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OhijrHo Oook's Mnrrlerer Escapes From Jtvll
at Nebraska Oily ,
Ono of the Guarda Arrested For
Liberating the Prisoner A
Number of Kcwardtt OF *
forcd For Ilia Capture.
Nr.miARKA CITY , Neb. , Juno a ) . [ Special
Teleeratn to the Br.K.J Last nitlit : , while the
guards the deputy shcrllf and his assist
ants were asleep , Quln Bohnnan , who mur
dered Charlie Cook at Wavcrly , Neb. , and
who was confined In our jail awaiting the
action of the United States supreme court to
see whether ho should have a new trial or
not , mnde irood his escape , and Is now a free
man , The guards wcro sleeping on thu In.
side of the corridor , and It being Impossible
L . to open tin ; gates and doors from without , It
[ * it looks very suspicious and the feeling hero Is
that there must have been treachery done.
The city Is quite excited , and upon the sher
iff offering a reward squads of men are now
out searching for him , but the majority of
the people are Inclined to believe he has gone
never to return. In his bed was
found a dummy , and so well
was It put together that the county
judge had to feel ot It to believe It was not
a human being. The bird must have tlown
early In the night and wns not dlecovered
unt > l breakfast time this morning. It re
mains a mystery how ho secured other clothes
which ho must have done In order to use his
old ones for a dummy. The shcrllT of Lan
caster county , where the crime was com
mitted , has offered n reward of 8100 In addi
tion to the others. As the day rolled on the
feeling grew more bitter regarding our
criminals , and there may bo a picnic in store
for those left behind.
NiniiASKA : CITY , Neb. , June 23. [ Special
Telegram to the Br.n.J When Jailer McCal-
lum made his rounds this morning of the
prison cells , no response came from that of
Quin Buhnnnn. Fiom appearances the
prisoner was In bed , and wns at first thought
to be dead , but Investigation disclosed the
startling fact that Bohanan had escaped dur
ing the night , and had loft a dummy In his
bed. No trace of any kind can bo found as
to how ho made his escape. The jail Is a very
strong one , and BO arranged that a prisoner
could not liberate himself from thu Inside ,
even If he had keys , and he must have had
assistance fiom the outside. Several years
nco Bohanan attempted to bribe a former
jailer for his release , but his scheme was dis
covered In tiuio to bo fmstrated. Tlio
sheriff has wired nil over the country ,
and all efforts will bo used for his
recapture , but there IH very little hope , ns
few believe Bohaiian would ever bo taken
nltve , judging from his character and the
hopelessness of his case. Great excitement
prevails and particulars are meagre. Bohanan
was under sentence of death , awaiting the
decision of the United States supreme court.
Dick Glockc , guard at the jail , was aucstcd
to-night for letting Bohanan out of jail. The
other prisoners nil assort that Glocko opened
the doors about 0 o'clock last night and saw
Bohanan walk out. It is supposed that he
did the work for a money consideration from
Uolinnnn's friends on the outside.
LINCOLN , Neb. , June 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKK 1 Tlio talk on the streets
to-day Is the escape of Quln Bohnuan , who
broke j ll at Nebraska City last
night , the news ot which reached
this city this morning. George Cook ,
brother of the man murdered by Bohanan at
Waverly , oilers S'XW reward for Bohanan's
captnra nnd Hhurllf Melid : has telegraphed
the sherlu"of Otoe county that ho will per
sonally add 9100 to the reward offered. The
commissioners of this county. In which the
murder was committed , were discussing the
question of offering a reward ou the part
of Lancaster county , but have not yet
acted. It Is remembered that at Bohnnan's
trial five or six men from Missouri were
present watching the proceedings as Bohau-
nn'.s friends , and the Impression among
those acquainted with the inside facts Is that
old friends on the out ldo have holpud secure
Ills escape from thu jail.
Donne Collojio Graduate * .
Umrnr , Neh. , Juno S ! . [ Special to the
BKU.J 1'ho final closing exercises of the
commencement of Doano college were held
at the Consre/ratlonal / church this morning.
There was a larcu and appreciative audience ,
with a largo number of prominent persons
from abroad. The class consisted of six
members , all of whom rendered thalr parts
very creditably to themselves and to the col <
lene from which they graduate. Miss Young ,
of Lincoln , was present , and entertained the
audience with her violin. She was called
back several times. The president announced
at the close of the exercises that another stcr
had been taken forward by the Institution.
They have created another chair In tlio fac
ulty , and called Hov. A. II. Show , of Waco ,
te till the same , which call he has accepted
He also announced that thn board of trustees
had been Increased to the number ol
twenty-seven , and spoke of several othei
plans of impiovomont which would take
place during the coining year , and that build'
tugs to the extentof 3100,000 would be pushed
as fast as possible.
The entertainment lust night by ills'
Decker , of the musical department of the
college , was very well attended. She has
spared no paln.s to make It a success , and thr
enthusiasm with which she , with .Mis. Doant
and Mrs. Stevens , were greeted whenevei
thov appeared , was an Indication of the ap
preclntlon of Miss Decker's efforts. Miss
Young , of Lincoln , rendered several piece :
upon the violin , and was called back asalu
and again. Tno people of Crete will alwayi
remember her with a great dim ! of pleasure
and she will rJways bo welcomed by a Crcti
audience. _
Hack From Ills Wedding.
Fnr.uo.NT , Nob. , Juno 23. [ Special lotln
BKK. I C. M. Stebblns , one of Fremont'
leading merchants , and a very popular youhi
manarrived home to-day with his bride fron
Cedar HanU'.s , la. , where the ceremony tool
place last evening at 0:30 : o'clock. Tin
bride's u.ima Miss Alary Gcrber. and wa
one of the most popular youn < : ladles o
Cedar Hiplds. They are receiving the warn
congratulations of their host of friends.
A Dnd Man Captured.
NF.HAWKA , Neb. , June23. ( Special to th
BEK. ] Yesterday evening a man who hat
been engaged to help In the boarding car wn
caught stealing from the boys. He Immo
dlntely demanded his time , which Was re
fuied. This enraged him , and he-wentli
the pouulng car and began cutting the boys
: \
valises. Young Lewis , son of the chief en-
ulnecr of the Missouri Paclllcrallroad.rushed
In and ordered htm to hold up.whon he drew
n revolver and shot Lewis In the shoulder ,
the ball ranglnir across tlio body and lodging
near tlio other shoulder. The wound Is pain
ful but not dangerous. Ho made his escape
In the brush , but wns captured by Sheritl
Elkenbarry at Berlin , Otoe county , to-day.
