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How A Well-Known Detective Paid a Cer
tain Bill ,
The Police Commission State Their
Cnsc Educational Matters TLo
Court Orlst An Irlih-Atncrl-
can Club Etc.
A VnlnnlcflS Check.
The comity heretofore existing be
tween the firm of T. J. Bcanl & Co. , and
Jarncs Nellgh of the Western Detontivo
ngency , is broken. The fracture is seri
ous and there is little chance of its being
mended. Beard & Co. , did n piece of
work for Nellgh. in payment for which
the latter guvo a check for $28 on the
Commercial National bank. The check
came back to the firm endorsed "No
good ; never had funds in this bank. "
Thu firm posted the check in
the show window of their
Douglas street place of
business and placed above it in black
letters : ' ! For Sale. " AtSo'clock Monday
night Neligh was in the Phuumx next door ,
lie was invited out to "see the picture in
Beard's window. " When he saw what it
was , Ncligh was frantic , and made dire
threats of getting even. Yesterday morn
ing , while the employes of the store were
in the back part. Ncligh was observed to
suddenly enter anil make u dash for the
show window. The attaches of the es
tablishment hurried forward , just in
time to find Ncligh emerging from the
window with the offensive check in ono
hand and u big and shining revolver
in the other. "Stand back ;
stand back ! " shouted Ncligh , in
tragic tones , as ho nourished both the
check and revolver above his head ;
"Stand back or I'll kill yo\U" \ Lew Heard
steadily advanced , however , and dis
armed Ncligh by quietly twisting the gun
from his hands. Ho then made him give
up Iho check , whereupon Neligh left Iho
store , fuming with impotent rngc. Sam
Beard went before Juiigo Borka and
tried to get a warrant against Ncligh for
stealing thu check. The judge held as it
had no value , the warranl could not bo
, . issued. So n warrant was sworn out
against Neligh for assault with n danger
ous weapon. At last accounts the war
rant had not been served , as Ncligh had
not been found.
A Tulle With Two Commissioner * of
the 1'olico nnd Fire Board.
The feeling on the part of the people
in the strife between the city council ami
thu police commission , touching the rela
tive powers of the Iwo bodies , will cause
the views of two of the commissioners ,
as obtained in nn interview yesterday , to
bo read with interest. These commission
ers wore found in consultation , and from
ono of them , the views of presumably
both wore secured in the following. The
question was asked ono of the commis
sioners :
r As an individual member of the bord
of fire and police commissioners , under the
nowchartcr , have yon any objection lo ex
pressing your personal views as to the rela
tions existing between thu mayor and coun
cil and the board ?
No sir. These relations are clearly establish
ed by the act ot the legislature. The board is
not a mere skeleton waiting to bo vlvlllcd
mid habilitated bv the mayor and council.
The act provides that , after the appointment
of the commissioners by the governor , "be
fore entering upon their duties each of Bald
ofllccrs shall take and .subscribe an oath that
In making appointments or considering pro
motions or .removals he will not be
guided or actuated by political motives
or Influence1) , but will consider only
the Interest of the city and the success
nnd cllecllvess . of said departments. "
Those oaths have been taken and subscribed ,
nnd tiled with the city clerk , and the board
has entered upon the discharge of its duties.
Certain powers are derived directly from the
act Itself. It provides thai "It shall be the
duty of Hald board of tire ana police lo adopt
such rules and regulations for the guidance
of the ofllccrs and men of said departments
and for Iho appointment , promotion , re
moval , trial or discipline of said otlicers nnd
men as said board shall consider proper and
necessary , " and adds "and when said rules
and regulations shall be approved by the
mayor and council they shall hove the same
force and elTcct as ordinances , nnd can only
bo changed by and with the consent of the
mayor and council. " Bitch rules have been
adopted and submitted to the council ,
although there U no provision requiring
such submission or approval to or by the
In the meantime the board may change the
rules as It "shall consider proper and neces
sary. " The only cflect of the approval Is
that , after that Is done , the board cannot
change the rules without "the consent ot ttio
mayor ana council. " Another provision of
the charter Is that "the board of lire and po
lice shall have power to appoiut a chief of
police and such other officers and policemen ,
file. , aa may be necessary for the proper pro
tection and efficient police of Iho city. " The
charier provides that this power of appoint
ment Is not unlimited. It can only be exer
cised "lo the extent that funds may be pro
vided by the mayor and council to pay their
salaries. " The section of Iho charter creat
ing the board confers furlber powers upon
the council as well as the board In the clos
ing words , "Tho said board of lire aud police
shall have such further powers and
perform such other duties as may be author
ized or defined by ordinance. "
Thu board does not claim lo be independ
ent of the mayor and the council. Section
fifteen of the charter provides that Ihe mayor
and council may pass any and all
ordinances necessary to execute
or carry Into effect any of thn proVisions -
Visions hereof or anr of thu powers herein
granted except as otherwise heroin granted. "
Taken ns a whole , there is no ambiguity In
the charter nnd no conflict m Its provisions.
