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EtllTcrtd by rnrricr In nnjpfirtof thecltrnt
twenty cents per weuk.
H. W. TIZ.IOH. - JIanator.
TKUi'HONn3 !
BCPiNrFROmcE. No. 13.
NIOIIT Eimou No. S3.
N. Y.Plumblng Co.
New spring ijoods atllcltcr's , tailor.
Tlio city council meets tins evening.
Additional Council 15lull's news on the
ecvcntli pu o.
J. I/.ihe.v : uul T. Unrko arc in jail for
ordinury drunks.
Tliu Nellie Hatcher benefit takes place
to-morrow evening.
Tlio city jnll contained twelve prison
ers .yesterday morning.
The Now York plumbing company has
put a gas machine into Hotel Manawa.
DWanted A good girl for general house
work. Mrs. P. M. 1'ryor , TOO Sixth ave
An election of olliccrs takes place to
night at the regular meeting of the real
estate association.
A. D. Hull will be called before the
> oliec judge to-day tor being drunk and
ndecent exposure.
Two "p-h-y-s" got drunk and wore
( ailed yesterday. One J. Murphy , the
jthor James Murpliv.
QTlio Council IMull's Carpet company is
luriiishing the curtains , carpets , drupor-
les , etc. for Hotel Alanawa.
A numbur of gentlemen interested in
horse racing will start to-day for Cedar
Uupidsjto attend the races.
The police will arrest all persons
caught violating the ordinance by shoot
ing oil' lire crackers before the Fourth.
The demand for bathing .suits will now
begin , one of the ciilerprisiui : houses al
ready having received a large number.
The Presbyterian church was tilled to
Its utmost last evening at the service
given by the Sunday school in connection
with children's day.
Herman Shumaker was allowed to go
free yesterday , to appear this morning to
answer the charge of being drunk and
using profane language.
Pat llunnitan has been again arrested.
Pat never comes to town'.but what he bus
to visit his old time hotel quarters in this
city , Hotel do Ouanella.
A number of the Omaha Elks visited
the lake on Saturday evening. They
wore entertained by Frank Clark , pro
prietor of Hotel Manawa.
John Johnson , an old resident of the
city , died yesterday morning about 4
o'clock , Ills wife died but a few months
ago. The funeral will bo held Tuesday.
It is stated upon good authority that
the faro on the new motor line will bo
twenty-live cents to Lake Manawa and
return , and possibly they will sell live
round trip tickets for $1.
The thermometer at 10 o'clock yester
day morning stood 8-lo and finally reached
80V in the afternoon. There was a nice
breeze and in consequence the day did
not appear as warm as the two previous
The tabernacle is in St. Louis being re
paired. It is to bo hero this week , and
will bo set up on Fourth street , on the
game site as that occupied last reason.
Mr , Whitehead will conduct the serv
ices , which will begin next Sunday even
Judge Carson is to give three interest
ing decisions to-day. One is on the mo
tion for a new trial in the Jones murder
case , another is the Joseph divorce matter -
tor ; the other is the suit of Wilson vs. the
city , in which a motion for u new trial is
A .great fishing party went out to Uig
Lake Saturday. Among them were Fred
Lyons , J. L. Martin , r.d. Copbally A.
Vanorder and Mr. Sechrist , the train
dispatcher. They quit fishing at 11:55 :
sharp , so as not to bo caught on the
Sunday law , and carne homo hcuvilv
laden with fish poles.
It is understood that the only objection
that lays in the way of the Omaha row
ing association building a club house on
Lake Manawa and accepting the propo
sition of the Council Ulufl's rowing asso
ciation , is that the Omaha club is await
ing the fixing of the passenger tarifY on
the Mauawa motorline. . If the fare is
placed at a low figure , they say they will
build a club house hero , otherwise they
will remain where they are.
Officer Rose yesterday attempted to ar
rest a railroad man on lower Main street.
Ho oflered an objection by way of punch
ing Koso in the oyo. Rose drew his billy
and after u couple of sound raps on the
head the intoxicated man concluded ho'd
bettor go to jail. A friend put in an ap
pearance and the ollicor allowed the of
fender to go homo instead of to jail.
Whether ho will appear before the police
judge this morning remains to bo scon.
