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How It Helps to IMako Them First-
Clnss Detectives.
Now York Mall nml Hxprcss : Quo of
Pinkerton'a old detectives recently gave
ft reporter Homo Interesting ( nets tibout
finding persons by description.
"Men , " said he , "iw a rale arc not so
close observers as women , and do not
give what I call detective descriptions of
persona. If you nsk a man to describe a
person he gives a gonorul description
that will suit a thousand or so , having
the same color of h.iir and eyes. I re
member trying to capture a woman once
who was in Icnpuo with
some hiding counterfeiters Sev
eral men described her in a general way ,
and 1 watched carefully the tram that
she was supposed to come into the city
on every day. I found half a dozen on
every train that could have answered the
description. After a week of failure and
chagrin I found a woman who had seen
her and knew enough to give mo a de
scription. Her description had a strong
detcctiyo point , only one , but enough.
11 was the peculiar way the counterfeiter
did up her hair. That cue brought mo a
success the next day , for 1 arrested the
right woman , through a woman's de
scription. Another woman whom I ar
rested through a description furnished
by one of hnr own sex , was rccogni/cd by
the way she raised her eyelids. She
had n flirty way of looking out of
her eyes , and her observing sis
ter , of course , noticed that peculiarity
at once. The first thing that strikes &
woman in another person is almost in
variably a salient feature , and one which
can bo rocotrni/.ed easily. Salient fea
tures are not so apt to strike a man ; he
is less observant. Unco I hunted a man
with his right thumb oil' , for two weeks.
I saw him every day , but he had a
false thumb on , so I did not know him.
But he was a slick chap and most won
derful in assuming di.sgulses. I had him
cornered in : i place once , as I thought ,
when a middle-aged man came out and
asked mo what was the matter , and
wanted to know if he could help me. I
wanted his help , and asked him to stand
at a curtain door. That was the last of
him that night : ho was the man 1 was
looking for and had cleverly disguised
"it is easy to find a man when you have
once scon him and have his features in
delibly impressed upon your memory.
Hut in a description you cannot so easily
transfer the photograph to another's
mind. Only one thing is necessary to say
about persons in order to identify them
if it is Boino prominent characteristic.
If you will study a human face closely
you will liiul it has something in it dis
tinctive and diirerent from others. The
thing is to describe it. Crooks and
criminals do not disguise much these
days ; their game is to keep concealed
out of the way of arrest. In Hussia there
is such a system of espionage. Nearly
every man in the empire has a correct
description written of him and entered
upon the books of the police. Kvon with
this precaution thousands of Nihlists ns1-
capo detection. Stcpniak , the Nihlist ,
was fully known to the Russian police.
Yet ho made his escape and lives hap
pily in London. Women in certain de
tective work may do very well , but all
around a man is far superior. "
Genuine and Approved by All.
The only genuine porous plaster is
Au.cock's and ajl other so-called porous
planters are nothing more than perfor
ated counter irltants made to sell on
the reputation of AI.LCOCK'S. ALLCOOK'S
Pouous riaster is the only external rem
edy that has the unqualified recommen
dation of professional men and the gen
eral public. lioware of imitations.
A Crude Built to 1'rotcct Pasneneora
Prom Chinese Pirates.
Now York Mail and Expresst Advices
to the Maritime Exchange of this city re
port the launching ut Leith , Scotland , of
a beautifully modeled saloon steamer
called the Fatsham. She has been spe
cial ly constructed ( or the night passcii-
'per service in the Pearl rlvor , between
Hongkong and Canton , and la built in a
roost unique stylo. She is almost simi
lar to our well-known excursion boat , the
Grand Republic or the Columbia , a typo
of craft that is now in England and China
as yet. Owing to the Pearl
river having been rendered almost
unnavigablo in consequence of the Chi
nese throwing largo quantities of stones
and rubbish into the bed to prevent the
French from invading the river , every
thing has been done to insure a light
water draft , notwithstanding the im
mense size of the vessel , nearly 2,260 tons.
To oflsot any fatality should the vessel
strand and receive damage to her kcol ,
he has boon furnished with a double
bottom. Pirates swarm about the Pearl
rlvor , and to prevent them from invadmp
the vessel and massacreing the crow and
passengers , the stairs leading to the sev
eral decks have iron gratings at the top ,
which can bo closed down on a mo
mont's notice. In this way the rob
bcrs can be kept in that part ol
the craft which they first favor wilt
their obnoxious presence. The sleeping
berths of trio ship will accommodate
modato about 3,000 passengers , ant
a number that will surprise some o :
our local mariners who think th <
Pilgrim and other Sound boats are st
big. The European , Chinese and Par
BCD will bo given sopcrato apartments
The steering apparatus is worked fron
the bow of the craft. This is essential
as the navigator will have to bo stationei
as much forward as possible to see tin
numerous rocks that lay about the watcn
of Pearl River. Two | thousand passson
gors may comfortably stroll on thi
promenade deck at the one time , nnotho
' eye-opener" for our local builders am
mariners. The steamer has all the lat
appliances , including electric lights.
QYoung and middlo-agcd men , suflerini
from nervous debility and kindred aflbc
tions , as loss of memory and hypo
cbondria. should enclose 10 cents ii
stamps for largo illustrated pamphle
suggesting sure omo. Address , World'
Dispensary Medical assoiatiou , Uull'alo
How Her Beauty anil Winning Manners
nors Wore Turned to Profit.
Now York Sun. A sun reporter won
to East Twenty-third street the other da
and asked the keeper of a fashionabl
boarding house what she meant by th
following advertisement : ,
Wanted Two boarders ; 812 each pc
week ; references from professional men pn
ferred ; references irom ruiblMiors and mar
nfacturcrs no account JEastTwouty-thlr
"Several weeks ago , " the lady salil
after stipulating that her name shoul
not bo published , ' 'afashinonably dressc
woman camu here for board. She sal
ebo was a widow of means an
wanted n quiet homo for a
indefinite period. Her beautiti
face and rich clothing , as well as her r <
fined appearance , pleased mo vary mucl
but I asked for her references. Sli
named a publisher on lllcuckcr street , t
wham 1 sent a note asking if he knew tb
lady. I got a cordial indorsement of he
in return , and next day she moved i
with a big trunk. My servants , who cai
led the trunk up stairs , noticed that
was very heavy. In fact , it took three t
; the colored waiters to got it up to tli
third lloor back room , which the wide
aid she preferred to occupy as it wr
quiet , was the cheapest room in tl
bouse , and I only charged her f 9 n wee
for it.