1 am sure the board will be Inclined lo give
the council the benoiil ot every reasonable
doubt and leave with them all the responsi
bility II can.
Thecobjrct of the lire department Is to put
( fc out tires. The board I think has appointed
competent ofllccrs and men for
that purpose. The object of the
police department Is to protect
citizens and property and maintain peace
nnd good order. 1 think competent otlicers
and men have been appointed for that pur
pose. They are at present faithfully per
forming their respective duties.
_ Under the law ot this state a citizen of the
United States who has resided the past six
months , becomes entitled to all the rlehtof
citizenship In this state and I do not think
the cily council of Omaha can by ordinance
disqualify him ftom holding an elective or
appointive office. I3yan ordinance now on
Us second reading Ihe lerm ot residence Is
fixed at Iwo years. If Iwo years why not
twenty ? It they may make such a rule they
have equal power to reverse the rule and dis
qualify a man who has resided here more
than two years. Hut my Idea Is lhat the
mayor and council primarily , have no right
? ' to make rules and regulations for Ihe ap
b pointment of the officers , etc. , al all.
All the * have to do In this
mutter Is to either approve , or
or disapprove such rules aa may be adopted
by the board. Any other construction put
upon Ihe charier would be contrary to both
the spirit and letter of the act of the leglsla-
Ure In providing for a board of fire and
police commissioners. It would convert the
board Into a machine to be turned by politi
cal cranks. In other words the effect would
bo to leave tne police aud tire departments
under the same Influences they were under
prior to the passage of the new charter.
The Board Elected Yesterday and
Who Hold Over.
The election of nine members of the
board of education took place Monday
and resulted In the selection of the fol
lowing republican candidates , with the
number of votes appended : F. W. Grnj
Sim. J. H. Mot'lure 1,039 , H. T
Clark * 1SJ , , 4w id Fjuruuke 1,855 ,
Morris Morrison 1.830. W. A. Kclley
1,78.1 , Dr. Hnvlllo 1,745 , S. K. Fcltoh
1 700 , D. V. Sholcs 1,758.
The votes received by the other cixndl-
dat 8 arc as followa : Chas. Conoycr
1,107 , J. J. Points 1,035. J. L.
Lovett 1,000 , John Wigntim 1)07 ) ,
J. H. I'cnbotly 02 ! ) , Jerry Wholon. 020 , E.
G. llyloy Ma. William blovors 747 , James
Stonhensoii 020 , Truman Huck 552 , A. P.
Tukey 485 , Augustus Pratt 458. V. L.
Vodica 453 , Mrs. Dlnsmoor 442 , Thomas
Crclgh 387 , J. S. Gibson , 801.
It was reported on the street yesterday
morning that Mr. Conoycr had stated that
beside the nine nbovo published , there
were also elected in Monday's election ,
the six candidates who received the
next highest number of votes at
the polls. This would enable
Mr. Conoyor himself , with Messrs.
Lovett , Points , \Vlgman , Whalon and
Stovers , to 1111 out the board.
Mr. Conoyor was sought by a BKE re
porter but could not be found to tell upon
what ho based his theory.
