Buffalo Bill's Wild West exhibition.
Great interest arose from E. D. Lange , H.
J. Young and W. B. Page , all ot the
Manhattan athletics , of Now York , having
entered for the two-mllo walk , thirty yard
lurdles , and high jump respectively. About
2,000 attended , including many ladies.
The mile and a half handicap was won
'rom the Scratla mark by A. B. George , a
young brother of W. G. Geoigo , In 230 yards.
The level race , C. G. Wood , of the Black-
hcath Harrier's club , lowered the record with
2:14 : 5 seconds.
The first New Yorker out was Young for
.ho hurdles , wearing an elastic stocking on
Ills left leg and the Manhattan colors on
its breast. Ho ran In the fourth heat , but
only cot second , four yards behind , giving
ho winner eight yards. Ho explained his
iletcat by saying : "My left leg Is sprung and
am afraid of Intbrfurrlnc with my cham
pionship chancc-haal gone faster. My IB * has
Improved lately. I hope to be all right for
July 3 , when linn for the Ameteur cham
pionship 0110 hundred and twenty yards hur
dle. "
The next race was a two
mlle walk , with Lange , the smallest
of the competitors. Ho was on the fi cratch
with the Spartan Harrier Adamson , a very
fabt walker , but L'.ingo led him fifty yards In
the first half mile , and walking remarkably
well , amid cries of "Bravo , Lange , " "Go on ,
Lange , " and continuous cheering. He took
thu lead a half milo from tlio finish , and ,
walking well without exertion , finished at
14 minutes , 32 seconds , only cloven seconds
behind the record , which could have prob
ably been beaten had ho been pushed , as ho
did tlio first mile in seven minutes. Young
took Lang straight In the decision room ,
where ho held an impromptu reception , sev
eral judges and their friouus coming to greet
tlio American. I asked Lange what ho in
tended doing with his prize , which was a
silver cup. lie laughingly replied : "i shall
take It to New York ana exhibit it iu the
club house for the boys. "
Pate ; , who had a very easy task In the high
jump , hut who came solely to win the cham
pionship next Saturday , thought discretion
the better part of valor and refused to jump ,
because , as ho explained , his foot was still
sote and weak , caused by his great jump nt
Madison Square gardens. Ho has his first
jump next Thursday , and Saturday compotes
almost untrained. He is obliged to take
dally swimming practice to keep himself In
training exercise.
The prizes were distributed by Lady
Mayoress Hanson , whose husband Is one of
the vice presidents of the club. She intro
duced another vlco president , who spoke
flatteringly of Lango's victory , adding : "It
will do good In both countries to see for
eigners come here and win our prl/.es. "
All three Americans assuied me that the
London Athletic Club , who had made them
all honorary membeis , had and are dolnt all
they can to make their visit comfortable.
The Ij fover'a Weekly Crack.
The Lofever Gun club hold Its wceklv
shoot on the Omaha Gun club grounds , back
of Shontield's warehouse on Nicholas street ,
yesterday aftei noon. The attendance was
slim , but the shooting far above mediocre.
The first shoot was six single blue rocks , IS
yards' rise , witli the following score :
Penroso . 1 1 0
Brewer . 1 1111 0-5
AbeicrombU . 1 o 0 0 1 l-S
Kotcham . I 0 i 0 1 0 3
CtirysUr . 0 1 5
Townbend . 0 00010-1
Small . 0 11000-2
Nason . I 01001-8
llurcpsg . 1 1110 1 5
Fltchctt . 0 1111 1 5
The second match was the Club shoot , for
the Lclever medal , held the past week bv
Kennedy , ' slnclo blue rocks , 18 yards' rise ,
nnd which came out as follows :
Fitchett . mio itioi 11111 inn noio-si
Nason . oioiooatoi inn 001 n 11011 ta
TowntPnil . 00011 llltC 11001 W100 00010-10
Chrysler . 10111 null 11110 1II1U 11110- ? )
iiunrefs . loioi ooin neil 10101 uoiu-ia
Abercroiuble. . . .10101 01111 Oolll 00111 UUHj-10
Kek-ham . 01111 00010 J1011.J0110 10010-14
Siniill . mill 01100 OIOJ1 01011 10011-14
Mr. FHchett , having made the highest
spore , carries the medal for the current week.
