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Decision of Oront Importance tote
Ijnnrt Sottlcrn.
to Ilia HI.K. ] The secretary of tlio Interior
litis decided tlic case of Iluriti.imi Frees , a
pettier on tlio old Omaha Indian reservation ,
who made celtlemrnt on n , part of the north-
cast and northwest quarters of section 19 ,
township aVariKo Cln August 139.1and entry
In fk'iitemher , 1850. The llrst payment was
made about a year nftor the register dccltlnl
tlic land forftltod , and the cointnlbsluner
unstained the resistor. The secretary holds
that Frees Is ontltlrd to the land because the payment was madu within one year and
sixty days after the entry. The BPcretnry
holili that the pavinont was madu within tlio
fipecllit'il time , wlilrh must must bo reckoned
from thii date of rtitiy nnd not from the date
til settlement. The decision will olfcct a
number ot similar case * .
Military Matters.
.v , JtineJA [ Special Telegram
0 the HKK.J Army leaves : Captain Au
tistic II. lialnbrld e. Fourteontli Infantry.
lie month ; Major Kohcrt 11. IIMl , Twenty-
Eecond Infantry , ten days ; Chaplain Allun
Allonswortli , Twenty-fourth Infantry , forty-
one days from July 23.
Army fnrlouu'lis : Sergeant Nathan
IFlptcher , troop F , Ninth cavalry , four
months ; Corporal Kdward Wagner , com
pany K , Second Infantry , four months ; I'n-
vato Alexander Klnkham , conuiaiiy 1 , Seven
teenth Infantry , four months from , ) uly 1 ;
J'lKate , ) nines W. Loonoy , company C ,
Tvventy-thlrd Infantry , four months
Army orders : Klist Lieutenant V. II.
Itrldcman. Second artillery , has been ordered
to Join Ins proper station upon bt'lng re
leased from duty At Wllletts Point , N. Y. :
leave for throe months has been irranted
Second Muitcnant Fred 1'erklns , J'lfth In-
Jnntry ; Cuptaln W. h. Flkk , corns ot en-
plneers , has been relieved from duty at the
military academy and ordered to report bv
letter to the chief of engineers ; General
tirorRO Crook recently dlsapproxe.s of the
sentence of 11 cnurul ( vniirt-iniirtlal In a casn
where a prlvato ot the Ninth cavalry was
convicted of deliberately assaulting : i comrade -
rade with asluni ; shot. The scntunco was
dishonorable dKctiaruc anil loss ot pav and
nllowances. General Ctook thought the
ncntcnco entirely Inappropriate for the
offense , and disapproving the sentence , re
stored the mau to du ty.
Town PoiiHlona Granted.
'WASHINGTON , Juuo 'JJ. ISpeclal Tele
gram to the Uee. | The follow Ing Iowa pon-
filons wcro granted to-day : Jonathan , father
01 Thomas J. JollItT , liurllnu'ton ; Lucy I1. ,
vldow of John S. Dtinbar , Agency ; Saiah
II. , mother of DanielH. lUgi s , Allison ; John
S. Kecd , St. Anthony ; John Smith 11 ait ,
Manhattan ; Austin Jolco , Uoono ; Salathlcl
East , bnyinour : Kdward John , l > eon ; Hub-
barrt Mnynaru , Hudson ; I'eter McDoll ,
Washington ; Silas I' . Pottorfa. Klorls ;
ICdwIn li. Lucas. West Sldo : McCaully II.
JDjlce , Hepburn ; Henry H. Walton , Duillnc-
Ion ; Volney F. Waru , Centurvlllo ; Noah C.
Southard , Allerton ; Joseph M. Homier , Mar-
llMsbnrKh ; Samuel M. Griiiu , Ford ; Leonard
W. Chase , Forest City : Alburt Uishop , Cen
tral City ; Frank 11. Warner , Pnrkersbun ; ;
Thomas Koso , Sprinirvlllo ; Geori/e W.
vVeoins , Des Molnes ; John II. Llndetnan ,
"VVapello : ( icoriro It. Uarvln , Smlthland ;
" \\illiainCavln , Mount Ayr ; John Hamblln ,
Jjlmo Springs ; MenU J-an c , 151 nil ton ;
James W. C. Nelson , Chester ; Charles
Ilnney , Lyons.
AVorkofttie CoiumlaHlon.
WASHINGTON , June 2.3. in the hearing of
thn llurton stock car case bufoio the Inter
state commission to-day John W. Streetor ,
of Chicago , testified in the same line as that
of the compUtnt. Henry li. Stone , general
manager of the liurllngton road , In detail
denied that the cars weie superior to the or
dinary stock car and urged that the ptoat ot-
lection was that neither lumber nor btcel
rails could be loaded in them and they had
to bo hauled to the loading point empty.
When this e.iso Is closed the commission will
take a recess till July 12.
A Significant Visit. *
WAsniNaTos.Juno'ia. | Special Telegram
to the BKK. ] The visit ot the presidents
private secretary to New York is not en
tirely for recreation. Ho had a long confer
ence yesterday ivitU Collector Jlaone , of
which , according to tlio papers , the result
will be the dismissal of several customs offi
cers ot high position whose republican poli
tics has become offensive to the civil service
reform views ol the administration.
Kxporta and Imports.
WASHINGTON , Juuo 23. The bureau of
Statistics reports the exports for thn year
ended May 31 , S7S4.560.000 , airalnst 8073-
100.00(1 in J8S.-M3 , and tlio Imports 30 ,342,000
and 5830,539,000 respectively.
IVcatlicr Inaicatlons.
For Nebraska : Northerly winds , fair
'weather , becoming warmer.
For Iowa : Northwesterly winds , fair :
weather , nearly stationary temperature. '
For Eastern Dakota : Fairwarmer weather ,
Winds becoming southwesterly.
Three Men Killed.
MILWAUKEE. Juno 2. Three men wore
filled and two others badly injured by
breaking of the derrick at the Isabella mine ,
At Tom river , Mich. , yesterday.
fiorlou * Charge * llronght Acalnet the
Hank Official * .
WABnrNoxoN , June 23. Comptroller
Trenhohn telegraphed general Instructions
to Bank Kxamlnorl'owell , who Is lu charge
f the Fidelity National Bank of Cincinnati.
He ta directed to receive all payments ten
dered him , and to push collections of over
drafts and maturing paiier , but to pay on
nothing that was in the bank at the time of
the failure.
CINCINNATI , June22. A the examination
Df the Fidelity national bank proceeds the
delicti Increases. It is now the common
talk of the streets that the liabilities of the
bank will reach the sum of S6.000.000 , while
Uio assets dwindle In proportion. It seems a
foregone conclusion that the depositors will
ret next to nothing. This Is general talk ,
out of course It Is unofficial , and cannot be
verified until the bank examiner completes
bis work and makes a report , it is stated to
day that the memorandum , which is a biibsti-
lute for collateral , show that Wiltshire ukoA
1.100.UOO of the bank's money and that the
collaterals for other loans were hypothetl-
cated in New York and elsewhere , it Is the
belief of some that Wiltshire was agent for
ftiarporln conducting the wheat deal and
was not rvnlly a borrower. There is still
talk of more arrests.
Another sensational development occurred
this afternoon. Bank Examiner Powell
made new discoveries under which he caused
therearrrst of Harper , Baldwin and Hop
kins on the charm of conspiracy to commit
AH aculnst the laws ol the United
ates by unlawfully and wilfully misappro
priating funds and credits of a banking In
stitution , In pursuance of which purpose
they Issued certain drafts In favor of Wil-
Bhiro. ICchert & Co. Another affidavit
charges them with transmitting to the
comptroller of the currency afaNennd frand-
ulont report of the bank's nttalrs. Harper
KHve bonds of S15XK ( > , and tht other two 65,000
each on thebu charge. Hopkins and Baldwin
poear greatly delected , but Harper Is ap
parently unconcerned.
lown .Supremo Court Decision * .
