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" 6 * ' . . - . . - " - . 'THE ' gfflflfrAV 'BEE ; JUNE 10. 18S7-TWELtE PAGES.
DtllTcrcd by carrier In nnypdrtof the city at
n tnty ccDta per wuok.
II. W. TILTON , Manager.
. No. 13 ,
N. Y.Plumbing Co.
New spring goods ntReltcr's , tailor.
Wanted A good girl for general house
work. Mrs. P. M , Pryor , TOO Sixth ave
nue. jT
l'crn/H vo wed was yesterday given to
Clarence H. Farrull , of Johnson county ,
Iowa , and Khoda Perkins , of this county.
Jimmy Casey , son of James Casey ,
who has a feed store on Uroadway , had
his arm dislocated by being thrown from
his pony.
Tlio rooms occupied by the free public
library are being furnished with a new
skylight , which necessitates the closing
of the room for a day or two.
George Dunlap was vcsterday after
noon arrested for being drunk and mak
ing a nuisance of himself in Haylisspark.
The case is to bo heard by Justice Uar-
A regular meeting of the real estate
association will be held on Monday night
nt tlio ollice of lienson & Mayne. Elec
tion of olliccrs , and other important busi
ness , will be transacted.
G. P. Peterson and Lena Pc.tcrson yes
terday got a license to re-marry , tlio
courts having granted a divorce last
spring. They have made up , and pro
pose to let Cupid reign.
The brick work on the new Catholic
church was stopped yesterday by a strike
on the part of the hod carriers , who want
n raise of twenty-live cents u day. The
matter will probably bo adjusted 'so that
the work will not bo delayed.
. llanford Ilinkson , of ( Jlcnwood , was
kept in the cooler over night for partak
ing too freolvof anti-prohibition. Charles
Crowley aud Charles Cherod were like
wise fined yesterday for the same offense.
Fred Kclso had to pay dearly for sleep
ing off a drunk on the Ogden house side
At n recent meeting called by the busi
ness men of Panama , arrangements were
made to celebrate the "glorious" on a
grand scale. The programme presents
in addition to all the usual attractions ,
several specialties of unusual merit. Hon.
Charles A. McKiu/.io , of Dunlap , will
deliver the oration.
Friday evening , Mrs , Hasolton and her
little daughter , and Mrs. J. E. llarkncss.
were out driving , when the horse jumped
at some object by the roadside , and the
carriage was suddenly overturned. Mrs.
llnselton had her ankle badly hurt , and
the little girl had an arm broken. Mrs.
llarkncss escaped witli some bruises , Tlio
carriage was badly demolished ,
The public evidently appreciates the
drinking fountain in Hayliss park. There
is little opportunity for the dippers to
rust. The water is kept cool by one
hundred and fifty pounds of ice daily.
The waste water causing the spot to be
muddy about tlio fountain , the trouble is
being obviated by tlio putting down of
The coming meeting at the driving
park is to bo the greatest ever held
hero. There was never such n list of en
tries , and the races will be the best yet
hold in Council IJluffs. With such liclds
of horses there will bo a crowd of people
drawn to this city. The chariot races
will also form nn interesting feature of
each day of the meeting.t
The boys are getting too previous. The
Fourth of July is not here and yet the
nuisance of lire crackers is getting so
that the city marshal is obliged to give
notice that ho will arrest all offenders
hereafter. Last evening some mischiev
ous lad fired a cannon cracker in front
of a barber shop on liroadway. The bar
ber was so startled that in jumping ho
cut his customer's chin very badly.
West Point Appointment.
Congressman Lyman , of this district ,
has been notified by the war department
to nominate a person for appointment as
n cadet to the United States military
academy , nt West Point , from this con
gressional district , the appointment to
take effect in June , 1838.
The person nominated must be be
tween the ages of seventeen and twenty-
two years , and a resident of this con
gressional district. He must bo unmar
ried nnd at least live feet in hcighth ;
free from any infectious or immoral dis
order ami generally from any deformity ,
disease or infirmity which may
render him nnlit . for military
Borvico. lie must bo well versed
in reading , writing , orthography ,
arithmetic , grammar , descriptive geog
raphy , particularly of this country , and
of the history of the United States. Who
shall receive this nomination shall bo de
termined by a competitive examination
by a committee of three competent gen
tlemen to bo selected by Congressman
Lyman. The examination will be held
at the court room , in the masonic build
ing in Council Ulull's , commencing at 10
o'clock n. in. , Friday , July 8a , 1837. At
the above named time nnd place nil
young men of this congressional district
who desire this nomination and come
within the requirements are requested to
present themselves.