Ho says he has served six years In the Jollet
KntghtH of Pythian Picnic.
I'Al'lLt.toN , Neb. , June 23. [ Special Tel
egram to the BKK. | Bellevue lodge No , 2 ,
Knights of Pythias , picnicked hero to-Uay.
Charles Berger , ns representative ot Pa-
ptlllon lodge , met the delegation In Omaha
and conducted them to thogrovojus : In the
cdiru of town , whcro an address of welcome
was made by F. J. Thomas on behalf of the
cltl/ons , and by , ) nmes Hassot on behalf ot
the Knights of Pythias of this place , re
sponded to by Harry Merrlam , editor of the
Pythian Spur. Omaha. The day was spent
In dancing and having a creed time generally.
The party returned by special train at 7 this
A Nebraska City Iititnlior Deal.
CmrAco , June 23. [ Special Telegram to
the Br.K.I Mrs. Belle S. B. Harvey filed a
bill In the supeilor cotut against Defoiest
P. Holfo and Hon. J. Sterling Morton , of
Nebraska , for an accounting and settlement
of a partnership business In the lumber
trade , of which all parties were members In
Nebraska City. Thn firm dissolved by con
sent In 1884 , when there were outstanding
accounts which have not yet been settled.
Hoifo had the management of the partner
ship , nnd there Is claimed to be $12,102 duo
from him. A receiver Is asked for.
Tendered a Position.
NOIIKOLK , Neb. , June 23. [ Special to
the BEK. I Dr. Hasson , ot Ponra , has been
tendered the position of assistant superin
tendent of the now insane asylum by
Governor Thayor. Ho was hero yesterday
looking over the ground. Dr. Hasson is a
graduate of Hush Medical college and Is re-
carded as one of the most accomplished lu
his profession in northern Nebraska.
County Scat Election Called.
Noiipor.K , Neb. , June 23. [ Special to the
JKK. | The Knox county commissioners yes-
.erday called a county seat election , to bo
: ield July 10. At a mass meeting of Crelgh-
on citizens last night , the following cxecu-
ive committee was appointed to look after
Jiolu'hton's Interests : George E. Cheney ,
A. J. McCarn , A. D. Uolbrook , E. Perlue and
William Marsh.
Mangled By the Wheel * .
HASTINGS. Neb. , Juno 23. [ Special Tele1
gram to the BEF..J A tramp , while nttempt-
.ng to get on a moving freight train Inst
nitcht , was run over and cut In two at the
'ilps. _
Dosed for AVIfe Reatlnc.
DKAHWOOD , Dak. , Juno 23. | Special Tel
egram to the Br.K. | Sim Nichols , at Car
bonate , for wife boating , was tarred and
The Old Lottery Swindle.
MAissiiALLTowtr , la. , June 23. [ Special
Tclcgiaiu to the HEM. | Peter Van Kranken ,
an old and wealthy citizen ana an elder In
the Presbyterian church , was swindled of
$2,000 In cash last evening on an ancient
conbdcnco game. An ostensible land buyer ,
after looking at his farm , Induced Van
Krankon to accompany him to look over a
neighbor's land that was tor sale. On the
toad they met a man with a card lottery
game , and Van Kranken was Induced to try
It. Ho drew 85,000 , and being required to
show up a like amount , borrowed $3,000 of
the land buyer and drove back to town and
got the balance , all of which he placed lu the
land buyer's hands. The 35,000 won was
also put in the land buyer's bauds
and the game proceeded , this time S 10,1,0(1 (
be.ine drawn by the latter , which was also
pnld over to him. The rani manipulator
now being out of lands desired to come to
town for more. The land buyer proposed to
drive him In and the scheme was quickly ex
ecuted , the two Miarpers diivlng rapidly oil
with Van's 53,000. leaving him atoot three
miles from town. Coining In , the crooks
changed disguises and scaped.
Io\va Supreme Court Decisions.
Dns MOINCS , la. , Juno 23. | Speclal Tele
gram to the Br.K.J Tlio supreme court filed
the following decisions hero to-day.
C. B. McGregor vs. Fuller Implement com
pany , appellant , Creitou superior court. He-
Horace Vlnton. administrator , tappcllant ,
vs. Cerro Gordo county , Cerro Gordo district.
J. B. Edgerly vs. Jasper county , appellant.
State of Iowa vs. Georpo and Minnie.
Haberle , appellants , Mitchell district. Af
G. F. McDowell vs. A. O. Booth , appellant ,
Cerro Gordo circuit. Afllnned.
Thomas Knox vs. F. Emoser and J. C.
Johnson , appellants , Dubuque circuit. He-
Anna It. Curtis , appellant , vs. Pocnhonfas
county , Poeahontas circuit. Atlirmed.
Anton A meson , appellant , vs. James O.
Thorstcd , Mitchell circuit. Affirmed.
Murder at Cedar Rapida.
CCDAP. HAIMDS , Ia.June 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the BKK. ] Jack Martin , a brakeman
on the Burlington , Cedar Itapldh & Northern
railway , In a drunken row at his home to
night , stabbed Dave McElroy , a boiler maker
In the shops ot that road hero. McElroy was
stubbed twice fatally In the groin and rluht
Innu' . He. is unmarried. Martin Is In cus
John O'Hourkc , a brltlco builder of Chicago
cage , emploved on tlm Chicago & North
western bridge bulldlni ; below the city , fell
thisfvenlnz , sustaining fatal injuries.
Mysteriously Disappeared.
DnsMoiNKS In. , Juno23. ( Special Tele
gram to the BEE. ] About three weeks ago a
young man by the name of John Anderson
left his boaralng place at Mrs. O. Meads ,
about two miles east of this city , leaving no
Intention or clue as to where ho can bo
found. Holett his trunk and clothes and
his bills all paid. His friends cannot account
for his disappearance , except foul play. None
of his acquaintances have seen him. Thn
man was about thirty years ot ago. rather
small In slzo , has a light complexion aud
light mustache.
ProtcstlMK Against Prohibition.
MUSCATINK , Is. , June 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the BfB | At the citizens' meeting
last night to protest against the enforcement
of prohibition , there was n largo attendance.
Numerous speeches were made aud a com-
mltteo appointed , witli William Hutting as
chairman , to dratt resolutions and tuport at a
subsequent meeting.
Hotel Destroyed By Fire.
HUMUOLDT , la. , Juno 23. ISpcclal Tele
gram to the BKF I The Wright house caugnl
fire at 2 o'clock this morning , and was burned
to the ground. The Inmates escaped , but
narrowly. Loss , 55,000 ; Insurance , 83.5CO.
New York's Vounjt Toughs.