DES Moi.\is. : la. , Junu ! . . { Special Telo-
Kram to the UEJJ.J Tlio supreme court ran-
lered the following decisions hereto-day :
Iowa City Dank vs. Frances Weber , npuel-
lant , Johnson district. KoversiHl.
John K. Dariah. administrator , appellant ,
vs. William j. Cuuuliighaui , Scott circuit.
A ( Mimed.
llawkeyo Insurance Company , appellant ,
TS. I ) . C. llralnml , Polk circuit. Aflinned.
'lownsond A : hmith vs. James H. \ \ elch ,
Appellant , Floyd district. Afllrmed.
OiUaloosa Stoaai Engine Worts.nppellant ,
vs. Pottawattomle county , Cuss circuit Ko-
William Harthel vs. C. . Meader , appel
lant , Wiuncshiek district. Action lu chan
cery to collect a 4 per euiiU tax > oted in Ibb3
to aid thn construction ot the Chicago , DC-
fc. Mlnncbota railway. AtUrmcd.
Tlio Icnru Unlvorslty.
IOWA Cur , la. , Juno 23 , Thfl State
tuirerslty cornmrncemont was \\itneiscil '
by the great Oil crowds of old
students and visitors over known hero on A
similar occasion. The graduating exercises
were very Interesting. The board of regents
have requested Profs. Fellow * . Leonard.
Parker and Booth to resign and have elected
Judge J. M. Lo\e chancellor of the law
school. Love accepted.
This Afternoon Senator Allison delivered
the leading address ot the week. The now
president , lr. UchoctTer , was installed with
much ceremony ,
McutlnffA Honro n South Carolina
lina County's Inhabitants.
CHAHI.KSIO.V , S. C. , June 22. [ Special
Telegiam to the BEK. ] The people of
Laurcns county have been working them
selves Into a panic the past two weeks over
an alleged threatened Insurrection of negroes
In that county. The most blood-curdling
minors ha\o been circulated to the effect that
the negroes Intended to kill the whlto men ,
reduce the boys to slavery and many the
whlto elrls. The negroes have been holding
meetings at midnight In tholr county
churches , with armed sentinels at the doors
nnd a cordon of pickets guarding the roads
leading to the places of tholr conclaves. It
was said that a whlto man from Hickory ,
nlcnamcd "Hoover , " has been stirring up
stilfo and trying to organize the negroes
uudcr the style of "Co-operative Workers of
America , " to carry out their bloody work.
Laurens Is easily excited. A company of
cavalry was organized and ofllccred by the
most fearless men of the threatened section
the Cedar ( hove section , near the line divid
ing UrcenUUo and Laurens counties. This
c.ivalry company was armed , of
course , and ready tor any emer
gency ; but not S'xtlslipd with their
means of defence , the people appealed to
Governor Itichardcon , who dispatched a
trusted aldo to the seat of war. This action
on the governor's part started another flood
ot rumors , and it has been suggested that the
htato militia would bo ordered to Laurens
county to quell the Insurrection , of which
there has hern at no time any \ery Imminent
daniter. The affair will probably blow ovnr
without further oxpouditiire of terrifying
telegrams. Hoover , who Is t the bottom of
the trouble. Is tint same man that was mobbed
near Mllledgovllle , Ga. , about a month ace
for incendiaiy talk to the nezroes In that
section , lie wasopctatlngamouc the negioes
In the upper Dart ot this state last winter , and
orgaiilzt-il several lodeesof -Co-operativo
Workers ot America. " He is the president.
Tim cost of taking all the degrees is SI , halt
of which amount lias been sent invariably to
ljiko Front.
CHICAGO , June 22. United States District
Attorney Kulnc to-day hied information in
the lake front matter as outlined In thcso
dispatches yesterday. It makes the Balti
more < fc Ohio , Burlington & Qulncv and
Michigan Central party defendants with the
Illinois Central. It asks for an Injunction
against futther njgrcsslons and to require
the company to yield the land alieady re
Fcara of a Strike.
. Juno 22. The joint wage con
ference committee of the Iron manufacturer
and workmen held another meetluir this af
ternoon , but lalled to arrive at a satisfactory
conclusion. The outlook is not encouraging
for a settlement and the inipie.sslon Ls gio\v-
lug that there will bo a strike.
Boocllers' Huccesnura Appointed ,
CHICAGO , Juuo 22. At n caucus of the re
form members of the county boaid this even
ing , Charles W. Adams , assistant general
western passenger agent of the Pennsyl
vania road , and W. M. Walbridgo , lor many
years employed lu the government building ,
were chosen succesBors respectively of War
den McG.irigle and Engineer McDonald , the
convicted boodlers.
Colored Veterans Will Participate.
ST. LOUIP , June S3. The colored people of
his city are making preparations to take
part In the recoutloa and entertainment of
tlio Grand Array veterans during their en
campment In September. The committee ot
arrangements will tiy to induce the colored
soldiers and colored members of the Grand
Airny to attend the encampment.
Telegraph Company Organized.
YANKTON , Dak. , June 22. The oiganlra-
tion of the Southwestern Telegraph company
was perfected here to-day. Eastern capital-
sts are backing the enterprise. It Is the In
tention to make. Omaha the southern term
inus of the system , with a line extending
tluough southern and central Dakota and
western Iowa and north to St. Paul , Mluue-
apolls and Uulnth.
A Train Held Up.
Dr.TitoiT , June 22. The Kvenlng Journal
special from Port Huron says : This morning
live men boarded the Grand Tiuuk train at
Fott Gratiot going east , and ' 'held up" the
passengers. Several lost what money they
has , and ono lost S160. Throe men have been
arrested and are now in jail here , nnd moro
arrests will probably follow.
Disastrous Flro in New York.
NnwYonK , Juno 23 , 2 a. rn. At 1 o'clock
this morning the six-story building , 80x103
feet , at No. 170 and 131 Lewis street , took
fire , and is enveloped In flames. It Is occu
pied by BInion Strauss , cigar box manufac
turer , and II. Coffin , shoe manufacturer. The
loss will not be less than 8150,000.
Fatal Kailroao ; Accident.
OAKLAND. Md. , June 22 The Chicago ex
press on the Baltimore A Ohio was wrecked
at Snowy Ureek this morning. One unknown
tramp was killed ; three passengers and throe
postal clerks were ( lightly injured.
Steamship Arrlrala.
QUKRXSTOWN , June 23. ( Special Tele
gram to the BEE.J Arrived TheCaspIan ,
from Baltimore.
1'LYMOTiTii , June 22. Arrived The Ser-
via , from New York for Hamburg.
Short ami Skipped.
CHICAGO , .lime Si It has boon discovered
that L. O. Pope , meter collector of the city
water department , has been concealing the
returns and has embezzled 35,000 or § 0,000.
Detectives have not yet found him ,
A SU-1'ear-Old Child Drowned.
Tuesday afternoon a bright six-year-
old son of Mr. M. Stepnnek , a work
man at the Willow Springs distillerywas
drowned in the Missouri river. The
family lives on the river front near
Boyd's packinc ; house , nnd the untor-
tuuutu ncclduut happened opposite Fuir-
tmuk'B lard refinery , about 2.30 o'clock.
The little follow was pluyine with
another older boy from the neighborhood ,
nnd the two ventured upon some drift
logs that wore anchored to the shore.