A. Noodlosa Scare.
There was a report yesterday afternoon
that the Chicago , liurlington & Quincy
railway had a switch engine with a force
of men at the Ninth street crossing to
prevent the laying of the motor line across
Us tracks. The presence of the engine
and the men confirmed the belief
that the railway company proposed
opposing the motor line , and possibly
delaying it for some time by litigation.
The first is that by some oversight the
motor line folks neglected to give the
railway company a guarantee that the
crossing would bo made perfectly safa
nnd secure. The railway company has
taken this precaution to secure such a
crossing and such u guarantee. The
matter will bo adjusted immediately , and
as tliu crossing need not bo put in at
once , the work of track laying will
bo rushed right along. The
arrangements with the other railways
have been all made satisfactorily , nnd
the C. , U. & Q. matter can bo finally ad
justed , as it is a technical objection
simply. With the filing of a guarantee
ngainst liability from accident , the cross
ing will bo put iu without further ob
jection. _
Foltowlnir the Law.
There is au important section of the
statutes , in regard to the filing of deeds ,
which has not been lived up to very
closely in yoaM past. The present re
corder , Mr. Thomas , having his attention
directed to the matter , will hereafter not
record any deed until the requirements
of the following section are complied
with :
Sec. 1053. The recorder shall not file
for record any deed of real property until
the proper entries have been made upon
the transfer books in the auditor's ollice
'and endorsed upon the deed.
Personal lnrnKrpI > * .
Lucius Wells is In Chicago.
Mayor George K. Cole , of Pacific Juno-
, Uou , wait nt the Pacific yesterday.
F. U. Hart , of lloston , is visiting his
brother , . W. Hart.
A Wonderful List of Entries Tor the
Driving Park ,
Juntlce Dunklo Fired For Cursing
About President Cleveland Scr-
vices In the Sanctuaries Per
sonal anil Urlcflcts.
Opening Mnnawn.
The date of the opening of the Manawa
motor line and the now hotel has not
> ccn fully determined upon , but arrange-
ncnts arc being made to make that day
one of great interest and enjoyment to
nil. The completion of the railway is an
event winch all look forvard to with
; rcat delight , and the new hotel at the
ake is also an enterprise in which all
ake interest. These , with the other im-
irovements being made at the lake , will
'cndor ' this the popular summer resort
of western Iowa. On the day of the
opening there will be special rates given
on all the railways running into Council
.Huffs , and there will be all the desired
acilities for getting to and from the lake ,
and all needed means of enjoyment. It
s expected that there will bo several
housand of people from all points
of tlio compass. The Congro-
; atlonai church people have taken steps
n the matter , and are completing ar
rangements by which they will not only
iccuro a financial benefit from thci day ,
jut what is still more desirable , will se
cure the presence in this city of a largo
number of the best ncoplo of the sur
rounding country. Tickets will soon been
on pale , provided with coupons , so that
ho visitors to the city can at a comnara-
truly small expense , "enjoy riding on the
lew motor line , can nave ridea on the
ako , get a good dinner , have bathing
bport on the beach , and in fact , have a
uerry , healthful day's amusement and
recii'ation. The arrangements are ex-
ensive , and with all the attractions
vhicli this city presents , there will be a
crowd. The visitors arc to bo met at the
lepots , are to bo shown such courtesies
is are needful to make them feel at
lomo , and secure the greatest enjoyment
ind establish a more friendly relation
ship between Council Blulls and all the
country surrounding it.
All citi/.ens should take hold of tills re
ception and excursion day with enthusi-
ism. It will be a great day for Council
Huffs , and the visitors , who como hero
expecting a good time , should be so cor-
lially received and courteously treated as
o ensure for every one of them one of
ho happiest days of their lives. Council
Hull's lias many attractions , and the
ipeeial beauties and enjoyments of Lake
tlanawa will be in splendid condition on
his opening day. 15y the arrangements
) cing made it is dillicult to see where
visitors can get so much for so little
money as by coming to this city on this
opening day.
Aside from such arrangements for
ilcasuro as are under the auspices of the
church folks , there will doubtless be
other special attractions on that day ,
offered by private parties and by other
societies. It is expected that there will
> o some entertainment in the evening
and throughout the city there will bo
activity and life.
n Justice.
