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The Great City Literally Painted Ecd in
Honor of the Jubilee.
Protestants and Catholics to Cclo-
bratc the K o.nt Separately Pre
cautions Taken Against Out-
The .In nil re.
7 li\l \ Jnmrt Uurtlon rifimettA
LONDON , Juno 20. ( New York Herald
Untile Special to tlio BKK.J In western
phrase , literally and not metaphorically ,
the ton was painted red all ttio evening.
Iiosltlvely 100,000 red fuses burning In the
city , on the embankments and thoroush-
fares , In the. hands of Immense masses of
flight-seers , who obstructed c\ery where
rrhlcular tralllc and the fllduwalks. By day
light everywhere was to bo seen to-day red
cloth , principally from windows otT the line
of the procession , and on the balconies and
platforms along which It Is to pass. Nearly
all the myriad Illuminations have been this
evening rohcarsed. London at 10 p. in ,
looked , from Primrose hill , tit John's wood ,
us If between Victoria tower , parliament
houHcs and St. J'aul dome immense tires
were consuming the shopn and the mansions.
These Illuminations are , In many instances ,
costly and elaborate , but , to be frnnk , are
conventional and commonplace. The elec
tric light is not used. Hundreds of building
reproduce the faded candle and oil lamp's
glories , in colors , clusters and alphabetical
arrangements , which belonged to the old
Cremorne Krdeus and the Vaux hall and
Nlblo's gardens in your elty at the time Vic
toria was crowned. American Inventions
and originality of design arc largely lacking
in the London Illuminations. The mottoes
are trite. Flags are displayed and grouped
without taste.
That which ought to strike many foreign
visitors who walk the professional thorough
fare Is nn appearance of London being In a
state of beige , that Londoners are being pto-
tccted against themselves and disloyalty ,
against the possibilities of felonl/ed Watt
Tylers and Jack Cades. Along Piccadilly ,
St. James , Waterloo Place , etc. , and oven In
the ndjicent sldo streets , extra shutters , now
fastenings and boarding or , as called here ,
hoardings have been extensively erected.
The shopkeepers have not forgotten the
Sunday and Saturday orgies on the days last
year when looting was coincident with , al-
pcrhaps not the result ofrealistlc processions.
Your reporters have found great symptoms
of uneasiness among the people about the
coming events of jubilee day.
At least : iooo,000 people will endeavor to
sqnee/e themselves Into nreas calculated to
comfortably fuinlsh standing or spectators'
room for less than 1,000,000. The balconies
meant for families will bo used by packed
slght-soers. At least 5500,000 have been paid
for seats on Improvised stands and ampul-
thcateia hastily built of green wood.
Some sensation was created at the abbey
to-day by the return of tickets by all the
Catholic peers , commoners and many guests
Of that faith. Several Irish guests have
Joined the I'arnellltcs In also withdrawing.
About half of these absentees will be at a
musical high mass at the cathedral at Ken
sington at 10 a. in. A covered canopy has
been erected from High street to the front
entrance , about fifty > nrds. I found
the gorgeous sanctuary had been
fitted with two thrones , the right one
to be occupied by Monsleuor
Ruffs Scllla , envoy extraordinary from the
pope to the queen , and ttio left one by Car
dinal Manning , who , surrounded by his can
ons and monslcnors train , will bo carried by
the eight-year-old Lord Ohtagan , son of tlio
late Irish lord chancellor. On the altar will
bo the Lord Itlshopof Northampton , assisted
by Iluv. Lord Charles Thynno nnd the Lord
liisliop of Amycla , assisted by Hov. M. Fan-
nlng. Among the congregation will bo
representatives of the principal Catholic
families of Kugland , headed by the Duke of
Norfolk , Marquis Butte , Earl of Denbigh ,
Lords North and Howard , etc. , etc. After
mass will bo gl\cn an exposition of tlio
blessed sacrament , at which a "To Doum" will
be suiiK. At the end of the service "God
Save the Queen" will bo given on the organ ,
the whole congregation standing , and while
leaving "Cornatlon" march will be plaved.
Kev. C. Coo , of the cathedral , Informed your
rcoorter that the whole service had been sub
mitted toiler majesty , who appioved. Ho
addcd , : "She expressed herself pleased to
see her Catholic subjects colncldontly cele
brating the jubilee and thanksgiving at the
same hour as the Protestant services , con
ducted In Westminster abbey , "
American tourists familiar with the latter ,
oral ! having pictures .of Its interior , can
readily fancy how It will look to-morrow by
mentally placing the royal dais In the center
nave , between the poet's corner and oppo
site tlio entrance , while against the
sides of all the naves will bo rising
galleries , built from the lloor , covered
with red cloth , with seats twenty Inches
wide. Kiom these a tew only can see well ,
but all can hear , provided theieis no suffoca
tion. To American visitors at the abbey In
past It would be absolutely unrecognizable
It looks as If the queen were going to lay the
foundation stone rather than take part in the
solemn ceremonies within "tho walls. They
have looked down upon historic scenes some
six hundred years. For all that the
abbey will have to do with the ceremonla
the | quern fmlicht as well have had 1
performed In the main building of the
American exhibition , and really spectators
outside the abbey will to-day more graciously
illustrate the victorious era than tlioso with
in It.
One who is an arlbtocratlo tory , but an
enemy to flunkylsm , told mo thus : "imagine
to-morrow'a scene as It wHlhavo tobe handcc
down to posterity. The abbey Itself trans
formed portrays nobodies. Really great men
will be conspicuous by their absence. Conr
llunkys of the major and minor sort of obscure
members of parliament , their still more ob
scure wives , parliamentary clerks-these are
the personages who will llgure as representa
tives of all that is characteristic of the Itrlt
Ian nation in the jubilee j ear of Queen Vic
toria , "
A radical member of parliament is respon
filblc for this comment : "Probably the most
painful fact in connection with tbo jubilee
fete is the bitter cry which arises from nuni
bers of Industrious worklngmen who are
striving hard to make two ends meet ant
find themselves compelled to lose three o
four da > Votk with its concoraltau
pay. A poor remmnbranco of the jublleo
If It consists In less food and Increasei
worry. Even a brilliant Mat * pageant wll
not compensate for this. "
A gorgeous , poctio and realistic preacher
lo the London poor has Just made the follow
lug remarks which , during the procossloi
duubHcM well up iu 10,000
icarts : "Tho yards of sermons being
preached just now , in which her
majesty is buttered both sides bo-
; auso she has been a good wife and mother ,
ccpt the commandments , she prayed , tor
icing a good woman , are quite right , but
hero are millions of good women In
the world. There is nothing In the fact
.hat tlio sovereign has done her duty In
icr homo to go delirious with rapture about.