Joseph Cole , who resides in Omaha ,
came over yesterday and wont to the
homo of Samuel Andrews , near the
Northwestern round-house , where , it is
alleged , his wife , Mary , resides with
Andrews. Andrews was away from
borne , and Cole proceeded to force his
wife to accompany him , and in so doing
raised the whole neighborhood. A tele
phone message caused the police to out
in an appearance , and the trio were
arrested , Mary being the only one not
looked up. Their diflicultics will prob
ably bo settled by the police judge this
For Bale.
Two drug stores in central Nebraska.
Good thriving towns. Will invoice from
11,000 to $2,600. Apply to
HA HUE , HAAS & Co. ,
Council Ulull's , Iowa.
J. W. & . L. Squire make beautiful
abstracts of title and deserve the success
they are enjoying.
Drs. Hanchott & Smith , oflico No. 13 ,
earl si. , residouco 120 Fourth st. Tele-
hone No. 10.
Personal Paragraph ) ) .
Mrs. James Leo leaves to-day for the
east on a visit.
S. E , Wilmot , of Dunlap , was at the Pa-
cilia yesterday.
William W. Rathborri , of Akron , O. ,
was in the cjty yesterday.
John Shields , of Cedar Rapids , was a
Bcchtclu guest yostorday.
Roy. G. W. Crofts is to deliver the ad
dress nt Tabor col logo next Sunday.
Tom Millett , of Dos Molncs , was among
the visitors at La to Manawa yesterday.
Frank Clark left last night for Chicago
and Milwaukee. He will return Thurs
H. L. Scofield , F. W. Parker and 1J. B.
GrillUh jr. , were a trio from Harluu , yes
terday in the city.
I. M. Hay is slowly Improving. Him
sprained ankle is causing him considera
ble inconvenience.
Miss FreUa Krebs is visiting her neico ,
Mrs. Gcorgo W. Schmdele. a few days
before starting east to her home in Penn
For a well-made , finely finished nnd
lovely toned piano , su < \ the Hardman.
\Vo are satisfied they will please , and
you will buy no other , The Mueller
Music Co. endorse the guarantee given
by tdo factory.
We have the finest screen frame mauu
facturedr. Economical. Perfect. Cole
ft Cole's , 41 Main street.
The Sharpest Oritlo of the Institution Now
Well Satisfied With It.
Seeking To Convert Itotnnn Cnthollcs
i\plnnntloiiH of the Itcportcd
Delays In the Motor Mnc Man >
AWM'B Mineral Water.
A Mtifi * lOitltnr'N Opinion.
E. liooth , of Anamosa , is one of the
oldest editors in the state , and one of the
most vigorous writers. As all krow , who
liave any knowledge of this man , he is
very outspoken , and is particularly free
to express any adverse opinion on any
matter in which he i.s interested. Ho K a
mute , and on this account as well as for
other reasons , he has taken a great deal
of interest in the institution for the deaf
and dumb located here. He has in the
! > ast sharply criticised the institution ,
under former managements , and his arti
cles on this subject have been copied ex-
; on ively by the papers of the state. Ho
las recently been here , and has boon ex
amining into the affairs of the institution
n his usual quiet but thorough manner.
It is gratifying to know that at last he
seems to lind everything to his liking.
His cMondcd experience and close obser
vation render the compliments to the in
stitution quite weighty , and the eiti/.ons
who take local pride in the institution
will gladly read what he has to say :
Itecently inadn a visit to Council BI tills
and , of course , to the Iowa school for the
deal , Maying long enough fur a thorniu'h in
spection , and , bplni : familiar with schools of
this nntiirr.c did not coniine our observa
tions to the surface of things. We found
matter : , In better shape than lor the past ten
jeuis. The new board of tiustnes have done
uliiit the old bo.trtl did not. Them Is a tiadl-
: ioii nt thu three wise men of Gotham , in
ilpsv conceit colmr to sea in a bowl and to
the bottom. The new trustees have more
prudently taken the mlvico of teachers and
men who uiidurstitud deaf iiinto Instruction
ha\e put at the head ot the Institution nn
old and accantable teacher , Mr. Wyckoll ,
and 100:1led : ! the former nnd favorite matron ,
Miss Wrieht , of Burlington. With tlieso
ollloers In chief control every one seems sat-
Isliod. Xotia single complaint from teachers
or pupils came to us.