NEW YOHK , June 23.-Moses J. Speight ,
aped littcen , an Inmate of the house ol
refuge on Blackwell's Island , struck liU
keeper , William Cole , on the head with e
heavy stick , last night , from the effects ol
which Cole died this morning. Spelubt then
calned possession of the keys but when the
liovs discovered the keeper was seriously
injured their courtgo failed them and they
forgot about Mcaulnir. and cried for aid ,
They were soon locked up and quickly con
fessed their plans.
The fluchtpl College.
CI.VONNATI , Juno Si The Tlmes-Star'e
special ftom Akron , Ohio , says that at to
day's commencement exercises at Buciitel
college , John It. Buciitel , founder of the college
loge , made an. addltioual gift to the college
of 3175,000. '
The Large Nnmbar of Bourbon Leaders in
Washington Starts Fresh Humors.
A Statement of Postal Receipts Shows
a Largo Increase In the Busi
ness ot the Omaha Ofllco
Capital Nnwa.
nnurhnns Gathering.
WASHINGTON , Juno 23. | Special Tele
gram to the HF.E. | The presence of many
prominent democrats In Washington just
now seems to lend color to the rumor that
there Is to be a conference with regard to
party policy , revenue reduction , etc. Among
the leading democrats now hero are Senators
Harris , Hansom , Cockrcll , Gorman , Urown ,
Call , Pugh and Jones ot Arkansas , Kcprc-
sontatlvcs McCreery , Holman , Wilson of
West Vliginla , Crisp and Governor Knott of
Kentucky. There are many others here , and
It Is said that Speaker Carlisle will arrive
Postal Statistic * .
WASHINGTON. June23. [ Special Telegram
to the HUK.J The sale of postage stamps ,
stamped envelopes and postal cards at first
class postolliccs for the month of May , 1SS7 ,
ns compared with the month of Mav , 1880 ,
showed an Increase of 8155,533.72 , or St.fcfl per
cent. At DCS Molncs for 1SW5-7 , respectively ,
the eales were Sl'.HT.M ' and t7H2.23. a dc- of S1,575.HC ; Burlington. 83.0lfl.03 and
53.22-1.59 , an Increase of Sl31.5fl ; Lincoln ,
S3.C39.02 and $4.220.83 , an increase of S5bO.GO ;
Omaha , 8lO.SbS.29 and 514,138,79 , au Increase
of $3,250.50.
nnttcrwnrth's Circular.
WAsnNOTONJune23. [ [ Special Tolceram
to the DEB. ) Representative Buttcrworth
has sent out another circular to subscribers
of the American telephone urging them
again to withdraw from the company and
receive hack the money subscribed for the
stock. Mr. Uutterworth said to-day that ho
proposed to resign the presidency of the com
pany in a few days , as he did not care to be
connected with It on account of not being
able to spare the time necessary to attend Its
business. "Properly managed , " ho said to
day , "tho enterprise Is a good one , butl shall
not continue my connection with It , and
there Is a possibility that some persons took
the stock under some misapprehension. I
trust they shall surrender tlio stock , and , If
tliny desire , start over. The fault Is not In
the merits of the enterprise , but In the fact
that the chief promoter turned out to have a
record Hint exposed the project to attacks at
any and all times. "
A Collapsed Concern.
\VASIIINOTON , Juno 23. | Special Tele
gram to the UEK.J The American Telephone
company has made but little progress In re-
galnlnir thoconlldenceot the public since dis
covery was made that Tyrer. vice president
and general manager , had been un inmate of
the penitentiary. The basis of the com
pany's claims for consideration consisted of
an alleged franchise from the government of
Venezuela to use their telephones In that
country. This concession from Venezuela
was obtained by one Senor 1'ndron , May 3 ,
lbS4. Newspapers which reached hero from
Venezuela yesterday contain tlio announce
ment that the franchise given to 1'adron had
been revoked and a now franchise , to Include
all of the towns In that country , was rerently
RIanted to Slgnor Acjullonia Orta. a native
who has lias no connection with the Ameri
can company. The ollicers of the company
refuse to credit the report , but If trim it will
knock the bottom out of the concern.
The Navy Flat's Found.
WASHINGTON , Juno 23. The recent con
troversy over the captured battle Hags caused
many Inquiries as to the disposition made of
the naval Hags captured during the late war.
It ts learned at the navy department that
some of the llanjk were turned over to the
naval aeademv and are now there. An ac
cidental tire In the old navy department
building several years ago destroyed some of
Nebraska nnd Iowa Pensions.
WASHINGTON , Juno 2 % ( Special Tele
gram to the HEE.J Nebraska pensions were
granted to-day as follows : J. A. Nason ,
ScrlbnerS. ; O. Hubbard , Eveter ; William
Austin , Newcastle , Increase ; James Morri
son , Wahoo ; Stephen Alford , Mt. Pleasant ;
J. W. Cottrell , Hralnavd.
Iowa pensions : Elizabeth , widow of Alex
N. Gow , Martlnsburg ; busannnh , mother ot
William B. Burrls , IndependenceS. ; S. Day ,
Martlusbure ; Shakespeare Mokuo , Coves-
vllle ; J. H. Ogdcn , Keokuk ; Lcmar Eddy ,
O.skaloosa ; James Parner , 13 loom Held ; E. G ,
Aurand , Osslnn ; William L. Jones , Me-
Grecor ; ,1. U. i'raley , Albion ; Ezra Hawk.
Martlnsbnrg ; E. JUist , Allerton ; Barney
Markle , Hedrlck , Increase ; S. S. Anderson ,
Went Point : I. J. Turnure , Mason City ;
Thomas , f ; . Hughes , WlllminEtyurg ; Jonn
Wiley. Humeston ; Abratn Edwards , Ulen-
wood ; William II. Ash , Ios ilolnes ; Jaincs
McKee , Mnquoketn ; .lames S. Bofd. Mlle ;
Daniel Embree , Grand Junction. Uelssuc.s :
J. H. Shea. OCR Molnes ; John Shields , Da
venport ; \V. T. Ogle , Centervllle ; Jabob
Harsh , New Virginia ; John Clark , Center-
vlllo ; Samuiil II. Horsey , Cretan ; Newton
I'otiney , Ualiton : William Sawyer , Hillsdale -
dale ; George \V. Boper , Walker.
Military Mnttem.
WASHINGTON , Juno 2i. ; [ Special Tele
gram to the BKU. I Array leaves : Captain
Henry Jackson , Seventh cavalry , one month *
First Lieutenant James 1) . Nicunrson , Seven
teenth Infantry , two months ; Acting Assist
ant Surgeon 11. M. Ueeble , Fort Yate.s , Da
kota , fourteen flays.