[ have looked hi vain In these sermons for
reference to her majesty's constant neglect
of her duties as a sovereign. To do one's
duty In that state of life Into which it shall
3 1 ease God to call us Is generally conceived
, o bo the Important Item In a Christian
career. The state to which Victoria was
called was that of queen. In that posi
tion she has of Into years stolidly refused to
do her duty. As a woman the queen Is
above reproach ; as a queen she is open to the
gteatest censure. "
I Pressl The queen this afternoon received
Phelps , United Mates Minister , at Bucklng-
liam palace lor the purpose of allowing him
to present President Cleveland's jublleo con
gratulations. Her majesty expressed 'her
sense of the kind feeling always manifested
toward her by the American people. Other
diplomats carrying congratulations wore re
ceived after the customary form.
WATrill.NO roil KNI'I-OBION * .
Scotland "Yard olllcmls have teleRranhed
instructions to Glasgow to watch the public
buildings In that city to-night.
WKM.INOTON , Now Zealand , Juno 30. To
day was observed ns jubilee holiday through
out New Zealand. Enthusiasm prevails
everywhere. The festivities last three days.
PiKTEitMAumiiuno , Natal , Juno 20.
Thanksgiving services were held to-day in
honor of the queen's jubilee.
Praise From Austria.
VIKNNA , Juno 20.Tho Olllclal Gazette
will to-morrow contain an article on the
jublleo of Qucerf Victoria , which will say :
'Millions of voices throughout her world
wide empire will extol the queenly , womanly
virtues of Victoria. The day marks a long
epoch in the political welfare of her realm.
The whole world sympathises with the festi
val , for the fame ot the queen's blessed rule
reaches every quarter of the globe. This
sympathy Is most cordially shared In by the
Austrian sovereign. The virtues of Victoria
throughout the whole of her life recall those
of our own great empress , Maria Theresa.
Doth went through life showering blessings
around , both ruvered by their people . The
memory of Victoria , llko tliat of Maria The-
lesa. will bo blessed as long as history
exists * . "
nml Itusslo.
ST. , June 20.- The Russian
newspapers , commenting on Queen Victoria's
Jublleo , say the Lirltlsh people's love for tholr
queen Is merited by the Internal reforms and
Improvements of the masses which have bcun
effected In Kngland during the fifty years of
her rulo. Some of the papers take occasion
to express regret that the relations between
Russia and hnglaud are not better , and hone
they will Improve and the two nations be
come sincerely friendly.
Cursings at Cork.
Conic , Juno 20. Some houses in this city
were illuminated and decorated this evening
In honor of the queen's jubilee. The crowds
mashed all the lighted windows , shouting
"to hell with the queen , " and cheering tor
Parnell. The police , who were pelted with
stones , charged and dispersed the mob.
Great Enthusiasm At Valparaiso.
VAM-AUAISO , ( via Galveston ) , June 20 ,
Great enthusiasm Is manifested by thn Brit
ish residents here In celebration of the
queen's jublleo to-morrow. All English
houses will close to-morrow.
Boston's Celebration.
BOSTON , Juno 20. Some time ago the
council granted the use of Fancull hall for a
celebration In honor of Queen Victoria's
Jublleo to-morrow night. This brought out
n protest and petition to rescind the action.
The council considered the matter this attor-
noon nnd by a tie vote declined to change thn
order , but eranted n permit for the use ot the
old hall to-nluht b > those opposed to its occu
pancy by Englishmen.
Through EOIIIO mistake the hall wns not
opened until < J o'clock , when it was immedi
ately packed with people. Speeches were
made by John Boyle O'Reilly and others de
nouncing the aldermen tor allowing the usa
of the building for such a purpose , and a
committee was appointed to persuade the
mayor , If possible , to cancel the penult for
to-morrow night.
Chicago Jiiullcc Banquet.
CIIICACIO , Juno 20. A notable gathering
of over two hundred of Chicago's most prom
inent merchants , lawyers , journalists , poli
ticians and divines assembled to-night at a
banquet in honor of Queen Victoria's jubilee.
Throughout the ovenlni ; music aud addresses
alternated between loyal praises of England
and her queen , and outbursts of patriotic
American sentiments. Among the many
speakers were : Ex-United States Senator
Dnolltlle , Heutonant-Governor Smith , of
Illinois , Mayor Kocho , J. V. Farwell. . Judge
Caiy , General lieem , aud General Stiles , of
A Girl at the fiend.
[ CopyricM ISS7 by Jamc ( Ionian IlftHlttl.1
LONDON , .lune 20. [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to the BKK.J The Vassar-
Itesand women students at Cornell , with
the "Hall Columbia" bacholorcsses of arts and
all other feminine students In America , have
a jubilee trophy In the rank , given to-day at
Cambridge In the classical course to a girl ,
Miss Agnata Uamsey. She has beaten all the
male students In the classics , being the only
one of either sox to pass In the first division.
What Is additionally remarkable is that her
father , Sir James Ramsey , a Scotch baronet.
and her undo , Prof. George Hamsey , of Glas
gow university , each obtained first class In
the classics when they took degrees at Ox
ford. Miss Uamsey has just reached twenty
years , and several of her male competitors
were older. Her proficiency In Latin or
Greek was equal. Her male contestants
were gallant enough to cheer her name on
the list when It was nut up , aud doubtless
they are wondering if she will continue pro-
liclent in construing Ovid's "Art of Love. "
Frenchman Very Indignant.
PAULS , Juno 20. The Paris newspapers
express Indignation over ( he sentences de
creed at Lelpslc against the Alsatian member
of the Patriotic league convicted of high
treason for assisting In the agitation to keen
allvo antl-tlnnexatlnn feeling In Alsace-Lor
raine. The members of the league have
signed an appeal to President Grevvbcgelng
him to Intervene for the. release of Koeohlln.