"Well. 1 was greatly pleased with m
beautiful boardcr.who insisted on payiu
mo two wt > uks in advance and taking JE
receipt. For the first few daj's she can-
dona to the parlor every evening , and I
* „ / ' . .
a week knew every gentleman and lady
In the house , she seemed bent upon mak
ing herself popular , and toward the end
of the week she had begun to visit the
ladies in their rooms. Well , on Saturday
night she asked one lady if she did not
want to buy for $7 a book of steel en-
grayings wnlch had boon purchased by the
widow for 510. 'I found after I got them
homo , ' said the widow , 'that 1 had
received the identical book from a
friend the same day. ' The book was
sold. On Stidday the widow came
into the parlor with her arms .full of illus
trated books of history , and portfolios or
engravings. 'She hail thought some of us
might like to look over her collection , '
she said , and of course we did not object ,
although I commenced to think my new
lodger was taking a good deal of pains to
please the comparative stranger. 1 looked
over some them myself and listened to
her explain that they were from a collec
tion of a dear friend , who had asked
her to take them to a socond-huud store
the next day and sell them. All of
a sudden it struck me as quilo peculiar
that every one of those books wore now
and had been published recently. More
over , they were all published by one man ,
and that one man was the gentleman
who had sent me such a warm commend
ation of my now boarder. I shut up the
book I was looking at and began to
think and listen and watch. The widow
by tins time was surrounded by a do/en
o ! my gentleman boarders and three or
four ladies , and was discoursing on the
merits of the books. In ton minutes she
had sold a book to every young man
there simply charmed the money out of
them by the power of her beauty. She
'was so glad , ' t > ho said , 'to think that her
dear friend would realize at least a portion
tion of what the books" were worth. ' 1
saut nothing , but thought a great deal ,
and that night , when 1 met the widow
coining down stairs with another armful
of books , 1 invited her into my private
parlor and told her that I would have to
ask her to give up her room.
" 'Indeed , I cannot , ' she said placidly.
'I paid you two weeks in advance and
inv time is not up until next Saturday. '
" 'You are nothing more nor less than
a book canvasser , " 1 said angrily.
' "Well , yes , I do sell books some
times , but 1 am going to stay here until
Saturday. Now , Mrs. Hoardiughpuse-
keeper let mo make a bargain. 1 will bo
careful not to shock the proprieties any
more than I can help in discharging my
duty' think of her impudence 'but I
must soli my books , and sell thorn I will ,
and if you interfere with me i will raise
a scene , and you'll lose a good many
boarders. '
"She said this with exasperating cool
ness , but 1 know I couidn t help myself.
She stayed hero until Saturday night ,
and slip sold her whole trunkfuli of
books right in this house. She would go
to every lady's room night after night ,
and take up her books until some of
them suspected her true business. On
Thursday and Friday nights she began
to interview the gentlemen boarders at
their room doors. Slip never would go
into their rooms. 1 will say she seemed
respectable and careful of her roputa-
ttition , but it certainly was aggravating
to me to find that woman talking up her
books in every corner of the house.
"Shelefton Saturday afternoon and I
noticed that her trunk was carried away
in an express wagon , while she walked
two doors down the street into another
boarding house. The next day I learned
that she was living there , and went down
to see the boarding housp lady , who is a
friend of mine. The widow" brought a
letter of referoncco from a Broadway
manufacturer and she had a heavy trunk.
She had likewise paid two weeks' board in
advance. In a few days the keeper'of
the house came to mo ana told mo that
her new boarder was soiling corsets and
dress goods to all the ladies and uocktios
to all the gentlemen boarders.
"Now you know why 1 want references
from professional men , and why I will
not accept references from publishers
and manufacturers. The professional
men have no goods to sell , and therefore
they will not supply me with boarders in
the persons of canvassers.
Good Anecdotes of Charles Rcade.
Atlantic Monthly for Juno : Of all
modern authors prouaoiy tno most singu
lar in his mental attitude toward the per
sonages of his romances was Charles
lloade. In speaking of the characters he
had drawn ho always appeared uncon
scious of their artificial origin and re
ferred to them as if their reality were an
established fact. He did not recognize
any particular connection between them
aud himself. I have repeatedly heard
him discuss the idiosyncrasies of this or
that member of his ideal family in pre
cisely the tone ho would have employed
if they had been independent of him in
every souse. When a friend re-
ruarKcd upon what ho supposed to be the
motives that impelled the heroine of
Griflith Gaunt to a certain course of ac
tion , Rcado exclaimed hastily and some
what warmly , " 1 don't believe Kate
Gaunt over thought of such a thing. "
Then ho became abstracted and a few
minutes after added : "It doesn't seem
credible that Kate Gaunt could bo in
fluenced in that way. but , after all , who
can tell ? " Something was said to him
about the ingenuity of one of Mrs.
Ryder's schemes in the same novel.
"Yes , " answered Reade , "wasn't it
clover ? You wouldn't imagine a woman
like Ryder up to n dodge of that sort.
Ryder had more brains than people gave
her credit for. " There was no apparent
recollection that her cleverness , whatever
it might have been , was his own inven
In "Love Mo Little , Love Mo Long" it
is related that Lucy Fountain , when ox-
pcctccting to bo drowned by the upset
ting of a pleasure boat , whispered to
David Dodd that she would have some
thing to say to him just before they went
down. Rcadc was asked what it was she
intended to toll him. "I don't know , "
ho replied , dreamily , "how should I
know ? " And a little later : "What do
you think she meant to say ? Nothing
important , perhaps. Ah , well , Dodd
may know ; she probably told him some
timo. " There was not a particle of ailuc-
tation in this. Rcade was thii last man
to attempt that kind of pretense , and if
ho had attempted it ho could no more
have succeeded than ho could have
flown to the moon. lie was the embodi
ment of intellectual candor.
But Thou ll'a English , You Know
Syracuse Standard ; For several weoka
young gentlemen and ladies Heaven
bless 'em of the Syracuse university
have been walking about the streets with
mortar boards on their heads. While
they are at perfect liberty to wear coal
scuttles If they choose , or to appear in
public clad in coats of mail , or while some
of the athletic young gentlemen might
be excused for bearing their legs
and wearing Highland plads , yet
such a course might not seem advisable ,
The mortar-boards is about as well
adapted to the purpose of wearing ap >
parcl as a toboggan slide. In the lir 1
place , it is a trillo homelier than a map
of the Sahara. In thu second place , it ii
at the mercy of the wind and leaves tin
wearer at thci mercy of the sun. In the
third place , it is heavy and hot , and in
every other place it is in the way. Mor-
tar-boarrts worn with gowns are liked bj
some people on commencement day , unt
are thought to impart a medieval and
scholastic air to the possessor ; but. wort
alone and at all times , the ugly piece ol
r is about as much in place as t
toga in a 'modem ball-room or i
Xuln clout at a picnic.
One Now Case at Key AVeit.
KKY WKST , June 13. Ono new case o :
yellow fever has appeared alnce yesterdaj
and one patient baa beeu discharged frou
the hospital.
Transfers Filed Juno 11 , 1887 ,
John 0. Morrow and wlfo to John
W. houusbury , lot 23 , block 10.
llanscow Place , w. d 8 2,000 00
John 11. Orossumnn to Michael
O'lJrlenlot4 , block 11 , Patrick's
socoml addition , w. d 1,000 00
1'riuik 1) ) . Johnson and wlfoto John
H. Fitchett , lot 10 , block 0 , In
Newport , w.d -00 00
Charles C&rbett , et at. , to the public
tilut of . "North Side addition to
Omaha , " beginning on the west
line or section 18-10-13 , S'.ars ' feet
north of the southwest corner of
said section , north 7bS 3-10 foe t
easterly 074 , 7-10 feet south ! WO
feet , cast 1,015 , 1HOO feotsouth-
crnly l.aM fuel , western\y9i \ , 7-10
feet northwesternly to bcKiunlng
of dedication
John O'Donoheo to Isnnc S. lliis-
call , nK block 1 and eW block 3 ,
In second addition to Mt. Dou-
das , q. c. (5 ( 00
Jonas It , llama aud wife to Arthur
P. Olnn , lots 15 and 10 , block 4 ,
Hawthorn addition , w. d 2,000 00
Coirlclia YVllktoand husband to Sabina -
bina S. Wnkcley , lot 11 , block : ) ,
Drake's addition , w. d " 2,030 00
John \V. \ Paul to Charlotte S.