Army furloughs : Sergeant I'ullard Cole ,
troop H , Tenth cavalry , four months ; Pri
vate Barney Hobnrg , company 1 , Thirteenth
Infantry , sis mouths to KO abroad : Private
Daniel Gallagher , company I ) , Fifteenth In
fantry , four months.
The rlilo competition of the department o
Texas for places on the department rifle
team this year takes place at Fort Clark ,
Tc.xas , beglnnlnic AuustS , and will be held
underthe supervision of First Lieutenant
Oskaloosa M. Smith , Twenty-second In
fantry , aide-de-camp inspector of rlllu prac
tice of the command.
Major William T. Lystcr and Captains
Thomas Urlttou and Jacob F. Munson , with
Lieutenant Amos H. Shattuck as judge ad
vocate , coniDoso tlio regimental court of the
Sixth Infantry ordered bv Colonel A. McD
McCook to meet June 27 at Fort Douglas ,
Salt Lauo City , Utah.
Sergeant Lawrence H. Spiedel , company
K , complains that ho has Ivcen unjustly
treated by Captain Charles G. Penuoy , ills
commanding oilicer.
An army oflicer Is presumably to bo trice
at Fort David A. Hussoil. Cheyenne , Wyora-
Inu' . before a general court martini whlcl
will convene there July 7. and which Is com
posed as follows : Colonel Henry A. Morrow
fwenty-lirstinfantry , president : Lleutenanl
Colonel Nathan W. Osborne , Sixth Infantry ;
Major JamesS. Casey , Seventeenth infantry
Captain Itichard Comba , Seventh Infantry-
Captain William Mills , Second Infantry
Captain Clarence K. Bennett , Seventeen ! )
Infantry ; Captains Charles Keller anc
Chares A. Dcmpsey. Secand Infantrv ; am
Captains Thomas G. Troxel and Cyrus K.
Roberts , Seventeenth Infantry. Captain
Cnarles Porter , Eighth Infantry , Is dtstallei
as Judge advocate of the court.
Major-General Schotleld has Issued an
order for a target practice camp at Creed more
Lone Island , for the annual rlllo practice o
troops In New "Vork harbor from July fi to
July 15 , both dates Inclusive. Battries C , H
and N ( Morris' . Fessenden's ana Brewen
ton's ) , will encamo there July 10 to 27
battrle * A , E and M. KUth artillery ( Beck'i
Itoels1 and Day's ) , will be at the camp anc
will bo succeeded July 23 to August 8 by
butteries B , I and , L , Fifth artillery ( Captains -
tains Van Need , Qrsbb ana Randolph ) ,
Allowing the battorW company A.Tweltth
n fan try ( Captain George S. Wilson ) , will 9 to .lOifor practice. Major
Abraham C. Wlldrlok , Fifth artillery , will
oiutiund the camp. ,
It Is now definitely stated that some time
n July the Seventh cavalrv will bo trans-
ered from Dakota and Montana to the Dc-
lartment of the Missouri. This will place
General James vV. Forsyth , colonel of the
eminent ( General Sheridan's old-time chief
of staff ) , In command ot the now cavalry
ana light artillery school at Fort Klley , Kan *
Hen Dutler Hpr.nkd.
WARHINOTOV , June 23. General Butler ,
eprescntlng the Burton car company , ad
dressed the Inter-state commerce commission
his morning. Ho attacked the testimony of
tenoral Manager Stone , ot the Chicago ,
iurllngton ifeQulney road , In certain purlieu-
ars. citing the dimensions of the Burton care
o show that Its capacity for carry Ine railroad
ies , "for example , " was greater than that of
lie ordinary cars , contrary to the statement
if Stone. Ho cited authorities In support of
ils claim that the roads had no right to make
discriminations , and declared that the Inter
state commerce law had not changed the
condition of the law In this respect
Butler was followed by Wlrt Dcxtor for
the HurlliK'ton road , the substance of whose
argument was that the Burton company Is a
common carrier , seeking to Intrude Its cars
ipon the tracks of the respondents. Mr.
Greene , for the Lake Shore road , followed
witli a denial of the several allegations of the
llurton company. John S. Blair , for the
Union Pacific and M'ssourl ' Pacific , argued
ho qnestlon ot jurisdiction and tha justice of
ho rates charged the Burton people. Judze
Shellabarger argued lu the same line with
Dexter. .
Clereland's Western Programme.
WASHINGTON , Juno 23. [ Special Telegram
otho BKK.J Mrs. Cleveland will precede
the president west , eolng first to Madison ,
where she will visit the VIlas family. The
iresldent will join her there the second week
n September , and together they will visit
Detroit , Jackson , Grand Kaplds , Chicago ,
St. Louis , interior cities and the Pacific
- A Civil Bprrico Move.
WASHINGTON , June 23. [ Special Tele-
; ram to the Bee. | The civil service commis
sion has Invited the secretary of the local
civil service boards at New York , Philadel
phia , Boston , Chicago , St. Louis. Baltimore ,
Cincinnati. Brooklyn , Bulfalo and Louis
ville to meet In this city to-morrow for the
purpose of conferring with UIH commission
with a view to systematizing the work of the
examiners us to make them practical , the
same as in all the larger cities of the country.
The Iron antt Htcel Interest. '
WASHINGTON. June 33. Assistant Secre
tary Maynard to-day gave a hearing to a com
mittee representing' the American Iron and
Steel association on tlio general question of
classification of steel wire rods.
Postal Chances.
WASHINGTON. JunoSI. The name of the
postolllce at Henrietta , Nuckolls county , was
changed to-day to Huskin , and Isaac N.
Keller appointed postmaster , vice Mrs. Mln-
nlu liuhJman , resigned ,
Tnklujr n Vacation.
WASHINGTON , Juno 23. First assistant
Postmaster General Stevenson loft Wash
ington to-day for a month's vacation at his
homo at Bloomitigton , Jll.
lie Assaults the Propaganda as n
"llomiNh Machine. "
BurrAi.0 , Juno fei-Father McGIynn , in
an Interview totuay , presented his case as
that of a man who has been sentenced being
forced to appeal without any Idea but that
the result was a foregone conclusion and
that he would be snubbed and Insulted by the
propaganda. He assaults the church In Home
as a "Homlsh machine , " and closed as fol-
losvs : "Theengineers of the machine who
are profiting by Its power and ils emolu
ments , are really laughing In their sleeves at
us for our excessive generosity In contrib
uting Peter's pence to the support ot the
whole army of lackeys and flunkies , both lav
and clerical , who surround the pope with
barbaric pomp soaroely equalled by that of
any Imperial despotic court"
NKW YORK. June'3. The following Is a
copy of a cablegram sent to Homo yesterday
to Cardinal Simoom , prefect of the rtropa-
ganda , and signed by Jeremiah Coimhlln , M.