It Is not thought probublo that Grcvy will ac
Steamship Arrivals ,
GLASGOW , June20. [ Special Tele.'ram to
the BKK.J Arrived The State of Nevada ,
from New York ,
PitiLArmi.rniA , Juno 20. Arrived The
Lord Gough. from Liverpool.
QUKKNSTOWN , Juno ! . Arrived The
City of Chester , from Now York.
SOUTHAMPTON , June 20. Arrived The
Elder , from New Yoik for Bremen.
llAvr.i : . June 20. Arrlvcd-The Norman-
die , from New York.
The Work of a Mob.
Pr.STii. Juno 20. A mob yesterday set tire
to the Jon Ish quarter of the town of Dunab
S/erdahely , in Huncarv. The quarter was al
most dcbtrojed , and 125 families mudo home
less. _
Steamer Aihor < * .
LONHON , June. ' . ' 0. The Peninsula and
Oriental steamer Hydaspcs Is ashoreat Has-
melted sea ,
The Whereabouts of Those Captured By the
Navy Being Looked Into.
The Hollcf Gaining Ground That
Latnar Will Succeed Justice
Woods On the Supreme
Hunch National NOWB.
The Nation's Nnval Trophies.
WASIIINOTON , June 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the UKK. ] Popularattotition having
been directed to the captured fiags in the
custody ot the war department , there has
been some Inquiry concerning the disposal
ot the flags captured during the rebellion by
the United States navy. The proposed re
turn of the banners captured In the field sug
gested a return ot tlioso taken on the water ,
and Secretary Whitney was called upon to
day for some Information as to their where
abouts. The democratic secretary of the
navy was r.ither nonplussed and after consid
ering a while he confessed that he knew
nothing about them. Ho added , however ,
with a smlli ) that ono thing was certain , ho
had given no order for tholr return to their
former owners. The question asked the
secretary was then put In succession to each
of the bureau ofilclals in the navy depart
ment until the startling fact
was developed that not one on duty then
present had the slightest idea of their where
abouts. It was suggested by the chief clerk
that three rebel naval fla s might bo In
the naval academy at Annapolis , but Prof.
Salny , of the naval department , In charge ot
the war records of the navy , who has written
a history of the naval academy , stated posi
tively that they were not at Annapolis. The
flags there , ho stated , wore tlioso captured
during the revolution and the war ot 18i2but
to his knowledge thoio were no rebel colors.
This is a strange discovery aud a most oin-
banassini ; ono tor all concerned , and when
the seriousness of the situation was finally
realised the oulv Idea that occurred to the
officials was tlmt piobably some of the repub
lican ex-secriiturie.s might know where the
flags wtro stored. The law of 1884 for the
preservation and p\hlbltlon ol captured flags
is the same for the navy as for the war de
partment , and there is considerable con
sternation in official circles over the new
complication to the atlalr by the Inquiries seton
on loot to-day.
The Supreme Court Vacancy.
WASHINGTON , June 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Uir. : . [ There Is a growing bo-
llet that the vacancy on the supreme court
bench made by the death of Justice Woods
will bo filled by the appointment of Sccretaiy
Lamar. That gentleman says , however ,
that ho has knowledge of the Intentions of tin'
president In the matter aud that ho has never
been sDokeu to on the subject. It Is believed
that the president does not Intend to fill the
vacancy just yet. Thcro Is no cause lor.
haste and he will probably wait until just
before the time for the meeting of the court
In tlu ; autumn. The president Is a\eise to
putting any " ( load timber" on the supreme
bench. Ho wants to make the very best se
lection possible , and as the appointment is
awarded to thn south , and It Is known that
the president locards Secretary Lamar as tlio
greatest representative of that section , there.
Is reason to believe he will makn the appoint
ment. The indications aio that Secretary
Lumar will accept the position , thouch ho
has reasons to believe that as long as ho lives
he can get any honor within the gilt of the
people ot Mississippi. It is believed by mauv
of his friends that a place on tlio supreme
bench would just suit him.
Military Matters.
WASiiiNOTON.June 20 [ Special Telegram
to thn BIK. : | The following army officers
undergoing instructions In torpedo service ,
will bo relieved from duty at Wlllett's Point
Julyl : First Lieutenant V. H. Brldgman ,
Second artillery ; First Lieutenant Wilbur
Loverldgc.Thhd artilleiy ; andSt'cond Lieu
tenant G. W. Stevens , Fifth aitillery. Lieu
tenant Stevens will join his proper station ,
and Lieutenants Loveridge aud Brldgman
will join their piopcr stations upon thu expi
ration of tholr leaves.
Captain Lewis Johnson , Twenty-fourth
infantry. Is granted ono month's extension
of leave , on account of disability , with per
mission to go abroad.
Army leaves : Captain George S. Wilson ,
Twelfth lntintrv , until Juno : ; 0 ; First Lieu
tenant E ra B. Fuller. Seventh cavalry , ono
week further extension ; First Lieutenant
.lames D. Nickeraou , Seventh Infantry , two
months from July 1 ; Lieutenant Haydou S.
Cole , Third infantry , has beou detailed as
inspector ot Indian supplies at the Tongue
river agency. Montana , In place of First
Lieutenant Jacob B. Galbralth , who was re
cently appointed quartermaster of his regi
Gultcnu's Head.
WASHINGTON , June 20. [ Special Telegram
to the BIJE.I The story published in Now
York to the effect that some ono proposes to
exhibit the "head of the Assassin Gultcau , "
caused some comment hero to-day , and led tea
a number of inquiries as to the disposition
of the remains of the murderer. The body
of Gulteau was taken to tlio army medical
museum after the execution and placed In
the hands of Dr. SchafTcrt , who was at the
time the anatomist of the museum. Ho re
moved the soft parts of the body , and all the
bones and also the brain arn now at the
museum , though not on public exhibition ,
and never have been. It was supposed that
all the soft parts of the body were burned ,
as Is the usual course at the museum when a
bodv is prepared for articulation. The mu
seum authorities do not know whether the
sott paits weio destroyed or not. They say
that It Is very posslblu that Instead of destroy
ing the muscles and flesh of thn head and
neck after it was taken from the bones It
might have been preserved and set up. and
that Is probably what is referred to. But the
skeleton of Gulteau complete , and all ,
is now In the museum. Dr. Lamb , who per >
formed the autopsy on Gulteau's body , said
to-day : " 1 haven't thn least doubt tills thing
In Now York _ Is Guiteau's head. It Is genu
ine. Mr. ShatTcrt , the museum anatomist ,
doubtless preserved the scalp and face of the
assassin , with the hair and beard undis
turbed , placed them In alcohol , and when ho
got a rood chance sola the thing. Ho left
the museum over two years ago. "
Endicott and the Flags.