Mr. Coburn told a HUE reporter that
State Superintendent of Education Lane
had told him that ho bnlleved the six
members last elected to the
old board , have a right to
hold over. He said that Mr. Lane
believed that that was the intent of the
framcra of thu law , and such being the
case advlsud them to retain the olllco
until the matter could bo adjudicated by
the courts. Mr. Coburn did not sco
exactly what else could be done , es
pecially as by a resolution of the board
adopted some weeks ago that body on
next Monday week will elect the teachers
for next year.
The Attempt Being Mnde to linprovn
In Don Kins.
Professor Bruncr , county superinten
dent of education , has announced that
the annnal Institute of the county
teachers , will be held in the high school ,
commencing August 15 , and closing on
the 27th of thu same month. It will
be conducted by the professor himself ,
who will bo assisted by Mrs. Jennie E.
Kcysor , Miss Mary Strong and Mr. E. H.
Grimm. The professor says that all per
sons who intend to teach in this county
the ensuing school year will bo expected
to attend tht < institute , as the law con
templates the attendance of all outraged
In the practice of teaching in the public
schools of the state.
No person will bo entitled to an insti
tute certificate who has not attended at
least two-thirds of the entire time of the
The tuition fee to help defray the ex
penses of the institute has been placed at
GO cents.
Examinations for certificates will be
held on Saturday , August 20 , and Friday
and Saturday , August 20 and 27.
The school laws direct that all the com
mon schools shall bo closed while the in
stitute is in session.
At a meeting of the Builders and
Traders exchange , held on Saturday last
the following committee was appointed
to make a call of a meeting to bo held at
their rooms , corner of 10th and Farnam
sts on Wednesday , Juno 8 , at 2 p. m.
Every Architect , contractor nnd others
interested in the sale of building mater
ial are urgently requested to attend the
meeting :
Hodgson & Son , Fowler & Boindorf ,
Sidney Smith , James Griilitu , Henry A.
Hosiers , K. Stevens & Son , Lihall &
Refrejlcr , Morgell & Rosonzwoig , George
Waddell , Nicholas Ittncr , Davis & Hed-
dmg , S. G Stevenson , W. A. Rowland ,
H. B. Brown & Lane , J. J. Johnson &
Co. , McDonald & Ojriliof , Mardis &
Flagg , Brownoll & Ijor , Drexcll & Foil.
An Organization Intended to Bring
Irish-Americans Together.
An informal meeting of several prom
inent Irish-Americans took place Monday
evening at the residence of John Tom-
ploton , 2014 Farnam street , at which the
subject of organizing an Irish-American
club on a grand scale was disoussed.
The success of a similar club in Cincin
nati ! was shown by Judge Fitzgerald of
that city and from his recital a number
of suggestions were adopted. Those
present , consisting of John A. Crcighton ,
Hon. John A. McShane , II. C. Cush-
ing. Benjamin Gallagher , John A. Coad ,
D. J.Donahoo , Thomas A. Dillon , Frank
Hanlou , \ \ . A. L. Gibbon and John G.
Lee , resolved themselves into a club.
John A. Creighton was elected presi
dent nnd (3,500 were subscribed with
which to start the undertaking.
Dissolution Notice.
The co-partnership heretofore existing
between John Zohrung , Henry Zuhrung
and Thos. P. Thornton under the firm
name of Zohrung , Thornton & Co. , is
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
All accounts duo the Jato firm and all
ills owing by said iirm arc to bo
collected and settled by the Thornton
Machine Co. , successors to the late firm.
Omaha , Neb. , June 1,1887.
It Coat Him Ten Dollars.
F. Midnight and Mrs. llattio Wood live
on South Twenty-fourth street near the
city limits. Each has a number of youth-
ill terrors. Monday Jittlo Johnnie
Midnight and Everett Wood had a fight.
The Wood boy thrashed the Midnight
ad. Midnight here took a hand and
spanked young Wood. Then Mrs.Wood
entered the garno by swearing out a war
rant against Midnight for whipping her
boy. In police conrt yesterday morning
the man was fined f 10 and costs.
A Bargain.
I have for sale at a bargain 20 acres
situated on the main line of the B. & M.
R. K. , and near the new South Omaha
depot at the terminus of the dummy line.
Plenty of good , clear spring water , and
an elegant grove of native timber , null-
able for a summer garden.