Thn logs tipped and the little fellow foil
into the water and was soon no moro. The
larger boy , seeing his playmate drowu-
ing , ran away , but n little girl who saw
the occurrence ! informed the paronts.uud
a search was nt ouco instituted , but with
out result.
The little one's hat was found floating
near the lo < ; 3but no further trace of their
child's body has as yotbptm found by the
heartbroken parents. When last scon
the boy was dressed in black knee pants
and calico jacket and barefooted. Any
information of the ( hiding of his body
should bo ut ouco forwarded to Mr.
Stopaiiok ut the Willow Springs ( Us-
Pleasant Birthday Party.
Miss Avn L. Sooy , daughter of Mr. E.
L. Sooy , night foreman cf the BIE : , held
nt homo last evening at her residence ,
212J ! Sewird street , it being thu occasion
of her Ecvouth birthday. A most enjoya
ble evening was spoilt. The following
young people wore preson } : Misses
Dlossio Pratt , Eva Bflll , Mabel Spalding ,
Mcrriam and Grade Hancock , Alary
Klannigan , Fannie nnd Ledonco King ,
Mabol Aduras , Norma and Muvo Brown ,
Nettie Blake , Callio Uroshel , Autumn
O'Neill audMuvoOaldwell. . ,
The Master and Journeymen Painters to
Meet in Consultation.
A McetlngofCotitrnGtora to Organize
a Protective Association Other
Items of Local Impor
They Will Meet.
Very little headway made towards the
settlement of the dispute between the
master and journeymen painters. With
ouo exception thn former refused
to sign the agreement which
the executive council submitted tote
to them on behalf of the men.
The terms of the agreement are as fol
lows : "That the wages of competent
workmen should bo iked at $3.75 per
day ot nine hours ; that the shops should
bo made union shops , and that over-time
work should bo paid at the
rate of a time and n half ;
the agreement to continue until the
1st day of April , 1S88. The main , if not
the only , objection of the masters to this
agreement Is with regard to bringing
their shops into the union mid subject to
tlio orders of that body.
The twenty-four hours limited by the
resolution of the masters , within which
the men wore allowed to return to work ,
expired at 1U o'clock to-day , but no in
clination has been shown by the men to
A CAISU TO Tin : 111111.10.
The master painters made tin agree
ment to pay $2.75 per day and that nine
hours should bo a days work. This
agreement they have most .shamefully
violated in every way , bj * paying two
meu $2.70 per day , ono man $2.51) ) and
another $ .2.25. . Do they call that acting
in good faith with their agreement. Go
still further in violating their agreement
made in good faith on the part of the
pointers assembly by discharging old
union men who , in some cases , have
served their time in the .said shops. In
another casewhere a man was employed
as foreman at l3 per day ho bud his pay
cut down to $2.7 , because he was a mem
ber of the 'painters' assembly. Then
they go on to say that they are willing to
arbitrate. The painters' assembly have
nothing to submit to arbitration. The
demauds tire reasonable anil the mem
bers of Assembly No. 020 ! ) will never sub
mit to arbitrate their rights as honest
workmen away. It is unreasonable to asK
such a thing and the union will never
submit to it.
The assembly has ! ) ad a good ofl'er , to
itart a co-operative shop by ouo of the
argest lirms east , and if such a thing
fchould bo dAuc , they would and could
control all first class work in Omaha
and keep tivory union man employed.
This will be the last resort.
The Master Painters' association hold
n meeting last night at their rooms on
Sixteenth street , when a deputation from
the. executive board of the Knights of
Labor , consisting of Messrs.V. . C.
Ilolden , chairman of the board , and M.
K. Johnston were present for the purpose
of hearing auy proposition with regard
to u settlement of the pnuding dispute.
A preliminary objection was made by Mr.
E. ( x. Hyley. president of the master's
association , to the admission of the press ,
which was overruled by the unanimous
vote of the other gentlemen present.
Mr. Ryloy then retired and Mr. S. A.
Costers , vice president , was called to the
chair. The chairman requested the depu
tation to bring before the meeting tiny
proposition which they wished to have
submitted for the consideration of the
masters' association. Mr. Ilolden replied
that he wiis not present to make any
proposition , but to hear the views of the
masters. The secretary was then re-
quc&ted to read a resolution uassed at the
last meeting of the Master Paint
ers' Association , which has already
been published in the BEE ,
and was to the effect that the master's
association would have nothing to do
with the irresponsible and unreasonable
society known as the Painters' union und
would accept no dictation whatever from
any union or assembly in regard to what
mon they should or should not employ.
The secretary was also requested to read
another resolution ptissed at last night's
mooting of the usiociatiou which was as
follows : "That wo refuse to consider
any agreement in opposition to what
was passed at the previous meeting. "
These resolutions having been read Mr.
Holden stated Hint tlioic was no further
necessity for discussion , and the deputa
tion retired.
While no definite action was taken
last night by the union workmen , subse
quent to the meeting referred to above ,
it is understood that an 9rdor will bo
issued by the state executive boari for
the men to go to work in all shops em
ploying only union men. It is also in
contemplation to form a eo-opcrative as
sociation among the men for the purpose
of contracting tor work and carrying on
business independent of the masters.
A Meeting to Form n Protective Asso
A largely attended meeting of the con
tractors of the city was held yesterday
afternoon nt Clark's hall for the purpose
of organizing a protective association.
W. Coots was elected temporary presi
dent and T. J. Board secretary. Several
speakers addressed the meeting and
dwelt upon the. importance of contractors
in every branch of trade combining for
the purpose of mutual self protection. A
conservative spirit was manifested
throughout that the association was not
formed for the purpose of downing being
th union men or to lower the rates of
wages , but to adopt such means as would
be considered expedient to prevent the
frequent recurrence of strikes. The pub
lic had been put to considerable incon
venience through the instability of exist
ing arrangements between the contrac
tors and their employes , and the sooner
the relative positions of both classes were
placed on a moro solid basis tl.o better it
would bo for the public interest as well
as for the musters and men. It was re
solved that the absolution should be
known as "The Building Contractors'
Protective Association , " Committees
were appointed from each branch of
trade for the purpose of notifying tlio'e
not present that a meeting would be held
this afternoon at Clark's nail at 3
o'clock , when all master brickmakors
and layers , carpenters , plasterers , archi
tects , plumbers , stcamhttors , ironwork
ers , stonecutters nnd the various me
chanical trades which employ labor tire
to be invited to be present and assist in
the organization.
Sir. IlarrlHon Will Probably Malco
llatite Out of the Way.
\V. Fl. Harrison , the man who seeks to
make n snug little stun out of the army
people at the Bcllcvuc range , by lo
cating his lots just where ho wants to
is likely to Cud that ho has a bigger fight
on his hands than he thought ho would.
Uo was notified yesterday by Attorney
Estabrook , to return the contracts he
holds for three of his lots , the same hav
intr been seemed under false pretennes- is thoughtsutihtactorily deter
mine the ease so far as that parcel is con
cerned. It is also f6nnd that 11. T. Clark
of this city has the tjtlo to the other lot ,
slightly beyond the runge and in the line
of tl.e rille-shoti , nntlof this Mr. Clark
intends imineilitiVU'ly to take possession.
If necessary , both these cases will bo de
termined lu the courts.
McotlMit of Tinners.
A meeting of the ITinnors' union was
held last night at tholr rooms on Thir
teenth and Douglas ' streets. A discus
sion took place with ) regard to the rates
ot wages and hours of labor. The names
of a number ot Hfew members wore en
rolled and the following otllccrs elected ,
President , C. Green1 vice-president , C.