Within the past lour jears the Improve
ments on the crotimls have been of a marked
character. The main building stands as be
fore. In the rear of this and connected by a
covered con liter , some thirty feet in length ,
a new building of two stories has been erect
ed , tht lirst story serving as dliiini : hull , and ,
back of that , the kitchen , and still luither
back is thu wash room , tho. work being tlono
by machinery driven by steam , while
In the rear of all this is the coal
house , under pround , and wo piesume the
steam engine was there , but wo did not de
scend Into the depths tar enoimli to see It.
Still fuithcr back and separated from all
others Is n small wooden build me for eold
storage. In the second story ot this dinim ;
hall building Is the chapel , largo and commo
dious and of the same slzo as the dining
room below. Further back are the .dining
rooms of the teachers anil olllcers of the es
tablishment , and still further in the rear are
the ironing rooms.
A tow rods dlttant from this building a
large and well-planned school house has been
erected. It is a two-story structure and has
rooms for nbout twenty classes , eafh class
having Its own room and Its own teacher.
The number of classes Is fifteen , and among
thorn the artist class. Here wo came upon
over a doicn boys and girls engaged In draw
ing , and for their ago thov show admirable
ease and proliclency. In nil the class rooms
there is apievatllng tlioughtfnlness of coun
tenance natural to persons engaged in study ,
but In the artist room It seemed more intent ,
and the teaehor , Miss Clement , ns she llltted
mound from one to another , might bo taken
as the embodiment of nn ally smite.
The workshops , of com so , received our at
tention. They were pietty well supplied
with tools and machinery nnd , wo thought ,
might bo enlarged with advantage. The
printing oflico turnlshcs employment for
near thirty boys nnd girls , nnd hero thov
Issue the weekly Deaf Mute llnwkeye , with
two junior Hawkoyes by the children Inde
Tim waterworks are a capital Improvement
on the old system. An artesian .veil has
been bored , nnd , by means of Iron pipes , sup
plies a pond nt a snort distance , discharging
the water by another pipe , when occasion
requires. Into Mosquito creek. This pond Is
enclosed by a high and tight board fence ,
with barb wires along the top , keeping tha
boys out save at dusk , when , under cnro
of a supervisor , they are allowed to
bathe. In winter clear w nter Is admitted by
turning a fnucot , and the Ice Is stored
for summer use. By means of another plpo
the water is forced by natural pressure nn
the hill to the plateau on which nil the build
ings descilbed nbovo are situated , nnd Is , by
the snmo natural pressure from the nrtcsinn
well , sent Into the liist , second nnd third
stories of the mnln building. Superintend
ent Wyckoir told us he was experimenting
with the fourth or highest story ; that the
water reaches live feet nbovo that lloor , but
with less force. If he succeeds in obtaining
a sulllclant supply In that story he will bo
able to save to the state the monthly wages
now paid to ono man. IB short , this artesian
well Is of great value , the water pure and
used for all purposes In cooklne nnd drinkIng -
Ing , and will eventually pay back to the
state many times its cost. It needs no
pumping , Is a spontaneous flow , nnd through
pipes , is sent to the height ot nearly sixty
feet.The children are allowed by the state ten
or twelve years for education , about the same
as Is allowed children who hear. They seCm
well contented in fact , satisfied and fully
at home. Many enter at the ace ot eight and
nine years. Wo went up In to'the boys' sleepIng -
Ing rooms In the morning while they were
rising and saw a woman nurse dressing ono
of the smallest cbubs ot the lot. The water
from the artesian well Hews from a pipe the
length of a room , and there they washed
their hands and faces before going down
This Iowa school for the education ot the
deaf is really a Rood and pleasant borne for
tbe children , and one the state may bo
proud of.
The superintendent , Mr. Wyckoff , Is thor
oughly familiar with the sign language , and
It may be said to bo his mother tongue , he
having boon In dally contact with It from
Infancy , his parents deaf mutes nnd gradu
ates of the New York institution over a half
century ago. Hence ho understands the
home and every day life ot thin class , and
Is not put out. perplexed or discouraged nt
the little diftlculties or Impediments that
may possibly nilse now and then In a family
ot over ono hundred nnd fitly children. He
knows want education can nnd will do for
them , nnd , besides , is naturally rood tem
pered nnd nleit , mentally and physically.
