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, „ THE OMAHA DAIIdY' ' BEE : ' SUNDAY. ! JUNE ' ' l9 i ' 187.PWLLVE PAWS. 5 ,
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Hamilton _ Street
50 50 ' . 50 50
M . _ M . I - M -.1
L 'I 1 lp 1 t -11 1 rl
L .
m t. ro p. a m
N ' + + D + l
. , N ill N
I s. t 3 . C '
- - - -
. tl . n . . O
L. a 1- a . a - I.
Caldwell Street
. r . , r , , { V ,
V liE LJ L i-E
I , a '
t 1 . ° -8L _ _ ° m I
M , . . : .
t b 0 tl a I N b tl tl
. o . , . .1 o
Nicholas Street
. . . _
{ Sswo o.
- r ; ; , .
! . .GU
n e , , „ a al
' liba M iWh- p-
1 S p s , . . m
t it Ia ° .
- - - „ - 1.
I ; u 5u
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otu r
N a .7 m tl tl
Q a
. . . . -
s. ;
I .1
- - - - - _ _ L _ _ _ _ _
I Izard Street
e _ " " " ' -
u a"
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01 / CI 3
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5e 7W .nil
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iLeto ii J ,
t to W n . . . n n
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oieoo Ie luau I.
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7ua :7&J 5W C ,6) 71.0ro . ' -
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N c-
The Skeptic will wait mit it the road is built and pay $2,000 for a
lots The wise man will buYnow at 75o ,
I'a ' Patrick Land.
Managers of the State Board of Agriculture
Hold a Business Meeting.
r -
. Active ( York On Pavlng Expected to
Uotnmenoo the Coming 1Voek-A.
O. U W. Depttlca-Capt-
f tel Nows.
' f Tnoat TITS in is LINCOLN nUREAU.I
j The mana6gars of the etato board of
agriculture have been in the city the past
I two days holding a business meeting and
taking steps toward the coming fair ,
which gives promise of eclipsing any
former cxlubitiou in the history of the
state. Thu grounds wore looked over
and found to be in. almost as good con
ditlon and repair as they wore during the
fair last fall. The r.zilrotul tracks and
city water that were added to thin
grounds last year are ready for use at a
moment's notice. Ono of the improve-
moats to be made is the enlargement of
the building for the state fish exhibit.
At the last exhibition this feature , under
charge of Mr. May , was such a decided
success and suchm a winning card that the
, s , board feel dlspo5od to grant every and
any request that may be niada the pres-
. out year in this department. Secretary
- , Furnas thuds business crowding already ,
and to has had an unprecedented do.
nlnnd for premium lists tad advertising
- matter. At this meeting of thu
were present Messrs. ltllclutyro ,
, Barker. Furnas , Dunham , Kent and
l Gremnelle , most of whom returned homeward -
- ward yesterday.
1iFOENTs' : ! YORK.
Time regents of the state university , who
have be'n In time city the past week ,
called by commencement and the bust.
ness attending that date , departed home.
ward yesterday. Time board at its dillbr-
ent meetings made arrangements for
necessary reuairs iii the buildings ; also
arrangements ware made to revise the
laws governing the nations of the board.
Time report et finance and aupropria
tions for the eomimig year was largely a
duplicate of time report of one year ago.
h Thu suns of $2 GO ) was appropriated for
i- , the Purchase of new books for the library
for the coming year and the foilowino
orders were matte in regard to difibreat
members of the faculty :
Ordesed that Mr. C. E , Bennett be reappointed -
appointed principal of lima Latin school
for the ensuing year.
Ordered also , that Mr. George B ,
Frankfortur be reapIointctl assistant
in time chemical laboratory for the ousu
im year.
Ordered also , that Mr. H. H. Wing be
sppointod adjunct professor of agrioul.
'i lure for the ensuing two years.
Ordered also , that Mr. E. W. Hunt be
reappointed as adjunct professor of
rhetoric for the ensuing two , , years.