Partner , lot 40 In Cunningham &
Dronnan's add. , and the east 07
feet of the north 32 feet of the
south one-half of lot 1 , bUc S ,
Prosnnct Place , wd 2,70000
John W. Paul to Charlotte S.
Parmnr , lots 47 and 43 , In Cun-
ninchnm & Urennan's mid , w d. . l.bOO 00
Isnnc Johnson and wlfo to Georiio
\V. hoRan , lot 20 , blk 4 , Hawthorn -
thorn add , wd 2,40000
John Morriill to Loitio J. Lewis et
al , lots 8 and fl , blk 0 , Newinrt ,
w d ! 1.C50 00
John H. Kitchett to Suslo M. Burr ,
lot 10 , blk0 , Newport , wd 00000
Andy P. Grain and wife to Robert
S. Colvln , lot 25 , blk 13 , Ouiahn
View , wd 1,200 00
Otto Johnson and wife to Charles
Johnson , north half of lot 55 , In
Nelson's add , wd 1,300 00
D , C. Patterson and wife to An-
diew Kfimiioison , lot 5 , blk 0 , Patterson - " -
torson I'ark , wd 1,00000
Adolph K. Saimielson and wife to
Ueoreo L. Hurst , north 00 foot ol
lota 1 aud 2 , blk M , Lowe's add ,
wd 1,45000
Jeunie E. Stevens to the Plubllc.
plat ot Steven's subdivision of
lots 13 and 14 , blk 9 , Parker's ndd.
Doooold Doll and wife to Charles
Doll , undivided half of SO acres
in 24-1S-13 , qc 100
Elllie C Seaver to Alfred K Janes ,
west X of lot 11 and the east 15 It
of lot 10 , blk 4 , Parker's add , w. d. 1,000.00
R C Patterson and wlfo to Silas S
Aiichmoedy , lot 0 , blk 0 , Kdgo-
wood Park , w d 100.00
Ann M (1 ( McCormlclc et al to Fred
Schnrll , lot 6 , bile 3 , in decrpark ,
wrt 050.00
Clara Ifoeder to the V E & M V It
It Co. , 50 feet overtax , lot7' in the
sw K of the nw K of 3 , 15,13 ,
right or way 5,000.00
Wm V Morse and wlfo to the same.
70 feet over the so # of 32.15. W
con 2 , IW-100 acres , also 100 feet
ever the sw > of the nw X of 5 ,
14,13 , being 0-10 of an acrer r of w 10,035.00
John T Paulson and wlfo to same.
100 feet over tha so X of the se > /
of 30 , 15,12 , r of w 2,250.00
Isaac S Ilascal ct al to the same , 100
feet over the sw K of the nw } ,
sec 0 , 14 , 18 , r of w 715.00
Edw Klrwan and wife to the sauio ,
100 foot over the nw K of the no
K ot 19 , 10 , 12. also additional
strln CO foot wide on the north
side and 50 feet wide on the south
side of said railrsd , r of w 335.00
Henry Kosters et al to the same ;
200 foot over lots 1 & 2 blk5Brigh
ton ; ref w 1,250.00
Augustus K. Thomas to the same : 50
feet ever lots 5,6 , 7,8 blk 1 and 7
and 8 , blk 2 and lots 1,2,3 , 4 and i
2 , 3 , 4 blk 5 , Thomas & Sears Ad ;
roj w 3,00.00
Oeo. W. Smith to the same : 100feet
over the east K of the n wi \ of 31 ,
10,13 con 3. oa-100 acres ; also over
lot 1 blk 1 Smlthrield Add , r of w 1,800.00
City of Omaha to Lewis F. Hoed ;
14x00 feet bop : at the a w cor of lot
5blkil Omaha ; Q. C 330.00
Max Meyer et al to Chas. Marie ; lot
8 blk 0 Manhattan add w d. . . . 300.00
Arthnr A. Mahar & wf to Olos Hansen -
sen ; lot 8 blk 87 Florence ; QC. . . . 1.00
CliftonE. Mayno&wtto CJeo. E.
Barker : 9 lots in blk 1 and the
north of 07 lots In Orchard Hill
elsolotO In Maynes add to Or
chard Hill wd 50,000.00
Jos. Barker & wf to Chas. Johnson ;
lots30and01 in Bellalrs wd 600.00
U. C. Patterson & wf toV. . Kosher ;
lot 10 blk 8 Edcewood Park , w d. . . 100.00
Frederick DrexeKt wf to JasO'Ucrn
lot 1 blk 2 in Uroxols sub dlv w d 1,100.00
Chas. Johnson & wf to Solouian
Sellgman ; lots 30 and 31 In Bel-
lair ; w d 1,800.00
Chas Johnson and wlfo to Otto
Johnson , 4x133 feet com 5G feet
east of the nw cor of lot 113 Nel
son's add w d 450 00
Anna M G McCormlck et al to
Peter M Baclc. lot 8 blk 4 Deer
parkwd 1,00000
Ed Phelan to W J Wagoner , lot 10
blk 1 Fowler place q c 100
WJWasoner et al to Ed Phelan ,
lots 20 and 3 blk 2 Fowler place
qe 1 00
Frank B Johnson and wife to John
Morrell , lots 8 and 9 blk 0 New
port wd 000 00
Kufiis B Clark aud wife to Anna
M Dolss , lot 1SK MillarcKt Cald-
weH'saddnc 1 00
Allen E Tllby ct at to Frank E
( iay , lots 13 and 14 Carthage w d. 1,000 00
Erastus A Benson and wlte to W
B Leach et al , lot 0 blk 5 Brigcs
placewd 1,52500
Fritz Wohlers and wlfo to the F E
& M V H It Co , 100 teet over the
north X of the sw,1 of the nel of
30,15 , 13 , ref w 1,300 00
T G Brings and wife to the same ,
100 feet ever lot 23 In thono 'of
the nwkr of 4,15,13 , con 80-100
acres r of w 5,40000
Filed Juno 10.