There Is nothing of pretense In his make-up.
Converting Catholics.
Rev. Dr. Fulton , of Brooklyn , preached
two rather remarkable soruions yester
day in the Baptist church. One was in
the morning , the other in the afternoon ,
nud on both occasions there were large
audiences ot attentive listeners. Ir.
Fulton resigned the pastorate of ono of
the large churches to give his time to the
cause which ho so enthusiastically advo
cates , the conversion of thu Hainan Cath
olics. This was the chief theme of both
of his addresses yesterday. Dr. Fulton
as a pulpit orator , has gained a great
reputation , and certainly is a very enter
taining speaker , but these who expected
to hoar great oratory wore somewhat
disappointed. He is far from being a
finished , cultured speaker. The English
language gets almost AS hard blows as
does Roraanini. He is earnest enough
to atone , however , for some of his pecul
iarities of speech and manner. One can
not but listen to him attentively , smile at
his quaintncss , and bo moved by his en
thusiasm. Unlike many others who have
made war upon Romanism , there Is not
much bitterness in bis talk , his theory ev
idently being that the Roman Catholics
are In error , rather tban iu malice , and
that they need to bo Converted to n true
belief in Christ for their own good. There
seems to be no disposition on his part to
pound Catholics on account 01 their
belief , but he expresses an earnest desire
to lead them into what ho deems the true
light. He is very frank in uttering his
opinions of the effects of Romanism upon
its followers , and ho depicts these , as
shown by history and by experience , as
disastrous to familv and to slate , Ho
narrates many incidents of how happy
Catholics have been led into the
right belief , and ho takes the ground that
there are thousands of them who would
bo glad to bo shown the right way , if
Christians would only explain it to them.
Ho scores the Christians for being so
timid in talking to Catholics and explain
ing to them the truth.
lr. Fulton charges the Catholic church
with doing away with the trinity. Ho
declares that they substitute the infallible
pope for ( Jed , and nmko the pope's de
crees to bo obeyed in preference to the
word of ( Jod. Ho charges them with
niiiklng Mary the mediator in place of
Christ , thus doing away with the second
of the trinity. He claims that they sub
stitute the sacraments and rites of the
church for the Holy Spirit , thus doing
awiy : with the third of the trinity. Ho
denounces the usage by which priests are
not allowed to marry , and dwells upon
what he considers the evil ellects of this
feature of the Catholic church. Ho pro
tests against thu power granted to priest
hood , and claims that the religion , as
taught , is a gloomy belief , whereas the
helief in Christ should bo a joyful one ,
taking siwuj all dread of dcatll and the
iJr. Fulton is devoting his whole time
and energy to this work of stirring up
the churches to work for the conversion
of Catholics. Ho is to speak in Omaha
this evening on the Irish question , und
From what ho indicated yesterday , ho evidently -
idently believes that Christianity depends
greatly upon the power of the Entrlish
government , and that wherever the Hag
of that nation lloats , there Christianity
can bo preached freely , but if that Hag
can be pulled down , then there will be
in uprising of Catholic despotism , and
their freedom will be no more.
Mnnnwii and Its Rond.
The Manawa season mav now bo said
: o be fairly opened , that is , so far as
bathing at Manhattan beach is concerned.
The bathing , although indulged in by
some several weeks ago , has not been
general until within the past three days.
Friday , Saturday < timl Sunday could very
: > rouerly be called tno opening days at
Manhattan beach.
The second season at Lake Mauawa
opens auspiciously , and Manhattan
beach appears to have lost none of
is attractiveness judging by
: ho crowds that now congregate upon the
jcaeh to bathe and see the bathing.
Mcssr.s.'OdolI Hros. A : Co. have the entire
control of the beach this season and have
made extensive preparations for a prolit-
iblo season.