The history of the squabble about fish-
ng in Honey creek has been a serio
comic one. One of the most ludicrous
chapters is that growing out of the arrest
of David Dunklc , on the charge of being
drunk and disturbing the peace. Dunklc ,
who is an old resident , is said to have
jccn the chief advocate of those who
tave been fishing with seines in the lake
and creek. He has been a justice of the
peace for a long time , sixteen years in all ,
and is still in ollico in Crescent. The
L/'ouncil Bluffs sportsmen have rather
> ) lamed him for taking the part of the
illegal fishermen and causing trouble to
those from the city 'who sought to stop
the seining. It seems that some of the
Council Bluffs boys , knowing Uuukle's
weakness , resolved that the next time ho
visited the city they would get him full
an d have him put behind the bars. Ho
was hero Friday , and the boys
were very cordial. Treat fol
lowed treat until tiio judge
was pretty mellow. Then lie got to talk
ing uolitics , a topic in which lie takes
much interest. 'Squire DunKle , when
sober , is very talkative and very excita
ble , and when mellow the more so. Ho
prides himself on his long and loyal dem
ocratic service , and on the fact , too , that
ho served his country gallantly at a few
dollars a month , carrying his gun as a
private through many a mile of tired
marching , and being in many a hot bat
tle. Ho was in condition to be easily an
noyed , and when ho got started talking
about the veterans and President Clove-
land's battle fiug order , ho wr.s croatly
excited by the combination of whisky ,
democracy and loyalty. Some one
twitted him about having received a
bounty of $700 to enlist in the army , and
that made him iiottcr yet , and ho de
nounced it as a lie. He called the presi
dent some epithets not laid down in the
rules.of etiquette , and when another dem
ocrat reminded him that Clevolaiul was
of his own party , he poured forth a
stream of talk , loud and angry , and not
parlor talk. A crowd gathered about ,
and Officer Stevens hearing the noise a
block away , hurried to the spot and ar
rested 'Squire DiinUle.
After being in jail for a short time M.
I ) , lirown went his bail , and the old man
appeared yesterday afternoon for trial.
There was a cloud of witnesses against
him , but ho gave them a rigid cross-
examination , serving as his own attor
ney. He questioned them closely as to
whether they thought ho was any drun kcr
the night before , than he was then. II
so , how much drunker. Ho conducted
his defense witli shrewdness , making the
witnesses squirm , and the audience
smile. It was in his closing urgument ,
however , that he covered himself with
forensic fame. He thought that if the
time had como when a democratic soldier
could not express his opinion freely con
cerning a democratic president , the
American nation , proud and glorious as
it was , had better quit , quit , quit I "If I
cannot come to Council 1 ! lull's
and when attacked on the
streets , with the charge of having
gold myself for $700 , 1 can't express my
opinion , I say , down with the Hag , and 1
had better go to Omaha or somewhere
else to do my trading. If this time has
come , and a man can't talk politics witli
out being arrested on the heinous crime
of being di unk andalsturbing the pence
wo hau better go back to the days o
Homo , when a man was afraid to say his
soul was his own. 1 have about made up
my mind not to have much to do witl
politics after this. 1 have been abusci
by republicans , and now the democrats
thumselves abuse mo , a democratic ad
ministration arrests mo for expressing
my opinion on the streets. After this I'm
going to vote independent. I'm for the
nag. I'm for the country. I leave the
case in your honor's hand , and if you're
a mind to line mo , all right , I'll say
auien , "
Judge Aylcsworth , one of the demo
cratie family , gave a very temperate de
cision. Ho thought from the evidence
that there might have been some con
spiracy to got the 'squire mellowed up
and to get mm in trouble. Ho though
that Dunklo rather overstepped the line
and that there waa some disturbance
though not a very serious one. Under
iho evidence ho felt It to bo his duty to
line the offending justice f 5 and cost : ! .
'Squire Dunklo gave notlco of appeal.
Services nnil Sermons.
The following are the announcements
of services to bp held iu the several
churches lo-ilayf
Rev. Justin 1) . Fulton , 1) . D. , of
3rooklyn , N. Y. , will preach at the Hap-
: ist church tills morning at 10:30. : Sub-
ect , "Can wo hope for the conversion of
.he Komaniflts. " Ho will also address a
inlon ma s meeting at the Uaptlst church
in the afternoon tit 4 o'clock. Subject ,
"Witnessing from the heart. " Dr. I'ul-
: on has the reputation of being one of
the ablest pulpit orators iu the country.