W. G. ALUHIGHT , 318 S. 15th st.
Attacking n Postmaster.
Marshal Biorbower Monday night re
ceived a dispatch from Superior , in Nuc-
kolls county in this state , stating that N.
J. Spohn , the postmaster at that place had
been assaulted. A later dispatch said
that he had been soverly Injured by two
men and that the attack was made while
an attempt was unkertaken to rob the
olllco. Marshal Bicrbowor dispatched
Deputy Stewart to the scene , who will
arrive to-day with the criminals ,
The South Omaha Land company have
appointed C. E. Mayne sole agent for the
ale of their lota. He will show the prop
erty and furnish all desired information
upon application.
TSlgned ] W. A. PAXTON , President.
Locked Up to Cool Off.
Several days ago a four-year-old boy
was badly bitten by a vicious dog owned
by M. Bernhurdt , 810 South Twenty-
fourth street. Judge Borka ordered the
dog shot. Bornhardt refused to allow
the animal to bo killed and Mr. B. was ao
cordlngly locked up m central station
Monday night He was still stubborn
yesterday. _
An Old Itosident.
C. E. Dewey , formerly of this city
whore he was associated with the Uniot
Pacldc acd the smelting works , Is now ir
the city on a short visit of business. Mr
Dewey is now superintendent of the Phil
adelpbia emeltw a KetQjiUQ ) ,
THE coimrs.
31ie Buntnoia Occupying Judicial At-
tton Yesterday. '
Yesterday morning J. L. Williams , of
Vesta. Johnson county , ill this state , was
brought into town and arraigned be
fore Judge Untidy , in the United States
district court. Ho was charged with
Bonding improper matter through the
mails. He was lined $100 nnd costs ,
Tills was the lightest penalty which
could bo inflicted upon him. Judge
Davidson , of Tccutnsch , appeared for
him , simply stating the facts of the case.
Williams is a merchant in Vesta. Some
time ago his wife became estran
ged from him through the wiles of a
fellow named Robertson , a railroad hand
nt the place mentioned. Williams for
gave her after she had repented of her
crime and consented to again live with
her. After they had returned to one an
other Williams one day intercepted a
letter Irom Robertson to his wife , sug
gesting further infidelity on the part of
the latter to her husband. The lattar
immediately wrote n note to Robertson
telling him what ho thought of him for
his dirty work , aud this was the reason
of the line.
In the same Court the jury was work
ing upon the interest in the case of Cul
ver vs McEllcr.
In the county court yesterday morning
Judge McCtilloch called his docket , and
nearly nil the cases were continued until
In Jutlgo GrotV's court the case of Bud-
dcnstcin vs. Mittman was given to the
Arguments yesterday morning were
being made before Judge Neville in the
case of Molquifit vs. Riley.
Emma Hull , In the district court , sues
for divorce from her husband on the
ground of adultery.
Fred Amos' Business.
There was a rumor on the streets yes
terday morning that Fred Ames had pur
chased the building and site of the Omaha
Savings bank , but in an interview with
Mr Wilbcr , it was ascertained to be un
founded. Mr. Ames , though owning 50x
60 feet immediately west of the bank ,
which he purchased at a remarkably low
tlguro , is unwilling lo pay f 10,000 for the
building and ground asked by the bank
people. The deal may yet bo settled ,
Ames' building on Ninth , Tenth and
Jones' streets is progressing slowly , the
contract , yesterday for the iron work
was lot to Usher & Russell for $18,000.
To the Public ,
Wo , the successors to Zehrung. Thorn
ton & Co. . will carry on the business of
selling White Sewing Machines and sup
plies for all machines , and hope to merit
a share of the dealers' trade in Iowa und
Nebraska. Wo want two good salesmen
on salary.
A Barber's Ill-Luck.
David Knight , a barber from Iowa , ar
rived in Omaha Monday night m search
of employment. Ho had a valise with a
; rcat number of razors and other articles ,
lortnining to the tonsorial art. Ho
sought lodging in the Gladstone block
mil during the night some person entered
lis room and robbed him of his tools ,
i'lic police have the case in baud.
Burlington Route.