Following tlita came an Interesting 50-blrd
match between I'onrose and Brewer , Brewer
tiling his new magazine Winchester. It was
a hot contest , the champion , Penrose , com
ing out just two birds In the van. Ihe score :
Pen robe-l 01111111111101111
111101 10101111110111111
1 1 1 1 1 1 4 .
Brewer-1 111111111110111111
1001111 1 42.
Besides these three events there were FOV-
cral minor shoots of hardly sufficient Inter
est to warrant a publication of the score.
Ijocal Sporting 1'lpa.
Barrett's circus and menagerie Is billed for
Omaha Monday , July 11.
Next year , the management asseveiwte. In
accents wJIrt , that they'll have a team that'IJ
eat the pennant blood. raw I Hope so , ,
' The Omahas duplicated their. Ftlday'i
game at Hastings yesterday afternoon , again
coming out on top by a score of C to 4.
1/ook out for a netf mfin in the points for
the Omahas. He's adandy , should they suc
ceed In securing turn , and it looks as It they
woula. '
An effort will bn made to ect on with the
prospective Warren-Miller feather vplsht
bout In Omaha. jJfrnUI , though , It can't bo
The Omahas have An-opnorttinlty to secure
Norman Baker , a pitcher of national reputa
tion , and they'd betterEUiUch the opportunity
baldheaded. w <
The west end of the grand stand Is to bo
boarded up and the frco scats moved up flush
with tlio stand in order ) to afford a better
view for those who qliooso to occupy these.
Workmen will begin tlio erection of a re
porters' btand at the ball park Monday , Im
mediately In the rear of the back stop , within
Iho grand stand. A much needed improve-
Mr. A. G. Courtney , traveling representa
tive of the Lefevio Arms company. Syracuse ,
X i. , and W. A. Greisory , ot thn lEemlngtou
Flro Arms company , illoii , N. ' Y. , nro at the
There Is to bo two great games at assocla-
lon park on the Fourth , forenoon and after
noon , with the Delivers. It will be an extra
occasion , of course , and there Is to bo music
and flags and all that sort of a till HIT.
A hugo bulletin board will bo put up to the
left of the grand stand , at the ball park , this
week , on which all National league nnd
Western league games will bo bulletineddur-
nS the games' upon tlio local grounds.
Another commendable stroke of enterprise.
John P. Clew , who knocked out Chicago's
fter , Tom Hindi , at Minneapolis Friday
ilcht , it seems still claims tills city as his
residence. Thought Omaha had put such a
crimp In this man Clew that ho had forever
renounced her as a home , or temporary
abiding place oven.
Tbo Penrose-Uardln team , which Includes
n addition to these two well known shots ,
Petty and Mart/ , are out with a challenge to
shoot a telegraphic match with any team In
the United States or Cauadas. Stakes to be
nutually agreed upon.
Arrangements wore consummated ycster-
ilay for a race , go-as-you-please , between
Jerry Murphy , of Omaha , nnd an unknown ,
from this city to Lincoln and return , for a
jnirso of 8100 , to como off some tlmo In Au
gust. It will bo u novel event and exclto
iiucli interest in sporting circles.
Danipl O'Leary , the progenitor of pedes-
Tlaulsm in this country , and who has
been In Omaha for the past eight weeks ,
leaves this morning for DCS Molnes , la. ,
wliere ho goes into a seventy-two-liour walkIng -
Ing match which commences Monday ( to
morrow ) evening.
G. W. Nollls , jr. , the bicyclist en route
from Hcrklmer , N. Y. , to San Francisco ,
and at present taking In the touiimment
here , expects to reach his destination about
Auirust 15. Ho is making this lonir pilgrim
age in tno interests of that excellent Journal ,
the Wheel und Itccreatlou , and Is writing up
his cxpertcnco iu seiial form as ho goes
D. E. Fletcher , a local all-round athlete ,
wants to go against any man in Nebraska
for S100 or S200 and the championship of the
state , In tlio hltch-and-ktck , two feet kick ,
pole-vaulting , runnlng-high-jump , three
standing jumps without weights , 125-ynul
inrdlo race , sixty-yard dash , running hop-
Btop-and-juuip , and catch-as-catch-can wres
tle. Man and money to bo found at the St.
Charles' _
Ed Carr Fonu'd Guilty of HIlllnR
AVarrjon l onc.