Ordered also , that DeWitt B. Bace be
appointed Instructor la physics for the
ensuing year.
Ordered also that It. F. Harper be appointed -
pointed instructor m modern languages
1 and Latin for the ensuing 'gear.
Ordered also that Hiss 1'Jlcn Smith ho
appointed registrar and custodian of the
library for the ensuing year.
Ordered that for the ensuing year
instruction lu phllosol h } e added to t o
duties of Prof. McMlhin , and that time
Utlo "acting Instructor in phhiosophy4" ho
added to 1115 chair.
Ordered that Prof. Besseg be reap-
poluted dean of the Industrial college fur
tiso ensuing year.
Ordered also that Prof. Sherman be
gppoinGd : dean of the aeadetufo faculty ,
.f = , . .Kjrrrt.55' . a.a. . . - .
duties as euok to he in August 15 , and
that the present dean da requested to act
until that time ,
Chancellor Manatt was votctY a leave
of absence until the 1st of January , 1883.
The coining week will sea work actively
ivoly commenced in time paving of district -
trict number one , the contract for which
is in time hands of Mr. If , T , Clarke , of
Omaha. Much of the material for this
work is already in time way tad the con.
tractor proposes to push matters and if
possible complete his contract that cov +
era four miles of work the present seaS
son. There ought to ho tun miles of
pavement laid in Lincoln time present
year , but the city has made progress so
slowly in preliminaries that not neary !
that much will be accomplished. Whttt
active work in paving , time transfers in
real estate will undoubtedly greatly increase -
crease ,
'rho divorce petition came in on sclmed-
tile time yesterday and was duly filed
with the clerk of time district court , time
case being that of Orlena Mllam against
Adams Milan , The plaintiff recites that
they were muumried in October , 1885 , and
that she has always conducted herself as
a faithful anu obedlemt wife. She charges
that her husband on the 10th day of Sep.
tember , 1880 , at 120 'Tenth street , in
the city of Lincoln , and at various other
times , committed adultury with one Liz-
zie Webb. She further charges him with
being an habitual drunkard , who does no
work himself but has compelled her to
work by the week when she wets in feeble
health to maintain herself and further ,
she recites that he has abandoned her
amid utterly fails to contribute for her
support , for all of which reasons she
aspa ivorce and such other equity as
the court may allow.
Time following have been appointed
lodge ueputics A. 0. U , W , by Grand
Master Wotkman Tate :
C. H. Tilden , No. 08 , lhradshaw ; S. C.
Bassett , No , 85 , Gibbon ; Janes Sullivan ,
No. 54,1Vymore ; .I , IL Eiford. No. ill ,
Waco ; A , hoslm , No , 1 , Grand lshuul ;
James Lndsas , No. 100 , David City ; W.
S. Bloom , No , 22 , Superior ; D. it.
\Vagommer , No. 33 , Orleans ; W. A. Yost ,
No. 47 , Stromsburg ; A. W. Charles , No ,
13 , Omaha ; Ceo. F , Milbourme , No , O'J ,
Wiuden ; A. M. Jones , No. 31,11'ood Itiv
era W.V. . lh'in , ton , No , 78 , Chadron ;
F , Krouse No. ii7 , Grand Island ; J , M ,
I1rmon , lVo,14 , Shelton ; , Ym. Turner ,
No , 17 , Omaha ; F. C. iimschow , No , 100 ,
Blue Hlll ; J , A. 'lulleys , No. G0 , ltcd
Cloud ; J. It. Stewart , No. 20 , Schuyler ,
nIsu UALL.
With time victory gained by the home
club over the Topekas Friday the gapes
ceased on the hoauu grounds until July 2 ,
when the second series with the Ilasliugs
club will be played in this city. Timero
will be one game on the 2d and two on
the 4th , one in time morning and eme in
time afternoon. The management expect
to ntako the Fourth of July lively in the
ball line and excursion trains into time
city will bring a crowd tram outride
towns to witiicss the ames. Hastings
has already promise an enthusiastic
crowd from that Plato to back their
home club ,
von TORORRr.