Children's services will bo held at the
Harmony Mission chapel to-day , the
storm preventing it last Sabbath , at 3
o'clock p. in. , Sabbath school at 4 p. m.
Topics at the Methodist church to-day.
Morning : "Tho Christian's Motto. "
Evening : "The Source of Light. "
Hev. J. L. Picrson will preach at the
United Brethren church on 10th avenue
this evening at 8 o'clock.
On account of delay in getting the tent
in readiness the Union Tabernacle meet
ing , which was announced to be begun
this evening , is postponed one week.
There will bo meeting at 10.30 to-day
it the colored Baptist church on North
Mam street. Sunday school at 3 o'clock
! > . m.
Services in the Congregational church
morning and evening. Preaching by fie
[ jastor. Morning subject , "The Siilva-
ion of the World. " "
: Evening , "Tnc First
Miracle. " All are welcome. "
Saint Paul's church. Sermon topics
o-day. Morning , 10:45 : o'clock , "The
sentiment of Religion vs. the Religion of
Sentiment. " Evening , 8 o'clock , "Our
Judgement of Motives Doth Job Servo
Jed for Nought ? " You are cordially in
vited to attend. T. J. Mackcy , rector.
The rugubr young men's meeting of
ho Y. M. C. A. will bo postponed so that
ho young men may hear Dr. Fulton at
he Baptist church at 4 o'clock. Every
young man should hear him ,
A Queer Swindle.
Yesterday afternoon Chris. Beck , who
ivcs about live miles out , was in with a
oad of corn. Ho had it weighed at
loan's scales on Main street , and was
iccosted near there by a young man who
ukeil him what he would soil his corn
or. Mr. Beck told him that it was thirty
cents a bushel. lie took it at that price ,
aying that a man who kept a stable on
ippcr roadway wanted the load , and ho
vent up there with him. The stable
n'ovcd to be that owned by J. T. Field ,
ind the latter told Mr. Bcek where to un-
oad the corn. While unloading it the
voting man asked for the ticket
showing the .weight , and obtaining
t , went into the ollice with
Air. Field.Vhen Mr. Heck had got the
: orn in the bin and asked for his pay lie
oumj that Field had paid the young man.
Mr. Field said that the young man came
here first and wanted to sell some corn
o him , saying ho had in all about 1,000
nishcls. Ho offered to sell him a load
'or 27J cents. Field concluded to take a
oad , and the corn coming all right and
he young man having the ticket , lie set-
led with him. Field refused to pay again
for the corn and Mr. Beck could not find
the young man. Bock found himself out
ibout ? 8. The young man. who was a
stranger to both parties , received a check
n payment and ho hurried to get this
cashed ai the bank , since which no trace
can be found of him.
Mr. S. Farnsworth , of the First Na
tional bank , has one of the best and most
convenient gas pipe rail fences around
Ins property , corner of Willow avenue
itud South Eighth street , in this city.
The fence was erected by C. J. Bcckman ,
with the Beckman patent locking
bracket. It will bear examination. Mr.
p. J. Bookman's patent locking bracket
is training ground , and ere long will bo
iu universal use.
Boys , Itcwarc.
The ordinance in regard to fire crack
ers , etc. , is to bo strictly enforced , and
those violating it will be arrested and
prosecuted. F. H. GUANKU.A ,
City Marshal.
For rupture or hernia , call and got Dr.
Rice's new invention. It makes a man
of you in live minutes. No pain. No. 11
Pearl street.
For the Great Summer Trottinc Meet
ing at tlio Council 11 Infra
Ilrlvlnz 1'nrk.
Cli in Ulpsey. D. II. Dorm , , Minneapolis ,
Minn , ; b in Folly , , ( . 11. .McSliane , Oinalm ,
TS'eb. ; ch s Kinn Humbert , Cary As Colby ,
Council Bluffs , la. ; b s J. S. C. , C. 11. Creleh-
ton , Oinulia. Neb. ; l > r in i'atrolia , "Tho ( Jra-
haia Stoclc Farm , " UlKtfsville , III. : b in Lucy ,
James D. LiuUl , Ottumwit , In. ; in Joslit ( ! . ,
1' . 11. Davis , .Milwaukee , Wis. ; ch s Atlas ,
. Loson Kans.-xs Cltv Mo. ch
U.irnoj , , ; ) u Ot-
tiuiuva Maid , 15. Nowcomb , Cedar liniiUls ,
la. ; b ir 1' . 11. Moss , Kcl Stilt , bparta , Wis. ;
b m Lnilv AilellaV. ) . Voglpsonir , Elyria ,
O. ; bh William S. , Price Smith , Minneapolis !
Minn. ; b h Al.ix 13. , 11. Hopkins , Kansas
City , Mo. ; br m Neta Pine , Anderson As Me-
Intosli , Marietta , ( ! a. ; KK Uncle Josh , J. D.