ALBION , Nob. , Juno'25. ( Special to the
BEK.I The trial of Kd Carr , for the murder
of Warren Lone at fc > t ; Edward , In this
county , on the cvenlngf of the Gthof April
last , was cornmcnce'd ! In the district court on
Tuesday of this week , and has occupied the
attention of the court until yesterday after
noon , when It wasrglvQti to the Jury , who
still remain out. The trial has excited great
Interest , and the attendance was so largo that
the opera house hall had to bo engaged to
accommodate those who wished to hear the
trial. County At tor'hoy * Austiuo and C. J.
Green , Esq. , of Omalik , conducted the prose
cution , and ex-Judge ArmstrongHon. W.
M. Robertson and Hon. G. W. Brown ap
peared for the detensB. 'The trial has been
ably conducted , and the arguments of the at
torneys showed that much thought and labor
had been given to the case.
LATEII. The jury have just came Into
court nnd returned a verdict for murder in
the first degree. Judge Armstrong lias liled
a motion for a new trial.
Grnnd Island Gleanings.
GIIAND ISLAND. Neb. , Juno 25. [ Special
Telegram to the BKI : . ] A largo and nppic-
clatlve audience witnessed the exercises
given by the high school last night at Bar-
tenbach's opera house. The programme was
interesting throughout and an admittance
fee was cnarged of 50cent5 , and the proceeds
given towards paying a small deficiency that
exists In the soldiers' homo fund. About SSOO
was raised.
Considerable excitement was caused yes
terday by the arrest of several prominent
business men who refused to pay their occu
pation tax. E. V. Van Camp resisted Officer
O'tfell and qulto'a sciifllo ensued , which re
sulted In Van Camp's being taken before
Police Judge Gam and lined and put
In jail. Others gave ball and the
question of the validity of the law
is to bo tested In the courts.
The necessity of the law was caused by too
low valuations by the assessors , which whpn
taxed to the full limit falls to produce suffi
cient revenue for the city's expenses. Au
thorities differ as to the legality of enforcing
such a tax. The nverago'valuatlons made by
assessors here has been only about ono tenth
of the actual valuation. A big law suit will
bo the final outcome , as both sides are de
termined to fight on the question occupation
tax. The city needs the revenue and a de
termined effort will be made to collect the
tax. Several more arrests will bo made to
day.Crops are promising beyond measure.
They ceitalnly never have looked
better than now , so far as
oats and corn are concerned. Abundant
but not excessive rains have kept them BrewIng -
Ing nicely and with a favorable terminal of
the season the crop will be enormous. Tlio
chinch bug is doing some local work on
The building boom Is still on and several
large blocks are to go up. Bonds are to be
voted on for the building of a city hall and
enlargement of the waterworks system.
Surprised the Minister.
OAKLAND , Nob. , Juno 25. ( Special to the
BEE. ] The event of the sen = on hern was a
surprise party given llov. Mr. White and
family , of this place , by the ladles of the
Lutheran society and others last evening.
Early In the ovenine carriages were sent over
the town to convey thpso who wished to par
ticipate , and soon they 'began to "throng nis
castle. " each of tbenj' bringing presents of
some kind and money. Tno host and nostess
were taken with surprt'TSjlmt met all partici
pants at the door wfth a'most cordial wel
come. Itefreshmcnla , were served and a
pleasant and enjovfttle'-tlnio passed. The
purse of money was presented to the family
by Mrs. K. Smith. Revr-Mr , White has en
deared himself to th ( | < eo lo of Oakland and
vicinity by his ChristlnWijllrlt and nerslstent
work as a minister ot'lhe cospel. The event
will long be roniemtwre'd , by the reverend ,
family and all partlcipantA.
Commenccment-At Wllhcr.
Wii.nF.rt , Neb. , Jnn 25. [ Special to the
BEK. ] The eloslne exercises of the Wllber
public school took placa , yesterday. The
year's work has been , a mpst successful one.
The second annual j graduation exercises
were held In the high school room , Miss Elva
Bhinc. the only member of the class , receiv
ing a diploma. The school last year was
placed upon the accredited list of the state
university , and graduated a class of three ,
the first sent out from a high school of baline
county. Tlio outlook for next year Is eood ,
If the school can be so fortunate as to retain
Prof. Penrse and the excellent corps of
The Suicidal Mania.