Another first-class round trip excursion
to San Francisco and Los Angeles will
eave Omaha Thursday , Juno 23,10 n. m.
GO for round trip. Tickets good for six
months. Apply to H. Duel , Wit Farnam
Railroad Note * .
The Missouri Pacific Railroad com-
> any's steam shovel is being put in work-
ng order at the new depot grounds , bo-
.ween Nicholas , Grace , Fifteenth and
Sixteenth streets.
The business car of the St. Paul &
Omaha road arrived yesterday afternoon.
F. M. Whitman , general supcrintsndent ,
and parly are on board.
Edison Electric Light System Estimates
'urnished. GEO. W , COSTEH ,
Paxton House , Omaha , Agonf
Dancing at Their Jubilee.
Henry Hornborgor has just returned
rom a trip to the cast , the feature of
which was his attendance upon the
jolclcu wedding of his father and mother
at Mnrshburg , Ind. His father is seventy
and his mother sixty-iivo years of ago.
The jubilee was extensively commemo-
rnled , the ngcd couple themselves taking
> art in the dance.
Police Court.
Twonly-nino cases were before Judge
Berka ycslerdny Iwenly-nino common ,
overy-day cases drunks , vagranls , sus-
ilcious characlers and disorderlies.
} omo were fined , some sent up and
others were discharged. There were no
: ases of especial interest.
Three More Blocka of Cable.
The cable company has finished the
aylng of its tracks , and the paying with
; ranito of Iho snmo between the rails ,
from Tenth lo Thirteenth street. Supor-
ntcndent Cannon said this morning that
the remainder of Iho block would bo
pushed as rapidly as possible.
Estimates for glass furnished by Cum
mings & Ncilson , jobbers of Plato , Win
dow and Ornamental Gmss , Paints , Oils ,
etc. , 1118 Farnam St.
A Little Fire.
The alarm of tire at 11 o'clock this
morning from box 43 called the 09 de
partment to a burning coal shed in the
rear of the Union Pacific headquarters.
The damage amounted to about * 15.
In making the assertion that Pozzoni's
medicated complexion powder is entire
ly free from injurious or deadly poisons
wo do it upon the authority of a thorough
chemical analysis. It is one of the oldest
face powders in American market , and
is used in the famalics of some of our
most prominent medical mon who have
personally acknowledged to the propric-
or that they not only considered it harm-
ess , but esteemed it highly beneficial in
very respect. Sold by all druggists.
Complexion Powder is an absolute
necessity ot the refined toilet in this cli
mate. Pozzoni's combines every element
of beauty and purity.
Ex-senator Warner Miller has turned
his back upon tbo men who preferred
liiscock to him , and , with his family , is
looking at the tranquil glory of the Cali
fornia stars. _
The French nrn joining the rattle brig-
ndo. Eighteen thousand head of cattle
were recently boughl by a French syndi-
cale from Iho Hunter & Evans herd in
Montana for frlOO.OOO.
Princess Dolgouriki , widow of Czar
Alexander II. , is now one of the chief
lenders of Parisian sociely. Her recep
tions are noted for the high literary and
artistic rank of the guests.
John Boyle O'Roillv esteems the late
Lysandcr Spoonrr one of the grcatesl
Americans Inat over lived , whoso form
the coining century will enshrine in
A workman in a vineyard at Nnpa
Valley , Cnl , , committed suicide the othoi
day by jumping Into a cask of wine am
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varlt'g. A marvel of pur-
ty , strength ntnl wholcsomcnois. Mnro econ
omical tliun the nrdlimry kliuls , nnd cnnnot bo
sold la competition with the mnltlttldo of low
cost short wolKlit alum or phosplmto powders.
Sold only In cans. UOVAI , IJ.VKINU I'owunn Co.
01 Wall-gt. , N. Y.
A Natural ,
Palatable ,
A certain cure for jounKnndoM |
ForConMlputlon will iloimrt
Anil IndlKt'itlmi quickly start ,
Hick Ili'iumche , ton , will innn ilepnrt.
When TAIIUANTSSKLTIUU eus b.outried.
T0 TUB TKI1TJIB11T Or tl.1.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases
PR. MoMWAMY , Proprietor.