11. Smith ; recording secretary , U. L.
Carter ; Financial secretary , A. Thor-
specKen ; treasurer , T. Hotithwill ; direc
tors , U. liicruKin , C. ( ironmil and J ,
Hart ; doorkeeper , W. II. Sharp. An
open mceriug will bo hold on Wednes
day ulirht next , to which non-union men
are invited.
UKUTIIKH.-ln South Omaha , Juno 22 , at
the family residence. Twenty-sixth street
near N street South Omaha , ( lOtthllf ,
son of Mr. and Mrs , Heuthcr , need 'J months
and 13 days.
Funeral will take nlaco from residence on
Fiiday at 2 o'clock p. m.
Two Yenrs' Work.
San riitnckco Claontclt.
President Cleveland has been in
olllce a little over two years ,
nnd although his own party
1ms charged that under Jus beniliceiit
sway the good old democratic maxim that
to tlio victors belong tlic spoils had fallen
into innocuous dcssuctudo , the record
does not bear out the assertion ,
A table recently compiled by n demo
crat and published in the Now Tork Tri
bune shows that fully nine-tenths of all
the olliees at the president's disposal have
been tilled by turning out republicans
and puttiuc democrats in their placrs ,
and that in n largo majority of cases
Cli-vj'hmd has entirely disregarded his
Belt-imposed test of offensive partisan
ship , : well as consideration for the good
of the public service , and 1ms been actu
ated solely by one motive , that of reward
ing democratic partisans.
It will bo interesting to refer to some
of the figures in the compilation to which
allusion has been made. Out of 52,000
fourth class postmasters , Cleveland has
appointed -15,000 ; of foreign ministers , ho
has appointed J2 out of a possible 33 ; col
lectors of customs , 100 out of 111 ; sur
veyors of custonib,33 out of 3U ; collectors
of internal revenue , SI out of 8" ; sur
veyor general' , a clean swocu , 10 out of
10 ; local land olucers , 100 out.of 221 ;
Indian agents , 61 out of 69 ; territorial
governors , 9 out of 9.
Thcso by no means complete the list ,
but are given a .samples , and tlio libt
makes no mention at all of heads of
bureaus or divisions in the executive de
partments , United States circuit or dis
trict judges , eoniidwiial ( clerks , private
secretaries and a varuetyof other ollisors.
The list us made up.'covers about 48,000
appointments made by a civil service re
form president in two years , which goes
to show that though Cleveland may seem
slow to some hungry democrats , and
though ho may haya clipped his own
wings by rash prciniises to the mug
wumps , he gets there just the s.ime.
But why do not too George William
Curtis' worshipers complain of this ac
tion of Cleveland's * ' Simply because he
threw them a sop by retaining a few men
who were the pets of this political-perfec
tionist crowdand so they keep a discreet
mlence as to the doings of their idol.
Having kept in ollicc a half a dozen ofli-
cials whom the mugwumps favored ,
Cleveland could do tuho pleased after
that. They had crowned him with the
diadem of their approbation , and thence
forth their king could do no wrong.
But supposcTby a turn of the wheel the
republican party' should come into uowcr
at the next election and a republican
should follow Cleveland's
president ex
ample ? The welkin would resound with
mugwump shrieks and howls , and the
blue omuyrqan would re-echo their
mournful wails over the decadence of the
republic and the dire destruction wrought
to the great principles of civil service re
And the end is not yet. Cleveland has
two years more to serve , and by the end
of his term a republican in a federal
otlico will be harder to tind than a con
science1 in a democratic congressman or
consistency in a mugwump.
Tier Summer Clothes.
Tid Bits : "Hero. Hanuor , " said old
Mo es Hayseed to his wife , "hero's a
two-dollar bill. Uu mo three plugs of
tcrbncker out of it , nnd a couple of pair
of summer bocks and a pound of smokin'
terbackur , and a couple of red cotton
hank'chers and a box of paper collars ,
nnd thn rest you km have to buy your
suimner clothes with. "
Go to Pries' Lake for family , club and
school picnics.
Dr. Hamilton W arreu , Magnetic Physi
cian and Surgeon , .Koorn 3 , Crounso block
corner 16th nnd Capitol avenue. Chronic
and nervous diseases a specialty.
OHlco of the I X iTsiate Paint Co. over
Commercial NtU'l Bank. J. L. Kice.Scc'y.
Paiutera1 Supplies. Goodman's , 1110
Molntofch'fl Addition.
Size of lots , 00x141 , to 10-foot alley.
Elegant shade and fruit trees. Delight
ful location for residences or business.
Less than one mile , on South Tenth et. .
from U.P. and U. & M. depots. Paved
street within 2 blocks.
Sole Agents ,
310 S. ISth st , Cor. Farnnm.
Those wishing to rent refreshment or
other privileges at the fair grounds on
tlio fourth or July , npply to H. Tinard ,
10J4 , Farnam Street.
I have for bale .at Vbargam 20 acres
situated on the maim line of the B. & M.
K. U. , and near the new South Omaha
depot at the terminus of the dummy line.
Plenty of good , clear * pring water , and
an elegant grove of { Unlive timber , suit
able for a summer gr.Tden.
W. G. ALHKicrtrr. 216 S. 15th st.
Architect * anil Superintendent * .
Hodgson & Son.
Ollicos Iron Uunk , ( fmaha , Loan &
Trust Building * Minneapolis , Nelson
Building , Kauas City. |
/Nicklo alarm clocks for $1.25 at Edholm
& Akin's.
Physicians' Supplies. Goodman's , 1110
If your eyes are weak or watery , or if
smart and grow tired , try a pair of Star
tinted spectacles ; they will help you when
all others fail. Sold only by tidhohn &
Akin , 15th and UoJgo , opp. P. O.
Houses , lots , lands and purchase
money mortgage , to exchange for good
building lots , brick and building mater
ial of afi kinds. Wm. J. Paul , ! HO S 15th.
lloger knives or forks , trlpplo plate ,
51.03 a set at Kdholm _ & Akin's.
Lots for ? 1,000 in Molntosh's addition.
Size 50x141. Feuron , Cole & KoberUon ,
Solo Agents.
Klcganl oil stains tor wood at
Kennard Glass and Paint Co.
Mnndolssohn & Ijuwno , architosti. U.
L. Shane , nuperintsndnnt , ' . .
ITI t\f\IMf
Splendid Enterprise of a Sail Francisco
Firm ,
Hydraulic Machinery Which Lifts a Hugo
Steamship Like a Toy.
The NccoHslty of Voyages to East
ern Uhlpynrds Tor Hcpnlrs
San Francisco Call , Juno 10s For
some months past the Union Ironworks
have been engaged 1 building a great
hydraulic dock at their establishment on
the Potroro , from designs prepared by
George W. Dickie , one of the proprietors
of the works. The dock , which is now
completed , was built under the designer's
.supervision , and is considered the great
est attempt to utlli/.o hydraulic power on
the continent. Its successful operation
and completion inauirtirates a now era in
shipping industries on this coast , and
adds another laurel to the many achieved
by this establishment ,
Ono Friday Juno 10 , the unloaded
pltiugcrs of the great dock wore moved
up ind down to test the machinery.
After n day of testing and proving the
workmanship the ropes were nut in
place , antl on Saturday th platform
raised and lowered. All proving satis
factory , everything was adjusted and
pormanrntly secured. Monday , the
llltli , the platform was lowered sulli-
ciently to complete the riveting along
the top of the main girders , which could
not be done while the platform rested on
the chocks. Tuesday this was com
pleted , and the great platform lowered
to the bottom.
A succr.ssruL TUST.
Yesterday morning a test was mndo of
the now dock , which was suecesstul in
every respect. At 0i : ! ( ) a. m. a party
chcortod by James W. Hart , manager ot
the Ship-owners' and Merchants' tug-
bout company , and consisting of G.V. .