D. , chairman : "One'hundred thousand
Catholics in mass mcetlnir in this city Satur
day , June 18 , denounced the threatened ex
communication of Dr. McGiynn , witli whom
they are prepared to stand , and pretest
against ecclesiastic Interference witli the
social rights of American citizens. "
Kuril's Compliments to Rosser.
IticiiMOND , Va. , Juno 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the BUR. ] In ISttl , In a written let
ter to a friend , General T. L. Hosser spoke
of Jubal A. Early as his "noble friend. " He-
cently , In a published card , ho said that
Early ought to have been hansed for burn-
lug Chambersburg. In the State to-day
Early publishes a reply , In which he says :
"Hosser has heretofore shown his utter dis
regard for truth In some of the publications
he has made inregard to some of the opera
tions of the army of northern Virginia , and
especially those in my command in the val
ley In 18t > 4 , and I have fully demonstrated the
falsity of many of his statements. Having
figured extensively as a falsifier of history ,
ho has recently appeared In another role , that
of a consummate ass , and It must be con
fessed that he has proved himself an adopt in
that character. " lie compares Hosser to
Judas Iscariot , and suggests that he make
some atonement for his apostac < - to the con
federate cause by hanging himself , as Judas
did when ho became aware of the elfect of
his treachery.
Collision at Sea.
BALTIMOIIK , June 23. Captain Hummel
of the British steamship Lore , which arrlver
hero tills evening from Rotterdam , reports
that on Tuesday last , at about C o'clock In
the evening , his vessel was In collision witl
the British brlgantlno Aldwjth , of Prince
Edward's Island , which was carrying a cargo
of sugar from St. Lucia to Now York. The
collision occurred off. . Cape Hcnlopon In a
dense tog. Three of the brig's crow jumpec
aboard the Lore , but thomni the steamer lay
around several hours nothing could be scon
of the brlir. ,
NKW YOIIK , JunaSft , The brig Aldwyth
reported by the steamer Lero as havlnu been
In collision with that' .vessel in n fog , has ar
rived here badly damaged.
KMIod By a Boiled Dinner.
NEW YORK , Juno 23. "Brick" Pomeroy
has preferred chnrges' to the commissioners
of hospitals against the management of
Gouvernor hospital , alleging drunkenness
debauchery , cruelty' ' W patients and Incom
potency , and asserting that the death of Can
tain Jack llussey wns caused not by the bul
let of the drunken policeman , Halm , but b\
giving him a hearty meal of corned beef and
Fire a4 * Suicide.
Nnw YOHK , June 23. The fire which
started early this morning was gotten under
control after burning three six-story build
ings and a four-story factory. The loss Is
about 5225,000. No loss'of life reported.
Max Marquis , advertising clerk tn the
Dally News office , aged fifty years , blew ou
his brains this raornlnsr , death resulting al
most instantly.
Weather Indications.
For Nebraska : Southerly winds , fal
weather , followed by local rains , nearly sta
tlonary temperature.
For Iowa : Fair weather , warmer , wind
becoming southerly.
For Eastern Dakota : Occasional Ugh
rains , nearly stationary totnperature.easturly
winds , becoming variable.
The Jury Diisucreod.
ST..Loui8 , June 24 ' The Cora Lee. jury
disiprecd and were 'discharged.
'ommy Warren to Meet Tommy Miller , the
Omaha Featherweight ,
Chlcnco and Philadelphia Piny a
Thirteen Innlne Tie Uame-Tho
Mnyltowor Win * at Mnr-
blphoad Other Sports.
\Vnrron Will Meet Miller.
Tommy Wurren , the feather-weight pu
gilist , has written to Omaha that he will meet
rommy Miller of this city If the latter will
ret down to US pounds. Ho will meet him
n a ton-round contest , ho says , for gate re
ceipts , or will fiu'ht him In private , five per
sons on a side , for g 1,000 a side.
National Ljcamio Onmcs.
PiTT.siiURo , Juno SI. The game between
the Pittsburg and New Yorc ! taar.H to-day
resulted as follows :
Pittsburg . 0 001 1000 * 2
New York . 0 01000000 1
Pitchers Galvin and Welch. Base hits
Pittsburg 12 , Now York . Errors-Plttsburg
0 , New York 4. Umpire Powers.
INUIANAPOMS , Juno 23. The game be-
: woen the Indianapolis and Boston teams
to-day resulted as follows :
Indianapolis. . ! 1 10
Boston . 4 011002010-9
Ten Innings. Pitchers Morrison and
Madden. Base hits Indianapolis 17 , Bos
ton W. Errors Indianapolis 7 , Boston 10.
Umpire Pearce.
CHICAGO , June 23. The game between the
Chicago and Philadelphia teams to-day re
sulted as follows :
Chicago 7 , Philadelphia 7. Game called at
the end of the thirteenth Inning on account
of darkness. Pitchers Ualdwln and Casey.
Haso hits Chicago 13 , Philadelphia 10.
Errors Chlcairo 4 , Philadelphia 5. Umpire-
DKTIIOIT , Juno 23. The game between the
Detroit and Washington teams t OKI ay re
sulted as follows :
Detroit . 0 8000200 4
Washington . 0 0000002 2
Game called at the end of the eighth Inning
on account of rain. Pitchers Getzein and
O'Day. Base hits Detroit 8 , Washington 7.
Errors Detroit 4 , Washington 4. Umpire
The American Association.
CINCINNATI , June 23. The game between
the Cincinnati and Louisville teams to-day
resulted as follows :
Cincinnati . 3 00001000-3
Louisvlllu . 1 00000000-1
Pitchers Smith and Hamsev. Base hits-
Cincinnati 0 , Louisville H. Errors Cincin
nati 3 , Louisville 5. Umpire Hurley.
HAI.TIMOHK , June 23. The game between
Baltimore and Brooklyn to-day resulted as
follows :
Baltimore . 2 01100030 0
Athletic . 0 02000020 4
Pitchers-Smith and Wcyhlnir. Base hits
Baltimore 13 , Athletic S. Errors Balti
more 1 , Athletic 5. Umpire tfenruson.
CI.KVF.LAND. Juno 23. The game be
tween Cleveland and St. Louis teams to-dty
resulted as follows :
Cleveland . 1 00200000 3
St. Louis . 0 2108000 0-11
Pitchers Crowoll and Caruthcrs. Base
hits Cleveland 0 , St , Louis 15. Errors Cleve
land 4 , St. Louis 0. Umpire McQuado.