There was a good itual of talk in the
city yesterday ever the forgery case of
v. I' , ltnnsbaw , who was arrested limo
day before charged with forging the
name of it. C. Sweet to checks with
which ha paid personal bills , ltensltaty
is now under j. OO bail bond , and it
remains largely to be seen how extensive
a case will be found against him , limo
amount out of which Mr. Sweet has been
defrauded by Remmshaw is estimated at
from $200 to $300 , and it fs not known
yet how extensive lho peculations may
prove to be before the end is reached ,
'rho whistle sounded fourth on the air
9t J o'clock yesterday morning , calling ,
limo dopartnnett to Yl and Thirteenth
streets , wh.the buys found a small
. ,
. -
meat market hurnnng , surrounded by a
score or more citizens who were helpless
to hinder thin progress made by the lire ,
The hose was laid and the tire drowned
out , leaving only a damage of about
$100. Meanwhile every citizen in that
part of town Iiad become the earliest kind
of early risers ,
Police court , yesterday morning , had
thu case of J. i1. Davis , of Valparaiso ,
before it for a Imearing , Davis having
boon taken up time night before for as
saultin a man with a knife. As the man
injured was a friend , and did not want
the case prosecuted , the charge against
Davis was clmanget to drunk mutt disorderly -
derly , and lie paid the court $25 in a fine
that allowed him his freedom.
----S - - -
T1ro Corner Stone or SI. John's to Be
Laid On Next Sunday.
The corner stone of St. John's collegi
ate church in the campus of Creighton
college will be laid at 4 o'clock p. m. on
Sunday next by the ltt. ltev. James
O'Connor , D.1) . , with the full canonical
ritual prescribed for such occasions. No
olr'ort has been spared byPrcaidentDowl
ing to make the event one of interest to
the general uubhic.
The new collegiate church faces on Cal.
ifornia street and the entrance will be
within a few feet of the street. The nave
will runt back us far as the rear of the col.
logo. Thu structure will cost $50,000 exclusive -
clusive of altars , paws , windows , steam
and organ. The plan is so arranged that
additions may be made in future iii the
shape of transepts without destroying the
harumety or ' ) roportmou. The churchl Iviil
be of dressed stone facing and brick.
All time prominent Cathohio societies
of Omaha have signified their intention -
tention of being ) reseiml
on the occasion. 'he [ list at present
comprises the following societies : St.
Leo branch C. K , of A , , also of Council
Bhult'i ; Ancient Order of Hiberulans of
thhaha and Council Bialys ; St. Joseph's
Gurmnau Society ; St. Wenceslau's mind St.
John's ilohemman associations , and the
gentlemen's sodality of the Holy Family
The procession will be accom anied
by the and regimental , Union 1 acilic ,
Council Blairs and liohomiam bands.
An oration will be given by a promi-
nou t Catholic speaker , and President
Dowlim' will deliver a brief address ,
after wGien time ecclesiastical documents
which are to be placed in time stone will
be read publicly.
The music for the occasion promises
to be of a highs order anti will be furnished -
ed partly by the college Acolythical so
cloty' amid surpliced choir thirty strong , a
triple quartet of male voices under time
leadership of a Prominent local yocalist ,
and by the military band.
The work on the new church is being
rapidly pushed forward. By Sunday
next the rails will be high enough for
time joists of the ground Boor , on which
a temporary flooring will ho laid for the
accommodation of time large gathering
expected. An eluvaled stand for the
speakers and clergy will be provided
adjacent to the corner and over the
southeast tower.
- - -
Fatal Collision or a Train.
CAiRo , Bi. . June iL-It is reported that a
collision occurred on lie Illinois Central
ralirosd this mnrnlne , between a freight
lraltm and a ballast train , near Makanda.
Engineer Hall w'ati killed and Conductor Pat
Whalen badly hurt.