WASHINGTON , June 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bi'.E.J Secretary Eudlcott
turned up at the war department this morn
ing , very dignified and wise looking. The
flat : episode had evidently made a solemn
Impulsion on the great man's mind and
when he was asked what he wanted to say
on thn subject he coldly replied that he knew
nothing of the matter beyond that ho had
ro.ul Iu the newspapers. It being suggested
that if ho bad read thorn all he must know a
good deal , the warrior looked unutterable
things at his interviewer and froie into si
Amalgamated Association Rules.
PiTTsntiuo , Juno 20. Among the amend
ments to the constitution of the Amalgam
ated association recommended by the com-
niltteo to-day ana adopted was ono changing
the requirements for membership , which
opens the association to every kind of help
employed about the mills. Another amend
ment provides that on ana after Apill 1. l&S ,
no member of the association can be Identi
fied with the Knights of Labor.
] t Is said this evening that the committee
of the Iron manufacturers' association has
decided not to grant the 10 per cent advance
demanded by the Amalgamated association ,
'J e conference beglpg tv wow ,
How Queen Vic's Jubilee Pudding
was Spoiled by reworks.
NEW VoitK , Juno 20. ( Special Telegram
to the BEH.J Two dollars' worth of fire
crackers , plnwhcels aud penny Roman can
dles bought at ono of the Park Place fire
works shops , has convulsed the British em
pire and a good part of the rest of the world ,
shaking Victoria on her throne and spoiling
thotastoof her jubilee pudding. All this was
not the result of any carefiil preparation by
a fireworks company anxious for a line "ad , "
but was paitly patriotic nlTectlon In the heart
of a Monroe street , New York , mother and
partly spontaneous combustion on the part
of British detectives. These fireworks
were never intended to tickle anything big
ger than the fifteen-year-old heart of Willie
Musgravo , and their sound to echo further
than the homo of Wllllo's uncle , where ho
will bo spending his vacation from Mount
Mlllery seminary , County Waterford , after
Julyl. Peter Troy Is a young man who has
relatives In County Tlpperary , who are al. o
relatives ol Miss Helen Musiravu , of 70
Miinroo stieet , lit this city. Peter was golnn
to vleit his relatives and Just before starting ,
called on Mrs. Musgravo to tell them of his
trip. It was sutrnested that the opportunity
would bo a good ono to send to young Wllllo
some American fireworks with which to cele
brate the Fourth. Mr. Troy was wllllnc to
bo the messenger , and 82 was forthwith In
vested in roman candles , nltmlipels , and lira
crackers , which were packed In n little sean
box with an old pair of trousers wrapped
around thorn to keen thorn from being acci
dentally set oil' . Two notes were
also put Into the box , one to the
Tipperary relatives and the other to
the "little fellow , " telling him that next
time they'd send him moro but that those
would have to do for the present. The box
was sent to the steamer dock , addressed to
Mr. Trov and nothing more was thought of
It until the cable dispatches announced that
a terrible dynamite plot had been discovered ,
and an American , Peter Troy , landing from
the Adriatic had been arrested with the ox-
plosives. In the hou- on Monroe street
yesterday there was unalloyed merriment
over the allair , a merriment which prob
ably Is not shared by poor Mr.
Troy , presumably sweltering in a
Queonstown dungeon until the "e\-
nerts" who , Ills announced , have been
summoned to Investigate thn "Infernal ma
chines , " have operated on the penny Roman
caudles and amputated the tire crackers ,
and submitted the pin wheels to chemical
tests. The most unfoitunato part of the at-
falr. however. Is that little Wllllo Musirrave
w III probably have to do without his Fourth
of July and County Tinper.iry without Its
two dollar Illumination on the clorious annl-
versiry , unless Victoria sees fit to give Wil
lie some of the fireworks lelt over from the
jubilee , to make up for those her vlsllant
and perspicuous guardians have confiscated.
QUKKNSTOWN , Juno 20. Peter Troy , ar
rested on suspicion of having exoloslvcs In
his baggage , has been remanded for three
Later Troy was formally discharged after
promising to appear again If called upon by
the authorltes.
llaymond'H Domestic Li To.
Nr.w YORK , Juno 20. ( Special Telegram
to the Br.K.1 When the first Mrs. John T.
Raymond sued her husband for divorce some
testimony of an Intcivstlng character was
taken before the roteree , who carefully
guarded the story as told him in his official
capacity , says the Herald , until Saturday ,
when ho made public the narrative which ho
had so loua kept to himself. It appears that
some years ago , when Raymond was playing
In England , Graves -WHS appointed by the
court to go to Now Jerstr to take the testi
mony of Mary Theresa1 Soulo , At Hoboken
Graves met a woman detective , who told him
she had been en a-ed by Mrs. Raymond to
goto Englandand watch her husband , whom
she suspected of being unfaithful to bcr.
The detective , who was a handsome woman ,
attended all Raymond's performances in
England and finally obtained an Introduc
tion to him. When Raymond returned to
America hho took passage on the steamship
and so enlisted hlH conlidonce that
ho communicated to her many incidents
of his life. He told her of his
having met Marie Thcrsa Soulo at Chicago
and of his biingingher to New i'ork. This
was tlio veiy woman In the case for whom
the dotectlvo wassearchlng.and whoso where
abouts she subsequently succeeded in locat
ing. When found. Miss Soule , a beautiful
woman of twenty-three years , was Ivlng In
bed suffering from pneumonia. She willingly
gave her testimony. The unfortunate girl ,
who died a week alter , said she was the
daughter ot a wealthy merchant of SanFian-
clsco. Falling in love with hertathei's jouug
partner they ran away to Chicago. Raymoud
appeared In that city and she lived with him
In gorgeous style until they had a quarrel ,
when they separated. But she met him once
or twlco afterwards in Now York. It was on
her testimony that the decree of absolute ili-
\orco vuis grautca to Mrs. Raymond.
Iluaincss Failures.