John U Hamilton to Arthur L Per
kins , lot 2 , blk 0 , Paddock place ,
wd 53,500
Larmon P I'ruvn and wife to ( ! eo H
Lyons , lot 3 , Pruyn's subdivision
of lot 33 , Mlllard & Calawell's add :
wd 3,250
Frederick 11 Davis and wife to John
H O'Callahan , lot 14 , Fairvlow place
add wd 3.200
John 1 Itedlck and wife to Clltton E
Mayn , 80 acres in 32-10-13 , wd 13,500
Clifton E Mayno and wife to Frank
B Johnson , n H ot n e K of 82-10-13 ,
wd . . . . ? 18,000
George Karll to Edwmd T Peterson et
al , undivided M interst in lotS.Ken-
sliiKton , wd 000
( ioorio C Hobbto and wlto to Emma O
Nelson , lot 17 , bile 16 , llanscom place
wd. , . . 2,500
Napoleon B Apple and wife to Wil
liam H Gateslot ? , blk 2 , Haw
thorne , wd 1,500
William L Beam and wife to Alexan
der ( } Charlton , 54KX115 ft com
mencing 20 ft sofa o corner of lot
1 , blk 4. Heed's 1st add , w d 1,000
Dexter L Thomas and wlfo to William
L McCamio , lots I and 3 , Shiloh , w d 1,025
John F Coad nml wife to George B
Dandy lot 1 blk 5 West Omaha , w
d 1,00 (
James E O'Brien and wife to John
Moldlmbor south halt lot 3 , Barker's
allottment of e 15 acres of w 35K
acres of s w tf of s w tf ot 00,15,13 ,
wd 1,500
Gustav B llougen et al to Charles U
Woolworth , undivided two-thirds In
terest In 44xl3-J ft ot lot 9 , Capitol
add , wd 0,13a
Howard Uaoclc and wife to Frank L
Cottre.ll ct al , lot 3 , block 7 , Shinu'H
add , wd. . . . : . 4.BOC
GuorcoV Loomls and wife to William
E Wright lots 0 and 7 , blk 2 , Ihvht
A Lynmn's adJ , w d 2,800
William Latey ft al to Clara M Crwn ,
2 xlOO ft of tax lot 43 , w Xof s w } i
10 , 15,13. wd 4.50C
Isabelle Stevens and husband to
James M Woolwortb , lot 23 , and s 33
ft of lot 24 , Clark's add , w d 11,600
Augustus Kountzo et al to Ed Wlttlg
lot 23 , blk 12 , Kouutzo & Kuth's add ,
wd 1,00 (
Lyirmn Kirhardson and wife to Alvln
Saunders , lot 20 block 20 , West End
addition , wd SfV.
R C Patterson to the public , plat ot
Kdgewood Park In SO , 10 , 13 , 79.K3
acres. Dedication.
Omaha Real Estate & Trust Co to Win
. A. Gardiner , lots 11 and 12 , block l ,
Catalpa place , wd 3,4X (
Charles C SchaefTcr and wlfo to Man
uel Marblc3tont'.44xV.i3 feet ot pub
lot 15 In lot 2 , Capitol addition , wd 15,000
jonls Schroeder , trustee , to Margaret
insnck , lots 1 and34 , block 11.Brown
Park , wd 725
lacob C Usnlso ct al. to James Frascr ,
lots 4 and 5blk 3 Collier place , wd 2,000
City ot Omnha to Frcdprlcka SUpetiw *
horst , 10 2-10 icet by Q feet adjoining ;
south } i of lot 9 , block 7 , Kountzo &
Ruth's addition , ijcd , 20
Oscar B Selden and wife to Patrick
J Kane , lot 8 bludk ,0. Isaac & Sel-
den's addition , wd 2,500
Henry B St John aud , wlto to Chas
F Goodman , lot 20 , Tuttle's stib-dl-
vision , w d , 3,700
iVIIllam V Benson ami wife to James
11 Brown. 2Uxl40 toot ot tax lot 43 ,
In west half of southwest quarter
of section 10 , township 15 , range 13 ,
w d 0,500
William H Gates and wlfo toJ H
Taylor , lot 19 blk 3 , and lot 20 blk 24 ,
Hawthorne , w d 11,000
lehti U Hungatu. ttustcc , to George
Haas , Jr. , lot 12 blk ll.Bedford Place ,
w d . - COO
Jehu U llunvntc. tiustco , to Braytou I
Brown , lot 6 blk 11 , Bedford Place ,
w d C60
I H Hungato , trustee , to Charles G
Comstock , lots 4 and 5blk ll.w d. . . . 1,334
( elm H Hungate , trustee , to John B
Ball , lot if blk 11 , Bedford Place ,
w d 007
J H Hungatc , trustee , to Maria Bur-
ham , lot 10 bile 11 , Bedford Place ,
y | PQy
( > " ' ( " "
John K btteustein"n'nd" wlfo "to
Charles S Blackmnn , lots 5 and G
blk 14 , Patrick's Second add , w d. . . 4,000
Beryls , Garnets , Cairngorms and To *
imzcs Not AVelghcd lly the Gai-nt.
Brooklyn Eagle : It would surprise
some people who treasure little chips of
sparkling stones in rings or pins to learn
low common some of those same stones
nay bo and this without reference to
he bogus jewels of the shops. The writer
ins a bit of acpuamarino cut from a
single crystal that weighed four and one-
julf ounces , and containing material
enough for dozens of gems , but oven this
crystal was of small consequence as
compared with one now in possession of
the emperor of Brazil , for that weighs
eighteen pounds , and is of the size aud
nearly the shape of a calf's head. Now
England , especially the states of Main
and New Hampshire , abounds in aqua
marines or beryls , and the biggest find
was at Grafton , N. 11. , where a crystal
weighing 2,000 pounds was taken "out.
This , however , was nearly opaque and
was consequently useless for jewelry
purposes. Graham & Co. are cutting up
a garnet recently found in North Carolina
lina that weighed four pounds seven and
A half ounces , and another firm of lapi
daries has a garnet of nearly the same
weight found in a gneissoid lodge in the
neighborhood of Weht Seventieth or
Eightieth street , New York , although this
latter piece is too cloudy and too ; heavily
flawed to cut. A Scotchman will show
you the cairngorm , or smoky quartin
the hilt of his dirK or pin of his plaid and
brag of it ii it turns the scales at an
ounce. What would he think of the 280
pound crystal and'of'the ' ' bunches of crys
tals that aggregate tons in weight ,
found near the Ticfengletscher and
brought down to the lierno mu
seum ? Malachite was formerly used
for jewelry to a' considerable ex
tent , for the largo quarries were , until
lately , unknown. It , is recorded of a
young fop who visited one of the Roths
childs that ho was so proud of his mala
chite slecvc-buttous that he insisted on
exhibiting thotx to his host , liotlischild
looked at thorn and said : "Yes , it's a
pretty stone. 1 always liked it. I have
a mantelpiece made of it in the next
room. " As to the once precious jasper ,
porphyry and chalcedony one has only
to visit the Paris Grand opera house to
find them used in architectural material.