Bliteeu jear Hospital and 1'rlyate Practice
Wo bare the facUluci , apparatus and remedies
for the cuccfiifnl treatment of every form of din-
< nie requiring either nedlcal or § treatment ,
ftud luvltc all to corneand Inreitlgatu for thomicUw
or correspond with DI. Long experience In treat
Ins cases by letter enables us to treat many caiM
scientifically wlthnnticelng them.
WHITS 7On cmOULAK on Dcfornltloi and
Uracei , Club Feet ; Currntnres of the Splnu
DiiiitBS or WOMH , Pilei , Tumors , Cancan ,
Catarrh , Bronchitis , Inhalation , Electricity , 1'aral-
yIs , BpUeuiy , Kidney , Bjrn , Bar , akin , Blood and
all surgical operations.
Batierlee , Inhaler * . R cr * . Trusses , nn1
all kinds of Medical and SnrgUal Appliance * , man
ufactured and for salt.
. The only rillabla Medical Inititule miking
Private , Special $ Nervous Diseases
rA .
frota whatercrca i'ej > rodticod , uccis fully treated ,
We can remote Sypailltlo poison from the lysteic
without mercury ,
New reitoratkYatrMtment for lose of vital power
Call and consult n * or send came and post-offlci
address plainly written enclose Btamp , and we
\rlll send yon , In plain wrapper , our
cr , STPHHIS , Goxomniicsi , QLKIT , YARICOCZLS ,
UHIXART OROAXS , or send history of your cae lor
BD opinion.
P rions unable to visit na may be fronted at their
homes , by corr < pondence , Medicines and Instru
ment * lent by mail or express SBCURKLY PACK
BD FROM marks to Indicate
contenta or tender. Onq personal interview prc
fcrred if convenient , fifty rooms for the accom
modatlon of patients. Board and attendance at
reasonable prices. Addro sl > Letters to
Omaha Medical and Snrgical Institute ,
Cor. 13thSt and CanltoMve- OMAHA MSB.
Instrument ! ! exchanged , rented ami
sold on easy payments , below
Factory Prices.
Instrument * sUffhtly used at
Omaha , Neb.
. . .
Tbrcad of Modern Ttoe * .
Sold at wholesale by
Hllputrlck Koch St Co. , Dry
Good * Co. ,
M. E. § mlth & Co.
Paxton , UHllaglier 9t Co.
And by all Ketull Deulvri.
MM ( M ) a ) ( ti .
Of our clearance sale last week has induced us to t purchase some
lots of goods which were offered by the manufacturers at a great
sacrifice. We own them at less than actual cost of material and
we will sell them on this basis. Some will be genuine surprises
and cannot be adequately described in an advertisement. They
must be seen to be appreciated.
Boys * Sailor Suits , of indigo blue flannel , with fine embroider
ed collar , sizes 4 to 12 , worth $2.50 ; at $1.25.
Bovs' Union Cassimere Suits , in neat and tastv mixtures ,
plaited and Norfolk stvle , worth $2.75at ; $1.40.
Bovs' all wool fanov Cheviot Suits , in elegant patterns , plait
ed and Norfolk styles , sizes 4 to 13at $2.50 , $2.95 , $3.25 and
$4fullv worth double the monev.
BOYS'Knee Pants at 25c , 35o , 5Ooand85c-
An immense line of school and BOYS' Suits , sizes from 12
to 18 , in fanov cheviots , oassimeres and flannels at one half the
regular prices.
In Men's Underwear and Hosiery we offer some of the greatest
bargains ever shown. As a special we mention to-day 150 dozen
Fine G-auze Undershirts selling at 15c apiece can not be bought
for less than 30c , same quality. Real French Balbnggan Shirts
and Drawers at 45c each , etc. , etc.
All goods marked in plain figures aud at one price.
Nebraska Clothing Company I
Cor. Douglas and 14th. sts. , Omaha.
O. H. CURTIS , Pres. - J. KURD THOMPSON , Sec. $ & Treas
Wholesale > Retail.
Fl h Brand" Coats , Hulbs , Douche * , Jlnlr Crimpers , Nursery Shoctlug , Spcenlnmt.