CIIICAOO , Juno 20. Charles J. Korslmw
filed a bill in the superior court this morning
against Ills partners , Dowar and Eggleaton.
The bill nsks to have the partncishlD dis
solved , an accounting order granted , and a
receiver appointed. The court appointed
Porteus T. B. Wciver receiver , and that gen
tleman filed a S.TO.OOO bond.
Joseph F. Hill and Adaljm FlerUtielm , of
Milwaukee , to-day tiled a bill of complaint
against Charles J. Kershaw & Co. , in behalf
of all the creditors of the limited partnership
of Kershaw who mav elect to become parties
to the suit. The bill details the supposed
doings of thn hrm In the "clique" deal and
since its collapse , and asks for the appoint
ment of a receiver and also an order restialn-
ing Kershaw or his partners , or the Amer
ican Exchange bank officials from paying to
any person money that comes Into posses
sion of the bank for the firm.
NEW Yojiif , June 20. Arnold & Co. ,
cottco brokers , assigned to-day.
British Grain Trade Kevlew.
LONDON , June 20. The Mark Lane Ex
press says : The wheat crop Is Immensely
Improved , giving creator promise than at the
corresponding date of 180. Deliveries of
new wheat are lessening rapidly. Values
have fallen Is. Sales pf English wheat dur
ing the past week were 39,73:5 : quarters at 85s.
Id. , against 43,170 quarters at Sis. 4d. for the
corresponding period last > ear. Trade In
foreign wheat Is almost at a standstill. The
break-up ot the Chicago ring nv\de little dif
ference In values , as supplies at London con
tinued small , but prices somewhat In bnjers'
favor. The demand for flour Is restricted ,
and prices somewhat favor ( Rivers. At Glas
gow values declined ( kl@lP. Flour Is dull at
a decline of Cd. Corn , barley and oats are
An Illinois Jlallroad.
SrniNOFiKLD. 111. , June 20. Articles of
Incorporation of tlio'Havaua ' A Qnlncy rail
way company were filed in the office of the
secretary of state to-flay. It Is proposed to
construct a railway fro'm Havana to Qulncy ,
the principal business office being established
and maintained at Qulncy , and the amount
of capital stock Is to bo 81,000.000. The Incorporators -
corporators are W. II. Collins and A. W.
Wells of Qulncy , A. K. Lowery of Mount
Sterling. T. Hamer of Vermont , III. ; W. B.
Lackorthy of Qulncy , 1. N. Pearson of Ma-
comb , ana J. M. Darnell of Rushviile.
The Angel Case In Court.
CHICAGO , June 20 In the United States
circuit court proceedings of Sarah A. Angel
against the Chicago , Portage & Superior
railroad company , begun at Madison , WIs. ,
judgment was rendered this morning by
Judges Gresbam aud Ilarlan tbat unless the
plaintiffs shall within ten days enter a remit-
tltur for SHfl,745 a motion for a now trial
will bo granted the defendants.
_ , '
Coffee UOCH Up.
NEW YOIIK , June 20. The colfea market
to-day opened verj steady , nearly lf } cents
over the closing prices Soturdaf. The bid
ding from the start became sharp and ran
points up from 128 to 125. This was
caused by favorable reports from Havre , .
Preparations Completed For Iowa's Shoot-
in ? Tournament at Sioux Oily.
Omaha's Hnso Rail Association Con
siders the Sunday Closing Move-
Hastings Defeats Denver
Local Sports.
lown's Game Association.
Sioux CITY , la. , Juno 20. Special Tele
gram to the BEE.I Everything Is now In
readiness for the meeting of thu state asso
ciation for the protection of game and fish ,
which commences In this city to-morrow for
a session of four days. It Is the tenth an
nual convention and tournament tor Iowa.
The business part of the association Is to se
cure the enforcement of the game laws of the
state , but the primary object Is to glvo a gen
erous and fun-lovltig class of sportsmen an
opportunity to Indulge their propensity tor ,
shooting. Ihe programme- will bo carrfm *
out each day on the fair grounds. A larco
number of the leading shootlsts of the country
are already here , aud the tournament prom
ises to be one of the best ever held In the
west ,
Hastings Defeats Denver.
DF.NVKII , June 20. [ Special Telegram to
the BKK.I About fifteen hundred specta
tors witnessed the second Denver-Hastings
game to-day , which , contrary to expectation ,
resulted In an embarrassing defeat to the
former , whose loss can be attributed to their
loose playing. O'Neill was behind the bat
up to the end of the fifth Inning , when an
injured finger compelled him to retire. He
was replaced by Meyers , who , Doing unused
to Hogan's delivery , could hardly hold the
ball , and consequently played poorly.
Hastings played a hard and careful game ,
their fielding and batting being excellent ,
only throe scattering errors being made dur
ing the afternoon. The battery , especially
the catcher , was the best that has visited
Denver lor some time. Score by Innings :
Denver 2 10010200 0
Hastings 3 a 0 2'1 9 2 3 23
Huns earned Denver r , Hastings 12.
Errors Denver 0 , Hastings 8. Base hits-
Denver 18.HastIugs2. Two-base hits Klonzle
2 , , Dceu'an , Kelslng , Gorman , Lannan.
Three-baso hits Hohrer. Ebrlght. Homo
runs Helslng. Bases on balls Hoean 4 ,
Nicholson 8. Passed balls-O'Noll ! 2 , Mov-
eas 2 , Ebrlght 1. Stiuck out Hogan 1.
Left on bases Denver 10 , Hastings 0. Wild
pitches Hogan 2. Batteilcs : Denver Ho-
gan. O'Neill and Meyers. Hastings Nich
olson and Ebrlght.
lineal Hnse Ball Points.
The directors of the Omaha base ball asso
ciation held a mectlnc at the sporting head
quarters of Penroso & Uardtn lost evening ,
for the purpose of Inking steps to check and
subvert the Incipient crusade against Sun
day games. Just what course was adopted
has not been made public , but enough was to
show that the directors are determined that
these games will bo so conducted as to give
the least possible o lieu so to any class or
There will bo a meeting of local amateur
base hall clubs at O. Gordon it Co.'s , 1223
Fifteenth street , to-morrow evening , tor tlio
purpose of banding themselves together iu n
city league and apoolnting committees to so
il re grounds and draw up a schedule.