Everything is in readiness at the
beach. Water works have been put infer
for the purpose of wetting down the sand
upon the beach and making it hard ; the
jath houses have been painted white out-
sid9 , with brown roofs ; a new substantial
spring board has" been erected , as well as
new life lines having been put
up. Several hundred bathing
suits have been laid in ,
they all being of a better quality than
those of last season. The beach is well
lighted , but more shade would bo very
desirable as welf as more ventilation in
tliu bath houses.
Messrs. Lome & Metzger have n fine
pavillion erectc ! , and serve their custom
ers with all the desirable dishes if they
wish to order thorn. Besides ieo cream ,
soda , lemonade , cigars , etc. , they have a
short order bill of luro. Mr. Meteor is
in attendance and superintends the in
Two steamers are now plying between
Hotel Manawa lauding and Manhattan
beach. The steamer Manawa is neatly
JHtcd up and considerably larger than
the Litth ) Gem , but both boats are a great
convenience and comfort to those who
wish to make the trip by steam.
Mr. Woolsey is building r Hat
bottom steamer which ho claims
will carry about seventy-live persons. It
\yill not bo completed much before the
Fourth. The steamer Manawa makes
the trip in ten minutes and charges
twenty-live cents the round trip. There
are as usual any quantity of row boats
and skill's of all descriptions on the lake.
Many of them arc used as ferry boats ,
while others simply for pleasure.
A very pleasing sight for this country
is to see the paper boats glide through
the water as well as other members of
the rowing association out in the gigs ,
barges and pleasure boats.
If the \Vabash general agent in this
city will give instructions to have the
freight ears , that invariably stand on thu
Wnbush track at the crossing of the road
to Manawa , left apart a distance of about
a hundred feet , ho will confer a great
favor on these \ylio drive to Manawa.
The foreman in the construction of the
Manawa motor railway was yesterday
seen by a BEE representative. That gen
tleman said : "We have laid track to
station No. 40 , which is1,000 feet. There
are 5,280 feet in a mile. The road will
probably bo four and n quarter miles
long. The motors as well as the cars
were shipped from Now Jersey on the
loth instant. The iron is all on the road ,
but if no more arrives to-night or in the
morning , wo will bo through layinc iron
by IU o'clock Monday morning. It
is all 25-pound steel rails ; 2,000 ties
are laid to thu mile. They are all of the
best material , being Norway pine. At
the curves we use oak tics. We have
sixty odd men at work. If no unforscen
delay occurs wo'll have the road running
before the Fourth of July.
Some of thu croakers are making a
great noise about the Manawa motor line
having been stopped in the process of
tracK laying by the Chicago. Burlington
& Qnincy road local ollicials and the
placing of "Q" engines at thu crossing to
blockade them. Notwithstanding the
talk caused by this class of people the
work of laying the motor line track will
go steadily on and the sixty odd men in
their employ will continue to work to-day
just as if this little misunderstanding had
not occurred.
After the "Q" people got their engines
out , for some reason or other the Chicago
cage , Milwaukee & St. Paul railway be
came frightened and thought their
tracks were to be cut. The Omaha local
ollicial of the Milwaukee with an attorney
arrived in this city Saturday night
and proceeded to get , out injunction pa
pers. The papers were served on Mr.
Lrunphcrc about 11:15 : o'clock Saturday
night , enjoining the Manawa motor line
from crossing the Milwaukee truck.
In order to get at the correct and bottom
tom facts in the case , a BEK representa
tive called on W. M. Liunuhoro yester
day. Ho said : "I'm under th imprcssion
that the railroad people thought wo were
going to force u crossing. 1 saw a dis
patch from the Milwaukee otllcials whicl
led me to believe they will allow it ,
Their orders worn positively not to allow
us to cross until satisfactory terms were
arranged. The circumstances are righl
hero : We asked the privilege for an
ordinury street cur crossing , und tc
notch their rails. If they allow us , 11
would be to their advantage. If we rn
ccivu the horse car privilege , it relieve !
them of the state law compelling them U
stop their trains at each crossing. The ; ;
seem to look at it in another light , am
that wo are a regular steam road. I lmv <
not heard a word trout thu Chicago , Bur
lington & Quinny yet in regard to wha
they vi h. Mr. Given , of the Rocl
Island , telegraphed that the Rock Islam
engineer would bo here Monday after
noon , and then we could have a persona ,
conference , which is by far better thai
to be compelled to act bj correspondence
1 anticipate no trttliblu whatever with the
Hock Island people. "
"Is It n fact that the motor line com
pany have not yet , incorporated , and in
consequence have no rights before the
state railway connnis'ion ? " was asked.