Prt'scott , Mrs. Prescott , Captain and
Mrs. J W. Knowles. K. Balfour , Mrs.
Taft , Miss Graves , Miss Scott , J. O'B.
( Jiiiin , C. d. Swift. B. llajden , nnd
Messrs. Wagner , Wnlkui and Alexander ,
wont to the union ironworks , on tiic tug
Sea Kinjr , from Washington street
wharf. When they arrived there they
found the steel steamer Arugo placed in
position ready to go on the dock. Work
was nt once commenced ami in two hours
and live minutes tiie steamer was lifted
on tin1 dock on a level with the wharf.
The test proved the dock Sjullieient for the
work for which it was designed , and
complete in thn smallest detail. It is
now possible for the largest ocean steam
ers to bo lifted from the water to the
level of the land hero in San Francisco.
Vessels plying the waters ol the Pacific
ocean will no longer bo compelled to sail
thousands of miles to reach Atlantic ports
jyhere great docks are located ,
A MiGiirr LIFT.
In this new motliod of lifting ships the
vofcbel is Honied over a submerged plat
form , and by hydraulic prc ure'the plat
form bearing the ship is raised above the
surface of the water.
The following particulars In regard to
the new doek will prove interesting : The
total length of the great platform is 450
feet , width 00 feet , composed of ! .0 steel
transverse girders , 0 feet 4 inches deen ,
with top and bottom riders 2-1 inches wide
and 1 inch thick.conncctcu with two con
tinuous fore and aft girders at the sides ,
each 0 feet deep , and three intercostal
girders running the full length of the
doek. The platform is planked between
the girders , making a smooth and dry
working floor over tlic entire surface.
Upon the transverse girders are arranged
bilgu blocks , made of laurel und held in
place with bronze clamps supplied with
ratchets , and ngiring to move the pawls
and place the bilge blocks in position.
The keel blocks are also of laurel , lirmly
fattened in place and supplied with dogs
and appliances to adjust same to height
required. The platform with its appurte
nances is lifted with uO hydraulic cylin
ders , 18 on each side , ono opposite each
end of the transverse girders ; each cylin
der contains a plunger with a vertical
movement of 15 feet , with a lifting power
of 8.000 tons , more than sullicient to lift
the largest vessel m these waters.
The hydraulic cylindnrs are supported
by seventy-two piers , each containing
seven piles fourteen inches in diameter
und 100 feet long. The piles of each pier
are encased in a steel caisson fifty inches
diameter and thirty feet long , reaching
from below the mud line to low water.
These piers are capped with cast-iron
covers , which carry the girders of the
frame upon which the hydraulic cylin
ders rest. On top of each plunger a
sheave is carried , 6 foot 4 inches diam
eter , and grooved tor eight hteel ropes
two inches diameter. One cud of these
ropes fastens to the transverse girders ,
and the other to the castings , forming
the base of the hydraulic cylinders. There
are 288 of these ropes , each two inches
diameter and forty-four feet long.
The thirty-six plungers are lifted by
hydraulic power. The simultaneous
motion of each is maintained by a differ
ential valve motion. The inlet valvn is
operated by the rotation of a screw , nnd
the outlet by the motion of the plunger.
They tire compelled to move in unison.
Should the plunger move faster than the
nut on the screw it opens the outlet
valve. Should the screw move faster
than the plunger it opens the inlet
valve. The screws are operated by a
pair of reversible engines.
The water pressure is maintained by n
pair of vertical engines of twelve-inch
diameter , si.xteen-inch stroke , making
130 revolutions. The steam furnished is
regulated by the operation of the ac
cumulator , which outs oil'tho hteam from
the engines when up and opens it when
down , and is eutirely butomutic. These
engines are geared to four pumps , each
four und a half inch diameter and three-
foot stroke , and making twenty revolu
tions per minute. The weights upon the
accumulator arc graduated so as to suit
the weight of vesiol to bo raised. When
is lifted with iti load
the platlonn > sevnn-
ty-two massive , steel chocks , operated by
hvdraulic power , slide into place as an
additional guarantee that uo acculont can
occur. These chocks work in liarmony
with the plungersa pressure being main
tained at all times on them wiien the
dock is being usod. This dock differs
from what is known as graving docks ,
ns it only has to perform work equal to
the exact load to bo lifted , while in a
graving doek the smaller the vessel the
moro it costs to dock the same , ns more
water has to be pumped out of the dock.
Thn bottom of the working platform
being level with thn wharf when the dock
U working , all material can bo taken in
and raised to place without the trouble
of being tirst lowered.
Copper , Brass , Lead , Zinc , Etc
Willpay good prices. Also bottles bought
and cold ,
114 S. llth Street.
Omecs.SouUi Omaha HoomJ , Hunts UullJInz.Nlul
Ircci * ' '
> Uiuba Bo oitorer Cummerola INntlout 1
" I.R t Clli-lii , mimmor liont Im no bml
ettrvl lU'Oii ' my I-ncc , heck , A loin or
Jlnnils , beeauio I nlwnjs koi/ |
Tbut laid Corn F. , to litr cnttimiiloiti | , a/i
bo como ImiimllriK In from u ryuiji otcr tbu
lulls , mountalinaiiiUiaiiliorc.
fvpi ( n Soft , Smooth mid 1'llnlilo Rkln. A
inarveloiHly llriinllliil f'oiiiiiloxlun. 'Tli
n I , Inulil , npplicil lu it uiunivut nut ! Cno't
lie Delected.
Overcome * llrni , Hiintnm Wlnillnn ,
IteiliiUKN , UoinilincBN , Vuiy riinulen !
lllBl'Cl lllltH BUS nil hh'lll Iiri'llllHllMr
Special Ordinance Io. D63.
A N Onllnmiuo lnv > liik'ii gpt'clnltav luul RMCB-
J Amoiit on ruitnln lots mul rual catiilo In tlm
city of Uniiiiui , to co\or tlio onu-lmlr co tof
k'tnilliur Wlltluiu snout , lioni Utli * tuut to
IMli stteet
Wlioroii" , It ImviNK ; boon mill liolnir lioioliy
. il. ilotcrinliiul mid ojUlilishml that tlio
suvoinl lota unit iiii'cus or loul cflntt' l
niter referred to. lm\o entli huonspicliill ) lien-
ollttodto tlm full tinionm hmclu lovletl nnd
ns-H'osoil uinilnst vacli of said lots unit piece * ot
ion ! estate , roapoctivelv. liy icasou of tlio irriid-
Intf of Hint ptrt of William ttrcit tromlltli
Mil cut in l.rtli gtioct , done under cuiilntct with
J. It ] un X Co.
Theiofoi c , Air the purpose of puj Ini ? the one-
li'ill of Fitch Riii'MiiK ' :
licit indiiinud br tlio city council of tbeultv of
Omalm :
Section 1. Tlmt tlio ono-linlf co t of Krmllnir
Hint iinrt olMlliuni ( .trout , In tlio city of
Umnlm , liom litli stiL'ot to l.Mh ctrewl , said one-
hull of siiid cost IjoliifTlliu gum ol f I.3JO 15. siiiil
in-iullng lielnjrilono iindorcoiitrnct with J. Itynn
A. Coi \ mill tlif same is hiucih ) levied nnd
uesijssrd , nfcoiduiR to special liencllts liy ion
Fonofsmil ( finding , upon the followlnc lots mill
ii'iil cstuto HH Bhourn t > > the ircnurnllv rocotr-
ni/od limp of the city ol Oniiilin , IfrSO , litlio
pinplied uuil published by C. U. Jlnj mi , s.Ud co-it
ueinjrso levied on pnid lots mid mi ! ustuto , 10-
spi'ctively . ns follows , to-wli :
KOUMll/iJ ' 1111111)DDI1ION. .