TO-TJ AY'H o AM E . ,
The game at Association park this after
noon will be called at 3:80 : sharp. Below are
the positions and batting order of the teams :
Omaha. Positions. Lincoln.
II RI tor Catcher Hoover
O'Leary. Pitcher Hart
Dwycr 1st base , .Beckloy
Swift 8d base Howe
liourke . ' ! d base Lange
Walsh Shortstop Herr
Bailer Left Field Toohey
Genius Center Field Hall
iJessitt Ulght Field Shaffer
The American Association.
CINCINNATI. Jane20. The game between
Cincinnati and St. Louis to-day resulted as
follows :
Cincinnati 0 0 B 1 0 0 1 0 1 8
St. Louis 0 20000300 4
Pitchers Mnllune and Caruthers. Base hits
Cincinnati 13 , St. Louls 11. Errors Cin
cinnati : i. SU Louis 0. Umpire McQimde.
Ni\v : Youic , Juno 20. Tlio game between
Metropolitan and Athletic to-day resulted
as follows :
Metropolitan 0 0000010 0 7
Athletic 1 1201000 0-5
Pitchers Mays and Soward. Basa hits-
Metropolitans 8 , Athletics f > . Errors-
Metropolitans U , Athletics 8. Umpire Fer
BAI.TIMOIIK , Juno 20. The game between
Baltimore and Brooklyn to-day resulted as
follows :
Baltimore 2 10000000 . ' !
Brooklyn 0 1002101-6
Pitchers Smith and llarklns. Base
hits Baltimore 13 , Brooklyn 10. Errors
Baltimore 2 , Biookiyn 2. Umpire Jen
CLEVELAND , Juno 20. The game be
tween Cleveland and Louisville to-day re
sulted as follows :
Cleveland 4 1821001 0-11
Louisvlllu 1 0004020 3-10
Pitchers Morrison and Chamberlain. Base
hits Cleveland 1C , Louisville 13. Errors-
Cleveland 7. Louisville 8. Uuiplie-Kuight.
I jo cat Hportlnjr Tips.
Messrs. II. A. Pcnrose and John Petty
leave for Sioux City this morning to attend
the Iowa state association shooting tourna
ment , It is moro than probable that Penroso
will shoot a match with a noted Louisville
crack before his return ,
The Omaha rllle club will open tholr sea
son's shoot at their range northeast of the
city Friday. 'Iheyiiavoa telegraphic match
on with Boston's fine team , anil will shoot
the majority of the best known clubs in the
country before the season is over.
Omaha has moio line roosters than any
city In the eountiy of the same &Ue.
There will be n grand pigeon shoot under
the auspices of the Omaha gun club at the
fair grounds on the 4th , which will be par
ticipated in by members ol all the local
Ticket No. 52,749 drew the capital prlro at
the last Louisiana lottery , and one share ,
calling ( or 815,000 , was sold In Omaha.
The Omahas w'll ' meet the Llncolns again
at Association park this afternoon And
Wednesday afternoon. Then they go to
Hastings and Denver for a series of contests
at eacli place , returning homo accompanied
by the Delivers , for a gauio on the M of
July , and twoon the 4th morning and after
The Omaha Gun club has postponed to
day's shooU until Tuesday next. The Le-
fevers will shoot Saturday at the usual place.
Bill Dacey , of South Omaha , wants to make
a match , to a finish , with skin gloves , for 250
a Aide , with any 183-pound man In Nebraska.
Six additional Inches of clay are to bo put
upon the bicycle track at the ball park , and
the whole Is to be rolled and packed until tbo
possibility of Its Interfering with tlio ball
players Is removed.
There will bo a two-days trotting meet at
the fair grounds August 13 and 13 under the
auspices ot the State Breeders' association.
Thu prospects are good for a largo number
of entries , which , of course , are cammed to
the state.
The Knights of Pythls will have a picnic
at Papillion , Thursday , the23d. Hound trip ,
50 cents.
Brighton Beach Races.
Nr.w i'oiiK , Juno 20. There was a good
attendance at Brighton Beach and the
weather was line. The following l.s the sum
mary :
Five furlonirs : Trenton won , DanUlle
second , Theodore third. Time 1 : OC > .
Seven furlongs : Seclusion won , Com
mand second , George Angus third. Time
' ijfHoi young Dnko won ,
tlass-Vlol second , Armstrong third. Time
Mile and a quarter : Exllo won , Harnum
second , the Bourbon third. Tlmo-2ll : .
One and a sixteenth miles : Lancaster on ,
terg Kyle second , Pink Cottage third. Tluio
' ' '
o'no'a'nd a sixteenth miles : Maeirlo Mitch-
el won , Bonanza second , Baciiuet third.
Tliue-liSJ. _
FOll AltMY OJ-TI01SK9.
The Generosity ol' Virginia's Two Per
Unit Sharks.
Xinv YOIIK , June 90. ( Special Telegram
to the Br.K. | Army and navy olllccr * In this
city and elsewhere are receiving circulars
from a Him of usurers In Wheeling , West
Virginia , who oiler to discount their ac
counts with the army or navy department at
Ihe exorbitant rnto of 3 per cent per mouth.
The firm which Is to eugago Iu this usurious
business signs Itself U. Forbes & Co. The
lit m announces that It Intends to do busi
ness "on the square" and at the lowest pos
sible rates. It rolers to any of the banks of
Wheeling any of the county or state officers
to J. J. Jncksnn , Judge ot thu district court
of the United States for the district of West
Vligliila , to J. N. Cauidcu , late United
States senator from West Virginia , and to
General B. F. Kelly of Washington. Ac
companying the circular is a private letter of
Instructions asking officers to bend
to the firm their accounts for
the month which they deslro
to discount , filled In and signed precisely as
they would be prepared for the paymaster.
Kuch account Is to bo endorsed In blank.
This linn suggests that It would bo agreeable
for It to have the officers draw the pay them
selves and in order to facilitate this It otTcis ,
upon naymcnt of Interest due and forwardIng -
Ing of next month's account , cndorspd In
blank , to return the account originally mort-
Bated. By this little scheme an artnv or navy
officer can be kept continually Indebted to
these men , with the privilege of paying 20
per cent interest on his money every month
for the boon of constant slavery. Several of
ficers vt ho have received these circulars are
indignant at the Insult thus offered to the
service , and especially disgusted that a
United States senator , as Camden was when
the firm first pave him as reference , could bo
induced to glvo his countenance to such a
A Fraudulent Pension.