"That is something 1 am not acquainted
with It is an important question in the
case. In that case , however , Mr. Graves Is
btilldlng tliu road for the original Ma
nawa motor company. I think , though
the incorporation is all right. I don't
think the limit of time has yet expired ,
but that is a mattec I'm not acquainted
with. We are past nil the roads with
our track. Wo wufc not going to put the
crossings in yet. Jn fact we did not an
ticipate putting them down until next
Friday or Saturday at the earliest. I had
the impression Saturday that they would
get out a writ of injunction. I think them
a little hasty , but 1 suppose they know
their business. They have a right to de
mand reasonable crossings , and wo are
willing to put them in. The motor line
will benelit all of the railroads centering
in this city. Excursion parties from all
over Iowa and Nebraska , as well as from
northern Missouri , will come to Lake
Manawa just as soon us the railroad is
completed. The Omaha Boat club is only
awaiting the completion of the road
and It will build a line boat house.
Already there are applications in from
several excursion parties who wjsh a day ,
but no date can yet be given until every
thing is in order to entertain them. One
of the excursions have 8,000 , people on
the line of the road that want a date. If
tliu motor line and Lake Manawa with
the improvements can influence people
like this , the motor line will do a big
help to every road in this citr. Wo
apply to thu superintendents of the dif
ferent roads to cross. 1 have made a
formal application by letter und tele
gram to all the roads and until wu hear
from them and satisfactory terms arc
arranged no crossing w'll ' be laid. These
people wore probably afraid we'd lay the
crossinjis on Sunday and thought they'd
taico precaution. Any road crossing
another must keep the crossing in proper
condition. If they should delay us we of
cmu > e cannot complete the road by the
Fourth , but otherwise every thing will
be in running order then.
The original company were to see that
wo had no trouble in cros.singas I under
stood it. I think it is in writing. At any
rate that was the verbal understanding.
1 don't anticipate ar.y trouble , but possi
bly there may be some slight delay
caused. 1 should think that they'd rcali/.o
the fuel that they were engaged in rattier
a small busme . The Koek Kland cross
ing will probably be settled Monday sati
isfactorily , and to a certain extent this
iigreemcnt may inlluonco the other roads.
'I lie Wabash people have wired their re
ceiver in New York , and 1 expect an an
swer on Monday. "
Mr. Lumphere was seemingly a little
interested in what the Q. and Milwaukee
were doing as any disinterested person ,
and through his conversation ho seemed
satislied that just as soon as a conference
could bo held witli any of the ollicials ,
everything would bo arranged satisfac
The 1'Mi-Ht Stop
Toward plotting what is destined to bo
the gilt-edge inside property of the city ,
was made Saturday by the deeding of a
street on Mt. Lincoln , by J. P. Casady
and K. C. Colo.
This property is surrounded by the
ionics of our wealthiest and most inllu-
cntial citixcns , is only live blocks from
the First National bank , one block from
LWO paved streets , within easy access to
the street cars ana motor lines , com
prises the most extensive view in the city ,
which includes all the glens , from Foster's
ureoiihousc , upper Broadway and Mad
ison street , to Alain street in its entire
length , with Lake Mnnawa and the entire -
tire city of Omaha in the south and cast.
It is the only point from which the entire -
tire city can be viewed.
Cole & Cole own the property to the
north of the new street which comprises
a block of seven lots fronting south
easterly , which will be called Prospect
Place. They comprise the finest view ot
any of the tract , and will bo immediately
platted and sola only to parties desiring
jots for impiovcmcnt , who will build res
idences costing not loss than 13,000 each.
Three of the lots arc already taken and
residences arc to bo built on each guar
anteed to cost from § 5.000 to $8,000 each.
Parties wanting desirable locations are
invited to call and see the plat and get
full particulars.
Prices and terms are very reasonable ,
and a rare bargain , as such property can
not bo duplicated in any western city.