OAKLAND , Neb. , June 25. ( Special Tele
gram to the BIIE.J Mrs. Fred Bruce of Oak
land , endeavored to commit suicide last
evening by cutting her throat with a razor
severing the anterior jugular ; veins , and .cut
ting through the wind pipe. By Immediate
'attention , rendered by Dr. Clark , her life
was saved" . It U believed she Was snfferlni ;
'with aberration of tlio mind , as this Is the
'second attempt she has made to take her life
The Gollapso of Wheat in Chicago in No
Way Affects the Banks.
of lending Railroads Show
CoiiHltlernblo Improvement
Over the Corresponding
1'orlod Liftst Year.
CmcAon , Juno 25. | Spoclnl Telegram to
ho BIE. : | Local financial affairs Attracted
considerable attention during the week just
closed. Complications arising out of the re
cent collapse of the wheat market have In
volved seine of the local banking lustltu-
.Ions , us they advanced quite liberally on
that description of property , but the losses
sustained will bo mungro , as the bulk of the
oans were made on wldo margins. All the
Chicago banks are undoubtedly solvent , and
no fears need be cmtortalned of any loss ou
.heir account. The property they hold will
30 gradually disposed of , so as not to make
any Impression on ttio market , and the
noney returned to the banks. The demand
tor money during the week was fair , though
not so urgent as during the previous three or
four weeks. The amounts called lor , too ,
were smaller than usual , Indicating that par
ties wanted sufficient funds to tldo over the
present emergency or until they get their
[ xffalrs settled up. Speculative paper was In
little favor and very little was accepted by
t > anks. Considerable money was forwarded
to the country to pay for grain and
live stock received , but chlclly through
commission houses. Lumbermen and whole
sale merchants have asked for few favors and
Have been accommodated. Some demand
lias existed lor money for the payment of
property to bo delivered on July contracts
and some money has been loaned at very
wldo and safe nmrt'lcs. Katesof Interest are
well maintained at GK@7 per cent on rail
and C@8 per cent on time loans , depending
on the standing of borrower and the amount
required. Some paper was oflcrod on the
street and accepted at about bank rates.
Money at eastern financial centres Is gradu.
illy working closer.owlng to the drain on the
banks irum western depositors and Increased
amounts required to pay for liberal quantities
of grain being forwarded to that quarter.
Kates of iuteiest have been advanced to G@U
l > er cent. In foreign financial centers thcio
Is no particular change to note. Money Is
abundant nt lair rates of interest. New York
exchange was ollered rather Ireely during
the past week , whllo the demand was only
fair. The market was weak and somewhat
unsettled and sales were madn between
banks at GO@SO cents discount pur § 1,000 and
closed rather easy at C0g05 ( cents discount.
Foreign cXclmtiKO was In good supply owing
to the Increased exports ot cotton , petroleum
and grain and the demand was somewhat
limited. The market ruled weak and ship
pers' sixty documentary bills on London
changed hands at 34.81 > 4.bai and closed
rather slow at S4.8l4.81MTna Now
York stock market showed a little morn ac
tivity during tlio past week and prices ruled
somewhat irregular and averaged lower.
learnings of the loading railroads still show
considerable Improvement over the returns
of last year , but the unsettled feeling In
commercial and financial circles has caused
some realizing by parties who have been
carrying round lots. Early in the week the
market was steadier and prices were slightly
higher , but within the pat > t two or tlircu days
a weak feeling was manifested. With largo
offerings the market was decidedly unsettled
and prices declined heavily. At ono time
a panic was feared. but largo
operators purchased liberally and checked
the decline. Wall street operators
traded rather freely , but outside traders
were somewhat indifferent about making
transactions. London operators were mod
erately tree sellers , and the feeling abroad
was less favorable to American securities
than lor some time past. Sales on the New
York stock Exchange during the week ag-
Krecated 'J ,000,000 shares , Business on the
Chicago board of trade stock cxchaneo was
comparatively light during the early part ot
the week , but a little more activity was mani
fested toward tlio close. Operators shave not
fully recovered irom thcctlects of the recent
panic in the grain markets , and were not
disposed to trade much In stocks at present.