Nninp Lot ot Ain't of
of Owner. UoBcilptloti. Illock. I'm.
Jos Michnol . . . n ' : 10 4 f54r ! >
rr.inci-ko Kuhoveau 1-B 8 1-2 10 4 13 7. )
A I'lullliT . S IO \ 21:13 :
JneobU llollvnr . 11 4 61 fin
Viiulini Jnlilfcillk . 12 4 filfiO
.lo-Neiiut/ . U 4 61 M
V Jl J \oitlk I 14 4 4428
Jos Andrlo . . . o 1-2 If , 4 4 71
.1 fitoiipX.I Vorncck . w 1-2 15 4 i'4 71
II A I'jshor . S 0 filBO
" . . 0 l > 61 OT
rrnnk T.nmrpnul . o 1-2 10 5 257.1
Albert Nejilti . w 1-2 10 5 : : r > 75
Trunk I'jclin . o 1-2 11 fi 21 75
IxMihnrtvlnck . w 1-211 0 2r > 74
llurlmni Nestl . ul-212 5 2.r > 74
JonSliOSku . wl-2 12 fi 2 % 71
JoOkTCJIo . 13 C 4941
Anna Kiiti/.n . 1 8 Gl i
. 2 8 772.1
.IBS Mnrnnru . 3 8 2r > 75
Flunk I'ycha . ot 4 8 ' . ' . ' > " > " >
JosStolKur . w t-2 4 B 21 7n
Miiry btneh . n 8 2747
.1 1 dill HclR'k . . . . B 25 D 75 It 5 8 8 fi
Trunk Monionsliy . . B 1-2 in M fl P fi 15
A Koiint/i : . s ) < 6 8 10 M
Mary btnc'li . u > B 8 20.I1
John Ucnek . B2,1n7' > rtG 8 MUli
iTitnk Jormonsky..s ! U m H 0 U 41
.1 limes Tattle . nl-2sH6 8 493
A Koiint/o . Bl-2 K8 S 4M
Jos Krnlia . e 1-3 1 K 4120
,108 Htcpnn . wl < 21 0 4120
Chas & liar-burn Krebs . . 2 41 III
A Kount/e . 3 B UOHO
" . 4 Cl fXJ
" . 5 9 JilflU
" . 0 9 41M3
Section 2. That the Rpeclal taxes mill nssnss-
inontB levied und a-scsstd asafnie uld. shnll lie
duo Immediately upon the pnesiik-o und np-
iirovnl ot tins oidlannce , and shall heroine de
linquent It not paid within tilt ) dnjfi thereafter :
nnd thereupon n penalty ol tun percent fclmll
be nddcd , together with Intercut nt the into of
one per cent u month , imyablu in advance flora
the time nid tnxcs become so delinquent.
hcctlonil. That this ordinance shun take effect
and lie lu lorco from nnd nf ter its pi ? ntfo.
I' let , 1897.
WM. r. liKcnri. , President City Couucll.
J. H. SoiiTiiAHi ) , City Clerk.
Appio * . ed June 2nd , 1KS7.
W. .1. BIIOATCII. Muyor.
Thin tn\ Isor duo nnd pnynblo nt the ofllco
of the ulty trmumi'or , anil will become delin
quent ae provided In Section 2.
Je'Hdlt _ Jnm > IttlMt. CltyTrcnsurer.
Notice of the Sitting of the City Council as a
Board of Equalization.
rpo thcoHnoisof lots or Iniuls abutting upon
j. orudjnccnt to the streets , nvoniifs ornllejs
or eltUHted in whole or in pint urltbiu nnyof
tlio districts herolnnrtcr named :
Ton , nnd each of you , nro hereby notified
tuut the city council of the oitr of Umalm will
bit as as n bom d of equiillzatlou , At the otllco of
the city clerk of suld clty.ln tbo Doujrlus county
court liousu , on Tbuibday and J'liduy , the 23rcl
and 24th dnjs of June , lt > tJ7 , nnd clmtl continue
In session on ouch of laid dnys from U o'clock a.
m. to 5 o'clock p. in , lorttio purpose of equal-
i/lngthc proposed lovyof xpcclxl taxes nnn ns-
se < sniontn , HDd of eouectlntf tiny emirs there
in , nnd of hoariiKr all compUuits tUHt tUo own
ers of pioportyfo to bo taxed mi' ) aseeqsod mnjr
mnkc , said special tnxes and nsurpttncnts being
levied uccoidlnc to law to cover the coats and
expenses of paving , sewer constructingCHID -
Ing. cnrbinjr nnd iruttorinfr. Miret widening ,
and Hie oue-linlf oostof KrHdliiir , MS follows :
Klevciithstreot 'romCnpltolnveiiue to Da-
ennor , 1'a vlngr DIMnct No. 70.
Twelfth street Irom Capitol avenue to Dav-
poit street. 1'uvln * District No. 77.
Thirteenth street fiom Capitol nvenuo to Dav
enport street , Pavinjr District No. 78 ,
Uuvenpoit gtrvot from 10th sticet to SJrid
street , 1'arlng DiMrlct No. Co.
Chicago street I rom luth street to loth street ,
Paving District No. 108.
Tenth street from Comer street to Martha
street. I'Hvinp Diet i let No. Id.
Cumlnir street fiom 32nd street to 3 h street ,
I'avinir District No. 08.
Mnsou street from 10th street to llth stieet ,
PnUiiKUIstiict No T. .
That part of llth street between .Tnokfnn
gtieet nnd Jouoa street In PiivJiiif DiAtrict No. 62.
RKWI ns.
Conntrnnliinf sewers on 10th stieet In Sewer
Dlstilct No. 31.
Hth street from Louvenworth street to
Mnrc-jr street
Kith Btrret from Center strent loMnrtha st.
MiiBon street liom hUli Htieot to llth j-tieot.
lOtlib'.roet frumCnpltol nvc. to IJiueniiort st.
llth " "
12th " "
13th " "
rnntimo * ? ji > nvnrnivn.
Cnllforillu btrtct fioinlTlli Ktioot to22ndM.
S7th nvenuo from oulh lm of SweoBy's ud-
dltlon to north line ! Hume.
li iko street Irom 16th glrrot to IRth stroot.
21th street from SewnrO itroot to old city
Ibth strcftfrom OhloMrca to old citv limit * .
inth Ktrcut Mnm nlloy south of Center 81 rcot
to vinton fctrett
12th Blrent trora J'liolflo strrut to Wfllinm
Alloys In tilooktwo ) Capitol Hill Addition ,
nnd In block seven (7 ( | McCovrnlrU. ' * itdditlon
Von. und o.vh of > oii nro heu'by niitin'-d to
nppeur bolero unlit board of r'liiiUI/ntlon ut thu
time und pluro uhovu Fpcclnod In miikiuny
romplulnt. tRtrtnent or objection you mn > dr > -
site I'oneornlnif sulJ nropoeod levy und ns'ss-
ment of spr > cliu tnxcs.
, .1. II. Bot'TiiAiiti , Hty rierk ,
OinuliH , Kcb. , June 17 , 18-J7. Joli'dlit
, HpecUl Lnllnanco .Wo. 059.
ANOrdiiiiuuolovylnvn Rpcelu ! tnziui'l n'S'ess- '
muni on nil iotsand reul nt.itn wltnln 1'nv-
Inir Dielik't No 01 , In the elty ot Onnu' ! , to
co tu- the cost of pavinif I.t-Hienworth siret
Jrom h stri'ct to luth stieet.