CiiicAoo. Juno 20. [ Special Telegram to
the Bee. I Francis Patterson , better known
as Blind Patterson , who received over 513-
000 as back pension recently , has parted with
the money already. As soon as Patterson re
ceived his check , several Individuals became
interested in his behalf. A legal movement
was instituted to place Patterson and his
money In the hands ot a guardian. While
the proceedings were under way , Patterson
and his wife and daughter lied from thestatc ,
going to Troy , Pa. At Troy they were met
by Dr. A. N. Mills , and went to Wllllamsport ,
where the ccrtlficato of deposit of 810,000
on the Second National bank of Etinira was
turned over to Mills , hu holding power ot at
torney for the blind pensioner. AS
soon as the check of deposit came
to the Second National bink for
collection , Dvaid Pratt , teller of the bank ,
who had been appointed guardian of Patter
son , immediately made preparations for
overhauling the parties. At Koiiova , Pn. ,
he found Patterson and his wife and daugh
ter , but Mills had gene on to Washington
with nearly tlio entire amount of the pen
sion. When It became known that the Pat
tersons and Dr. Mills had fled fiom the city
an astounding state of affairs came to light
In connection with the Patterson pension.
Wllkes Miller , a well-known citizen , went
before Justice Galalln and made affidavit
that at the Instigation of Mills and on prom
ise of 81,000 it the pension was secured he
made affidavit that Patterson had sore eyes
while In the army. Now It appears that Pat
terson's blindness was caused by dlsoascaud
not by service in the armv and that the large
amount of pension received by him WAS se
cured by fraud , and the government will
have the task of arresting and punishing
every one connected with the fraudulent
transaction. _ _
A Biff Attachment.
NEW YOIIK , June 20. Upon affidavit
made by Alexander Long the Bank of Mon
treal has obtained from the supreme court an
attachment in this Htato aualnst the Fidelity
National bank , of Cincinnati , O. It was
procured In a suit Instituted to recover S200-
000 , the value of two checks , A 5100.00 (
check , drawn by the Fidelity bank at Cin-
clnnntl , June 14 , payable to the order of .1.
W. Wilshlro at the Chemical National bank ,
of this city , and endorsed to the payees , J.
W. Hoytand Irwln. Green & . Co. , came Into
the possession of the Montieal hank with
another similar check. The checks were
presented lor payment at thn Chemical bank ,
but were protested , hence this suit and at
CINCINNATT , June 20. Concerning the
drafts which form the basis of thu suit men
tioned In to-day's New York dispatch , thn
ollicoia of the Fidelity bank say payment on
the drafts were stopped by order of the payet )
because ot fraudulent representations. Bank
Examiner Powell , sent iiero by the treasury
department , has served official notice on the
Fidelity bank that in consequence of allowing
Its drafts to go to protest It will not be per
mitted to reonen to-morrow except under anew
now organization , which will exclude from
office E. L. Harper , vlco president and gen
eral manager , Ammi Baldwin , cashier , and
Ben Thompkins , assistant cashier. The
stockholders will meet to-morrow early to en
deavor to fix the matter up.
- o
The Chicago Hoodlers.
CHICAGO , Juno 20. The question of ad
mitting the conIctud boodlors to bail has
been taken under advisement by Judge
Shepard. States Attorney Grlnncll an
nounced that he would bo ready Wednesday
to commence the trial of the next case , which
Includes all the indicted commissioners and
ex-commissioners , as well as Wardens "Var-
nell , Frcy and a contractor. Ho also expects
to he able to glvo notice of the other cast's , so
bv the end of the week , perhaps , two or three
boodlcr tilals will bo pie russlng simultan
Franco's Flae Waves Oror narlboo.
LiONno.v , June 20. In the house of com
mons this evening , Sir Henry Holland , sec
retary for the colon Ins , said the governor of
Sierra Leon had Informed the government
that the conference between the French and
the natives resulted in the hoisting of the
French flag at Barlboo on the Gambia river.
Barlboo was fn tbu sphere of British In
fluence , and the native chiefs wnro under
treaty obligations to England. Sir Henry
said dispatches were beine exchanged be
tween the Eugllsh and French govern ments
In regard to the matter.
Jake Sharp's Trial.
Nnw YOIIK , Juno 20. In the Sharp trial
to-day the examination of bank cashjers
brought out the fact that they had col
lectively cashed for Foshay , one of Sharp's
partners , a number of checks aggregating In
value 8700,000 , and at his request , cave him
bills of the largest denomination. The ob
ject was to show they were probably the
large bills used in bribing the aldcruieu.
The TVabash Case.
CnioAoo , June 20. Justice Harlan to-day
told the attorney In the Wabash case that he
had reached the conclusion that It ought U ;
be withdrawn from the court , where It had
no place. Ho advised the lawyers to come tn
an understanding In the matter. They cou <
eluded to think the matter over.
End of * liong Strike.
WOHCESTKII , Mass. , June 20. The locked'
out boot-makers decided , all but the lastcru
and bottomcrs , to return to work on the besl
terms possible. This practically ends the
great strike which hns been In pro reas live
The Hlchhlndcrs.
ST. Louis , Juno 20. Thn r.uprfino court re
versed the decision In the Hlghbliidnrs case ,
where two Chlnmneti , Chlo Geom and Chlag ,
were sentenced to b hanged for the murdei
of Lou Johnson.
Three Young People Drowned \7hilo
Boating on tbo Lake.
A Newspaper at Dtiknln City IMoil lly
Lightning The Illinois Con-
tral'ti Now Iilnc Nebraska
anil lo\vn Ncwa.
Triple Drown I MI ; Accident.
KKAIINKY , Neb. , Juno 20. ( Special Telfr
gram to the BKK.J Last night about 11
o'clock occurred a most heartrending acci
dent on Lake- Kearney , when Nicholas An-
lerson , Miss llutda Priobo and Miss Dora
itunfelt weio ill owned. At about 0:30 : An *
lerson hired a boat , taking the two young
adies with him , going to the north cud ofi
the lake. The boat house keeper heard thorn ,
Hinging until ne.vrly 10 o'clock , and whoa
midnight came , not hearing from the party ,
10 started out on a hunt , soon finding the
boat turned overand hats lying on the water.