- _
The Cofne Market.
NEw YORK , JUae 18.'Phcre was another
sharp decline In coffee this morning , and for
awhile it looked of is a repetition of yester-
nay's big drop was habmipent. July coffee
mtPCllnell.bout 3o during the first hour , but
aftarwa4de rallied , and a bettor fuolln pro-
, , .
Tr ' : ' +
51 1 S
mP m
t ; . +
il + F
11' , /
! H
Ir '
. ,
One of the Omaha Educational Insti
tutlona In a Had Shape.
The Izard street school is one of the
oldest of time brick. educational strut.
tures in the city , it stood formerly
on time street level but it Is
now about twelve feet above the
grade. It is surrounded by retaining
walls of brick which in the southeast corner -
ner display a remarkable tendency to
tumble down. On the northeast corner
a largo section of time wall has been torn
down partly by time recent rains and
partly by masons who arc now at work
in rebuilding it. It seems that the yard
drains into this corner , ammo the wall
has to take the consequences , the
last storm having been more than the
structure could bear. lickdentally it may
be remarked that the retaining wail on
the north of the rounds is about as
straight as a crooked conselenee , and is
in no way strengthened by lhu switching
of locomotives and cars which takes
place frequently at its base.
'J'hu southeast corner of time yard is
studded with trees , the branches of wlticlm
are interlaced , so much so , that the rays
of the sun ire unable to puuutr'ata to time
ground beneath. As a consequence a
shade equal to that of the Black forest
prov'atls and is even extended to time class
rooms in the nearest part of thin school.
The principal is Aliss Anna Fees , one
of time best known and mostsuccessful ed-
centers of Omaha.
This lady accompanied time Bra representative -
resentative on a flying walk through the
It is about this structure that so much
limas been said relative to bnsmnentroems ,
dampness and a number of other evils
and defects , and it was time first time time
newspaper man had an oppurtunity to
investigate the ground upon which the
complaints were based.
In one of these subterranean holes ,
were found time eimildron of four classes ,
taught by Miss Rice , Miss CussieShallur : ,
Miss Belle Shaper and Miss ltanmio ,
Fiftytiva of these belonged to time lady
first mentmoned , fifty-one to thin next ,
fifty-eight to time third and forty to the
fourth. They were engaged in
time kindergarten exercises described
in yesterday's BEE. Girls predominated.
They were an attractive amid intelligent
companyof little folk and seemed greatly
interested in mthe object and color work
which Miss Iideqawas : conducting.
Leding f this roomm , the air of
which , from sp many occupants was
necessarily vitlatpd , was a condor broken
at intervals m'wlth walls and arches.
Through the Ihttnr the BEE man obtained
glimpses of llumber" ; rooms in which
were stowed away odds and ends of all
kinds. The atmosphere was cold , damp
and musty. , .ERlranco was at length
made in anyabagdoned apartment. It
hind once beets ggeupmed by the janitor.
But the ihcrdase in attendance
drove him ; ottt and Mrs. Elliott
within a class off children took his plaeo.
In addition tq , coldness , dampness and
mustiness , this o was dark , dingy
and abandone and however sensibly
been Mrs Elliott had
been given quarters for her scholars on
Cumig and Twenty-fifth streets.
Mrs. 1YBsomi teaches the third A class ,
on the same floor , in another objection.
able room , into which time trees on the
outside never permit a ray of sunlight to
enter. Shin tins forty-six scholars mu attendance -
tendance , most of whom seemed as if
bereft of ambition in their little public
dungeon. Nevertheless the teacher re-
poiteti thmey had done very well during
time year , her leaders being Ella Russell ,
Pearl Christianson and William Anderson -
son ,
Miss Llttlotlehd teaches third B , a class
supplied with double desks , which looked
as if a generation of graaufathers had
been grauated from them. There were
thnrty eight children m attendance , one
of whom was colbrod , and among the
brightest is the , class. psslo Gardner
_ . Y 6 ,
4yy. .