Air Pillows , liruaho * , Drill A Dock , Hair Pins , Navy Hags , Sportsmen's Goods ,
Alrltcdi , Brewer's II aao , Door Mat * , Hats , OH Clothing. Stumps ,
Air Cushions , C p , Urcus Shields , llorso Coven , IMPklMir
, , , . . . ' . ' , , r
Anti Haulers Capes Hose B. II. A e. C'o.I'alls Sjxihons
Aprons , Carriage Cloth , Elastic Jlanda , Hose Couplings , Petdction ! Bo * Syringe , Spittoon * ,
Atomizers , Cartridge Dags , Klnstlc Stocking * Hose Pipes , Pencils , Bwlmtnlng Jacket *
Hands , Catheters , Erasers' , Hose Heels , Pen bolder * . Syrlngei 'Pirfsction Bob
, , UBH , Hot Water BottlflBPessaries , ,
liandngo Gum Clothing Face Thimbles
Baptismal Pants , Copy Hook Sheets , Finger Cots , Haversack * , Piano Cover * , Throat Ba'rs. '
Batle , Carpeting , Flower Sprinkler * , Ice Hag * , Pipes , Tnblnir ,
liuth Mats , Cement , Floor Scranorg , Ice Cap * , Pipe Stem * , Tumblers ,
Ilnth Tubs , Clothes Wringers , Folding.Pall. , InkKtands , Plant Sprinkler * , Toys.
Ued Pans , Coats "Flsli Brand" Foot Halls , Invalid Cushions , Pure Robber , Tceth'gRlngeAPad * .
Hod Sheets , Combs , Force Cups , ' Pants , Tobacco Pouches ,
R.Il.&P.Co. BeltingComb Cleaners , Fruit Jar Kings , Lined IIo'so , Pistol Pockets , Trotting Rolls ,
Belt Hooks , Corks , Funnels , Lace Cutters , Rattles , Urinals.
Bellows Cloth , Cork Screws , Oas Tubing , Mfo Preservers , Rubber Dam , Umbrellas ,
Bibs , Curry Combs , Gloves , Mackintosh Goods , Rulers , Ventilating Sole * ,
Blankets. Cuspndors , Gossamer Caps , Match Boxes , Repairing Cloth , AVagon Aprons.
Boots & Shoes , Cigar Cases , Cloth , Martlngalo Kings , Shaft Rubbers , Wagon Covers ,
Boys Caps , CtialrTipeA Buffers , Coat * , Mnts , Shoes Ik Boots , Wagon Springs ,
Boy * Coats , Diapers , " Waterproofs , Matting , Sink Scrapers , Weatherstrips ,
Bougies , Diaper Cloth , Gaiter Straps , Mirrors , Scoops , Webbing.
Bracelets , Dolls. Guu Covers , Mittens , Shooting Coats , WadlugPant * .
Breast Pumps , Doll Bodies , Gutta Perchn , Nipples , filing-shots. Wntor Bottles ,
KrenstShlelds , Doll Heads , Gymnasiums , Nursing Bibs. Soling , Window Cleaner * .
buffers. Door Bauds , Hair Curlers , Nursing Bottles , Sponge Bags , Wringer Rolls ,
Boston Bolting"Go's. . JJubber nnd Cotton Belting , Tacking nntl Hose. Solo agents in Omalin.
Leather IJcfllnff ; Pure Oak Tanned. Manufacturers of "PERFECTION BOX SY1UNGES. "
Manufacturers of'FISIl VRAND RUBBER GOODS. "
Mall Orders Solicited and will Receive Prompt Attention.
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By Dr. Snedlker'i method. No operation ! No Pain )
No Detention from builness. Adanted to children
as well u grown people. Hundred ! ot autoirapu
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Room 0 , 1514'Douglas St. , Omaha , Neb.
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NewModel Lain Mower
Five Sixes. Will cut higher graatthan
any other. Ha * no equal for simplicity ,
dui-abillty and ease of operation.
Tliis is the latest Improved Ma
chine in the Market.
Low Prices. Send for circulars.
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and Jobber a of Binding Twine *