Dealers In local bonds , stocks and securities
nlhc were Indifferent about trading to any
oxtent. As might be expected , the past week
has been an unsettled onu in produce circles ,
due to the effects ot the recent sharp decline
In prices of cereals , rumors of
further linanclal complications ails-
ing therefrom and the Inability of solvent
houses to close up their trades satisfactorily
Considerable nervousness was manifested
early in the week and distrust and lack of
confidence prevailed to some extent as
was evinced by free calling of margins , but
all demands were promptly met and no f all-
in es of any significance were reported. The
assurance given oy loading capitalists and
bankers that they would stand by each other
In any emergency , deeming the piesent
prices of property reasonable , also haa a
strengthening Intluenco and tended greatly
to encourage legitimate bnslness. While the
losses sustained have been quite large in the
aggregate outside of three or four houses ,
they were very widely scattered , Such a
BO vero shrinkage In values could not have
been sustained without impairment of
capital , and considering all the
fortunate surroundings of the trade
the commission houses of Chicago may
be congratulated on supporting their finan
cial standing as well as they have In sus
taining the brunt of the panic. Within the
past two or three days the outlook has been
more encouraging , and more contUlouce lias
been expressed In nil quarters. Trade Is Im
proving gradually , and there Is little
doubt but business will be on a more solid
basis after deliveries on July contracts have
been made. The linns who were nnloitun-
ately carried down with the wieck have
mndc propositions to their creditors , and are
settling up as rapidly as possible prepara
tory to resuming business. Speculative
trading has been comparatively lluht dining
the week , as operators desired to clo'se np
their affairs generally. Inquiry on
shipping account was quite brisk and trading
In tlio aiicrcgato showed a market ! improve
ment. IJeceipts of crain have been moderate
at all western points , considerably less than
during the previous two or three weeks. Ex
ports from the seaboard were quite liberal ,
with prospects that they will bo considerably
enlarged during thn next three or four weens.
Arrival of II vo stock lm\o been large at all
western points. 1'acklnir in the west h pro-
glossing favorably , thoucli not quite as large
now as at this time last year , yet showing an
Increase since March 1 as compared with re
turns of last season.
Nine Million Dollars Turned Loose.
WASHINGTON , Juno 25. Secretary Fairchild -
child this afternoon telegraphed to all assis
tant treasurers directing the payment of July
Interest checks and coupons upon presenta
tion. Many of the Interest checks for regis
tered bonds were mailed In advance in an-
tlclpatlon of this action , so as to facilitate
their payment. The effect will be the re
lease irom the sub-treasury of about
50,000,000. The remainder of the Interest
checks will be mailed to-day.
APnronhlsl UoHldenoo Robbed.
RAPID CITY , Dak. , June 25. [ Special Tel
egram to the UKK.I Last night unknown
parties entered the parochial residence In
this city and ransacked the house. Clothing
and other articles were torn and strewn on
( lie floor. Part of the communion service
was stolen. Jtev. Father Mahoney Is at pres
ent In Doadwood. and the amount stolen
cannot bo ascertained till hr returns. No
clue to the thief.
Bad Collectors Indicted.
READING , Pa. . June 25. The Hcrks coun
ty grand jury , which has been Investigating
frauds among the tax collectors , to-day re-
tnrned Indictments ngalnst cloven collectors ,
alt prominent citizens , for misappropriating
and misusing public funds , aggregating Thirty others will In all probability
bs indicted. _
Ynlc'a Academy Graduates.
NEW HAVEN. Juno 25. The chss to be
graduated from the academy department of
Yale next Wednesday numbers 151 , the
largest class ever graduated from that de
partment. Another Mgntlicant fact' is that
every member succftsifully passed the'annual
examination , something that has never oc
curred before.
Enormous Bale To-Morrow of Bed Spreads ,
Towels and Sheeting.
Bed Spreads 50c , Worth UOc ; Finest
Marseilles Spreads $ : .lO Mar-
sclllcH Spreads $1 Towels
and filicctlncs , Monday.
The wliito bed spreads that wo pur
chased nt the auction sale hold by Messrs.
Bliss , Fabyan & Co. , Now York.Mny 3Ist ,
being the entire slock ou haud of the
Were so greatly appreciated by our cus
tomers that wo will offer another lot
Our prices for bedspreads are only a
few cents above the auction prlco.
S. P. MOUSE & Co.
100 largest size Honeycomb 15cd Spreads
that are actually worth OOo. Sale price 50o.
150 largo 12-4 si/.o Marseilles lied
Spreads , a quality that no ono else will
soil less than $1.50. Our pnco $1.