.tl ! ! 3Li , ° : ' } -r 4dii -anilTCflrlm
No us ee. No u eef
Go Like Lightninge - am.e-e ,
Franchise Unaninmusly.
And Material is now being purchased in New York. 'FheY meaii
Business and will build a mile a month. If nothing happens l
the Metropolitan will , after all the cable talk in Omaha , he
the first company to operate a cable in the city.
Omaha , Nebraska , June 16 , 1887.
Omaha has had a great deal of talk about cable lines and cable companies until the
people are tired , and it is a standing joke that every ] hall that Owns a lot bot\Yt3en Viii.
ton street and Ames Avenue , thinks the cable will pass his lot , and now it is as hard to
get people to believe a new cable will 1)11 built as for them to believe that Coal 11115 been
found guider Omaha ; but because we have been trilled with the past year , it is no rea'
Sou we will be the next year.
The Metropolitali has bouglit the Patrick Land for SG15,000 and have a force of men
at work grading for the cable , which will cost $000,000 more. A PAVED STitl4i , r EiCIIITY FEET
W1DE , will ho made clear across the Patrick land , costing $100,000 more. Elegant houses
will be built costing 5100,000 more. Altogether this immense corporation will invest
over 51,000,000 right in the neigliborllood of tine Sontlf side of Carthage , vhieli hi a corner -
ner off the nearest and best part of the Patrick Lancl. The accomlanying plat shows the
15rice anrd location of the lots for sale. Every one beatltifnl and , just where the most fins'
ticlious will want to live. These lots are owned by non-residents hind the
prices on them were fixed long before the vast improvenlents anti builcling the cable line
were Contemplated. Compare prices with lots same dist'ince south , southwest , north
or northwest , vliele there is not even a horse car line and no prospect of any ,
and you will see these lots are the cheapest without any cable.
Is it not a fact ? that lots in every part of town , on or near a her o car line bring
high prices.
Is it not a fact ? that at the present time you cannot get a lot anywhere in Omaha
cn a horse line for less than 52,500.
IS it not a fact ? that before the horse line was built , you could buy the best lot
on Park Avenue for$400 ; now you will pay SG,000.
A cable lice with a horse line and consider that you can go to Carthage on a cable line is
just one fourth the tinie that it takes to go to IIansconl Park on a liorae line.
Thou think that $750 will buy 'ono of tlicse lots. Not in a hole or on a hill , but a nice
smoatli lot , that is stir-Yes , doubly sure-to bring $2,000 inside of a year.
There are just 68 of these lots and I am the sole agent.
Call and secure one before the owner visits Omaha and advanncos the prices.
w. L. SELBY ,
, Successor to Rush & Selby , 1521 Farram Street.
and Lemuel Anderson had not been absent -
sent during the year. The class was engaged -
gaged in the examination for drawing ,
its work being very creditable. Time
umost prominent pupils were John Dick-
eimson , Jessie White , Laura Graham and
Edith ] Yard.
Misa Kate Fees was found as teacher
of lirst and second A , but her class hind
just been dismissed for the afternoon ,
11cr leading scholars were Fernie Coleman -
man , Louis Wright , l'hwbe Thurwell and
lilollio Priesten.
Miss Stttll has had forty punmis mu a
room about 12x10 feet , 'Aims pen lies between -
tween two others , and to ventilate it , it is
necessary to open a door on either side
leading into other classes. The class hati
beet dismissed , time hour of dismissal be.
lug at about 8:30 o'clock , but a half an
hour being allowed for recess at noon.
time. The reason of this early dmsnusstl
tvas becausuof the smallness of"the room
and time intense heat which prevailed
there where time stn poured down his rays
from time west. Miss Stull's ledhug
scholars were Ella Kirkpatrick , WRltor
1'rcxel and Auna Neulsou. I1imc furniture
of time room was old and dilapidated , and
two or three dillerent styles were no-
Miss Dye has a class of thirty-one child.
roe , one of whom was colored , 11cr
leaders were Thomas Kirkpatrick , \ \ al.
ter Andersuu and Guy Cameron.