The bloodstone or heliotrope is a green
jasper , flecked with red , that is often
used in rings , yet it is discovered in largo
blocks in some parts of the world. The
royal collection in Paris contains a head
of Christ made of this stone , where the
rod spots are brought into the artistic
scheme by representing blood from the
crown of thorns. Unyx is abundant in
the west and elsewhere , and the Mantuan
vase at Brunswick , made of this mate
rial , is seven inches high by two and one-
half inches broad. Nero had two caps
of rock crystal or quartz , one of which
cost him $2.000 , and that , with a charac
teristic disregard of expense , ho dashed
to pieces when informed that the people
were in revolt against him. Topazes
are beautiful stones and not very expens
ive. They ought not to bo when lumps
of thorn eighty pounds in weight can bo
lifted out of the earth , as was done in
Uroddho , Sweden. In spite ot the appar
ent abundance of certain gems , however ,
t'uo glassmaker flourishes , and sometimes
ho comes so near to reality that the olcct
are deceived , while real stones often sim
ulate each other , and can only bo deter
mined by tests in cutting. The wife of a
dealer in gems has worn a beautiful
"steel" topaz for twenty years in the be
lief that it is a diamond , and her husband
has never deemed it necessary to unde
ceive her. Fraudulent gems or "doub
lets" are sometimes faced with a thin
slice of the stone they imifcito that is
made to adhere by means of transparent
cement , for this facing of stone will wear
much longer than glass the latter becoming -
coming scratched and dimmed even by
exposure to the dust of our Brooklyn
streets. Glass or "paste" gems , however ,
are usually a little oil'color. The glass
amethyst , for example , has a smoky
quality different from the royal purple of
tnis stone ; the glass garnet 'has not the
deep and fiery crimson that flashes like a
coal of lire from the face of a true garnet ;
the cmorald of glass is colder in color
than the native crystal and has not Its
brightness. Deceit is not only to be de
tected in the color , but by tests with files
and acids , by dropping into water , by
heat , and electricity. It is said that the
quickest way to judge the veracity of a
diamond is to drop it into water. If it
continues to sparkle it is real ; jf it be
comes dead and glassy it is an imitation.
All bogus diamonds sold under the
names of Alaska diamonds , California
diamonds , Hocky mountain diamonds ,
Parisian diamonds , Rhinestones and the
like , are made of the best flint glass , and
are cut with the same skill and care as
actual stones. " " *
No More Si iulj y Dances.
The beer gardens and concert halls
presented an unusual appearance last
night. While at mbst'bf them there was
the usually largo-attendance that is
noted on Sunday evenings , there was an
absence of all muOcj&ancinj. and simi
lar signs of festivity. ; This was occa
sioned by and order" issnied yesterday by
Chief of Police Soavcyprohibiting music
and dancing at the va jious halls on Sun-
da ' if-
The DatiglrW of War.
"I should like tUo in that battle
again , " remarked InJold soldier Wed
nesday , gazing nt a.nicturo of the battle
of Mission Ridge , hanging on our ollico
\Vlll " "
"lius you are crippled , " wo suggested ,
"and have certainly got enough of army
life. Fighting battles is dangerous work.
Did you lose your limb in the battle of
Mission RidgeJ"
"No , sir. " replied thn veteran , while
the lire of patriotUin flashed from his
steel-gray eyes , "I was run ever by a
beer wairon in Des Msines. Newman In
No name Is better and more pleafiantlv
and widely known than that of Mr. J ,
A. Pozzoni. For Years ho has made him
self famous by the elegant perfumes and
complexion powder that bears his name ,
the latterhaving found its way to the
belles of Paris Germany and Ixmdon ,
Everybody admire beauty in ladies.
Nothuigwill do more to produce or en
hance U Uian to use Mr. Fo zoni. ' pre-
. parations.
llowa Convict Was Almost Itclcaaod
Krom Prison.
Now York Sun : Ono of the nerviest
pieces of work ever attempted by a profes
sional crook was that performed by Big Ed
Ulcoclphtor ten years ao , he being as
sisted In the work by Tom BlRclow of Windsor
ser , Ontario. A pal ot Klco had been ar
rested In Indiana and sent to prison for at
tempting to pass a forced check on a bank.
The sentence was for three years and the
name of the man was Stetson , More than
S 1,000 had been paid to lawyers to prevent
his conviction , but It was a clear case and
nothing would tiave him. It was claimed It
was a case of mistaken Identity and the
newspapers discussed the atlatr in
a manner to convince many
of their readers that Stetson
was a much-Injured man. The sentence
was no sooner In operation than there was
talk that the governor would bo appealed tote
to grant a pardon , and the convict had only
served six weeks when It was announced In
Indianapolis and Chicago papers that the
governor had agreed to grant a paulon. This
was the sly workot Ed Ulco with newspaper
men. He cla lined to be a Now York lawyer
and attorney of Stetson. Ulpelow claimed to
be a brother-in-law and a Chicago broker. was Inserted In the papers after the
trial was for the benefit of prison olliclals.
It was published only In papers which found
their way Into prison , and Stetson took good
care that all knew ho was In dally expecta
tion of a pardon. He had been In prison about
seven weeks , when Hlce appeared one day
and stated to the warden that thu governor
had Issued and mailed a pardon , and , In
deed , he was in the otllco when the mall was
received and the pardon taken from Its en
velope. The warden was prepared for the
reception of the document. He believed that
thu governor had been appealed to , and that
he looked upon Stetson as an innocent man.
The document was In pcifeet foim. the sig
nature all right , and but for a trilling Inci
dent Stetson would have walked out
of prison Inside of an hour. Some
one from Indianapolis , who had busi
ness at the prison , came In just
as the warden was looking over
the document and remarked that the gov
ernor had been absent from the state for sev
eral dnvs past , and his signature could not
bo had to several documents. Here was his
signature to the pardon attached only the
day before at Indianapolis , and the warden
would have bcon a poor stick not to see that
something wanted explanation. Hico was
cool and collected , and had the other party
not been a friend of the warden , his state
ment would Ime passed for a mistake. As
It was , the warden determined to investi
gate before giving Stetson 1'ls liberty , and be
said to lllce :
"It the governor was not In Indianapolis
yesterday , this signature was a forgery. It'
ho was there , then the document Is all right. "
"You can ascertain by telegraph In an
hour , " replied Klcc. " 1 have some business
at the bank , aud will return In an hour.
While I do not sco how this document can
bo questioned , I yet desire you will talto
every precaution to render yourself sate. "
Ho wont out to take a train out of the city
and bo hoard of no more , and Inside of an
hour It was known that the paper was a
forgery. Bigelow had accomplished his
part of the work In a successful man-
unr , but Itlce had failed through a
trilling circumstance. There was an
ofticlal Investigation into the matter ,
or rather one was begun and then zealously
hushed np. Tnero was no question as to the
forgery of the governor's signature , hut how
Bluelow got the blank paidon and seal of
state was a mystery. There had been no
breaking and entering , and those who knew
ot the case came to the conclusion that
bribery had brought things about. A certain
employe ot the state who had access to tlm
governor's otllco suddenly left for Texas or
somewhere else , and the matter soon died
out StetHon served thirteen months for his
sentence and then shammed sickness and es
caped from the hospital.
This same Rice and Stetson did a very bold
piece of work In Philadelphia about slx'ycars
ago. the lay bo ins entirely different. Rico
bad some stolen bonds he was anxious to
dispose of. They were the public improve
ment bonds of some Ohio city , and for some
reason the party loslng.them had not notified
brokers aud bankers of their low. Hire ,
dressed as a farmer , entered a stock broker's
ollico and said that ho had taken the bonds
In exchange for some Virginia coal lands
and was only a few minutes converting thorn
Into'cnsh. At the time of his visit a wealthy
widow was In the office Inquiring If she had
not better sell certain United States bonds
and Invest In land mortgages. Rico heard
her name mentioned , and he heaid the
broker advise her to sell. When shu went
away ho piped her home , and that alter noon
he called at the house as the conlidentlal
clerk of Bond & Co , , looked over her securi
ties , and gave her a receipt , and took away
with him 314,000 worth of bonds , which were
negotioted betore noon the next day. Ho
was all alone In both jobs , and now , having
about 825,000 In his possession , he
determined on a trip to Europe.