Wo will also offer 100 finest colored
Marseilles Bed Spreads , a quality worth
$3. Our price $3.
At $3.90 wo will offer the liuest and
largest Marseilles Bed Spreads made by
the Bates Manufacturing company.
These Spreads sold in the
but \vo secured some odd lots loft ou the
auctioneers' hands by parties who could
not pay cash for them after having
bought them.
S. P. MOUSE & Co.
From the Wamsutta Mills wo closed
out all their short lengths of finest 10-4
linen finished sheetings in pieces from 9
to 80 yards , and will offer the
in pieces of 9 , 10 , 13 , 15 , 20 , 21 and 30
S. P. MORSE & Co.
TOWELS 25 CENTS 8:15 : A. M.
Monday morning we will put in our
25 cents towel box nil the 35 , 50 and 75
cent towels m our open boxes ; there is in
all about
25 JO7.iN : 50 CENT TOWELS. " '
All at 25 cents at 8.15 a. m. Monday.
Ihoscwho arc fortunate enough to be on
hand will get bargains.
S. MOKSE & Co.
At the same time we will sell
They are worth double the price and
are worth seeing.
, S. P. MORSE & CO.
lotva Supreme Court Decisions.
DKS MOINES , la. , Juno 2.5. ( Special Tele
gram to the JJnK.J The supreme court liled
the following decisions hero to-day :
Nettie IJalnsbaigervs Union Mutual Aid
association , appellant , llardln county , lie-
versed. Opinion by llocd , Hock dissenting.
S. K. Uellamy & Sons vs T. S. Cathcait
and others , appellants , Marion district. Un
Amos Ketchum , appellant vs Mary White
and others , Kniroct circuit. Allirmed.
Ellis Dunsmoro vs Central Iowa railway
company , appellant , Mahaska circuit , lie-
Eli/abcth Stein vs City ot Council Whiffs ,
apnpllant. Uoversed.
S. L. Wordcu , administrator , vs Ilnmcs-
ton & SbonandMih railway company , appell
ant. Gage Circuit. Itctcrsod.
Myers , Sclireiner < ic Co. vs Council IJIulfs
Insurance company , appellant , Adair circuit.
liahcock & Thompson vs Chlcaco & North-
wcsteiu railway company , appellant. Story
circuit. Reversed.
The Watson Coal and Minlnc company vn
J. V. James et al , appellant , Warren circuit.
Sioux City's Now Street Railway.
Sioux CITY , la. , Juno 8. " > . fSpecial Tele
gram to tlio JJin. : | Articles of Incorporation
of the Sioux City & Morning Side Street rail
way company were liled for record to-day.
The Incorporators arc William L. Joy , E. C.
Peters , Ed llaaklnson , J. O. Patterson and
F. Pcrhlilns ; . The object of the corporation
Is to locate , construct , maintain , equip and
operate one or more lines of street railway
over and alone the streets , alleys and public
roads within the corporate limits of Sioux
City and Into the countiy adjacent thereto.
Thi ) capital stock of the company is SirjQ.OOO ,
divided into shares of 5100 cat h. Business
will be commenced when 20,000 has been
paid In. _
Nominated Tor Btnto Senator ,
Dr.s MOINKS. la. , Juno % [ Special Tele
gram to the HKK.J The republicans of the
Lucas and Wayne county districts have
nominated Colonel Waucn S. Uongan , to be
state senator. The nomination , which was
conceded to Lncai county , was suttlnd by
primary vote to-day and Is equivalent to an
JudKC RoducrR * Successor.
DKS Motxr.s la. , Juno 20. ( Special Tele
gram to the HKI : . | The governor has ap
pointed Hon. Charles W. Waterman as judjjo
of the Seventh judicial district , to succeed
tlio late Judge Itodgerd. Mr. Water
man lias been a member of tlio legisla
ture for Scott county , and 1s a republican.
lie was hlchly recommended for the place by
leading citizens of both panics.
An Omnlm Roy Killed.
LA.TUNTJ , Colo. , June " " ' [ Special Tele
gram to the Hnn.J This afternoon a young
tramp named Krcd Wollers fell while trying
to board a freight train and the wheels cut
elf his left arm and right leg. lie has slnco
died. Wallers was only a boy and had run
away from his home at Omaha , whore he has
an uncle , William Htuhman , a real estate
agent at Sixteenth and Douglas streets.