Maitin , Minneapolis , Minn.
2:20 : TIIOTTISO , JITI.Y 4 I'UHSH 8000.
b tn
111. ;
Stow'art.'k'aTisas CiTy. Slo.'f b e ( li B. ? \V."liV
McKlnnoy , Kansas City , Mo. : blk § Kuinhnt.
K. C.Abbott , Fort Wayne , Ind. ; b K Billy
D.iyton , James Kills. Kin ; Claiie , Wls. ; bin
Allen Alinont , It. S. Movers , .Iiuiesville ,
Wis. ; b m Hose Blandish , It. K. Leo. TopoUn ,
Kan. ; ch g Doctor Alniont , L. C. Neil , Mur-
fieosboro , Tenn.
2 : ' . I'ACINO , JULY 4. PUUSR J5000.
lln K Excelsior , A. K. Mann , Allojlinnoy ,
Pa. ; ir m Nrlllo H , It. K. Ciirrr.Snllna , Knn. ;
bm Miittlo Stipp , John S. Wolf , Jr. , Cedar
Jtapids , Ni'b ; ch p Ked Davis , Andeisou ,
Hiawatha , Knn. ; s m Bessie Moore , ( k-orvje
W. Farrier , .Minneapolis , Minn. ; b in Kx-
nrrss , Kilus Walters. Hiawatha , Kan. ; b
Wayne Wllkcs , C. Abbott , Fort \Vayne.lnd. :
K K Jack Unnlil , C. K. Mayne , Onmlm. Neb. ;
b m Littln Ida , J. W. Voclasonir , Elyrhi. O. ;
bcBav DiamniKl , Abe. Dcvine , Kau Clnlre ,
Wis. : blk K Frank Champ , Jnincs Xebro ,
( ireensbuix , Ind. ; br g Membrino 1'rluce ,
A. lleckeiiberger , West Liberty , la. ; cli in
Mollle Cooper , K. L. Carmicliel , Tnmn City ,
In.- bin Hell 1) . , J. K. Campbell , Lalreville ,
\Vis. : bg Monkey UoIIe.,1. A. Farrow , I'aiis ,
HI. ; blk m Fannie C. , Anderson & Mclntosii ,
Alarietta , Cia , ; s gj. C. . James Crlttenden ,
New Orleans , La.
2:21) : ) TUOTTIXO , JULY 5 , runsK SCOO.
Ch m Jetta , II. ! > ' . Nethawny , Camp Clarke , ; ( ilpslo , K. 1' . Kntan , Mankuto.
M Inn. ; ch K Sunshine. Cary & Colby , Council
Hlnlfs , la. : s n Karl McieKor ! , the ( Irnlmm
Stock Fiinn , Blirtrsville. 111. : br K Winder ,
Dan Anderson , Hiawatha , Kan. ; b i : Ed e-
wood , 11. S. KneetH , Sioux City , la. : ch iu
Flossie , (5. ( A. L. LexiiiKwell.Columbua.Wis :
chic Charlie M. J.V. . Mettlu. Corsicana ,
Tex. ; lilk sXiMio. J. W. Voglcsonp , Elyria ,
O. ; m Lady Preston , P. P , Mesler. Janes-
villo , Wls. ; rh m Mabel II. Clias C. Lyford ,
Minneapolis , Minn. : b in Flora Hollo. J. B.
Kicliinond , Prophetstown , 111. : sc Edwin Q ,
J. W. .Smith , Mapleton , la. ; b i ; Ben Star.
K , F. Urcer * , Columbia , Tenn. ; b K Freld
Neil , L. C. Nell , Petersburg Tenn.
( } gr.iy ! Jim. L. llolst. Council Bluffs ,
Iowa ; blk Billy the Kid , Low Bros. & Co. ,
Havana , III. ; rli in Anna J. , Harry F. Neth-
away , Camp Clarke , Neb. ; blk K Highland
Laddie. F. 11. Looinls , ( iirard , Kau. : be
C.L. \ . , G. 0. Looml ? . Pipchtono , Minn. ;
rn in Cricket , W. M. Wlieeler , Sallua , Knn. ;
cli \Vnrrcn Dalley , M. E. Harle , Council
BIutTs , Iowa ; b m Mattie Stlpp. John S.