Ho changed his money to gold and secured a
passage for Liverpool. Luck had singularly
i'avored him in his undertaking , but now it
as strangely deserted him. He desired to
keep his money under his own eye Instead of
placing It In the purser's keeping. With the
exception of a few hundred dollars ho stowed
It away In his trunk , and on thu fouith day
out this receptacle was opened by talso keys
and every dollar taken out. The ship was
raided from stem to stern , and people kept
under the strictest surveillance , but Rice
never received a dollar ot It back. Two
weeks after he landed In England the police
arrested a swindler with a large amount of
gold In his possession , but Rico dared not
Beck to identify it for fear of belue arrested
What Ucfcll a Beautiful Mexican
Two Republics : One of the prettiest girls
of Xacatecas. belonging to one of the best
families In the state , has just been admitted
to the Insane asylum In that city , a hopeless
maniac. The story of the trouble which
wrecked her reason is one of the saddest that
has ever been written. Horn the daughter of
wealthy parents , an only child , she was In
dulged in everything , and in consequence
her naturally sweet disposition was thor
oughly spoiled , aud whenever an attempt
was made to cross her wishes she haa the
most frightful outbursts of temper , which al
ways ended in all around her yielding and
allowing her to carry her point. On the 4th
of .March of the present year she was
married to a wealthy hacemludo whose
extensive place Is located near Xacatecas.
The wedding was a grand alfalr , and the
voung couple started mo together with the
brightest possible prospects. Soon after
marriage , however , thcro arose slight dis
putes between husband and wife , which
ended , as hail been the case all through the
' life In her tavor the husband
girl's , , , natu
rally a hlghsplrltod man , yielding Invariably
betoro her awtul tits of violence. This ,
finally , however , became unbearable to the
voung married man and ho determined to
break his wife's frightful temper and assert
his manhood , trusting that they would llvo
more happily together In the end. So upon
the next occasion when thorn arose a dlflnr-
cnco of opinion on some trilling matter lin
remained linn and utterly refused to yield
his point. His wlfo stormed and Hew into a
perfect rage of passion , but ho remained un
moved , aud ilnally , when the exhibition
of temper was assuming a phase where
the young woman commenced breaking
the breakfast dishes they were at their
morning meal when the troubln arose in
the Impotency of her wrath , he clutched her
tightly by the arm , ami In a rough tone In
sisted that she should quiet down , She eave
him one awful look , then with n wild shriek
she toro herself from his grip , and moving
away a few stops foil to the ground foaming
at the month. Medical aid was at once sum
moned , but for hours she lay unconscious ,
occasionally struggling violently , ami then
relapsing Into quietness again. After a
while she opened her eyes , took a long look
around upon the people irathcred about her
bed , and with a blood-curdling shrink xprang
from the boa , and before anyone could pre
vent her , was out of the house and racing
madly over the littlds. All present gave
chase , and after a long , exhanstlnz run , the
mad woman was overtaken by her husband ,
and hold fast until assistance arrived. The
best medical aid procurable was obtained for
her , but her reason remained In darkness
and the physicians predict there Is positively
no hope lor her recovery.
For Sale 0 South Front Lots in Clif
ton Hill. They must bo sold by the liith.
For all , $1TOO ; cash f 420 ; balance easy.
' JAMES SrocKiui.E , 113 N. ICth St.
Care for the Children
Children fed the debility ot the changing
tr.isons , even more than adults , and they l > o-
come cross , i > cc\l h , and uncontrollable.
Tuo Mood should bo cleansed and tlio system
Imlgoratcil by the use of Hood's Sarsaparllla.
" Last Spring my two children were vacci
nated. Soon after , they tiroko all out with run
ning sores , so dreadful I thought I should lese
them. Hood's K.irs.iparllla cured them com
pletely ; and they Iiaro been healthy over
since. I do feel that Hood's Sarsaparllla
saved my children to me. " lliia , U. L.
XUOUTBON , West Warren , Mass ,
Purif/the Blood
Hood's Sarsaparllla Is characterized by
three rccultarltlcs : 1st , the combination ot
remedial agents j 2d , the proportion- , the
protest of securing the nctlro
qualities. The result Is a medlclno of unusual
strength , effecting euros hitherto uuknown.
Send for book containing additional evidence.
"Hood's S.trsaparllla tones np my nystom.
purifies my blood , sharpens my appetite , and
seems to niako mo over. " J. r. TuovirsoN ,
Itegtstcr ol Dcods , Lowell , Mass.
' Hood's Sariapsrllla boats all others , and
Is worth Its weight In gold. " I. UAIIHUIUTOX ,
130 llauk street , Hew Voi k City.
Hood's 7. Sarsaparilla
Gold by all druggists. ( I ; six for ( S. Made
only by C. I. HOOD & CO. , Lowell , Ma3.r
IOO Doses Ono Dollar.
who desires a pcifect
PhOllld WCIlf One. mil not Cobnok nlllf krtntwora.
KORCtSTLR CORSET CO. , ! IS and ! ! 0 ilarket St. ,
NOTICE All auirorers from liny Fever who
will use the Smoke Hull and "Ucbullator"pRck-
ago six weeks prior to August 1st , 18HT , nml
have the first symptoms or the illsemo upnoar
after that dnle , we will KKFUNl ) THE MONEY
Last summer this remedy was used by many
BtiHorors , and jrave satlsfnction in every case.
"Cmbollo Stnoko" jflvos Immediate relief In
Catarrh , AstUran , llronclilnl and Throat Affec
tions , Hcndachn , Croup , Colds , tiling Uiauusog ,
etc. , and if taken in connection with our Dotiel-
later treatment is warranted to cu i o every caao.
A 1'roo Test nt our oilico parlors. Sent by
mall on receipt of prlco , t.l. Smoke null , $ . ,
Uobellutor 11.
Room 11 Crctghton Block , Omaha , Nob.
A Natural ,
Palatable ,
In TAIinANT8SHI.iTX.Kil yon behold
A cortHln euro tor younKiiml
For Constipation will ilupart
Anil Indlci'Ktlon quickly stiirt.
Hick liouclnche , too. will noon dopnrt.
BD TAHHANTSail.T/.KKo.isljei
WEAK MENK ! ilUcrvtiitnf ! of
fit" * tSrt. * " " * ' - - " ' wr Ul'iRlMTIK TO
Itm br tbli Ntw IMpBovrn
tlila ip ciflapiirpoieCCXIpr
_ , _ . teething currtnu of
Itjr directly thrnujh all weak parti.r itor-
- „ - B _ < to htalthftrid Vlgorou > Strtngth. Kl ctrlo
Currtnt " > * -51-ftU IniUntlv or we furfiit IM.UX ) In cub.