Jake FeolH Unwell.
NE\V YOIIK , Juno 25. Jacob Sharp this
evening In conveisation said : "I am a very
sick man , and it is a questlon'whlch will last
Hit longest , my strength or trial. My family
has been uiglncme to consult n physician ,
but I have refused to do this for fear his pre
scriptions tulcht uiakn me KO III that 1 would
not be able to attend court No ,
It Isn't the chance of quarters from
my homo to this Jail that lias knocked
mo out ; it Is the result of an illness Unit has
been steadily galnln ? strength for two years.
1 am suffering from an affection ot the heart ,
kidney trouble and diabetes. " Judge Bar
rett to-night modified tils order to the extent
of allotting one member of the prisoner's
family to lemaln with him In jail. In ac
cordance wltn this permission , Mrs. Sharp
shaics his confinement to-night.
A hog Jam.
LAwrtENCE , Mas ? . , Juno 25. The water In
the rver ( Is very high , and serious damage Is
threatened. .This afternoon thousands of
Iocs came down anil the center span of the
'bridge has been Washed away. For miles up
the river nothing can be seen but a UUM of.
Jojs , ; - , . ' t ' " . ' ' ,
, 111i
Wo Ofibr Souio Extraordinary Bargaina in
Laces and Embroideries. i :
Uargalns All Next Week Tlio Object
to Hctluco Stock Prlco * Cut
Down Kennrtllcss of
The crc.itcst bargains In blnck nll-sllk
Clmntilly Inco llounciiiK Unit hns over
been nllurcil in the city ( qualities and tlo-
K\g\\a \ \ \ oonsiilciTl ) .
10-inch black ChnntUly lace flotino-
IURS ntijl.tto ; ri'Kiilitr value , sf'J.W.
10-inch bhiok Clmntilly ltco : flouuc-
m , if 1.1)5 ) ; ri'jjulnr viilno , $ ' . ' .60.
I'-inch black Clmntilly lacollouncings ; > ; rocuhir vnluo. $ ! 1.00.
I'J-inuh black Clmntilly hico Ilotinc-
Inps , ? J.85 ; regular vnluo , ? il.75.
I'J-inch black Clmntilly Inco ilotinc-
Ings , $3.50 ; rojitilnr miluut.GO. .
4'Mnuh bhok Clmntilly luco llottno-
iiiRs , sja.itf ; regular value , $15 o ( ) .
ID-inch black Chantllly lace flouno-
Ings1.00 ; regular value , 5.25.
4'Mneh black Clmntilly lacollouncings ,
$5.50 ; regular value , $0.75.
4'Mncli black Clmntilly lace llouncliigs ,
$0.00 ; regular value , $7.75.
12-inuh black Spanish Guipure lace
itoiinclngs , $1.)5 ! ) ; regular value , $2.05.
1'4-inch black Spanish Gtiipiiro Inco
llonnclngs , f .85 ; regular value , $ U.OO.
12-Inch black Spanish Guipure Inco
tlounctnjrs , $ U,85 ; regular value , $ a.75.
75 pieces 12-lncli vt'hlto , cream and
Bcigo Oriental Lace Flounclngs , at COo ,
worth $1.25.
150 pli'coa white , cream anil Uolgo
Oriental nnd Kgyptian Laces , 4 to 10
hichos wide. The prices range from Cote
to 15c. These nro actually worth ono-
half more.
100 pieces , 45-Inch , fine Swiss Embroid
ered Skirtings , all now and lovely de
signs , nt ! > 0c , l)5c ) , $1.10 , $1.25 , $ l.0 ! ! , $1.40 ,
$1.50 , $1.75 , $2.00 , $2.25 a yard , the host
value wo have evuf oflorod , and are
actually worth onn-fourtli more.
Our ont'ro ' .stock of line embroidered
Swiss , Nainsook nnd Cambric Sett Km-
broidurir.s , will bo oil'ored all next week
reirardloss of cost. These come in NIX
( litVeicnt widths to match. Wo can bhow
an ( jinllcss variety of lovely designs and
confidently assert they are the linost
good.s that have been shown in the city
this season.
season.KKLLKY , STK'.EU & CO. ,
Cor. 15th and Uodgo.