Northwestern IjeaettB Games.
DKS MOINF.S , la. , June23. TheNorthwost-
ern league to-day : Des Moluos 6 , Minne
apolis 12 , atr Minneapolis ; St. Paul 13 , La
Crosao 10 , at St. Paul : Eau Claire 3. Milwau
kee 2. at Milwaukee ; Oshkosh 7 , DuluthO.
at Duluth.
Racing In Mud.
NEW Youic , Juno 23. Twenty hours of
continuous rain made the track at Sheens-
head Bay a miserable mess and mush. The
attendance was small. The following is the
summary :
Seven furloncrs : Young Duke won ,
Mam'sello second , Himalaya third. Time
1:83. :
1:83.Twoyearolds , threo-quaitors of amilo :
Satisfaction won , Fordham second , Klngiisli
third. Time 1:18. :
Three-year-olds and upwards , seven fur
longs : Monawa won , Climax second , Saxony
third. Time 1:8 : < W.
Ono and one-half miles : Hanover won ,
Onckosecond , Hypatla third. Time ! ! :44 : } .
One and three-eighths miles : Wonderment
won , Ernest second , Fcront third. Time
2:2SVf. :
Hurdlu race , two and oneelnth miles :
Shamrock won. second , Major
Pickett third. TIme-4u. : :
Town Circuit Kncou.
CEDAH RAPIDS , la. , June 23. The third
day's races of the Iowa circuit resulted as
follows :
Pat Qnlnn won the 2:38 : race In throe
straight heats. Best tlmo-a:27 : > i' .
Tribune won the 2:33 race. Best time
In the pacing free-for-all , Tommy Linn
won in three straight heats. Best time ever
made here-2:20 : , 2WJf : , 2:22 : # .
Starters For the Derby. *
CHICAGO , June 23. The following horses ,
with weights as noted , were announced posi
tively to-day as the starters In the American
derby , to bo run Saturday at Washington
park : Carv , 118 Ibs ; Clarion , 131 ; Terra
cotta , 121 ; Fenelon , 118 ; Libretto , 121 ; White
Hose , 118 ; Montroso. 121 ; C. Il.Todd , 118 ;
JlmGore , 121 ; Goliah , 118 ; Miss Ford , 113 ;
Wary , 110 ; Safe Ban , 118 ; Hindoo Hose , 113.
Won By the Mayflower.
MAIIIU.EHEAH , Mass. , June 23. The fog
which has prevented the yacht race for the
past few days at last lifted and the race was
sailed to-day. The conditions were favora
ble for the English cutter Galatea. The
Mayflower crossed the line at noon , about
one-fourth of a mlle ahead of the Galatea.
rounded the stake boat % minutes ahead of
the Galatea , and crossed the finish line at
4:10. : The Galatea crossed the line at 4 :30 : > .
The Mnyllower beat the Galatea 13 minute *
and 23 seconds ; the Sachem beat the Iroquois
10 minutes and 40 seconds ; the Huron oeat
the Stranecr 41 seconds , and the shadow
beat the Shona 13 minutes and 27 seconds ,
corrected time.
Sculllnt ; Ilaco Postponnd.
NKW LONDON , Conn. , June 23 , The Co
liimbla-llarvard race has been postponed tc
June 27.
The Evangelical Lutherans.
C CHICAGO , June 23. The A ugustan synod
of the Evangelical Luthirin church to-daj
adopted a resolution that no students In the
synod's educational Institutions at Hoct
Island be allowed the use of tobacco , Tc
meet the deficit In the home mission treasury
It was decided to levy an assessment on tin
various conferences to the extent of 10 cent :
a member.
Declared the Strlko Off.
CHICAGO , June 23. Late to-night the brick
layers' union passed a resolution withdraw'
ing the demand for Saturday pay day and
declaring the strike off. This resolves the
affair Into a lockout pure and simple , ami
the bricklayers declare they will now prose
cute the stone pool for conspiracy In case ol
refusal to sell Htone to contractors friendly t (
the bricklayers.
The Wahash Cut Hate * .
CHICAGO , June 23. At the meeting of the
Central TraOlc association to day tocousMei
the snrlous cut rates to the seaboard made by
the Wnbash , It was resolved that Chalrmar
Flnl : and the eastern trunk lines bo appealed
to for action to protect the western eonncc
tlons and prevent tne demoralization thai
must follosv the unauthorized rates of tin
Wobash ,
Wife Poisoner Lynched ,
ADKICDEKN , Miss. , Juno 23. At 2 o'elocl
this morning forty masked men rode Inti
Kosciusko , proceeded to the jidl , Ovrrpowerni
the jailor , and took- James M. , a whlti
man , to a convenient place and Jiangedjihn
Oa Sunday lasv
Chrlstlno NUIfum'ti Jtiblloo ftecoptlott
In London.
ICopyrfoh ! Ifffi fcu Jtimt * fJnrJon ntnnrtt. ]
LONDON , Juno 22. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to tlio Br.t-Chrlstino : | Nlll-
son , as Countess Miranda , gave a jubilee at
her homo this aftcrnooon , the first London
roccntlon slncn her second marriage , at her
mansion tn Kenslncton count , not far from
the charmed palace where the queen was
born. She were a navy blue silk trimmed
with rare old point lace , and wearing ear
rings , brooch , rings , bracelets , diamonds and
saphlres. She was assisted by her step
daughter , M'llo ' Miranda , who were a white
and chocolate-stripped silk , and had a mod
est cotlTuro , front hair in maiden fern stylo.
Among the jtuests were several Americans
the three Misses Saundcr of Cincinnati ,
Senators McPhcrsou and Halo. Dr. Whltler
of Chicago , Mr. Holllng of Boston , Natur
ally , music received more attention than the
jubilee strawberries and cream , early peaches
or the a la ruse. Madame Nlllson
sung , recalling to many a guest the
words which Ferdinand addressed to Pros-
pcrosiWard , "Admired Miranda , Indeed the
top of admiration. " She iravo "Sorlnat Dol-
rairn , " accompanied by llerr Yaiu on the
piano and a girlish American violinist ,
llattlo Caipenter , a protege of tlio hostess ,
who were a white crepe dress. The bow
ised In- the latter was a sift to the younrster
'rom Emperor William. Madame Ntllson
presented another protege , a young country
woman , Mile. Sin red Arnoldsen , of the
Drury Lane opera troupe. She was dressed
unpretentiously In silk , figured with minia
ture black and whlto diamonds , and sang a
uiorceau from "II Harblero. " The Herald
heard Madame Nlllson say with much naivete
to the group , "If her volco lasts she will
bo my successor In public estimation. "
Miss Estcllo Jacobs , a contralto singer re
cently from Now York , wcarlnc a cream
lace summer dress , sang an alrafrom Anna
Boiena , which the hostess greatly applauded.