Wolf. Jr. . Cedar ItanliK Neb. ; b s Alton ,
Heed i\sThompson \ , Weenlnir Water , Nub. ;
ch m Nellie B. , A. B. Williams. Ottnmwa ,
Iowa ; rn m Maud , James D. Ladd ,
OtHimwa , Iowa ! br s Hoy. n. A.
Nlles , Minneapolis , Minn. : l > g Bruno B. ,
Gennro W. Farrier , Minneapolis , Mlun. ; b g
Ked Hover , Bob Stewart , Kansas City , Mo. ;
ch K Oscar Pbelps , C. K. Mayne. Omaha ,
Neb. ; b s Prince Columbia. U ; W. Voccl-
BOOK , Elyria , OUU ; b K lllchard B. , C. M.
Eisemaii's Peoples' Store ,
The largest department In the west will bo opened to the public , this week ,
with thousands of the greatest bargains ever ofi'ercd.
Lawns , Seersuckers , Sateens , Hatistes , India Linens. Victoria Lawns , Mulls ,
Nainsooks , India Mulls , and every other known make of Summer Wash Goods will
bo in this great sale at prices way below any former quotation.
All of our summer stock must bo closed out during this aud next month to make
room for the coming season's goods.
Lace Embroideries , White Goods , Ruchings , Tuekings , Muslin Underwear
Ladies' , Misses' and Children's Gauze , Ualbriggan and Silk Underwear , Ilosie rv
Gloves and Mitts , Corsets , Linen Collars and CuflV , Chemisettes and many other
goods to be sold during this great sale regardless of cost or value.
Liberal Reduction on Domestics and Linens at
this Special Sale ,
Como to tlio Po pIc'H Store nntl sec what wo can do for you.
FuriiUlilii Goods , Iflcn's Hosiery ,
IflenN Underwear , men's Suspender * ,
men's \M'lit ( Shirts men's Handkerchiefs ,
Men'M I re s Shirt * , men's Summer Coats ,
Men's fancy Percale Shirts , men's Summer Coats and Vests ,
men's Hats and Cap ,
'h FEanncI Shirt * , mens ! ISools and ! hoc * ,
men's ( Jnlaiindricd Shirt * ,
All To Be Sold at Greatly Reduced Prices During
This Week's ' Special Sale !
Bargains in our Cloak and Suit Department
During This "Week.
Ladle's Wraps , ' Ladles' Jackets , Ladies' Jerseys ,
Ladles' Shawls , Ladies' Calico , Sateen , Lawn ,
India Linen and Gingham. Wraps , elegantly trimmed with fine Embroideries aud
Laces 'at greatly reduced prices at this week's sale.
New sample line olV4sh Suits , made up , to be closed out at half price during
the week.
Como anil see us and < do not delay as these goods arc selling at these reduced
prices ; come in time and gq't the first selection.
Henry Eiseman & Co. ,
314 , 318 , 318 and 320 BROADWAY ,
Mail Orders receive prompt attention.
Harding , Jancsvllle , Wls. : br K Membrino
Prince , A. lleckonberscr , west Liberty , la. :
ch h Cliarm , C. UncKley , Crawtordsville ,
Intl. ; ch in lilrille L. , J J5. Leonard , Chicaco ,
111. ; b s Duplex , E F ( ieere , Columbia ,
Tt-nn. : K C Tim Cowloy , Anderson it Mcln-
tush. Marietta , Ua.
! i:3STKorri.No : , JULY C PUHSE SGOO.
JJ tr Gold Star , Ed Uiisoy , lienson , Minn. :
b g Harry M. , K. 1' . Kutnn , Mankato , Minn. ;
b s Ethan Alien , A. Thomnson , Omaha ,
Neb. ; be Bob Uunlette , J. I ) , hathi , Ot-
tmmva , la. ; b in 1'ceknboo , W. A. Johnson ,
Oxford. Wls. ; br K 1'at Qiiinn , II. A. Thiead-
well , Klein. 111. : b h William S. Price
Smith , Minneapolis , Minn. ; c m Senator's
Maid , J. B. Henderson , Cedar
linnlils ; B m Melllo O. , Ueort'O Grimes
Union , Ind.
2:3 : : ! TUOTTIXO. JULY 0 runsi : Sf > 00.