Or ttrit Improvement * over alt other btlta. wont cam per *
mnnectlycurrtl In three month * , flcalctt rkhiphtet4c. itamn
The Binden Electric Co. 169 LiSillc ! . . Chle a
SP.VEUAfj persons ot Into have gotten into
trouble train the use o tire hydrants for
private use , and wo publish below thu ordin
ance covering sucli cases. A cnp was loft
oil n hydrant neur St. Mury's uvontie , only n
tow days ntzo by some unaiithorlrud person ,
and It was soon loaded through the no/zie
by mischievous boys witli it cow's horn , a
Hii'Ko plecu of brick und a stone , Wlion the hy
drant was tried by the inspector it was found
broken , and causud a largo amount of Jamnno
nml annoyaneo to private parties taking water
on tills line , und nearly suspending the county
court on account of lack or panltnry water at
tlm court houso. Tito elilotonvlnoer fools , that
unless the abuse bo utmted , Hint a Urn might
oeour In some locality where Imlrnntu are out
of service Irom some unauthorl/od person
using thorn , and either breaking by Ignorance
or leaving them in bad condition.
An Ordinance to pro\'cnt tinaulliorl/ed use of
the flrtt hydrants in the elty of Omnua.or
tampering with the same.
Ilo It ordained by the city council of the city of
Omaha as follows :
Soetlonl. It shall bo unlawful for nny per
son to draw water from , to open or clopo , or to
do any other thing with or about any tire hy
drant in the city of Omnha , unless authorl/ed
so to do , under the authority of the olllcialsof
eutd citv , or of the City Water Works Company.
Section 2 , It hnll bo unlawful toranyptir-
son to put any nubRtani'o or thlnglnto , to bitch
or luhten harsog or other animal * to , or to
mcildlu or tamper , In any way. with any such
llro hydrants , or to do anything with or itbout
the fltuno , not necessary und proper for Its legit-
election n. Any person violating this ordin
ance shall bo guilty of n mUdomnanor. and on
conviction thurcof shall bo pttnlihnil by u line
not to oxcced tlfty dollars , or nn imprisonment
not to exceed tun diiys , or both.
Scotlon 4 , All ordinances or parts of ordin
ances Inconsistent hnrowltb , are bcruby 10-
Section 6. This ordlnnueo to taho effect Hud
be In foreo from and ut'tur its passage.
l'a = sod January 3rd , 18W. J9d6t
Successors to Jno. ( J. Jacobs ,
AM >
At the olUstand 1107 Faruara si. Orders
bytolojriph ( : soltcitoU und promptly at
tended to. Telephone No. 225.
JO 10 North Kith Street ,
Paid in Capital , . . . . $100,000
GEO. E. riAHKEH , President.
HOUT. L. QAHUCHS , Vlco-rrcsldcnt
SAJiur.r. H. JoH.s-FOf , Oeo. E. lUnxta ,
KOBT. L. IUIILICUS , Wu. fisivini
F , II.
A general banking business transact * ! .
Interest allowed on imo dapoilti.
To Wnom It May Concern. -
VTOTICK Is hereby given thntthe htidertlifnprf
J- > will letHMvo Idds mull 4 o'clock p. in ot
Juno 1Mb , lbS7 , nt the ollico of the elty clerk foi
the lollonlug parcels of ground !
Description ol strips of land adjoining HOOKS 0 ,
T and U , Kotint7o > V Hutli's mid I
Adjoining lot IbloekUt Ik'Rtiinmg nt the N.
n corner ot lot I block ( I , Koiint/e .V Hnth'9 ndd ,
Ihotieo potith W ) foot , tuonco ca t 17.3 feet ,
tlionvu northerly 60 foot , thencowest 17.0foot
to thoplaodot beginning.
Adjoining lot - block 0 : lloglnnlng nt the N.
E earner of lot 2 block 0 , lC < nint/e & inith's add ,
tbi'iico gouttt M ti'i-t , tinmen onjt 17 fort , thence
tiorthiuly 60 feet , theuevost 17. ! ) feet to the
place of beginning.
Adjoining lot ; ) block fl ! Heglnntng at thn N
U eornor of lot : i block H , Kountn > v Ituth's ndd ,
thence south fill feet , thencu ea t 10.7 loot
thoticu northerly 50 loot , thence west 17.0 fcot
to the place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 4 block n : Beginning at the N
K corner lot 4 block 0ounto | & Kuth'gadd ,
theneo foutb f > 0 feet , thotteo ca t IB.I loet ,
thouco northerly M fret , thonoo west 10.7 feet
to the place of beginning ,
Adjolnlim lotntiloek I ) : Ileglnnlng nt flio N.
E corner of lot 5block 0 Kountro * liuth's ndd ,
thence south 60 ftt't , thence ItU foot ,
tlumi'u tiortht'ily 50 feot. thence west 10.4 feet
to the plaooot ticglnnlng
Adjoining lot 0 bloek 8 : Ileglnnlng nt the N
I ! coiner ol lot II block 0 Kountro > V Ittith's add ,
thence couth 50 I eel , thence i > at l.VS leet
thence northorlr 50 feet , thence west 16,1 feet
to t ho place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 7 block 0 : Ueglnninir at the N
K corner of lot 7 block 0 Kouut/e A Ituth's add ,
tboneo south ro feet , thcnco east 150 fuel ,
thence northerly 50 foct , thcnco estl5.rtfout
to the place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 8 Woeltfl : llpglnnlng nt tlm N
11 eornor of lot 8 uloek II Kountzo Ac Uutb'n add.
thouco south 5il tout , thence ua t l&.i ! leot ,
thence northerly 50 feel.thcneo west 15.5 fcot
lo thn plneo of beginning.
Adjoining lot Ii block 0 : llrglntiliig nt the N
i : corner of lot U block 0 , Kountzo & Uuth'sadd ,
thence south r > 0 feet , thptica oi < t 14.0 fcot ,
thence northerly 5ti foot , thence west 15.2 fcot
to the Disco of beginning
Adjoining lot lu block II : Itoglnnltig at thn N
Boomer of lot 10 block 0 Kouumi liuth's
add , thence south 50 feettheneo runt 14.6 ( vet ,
thence northerly 50 fcot , thenoo west 14.0 teot
to the place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 11 block fl : Beginning at the N
K corner of lot 11 blocK 0 Kountro St Kuth'
Hdd.thcnuo south 50 loot , thence east foot ,
tbenco northoilv50feot , theneo west H 0 foot
to the place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 12 block : Ileglnnlng ut the K
K coiner of lot U block (1 ( Kouiitro & Hutu's
add , theneo south 60 fort , thence en t 14 fl toot ,
thence northuily 50 feet , thence west 14.3 feet
to the plncu ot beginning.
Adjoining lot 13 bloikfl : Ilogtnnlng nt thn N
K corner of lot 1.1 block n KoiinUo & Kuth'g
ndd , thence south 50 loet , thence oust 13.7 feet ,
thence northerly .Vlfout , thence woet 11 feet to
the n I ceo of beginning ,
Adjoining lot 14 block 0 : Beginning nt the N
K corner of lot 14 block 0 Kount/o and lluth'l
mid , tlienco Hoiith4H tcot , thence east ! ) , : feet ,
thence northerly 13 foot , thence west 13.7 feet I
to the place ot beginning.