They Arc After Spoils ,
WASIIINOTON , Juno 25. ( Special Tele
gram to the BKK.I The report that a num
ber of lending democrats nro assembled In
Washington for the purpose of having a
conference on such subjects of Importance
as an extra session , the surplus and the tarllf ,
has no moro foundation than the fact there
are a number ot democratic senators and
members prowling about tun departments
after patronage , most of them having been
hero elf and ou sluco thn adjournment of
congress. Tlio Idea that tlio gentlemen
named could nrcani/o with authority , caucus
or any party subject is ridiculous , and tlioso
who have been asked about the rumors pro
nounce them untrue.
Pay Up or Got Out.
NEW Yor.ic , Juno 25. [ Special Tcleeram
to the Bnu.J A Philadelphia dispatch to the
Tribune says that In secret circular No. 0 ,
General Secretary Llchtman , of the Knights
of Labor , warns the various local assemblies
that unless the per capita tax Is paid by
August 10 , assemblies In default will be sus
pended. He says that the secret clrculam
reach tlm public press thronch the knights
before they reach nil assemblies , nnd is very
severe upon those who the scciets of
the order ,
TorrlMo Deed of n Mnnlnc.
EoiNiiuna , Juno 25. Mrs. Lccklc , wife of
the Piesbytcrlan minister at Alrth , near
Orange Mouth , county of Sterling , In a fit of
Insanity last nluMit cut the thronts of licr
thice children and then cut her own.
Scribncr's ' :
DIl. P. A. BAHCTKNT'S tiluHy Interesting nn
Tuluiibln pi per on pliyelcul cullurp , entitled "The
riiyslCKl Proportions or tlio Typical Jinn , " wllU
raiinyll ] Blratin | . Tlinuuthor , profpfsorof | ) hy-
Blcnl ciiltiiro In llnrritr'l Unlrcrslty , KIVOS tlio to-
cults of liU lonk'Otpurlcnc ) n tcucher. Tlio ly-
ilcm wlilcli lia oipounJs glvos tlio youth or tlm
iaiidunlncantlra to proper trKlnlns , nnil
plara In tlielr liiuiUsiikoy to the ttmntr nnd weak
polnuof their boiHtis. Itwlllnltu KHlrto parents ni
to tlio crowtu unit development of tlielr children
T1MKS.lho eco" < l nnrt rondu'tlnz ' paperby Mr.
Jollv 0. nni'UH. Hupcrbly lllunlrntcd.
'Ihe fourth Inntulmcnt of the DNI'UIir.IRIIUD
l.ETTKHS OKTIIACKKUAV. Jinny of them wr.t
ten from 1'iirit nnd containing Intoroniiik'nllujloii
to thn fmn u mon whom lie met thorcIlliiitrited
bylntoraitlnK fnc-tlmllej n ( lettoM und Jruwln i.
AGIHI/.S J.IFKKimiTV YKAIIS AOO , aelllupionf
nocliil llfo In.Noiv Yorknnd Now KiiBland cirlj la
the centuryk'lvcn Inn fclectlon.of brliiht letters ot
EI.I7A HDI'TIIOATE IlOH'NK. Illintrrtled
JKMISIV llAfcCOM. nchnrmliiBihort utory by I'nir.lP *
IlEVIlV. AOItKAT I'ATIRXOI.niiram tlosorr
by KinrtmiliiBN'AKL'H STKVK.VIOVI .indiho flr t
of n two p'irt ftory by H. II. UUVESL.V , entitled A
strom and nemo crlt leal pi : | > or by W.O. lUion-NEU.
SKril'MlllOTIIKH'S Win : the erl l by HAIIOLO
Fnnnruic. Tlio present rbnplCM u vlnj B r.iphla
portMllure ot a political eonrontlun In a central
New Tork town ,
I'OEMSby ICDITII M. TnOMAB , KM.E.v lluiiliocaiis ,
MoULToNami ; CIIAHLKX I.OILS' llii.niirTn.
25c a Number. - _ $ : i,00 a Year
< : II.VKMS : sciciii.viut's SONS ,
748715 Broadway , N.Y.
Bicycle Race Meeting ,
Base Ball Park
At 3:30 : P. M.
Of-tlic.r < i < itrfitJtl < lcrH in tlie.Coun-
/ , . . Mfmlo.Uu tlio "Slnttcal L til on
, Admission , iiScinulOOc.