Inquire of
COI.E & Cou : , No. 41 Main St ,
Council liliills.
TINNEKS WANTIUK Competent work
men can apply at Cole & Cole , 41 Main
To I ho. I'lililio.
On Monday next , June 20 , I will open
up in the McMuckcn building , corner
Broadway and Sixth streets , a line of
goods similar to the line now carried by
me in my establishment on Upper Broad
way. Tlio new shop will bo run under
the title of L. C. Brackcttit Co. Trusting
to receive a share of your patronage , I
am Yours truly ,
Latest improved gasoline stoves at N
504 Main street. W. A. Wood.
Mr. S. Farnsworth , of the First Na
tional bank , has one of the best and most
convenient gas pipe rail fences around
his property , corner of Willow avenue
and South Eighth street , in this city.
The fence was erected by C. J. Bcckmun ,
with the Bcckmun patent locking
bracket. It will bear examination. Mr.
C. J. Bcckmau's patent locking bracket
is gaining ground , and ere long will bo
in universal use.
Boys , llcware.
Tlio ordinance in regard to fire crack
ers , ntc. , is to be strictly enfoiced , and
these violating it will bo arrested and
prosecuted. F. H. GIUNBLLA ,
i City Marshal.
For rupture or Imruia , call and got Dr.
Rico's new invention. It makes a man
of you in five minutes. No pain. No. 11
Pearl street.
Iu Amber ,
etc.Hair Or
nnmonts , as
well us the
newest MOV
cltk'Hiu hair
. . . Hair gooila
niadcto order
Mr . C. L. Gillette
20 Main St. , Council Muffs , Town. Out
of town work solicited , anil all mail
orders promptly attended to.
Engineer , Surveyor , MapPuhlisher
Over No. 12 Xorth Main St.
City and county mar * , ot citlei and oountlog
weitfra lo wa , .Nebraska andKansui.
NOTICE. ftdrcrtlfcnicnH , cucb as Lost , Found
tiol/oan , For Stlo , To Kent , ftnntJ , ttoMillnir ,
etc. , trill liolimoiUM In this ( olumn nt the loir
ratoofTBNCi.NTSl : > KULlNEforthonmlii ! > er-
Ion nnd c'lvsContl Per Line fo.-unch ( Hlbsoijuont
Insertion. Loiivo mlrerllsomenttt nt our ulllco
No. 13 I'ciirl sticet , near ilronilirar , Couuull
WAXTIH ) A waiter nt Loulo & McUtfer's ,
f > 'i' > nuil D-T llroiulnay.
"IjlOH BAliK The entire furniture , tmr room
-L fixtures HIM kltolivn utcn lh or tliu it. ?
Louis ImiKo , in : < iulre of .nicoli Noilinnvcr ,
Neuimij-cr's hotel , Cmmo 1 1 II nil .
iriOH UKNT-Coiil ehoJs. olllco niut iciilrp , ono
JL ? live-room Homo. (1. MiiyiuKM Bill nve.
FUK ItKNT hlRht-room house , closets , good
rcpnlr. m No. C. lllulT st. _
WANTUD A peed cook nnd iflrl for ircnciiil
tionseworh In n family of tour. Mrs.
TliotnBs Olllcer , No. KCI Willow avenue.
TJUM SAlitt-OrTrado-SIx soctloui of KOOI |
-L1 Iniul In Lincoln rouuly. Nob. , on U. 1' .
rnllwiiy. Call on or niMress Odell llroa. A Co ,
UrM'imrlet. , Council lllutT" .
" \\rANTKD-A itnod Klrl for trononvl liouso-
work. Apply M TIM Plxth nventlQ.
Hiis a complete line of
! r Ililiorv ,
Largo hnts In vrhlto , lilnck nnil all colors. Pat
tern bonnets , litl : nml toqnei , u specialty.
No 1514 UoiiKlns St. , UniHlm.
Council BlulTs.Iowa.
EstabllBheil Jti" .
Vacant Lot . Lauds , City Ilcslilonccs nnd
1'urins. Acre property In western piirt of city.
All telllnff cheap to mnko room for spring stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Hoom 5 , over ODlccr & 1'uscy's liank , Cou
111 nils.