An alarm was at once given , but tliu night
nine dark , nothing could bo done till morn-
Ing. By using ill ,12 hooks all three bodies
were reco > ered by about 0 o'clock this morn-
ng. The bodies were taken In charge by the
county coroner , Dr. M. A. Hoover , who lm <
panelled a jury , who found that death was
caused by accidental drown I lie. Mr. Anderson - <
son was twonty-nlno years old , a Dane by
birth , and had lived In Kearney for the pasteur
our years , working In Swltz's wholesale
furniture store. Miss Itunfelt came hero a ,
short time ago from Osage , la. , where he <
Barents live , and was teen to have boon
married to Anderson. Miss Ptlebe's homtf
was at Grand Island. Where thu young
Folks wore drowned the water was about
Iftcen feet deep and the lake only about
forty yards wide , it can never bo known
what caused the accident. The whole town
is In excitement.
Starting a New Iilno.
Sioux CITT , la. , Juno 20. [ Special Tele
gram to the UKK. I Saturday an engineering
party was started from Chcrokco toward
Sioux City by the Illinois Central railroad
company , and this morning the same com
pany started another party eastward from
James Station to meet the first one. This
line will swing south of the Illinois Central
indgivo It a more direct and a shorter line to
Chicago and the south , nnd it probably fore
shadows the Hale of the present linn Irom Lo-
Mars hero to the Chlcago.St.l'aul , Minneapolis
& Omaha railway. The latter company has
n > ver fulfilled the conditions ot Its grant by
coming In on this leased line , aud probably
now moans to mund its wa\s. The now line
will also Include considerable territory cov-
vcred In the survey of the Sioux City Jb
Northwestern and open up some very rlelvi
eountiy to biouCity's trade. To obstruct ?
the building of that road may bo tlio purpose
of the Central in this survey.
A Newspaper Struck Ry Ughmlng.
DAKOTA CITY , Neb. , Juno 20. [ Special to >
the Br.K. | During the progress of the storm
this morning the North Nebraska Eagle ?
office , the only newspaper published In the
county , was stiuck by lightning , the nortuf1
endot the building being entirely demolished.
Gfit Twetitjr-Flve Years ;
CLINTON , la. , June 20. [ Special Telegram
to the BKK.J Red Dillon , tried for the mur
der of Tim Maloney on the street hero a i
short time ago , was today sentenced to ,
twenty-five years in the penitontlary at hard
_ _
A Fnrnior Suicides.
THAKH , la. , Juno 20. | Special Tole-
giam to the Br.K.J G. W. Peach , n farmer
living near here , cut his throat last night nnd
was round dead In his bod. Financial" !
troubles are supposed to be the cause of the
A llano Drowned.
CLINTON , la. , Juno 20. ( Special Telegram
to the BIKI Peter Peterson , a Dane , was
drowned whllo bathing In the Mississippi at
this place yesterday.
Worse Than l-'lrst Itcportcd.
VinNNA , June. 20. Later particulars show
that the recent leiry accident at Sams , on the
Danube rlvor , was much worst ) than was at
hrst reported. The boat was feariully over
loaded , having -100 persons on board. It is
stilted that the boatmen wnro Intoxicated ,
The panic on hoard was feaitul. Tliu boil lea
recovered glvo evidence of fearful death
struggles In tholr tattered clothes and dis
torted laces. It is estimated that : > 00 persons
were drowned. Over 200 bodies have been
recovered. Tlio recognition of bodies by
Irienils on shore Is attended with heartrending - *
ing scenes.
Maxwell Will Hang.
ST. Louis , Juno 20. Maxwell , alias Brooks ,
the murderer of Preller , Is to bo hanged.
The supreme court refused to reverse tlio de
cision of court. The prisoner was notified !
by his attorneys yesterday and was very
much dejected.
Brooks' counsel will now , It is said , move
for a rehearing of the case. If this falls an
attempt will bo made to get It before the
United States supreme court on constitu
tional points. The date of execution Is fixed
for July 12.
Too Much Paper.
Piui.ADKM'iiiA , Juno 20. Sloan & Sons ,
cotton cnrokers , who suspended payment ,
were otulged to close their doors on account
of the Insolvency of the Washington Manu
facturing Company , whoso paper it had en
dorsed to the extent. It Is said , of j2X ; > ,000.
The liabilities In addition to this aru about
3100,000. The assets will bo sufficient to cover
th ( ! amount. The proprietor of the Washing
ton Manufacturing Company said ho believed
the company would pay dollar tor dollar.
the Kcolonlastlcnl Itill.
Biiii.r.v : , June 20. The second chamber o
tlio diet of Ilcsso has passed the ecclesiastical
bill , settling thn confiict between HOSKO and
the Vatican. The arrest of Deputy Krackcr
on Saturday evening Is attributed { to his be
ing a member of a secret society , the center
of which Is at Ureslau. Jungs , who was
arrested at Murzburg , and Markus the student
arrested at Lfreulau , are mcmuoitt of tbo
same society.
Ilnril nn the Father.
CHICAGO , June80Tho ton-year-old son
of Engineer McDonald , the convicted boodlcr ,
fell from a window to-night and was fatally
Injured , hherllt Mattson could not bo found
and McDonald , notwithstanding strenuous
efforts by his brother , the noted politician
and eambler , remained Imprisoned In a cell
whllo the boy laid dying.
Suspicion * ! DchpcradocH Arrested.
AUSTIN , Tux. , Jutin 20. Governor Itoss
received atelcgrun to-day Informing him ot
the arrest of three decporato characters In
Lava county , suspected of being Implicated
In the Southern 1'adiui tralu robbery of last
Saturday mornlnir.
Sitlcidn or A Munlnror.
CIIICAOO ' , Jutin 20. Henry Doelltch , the
German'butcher , who on Saturday murdered
Frank Meludel In this clt > , was captured
and locked up at Elgin to-day. Shortly after
lucarceitttlon he hung hlmsult to the jail
Workmen Hurled Allvo.
KKIK. Pa. , June 20. By the caving In of a
hlL'h biuik at the lake front to-day , John
Elsie and Jacob Fehrcnbach were burled and
kilted. John O'Liuuhllii was serlou.ily In
jured and was uot dug out for three-auartcni
ol an hour ,