Whiten * . It Imilnif nccu , mid being hereby
ndjud.rud , determlnod nud fmnhlUhnl tlmt the lots mid pieces of ottnte liwln-
uttyrrnfi rred jo Imvn oiteh In cm Hperlully bm.
tOttfl to the full n mo u ut lieiuln lovled iiuil
iit'iiiod n nlnst cucli of uilil lots nnd iilcersof
riiilnttato. rcxpeutlvcly. by rcauin of tliopnv-
mirof that p > rt of ( .cavrn ortli struct troni Mb
Mii't-t t < i luth stn-et.
'J'horeforo , for the purpose of puyliif tliu pott
Ilultn1nluc l by the cltr council or the city of
hctilon t. Thai the cost ol paving that part of
I.eiudnirorllt iircua miaii , I'uwng Difctriu No.
CO. | > i the i.l ) of Omalia , Irom SIU 6tr < tcl to 10th
street , siiid cost beluir tlio sum of fy.UM.iitil
nud ( ho snnio H hereby Ittvlrd nnd n piio I , In
proportion to tlio ft'til trout nlunit Mild pnvliiK ,
mm lucoulliiK lo 'poclal butietlts bv rnaion of
KHld pn\IUK < upon tin' fm'owluir dmcrllKxl Jots
nnd real rMnlo.m snown by thn eencrnlly reo-
oijnl/od miipof tin * i-lly of Oiimlin. ! < ! , Illlio-
mnphfd nnd publl'lieil by i\ i : . > lnnu ; said
lost being o lovlod on en Id lota nnd tuiil cslato ,
uispoctu cly , as follows , to-nlt :
Niuni * Lot or A'mt of
otOniu-r. Drscrlntlon. Illock , Tux.
It I * liy Co . . . IfUls. ) It In 6 IVO | 4189
Jos HiuKor.n75 It ctu. .ul m ] 11 5 174 W
AMrhl'fMH ' . . l , Js'j7ft S DM 1039 *
.Io5 llnrkur x-Hltfl VIJ S0.1 09
II t * liy Uo w7J si | ft 0 1W 2 Vi
los lliirker , w3 ! n73 ft oxo.
. . . 7Jsi It 0 UK ) COM
A Mohlloiu . . . H9n7 > . HO IW ) 1(11 ( 70
, li llnrKcr ivlrt e.11 f l fi 1W1 1777V
A MohlUma o.'OfWU IW W15
" . . . n-"J Vift 1'K ) 107W
Win Hiirniunu , . . , T HXI
U llcmkkson 8 IW
U I * liy Co fi Illl f.S 44
" II 11)1 ) 6S341
" 4 < rt7 i | It In upHrt 7 1'Jl 211 O'J
Wm.lMc < ! a\orKi\o4si)7Mi ) It 7 lUt ! I77 37
U 1' Ity fo : i',78 'l ' It In u purl S 11U KIH
Win. ) MeUfUock.u . IU1 4.W2D
John Muirltt.V I SHIM nil f > S 41
I' 1 * Ity Co HMtiRii tt In H inirt 'J 201 M 17
K'lito > clilnckoi.t'\u I ISil s i It . ' 01 f. 28
t' I * lv ( Co 27tW so. ti II 204 IWIfil ,
M Hobllnir oxii 270(1 ( BI | ft il 201 47X81
Sarah N Blanuood 4 204 [ WHS
Cnthorlno Duvt'lm 1 201 fxHS 4i
John I , ItiiiiH " 20,1
AO Altliiun .1 2 < > 8
A.V 11 Kiinnuu RbSttl LIW 274 l <
Murlliu1'ralt nl4 ft 4 LM.1
fuetiim 2. TJnit Viifd npoclal taxes levied
ufoKnald , on 8'ild lota ro po < tlvelv , ahull be-
toinu delinquent ns follimol one-tenth of ( ho
totul iiiiiiiunt so lev lud on ouch of said lots slut 11
Income delinquent In tllty dav fiom the tmss-
utru und Hpprovul of UIH | ordinance , onu ( ontli
In ono yem , ( ino ti nth lu two > our , ono lontb
In tlituo yi'ius , one tiiiith lu four i ears , ono-
tcnili In ll\o joiuc , onu-tcnili in sit yonig , onn-
tenth In MUCH so.irs , dim tenth in eight jonm
and onu-ti'iitn In iitno ji'iiibiiftcr siiid levy , und
In I n tr 11 am the pii'-sttiio nnd iipino\iil nf this
oidlniUH'o Knch dl xiild liistiilniciitiiicupt (
the lli , l , shall dniu intermit nt IheiHtu of o\uii
per ( cut pi't niinuiu fiom the tlnuidl tliu lu\y
nforosild. until the xnino slmll become delln-
iinent. liitoiosl lit thu nitcot onu per tent | > ur
month pnjablo In iiduuiro , eliull bu piild on
ouch ilullti'i ' icnt In-tul'inrnt. '
hcrllon ! ! . That the cntlio iiinonnl of tnx no
lulled mid tis'osned on nnof mil lots may ( HI
paid liy thcouncrul any lot , orthumillioi > iuiil |
ino intn piopoitliiiuil said tnx on any of nld
lot" , may to mild by any PUIMIII on any part of
Mild loin ulthln lllty da > K 11 om Mild let ) , and
tlipictijion suth lota oi- pints of lot > , , shall bu
exempt I mm nil v lieu or uh.uire Iheiefor.
bictlon 4 , TliHl thlsoidlnnncii tladltiike ctfect
und bn in foii'o fiom and uftur ll | mboiitfo.
I'liSicd.Iunt' 1st , IW.
WM I' HI.IIIIKI. 1'rnsiiluiit City Council.
J. H. Soi'iMAlin , CitvClei'K.
/\piiovcd | Junu "ml , IW7
W. j. line ITCH , Mayor
'IhlMur Is IIOM-duo and pal nble at tliu iinloo
of tlio dty iH'UfmiT. und ulll bocomu ilulln-
< iuoiit no inov ided in'ocllon' : ' .
Je20d5t JOHN HtJhii , City TioRsuror.
Special Ordinance No. BOO.
AN Oiilltiancn lovyliiif a ppecml tax nnd nn
Hu einuiit oucoitaln lots and real estate in
tliocltj of Uiiiahnto co\ci llincost ol n.con-'fusowcir in t-nwer DlstrUt No. " .
Wheicas , It liinlnu' been and bniiiK hoioby
adjudfjod , deturiiilned mid eitahlUhud that thu
suMiinl lot and pieces of IUH | citato hcroinarioi
lelurii d to lm\r each been npecliilly tic-nellttcd
to the lull nuionni liciuiu leiluilnnd nssofcsort
avralutt eucli ol BUM lots und plccue of real
e tllt ( respectively , bv icn on of thn locon-
gtnuitlon of n ROM or In Sewer District No 2.
'Ibciofuro , foi the purpose ol pajlni ; the co t
of eucli sewer iccunstructlon :
lie It onliilnod by the oily council of the city of
Omaha :
boctlonl. That the costal roconetruotliiFo
sewer In Power IJNlilct No. S , In the city of
Uninlii , tld cnM haltiK tlio sum of ? ( IOI ! ( US. bu
and the siuno In hereby lo\lod and BS-ens-jd. iu
proportion to the feet trout nlonu : fuld 1m
provcment. and accordlnt ; to ppedal tienctlta
byiemonor snld linpiovumout , upon the fol-
lo\TliiKdFcilbud lots mid loul oslate.'iiB showu
bj the itcni-ially iccoscnl/ed innp of tliq city of
Onnilia , l6 , lithopraphed and published bv C.