Ur K Nonesuch. 11. S. Taylor , Atchison ,
Kan. ; b s Western Pathlinder , S.H. Shirk ,
Grand Island , Neb. ; lowaMambrlno. Uobert
T. Given. Do Soto , lown ; bg Charlie Tipton ,
Cuuninchnn & Co. , Kansas City. Mo. ; bs
Tribune , the Graham stock farm , Uicirsville ,
111. ; ch in Mollie Hunker , W. E. Elijah. Tip-
ton , la ; rn s LiL'ht Ulrd. Uarny levi , Wich
ita , Kan. ; br K Genera ! K. , ( it'orgo W.
Farrier. Minneapolis , Minn. ; blk m
Lucy Monalmn , W. II. McICInney , Kan
sas City , Mo. ; b. in. Mate , A. D. Helm , Chl-
ctiKo ; b. Kl ittlo Shorne , W. N , Johnson ,
Ubenteen. D. T. ; K. m. Hosa Allen. Ed Stltt ,
Sparta.VK ; b , in. Lottie W. , P. P. Mi'Sler ,
Janesvillo , WK ; br. s. Trouble , E. L. Car-
michel , TamaCity , Iowa : b. g. Pawnee , Na
poleon It. Wade , Edinbiirfr , Ind. ; K. m.
Nellie G. Gee GriniH.i , Guion , Inil. ; b. K.
Pilot , J. 1) . Martin , Minneapolis. Minn. ; ch.
s. Tramp , S. I. J. Starbuek. McCook ,
Neb. ; br g Bob M. , Murplij ; liros. , Iowa
City , In.
Chit : Kinsman. A. K. Mann , Allegheny
City , Pa. ; b g Honesty , 1. J. Starbnck , Mc
Cook , Neb. ; h. Tommy Lynn. C. C. Iinn > on ,
Free-port , III. ; b ( ? Marlowe , Dan L. McKon-
? .h\ Wichita , Kns. ; br g Tmk Franklin ,
Thomas Ml Ins , Dixon , 111. ; be Dan D. , C. E.
Mavne , Onmlm , Neb. ; blk s Fiilleiton , 1) . J.
S. Dorr , LaSallt' , 111. ; rn m Toledo Girl , J.
W. Votflesong , Elyria , O. ; b m Country Girl ,
James Newhro , Grpensbnrir , Ind. : b h Mes
sina Hey , Price Smith , Minneapolis , Minn. ;
b m Little EnV.Mrs. Gcu Grimes , Gulon , Ind. ;
ch e .Ionian , J. D.Martin , Minneapolis ; be
MlkoWllki-s. N. B. Johnson , Chicago , IIL ;
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B h Moter. F. C. Avery , llntchlnson ,
Minn , ; b m Follv. J. H. MuShniiP. Omaha ,
Neb. ; b c Nero , W. 1) , Uverstreet. Grand Is
land , Neb. ; b in Daisy , H. 1. J. Starbuck ,
McCook , Neb. ; b m King Humbert , Cary > t
Colby , Council HliiUs , Io\va ; bs Gcor u Sim
mons , C. II. Crelahton-Omaha , Neb. ; bg
'IVd Mc.Mahon , li. T. JsetliawayVeonlng
Watflr.Neb. ; chsAtlas , Knruey l.oscll , Kan
sas City , Mo. : br m Patrolia , The Graham
Stock Farm , Biugsville. ' III. : br g
Wendell , J nines D. Ladd , i Ottnmwa , la. ;
b c Itnnyan , A. A. Post , AVIelilta , Kan. : b s
Bob Wiley , A. W. Brnner , Uock Island. III. ;
b in Ora Stewart , Bob Stewart Kansas City ;
KB Daniel L. M. T. Patrick , "Omaha. Neb. ;
BL' P. 11. Moss. Ed StlU.Spart ; , Wls. ; eh g
Cfifton E , C. E. Mayne , Omaha. Neb. ; br fi
Colonel Spra iie , PrlneoSmith , Minneapolis ,
Minn. ; b m Idalla , Charlts Uucklisv , Craw-
fnrdsvillc , Ind. ; D s Aloatppnf , E. F. Greers ,
Columbia , Tenn. ; br m Miss owley , Ander
son & Mclntosii , Marletta4ia. ; gg Undo
Josh , J. D. Martin , Minneapolis.
C * 2:23 : TKOTT1.NH , .1UIA-J7. i'lTliSK SCOO.