Miss Anna Fees , time rincipal , has
charge of the eighth B , a cuss comuosed
of advanced pupils preparing for the
high school. They were engaged i n the
drawing examination , some of the papurs
of which the liEn man inspected , ! 'he
latter displayed exceeding care and interest -
terest and ability. Time mostdmstinguished
were Stella lticu , John Spatlor and Garret -
ret Coleman.
Miss G , Valentino teaches the sixth Ii
and seventh A , consisting of twemmtylivo
boys and girls. As in the other classes
time children of this class were engaged
ni iinishimig time drawing examinatom.
They had already linishnd the examination -
tion iii music , bliss Valentine spoke in
limo highest terms of her class , mind the
apooarance of time whole sustained
the commendation of time teacher.
The sixth Ii hind gone as far as percentage -
age , and the scyenth lh to partial pay.
ments. Her brightest scholars were
Mabel halo , Frank McCune , Molha
Carnaby amid Frank Ilaskell. Time latter
little fellow , the son of harry Ifaskell ,
has not been absent or tardy this year ,
nohher has he been since ho has been in
attendance upon time school , the last four
years. This is a distinction enjoyed by
no oilier member of time school. Lizzle
Shields , of the class , has also been
amt every day during time present year ,
Mrs. Chanmplhn's class , fifth If , has only
twenty-eight scholars. 11mny are in time
fourth reader , and n number of them are
very expert in all their studies , llcr
braghtcst ones are \Yilhio hu hes , Ida
ilolines , Julia Priesman and Duda .
man ,
Miss Wilson has seventh A and B
classes , which comprise twenty-eight
scholars. Dnrin ° the year she has et
rolled lifty ller leaning pupils are
Stella Kane , William Bartlett , Charles
Spencer and Cora Neidig ,
Miss Sadie lhumkor has control of
seventh and eighth B , with thirty-six
children. The latter grade have completed -
pleted their study of arithmetic , and the
eighth have reached proportion. Time
former are now preparing for time high
school examination. 1'hu leaders are
Julia Schwartz , Essio ] Mackay , Ella lion-
nor and hloward Parmahee.
Miss genie , whose class was men
Honed In the opennmg of this article , has
a room in one of time angles of time bumld-
lug , lee small for her class. It has only
bunches , which are entirely too unconi-
fortablo for the little ones.
In a frame bulldhw west of the school
are quartered the classes of Miss Rica
and Miss Nora O'Connor , Thosu of the
former have already been , spokeli of In
the kindergarten exercises , the leaUerj ?
being Orcn Smith Mabel Nelson Bessie
Jackson and Jessie Weyrick.
Miss O'Connor's ' class is time fifth A , a
bright and dingcntcollection of scholars ,
whu display unusual prolicicncy in their
studies. Time building in wluch these
classes study was as hot as an oven when
visited , and on Thursday last the children -
dren head to be dismissed , the temperature -
ture of the building having attained to
O3 degrees.
A Monopolistic Robbery.
McCoomc , NobJuno 17.-To [ the Editor -
tor of time IIEE.I ] _ Among other uroperty
owned by the Lincoln Land company is
time water system of McCook , and it being
tee owner of time water system , it is easily
seen what petty annoymuccs time consumers
ors are subject to. This system ms gotten
up for the expresspurpose of robbing the
consumer , and it is a success with some ,
but the oumpany somutlmcs get hold of
the wrong man , as they did a few da 'a
ago In Mr. J , S. Loll ow , who had paid
hips water tax up to July 1 , for time six
months from January 1 , and time coma pany
imagined ho was using a bucketful more
than he was entitled to and notified
Mr. Lcllesv to pay a lawn tax.