Finest Landaus
Coaches and Hacks in City.
orricKs :
No. 418 Broadway The Manhattan ,
Telephone No. 33
Na. 015 Main Street , Telephone No , 93.
Am ! Chronic Diseases ,
Of all kinds , call on
DR. RICE , No. 11 Pearl Street , Council
Bluffb , Iowa.
It. K1UE , M. n.
Cancers and other Tumors
Removed without the knite or Drawing o
Over .10 vcars Practical experience.
No. 11 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Star Sale Stab/es and Mule Yards
Ilrundwuy , Council llluirs , Opp. Dummy Depot
l\ S
Horses and mules kept constantly on
hand , for sale at retail or in car load
Orders promptly filled by contract on
short notice. Stock sold on commission.
SHLUTEK < k BULKY , Proprietors.
Telephone No. 11
Formerly of Keil Salo. Stables , corner
1st. ave. and 4th st
The finest of driving horses always on
hand and for .sale by
Attorneys at Law ,
cticc in the State nnd Fed era I Courtt
Rooms 7 and 8 Shug.irt-Beno Block.
Justice of the Peace ,
415 liroadway , Council Bin IK
Refers to any bank or business house in the
city. Collections a specialty.
Justice of the Peace.
Oillcejvur Aineilcan Kx
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
JVO. 23 MAIfi ST. ,
Eiseman's Peoples' ' Store ,
'llio largest department in the wrst will bo opened to the public , this week ,
with thousands yf the greatest bargains over oll'ered.
Lawns , Seersuckers , Silicons , llntlstcs , India Linens Victoria Lawns Mulls ,
Nainsooks , India Mulls , and ovcry ether known make of Summer \Vusli lood ! will
be in this great sale at prices way below any tormor quotation.
All of our summer stock must bo closed out during this and next month to make
room for the comlni ; season's goods.
Lace Embroideries , White Goods , KuHnngs , Tin-kings , Muslin Underwear
Ladles' , Misses' and Children's ( iiin/c , Halhriggan and Silk Underwear , Hosiery
Gloves and Mitts. Corsets , Linen Collars and ( 'nil's , Chemisettes nnd many other
goods to bo sold during this great sale regardless of cost or value.
Liberal Reduction on Domestics and Linens at
this Special Sale ,
Conic to the PC j pic's Slore and see what we can do for
MCII'N Furnishing Gtoodg , Hlcu' HoNlcry ,
MCII'N Underwear , Glen's .SiiNieiidcr | ,
Men's Night Shlrtv , niun's llandUurvliierM ,
nien'H Orcst SliirlM , Itlen > Kiiinnicr oalN ,
Men'H Fancy Percale Slilrls , menV Summer C'oaH anil Ve fN ,
Men's Working ShirU , MCII'N llalN and Cupi ,
Men'N Flannel Slilrfo , HIvii ! * IIool < * and Mine * ,
Vnlaiindricd Slilrln ,
All To Be Sold at Greatly Reduced Prices During
This Week's ' Special Sale !
Bargains in our Cloak and Suit Department
During This Week.
Ladle's Wrnpn , Ladles' Jacket * , Liulien' Jemeyi ,
Liullc * ' Slum-Is JLiidius' Calico , Sutccn , I.axvii ,
India Linen und Gingham Wraps , elegantly , trimmed with line Embroideries nnd
Laces at greatly reduced prices at this week's sale.
Now sample line of Wash Suits , made up , to bo closed out at half price during
the week.
Como and sec us and do not delay as these poods are selling at these reduced
prices ; come iu time und get the lirst selection.
Henry Eiseman & Co. ,
314 , 316 , 318 and 320 BROADWAY ,
Mail Orders receive prompt attention.
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council Ululfr Olllee , H3a oiilc
Temple. Oiiuiliu Oillceolll
North I mil street.
I'nrticitlur attention jiven to in *
voxtliitf fund * lor neil - resi
dent * . Special bargain * In loin &
acre properly In Omaha iV. Coun
cil ItliilU. Correspondence
OT iLaA * * Z&vslJlJoc <
Best $2.00 a day house in the west. y
Regular : - : Boarders : - : Reduced : : Rates.
team , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa
Mall Orders Shipped L'sui