Adjoining lot 1 block 7 : Beginning at the N
K corner of lot 1 block 7 Kount7o\ Ruth's add ,
tlienco south 50 fcot , theneo oust 12.6 fcot ,
thcnco northerly , " > 0 feet , thonoo west 12.85 foot
to the place ot beginning
Adjoining lot 2 block 7 : Beginning nt the N
B corner of lot 2 block 7 Kouutzo A : Kuth's add ,
thcnco boutli 50 feet , thence east foot ,
thence northerly M Inet , thence west foot
to the iilnco of In ginning.
Adjoining lot ! 1 block 7 : Beginning at thn N
1" eornor ol lot II block 7 Kountzo > V Ruth's add ,
thence south 50 loot , thence cast ll.n foci ,
thcnco northerly 50 foot , thcnco west 12.2 foot
to the place ot beginning ,
Adjolninglot 4 block 7 : Beginning nt the N
R corner ot lot 4 block 7 Kountz.o .V ( tilth's add ,
thcnco south 60 fcot , thence east 11.a feet ,
thence northerly 60 feet , thence west H.U feet
to the plnco of beginning.
Adjoining lot 5block 7 : Beginning at the N
K corner of lot 5 block 7 Konntv.e & Kuth's ndd ,
tlienco south 50 foot , thoneo onst foul ,
thence northerly 50 feet , thence wcbt 11.0 feet
to the place of beginning.
Adjoining lotO block 7 : Beginning at the N
K corner ol lot 0 block" KountvoA : Kuth's add ,
thence south "ill feet , thence east 11 feet , thence
northerly 50 lect , thence west 11,3 feet to the
plncu of beginning.
Adjolnlmrlot7bltiok7 : Beginning nt. the N
K corner ot lot 7 block 7 ICount/.o & Ktith'B add ,
tlienco south 50 leot , thcticn oust 10.7 fott ,
thence northotly m tent , theuco west 11.0 feet
to the phicoof beginning.
Adjolninglot 8 block 7 : Beginning at IhoN
K coiner of lot H block 7 Kount/o A. Kuth'tf mid ,
tlienco south 50 foef , thence oust 10.1 fret ,
thonoo noitherlv 60 feet , thenoo west 10.7foot
to thu plnco ol beginning.
Adjoining lot llbloux 7 : Beginning nt the N
R corner of lot n block 7 Kountro A' Kuth's ndd ,
thence south 50 foot , thence on t 10.1 toot ,
thence nottherly 50 tuet , thence wobt 10.4 foot
to ihu tilnoo of beginning.
Adjolninglot 10block 7 : Beginning nt the N
E oornor of lot 10 block 7 , K untzu & Ituth's
ndd , thence south 5' ' ) foot , thence east t'.B foot ,
tlicnco northerly. foot , thence west 10,1 fcot
to the place ol beginning
Adjoining Jot II block 7 : Beginning at the N
12 corner of lot 11 block 7 Koutit/.o & Kuth's add ,
thcnco south 61 feet , thenro ont-t .B feet ,
thence northerly 60 feet , thence wont 9.8 feet
to the place of beginning
Adjoining lot 12 block 7 : Beginning at the N
K corner of lot 13 block 7 Kount/o A ; Utah's
ndd , thence south 51) ) foot , thence oust 0,2 foot ,
thence northerly 50 foot , thence west 0.5 foot
tothoplacnot beginning.
Adjoining lot 13 block 7 : Beginning at thn N
B eornor of lot 13 block 7 Kount/o & Ruth'
ndd , thoneo south 60 foot , thcnco 8Bt 8.9 fcot
thence northerly 60 foot , thence west 9.2 fee
to the place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 14 blauR 7 : Beginning at the N
12 corner ot lot 14 block 7Kount/e * Kuth's add ,
thence fiouth 48 foot , thcnco east 8.5 fcot ,
tboneo northerly 43 foot , thence w o. t B.fl teet to
the plnco of hnglnnlntr
Adjolninglot ] block 14 : Beginning at thn N
K corner of lot 1 block 14 KounUu A : Kulh'rt
mid. thence south.0 foot , thcnco cast 7.7 feet ,
thoneo northerly 50 ioet , thenoo west 8.0 fcot to
the place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 2 block II : Beginning at the N
n corner of lot 2 block II Kount/o .t Kuth's add ,
Ilionco south 60 toot , theneo onst 7 4 foot ,
thoneo noilhorly 60 loet , thence west 7.7 teot to
tbo place of beginning.
Adjolninglot : i D lock 11 : Beginning utthoN
K co i nor of lot 3 b'ocKM KounUo Ailluth's add ,
thetico south 60 feet , thoneo east 7.1 foctthonoo
noithorly 60 leot , thouuo west 7.4 feut to the
pluoi ) of lieglnnlng.
Adjoining lot 4 block 14 : Beginning at the N
E corner of lot 4 block II Kount/.o S Kuth's
add , tboneo south 50 foot , thence east 6.8 foot ,
thence northerly 50 feet , thoueo west 7.1 foot to
the place of hou'lnnlng.
Adjoining lot S blo k 14 : Beginning nt the N
I ! eornor of lot fi block 11 Kount/.o i Kuth's ndd.
thence south50 fcot , thouco east (1.5 ( foot.thenco
noithorly M toot , thence west 0.8 foot to the
'place of beginning.
Adjoining lot 6 block 14 : A strip of land C.5
foot wide at the north line of lot Ii , and 6.3 feet
wide nt the U. I' , right-of-way adjoining lot 6
block 14 Kount7c & Kuth's ndd.
No bids lornn amount loss than the appraised
value will he considered.
The city council reserves the right to rojeo
" ' ' t"d3'
nnrjeHrd"'t' J. It BOUTIIAHP. Clly Clerk.
MATTCK of application of Cnrr Ar Biggins for
Ilijuor license.
Notice is hetobj given that CurrA Hlggitu
tid upon the 3rd dayof June A. I ) . 1887 , Illo their
application to the mayor and olty council of
Omitliu , torllcennK to sell mult , spirituous ami
vinous liquors , nt Walnut street , In 1'iiik Vale ,
Sooond ward , Omunn , Neb , from thollthday
of April , IH87to tbn lllth day ot April , lt 8.
If thorn bo no obloetlon , remonstrance or
piotest filed within two weeks from .luno 3rd ,
A. I ) . 13i" , thosuld license will bo gran tod.
U.uiit & Uinin.vs , Applicants.
J. B. feou-iIIAUK. City ( Jiork. J3-I1
Of House Furniture , every Wcdnchduy
and Saturday nt 507 S. 18th St. ,
nt 10.1. m.
UoiiKlit and sold. Furniture sold on tlmn
payments. Choapcst plnoo to buy furni
ture and household poods in the city.
Union TrustCo
ttOH S. 15til M. , Olliullll , Nell.
Capital , - $300,000
IjOiuih Hindu on Itcal IXnlc.
School , County and Municipal IJomls Ne
I'rosiijont. Vli'H I'rc-8 ,
Secretary. Tirasurur.
imiKCTOItS :
U'il. A. I'AXTON , HlI.N'IIV T Cl.tllKB ,
W O. MAUf , . IIt. . Wll.MtMS.
If , . JOIl.NSOH.
ii. u. ittmitcr.
Funeral Director & Embalmer
11IN. lOthSt. Telephone No. W