As he hind no Ia vn , he paid no
attention to the utatter , when the coin-
hans ! , without any warning , shut the
water oil from limo house. Mr. Le , flew at
once turnout it on and enjoined the company -
pany from interfering with time wader ,
Judge Cochran of the District court
ratted the restraining order asked for ,
nut time wttur : company seems to defy all
law , stnhmtory as weht as divine , and shut
it oil' again about 18 e'cloet at night.
What the outcome will be is Imard to tell ,
but it will a fi 'art , t good opportunity to
show rep the schemes of the Lincoln Lsnd
company and its nary modes of robbery ,
svhielu mire imor conliued to time people of
11lcCouk mud time residents along the line
of Cum B , & 11 „ but to the Unital States ,
as mummy deeds for pre emiptions and
homestoul : mimes from settlers 1) ) to in-
dmvidual menmbers of time Lincoln Land
Daring Trails , itnbhrry.
llotisroN.'rex , Juno IS.-One of time most
daring tram rubberier that ever occurred la
'Texas was perpetrated at 1:110 : o'clock this
ntornln ; a abort distance this side of Scbu-
lenbnrg , on thin Southern Paeihie road. As
the train drew up at the station two ion
with drawn revolvers monnled the la onio
tiva anu forced limn engineer to pmmih time train
to time open prairie , .A1J yards east nt avhcro a
flit' was moning and around which stood
elht or ten amen , all nrem'd. Thn two rob.
hers et time engine stood guard over
time engineer while limo others went ttirnWtim
time mall , express and passomiger ears nearly
all the passengers were asleep and unaware
of what ivas going elm. All Ume passengers
were relieved of what valuables they pos
stssed , time Yalmo of which was estimmated to
be nbaut 35rnJU. 'r'ime ! Yells Fargo express
car was Bonn through , but time aumount of
money takuu is not known. The tbouht
mail po + mches in time express car were cut
open and time contents apprniriated. The
totnl amount secured by the robbers is placed
at $ ItkU ar $10,000.
- + - -
Anna Dickir/on Ianieronsly 111 ,
SCIIANTON , Pa , . June 18.-ISpedal 'rtle-
gram to time fiE.-Miss ) Anima 1)ickhnson ,
who hsa been iii seine months , was thought
to be on her death bed Sunday amid In cot
sidoration of timer condition nouu of the
elmurch bells of Ilunns/Lrlo rung en that day.
Shin ii as huprovm d smultrim , ! lt simicm' , bat physicians -
sicians urge complete ehnigo : of elirmtate and
Iemr rest ,
Sad ( ilnaeol' n Plcnlo ,
1)unuquE , Is. , Juno 1.-ISpcclal
'rclegrun to Ibe BeeI-911ss Addle
Kerr , a young lady residing In this city , attended -
tended a picnic yesterday , two immiles below
East Ihmbnque , Whllo rehmrunog she era
struck by a passing train and fatally lujurod.
iealh or an Ex-Onvernor.
HELENA , Mont. , .itmne -Benjamin 1" .
I'otts , governor of Montana tree 13711 to
1NSi , died hero last evening , aged fifty.
throe ,
The Broken Balls. ;
CInCACO , Juno 18-C. J. Korsltaw k Cq a
this morning gave the foUowing noticel .4
Litigation of various kinds has Interfered -
whit socurhmg a favorable settlement of ous ;
affairs that seeped practicable. N"votlstlon s
are still pendini with time possibility of sae g ,
cess , but If hot consumomattd today a meet.
lug of oily creditors Is ro0uestedat8:80Mon. : . ,
day to receive a statement of our efsiny
close as can be obtained un to that time 11111 ,
for them to taie such action as they se M
Tito notice created no comment whstevsa ° t.