B m Cricket , A D Uo.slLllchlield ! , Minn ;
br g Elm wood Chief , UT Kneeb" , Sioux City ,
Iowa ; bg General HancouKv GV \ Farrier ,
Minneapolis , MinnbirWJiltaStockiiifrs ; , Hob
Stnwart , Kansas City. Mo ; b m LadiiTMont ,
U E Abbott , Ft Wayno. Ind ; ch H James G.
JasUairney , Dixon , III ; ch s Consul. C E
Mavne. Omaha , Neb ; blk s Orphan Boy , J
W Vo'lcsong , Klyrla , Ohio ; br h William ( J ,
Prlco Smith , Minneapolis , Minn ; a i : Edwin
Q , J W Smith , Mapleton , Iowa ; b g Xlg , U B
Staples , Stlllwater. Mlnu.
Engineer , Surveyor , MapPublisher
Over No. 12 North Main St.
City and county maps , of cities and counties
D western lo wa , Nebraike audKkosa * .
Speclnt odvertlFcmcnts , filch us Lost , Found
iol/ian , For Sale , To Kent , VN nnti , Bonrdinir ,
etc. , will bo Inserted in tills column nt the low
rntoof TKNCKNTSl'EK t.IXE fortho first Inset-
Jon and i'lvo ? Cents For Line for each subsequent
Insertion. I-tuvo advertisements nt our olQuo
No. 11 Vcurl sticeU near UroadTrnj , Council
WANTED A waiter at Loulo & Mcizger's ,
KS nnil 5-7 llroiulwiiy.
S.UiK Tlio entire furniture , bar room
fixtures and kitchen utensils of the St.
l.ouls Iionso. Knijulro of jucob Noumiiyor ,
Nuumuycr's hotel , Coune.l Illulls.
HUNT Coiil eloils , ollice und scales , one
FOIt - House , ( i. Mayne , h 'J ' Gtli nvc.
FOK HUNT blglit-rooai house , closets , food
repair. $11) . No.Olfl HIiilT St.
' , ) A Kood cook nnd iMrl for voncinl
housework In a family of tour. Mrs.
Thomas OIHccr , No. KK1 Willow avenue.
- uooil Girl for Ilirht housework.
Apply at once at No. M Vine si.
\\7-ANTKn-Immodliiloly , ailrlot li or 15. to
assist ut IlKht housework and euro for
two children , ages 3 and 0. Addrejs , glvlntr
references. Housekeeper , lloo olllco.
SALE OrTrado Six f potions of ( rood
FOK in Lincoln comity. Neb. , on U. P.
railway. Call on or address Udell llros. & Co. ,
JO'J Pearl 6t. , Council Illuth.
\17ANTEU-A ( rood girl for general houso-
TT work. Apply at 70J Sixth avenue.
HUB a complete line of
Lnrsrohats In white , black and all colors. Fat-
tern botinrts , hats and toques , a specialty.
No 1514 UoutfliiB St. , Oiimha.
Council BluflTuJowfi.
Established lb$7.
Vacant lxts. Lauds , City llosldonccs nnd
Farms. Aero property In western part of city.
All soiling cheap to mnku room for spring stock
Real Estate & Insurance Agent ,
Room 5 , over Officer 11'usoy's Bank , Cou
Prices Very Low ,
W. S. HOMER & Co. ,
JVO. 23 MAIN ST. ,
4O1 ( J
Special Bargains !
Beginning Monday , June 13 , at
Parasols at greatly reduced prices to close
the season's stock.
Black Lisle Thread Hose , good ones at 25c
The present invoice of this splendid
bargain is nearly sold.
Remnants of Dress Goods and Silks at
prices to clean the counters.
Ginghams , Seersuckers and White Dress
Goods in a , very great variety.
We are headquarters for Carpets of all
401 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
N. B. Special attention given all orders by
o. j- .
Real Estate Broker and Dealers
Council Kinds Odlcc , Masonic
Temple. Oniuliii Oillte , Mo 111
North Jtitli street.
Particular atlciilion given to In *
funds Tor resi
vesting . noii -
dents. Special bargains In , lots &
ucrc properly . in Oinalia & Coun
cil It . I u ( U. Correspondence solic
Best $2.00 a day house in the west.
Regular : : Boarders : : Reduced : : Ratos.
team , Gas and Water Pipe
No 552 Broadway , - Council Bluffs , Iowa
Nail Orders 1'i'j > ptly.
' "