K. Mayne ; mid cost bolnir'olevlod on said lots
and real estate , icspcctlM'iy , us lollous , to-tvit :
Nnrao Lot or Am't of
orOvrnor. ncscilptlon. IllocU. Tux.
Omahu Niitlonnl ta ! < ik H 't 1 l.'UM J'JIDJ '
OniHlia KVliiKb Uakk cJT ft lUl 1 \M
rii AIUCB . . . . w Jilt ni 1 SI327
" . . . . ell ft n ! { 2 liO Of,7
Heirs R S rntdwcll wll oJ. n't 2 1-11 er.7
J 1 Itodlck . w2Jfl8 120 4J77
Iloiisb SCaldwell m U ft a 120 < J77
Oiinihn Nat t Hank s V4 u 2.5 ft 8 ; iu:3 :
HolrnKS Calihtoll o si ft a 4'I77
Ci II I .ilk ( l . . lil-nitK 4377
( Joe WarieuBmllli . . .wUJft'J M77
rlllt4 il ! KH
H HornberKur. . . w UJ 11 Al f t 4 4378
J J Drown . . . n III ft 4 05 CS
Caiollnu Calm w44 ft 6 8754
tleo Warren Cinlth . . . .o ft5 U77
. . T f It 8 t ai
Snm'l Iliuns . . . . < i Si's w a-1 ft 6 4244
Jill rillFOn . . . inSUHO 4177
Roe Warren Smith . . . c 2ft 4177
GooT Mills w .14 ft 7 6705
J U Luhuiiiu i C M llunseu ,
. . o32ft7 Rlfifl
HolrsJtihn MoCormlck w 22 ft 8 4377
. ] W , M S. .Icunio & . Jumns
Mocuiith . . .111 23 ft 8 4J77
J V , , M S , Jfliinle b. JIIIIIPS
Me i-uth . u Mo 22 ft 8 1578
Clteindoiff . . Pl07o221t8
CliHSl' Klrkott. . . . FWoIBItl 121 rut 22
.1 & M Kochimtluil Ii22 s 4 < o'lfi 1
S Ixjlimtm . . . .iKbe22 1 20 4J
ItitCDol lli&wu . n ! < 8wl4 1 40 M
. W31S44 1 32 KH
Ol'McCrenry . U22 2 4J77
Huiu'l Kuiclienbeig. . in 2 4J77
M8piuglo&-M AbrnhamH.w22 2 4177
uo Wnritn Hmilh . oS ! U 4'l 7i
U C Cumpl oil . wlJ il b754
A Hen/on A T'J Jolintton a2 4 4377
ClmsU'WhlincId . . . . nllO 4 P7B1
John A Ciolghton. . . . .nilM B un :
Mutcbiiiilt Nat'l H'K.ull ebtn23B J1S
( ice W hinllli oJ2 5 4377
Merchants Nnt'l Il'k sW w4 < 5 7001
H UA 1'undt . > v22 U 4J77
Chas Chllds . m22 4377
IMi lite ! . . c-23 fl 4177
QeoWuncn Bruith . 7 131 Dl
. w23 8 4.177
Snm'l Jarolip . ni2J 8 4377
Nob.NnflHiiiik . 2J R 4377
AHl'ttddock . 1 122 Ul III
Cnth Ilochstnibser . o'J2 2 4377
Doiabcliwnab . in22 3 4J77
Cathormo Uilau , . w2J Z 4377
Win Pitt KulloKV . of. .1 4)77 )
KSMcCreiiry . m 22 a 4177
J J ilrown . wi 3 4177
O Wflrny . sK3 4 4177
AnnaKitch . n271-2H t 3174
21 4H
M M Inh , guardian , * Zt n174 4 1144
Anna Knlmbaih oJ2 w44 n57 i 4 1144
M AJ Kochonthal Wi2 uf7H 4
Cathmlnn C Van Nnmoo . w44fi 87 .14
KI1& J fl CnllHimn . e22 r , 4177
J W Lytlo . ti 4 8 H7 .14
James Cioitfliton . w22 U 4377
K rbharp . wJ2 1 4177
OF Ooodniun . in' . * . ! 7 4377
riophlo Lidimuu . u 1 W77
CC HoUkol . . . w21&ft 8 4277
.lolin A Crulghtoii. . . e 445 ft 8 BSM
OincliB lu'pnblluin . 1 123 78 7B
A WMrwt . . . c4 ! 3 87M
Jit F.vanu . vr i 4-1 7J
" . 4 1J1.K )
MuxMoyer . 4 111 I'll 30
Saruh Meyer . wI2 0 * ! 7fl
W W liowo . 1)44 87H
firoWi-mlth . Tr 7 : tor > 4
O fllnvls . 022 w44 7
OET'orklns . o'ii wM 1
Ullftl ) K It Co . > 4 7 91 Vt
( li-o WMnith . wi ! 8 ni4
O P DUVIH . < iw44 8 1111
CK I'ei'xlns . e22wM 8
(3 II 4 0 H It Co . oi ! ti
J.I Monell . 1 124 nisi
.1 A ( iuiuutt . n22 2
fJoonajHi J W Leo . . . .mS2 2 43
.lumojTNolun . v22 t 4171
Annu VtJlonn . 1 2 II yi 3'
I.I .VlInlr CII McCormic . .el J : i 3' ) .IJ
Cllynr Omaha . . 2 ! ] . 4 4177
Anna \VII on . . . . till nl-2 4 4X11
IJ \ Ilnliitcn McCdimli'k.t 1 ' 5 4 1)J ) !
1 : fi 03
TIPO I'llb. Co P41.1 ; G n77'l '
I1 liAmes . ftW M .14
lice I'uli Co . ullj 2I7B
M Itorcrs . 1"131
15 1) I'nltiMi . * * 22 1177
CK 1'piklnu.Tr . oil KM
Gco A lloiialnnd . 1'V I'll II
V i .1 rum
' " '
I' Mouoll . . . . .V.dlS i V m
Anna Wilson . n(2i ( 1'r U I , "i
llelrs CMnnvll . fcl 2 4 1'p 6 ] ' 14
Apnii Wilson . ills J y
ni'lfldx Mklrf. , I' U linker I ft v
nudity Mol'nrlnpd , Ji [ fl p r 11 'I
Alfrt-'d II Dufiouu- . 8 r 1J1.I1
Bo"tion 2. Tliat thn Hpi < " ! nl tuxui mil t MM-H-
niflnti lulled ami nic-osswlHS ntonjaia.cliaillu
ilno | m m < dint o'y ' Uion | llu < pu > , ir | ( ) and up.
inoMil < ir this oidlniiiKn. nnd shall buuimdu--
llii'iiu-nl If not irild iNithln llfH'dtus tliioro
utter : p.'id thereupon Dhnil bo ndd d inliiinst nt
the in1' * or onu pet ountu month. p iub e In ud
viinceTiotu the tlmo fculd laxts l'cOii-o ' ao de-
.St'-tlon3. That IhlsurdiiiKiiop rhHllUVo eljoot
und In' In Inioo fiom and nftor Its piuw.iuu.
ru .e-l Muy Mth. 1W7.
> i K lIi'Mii'i. , rrcslilrnt City Co luciU
J. II. hoUTHAtii * , T'ty ' Clerk.
Apjiroved May27lh. 1W7.
W .1 linn ITCH , Mil ) or
The ixlioM ) ( Is now rtJO nn < > paj .i'jl > . > it the
tillii-e ( if thooliy Irt-itKiirer HII > | w ,1 lict'injft do
l.nquriil et ponded In icciltio- !
} \ dut Juiiu llr'ii , ( . ! ) Tiorsurer ,
< nn 'c , till l-'J I'ariiaai.
tteolUcuce. UOlb auiiCullI'oruluSI