It hind no effect , oitber , of any kind oa '
market. Whuat was a tripe more bus
than expected. ,
The tlra of Ii. I. Labsah h Co. , beMIS
of trade connnmssien merchants , failed tali
inorninir. The firma is quite a lane one nett' , ,
the anount of time failure is probably betvltms
32,000 and 850,000. Thu smash is the direst '
result of the break of the wheat corner ,
- - - -
A ltallroud Snit ,
PITTAAUIIO , June 18-hi time stilt of Con
nellus Vanderbilt agalu t time trumswea of Ikc
Pittsburg & Lake Erie railroad to broalt Vs
deed amid enjoin time defendant front Intesfm ti
fng with Vanderhilt rotiuR of his atelk ,
Jndgo Stowe , ot time comaon pleas &mit , '
over rnled the donmurrer , and tlto plaiatlasal , . I
stricken from his bill time prayer rordeolariug
null and void time trust teen , 'This leaves time
suit as asldn for an InJunetlon to rtstraln
time trustee froum llmtnrfcrim With thin voting
of tin Vanderbilt stock. ' 'ho con ; t required
Ilium defendant trustees to answer time bill in
twenty days. The case lnvoives nearl
3lotio0d00 mad control of time Plttsburg
Lake Erie road and Its bmuelmes.
Time Boss SuunneP Resort.
CuleAno , Juno 18-Yesterday was the
lestnaytbisctly hnsoxparicncndshcothedry
seasom ) of 185E 'l'imo lherumumet'r ! registered
'J7 degrees at 4 p , um. Last year's highest
temperature was 03 degrees. Only two
deaths from sunstroke were reported yesterday -
day , hint peoulo were prostrated by the score.
The heat today bids fair to surpass that of
yesterday. Swelterimt citlzeus , however
are lookig fonvarrl to time speedy arrival o
a cool Wave which is said to ; bu approaching
free the northwest.
Jubilee Jots.
LONm'ON , .Juno 18 , 'fie nucen is the reel , .
lout of ntiummmms messages of rnngrahdatioa
front nil parts or limo world. Nuhar Pasha ,
who WIII represent limn khcdivo ut the jubilee ,
celehratiou , has arrived in London.
LONIHJuno lsThe king of Saxony
Prince Ludwig , of Bavaria , Prince ammi
1 rhiless Riillant , of Prussia , and I'rlncess
of Snxo-dulningee , have arrived in Lenten
to take part hi the ceremoules attending the
queen's jubilee.
The Sharp Trial ,
New Yoiumr , Juno 18After the exsmimhta-
tlon of several wlttmesses time court at U
o'clock adjourned in 5tlrnday. Sha will
be locked up In the Ludlow street jail ever
Ravages of tt.o Flood.
I'EST1r , Jimmie 18.'rhe floods hi nnnyary
are smibsldlug. Fifteen hundred farmers are
total ) ruined , and the entire dainage Is estl
mated at $5,000,000.
Ill th Treason in Alsace ,
n1ni.1N : , June 18.-'rhn truth at helpsio of
Alsatians cim rgrd with highm treason resulted
hum two behmg sentenced to detuntion for one
year Iu a fortress , two to two years , nimd one
for eighteen rtunmths. The other prisoners
were acquitted ,
. _
- - - _
'Pho Chiringo Reamers. , Juice 18-Time bondhe case went
to time Jury' this morning At 10 o'clock bnUi
stain tad defense Imunded in their IRatrnn-
tineswhich t were r.ud : by Judge Shepard ,
with only a law modhieatlons , anu no cunt-
nuutm one way or aminther.
Terrible Alien Eti.lnsion.
wuatiauArutE : , l's. , June 113.-There was
avlolentexplosion at Pittston Jminetlon Is
time'i'svin Shaft , Which was heard for nulee !
arhmutd. I Imo explosion was caused by gms
being Igniteml by a lamp. Five morn wire
terrlhly injured and will prabably die ,
- - - - -
Iiank Statement ,
NFw : Yomiu , June 1S.'rimo weekly' bask
atalemunt shows thin reserve Increse In b $
5117axt. The banks now , bold t 4OITIOJ Its
excess of legal reauIrewents.
J M .
: i ' '
a. .
ref' '
a v'
' .
, . rot
J 1A
epn ,
; Ji