Among the guests was maniwer Aaboy and
't became an open secret that ho Is endeavor-
nn to make a secondtravellngconccrt troupe
next winter to America with Nilsson and
Misses Arnoldsen and Carpenter , they to
travel at the north. Patti at the south. Count
Miranda , a sort of Spanish-looking hamlet
In jet black mourning suit , corresponding
with his eyes and moustache , beamed cour
teously on the company , but his want of fa
miliarity with tlio English confined his con
versation to those who speak Fiench.
Shn Wanted to Ba Abducted.
LONDON , Juno 23. The Countess Campos
reached Dover accompanied by Garboeul' ,
ler lover , and throe other gentlemen. The
Campos family agent and a French detective
armed with n wanant visited ttui hotel where
the countess was stopping , accompanied by
the Spanish consul. The consul explained
to Mllo. Campos how her family felt over her
abduction ; that tha warrant for her arrest
was to recover her from her abductors and re
store her to her family. She declared that
she wished to marry Garboeuf : that she was
not a prisoner against her will. Upon this
declaration the English police refused to
sanction her arrest.
liritUh Affairs.
LONUON , June 23. The Prince of Wales ,
accompanied by the Kings of Greece
Denmark , * Belgium and Saxony , the crown
prince of Germany , and several other princes ,
Lord Wolseley and the Duke of Cambridge.
reviewed 12,000 tioops at Alde.rshot to-day.
A hastily summoned cabinet meeting was
held to-day to consider thu hitch in regard to
the Anglo-Turkish convention In reference
to Egypt.
The cabinet has decided to prorogue car-
nrqont about the middle of August.TfrH
reported In unionist ( ju.irtcrs that If strong
opposition bo offnrort to the pronosed supple
mentary crimcfl bill It wlllbo : dropped.
Franco nnd the I'opo.
FAIUS , Juno 21. Mgr. Hotclll , presenting
credentials to Pie.sldont Grevy as the papal
nuncio , referred to the pope's allcutlnn for
Franco as the oldest daughter of the church
and as a noble and generous nation , and said
the pope desired that a perfect undeistand-
ing shall bu maintained. The president
thanked the nnnclo for the friendly sontl-
ments and said the Vatican could rely upon
the cordial co-opeiatlon ol the French gov
ernment In consolidating thu present good
O'D.mnell Sum the Tlmcn ,
LONDON , Juno 23. Frank Hugh O'Don-
nell , formerly member of parliament for
Dungarvon , and ex-vice-president of the
homo rule confederation , has brought suit
against the Times for libel. Tlio suit Is
based upon the article commontinc on the
letter recently sent to the Times byO'Don-
nttll to correct' the statement madu by that
Paper regarding tlio allowed connection of
Paruellibin with crimes.
Kins Otto Declared Insane. , Juno2t.Klnir : Otto , of Bavaria ,
has been ollicially declared Insane.
LONDON , June 23. A dispatch from Ber
lin to the Standard says : An elfort will
probably bo .undo at tlio next session of the
Bavarian parliament to dethrone King Otto ,
who Is hopelessly insane. It is .stated thut
the recent will accept the crown it offered by
the people.
Jubilee Banquet for Consult * .
LONDON , Juno 23. United States Consul
General Waller presided at the jubilee ban
quet given to-night at the Hotel Metro pole
by the foreign consuls ( n London. Two
hundred persons woio present , Including
representatives' of forty nations. Toasts
were ottered to Queen Victoria , foreign sov
ereigns and presidents , ami the coiporatlun
of London.
Cork's Mayor Uounced.
Conic , June 23. In consoqucitce of the ac
tion ot the mayor of Cork Moisting a black
ilac on the occasion of tlio jubilee , and be
cause of his having shown favor to the na
tionalist , Plunkett , the divisional maglstrato ,
supeieiided him , and oidcred that only the
resident paid magistrate shall try prisoners ,
A Newspaper Dental.
I'Ain. ' , Juno 23. The Journal dos Dobats
denies that the French and Hnssian ambas
sadors at Constantinople have sent a note tn
tlio porte threatening that war would result
If the Egyptian convention was ratified.
BOMHAY , Juno 23 , The Russian force ha !
arrived at Karatiiil. ! | The supposed destina
tion of the force Is Bodakshan. The
Bokharose , In splto nf orders from the amcni
of Hokara , refused to allow thu Bus.slans tc
Tlio Manohrntnr lOxploHion.
MAN'jHKSTr.i ! , Juno 23. Tlio fire caused
by the explosion yesterday has been over
come. Great ( lama e was done to Pnmonn
palace and many other buildings to whicli
the ' .lames spread. A fireman and a girl wen
The Mnnarclm of Hussla.
ST. 1'ETKitsnuno. Juno 23. It Is almost
certain that the czar and czarina will hotoic
long visit Copenhagen , and that from tlfen
the czar will go to meet Kmporor William ,
and perhaps Emperor Francis Joseph , of
A Ilopnrtp.d C'onNplraoy.
BKI.GIIAHR , June 23. The raport has boon
received hero from Bulgaria that Stambiilolf ,
one of the regents , and Snrvkolf. president
of the sobranjc , have been seized by coir
snlrators. The report is not believed.
Catholics Dnnounco Conroinn.
DUIIMN , June 23. Tlio annual meeting ol
Catholic archbls'iops ' and bishops was heli :
to-day , at wnlch a resolution was passc <
again denouncing thu coercion measure be
lure parliament.
An Kinporor'H Vacation.
, Ilio'DK-JANKIHO ( via Oalveston ) , Juno C.5
Parliament has glved'poinil'slori ! .to ' " ' <
emperor to leave for Europe on the SOtti Inst
Comptroller Tronholtn Arrives and Takoa
Charge of the Institution ,
Harper and Hopkins Surrendered Ily
Their Itotidstiiou nnil Unnbto to
Secure Mall llrukurVtl -
shlrc Also Arrostcd.
Tlio Itrnkcn Unnlc.
CINCINNATI , .Innu 23. Trcnholin , comi >
tiollur of the curieney , arrived and has taken
charge of tlio Street c.xclloiuonl
about tlio Fidelity bank , wliieli never 1ms
boon great , IMS entirely subsided this
morning. Bank Kxanlner Powell Is still In
charge. ] f tlio president and directors can
bo assessed to tlio extent of their resources It
will iiroduca about $1SOO,000.
Hon. W. L. TrcnholiD , comptroller of tha
currency , who arrived Iiero to-day , was Inter
viewed this evening regarding the Fidelity
bank affairs. His suspicion hud first boon
aroused in April last when ho discovered that
the Fidelity had "reserve'1 accounts of eighty
country banks , and tbnt its Indebtedness to
oilier banks was very lar e. When notice ot
the appaient connection of the bank \\ltn-tho
Chicago wheat deal was first given In the
press , the local examiner was directed to re
main In Cincinnati and bo ready to act.
This was done when checks wcro pro
tested In Now York. A receiver has not been
appointed , but will bo by Treuholm. No
definite statement of the bank's affairs can
bo umde until after the receiver takes charge.
The government has acted as soon as there
wai tangible evidence of wrong doing.
The sensational feature of '
to-day's pro
ceeding was the surrender , late this after
noon , of K. L. Harper and H. K. Hopkins by
thelrbondsiiieii. Desperate offoi ts have been
made by them to-night to got now bonds
men , but at a late hour they were unsuccess
ful This evening J. W. Wllshlro , the
broker who took checks of the Fidelity bank
to Chicago to try to hold tip the market , was
also arrested , charged with aiding the willful
and unlawful misapplication of the funds of
the bank. Ho gave bond In S3T > ,000.
Later lint per and Hopkins , being unable -
able to get bondsmen , \\ent to jail about
WASHINGTON , Juno 23. At the olllce of the
comptroller of thecuricncy It Is said no In
structions liavo bron sunt to Cincinnati for
the arrest of the ulllcers of the Fidelity Na
tional bank beyond the general Insinuations
sent to the examiner to take every precaution
to prevent the cse.ipe of any olwiors who
may be criminally guilty.
Garnlahccd For Debt.
ST. Louis , Juno 23. The funds In the
Fifth National bank of this city belonging
tn the Fidelity hank of Cincinnati wcro gar <
nlsheed to-aav at the Instance of the Union
National bank of Clcvclan J to satisfy a debt
of 525,000. _
Tlio Chicago Hank All It IK lit.
CmcAoo , Juno 23. A special bank ex-t
amlner and clearing-house committee have
been working all the evening on the books
of the American Exchange bank ot this
city. It Is reported lute. to-night that it Is
already certain that the bank's riedlt Is not
Impaired , mid Hint the only loss Is that
of S300,000 already nipoited by tu proaldont.
" '
Reaper Muniil'aonirorH
i'iiiNOKm.i ) , O. , June 23. Whltely , Fass-
ler & Kelly , the ercnt reaper manufacturers ,
went Into the hands of a receiver this oven-
Inc tor the protection of Its Interest * , on ac
count of tlio llnnnctnl dilllt'.ullins of other
paitlos. The assignment is only temporary.
The linn has issued a call for a meeting of
credltoip next Tuesday. The. receiver Hays
the looses wcro caused by parties .10 whotn
the llrm had given Its paper originally , and
when they failed to protect It the company
decided to stop payment until the attaint
were straightened out. No statement o (
liabilities could be civon , The business goes
on as usual.
Granted tlio Attachment.
Niw : YoitK , June23. Judiro Lawrence to
day granted an attachment to the firm ot
Coliin & Stanton against the property of the
Northwestern Construction company tn this
Rtatc. Thu suit is to recover S.12.GOO damages
lor breach of contract In connection with the
proposed sain ef drat mort airo bonds of the
Kansas City , Wy.uidotle & Northwestern
railroad company.
Heavy Canadian Failure.
QUKDUC , Juno 2.1. The stores and ware
houses of Hcaudet it Chlnle , wholesale hard
ware dealers ot this city , have been closed
on account of financial embarrassment. The
linn's liabilities are S)3.r.,000. ) . It Is stated
that the linn will be rc-cHtabllshed nnd a new
partner with large capital taken In ,
A Ilandsomn , Dashing Aincrlcnit Con-
Rolni a Widowed QIIRRII.
Nr.w YORK , Juno 2 : ) . | Special Telegram
to the Iii.l ! : A suit for a divorce will bo
begun hero In a few days by Mrs.t'barlos W.
Hanks , whoso husband Is now consort ot
Queen Makciv of Cook's Island In the South
Paclllc. Tlio couple were married In Albany
and soon after removed to San Francisco ,
whcro Banks , who is a handsome , Intelligent
young man , secured employment lu t6o ex
press odlco of Wells , Fargo & Co. He was
given a position of trust , which ho abused ,
about six months ago , by absconding with
S.W.OOO of tlio company's money. Detectlvoa
tracked him to Tahito , from which place ho
managed to escape a few hours before the ar
rival of tlio olllccrs , taking passage In a
schoooner. The vessel touched at the port ot
Harotonga , Cook's Island , where Queen
Mnkca reigned. She was a widow but soon
forgot her sorrow when consoled by a handsome -
some young American. Ho had been thera
but a short time when ho accepted n seat be
side her on the throne. ' The facts coming to
the knowledge of his wlto who had In the
meantime come east , she ordered divorce pro
ceedings to bo Instituted and a copy ot the
summon * will bo mailed to King Hunks at
tliu palace at Karetonga.
Deadly Dote Illto.
UAViniTnAW , N. J. , Juno 23. Matthew - <
thow Ournee , sixty years old ,
wealthy and unmarried , who was
bitten by a dog n month ago , was seized
with symptoms of hydrophobia Monday , and
died this morning after a night of great
agony. _
No HusltiRHi of Importance.
COLORADO .Si'iti.vns , Colo. , Juno W. The
Oonorat Freight Agents' association mot In
convention at Maultou this moinlng. Thirty-
five roads were lepresented at the inditing.
A tew matters of detail were considered , but
no business general import'uico trans- '
acted. Adjourned to meet In tit. Louis lu
Wnhn h IlccntvorH' Allowance * .
ST. Lours , June 25. In the federal dis
trict eourt to-day it wa decided In the saso
of the U'ab.iMi receivership to allow eacb.
receiver ) on account , SS.OUO fr ( jm | pur-
elraoof lands and $100,000 to pay the II
of tin ! l
( 'rightful Itnllwny Acoldo'
isviixuv , N. S.V. . , Juntf'JS. Hy tl5
Ing of a , train on tlio Uab-sbury vJ
to-duyj sovi'ii pcrhons wore klllvd 'a/
otlii'ift Injured. The accident wavr -
tr.i fiiijuw ot the brakes to worifr -
train wns going down au lucllu * '